Foreign intervention in Africa : from the Cold War to the War on Terror 9780521882385, 9780521709033

Foreign Intervention in Africa chronicles the foreign political and military interventions in Africa from 1956 to 2010,

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English Pages xviii, 267 Year 2013

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Foreign intervention in Africa : from the Cold War to the War on Terror
 9780521882385, 9780521709033

Table of contents :
Historical Background: Situating the Book
Focus of the Book
Organization of the Book
CHAPTER 1 Nationalism, Decolonization, and the Cold War, 1945-1991
Imperial Actors
Cold War Actors
The Case Studies
CHAPTER 2 Egypt and Algeria Radical Nationalism, Nonalignment, and External Intervention in North Africa, 1952-1973
Egypt, 1952-73
Algeria and Francophone North Africa, 1954-62
CHAPTER 3 The Congo Crisis, 1960-1965
The Crisis of 1960-61
The Crisis of 1964-65. CHAPTER 4 War and Decolonization in Portugals African Empire, 1961-1975The National Liberation Movements
External Actors
The United States and Portugal: The Shifting Alliance
African Battlegrounds: Portuguese Guinea, Mozambique, and Angola
Portuguese Guinea
CHAPTER 5 White-Minority Rule in Southern Africa, 1960-1990
South Africa and the United States (1960-90)
Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe (1965-80)
Namibia (1966-90)
Destabilization in Southern Africa (1975-90)
Southern Africas White-Minority Regimes: A Unique Case
CHAPTER 6 Conflict in the Horn, 1952-1993. Ethiopia and the United StatesSomalia and the Soviet Union
The Somali-Ethiopian War, 1977-78
Ethiopia and the Soviet Union
Somalia and the United States
The Eritrean Independence War, 1961-93
CHAPTER 7 Frances Private African Domain, 1947-1991
Radical Nationalism, Decolonization, and the Cold War
Reform and Resistance
Neocolonialism in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa
French Military Intervention in African Affairs
New Developments in the 1990s
CHAPTER 8 From the Cold War to the War on Terror, 1991-2010
Economic Decline, State Collapse, and Competition for the Spoils
Liberia. SomaliaSudan
The Global War on Terror (2001-10)
Beyond the War on Terror

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