Five Million Conversations 9781910324592, 1910324590

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Five Million Conversations
 9781910324592, 1910324590

Table of contents :
Author bio
Title page
The Accidental Leader
There may be Trouble Ahead
Deal or No Deal
The Battle for Downing Street
From Builder to Soldier
Funny Business
Zero Sum Game
We're All Labour Here
Happy Warrior
Chips off the Old Block
A Bit of Politics
A Taxing Issue
Education, Education ... Fratricide
One Nation, No Vision?
Unions and the Union
Worry Points
A Flock of Starlings
13,000 Conversations
In Good Health?
Hold the Front Page
Missing a Trick?
Invitation Only
Campaign Stop
Not a Big Enough Difference. Put to the TestImmigration and Exploitation
Picture Section
Marriage of Convenience
A Day at the Races
The Most Unlikely Cult of the 21st Century
Blood on his Hands, Blood on the Carpet
New Town Blues
Generation Rent
Marred by the SNP Myth
A Trip to the Theatre
Building Non-Traditional Support
Labour's Brand Problem
Dangerous Territory
No Question of Deals
A Question of Credibility
Mayday, Mayday ... Scottish Labour's Existential Threat
Facebook v Foot Weary
Luvvies for Labour
Message, Not Mileage
Five Million Conversations
The Strange Disappearance of Arnie Graf. A Little Less ConversationBreakfast in Doncaster
The Loser Always Wins?
Moment of Truth
Nuneaton is the New Basildon
A Question of Leadership
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Appendix 6
Appendix 7.

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