Exploring University Teaching and Learning: Experience and Context 9783030508296

This book focuses on university teachers’ experience of teaching and learning. Following on from the 1999 volume Underst

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Exploring University Teaching and Learning: Experience and Context

Table of contents :
About the Authors
List of Figures
List of Tables
Chapter 1: Exploring Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
A Scenario
A Model Linking Teaching and Learning
Researching University Teaching
The Structure of the Book
Chapter 2: Students’ Experiences of Learning
Prior Experiences, Perceptions, Approaches and Outcomes
Experiences of Learning and Student Emotions, Motivation and Self-Efficacy
Student Approaches to Learning Online and in Problem-Based Learning
Learning Online
Problem-Based Learning
Complexity in Student Experiences of Studying
Principles of Practice for Teaching and Learning
Chapter 3: Teachers’ Experiences of Teaching
Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching
Approaches to Teaching Inventory
Linking Teaching and Learning
Perceptions of Teaching and Learning Context and Relation to Approaches to Teaching and Student Learning
Variations Between and Within Disciplines and Fields of Study
Variation in Experiences Within Teaching and Learning Strategies
Teachers’ Emotions and Approaches to Teaching
Principles of Practice for Teaching and Learning
Chapter 4: Teachers’ Experiences of their Subject Matter and of Research
Teachers’ Experience of the Structure of Their Research Field
Teachers’ Experience of the Structure of the Subject Matter of Teaching
Relations Between Experiences of Teaching, Research and Structure of Subject Matter
Relations Between Teaching and Subject Matter and Between Research and Subject Matter
Principles of Practice for Teaching and Learning
Chapter 5: Leadership of Teaching and Learning
Leadership of Teaching
Variation in Teaching Leaders’ Experience of Leadership of Teaching and Learning
Teachers’ Experiences of the Leadership of Their Teaching
Relating the Experience of Leadership to the Experience of Teaching
Principles of Practice for Leadership, Teaching and Learning
Chapter 6: Changing and Developing Teachers’ Approaches to Teaching
Developing Approaches to Teaching
Academic Development Programs and Approaches to Teaching
Principles of Practice for Developing Teaching and Learning
Chapter 7: Summary and Conclusions
Summary of Our View of Teaching and Learning
Rationale for Principles of Practice
Some Reflections on Research Methodology
Personal Reflection and Conclusion
Appendix: Approaches to Teaching Inventory-Revised (ATI-R)
Approaches to Teaching Inventory-R Notes

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