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 9781422296370, 1422296377

Table of contents :
What Is an Entrepreneur?
What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?
Famous Entrepreneurs
Teen Entrepreneurs
Other Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs
Are You an Entrepreneur? Quiz
Finding Your Brightest Ideas
Think It Through
A Getting Started Checklist
Creating a Business Plan: Your Roadmap to Success
What's in a Name?: Naming Your Business
Money Matters
Telling the World: Marketing Your Business
Understanfing Your Competition
Keep It Legal
Ways to Grow Your Business: Making Your Customers Happy
More Ways to Grow Your Business: Ask for Referrals
More Ways to Grow Your Business: Extend Your Market
More Ways to Grow Your Business: Diversify!
More Ways to Grow Your Business: Cut Down On Costs
Keeping Track of the Money
What About Taxes?
Managing Your Time
Building Your Future
Here's What You Need to Remember
Words You Need to Know
Further Reading
Find Out More on the Internet
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