English for All Occasions (Properly Cut and Bookmarked)

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English for All Occasions (Properly Cut and Bookmarked)

Table of contents :
1. Thanks
2. Apologies
3. Arresting Someone's Attention
4. Greetings and Possible Replies
5. Expressing Surprise When Meeting People
6. What We Say When Meeting People
7. Receiving Visitors and Playing Host
8. Introducing People
9. Parting
10. Agreement, Confirmation, Consent, Certainty, Probability
11. Disagreement, Denial, Improbability, Doubt, Disbelief
12. Ignorance, Uncertainty
14. Asking for Permission and Instructions, Giving Permission
15. Requests
16. Offers, Offering One's Services
17. Instructions, Orders, Advice
18. Encouragement, Comfort, Sympathy, Regret
19. Worry, Anxiety, Trouble, Uneasiness, Misgivings
20. Approval, Appreciation, Compliments, Praise, Satisfaction
21. Disapproval, Dissatisfaction, Lack of Sympathy
22. Indifference, Negligence, Habit, Taking Things Easy, Lack of Surprise
23. Suggestions, Invitations, Arrangements, Settling Things
24. Congratulations and Wishes
25. Anger, Indignation, Irritation, Irony
26. Warning, Danger, Caution, Threats, Prohibition
27. Success and Failure, Starting and Finishing a Job
28. Discussing and Planning Things, Expressing Intention, Determination, Willingness or Reluctance to Do Something, Changing One's Mind
29. Expressing Necessity and Urgency, Tension and Relaxation
30. Discussing Mood and State
31. Discussing Reactions and Impressions, Commenting on People's Behaviour
32. Getting Information, Asking People's Opinion, Being Curious
33. Comparing and Contrasting Things, Stressing Likeness and Difference
34. Making Oneself Understood, Making One's Meaning Clear
35. Understanding and Misunderstanding, Clearing up Things
36. Starting, Resuming and Winding up a Talk, Changing the Subject
37. Introducing a Personal Element into One's Statement, Giving Additional Information, Being Emphatic
38. Debating a Point, Reasoning and Arguing, Winning an Argument and Admitting One's Defeat

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