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Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship
 9780830898855, 9780830826971, 9780830899166

Table of contents :
Foreword by I. Howard Marshall
1. Engaging with God in the Old Testament
Worship and revelation
Worship and redemption
Worship and the cult
Worship and the sacrificial system
Worship and the Jerusalem temple
Worship and the future of God's people
2. Honouring, serving and respecting God
Worship as homage or grateful submission
Worship as service
Worship as reverence or respect
3. Jesus and the new temple
Matthew's perspective
John's perspective
4. Jesus and the new covenant
The worship of Jesus
Jesus and the Law of Moses
The gospels and Jesus' death
5. Temple and community in the Acts of the Apostles
The earliest disciples and the temple
The inclusion of the Gentiles
Homage and service under the new covenant
The character and function of early Christian gatherings

6. Paul and the service of the gospel
Worship as the consecrated lifestyle of the coverted
Acceptable worship and the sacrifice of Christ
Gospel ministry as a specific expression of Christian worship
Sacrifice, faith and the Spirit

7. Serving God in the assembly of his people
Meeting God when the church gathers
The church as the temple of the Holy Spirit
Edification and the gathering of the church
The Lord?s Supper at Corinth

8. The book of Hebrews and the worship of Jesus
The definitive worship of Jesus
Worship as homage to God?s Son
The participation of believers in the worship of Jesus
The congregational gathering in Hebrews
Maintaining the hope we profess

9. Worship in the Revelation of John
The seductive power of false religion
The call to worship the true God
Worship in the heavenly realm
The link between heaven and earth

10. Worship and the gospel--a summary


Index of Scripture references

Index of subjects

Index of modern authors

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