Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity and Magnetism

Table of contents :
1. Charge. Field. Force
Sec. 1. Microscopic Charge Carriers
Sec. 2. Charged Bodies. Electrostatic Charging
Sec. 3. Elementary Charge and Its Invariance
Sec. 4. Electric Current
Sec. 5. Law of Charge Conservation
Sec. 6. Coulomb's Law
Sec. 7. Superposition Principle
Sec. 8. Magnetic Field
Sec. 9. Lorentz Force. Ampere Force
Sec. 10. Biot-Savart Law
Sec. 11. Field Transformation
2. Constant Electric Field
Sec. 12. Constant Electric Field
Sec. 13. Differential Form of Coulomb's Law
Sec. 14. Potential Nature of Electrostatic Field
Sec. 15. Electrostatic Field in Vacuum
Sec. 16. Electrostatic Field in the Presence of Conductors
Sec. 17. Electrostatic Field in the Presence of a Dielectric
Sec. 18. Energy of Electrostatic Field
Sec. 19. Forces in an Electric Field
3. Dielectrics
Sec. 20. Local Field
Sec. 21. Nonpolar Dielectrics
Sec. 22. Polar Dielectrics
Sec. 23. Ferroelectrics
Sec. 24. Piezoelectrics
4. Direct Current
Sec. 25. Electric Field in the Case of Direct Currents
Sec. 26. Extraneous Electromotive Forces
Sec. 27. Differential Form of Joule's Law. Work Done during the Passage of Current and Power Developed
Sec. 28. Linear Circuits. Kirchhoff's Laws
Sec. 29. Currents in a Continuous Medium
Sec. 30. Earthing of Transmission Lines
5. Electrical Conductivity
Sec. 31. Electrical Conductivity of Metals
Sec. 32. Electrical Conductivity of Liquids
Sec. 33. Electrical Conductivity of Gases
Sec. 34. Electric Current in Vacuum
6. Stationary Magnetic Field
Sec. 35. Ampere's Circuital Law
Sec. 36. Maxwell's Equations for a Stationary Magnetic Field
Sec. 37. Vector Potential
Sec. 38. Magnetic Field in the Presence of Magnetics
Sec. 39. Forces in a Magnetic Field
7. Magnetics
Sec. 40. Diamagnetics
Sec. 41. Paramagnetics
Sec. 42. Ferromagnetics
Sec. 43. Gyromagnetic Effects
8. Electromagnetic Induction and Quasistationary Alternating Currents
Sec. 44. Currents Induced in Moving Conductors
Sec. 45. Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Sec. 46. Differential Form of the Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Sec. 47. Magnetic Field Energy
Sec. 48. Quasistationary A.C. Circuits
Sec. 49. Work and Power of Alternating Current
Sec. 50. Resonances in A.C. Circuits
Sec. 51. Mutual Inductance Circuits
Sec. 52. Three-Phase Current
Sec. 53. Skin Effect
Sec. 54. Four-Terminal Networks
Sec. 55. Filters
Sec. 56. Betatron
9. Electromagnetic Waves
Sec. 57. Displacement Current
Sec. 57. Displacement Current,
Sec. 58. Maxwell's Equations
Sec. 59. The Law of Conservation of Electromagnetic Energy. Energy Flux
Sec. 60. Transmission of Electromagnetic Energy along Transmission Lines
Sec. 61. Electromagnetic Wave Radiation
Sec. 62. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Dielectrics
Sec. 63. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Conducting Media
Sec. 64. Invariance of a Plane Wave
Sec. 65. Pressure of Electromagnetic Waves. Photon Momentum
Sec. 66. Waveguides and Resonators
10. Fluctuations and Noises
Sec. 67. Fluctuations in a Current-Carrying Loop. Resistance Noise
Sec. 68. Schoffky Noise and Current Noise
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