Easy Ways to Pimp your Food

Introduction -- Pimp my red flyer -- How'd that get there? -- I Tried It -- I actually have a need for a hacksaw at

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Easy Ways to Pimp your Food

Table of contents :
Introduction --
Pimp my red flyer --
How'd that get there? --
I Tried It --
I actually have a need for a hacksaw at my studio --
High fructose corn syrup is not a banned substance --
This exercise puts so much pressure on me-HEY! --
Circular heaven --
I could have sworn that sign means walk stiffly --
Is anyone home? --
Interview: Terry Marks --
I think my seven-year old could beat me in a race --
Love bug returns! --
Rock star! --
Your name was? --
Bugs just wanna have fun! --Stupid K --
That's not the words! --
Danger, Will Robinson, danger! --
I Tried It --
Ultimate desk --
What day is it? --
Red and blue dogs --
Egg drop soup --
Don't underestimate the power of example! --
Where is that Q I've been saving? --
Dude c'mon! --
Million dollar idea list --
Is that how they made the pyramids? --
Interview: Kevin Carroll --
Good fences make good neighbors --
Shhhh I'm hunting wabbits --
It's sort of like volleyball, but with Joe as the ball --
That guy is the shape of a caslon r, huh? --
My words caught a fly --
I was told there'd be no math --
Once upon a tune --
Gnome, gnome on the range --
More Contents --
My astro-toupee --
I Tried It --
No rules! --
Dude, nice koala pinky! --
Tick, tick, tick, tick, boom! --
What's a dot-com? --
I knew he'd have a book of potions, right? --
shirt pocket
laundry bill --
Is that a diamond-studded coffee mug? --
I Tried It --
Hold on, I'm folding my quarter --
Take a seat --
What is that thing dangling from you other arm? --
Three things --
You got a D in font selection? --
Can anyone direct me to the perfume aisle? --
Interview: Denise Weyhrich --
What the heck is a quince? --
Survival of the fittest --
There is always a better way --
Why can't I have an evil lair, too? --
If you cross your eyes like that, they'll stay that way --
You want an Acme What? --
I Tried It --
Where was this 25 years ago? --
Defend yourself! --
Agency Oz --
Mirror, mirror on the desk --
Can you feel the love? --
Excuse me, your three o'clock is here --
That looks just like nothing --
I Tried It --
Nice hood ornament! --
Holy nightmares, batman! --
White or wheat? --
Prehistoric voicemail? --
Et tu, rombus 3000? --
Para-military-pens? --
And More Contents --
Did you get that license? --
I'll take a double scoop of pay-toilet, please --
Can you get curds at the deli down the street? --
Our janitor doesn't look like that! --
And the pitch-touchdown! --
Pimp my catapult! --
Interview: Brian Sack --
I think it needs more (insert noun here) --
Fore! Five! Watch out! --
Is that a fire pole? --
I'm new and improved! --
Did he just tell me to steal third or is his nose running? --
How do you say "red" in cavemen? --
So should I stop where I am or run? --
Mmmmm-cardboard --
It's even got flaps! --
Don't push that button! --
E ticket ride --
I Tried It --
In a land far, far away --
Can someone show me the door? --
My totem is teetering --
I'll take the double raptor meal deal, please --
I didn't think she could eat all of that --
I can't find the surprise! --
Sorry, Charlie --
We've got sprit, yes we do! --
I wear my sun-survivor-goggle-glasses at night --
Mine has five colored rings! --
Rest in peace --
Box that ferret, please --
I already have that one! --
Interview: Steve Morris --
Let's introduce you to Alex --
Superman's not home right now --
Back in my day, the fans didn't have lasers --
How do I get ink off my desk again? --
How do you draw music? --
It keeps things hot and cold! --
I didn't know I had it in me --
And Even More Contents --
Top dog --
Scott "tired of bein" Poe called for you --
Shoot, I pulled the door off again! --
I Tried It --
Life in the fast lane! --
Where's this going? --
That penguin is throwing up on my pants --
Little dab'll do ya! --
My new shoes are stuck in the ATM --
Is this how Milton and Bradley started? --
It still staples --
Do these shorts make my line look big? --
What time is it? --
Where's that copy of emoticons illustrated? --
Pet rock, just got booted --
I'll take the next catapult, thanks --
Interview: Mike Dietz --
Does this dress make my brain look fat? --
Don't put this on your hood, though --
Wave em proud --
Your're fired! --
I wouldn't have chosen relish for the carpet, but that just me --
Where'd they get that? --
What does she over there have to do with that? --
I'm gonna need a bigger fishbowl! --
Envelope, please --
I never knew so much about a pencil sharpener --
What does melancholy look like? --
We got the beat! --
Black eye Bart's a lookin' for ya! --
Poor hamster-never had a chance --
I Tried It --
I call it helveticaslon --
How do you photograph smelly? --
Twinkies count as two --
Should bees wear kneepads? --
I can't come in, I have the gout --
I can't spell "abnormal martian" with just seven characters! --
Like, Ummmm-I mean, its like --
Yes, Doc, I think I broke my pancreas sleeping --
Sheesh-More Contents --
Tweety would freak --
Trick or pantone book? --
Is my hair ok? --
We're gettin hitched! --
Did you just get really, really mad at that bank robber? --
Alohamobile --
Interview: Peleg Top --
Knock knock! --
Shoot! I left the ten trophy again! Very green --
Drats --
Oh no, they didn't! --
Does that come in suede? --
I'll have the BBQ rack of vader please! --
What an odd place for a totem pole --
Dumb as a rock --
Have a nice day! --
Lick and stick --
That's great, Moses is in foul trouble --
Is that a tailpipe, or are you just happy to see me? --
Water and air are cold --
I Tried It --
What's next? --
How do I make a round chimney? --
Survivor: Madison Avenue --
Oh say can you peep? --
Then he said --
What happens from here? --
All aboard! --
Would you like any fillings or gold caps with that? --
Where'd you get that hot chocolate dude? --
Is that a superslushee monument built out of wieners? --
It's good to see a happy potato --
Go Joe! --
What's that amazing smell? --
Interview: Jeff Fisher --
I never knew a pencil sharpener could be so deep --
It's better than cleaning it! --
Is that chest of drawers on a dimmer? --
How many ounces of gold do I need to park here? --
Are You Kidding Me? --
Mmmmm-Lincoln logs --
That box is looking at me --
When egg noodles die young --
Home sweet hobo home --
I call him "upside down coffee cup man!" --
My guard rail keeps blocking the scanner --
I make a terrible clown --
It looks like a scribble --
I knew that xylophone would come in handy one day --
I Tried It --
I have a full house, marketing directors over production thugs --
Sure beats hand puppets --
Fire in the hole! --
Doesn't anyone wear yellow anymore? --
It's up, and it's good! --
Haiku-a-gogo! --
Creatures of habit --
If you want to see your beloved pencil sharpener alive --
Buffalo would definitely destroy an eagle in a fight --
Is that for a dog food company? --
Interview: Sayles Graphic Design --
Hey! She has my hairdo! --
Dude, feel free to pop a mint --
Is it a star? --
Mini-it! --
How do you sell "and"? --
I Tried It --
I changed that-I think --
We have so much in common! --
I knew I should have saved that copy of ice fishing illustrated --
Does this color go with my work boots? --
How do you get your lips way up there? --
Big brother is not only watching, he's brewing cups of coffee for you! --
How about dessert? --
I Tried It --
Is that hairnet real? --
Debate this --
Extra, extra! Read all about it! --
Is that a paisley screensaver? --
Wright Bros: would be proud! --
Ok, Exactly How Long Is This Book? --
Balder-what? --
Interview: John Foster --
Hi, I'm Fido --
Cool vanishing point! --
One meeelyun Daaaahhllers! --I'm flippin' sweet! --
Retreat! retreat! --
I don't think they make a sulshee that big --
I Tried It --
Tag, you're it! --
Did that guy just say "shucks?" --
Wanna play some mini desk volleyball? --
Have you ever noticed that before? --
Desks ahoy! --
For sale --
Pablo is calling! --
I can't hear you, I'm screaming --
How could I live without my combination hot dog cooker and bun warmer? --
Was that Jeff or did a car just backfire? --
Where'd the cork go? --
Play ball! --
You mean there really is truth in advertising? --
3,2,1 score!!! --
GI-Douglas? --
Interview: Von Glitschka --
Batteries not included --
Ah, go fly a kite --
Bland no longer --
How big is a bread basket? --
I can't find "downsizing" --
Go fighting brain men! --
My business helmet keeps falling over my eyes --
You're walking on my line --
Do I use ballpoint or felt tip on the inside of my eyelids?--
Bachelor number three --
I think that florist is a total H --
I'm for it-wait-I mean, I'm against it --
Are mom's cookies an "X" or an "O" --
Blind man's bluff --
Coca-cowpie? --
O Give Up --
Doodles from interviewees --
Index of exercises by type --
Contributor list.

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