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"East-West Montage possesses a unique vision that promises to push discussions of globalization, cultural productio

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English Pages 328 Year 2007

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East-West Montage: Reflections on Asian Bodies in Diaspora

Table of contents :
Establishing Shots
Intercut on :Asian Anus
1 Anal Apocalypse: On the W/Hole of Asia and the Christian West
2 Camp Scatology: A Comparative Study of Body (as) Waste in Japanese American Literature
Intercut on :Asian Penis
3 Brush and Blade in East-West Cultures: Global Phallus, Colonial Acephalus
4 Kung Fu Films in Diaspora: Death of Bamboo Hero
Intercut on: Asian Dubbing
5 De/Alienation in Diasporic Dubbing/Rubbing of Maoist China
6 Anime’s Atom Dialectic: From Trauma to Manna
Intercut on :the Korean Wave
7 The O of Han Ju: Those Full, (Over)Painted Lips that Dare to Confess
8 Tradition and/of Bastards in the Korean Wave
Intercut on: Body Oriental
9 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Chopsticks” Musicals
10 The Nine Lives of Blackhawk’s Oriental: Chop Chop, Wu Cheng, and Weng Chan
Intercut on Asian Magic
11 Asian Immigrants with “Magical” Disabilities: Oriental Tongues and Bound Feet
12 Dalai Lama Superstar: Mystery and Politics in Western Films and Narratives on Tibet
Intercut on Asian Deceased
13 Hmong Refugee’s Death Fugue
14 The Fad(k)ing of the 0.5 Generation: On Taiwanese and Chinese Retirees in the United States

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