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Since the days of Ignaz Goldziher (1850-1921), generally regarded as the founder of Islamic studies as a field of modern

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Early Islamic Art and Architecture

Table of contents :
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Title Page
Copyright Page
General Editor's Preface
1 Notes on Arabic Archeology
2 The Genesis of Islamic Art and the Problem of Mshattā
3 'Abbasid Lustrewares
4 The Lawfulness of Painting in Early Islam
5 The Mosque and the Palace
6 Miḥrāb and 'Anazah: A Study in Islamic Iconography
7 The Greek Sources of Islamic Scientific Illustrations
8 Deacon or Drink: Some Paintings from Samarra Re-examined
9 The Umayyad Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
10 Zandanījī Identified?
11 The Throne and Banquet Hall of Khirbat al-Mafjar
12 La Dolce Vita in Early Islamic Syria: The Evidence of Later Umayyad Palaces
13 The Origins of the Miḥrāb Mujawwaf: A Reinterpretation
14 Al-Ma'mun's Blue Koran?

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