e-Learning, e-Education, and Online Training: 6th EAI International Conference, eLEOT 2020, Changsha, China, June 20-21, 2020, Proceedings, Part I [1st ed.] 9783030639518, 9783030639525

This 2-volume set constitutes the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on e-Learning, e-Education, and Online

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English Pages XV, 388 [401] Year 2020

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e-Learning, e-Education, and Online Training: 6th EAI International Conference, eLEOT 2020, Changsha, China, June 20-21, 2020, Proceedings, Part I [1st ed.]
 9783030639518, 9783030639525

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Empirical Research on the Creative Design Talents Cultivation of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Project in Local Engineering Universities (Li Yuan, Zhu Tiejun)....Pages 3-15
Evaluation Model of Case Teaching Effect of Engineering Cost Based on Data Mining (Xiao Qi-rong)....Pages 16-28
Data Analysis of Cost Engineer Qualification Examination System Based on Data Analysis (Xiao Qi-rong)....Pages 29-42
Performance Evaluation of Integrated Circuit Industry Talent Training Based on BP Neural Network (Xia Jing, Wang Hong-Gang)....Pages 43-54
The Satisfaction Evaluation Model of Course Resources of Automobile Maintenance Major Based on Big Data (S. Lu, Y. Zhou)....Pages 55-66
Evaluation Method of Multimedia Art Teaching Courseware Playback Effect Based on Data Envelopment Analysis (Yong-ji Zhou, Shou-qing Lu)....Pages 67-75
Design of Teaching Platform for Visual Programming of Industrial Robot Based on PBL and Multimedia (Peng Cheng)....Pages 76-87
Construction of Network Course System of Construction Machinery Specialty Based on Cloud Class (Xu You-jun)....Pages 88-98
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Internet Perspective (You-jun Xu)....Pages 99-112
Effect Analysis of Physical Education Course Based on Artificial Intelligence (Tian Xiong)....Pages 113-123
Construction of Dual System Teaching System for Automobile Detection and Maintenance Under 1+X Certificate System (Hai-jing Zhou, Shao-feng Han)....Pages 124-136
The Construction of the Remote Interactive Platform of the Practical Training Teaching in the Employment Domain of Colleges and Universities Under the 1 + X Certificate System (Hai-jing Zhou, Shou-liang He)....Pages 137-147
Education Reform of Construction Specialty in the Context of Upgrading of Intelligent Construction Industry (Wei-wei Zhu, Man-li Tian)....Pages 148-158
Design of Traditional Teaching Method of Micro-teaching Based on Blended Learning (Fang-yan Yang)....Pages 159-170
Personalized Recommendation Technology of Network Teaching Resources Based on Ant Colony Algorithm (Hai-long Liu, Lei-lei Jiang)....Pages 171-180
Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism of Intelligent Classroom Learning Resources in Universities Based on Network Teaching Platform (Lei-lei Jiang, Rong Xu, Hai-long Liu)....Pages 181-192
Design of APP Learning Platform for Oil Storage Tank Mechanical Cleaning Technology Course Based on Mobile Terminal (Jun-ru Wang)....Pages 193-203
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System of New Engineering Talents Based on Knowledge Base (Yan Wang, Fang Sonh, Hai-hong Bian)....Pages 204-216
Design of Embedded Course Teaching System Based on Cognitive Computing (Hai-hong Bian, Yi-qun Zhong, Yan Wang)....Pages 217-229
Research on Online Physical Education Micro Course System Based on Improved Machine Learning (Chang-min Lv, Xue-ping Zhang, Jun-peng Ji)....Pages 230-241
Design of Collaborative Teaching Mode of Online and Offline Based on Supervised Learning Algorithm (Xue-ping Zhang, Fei-fei Qin, Ting Zhang, Chang-min Lv)....Pages 242-253
Multi Module Integration Method of Students’ Habitual Learning Mode Based on Deep Learning (Zhan-yong Chen, Jun Guo)....Pages 254-270
Curriculum Quality System Model of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education in Vocational Colleges Across the Straits Based on Internet+ (Jun Guo, Zhan-yong Chen)....Pages 271-285
Design of General Integrated Teaching System for Operational Research (Jing Liu, Jun-feng Qiao, Sha Yu)....Pages 286-297
Analysis of the Conflict Model of Education and Culture in China and Britain Based on Deep Learning (Xia Wang)....Pages 298-307
The Information Grading Management System of College Students Based on Deep Learning (Tao Jiang, Ye Song)....Pages 308-317
Teaching Quality Evaluation Method Based on Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network (Ye Song, Tao Jiang)....Pages 318-328
Research on Planning Methods of Students’ Professional Development Trajectory Based on Big Data Forecast (Ming-jun Cen, Zhu-zhu Li)....Pages 329-340
Interactive Design and Application of Preschool Education IH5 Web Page Based on Cloud and 2–3.5-Year-Old Children’s Psychology (Zhu Tiejun, Ma Wenqing, Zheng Yue)....Pages 341-350
Research on the Dimensions of Art Design Education in Taiwan Shih Chien University (Zhu Tiejun, Zhang Linlin)....Pages 351-361
Study on Teaching of Engineering Design Course with 3D Modeling Software and 3D Printer in International Training Course (Rui-can Hao, Hua-gang Liu, Shang Wang)....Pages 362-369
The Integrated Design of ‘Industry-University-Research-Application-Cultivation’ Based on the Course of ‘Mechanical Design Foundation’ in Higher Vocational Colleges (Qing-song Zhu, Rui-can Hao)....Pages 370-375
An Investigation of Intercultural Communicative Competence Among Master’s Graduate Students of Non-English Major in the Context of Content-Based English Instruction (Qingling Wang, Qingying Zhou)....Pages 376-386
Back Matter ....Pages 387-388

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