Data Science: 6th International Conference of Pioneering Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators, ICPCSEE 2020, Taiyuan, China, September 18-21, 2020, Proceedings, Part II [1st ed.] 9789811579837, 9789811579844

This two volume set (CCIS 1257 and 1258) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Pio

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English Pages XXV, 652 [666] Year 2020

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Data Science: 6th International Conference of Pioneering Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators, ICPCSEE 2020, Taiyuan, China, September 18-21, 2020, Proceedings, Part II [1st ed.]
 9789811579837, 9789811579844

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Content-Based Hybrid Deep Neural Network Citation Recommendation Method (Leipeng Wang, Yuan Rao, Qinyu Bian, Shuo Wang)....Pages 3-20
Multi-factor Fusion POI Recommendation Model (Xinxing Ma, Jinghua Zhu, Shuo Zhang, Yingli Zhong)....Pages 21-35
Effective Vietnamese Sentiment Analysis Model Using Sentiment Word Embedding and Transfer Learning (Yong Huang, Siwei Liu, Liangdong Qu, Yongsheng Li)....Pages 36-46
Construction of Word Segmentation Model Based on HMM + BI-LSTM (Hang Zhang, Bin Wen)....Pages 47-61
POI Recommendations Using Self-attention Based on Side Information (Chenbo Yue, Jinghua Zhu, Shuo Zhang, Xinxing Ma)....Pages 62-76
Feature Extraction by Using Attention Mechanism in Text Classification (Yaling Wang, Yue Wang)....Pages 77-89
Event Extraction via DMCNN in Open Domain Public Sentiment Information (Zhanghui Wang, Le Sun, Xiaoguang Li, Linteng Wang)....Pages 90-100
Deep Neural Semantic Network for Keywords Extraction on Short Text (Chundong She, Huanying You, Changhai Lin, Shaohua Liu, Boxiang Liang, Juan Jia et al.)....Pages 101-112
Application of News Features in News Recommendation Methods: A Survey (Jing Qin, Peng Lu)....Pages 113-125
Front Matter ....Pages 127-127
New Lattice-Based Digital Multi-signature Scheme (Chunyan Peng, Xiujuan Du)....Pages 129-137
Research on Online Leakage Assessment (Zhengguang Shi, Fan Huang, Mengce Zheng, Wenlong Cao, Ruizhe Gu, Honggang Hu et al.)....Pages 138-150
Differential Privacy Trajectory Protection Method Based on Spatiotemporal Correlation (Kangkang Dou, Jian Liu)....Pages 151-166
A New Lightweight Database Encryption and Security Scheme for Internet-of-Things (Jishun Liu, Yan Zhang, Zhengda Zhou, Huabin Tang)....Pages 167-175
Research on MLChecker Plagiarism Detection System (Haihao Yu, Chengzhe Huang, Leilei Kong, Xu Sun, Haoliang Qi, Zhongyuan Han)....Pages 176-181
Front Matter ....Pages 183-183
Research on Global Competition and Acoustic Search Algorithm Based on Random Attraction (Xiaoming Zhang, Jiakang He, Qing Shen)....Pages 185-196
Over-Smoothing Algorithm and Its Application to GCN Semi-supervised Classification (Mingzhi Dai, Weibin Guo, Xiang Feng)....Pages 197-215
Improved Random Forest Algorithm Based on Adaptive Step Size Artificial Bee Colony Optimization (Jiuyuan Huo, Xuan Qin, Hamzah Murad Mohammed Al-Neshmi, Lin Mu, Tao Ju)....Pages 216-233
Front Matter ....Pages 235-235
Visual Collaborative Maintenance Method for Urban Rail Vehicle Bogie Based on Operation State Prediction (Yi Liu, Qi Chang, Qinghai Gan, Guili Huang, Dehong Chen, Lin Li)....Pages 237-245
Occlusion Based Discriminative Feature Mining for Vehicle Re-identification (Xianmin Lin, Shengwang Peng, Zhiqi Ma, Xiaoyi Zhou, Aihua Zheng)....Pages 246-257
StarIn: An Approach to Predict the Popularity of GitHub Repository (Leiming Ren, Shimin Shan, Xiujuan Xu, Yu Liu)....Pages 258-273
MCA-TFP Model: A Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Multi-characteristic Analysis (Xiujuan Xu, Lu Xu, Yulin Bai, Zhenzhen Xu, Xiaowei Zhao, Yu Liu)....Pages 274-289
Research on Competition Game Algorithm Between High-Speed Railway and Ordinary Railway System Under the Urban Corridor Background (Lei Wang, Yao Lu)....Pages 290-308
Stock Price Forecasting and Rule Extraction Based on L1-Orthogonal Regularized GRU Decision Tree Interpretation Model (Wenjun Wu, Yuechen Zhao, Yue Wang, Xiuli Wang)....Pages 309-328
Short-Term Predictions and LIME-Based Rule Extraction for Standard and Poor’s Index (Chunqi Qi, Yue Wang, Wenjun Wu, Xiuli Wang)....Pages 329-343
A Hybrid Data-Driven Approach for Predicting Remaining Useful Life of Industrial Equipment (Zheng Tan, Yiping Wen, TianCai Li)....Pages 344-353
Research on Block Storage and Analysis Model for Belt and Road Initiative Ecological Carrying Capacity Evaluation System (Lihu Pan, Yunkai Li, Yu Dong, Huimin Yan)....Pages 354-368
Hybrid Optimization-Based GRU Neural Network for Software Reliability Prediction (Maochuan Wu, Junyu Lin, Shouchuang Shi, Long Ren, Zhiwen Wang)....Pages 369-383
Space Modeling Method for Ship Pipe Route Design (Zongran Dong, Xuanyi Bian, Song Yang)....Pages 384-392
Simulation of Passenger Behavior in Virtual Subway Station Based on Multi-Agent (Yan Li, Zequn Li, Fengting Yan, Yu Wei, Linghong Kong, Zhicai Shi et al.)....Pages 393-408
Automatic Fault Diagnosis of Smart Water Meter Based on BP Neural Network (Jing Lin, Chunqiao Mi)....Pages 409-422
Prediction of Primary Frequency Regulation Capability of Power System Based on Deep Belief Network (Wei Cui, Wujing Li, Cong Wang, Nan Yang, Yunlong Zhu, Xin Bai et al.)....Pages 423-435
Simplified Programming Design Based on Automatic Test System of Aeroengine (Shuang Xia)....Pages 436-444
Intelligent Multi-objective Anomaly Detection Method Based on Robust Sparse Flow (Ke Wang, Weishan Huang, Yan Chen, Ningjiang Chen, Ziqi He)....Pages 445-457
Empirical Analysis of Tourism Revenues in Sanya (Yuanhui Li, Haiyun Han)....Pages 458-466
Study of CNN-Based News-Driven Stock Price Movement Prediction in the A-Share Market (Yimeng Shang, Yue Wang)....Pages 467-474
Research on Equipment Fault Diagnosis Classification Model Based on Integrated Incremental Dynamic Weight Combination (Haipeng Ji, Xinduo Liu, Aoqi Tan, Zhijie Wang, Bing Yu)....Pages 475-489
Code Smell Detection Based on Multi-dimensional Software Data and Complex Networks (Heng Tong, Cheng Zhang, Futian Wang)....Pages 490-505
Improvement of Association Rule Algorithm Based on Hadoop for Medical Data (Guangqian Kong, Huan Tian, Yun Wu, Qiang Wei)....Pages 506-520
An Interpretable Personal Credit Evaluation Model (Bing Chen, Xiuli Wang, Yue Wang, Weiyu Guo)....Pages 521-539
Front Matter ....Pages 541-541
Research on TCSOL Master Course Setting (Chunhong Qi, Xiao Zhang)....Pages 543-560
Analysis of Learner’s Behavior Characteristics Based on Open University Online Teaching (Yang Zhao)....Pages 561-573
Empirical Study of College Teachers’ Attitude Toward Introducing Mobile Learning to Classroom Teaching (Dan Ren, Liang Liao, Yuanhui Li, Xia Liu)....Pages 574-587
Blended Teaching Mode Based on “Cloud Class + PAD Class” in the Course of Computer Graphics and Image Design (Yuhong Sun, Shengnan Pang, Baihui Yin, Xiaofang Zhong)....Pages 588-600
Application of 5G+VR Technology in Landscape Design Teaching (Jun Liu, Tiejun Zhu)....Pages 601-619
Feature Extraction of Chinese Characters Based on ASM Algorithm (Xingchen Wei, Minhua Wu, Liming Luo)....Pages 620-637
Study of Priority Recommendation Method Based on Cognitive Diagnosis Model (Suojuan Zhang, Jiao Liu, Song Huang, Jinyu Song, Xiaohan Yu, Xianglin Liao)....Pages 638-647
Correction to: A New Lightweight Database Encryption and Security Scheme for Internet-of-Things (Jishun Liu, Yan Zhang, Zhengda Zhou, Huabin Tang)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 649-652

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