Daily Vagus Nerve Exercise: Train Your Vagus Nerve to Refurbish Your Brain and Your Body

Are you struggling with anxiety, chronic stress, inflammation, or trouble remembering things? Do you feel like you don&#

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Daily Vagus Nerve Exercise: Train Your Vagus Nerve to Refurbish Your Brain and Your Body

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  • Daily Vagus Nerve Exercise, 14 Day Meal Plan, 17 Video Lectures

Table of contents :
Chapter 1. What is the Vagus nerve?
Chapter 2. Anatomy and Function
What happens to a weak or damaged Vagus nerve?
What Causes Damage to the Vagus Nerve?
Chapter 3. Why Exercise Your Vagus nerve?
The Benefits of a Stronger Vagus Nerve
Chapter 4. 30 Exercise Forms to Navigate your Vagus nerve
1. Abdominal Massage
2. Vagus Chord Exercises
3. Deep Breathing
4. Pursed-Lip Breathing
5. Back Stretch
6. Sidestep
7. Trunk Twist
8. Leg Lifts
9. Neck Flexion
10. Shoulder Shrugs
11. Side-Lying Knee Raise
12. Seated Arms Raise
13. Leg Swing
14. Standing Knee Hugs
15. The Bridge
16. The Crawl
17. The Dead Bug
18. Knee and Elbow Press-Up
19. Head Turn
20. Palm Press
21. Eye Squeeze
22. Eye Stretch
23. Leg Twist
24. The Nose Picker
25. The Quick Relaxation
26. Dynamic Chest Stretch
27. Shoulder Wingspan
28. The Thumb Press
29. The Seated Twist and Stretch
30. Chair Calf Stretch
Chapter 5. 5-minute Vagus nerve Exercise for Busy People
Pin on chair
Sun gazing
Ear massage
Carotid sinus massage
Shoulder relaxer
Foot massage
Gagging reflex
Chair Squat
Chapter 6. Vagus nerve Exercise for Health Problems
Vagus nerve Exercises for Depression
Vagus nerve Exercises for Anxiety
Vagus nerve Exercises for Abdominal Fat
Vagus nerve Exercises for Sneezing
Vagus nerve Exercises to Prevent Stroke
Vagus nerve Exercises for Migraines and Tension Headaches
Vagus nerve Exercises for Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain
Vagus nerve Exercises for Asthma and Bronchitis
Vagus nerve Exercises for Insomnia
Vagus nerve Exercises for Menopause and Hot Flashes
Chapter 7. Vagus nerve Exercise Tips
Breathing Exercises
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Vagus nerve Activation
Mindfulness Meditation
Chapter 8. 25 Exercise Forms for Vagus Nerve Stretching
1. Shortening and Widening Palms
2. The Floating Awareness Exercise
3. Pelvic Tilt
4. Breathing and Changing Position Exercise
5. Stretching the Middle of the Body
6. Awareness of Mind
7. The Elevated Leg Exercise
8. The Butterfly Stretch
9. The Side Bending Exercise
10. The Standing Forward Bending Exercise
11. The Rear Spine Stretch
12. The Forward Spine Stretch
13. The Back Stretch
14. The Shoulder Shrug
15. The Shoulder Twist Stretch
16. The Loose Arm Stretch
17. The Upright Stretch
18. The Wall Stretch
19. The Torso Balance
20. The Inhale-Hold-Exhale
21. The Head-Tilt
22. The Diaphragm Stretch
23. The Transverse Abdominis
24. The Kyphosis Stretch
25. The Wall Squat
26. The Leg Squeeze
27. The Overhead Stretch
28. The Window Breath
29. The Reverse Arm Tension Breath
30. The Chin Tuck Breath
Chapter 9. Supplementation for a Healthy Vagus nerve
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Vitamin B6
Chapter 10. Vagus Nerve Dietary Foods (BREAKFAST)
31. Pumpkin Pie Parfait
32. Cucumber Pickled Salad
33. Ricotta Toast with Strawberries
34. Egg Bake
35. Creamy Peach Smoothie
36. Blueberry Smoothie
37. Cauliflower Breakfast Porridge
38. Morning Overnight Oats with Raspberries
39. Tomato and Egg Scramble
40. Baked Eggs in Avocado
41. Crustless Tiropita (Greek Cheese Pie)
42. Healthy Cauliflower Purée
43. Roasted Broccoli with Cashews
44. Roasted Vegetables
45. Simple Roasted Cauliflower with Almond Sauce
Chapter 11. Vagus Nerve Dietary Foods (LUNCH)
46. Artichoke and Kale Stuffed Mushrooms
47. Avocado Cucumber Sushi
48. Baked Chickpea Falafel
49. Baked Sweet Potatoes with Tomatoes
50. Blanched Beans and Asparagus with Radishes
51. Broccoli and Bean Casserole with Roasted Walnut
52. Buckwheat Lemon Tabbouleh
53. Butternut Squash, Lentils and Spinach Gratin
54. Caramelized Celeriac with Maple Syrup
55. Cauliflower Carrot Wild Rice Pilaf
56. Baked Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf
57. Beef and Buckwheat Cabbage Rolls
58. Braised Short Ribs with Veggies
59. Crispy Beef Carnitas
60. Crispy Carne Molida
Chapter 12. Vagus Nerve Dietary Foods (DINNER)
61. Artichoke Salad with Almond and Kale
62. Avocado and Mango Salad
63. Avocado and Mango Salad with Fresh Veggies
64. Balsamic Pear Walnut Salad
65. Beet and Apple Salad with Celery and Spinach
66. Berry Ambrosia Salad
67. Broccoli Pea Salad with Cherry Dressing
68. Carrot Salad with Tahini-Lime Dressing
69. Coconut Fruit and Greens Salad
70. Cranberry Broccoli Slaw with Spicy Dressing
71. Avocado Ahi Poke with Cucumber
72. Baked Fish and Vegetable Packets
73. Baked Salmon with Basil Gremolata
74. Baked Salmon with Fennel and Onion
75. Baked Salmon with Pistou
Chapter 13. 2-week Meal Plan

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