Crystal Growth of Intermetallics 3110495848, 9783110495843

Intermetallic compounds are in the focus of solid-state research for a wide range of future applications, e.g. in hetero

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English Pages 282 [293] Year 2018

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Crystal Growth of Intermetallics
 3110495848, 9783110495843

Table of contents :
List of Contributing Authors
Intermetallic compounds and their single crystals
Phase diagrams for crystal growth of intermetallics
Flux methods for growth of intermetallic single crystals
Single crystal growth of intermetallics by the Czochralski method
Floating zone growth of intermetallic compounds
Chemical vapor transport of intermetallics
Growth of high-entropy alloys
Crystal growth of the filled skutterudite arsenides by the flux method under enhanced vapor pressure
High-quality single crystal growth in heavy fermion compounds
Crystal growth of intermetallic thermoelectric materials
Electronic transport properties of complex intermetallics

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