Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics [4 ed.] 9780975731611

"A most valuable resource book" This enriching book has nearly 300 pages of creative, stimulating and mentall

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English Pages 281 [148] Year 2005

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Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics [4 ed.]

Table of contents :
Book Sections:
Part A : Discusses techniques for teaching problem solving
Part B : Highlights strategies used to solve problems
Part C : The heart of the book. It consists of seven sections, each containing from four to eight topics. Each of the 37 model problems and its solution leads into a detailed discussion of a concept or algorithm. Each concept then is expanded or extended, using as many as 13 wide-ranging problems. Topics include: assorted number patterns; factors and multiples; tests of divisibility; fractions; geometry and measurement; algebraic problems done without algebra; cryptarithms; logic; and Venn diagrams.
Part D : Solutions to Parts A and B
Part E : Solutions to Part C
Part F : Appendices including Basic Information, Angle-Measures in Polygons, Pythagorean Theorem, Working with Exponents, Divisibility Rules, Sequences and Series
Part G : Index

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