CRACK HER CODE Secret female triggers

It seems like in order to have a relationship with a woman, there’s a mountain to climb and you’re not properly equipped

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CRACK HER CODE Secret female triggers

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CRACK HER CODE Secret Female Triggers By Christina Hitch

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Part 1. Secret female triggers Chapter 1. Once upon a time Chapter 2. Ice-age romance

Part 2. Female attraction formula

Part 3. From Prince Charmless to Mister Christian Grey Chapter 1. What can stop you from success with women? Inner game. Chapter 2. Self-presentation

Part 4. Approach and communication skills Chapter 1. How to get her hooked instantly Chapter 2. How to keep an interesting conversation Chapter 3. How to ask a woman on a date

Afterword. Happily ever after

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Introduction Hello, there! If you are reading this book right now it means the title of the book caught your attention. Women are really weird, super complicated creatures and if they have some sort of “secret female triggers” you definitely want to know about. This will ensure your dating life or current relationship works better. Or maybe you have been always amazed at how easily women can fall in love with jerks and assholes while there are a lot of good guys out there stuck in “friend zones” for ages, hoping that one day their female friend will suddenly fall in love with them. And of course, how is it possible that women really want something that is not money? Well probably it’s a marriage to some kind of “Christian Grey” guy, because women are always attracted to “looks-money-funny” type of guys, right? WRONG! Yes, it is a very common but wrong misunderstanding, and in this book I am going to unveil all the female desires that lie deep down below that superficial level. You might ask, how is it possible that a woman can teach men how to build attraction in a woman? Well, it is possible simply because I am a woman. I know that it is difficult to sometimes understand women, we are definitely “complicated creatures,” but at the same time, understanding women isn’t MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. It is possible as soon as you know how women are wired on a deep subconscious level. This book is for any man who wants to understand women better. I have seen many men out there, very successful with their careers, intelligent men, but still with a lack of understanding of women that sometimes was a cause for series of short relationships, unhappy long relationships or just never-ending casual relationships. This book is also for men who are successful with women, but are nonetheless willing to improve their knowledge on the topic of secret female triggers. So, in other words, I am going to give you a kind of powerful weapon to either make your love life awesome or to raise your relationship to the next level. If you read this book, I want to congratulate you on investing in your love life and improving your personality as well. Before I continue, let me tell you a real story about WHY and HOW I got the idea of teaching men to understand women. I want to tell you a story that happened to me a few years ago, the time when I was a “serial dater” here in Montreal (and a very successful one, I should say ;-)). I had my profile on one of the biggest free online dating websites and one day I met a guy online. We started chatting and it was a nice conversation. The next day we talked again, and I was secretly awaiting his invitation to go on a date. I hinted that I wanted to meet him and he said OK, but the next day he didn’t


come online for a chat nor the day after that. It took at least two weeks for me to realize that I was catfished. (If you don’t know that definition, check the one below from Urban dictionary): “Being deceived over Facebook as the deceiver professed their romantic feelings to his/her victim, but isn't who they say they are. Having a fake Facebook profile, images, and avatar in order to lure people to have romantic feelings. They are then catfished when the victim realizes the person they have fallen for via Facebook is not who they APPEAR to be.“ Actually it happens in all online personal interactions, not only on Facebook. During these two weeks, I was attached to my laptop waiting for this guy appear online on this website and feeling like a teenage girl who’s head over heels in love. I had no idea HOW this could happen to me. Just a few long conversations was enough for me to get completely attracted to this guy. I was heartbroken. My next (and last) date from this site was with a real cute Italian guy who I told about my “being catfished” story. He asked if I still missed the guy and I said “yes.” He was astonished: “HOW CAN YOU BE SO ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE WHO YOU NEVER SAW, NEVER TALKED TO IN REAL LIFE, NEVER KISSED AND NEVER HUGGED?” Well, at that time I didn’t know the answer, but I knew what I felt and it was real. I had no idea how it worked. So I began my research on the topic of male-female attraction and why it works in totally different ways. Here is what you will learn and what you will be able to after you have read this book: What women do really want, and it is not money Why sometimes it is so difficult for men to understand women You will be able to: Understand women on a deeper level: their desires, their deepest and darkest dreams Understand how attraction works for women Successfully approach any women you want


Part 1: Secret female triggers I want to ask a question: What do the smartest and richest people in Hollywood know that you don't? Why do people in Hollywood make billions and billions of dollars every year? What is the reason for their success? What do they really sell? Hollywood sells people their deepest dreams, their non-realized desires, their most crazy and non-realistic daydreams. A huge part of this is female romantic movies, romantic comedies, dramas, etc. Every movie is based on deep female dreams and desires. In Hollywood, the smartest and intelligent psychologists, marketers, screenwriters, know what female audiences secretly crave. Related to this “dream selling” there are romantic novels, or “Literotica”. Here is some information from Wikipedia: “By the 2000s, romance had become the most popular genre in modern literature. In 2008, romantic fiction generated $1.37 billion in sales, with 7,311 romance novels published and making up 13.5 percent of the consumer book market…The women admitted to reading romances as an antidote to stress, for mental escape, and to learn about history and new careers.” So, what I can say about this? Women pay to make their dreams come true, at least on a screen. I often give men a priceless, but useless (because no man is ever going to follow it), advice: If you really want to understand women, read what they read, and watch what they watch. You will notice many interesting things. SO WHAT ARE WOMEN’S DREAMS THAT HOLLYWOOD SELLS TO THEM? And why? We were all kids once. Most of us grew up on fairy tales. For little girls, it’s very often “Cinderella-Prince Charming-unconditional love-stories”. Girls grow up to believe in all of these things. They want this, they dream of it. They dream about a wedding with Prince Charming and “happily ever after”. When they grow up, they still dream, but need to face a not-so “fairy tale” reality. When this happens women get hurt, disappointed, and frustrated. Some of them refuse to believe in love anymore. Some of them project their negativity on men. They blame men for their “dreams do not come true” reality (and men don’t have a clue why). We have all had some kind of negative experience in our past interactions with the opposite sex and there are a lot of different reasons for it. I am not saying that belief in fairy tales is a major reason, no. But sometimes (!) there is a real reason for female disappointment with men.


Chapter 1: Once upon a time In this chapter, I want to give a short review of the most common romantic movies scenarios and necessary elements in each of them that can help men understand women’s deep subconscious desires. Scenario #1: Cinderella story Once upon a time, a poor but very nice girl met Prince Charming, and tried with magic (and without magic) to win his heart over. The Prince fell in love with her and they got married…and lived happily ever after! Examples of this in movies – Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Pretty Woman (in that case Cinderella was a hooker ;-)), My Fair Lady Components: 1. Prince Charming/Superhero, or just a high-class gentleman 2. Unconditional love 3. Challenge (to win his heart over) 4. Happily ever after Scenario #2: Love through self-discovery and changes A woman trying to win a man’s heart over by discovering who she really is, or a man who helps a woman to understand herself, discover her feminine side and both of them fall in love with each other. Or the opposite, a woman’s love transform a “bad guy” (who is actually good but pretends to be bad) into a “good guy” and… happily ever after. Example of this in movies: My Fair Lady, Runaway bride, Pretty woman (yes, again), Sabrina, Beauty and the Beast, Vampire Diaries, etc. Components: 1. Smart, intelligent men (or not so smart, but definitely there is something about him that caught her interest) 2. Challenge (love comes through inner changes and one wins the love of the other) 3. Unconditional love 4. Happily ever after Scenario#3: Love triangle: one woman, two men. A woman has to choose between a man with love and a man with money. Examples: The Notebook, Titanic, Moulin Rouge


I want to stop for a second and talk about this topic because one of the most common stereotypes about women – that “all women want only money from men.” Let’s take this erroneous conclusion about women as an undeniable truth. If all women really only love money unconditionally, probably the script writer who wrote TITANIC made a huge mistake make Rose fall in love with a poor guy, Jack, instead of making her choosing her rich fiancé (who presented her such huge diamond). But what do we see instead? 11 Oscars and DiCaprio becoming a superstar over a night. Lots of women cried in movie theatres all over the world, including me (I have cried 3 times in movie theatres and a few times at home watching this movie). So I guess that a Hollywood scriptwriter didn’t make any mistake in knowing the deep female need for “unconditional love”. Components: 1. Poor but funny, smart, special guy who knows how to attract a girl (confidence plus some special talent or something specific) 2. Unconditional love 3. Challenge (choosing between two men and testing their love) 4. Happily ever after…OR DRAMA (!) (Dramas sell very well as well)

Making this book, I just couldn’t resist showing another great example of a modern romance or erotic novel, 50 Shades of Grey. I know, I know you guys are now rolling yours eyes and thinking “again this female obsession over 50 Shades of Grey, what is so special about this stupid book?” Facts from Wikipedia: “Fifty Shades of Grey has topped best-seller lists around the world, including those of the United Kingdom and the United States. The series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into 52 languages and set a record in the United Kingdom as the fastest-selling paperback of all time. The success of this book all over the world shows very clearly female deepest, darkest desires and dreams. In my opinion there is NOT much to this book on a superficial level (rich billionaire with helicopter and poor sincere girl who desperately falls in love with him). This is a psychological book that reveals a “falling in emotional love versus dominant-submissive superficial level interaction” scenario. This one book combines all of the components of the movies we looked at before: 1. Charismatic, mysterious, “bad guy” (cold sadistic from first look at him) Prince Charming, who was able to turn her on from the first interview with his strength, confidence, and bold approach. (He said what he really thought with a “fake” carelessness for her opinion) 2. Challenge (make him fall for her during the process of changing from a “bad guy” into a “good guy.”)


3. Unconditional love (love vs. money – she gave him back all his presents, thus showing her true feelings). 4. Female sexual fantasies (yes women like sex as much as men do, but they never talk about it). 5. Happily ever after.

Chapter 2: ICE AGE ROMANCE After all this overview of Hollywood love stories and romance novels, I expect you to ask me one simple question: how did attraction work for women BEFORE this romance industry? I’m talking hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Did women change in the past 100-200 hundred years, and, in ancient times, did women not have all those “romance-crap” subconscious triggers? So let’s go back to a prehistoric period where our ancestors lived in caves and men were hunters, women were staying at home having babies every year (because there weren’t condoms back in those times). Men hunted for wild animals and risked their lives every day. If they weren’t strong enough, fast enough, or brave enough they would not survive. So men still were hunters, protectors, and providers. Their families’ lives literally depended on their ability to survive and bring home food. The weak males didn’t survive, only the strongest ones. Women chose strong men in order to have offspring with good genes. I know you can object: we live in 21 century where the feminist movement gave women all the rights they have ever wanted: women can vote, they can have any education they want, they can buy property, that have bank accounts, women ran their own businesses and built their own corporations, etc. Yes, you are right, BUT (!)…The feminist movement, and all freedoms and rights women have for the last 100 years, is nothing compared to thousands of years when women’s physical existence literally depended on men. Choosing a strong and powerful man is programmed into female DNA. You can’t beat DNA, you can’t argue with DNA, it is actually the strongest thing that turns women on (the simple is the maternal instinct).


PART 2: FEMALE ATTRACTION FORMULA So what do we have now, considering all I have said about romantic culture and “Ice Age” romance? The majors’ female triggers look like this:

DEEP NEEDS (instincts for thousand years) X “Once upon a time” romantic culture (a few hundred years) = MAJOR FEMALE TRIGGERS MEN’S MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING IN FEMALE ATTRACTION Imagine an iceberg and separate it into two parts: 10 percent and 90 percent. The last 90 percent, that’s our sub-conscious, where our instincts, desires, uncontrolled feelings, and triggers come from. The major thing men mistake when they try to get a woman attracted to them is that, they focus on the conscious 10 percent, but attraction comes from sub-conscious. Very many men give up too soon when they see that they can’t get her interest on a superficial level (either through physical appearance, career, hobbies, etc.). If you have a lot of common with women you like, it doesn’t mean that they will feel attracted to you. That’s why logic is your enemy and it explains why women love “bad boys” and become instantly attracted to them. It is not because women like to be hurt, but because these kinds of men have strong male power that women can’t resist. Women take arrogance as confidence by mistake. Also, don’t forget about challenge (and excitement in trying to change a “bad boy” into a “good guy” by her loving him). Actually, it takes time for a woman to know him better and to realize that she can’t do anything about it. SEDUCE HER MIND AND HER BODY WILL FOLLOW FEMALE ATTRACTION WORKS BEYOND ANY LOGIC, THAT’S WHY LOGIC IS YOUR ENEMY, GENTLEMEN! Let’s go back to our image of iceberg separated into two parts: The top 10 percent includes: “types of men”, hobbies, religious beliefs, cultural traits, backgrounds, level of education, food preferences, music preferences, style preferences, etc., etc. The bottom 90 percent includes:


Strength Ability to provide Ability to protect Let’s talk a bit more about misunderstanding of how female attraction works based on real life examples. Very often I hear from men “all women are attracted to rich guys, good looking guys, guys with 6 pack abs, and guys who can make her laugh”. I always want to answer with this statement: “if it’s true so why a lot of men out there who are not rich and average (or even less than average) looking and they are still successful with women? I am pretty sure you have at least one guy you know like this from all your male friends”. And at the same time there are a lot of rich and successful men who are not lucky with women as much. Many men follows this wrong female attraction misunderstanding give up as soon as they realize that “he is not her type”. The “men type” – it is a 10 percent of consciousness and it can be changed as soon as a woman was triggered on the deep subconscious level. Women are not so visual creatures as men are, and we have different sexual triggers. I have to tell you that I have a few female friends who are happily married with men who were not their types at all. And money was not a reason as well. Their husbands simply knew how to “swept their future wives off their feet” ;-)

Always remember: LOGIC IS YOUR ENEMY, GENTLEMEN! The next big mistake men usually make in order to get women's attraction is verbal persuasion; how good he is, how caring, smart, intelligent, funny, nice, responsible, etc. The list of his qualities could continue till it reaches the next continent. This is the same mistake: She will not feel attraction for you just because you trying to persuade her on a logical level And the last major mistake men make in trying to get female attraction: they offer to be friends though they want to be more. They are scared to push her away with their direct approach, but actually this is a mistake. You just need to learn how to approach her the right way. You have to have courage and be bold when you approach women, don’t let yourself be “friend zoned”. Do you want the truth? Attractive women have enough of male friends, they don’t want to have more! They want strong men who can sweep them off their feet! So here is a female attraction formula with all the major triggers: 1. The Man A man who combines qualities. He is not necessary rich, not necessary handsome, but there definitely is “something about him – the firsts thing is a kind of STRENGTH”). (Hint for you: All these correspond to her INNER ICE AGE NEED OF A STRONG MAN)


2. The Romance. Unconditional love (All women are addicted to emotions and feelings. A man who can create these emotions and feelings in her is definitely different). That element corresponds to ROMANCE INDUSTRY SHE HAS GROWN UP WITH.

3. The Challenge (to get what you want). If a high-quality man is too easy to get, she will lose her interest.

4. The Future Happily ever after (minivan, 1 condo, 2 kids, 3 dog’s, 5 cat’s, vacations in the Caribbean, pension plan and…“till death do us part”)

PART3: FROM PRINCE CHARMLESS TO MISTER CHRISTIAN GREY Who is Prince CharmLESS ? He is simply a NICE GUY When a woman says, “he is a nice guy”, it’s not always a good sign. Because there are a lot of misconceptions about nice guys. There are some qualities of being “a nice guy” that women are NOT attracted to: - He has a low self-esteem, always accommodating to any woman’s whims - He doesn’t have his own opinion and always agrees with everything a woman says - He’s always over-polite (attention, Canadian men ;-)) and puts himself second - He never takes the lead, doesn’t stand up for himself - He won't please everyone around - He has very low self-worth and can’t protect himself or his mate So, next time when you want to persuade a woman saying that you are a “nice guy”, remember this list of misconceptions. Women are attracted to leaders with strong masculine power, who can protect them and stimulate them emotionally (and physically). Let’s talk more about it. The key component of a man is DIFFERENTIATION. As I said before, there was a time when I was a “serial dater”. My purpose was to study men and the mental differences between men and women, rather than simply find a new boyfriend. I started to see some kind PATTERN that men have in approaching women and on the first date. 12

All men were different ages, different social groups, different nationalities, but their mistakes in approach and on a first date were almost the same. Despite the very common male phrase “I am a different from other men, because (100 reasons)”, I have to admit that while different in character, jobs, and hobbies, they all make the same mistakes.

CHAPTER 1: What can stop you from success with women?

Here are the main topics through which I will explain HOW different you should be in order to become successful with women: Inner-game Self-presentation Approach skills Communication skills

What is INNER GAME? In this short section I will give you a few major reasons that can prevent you from success with women. 1. Neediness and emotional dependency. 2. Limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks. 3. Stereotypes about women. 4. Approach anxiety. Now a little bit more about this… There is something really important I want to share with you in this chapter. The real game with women starts even before you approach them. Why? Because women – especially high quality, intelligent, experienced women – have natural “inner scanners” and they can sense any man who approaches them, even before he begins to speak. They sense everything: your insecurities, your fears, and your weaknesses. So the first step it is not asking yourself “what will she think of me if I approach her?” More important is what you feel about yourself right now. What mood are you in at this particular moment? Because everything that you feel, she will feel instantly in the PRE-APPROACHGAME phase of interaction.


Neediness and emotional dependency Before you go to a dating “pool”, you have to ask yourself a question: would you date yourself? Are you happy with yourself? For what reasons do you need a woman in your life? Do you want to share your happy life with someone, or you need someone who will create this happiness for you? The problem with being needy and emotionally dependent is that it’s like having a “black hole” deep inside that nothing can fill. When you meet a woman you will be happy for a period of time, but after a while this “black hole” will bother you again. The second problem with it is that those qualities are NOT attractive to women, women can sense them right away and don’t want to deal with men like this. I don’t know a lot of women (actually no one) who wants to be a mom or “every day private-psychologist-wife”. Here is a hard exercise: imagine you never EVER have a relationship with a woman – what would your life be like? Miserable and terrible, verging on suicide OR would you find out how to make your life interesting and exciting? If you answered the latter, congratulations! Women are attracted to men like this. Interesting people are interesting to everyone. Consistent personal growth is a major element of attraction and a successful relationship. Limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks We all have some kind of negative thoughts. These can be formed at very young age based on your family, your friends, your school, or your relatives. Being unpopular at school can lead to not being popular at college, etc. After this, having no success with women as an adult man seems logical. There is some kind of subconscious block Very often a person becomes stuck in one scenario, called a “pattern.” I call it the “Groundhog Day” of love life (from the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray). How to break the pattern? Get out of your comfort zone by forming new everyday habits in your life. Stereotypes about women All our stereotypes usually come from past negative experiences. Once we have one or two negative experiences in a row, we start to expect this every time we meet someone new – “I knew she would be…! I knew it!” A man begins to program his subconscious mind with stereotypes and, as a result, he attracts the same type of woman over and over again. The most common stereotypes I have noticed: - All women are evil - All women want only money from men - All women are control freaks


- All women are crazy - All women cheat I guess that probably after reading this you will ask me: “Ok, I get your idea, but how about “gold diggers”? Certainly, there is a small percentage of women called “Gold diggers” (a very small percentage, I have to tell you). In my honest opinion, however, these are women who lack self-confidence. They have very low self-esteem. They have lost their identity and don’t have any purpose or goals in life. Their major quality is fear: fear of life, fear of future, and fear of being dumped. All they have is their physical appearance. What will happened to them if they lose it, or when they become old? Approach anxiety It’s a very common problem men have, but the cure is very simple and perhaps even boring: Practice your approach. It is a skill. It needs to be learned. There is only one way. Here are two hints for you to help you with this mission: 1. Don’t put women on a pedestal. They are not angels, they are human beings with their flaws, dark sides, and negativity. 2. Beautiful women are often very insecure. That’s why they have this “cold, bitchy look” most men are scared of. It’s a so-called “bitch shield”. She is protecting herself from the pain she probably had in previous experiences with men. Don’t forget that we all have “emotional baggage” and we all use a different “protection system”. Women usually build “walls”. Also, you have to know that for many beautiful women (who are approached by a lot of jerks because good guys are too shy to approach them) rejection is a TEST. Judging by a man’s reaction, they will see if he is strong enough to handle it. Will he become defensive and offensive? Or, just not take it personally and stay emotionally grounded? The ugly truth about hot stunning beautiful women (from my own experience and experiences of my female friends): these women are approached less by men than “average” looking women. This is because the majority of men are scared of possible rejection. They are intimidated by beauty of these women, so they make up a lot of excuses: “She probably has a boyfriend, she probably needs a lot of money, she is probably bitchy, she is probably not in a good mood.” But, let me tell you, the truth is the exact opposite. There are more chances for you to be rejected by an “average” looking girl than a “hot” girl. If you don’t believe me, ask your female friends from different age groups. There are a lot of women right now making more money than men. Many of them run their own businesses. So money and another things associated with it are NOT an issue anymore for them. Practice approaching beautiful women and even if you get rejected, don’t take it personally. Keep trying to approach them. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. This is part of the answer to the question “Why do nice guys finish last?” There’s only one thing good guys need to take from the jerks out there: CARELESSNESS about rejection.


Chapter 2: Self-presentation Many men make the same mistake concerning their self-presentation to a woman – verbal persuasion applies to her logical mind. Do you remember the picture of the iceberg? Women’s attraction doesn’t come from logic; it comes from the subconscious. Women don’t actually care WHAT you say. They care HOW you say it and HOW they FEEL around you. Usually, men on a date (or before date) talk a lot about themselves. This makes a date very boring. Don’t brag about yourself. From a female perspective, it looks like you are seeking approval and trying desperately to get her to like you. This is actually a sign of a lack of confidence. TURN OFF for women. WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO STRONG PERSONALITY When it comes to attraction, feeling, and emotions, WOMEN DON’T USE A LOGICAL MIND! REMEMBER? SEDUCE HER MIND AND HER BODY WILL FOLLOW BUT (!) YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE WORDS FOR THAT. SOUNDS COMPLICATED, RIGHT? When I talk about strength, what do I mean? How do you demonstrate it? The major component of strength is control. You have to take your life under control, your emotions under control, and your time under control. Also, inner strength is an ability to overcome a stressful situation. It is an ability to take responsibility for everything that happens. Do not turn to excuses if you are just too lazy to make a decision. Please keep in mind that all women, especially experienced high-quality women, have this “inner scanner” for falseness and BS from men. They are very attentive to details. So you can’t fake your strength, you just need to work to gain it. You will be able to demonstrate your strength in every detail. Women pay attention to: the way you ask her on a date, the way you speak to a waitress in a restaurant, the way you treat her on a date. Always remember: actions speak louder than words.


Part 4: Approach and communication skills Chapter 1: How to get her hooked instantly This is my first and very simple trick for you: NEVER use “Hello! How are you?” as an opening line when you approach a woman. Why? Because if you approach a girl with a different introduction you automatically stand apart from the many other men who have approached her all her adult life. In HER EYES you will be different from many other men. People always pay attention to things that are different. Marketers know and always use this trick. WARNINGS: In talking with women you MUST totally forgot 4 phrases: (This is my teaching technique. You can either accept it or not. It’s up to you.) Hello! How are you! (Boring “regular guy opener”, you are “not someone special for her”.) I am a nice guy! (“Nice guys finish last”, read the previous chapter where I explain this.) What do you wanna do? (When she already came on a first date.) If you want to… (Meet me, see me, hear me, etc.) Come back to openers. No “Hello! How are you?” But it’s just the first step. You instantly get her attention. How to do it? Pay attention to her physical appearance (don’t always look on her décolleté). Take some detail of her looks and make funny joke (but not abusive!). Examples: If you see a girl somewhere in really high heels, you can ask: Can you help me, please? I always ask myself how is it possible for such a beautiful and fragile human being to keep their balance on these shoes? How do you manage to do this? By the way my name is Mike, what’s yours? You see a girl wearing ponytail: I’ve noticed you are wearing a ponytail, that is cute, but I can imagine how beautiful your hair is down. You see a girl with a pretty small purse: I’m sorry, I’m just curious, is your purse size is OK for my second gun? I’m looking for a partner in crime. Do you want to join me with your purse? You see a girl wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a dog:


I’m sorry, but I saw a picture of a dog on your T-shirt, isn’t it the same dog on that police wanted poster? I want you warn about something. Don’t go and Google “openers”. You will find a lot of them. The problem is that the pickup artist community is growing very quickly; women are aware of the many openers and don’t “buy” it anymore (at least many of them). So your mission is to be creative. My purpose here is to show you that through doing this simple approach, a woman will “read” you as a CREATIVE and FUNNY. Guys with a sense of humour are very sexy. Don’t forget that women sense your vibe, your energy more important than an “opening line”. A good, light-hearted mood plus a creative opening line are a killer combination. You have to be in a good mood with positive vibes and positive state of mind, even before you start approach women. This is a major key to success.

Chapter 2: How to keep an interesting conversation going As I mentioned before, when I was a “serial dater”, I went out on a dates a lot or just met guys at bars. I noticed the same formula for conversations with about 90 percent of guys. Usually it looks like this: Hi! How are you? What is your name? Where do you come from? For how long you have been living in Canada? Do you like living in Canada? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? (With this question I usually start looking for an EXIT from a bar.) Do you live alone? (With this question I smile politely and slowly, step-by-step, begin sneaking to the exit.) Do you want to have sex at your place or mine? (With this question, a guy will usually ask himself why I didn’t feel any attraction to him and left him alone, even though the “conversation” was going very well. Hint: I just was being polite, the guy didn’t turn on my INNER DESIRE because he talked to my logical mind. REMEMBER? LOGIC IS YOUR ENEMY. And…I got bored!) Now I want to make a very important insight into female phycology. Like we probably already know, women like talk. They can spend hours and hours with their female friends discussing the latest fashion show in New York, or the latest Hollywood gossip. Or giving advice to her friend


on how to check if her man is cheating on her. Right? Right. Also if you observe how women communicate with each other in real life, or in Hollywood movies, you will notice one very important thing that you can use to your advantage: women are more likely to establish a deep emotional connection with another woman who is a total stranger rather than a man. Women are faster to open up emotionally, and are relieved when someone is able to make their mask slip away. They lay down their guard and their walls lower. As I said earlier, women put walls up to protect themselves from the possibility of getting hurt (the same stuff a lot of men do). But, as soon as she realizes there is no threat from you, and that you are ready to share emotional stories from your own life, she will open up to you. The most important thing you must understand: the more a woman invests emotionally in a man, the more attracted to him she becomes. Emotional impact is what you must to do in order to get a woman to feel attraction to you. So how to do it? Don’t convert a date into a “job interview”; be creative and replace boring general questions with original and interesting ones. Make her speak more about her personality by using stories from your own life. For example: Instead of “Where do you come from?” you can ask: “You have an interesting accent (cute or ugly – depends on if you like it or not), where do you come from and how is your homeland different from Canada?” Instead of asking her about her job, just ask: “Is your job what that you thought you’d be doing when you were a little girl?” Or ask, “What qualities you need to have your job?” “Is it what you want to do forever?” Don’t ask her about her job description, ask her questions that make her describe her personality. Ask her about her childhood and share stories about yourself. Especially share your stories that made an emotional impact on you, or that forced you to change something in your life. All people like to talk about themselves, especially women. So please listen to her and respond. And remember, it has to be a two-way street. Pay attention to what kind of questions she asks you because you can then understand if she is really interested in you or not. So be creative and replace those boring general questions. So remember, your mission is to build a deep, emotional connection with a woman after you make an impact. I can’t stress enough how important a deep, emotional connection is for women. It is a foundation for your future dating life with her, your relationship, and hopefully, your “happily ever after.” It doesn’t mean that you have to shower her with emotions on a first date; actually, it is a turn off. I am talking about a step-by-step communication process that involves opening up to each other on an emotional level. Part of this must be done on a first date. Otherwise, your first date will be your last one.


WARNING – typical mistakes many men make as soon as they have a girl’s number: 1. They send too many texts with smilies or other emoticons (this is annoying). 2. They send a lot of texts, every hour, describing their day. It looks like they are making a journal, not actually asking her how her day is. Please note that this style of communication won’t build a deep emotional connection. The reasons for this are: - When you describe your day, you are giving her dry facts without provoking any emotions - You are not asking her about her day, or any opinion about your life. She doesn’t feel like she is allowed to participate in your life. If you are actually interested in her life, use compliments, tease her curiosity, be a bit mysterious. - She is NOT your wife or girlfriend, yet. - She needs to be teased and played with. You need to seduce her mind. 3. And the last mistake, NEVER send a woman you barely know naked pictures. Women have different sexual triggers and they are not visual creatures like men.

Chapter 3: How to ask a woman on a date Before I tell you HOW to ask a woman on a date, I would like to give one simple idea how to make a date interesting. I know it is very cliché to ask a girl to a movie, but actually if you look at it like on an opportunity for an amazing conversation it’s actually perfect. After, you can go to a local coffee shop and discuss the movie, what she likes and dislikes, what she would do in a characters place if she would be in the same situation, etc. You would have a lot of opportunities to know a girl better. Please pick a meaningful movie, because we, women, don’t know how to discuss action movies with a lot of violence, car crashes, and other stuff men always like. The majority of women love romance, dramas, or historical movies which include romance and drama. So pick a movie based on someone's real life, or just more relatable. It will give you a lot of topics to discuss. There are two ways of asking a woman on a date: a strong way and a weak way. The majority of men use a weak way (insecure) without even knowing WHAT subconscious message it contains for a woman. Here’s how it looks: “What are you doing Friday night”? “What would you think if I ask you on a date”? “We should hang out sometime.” “I don’t know if you want to go.”


All those invitation don’t show you as a LEADER (Remember? There’s an inner need for a strong man.) When I usually have this kind of invitation, I am not sure that this guy who asking me out really wants to go on a date. So what is a strong way? “I would like to take you out this weekend.” “This Friday night I’m going to see a new movie downtown and want to take you with me. So what do you think?” The last one shows that you are a guy who wants to have a good time, with her or without her. You want to share this good time with her and this is not going to be “some day” or “some other time”, be specific. If she didn't want to go she would tell you and you can ask her another day. This invitation is strong, direct, and powerful. It shows you as a leader. So you have to be very direct: pick the day, pick the time, pick the activity (you can change it if she doesn’t like that activity, but you MUST come with a plan) The huge turn off for a first date is when a man asks: “So what do you want to do?” Because, in this case, you give your power to make decisions to the woman you asked on a date. Better if you come with a plan. If she doesn’t like it, she will tell you. Then you can change something. It’s better if you come with a plan than without a plan. And please don’t add “if you want” at the end of your invitation. A woman wants YOU TO MAKE HER WANT TO COME ON A DATE WITH YOU. (Seduce her mind and her body will follow).

Chapter 4: Do’s and Dont’s on a first date NEVER talk about your ex-girlfriend (or ex-relationship). Don’t tell any sexual jokes (at least not on a first date). Don’t send her naked pictures. Don’t call her “sexy” or “hot.” These kinds of compliments are creepy for a high-quality, emotionally mature woman. “Beautiful” is a better compliment because it describes her personality as well as just her physical appearance. Don’t escalate sexual interactions (women are different; she is probably not ready for sex on a first date). Don’t check your phone every 15 minutes (at least if you are not a surgeon). Don’t give too much of yourself (don’t become TOO emotional and don’t complain about your life, your boss, your neighbours, etc.). 21

Don’t discuss a topic that can provoke an argument such as politics, religion, etc. LISTEN to what she says (give it 70 percent of your communication) and respond. Maintain eye contact, but avoid staring at her. Smile lightly, don’t make yourself look like a clown on a stage. Make her laugh, but don’t laugh yourself (this is a very powerful tool to establish your heightened social status, even if it’s not that high in real life). After my long list of men’s qualities that are needed in order to attract a woman and to make a deep connection , I often get objections from men: “ I don’t want to pretend to be someone else.”, “She needs to accept me for who I am.”, “I don’t need to change myself to become someone else.”… I remember I had an interesting conversation with one of my male friends. During our conversation on the topic of love and female attraction, he said that I taught men how to be assholes. My answer was, “It is not possible to teach a good man, or a nice guy, to be an asshole because they don’t have the CORE of an asshole. If you are a good man, but you are not successful with women, it is NOT because women love jerks (actually they don’t). It is simply because of a lack of approach and communication skills. There’s no understanding of the deep female triggers. Women respond to strong character immediately, from the first approach, but you have to understand how to do it in the right way. It is a skill, and like any other skill it can be learned and practiced. It doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to be someone who you are not; women sense falseness from the very first seconds of interaction. If your strength is only on a temporary, superficial level, she will sense it. Though I think a little bit of superficial “assholeness” can have a positive impact. So, this is not about pretending, this is about bettering yourself. It is about letting her see who you really are by doing it in a way that women understand. It is all about showing her your true self, where you are going, and who you can be. Showing her your potential will make her attracted to you. And remember: self-improvement is a constant process that leads to success to any area of your life.


Chapter 5: Challenge The last component of the female attraction formula is Challenge. What do I mean? 1. Have your own opinion on every topic you discuss with her. It is not necessary to agree with everything she’s saying in order to get her approval and attraction. Women are attracted to men who have their own opinion and stick to it. 2. Challenge your lady. Ask her opinion on different topics and ask her why she thinks that way. 3. Provoke jealousy by mentioning your female friends. 4. Value your time. Don’t always be on your phone expecting her calls or text messages. It will show you as a needy man. 5. Put time aside for your favourite hobby. If you don’t have one, you have to think about your passion and actually have it as your hobby. Women like men who have some hobby they are passionate about. Interesting people always get attention.

Part 5. Crack her code: Mission possible In this chapter I want to make brief summary of my whole book.



Components of the formula: 1. THE MAN: A man who is strong, confident, has interesting hobbies, who has fulfilled life (even without a woman), is responsible, has a sense of humour, who has communication skills, who can create a deep emotional connection with a woman, and who is not scared of challenges. 2. THE ROMANCE: This MAN can create romantic feeling and emotions. Women see him as a superhero that accepts her for who she is and evokes her feminine side. 3. THE CHALLENGE: The thrill of “love that conquers all: circumstances, time and space.” 4. THE FUTURE: “Promised land” – engagement ring and happily ever after!

Afterword: Happily ever after

So now you know all these simple secrets about secret female triggers. You are responsible for using this knowledge very wisely and selectively. Know what you want, you know WHO you want in your life, and you approach this goal with the knowledge I have given you in this presentation. But remember: Approaching women is a skill that can be learned and requires a lot of practice! But, that effort will be definitely rewarded in the most desired and amazing way. One day you will meet your “dream girl,” and you will be ready to successfully sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after. So I wish you good luck and a very “happily ever after” with your dream woman.


List of books I recommend There some books I want to recommend to you on the topic of self-education. These can help you with your inner game and, of course, with your success with women. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harv Eker The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene Competing on Value by Mack Hanan Thinking Strategically by Nalebuff The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian Lateral Thinking by Edward de Bono The Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath The Extreme Future by James Canton Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins What the CEO Wants You to Know by Ram Charan Winning by Jack Welch The Mystery of Capital by Hernando de Soto The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman The Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki The Art of Interpreting Financial Statements by Mary Buffett The Psychology of Everyday Things by Donald Norman The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther Hicks Systematic Wealth Creation by Peter Nguyen


About me: My name is Christina Hitch, known as Miss Hitch, and I am a dating consultant for A2 Dating agency in Montreal, Canada. I love to help people to become successful in their dating life and to create solid, happy relationships with their soul mates. I am quite romantic and still believe in love, you can call me oldfashioned if you want. Also, I am a self-published author, You-tuber, and model. I am a Russian lady who enjoys living in Canada and I have been living in the amazing city of Montreal for the last 8 years.

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