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Concise Theology: A Guide to Historic Christian Beliefs

Table of contents :
Publisher's Foreword

Part 1: God Revealed as Creator
Chapter 1: Revelation: Scripture Is the Word of God
Chapter 2: Interpretation: Christians Can Understand the Word of God
Chapter 3: General Revelation: God’s Reality Is Known to All
Chapter 4: Guilt: The Effect of General Revelation
Chapter 5: Inward Witness: Scripture Is Authenticated by the Holy Spirit
Chapter 6: Authority: God Governs His People through Scripture
Chapter 7: Knowledge: True Knowledge of God Comes through Faith
Chapter 8: Creation: God Is the Creator
Chapter 9: Self-Disclosure: This Is My Name
Chapter 10: Self-Existence: God Has Always Been
Chapter 11: Transcendence: God’s Nature Is Spiritual
Chapter 12: Omniscience: God Sees and Knows
Chapter 13: Sovereignty: God Reigns
Chapter 14: Almightiness: God Is Omnipresent and Omnipotent
Chapter 15: Predestination: God Has a Purpose
Chapter 16: Trinity: God Is One and Three
Chapter 17: Holiness: God Is Light
Chapter 18: Goodness: God Is Love
Chapter 19: Wisdom: God’s Twofold Will Is One
Chapter 20: Mystery: God Is Surpassingly Great
Chapter 21: Providence: God Governs This World
Chapter 22: Miracles: God Shows His Presence and Power
Chapter 23: Glory: God’s Glory-Showing Requires Glory-Giving
Chapter 24: Idolatry: God Demands Total Allegiance
Chapter 25: Angels: God Employs Supernatural Agents
Chapter 26: Demons: God Has Supernatural Opponents
Chapter 27: Satan: Fallen Angels Have a Leader
Chapter 28: Humanness: God Made Human Beings in His Image
Chapter 29: Humankind: Humans Are Body and Soul, in Two Genders

Part 2: God Revealed as Redeemer
Chapter 30: The Fall: The First Human Couple Sinned
Chapter 31: Original Sin: Depravity Infects Everyone
Chapter 32: Inability: Fallen Human Beings Are Both Free and Enslaved
Chapter 33: Covenant: God Takes Sinful Humans into a Covenant of Grace
Chapter 34: Law: God Legislates, and Demands Obedience
Chapter 35: Law in Action: God’s Moral Law Has Three Purposes
Chapter 36: Conscience: God Teaches and Cleanses the Heart
Chapter 37: Worship: God Gives a Liturgical Pattern
Chapter 38: Prophets: God Sent Messengers to Declare His Will
Chapter 39: Incarnation: God Sent His Son to Save Us
Chapter 40: Two Natures: Jesus Christ Is Fully Human
Chapter 41: Virgin Birth: Jesus Christ Was Born by Miracle
Chapter 42: Teacher: Jesus Christ Proclaimed God’s Kingdom and Family
Chapter 43: Sinlessness: Jesus Christ Was Entirely Free from Sin
Chapter 44: Obedience: Jesus Christ Fulfilled His Father’s Redemptive Will
Chapter 45: Vocation: Jesus Christ’s Mission Was Revealed at His Baptism
Chapter 46: Transfiguration: How Jesus Christ’s Glory Was Revealed
Chapter 47: Resurrection: Jesus Christ Was Raised from the Dead
Chapter 48: Ascension: Jesus Christ Was Taken Up into Heaven
Chapter 49: Session: Jesus Reigns in Heaven
Chapter 50: Mediation: Jesus Christ Is the Mediator between God and Man
Chapter 51: Sacrifice: Jesus Christ Made Atonement for Sin
Chapter 52: Definite Redemption: Jesus Christ Died for God’s Elect

Part 3: God Revealed as Lord of Grace
Chapter 53: Paraclete: The Holy Spirit Ministers to Believers
Chapter 54: Salvation: Jesus Rescues His People from Sin
Chapter 55: Election: God Chooses His Own
Chapter 56: Effectual Calling: God Draws His People to Himself
Chapter 57: Illumination: The Holy Spirit Gives Spiritual Understanding
Chapter 58: Regeneration: The Christian Is Born Again
Chapter 59: Works: Good Works Are an Expression of Faith
Chapter 60: Repentance: A Christian Changes Radically
Chapter 61: Justification: Salvation Is by Grace through Faith
Chapter 62: Adoption: God Makes His People His Children
Chapter 63: Sanctification: The Christian Grows in Grace
Chapter 64: Liberty: Salvation Brings Freedom
Chapter 65: Legalism: Working for God’s Favor Forfeits It
Chapter 66: Antinomianism: We Are Not Set Free to Sin
Chapter 67: Love: Loving Is Basic to Christian Behavior
Chapter 68: Hope: Hoping Is Basic to the Christian Outlook
Chapter 69: Enterprise: A Christian Lives to Please God
Chapter 70: Prayer: Christians Practice Fellowship with God
Chapter 71: Oaths and Vows: Christians Must Be Truthful
Chapter 72: The Kingdom of God: Christians Must Manifest Kingdom Life
Chapter 73: Apostles: Jesus’s Representatives Exercised His Authority
Chapter 74: Church: God Plants His People in a New Community
Chapter 75: Word and Sacrament: How a Genuine Church Is Identified
Chapter 76: Elders: Pastors Must Care for the Church
Chapter 77: Sacraments: Christ Instituted Two Seals of God’s Covenant
Chapter 78: Baptism: This Rite Exhibits Union with Christ
Chapter 79: The Lord’s Supper: This Rite Exhibits Communion with Christ
Chapter 80: Discipline: The Church Must Uphold Christian Standards
Chapter 81: Mission: Christ Sends the Church into the World
Chapter 82: Spiritual Gifts: The Holy Spirit Equips the Church
Chapter 83: Marriage: Matrimony Is Meant to Be a Permanent Covenant Relationship
Chapter 84: The Family: The Christian Household Is a Spiritual Unit
Chapter 85: The World: Christians Are in Society to Serve and Transform It
Chapter 86: The State: Christians Must Respect Civil Government

Part 4: God Revealed as Lord of Destiny
Chapter 87: Perseverance: God Keeps His People Safe
Chapter 88: Unpardonable Sin: Only Impenitence Cannot Be Forgiven
Chapter 89: Mortality: Christians Need Not Fear Death
Chapter 90: Second Coming: Jesus Christ Will Return to the Earth in Glory
Chapter 91: General Resurrection: The Dead in Christ Will Rise in Glory
Chapter 92: Judgment Seat: God Will Judge All Mankind
Chapter 93: Hell: The Wicked Will Be Banished into Endless Misery
Chapter 94: Heaven: God Will Welcome His People into Everlasting Joy

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