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Concepts of Beauty in Renaissance Art

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Table of contents :
1. Introduction, Elizabeth Cropper. 2. The Biological Basis of Renaissance Aesthetics, John Onians. 3. The Perception of Beauty in Landscape in the Quattrocento, Alison Cole. 4. 'Condecenti et Netti...': Beauty, Dress and Gender in Italian Renaissance Art, Jane Bridgeman. 5. Giovanni Sabadino Degli Arienti and a Practical Definition of Magnificence in the Context of Renaissance Architecture, Rupert Shepard. 6. Beauty as an Aesthetic and Artistic Ideal in Late Fifthteenth-Century Florence, David Hemsoll. 7. Defining the Beautiful in Early Renaissance Germany, Andrew Morrall. 8. The Artist as Beauty, Mary Rogers. 9.' La Pinu Bella e Meglio Lavorata Opera' : Beauty and Good Design in Italian Renaissance Architecture, Georgia Clarke. 10. Poetry in Motion: Beauty in Movement and the Renaissance Conception of Leggiadria, Sharon Fermor. 11. Resplendent Vassels: Parmigianino at Work in the Steccata, Mary Vaccaro. 12. Michealangelo's Christian Neoplantonic Aesthetic of Beauty in His Early Oeuvre: The Nuditas Virtualis Image, Jonne Snow-Smith. 13. Venetian Glass and Renaissance Self-Fashioning, Paul Hills. 14. Vasari's Interpretation of Female Beauty, Liana De Girolami Cheney. 15. The Notion of Beauty in Francesco Bocchi's Bellezze Della Citta di Fiorenza, I , Thomas Frangenberg. 16. The Notion of Beauty in Francesco Bocchi's Bellezze della citta di Fiorenza, II, Robert Williams.

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