CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide

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English Year 2015

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CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide

Table of contents :
Part I. 220-1001. Motherboards, processors, and memory --
Internal expansion, storage devices, and power supplies --
Peripherals and connectors --
Custom PC configurations --
Installing and configuring printers --
Networking fundamentals --
Introduction to TCP/IP --
Installing wireless and SOHO networks --
Network services, virtualization, and cloud computing --
Understanding laptops --
Understanding mobile devices --
Mobile device connectivity and synchronization --
Troubleshooting methodology and resolving core hardware problems --
Hardware and network troubleshooting --
Part II. 220-1002. Operating system basics --
Operating system Administration --
Working with Windows 10 --
Working with Windows 8/8.1 --
Working with Windows 7 --
Working with macOS and Linux --
Scripting and remote access --
Security concepts --
Securing operating systems --
Troubleshooting operating systems and security --
Documentation and professionalism --
Safety and environmental concerns.

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