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Colonists from Scotland: emigration to North America, 1707-1783

Table of contents :
Frontmatter (page N/A)
Preface (page v)
Abbreviations Used in Footnotes (page ix)
I Introduction (page 1)
II Forces behind Emigration: Lowlands and Highlands (page 23)
III Forces behind Emigration: The Factor of Compulsion (page 43)
IV Forces behind Emigration: The Social Structure (page 64)
V Government and Emigration (page 90)
VI The Scots in America: Aspects of Social History (page 105)
VII "Too Much Scoticism!" (page 128)
VIII "A Distinct and Separate Body from the People Who Receive Them" (page 150)
Appendix: The Numbers of the Emigrants (page 185)
Bibliography (page 191)
Index (page 207)

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Colonists from Scotland: EMIGRATION TO NORTH AMERICA, 1707-1783

Published under the direction of the American Historical Association from the income of the Albert J. Beveridge Memorial Fund. For their zeal and beneficence in creating

this fund the Association is indebted to many citizens of Indiana who desired to honor in this way the memory of a statesman and a historian.

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