Charlemagne: King of the Franks 151973364X, 9781519733641

By the mid 8th century no centralized European authority had yet arisen to take the place of the place of the Roman Empi

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Charlemagne: King of the Franks
 151973364X, 9781519733641

Table of contents :
Chapter 1: The Birth of Charlemagne
Chapter 2: Pippin III and the Pope
Chapter 3: Becoming King
Chapter 4: Taking Over His Kingdom
Chapter 5: The Difficulties of Charlemagne’s Time
Chapter 6: The European Picture
Chapter 7: Expanding His Kingdom
Chapter 8: Charlemagne and the Saxons
Chapter 9: Saxony Erupts Again
Chapter 10: The Blood Court of Verden
Chapter 11: The Third Campaign
Chapter 12: Other Campaigns During this Period
Chapter 13: The Spanish Campaign
Chapter 14: Charlemagne and Bavaria
Chapter 15: Charlemagne and The Huns
Chapter 16: The Battles in Aquitaine
Chapter 17: Additional Revolts and Uprisings
Chapter 18: The Byzantine War
Chapter 19: Charlemagne and Rome
Chapter 20: The Rise of Pope Leo III
Chapter 21: The View of the Byzantines
Chapter 22: Charlemagne and His Family
Chapter 23: Charlemagne After His Coronation
Chapter 24: How His Coronation Helped Shape Europe
Chapter 25: Dealing with the Economy and Trade
Chapter 26: Was Charlemagne Responsible for a Cultural Rebirth?
Chapter 27: The Concept of the Carolingian Renaissance
Chapter 28: The Lesson from Charlemagne and His Battles
Chapter 29: Charlemagne’s Ability to Rule His Court
Chapter 30: The Introduction of Religious Reform
Chapter 31: Was Charlemagne a Successful Emperor?
Chapter 32: The Death of Charlemagne
Chapter 33: What is the Overall Conclusion?
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