Business English Vocabulary Builder: Powerful Idioms, Sayings and Expressions to Make You Sound Smarter in Business!

Do you want to be “ahead of the curve” in business vocabulary in time for your next big company meeting? Want to “get t

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Business English Vocabulary Builder: Powerful Idioms, Sayings and Expressions to Make You Sound Smarter in Business!

Table of contents :
A full plate/A lot on your plate
Ahead of the curve
A learning curve
A long shot
Ahead of the pack
Angel investor
At arm’s length
At stake
Backroom deal
Back to square one
Back to the drawing board
Bad egg
Ballpark figure
Bang for one’s/bang for the buck
Barking up the wrong tree
Beat someone to
Behind someone’s back
Behind the scenes
Belt tightening
Bend over backwards
Between a rock and a hard place
Bite the bullet
Bitter pill to swallow
Blank check
Blow it all
Blue-sky thinking
Bounce back
Bring home the bacon
Bring to the table
Bummed out
Burning the midnight oil
By the book
Call it a day
Call the shots
Can’t quite put my finger on it
Cash cow
Cash in your chips
Catch someone off guard
Caught red-handed
Cave in
Change of pace
Clamp down on
Close of play
Close to hand
Come to think of it
Come up with
Come up short
Compare apples to apples
Compare apples to oranges
Corner the market
Corporate ladder
Corporate raider
Cost a pretty penny
Crunch some numbers
Cut corners
Count on something or someone
Cut to the chase
Daylight robbery
Diamond in the rough
Dime a dozen
Down and out
Down on luck
Down to the wire
Drop the ball
Earn a living
Easy come, easy go
Fall through
Fall through the cracks
Fast track a project
Feel the pinch
Filthy rich
Foot the bill
For the long haul
From day one
From rags to riches
From the ground up
Game plan
Get ahead
Get down to business
Get off on the wrong foot
Get off scot-free
Get off the ground
Get off to a flying start
Get/be on the good side of someone
Get the ball rolling
Get wind of
Get your foot in the door
Give him a big hand
Give him a hand
Give someone a run for their money
Glass ceiling
Go bust
Go down swinging
Go down the drain
Go for broke
Go private
Go the extra mile
Gray area
Hands are tied
Hand in hand
Have a gut feeling
Have money burning a hole in your pocket
Have one’s voice heard
Have someone’s work cut out
Have the penny drop
Have your cake and eat it
Head something off at the pass
Helicopter view
He who pays the piper calls the tune
Hit the nail on the head
Hold purse strings
Hold one’s ground
Hold your horses
In a nutshell
In for a penny, in for a pound
In full swing
In hot water
In the black
In the dark
In the dog house
In the driver’s seat
In (or out of) the loop
In the money
It’s a gold mine
It’s a rip-off
It’s a steal
It’s not rocket science
Jump the gun
Jump through hoops
Jumping (or climbing) on the bandwagon
Keep one’s eye on the ball
Keep one’s eye on the prize
Keep pace
Keep someone on their toes
Keep someone updated
Keep under wraps
Keep someone sweet
Keep your head above water
Land on your feet
Last straw
Lay out a plan
Learn the ropes
Leaps and bounds
Lips are sealed
Long shot
Make big bucks
Make ends meet
Make something known
Mint condition
Miss the boat
Miss the mark
Money to burn
Monopoly money
Move in on
Mum’s the word
My gut tells me
No harm done
No strings attached
Not going to fly
Off the top of one’s head
On a roll
One size fits all
On good ground
On the back burner
On the ball
On the money
On the same page
On the same wavelength
On top of trends
Other side of the coin
Out in the open
Out of line
Out of one’s depth
Out on a limb
Pay a premium
Pay through the nose
Pay top dollar
Penny for your thoughts
Pep talk
Pick your brains
Pink slip
Play catch-up
Play hardball
Play it by ear
Plug (a product)
Practice makes perfect
Pretty much
Price skyrocketed
Pull one’s weight
Pull the plug
Pull the wool over someone’s eyes
Punch a puppy
Put a lid on
Put all one’s eggs in one basket
Put a stake in the ground
Put the cart before the horse
Put your money where your mouth is
Quick buck
Raise the bar
Rally the troops
Reality check
Read between the lines
Red tape
Rock the boat
Round the clock
Rule of thumb
Run around in circles
Same boat
Scale back
Scratch someone’s back
Second nature
See eye to eye
See something through
See through something
Selling like hotcakes
Set in stone
Sever ties
Shake something up
Shoot from the hip
Shoot something down
Short on cash
Small fries
Small talk
Smooth sailing
Snail mail
Snap up
Sparks flying
Spend a fortune
Splashed out
Stand one’s ground
Start off on the right/wrong foot
State of the art
Stay on top of things
Step up to the plate
Stinking rich
Strapped for cash
Take a break
Take place
Take someone to the cleaners
Take something lying down
Take something out on someone
Take something slowly
Take the bull by the horns
Talk shop
Talk someone/something down
Talk someone into something
Talk someone out of something
Test the waters
The big picture
The bottom line
The cat’s out of the bag
The elephant in the room
The eleventh hour
The floor is all yours
Think outside the box
Thought shower
Throw cold water over/on (an idea/plan)
Throw in the towel
Throw somebody under the bus
Time on your hands
Times of need
Time’s up
To be hit hard by
To have seen better days
Token of appreciation
Touch base
Tough break
Turn (or show) up like a bad penny
Twist someone’s arm
Two sides of the same coin
Under the (wrong) impression
Under the table
Up in the air
Uphill battle
Up to speed
Upper hand
Walking a tightrope between
Warts and all
Water under the bridge
Win-win situation
Word of mouth
Worth it
Writing is on the wall
Yes man
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