BodyBuilding: Bodybuilding for beginners

Above all, bodybuilding is not a picnic or an ordinary sport, as it is a world that contains a lot of information and ha

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BodyBuilding: Bodybuilding for beginners

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  • Bodybuilding for beginners, Diet. Correct training. Tips for success in increasing muscle. Proper nutrition . Muscle growth mechanism. Nutritional supplement. Steroids

Table of contents :
1. Nutrition
2.Reasons for success in muscle building
3. Supplements
4. Training

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Everything you need to know about bodybuilding and muscle building Nutrition - Supplementation - Training

Content 1.

Nutrition 2.Reasons for success in muscle building 3. Supplements 4. Training

Chapter 1: Nutrition Basic dietary principles for bodybuilding: To build muscle you need high quality of protein daily , you should get a higher percentage of calories that your body needs from protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Avoid eating fast food and stay as far away from white poison as possible (Sugar and salt) 1 Protein: All trainees should know the benefits of protein to lift weights and build muscle. Increasing the amount of protein is an absolute condition for amplifying muscles. Unfortunately, many trainees take this opportunity and eat a lot more protein than their body understands and can take advantage of it. Protein doesn't cause health problems - there's no evidence that eating a high percentage of protein harms the kidneys. And to calculate the amount of protein to amplify muscle , multiply your weight by 2.2, meaning if you weigh 70 KG, then the amount you should eat is 154 gram per day. (It is preferable to calculate the net weight without fat meaning if the same Previous example has about 20 % fat, So net weight is 0.8x70=56 KG And count the protein again. 2.2x56=123 gram), It is suitable as long as you get enough calories and high quality protein sources. There are a lot of good food sources of protein: Such as meat, fish, tuna, poultry, legumes, dairy products and even vegetables contains a good amount Protein powder (As whey protein) can provide a convenient way To increase the amount of protein if you're having trouble, But any protein powder won't build as long as the food is bad food.

2 Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates have a different classification for athletes, On the other hand, many athletes tend to over-consume carbohydrates, usually instead of healthy fats. And On the one hand, some food regulators are trying to tell people that they can build muscles without carbohydrates in their diet. Carbohydrates are needed for high-intensity activity and physical exertion. And Follow a low diet. Carbohydrates are not a healthy recipe for good weight gains In general, carbohydrates should make up 40-50% of the trainee's diet, Some starchy foods such as bread and cereals with another portion of vegetables rich in fiber and fruits should ensure adequate glycogen levels for training (Glycogen acts as an energy store) Besides with adequate fiber and nutrients You should make sure you get a Quantity of slow-absorbing carbohydrates At least two hours before practice, such as fruit, rice and oats. And so did ,You should make sure you get a quantity of carbohydrates immediately after training To make up your body for what he's lost (preferably with about 20 g protein) It has also been shown to improve protein synthesis and recovery, You can take juice and protein after practice. And if you're taking craetin, that's the best time to eat it. 3 Fat We need certain types of fat. And the quality of fat is much more important than the amount of fat consumed, In general the amount of fat from 20-25% of the trainee's diet is preferred To be from healthy sources, Such as vegetable oils (olive oil and corn), seeds, nuts, etc. and should be consumed by all trainees

This helps to save enough calories without being high, Saturated fats should be reduced from animal products (e.g. cheese, butter and meat fat) because they are associated with health problems and high cholesterol 4 Water Drink plenty of water. Firstly, your body represents 80% of the water, Just because you're thirsty means your body's at the beginning of a dry phase, Preferably from 4-3 liters per day And you should drink water during exercise because water loss reduces Performance. 5 Fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are crucial for proper nutrition, It shouldn't be difficult to achieve the following: 4-2 pieces of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables per day(cup of vegetables equal to 2 servings) Eating a lot of fiber will preserve the colon and improve digestion. Personally, I don't eat enough vegetables and fruits. But thank God I'm good. And that's all your body needs to build muscle and successfully amplify it. And we'll talk about the supplements and the correct training in the next pages and please focus To go the right way and understand your body. How to calculate calories There's a lot of rates to calculate, but any equation can be just an estimate. Because the use of food varies From one person to another. Calorie modification should be based on goals As a rule, So it takes calories of about 35 calories per kilo to maintain weight, As for weight reduction (fat), Reduce the previous rate by about 10-20% For weight gain, increase 10-20%,After a few weeks of change and verification of the results, you'll know and master the perfect numbers For your body. Example: If you weigh 70 kilo, the number of calories to maintain weight will be x35=072450Calories And vary according to the goals are general there are 3 goals :

Weight Gain: Hit 2450 at 20% or 10% To keep the weight, stay the same. Weight Loss: Delete 10-20% Note: -1 gram protein or carbohydrates of food gives 4 calories -1 gram fat, 9 calories. There are many websites that give each substance how much it contains a calorie. And also there is Different way and a bit fast that makes you know all the calories and all the nutrients in any food you should write the type of food in Google and then the word calories Such as: milk calories Number of meals Although there's a belief that eating a lot of meals is better, the fact is that your body will get the same calories in any case of 3 or 6 meals But eating smaller meals tends to help open up appetite. and It avoids the weight of digestion and makes it easy to consume enough calories gaining weight Weight gain is not difficult. To get an increase, you should eat more than your body needs if you're not overweight. The simple solution: There's nothing magical. Just supply the calories until Weight starts to climb. In other words, eat more. One question. "What can I do for poor appetite"

Answer.” Try to add a little.” Quite simply. Is to increase the calories to eat every day just like adding weights in the gym your body will get used to increasing If this is not possible, try to switch to liquid feed. Where it's usually easier, Drinking calories is faster than eating all the time. So there are

supplements For example: 300 ml whole milk with 3 medium-sized bananas you get about 500 calories Of these, 11 gram of fat, 86 gram carbohydrates and 14 gram protein. Weight loss You have to eat less than you need By reducing calories little by little Until you start seeing the changes and then stay there until you stop, as long as your strength in the gym Don't get hurt. so you don't lose muscles. , if your strength decreases, eat a little more until you get back to your strength. It is generally preferable to reduce carbohydrates such as rice and pasta and not to drink soft drinks to reduce weight .For most products to burn fat is not recommended, There's high volumes in it. of caffeine and aveddrin derivatives, which causes heart problems and insomnia

Usually good nutrition It should be a lifelong habit. And the more you have patience and determination, you'll see results that please you. Think with me how many kilos of net muscle can be increased naturally throughout the year??? If you practice correctly and eat and sleep perfectly... The statistics have been confirmed: In the first year .... 9 to 11 kilo In the second year .... 4.5 to 5.5 kilo In the third year .... 2.2 to 2.7 kilo In the fourth and fifth years.... 1 to 1.4 kilo From the sixth year And up .... 1 kilo a lot That is, after five years, Provide constant effort. If all the conditions are right, With the help of genes. It's going to get bigger. about 22 kilos of net muscle. And the average human being. In five years, his muscle mass could increase by about 15 kilo.

By the way: kilo muscle is not compared to a kilo of fat because a kilo of muscles is something far from a kilo of fat it is a very wonderful and huge thing Good and useful information -Protein after eating is analyzed into amino acids, And that's what builds muscles. -whey protein: Protein found in milk (milk 80% of which is protein and 20% whey protein) -The WHEY prtein feature is that it absorbs slowly but maintains muscles for a long time because every time it gives the body and muscles amino acids and prefers to take it before bedtime Pros and challenges of natural bodybuilding It's not easy to get on with the game, which is normal for facing a lot of challenges, but you can overcome them with determination And patience. 1- You must insist, exercise and nutrition without spoiling and patience 2- There's no way you're going to be like a sering monster. 3- Sure, don't compete if you want to go to championships, and I'm talking about natural bodybuilding.

4- Don't advise people when you see your level changed before a good time, you're still a beginner until you gain full experience, brother. 5- always in the temptations of quick results and injections But there are many advantages 1- You don't need to buy drugs, you don't know what to do, and you don't know what you're going to get into your body. 2- you will relax your brain and keep your body and health and stay away from the calamities that might happen 3- You're going to save a lot of money instead of the courses and the cure for diseases.

4- You can't lie to yourself and keep saying I'm normal. And the most important thing of course you will remain very proud of the tremendous results you have done and this is not because of the Injections and medicine. It's your constant effort. you must build your body normal brother if you do not care about tournaments

Chapter 2: Supplements The best supplements for muscle building Without a doubt, you can build muscle simply by eating the desired food and lifting weights. But to make the most of it, supplements help you. But without providing the necessary food. No matter how much supplements you take, you'll never get the result. There are some products that contain protein and are intended to compensate for the amount of protein to be obtained from eating. The amount of supplements should not exceed 20% of the food, or it will only turn against you. Example: If you are supposed to get 150 grams protein per day, the amount of supplements should not exceed 30 grams Equivalent 20% Some products may produce positive results with some Trainees and there are others that do not affect at all and this depends on the body's readiness and the difference in the response from one person to another. You can go to this web site And search the product to be purchased and you will find the evaluation of the people who tried it knowing that it is not necessarily true 1 whey protein powder

Whey PROTEIN Tops list of supplements because it is the most important to increase protein synthesis, Whey contains a high level of branched amino acids BCAAs The bottom line is, it absorbs and digests quickly to start building muscle. It also contains peptides (small proteins) that increase blood flow to the muscles. That's why coaches and professionals always recommend it, and the excellent time that gives you a boost is to drink it right after practice. And it's there. 20% limited in natural milk. the best way to use: a 30-minute cup before workout and a cup after training., and one of my favorite times is a cup after waking up to start muscle growth. And the best whey powder is the one that contains HYDROLYSATES(Whey protein divided into small, fast-digesting parts) whey protein isolate But all types are excellent, such as gold standard- nutrition optimum

2 creatine Creatine consists of three amino acids arginine glycine and methionine, Works in a number of ways please refer to an article or topic that talks About Creatine more details It increases the amount of energy required in the muscles Necessary to perform repeats in the gym, allowing you to have bigger and stronger muscles in the long run. It also adds more water to muscle cells, helping to grow. 3 branched amino acids BCAAs The term branching amino acids refers to –leucine –valine – isoleucine It is one of the most important amino acids to repair tissues and build muscle Leucine is the most important of the three as research shows that it stimulates muscles to create protein on its own and yet it is still best to take the three together because they work together to provide many advantages Including muscle growth, increased energy during exercise,

and cortisol reduction ( that inhibits testosterone and increases muscle breakdown) And it reduces the appearance of muscle aches. Best way to use: A dose with breakfast as well as before and after exercise look for products that provide BCAA at 1-2% per dose from leucine and valine , For example if you take a 5 g dose of BCAAs it should be about 2.5 g of leucine, 1.25 grams of isoleucine and 1.25 g of valine. And about a personal experience, I didn't feel any difference from this product. 4 nitric oxide boosters As a nitric (NO) is a part that exists throughout the body and in turn participates in multiple operations

Its importance in bodybuilding is its ability to dilate blood vessels allowing for more blood flow to the muscles to enhance the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and water-activated hormones. This gives you more energy during exercise, better muscle recovery, and therefore growth. Nitric oxide catalysts do not provide NO but arginine is an amino acid which is easily converted to NO in the body and Research has found that people who have taken arginine have increased muscle strength, growth and reduced fat. Best use: Take one dose at each of the following times: 30-60 minutes before training. It is best to take each dose without food and with vitamin C 500 mg, which can help maintain NO levels for a long time. The most famous NO-XPLODE 5 Glutamine Provides many benefits in bodybuilding such as helping muscle growth by increasing LEUCINE levels in muscle fiber, Which helps reduce muscle destruction and strengthen the immune system. Taking glutamine before training can help reduce muscle fatigue and increase HGH levels

In addition, recent research shows that glutamine may play a role in fat burning by increasing Quantity of calorie intake and fat burning at rest and during exercise. Best way to use: Take a dose in the morning with breakfast and before and after exercise and for a personal experience I didn't feel any difference from this product 6 Protein Bars While busy and not having enough time to eat, you can get a useful snack with a high protein content that also saves you fat and carbohydrates.

7 Testosterone Boosters Testosterone levels can be naturally increased in the body, which helps to increase energy levels, especially in difficult exercises, and therefore you get the equivalent of muscle mass. But most testosterone catalysts are no more than 40% testosterone, theoretically and scientifically, to obtain valuable results in muscle building should be at least 100% and preferably 200%. And personal experience I didn't feel any difference from these products they are just supplements have a role but not the importance of eating, Comfort and training BCAA and Glutamine important note: Most whey protein products are found in them And what's particularly good about my experience and all the professional trainers agree that natural eating has most of the previous supplements, so if you're giving yourself a good diet, You're on the right track.

Common nutritional errors for bodybuilders

- Speed up the results when dieting and impatience at least wait three weeks to see the result - Not counting calories - Lack of consistency on a diet - Eat a lot of carbohydrates, which can help increase fat. - Do not follow your own diet (protein- carbohydrates - fat) - Make major changes to the diet at once - Seeing supplements is like a magic wand. - Total fat removal from food Foods to avoid for a lean body - White bread : It has a High percentage of sugar which increases the secretion of insulin and helps to Fat storage - soft drinks zero : It doesn't contain sugar, but it has Artificial sweeteners, and it may increase insulin secretion sharper than sugar itself. - Pizza and ice cream : High calories and less benefit - Fried foods : Most of these foods contain oils and a high percentage of saturated fat. Which affects the long-term health of the body and exposes it to heart disease and diabetes. - Sugars : In the baked goods and sweets and the sugar itself is the best compensation with honey - Processed meats and fast food : They contain harmful chemicals and you'll notice that they contain fewer protein levels than fresh meat. - Soya protein : Frequent use affects a man's fertility The importance of drinking water It represents 75% of the brain… Helps transfer food and oxygen to cells… Moisturize oxygen to breathe… Helps turn food into energy… It

acts as a cushion and maintains important organs… Helps the body absorb food… It represents about 60% of the muscles… The temperature regulates the decisive… It represents more than 80% of the blood… Removes body waste... It represents about 10% of the bones… It acts as a joint Pillow . We talked about supplements earlier to increase muscle mass. Now we're going to talk about supplements that help burn fat. Part 2

Fat burners ½ Fat burning supplements Is it really working? Yes. But that's only a small part of the equation. For a low fat body requires intensive training over a long period of time and a clean diet A good supplement can make you Lose a good amount of body fat. Plus, it increases energy, improves mood, and makes you stronger in the gym. and Making sure your diet is 80% of the weight loss battle. We will now display different types of ingredients found in fat-burning supplements that usually contain more than one 1 Lipolytic argents Works to remove fat from fat cells, When fat is removed from cells used as fuel, cells shrink and lose fat. Examples of some products : yohimbine - forskolin - hydroxycitrice acid 2 Fat transporters Taking fat out of fat cells isn't enough. If the fat is not released, it will come back and store again. L-Carnithin Helps transfer fat from mitochondrial to cells and burns 3 Thyroid stimulators

The gland produces thyroid hormones that increase metabolism and is preferred for men to speed up metabolism and burn fat. Some examples: FORSKOLIN – BACOPA MONNIERA 4 Healthy appetite support It helps to modify behavior by overcoming food cravings and hunger.

5 metabolic support Insulin plays a big role in getting a low fat body. When eating a heavy carbohydrate meal ... High blood sugar level ... Insulin levels rise ... And therefore, fat burning decreases and your body begins to store fat. Examples that support healthy blood sugar levels Evodiamine – chromium – cinnamon extract – alpha lipoic acide Fat burners 2/2

6 Diuretics If you are looking for a body fat content of less than 10% you should get rid of excess water under the skin to get a dry body such as bodybuilders and fitness modles Examples of natural diuretics Horetail extract – uva ursi – dandelion extract

7 thermogenics The most common fat burner is caffeine, which has been proven to burn fat, reduces hunger, improves mood and boosts strength levels. And that's why he's in most Fat burning products, Also green tea has another popularity it helps burn calories

8 CLA – conjugated linoleic acid CLA Healthy fats are effective in burning fat. One way to fight fat is by inhibiting the fat storage enzyme. Many recent studies confirm that cla leads to increased fat loss and more muscle gain by pulling more glucose to strengthen and enlarge the muscle. From foods such as beef, eggs and yogurt ranging from 20-70 mg and it is recommended to eat at least 3 gram per day to get the desired results 9 ephedrine This substance or its derivatives such as synephrine help to burn fat by using fat as a burning fuel such as a heat generator You should not take the substance in case of heart disease, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, sugar, adrenal diseases, thyroid diseases and prostate upsets. Recommended supplements Hydroxycut – CLA supplements – L-carnitine – Cellucor Important tips -It is preferable to stop using fat burners after 6 p.m. Especially those that contain the warns to avoid feeling insomnia -Stopping fat burning for only two weeks can make a big difference so your body doesn't get used to the ingredients and the burn efficiency is reduced. Warning These supplements change the body's natural processes and sometimes to a severe degree. The side effects that can be expected range from

uncomfortable to fatal. Therefore, you should not increase the dose from what is recommended by your doctor. Anyone with heart problems or problems with hromonism or digestive should look seriously and stay away from the supplements of fat burning in the lethality of the suppall you. And i advised you my brother Go away Maybe it's the cause of your death. and there are other good and healthy alternatives we will talk about in the training part hopefully Now, finally, we're going to talk about prohormones If you don't know the prohormones, you're perfect, but with all this, we'll explain to you what it is and how dangerous it is for The human body Prohormones known as prosteroids or legal steroids on the bodybuilding scene in 1996 And since then, it's been a controversial supplement in bodybuilding. What are the prohormones? Prohormones are hormonal substances when digested that can be converted into active building hormones. Through a normal enzymatic process. It's the building compounds that turn into what can be considered Steroids, The need for natural enzymes and conversion is what distinguishes them from illicit steroids. So how do prohormons work, they in turn increase the levels of Building hormones in the body that stimulate androgen (Male hormone) receptors to build strength and volume in the muscles. The ability of the prohormons is limited and depends on the availability of the natural enzymes Necessary , and within the body the Necessary enzymes have limited supplies. So there's a limit to prohormones that can be taken and the potency stabilizes and This limits muscle building abilities as well as the side effects associated with steroids. In addition, it lifts liver enzymes and can destroy the liver, such as oral steroids. But due to the relative novelty of these products, the risks of use are not fully known. That's if you want to go to tournaments. And if you don't, I'll advise you to stay away and you'll make the perfect body

as you want, but of course you need patience and perseverance, brother. These supplements can produce serious side effects and should not be considered on par with other bodybuilding supplements such as glutamine and creatine in terms of safety just because they are all legal supplements and taken in the mouth Do not fall into the mistake of relying on manufacturer's advertising as a source of information, Companies take advantage of the general lack of knowledge, and it's help temptations, and sometimes they can be dangerous. There are significant differences in the effectiveness and safety of different products in the market, but the last advice should be go away from them as much as possible.

And here we hope that we have provided you with the knowledge that you lacked about supplements and nutrition maybe the book will have developments and we will give you free or we do a second part according to the parameters and here we have finished the Part of supplements

Chapter 3 : Reasons for success in bodybuilding and muscle building 1 Power It's not physical strength, it's mental strength., How many days did you go to the gym when you were tired or not in your mood? We all know . the famous saying, there's no bad Exercise, but there's an exercise you can't play or stay home. That's the bad thing. You should have a goal and strive to achieve it 2 Discipline Do you eat well? You sleep well every day? We all have jobs and circumstances, but did you put To build a good body in your priorities? Think about it again, make building your body as a goal as a habit to achieve, not as a sport, and making your health and safety a priority in your life, and you'll see discipline come alone. 3 Dedication and Fidelity But unfortunately, there are many of my brothers and sisters who have a misconception that he goes to the gym for a month or two and turns into a monster. There's nothing like that. To build a powerful body that takes years with all transparency. 4 Stability and consistency You'll still have a certain routine to walk on, measure progress, as well as eat and sleep.

5 Knowledge and information That's the basis of everything.

But in bodybuilding, I advise you to stay away from the thing you hear every day at the gym. And you should try for yourself different types of exercises and see their results on your body and change each time when you feel that there is no progress in weights or in the shape of your body i mean you engrave your body from all angles and develop your level in lifting weights, So understand your body, not the body of others. 6 Patience Most bodybuilders succeed in reaching their results and professionalism after about 10 years (especially those whose genes are his assistants or even take steroids) 7 Stay away from failure and frustration You will meet many people will provide you with nothing but frustration and there is no use in it and therefore your body will not grow up and do not work sport on the other hand , my brother ignore ; and every pursuit , it always sought success after him. and every failure It's not a stop. But It's a step forward. so fight for your goal my colleague

Less is more We all know that there are many factors for success in bodybuilding and muscle building, but the topic of overtraining is usually forgotten and this affects strength and muscle building.

So the solution is, what do I do? 1 Training: 3 days a week to reach a muscle group only once. I mean about 3 hours a week you can build a strong body but keep in mind that one serving should be in the range of 50-60 minutes, If you're out there, you're mostly lost and you're getting into the muscle burn phase. Because when your body is very tired, it secretes cortisol(Demolition hormone), and it will counterproductive. And now you know why talking in the gym is not required And a waste of time on the phone and anything else that's Distracting focus And that's for the majority. In some people they train for 4 days and there are some beginner people I know, the coach lets them practice six days a week. And that's a big mistake, go look for professionals and try to figure out their training program, you'll notice that they practice 3 days a week and sometimes 4 days just because they're professionals. What matters is that the beginner people when I advised them and told them That's a lot. They didn't believe it, but after they tried it,You get tremendous and satisfactory results. I'll give you examples: Chest and muscle of the front hand (biceps) Back and shoulders Legs and back muscle of the hands (triceps) Or Chest and posterior muscle of the hands (triceps)

Back and front muscle of the hands(biceps) Legs and shoulders. 2 Focusing on basic and complex exercise (means you use more than one muscle per exercise) Like a bench ,, squat ,,Dead lift. , and free weights without devices.

3 Keep a detailed record of each exercise and focus on progress in any weight or Repetitions from week to week 4 Convenience to give the body a suitable period for growth ... Don't forget that the bodybuilding game has training for muscles and nervous system and it is known that the body takes longer to repair the nervous system about the muscles Some tips to make the most of your workout - Increase sleep to give the body a chance it uses natural hormones to build - You should take carbohydrates and protein after exercise to compensate the body for what it lost - You can take a week off from the gym every two or three months and don't worry. You'll be back stronger and more excited to practice. - You should make sure that the acquisition of strength and muscle size depends on recovery between the Exercise and the other. and that the body is building at rest time not in the gym

Chapter4: Training Effect of the number of repetitions on muscle growth

Definition of one rep max: It's the biggest weight you can lift to repeat only one (force measurement) Use the following table: for example, you can lift a 90 kg bench for only 6 repeats. Divide the weight (90 k) by a ratio of the table 0.83 so it is equal to 108 kilos

Note: To amplify the best repetitions from 6-12 and from 70% to 85% one rep max and you can switch the number of repetitions every two or three weeks to get the most benefit

The right time to rest between exercise

3-5 minutes

2-1 minutes



Mistakes That should be avoided in the gym Avoid these gym mistakes to make your workout more effective and to see better results: 1 Waiting for equipment

Make alternative options if your preferred equipment is busy 2 Let the heating and warm up Make some movements using only body weight and some stretching of the muscle to be exercised To stimulate blood circulation Make the first group of each exercise use a light weight to increase blood flow to the area and get used to movement before lifting heavy weights 3 Don't plan your routine before your workout Going to the gym without a plan in mind is like going to the supermarket without a shopping list You're going to waste time. 4 Practice cardio before exercise Do not practice cardio Because you're simply going to pass on the demolition phase as mentioned earlier Or if you want to burn fat, that's fine. but be before training about 60 minutes or more

5 Use the same machines, weights or repetitions Your workout routine should change every two months or more alternately, either by changing exercises, repetitions, groups, and rest times. You should use a workout log to track trends in your training and find out what best can be done for your body. If progress continues and is observed, there's no need to change the exercise regimen too much.

6 Lack of attention to exercise breaks

Most players in and out of the gym should be using the phone or anything like that to organize a minute's rest time that will end the problem. Rest time is more important than training. 7 Play belly exercises at the end of your routine Leaving abdominal exercises at the end of the exercise you will often neglect them you can combine them with other exercises such as pushing, bench press and leg press while relying less on the middle part of the body As you can play the belly on the rest days at home, it's the best time to give the abdominal muscles their right, my colleague. 8 Use mobile during exercise If you're using your phone at the gym for chat and play, you're not practicing hard enough. The gym depends more on focus, so don't waste your time.

Ways to increase exercise density There are many ways to increase the intensity of exercise and get new results after less muscle growth They are advanced methods, not beginners. It should not be practiced in every exercise and should choose only one of them:

1 forced rep And the most famous in recent iterations When you're tired. You'll use your colleague To lift the weight on you. in recent iterations as you increase the intensity of your workout.

2 partial rep Perform part of the movement in any exercise such as lifting the dumbbell (biceps) for half the distance and disembarkation 3 pre-exhaust training An example in the chest exercise do an isolated exercise like a flutter and then without the Comfort . and directly play bench press 4 cheating At the end of the group and you are unable to finish the required repetitions you can facilitate the last iteration using the other hand or modify your body to raise the weight easier, but this method may cause serious injuries 5 drop sets Make a group and then drop by weight for example 10% and without rest and play another group and so on. and can perform 3-4 continuous groups and does not require 10 repetitions in the same group When you reduce weight in the second group, the number of repeats is increased, and the same applies to other groups. 6 rest-pause training Lifting weight to fatigue and rest for 20-40 seconds and lifting weight again and so on .and can perform 3-4 continuous groups . that means torturing the muscle

7 super sets If your time is tight in the gym, for example, playing a biceps group and without the Comfort play the triceps group , then can be Implementation for the same muscle or two Facing muscles

8 giant sets Make successive exercises without rest for the same muscle 9 negative rep This method focuses on the negative part of muscle contraction or phase of eccentric and you need some help. An example in bench Press brings down the bar in about 6 seconds and your colleague helps you to raise the bar called concentric stage

The most common causes of injury during training

Weight training isn't a game or a picnic. It's a daunting task and useful for the body at the same time if it's done properly. and There's a fine line between muscle growth and injury. and You can achieve this success by listening to your body's reactions and then making appropriate adjustments. The most common causes of bodybuilding injury - Technique and exercise performance is incorrect - Lifting a very heavy weight on you - bad spotting - overtraining - Do not use stretching and heating exercises - Bad nutrition with strength training - Not focusing during exercise, such as frequent phone use and frequent talk in the gym, believe it or not.

Note: Before starting this game I advise you to go to the websites and try to know your body type in order to know what it takes to feed and the duration of exercise .there are 7 types of bodies, try to know your body type ,And you'll start understanding and analyzing your body well. For any time you practice? I'll leave you a chart showing a change in the level of the testosterone throughout the day. And you decide according to your lifestyle

Now we're talking about 12 ways to build muscle quickly, and it's the summary of the whole book. The first method - using the right performance Bad performance equals bad results. Using a good performance and feeling like you're suffering, I'm sure you can build a good body. And remember, there's always No benefit in lifting heavy weights with a bad performance. It doesn't matter if you feel like a monster in the gym. This is a building game, not a weightlifting game.

The second way- make the exercise simple Don't let the training be too complicated. Simple training with good focus to get the best performance of the exercise .At this moment You Win a lot of time to get quick results. There's no reason to get inventions. When you do the basics, you'll get excellent results. I mean from this talk you must stick to the basic exercises, especially in beginners, and there's no need for finger augmentation exercises. And stay away from complicated exercises, especially if you're a beginner. The third way- be patient You need a lot of patience to build a body that is in your mind. Unfortunately, the muscles don't grow overnight. In ideal conditions, it will take months and years to build some of the net muscle. Don't rush the results. Method 4 - Continue to practice Continuity is probably the most important thing on this list. You have to keep going when you try to build muscle or burn fat. Each training program works to some extent, but sticking to the program and continuing to do it is what makes the difference in success. There are athletes who get results, despite what they do. These are the ones we'll

find constantly in the gym, who train constantly despite the circumstances of life.And what is meant by the talk is that you should continue and go to the gym in the days to the specific one regardless of the circumstances To get good results. method 5 - focus on progressive Lifting heavier weight Progressive weight gain is the most important aspect of muscle building. The muscles are responsive to the endurance and the size of the training. If you increase the load on the muscles, it will have only one option: resistance and adaptation, and therefore grow bigger and stronger…That

doesn't mean that every exercise you have to add in weight because Your safety is above all, brother… the game is not weightlifting but at the same time you need to lifting weight heavier but gradually not directly because it is a reason for your muscles to grow. Because the muscle has a memory and as we mentioned it grows and becomes resistant and therefore gets used to your training routine and does not get results. So what you have to do is surprise her with Heavy weight or repetitions. and I advise you to lift weight. Method 6 - Follow your progress How do you know what works and what doesn't work for you? You have to watch, follow and change your program a little bit to adapt to the changes you see. and Failure to do so leads to stability in muscle growth. and Without recording progress in each exercise, how do you know if you're doing it right now has positive results? And the more details you score in the exercise, the better and faster you'll get lasting results. Example Record number of groups , repetitions and weights per exercise You'll notice and know every exercise and its effect on your body, so you're in control. Method 7 - Pre-planning

Success is a planned event. Getting a better structure won't happen by chance. If you want results at the gym, you should plan them. Like preparing your meals in advance so you can get proper nutrition. And if you don't get the expected results. I know you didn't plan well. Cancel excuses from your dictionary. You should plan your workout and your meals and follow each case to know how and when it changes. And you have to know who goes to the gym with no goal, clear, and a good plan , It's not going to show good results. To a few people with good genes. Who can bring good results Without Planning method 8 - focus on Overall exercises

Isolation exercises will certainly have their place in training, but it should always be the pursuit of progress in Compound movements It, in turn, works on multiple muscles at once Such as squat, bench press and dead lift With these exercises, you will help build more muscle and sort the hormones to burn body fat according to your goal You should always perform the combined movements first in your exercise and then go to the isolation exercises method 9 - playing with relatively heavy weights The more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you will burn.. Lifting heavy weights helps build strong and hard muscles, assuming proper performance to avoid injury. And remember, you exercise the muscles, not your pride. Don't get caught up in light weight and high repetition in an effort to lose body fat. So you should focus on compound exercises It is better Method 10 - eating smart 80% of what we see in a mirror is from our eating habits. If you eat like an elephant, you will look the same. Good nutrition plays a very important role in helping to rebuild muscles

Method 11 - There is nothing magical Do not be that person who jumps from one type of exercise to another hoping to have a better body in a few weeks. There is no magic potion brother. There is no secret exercise or magical meals that don't fool yourself. And do not waste your time searching for the easy way. Why do not you enjoy your exercise and follow the results . If you do not make an effort to stay on your workout and follow a healthy and balanced diet your body will lose a lot. Don't ignore the basics, but build on them The last way - don't waste your time

Stop procrastination and not slow down during exercise and try to be as productive as possible in the gym and even in your life .You do not have much time in the day. It is only one hour To exercise. The more focused you are during your workouts, the more amazing results will be Do not procrastinate and do not allow the circumstances to overcome you

Now we will talk about the cardio and its role in burning fat Cardio (it is doing exercises to raise the heart rate) in bodybuilding is an important way to burn fat and increase the division and showing of muscles, and it should be moderate in doing it. When most people think about cardio, they think they will run or do exercises for long hours. But there is another way for Cardio that takes much less time and is much better than running to help you burn fat , like HIT.

Some people can simply reduce their calorie intake by following a diet and getting good results without doing any kind of cardio exercise. However, cardio is useful not only for losing weight and showing muscle anatomy, but also a great tool in building the heart muscle. The best and most effective of Cardio when this first thing is done in the morning on an empty stomach. Your body has no carbohydrates for several hours. So it will efficiently burn fat as fuel. Even though doing cardio fasting can reduce muscle tissue because your body will use it to get energy. Therefore it is advised to take 10 gram to 20 gram of whey protein before the cardio, To increase fat burning and maintain muscle mass Cardio after exercise the best time then be able to burn some extra fat. By doing an exercise with weights first, you consume the body’s glycogen stores. Then your body can burn fat efficiently. But there is one disadvantage of cardio work after training is that the levels of cortisol (the demolishing hormone) may become very high, which causes a

reduction in muscle tissue and impede growth . The solution is simple, you can take a cup of whey protein after exercising and rest for a few minutes, then start the cardio, or you can also do cardio on rest days. The amount of cardio required Each person is different and interacts differently. If your primary goal is to inflate muscle mass, cardio should be reduced. If you are looking for more anatomy and Muscle dryness and coordination , you should pay attention to cardio Cardio intensity and intensity is by character, and the latest method used is the target's heart rate How to calculate the heart rate Take 220 and decrease your age. Then take this number and multiply it by 0.85-0.75 which will give you a special percentage of 85% -75% of the maximum heart rate Example If you are 25 220-25 = 195 and Multiply the result by 0.75-0.85 = from 165 to 146 the number of heart beats per minute required Note: The average heart rate per minute is about 70 There is another type of cardio called HIT It is considered one of the best ways to do cardio to burn stubborn and difficult fats. It is practiced in the gym or at home, and it is shorter than you expected and This is called the high-volume fluctuating exercise. Or HIT-high Intensity interval training It works because burning fat requires oxygen and the more oxygen inside the body leads to burning more fat. High intensity workouts increase the body's need for oxygen during rest . The HIT gives a natural boost and growth to the Human Hormone (Growth Hormone), which is essential for better health and strength. AND It has been shown to significantly

improve insulin sensitivity, increase fat loss and increase muscle growth . And these exercises help to burn fat even after completing the exercises and will continue for 24 hours. Because it will increase your metabolic rate and give you the same physiological results as other slow cardio exercises in less time. AND It will also help increase your endurance and also maintain the amount of muscle present HIT exercises can be performed on many different gym equipment, and you can also play outside or on the road. They are in all cases and make sure to warm up for 3-5 minutes How to play HIT exercises they are simply 30 seconds start at a moderate pace, and after 30 seconds you go as hard as you can for another 30 seconds.

Example Warming up for 5 minutes, then walking for a minute, then running as fast as possible for 30 seconds, then walking a minute, then running at full speed for 30 seconds, which is like this from 5 to 8 cycles, and then resting for 5 minutes, If you do not exercise on gym equipment. You can still Apply the same concept in running, biking, jumping, swimming, or whatever you like Is HIT for everyone? Of course NO , there are a number of situations that are not appropriate for this type of exercise: -Diet: lack of adequate carbohydrates and calories because in this case there is not enough fuel -Exercise day: It is difficult to perform these exercises after weights -Recovery rate: This differentiates from one person to another so that no stress is caused The basic advice is general in training .... Always listen to your body

here we may have finished the content of the book and we hope that it will appeal to you and do not skimp on us with a positive evaluation of the book, perhaps it contains errors in the language and I hope you excuse me because I do not master the language well The important thing is understanding and if you complete reading here, you know everything that will confront you Brother, in your career, thank you And I will give you more information that you will like and is useful of course, and I am very happy for your understanding and reading my book

Benefits of training in cold weather Increased durability in cold weather More fat is burned during cold weather Cold air boosts the immune system In the cold, you will feel more happy during exercise Because your body simply secretes hormones like Serotonin

Egg system?

We all know eggs are a good source of high-quality protein. But did you know that research shows that eggs promote muscle growth, and increase muscle strength and help significantly in losing weight

We are not talking about egg whites. We mean to eat the whole egg. The good news is if research finds that the cholesterol level in the egg yolk does not contribute to cardiovascular disease. I advise you to research this topic and you will see information that amazes you about eggs I strongly advise you to eat eggs

The importance of bananas in sport in general and bodybuilding in particular Banana is the favorite fruit of all athletes because it contains important nutritional benefits and values: 1- Contains butter levels of potassium and magnesium, which helps in absorbing calcium in the bones, relaxing muscles, and reducing muscle strain. 2- Contains melanin, which is excreted in the evening from the body to help sleep well 3- It contains fibers, which help in digestion, reduce constipation, and compensate the body for what it lost in diarrhea 4- It contains carbohydrates and minerals which makes it a good source of energy 5- Contains tryptophan protein, which turns into serotenin, which helps in feeling happy and removes depression and nervous pressures 6- It is what is called the fruit of kings, it improves your mood and also contains iron, which helps to get rid of anemia In summary, try to eat at least one banana per day There are also muscle friendly fruits

1. Kiwi 2. Apples 3. Orange 4. Watermelon

Otherwise, I wish you good knowledge, and perhaps there will be a development of the book, because frankly there are many tips and information pertaining to the field of sports and health, but I hope that I have benefited from you and provided you with all special knowledge in the sport of bodybuilding and good luck, my new hero and thank you for your acquisition For the book, our appreciation, praise be to God, and good luck