Best Food Writing 2011 9780738215310, 0738215317

The twelfth annual edition of this classic food writing anthology--an "excellent collection" that evokes "

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Best Food Writing 2011
 9780738215310, 0738215317

Table of contents :
Title Page
Everything Comes from the Sea, From Departures
We Shall Not Be Moved, From High on the Hog
From Kenya, With Love, From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Peasants, From Tin House
I Believe I Can Fry, From Texas Monthly
Fried-Cheese Epiphany at a Street Fair, From
Prep School, From The New York Times Magazine
How to Become an Intuitive Cook, From Food & Wine
Purple Reign, From
Saints, Cakes, and Redemption, From
Mock Turtle Soup, From Fannie's Last Supper. Nathan Myhrvold's Method Makes Science of Cooking, From The San Francisco ChronicleThe Case for Handwriting, From
The Famous Recipe, From Colorado Review
Broccolini®: What's in a Name?, From Gastronomica
A Tomme at Twig Farm, From Immortal Milk
Breadwinners, From Edible Manhattan
A Fig by Any Other Name, From Gastronomica
Going Full Boar in Hawaii, From Bon Appétit
Fruits of Desire, From Saveur
Shark's Fin: Understanding the Political Soup, From San Francisco Weekly
Life in a Food Desert, From The Kansas City Star. A Tale of Two Dairies, From GastronomicaThe Feed Frenzy, From 7x7 Magazine
A Digerati's Food Diary, From Food & Wine
Everyone's a Critic, From The Boston Globe
New Orleans Family Oyster Company Devises New Business Model to Stay Alive, From The Times-Picayune
Reflections on a Tin of Vienna Sausages, From
800 Words on Tater Tots (No, Seriously), From The Chicago Tribune
Area Burger Joints Take the Junk out of Fast Food, From Edible Boston
Fry Girl's Year of Eating Dangerously, From Phoenix New Times
Craving the Food of Depravity, From In Defence of Shite Food, From Fire & KnivesSOMEONE'S IN THE KITCHEN
The Apostle of Indulgence, From Playboy
Hooked on Classics, From Saveur
Chinese Takeout Artist, From
The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef, From Blood, Bones and Butter
Expression, From The Sorcerer's Apprentices
Is The Willows Inn All That?, From The Stranger
Reconsider the Oyster, From Fire & Knives
Magical Dinners, From The New Yorker
The Golden Silver Palate, From Alimentum
When Food Doesn't Heal, From
Befriending Your Palate, From Reading Between the Wines. On Toast, From FoodForTheThoughtless.comRecipe Index
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