Beginner Gardening Step by Step: A Visual Guide to Yard and Garden Basics [1 ed.] 9781465477002

New to gardening? Start with the essentials for beginners. Beginner Gardening Step By Step shows you the basics to get y

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Beginner Gardening Step by Step: A Visual Guide to Yard and Garden Basics [1 ed.]

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Table of contents :
Which way does your garden face?
Know your soil
Improving your soil
Choosing the right potting soil
Choosing healthy plants
Sowing seeds outdoors
Sowing seeds indoors
Growing plants that last
Growing sunflowers
Preparing pots for planting
Plant up a colorful container
Make a spring hanging basket
Planting a shady window box
Planting bulbs in a pot
Making a border
Making raised beds and edges
Choosing flowers and foliage for spring containers
Choosing flowers and foliage for summer containers
Laying sod
Sowing grass seed
How to make a lawn edging
Growing bulbs in grass
Caring for your lawn
Planting a climber
Potting up climbers
Planting an obelisk
Create a tower of climbers
Make an ivy topiary ball
Build a rose arch
Pruning a rose arch
Pruning a rose on a wall
Pruning wisteria
Cutting back ivy
Raise new plants by layering
Choosing climbers for spring interest
Choosing climbers for summer interest
Planting a shrub
Planting a shrub in a pot
Planting a bare-root rose
Pruning an early summerflowering shrub
Lightly pruning shrubs
Pruning a shrub rose
Pruning hydrangea
Pruning lavender
Pruning for winter stems
Planting a hedge
Trimming a hedge
Making a topiary cone
Repotting a shrub
Choosing shrubs for year-round interest
Choosing shrubs for autumn interest
Planting grasses in the ground
Caring for grasses
Cutting back grasses
Dividing grasses
Choosing grasses
Planting a tree
Removing a branch
Moving a tree or shrub
Choosing trees for small gardens
Growing seeds in trays
Sowing seeds in small pots
Growing vegetables from plug plants
Raising lettuces on a windowsill
Growing tomatoes
Growing climbing beans
Growing root crops
Growing early potatoes
Growing potatoes in a trash can
Growing herbs from seed
Planting an herb garden
Planting an herb hanging basket
Making a lavender hedge
Growing herbs from cuttings
Dividing herbs
Planting a basket of strawberries
Planting an apple tree in a pot
Pruning an apple tree
Soft fruit in small spaces
Tree fruit in small spaces
Watering plants
Making your own compost
How and when to prune
Caring for your tools
Troubleshooting weeds
Dealing with pests
Preventing diseases
Know your garden friends

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