Beggar’s Opera

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BEGGAR'S OPERA VACLAV HAVEL Translated from the Czech by

PAUL WILSON With an Introduction by PETER STEINER

The Czech President Vaclav Havel, a force on behalf of international human rights and his country's most celebrated dissident, first gained prominence as a playwright. During the period when Havel was blacklisted by the Czechoslovakian government




activism, productions of his work in and around Prague were regard­ ed as subversive acts.

The Beggar's Opera is a free-wheel­ ing, highly politicized adaptation of John Gay's well-known eighteenth­ century work of the same name. The play, reminiscent of Havel's earlier Garden Party and The Memorandum, is up to his best satirical standard. Like the Brecht/ Weill Threepenny Opera, Havel's play uses an underworld milieu to explore the intermingled themes of love, loyalty, and treachery.

Paul Wilson's new English transla­ tion of The Beggar's Opera is lively, idiomatic, and sensitive to underly­ ing linguistic and political issues. The Cornell edition contains an Introduction by Peter Steiner that details the November


1975, pre­

miere of the play in the Prague sub­ urb of Horni Pocernice, the reac­ tion of the Czech secret police, and the measures the government took to





involved in the production. Eleven photographs-of the playwright, the actors, the theatre, and the actu­ al performance-enhance the tex­ ture of the book. Front cover and back flap photos:

© Bohdan Holomicek, 1975. Jacket design: Lou Robinson

The Beggar's Opera

�Beggar's Opera VACLAV HAVEL






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[lebracka opera. English!

The beggar's opera f by Vaclav Havel; translated from the Czech by Paul Wilson ; introduction by Peter Steiner. p. em. Based on: The Beggar's opera by John Gay. ISBN o-8oi4·3833-o (cloth : alk. paper) I. Wilson, Paul R. (Paul Robert), 1941- . II. Gay, John, 1685-1732. Beggar's opera. III. Title. PG5039.18.A9 Z313 2001 891.8'6254--