Becoming Better Grownups [1 ed.]

A New York Times-bestselling author looks for the meaning of a good life by seeking advice from the very young and the v

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English Year 2020

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Becoming Better Grownups [1 ed.]

Table of contents :
Title Page
Author’s Note
The Incredible Floating Girl (A Story in Three Parts)
Part One: First Flight
Chapter One: Raise Your Hand if You Are Here
Chapter Two: It’s Playtime
Chapter Three: All Over the Map
Chapter Four: Here Come the Joy Rebels
Chapter Five: Tiny Masterpieces
Part Two: Forgetting
Chapter Six: Six Words from Fred
Chapter Seven: Be Who You Needed
Chapter Eight: The Better Question
Chapter Nine: Pep Talks and Space Jams
Chapter Ten: How to Grow
Part Three: The Great Remembering
Chapter Eleven: Answering the Call
Chapter Twelve: The Wonder Society
Chapter Thirteen: Songs That Time Forgot
Chapter Fourteen: Little Nudges
Chapter Fifteen: Stay Sparky
About the Author

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