Be the Master [4 ed.]

In the Really Old Days, much of our working-class society revolved around Masters, who would take on apprentices and bri

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Be the Master [4 ed.]

Table of contents :
Table of Contents
The Grind
Timothy the Blacksmith
Part I: What We Get Wrong
Heroes and Role Models
Part II: Realize Your Worth
What is ``Worth?''
A Diversity of Perspective
Knowing it All
Confidence vs. Arrogance
Failure and Fear
You ARE Worthy
Part III: Achieve Your Success
Define Your Self
Know Yourself
Define ``Success''
Laziness and Discipline
Look Around… But Look Closely
Make a Plan, and Get Permission
Defining Milestones
Execute, Study, Adjust
Find Your Audience
Part IV: Help Others
The Value of Helping
Humble Helping
What Do You Know?
Contagious Teaching
Part V: Aspects of Mastery
Masters Know the Problem
Masters Plan to Fail
Masters Teach
Masters Make Room
Masters Protect
Masters Learn
Masters Improve
Masters Unite
Masters Unite
Masters Leave
Interlude: The Grind
Using The Grind
Step 1: Define The Grind
Define Yourself
Know Yourself
Define Success
Identify Milestones
Define Your Teaching Catalog
Define Your Apprentice Audience
Review Your Definitions
Step 2: Monthly Plans
Life Rules
Needs Improvement
My Current Plan
Step 3: Weekly Plans
Step 4: Weekly Reviews
Create a Powerful Driving Habit
Part VI: The Nine Rules of Life
Be Your Word
1: Never Promise What You Can't Deliver
2: Always Deliver What You Promised
3: Be Easy to Work With
Be Detailed and Precise
Cut Your Losses When the Time Is Right
Be Friendly in the Face of Adversity
Let Blue Sky Mode Happen
Manage Your Time
Communicate Well, Always
Respect the Yellow Line
Own Your Own Life
Bonus: On Being a Better Teacher
How Humans Learn
The Value of Repetition
Getting in and Doing it
Why Analogies Work… and How They can Fail
The Importance of Sequencing
Why Rest Time is Crucial
Bonus 2: On Being a Master at Work
Initial Thoughts
The Pitch for Mastery at Work
Hurdles to Mastery at Work
The Optics
Mastery in the Workplace in Three Straightforward Steps
Step 1: Start Small
Step 2: Make a Plan
Step 3: Sell and Execute
And, in Closing
A Closing Thought
Keep in Touch
Suggested Reading

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