Batchelder/Bachilder Genealogy Through Rev. Stephen Bachiler’s Son Stephen Bachilder

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Genealogy of the Batchelder Family

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(A correction of the work on this family by Pierce) Compiled by Charles Batchelder through 1936. edited and prepared by Carl W. Brage - 1985

Transcribed by David E. Johnson -2005

BATCHELDER GENEALOGY FOREWORD Charles Hull Batchelder was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on May 12, 1876, the son of Judge Charles Edwin Batchelder. Charles Hull was graduated with Honors at Portsmouth High School in 1893, and entered Harvard College from which he was graduated cum laude, , as follows1 - Elizabeth Bachelder, Nathaniel Bachelder, Benj. Bachelder, Stephen Bachelder, Joseph Palmer (wife Deborah), Samuel Shaw (wife Hester), John Dearbon , Maurice Hobes, (wife Theodata), Samuel Bachelder, Jonathan Bachelder, Thomas Bachelder and Joseph Bachelder. A receipt of the same data to Stephen Bachelder is signed by Nathaniel, Benj., Samuel, Thomas and Joseph Bachelder, Joseph Palmer, Samuel Shaw, John .QurbQ.O..s.. Benjamin Lamprey, SamL1el Qurbon and Maurice Hobes, and they and Stephen are designated as "children & children in law of Nathaniel 11 deceased. The agreement also gives a bequest to a Mary Palmer :v. Thomas b. ab 1685: m. 7 xvi. Joseph b. Aug. 9, 1687: m. M,nry xv11. b. Oct. 17, 1688: No further record. Not named in agreement ab ""''-- ~ 6 . . ~ ..u /-81-47


BATCHELDER GENEALOGY about her father's estate. Nathaniel Bachelder (1), son of Nathaniel, was a farmer and lived at Hampton Falls, N.H. (set off from Hampton as parish 1712) He was chosen Deacon of the church there Feb. 20, 1724. Ha married Elizabeth, who according to definite tradition of descendants was Elizabeth Foss. No record of the marriage er her name or family to be found. The Foss family was of Rye. She died Aug. 18, 1746, ae 80, er in 80 year, and he died 1745. They are buried in the old cemetery at Hampton Falls Hill, but his stone is missing. His will, Oct. 2, 1736, - Dec. 25, 1745, mentions wife Elizabeth, son Josiah, heirs of son Nathaniel deceased, heirs of son Jethro deceased, sons Nathan, Phi nehau and li::benezer, and daughter Deborah Fellows. No daughter Eliz~beth mentioned. Children born at Hampton and Hampton Falls: i. Deborah b. Apr. 9, 16861 m.1. David Tilton Jan a, 1707/BJ m.2. Dea. Jonathan Fellows June 14, 1733. 1 ii. Nathaniel b. Feb. 19, 1690 (or Feb. 18, 1689. > m. 2 iii. John b. Jul. 20,.- 16921 m. 3 iv. Josiah b. ab 1694. m. Pierce's Batchelder-Batcheller Genealogy gives his birth as Jul. 1, 1695, but no such data is on record. Nor is there any evidence that Nathaniel (1713) had a daughter Elizabeth whom. Richard Sanborn, or otherwise.

4 v. Simon b. Aug. 29, 17081 m. b. 5 vi. Jeremiah Apr. 13, 1712: m.

Aug 24, 1699, Jul 19, 1701;

bp. Nov. • bp. Nov.

Mar. 4, 1703/4. bp. Apr. May



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who d. in Kensington Jul.

9, 1708,


Feb. 28, 1711/2, bp.

Qu!;;..Qn s a!!!.!:!,e 1 B~h e !.9.tu:. Was a shoemaker and farmer. Lived in that part of Hampton which was set off as North Hampton. He was living May 27, 1756. His sor1 S&muel w&s c:&lled 11 Jr. 11 Sep. 18, 1757, but not June 9, 1760. Possibly the f&ther died between those dates. He married at Newbury, Mass., May 14, 1707, Elizabeth Davis of N., daughter of Zachariah and Judith , who was living Apr. 9, 1733. No probate of his estate.

Children recorded and baptized at Hampton: i. Judith b. Jan. 23, 1707/81 m. Nathan Blake Jan. 22 (or 21) 1729/30. Shed. Dec:. 4, 1789. 1 ii. Henry b. Oc:t. 30, 17091 m. i i i • Mary b • Oc: t • 20 , 1 711 1 m. Nathaniel Dearborn Dec:. 2, 1731. 2 iv. Samuel b. Aug. 1 , 1713: m. v. Eli :zabeth b. May 10, 1716: m. Benjamin Brown Jan. 10, 1738, son of William & Ann