Banaras: city of light 9780307832955, 0307832953

The sacred city of Banāras on the River Ganges is one of the oldest living cities in the world--as old as Jerusalem, Ath

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English Year 2013

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Banaras: city of light
 9780307832955, 0307832953

Table of contents :
Preface to the Columbia Edition Preface Banaras: An Introduction Banaras in Historical Perspective The City of Shiva The Sacred Circle of All the Gods The River Ganges and the Great Ghats Seasons and Times City of All India City of the Good Life City of Death and Liberation Appendix 1: Sanskrit Sources for the Study of Banaras Appendix 2: The Zones of the Sacred City Appendix 3: The Shiva Lingas of Kashi Appendix 4: The Cycles of Kashi Goddesses Appendix 5: Other Deities of Kashi Appendix 6: The Year in Banaras: A Partial Calender Note on Transliteration and Pronunciation Glossary Notes Bibliography Acknowledgments Illustrations Index

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