Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine [Revised] 0892540826, 9780892540822

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Asteroid Goddesses: The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine [Revised]
 0892540826, 9780892540822

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Table of contents :

Chapter One

The Asteroids – Agents of Transformation
The Asteroids and Cultural Transformation
The Asteroids and Planetary Transformation
The Asteroids as Agents of Personal Transformation
• The Three Stages of Personal Transformation
Chapter Two

The Asteroids – Harbingers of a New Mythology
The Meaning of Myth
• The Distortion of Myth • The Function of Myth in the Therapeutic Process
Chapter Three

The Mandala of the Asteroid Goddesses
The Sun
The Moon
• Venus as the Expression of Reproduction • Venus and the Lessons of Love • The Asteroids – The Completion of the Mandala
Pallas Athene
Asteroid Centers
Chapter Four

Ceres: The Great Mother
The Mythology of Ceres
The Story of Ceres and Persephone
• The Abduction of Persephone • Ceres in Eleusis • The Return of Persephone • The Pre-Hellenic Origins of Ceres Mythology
The Astrology of Ceres
Ceres as a Ruler of Cancer
• Ceres: The Universal Mother • Ceres Love as the Basis for Loving Others • Ceres Psychological Complexes • Passivity Complexes • Food Complexes • Relationship Complexes • Parent-Child Complexes
Ceres as a Ruler of the Taurus-Scorpio Polarity
• The Lessons of Attachment and Separation • Death and Dying • Ceres as the Principle of Sharing • Ceres and Renewal
Ceres as a Ruler of Virgo
• Growth and Productivity • Ceres and Efficient Functioning • Ceres and Work
The Occult Teachings of Ceres
• Death Passage • Blood Mysteries
Ceres Psychological Themes
Further Reading on Ceres
Chapter Five

Ceres in the Horoscope
Ceres Astrological Rulerships
Ceres in the Signs
Ceres in the Houses
Ceres Aspects to the Planets
• Ceres-Moon Aspects • Ceres-Mercury Aspects • Ceres-Venus Aspects • Ceres-Mars Aspects • Ceres-Juno Aspects • Ceres-Vesta Aspects • Ceres-Pallas Aspects • Ceres-Jupiter Aspects • Ceres-Saturn Aspects • Ceres-Uranus Aspects • Ceres-Neptune Aspects • Ceres-Pluto Aspects
Chapter Six

Pallas Athene: The Warrior Queen
The Mythology of Pallas Athene
• Myths of the Birth of Athene • The Serpent Wisdom of Pallas Athene • Pallas the Warrior Goddess • The Separation of Pallas Athene from Her Matriarchal Heritage • The Slaying of Medusa • Athene's Contest with Poseidon • The Trial of Orestes
The Astrology of Pallas Athene
• The Wisdom Aspect of Pallas • Pallas as the Significator of Creative Intelligence • Pallas as Significator of the Arts • Pallas as Significator of the Healing Arts • Pallas as Significator of the Political Arts • Pallas: A Woman in a Man's World • Pallas and Androgyny • Pallas and Sexual Identity Imbalances • Pallas and Father Complexes • Pallas and the Fear of Success • Winning and Losing • Creativity Versus Love • Soul Work
The Occult Teachings of Pallas Athene
Pallas Athene's Psychological Themes
Further Reading on Pallas Athene
Chapter Seven

Pallas Athene in the Horoscope
Pallas Athene's Astrological Rulerships
Pallas Athene in the Signs
Pallas Athene in the Houses
Pallas Aspects to the Planets
• Pallas-Sun Aspects • Pallas-Moon Aspects • Pallas-Mercury Aspects • Pallas-Venus Aspects • Pallas-Mars Aspects • Pallas-Vesta Aspects • Pallas-Juno Aspects • Pallas-Jupiter Aspects • Pallas-Saturn Aspects • Pallas-Uranus Aspects • Pallas-Neptune Aspects • Pallas-Pluto Aspects
Chapter Eight

Vesta: The Eternal Flame
The Mythology of Vesta
• The Story of Vesta • The Vestal Virgins • The Pre-Hellenic Origins of Vesta • The True Meaning of Vesta
The Astrology of Vesta
Vesta as a Ruler of Scorpio
• Vesta as Sexuality • Sex as Sin • Sex as Fear • Sexual Repression • Vesta and Projection • Vesta and Sexual Discrimination
Vesta as a Ruler of Virgo
• Vesta and Virginity • Vesta and Centeredness • Vesta and Focus • Vesta and Commitment • Vesta and Work • Vesta, Alienation and Sacrifice
The Occult Teachings of Vesta
Vesta Psychological Themes
Further Reading on Vesta
Chapter Nine

Vesta in the Horoscope
Vesta Astrological Rulerships
Vesta in the Signs
Vesta in the Houses
Vesta Aspects to the Planets
• Vesta-Sun Aspects • Vesta-Moon Aspects • Vesta-Mercury Aspects • Vesta-Venus Aspects • Vesta-Mars Aspects • Vesta-Juno Aspects • Vesta-Jupiter Aspects • Vesta-Saturn Aspects • Vesta-Uranus Aspects • Vesta-Neptune Aspects • Vesta-Pluto Aspects
Chapter Ten

Juno: The Divine Consort
The Mythology of Juno
• The Story of Zeus and Hera • The Trials of Hera and Zeus • Hera as the idealized Wife • Hera and Her Children • Hera's Solitude • The Pre-Hellenic Origins of Juno
The Astrology of Juno
• Juno as the Significator of Relationship • The Pathology of Relationships • Infidelity • Sacrifice in Relationships • Fears in Relationship • Power in Relationships
Juno as the Capacity for Meaningful Relationships
• Juno Commitment • Juno Enhancement
Juno as an Indicator of Women's Cycles and Functions
The Occult Teachings of Juno
• Sex as Bliss • Sex as Magic • Sex as Rejuvenation • Marriage as Alchemical Union
Juno Psychological Themes
Further Reading on Juno
Chapter Eleven

Juno in the Horoscope
Juno Astrological Rulerships
Juno in the Signs
Juno in the Houses
Juno Aspects to the Planets
• Juno-Sun Aspects • Juno-Moon Aspects • Juno-Mercury Aspects • Juno-Venus Aspects • Juno-Mars Aspects • Juno-Jupiter Aspects • Juno-Saturn Aspects • Juno-Uranus Aspects • Juno-Neptune Aspects • Juno-Pluto Aspects
Chapter Twelve

The Minor Asteroids: An Overview
The Asteroids as Octave Transformers
The Lovers: Psyche and Eros
• Psyche • Eros
The Warriors: Lilith and Toro
• Lilith • Toro
The Empaths: Sappho and Amor
• Sappho • Amor
The Liberators: Pandora and Icarus
• Pandora • Icarus
The Protectors: Diana and Hidalgo
• Diana • Hidalgo
The Knowledge Holders: Urania & Chiron
• Urania • Chiron
Further Reading on the Minor Asteroids
Chapter Thirteen

An Astronomical Portrait of the Asteroids
The Discovery of the Asteroids
The Physical Properties of the Asteroids
• Size and Shape • Composition and Brightness • Orbital Patterns of the Asteroid Groups
The Origin of the Asteroids
• Collisions with the Earth
Chapter Fourteen


Appendix: Ephemerides of 16 Asteroids 1931-2050


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