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This book is a manual for Nicki’s unique Aruna Yoga Programme for personal awakening, healing and transformation. Her in

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English Pages 370 Year 2020

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Aruna Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Commentary
  • Aruna Yoga Teacher Training Manual, Programme for personal awakening, healing and transformation

Table of contents :
PART ONE – Presence

What is Aruna Yoga?

The Aruna Yoga Pill: Meditation as Medication

The Birth of Aruna Yoga

The Aruna Yoga Sutras

The Tenets of Aruna Yoga

Truth and the Nature of Truth

Consciousness and the Self


Life’s Optical Illusion

The Guru-Shishya Dynamic

Yoga Philosophy

The Different Paths of Yoga

The Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali

Patañjali’s Eightfold Path: Ashtanga Yoga

Kriya Yoga

The Essential Context: Self-Enquiry

Application of Yogic Philosophy in Daily Life

PART TWO – Breath

Vāyus, Prāṇayama, and the Breath of Life

The Koshas, the Ten Bodies and Breath

The Vāyus: Prāṇa, Apāna, Samāna, Udāna, and Vyāna

Various Prāṇayama Techniques


The Energetics of Yoga

The Bodies: From Gross to Subtle

Yoga Anatomy: The Koshas

The Ten Bodies

The Koshas and the Ten Bodies

What is Kundalini?

What is Tantra?



A Profile of the Chakras

The First Chakra

The Second Chakra

The Third Chakra

The Fourth Chakra

The Fifth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra

The Seventh Chakra

The Eighth Chakra

The Tattvas

The Gunas

The Granthis

Self-Care When Working with Others

Mudrā: The Yogic Seal: What are Mudrās?

Five Groups of Mudrās

Various Mudrās


What is Meditation?

Meditation Practices

Insights into Yoga Psychology

Emotional Presence

Healing and Emotions

Practical Path to Healing


Intention and Prayer

The Conscious Word

Conscious Perception and Communication

Ways to Communicate Consciously

Conscious Creation

Mantra and the Power of Sound

The Physiological and Energetic Effect of Sound

Kirtan and Chanting

The Power of the Hebrew Word

Epigenetics: The Bridge between Science and Spirit

The Divine DJ and The Role of Music in Aruna Yoga

Mantra and Nāda Yoga Practices

PART FIVE – Aruna in Practice

Teacher Guidelines

Layout of an Aruna Yoga Class

Creating a Sacred Space

Tuning in and Closing


Aruna Yoga Teacher Qualities

Aruna Yoga Ethical Guidelines


Glossary of Terms

Annex – Aruna: The Vision for the Logo

References and Further Reading

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