Arthur Collins : radio wizard
 9780971641600, 0971641609

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Arthur Collins Radio Wizard

These U.S. Navy Planes Carry Collins Autotune Transmitters

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The voice of thousands of Navy fliers THr. CoLLr..e old.11l!ler wfilo hos leomed to OPPfe. ''One time - about 3 or 4 in the morning - we were working on an installation i n Lab 12 (the Collj ns high frequency, si ngle sideband radi o ~tat ion in Cedar Rapids, identical to stations built for the A ir Force). Arr said he was hungry, and I told him I thought I knew a way 10 get something from the cafeteria ( norm ally c losed nt such hours) if Art would s1a11d watch at the door in case a guard came by. (This was in days before vendi11g mnchines). We walked to the cat'c teri a and 1 was able to slide tbe covers off an ice cream cooler under a cou11ter and get us two bowls or ice cream." Ruggiero said. "As we were walking down a dark hallway on the way back to the lab so we wouldn't be seen, Art said. 'l don't know why we're doing this - I own chis company.''' Ruggiero also recalled another all-night work session when he came prepared to fix himself' a meal. Trunking he was lhe on ly one in the area, he pl ugged in a hot plate under a work bench