Arizona: a photographic tribute 9780762774258, 9780762776214, 0762776218

Arizona A Photographic Tribute; PHOTO NUMBER, LOCATION; 1. Balanced Rock, Chiricahua Mountains; 2. Sunrise, Monument Val

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English Pages color illustrations, color map Year 2012

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Arizona: a photographic tribute
 9780762774258, 9780762776214, 0762776218

Table of contents :
Arizona A Photographic Tribute
1. Balanced Rock, Chiricahua Mountains
2. Sunrise, Monument Valley
3. Saguaro forest sunset, Sonoran Desert
4. Colorado River, Marble Canyon
5. North Rim, Grand Canyon
6. Lower Antelope Canyon
7. ""Standing-Up Rocks,"" Chiricahua Mountains
8. Tinajas Altas Mountains
9. Mitten Buttes, Monument Valley
10. Toroweap Point, Western Grand Canyon
11. White House cliff dwelling, Canyon de Chelly
12. Circle of 8 grave, El Camino del Diablo
13. Rimrock, Painted Desert
14. Cactus blossom, Superstition Mountains. 15. Colorado River, South Canyon16. The Underworld, Lower Antelope Canyon
17. House of Many Hands, Monument Valley
18. Fern Glen Canyon, Colorado River
19. Kokopelli, Painted Desert
20. Wind on the mesa, Paria Plateau
21. Rough country, Picacho Peak
22. Hoodoo, Glen Canyon
23. Baboquivari Mountains, Tohono O'odham lands
24. Voice of the desert, Sonoran Desert
25. First light, Monument Valley
26. Hohokam shell trail, Sonoran Desert
27. Colorado River, Conquistador Aisle
28. Skeleton Spires, Monument Valley
29. Yéi Becheii spirit, Painted Desert. 30. Fallen timbers, West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon31. End of the Trail, Cochise Stronghold
32. Sunlight and storm, Baboquivari Mountains
33. Still waters, Lower Colorado River
34. Saguaro bones, Tucson Mountains
35. Three Sisters, Monument Valley
36. Two Story House, Painted Desert
37. Cave ledge petroglyphs, Painted Desert
38. Inner Canyon, Grand Canyon
39. Conquistador Aisle, Grand Canyon
40. Rain clouds, Sonoran Desert
41. Betátakin cliff dwellings, Tsegi Canyon
42. Petrified sand, Coyote Buttes
43. Vermilion Cliffs, Paria Plateau
44. Corridor of stone, Buckskin Gulch. 45. Hopi clan rocks, Willow Springs46. Diamond Peak, Western Grand Canyon
47. Lost Dutchman's Gold, Superstition Mountains
48. San Cayetano de Tumacácori Mission
49. Empire Cienega grasslands
50. Yéi Becheii Spires, Monument Valley
51. Nightfall, Sierra Pinta
52. Fight mural, Canyon del Muerto
53. Earth crack, Buckskin Gulch
54. Hohokam petroglyph, Sonoran Desert
55. Sacred Mountain, Mazatzal Wilderness
El Camino del Diablo, ""The Road of the Devil""
Dinétah, ""Navajo Land""
Tohono O'odham ancestral lands
Papaguería, ""Papago Lands""
""Upper Pima Lands"" INTRODUCTORY ESSAY LOCATIONSPapago Buttes
Sierra Estrella.

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