Angels of miracles and manifestation

THE ANGELS ARE COMING! You are not alone. Whatever obstacle or challenge you face, whatever threat or adversary looms b

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Angels of miracles and manifestation

Table of contents :
Angels Help All Good People
How Many Angels are There?
My Life Saving & Changing Encounters With Angels
What Are Angels?
Difference Between Magickal and Non-Magickal Angels
Prayer, Paranormal Powers, Magick: 3 Paths to the Same Results?
Difference Between a Sigil, a Symbol, and a Signature
Differences Between Angel Sigils and Standard Magickal Sigils
Importance of Calling Upon the Right Angel
How To Call and Interact with the Magickal Angels of Celestine Light
How to Use the Angel Sigil for Maximum Effect
How to Discover, Call and Interact with Your Guardian Angel
Sending Angels To Other People
Embrace Your Most Important Angels
Archangel of the Archangels
Archangel of Attitude
Angel of Action
Angel of Calm
Angel of Competition
Angel of Desire
Angel of Enthusiasm
Angel of Gratitude
Angel of Helpfulness
Angel of Humor
Angel of Optimism
Angel of Release
Angel of Self-confidence
Angel of Self-love
Angel of Will Power
Archangel of Avocation
Angel of Abundance
Angel of Achievement
Angel of Career
Angel of Focus
Angel of Ideas
Angel of Ingenuity
Angel of Knowledge
Angel of Presentation
Angel of Ventures
Angel of Vision
Angel of Work Ethic
Archangel of Creative Expansion
Angel of Acting
Angel of Culinary Arts
Angel of Ceramic Arts
Angel of Dance
Angel of Design
Angel of Drawing
Angel of Gardening
Angel of Glass Arts
Angel of Imagination
Angel of Music
Angel of Painting
Angel of Writing
Archangel of Dreams
Angel of Dream Memory
Angel Good Dreams
Angel of Lucid Dreaming
Angel of Nightmares
Angel of Prophetic Dreams
Archangel of the Elements
Angel of Air
Angel of Earth
Angel of Elemental Force
Angel of Fire
Angel of Space
Angel of the Unseen
Angel of Water
Archangel of Life
Angel of Balance
Angel of Birth
Angel of Choices
Angel of Fertility
Angel of Legacy
Angel of Life Purpose
Angel of Resonance
Angel of Stewardship
Angel of Transition
Angel of Truth
Archangel of Longevity
Angel of Sleep
Angel of Diet
Angel of Exercise
Angel of Contentment
Angel of Energy & Vitality
Angel of Wellness
Angel of Healing
Archangel of Personal Development
Angel of Discernment
Angel of Excellence
Angel of Flexibility
Angel of Good Habits
Angel of the Inner Child
Angel of Learning
Angel of Male/Female Balance
Angel of Memory
Angel of Observation
Angel of Organization
Angel of Passion
Angel of Patience
Angel of Persistence
Angel of Personality
Angel of Physical Strength
Angel of Virtue
Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities
Angel of Astral Projection
Angel of Aura
Angel of Claircognizance
Angel of Clairempathy
Angel of Clairvoyance
Angel of Dowsing
Angel of Enchantments
Angel of Energy Healing
Angel of the Higher Self
Angel of Magickal Defense
Angel of Pendulum Divination
Angel of Precognition
Angel of Telekinesis
Angel of Telepathy
Angel of Time
Archangel of Relationships
Angel of Community
Angel of Compatibility
Angel of Family
Angel of Friendships with Animals
Angel of Praise
Angel of Relationship Harmony
Angel of Romantic Love
Angel of Soul Mates
Angel of True Friends
Angel of Reciprocation
Angel of Respect
Angel of Unconditional Love
Archangel of the Soul
Angel of Character
Angel of Soul Passage
Angel of Interlife Connections
Angel of Past Lives
Angel of Forgiveness
Angel of Meditation
Archangel of Divine Connections
Angel of Blessings
Angel of Spiritual Awakening
Angel of Spiritual Development
Angel of Spiritual Discernment
Angel of Faith
Archangel of Well-being
Angel of Animal Wellness
Angel of Endurance
Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind
Angel of Good Fortune
Angel of Grief Relief
Angel of Happiness
Angel of Hope
Angel of Protection
Angel of Shelter
Angel of Survival
Angel of Sustenance

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Angels Help All Good People How Many Angels are ere? My Life Saving & Changing Encounters With Angels What Are Angels? Difference Between Magickal and Non-Magickal Angels Prayer, Paranormal Powers, Magick: 3 Paths to the Same Results? Difference Between a Sigil, a Symbol, and a Signature Differences Between Angel Sigils and Standard Magickal Sigils Importance of Calling Upon the Right Angel How To Call and Interact with the Magickal Angels of Celestine Light How to Use the Angel Sigil for Maximum Effect How to Discover, Call and Interact with Your Guardian Angel Sending Angels To Other People Embrace Your Most Important Angels Archangel of the Archangels Archangel of Attitude Angel of Action Angel of Calm Angel of Competition Angel of Desire Angel of Enthusiasm Angel of Gratitude Angel of Helpfulness Angel of Humor Angel of Optimism Angel of Release Angel of Self-con dence Angel of Self-love

Angel of Will Power Archangel of Avocation Angel of Abundance Angel of Achievement Angel of Career Angel of Focus Angel of Ideas Angel of Ingenuity Angel of Knowledge Angel of Presentation Angel of Ventures Angel of Vision Angel of Work Ethic Archangel of Creative Expansion Angel of Acting Angel of Culinary Arts Angel of Ceramic Arts Angel of Dance Angel of Design Angel of Drawing Angel of Gardening Angel of Glass Arts Angel of Imagination Angel of Music Angel of Painting Angel of Writing Archangel of Dreams Angel of Dream Memory Angel Good Dreams Angel of Lucid Dreaming Angel of Nightmares Angel of Prophetic Dreams

Archangel of the Elements Angel of Air Angel of Earth Angel of Elemental Force Angel of Fire Angel of Space Angel of the Unseen Angel of Water Archangel of Life Angel of Balance Angel of Birth Angel of Choices Angel of Fertility Angel of Legacy Angel of Life Purpose Angel of Resonance Angel of Stewardship Angel of Transition Angel of Truth Archangel of Longevity Angel of Sleep Angel of Diet Angel of Exercise Angel of Contentment Angel of Energy & Vitality Angel of Wellness Angel of Healing Archangel of Personal Development Angel of Discernment Angel of Excellence Angel of Flexibility Angel of Good Habits

Angel of the Inner Child Angel of Learning Angel of Male/Female Balance Angel of Memory Angel of Observation Angel of Organization Angel of Passion Angel of Patience Angel of Persistence Angel of Personality Angel of Physical Strength Angel of Virtue Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities Angel of Astral Projection Angel of Aura Angel of Claircognizance Angel of Clairempathy Angel of Clairvoyance Angel of Dowsing Angel of Enchantments Angel of Energy Healing Angel of the Higher Self Angel of Magickal Defense Angel of Pendulum Divination Angel of Precognition Angel of Telekinesis Angel of Telepathy Angel of Time Archangel of Relationships Angel of Community Angel of Compatibility Angel of Family

Angel of Friendships with Animals Angel of Praise Angel of Relationship Harmony Angel of Romantic Love Angel of Soul Mates Angel of True Friends Angel of Reciprocation Angel of Respect Angel of Unconditional Love Archangel of the Soul Angel of Character Angel of Soul Passage Angel of Interlife Connections Angel of Past Lives Angel of Forgiveness Angel of Meditation Archangel of Divine Connections Angel of Blessings Angel of Spiritual Awakening Angel of Spiritual Development Angel of Spiritual Discernment Angel of Faith Archangel of Well-being Angel of Animal Wellness Angel of Endurance Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind Angel of Good Fortune Angel of Grief Relief Angel of Happiness Angel of Hope Angel of Protection Angel of Shelter

Angel of Survival Angel of Sustenance Appendix Conclusion

ANGELS of MIRACLES and MANIFESTATION 144 Names, Sigils and Stewardships to Call the Magickal Angels of Celestine Light


Copyright 2017 by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel All rights reserved is book including the cover illustration, may not be copied except sigils for personal use by the original purchaser. e book may not be reproduced or retransmitted by any means in whole or part, or repackaged, resold, or given away for free as a download, in whole or part, in any form. Distribution Only legally available to be purchased as a paperback book through retail or online bookstores, or in eBook format through major online retailers and their affiliates. PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN PIRACY. Disclaimer Nothing in this book should be construed as medical advice. If you have a health issue you should seek out a medical professional.


PART 1 THE ANGELIC FOUNDATION Chapter 1: Angels Help All Good People Chapter 2: How Many Angels are ere? Chapter 3: My Life Saving & Changing Encounters With Angels Chapter 4: What Are Angels? Chapter 5: Difference Between Magickal and Non-Magickal Angels Chapter 6: Prayer, Paranormal Powers, Magick: 3 Paths to the Same Results? Chapter 7: Difference Between a Sigil, a Symbol and a Signature Chapter 8: Differences In Angel Sigils From Standard Magickal Sigils Chapter 9: Importance of Calling Upon the Right Angel Chapter 10: How To Call and Interact with the Magickal Angels Chapter 11: How to Use the Angel Sigil for Maximum Effect Chapter 12: How to Discover, Call, and Interact with Your Guardian Angel Chapter 13: Sending Angels to Other People Chapter 14: Embrace Your Most Important Angels

PART 2 THE PRIMARY MAGICKAL ANGELS OF CELESTINE LIGHT 1. Archangel of the Archangels - Maeádael (Michael) 2. Archangel of Attitude - Qwrtheyrn 3. Angel of Action - Veliton 4. Angel of Calm - Leisyll 5. Angel of Competition - Áskegall 6. Angel of Desire - Kalitha

7. Angel of Enthusiasm - Hahatah 8. Angel of Gratitude - Sevreem 9. Angel of Helpfulness - Shalilth 10. Angel of Humor - Kalphrodilcios 11. Angel of Optimism - Vohumanah 12. Angel of Release - Nayaliel 13. Angel of Self-con dence - Ralchosabar 14. Angel of Self-love - Luxellios 15. Angel of Will Power - Tirusah 16. Archangel of Avocation - Teyzekael 17. Angel of Abundance - Huberon 18. Angel of Achievement - Sijon 19. Angel of Career - Dalischer 20. Angel of Focus - Larsarai 21. Angel of Ideas - Jorentin 22. Angel of Ingenuity - Yisrádán 23. Angel of Knowledge - Molchán 24. Angel of Presentation - Quethalia 25. Angel of Ventures - Ahnsovald 26. Angel of Vision - Zharaies 27. Angel of Work Ethic - Mahiannon 28. Archangel of Creative Expansion - Shimwemwe 29. Angel of Acting - Gilryphion 30. Angel of Culinary Arts - Yvongvarr 31. Angel of Ceramic Arts - Tulbadanbur 32. Angel of Dance - Sauchlan 33. Angel of Design - Lacalalji 34. Angel of Drawing - Solwenn 35. Angel of Gardening - Habinav 36. Angel of Glass Arts - Valambujiya

37. Angel of Imagination - Qallias 38. Angel of Music - Kajallias 39. Angel of Painting - Halchedis 40. Angel of Writing - Daristiona 41. Archangel of Dreams - Churisel 42. Angel of Dream Memory - Kaliisher 43. Angel Good Dreams - Saajendrali 44. Angel of Lucid Dreaming - Oudicael 45. Angel of Nightmares - Gualnthe 46. Angel of Prophetic Dreams - Laraja 47. Archangel of the Elements - Raeltora 48. Angel of Air - Lahariel 49. Angel of Earth - Bromati 50. Angel of Elemental Force - Yodoacer 51. Angel of Fire - Shazar 52. Angel of Space - Razanhamisi 53. Angel of the Unseen - Iskkeneder 54. Angel of Water - Laconda 55. Archangel of Life - Gaeanaire 56. Angel of Balance - Zaeschylus 57. Angel of Birth - Vion 58. Angel of Choices - Urarella 59. Angel of Fertility - Gwehwyfar 60. Angel of Legacy - Jaelkavel 61. Angel of Life Purpose - Lakajinal 62. Angel of Resonance - Vaalderyn 63. Angel of Stewardship - Dahlshabon 64. Angel of Transition - Lhyrsanthe 65. Angel of Truth - Lehona

66. Archangel of Longevity - Wezantiel 67. Angel of Sleep - Sertaleva 68. Angel of Diet - Uharlize 69. Angel of Exercise - Xiyadaine 70. Angel of Contentment - Elliquel 71. Angel of Energy & Vitality - Kalalatair 72. Angel of Wellness - Sálán 73. Angel of Healing - Quanvera 74. Archangel of Personal Development - Balasuintha 75. Angel of Discernment - Jelehnessu 76. Angel of Excellence - Qolega 77. Angel of Flexibility -  Sréanainn 78. Angel of Good Habits - Yenovefa 79. Angel of the Inner Child - Jelarysa 80. Angel of Learning - Epheliaos 81. Angel of Male/Female Balance - Yerakael & Talambrosia 82. Angel of Memory - Ulyvindr 83. Angel of Observation - Vawanoki 84. Angel of Organization - Alantariya 85. Angel of Passion - Carmetisia 86. Angel of Patience - Sarayavanush 87. Angel of Persistence - Auxallias 88. Angel of Personality - Praxistelos 89. Angel of Physical Strength - Viresadon 90. Angel of Virtue - Quan Yin 91. Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities -  Xeomilaith 92. Angel of Astral Projection - Yaanizani 93. Angel of Aura - Aqudikael 94. Angel of Claircognizance - Ulalyani 95. Angel of Clairempathy - Lavithal

96. Angel of Clairvoyance - Yataliyal 97. Angel of Dowsing - Bronkanon 98. Angel of Enchantments - Wizalaray 99. Angel of Energy Healing - Lazon 100. Angel of the Higher Self - Oarquhar 101. Angel of Magickal Defense - Azkael 102. Angel of Pendulum Divination - Saloshananti 103. Angel of Precognition - Wasadriye 104. Angel of Telekinesis - Jarmion 105.Angel of Telepathy - Korbon 106. Angel of Time - Khronosios 107. Archangel of Relationships - Saveinn 108. Angel of Community - Ynniawaw 109. Angel of Compatibility - Kaomhim 110. Angel of Family - Ephiliajel 111. Angel of Friendships with Animals - Dalafarus 112. Angel of Praise - Jeloncia 113. Angel of Relationship Harmony - Vestasaniel 114.  Angel of Romantic Love - Vellusia 115. Angel of Soul Mates - Gualnthe 116. Angel of True Friends - Clisidis 117. Angel of Reciprocation - Lakajinal 118. Angel of Respect - Aleifrdr 119. Angel of Unconditional Love - Shezarli 120. Archangel of the Soul - Azrael 121. Angel of Character - Stradanel 122. Angel of Soul Passage - Raleaeus 123. Angel of Interlife Connections - Iustachys 124. Angel of Past Lives - Ukolesqua 125. Angel of Forgiveness - Alvatar

126. Angel of Meditation - Daleen 127. Archangel of Divine Connections - Gabriel 128. Angel of Blessings - Paschar 129. Angel of Spiritual Awakening - Kadonacai 130. Angel of Spiritual Development - Serusha 131. Angel of Spiritual Discernment - Balderan 132. Angel of Faith - Elchiyus 133. Archangel of Well-being - Yadadinel 134. Angel of Animal Wellness - Ajalawan 135. Angel of Endurance - Tenamiah 136. Angels of Peace of Heart & Mind - Colopatiron & Nisroc 137. Angel of Good Fortune - Wizmar 138. Angel of Grief Relief - Itaviah 139. Angel of Happiness - Sallisels 140. Angel of Hope - Ixchel 141.  Angel of Protection - Austelja 142. Angel of Shelter - Kamariah 143. Angel of Survival - Elkazar 144. Angel of Sustenance - Peliazel

PART 3 APPENDIX Guided to An Angel Chart

INTRODUCTION is is going to be the strangest book on angels you have ever read. If you have preconceived ideas about angels, it is fairly certain that this book will not abide by them. What it will do is give you a deeper understanding of exactly who and what angels are and how you can call upon them in speci c ways to be blessed with tangible results in your life. And be assured that any good person, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack of religions beliefs, may call upon angels and receive their bountiful, oen life-changing blessings. ere are a plethora of books, tapes, cards, movies and television shows that have been put out in the last few decades with angels as their principle subject. Writers and  lmmakers, along with religious leaders and doctrines, give names and characteristics of angels, but never seem to clarify exactly how they came to know that information, or how anyone is supposed to know it is true. Just because someone says it is, even if it is someone of authority or prestige, doesn’t make it so. erefore, that you may have con dence in the power of the secrets I reveal, in Chapter 3 I am humbled to share a bit of my own magickal and miraculous experiences with angels. As you will see, my descriptions of the power and secrets of angels are not just intellectual or spiritual concepts. I speak with a sure knowledge based upon many personal experiences with these wonderful higher beings. Even though it is somewhat lengthy, it is a very condensed and edited account of my encounters with angels over the last six decades. If you already are familiar with my works you may wish to skip that chapter and jump right from Chapter 2 to Chapter 4. If not, it would be good to have the foundation of that biographical chapter. Aer contemplating my experiences and having a personal communion with your heart, mind and spiritual source, you will have a rm base to delve further into the pages of this book with an open heart and mind to discover and bene t from the secrets that will be revealed.

Namaste, Embrosewyn Tazkuvel Summer of 2017



C 

ANGELS HELP ALL GOOD PEOPLE Not all religions believe in angels. Of the ones that do, some only believe in angels unique to their faith. Yet the belief in angels, and in some form of higher beings that watch over us to intercede on our behalf in our most desperate and life-changing moments, is a strong instinctual feeling of the heart and whispered innate knowledge of the mind. It is a primal knowing without understanding that ows in most people, even those that have no religion and even those that believe in no God. How can this be? If angels are solely the servants of an unseen god or dedicated only to speci c religions, why do almost all people of all faiths, and even those with no faith, have a primal inner knowing that they exist? A subtle instinctual understanding so strong that it persists even though most people, even those that openly believe in angels, lack comprehension of what exactly they are, what they actually look like, or how to call upon them for help when they need them. e wonderful reality is there are a multitude of angels - higher beings of light, whose stewardship and purpose is to aid those in need who call upon them for help. ey happily assist all good people and do not distinguish between race, culture, sex or religion. ey do not care whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, gay or straight. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Wiccan, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, or any other religion including no religion at all, is immaterial. Some, like Guardian Angels have a special stewardship interwoven into the lives of people they are bonded to help and protect. Others, such as Lakajinal, the magickal Angel of Life Purpose, have specialized responsibilities that can be of great assistance to anyone needing their expertise. Being able to successfully call upon and utilize the power of the magickal angels of Celestine Light begins with a foundation that the person asking for

help is asking for a good and worthy purpose. It is ne to ask for help with something that will personally bene t you in your life such as a better relationship with someone from a love interest to a co-worker, or an opportunity to nd a better job, or have more success at school. But if you are seeking an angel’s help to win at a gambling game, keep an adulterous affair secret, succeed with an illegal act, or do anything that would harm another person emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, you might as well be talking to a blank wall: you will only have emptiness for your answer. Tapping into the miraculous, magickal help of angels is a secret that until now has been known to very few. It can be accomplished by any good person, but to achieve the fullest and most rapid effect it must be done in a very speci c manner, calling upon the correct angel in the correct way. Doing so unleashes the magick and lets the miracles ow in abundance. Within the pages of this book you will learn the secrets.

C 

HOW MANY ANGELS ARE THERE? In my youth I attended Protestant churches with my parents and angels were not oen referred to. Other than once a year around Christmas time when the minister would tell the story of the birth of Jesus and how the Angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her she was going to conceive the baby Jesus by miraculous conception. My best friend in elementary school was Paul Meyers and he was a Catholic. I was always astounded and a bit envious when he would rattle off the names of bunches of angels and archangels they knew about in the Catholic church. And not just any old vagabond angels: they had organized choirs of angels! I was never quite able to comprehend at that early age why the angelic choirs actually did no singing. How then were they a choir? But I was still impressed by how many angels it must take to make up a whole choir, even if they didn’t sing! We were both Christians, so I wondered why my church had just one angel they kept mum about except once a year, and Paul’s church had nine choirs of angels? It was just more than my young mind could reason out. In my teenage years, aer my rst angel encounter (shared in chapter 3), I decided to investigate angels further. My experience was fascinating and enlightening. Contemplating all the angels of the Catholic church I decided to study the subject more to gain a greater understanding and hopefully insight into my own experience. Boy, was that an unrealistic goal! I quickly discovered that there were many religions that believed in angels, but for the most part they believed in different ones! ere were only a few like Gabriel and the Archangel Michael that were commonly believed to exist by multiple faiths and denominations. As I was a Christian at the time, I decided to see what the Bible had to say about angels. As it turns out it was both, not much and a lot! Not much

because there are actually only two good angels mentioned by name in the entire Bible. Michael is the only angel referred to as an archangel and that is only in a single verse, Jude 1:9. e word archangel is only used one other time in the the Bible in 1 essalonians 4:16, but only in a generic way without specifying the name of the archangel referenced. It is widely assumed that this was a reference to Michael. e only other good angel mentioned is Gabriel and this angel is cited in multiple scriptures by name, but never referred to as an archangel. ere are also three fallen angels mentioned. ese were formerly good angels that rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. e rst is Abaddon also known as Apollyon, found in the book of Revelation 9:11, “...the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he has the name Apollyon.” e second has multiple variations of his name which include Beelzeubub and Beelzebul in the New Testament scriptures and Baal-zebub in the Old Testament. In Matthew 12:24 and other scriptures he is referred to as the ruler of the demons. “...is man casts out demons only by Beelzebul, the ruler of the demons.” e third fallen angel mentioned is Lucifer, also known as Satan and the Devil. He is cited multiple times in the New Testament and is considered to be the principle fallen angel as attested to in Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”   MULTITUDES Revelation 12:9 brings up the numerical question of angels. Just how many are there? e answer depends upon which religion that you ask. But this verse clearly shows multiple angels aligned with Satan were also cast out of heaven. ey are commonly referred to as ‘fallen angels.’

ough there are only a handful of angels good or bad mentioned by name in the Bible, there are a great number alluded to. How many? Certainly thousands and likely millions. It depends upon your de nition of the words ‘hosts,’ and ‘thousands of thousands,’ which are used repeatedly in various books of scriptures referring to the number of angels. Yeshua (Jesus) is referred to multiple times as the ‘Lord of Hosts.’ Host is a word synonymous in the scriptures with an army, which encompasses a very big group. And the plural form ‘hosts’ implies more than one army! More speci cally, Daniel 7:10 in the Old Testament is said by bible scholars to be referring to angels when it said, ‘A ery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him...”  Ten thousand times ten thousand is one hundred million! is number is later con rmed in Revelation 5:11. “...I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne... and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand...” Once again a de nitive number of one hundred million angels. To put that into further perspective, everything in the Bible is just talking about events, people and heavenly beings on this Earth. As we learn in the Oracles of Celestine Light, there are “innumerable Earths.” So you need to multiply one hundred million by innumerable to get a realistic, albeit incomprehensible, number of angels.

C 

MY LIFE SAVING & CHANGING ENCOUNTERS WITH ANGELS OSCAR I don’t remember much of my rst encounter with an angel. But my mother remembered. Like many of my experiences with angels it involved saving my life. Mom reminded me from time to time as I was growing up to not forget to give thanks to God for the angel that saved my life. As the number of life-saving times grew, so did the profusion of my gratitude. Sometimes when my mother was very contemplative in her thoughts, perhaps re ecting on my strange ways, she would add, “I know God must have saved you for a reason.” e rst angelic intervention occurred when I was about three and a half years old and we were living in Navy housing on the submarine base in Key West, Florida. Apparently there was an old collie named Oscar that belonged to the people across the street. He was cantankerous and not very fond of little, irritating children. Despite the chain he was kept on in the front yard, he had still managed to nip kids that approached too close. My mother told me I was forbidden from ever going near him. One day I was playing in my front yard with Tommie, a neighbor friend about my age. We were kicking a ball back and forth, laughing and having a good ol’ time. I had my back to the street and when Tommie kicked the ball just out of my reach I quickly turned to go corral it, but I was too late. By the time I got within reaching distance, the ball had already bounced onto the pavement of the street and was still moving toward the other side. I ran across the sidewalk and had just stepped onto the street to grab the wayward ball when suddenly the collie from across the street came bounding out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning and knocked me at on my butt back on the sidewalk. Apparently I started wailing, terri ed that he was about to bite me. Instead he gave me a big non-threatening lick across my

face, as if to wipe away my tears. I could see he meant me no harm, so despite my mother’s rm admonition, I reached out and touched his face affectionately. Just at that moment, my mother, who had been laying in a lounge chair in the front yard rushed over and grabbed me. She gave me a big hug and didn’t let go for a long time. When she did it was with tears in her eyes. She reached over and touched the collie on the face like I had and quietly told him, “thank you.” As I mentioned I have little memory of this event other than being knocked down and licked. But I’m sure I was very confused as to why I had been bowled over by Oscar, why he wasn’t mean at all to either me or my mother as I had been told he was, and most perplexing of all why my mother was saying thank you to the dog for knocking me down! e lady that owned Oscar came rushing across the street apologizing profusely to my mother fearing her dog had attacked me. She exclaimed she had no idea how Oscar had gotten loose from his chain. My mom just smiled and told her that God had set him free to save my life. It was then that I heard for the rst time what had actually happened. Apparently as I turned to run aer the wayward ball I stepped onto the street completely oblivious to a rapidly approaching car. My mother watched in horror and yelled out my name even as she realized there was no way the car could avoid hitting me. It was just too close. e driver apparently had not even seen my tiny body running onto the road and had not braked. Everything happened so fast my mother didn’t have time to move and was horri ed and certain that she was witnessing the death of her young son. But it was not to be. Sitting in his front yard, Oscar had watched the same unfolding catastrophe. e moment his canine brain calculated the onrushing tragedy he moved like a bolt of furry lightening that belied his old age. In a ash he was across the street and just before the car would have hit me, he bowled me over to safety. How he happened to be loose from his chain was a mystery nobody could ever explain, except to say, “it must have been the intervention of an angel.”

SLEDDING My second encounter with life-saving angelic help came when I was in fourth grade and living with my family in Navy housing in Groton, Connecticut. Directly across the street from our house was a fairly steep hill about seventy feet tall. It made an excellent sleighing hill during the winter when we had snow. On this particular fateful day I was sledding on the hill with a couple of friends. e day before the temperature had risen into the upper thirties causing the top layer of snow to melt and then freeze into a layer of hard ice when the temperatures dropped below freezing at night. e roads had not been cleared that day by the snow plows and became like sheets of ice as the cars continued to drive on them with snow tires compacting the slightly melting snow, which later froze, almost creating an ice skating rink on the road. ough the road in front of my house was fairly at, there was a hill with a curve just past my house that led down to the at area. is section of the neighborhood road had become so treacherous due to the ice that all cars had stopped trying to drive on the road going down the hill. e drivers hated the road conditions, but as kids we loved the icy roads. With no cars driving down the hill, it allowed us to extend our sleigh run across the road and into my front yard on the other side. At the top of the icy sledding hill I laid down on my sled, grabbed on to the horizontal wooden handle bars protruding on each side and pushed off a tree at the top of the hill with my feet to accelerate. In an instant I was rocketing down the hill. Just a second or two from zipping across the road on my sled, I went from exhilaration to horror as I saw some crazy driver in a station wagon slipping and sliding down the hill immediately to my right only about twenty feet away. I did not see the car when I began the sledding run as the upper part of the road was hidden behind a house to my right. Highly aware of my precipitous situation I twisted the sled handlebars as hard as I could to the le to turn away from the road. Everything happened

so fast, in a matter of just a breath or two, that I didn’t even think to simply roll off my sled. Plus, I was con dent that my sled would turn as it always did when I yanked on the bars; but not this time. To my stunned disbelief the sled would not turn! Because of the icy hill the runners couldn’t get traction. I glanced up to my right for a quick look to see if the driver saw me and could stop before I was run over. ere was a young lady driving. We were less than a dozen feet apart at this point. I could see by the frightened look on her face that she realized she was going to run me over and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Just a few breaths since I had begun my sled run at the top of the hill I knew it was going to end with me underneath the car. Nothing either me or the driver was doing to prevent an accident was having any affect. Still pulling with all my might on the turning bars I slid under the station wagon right in front of the rear wheel. To my amazement, both my sled and the car completely stopped at exactly that moment. e rear tire of the car was actually pressing up against me, but it had not crushed me or even put pressure on me. e hysterical lady driver jumped out of the car certain I was dead. To both of our great reliefs I was not. Aer the lady drove off, I was a little too shaken to continue sledding. I went home and told my mother what had happened. She took a big breath when she realized once again how close I had come to being killed or injured. “Don’t think that just because God loves you and protects you that you are like a cat with nine lives,” she scolded. “You must think and be more careful in the future!” “I will,” I promised. at night I lay awake for some time in bed contemplating my close encounter with death. I was still too young to bring God into the equation as my mother did, but I did realize I was pretty lucky. DUCK HUNTING

ough I’m a vegetarian now, I grew up hunting with my own shotgun from the age of eight to help provide food for my family. I stopped hunting when I was sixteen and realized my father made enough money that we no longer needed to kill wild animals for food. I hadn’t quite made the mental leap to vegetarian yet, as my reasoning at the time was we could simply buy meat at the supermarket. Shortly before I made the decision to stop hunting, my Dad and I were nestled into one of our favorite duck hunting locations near the town of Steilicoom on the Puget Sound in Washington State. We had just shot some ducks that had been ying by and they plunked down in the water. My father set his shotgun next to me with the butt down and the barrel pointing skyward leaning against a log that had oated in at high tide. He turned and began climbing up the railroad grade above our duck blind to walk down to where we kept a small boat in a protected cove so he could motor out and retrieve the ducks oating in the water. He had just reached the railroad tracks above and behind me when suddenly there was a loud blast of a shotgun right next to me! At rst I thought his stationary gun had somehow red on its own. I quickly glanced at it, but not even a wisp of smoke was coming out of the barrel and discounted that possibility. I next looked at my own shotgun which I was holding between my legs with the barrel pointing skyward as I sat on a rock. It too showed no indication of discharging and my hand had not been anywhere near the trigger. I looked over my le shoulder and up to my father to see if he knew what had happened. As I did I saw two hunters standing on the railroad tracks off to the le. One of them still had the butt of his shotgun nestled against his shoulder pointing right at me! I instantly realized he hadn’t even seen me and had just shot one of our fake decoy ducks oating in the water. I glanced over at the decoy he had blasted and looked back to see where he was standing. I gulped aer quick mental geometry made me realize that the spreading pellets from his shot had passed just inches from my head on their

strait trajectory toward the decoy in the water. Once again I had come perilously close to death. When the two hunters realized they had just shot a decoy and had almost shot a person they beat it back the way they had come without even saying a word. ey just took off like their pants were on re. Later when my father returned we talked about how dumb those guys must have been to think our fake ducks were real ducks. Dumber still to shoot at ducks on the water, as without a boat, even if the ducks had been real, they would have had no way to retrieve them. at night I re ected again on how when it came to potentially fatal accidents I was one lucky guy. It was also beginning to dawn on me that more than luck was involved in my life and perhaps my mother was right in saying God watched over me. Although why he would want to I could not fathom.  FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH AN ANGEL I had always been interested in religion from an intellectual and historic vantage, but never had any desire to attend any formal church organization. As a family we had stopped going to church when I was ten years old. Not because we had become anti-religious, but simply because we chose to invest our time together differently, with frequent weekend shing trips during the summer and lots of board and card games during the winter. Plus, my father, a career naval officer, had experienced too many bad incidents and deaths of close friends. He had lost his faith and that was the end of our church attendance as a family. ankfully, my parents were always wonderfully supportive of me in every way and had no problem when I decided to become involved with a youth singing group at the local non-denominational Christian church. Soon aerward I also began praying regularly, seeking answers and directions from the confusions of teenage life. Since my youth I had always loved wild places away from civilization and people. To me the mountains and forests were the temple of God. When I

walked alone in those places of solitude I felt especially close to the divine in a very personal way. As I oen did, I had gone off exploring alone in the woods near my house. I was endlessly enthralled observing and communing with nature. I would bring back plants from the swamp and the forest, then go to the library to discover what they were and historically how they had been used in folk medicine or as food. And watching the interactions of the many animals, birds and critters was endlessly fascinating, from the mama deer tenderly nurturing her fawn, or twin fawns rambunctiously playing together, to the snakes crawling on the ground, or the ants tirelessly building their giant forest hills. I loved every minute watching the wonder of nature. On a beautiful early summer day, I found a small glade with a spacious break in the canopy of the trees that allowed the noonday sun to fall fully upon me and immediately lled me with a pleasurable warmth throughout my body. I sat down on a small inclined hillside, then laid back to just relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of basking in the sunshine while meditating upon my life and making grand plans for my future. I was just beginning to notice the heat of the sun on my closed eyelids when I was startled by a deep, resonate voice audibly calling my name fairly loudly from an unknown location. I rapidly sat up and looked all around to see who had called me. Not seeing anyone in front of me I scrambled up to my knees to look behind and couldn’t see anyone there either. en the voice came again, once more audibly calling me by my rst name. is time I was able to locate where the voice was coming from. To my great surprise it seemed to be emanating from the top of a large oak tree directly across the glade from me. As I peered closely at the tree trying to see if there was someone hiding in it, I noticed a distortion of the air right above the top of the green canopy. It was like a shimmering heat wave emanating off of a black asphalt highway on a hot summers day, only very localized directly above the top of the oak tree.

Suddenly the shimmering waves changed and like looking at a movie screen I saw the back of a tall, slim woman with waist length light brown hair. She turned a bit and I saw the pro le of her beautiful face. While I looked with spellbound amazement at this inexplicable, crystal clear vision, I clearly heard a voice speaking in my mind. “is is your beloved, whom you will meet one day. Seek her and the expansion she ushers in, that you may be able to light the candle that has awaited.” e image of the mysterious woman vanished in the blink of an eye and was replaced by a rapid stream of short scenes like in a movie preview but much more rapid, passing by too fast to make any sense of what I was seeing. ough I recognized a few people such as my parents and a progressively older me, most of the people were unknown to me. en as unexpectedly and quickly as it had began, it ended. e entire episode couldn’t have lasted more than a couple of minutes. All around me there only remained the muted sounds of the forest. Birds singing and frogs croaking, but no people, sights or sounds of civilization, no more pictures or voices in my head, my ears, or in the glade. Even the distortion of space above the oak tree had returned to a normal clear blue sky. It was as if nothing had ever occurred. However, something powerful had changed inside of me. I could feel it. It was undeniable. In that brief two minutes, much more had happened to me than merely hearing a voice and seeing wondrous images in the sky. I knew more, I understood more about so many aspects of life and relationships. And many of my lifelong values had suddenly and inexplicably changed. I knew that from that day forward I would reject the oen prejudiced ways of my deeply rooted southern family and hold respect and equality for all people, black or white, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, Christian or non-Christian as a very high ideal. I knew I would never again hunt animals for food as I had been raised to do. I understood in the core of my being that though I never saw a face, wings or a long white robe as they were oen depicted, I had just been visited by an angel. With that knowing came an immediate desire to learn

more about God, and I soon began a many year search for God within the walls and teachings of organized religions of many persuasions. However, as months turned to years aer my life-changing angelic encounter in the forest and I hadn’t met the beautiful woman with the long hair, I began to doubt what I had seen and heard. My enthusiasm to share my experience with friends and family was likewise soon dampened by a universal disbelief in what I knew I had experienced. From my parents to my friends, everyone joked in a a semiserious tone that I was delusional, even though my actions belied it. A perfect example was my father’s reaction to my announcement that I was never again going to kill animals for food. He was certain it was just a temporary teenage divergence, “a phase,” I would soon get over. But I never got over it and never again killed an animal. Virtually all my friends in High School were also experimenting with drugs from marijuana to LSD, many for the rst time. ey quickly learned to stop asking me if I wanted to share their joints and pills. I had never tried mind or mood altering drugs up to that point in my life. And in my years that followed, I never did. I was certainly changed from the angelic visit, a change re ected in many of my outward actions. But my life still seemed mundane to me in so many ways. I knew I was different, but my life and life path didn’t seem any different than it had before the encounter. I went many times into the woods aer that day, trying to again see and hear an angel, asking and praying for one to come, pleading for one to appear, but they never made their presence know again while I was still in my youth. Nor did anyone I knew or knew of ever have a similar experience, until many years later when I nally met the beautiful woman with the long hair from my vision who also had a similar encounter with an angel; only hers was about me. Shortly aer my experience, I asked the minister at the nondenominational church I attended about angelic visits. He assured me such things stopped occurring aer Jesus le the earth and nobody received visits

from angels in modern times. Aer repeated attempts to once again have an angelic encounter, only to be le disappointed, I began to suspect that despite how real and vivid it was at the time, perhaps he was right and I had somehow imagined it all. By the time I was in my early twenties I had also begun to lose the vivid memory of the vision of my “beloved.” For the longest time I looked for her in every crowd, in every group and with every woman that I passed with long light brown hair. But there was never a special auric connection with any of them. I knew they were not the “one.” Aer enough time passed I began to doubt and eventually felt resigned to the fact that the “beloved one” I sought probably did not really exist. CAR ACCIDENT My father never spoke much about his past achievements or the many exploits I learned years later that he had been a part of. On rare occasions, for one reason or another, my mother would sometimes volunteer information about my Dad that was oen times startling. is was one of those times. In my junior year in High School I asked my mother why my father never let anyone else drive the car when he was in it, as I found that very odd. As a newly licensed teenaged driver I was anxious to have as many opportunities as possible to be the driver behind the wheel. ough I could understand his apprehension in not wanting to be in the car as a passenger when I was learning to drive, he was that way with everybody, even if it was an adult friend that had been driving for forty years. Nobody could drive the car except him if he was in it. Even when we took a cross-county family camping trip, he would drive up to 800 miles in a single day and never let anyone else drive. My mother was kind enough to enlighten me and clarify my lack of understanding. She explained, “Before you were born, when your Dad was a young sailor and we had just been married a short time, he was returning with three friends from a trip to another town. at night I got a call from

the hospital telling me that my husband had been in a car accident and to come to the hospital right away. “When I arrived at the hospital one of the rst people I saw was your father. He was sitting slumped in a chair with his head down and he was covered in blood. My rst thought was gratitude that he was alive. My second was to wonder what his injuries were that caused him to be so blood soaked and why he was sitting in a chair instead of laying on the operating table getting xed. “I rushed over to him wanting to hug him but too afraid to injure him further. And truthfully there would have been no way to touch him without getting covered with blood myself. “To my immense relief he told me he was all right and uninjured. He explained that all the blood on him was the blood of his friends. e driver had been killed and the other two were critically injured. Your father had pulled all of them out of the wreck and carried them to a safe spot before help arrived. Sadly, the other two men later died from their injuries. “e next day I saw the wrecked car. It was compressed and squished so severely it was incomprehensible that anyone had survived, let alone not been injured. “I’ve told you since you were a baby that God watches out for you. Even before you were born it was true. God protected your father the day of that crash, but he also protected you. If your father had been killed like all three of his friends, you would have never been conceived and born. “For ve years aer the crash your father would never get in a car that another person was driving, no matter who that person was. Even aer all of this time, he still will ride as a passenger only very reluctantly.” And so it was that I received a much greater answer than I had anticipated. And once more had reason to re ect upon God and wonder about my connection to him. MEETING PRESIDENT KIMBALL

When I was eighteen, aer a thorough investigation and prayer, I joined the Mormon church. I found a resonance with it that was greater than I had found with any other church. It’s emphasis on families and eternal relationships spoke strongly to my heart of truth. Plus, it was while fervently praying one night on the cliffs above the Bay of Cadiz, in Spain about joining the church, that I had my rst astral traveling experience. A little over a year later I was in New York City, working for Hamilton Copy Centers, a string of ve photocopy centers scattered about Manhattan, all of which were owned by a Latter-day Saint lady named Winnie. All of the employees that worked for Hamilton were also LDS. I was the company handyman and would visit a different store each day to x any of the machines or other items that needed repair. I had just come back from two days off, and when I clocked in everyone was talking excitedly about the visit that was going to be occurring that day by Spencer W. Kimball, the president of the Mormon church. My rst thought was how great it would be to be able to shake his hand. However, he was only going to be brie y visiting the new church building near Lincoln Center, which was nowhere near the store I was working at that day. I resigned myself to thinking I would still get to meet him someday if it was meant to be. I had only been at work about an hour and was in the middle of xing a squeaky door, when the manager told me that Winnie was on the phone and wanted to talk with me. I was shocked! She was an absentee owner and I had never seen her or spoken with her and she was not a member of the local Mormon church I attended. Why would she want to talk to me? I tried not to seem befuddled when I answered the phone but Winnie didn’t seem to notice. She asked if I could quickly catch a subway and meet her at the new church building at Lincoln Center in a half hour or less. She explained that President Kimball and his entourage would be arriving in about forty- ve minutes and she wanted my help putting vases of owers throughout the large four-story building to welcome them. Boy did I race!

I arrived with een minutes to spare. But as the time got closer to the presidents scheduled arrival neither Winnie nor any owers showed up! I was waiting for Winnie down at the ground level foyer when suddenly a large group of people started entering through the front doors. It was President Kimball’s party! My rst thought was to reach out to shake his hand as he passed by. But then I realized I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt while everyone coming through the doors were in their Sunday-best clothes, suits for the men and conservative dresses for the women. I backed away and watched everyone pile into two elevators and head to an upper oor. Shortly aerward I encountered the president of the New York City Mission, President omas Neff, up on the second oor. ough it was our rst meeting he strangely knew who I was and asked how I was doing. I explained why I was there and about my aborted attempt to shake President Kimball’s hand. He encouraged me to try again. He told me that President Kimball had grown up in humble beginnings on a farm and would not even notice that I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He directed me down the hall to the Aaronic Priesthood room where President Kimball was holding a news conference. “Just enter quietly and wait for an opportunity. I’m sure it will come,” he assured me. With his encouragement, I followed his directions and walked down the hall. I quietly opened the door and slipped just inside. President Kimball and his wife were standing alone at one end of the room and President Kimball was answering questions from about a dozen reporters from various New York media. He saw me come in and he stopped speaking as he looked right over at me. “Excuse me,” he said to the perplexed news people, “someone has just arrived that I need to speak with.” Without further ado he motioned silently with his hand and beckoned me to come over to him. With wide-eyed wonder, I did. I had only been looking for an opportunity to anonymously shake his hand as he passed by.

Actually getting to meet him in person had not even been among my wildest thoughts. ough I le the Mormon church decades ago, to this day I can honestly say I have never met a person with an aura that was like President Kimballs. It was simultaneously incredibly humble and enormously powerful. An auric sensation of divinity and spirituality pervaded the air as I approached President Kimball and reached out my hand to shake his as I had hoped to do. He rmly grasped my hand and did not let go as he looked with a steadfast, unwavering gaze into my eyes. Before I could speak he uttered words that le me with none. Addressing me by name, even though we had never met, he said,“I want you to know that it is a great honor for me to meet you.” My mouth gaped open in incomprehension.  He should not be saying those words to me, I thought. I should be saying them to him. His greeting so shocked me that I was completely at a loss for words. I actually could not speak. My mind wouldn’t connect to my mouth. Seeing my dilemma and still holding on to my hand, he turned to the confused news people. “Please excuse me for a few minutes as I must speak to this gentleman at this moment, as there will not be another.” With that he pivoted and still holding my hand pulled me a couple of steps further away from the milling news people. His wife Camille came with us and stood beside him as he spoke quietly in his raspy voice, so only we could hear. “Tell me of your family and how you came to be a Mormon,” he asked. With a familiar subject I nally found my voice to speak and shared with him a little about my family and my spiritual journey. Both he and his wife listened very attentively without interruption. Aer about ve minutes with only me talking, President Kimball patted my hand, which he was still holding, with his free hand. “I wish I could speak with you all day.” He looked toward the waiting news people, “but I must engage again with them before they become impatient.”

He gave me some short but speci c counsel, then looked again with that loving but intent gaze into my eyes. “Hold fast to the light within you despite all the arrows of life and the adversary. Angels walk with you and with their help you have great things to do in this world.” Once again in a daze at his unexpected words, I shook his hand for a last time and bid him and his wife goodby. But that day has continued to send ripples of inspiration into my life. CAR ACCIDENT OF MY OWN In the winter of 1979-1980, I was living in Issaquah, Washington with my French wife and two young children. My son Tai had just been born a few months earlier. It had recently snowed and I was overcon dent in my cars front-wheel drive snow capabilities and was driving much too fast on compact snow and ice on a road near our home. As I went around a normally gentle curve, like my sled in the incident during my youth, my car refused to turn. I cranked the wheel hard le and the car kept going straight as it slid on the icy road! I was heading dead-center head on for a collision with a big tree right off the road. I braced for impact. But at the very moment my car was going to hit the tree, it suddenly veered sharply to the right, even though I had the wheels turned sharply to the le! I came to a complete stop nestled up at a forty- ve degree angle against the tree on my side of the car so closely that I had to exit from the passenger side. When I got out to inspect my car I was amazed to see it was only an inch away from the tree but had not actually touched it, so there was no damage. I had to walk home and call a tow truck to get extracted from my off road position (no cell phones). In the weeks that followed I really began pondering how I could deepen my connection to God as the list of miraculous events that had happened in my life was becoming too long to ignore or discount as mere luck. DEADMAN’S CANYON

During my twenties and most of my thirties I just lived an average middle class American life. I got married to a sweet lady named Nancy from France, had three wonderful children with her, started a business and attended church regularly. But we ended up divorced aer nine years when she moved back to France with the children. Around thirty, I met an enchanting childless lady named Skye, who become my fellow adventurer. Skye, not having any children was an important criteria for me. I missed my three children greatly. I ached for them everyday, but they were so far away in France that it was a pain that could not be assuaged. If I could not see my own children, I did not want to be with the children of anyone else. For ve years Skye and I happily adventured across the land. ough I no longer attended any church and had stopped thinking of angels, they had apparently not stopped watching over me. I realized that truth with heartskipping clarity one bright summers day when Skye and I had hiked up a steep, foreboding canyon in Washington State seeking amethyst scepters, a rare and beautiful form of quartz crystals. We reached a point where the towering canyon walls narrowed to only about y feet wide but rose up almost vertically about one hundred and y feet on both sides. In front of us was a vertical wall about thirty feet high nicknamed “Deadman Falls.” ough the stone face had no water owing over it while we were there in the summer, there may have been a falls there during the spring snow melt. But it wasn’t for water that Deadman Falls was named. Over the years twelve people had been killed on or very near to Deadman Falls as they fell trying to climb its face or from a higher nearby wall in the canyon. e worse incidents were when a boulder came loose from higher up the steep canyon. It would bounce off the narrow canyon walls like a ball in a pinball machine, oen killing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the canyon below. I was able to free climb up the rock face of Deadman Falls and throw down a short climbing rope to Skye to help her climb up. Safely on the at

area at the top of the falls, we scanned the vertical walls of the canyon rising above us looking for likely places amethyst scepters might be hiding. I pointed to a small black opening on the cliff face about y feet above us. e crystals were originally deposited in small caves called ‘vugs’ when they were created geologically. e small opening I was looking at appeared to be a vug. It was in such a difficult place to access either from below or above, that I felt there was a good chance it was still virgin and unvisited by any other collectors, which would mean that it was full of crystals. Other than the climbing rope I hadn’t brought any climbing gear with me, but felt con dent that I could free climb up to the vug as there were enough cracks in the bedrock that I would be able to nd hand holds for my ngers and places to wedge my toes for body support. It took me longer than I expected to climb the wall. It was nearly vertical and there were fewer cracks to stick my ngers into than I expected. e rock was also quite smooth and I seldom found cracks wide enough to jam a toe into or ledges big enough to hold onto with my toes or the edges of my boots. e treacherous access just inspired my con dence that this would be a vug full of crystals that had never been reached by other collectors. Aer about een minutes of cautious climbing I was just below the lower lip of the vug. Dangerously and with overcon dent foolishness, I was holding myself against the cliff face with just a single toe and a single hand hold as I reached for another. Suddenly my foot slipped out of the crevice my toe was jammed into! e change of weight caused me to lose my handhold and before I could take a breath I was rapidly sliding down the steep rock face toward certain death on the jagged rocks below Deadman Falls. Somehow I managed to rapidly ip over onto my back as I slid down the face of the cliff. I spread out my hands and feet trying to slow my descent and desperately nd something to grab onto to stop my death fall. My mind became super clear and was processing all of my sensory inputs at hyper speed. ough the entire event only lasted a few seconds, as my

mind worked at a greatly accelerated speed, it seemed as if time and the event I was experiencing slowed downed. e cliff I was sliding down was very smooth. ere were no obvious ledges for my feet to land on. e narrow cracks I had used for hand holds climbing up were recessed into the rock face and inaccessible to me as I was sliding. About twenty feet below, a point toward which I was rapidly plummeting, was a place where the cliff face became entirely vertical without any slant. From there, it was a y foot drop through the air to the deadly rocks below Deadman Falls. Off to the right, about ten feet below me and three feet beyond the reach of my widely spread leg, was what would seem to be my only hope: a tiny nub of rock about the size of half a st was projecting out of the bedrock face about an inch. As I slid down toward it I stretched my right foot out as far as possible but I couldn’t reach it. It remained at least two feet to my right beyond reach of my foot. Suddenly and incomprehensibly my entire body slid to the right across the face of the cliff. In almost the same instant I was over the nub of rock and my right heel landed rmly upon it, instantly stopping my fatal descent. I looked over at Skye who had been watching the entire tragedy unfolding. Her face was ashen, wide-eyed and mouth wide open, still in horror as she had been sure she was witnessing my death. It didn’t register with her for a few seconds that I was actually still alive. She climbed up above me and off to the side on a safe route up the canyon, secured the end of the climbing rope to a large rock, then threw me the other end. With the aid of the rope I was able to reach safety and boy did it feel good to have two feet upon fairly at ground! MY BELOVED Skye and I were not married. ough we were eminently compatible, our relationship revolved around being best friends and fellow adventurers rather than romantic lovers. Nine years aer we got together, we still enjoyed each others companionship and continued to be ful lled in the areas of our

auric harmony. We had fun together all across America and every week was a lively adventure, all in harmony and with great compatibility. ough neither of us were looking for a new partner and were both very satis ed with our relationship, we also knew and accepted that someday a Twin Flame or Soul Mate might come into one of our lives and that would mean a change in our relationship. Sitting together in the back of a hotel conference room one night, waiting for a meeting to begin, that fateful moment arrived. We were attending a meeting of about y people that had gathered to hear a presentation about a new multilevel marketing company. Skye and I were sitting at the back of a room where almost every chair was taken except for a few empty ones up front. Just before the meeting was to begin two women walked by us in the aisle to the right heading for those empty chairs. Watching them from the rear as they walked forward I recognized Julia, an elderly lady I knew slightly. Walking beside her was a tall, slim woman with long, light brown hair falling to her waist. She had already passed by before I took notice of her, so I did not have the opportunity to see her face. But I saw something else far, far more important. Something that literally almost made me topple over in my chair. Like sinuous, sizzling bolts of electricity I saw seven colored cords of auric energy leaping out of my body and connecting to the mysterious lady now sitting in the front row. Seven! Seven energy connections! I was connecting, unspoken, with an unknown lady on all seven of our primary auric energy centers! My mouth gaped open in incredulous disbelief. I was in the room with my Soul Mate! It was unimaginable, but it was true, it was real. Finally aer almost 25 years since I had received my angelic vision, there she was! I didn’t know what would happen next. She might be happily married with ve kids in tow. I just knew that I had to meet her and discover where the path would lead. Reveling in my astounding good fortune, I could barely contain my excitement, waiting anxiously for the meeting to end so I could rush over and ask Julia for an introduction to her friend. As soon as the meeting

adjourned Skye wandered over to talk with friends and I bolted to the other side of the room to ask Julia if she could introduce me to the mysterious, aurically amazing lady with the long hair. e introduction was far too brief as the two ladies were already on their way out by the time I got over to them through the milling crowd. But I had enough time to learn her name - Sumara, and get an invitation to her home the following day for an informal marketing meeting with a handful of people. Meeting her in person and having the opportunity to speak with her one-on-one, simply con rmed what her aura had already told me: Sumara was my Soul Mate. e entire story of our meeting, falling in love, getting married, having a daughter together, and still remaining closely connected to Skye to this day, is told in great detail in my book Soul Mate Auras so I will not repeat it here. I shared it now in brevity to bring the circle to completion that I had begun to doubt would ever manifest aer so many years had passed. But the vision of my beloved that an angel showed me when I was sixteen was real. I met her. I married her, and she has been a catalyst of immense inspiration that has magni ed my psychic and paranormal abilities and connected me to the divine in magni cent ways that would not have been possible without her. PHILOS When Sumara rst came into my life and Skye’s it was an unsolvable quandary as to how our three-way relationship should evolve. We all felt love for one another and all knew we were supposed to be together in longterm relationships. But what form those relationships should take was the unanswerable question for which none of us had a satisfactory answer. Aer three months of wrestling with the dilemma, we were no closer to a harmonious solution. Unaware of the signi cance of the date, I sat alone in my office around 2:00 AM on the early morning of the winter solstice in 1995, deeply pondering the question that had vexed me greatly for the last three months.

Finally at my wits end I spoke out aloud to the universe, “If there are any higher beings out there that would like to give me advice, now is the time to do it. Help me know how to harmoniously resolve my relationship issue.” Immediately I spoke again, in my own voice, 100% aware of what I was saying, but not understanding why I was saying it. “I am Arnosasium and I can help you.” I smiled suppressing a laugh thinking I must need to go to bed as my mind was no longer thinking coherently. But I was desperate for an answer so I decided to play along with what I assumed might be my own delusion. I had a little micro recorder that I turned on so I could replay the results, as ridiculous as I was sure they were going to be, back to Sumara and Skye. “Who are you Arnosasium?” I asked. He replied matter-of-factly, “I am a Galactic Energy Being from the Celestine Order of Light. My specialty is helping people that are channeling higher beings for the rst time.” “I don’t believe in channeling,” I countered. “My background is science. In fact, I’ve always said that anyone that believes in channeling has marbles for brains.” Arnosasium chuckled a little, or at least I did for him. “You are channeling me now,” he pointed out. ough I was desperate enough for an answer that I was willing to give a sliver of possibility that I might be channeling and communicating with a higher being, I was still very doubtful. “If I am channeling you and you are not simply some aspect of myself, how come it just seems like me talking to myself?” “Continue to ask me questions,” he encouraged. “In a few minutes the answer will become obvious.” Going along with his recommendation I continued asking him questions about my relationship quandary, as well as a few tricky science questions that I didn’t know the answers to, just to see if he did. Surprisingly, he did.

And the answers he gave about solving my relationship dilemma were ones we had not considered previously and they made sense. Aer about 15 minutes he bid me adieu, asking that I would contact him again tomorrow for more information and a surprise. Once I no longer felt his presence, despite the early morning hour I hurriedly went out of the room and awakened Skye. At the time Sumara was in Puerto Rico for the wedding of one of her brothers. “Skye, wake up!” I said, shaking her shoulder gently. “I think I was just channeling!” “What?” She replied groggily as she came out of a deep sleep. “You don’t even believe in channeling.” “I know, it’s crazy isn’t it,” I agreed. Skye was certain I was pulling a ridiculously timed early morning joke. I had been so adamantly antagonistic toward channeling for so many years that it was inconceivable to her that I would suddenly be accepting of it and channeling myself. I took out the tape recorder. “Let’s listen to this together. I recorded my conversation. It was probably just me talking to myself, but it was de nitely different than anything I have ever experienced before. And I think some good ideas for solving our relationship situation might have come out.” With her curiosity piqued, Skye and I listened to the recording together. Neither one of us spoke, we just listened from beginning to end. When the last word was spoken we both noted a very distinctive change in my voice. During the last minutes of the recording I had begun speaking with a foreign accent when it was Arnosasium speaking! e longer the conversation continued the heavier Arnosasium’s accent became. “I also noticed it was more challenging to consciously hold onto my thinking process as we progressed,” I commented. “It was as if the more I turned off my own mind the clearer Arnosasium became.” Skye shook her head a little and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s really hard to believe but I think you were channeling.”

As it was still the middle of the night we decided to try and go back to sleep and pick up the discussion aer we awoke in the morning. e next day was bright and sunny and we went out and parked at a secluded overlook by a nearby lake where we could be undisturbed. So I wouldn’t have to try to channel while asking my own questions Skye was set to the task of asking a list of questions she had prepared. She said a little prayer asking that only higher beings of light would be present. I closed my eyes and called aloud for Arnosasium to come and channel through me. Because this was all still so opposite of my scienti c background I needed to turn off my doubting mind. I pictured an empty room with four blank walls with a door in the middle of each wall. I saw my brain sitting on the middle of the oor. I imagined it sprouting about eight little legs and scurrying across the oor toward one of the doors that opened up. It was dark beyond the threshold and my brain just hopped into the darkness. As easy as that I was open to outside energy and Arnosasium came in and started speaking through me in his accented voice. He was there only a few minutes before I started to fade in my awareness of what was being asked and answered. And the more I faded the clearer Arnosasium seemed to become. Aer just about ten minutes he said he had a surprise and wanted to introduce me to Philos, another Galactic of the Celestine Order of Light. He explained that though I did not remember, Philos was someone I had many previous experiences with and our energies were very in sync. erefore he would be the best higher being for me to channel from then on. No sooner had he made the announcement than Arnosasium le and Philos arrived. He spoke in an entirely different accent, somewhat Scottish in its in ection. at was the beginning of a long and fruitful connection and relationship that continues to this day. Within a few minutes of the arrival of Philos I became completely unaware of the conversation or myself. Philos animated my body and spoke through my mouth, but I had no memory of anything. I was full body, full trance channeling. When I nally returned to complete awareness, Skye told me she had been speaking with

Philos for almost an hour and a half! I didn’t remember any of it and she had to ll me in on the conversation from her notes. During the next year Philos publicly channeled amazing information every week. Sometimes we rented a meeting hall in our town and other times held weekly public channelings in a large room of our home. Each week Philos would pick a topic that would bene t everyone, speak on it for about 30-40 minutes, then take any questions anyone in the audience had for another 30 minutes or so. Luckily we recorded many of the meetings: some with audio and some with video. At the end of the year Philos said he was done with public channeling and had imparted all the advice and answered all the questions he intended to publicly. By the end of the year Philos had become my con dent, friend and adviser. ankfully the end of his public channeling was not the end of our relationship and he has continued to be an invaluable source of wisdom and advice to me and my family all the years since. THE SPIN OUT Some years aer Sumara and I had been married and had a beautiful daughter together, the three of us were traveling in our Jeep along the Interstate between Port Townsend and Sequim, Washington. It was an overcast winter day with temperatures in the mid to upper thirties. e freeway was not crowded with cars but it was well traveled with pavement that was damp but not wet. ough it was in December there was no snow on the road or the surrounding ground as the temperature in that area seldom dropped below freezing and snow was quite uncommon. ere was a point where the highway very gradually rose up a long, low hill. It was not more than a 500 foot elevation gain. However it apparently was enough to lower the temperature below freezing and turn the damp pavement near the summit into black ice, which I did not see at all. As we started down the backside of the hill I suddenly lost all control of the Jeep and it immediately started spinning. I didn’t even bother trying to brake or steer as I could sense it would be futile. I just held onto the wheel

and kept it straight. Fortuitously there was not a car in sight coming at us from the opposite direction nor any cars following closely behind. Surprisingly everyone was calm inside the Jeep. All of us, including our 3 year old daughter just sat there as if we were on a ride at the amusement park. It was thrilling but we knew we were safe. e Jeep did a complete 360 degree spin plus a quarter and ended up with the back wheels in the drainage ditch running along the freeway. Considering we had been traveling at 60 mph, the entire accident was almost gentle. I con rmed that everyone was ne, put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive to get out of the ditch and we continued on our merry way without harm to us or damage to the Jeep. Not many people can claim such an outcome from a 60 mph accident on the freeway. One of the rst things we did before we got back on the road was to acknowledge and be thankful for the angels that watched over us. THE CALLING Several years aer my rst contact with Philos during one of our regular one-on-one conversations, he suggested that we start attending church. is was a very unexpected request. During the intervening years Skye had bonded and partnered with another excellent man. Meanwhile Sumara and I had married and had a child of love and light together whom we named Angel. During all of this time, attending any church had never even entered our thoughts. Seventeen years had passed since I le the Mormon church and I had never looked back. ough I still considered myself very spiritual, I had actually become fairly anti-religious. However, I knew Philos always had good reasons for his recommendations. Even though he declined to elaborate on this one during the next months, we took turns attending the local Presbyterian church and the Mormon church. ey were very different in their services, but both enjoyable in their own ways. e Presbyterians had great energy and music. e Mormons seemed like a big family and were very welcoming.

Aer a couple of months we decided to commit to becoming members of the Latter-days Saints. Apparently my membership had never been officially voided so it was reactivated. Sumara took the missionary discussions and had committed to being baptized on the coming Saturday. Invitations were sent out to friends and family to attend. On Saturday morning Sumara was preparing herself when the Bishop of the local congregation unexpectedly knocked on our door. He was nervous and seemed very ill at ease. “I don’t know how to tell you this,” he stammered a bit. “Something like this has never happened before.” Sumara and I were both wide-eyed with curiosity as to what he could be talking about. e Bishop soon told us. “I got a call from the president of the mission this morning. He told me that Sumara could not be baptized.” “What!” I exclaimed in shock. “How can that be? She already passed all of her interviews including with you. Friends and family are already on their way here. Why would the mission president call it off just hours before?” e Bishop didn’t know and he obviously felt very bad to be bringing such news without a justi cation. “He had a revelation,” the Bishop tried to explain. “No reason, just not something God wanted to go forward with at this time.” He assured us again that he had never heard of anything like this happening and that perhaps the mission president might change his mind aer more prayer. Sumara was shocked, not so much because she had been looking forward to joining the church, but because she wondered what could be so wrong with her, how could she be so awed that they wouldn’t even want to baptize her? “ey even baptize convicts and criminals,” she lamented. e very next day we found out why. I had contacted Philos to ask him for his insight. His answer was interesting. “I told you to start attending church, not to join a church,” he explained. “at was never the plan. I

would have been happy to impart that tidbit with you if you had been talking with me more regularly,” he chided. “So what are we supposed to do?” I asked. “What comes next? Where do we go from here?” “at is not for me to say,” he replied mysteriously, “but I imagine you will know soon enough.” With that cryptic answer he le and didn’t respond to further attempts to contact him that day. e following day I was sitting at my desk in my home office, still trying to make sense of yesterdays events, praying about it and fervently seeking an answer. Suddenly I heard an audible voice calling my name, just like the one I had heard years ago when I was sixteen and received my rst angelic message in the forest glade. e wall in front of me seemed to expand into a vast open expanse somewhere in a pristine place far from civilization. I saw a bright light and what seemed to be a person in the center of the light. en a deep, resonate voice spoke and it lled my entire body with a vibrating resonance. “I am Gabriel, emissary of Elohim. You are called to a high and holy calling. It is given to you to walk into history and be the scribe who records the fulness of the life and teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth. is is the Celestine Light. is shall be your church and your path from this day forth so long as you remain worthy and humble.” en the light faded and the angel was gone. Once more I sat alone in my mundane office, awed, amazed and almost uncomprehending of the brief miracle I had just experienced. I did not even have a moment to ask a question and I did not really know what to make of what Gabriel had told me. Walk into history? What did that mean? And start a church? I wouldn’t even begin to have an idea how or the knowledge to accomplish it. Despite doubting my own capacities, I did not doubt what I had just experienced. I knew I had been visited by another angel of God. And I knew that I had received a message and a stewardship that God would not have given me unless a way had been prepared for me to accomplish it.

e rst thing I did, probably in a bit of disjointed excitement, was to sit Sumara down and share with her what had just occurred. She was still in a daze from her shock of not being allowed to be baptized in the Mormon church. I think she was somewhat overwhelmed when I explained God did not allow her to join the Mormon church because we were supposed to start our own. “How are we going to do that?” She wondered. I just shook my head unknowingly and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know how or where, but I know it will happen,” I assured her. We just need to be open to being led on the path of light where ever it may take us.” One immediate bene t was Sumara no longer wondered why convicts could be baptized and she could not. She now understood forces greater than man were at work opening up a path we had never expected. one that would soon take us to places far beyond the mundane world we had been living in. e new path of wonder began to occur the very next day when I sat down at my computer. I said a short prayer and looked up at my computer screen. ere was a strange symbol on it that I could not remember putting there as a screen saver. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever seeing that symbol before anywhere. e screen quickly seemed to expand and open up to a spacious world beyond. It was similar to the previous day with the appearance of the angel Gabriel, but without the light. An entire new world seemed to open up in front of me. Not an alien world, but one from long ago. As I stared at the scene unfolding before me it seemed as if I was drawn right into the vision. It was like the most lucid of lucid dreams. Only I wasn’t dreaming, I was wide awake! I was soon overwhelmed by the stench! I actually could smell several very unpleasant odors from animal dung, to decaying garbage, to the body odor of people I was walking near. ere were a lot of ies. I stretched out my hand and tried to catch one. But though my body seemed normal and substantial to me, the y passed right through my hand and landed on the wrist of a stranger standing next

to me in conversation with another man. He didn’t even seem to notice. But I noticed that my vision or daydream was so vivid that I could actually distinguish the hairs on his exposed forearm. Everyone was speaking various gibberishes of language. I did not recognize any of them. I focused on the conversation of the two men near me and suddenly they were speaking English! A merchant and his customer were haggling over an item the man with the y on his wrist wanted to buy. I closed my eyes for a few seconds trying to comprehend all that was happening to me. When I opened my eyes again I was still sitting at my desk looking at my computer screen, which no longer showed the strange symbol. Whether I deduced it on my own or had the thought placed in my mind by a higher source, I had an immediate ‘knowing’ that I had just experienced the ‘walk into history’ that the angel Gabriel had described. us began a ve year odyssey that culminated in the publishing of a three pound book of over eight hundred nely printed pages: e Oracles of Celestine Light. e life and teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth as seen through my own eyes as I walked beside him from his birth to his ascension; as I heard with my own ears his teachings in complete fulness as he spoke them. From an elaboration of the sparse few of his words that are recorded in the Christian New Testament, to hundreds of pages of gems and sermons that have been lost to the world for millenniums. All has been restored. My experience with the Oracles was as close to time travel as you can get. ough I have had many other humbling, paranormal and sacred experiences since then, once the Oracles was completed my door to time travel into the past closed. My ability to time travel was only given to enable me to be a personal witness and true scribe to the events I witnessed. With the completion of the Oracles, the ability to travel into the past was withdrawn. Perhaps someday in the future it will be given to me again if I am needed in that capacity for further eye witness testimonies. TELEPATHY: THE PREFERRED METHOD OF HIGHER COMMUNICATION

It is always somewhat frustrating for me to talk about telepathy. Hearing voices in your mind is oen associated with schizophrenia and people hearing voices motivating them to do evil or stupid things. Unfortunately, both of those type of disorders occur. Many schizophrenics do hear voices and many really disturbed people have been motivated to murder and mayhem because of voices they believed told them to take their vile actions. But the fact of those realities should not be extrapolated, that all the voices a person may hear in their mind are due to a psychological imbalance. Telepathy, the ability to consciously or unconsciously convey a thought from one mind to another without any spoken words or even visual contact is very much a reality. It is a function of higher human mental abilities, not lesser. It is also the preferred way to receive communication from higher beings. e beauty of telepathy is it is not constrained by distance, obstacles or time. Two people in telepathic contact can communicate instantly with one another, even if they are on opposite sides of the world. Beyond this world, telepathy is the easiest way for any being anywhere in the universe to communicate with someone on Earth. Whether this is a person currently living in a physical body on some far off world, or a higher being of light from realms unseen, telepathy is the easiest form of instant communication. e speed of light is not the limit of speed or the constraint of travel. With thought, there is no limit, there is no constraint. One of the greatest blessings that came upon me as a result of being a witness for the Oracles, was my mind was suddenly open to telepathic communication with numerous angels, original apostles of Yeshua, spiritual guides, and even Yeshua of Nazareth himself. Whatever question I might have, I now had answers. Whatever instruction of importance an angel or other higher being wished to impart, I could easily receive. e best part of communicating via telepathy is it is a conversation. And conversations allow me to know someone on a far more energetic and personal level than merely receiving information or turning my body over to full trance channeling.

Telepathy is very interesting from a point of scienti c curiosity. Oentimes there is no distinction in the voice. I depend upon people to identify who they are as the voice is just a voice. It is neither male nor female, has no regional or cultural accent, and no distinctive tone that would allow me to identify the speaker. However, there are certain people that do have accents, distinctive tones and are identi able not only as male or female, but instantly recognized for who they are just like you would recognize the voice of your parents, siblings, spouse or best friend. Yeshua, Philos, Yeshua’s wife Miriam, and Miriam’s brother Lazarus, are the four people that I can distinctively recognize when they speak to me telepathically. I believe that telepathic ability could be a very common ability among people. But it is an atrophied talent because we never attempt to use it with one another. Because we communicate so easily verbally, we do not make the effort to communicate mentally. If we did, I believe a whole new world of possibilities would open. YESHUA Once I accepted the calling and stewardship of the Oracles, on rare occasions I was privileged to receive telepathic communication from Yeshua. is continues today when he deems it necessary. Normally his messages will be conveyed by one of his angels, or one of his original apostles, but with very important messages or instructions that will impact the lives of many people, he will reach out to tell me personally through telepathy. His telepathic voice is the same distinctly recognizable voice I heard two thousand years ago. MIRIAM A far more frequent telepathic communication is with Yeshua’s wife, Miriam of Magdala. Most people in the modern world know her as Mary Magdalene. But I know her as the Angel of the Covenant, a very powerful emissary of Elohim that has communicated immensely useful information

to me over the last several years and continues to be someone who speaks with me a few times each year. Two thousand years ago I watched her progress from an unconventional young woman when she married Yeshua, to a supremely self-con dent master of the paranormal powers available through Celestine Light. LAZARUS e elder brother of Miriam, this is the same Lazarus still famous today for the time Yeshua raised him from the dead. During my time witnessing the Oracles I always had to smile a bit whenever Lazarus was involved. He always seemed to be wanting to participate, to be an active part of the entourage of Yeshua which included his sister Miriam and all of the apostles. But for the most part he was oen le disappointed and le out of their travels. On the few occasions when he did accompany them, his ignorance of their powers and purposes and the situations that arose because of it were oen humorous, even though the circumstances were very serious. Yet today, next to Philos, Lazarus is the person I speak with the most. And unlike Miriam the angel, or Philos my off-world friend and guide, Lazarus is still a esh and blood physical human being. You read that right! Lazarus is a living 2,000 year old man! ough we could meet in person, telepathy is his preferred method of communication. ere is an important reason he has lived so long and a special stewardship he ful lls because of his long life. He was originally one of twenty-four people, twelve couples that were cellularly altered and granted tremendous longevity to become Guardians of the Earth to protect our world from catastrophic threats, both the home-grown variety and from other worlds. is group originally included his wife Hannah. Today, Lazarus is the last of the Guardians. I have been blessed to write the stories of his adventures in his own words in the rst person as he shares them with me. Unlike the Oracles where I was merely a scribe, I am able to add descriptive phrasing to Lazarus’s narrative, enabling the books of the Secret Earth series to be in the form of novels, which hopefully makes for

interesting and enjoyable reading. With two thousand years of Lazarus’ adventures to cover I may need to live at least a thousand years myself just to write them all. ONLY A PORTION It was difficult for me to publicly share the events in my life contained in this chapter. I am by nature a very private person and desire the content of what I write sharing the secrets I have learned about angels, magick, spirituality, psychic abilities, the paranormal and our very purpose in existence, to be the focus, not me. However, with the subject of this book it seemed important to establish how it is that I can speak with real knowledge about angels, their true natures and how they can help each of us in our individual life challenges. It is through the direct, divine conduit I have been blessed to have that I know the names of the angels and their purposes, that I can clearly see their sigils, know their power and can present this information to you with con dent expectations that you will use it wisely and bene t greatly. And I regularly use these sigils myself. I know they work because they have worked for me and other practitioners of Celestine Light, again and again. ey truly are magickal and miraculous in nature. I continue to communicate on a regular basis with angels and am blessed to gain new knowledge from their wisdom frequently. What I’ve shared is only a small portion of my experiences with the supernatural. Hopefully it is enough that you will delve into the rest of this book with greater earnestness. I truly hope that you do as it is full of knowledge never before given to the public that can dramatically improve your life.

C 

WHAT ARE ANGELS? Not all religions believe in angels. Among those that do, some believe in many angels and others only one or two. What they understand angels to be also varies from religion to religion. However, there is a general consensus that angels are unde nable beings of “spirit,” which is in itself unde ned. Most also believe that angels were created by God for the sole purpose of serving God in whatever capacity God commands them to serve for eternity. Before I had a full understanding of the angels of Celestine Light, I always felt sorrow and even pity for angels as they are commonly depicted. e widely held belief of them being perpetual servants of God actually made me believe less in an all powerful God. I could not imagine a loving, omnipotent God creating angels and then condemning them to never be able to enjoy a physical life and furthermore condemn these wonderful beings of light to be servants for eternity. ey would never have the opportunity to be more? To me, not being allowed to progress and being required to remain in the same job forever, seemed more like a cruel punishment rather than a blessing. As I progressed in my knowledge of Celestine Light and began having the opportunity to converse directly with angels, I gained a wonderful understanding of their true nature that made it much easier to relate to them and feel good about how they could help me. ANGELS ARE PHYSICAL e rst thing I learned was that though angels are higher beings, lled with greater and purer energy of light and thus have transcended the physical form we are currently in, they are not merely beings of spirit any more than we are. Like us, they have a tangible, physical body combined with a soul of spiritual essence that is connected directly to Elohim the creator of all. However, the physical body of angels is in an immortal,

perfected form. And each and every one of them at some point in their existence had the opportunity to experience a purely physical life very similar to the ones we are now living. One unique aspect of angels is they are the only beings that can physically appear on a lower vibration world such as our Earth and also be able to dwell in the higher realms. eir unique capability in this regard makes them the perfect bridge between physical humans and God (Elohim). MORE ANGELS THAN YOU CAN COUNT ough the Christian Bible only mentions one archangel by name – Michael and only one other good angel – Gabriel, it refers to angels in both the Old and New Testaments as numbering ten thousand times ten thousand.[1] at equals 100 million! e reality is the number is probably far greater than 100 million when you consider that every person has a Guardian Angel. While one Guardian Angel can serve multiple people, there are innumerable Earths. Planets like ours lled with an entirely different population of people “created in the image of Elohim.” And they all have their Guardian Angels as well. e 7 billion+ inhabitants of our world are only a drop in the bucket of human life. ANGELS ARE OFFICES OF RESPONSIBILITY One of the more astounding and wonderful aspects of angels I’ve learned is that they are not condemned forever to just be ful lling the same responsibility. In fact, the stewardships of angels are actually offices with speci c duties. Which particular angel holds that office changes from time to time. Oen the office has a name, such as “Angel of the Covenant” or “Archangel of Life.” It is not unlike someone being the ‘mayor.’ or the ‘comptroller.’ Different people serve in the same capacity over time. But the name and duties of the office remain the same. So it is with angels. Sometimes the name of a particular angel has become so synonymous with a speci c responsibility over the millennium that an angel’s name is passed down from one angel to the next as the unofficial but more widely

recognized name of the office. is occurs with the angel Gabriel. Officially, Gabriel is the ‘Archangel of Divine Connections.’ Unofficially in both the higher realms and on Earth that office is simply referred to as the ‘Archangel Gabriel.’ However, the individual holding the office of the Archangel Gabriel has changed over time. Interestingly so has the sex. Sometimes the angel of that office was a male and sometimes a female. e current Archangel Gabriel is a female. is was best explained by Yeshua himself, when Miriam was called to become the next Angel of the Covenant in the Oracles of Celestine Light: Vivus:89:13-26 “13 Yeshua and Miriam came to stand atop the highest cloud. In the distance and from all directions there was the approaching sound of trumpets and then suddenly many heavenly beings encircled them. 14 And Miriam asked Yeshua, “Who are these hosts of heaven?” 15 Yeshua answered, saying, “ey are some of my Father and Mother’s angels that have come to witness the moment when you will be numbered among them.” 16 “Truly?” Miriam said somewhat in awe. “Even now, when there is so much upon your shoulders and weighing upon your heart, you do me this honor? But if it is to be now, I know of a certainty that it is the time that best serves Elohim, and I am most humbled.” 17 “Yes Miriam,” Yeshua replied. “Now is the time that you are called to ful ll the greatness of your promise.” 18 en a man with brown hair and a owing beard, dressed in white robes with shimmering gold and colored threads and a large purple sash around his waist stepped forward. Yeshua put his hand upon his shoulder and introduced him to Miriam, “is is Halakata. He is currently the Angel of the Covenant and will remain so in fullness while you learn the secrets of your calling.” 19 Miriam nodded her head toward Halakata and said unto him, “It is an honor to meet you Halakata. How long have you been the Angel of the Covenant?”

20 “I have no idea,” answered Halakata. “I know exactly when I am supposed to be any place in the Celestine realms or upon any Earth in the heavens. But I know not how that relates to the time as you keep it upon the world you have called home.” 21 “He has served faithfully and well for a very long time,” Yeshua assured Miriam. “On this and many Earths. Now he has progressed in the expansion of his Celestine Light beyond the office of the Angel of the Covenant and has been called to something greater. 22 “All of this is as my divine Father and Mother have decreed it should be, even down unto the very minute and hour of the time that only the Elohim know. 23 “Now it is upon you Miriam to receive the mantle of the Angel of the Covenant and to ful ll that calling upon this Earth and all others in the heavens. But upon this one in particular for the next eleven years. Do you accept this high and holy calling?” 24 “You know that I do my Lord,” she answered with conviction. 25 Yeshua nodded his head in acknowledgment, then said unto her, “In the name and by the power of Elohim – so let it be.” 26 A blinding white light immediately emanated from the body of Miriam and lled all the sky as far as the eye could see. Just as suddenly as it came upon her, it was gone and she stood radiantly before Yeshua and Halakata and all the angels who bore witness; no longer as Miriam of Magdala, but as the Angel of the Covenant, emissary of the Elohim and powerful protector of the Children of Light. [1]  Daniel 7:10, Revelation 5:11

C 

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAGICKAL AND NON-MAGICKAL ANGELS While all the miracles angels can do certainly seem ‘magical’ and miraculous to mortals, not all angels respond to ‘magickal’ calls. e distinction arises in who the angel is and the purpose of their stewardship. In the hierarchy of angels the majority have duties that never involve interaction with mortal humans directly or indirectly. eir responsibilities involve working with the Elohim for higher universal purposes. ey may be directly involved in the creation of worlds within our universe or even a single organism on a world. e universe consists of innumerable Earth-like planets lled with life. Innumerable is a big number. Like a gardener that plants a seed and watches it grow into a beautiful, fruitful plant, when the habitable worlds are created, it is the fondest desire of God that all life continues to live and prosper. To that end all worlds have a Guardian Angel for the planet. e Earth’s Guardian Angel cannot be called upon or magickally invoked or evoked. ey have no interaction with the physical beings on the world. But using weather, geologic and climate change they seek to preserve, sculpt and enhance the living planet for the bene t of its inhabitants. Interestingly, the people on the world with their limited understanding of the big picture, may not always see the actions of the Guardian Angel of the planet as being bene cial. For instance, though the pollution generated by modern man is attributed to the current state of an increasingly warming climate, historically the planet has gone through numerous wide swings of warm and cold climates far in excess of what we see today. And it could happen again if our Earth’s Guardian Angel decided it was in the best interest of the vitality of the planet. During the age of the dinosaurs a large part of the world was warmer and tropical. On the other hand, before man had any in uence or was even on

the scene, the Earth experienced multiple ice ages with massive glaciers extending far down into the major populated areas of today’s world. Cities, such as Seattle, Chicago and New York have at multiple times in the history of the Earth been completely buried under glacial ice sheets sometimes over 6,000 feet thick! For comparison, the Empire State Building including its spire is 1,454 feet tall. e Laurentide Ice Sheet that completely covered present-day New York and Boston 22,000 years ago was thicker than four Empire State Buildings stacked vertically one atop another. All the water contained in these massively thick, continent-wide ice sheets had to come from somewhere and the oceans were the source. While North America was being buried under miles thick ice, the oceans dropped over 350 feet from current levels to provide the water that fell as snow and later turned to ice forming and growing the glaciers. Losing so much water to the glaciers caused the oceans to become much saltier which in turn dramatically affected most forms of sea life. Why do these extreme uctuations in climate occur? Either extreme today, increasingly hot or cold, ten degrees warmer or covered in glacial ice, would seem at rst glance to be extremely disruptive to humans and other life on the planet, but in their greater wisdom and vision to see the bigger and longer-term picture, the Guardian Angel of Earth might feel otherwise and put into motion the natural mechanisms to cause such massive changes for the overall bene t of the planet and life upon it. e thing to note is that all the magickal invocations, evocations or even fervent prayers to God would not have any effect on the actions of the Guardian Angel of Earth. ey are true to their stewardship and are trusted by Elohim to act in a way that best ful lls that stewardship, regardless of the desires or pleas of the people on the planet. Like the Guardian Angel of Earth, there are many other angels that it is a useless endeavor to try to call upon, invoke, evoke or pray to God for action from. Dealing with people is not in their job description and they will not respond.

Happily, there are numerous angels that will answer quickly and provide miraculous assistance when you ask for their help. ese include all of the magickal angels of Celestine Light. at is the distinction between magickal and non-magickal angels. Nonmagickal angels are big picture angels. ey have duties that never involve them interacting or assisting individual people and there is nothing you can do to summon them. Even if you know their name, sigil and purpose they will not respond to any form of invocation, evocation, call, plea or prayer. ankfully magickal angels are especially responsive to being easily summoned by the proper pronunciation of their name said in a magickal way along with the use of their sigil because this is the template that God established for the bene t of mankind. A big part of their stewardship is to be of direct service to humanity and the individuals that ask for their divine help for worthy objectives.  

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PRAYER, PARANORMAL POWERS, MAGICK: 3 PATHS TO THE SAME RESULTS? At rst glance it would seem that prayer, using paranormal powers and magick are simply three different ways to obtain the same result. However, this is not the case. e three paths are quite different in their method and results. In certain circumstances, one method will work more effectively than the other two. In some instances, one particular way or another may be the only method that will work. PRAYERS Traditionally when help from higher realms is sought, most people utilize prayer to ask God directly for assistance, trusting that the all-knowing, allpowerful supreme will delegate whichever angels are most appropriate to render aid. is is undeniably a method that works as has been attested to for millenniums with successful prayers from people of many religions. However, the results of direct prayer to God can oen be slow in arriving, confusing, nebulous and contrary to the expectations of the supplicant. is is because rather than going directly to the angel whose stewardship would result in the fastest, most effective help, a longer more winding path was imitated. It’s like if you needed help with a specialized computer problem and the rst person you tried to contact was Bill Gates. Eventually your message might get through but then he would delegate followup to an underling, who in turn would delegate it to another underling, who in turn would research which geographic area you were in and which company could best serve you. Once that company was contacted, they would need to consider the skills of their various employees to determine which one would best be

able to help you. Finally, you might get a message from that employee and would need to start over at square one and explain everything to him. Certainly Elohim hears all prayers. But considering that there are over 7 billion people on our Earth and that there are billions more Earths in the universe, hearing and responding by delegating the most appropriate angel to help is a monumental and sometimes time-consuming task! PARANORMAL POWERS Many of the challenges people face from improving relationships to nding a job can be assisted by using some of their personal paranormal abilities. Being able to see and understand auras as an example, is a huge asset in any type of human interaction from husband and wife to employer and employee. Seeing or feeling auras, as explained in detail in my book Auras: How to See, Feel & Know allows you to know when someone is telling the truth and when they are not. It helps you understand when a person is hiding an emotional pain that is a block to a better relationship. e aura helps you to know if they are happy, sad, feeling good or suffering from an illness. And it is only one of many potential paranormal gis that all people have but few people are aware of or use. However, not being aware or pro cient at using paranormal abilities is the crux of why they are generally an unreliable means to help solve your problems in life. Everyone has potential talent in one or more paranormal powers. But being adept enough to be able to call upon and use your latent abilities takes practice and dedication. For those who have put in the time to master some of the wonderful paranormal abilities, using them to help solve problems is oen exceptionally helpful with instant results. In my own home, my children were never able to lie to me growing up. eir aura would always tell the truth regardless of what their words might be. My ability to always perceive the truth was a continuing source of irritation for them. But it helped have harmony in the home.

In decades past I owned and managed multiple businesses. Being able to discern from a person’s aura whether they were telling the truth was immensely helpful in dealing with sales people giving me a spiel and job applicants that might be exaggerating their resume. If you are capable of using any paranormal abilities to your advantage it is very self-empowering to be able to take care of your own problems with those powers. Even when that is possible, it is not universally useful. ere are many situations that can arise where the paranormal powers a person might be quite good at using simply do not have a way to be used in a particular circumstance. Two of my other books you will nd very useful in developing your paranormal and psychic abilities include: Unleash Your Psychic Powers and Psychic Self-Defense. MAGICK How is magick different from prayer or using paranormal powers? And how can magick which most people associate with the occult, have anything to do with angels of God? ere are several schools of magick and most are steeped in the occult. As such they are seen as clashing with religions that center upon angels and heavenly beings. Demons are more typically associated with the occult in the minds of most people rather than angels. Celestine Light angel magick is the bridge that spans the chasm between the occult and the higher heavenly realms. It unites the two powerful energies and works equally well in both domains. It is the only type of magick that does. A typical occultist has no more interest or use in anything having to do even slightly with religion, than a typical person of religion has interest in or anything to do with the occult. ey are seen as the antithesis of each other. e reality is both are expanded to their fullest potential when united instead of opposed, and this is what occurs with Celestine Light.

e magick of Celestine Light used to call in the assistance of angels is also a bridge between the absence of personal empowerment in a prayer that simply calls out for help, verses using a paranormal power which solves a problem by your own supernatural abilities. Using magick is more empowered than praying because it relies upon your awareness of and ability to use highly speci c words, tools and rituals to coalesce the energies including angels, that are required to achieve your goal. It is not simply abandoning your own ability to do something for yourself and pleading with God to do it for you. However, magick is less empowering than using your paranormal abilities to help achieve your objective, but it oen works more rapidly than any other method as it is very focused on summoning the speci c energies required. Anyone that learns the magickal rituals, which are oen very simple, uses the tools, or says the special magickal words of activation will manifest the energies necessary to achieve the results. Using paranormal talents that you have mastered such as aura reading, telekinesis, astral travel or clairvoyance may be the ultimate manifestation of personal empowerment but it has limitations. ere are many situations that can arise where the particular paranormal abilities you may have mastered have no viable way of helping you in that particular situation. So the answer to the title of this chapter, questioning whether prayer, paranormal powers and magick were different paths to the same result is, ‘yes,’ and ‘no,’ and ‘sometimes so.’ e distinction is if you have the ability to use all three, there will be circumstances where one is more helpful than the other two. And which one it is will vary depending upon your objective and abilities. Because self-empowerment is so important to personal growth and expansion, when faced with any situation where you need assistance beyond your normal physical and mental capabilities I recommend that you look at your three choices in this order: 1. Is this something you can help by using a paranormal ability you have mastered?

2. If no, is this something you can help by using magick, including calling a magickal angel for assistance? 3. If the answer to #1 and #2 are both ‘no,’ then it’s time to start praying directly to Elohim. Or, if time is not of the essence, learning how to use a paranormal power or call in an angel that can help.

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SIGIL, A SYMBOL, AND A SIGNATURE When using magick there are certain orders and shapes of lines that speci cally summon magickal energies. ese can take the form of sigils, symbols, or signatures in the case of angels. Each of these three can stand alone or may be found in conjunction with one another, untied for the same purpose. Before there were any written languages, people drew symbols to represent invisible and unexplained forces that affected their lives. e magick contained in those prehistory images is potent when it is harnessed correctly. And some form of symbolism is used in every path of magick today. Commonly seen symbols include the sun, which oen represents authority, strength, wisdom and power. It’s opposite is the crescent moon which typically embodies an aura of mystery, subtlety and emotions, especially the feelings hidden deep inside. e spiral occurs in many sigils in one form or another and can have many meanings depending upon the magickal force the image is summoning. It can mean energy, but also enlightenment and perception of things hidden, as well as other meanings depending upon how it appears. Stars are also powerful magickal symbols that are found in many sigils. ey begin with a two point star and continue on to a twelve pointed star and even up to a 24 pointed star. Each type of star with varying number of rays, represents a different magickal energy and summoning power. e magickal energies and abilities can even vary with star images that have the same number of rays depending upon how the image is drawn. Are all the rays the same length and shape? If not, the magick that is called in is different.

ere are many more images that because of their resonance with certain magickal forces are used extensively in angel sigils. Some angels also sign their name as a part of their sigil. Sometimes it is inside the sigil and other times it is above or below it. A symbol is most oen a small series of lines drawn in a certain way to attract speci c magickal energies by their shape or relation to one another. SOME EXAMPLES OF SYMBOLS


       A signature is usually only seen with angels and then only with some angels, similar to a signature anyone would write in script. But they appear most similar to the indecipherable scrawl oen seen with modern physicians. In writing this book I was shown a picture in my minds eye of each angels signature that I needed to compose. ey would rst appear in ames and then the re would go out leaving behind a black line script. My

attempts to then replicate the scrawled image I saw in my mind was most oen unsuccessful. To make the matter more difficult for me, angels write from right to le instead of from le to right as I have done all of my life. It may sound like no big deal but it is really challenging! Try writing your own name from right to le instead of le to right and you will know exactly what I am talking about. en challenge yourself further and try writing someone else’s name from right to le. It becomes another magnitude of difficultly. Every one of my attempts ended up looking boxlike and crude. en a miraculous event occurred. One of the angels I was attempting to write the name of had pity on my feeble attempts. ey asked if they could assist. Of course I enthusiastically said, “yes!” e angel asked me to hold the pen but in every other way relax my hand. I followed his instructions and felt the angel lay his hand over mine and also grasp my pen. He then began an easy owing motion with my relaxed hand and wrote his signature with beauty. Aer that all the other angels that had signatures were kind enough to repeat the process. Unlike our signatures which spell our names with standard letters, angel signatures are a written expression of their energy. ey are not composed of either letters or symbols. SOME EXAMPLES OF ANGEL SIGNATURES


       Angel sigils are a more complex expression and summoning of magickal energy, and they always have several components. Both symbols and signatures may be incorporated into a sigil or it may have neither. While some sigils are fairly simple like the Angel Bromati’s.

Others, such as the Angel Xeomilaith’s

are more complex and incorporate multiple symbols, a signature, plus additional elements. Whether they are simple or complex, or something in between, every part of a sigil, including the thickness of the lines, plays a part in calling in and summoning the angel to whom the sigil belongs.

C 

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ANGEL SIGILS AND STANDARD MAGICKAL SIGILS Purely magickal sigils, special images that resonate with speci c magickal energies and coalesce them as you stare at the sigil, or in some cases take ritualistic actions in relation to the sigil, are both similar and different from angel sigils. ey are similar in their effect of coalescing the energies required to obtain a desired objective. ey are different in what occurs when using the sigil. ey are also noticeably different in their appearance and compositional elements. STANDARD MAGICKAL SIGILS e standard magickal sigils of Celestine Light incorporate both occult and modern symbolism. Most components are unique to Celestine Light. But some are ancient and parts oner of the most commonly used Celestine Light sigils are found in my book Words of Power and Transformation. Some symbols such as Zaka Xeramzey,

which utilizes the classic ve-pointed star along with 3 concentric rings and is used to invoke a Circle of Protection from Psychic Attacks, have obvious occult symbolism. Other symbols such as Dronda Jasalash,

to reconcile a relationship ri, has elements that are more modern and not attached to occult roots. Still others such as Rabaa Kalish Sumar

to unleash and develop your creative and artistic abilities, contains both occult symbolism in the ve-pointed star along with the non-occult symbols of a ower and three circles. Together all of the symbol elements form a synergy that summons the desired creative energy.

One of the distinctions of standard magickal sigils is, once you know the purpose of the sigil it is oen easy to see how the visual elements are harmonious with that purpose. For instance, it is easy to intuitively understand how the two symbols found in the Aashkadar Kuraz sigil, a star and a crescent moon, are conducive to calling in the slumbering energy necessary to get a peaceful, good nights sleep.

ANGEL SIGILS e sigils of angels oen have no direct correlation between the symbols used and the stewardship of the angel being called. ey also seldom have occult symbols as part of their elements. Angel sigils are more like the calling card for the angel. Each angel creates their own sigil based upon the energies they wish to coalesce around them, both subtle and direct, to best be able to ful ll their stewardship and responsibilities when called upon. Because angel sigils are an energy calling card, many will contain the actual signature of the angel. Angel signatures are purely re ections of the angel’s energy. e signature itself contains neither letters or symbols. It is just how the angel perceives the ow of their energy.

As angels ful ll their stewardship within an office, such as the Angel of the Covenant, the signature would change if a new angel took over the stewardship and office. However, as human lifetimes in the modern era on our Earth are so short, it is unlikely any of us will ever see a signature change. One large difference between angel sigils and standard magical sigils is, the use of the angelic alphabet. e angelic alphabet combines logographic, syllabic and alphabetic elements to convey words or meanings similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics. e symbols cannot be directly translated into any written Earth language or alphabet but they play an important role in many angel sigils. Some sigils may have only a single alphabet symbol while others may have as many as twenty-four. None of the sixty- ve angel alphabet symbols found in various sigils in this book will ever be found in a standard magickal sigil. ere are also commonly repeated elements found in angel sigils in one form or another that are far less likely to be found in standard magickal sigils. Because angels are emissaries of God symbolized by the trinity of the Elohim – the father, mother and son, the number three is very oen represented in angel sigils. It could be three circles, three triangles, three wavy lines, three concentric rings or three of anything. When you start to look for it you will see a lot of threes in angel sigils. Multiples of three are also oen commonly found, especially the number twelve, which is symbolic and coalesces energy for group power related to the Elohim. A good example from history would be the twelve Apostles of Yeshua. Even within this book are found 144 angels, or 12 times 12. Stars are also frequently seen symbols with a sigil. ey can signify many different types of energies and they come with a widely varying number of rays and length of rays. ere is no set type of energy that a star symbolizes or summons in with an angel sigil. But it is worth correlating the angel’s stewardship with the number of rays in the star, and even the shape of the rays, and whether or not they are uniform in length or of varying lengths.

To the angel that created the sigil, those small details are important. By noticing the little details when you look at the sigil you are conveying to the angel that they are interesting to you on a personal level and not just as someone to come and serve you. e needs you would have that cause you to use a sigil also vary from standard magick to magickal angels. ough there are 144 angel sigils in this book and over 100 standard magickal sigils in Words of Power and Transformation, there are very few that have overlapping purposes between the two books. Standard magickal sigils are very helpful for everyday purposes like nding a great job, directly effecting physical ailments, having money come to you unexpectedly, vanquishing entities of the unseen world, or protecting yourself from people that would harm you in the physical world. ey can also be used for less than angelic purposes, such as increasing your luck to become more successful at games of chance. Calling upon angels tends to be for higher purposes like selfimprovement, unleashing your artistic ability, or your genius for some talent or aspect of life. ey also are key for things directly related to life such as fertility, birth and discovering your life purpose. Surprisingly, while standard magickal sigils have some uses for manifesting your personal paranormal abilities, calling upon angels have even more! I only included the ones in this book I felt were the more commonly desired and manifested. ere is literally an angel to help bring forth and become empowered in every psychic and paranormal ability that exists. Nothing is by chance in an angel sigil and every detail, no matter how insigni cant it may seem, actually has an active role in activating the energies required for the angel to ful ll their stewardship. Because of that, the elements of the angel sigil, while very important to the angel,tend to be less important to us. For us, angel sigils may just be the calling card, the summoning bell, to bring the power of the angel into our life to help us

achieve our worthy goals and desires. But the angels do appreciate when you notice and admire their sigil. e most important distinction between standard magickal sigils and angel sigils is what is activated by using them. e components of standard sigils work in synergy to summon and coalesce the speci ed energy directly to you to use as you desire. e components of angel sigils create a synergy that alerts the needed angel of Celestine Light to your call and summons them to your aid in the way they feel is best.

C 

IMPORTANCE OF CALLING UPON THE RIGHT ANGEL Angels are very hierarchical and they strictly perform their angelic duties within the boundaries of their de ned stewardship and responsibilities. To get the best results when calling on angels, it is important to know what you are asking for as speci cally as possible and which angel within that subject area would be most helpful. It is certainly acceptable to call upon more than one angel if they all have stewardships that are related in some way to the success of your endeavor or desire. ARCHANGELS It is very popular today for people to call upon archangels for help. With the advent of the New Age movement the number of archangels in the popular consciousness seemed to proliferate. Numerous people today claim that they channel various archangels, particularly the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. And people tend to call upon the archangels for every little desire under the sun. I guess the thought process is why call on a regular angel when you can call upon an archangel? However, that is not how the angel hierarchy works. Whether you are calling upon an archangel or a lower angel, your request must be within the sphere of their stewardship or it will not even be heard. And a request for help not heard is a request not answered. It’s as if you were telephoning a friend named Angel that lived in Singapore but instead called a number in London. No matter how many times you said, “hello Angel,” there would be no response because you hadn’t actually connected, even if you thought you had. e hierarchy allows angels to be very efficient ful lling their duties. With more than 7 billion people on this Earth and innumerable more Earthlike planets inhabited by trillions more humans and other advanced physical

beings, angel efficiency is not a whim but a necessity. Here’s a simple vertical tree that shows the basic hierarchy of angels:

Elohim Archangel Maeádael All Other Archangels Arayhim Angels      Stewardship Angels Yazana Angels                            Specialty Angels Charion Angels     Guardian Angels Elohim of course is over all. e Father, Mother and Son have acted in unison and set the template that the angels follow. If you are praying it should only be to Elohim and never to angels of any kind including archangels. While prayer to Elohim can be effective, utilizing angels directly is most oen quicker, as this is the efficient template Elohim created to be of greatest help to the people of all the worlds. e Archangel Maeádael is the majordomo of the angelic world. If Elohim were the President, Maeádael would be the Chief of Staff and the other archangels would be supervisors of various departments. Maeádael is the only angel that regularly reports directly to Elohim. All the other archangels report only to Maeádael. Archangels have stewardships that cover broad categories. Many archangels have no interactions with people in mortality and solely serve Elohim as they are directed for purposes far grander than the lives and events of a single planet. However, some archangels are given speci c responsibilities to be of assistance to people in mortality. For the most part they do not interact directly with individuals but act instead as supervisors

for the Stewardship Angels serving beneath them. e archangels in this book include:

Attitude Avocation Creative Expansion Dreams Elements Life Longevity Personal Development Psychic & Paranormal Abilities Relationships Soul Divine Connections Well-being Stewardship Angels are the primary magickal angels of Celestine Light. ey have been given speci c instructions from Elohim to respond to the invocations and evocations of individuals who call upon them for good purposes that help them in their mortal lives without hurting others. It is these angels that you will be calling upon and summoning most oen. An example of the relationship between archangels and Stewardship Angels would be the Archangel Teyzekael for Avocation and the derivatives of that ful lled by the Stewardship Angels serving under Teyzekael.

Archangel of Avocation - Teyzekael

Angel of Abundance - Huberon Angel of Achievement - Sijon Angel of Career – Dalischer Angel of Focus - Larkarai Angel of Ideas - Jorentin Angel of Ingenuity - Yisrádán Angel of Knowledge - Molchán Angel of Persistence - Zharaies Angel of Presentation – Quethalia Angel of Ventures – Ahnsovald Angel of Work Ethic – Mahiannon Specialty Angels are also magickal angels of Celestine Light. But they have very specialized stewardships that are subcategories of the responsibilities of the Stewardship Angel above them. As such they will only be called upon by people with highly specialized needs. Charion Angels are oen asked to serve for a time as Specialty Angels. A good example of this would be Specialty Angels serving within Angel Molchán’s stewardship of knowledge. ere are literally over a thousand Specialty Angels that serve under the stewardship of Knowledge that is itself a sub-category of the Stewardship of Avocation. ink of every college degree and every profession from plumber to computer technician. ey each have a unique Specialty Angel that can help anyone working in those elds with any aspect or challenge they are facing within that specialty. Arayhim Angels usually have no interaction with people in mortality. ey serve Elohim in various capacities.

Yazana Angels also mostly serve larger purposes of Elohim. Occasionally they may be tasked with assisting a large group of people, but never individuals. Miriam of Magdala serves in this capacity helping guide Celestine Light in her capacity as the Angel of the Covenant. Charion Angels are helper angels. ey tend to be composed mostly of individuals that are still new to the ranks of angels. ey do not have set stewardships or responsibilities. All of the tasks they are called upon to do tend to be transitory in nature. ey may be called upon to assist other angels in their responsibilities, or they may be given a temporary task by Elohim. When they are not involved in an assigned task they are free to help people in mortality as they are in resonance to assist. Most Guardian Angels come from among the ranks of the Charion Angels. ere will be more on them in the next chapter. HOW TO KNOW WHO TO CALL e way the angel hierarchy works is, whenever possible you should call upon and summon the angel that is most directly related to your need. If you do not know who that angel is, you should call upon the next angel up the hierarchy and trust them to send the best angel to you that can serve your need. For instance, no Specialty Angels are listed in this book, as the Stewardship Angels will be able to help most people in all but the most specialized needs. If you were working as a computer technician and feeling challenged with a work related issue, but did not know the Specialty Angel responsible for your eld, you would call upon the next highest angel up the hierarchical chain, in this case the Angel of Knowledge, Molchán. is angel would contact the appropriate Specialty Angel and direct them to your assistance. If you also did not know who the Stewardship Angel was, you would seek out the Archangel of Avocation, Teyzekael, who in turn would contact the Angel of Knowledge, Molchán, who in turn would contact the most appropriate Specialty Angel and send them to assist you.

Carrying it still one step further, if you also did not know which archangel would be best you would call upon the Archangel Maeádael the majordomo of all archangels. Maeádael would then contact the appropriate archangel who would then contact the most appropriate Stewardship Angel, who would then contact the most appropriate Specialty Angel if necessary and send them to your aid. Lastly, if you had no idea of any angel or archangel to call upon, you could say a prayer to Elohim and request help in whatever way Elohim deemed best. Elohim would contact the Archangel Maeádael who would contact the archangel best suited for your need, who would contact the Stewardship Angel best able to help you, who would contact the Specialty Angel if necessary and send them to assist you. As you can plainly see it is greatly to your advantage to know and call upon the exact angel that is most appropriate to helping solve your problem or challenge. Knowing who that angel is, what their name is, how to pronounce their name, what their sigil is, and how to summon them, greatly speeds up the process of assisting you and insures a more exactly helpful response.

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HOW TO CALL AND INTERACT WITH THE MAGICKAL ANGELS OF CELESTINE LIGHT Angels are immortal spiritual beings of love and light. Many have a dedicated stewardship to assist people still struggling with the challenges of a physical life. e help of an angel can be life-changing, rapid and dramatic. It is well worth investing a little time and effort to learn how to call the magickal angels of Celestine Light to assist you in your worthy endeavors. As angels are beings of light and love, they will not respond to pleas for help that involve any purpose that is not of a higher vibrational energy.    AS EXAMPLES: Help with gambling? No. Revenge against someone that hurt you? No. Finding and thriving in the perfect profession? Yes.  Discovering your Twin Flame or Soul Mate? Yes. Developing your Psychic and Paranormal abilities? Yes. Excelling in a creative art of your desire? Yes. Recovering your health? Yes.

• Protection from danger? Yes. When calling upon angels for assistance it is important to make the distinction between Guardian Angels, which will be covered in the following chapter and Stewardship Angels which have speci c expertise’s for you to call upon. HOW LONG BEFORE YOU SEE RESULTS? e rapidity of your response will depend upon the quality of your summoning and its purpose. If you are calling an angel as a lark you will need to wait beyond your lifetime for a response, at least for a favorable one. If you are calling upon the aid of an angel with no faith in their existence and no real expectation of their response, you will probably get exactly what you expect. But if you are seeking angelic help with a sincere heart for a worthy purpose that helps you without hurting anyone else, you can expect angelic help as rapidly as the situation will allow. If you are asking for protection, the response will likely be immediate as the situation warrants. If you are asking for help nding a better job, the results could   take days or weeks depending upon how much of your own effort you apply looking for the ideal job. For instance if you asked for help but then sat at home watching TV instead of making focused attempts to nd the job you are seeking, it is unlikely an angel will prompt an employer to come knocking on your door begging you to come work at their company.

If you are seeking help discovering your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, unless they live in your small town it will likely take some time to physically arrange for the two of you to be in the same geographic location at exactly the same time and have the occasion to meet one another. If you are seeking success for your business venture you may need months or even over a year to fully see the results that you desire as that type of ful llment develops over time. And like looking for a job, you have to also give it your best effort. STEPS TO CALL UPON AND SUMMON A STEWARDSHIP ANGEL OF CELESTINE LIGHT 1. Determine which angel you will be summoning by referring to the list of 144 angels in the Table of Contents. Ideally you will nd the perfect Stewardship Angel to meet your needs. You may even nd more than one. at’s ne as long as all the angels selected have specialty responsibilities that would directly bene t your need. If you have a need that cannot be addressed by any of the Stewardship Angels you may call upon the archangel of the appropriate overarching category. Be aware your results will likely take longer if you call upon an archangel. So whenever possible your rst choice should be one of the Stewardship Angels serving under an archangel. 2. Ideally you should call upon angels in the daylight hours as they are beings of light and come quicker when your part of the world is in the light. But they can be called upon in the night as well if that is the time that you have available. In either case, day or night, light a single, tall, tapered white candle. Sit in front of it so you see the ame through the rest of the steps. 3. Before calling upon an angel it is most helpful and oen necessary to put yourself in a relaxed, calm state. Even though your life may be in turmoil, you may have anxieties, or a mind full of thoughts and worries, for

a small moment in time you need to release all of it. Silence is important. Sit in a comfortable chair, with your phone and any music turned off, animals that may be home paci ed and quiet and any other noises or possible disturbances minimized or eliminated. Take a deep breath in through your nose and breath it out slowly and fully through your mouth. Now take and exhale three more normal but slow breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind of any other thoughts. Focus only upon summoning the angel of your desire. Below is the standard summoning incantation. Some angels have slightly modi ed summons and those are given for the speci c angels in the book. Let’s say you were calling #76, Qolega, the Angel of Excellence. e general summons would be to repeat aloud three times. Qolega, Qolega, Qolega, Come to me. As I will it so let it be. It is alright to make variations as long as you keep rhyming. For example, you could substitute “As I desire it,” in place of “As I will it.” Aer you have spoken all you wish to say to the angel, once more repeat their name aloud three times. Only now, aer each time that you say their name, add the words, “ank you for coming to me. As I will it, blessed let it be.” at’s it, you have now used simple but powerful magick to call upon the aid of an angel of Celestine Light and they will come. HOW TO KNOW AN ANGEL IS HELPING YOU  Now begin a conversation with them. Even if you cannot see or hear them, know that they are with you. Speak aloud as you would talk with a

good friend and explain why you have called upon them. Tell them your challenge and ask them to help you to overcome it. en look for an answer or a solution to what you requested. It is a common belief propagated by many teachers that you can tell angels are helping you by signs such as seeing feathers or rainbows, hearing certain music,  smelling certain scents, seeing advertisements with words that resonate or vehicles that evoke a memory or thought. While all these inconspicuous methods are possible paths of angel communication they are not primary ones. ey are simply too subtle and subjective. Remember, every other person in town sees the rainbow or drives by the advertising sign. How many feathers you see depends upon how many birds you live near. Around my house I have hawks, ravens, crows, blue jays and a host of other wild birds plus four parrots that live with me so I see feathers in abundance everyday.  At least in my case they are just feathers. BELOW ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF HOW YOU MIGHT RECEIVE YOUR REPLY AND/OR THE ACTION THAT YOU NEED: 1. Appearing in person: Because of their unique immortal nature and endowment from Elohim, angels have the ability to appear in a physical form on any world or in any realm. While it is possible to have an angel appear physically before you, it is very rare. e main reason for this is to insure that mortals will not become so enraptured of the powerful angelic presence that they bow down, or in any way pray to or venerate the angel. It already happens when people cannot see the angels they are calling upon. It would likely happen even more if the angel appeared before them. However, Angels have been know to appear. When I was in my teens I had a good friend named Bill who had an amazingly talented younger sister named Susan. By the age of 15 she was already a master on the piano. Bill and Susan’s father was a quiet, gentle and deeply spiritual man. One day while I was waiting for Bill, his father and I began talking about Susan. I was marveling at her talents, the sweetness of her personality and the grace

and humility with which she carried herself, despite her abilities which were so superior. Bill’s father looked at me and said he was going to tell me something he shared with very few people but was going to share with me because he knew I was close to God. He said when his wife was pregnant with Susan and close to her delivery date he was awakened in the middle of the night by an immensely bright white light in his bedroom. He quickly sat up on the edge of the bed and was confused at rst thinking someone was shinning one of those giant spotlights they use to advertise events at him through his bedroom window. As his eyes adjusted to the glowing light he saw that it was radiating from a middle-aged bearded man dressed all in white and standing before him next to his bed. Before he could think a thought the man spoke, he told him he was an angel sent by God. He told him that his wife was going to bear a daughter and that they should name her Susan. He said she was a special spirit coming down to Earth and that there would be magic in her music. Aer that brief message the light faded and the angel disappeared. Bill’s father James was deeply affected by the appearance of the angel. He woke his wife Muriel and shared with her all that he had seen and heard. When their daughter was born they named her Susan and true to the angel’s prediction there was magic in her music. 2. Ful llment: e primary way you will know that the Stewardship Angel you have called upon is helping you, is by achieving the desire that you called upon them for help. By the time you have called upon an angel it usually means you are dealing with a situation you have been unable to resolve yourself. Whether it’s looking for a better job, improving a relationship, regaining your health or any number of other life challenges, most people make good efforts on their own before they ever reach out for help from angels. So when you do reach out and subsequently have a resolution to your previously unsolvable problem, you can know with certainty that the magickal angelic energy you called in was of great assistance.

3. Not what you expected but still great: Angels are not slaves. ough we have the ability to evoke them it doesn’t mean they will do exactly what we tell or ask them to do. eir stewardship supersedes our desires and that stewardship encompasses helping us in the way that they, in their greater wisdom and bigger picture perspective, see t. Sometimes their perception of what will be the most bene cial to us within the parameters of our desires is not exactly the same as what we had in mind. For instance, perhaps you are trying to get out of your rut of a job and hope to get hired for a position with a new company that has an ideal job opening you are quali ed to ll; a job in which you imagine you will nd more happiness, greater pay and a better working environment. You evoke the help of a Stewardship Angel, but instead of getting the job you sought you end up getting red from the job you had! at would seem at rst glance to be the male cence of a demon working against you rather than an angel helping you. But being out of work motivates you to start a business you have always envisioned you could succeed at but were afraid to give up the security of your job to start. Not only did the angel you called upon for help know and facilitate that change of plans, they also contributed a nudge here and there, a thought in potential clients minds, an inspiration in yours and fortifying your will to persevere. ey initiated many little actions that contributed to your start-up business becoming a raging success. Within one year you were making three times the income you had at your dead-end job and there was no limit on your future potential. All of this came about because you evoked a Stewardship Angel to help you get a better job. ey did help enormously, not in the way you envisioned, but in the way that actually bene ted you the most. at’s sometimes how angel magick works because you are dealing with highly intelligent beings, not just magickal energy at your command. Once evoked, angels oen have a better perspective of what will help you than you do. Be calm and trust. All will be well. 4. Dreams: When what you are seeking an answer to a problem such as, should I take an action in my relationship, or should I go here or there, or how

do I develop paranormal powers, or what should I do to improve my health, or what can I do to get out of the nancial mess I am in, or how do I nd my true love, the angel you call upon may answer you in a dream. is can include both day dreams and dreams while you sleep. Whenever that which you are seeking has the possibility of being revealed in a dream, you should either keep a small recording device or a pencil and pen next to your bed while you sleep. Even if you wake from a vivid dream and are sure you will remember it in the morning, it is more likely that you will either completely forget it or just have a spotty memory of it. It is far better to groggily reach over to your recorder and recount the dream while it is still full and fresh in your mind. Or, grab the pad and pencil and write down the most important points. It’s best to do this in the dark as legibly as you can by sensing the movement of your pencil. As long as you do not wake up too much by turning on a light, you very well may go right back into the dream again as soon as you fall asleep once more. 5. Telepathy: One of the primary ways angels communicate is with Telepathy. When you are receiving a telepathic communication from an angel or another person it can come in two ways. e more common way is a voice in your mind. What does it sound like? Right now say the words “I love you,” silently to yourself. You heard your own words even in the silence in your mind, didn’t you? Your mind registered the words even though your ears did not hear them. Telepathic communication is most oen exactly like that. You speak a thought in your mind and the person you are sending it to hears the thought in their mind as if they had said it silently to themselves, only they didn’t say it to themselves, it just popped into their mind, which means the words came from someone else. at is a very typical way for angels to communicate with you. ey speak and you hear the words silently in your mind. You will know it wasn’t simply you talking to yourself by the nature of the communication. If you are pondering something, it would not be uncommon to talk to yourself about the issue privately in your mind.

If an angel is talking to you it is more than likely that it will be about the subject of your concern but not at a time when you were thinking about it. e thought and words will just suddenly pop into your mind, oen with a startlingly clear answer that you had not even considered. Telepathy can also be an audible voice that you hear aloud whispering in your ear that no other person hears. is is less common but still a method angels will use with people that are advanced enough telepathically that they can hear audible voices. Important note on Telepathy: Hearing voices in your mind can also be a symptom of mental illness. Some people automatically assume that is the case if you tell them you hear voices speaking in your mind. So rst off, it is a good practice to keep mum about your telepathic connections unless you are among other people that are also telepathic. More importantly, clearly understand that angels are beings of light, respect, and love. ey will never communicate anything to you telepathically or in any other way that would cause you to harm or degrade yourself, or any other person or animal in any shape, form or fashion. If you ever hear voices in your mind that encourage you to do anything that is hurtful or disrespectful to yourself or any person or animal, you can know with a certainty that you either have a mental issue that needs to be dealt with, or you are being bothered by demons that also need to be dealt with. Demons usually require outside assistance but you can learn a number of ways to shield and protect yourself, in addition to calling upon angels, by reading my book Psychic Self Defense. 6. Your First ought of the Morning: If you awaken naturally from your sleep in the morning, without an alarm of any kind, you will have the frequent opportunity to receive crystal clear messages from angels. is is also a choice time to receive important promptings from your Higher Self that are uncluttered yet by thoughts of your daily activities. I have received some of my most life-changing inspirations during the rst few minutes aer awakening; everything from breakthrough inventions, to new ideas for

books, to innovative business ideas, to relationship resolutions that previously had no solution. e secret of utilizing this special time of the day is to have either a recording device or a paper and pencil right next to your bed. When you awaken with the out-of-the blue inspirational thoughts, record them! Sometimes the thoughts will be so powerful, they will awaken you from a sound sleep right in the middle of the night. When this happens, roll over to the side of your bed and record it! Do not put it off, thinking you will remember it in the morning. It is very common that when you have an angelic or Higher Self message of this type that it will awaken you before your customary morning awakening time. It is very likely that you will go back to sleep for a bit. Do not trust that you will remember the thought when you reawaken. It is very important that you record the revelation as soon as it comes into your mind. is will also ensure that you can go back to sleep without sleeping tfully worrying if you will remember your breakthrough thought when you wake up again. 7. Taking a long, hot shower at night can create the same bene cial environment for receiving angelic messages via breakthrough out-of-theblue thoughts as the early morning rst thought. e secret is in the total lack of distractions while luxuriating in the hot water. It clears your heart and mind of anxiety and thoughts of the day’s challenges. When you are clear of the junk, you can receive the treasure. is method is not as successful for most people with showers taken at the beginning of the day. It is more challenging to get into a state free of distracting thoughts and emotions when you shower at the beginning of the day rather than just before retiring to sleep for the night. Once you are fully awakened your mind is already cluttered planning the day’s activities. 8. Being led to information is a very common way that angels answer your summons and your requests. It may be in a book, a magazine, an advertisement, or a person sharing something with you. In the age of the Internet when information about virtually anything is only a search engine

away that is a promising source. However, siing through the innumerable websites can be overwhelming, but when you have an angel assisting you, the most appropriate pages should present themselves to you quickly and obviously. CALLING UPON MULTIPLE ANGELS FOR THE SAME PURPOSE ere will be times when you will realize there are multiple angels whose help would be useful in overcoming your challenge. It is ne to call upon more than one for the same purpose. e easy but more lengthy way to do this is to repeat the general summons for each angel individually and talk with each angel individually explaining how you desire them to help you. e short, but a bit more complex method, is to cra a rhyming summons that calls the multiple angels all at once and speaks to them as a group. When you do this, you need to make mention of the angel’s stewardship while maintaining the rhyme and the clarity of purpose. As an example, the other day I was asked to cra a summons that included the angels of Blessings, Good Fortune and Shelter. e overall purpose was to help nd the perfect home with land to purchase. is is the summons that resulted: Wizmar, Angel of Good Fortune, come to me. Kamariah, Angel of Shelter, come to me. Paschar, Angel of Blessings, come to me. I summon the ampli ed power of angels three. Manifest the perfect property for me to see. By the power of angelic light, so let it be. As in all angelic summons, it needs to be repeated aloud three times. You should light a candle for each angel that you are summoning. Put the candles side by side and look at the ames as you speak the summons. Once the summons is completed the angels will be standing beside you. Even if

you do not see them, talk to them as good friends explaining how you wish them to help you. And so it will be! SECRET MAGICKAL BOOSTER ere may be times, such as in an emergency when you need protection, or in a situation where you do not have a candle or time to go through the simple rituals of calling an angel. Or perhaps you simply need a boost to the ritual to shout out loud and clear that you want that angel to come – now! e secret is lightning envisioned in your mind. Lightning has been a potent force of magick since the earliest times humans began using magick and with very good reason. A lightning strike is a very powerful natural force. It is a connection between the heavens and the earth. It is an explosive form of electricity. You are a conduit between the earth and the heavens connected because your body is also electrical and electricity courses through every cell of your body every second that you are alive. Your body is an electrical power plant and very receptive and perceptive of electrical elds when you are open to the perception. Your brain connects to all parts of your body by electrical impulses. Nerves are encoded highways for electrical impulses both to and from the brain, enabling it to be the master controller of every movement, every function, every bat of your eyelids. e electricity in the human body is chemically generated by the nerve cells and produces measurable electromagnetic waves that emanate out from your body. When you feel another person’s aura once you are in close proximity, one of the things you are sensing is your bio-electrical eld touching theirs. Lightning also played a key role in the creation of life on ours and other planets. A high voltage electrical jolt into inanimate matter was oen the spark where life began. Lightning is a very direct connection to God and hence is a very effective conduit to the angels.

You can utilize lightning in summoning an angel in a couple of different ways. e easiest is to simply envision a lightning strike from the sky to the ground in your mind just as you call the angel by speaking their name aloud.

Plasma Globe

ey come in three electrical options: battery, electrical cord with converter, and USB connection. e battery version is most useful with angel magick within a Circle of Power as well as many other magickal purposes as there is no cord to get in the way and you are not tethered to your computer. However, there are other non-angelic magickal purposes where the larger more powerful Plasma Globes that utilizes AC/DC adapters and power cords are useful. e larger versions with a cord can also be used to call angels when you are just sitting or standing in front of an alter as described in #2 below. e Plasma Globe emits an agitated energy that can be counterproductive to the calm, peaceful, almost meditative energy usually required to summon an angel, especially to anyone very sensitive to energy. e globes are most commonly useful in non-angelic magickal rituals. However, if you have correctly employed the normal steps to summon an angel and aer a suitable period of time has elapsed your worthy desire has not been manifested, it is appropriate and helpful to utilize a Plasma Globe or globes to amp up the intensity of your request.

THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO UTILIZE THE PLASMA GLOBE TO HELP SUMMON ANGELS. 1. First complete steps 1-3 as outlined earlier with how “to Call Upon and Summon a Stewardship Angel of Celestine Light.” en sit comfortably at a table, desk or small alter and place the Plasma Globe on it in front of you. As you are not inside an inscribed magickal circle you can use a larger Plasma Globe with a power cord if you like. Place your le hand (receives energy) on top of the globe and hold your right arm (sends energy) up to a ninety degree square with your palm facing forward and your ngers together and pointing skyward. Now repeat steps 1-3 with the Plasma Globe substituting for the candle. 2. If you have a very big desire or a ful llment intent that encompasses a group of multiple people, you can create a Circle of Power to summon an angel and do a lot of other potent Celestine Light magick. As this is a book on angels, we will limit the description of a Circle of Power to that purpose. A Circle of Power certainly has no need of the modern Plasma Globe devices. But they can add to the intensity of the magick that transpires within the circle. However, because of their agitating energy, Plasma Globes should only be utilized when you are in a state of sufficient intensity of desire that the agitation will not be a distraction to your focus or a disruption to your personal energy eld. Establish the perimeter of your circle. Place six similar sized quartz crystals with cut at bottoms and sharp points pointing skyward, equal distance apart along the circumference line of the circle. On either side of each crystal place a pinch of salt touching the crystal. e crystals and the salt together will bar any uninvited entities or negative energies from entering the circle.

Along the circumference line, in between the quartz crystals, place six identical, battery operated Plasma Globes, equal distance apart and turn them on. Now sitting or standing within the circle, by yourself or with others in a focused group, go through the ritual you have chosen to coalesce and direct the magick. In this case the magick is to summon a speci c angel for an exact purpose and you simply need to follow the same 3 steps previously outlined. You can put a small alter in the center of the circle to hold the candle. Once you have completed the angelic summoning or other magickal ritual, turn off the Plasma Globes. As a side note: e Plasma Globe is a handy modern tool in many aspects of Celestine Light Magick for spells and enchantments, and are excellent tools to add to your collection as you grow in your magickal abilities. It is de nitely one worth having in your arsenal even if you don’t need its extra power to summon Stewardship Angels. Plasma Globes should not be overused and should never be le on when they are not actively involved in a ritual. If you place them inside your circle you should only use a battery operated unit so there are no electrical cords leaving your spelling circle or computers inside of it. Please also be aware that these devices tend to have short lives and will need to be replaced from time to time. And do be careful with them, especially the larger ones. HERE ARE SOME LINKS TO PLASMA GLOBES:

3 inch Plasma Globe, battery operated (great for the six in the Circle of Power.) 12 inch Plasma Globe with AC/DC cord connection 15 inch Giant Plasma Globe with AC/DC cord connections

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HOW TO USE THE ANGEL SIGIL FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT Sigils come in a great diversity of design. e elements of the design re ect the energy of the angel and is their way of expressing that energy in a symbolic drawing. Some sigils are very plain and simple in design. Others are quite complex and beautiful. Which it is, or somewhere in between, is entirely up to the angel and how they want to represent their energy and purpose in a sigil. Most sigils have a very exact composition. You cannot change the shape or form of the lines of elements of the drawing and still be able to use the sigil to establish a quick, magickal connection to the angel. However, any sigils that have animals as their primary element can use a similar drawing of the same animal when contacting the angel. Many sigils have elements that may be recognizable in relation to the stewardship of the angel. For instance, # 142 is the Angel of Shelter and the symbol could appear like a top view of the structural supports of a Yurt.

At the other extreme is sigil # 79 for the Angel of Good Habits. Looking at the sigil most people would be at a loss to gure out how the design

relates to good habits. And I would be one of those people.

But it means something to the Angel of Good Habits. e design was their choice to represent their energy and purpose. erefore, even if it seems a bit odd to us, it still serves its purpose magni cently to summon the Angel of Good Habits. en there are sigils that contain a few to numerous symbols such as # 101 for the Angel of Magickal Defense.

Some of the symbols are letters from the angel alphabet and others are ones that call in magickal forces related to the stewardship of the Angel. Although higher level Adepts of Celestine Light know the meaning and

purpose of each symbol, it is not necessary or even helpful to know that information merely to call upon the angel that has incorporated those letters or symbols into their sigil for their own purposes. Sigils can be used by themselves to manifest the angel whose stewardship can ful ll your desire, or they can be used with additional actions and the angels name. It’s useful to employ both means. If you are familiar with the old Batman shows, think of a sigil like the Bat Signal that Commissioner Gordon used to shine up into the sky to let Batman know that he was needed. Angel sigils are similar. ey are a big beam of signature light illuminating the heavens, alerting the magickal Stewardship Angels of Celestine Light that you are seriously calling upon them for help. ere is no ambiguity or doubt about your intent. If you are using a sigil to call in an angel they know you are employing special magickal means to get their attention and summon them quickly to your aid. Once you have settled on the Stewardship Angel you are going to summon you should keep the image of the sigil where you can see it as oen as possible. By looking at the image and looking at it oen, you are establishing a mental and psychic connection between you and the Stewardship Angel that you are calling. On your computer, make it your desktop screen saver. You should also make a copy and print it up on a standard sized sheet of paper. Keep it pinned or taped up by your desk at work or home. Make another copy and tape it on your refrigerator.

• Make another copy and tape it to the mirror in your bathroom. If you have an eBook you can use a free program like MWSnap to take a screenshot of any sigil and print it up or display it on your computer screen

as a screensaver. If you have a print copy of this book you can take a picture of the needed sigil with your phone, upload it to your computer and print it out, or make copies of it on a photocopier. We will be coming out soon with a deck of cards of all the sigils and these will be very convenient to use when you are summoning Stewardship Angels. USING THE SIGIL IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ANGEL’S NAME e optimum way to use angel sigils is in conjunction with saying the angel’s name when you are invoking or evoking them. Remember the angel is the magick not the sigil. e sigil is just a tool to facilitate the presence of the angel. It’s like calling them directly on a telephone verses just shouting out their name into the ethers. e angel has a stewardship. Succeed in summoning the angel and the sigil will have served it’s purpose, it will have called the angel to you. e angel will take it from there and ful ll their stewardship by helping to manifest your desire. e magickal effect is further enhanced if you have mentally memorized the sigil. Close your eyes aer looking at the sigil. Can you still clearly see it in your mind with all of the details? If not, open your eyes and stare at it again for a minute or two. Close your eyes once more and see if you can clearly picture the image in your mind. Continue to repeat this procedure until you are successful. Once you can clearly picture the angel sigil in your mind with your eyes closed, you are fully prepared to invoke or evoke the angel with the 3 point procedure detailed in the previous chapter. However, there is one more thing you can still do to further insure that your angel comes when you call them and works their magic for you. DESIRE MAKES A DIFFERENCE A key element of any magick, regardless of which school of magick you are following, is emotional desire. It’s the gas that makes the engine go. e

more desire you have, the higher the octane gas is that is powering your magickal engine. Emotional desire is literally energy. When someone is emotionally invested in anything with an intense feeling inside of them, it can clearly be seen in their aura. And their aura can be felt at a much greater distance than normal as they emanate out the intensity of their feelings. It becomes like a magnet, drawing to them all that they desire. Intense emotional desire is useful at every stage of magick, but particularly when you are focused solely on a sigil. When you look at the sigil during the day, regardless of where it is, exclude other thoughts and distractions. Focus exclusively on the sigil. is may be a quick thirty second look or a concentrated ten minutes. Regardless, during that time allow yourself to build up your emotional intensity for the purpose of manifesting your desire and the angel whose stewardship can help. ink about your desire, why you want it, why it’s important, perhaps why you have been frustrated not having it, and how deeply you want it to manifest. Energetically push your emotional commitment to your cause, desire or goal into the sigil as you stare at it. Let the angel know by your emotions as well as your words, both spoken aloud and thought in your mind, that you are committed, serious and greatly desire their presence and help. THE SIGIL MIRAGE ere are two ways to look at a sigil and both are important, and both should be used when looking at a sigil for the explicit purpose of calling an angel. e rst is to scan your eyes over the various parts noticing the details and the ow of the lines.

e second is to focus on a point beyond the sigil. is is called Celestine Sight and is the same technique used to see auras or the 3D Magic Eye pictures. It allows your energy to connect to the energy of the angel through the sigil in a supernatural way. It is best achieved by staring at a single small spot on the sigil with an unwavering gaze. Because you do not want to clearly see the sigil but be focused behind it, concentrating on a blank white spot between lines somewhere near the center of the sigil works easiest for most people. In your eyes are components called rods and cones. When you focus on something near or far, the rods and cones change shape and size to enable your eyes to bring what you are looking at into focus. However, your rods and cones are in a rut. ey have been trained from a lifetime of use to adjust their shape to either be focused on something close or something far. Now you are going to teach them to focus on a distant point and ignore the nearer point they would like to be focused upon. at is a new way of shaping and forming for them. It’s like an exercise. e more you practice the more facile the rods and cones will become at viewing in such a way, and the more rapid you will be able to do it.


One simple exercise you can do right now to begin retraining your rods and cones is to add ve new nger tips to your hands. Simply hold your two hands up in front of you next to any background that is about one foot behind your hands. Place your two palms facing each other in front of you with all ve ngertips touching the ngertips of the other hand, and bend your ngers so they are parallel to the ground. Now focus on your ngers. You should be able to see them clearly. is is normal vision. Now look through your ngers and focus on whatever background is one foot behind your ngers. MAINTAINING THE MORE DISTANT FOCUS PULL YOUR FINGERS ABOUT ¼ INCH APART.

You now will see an illusion of having ve oating ngertips in between your actual ngertips because you are focusing on the distant object rather than the nearer. is is the same Celestine Sight technique necessary to create the Sigil Mirage and establish a powerful connection to the angel you are calling that cannot be ignored. As Celestine Sight is useful in a number of Celestine Light magickal techniques beyond calling angels, you may wish to continue practicing this technique to further develop your ability in this powerful skill. e best method is to practice with Magic-Eye 3D pictures. 


HOW TO DISCOVER, CALL AND INTERACT WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL Every person has one or more Guardian Angels to guide and protect them. Guardian Angels truly love and care for you, oen very deeply. Your happiness and success are very important to them; not because it is their job, but because they love you with an unconditional love that caresses your soul. Clearly knowing who your Guardian Angel is and understanding how to call upon them and enlist their active assistance in your life can be enormously ful lling and helpful. Unlike the Stewardship Angels who are focused on a singular specialty, your Guardian Angel can help you in a wide variety of ways. Once you have established a clear contact with them they will also help you, both when you ask and in bene cial ways, even unasked. Many people just assume their Guardian Angel watches over and protects them automatically without being asked. But it is not like they live next door to you just a shout away. ey are higher beings of another realm. Like all angels they have the unique ability to travel between worlds of different energy and spiritual vibrations but it is still a focused effort on their part to achieve the transition between realms of reality and dimensions of time and space. And they are actively involved in many other projects. ey are not just sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to call. You need to invoke or evoke them. ey need to know that you sincerely and strongly desire their help before they will make much of a leap on your behalf. e initiating key is to open a channel of communication and connection from your heart and mind to their heart and mind. Once your heart/mind link is established the Guardian Angel oodgates open and your entire life will seem to be lighter and brighter. When your Guardian Angel is actively

advocating and helping you, everything in your life just seems to ow with greater ease and elegance. STEPS TO ESTABLISHING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL

Discover your Guardian Angel’s name

1. You must rst discover the name of your Guardian Angel. Many people have more than one, but you should clearly establish your rst relationship before exploring a second. 2. Find a time of about ten minutes that you can be assured of being undisturbed. Turn off your cell phone, pacify any animals in the house and shield yourself from any external noises. 3. Lay on your bed and close your eyes. Release all your thoughts and cares about anything in your life. Don’t think of your worries, don’t think of tasks you still need to do in your day. Clear your mind of all thoughts except connecting to your Guardian Angel. 4. Picture an angel in your mind. It doesn’t matter how you picture angels. Whatever your image of an angel is, that is ne. 5. Take in as deep a breath as you can. Now slowly let it out through your lips. Relax. Let all your worldly thoughts and concerns simply blow away with your exhaling breath. 6. Now take a series of normal breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take twelve slow breaths in a row and count them silently on the exhale. At the end of each exhale, before you take another breath in, say these words soly aloud, “Come to me my Guardian Angel.” 7. At the end of the twelh breath ask aloud, “What is your name my Guardian Angel?” A name should clearly pop into your mind. Your Guardian angel is speaking to you telepathically! e name may be male or female and common like Michael, Suzanne or Gabriel. Or, it can be like no name you have ever heard before such as Daslajer or Hasbalom. Even if the name is strange, trust that what you heard in your telepathic connection is correct.

Not only are you connecting to your Guardian Angel, but your angel is already helping you to develop telepathy, a powerful paranormal ability! ere is no ritual involved in discovering the name of your Guardian Angel. All you have to do is relax, release your distracting thoughts and cares, ask, listen, and trust the reply that you hear. is method works for most people most of the time. Occasionally it will not on the rst attempt. Usually this is because the person was unable to temporarily disconnect from all their thoughts and cares of the world and focus solely on connecting to their Guardian Angel. If you did not telepathically learn your Guardian Angel’s name, simply give it another effort the following day, or use one of the alternative methods explained below. SHOWERS OR BATHS As the block to discovering and communicating with your Guardian Angel is usually an inability to relax physically, mentally or emotionally, a nice hot shower or luxuriating in a bath can oen melt away your wandering thoughts and pressing cares, enabling you to easily make the connection to your Guardian Angel. You can actually become so relaxed and your mind so cleared that it is possible to completely eliminate all the earlier steps. Many people nd that just thinking of their Guardian Angel in such a relaxed state causes their name to pop into their mind. MASSAGES Another good way some people are able to get into the necessary carefree mental and emotional state is to pamper themselves with a professional massage. Others nd this method unworkable because they are too distracted by the presence or energy of the massage therapist. If you want to try this method, set your intention with a mental thought before the massage begins that you will learn the name of your Guardian Angel. Talk as little as possible with the massage therapist during your massage. Release all of your thoughts except occasionally thinking of your Guardian Angel. You

do not even need to be speci cally wondering about their name. Just allow an occasional thought of them to it in passing through your thoughts. When you least expect it the name will appear in your mind or you will notice something during or soon aer your massage that will present their name to you. DREAMS AND AWAKENING You can nd a wide variety of answers during dreams, especially if you mentally set your intention to do so right before you go to sleep. If you awaken from a vivid dream and write down or record the details of your vivid dreams, you will oen make important connections and gain valuable insights when you study your notes or listen to the tape in the morning. One of my favorite and exceptionally successful methods to get answers to any type of question, even those I didn’t ask, is to take special note of my very rst thought in the morning that is unrelated to my normal morning activities. is is frequently the very rst cognizant thought upon awakening and is deeply connected to the experiences and insights gained during your night travels. Before your conscious mind has time to engage and begin thinking about the day’s chores, tasks and worries, your awakening self is just returning from a time of great relaxation. More importantly, it is returning from a sleep where your Night Self was traveling the universe unconstrained by the limits of time or space and learning things your Day Self cannot even imagine. Your Day Self does not remember and usually cannot even relate to the things your Night Self sees and experiences. is is one of the reasons dreams are oen so strange. Your Day Self, rmly embedded in the realities of the Day World, cannot comprehend the peculiar things the Night Self sees and experiences during its sleep time travels. e rst moment you awaken into consciousness aer a long night’s sleep, your Night Self is still present but fading fast. In that 30 second to one minute window, you can oen receive startlingly clear answers to even the

most vexing and previously unsolvable problems. Finding the name of your Guardian Angel is one of the easier tasks for your Night Self to discover. FOR THOSE TOO BUSY OR TOO TENSE Some people lead such busy, harried lives or have such painful, pressing challenges in their lives that it is more difficult for them to make the initial connection with their Guardian Angel. For anyone in this circumstance, I will discover the name and other information about your Guardian Angel to help you make your rst connection with him or her. Just go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to make that selection. HOW TO CALL AND COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL During the usually short process of learning your Guardian Angel’s name you also established a heart/mind connection that is the foundation for your continued and expanding relationship. Hereaer you should always think of and speak to your Guardian Angel as a dear and trusted friend. You can speak aloud or telepathically to your Guardian Angel. Aloud is usually more effective, especially while you are just learning to use your telepathic abilities. Always begin with a simple invocation or evocation, whichever you are most comfortable with and get the best results with. Address your Guardian Angel simply by their name and say these words: Invocation: your angel’s name please come to me. Evocation: your angel’s name come to me. Repeat your invocation or evocation three times. Remember, an invocation is a polite request, an evocation is a command. Because Guardian Angels are very attuned to their love for you, invocations tend to work better than evocations for most people. e exception would be if you were in an emergency situation where every second was important. In that circumstance using an evocation to call your Guardian Angel would

certainly be understandable. e urgency in your voice and words would likely bring your Guardian Angel to you that much quicker as they would sense your emergency. Always call your Guardian Angel by name, just as you would if you were in a conversation with another one of your close friends. Do not pray to them as they are not God, but merely emissaries from Elohim that are bonded to you to help you in many ways throughout your life. Once you have summoned your Guardian Angel, you can begin a conversation and speak to them about anything. Remember, other than emergencies, it is always best to speak to any angel only when you are in a calm, quiet state, free, at least momentarily, from mental or emotional turmoil. You may still have turmoil, both before and aer you contact the angel, but during the contact you should train yourself to release and let go of tension, wayward thoughts and agitated emotions. e more serene you are the more clear your communications will be with the angel. You are welcome and encouraged to talk with your Guardian Angel oen. It is amazing how once you have established the connection they are readily available to help you with both big challenges and small almost inconsequential tasks. Liing your mood when you are down, giving you an inspired solution to a problem, helping you nd the best words and tone to soothe a disturbed relationship; check, check, check! Your Guardian Angel is thrilled to have the opportunity to help you even with mundane challenges if you call upon them. ey are also there for you when your challenges are bigger. In conjunction with the most appropriate Stewardship Angel, your life can truly be lied upon the wings of angels. If you are doing the best you can in life and being the best person you can be with the people you interact with from family, to friends, to co-workers, your angels will always be with you as you call on them to make your path easier and ful ll your desires. All they ask is an expression of your love and appreciation in return.

HOW TO KNOW YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL IS WITH YOU Guardian Angels are master manipulators of bio-energy. When you ask them for help, the way they respond will oen be by changing the bioenergy inside you or others that are involved in whatever situation you asked them for help. Like Stewardship Angels, the best way to know if your Guardian Angel is with you is to see the results you seek manifested. Similar to signs commonly interpreted to indicate the presence of Stewardship Angels, there are numerous signs that many people interpret to mean their Guardian Angel is with them. ese include unexpectedly seeing feathers, rainbows, words that have bearing on the situation, running into old friends, noticing certain animals, birds or insects, etc., basically anything that happens in your day that was unexpected or out of the ordinary. Noticing a profusion of similar items that you never noticed before is also counted by many people as a sign of the presence or a message from their Guardian Angel: things like seeing the same color in different items and places, or seeing a person or animal repeatedly during the day, such as seeing a hummingbird 5 or 6 times in different places where on a regular day you may see perhaps only one. While it may be comforting to think these are all manifestations of your Guardian Angel, they are a pale substitute for simply getting the results that you were asking for in the rst place. Also, it is a common function of the human mind to take more notice of something when you are thinking about it. So you may assume there are numerous signs occurring such as seeing hummingbirds everywhere, when in fact the number of hummingbirds is the same as it was previous day. You are just more aware of them because you are thinking of getting a sign. For example if you have ever purchased a car, either new or used, you will suddenly start noticing many of the same make and model car driving around! ere aren’t any more of them then there were the day before you purchased your car, you just notice them much more because it is now in your active awareness, where it wasn’t previously.

If you were to describe a Guardian Angel with two words, they would probably be ‘comforter’ and ‘resolver.’ ey are quickly there to comfort you in whatever way that you need and are immensely helpful in resolving situations you were unable to remedy on your own. As a comforter they play many roles. ey can quickly improve your mood when you are down. If you need a shoulder to cry on, they are there. If you need help coping with a loss, they will li you from the depths. If you need someone to listen, they are more attentive than any friend. If you need the strength of your father, they have it. If you need the soothing comfort of your mother, they will have so caresses for your heart. ey are also very useful at helping to resolve difficult or unpleasant situations and will actively in uence the feelings of other people if it will bene t you and not hurt them. Do you need your neighbor to be more amenable? Call on your Guardian Angel. Do you need your husband or wife to be more loving, thoughtful or helpful? Call on your Guardian Angel. Do you need your boss to be more respectful and less demanding? Call upon your Guardian Angel. Do you need your teacher to give you extra time to get in your homework? Call upon your Guardian Angel. Do you feel at risk in a sketchy or dangerous situation? Call upon your Guardian Angel. Life can be so much more blissful when you call upon your Guardian Angel to help you over the humps and bumps. CALL UPON YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL FOR MESSAGES It is not uncommon to be in a quandary wondering what decision you should make in your life. Whether the choice is something big or something mundane, two or more options may have merit. is can lead to a frustrating period of uncertainty and indecision. Guardian Angels excel at helping to clarify the best path for you when you nd yourself at a crossroad. e procedure to get a message giving you direction from your Guardian Angel is simple. 1. Invoke or evoke your Guardian Angel as you are most comfortable. Remember to say it three times.

2. Tell them you wish to receive a message of direction from them. 3. Choose and use your preferred method to receive the message. HERE ARE SOME OPTIONS FOR SUCCESS: a. Automatic Handwriting is useful as not only can you receive promptings from your Guardian Angel, but it also taps into the awareness of your Higher Self that is roaming in the recesses of your subconscious mind. Find a place where you can be undisturbed without noise. Get a pad and a pencil or pen. Say the name of your Guardian Angel and ask aloud your question. en without looking at the paper begin writing your answer. It may be somewhat scrawling as you were not looking at what you wrote. But it can be quite revealing. You can also do this by using the keyboard of your computer. When you open yourself up to receiving guidance from your Guardian Angel and allow your Higher Self to come momentarily to the forefront, you give yourself permission to see problems and solutions in a different light than you allowed your conscious self to confront and acknowledge. b. Internet sur ng can be a fun and surprisingly revealing way to discover answers and guidance from your Guardian Angel. I recommend going to YouTube and just start watching short videos on subjects you are interested in. Pay attention to the ads that appear and also to the suggested related videos on the column to the right of the screen. Follow them as your interest leads you. You will oen wander far from the original videos you began with. But your wanderings will take you to the answer you need with the help of your Guardian Angel

You will know it when you see it. ere may be an ad or a video that helps you remember something important that you had forgotten. Or perhaps, inspired you to take an action you had not previously considered. It’s an entertaining and sometimes educational way to get an answer that leaves you with no doubt that it is the one you were seeking. c. Randomly choosing a book or magazine is an easy method that most oen provides quick clarity. Simply go into a room where you have several books or magazines. ree times state aloud your intention. “I want to receive a message from my Guardian Angel your angel’s name.” It really doesn’t matter what the subject of the books or magazines pertain to. Randomly, without looking pick one book or magazine. Again without looking open up to a random page and stick your nger on a single place on the page. You are now looking at the message from your Guardian Angel. It may be immediately clear to you. Or, you may need to think about it and decipher its meaning. If you open a magazine, your nger may land on text or a picture. Contemplate the meaning of the picture or text, or article in relation to your question. If you land on text in a book, your answer may be the single word your nger is on, or the sentence or paragraph you are pointing to. It could also be the entire page or the subject or point being made in the entire chapter. You will know which it is as you read and contemplate that part of the book where your nger landed upon it. d. Alternative Methods that are used to discover your Guardian Angel’s name can also be used to receive messages from them. In a relaxed state of

mind, body and emotions are helpful in any kind of angelic communication. Times when this is optimum include: showers, baths, massages, dreams, and when you rst awaken in the morning from a long night’s sleep, before you begin thinking about your tasks for the day.

C 

SENDING ANGELS TO OTHER PEOPLE Once you have mastered the magickal art of summoning angels and have proven your mastery by repeatedly obtaining the results you desire, you may wish to use your ability to help others with angelic blessings as well. ey can be people that you know or just anonymous people that you want to gi with a magickal angelic blessing. It is important to remember that once you are able to call upon angels, you are summoning higher beings of light that have been tasked with speci c stewardships by God to be of service to the world of mortals. However, to magickally evoke Stewardship Angels of Celestine Light for either yourself or others, you need to insure you are in resonance with the following necessities: Must be willing to employ the steps of magick to call an angel Must have a sincere intent Must have a passionate desire to see the outcome manifested Must correctly follow the magickal rituals as simple as they are

• Must be seeking something that hurts no other person in any way (other than self-defense)

Not meeting these simple criteria does not discount that you can still receive angelic help. But ful lling the criteria certainly increases the likelihood of success. ere are many good and wonderful people you know that face challenges and problems that could easily be remedied or at least helped greatly by the intervention of an angel but they would never consider or

know how to use Celestine Light magick to help themselves. Perhaps you have a devoutly religious family member facing a crisis who thinks anyone using magick is of the devil, or just the opposite, perhaps you have a friend who is an atheist and does not believe in God or angels. Both extremes and anyone in between can still receive angelic help through your magickal ability to call in the power of angels and send them to help your friends and family. Angels actually have sorrow and heavy hearts knowing they could help someone in need when they are not called upon or asked to rend aid. Helping people is what they are supposed to do. If you can open the path for them to help others because of your knowledge and ability, they will be grateful and will show their appreciation by helping you even more when you call upon them for yourself. Consider their frustration. ey are like heavenly re ghters. ey have the skills and desires to put out the res in peoples lives. Yet if someones life is beset with problems and burning up and they never call upon the heavenly re ghters or don’t know the magickal 911 number to call, then the blessed assistance will more than likely never arrive. Both the angels and the individual are le unful lled. Luckily, you are able to come to the rescue. You can be the one that calls the magickal 911, that knows which angel to call and directs them where to go to put out the re. When you can be a blessing and bene t to others because of your abilities and knowledge, you are a wonderful light to the world. at is true even if the people that you help never know that you did. To call a Stewardship Angel to come to the aid of another person, simply follow the same 3 steps outlined in Chapter 10 that you would use to summon an angel for yourself. e only change would be: In step #3, instead of saying “come to me, as I will it, blessed let it be,” you should say “come to name of the person you are sending the angel to help, as I will it, blessed let it be.”

Aer you have summoned the angel you need to speak aloud to them and explain exactly what you wish them to do to aid the other person.  

C 

EMBRACE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ANGELS While it can be a momentous event when you receive angelic help and sometimes your last gasp of hope, it is important not to overlook the amazing angels that are in your life every day right on Earth. And they are much easier to contact and get help from than the Stewardship Angels from above. ey are even easier to contact than your Guardian Angel and their immediate impact to help you can be dramatic. Like the angels on high, though they are ready and happy to assist, you usually still need to call upon them to innate a bene cial action. Although we may oen assume they are mind readers and will sense our needs, this is oen not the case. Ask and you will receive. ese angels are your family and friends. To call upon your relationship angels, you do not need magick you just need the courage and sometimes humility to ask, the grace to say ‘thank you’ from the depths of your heart, and the willingness to show reciprocity when you are in a position to do so. Ideally you reciprocate with an act of love and kindness directly back to your friend or family member that freely gave help to you. But if you are helped with something of signi cant importance, something that really made a meaningful difference in your life, you should additionally consider going the extra mile and starting an anonymous chain of reciprocity, one where you become the angel. I learned a powerful lesson about this when I was in my twenties. I was traveling by myself on a cross country trip when I ran out of gas in the middle-of-nowhere, New Mexico. I put the hood of my car up and stuck out my thumb to hitch a ride to the nearest gas station. Many cars passed me by. Finally, aer about an hour in the hot sun and my skin turning red from sunburn, a dilapidated old truck that seemed to be held together with

bailing wire, pulled to a stop behind me. A sun-wrinkled, little man in jeans, a cowboy hat and boots, got out and walked over to me, introducing himself as Carlos and asked me what the problem was. When I told him I was out of gas, he went back to his truck, returned with a 5 gallon can of gas and poured every last drop into my empty tank, without saying a word. I was very grateful and happily offered Carlos $20.00 for his kindness. He was affronted that I should do such a thing and told me that I should just consider myself the latest link in a chain of helpfulness. As he had helped me, he hoped I would remember that and help someone else in need one day when I was in the right place at the right time as he had been for me. A chain of reciprocating helpfulness; what a novel idea. ink of the possibilities! ough I never had contact with Carlos again, I have emulated the example he set many times, as I know numerous people I have helped who have also done likewise with others. So the chain of goodness he initiated that day has grown and blossomed. e seed Carlos planted in me on a hot desert day in the land of New Mexico long ago, is one that can grow and replicate in all of us and help make our world a better place, one kind act at a time. We can all be angels!



INTRODUCTORY NOTE As the position of every angel is actually an office and the angelic occupant changes from time to time, next to the name of the current angelic office holder there is an M or a f  to indicate whether they are male or female. Knowing this makes it easier to talk with them as one friend to another. Either sex can hold any angelic office and their sex is not always clear from their unusual names. To make matters more confusing some angels retain the name association of the former angel attached to the office. us there have been many Archangel Gabriels. ey were different individuals. Some were male and others female, but once they held the office they all went by the name Archangel Gabriel. As they are immortal beings, the individual that holds any particular angelic office usually does so for several hundred to thousands of years. erefore it is likely that the current office holders will remain so throughout our lifetimes. If there are changes they will be updated in future editions of this book and indicated on As angels (and God) are depicted in most religions as 100% male, it will probably come as a surprise to many people how many of the angels currently holding the offices are females. Among the 14 archangels listed there are 7 males and 7 females. Among the 132 Stewardship Angels listed there are 67 males and 65 females. If you are wondering how 14 + 132 adds up to 144 instead of 146, there are two angels (female and male) that work in tandem for the stewardship of ‘Peace of Heart & Mind’ and also two (male and female) that work together for the stewardship of ‘Male/Female Balance.’ ey are counted as a single stewardship sharing a single sigil, but separately as individual male and female angels.



Maeádael (m) May-uh-day-el

Maeádael is the principle angel among all angels. He has vast and unequaled power in the realms of angels. ough there are other archangels, Maeádael is the only one mentioned by name in the Bible under the name Michael, the same name he is popularly known by today.

As the only angel that regularly reports directly to Elohim (God) Maeádael is responsible for delegating and supervising the tasks of all other archangels. Angels are very hierarchical. In the normal course of events Maeádael would not have any dealings or communication with mortals or even other angels. Except in unusual situations, he simply communicates, directs and supervises the numerous archangels who in turn delegate tasks to the lower angels. e only time it would be appropriate or even bene cial to call upon Maeádael is if you had a problem which could not be addressed by any other angel, including any of the Stewardship Angels, Archangels or your Guardian Angel. In that rare circumstance you could successfully contact Maeádael. But the response to resolve your issue would be slower than contacting a lower angel more focused in their stewardship on your issue. Maeádael’s sigil re ects his loy status among angels. e two crossed items represent both royal scepters denoting authority and keys representing the angel that has all the authority and key powers to ful ll the will of Elohim.

Angels of Attitude



Qwrtheyrn (f) qwherth-ay-rin

Like all archangels Qwrtheyrn seldom interacts with mortals, but acts in a supervisory position over the Angels of Attitude. If necessary, you can summon Qwrtheyrn using the same procedure outlined for Stewardship Angels if there are no Stewardship Angels that can be called upon that are more speci c to your desire and objective. However, the advantage of summoning Stewardship Angels directly rather than Archangels is the Stewardship Angels will personally respond to your call and personally work to ful ll your desire. Archangels will merely

hear your call and refer it to the most suitable Stewardship Angel for ful llment, which is a roundabout and slower way to the same result. “As a man thinketh...”is a time honored saying because it speaks the truth that your attitude has a tremendous effect upon your actions for better or worse. e original saying came from the book of Proverbs 23:7 in the Bible, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” ere is also a classic little book entitled “As a Man inketh,” written by James Allen in 1903, that almost all modern personal development gurus acknowledge is an important part of their own philosophy. e basic premise of the book is that we become what we think about. is concept is the foundation for the stewardships of all the Angels of Attitude. If you are trying to change any aspect of your life from small to big, it all begins with where you allow your thoughts to linger. Understand what needs to improve in relation to how you think, then call in the angel that most exactly can help meet your need. If you know you need an attitude adjustment but don’t know which angel to call upon, only then would it be appropriate to call upon the archangel. Qwrtheyrn’s sigil is like a wheel with many spokes. ese are each representatives of various attitudes and the checkerboard between the spokes represents the subtitles within attitudes. It is a fact worth remembering that like turning a wheel, you can change your attitude from an unhelpful one to a more positive one simply by choosing as the master of your life to turn the wheel of your attitude. Literally visualize grabbing a big old sailing ship wheel and turning it from your current unhelpful attitude or emotion to a different and better spoke on the top of the wheel. is simple visualization can be immensely and quickly helpful. As someone once said, “Life is full of many aisles. If you don’t like the view from where you sit why don’t you change your seat.” at wisdom can be applied to many aspects of your life and life choices, not the least of which is the attitudes you have each and everyday. Your attitude about

yourself, other people, and the situation that you are in, makes a great difference in the end result that you achieve.



Veliton (m) vell-ee-tahn

Summon Veliton when you are feeling lazy, apathetic, depressed or hopeless to the point of not having desire or motivation to do any of the things you know you must do to change your situation. People oen will allow themselves to endure truly uncomfortable and untenable situations in relationships, nances and work simply because taking an action to rock the boat and initiate change seems too hazardous, overwhelming or simply too much effort. Other times

they hesitate to make a decision, vacillating and waffling until it is too late and the opportunity passes them by. Whenever you nd yourself in any kind of situation where you need to act but for one reason or another are not, call upon the angel Veliton. Veliton will light a re in your heart and mind that will only be quenched with action. You can also summon Veliton for assistance when you need someone else to make a decision. Perhaps they are procrastinating and the wait is hurting you in some way. If so, direct Veliton to light a re in them to take action or make a decision as needed. When working with another person, Veliton cannot guarantee that their decision will be in your favor, but the angel’s nudging energy will cause the indecisive person to act.



Leisyll (f) lay-ee-see-el

e Angel Leisyll reins in your overwrought emotions and running wild thoughts. Many situations are enhanced with a calm demeanor even as they are made worse by upset, grief, rage, panic or anxiety. If you ever are feeling any of those for any situation call upon Leisyll. Or, if there is ever a circumstance where a calm heart and clear mind will aid you such as in a

business negotiation or a legal battle, call upon the Angel Leisyll to envelope you with the angelic balm that calms all storms. Leisyll is also a handy emergency angel. If you are ever in a situation where tempers and anger are escalating and normal efforts to calm the situation have been ineffective, silently in your mind say this magickal incantation, “Leisyll, Leisyll, Leisyll, help me quick, help me now. is angry scene do not allow.” By repeating Leisyll’s name three times you immediately signify that it is a serious request. is speci c incantation only works for Leisyll. But it is one speci cally craed to produce almost immediate results. ere are important magickal symbols incorporated into the sigil of Leisyll. e intricacies of their power are fairly in-depth and not necessary to know to activate the sigil to evoke the angel. But like all magickal symbols that are a part of a sigil, it is helpful to study them closely enough that you can close your eyes and still remember the symbol in your mind.



Áskegall (m) ahsk-ay-gahl

In any type of competition the Angel Áskegall is someone you want on your side. It can be a competition of the mind such as a game of chess, or a competition of the body such as a track meet, or something a little of both like playing polo or cricket. Áskegall instills a re in your heart to win and a clarity of mind to excel. e winners of competitions are oen not the most outstanding athlete or the greatest mind, but the competitor with a heart that never stops beating for success and a mind that never stops believing in victory.

Áskegall will not in any way cause you to win the competition or cause your competitors to lose. at would be unfair to the other competitors. But Áskegall will bring out the best in you mentally, physically and emotionally to allow you to excel and achieve at your highest level.



Kalitha (f) kah-leeth-ah

e difference between those who achieve their goals and those who do not is oen desire. Desire is also a very important component of all magick. Not wishing, not even wanting, but pure, unadulterated desire. It makes the difference between jumping out of bed in the morning excited for the day to

begin, verses a distaste for the coming day so great that you lay groggily in bed far longer than you should in your reluctance to begin your day. When you nd yourself lacking the needed desire to succeed at your objectives and goals or even make the necessary effort to obtain them, call upon the Angel Kalitha. e stewardship of this angel is to instill a re of desire in your heart that motivates you to begin and keeps prodding you to enthusiastically continue. Kalitha shakes you out of your apathy and motivates you to begin the journey, as well as to stay the course. e need can be big or small, either way Kalitha will heed your call.



Hahatah (m) hah-hah-tah

With a name like Ha-ha tah it would seem this angel would be more appropriate as the angel of laughter. But Hahatah’s Stewardship is helping people to be more enthusiastic. Whether you are needing a boost in enthusiasm for a project, task, relationship, or simply with your mood, Hahatah is the angel to call upon. Hahatah is also a useful angel to send to friends and family that need the spice of enthusiasm more in their life. No one would dispute that your likelihood of a favorable and happy outcome are enhanced with a healthy amount of enthusiasm. If that heart/mind sensation is needed but hard to come by, call upon Hahatah for assistance.



Sevreem (f) sev-reem

Whether it is cultural, personality, or just having been raised that way, many people have difficulties expressing gratitude when someone does something helpful or nice for them.

Gratitude is a powerful energy usually accompanied by almost immediate bene cial actions of reciprocation from the person you expressed gratitude to, by either words or actions or both. And it is also a gi that keeps on giving helpful reciprocating energy over time. It is de nitely true that the more you give the more you receive. e words ‘thank you’ are not far behind ‘I love you’ as magickal balms that brings a smile to people’s faces and a warm glow of appreciation in their hearts, words and actions. Sevreem is a useful angel to learn how to show gratitude more oen and easily. If you are feeling under appreciated Sevreem can also help open the eyes and hearts of other people to your contributions and motivate them to express their gratitude to you more.



Shalilth (f) shah-lill-th

ere are times in your life when receiving help from another person can be a lifesaver. Other times may be less dramatic and more mundane but even a little help with tiny needs demonstrates that a person cares about you, which buoys your mood and aids in your success at whatever you are endeavoring to accomplish.

Likewise, there are typically times during the day when you can offer assistance to others from work to chores at home, from big assistance to help as small as an idea or a suggestion. One of the nice bene ts of helpfulness is, it has built-in reciprocity. As you help others, they become more inclined to help you. Even if the person that you helped doesn’t return the favor with more than a smile of appreciation, by helping them you open a conduit to good energy that will be attracted to you from many people and sources in greater abundance in the future. Being open to both receiving help from others and giving help to others is an important part of personal growth and expansion. e Angel Shalilth is an excellent assistant to promote both avenues of helpfulness. Whether you are hoping to have other people step up and help you, or you have a need to learn to be more helpful to others, Shalilth will bathe you in an energy that will be of bene t. If you need to become more helpful to other people, particularly those close to you, Shalilth will instill that desire in your heart. If motivating others to lend you a hand would be advantageous, Shalilth will soen their hearts and prompt their good thoughts. Looking at the Angel Shalilth’s sigil, the elements pertaining to helpfulness are very clear. e three rising steps are symbolic of helping yourself or others by stepping up. e star represents the objective trying to be achieved. e curling waves on either side represent action, as without action nothing happens for anyone. e two waves rather than one reminds you that being helpful requires at least two people, one to give help and another to receive it. Be open to both paths and your life will more ful lling.



Kalphrodilcios (m) kal-fro-dill-cee-us

I smile just looking at the sigil for the Angel of Humor. It reminds me of a frolicking seal tossing some balls into the air with its tail. ere is an old saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and this has been proven to be

true by several medical studies. Every laugh is proceeded by the humor of something that you found funny. In fact, having a good sense of humor, being able to laugh at yourself, and not take challenges of less consequence too seriously contributes greatly to your health and longevity. In groups, sharing laughter draws people together giving them a common bond that facilitates group accomplishments. Laughter has been shown to strengthen your immune system A good sense of humor boosts your mood Laughter diminishes pain

• Both humor and laughter lessen stress which is a big destroyer of health and life

Relationships of all types thrive better with good humor rather than a sour, serious disposition When we were carefree children we laughed many times during the day. As we became adults with adult responsibilities and challenges laughter became less and less frequent. In the lives of many people laughter simply ceased and nothing in the world seems funny any more. If this is the case in your life or the life of someone that you care about, summon the Angel Kalphrodilcios for assistance. Kalphrodilcios will quickly put a smile back on your face and laughter in your life. But you still need to do your part by giving yourself the opportunity to nd humor and laughter. Read a humorous book or watch a comedy on TV or a movie. Play a noncompetitive game with friends that brings up funny situations such as

Charades, Balderdash or Cranium, to name just a few. Let the little kid in you back out a bit and Kalphrodilcios will take care of the rest.



Vohumanah (f) voh-hue-mah-nah

Optimism is contagious and enhancing to other qualities of success. When you are optimistic you also tend to be more self-con dent, happier, have better humor and give all of your endeavors and relationships a better effort, which in turn increases your likelihood of success. However the road of life is full of potholes, sometimes even bomb craters. Pessimism is oen easier to come by than optimism, especially if you have previously suffered failure and lost con dence in your ability to succeed. e bene ts of optimism are undeniable and have been proven by medical research. ey include less stress, better health in many areas

including less likelihood of death from cardiovascular disease and a longer more ful lling life. But if you have had a long-term habit of looking at life situations from a pessimistic outlook – the glass of life half empty instead of half full, changing to a sustained optimistic outlook can be an insurmountable challenge on your own. Luckily, we all have the Angel Vohumanah to help. Summoning Vohumanah tends to bring swi and wonderful results. Vohumanah helps you gain an optimistic outlook by encouraging you to be more aware of your emotions and thoughts, where they came from and where they are leading. With the angel’s help, as you ask, you learn to suppress and eliminate negative thinking about yourself, others, or situations and replace it with hopes and expectations of good outcomes. Vohumanah helps you to not be upset with yourself or others when you experience negative emotions or events in your life. ey’re not your fault and probably not the other persons either. ey are just life events. You will learn to let any negative energy just ow through you and out of you, not lingering long enough to allow you to have negative feelings about yourself, your situation or other people. Life is full of bumps. Vohumanah assists you in not allowing your journey of progress to be stopped or slowed down because of lingering too long with your thoughts or emotions on the bumps in the road. It is important to remember that you are the master of your life. You have the opportunity to choose who you are and how you will be. Choose optimism; choose to believe in your objectives being attained; choose to be less critical of your self and others; choose to be more excited about what you can create for yourself from relationships, to wealth, to opportunities, and less interested in what others can or cannot do for you. e sigil for Vohumanah is the classic Celtic triskelion with tighter, longer spirals than is typically seen. In Celestine Light this is one of the symbols that represents the trinity of the Father, Mother and Son. e fact that the Angel Vohumanah chose a variation of the triskelion as their

symbol is signi cant. It implies that faith in a higher power is a potent energetic boost to attaining and maintaining an optimistic outlook on life.



Nayaliel (f) ney-ah-lee-el

In life, a great deal of sadness derives from a person’s inability to let go of situations that have changed and cope with the new reality. Most oen these are situations dealing with loss, loss of a job, loss of a relationship, loss of membership, money, fame, property, reputation or prestige. Even losing at a game can make some people brooding and upset for days because of their inability to release their upset from losing. Appropriately, the sigil for Nayaliel, the Angel of Release, is a heavy chain broken on a single link. When you are having trouble releasing your grief or negative thoughts and emotions about a situation that has occurred or is

occurring, it is like a heavy chain weighing you down and depressing all aspects of your life. It is essential for your happiness to rise out of the pit of despair and greet the new day with a brighter countenance and a new outlook. e Angel Nayaliel can help. When you call upon Nayaliel, pour your heart out about the cause of your sadness or grief. Speak to Nayaliel as a dear friend. Take as long as you want and don’t hold back. It’s okay to cry if that is what your body is telling you it wants to do. Aer you have shared your regrets, your grief and any and all other related thoughts and emotions, simply ask Nayaliel to allow you to release the thoughts and emotions that are holding you down and look again to the days ahead with optimism, hope and expectations for happiness and ful llment.



Ralchosabar (m) rahl-choh-sah-bahr

When you are brimming with self-con dence it seems as if nothing is impossible. Contrarily, when you are weighed down with doubt, it can seem like even everyday mundane actions are difficult and challenging.

Self-con dence is a belief in yourself and your abilities to handle and conquer the challenges before you, even if you have never before encountered such challenges. However, sometimes when you are faced with a new situation where few, if any of your past experiences or skills have prepared you to succeed, your self-con dence can waver. Or maybe you are someone that never had much self-con dence to begin with regardless of the endeavor. In both circumstances and any other where you nd your self-con dence lacking, the Angel Ralchosabar can help. Ralchosabar’s sigil is a particularly effective one to look at oen when you need to be instilled with self-con dence. Make multiple copies of this sigil and place them in locations where you will see them throughout the day. Doing so aer you have summoned Ralchosabar conveys your desire to continually be bathed in an angelic energy of self-con dence and it will ow upon you. e beauty of this technique is the energy continues to build over time, over hours, days and weeks. If you need self-con dence for a particular endeavor, be sure to call in Ralchosabar a few weeks before the event and have sigil copies placed strategically about so your self-con dence will grow as the time for its need approaches. Also remember you have to do your part by being prepared. Preparation is an important element of self-con dence. For instance, if you knew you were going to a job interview or needed to pass an exam, you would be wise to study the pertinent subjects well and thoroughly. at effort on your part combined with the energy of the Angel Ralchosabar will win the day for you. If you are a person who overall lacks self-con dence in many areas of your life, it would also be wise to make copies of the sigil and place them at multiple locations where you will see them throughout your day. ey will continue to funnel that powerful angelic energy to you and it will continue to build inside of you the more days you are immersed in it.

When you have a particular situation come up where you really need to be con dent, be sure to take a copy of the sigil with you. A quick glance at it will give you an immediate self-con dence boost.



Luxellios (f) luhks-el-lee-ohss

Loving yourself is all about energy. As humans we devote a great deal of our energy through our time, thoughts and emotions to love. We read about it, watch movies and shows about it, dream about it, hope for it to bless our

lives, feel like something critically important is lacking when it doesn’t, and at the very least keep a sharp eye out for it when its missing. Too oen we look to someone else to ful ll our love and crash and burn when relationships end, or fail to live up to our fantasies of what we thought they should be. When we seek love from another person or source greater than the love we give to ourselves, we set ourselves up for an inevitable hard landing when the other person or source ceases to provide the level of ful llment we desire. Loving yourself is a precious gi from you to you. It is an incredibly powerful energy that not only enhances your ability to give love more fully to others, it also creates a positive energy of expanding reverberation that brings more love, friendship and appreciation to you from all directions. It is the inner light that illuminates your life, empowering you to create the kind of life you desire and dream of. e relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. Happiness will forever be eeting if you do not have peace, respect and love for yourself. It’s not sel sh. It’s not vain. It is in fact the key to transforming your life. Inward re ection and appreciation will open up clearer channels to God and the divine. Relationships with everyone else will be enhanced as your relationship with yourself expands and is uplied. All other relationships are only mirrors of the one you have within. As you love yourself, are kind to yourself, respect yourself, so too will you be able to give those, and so many other good qualities to others in equal measure to that which you give to yourself. I wrote a little book years ago entitled, “Love Yourself: e Secret Key to Transforming Your Life.” In it I share an interesting experience I had giving a seminar on the importance of loving yourself. “I asked people in attendance, most who outwardly seem balanced, t and happy, to hold up a mirror, look themselves in the eyes in the mirror and simply say out loud, “I love you.” Without exception, about a third of the participants simply could not do it. ey just couldn’t get the words to come out of their mouths.

“Another third would speak the words, but would render them meaningless by laughing as they said them, or exaggerating their delivery as if they were actors in a play, or gritting their teeth and struggling with themselves as they forced them out. “Usually only about one third of the participants could look at themselves in a mirror and say, “I love you” in a calm voice with humble sincerity and ease. “Some seminar participants voiced alternatives such as ‘I accept myself,’ or ‘I like myself just the way I am,’ but there is no magic in those phrases; there is no special transformative power in those positive but still half-baked words.” From my seminar experiences I might safely conclude that only about one third of the population truly possess unabashed self-love, in a quiet, humble sort of way without any conceit. at means two thirds of the people really need to call upon the Angel Luxellios for help in this critical area of their lives. Looking at the Luxellios’s sigil, there is a lot going on in it so it is worth observing it’s details closely to successfully imprint it in your mind for maximum bene t. Right in the center, the two loops form the lobes of a heart. It is also quite fascinating how solid bands metamorphose into empty spaces. And it is worthy to note that there are 6 black diamond shapes and 3 white diamonds. Stare at the image, then close your eyes to see how much of it you can remember. Repeat and improve your memory as needed. If you are lacking in self love, please love yourself enough to summon the Angel Luxellios. e bene cial transformation in yourself and how people will treat and react to you can be enormous.



Tirusah (f) tee-roo-sah

Will power can be used to prevent you from doing something harmful to yourself and also motivate you to do something good for yourself. An old story about Brigham Young tells how he had a conversation with the famous army scout Kit Carson on the Latter-days Saints covered wagon immigration

to the Utah Territory. Carson had heard Young had given up chewing tobacco and he wanted to know how he resisted the urge to chew. Brigham reached in his back pocket and pulled out a wad of chewing tobacco. “I still carry this with me everyday,” he explained to Carson. “In fact, I still get an urge to plop a bit in my mouth regularly.” “Do you do it?” Carson asked. “No I don’t,” Young assured him. “How do you resist?” Kit wondered. Young shared his secret. “Whenever I get the urge to chew, I take this wad out of my pocket and ask myself, ‘whose the master, me or this?’ en as the master, I resist its temptation and put it back in my pocket.” Would that we all could have such steely resolve to resist temptations, but the temptations are so alluring! Angelic assistance is de nitely worth calling upon for most of us to gain the success we need and desire. Whether its ridding ourselves of a health robbing vice like tobacco or alcohol, or limiting the types and quantities of food we eat to lose weight and regain our health, the Angel Tirusah can help. On the other end of the spectrum, the will power assistance of the Angel Tirusah combines well with the persistence assistance of the Angel Auxallias (#87) if you have a goal that you are striving for that requires a sustained effort over time. In those situations you will certainly bene t by calling upon both of them.




Teyzekael (m) tay-zay-kah-el

Avocation is a fancy word for profession and the Angels of Avocation can help you with a wide range of aspects of your profession. Whether you are struggling in a current position, studying to enter into a professional eld, start your own business, or make your money go further, these angels can help. e Archangel of Avocation is Teyzekael. If your speci c need can be met by one or more of the Stewardship angels, you will get faster results summoning them rather than calling upon the archangel. However, there

are over y major stewardships that fall under the overall Avocation heading and numerous sub-stewardships branching off of those. Only eleven of the most commonly called upon primary Stewardship Angels are included in this book. If you do not see a listed Stewardship Angel that can help you in your particular situation, don’t hesitate to call upon the Archangel Teyzekael.



Huberon (m) hue-bur-ron

Each work week we trade hours of our life in exchange for some type of compensation, remuneration that allows us to keep the lights on, a roof over our heads and food on our table, with hopefully a little extra le over. Even if you are self-employed and work alone at your desk at home, you still do so with the belief that the fruits of your labors will provide for your needs at the least, and if all goes well, much more. e Angel Huberon’s stewardship is to insure that ‘much more’ is what occurs in your life. But Huberon is not a fairy godmother. ere is no magic wand, even though the results that the Angel Huberon brings can seem like magic.

e sigil of Huberon seems very busy or almost cluttered, but this is re ective of the concept of abundance, an over owing of bounty. Also signi cant in this sigil is the number of equilateral triangles. ree of course is the number of the Elohim and many angles incorporate the number three or a multiple in some aspect of their sigil. In Huberon’s case there is additional meaning to the three-sided triangle. While focus is critical to success, focus alone is inadequate. e single geometric shape is a reminder that to achieve abundance, it is important to build from foundations that are supportive of the multiple harmonious but different tasks that are necessary to achieve abundance. e numerous triangles are symbolic of incorporating that principle into every effort that is part of the puzzle that goes together to manifest the desired result. For instance, in a business having a great idea is just the rst step. You also have to pay attention to the many details, have good record keeping practices, good money management guidelines, be able to hire good help and be adept at marketing just to name a few items. e numerous small circular shapes are the fruits of your labors manifesting. e three larger circles represent the Elohim – the Father, Mother and Son, an energy exceptionally helpful to any endeavor, magick or otherwise.



Sijon (m) see-jhahn

e Angel Sijon is the angel to call upon when you need assistance achieving a short-term goal of achievement. Perhaps you are striving for a high grade in class or a promotion at work. Maybe you are putting together a business proposal, inventing a device, striving to win an athletic event, completing an artwork, building a house, composing a song, or choreographing a play. In all of these cases and many more short-term pinnacles, call upon Sijon. To amplify the magickal energy associated with this angel, be sure to print up multiple copies of the sigil and tape them up at various places where you will see them oen during the day.



Dalischer (f) dahl-leesh-shair

e Angel Dalischer is very helpful for anything related to your professional career. Whether you are young and still trying to settle on a career path, or in an established career shooting to rise quickly up the ladder of responsibility and higher pay, Dalischer can be of great assistance. e other area that Dalischer excels helping with, is to mollify tensions at work. If you are having problems with a boss or co-worker that are impeding your ability to do your job well, you should summon Dalischer,

con de your work challenges and direct him to smooth the troubled waters and facilitate a better work environment.



Larsarai (m) lahr-sah-rey

Focus is an invaluable asset and essential ability to success in virtually any endeavor. Whether you are making an effort to achieve at school, cultivate a relationship, excel at an entrepreneurial business, or master the secrets of magick, without focus you will fall far short of your goal. However, achieving a sustained focus can be a challenge in our modern world of innumerable distractions. It is so easy to have the time in your day gobbled up: a few minutes to check your social media that ends up being a half hour or more, a little idle conversation with a friend, a quick check of

your email that sucks away more time than you expected, a mindless television show to relax and unwind, socializing at the coffee shop, window shopping without an intent to make a purchase, more social media browsing, an internet advertisement video that hooks you in and then ends up lasting for forty- ve minutes. e list goes on and on. row in eight hours of work, commuting time to and from work, and chores at home that you cannot put off, and before you know it, it’s time to go to sleep and you accomplished nothing of signi cance in the day. en the next day arrives and the same unproductive cycle repeats. Sound at all familiar? e Angel Larsarai can help and that assistance can be transformative in your life. I think of this angel’s name like an abstraction of the words ‘laser ray.’ When I summon Larsarai I envision a laser beam propelling and guiding me toward my goal. I no longer have any desire to indulge in any meaningless distractions. If my objective is short-term, with Larsarai’s help I can even put off meaningful distractions. I become driven to stay focused on my goal until it is achieved. e effect of Larsarai’s in uence can really be measured over a period of time. When you can compare how much you used to accomplish before Larsarai’s help and how much more in a far shorter time with Larsarai’s assistance, the wide gap between the two is astounding. When summoning Larsarai it is very helpful to direct your focus to the small white circle in the center of Larsarai’s sigil. is tiny point epitomizes the concept of focus and literally helps you achieve that state as you call in Larsarai. If you aspire to be great at anything from your profession, to your creative talent, to being an amazing mother or father to your children, Larsarai can stand with you to help keep your focus on accomplishing your goals; from changing your wishes into desires, your desires into goals, and your goals into accomplishments.



Jorentin (f) jhoor-en-tin

I have had the pleasure of knowing a wonderful assortment of talented, smart people. A few of them have gone on to create spectacular lives, most oen by riding a successful business they created or artistic talent they cultivated and successfully marketed. But the list of intelligent, skilled individuals that labor in a job they do not like, with an income far below their value, frustrated every day by their inability to break out of the rut they are in, is a far greater number of people.

What separates the extraordinary from the ordinary is not talent or desire or even their innate ability to focus and work hard. More oen than not, it is simply that the ones that soar do so on the wings of an innovative idea that came to their mind one day. A couple of months ago a bright, talented, ambitious young lady shared with me how much she wanted to start a successful business based upon her expertise in creating internet websites but she had been unable to come up with some kind of original content to offer. is is the type of situation where summoning the Angel Jorentin can have a metamorphosing effect. Remember every great achievement was preceded by a great dream. And every great dream was preceded by a great idea. Ideas are the foundations of the projects we can create that will tower into the skies. Oen times coming up with that brilliant idea requires thinking out of the constraints of the box – of the way you have usually looked at life and the habits and routines of life. To help drive that point home, notice how the sigil of the Angel Jorentin has two bands encircling a radiant star. e bands are lled inside with short, angled, ame-like rays that are symbolic of movement and action. ey also are traveling in opposite directions. at is an important distinction. Too oen in life we get into ruts. Every day we do the same things in the same way. How can we expect different results? e opposing moving bands in the sigil are powerful reminders that ideas are generated by not traveling down the same mental path today that we did yesterday and the day before. We need to innovate, to think out of the box, to move in a different direction rather than remain in the rut that has proven unproductive. e impetus to make the changes mentally or take the actions physically to help the ideas you seek and desire to blossom and bloom, becomes far easier when you have summoned the Angel Jorentin to your aid.



Yizrádán (m) yhiz-rah-dahn

Many great ideas died on the vine of a whispering thought for lack of the ingenuity to turn them into reality. e Angel Yizrádán specializes in propelling great ideas into marvelous reality. Yizrádán helps your mind to unlock its potential to come up with innovative solutions. Whether it is a mental challenge or a physical one or both,  Yizrádán is the angel to call upon to gure out the way to manifest it.



Molchán (m) mohl-chahn

Knowledge is a eld with virtually unlimited expanse. ere are well over one hundred Specialty Angels that serve beneath the Angel Molchán in every nook and cranny of knowledge that you can imagine. Because the Specialty Angels under  Molchán are so numerous, it is very appropriate to summon Molchán for whatever aspect of knowledge for which you need enlightening. Molchán will then direct the angel to you that can best serve your needs.

e Angel Molchán is also useful when you are pursuing knowledge and understanding about a particular subject but are not being successful on your own discovering the information that you seek. Simply talk with Molchán as one friend to another and ask to be guided to the information. en keep your senses alert and don’t let the information pass you by as Molchán will tend to guide you to it very quickly. Be aware of your senses and what they are perceiving, as well as signs in nature, people, or situations that are pointing you to the knowledge.



Quethalia (f) kay-thall-ee-ah

A wise old saying to remember is, “you never get a second chance to make a rst impression.” Whether it is yourself and your appearance, a dinner prepared for guests, your project proposal at work, a speech in front of a group or peers, or your report at school, a well organized, attention grabbing, eye-appealing presentation makes all the content seem that much more appealing. A superior presentation will actually elevate the contents beyond its merits in the eyes of the beholders.

If organization is not your strong suit, if creativity is not your forte, if you seem overwhelmed by the presentation at hand for any reason, summon the Angel Quethalia for assistance. Quethalia will clear your mind and help you clearly see both the big picture and the small, but important details. Everything related to creating and assembling the contents of your presentation will ow to you with greater ease. When the big moment arrives for you to actually present the fruits of your labor, your emotions will be calm and your mind will be sharp. Expect nothing less with an angel at your side as your partner.



Ahnsovald (f) ahn-soh-vahld

Ventures is a fairly wide open term. It could mean recreational adventures or new business projects. It could involve personal relationships taken to new levels. Any action or path initiated that is something new and holds the promise of gain or pro t of some type from nancial, to emotional, to intellectual, quali es as a venture. Ventures are exciting and best plunged into brimming with optimism about their potential. However sometimes new ventures can seem intimidating. Perhaps you don’t feel fully prepared or competent or ready for

that step upward or forward. Whether you need a boost of courage and con dence to make the leap into the venture or a steady in uence to guide you to success the Angel Ahnsovald can help.



Zharraies  (m) zhair-reyes

Having the ability to envision the big picture, to be able to conceptualize how the steps of today are the foundation for tomorrow’s grand building, is an essential component of success. It’s like being able to picture all the pieces

of the puzzle before you have begun to assemble it; maybe even before you have acquired the pieces to assemble. e Angel Zharraies  opens the minds of those who call upon him. He allows them to  see beyond the bogged down routine of the present and clearly envision a more expansive future. Zharraies  is a great angel to call upon whenever you are beginning a new venture or project, especially if it’s a big one. He is not terribly helpful with the small details but is wonderfully adept at helping you envision what the nal project should look like. In other words, he will not help you to know the step by step process to build a house, but he will marvelously inspire your creative mind to know exactly how you want the nished home to appear.



Mahiannon (m) mah-ee-ahn-nohn

It is the natural inclination of most people to be a little lazy. at is not a criticism, just a fact. Why work hard if working less will still get you by is a common attitude. When I was in the military in my youth, looking busy while basically doing nothing was an art form most people had mastered well. It not uncommon when a new employee comes into a company and starts gung-ho producing that the other employees will ask the newbie to back off on the energy and enthusiasm as their production is highlighting the lack of effort from the other employees. While that attitude and working

method may get someone by in life, they will never excel at anything as long as that is their mindset. Another funny but telling scene for lack of work ethic that I’m sure many of you have also witnessed is a road crew out digging a hole or a ditch. ere will usually be one guy digging and three to ve guys watching and supervising. If you are an employee that has a willingness to put in a solid days work, every day is helpful for moving up the ladder to better positions and higher salary. e cream does rise to the top and it’s noticed by the business owners and managers. If you are entrepreneurial at heart and aspire to own a business someday, whether it’s a pretzel stand or a major corporation, success will only come if you are willing to put in the hours each day consistently striving for your goal. At home the same principle is true. Oen the only thing someone wants to do when they come home aer a days work is just relax. at usually entails ignoring chores at home that need to be done. Yet in doing the chores a greater harmony is created among the members of the family, a greater efficiency is established that actually creates more free time and establishing that good habit over ows with more productive bene ts to all other aspects of life. e impediment to getting superior results in most endeavors of life is oen not lack of desire, but lack of sustained effort. is harks back to the basic human trait of preferring comfort and relaxation over discomfort and work. If you have challenges in this area the Angel Mahiannon should be summoned to assist you. Mahiannon works with both your mind and your heart. He helps your mind be conscious of what needs to be done and be mentally motivated to do it. He helps your heart to feel excitement and pride in doing the work well and diminishes your desire to do less.

Angels of Creative Expansion



Shimwemwe (m) shim-whem-wee

Creative Expansion is a very large eld encompassing far more creative outlets than the thirteen highlighted here. If you have a passion or interest in a creative endeavor that is not among the twelve listed, you should call directly upon the Archangel Shimwemwe for assistance. Shimwemwe will then direct the most appropriate angel to assist you within their stewardship.



Gilryphion (m) gill-riff-fee-on

e Angel Gilryphion is a godsend for anyone involved in or aspiring to the theatrical arts in any form. From stage acting to being a character in a movie, Gilryphion helps you to manifest the optimum of your talent in force and nuance.

If you are already an established actor Gilryphion can help you attain new heights. If you are still waiting for your big break, calling upon Gilryphion can speed you on your way, helping you discover auditions that you might have missed, in uencing directors to give you a second look and helping your talent to shine at every step, and for the people that matter to notice.



Yvongvarr (m) ee-vawn-gahv-ahr

e Angel Yvongvarr is the master chef of master chefs. Any cuisine, any level of difficulty, Yvongvarr knows all. Call upon Yvongvarr when: you need inspiration to create a new recipe you need focus to insure you correctly follow a recipe

you need to create an entree or dessert that will WOW your guests you need to create a tantalizing menu for a restaurant you need to understand the complexities of nutrition you need help understanding optimum food combining you need to create a specialized diet for someone with a health condition you need to master an intricate cake decoration you need to create the winning recipe for a contest



Tulbadanbur (f) tull-buh-dahn-bur

If you are involved in any aspect of ceramic arts, including pottery, art ware, art tiles, porcelain ware, sculptures, gurines and tableware, the Angel Tulbadanbur is the one to call upon to facilitate your work, inspire creative ideas and help anyone in the ceramic arts business to nd more open doors, good sources for supplies, optimized marketing and greater success. Each of the subgroups of ceramic arts mentioned in the previous paragraph have Specialty Angels with a sole focus on that particular aspect of ceramic arts. In many cases Tulbadanbur will be able to help you directly

as she is a master of all of the ceramic arts. If she is too busy and you are requesting specialized information she will send the appropriate Specialty Angel to assist you. All you need to do is continue to call upon Tulbadanbur to get the results that you seek, even if she sends another angel to give more detailed help to you.



Sauchlan (f) sahsh-lahn

Whether you are a ballroom, hip hop, ballet, jazz or any other type of dancer, the Angel Sauchlan has achieved the pinnacle of all forms and wants to help you do the same in the styles or styles you love the most. Alternatively, if you are a novice, perhaps even a bit awkward and just trying to become coordinated and owing enough to be able to dance without embarrassment, you should call upon Sauchlan for a speedy pro ciency.

As with many other Stewardship Angels, Sauchlan oversees many Specialty Angels that are focused solely on a particular style of dance. If you desire to become pro cient in multiple forms and dance styles you should just call upon the Angel Sauchlan. But if you have a long or short-term focus on a single style of dance you should summon Sauchlan, but then ask her to send the Specialty Angel responsible for the style you wish to master.



Lacaalji (m)


e aspects of design that fall under the purview of the Angel Lacaalji run the gamut from the architectural design of a building, to computer code structure, to the creative design of a wedding cake. If the project requires conceptualizing a nished construction, big or small of any type, and putting the step-by-step pattern onto paper for yourself or others to follow, the Angel Lacaalji is the heavenly expert to call upon for assistance. Lacaalji can help you envision the design from its foundations to its pinnacle. He will inspire you with creativity for your project, help your mind

to easily remember all the interconnecting parts, be able to clearly see the big picture while not missing any of the tiny details. If you have a very specialized area of design you need help with, Lacaalji will send the appropriate Specialty Angel to assist you to insure maximum success with your project.



Solwenn (f) sohl-when

e Angel Solwenn has responsibility for all aspects of creative drawing using hand instruments like pencils or digital creations with a mouse or computer stylus. If your project requires you to in any way manipulate a drawing instrument in your hand to render any type of creative or artistic picture, Solwenn is the angel to call upon. Technical drawing is also a part of Solwenn’s stewardship. If that aspect of drawing is your need, Solwenn will help you to render your project with exactness and perfect attention to the necessary details. Solwenn is assisted by Specialty Angels. e Angel Jasjalar helps those with creative drawing needs and the Angel Fronvelli helps with technical

drawings. ese three angels: Solwenn, Jasjalar and Fronvelli work closely together. Because of their close association you should get quick assistance simply summoning the Angel Solwenn and allowing her to call in additional assistance as she deems best. However, speci cally asking Solwenn for additional help from either Jasjalar or Fronvelli for your speci c creative or technical needs is ne as well.



Habinav (f) hahb-in-av

Gardening is more than just planting, watering and hoping for a bounteous harvest or brilliantly blooming ower garden. Every type of plant has different needs for light, soil pH, water, drainage and fertilizer. e conditions in which one plant thrives may kill a different type of plant. ere are also a host of harmful insects to contend with that can quickly destroy a plants vitality and leave it a shadow of its healthy self. e Angel Habinav is very helpful in helping you learn and retain all of the knowledge necessary to grow a great garden of your choice. She also is

very helpful in prompting you to observe early problems in your plants from lack of water to insect infestation, to understand what the problem is and to take quick remedial action. Habinav will soon have everyone marveling at your amazing green thumb!



Valambujiya (f)


In all areas of the glass arts from stained glass, to glass blowing, enameling, kiln work, and lamp work, the Angel Valambujiya can be a subtle but noticeable wonderful mentor and valuable guide.

As a hot and warm glass artist myself I have great appreciation for the qualities of Valambujiya. Working at temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit makes hot glass work inherently dangerous. One misstep working closely with molten glass can instantly burn right through to the bone and cause a lifetime of irreparable damage to your body. Working with an angel beside you certainly adds an extra layer of safety. Valambujiya is ever vigilant and continues to subtly remind you to be aware of safety. You’ll nd yourself being more organized and noticing small details like a mold le out of place that later could cause a stumble and an accident. Beyond safety, Valambujiya is a great aid in recognizing harmonious colors to blend and inspiring innovative and bold designs. Valambujiya is also a time saver. If you are working with hot or warm glass she helps you to intuitively and intelligently know the proper temperatures for working in all phases from optimum melting temperature to ideal temperature and time for annealing. Each of the specialty areas of glass work also have their own Specialty Angel that serves under the Stewardship Angel Valambujiya. You do not need to know their names. If you have a specialty need, simply summon the Angel Valambujiya and ask her to send the appropriate Specialty Angel to assist you.



Qallias (m) quall-lee-iss

Whether you’re conceptualizing a book to write, inventing the newest mouse trap,  creating an original choreography, or charting a course to become the leader of a country, the ability to think out of the box, beyond the way things have always been done, is exceptionally helpful to success. Before innovation comes imagination. A favorite saying I wrote to motivate myself to imagine and innovate years ago was, “before every great man there was a great dream.”

e Angel Qallias helps you to open the oodgates of your imagination. He lis the veil over your mind that may have sti ed your imagination in the past and prompts you with excitement to think of fresh new ways to solve old problems, and original ideas to help the deserts of the past to become the gardens of the future.



Kajallias (m) kah-jhahl-lee-iss

Music is a very big eld of endeavor. According to “ere are 6 main categories of musical instruments today in the world and almost 300 in each. So with local instruments there are over 1500 instruments.” Add other components of music such as composing,

conducting, choreographing to the score, plus vocals and singing, and music becomes one of the largest stewardship categories in the angelic kingdom. Each one of those instruments and tangents of music has a Specialty Angel to maximize the bene ts to those upon whom they bestow their blessings. All of them are contacted and sent to you through the Stewardship Angel of Music – Kajallias. Simply summon Kajallias and explain your project or need for assistance. He will help you personally, plus direct whichever other angels would be bene cial to ful lling your worthy desire.



Halchedis (m) hahl-chay-diss

Artistic painting is another area of stewardship where there are may Specialty Angels that serve under Halchedis, the Angel of Painting. It is not necessary to know their names. If you have a specialty type of painting that you wish to master technique, marketing or any other aspect, simply summon Halchedis and explain what you wish to accomplish. Halchedis will promptly send the Specialty Angel that can most ably assist you. Some of the artistic styles of painting that fall under the purview of the Angel Halchedis include: Realism

Photo-realism Painterly Impressionism Expressionism/Fauvism Abstraction Abstract Color Field Cubism Surrealism Conceptual Art Pop Art Romanticism Figurative Symbolism Neoclassicism

Additionally, there are Specialist Angels for every type of painting media with water color, acrylic and oil painting being some popular examples. Once again, if you are endeavoring to perfect an ability utilizing a particular painting media simply summon the Angel Halchedis and he will either help you directly or send a Specialty Angel to help amplify your talent. ere are many aspects of artistic painting that are shared in common with all styles. For instance, understanding how to blend colors or how to pro tably market your work are useful skills for all artists. e Angle Halchedis excels at helping artists bring forth their peak creativity, heightens intuitive understanding or art and color and helps motivate artists to understand and implement successful marketing, which is a bugaboo for many. If you are a newbie  just looking to experiment to nd your artistic niche, or a struggling artist seeking to make a living with your art, or an accomplished artist desiring to rise to the next level, calling upon Halchedis will amplify the power and hasten the attainment of all you wish to do.



Daristiona (f)


e Angel Daristiona is the go-to angel to excel at your cra if you are a professional, or simply to do a better job on an assignment for school or work that involves writing. As is oen the case, there are many Specialty Angels that serve under the Stewardship of the Angel Daristiona. ese include Specialty Angels for speci c genres such as mystery, romance, paranormal and science ction,

plus Specialty Angels for all types of professional writing from magazines, short stories, novels, to the more mundane but still important, such as school reports, work reports, dissertations, etc. It is not necessary to know the names of the Specialty Angels. Just call upon Daristiona and she will give you all the personal help she can and send whatever Specialty Angel would be helpful to assist you further. One immensely helpful piece of magick Daristiona wields is to almost instantly be able to remove writers’ block. If you have been at an impasse as to what to write next simply summon Daristiona and ask her to eliminate the block and free your inspiration of ideas and words. As you wish so it shall be. Of course there are many other areas of writing where the Angel Daristiona can help you excel. She helps you write more professionally and engagingly. She stimulates your creativity and opens your comprehension for marketing or presentation as you need and desire. Daristiona is truly the writers best friend. 




Churisel (m) chur-ee-say-el

Dreams are a part of you that is literally living another life. Each of us has two individuals living inside of us. e rst, the one that you remember and know is your Day Self. Your Day Self physically goes about all of your activities while you are awake, takes part in all of your interactions with other people and has control of all of your thoughts and actions. But there is another you inside of you: this is your Night Self. When you sleep your Day Self retires until you next awaken and your Night Self comes out to play. Like your Day Self your Night Self is a part of your

consciousness and your soul, but it is not constrained by your physical body. Nor is it limited by the constraints of physical travel. As fast as a thought, your Night Self can travel to any location in the universe. Once it arrives it cannot be stopped by any obstacle and it is unaffected by any danger from the disintegrating heat of boiling lava to the attacks of the most ferocious monsters. As your Night Self you are like the invulnerable Superman and you didn’t even know it! While your Night Self is gallivanting around strange worlds it sends continuous images back to your sleeping Day Self. Your poor Day Self is in a semi-dormant sleep state and can usually barely keep track of the scenes the Night Self is communicating. On top of that consciousness limitation, most of the worlds and their inhabitants are so strangely different than the planet Earth your Day Self is familiar with, it simply is overwhelmed trying to make sense of the images and events the Night Self transmits. e end result is a lot of convoluted dreams that make no sense at all. Despite their oen confusing, scary and nonsensical nature, dreams are very important. When you are faced with a vexing problem in life, the solution will oen come in your dreams when your Night Self gives input or angels send you messages. Dreams can also be prophetic and give you forewarning of events yet to unfold. Your Higher Self also takes advantage of your uncluttered mental state to plant innovative ideas in your mind hoping your Day Self will remember enough to nurture the idea. In all aspects of dreaming the Archangel Churisel and the Stewardship Angels that serve with him can enhance your dream state and help you experience aspects such as dream memory and lucid dreaming that may have eluded you in the past.  Special Note: For a more in-depth explanation of dreams and what you can do with them, please reference my book, Dreams.



Kaliisher (f) kal-ee-ee-shur

How many times have you groggily awakened from a really cool dream, intent on remembering it in the morning? Yet by the time the morning arrives you’re lucky if you can even remember that you had a dream, let alone recall the content. e Angel Kaliisher can help leave those frustrating mornings trying in vain to remember fun dreams behind. When summoned Kaliisher already knows why, as her stewardship is very speci c – help those who call upon her to remember their dreams.

To ful ll her stewardship Kaliisher will bless you with greater activation of the neurons in your brain responsible for dream memory. She will also lead you to information that will provide you with additional techniques, foods and herbs that will help stimulate your dream memory.



Saajendrali (f) sah-ahj-en-drah-lee

Your morning just starts off better if it was preceded by good dreams during the night. Even when you cannot remember your dreams, simply having happy or exciting ones while you sleep releases endorphins that buoy your mood throughout the day. If your dreams seem to be the opposite, or

not bad but just blasé, call upon the Angel Saajendrali for a better experience.



Oudicael (m) oo-dee-kah-el

Lucid dreaming, once experienced, beckons you to return again and again. To be able to control your dreams induces greater self-con dence during the times when you are awake. Lucid dreaming is very empowering and it’s exceptionally fun! Most people vividly remember their rst lucid dream. For me, I was in an old European town square that had a large fountain in the center. Out of nowhere two bad guys started shooting at me from the far side of the square. I was defenseless and ran to get under cover behind the fountain. I could tell

by the changing angle of the shots that my refuge would not last long as the two guys were anking me on each side. I wished I had a gun to shoot back. Instantly there was a small pistol in my hand! I red off a few shots in the direction of my assailants only to have them increase the intensity of their onslaught. A part of my consciousness realized I had manifested the pistol in my hand merely by thinking of it. So I decided to think of something bigger. Instantly I had an automatic machine gun I could barely li. I red off a long blast mostly toward the sky. It was a deafening ratta tat tat. I didn’t hit anyone but my two out gunned attackers vanished quicker than you could say lucid dreaming! Aer that I was hooked on lucid dreaming. From that point on, I looked forward to going to sleep at night knowing great adventures awaited me, where I would get to be the ultimate editor of the story. One of the best parts of lucid dreams is they are also very vivid and seem to almost be like real-life experiences. is distinction lends them to being wonderfully memorable, allowing you to relive the fun in your memories while you’re awake. If you would like to experience your rst lucid dream, have them more frequently, empower yourself to control them more completely, and remember them more intensely, simply summon the Angel Oudicael and express your desires. Oudicael will help you directly by unlocking your dream limitations. He will also guide you to people, events, books and other information that will help you expand upon this amazing higher human ability. 



Gaolinth (f) gah-oh-linth

At rst glance you might wonder why anyone would desire to call upon the Angel of Nightmares. Who needs more nightmares? Actually the Angel Gualnthe is one of the most useful Stewardship Angels for many people as she helps nightmares to not be so severe, to go away quickly, or to not even occur. For anyone that experiences night terrors, Gualnthe’s assistance can be almost life saving. If nightmares are plaguing you, disrupting your sleep, or carrying over with effects into your day, you de nitely want to summon Gualnthe. Nightmares can come from anxieties and fears you brought into your sleep and Night Self awareness from trials and challenges of your day. ey can also be from very strange and frightening places your Night Self is visiting while you sleep that the consciousness of your Day Self is incapable

of understanding. Even worse, they can be from intrusions into your mind from aliens, Dream Demons or other disembodied beings. e most frightening and dangerous source of nightmares are Dream Demons. You are very vulnerable to outside in uences when you sleep, as all the normal strong defenses of your Day Self are inoperative, including your conscious, rational mind. Your slumbering mind can become the playground of the Dream Demons. ese malicious scourges have very small windows of about a minute to hook the dreamer into a nightmare. If you awaken during that time you escape the Dream Demon’s clutches, but if you do not awaken they can stay with you longer and pull you deeper into a horrible nightmare that can scar you even once you are awake in the day. With normal self-induced nightmares, the Angel Gualnthe will calm your mind allowing you to sleep more peacefully. With external intruders, especially Dream Demons, if you ask the Angel Gualnthe to protect you while you sleep, she will surround you with an impenetrable shield of light preventing Dream Demons or any other outside entity from entering or effecting your dreams. It is important that once you have summoned Gualnthe that you speak to her as a dear friend. If you are unsure of what to ask her, explain the content of your nightmares as best as you can recall and she will determine the most appropriate action to take on your behalf to vanquish your nightmares and leave them as nothing more than a rapidly fading unpleasant memory, or a bad experience that never occurred.



Laraja (m) lah-rah-jhah

ere is a difference between prophetic dreams and clairvoyance as received through dreams. With clairvoyance you are using your own paranormal abilities to see future events and tap into the energies that are moving toward the conclusion that you envisioned. It may involve you or it may not. With prophetic dreams, you are actually receiving an angelic message that is of higher than normal importance and is being given to you with the expectation that you will share it to forewarn others that may become involved or enmeshed in the events you were shown. In most cases,

you are not a part of the future event you envisioned. You are just the chosen messenger to forewarn others. One way to distinguish clairvoyant dreams from prophetic dreams is that though you may have a reoccurring clairvoyant dream, they usually occur only once. However, prophetic dreams always occur at least three times and may occur more oen and more frequently as the moment for the event to happen draws closer. Also, prophetic dreams are more certain to occur. While an alternative scenario can always take place with both clairvoyant and prophetic dreams due to human-kinds ability to think, reason and make changes to the energetic trajectory, it is far less likely with prophetic dreams. Unlike summoning most angels and easily getting their help for your desire, being able to receive prophetic dreams requires a higher than normal degree of spirituality and a true empathy, love and compassion for all higher life upon the earth, both human and animals. If you feel love, empathy and compassion when you see a person or animal in emotional, mental or physical pain or discomfort, then you are in the right place with your auric energy to receive prophetic dreams and should call upon the Angel Laraja to help manifest them if this is your desire.




Raeltora (f) rahl-tor-ah

Some of my favorite angels are the angels of the elements. Each one of these are very powerful, more so than many of the other Stewardship Angels. ey deal with potent primordial forces. When they bestow those forces upon you, the effect can be dramatic. Like other archangels, it is only helpful to call directly upon the Archangel Raeltora if you are uncertain which Stewardship Angel to call upon, or if you feel you will best be served by multiple angels of the elements.

It is important to note that there are no Specialty Angels under any of the Stewardship Angels of the Elements. Each of the angels listed in this category stand alone in their stewardship and it is mighty. e angels of Air, Earth, Fire and Water also play special roles. In the angelic kingdom, each mortal is considered to be in one of ve states of activity: Air, Earth, Fire, Water or Null. e rst four are modes of life progress and will be explained in detail below. Null is when a person is existing, but not moving forward in any way in their life.



Lahariel (m) lah-har-ee-el

Air is one of the four modes of active human activity. You can be in any one of the modes by simple default without even realizing you are in it, or by conscious choice. When it is a choice and you call upon the Angel Lahariel to amplify and help you, your efforts will be far more productive. When you think of the mode of Air, consider the extremes that are possible. It can be a gentle summers breeze lightly caressing your face, or as violent as a raging tornado or hurricane. Yet in those two extremes there is a common denominator, and that is the briefness of the event. Whether it is to calm you like a so breeze, or bring you into furious action like a erce tornado, briefness is the singular quality of the mode of air.  Due to its predominant quality of briefness and its astounding versatility, the mode of air is well suited for very short term goals of not more than two days. Air mode is great if you want to use it to help you unwind from a relationship ri or a hard work week. In air mode you can relax, calm your body, mind and emotions and reinvigorate your spirit. On the other end of the spectrum, air works even better than the re mode to accomplish an amazing amount of tasks in a very, very short period of time for very speci c goals. Literally envision yourself as a human hurricane completely changing the landscape as you relentlessly progress to

and through your objective. Like a hurricane you travel on a path and only affect the speci c areas that are within the path and your goal. Calling upon the Angel Lahariel is the perfect initiator of the air mode. It is as if Lahariel ips the switch that turns on an enormous heavenly fan activating the air mode in your life.



Bromati (m) broh-mah-tee

e Angel Bromati is physically the strongest of all the angels. His quiet but resolute persona is massive and imposing like a grand mountain. As the Elemental Angel of Earth Bromati can be called upon for many purposes. If you are emotionally anxious, nervous or scared, call upon Bromati. If you need to remain grounded and not be caught up in ights of unproven fancy, call upon Bromati. If you need physical strength for any reason from life to a competition, call upon Bromati. If you need to be able to physically withstand an assault, call upon Bromati.

If you need to physically endure a deprivation or challenge, call upon Bromati. If you have a long fairly repetitive project or goal in front of you that will take more than 90 days to complete, call upon Bromati for the fortitude and consistency necessary to continue moving slowly forward, even when the job or responsibility may be unful lling. If you are seeking metals or minerals or other treasures of the Earth, Bromati knows where they are and can help you nd them. Many people are by default in the earth mode, but without the assistance of the Angel Bromati because they did not know who he was or how to summon him. His assistance is a big boost as he will enhance and amplify all the bene cial aspects of the earth mode in your life.



Yodoacer (m) yoh-doh-ah-sair

Yodoacer is a very magickal angel, and the more adept someone is in directly using magick, the greater will be their ability to utilize the powers of Yodoacer. Unlike most of the Stewardship Angels, Yodoacer will only come to someone who correctly summons him and has the ability to wield the powers that he brings. Because the forces he wields and conveys are very powerful, he has no time for the inept or inexperienced, except those that are willing to learn step-by-step as he leads them to the knowledge.

e basic forces of nature are the stewardship of the Angel Yodoacer. ese include electricity, magnetism and gravity and how to manifest and manipulate them. From a scienti c standpoint, these three are actually intimately interconnected but this knowledge is still beyond the understanding of mortals. For instance, in the science that we know, only a very limited number of minerals and metals, such as iron, are magnetic. In the teachings of Yodoacer, all substances have a magnetic resonance that will either attract or repel them, to or from one or more other substances when the forces are correctly invoked. Yodoacers’ stewardship will be of little use to 99% of the people. But for those few who wish to learn over a period of time how to physically wield elemental forces, Yodoacer will guide them to knowledge that is known, and inspire them to intuitively comprehend that which is unknown. Most rewarding, when the student has a sufficiently broad foundation of knowledge, Yodoacer will begin personally instructing them telepathically, enabling them to harness powers such as few mortals ever possess. Due to his selective acceptance of people he is willing to help, summoning Yodoacer is different than most other Stewardship Angels. is is the summoning that works best, with a dash of humility, repeated three times: Yodoacer, Yodoacer, Yodoacer, come to me as I decree. I am magick and magick is me, reveal the elemental force mysteries for me to see. Lead me, guide me, show me the way that the forces of the elements, my words will obey.



Shazar (m) shuh-zhar

e in uence of Shazar, the Angel of Fire, is one of the secrets to some of the greatest successes the world has ever known. You call upon Shazar speci cally to enter into the Fire Mode in your life and to receive every bene t of being in that mode.

e Fire Mode is an intense period of focus usually for at least 30 days but never more than 90 days. Even with Shazars’ help, it is not possible to sustain the Fire Mode beyond that time frame without damaging other aspects of your life. at level of intensity will burn you out if carried forward longer. But in those 90 days you can literally change your life. e rst step, before you summon Shazar, is to have a very clear and concise goal that you are striving to achieve: write a book, conquer a mountain, complete a project, get promoted, start a new company, get elected to political office or any other goal. Even if others may have taken years to accomplish something similar, you will be amazed at how much your life can improve in just 90 days of the Fire Mode. One of my favorite slightly modi ed quotes whenever I think of the Fire Mode is, “All the people saying it cannot be done are continually being interrupted, abbergasted and befuddled by the people doing it.” e second step is to write down your goal. Another favorite quote explains why: “A goal not written is only a wish.” e third step is to summon the Angel Shazar in the normal manner for summoning Stewardship angels as explained in chapter 10. e fourth step is to speak to Shazar as a friend and explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Ask Shazar to help in any way he can, and he will. With Shazars’ in uence you will remain highly motivated throughout the time you are in the Fire Mode. e h step involves the secrets of a successful re mode. Limit your Fire Mode to a minimum 30 days and maximum 90 days. During the Fire Mode do not engage in any of your normal timekilling activities: no TV, no Facebook, no video games, no online activities, no regular social activities with friends, no reading the news in the newspaper or online. Keep your total focus and time

during the day on the purpose of your Fire Mode. is may seem harsh, but remember it is only for a very short period of time that will change your life! Eat healthy food not junk food, even if this means eating different food than you normally eat. No sodas, potato chips or empty calorie snacks or drinks. Once a week take a break in the evening and go out for some form of entertainment or recreation. Take a comfortably warm shower each night just before bed. Use this time to unwind and release your mind into a meditative state. Don’t be surprised if brilliant ideas suddenly pop into your head while you are in your relaxing state. Very important: get a full nights sleep every night of 7-8 hours. Do it! You can change your life in 90 days.  



Razanhamisi (f)


e stewardship responsibilities of the Angel Razanhamisi are most interesting. As the Angel of Space she literally can bene t any activity that has to do with space, from redesigning your closet so you have more room, to watching over astronauts traveling beyond the bonds of Earth, as well as helping scientists understand the mysteries of the universe. For those adept in the magickal practices of Celestine Light, Razanhamisi is the angel to call upon if you are dealing with either positive or negative

energy vortexes, or dimensional portals.



Iskkeneder (m) isk-kuh-en-uh-dehr

If you work in the magickal arts, especially those of Celestine Light, the Angel Iskkeneder is a very good ally to have. Iskkeneder deals with the vast unseen world of disembodied spirits, demons, blobs, entities, and aliens that are able to hide their presence from your ve senses. He also is a big help against energy related attacks including energy vampires, hexes and curses. If you feel you are being troubled by any of these, summon Iskkeneder for instant relief and insightful guidance for long term warding and prevention.

Iskkeneder will help you in his own unseen ways. Typically, you will notice the bene cial remediation but not know exactly what Iskkeneder did. He will also empower you by guiding you to knowledge to help you help yourself. Be alert to what the ow brings you: being led to a web page or a book, an event, or a pertinent topic in a casual conversation. Also be open to expanding your magickal social network and learning new techniques from those who have greater knowledge.



Laconda (f) lah-kahn-dah

Laconda, the Angel of Water, is responsible for helping people in the fourth active mode of human activity. She gives some limited assistance to those who are in the mode by default without conscious choice. But she gives great assistance to those who speci cally summon her and ask for help entering, sustaining and bene ting from the water mode. When contemplating the essence of the water mode imagine a single snow ake falling on a vast snow eld. When the warmth of spring arrives, the billions of accumulated snow akes begins to melt and a stream begins high in the mountains. It starts as some drips, then a trickle. It grows in size as it travels down the mountain and has additional feeder streams joining it. Along the way it will encounter obstacles. e small ones it will just wash away or ow over, the larger ones such as a big boulder, it will slow down momentarily until it nds the easiest route around the obstacle and then it will continue onward completely ignoring the obstacle le behind.

Sometimes there will be scary precipices but the water will not hesitate. It will rush over the edge creating a spectacular waterfall and it will not stop; onward to the sea it will continue to progress. As it keeps growing it becomes a river on a relentless march to the sea. At some point it may encounter a huge obstacle like a giant dam blocking the ow and creating a vast lake behind it. Even this will not stop the water from reaching its goal of the sea. It will take time, perhaps even years, but it will continue to grow when the rainy seasons are abundant until the reservoir can hold no more without bursting. Under its irresistable pressure, the spillway is forced open, releasing the water to resume its inexorable journey to the sea. Calling upon the Angel Laconda to help you enter and sustain the water mode starts you on a journey like the stream down the mountain heading for the sea and your ultimate goal. Being in the water mode is a mid-term state of mind, heart and action. It is longer than the air or re modes, but generally shorter than the earth mode. When you are in the water mode Laconda will help you remember to ‘be as the water,’ always owing toward your goal, sometimes fast, sometimes very slow, but never forgetting your purpose and always building, striving and persisting, even when your efforts may seem small. On your journey remember the feeder streams. ese are people aligned with your purpose who can help you achieve it. It is seldom necessary to pursue your goal alone. More likely it will be essential to join forces with others that have complementary talents and a common resonance of purpose. Remember to gauge your obstacles for the most appropriate and energy conserving action to overcome them. Some will be small enough to roll right over or wash away. Others like the big boulder would be a waste of energy to try to overcome, but your objective can still be reached by simply ignoring and going around them. When you nd yourself blocked by a big dam, don’t get frustrated or abandon your quest; remember you are the unstoppable force. Apply patience and bide your time while quietly building

your strength and resources. e day will soon come when no dam can block your path and you will move on to the goal you seek. In the water mode you will be exible, adaptable, and you will persist until you succeed.




Gaeanaire (f) gee-uh-nair

For many people life is merely existing: long hours of unful lling work, followed by coming home exhausted. But there is no time to rest as there’s dinner to make and chores to do. When nally everything is done for the day, the day is nished as well, and it’s time for bed. You might squeeze in an hour of relaxation in front of the TV, but most people would like to have time to do more. ey may have projects or cras they want to do or books

they want to read. But by the end of the long day and evening there’s little time and no more energy. e next day the mundane existence starts all over again. While there are certainly some people that enjoy a far more relaxing and ful lling life, if you consider the population of the world as a whole, the vast majority do not have even the simple luxury of a few spare hours a day just for themselves. For many people, when they need to call on angels, the Angels of Life may be the ones that are able to help the most. e Stewardship Angels of Life encompass the full range of essential life moments in their responsibilities from birth to death and everything in between. Most of your needs will be speci c enough that you can summon a single Stewardship Angel for help. If you are unsure of which angel to call upon, or you feel you need the help of multiple Angels of Life, it would be appropriate to call upon the Archangel Gaeanaire, who would then send the angels to you that could help you the most.



Zaeschylus (m) zays-chy-luhss

Zaeschylus, the Angel of Balance, is an exceptionally helpful angel to call upon to make self-improvements in your life. Most people are out of balance in one way or another. Many are out of balance in multiple areas at the same time. Consider the aspects of your life effected by your seven major Chakra/Root Ki energy centers: Xe: psychic/higher self

Ka: mental Qo: self-con dence, self-esteem, self-reliance Ja: heart and emotions Za: Past lives and primordial fears Wz: physical health and vitality Vm: sexual and creative It is common for most people to emphasize one or two energy centers and give little time or energy to the others. For instance, someone that is very mental will devote most of their time to mental activities and virtually ignore sports and strenuous physical activities. On the other end of the spectrum, someone that loves their body and works to perfect it physically with time everyday for exercise may give far less attention to expanding and nurturing their mental capabilities. Both are instances of someone that is out of balance. ere are many ways being out of balance can manifest including being overly emotional or unemotional, too critical or easily irritated. Poor dietary habits are a big downfall for many people who ll their day eating an unhealthy diet and consuming snacks and drinks devoid of nutrition. Being out of balance also has expanding repercussions. When one aspect of your life is off kilter it affects other areas and oen makes them somewhat disjointed as well. e greater balance you have in your life, giving time to every aspect of your being, the more likely you are to expand in your lifetime into your greatest potential. e Angel Zaeschylus can be of great assistance to manifesting a balanced reality in your life. Once you have called upon him,

Zaeschylus will regularly prompt you to devote time to the aspects of yourself you have previously neglected and will cause you to have a consciousness pricking you when you fail to do so. More importantly, Zaeschylus will motivate you with a continual desire to be more balanced and give you a greater passion to make it so. e bene ts will be rapidly noticed by both you and others whom you interact with in your life. You will be calmer, more curious, more centered in your opinions, more willing to understand other points of view, even if you disagree. You will love and care for yourself more. And you’ll nd yourself developing an interest in previously uninteresting activities and actively seeking to expand your horizons.



Vion (f) vee-ohn

If you are involved in any aspect of the birth of a child, from the mother giving birth, to the father supporting the mother, to the doctor delivering the baby, the Angel Vion can be a very useful and comforting helper. Call upon Vion to ease the pains of childbirth, to facilitate an easy birth, to engender a supportive group of family members and friends, and an accommodating employer for time off.



Urarelia (f)


Our daily life is a series of choices. Some are fairly inconsequential, such as what to eat for lunch, or what movie to go watch. Others may be quite monumental, such as getting married, buying a house, or committing to attend a college. An interesting aspect of making choices is the effect of the choice, be it good or bad, oen envelopes a greater part of our lives than we envisioned when we made the choice. For instance, perhaps you had been faithfully eating a healthier diet that eliminated all fast food. But on this particular day

you were late for an appointment and decided to grab a quick bite at the nearby fast food restaurant, telling yourself it was ‘just this once.’ But that ‘just once’ broke down the mental and emotional protections of resolute resolve. Subsequently, the poor choice occurs again the next week, then again a few days later. en before you know it the old bad habit of frequently eating out at fast food restaurants is back. When it comes to very important decisions, such as getting married, which will affect many aspects of your daily life, or buying a house which will affect your monthly nances, making the right choice will have a longlasting impact. With all types of decisions and choices, big or small, the Angel Urarelia can be a trusted guide prompting your consciousness and intuition to make the best choices. Urarelia is also most helpful when you nd yourself in a moment of indecision. Sometimes all the choices being considered for a course of action may have merit. Deciding which to commit to can sometimes be vexing. Urarelia helps ease the vex and clari es the optimum choice that will lead to the greatest ful llment and achievement of your goal. One very useful hint that was passed on to me from a higher being that I’ll pass on to you, is to nd out all the facts, and then ask your mind, “what do you think about this choice?” Follow that with asking your heart, “what do you feel about this choice?” Your heart and mind work very well in tandem and much better than relying on just one without the other. When both your heart and your mind agree, that is the optimum course of action.



Gwehwyfar (f) gweh-wif-ahr

e Angel Gwehwyfar has the blessed stewardship to help conceive healthy babies. With the assistance of Specialty Angels working with her, Gwehwyfar’s stewardship extends to both people and animals. If you have had trouble conceiving, or have experienced miscarriages or other fertility or pregnancy complications, please call upon the Angel Gwehwyfar. Her loving, nurturing energy can make a vital difference. She can reveal important information, lead you to key professionals that can help, inspire and motivate you to make lifestyle changes that can be of bene t. She will instill a more supportive attitude in family and friends, and initiate physical changes within you that, coupled with your

synergistic actions, can make your body physically more receptive to conception and a healthy, full-term birth.



Jaelkavel (m) jah-el-kah-vel

Aer you die are you going to just become a forgotten unknown name on a tombstone? at will be the ignominious fate for most people. Even more so aer all the people who knew them while they were alive have also passed on. Or, will you live on in some way beyond your physical life? e Angel Jaelkavel’s stewardship is to insure that a part of your energy will remain in some way upon the Earth to bene t future generations. Jaelkavel will help

you to develop something that will live on to bene t others aer you have passed: one of legacy. Legacies can take many forms if you remember the de nition of creating something that will live on to bene t others aer you have passed. e most obvious is in raising well-balanced, happy, productive children. at is a huge legacy that seldom gets the credit it deserves and is actually more rare of a legacy than it should be. If you succeed in leaving a legacy, your name will not be forgotten because the energy you put out creating the legacy will live on aer you have passed. To gauge where you are today on your legacy path ask yourself this question: “Not including my own family members and close friends, what good did I do that other people will remember me for 10 years aer my death? 25 years aer? 50 years aer? 100 years aer?” If you are a person that has done well nancially in your life, you can leave your estate to causes that you care about. Your contribution may help many people for many years. Endowments to colleges, particularly large contributions can have potent impacts for generations. And the ripples can be far reaching from people who graduate and then go on to make their own signi cant contributions in life. erefore the second question to ask yourself is: “If I were to leave my estate to support an institution or cause (not a person), which institution or cause would I choose? Following are some additional ideas for creating a legacy. Call upon the Angel Jaelkavel to help you discover, create and manifest your very own. Write a book Video a nal inspiring, motivating message for your family Create and market a game

Plant trees (Read the story of Johnny Appleseed) Invent a device Create a permanent garden or hedge maze or labyrinth Start a company that is passed on to your heirs Be a leader in a cause to make a difference that bene ts people’s lives. Create an annual scholarship at your High School Act in a movie Create informative YouTube videos Create a Trust to distribute money to your heirs for speci c purposes.



Lakajinal (m) lah-kah-gee-nahl

Many people graduate from High School with no idea what they want to do with their lives. ey go on to General Studies for at least their rst two years of college still trying to determine the path that calls to them. A good number of people never nd it. According to work satisfaction surveys, 80% of employees are unsatis ed and unful lled in their job. But they stay on, oen all the way to retirement because they do not know what else to do. In a similar vein, many people end up in their profession, not by choice, but by

default as it was the job that was available when they were looking and they just stayed with it. A Career-Builder study in 2013 found that 31% of American college graduates older than 35, had never worked in the eld of their degree. ey also found that 47% of new graduates did not nd their rst job within their degree eld. It is not hard to conclude, based upon the statistics, that a majority of people live and die without ever truly having a guiding purpose in their life other than perhaps to be the best person and parent (for those that have children) that they could be; certainly a noble aspiration many people share. But a true life purpose goes beyond the everyday functions of life. Having a purpose in life gives you an excitement and passion for each day. It motivates you to create and press on even when others may falter and fall away. A life full of purpose is an internal guide that helps make all of your important choices and decisions easier. A purpose helps you set synchronistic goals, nd a harmonious spiritual path, and a ful lling vocation or profession. Your life purpose may change and evolve over time as you gain knowledge and understanding that may prompt you to seek new directions. Be open to that possibility. Purpose can also be multifaceted. It does not have to be a singular focus. If you cultivate, nurture and follow your passions, you will nd many ful lling purposes in life. For instance, I am a husband, a father, an author, a philosopher, a spiritual leader, a life coach, a psychic, a magickal Adept, a teacher, a speaker, a time traveler, a mentor, a visionary and a designer. I have a passion for each one and feel a purpose to ful ll and expand within each sphere of expertise to the best of my ability. Each endeavor brings me joy. If I had to focus solely on ONE thing I would be bored to tears! Being open to nding your life purpose passions and enjoying more than one helps you have a zest for life! It leads to a life of ful lling action rather than lethargic drudgery and repetition. It encourages you to unhesitatingly try new experiences, cras, groups and opportunities. It doesn’t reminisce

about the past or pine for a future that may never be. Finding and living your purposes helps you live in the present and that is always when you will nd life most ful lling because it has true substance; something neither the past nor the future contain. As you seek to discover or re ne your life purpose or purposes call upon the Angel Lakajinal. He will help light a re in your heart and send innovative ideas to your mind.



Vaalderyn (f) vah-ahl-dur-in

Vaalderyn is another very useful angel to call upon when you are making important life decisions. Her stewardship is to help you clearly feel a harmony and compatibility when a choice is correct, and a discordance and dissonance when someone or something is not right for you. Having her on your side is like having ampli ed intuition. Perhaps you are considering renting a new apartment or accepting an unknown person as a new roommate. Maybe you are deciding whether or

not to accept a new employment offer or deciding upon your major in college. Summon Vaalderyn to be able to easily discern with your heart and mind whether a contemplated action would be harmonious for you.



Dahlshabon (m) dahlz-shah-bahn

As we review the responsibilities and provenance of 144 Stewardship Angels, it is important to remember that each of us also have dedicated stewardship responsibilities in our lives as well. Responsibilities to help others grow and prosper in their lives even as the angels help us. Angels are always there, patiently waiting to assist us in our times of need and challenge. We can do no less for those who look to us for support, mentoring, love and a li up in life.

Whether your stewardship is with a person such as a child, or a project such as a work responsibility, being a good steward means nurturing, supporting and growing them into their fullest potential. A wonderful example of what it means to be a good steward verses one less diligent, is in the Parable of the Talents of Stewardship as told by Yeshua in the Oracles of Celestine Light. is parable tells the story of an employer that went on a trip and trusted three of his employees with a sum of money to care for while he was gone. e rst two prudently invested the money they were given and returned double the original amount to the employer when he returned. ey were good stewards. e third returned only the exact amount the employer had given him and explained he feared the employer’s wrath if he had lost any of the money so he buried it in the ground for safe keeping. While that does display a degree of stewardship in that the employee kept the money safe and did not gamble it away, it fell short of the aspects of magnifying and amplifying that so clearly de nes good stewardship. For those who have children, letting them know by word and deed that they are greatly loved and special; continually supporting them and boosting their self-con dence and self-esteem; teaching them important life lessons by precept and example; and providing the opportunities for them to grow and expand into their potential, is likely the greatest stewardship most of us will ever be honored to have. With our children, our spouses, our elderly parents, those we supervise at work, lead in volunteer groups, teach or mentor in any way, calling in the Angel Dahlshabon will help us ful ll our stewardship to them better. Sometimes stewardships are not directly to people, but to causes like saving the whales, or purposes such as growing a garden, or remembering to walk your dog so they get enough exercise to stay healthy. In any and all types of stewardship, summoning the Angel Dahlshabon will insure you have a greater desire in your heart to ful ll it and a greater diligence in doing it.



Lhyrsanthe (f) lye-ur-sahn-th

Life is full of transitions. Some may be pretty inconsequential, such as moving to a new desk or office at work. Others may be more consequential but still not life changing such as buying a new car, getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or starting a new term at college. Others can be quite impactful such as getting married or divorced, adding a new baby to your family, moving to a new city, dealing with a health crisis, or perhaps even the passing of a spouse and becoming a widow or widower. When you are dealing with a transition in your life, big or small, if you are nding some challenges coping with the change, please summon the Angel Lhyrsanthe as she can really be a tremendous help.  Lhyrsanthe is very grounded. She helps maintain your emotional and mental stability as well as

a big picture perspective that eases the pain and turmoil of the transition time. Lhyrsanthe is also an optimist and she is very good at helping you to realize the good in every transition, even when they are sad at their base such as a divorce, illness or life passing. She helps you understand that for every door that closes, another opens. And she gives you a glimmer of excitement anticipating the new opportunities, even amidst the turmoil of a sad transition. e Angel Lhyrsanthe is also very good at helping you to understand when it is time to transition into something new and giving you the motivation to initiate the process to do it. She can be a very good friend and enjoys it very much when you talk to her as a friend.



Lehona (f)


Truth can be an elusive reality. From an admirer trying to present themselves to you in their best light, to a company advertising its products, to politicians making promises they have no intention of keeping, to friends, lovers and family hiding secrets, life is full of misleading words, illusions, deceit and deception. Sometimes it is egregious, blatant and painful. Other

times it is subtle and we ignore it, not willing to acknowledge the reality and burst our own illusion. In some circumstances it might even be better to not know the truth as the disruption it would cause would be far out of proportion to the less than desirable reality which it obscured. Within those considerations, when you need to unequivocally know the truth about someone, a situation or a promise, summoning in the Angel Lehona will become your built-in lie detector. Once you summon Lehona she highly activates your intuitive sense and auric eld for detecting truth. If someone tells you anything, you will sense whether they are being true or false. Beyond that, you will also be sensitive to nuances, such as someone speaking truth but embellishing it, or omitting another aspect that you would object to if you were aware of it.




Wezantiel (f) way-zahn-tee-el

When you are young you do not think much about being old. But once your children have become adults, have started their own lives and you end up in your 50’s and then your 60’s, it is only normal for most people to become more conscious about their own mortality and the shrinking number of years they have remaining in their lives. How many years of life remain to enjoy in good health depends a great deal upon the choices a person makes. e human body can be compared to an automobile: the better care you give it, the longer it lasts in fully

functioning condition. With a vehicle you need to give it high quality fuel so it can perform well. You need to keep oil levels good so parts do not wear out prematurely. You need to not abuse the vehicle while you’re driving to prevent wear, tear and accidents. Your body is very similar in its requirements for optimum performance and longevity. You need to feed it high quality, high nutrition food so you have the energy, strength and stamina to do everything you desire. Just as important you need to avoid low nutrition foods, snacks and drinks. Like poor quality gas debilitating the performance of a car, low quality foods will degrade your body, induce obesity and instigate illness. You also need to be aware of the importance of fats. Too oen in the current diet trends oils and fat are avoided to an extreme that is hurtful to the optimum performance and longevity of the body. Fats are not all the same in how your body uses them. ere are good fats and bad fats. e good fats are needed for optimum brain function, joint maintenance and muscular uidity. A little self research into this aspect of diet can be very helpful for optimizing your health and vitality. Equally important to diet is simply being conscious about caring for yourself in ways intentionally chosen to help your body to vibrantly last many years beyond what is considered the norm in human society. is may involve exercise, social activities, sound, adequate sleep and more. Some of the key elements of longevity are covered by the Stewardship Angels that follow. If you feel you need the assistance of more than one Stewardship Angel at the same time or are uncertain of which Stewardship Angels to summon, it would be appropriate to call upon Wezantiel and ask her to send the Stewardship Angel or angels to you that you need.



Sertaleva (f) sehr-tah-lee-vah

A long, restful sleep each night is a vital component, not only to longevity, but to everyday good health regardless of your age. While you sleep your body heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels, lessening your likelihood of having heart disease or high blood pressure.

Sleep helps your brain slow down and rest so it’s ready for the next days mental demands. Your body’s hormone levels maintain a better balance when you have a good nights sleep. is helps control your hunger and many other important metabolic functions. Sleep speci cally helps control the sugar level in your body and how your body reacts to insulin, diminishing your risk of diabetes. Adequate, quality sleep also strengthens your immune system and helps you ght off illnesses. Very importantly, a sound nights sleep allows your Night Self to travel easily and far, bringing many wonderful experiences and knowledge to you while you sleep. A full, quality nights sleep is an essential component of extending your life in health and vitality beyond the years normally allotted to people. If for any reason you are not experiencing a full, deep sleep each night, you would do well to call upon the Angel Sertaleva for assistance. A tful, short, or in any way poor nights sleep can occur from several causes. Summoning Sertaleva will help you determine the cause and nd remedies you can apply yourself. As a nal blessing Sertaleva will amplify all of your good efforts and help you achieve a restful, healthful slumber. Sertaleva can also be called upon for emergency sleep relief if you ever nd yourself desperately in need of a sound sleep. In very short-term situations, Sertaleva can override and diminish whatever is blocking your sound sleep and allow you to get the vital rest you need at least for a night or two.



Uharlize (f) yoo-hahr-leez

ere are two parts to a successful longevity diet: rst is knowing what to eat, and second is having the will power to only eat what you are supposed to eat. Both, are much easier said than done.

ere is so much information out about the best foods to eat for health and longevity, much of it in contradiction to alternative advice. Making the right choices can be daunting and overwhelming. Once summoned, the Angel Uharlize excels at guiding you to the food and diet information that can help you the most. As the optimum diet regime can vary depending upon factors such as genetics, age and health status, the guidance of Uharlize can be essential to making the best choices for yourself. Uharlize can also be helpful in instilling a greater will power in your heart and mind to stick to your optimum diet and not take little digressions that end up unraveling your determination. If you nd that you are still succumbing to old, unhealthy diet habits, you should also summon Tirusah, the Angel of Will Power, for an added boost of resolve. 



Xiyadaine (m) zee-yah-deyn

Regularly exercising is a bigger challenge for some of us than others. Some people are physically handicapped by disabilities or impeded by excess weight. Others are very mentally oriented and tend by their nature to shun strenuous physical activity. Yet regularly and vigorously moving our bodies, and pushing our lungs and muscles beyond their regular use are essential actions of a longevity lifestyle. If you are not one of the people innately attracted to regular exercise; if it is a challenge to take the time to do it and easy to nd excuses to skip it; if

exercise is difficult for you due to weight, disabilities or any other reason; you need to summon the Angel Xiyadaine for mental motivation and a consistent desire in your heart. Xiyadaine will also guide you to the best exercises and activities for you based upon your needs and capabilities. Be open to where the guidance leads you. Listen to the voice that speaks to you in your mind prompting you where to go and what to do in regards to exercise. en do it!



Elliquel (m) el-lee-kwel

Contentment is a state of happiness within the current condition of your life. It is an essential emotional state for longevity. It does not mean you are apathetic, or complacent, or that you simply accept or overlook parts of your life that are less than ideal. It doesn’t mean that you are happy with all

aspects of your life or people in your life. ere are few, if any, perfect lives. But within the life that you have: rich or poor, where you want to be or still striving for it, you can nd contentment. You can still maintain a feeling of happiness warming you inside, even in times when you must deal with unpleasantries. Summoning the Angel Elliquel is a wonderful aid for recognizing and emphasizing the many good things in your life, while not giving the less than favorable aspects any more time or attention than necessary. Elliquel helps you to see the glass of life as half full instead of half empty. An important part of contentment that is oen overlooked, especially among older people who most need the longevity, is belonging to a community of some type. Even if you are an introvert, spending most of your time alone without other human interaction is not conducive to longevity. A community can be a place you actually live, or a family community where you interact and participate in joint activities with neighboring family and friends every day. A community can also be a hobby that you have a passion for and share every week with other enthusiasts, which includes frequent social get-togethers. It can also be any other kind of social group that involves regularly shared in-person activities. Studies have shown that people who attend church regularly, regardless of which religion they belong to, typically live 10-12 years longer than those who do not. If they are involved in activities multiple days of the week, their longevity extends even further. is is mainly because active participation in a religion, be it a church, temple, or mosque, keeps you regularly involved with a synergistic, supportive social group, sharing laughter, study and service projects with good friends that have strong common bonds. I have known many people that have remained in a religion long aer they stopped believing in it because they did not want to give up the social group around which a great part of their life revolved. From a longevity standpoint that might be a wise choice. If you are searching for your community, the group with whom you will resonate with so well that you want to share time with them oen, the Angel

Elliquel will help you nd them. If you are already in one but feel the need for greater bonding with other members, Elliquel will open their hearts and minds to make it so. In your everyday life, which includes your work and your time at home with your family, the Angel Elliquel can help you learn to appreciate your blessings both big and small, and help you see life more for its sun than its shadows. Greater contentment is sure to follow.



Kalalatair (m) kah-lah-lah-tehr

Energy and vitality are two aspects of good health that most people do not fully appreciate until they no longer have them. Once they are gone it can seem like a fruitless effort to ever get them back, at least to the level you measured your energy and vitality when you were at your peak, which for most people was in their early twenties. ere is a built-in resiliency to youth and young adults. ey tend to have more energy simply because they haven’t spent many years yet degrading their body by harmful habits and food with little nutrition, but the vitality

blessings of youth fade. Without intentional actions to maintain your energy level it will slip away as the years pass by. e good news is, regardless of your age or current health, most people can regain the vitality of youth if they are willing to regularly and consistently take the actions necessary to accomplish the goal. Helping you to nd the desire, the willingness and impetus to eat better, to give up hurtful habits and non-supportive friends, to involve yourself in physical activities even if initially it is just walking around the block, and to stick with your new habits and motivating thoughts, is within the stewardship of the Angel Kalalatair. Kalalatair will help you in any harmonious way you desire to have more physical energy and vitality. When your body is more alive, it is more than just your muscles. Your mind also regains the nimbleness of youth and your memory sharpens. If it pertains to his stewardship don’t be hesitant to speak with Kalalatair as a friend and ask for help as you need. e stewardship of Kalalatair works well in conjunction with other Angels of Longevity, as well as several of the Angels of Personal Development.



Sálán (f) sah-lahn

ough good health is a by-product of wellness, wellness is not the same as good health. You may enjoy good health for a variety of reasons without any effort on your part. However, if you don’t take regular actions and make wise choices to maintain your good health it will deteriorate over time. Wellness on the other hand, is a healthy state of mind and body that you deliberately cultivate by your good actions and healthy choices. Wellness seeks to minimize and prevent illness and disease. It is not about treating

sickness but about preventing it from occurring in the rst place. Increased longevity is a natural and expected outcome from good habits of wellness. Wellness is not something someone can do for you. It is something you must do for yourself. It is a process of education and learning what to do, then doing it. Understanding and living such important points as: which foods to eat and which not to eat how to combine multiple food items or in what order to eat them for maximum bene t when and how to exercise appropriately understanding and avoiding environmental hazards to your health, including many home cleaning products understanding which natural herbs and products are suited for helping you maintain a state of wellness. Most importantly, wellness is a mindset and a continual desire followed by actions to live a wellness lifestyle. It is in these two areas: knowledge and desire, that the Angel Sálán can be most helpful. Once summoned, Sálán will guide you to books, magazines, internet information and people that can provide you with the wellness knowledge to successfully chart and keep to your chosen course of action. To insure that is the case,  Sálán excels at helping you maintain a desire in your heart and a willingness in your mind to live a wellness lifestyle.



Quanvera (f) kwahn-vair-uh

From my experience Quanvera is the most popular of all the angels. I know more people that call upon this angel more oen than any other angel. In a way, that is a sad testament to how frequently our bodies are afflicted by illness, disease, degeneration and mental and emotional trauma in one form or another. If you nd yourself with a need to summon Quanvera for assistance healing whatever ails you, please consider also calling Sálán, the Angel of Wellness. If you are receiving the help of Sálán and following her guidance, you will seldom have a need to call upon Quanvera.

You can also summon Quanvera to help another person, even without their knowledge or consent. e results will usually be more impactful if the person is aware that you have called Quanvera to help them, but they will still have a greater likelihood of getting better with Quanvera’s help and subtle guidance. To have Quanvera help someone other than yourself, simply summon her in the normal manner, then speak to her as one friend to another and ask her to help the person you want her to assist. Tell her the person’s name and where they are located. To be clear, Quanvera usually does not directly heal a person, except in very special circumstances, where there is nothing the individual can do to help themselves and there is a path open for healing. e last requirement is an important caveat. If for instance a lifetime smoker is dying of lung cancer, they are reaping what they sowed and calling upon Quanvera would not result in a miraculous cure from what was essentially slow suicide or selfassassination. Quanvera actively assists healing by clearing energy blockages in the body that are impeding recovery. is is a more important part of healing than most people realize. It can make an immense difference in the speed of recovery. ese may be physical, mental or emotional blockages. You need to speci cally ask her to do this for you as it is not an automatic action on her part. It’s a good thing to ask, even if you think you do not have blockages, because if you are ill, it is almost certain that you have energy blockages of some type, somewhere, that are feeding the illness. ere are many other types of healing assistance the Angel Quanvera can bring to those who are ill or diseased. Don’t hesitate to call upon her for yourself or others, but be willing to take actions to help yourself as well. Quanvera favors those who take an active part in their own healing.




Balasuintha (m) bahl-ah-soo-inth-ah

One of the great purposes of mortal life is to learn and grow in our knowledge, character and personality from our studies and life experiences. If we are on a good track we are never just holding still, but continually pushing forward, striving to gain more knowledge about a wide range of subjects and seeking to develop our character and personal abilities to a higher level.

e Archangel Balasuintha has the the overall responsibility for the provenance of personal development. ere are many aspects to selfimprovement and only some of the most popular Stewardship Angels are listed here. If you have a speci c area of development that is not listed, such as improving your con dence and ability to speak in public, then please call upon the archangel and ask him to send you the specialized Stewardship Angel that you need. Otherwise, you will get quicker results calling on the speci c Stewardship Angel you need by their name. If there is more than one angel that can help you under the category of Personal Development, feel free to call upon more than one as they all work well together in this category.



Jelehnessu (m) jel-eh-nes-soo

Discernment is a subtle but very valuable skill. It is like intuition but is based upon inconspicuous, observable telltales rather than a thought without evidence. With sensitive discernment ability you will not be fooled or misled. Almost every person in your life, from close family to unknown strangers, try to in uence you to act as they desire in ways both big and small. While

some may not hide their motives and just try convincing you to act or make the choices they deem best, others try to take advantage of you and gain something while you lose. Many others are well-intentioned even when they have hidden, ulterior motives from what they are openly proclaiming. Some people, oen family or friends, simply feel they know better than you do about the choices you should make in your life. But doubting you would follow their advice, they try to in uence you subtly rather than overtly. Because persuasion is an art learned from experience, the older someone is the more likely they are to be pro cient at subtle and almost imperceptible persuasion. ose who have mastered the art motivate you to act as they desire while thinking it is all your idea. A normal person has little, if any, defense against masters of persuasion because their expertise is so gentle and seemingly reasonable that the victim does not even realize they are being coerced into an action they may not have otherwise taken. Whenever you nd yourself in a situation where you need to discern if others are lying to you, or concealing a hidden agenda, or are trying to lead you on a path of their choice rather than your own, calling upon the Angel Jelehnessu can bring a clarity to your mind and heart that is invaluable. Calling upon Jelehnessu may not make the truth obvious to you, but it will warn you, usually quite strongly in both your mind and your heart that something is amiss. At the very least you will have persistent doubts about proceeding. Oen you will have very strong feelings to not continue along the path you are being encouraged to take, or that the story you are being told as reality, is in fact false.



Qolega (f) kwoh-lay-gah

Most humans have a natural laziness that subconsciously encourages them to only do the minimum necessary to get the job done. Whether it is work related or chores at home, this mediocre nature oen prevails. To overcome it and apply the extra effort to produce exceptional results requires a combination of will power, discipline and persistence to continue on the extra mile, aer most other people would have quit with the philosophy of ‘why do more than necessary?’

If you desire to achieve more than the masses of humanity in your life, it begins with an attitude of excellence. As that thought process ows through you, it motivates you to excel. At rst it may only be in one particular area of your life, but as you open up to that reality, you soon begin to desire and seek excellence in other parts of your life as well. e Angel Qolega is exceptionally useful in helping anyone desiring to make the switch from mediocrity to excellence. While Qolega alone is sufficient to transition someone into a mindset of excellence, results can be even greater and more pronounced with the additional help of other related angels, particularly the Angel of Work Ethic and  the Angel of Persistence.



Sréanainn (f) sray-ah-nay-in

One of the most important traits of humankind that has allowed humans to spread across the planet in great numbers is exibility of action and existence. From Eskimo’s living in ice igloos, to big city dwellers in tall skyscrapers, to primitive tribes in the heart of South America living in grass huts, humans adapt so well to their environment that there is no place on the planet they cannot live if they so choose, or circumstances demand. e fact that they are also omnivores that can eat practically anything from meat to vegetable, grain, nut or fruit, has also allowed them to thrive while many other more food or environment specialized species have gone extinct when their food source diminished or their environment changed. As a species we are also exible in our dealings with one another. Despite the con icts and wars that seem to always be occurring somewhere on earth, we are quite astounding in our exibility to get along or at least

tolerate each other. Considering a world approaching 8 billion people sharing limited food, water and natural resources, with a very wide range of cultures, religions, education and civilization levels, there are surprisingly few life-threatening con icts. In our more personal lives, listening, empathy, compromise, and exibility to adjust ones thoughts and actions, are hallmarks of the human race. We create an environment for success in everything from marriage to profession. People who, due to personality or circumstances, are in exible and rigid in their dealings with others, oen nd themselves disadvantaged in life with less opportunities and less success. For anyone aware that they need to be more exible and adaptable in dealing with a particular situation, or simply to become more effective at being a successful human, calling upon the Angel Sréanainn will quickly inject a stronger desire and motivation to make the improvement.



Yenovefa (f) yehn-oh-vay-fah

We are slaves to our habits. ey can be good habits or bad habits. But we are equal slaves to both because they are well-worn, entrenched paths in our psyche that do not want to let us break free and change them. Many people try to stop bad habits and succeed for a time, but oen revert again someday when they are in a sad or frustrating situation in life and their old destructive habit gives them solace or comfort. To truly break a bad habit you need to replace it with a good habit, to become a slave to something good rather than something destructive. e

Angel Yenovefa excels at helping this transition to occur quickly and easily. Yenovefa helps you select an appropriate good habit to replace the bad, helps you stay focused on your goal and buttresses your will power to accomplish it. 



Jelarysa (f) jel-ahr-ee-suh

e Inner Child brought out from deep within your memories with the help of the Angel Jelarysa, bares little similarity to the Inner Child explored in modern psychotherapy. Rather than delving into past childhood traumas and analyzing how they are negatively affecting you as an adult, Jelarysa helps you reconnect to the fun part of being a child, even for people who may not have had much of a fun childhood. You shouldn’t contact Jelarysa to explore old childhood traumas, insecurities or fears, even if you are still suffering repercussions in adulthood. Jelarysa’s magick is helping you to put more zest and fun back in your life by reconnecting to the part of you in your youth when you did.

Adulthood with all it’s heavy responsibilities, frustrations, disappointments, challenges and daily grind for many people, tends to erase the desire to play like a child. In many adult situations, forgetting child-like ways is a necessary coping mechanism with the challenges of life. But if you allow yourself to nearly or completely disconnect from the part of you embodied in a child that laughs easy and oen, enthusiastically delights in new discoveries, is fascinated by nature, and sometimes has no other purpose but to play and have fun, then you are putting yourself on a path to unhappiness and an early grave. It is not that you shun adult responsibilities and soberness, far from it; you must embrace those qualities if you wish to attain a level of success and comfort in life. But if you do not want to be someone they bury at seventy that died at thirty, then you need to occasionally reconnect to the spontaneous, carefree part of yourself that was embodied in the best moments of your childhood. is is the expertise Jelarysa brings to your life when you call upon her. She will help break down your adult barriers to acting silly. She will tickle your funny bone and increase your spontaneity. She will help you to live and love life for every year you are blessed to have it.



Epheliaos (m) eef-uh-lee-ah-ohs

How much knowledge resides in your brain? How much knowledge residing in your brain is in a eld or area that is not related to your profession, hobbies or entertainment interests? Learning new things and gaining more knowledge in those three areas is ne and certainly encouraged. But many people fall into a rut of barely giving scant notice to knowledge outside of their central interests in life. Yet a continual curiosity

and an ever expanding base of knowledge on a wide range of subjects, not only makes you a more talented person, but also a more engaging personality with a wider range of possibilities in all aspects of life, from your personal relationships, to your professional choices and upward mobility, to your entertainment choices. Many people are aware of the importance of a continuing education throughout their life, and have every intention of following through, but the time demands of life oen get in the way. Setting aside time to learn new skills, or experience new types of adventures, or taking at least one college class every year, somehow get put off until next year, which in turn are put off until the following year. And thus the habit of good intentions followed by lack of action becomes a rut that is a challenge to get out of. e Angel Epheliaos excels at pulling you out of the rut and putting you rmly on the path of ever expanding knowledge gained by both, experiencing new things and gaining new knowledge. He instills a love and even a passion to learn and a mindset to make it so that will not be denied.  



Yerakael (m) & Talambrosia (f) yair-uh-kah-el & tahl-ahm-broh-zee-ah

Appropriately, there are two angels, one male and one female, that hold the stewardship of male/female balance. is stewardship recognizes that to varying degrees there are female aspects to every male and male aspects to every female. is is bene cial if there is a reasonable balance. Having a good male/female balance takes nothing away from your natural masculinity or femininity, it just adds some of the bene ts of the opposite sexes best traits.

To name just a few bene ts: the female aspects of men helps them to be slower to anger, better listeners, more compassionate, more intuitive, better team players, more passionate and better able to express love with both words and actions. e male aspect of women helps them to be more assertive, more competitive, less reliant on their emotions, more balanced with head and heart, more con dent and more independent. Put all those traits together in one person and the result is someone very well equipped to succeed in life and be happy along the way. Making it so is the stewardship of Yerakael & Talambrosia when they are called upon for assistance.



Ulyvindr (m) yool-ee-vin-der

A running joke among many people 50 and over is that memory is retained inversely to age. In other words, the older you become the more your memory fades and falters. Sadly, there is a lot of truth to that for many senior citizens. Not that younger people always fare better. Attention spans seem to also have an inverse relationship to the progression of years. Each year that passes becomes a greater technological marvel, but along with the rapid technological changes come shorter attention spans. e less attention you

give to something, the less memorable it becomes even over the short term. Marijuana use is also rising in many countries. Multiple studies have shown that regular usage can produce memory and attention de cits. So, whether a person is old or young, retaining an ever present sharp, clear memory can oen be a challenge for many people. e Angel Ulyvindr excels at helping overcome memory de cits. He is not a magick wand that as soon as you summon him you suddenly have a perfect memory, but if asked, he does imitate biological processes in your body to tune up your capacity to retain things you learn and the ability to call up the memories when you need them. He can also give you an extra boost of memory power for short term retention, such as studying to take a test the next day in school. “ You still need to do your part and cultivate habits conducive to a good memory. For instance, if you came to class drunk or stoned and asked Ulyvindr to help you remember the knowledge necessary to pass the test, you would be unful lled simply because the receptacle of your mind was not in a healthy enough state to receive the blessing you requested. However when it is, the angelic power of Ulyvindr can work memory wonders!



Vawanoki (m) vah-wahn-oh-kee

I went to court once to ght a speeding ticket I knew was incorrect. I was stopped very shortly aer leaving the parking lot. It was impossible for my little car to have been traveling as fast as the police officer said I was. I pointed out to the officer that my car could not go from a stopped position to 35mph in that short of a distance and I was still only in 2nd gear. I marked the spot I pulled over, measured the distance from where I started and got a written testament from a mechanic that it was  impossible for my

car to go from zero to 35mph in that short of distance. I was very con dent of victory. In court the officer said he could not remember the incident, but reviewing his notes he claimed he stopped me ¼ mile further down the road. Despite my objections, the judge sided with the officer because in my word against his, the deciding factor was that the officer was a “trained observer.” ough I know I was right about that incident long ago, I also acknowledge that a lot passes me by. And I have a lot of company in that regard. As less than diligent observers, we oen don’t see something to begin with. Or, we see it and it does not register it in our minds. Illusionists are masters at misdirecting your attention so you are watching one action while they are performing the sleight of hand you never observed to create the illusion. Daily life is full of similar misdirection of our powers of observation. What catches our eye is oen not the most important action occurring around us, but just the one that captured our attention. Calling upon the Angel Vawanoki helps you to take sufficient notice of a wide range of activities and situations around you that the memories are there if you need to call upon them in the future. Vawanoki’s help can be particularly useful in school and work situations where having a clear understanding of what is occurring, not missing any of the details, and manifesting a sharp recall later are important.



Alantariya (f)


Organization has two ends and both extremes are less than helpful. Both extremes tend to drive the other extreme a bit crazy. On one end is someone that is very disorganized. ey just throw everything from clothes to important work and school papers into the rst handy spot and then hope they can nd it later when they need it. At the other end is the over organized person; every paperclip has a designated spot on their desk. at can be a useful habit with moderation. e key is to not let the desire to be organized become obsessive to the point

that continually organizing items takes an inordinate amount of time or takes focus away from more important tasks. More people fall into the group of too little organization than into the group of too much. Either way, the Angel Alantariya helps correct any extremes. If you are an unorganized person and the level of disarray you are facing is overwhelming, Alantariya is excellent at helping you have con dence and enthusiasm to tackle the task of making everything more manageable. Once organized, if you ask her, she will continue to prompt you from time to time to maintain a functional level of organization. It can also be useful to call upon the Angel Alantariya if you have a particularly complex project you are beginning that demands an exact level of pre-organization to insure the project proceeds efficiently. She will help you to clearly see the path before you and the many byways that intersect, to insure the nal production is awesome!



Carmetisia (f)


Passion is an emotion that is very helpful to have; even more so when it is in a good but not excessive amount. Unpassionate people are difficult to have deep relationships with, while overly passionate people tend to make many people stand-offish as it’s more exuberance than they can handle. Passion can also be singular; other people are not required. For instance, you may have a passion for your hobby, a project, or a cause, and go about involving yourself in your passion without the help or interaction of other people. Most of life’s most worthwhile endeavors, from relationships to big goals and dreams, enjoy much easier and greater success when they are injected

with a healthy dose of passion.  e dreary jobs you labor at to pay the bills can quickly be a forgotten inconvenience when you come home to something you are passionate about. Many people visit life coaches and counselors seeking purpose in their life. ey really derive little happiness from anything they do and have a passion for nothing. Oen times the key to unleashing zest in their life is helping them to discover their passion. Once found, everything else in life seems brighter and even unpleasantries are more bearable because you know they will soon be over and you will be back to enjoying your passion. e Angel Carmentisia is a great life coach when it comes to nding your passion or amping up passion you already have to a higher level. She can open conducive channels in both your heart and mind. If you ask her to do so, she will break down any walls you have preventing passion from manifesting,



Sarayavanush (m) sahr-ah-yah-vahn-ush

A wise proverbial phrase familiar to most people is, “patience is a virtue.” at these three words are such a widely known axiom is a testament to the importance of the trait of patience. e original meaning of this word, derived from the Latin word “pati, ”means to endure, suffer and bear.  ankfully the usage of the word

“patience” when it comes to the magickal angels of Celestine Light, has nothing to do with suffering, although it can have a touch of enduring and bearing, but in a good way, not a painful one. In our modern world with fast food, faster internet, instant answers with a search engine and cars that can travel distances in mere minutes that took our ancestors days to cross, patience is not oen evidenced or desired. Yet it remains an invaluable virtue. Patience allows you to slow down and better appreciate and enjoy small pleasures. It allows you to notice important nuances, such as your child’s smile and sparkle of happiness in their eyes when you give them a dedicated moment of your time. Patience helps you to solve problems and helps you to meditate and think through challenges that may have previously seemed to have no solution. Patience may save your life when you are driving and help you live longer with less stress. Patience is a virtue well worth adding to the character traits of your life. e Angel Sarayavanush is a loving, gentle counselor to help you achieve a state of patience more oen and particularly at important times. Just learning to say her long name takes a little patience and starts you on the path to incorporating patience as a character trait in your life. J Calling upon the Angel of Patience and the Angel of Observation together for the same purpose is oen a good synergy.



Auxallias (m) ox-zah-yill-ee-ahs

Persistence is an astounding component of success in any endeavor. No matter how good you are at something or how much you excel, there will always be times that you fail. If you are just an ordinary man or woman, failure will probably occur more frequently than success. e interesting thing about failure however, is it doesn’t really count unless you give up, then failure is the last action and the end result. However, if you persist despite your failure and keep on persisting despite continuing failures, you will more likely than not, succeed in the end. e

only question then becomes, was the prize worth all the effort and sacri ces you made necessary to attain it. I am reminded of a man I knew named Howard. About seven years before I met him he had a failed business and a bankruptcy. In the succeeding years he had recovered nancially and was doing well. Howard and his wife Linda decided it was time to buy a house for their growing family. Because of his bankruptcy he was nding rejection aer rejection with potential lenders. A less persistent man would have given up aer 4 or 5 rejections and consoled themselves that it was just not meant to be. Even a fairly persistent man would have abandoned their quest aer 10 or 12 declines, but Howard believed absolutely in his ability to attain his desire. He knew there was a ‘yes’ out there somewhere. Finally on his 23rd application he got a lender to say ‘yes’ and he moved into a ne new home. In sales training for many elds, sales people are taught that when the prospect says ‘no’ they really mean ‘know’ and it is time to give them more information. Sales statistics show that a high percentage of sales are made only aer the prospect has said ‘no’ ve times, meaning they needed to know ve more bits of information before they were ready to say ‘yes.’ When you call upon the Angel Auxallias, you are calling on the master of persistence. Where you previously would have faltered and given up, you will now press on with strong internal motivation to not give up. One of my favorite little poems by an unknown author admirably expresses the trait and rewards of persistence: e ninety and nine are with dreams content. But the hope of the world made new is the hundredth man steadfastly intent upon making his dream come true. Auxallias will also open energetic doors to help you discover knowledge and keys inside of yourself and out in the world that will help you gain your desire. With the help of the Angel Auxallias, you will persist until you

succeed. Your fears and doubts will subside. Your apathy will vanish. Failure will no longer even be an option in your heart or mind.



Praxistelos (m) prahx-ee-stay-lohs

In the southern USA they have a lot of quirky sayings. ey are famous for insulting people in a gentle, oen humorous way. One saying I heard growing up describing someone with little personality was, “he’s about as interesting as a fence post.” Hopefully nobody ever thinks that you are only as interesting as a fence post. J Very few people have such a perfect personality that they don’t irritate someone, sometimes. Hence, all of us can make personality improvements.

It helps to look at the three aspects of personality and assess where you can make improvements. Personality consists of the way you tend to think, such as, is the glass half full or half empty, your habitual behaviors, such as being messy or fastidious, affable or grumpy, shy or outgoing, anxious or con dent, and the actions that you choose to take in varying circumstances, such as if you see a re, do you rush in to help, go get help, or just stand around and wait to watch when help arrives. Personality is also a re ection of your character, including good qualities such as adaptability, compassion, loyalty, trustworthiness, dependability, being non-judgmental, fair, discreet and helpful. ere can also be some less than desirable traits such as being nicky, critical, sarcastic, nagging, pompous, quarrelsome, rude, cowardly, snobby and obnoxious. e better personality we have, one embodying more good qualities than bad, the more and wider range of people we are able to get along with in a friendly, productive manner. As this is a worthy self-improvement goal for everyone, Praxistelos should be a popular angel. ere are over 50 major Specialty Angels that serve under Praxistelos. Each of the speci c qualities of personality I named above, plus many more, have Specialty Angels to help someone seeking to acquire good personality and character traits or shed bad ones. If you know you need help in a speci c area, ask Praxistelos to send the appropriate Specialty Angel to help you. To generally enhance your personality or to improve speci c areas of weakness, call upon the Angel Praxistelos. If you are serious about making changes he acts quickly to make a difference.



Viresadon (m) vee-ray-suh-don

Some might wonder why there is a need for an angel of physical strength. If you want to get stronger just work out harder, right? For some people increasing their time and effort working out may be all it takes. But even then a mental nudge from the Angel Viresadon may be the impetus that is sometimes needed for motivation to follow through with desire and intent. e reality for many people, especially some women of slight build or small bones, is gaining physical strength seems like an impossible task no

matter how hard or long they work out. Genetically, some people are simply more inclined to gain strength easily, while others are greatly challenged to make any difference at all. For those that are challenged, the Angel Viresadon can be the difference maker. Viresadon will not alter your genetics but he can optimize the genes that you have for building muscle mass, if you ask him. e process is not instant and it does require you to make sincere efforts as well. But perhaps for the rst time in your life you will see progress. He will also guide you to people and sources of information that will give you knowledge that can help in your goal to gain more physical strength. In emergencies such as when someone is pinned under a car aer an accident, you can summon the Angel Viresadon for a superhuman burst of instant strength. Viresadon will give your muscles a momentary boost of power far beyond their normal capabilities.



Quan Yin (f) kwan-yin

e Angel Quan Yin is one of the few angels with two names. She bears the same name as the most popular Buddhist goddess, with importance in both China and India under various other variations of her name. She is oen referred to among Buddhists as the ‘goddess of mercy.’ Her Chinese

name is a shortened expression of ‘one who sees and hears the cries of the world.’ Her actual stewardship is more far-reaching than simply mercy and compassion, and includes over 50 Specialty Angels that work with her.  Quan Yin’s stewardship is ‘virtues.’ ere are many virtues, and gaining a personal improvement or even mastery in any of them, is possible with Quan Yin’s help. Some of these were summarized way back in 410 AD by Aurelius Clemens Prudentius in an epic poem entitled Psychomachia, aka Contest of the Soul. e virtues of chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility became known as the ‘Seven Heavenly Virtues.’ ey were opposed by the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Consciously practicing the virtues was considered the best protection from the sins. Virtues and good character go hand-in-hand. If you have a particular virtue you seek to improve within yourself, summon Quan Yin and ask her to send the appropriate Specialty Angel to you. If you just seek all around improvement in your virtuousness, ask Quan Yin to help you in whatever way she deems best. Following are some virtues to consider adding to, or strengthening within yourself: assertive, authentic, clean, committed, compassionate, cooperative, courageous, courteous, determined, digni ed, diligent, empathic, encouraging, enthusiastic, ethical, excellent, fair, faithful, exible, forgiving, friendly, generous, gentle, gracious, grateful, harmonious, helpful, honest, hopeful, humble, humorous, idealistic, imaginative, full of integrity, joyful, just, listener, loving, loyal, moderate, modest, optimistic, patient, peaceful, persevering, praising, prepared, purposeful, questioning, reliable, respectful, responsible, self-con dent, self-disciplined, self-loving, service to others, sincere, tactful, tolerant, trusting, trustworthy, truthful, understanding, unifying.




Xeomilaith (f) zee-oh-mee-laith

While some people may be more inclined to unleashing their hidden paranormal powers, every person born has them. Some individuals are blessed with a predisposition and personality conducive to discovering and using their supernatural abilities, while others are more closed in their thinking and subsequently slam the door shut on revealing a fascinating and useful part of themselves. For those who wish to discover and learn how to

develop their paranormal powers, the Archangel Xeomilaith is the guide to call upon. While each individual may have certain paranormal abilities that they are naturally better at than others, all of them can be learned just like any subject in school. Paranormal powers are nothing more than being sensitive to and being capable of manipulating unseen energies through interaction with your own auric eld. When a clairvoyant senses a future event, it is through their auric eld coming in contact with the energies that are formulating that event. When you stand next to a person without interacting with them but can sense they are sad or distressed, it is through the interaction of your auric eld with theirs that you make an empathetic connection. If you are already successfully using some of your paranormal abilities or wish to begin cultivating new ones, you should call directly upon the appropriate Stewardship Angel. ey will prompt you with inner ‘knowings’ to help guide you on the path, as well as lead you to people and sources of information that will help hone your paranormal skills. When you ask, they will also optimize your internal neural and psychic pathways to give you the best results. If you just seek to learn which paranormal abilities you would most quickly excel at, you should call directly upon the Archangel and ask to be guided by your interest and intuition to the supernatural power you will have the most natural affinity to manifest. 



Yaanizani (m)


Astral projection is one of the most fun supernatural powers and one of the quickest to learn if you focus on it one to two hours daily for a couple of weeks. You can experience it wonderfully even before you have mastered the ability. When you astral project, your body and spirit separate. Your consciousness is shared between the two bodies, although most people experiencing astral projection will only have awareness in their astral body during the rst few trips. Later as you become more accustomed to the

experience you will be capable of being consciously aware of what is occurring, both in your physical body and your astral body, wherever it might be roaming. Roaming is the really fun part of astral projection. Your astral body is not constrained by any physical limitations such as walls or by any distance. You can visit any place on Earth or worlds beyond, like the moon, if you so choose. In this regard, astral traveling is similar to the travels of your Night Self while you sleep. e difference is, your astral self is very conscious and connected to your Day Self. Unlike images of the Night Self which are transmitted in dreams and can be very confusing, the things your astral body sees are clearly understood within the context of the knowledge and experiences you have gained in your life. e other major difference is, your Night Self travels at the speed of thought: think it and you are there, even if ‘there’ is 50 light years away. However, your astral body remains ethereally connected to your body. It is physically moving through the space and travels much slower than your Night Self. Like superman, it is probably able to travel ‘faster than a speeding bullet,’ but still far slower than the speed of thought, and usually not capable of visiting far away worlds in the universe. It would be possible if your astral/spiritual body remained separated from your physical body for a long period of time, but this would not be wise, as your physical body could suffer and even be damaged with a prolonged separation. When most people rst begin astral projecting they do not go very far. It is very common to not even leave the room your body is in, but just to have your astral body rise up to the ceiling and look down upon your physical body. However, if you purposefully stick with a program to develop your astral projection abilities and do it in conjunction with the help of the Angel Yaanizani, you will soon be traveling near and far while retaining full consciousness in both your physical and astral bodies to whatever degree you desire in each.



Aqudikael (m) ah-coo-dee-kay-el

Being able to feel, control and manipulate your aura is the most important key to mastering virtually every paranormal power from clairvoyance to telekinesis. Using your auric eld as a sensory organ, as well as a physical force, is the power behind most paranormal powers.

Your standard ve senses are restricted to their singular purpose: eyes see, ears hear, tongue tastes, etc. But your aura can do all of those things plus more. Any other energy eld of any type that touches the auric eld surrounding your body transmits information to you through your aura. Energy from the past that lingers allows you to see images in your mind of events that occurred long ago. Energies that are merging to manifest a future event are sensed by your aura and are seen and understood in your mind. Your auric eld can be manipulated and controlled in amazing ways that produce physical results. Pyrokinesis is re created by concentrating your aura in a very small spot, then spinning it very rapidly. Physically moving objects with telekinesis is accomplished by concentrating a part of your aura in the palm of your right hand, then violently pushing the concentrated ball of energy away from you. e Angel Aqudikael helps people to develop their auric strength and abilities. Whether you are just learning to see auras for the rst time or are already seeing the thousand jewels of rainbow light and are striving to develop a speci c paranormal power, Aqudikael can be a great help. Once you summon him, talk with him as a friend and explain in detail what you desire to accomplish. Aqudikael will make you more sensitive to the feel of your aura inside of you. He will help you learn to concentrate and move it around within you, and be more aware of its shape and density outside of you. As you have speci c needs, he will help put you in the right mental and emotional state to achieve your goals and lead you to people and additional information that can help. You can read more about how to develop your auric abilities in my book,  Auras: How to See, Feel & Know.



Ulalyani (f) uhl-ahl-ah-nee

Claircognizance is oen thought of as supercharged intuition. But it is clairempathy and clairsentience that work in the realm of feelings. Claircognizance is an understanding in your mind, a sureness of a reality about a person or situation that you have no evidence from observation or knowledge, that is true. It may be a mental image or premonition, or just certainty of a reality that has not yet been supported by facts. e ability of claircognizance can project into the past or future but is most oen based in the present. If you develop your ability of claircognizance you will multiply its use many times if you also become pro cient with clairempathy. When you have both emotional and mental psychic insight, you wield a great power. For

instance, perhaps you encounter a person that you sense fear in. at would be the totality of your sensing with clairempathy. But with claircognizance you would also get a ‘knowing’ of the source of their fear. Perhaps you will sense they are being chased. Delving still deeper you may ‘know’ that they are being chased by the police, or an angry lover, or a swarm of bees. Some claircognizant examples include: Knowing you should not go out on a date with someone that outwardly appears wonderful. Knowing you should not accept a job offer even though it was just what you were looking for. Certainty that someone is being less than truthful with you despite no evidence.

A sudden great idea for an invention or novel or some other venture that you had never previously thought of or even considered. Calling upon the Angel Ulalyani will hasten and improve your natural claircognizant ability, a power every person innately possesses. Using automatic writing, where you randomly and without thought write an answer you posed as a question to which you had no answer, is a favored method of Ulalyani to help someone tap into their claircognizant ability. But she will instigate multiple paths to assist manifesting your claircognizant power, including stimulating the parts of your brain that will heighten your awareness.



Lavithal (f) lahv-eh-thall

Most people are naturally empathetic. It is a normal part of our human nature to have feelings in our hearts for other peoples pain. However, clairempathy is a paranormal power and is not the same as the everyday empathy of the human heart. In words, the distinction is between someone who is ‘empathetic’ verse someone who is ‘empathic.’ Unless they have purposefully suppressed it, being empathetic toward other peoples pain and sorrow is a normal everyday human trait. However, being empathic means you have tapped into

your paranormal ability and can consciously choose through extrasensory perception to clearly sense and feel the same emotions as another person without actually needing to be attached to or affected by the feelings yourself, or to the person. Because clairempaths are so sensitive to other peoples feelings and woes, their own lives can become emotionally overwhelming for them until they learn to tune out the emotional energies of other people, except when they wish to sense them. at is quickly and easily accomplished simply by summoning the Angel Lavithal and requesting a greater level of control over your clairempathic ability. e power of Clairempathy works with animals as well as people, especially if used in conjunction with telepathy. Anyone that binds clairempathy together with telepathy certainly could have a successful career as an Animal Whisperer if they desired. If you want to begin having clairempathic abilities, or to further empower the ability you already manifest, calling upon the Angel Lavithal will be very bene cial. Lavithal will strengthen the needed neural connections and activate the helpful energy lines in your auric eld to increase your clairempathic abilities.



Yataliyal (f) yah-tah-lee-ahl

Clairvoyance is the extrasensory ability to see objects, people and events in your minds third eye that other people cannot. With clairvoyant ability you can gain knowledge about a person, object, event or situation without input from any of the traditional ve senses of seeing, touching, feeling tasting or hearing. Seeing a mental image ash of a friend or relative in an

accident, or falling ill, or knowing that someone dear to you at a distant location has just passed on, are examples of clairvoyant ability. People who are known as Mediums are usually very clairvoyant. ey are able to sense the presence of and oen times communicate with ghosts. ey can also have other insights in their minds eye into people’s lives that they should have no way of knowing, including total strangers. Clairvoyance is oen erroneously confused or interchanged with precognition, but they are not the same. Summon the Angel Yataliyal if you want to discover or further develop your clairvoyant power. If asked, Yataliyal will act quickly to activate the necessary neural connections in your mind to optimize your clairvoyant ability. Equally important, she will also guide you to people and information that can help further your ability. ere is a lot of good information available on the subject of clairvoyance, including my own little book, Clairvoyance.



Bronkanon (m) brawn-kuh-nohn

Dowsing, also known as ‘water witching,’ is a respected and proven paranormal skill that has been widely used worldwide since the dawn of civilization. Because it has been and continues to be utilized by countless farmers and well diggers it is probably the most mainstream accepted paranormal ability. A dowser uses simple tools such as two L-shaped metal rods, or a forked willow branch, or a pendulum, to locate hidden sources of water. A good ‘witcher’ can give an accurate account of where water is located beneath the

ground, how strong the ow or size of the reservoir is, and which direction the water is owing. An exceptional witcher can just walk the ground without the use of any aids and reveal the same information. Water witching is accomplished by sensing the subtle differences in the surrounding electromagnetic eld when water is present, particularly moving water. e same techniques can also be used to locate hidden precious metals. Just like a modern metal detector senses buried metals by detecting a change in the electromagnetic eld, so too does the witcher. Bronkanon excels at helping people develop their skill at dowsing. Whether you are a novice just learning the fundamentals, or a professional seeking to go to still a higher level of ability, Bronkanon can help. Aer summoning Bronkanon, ask him to help make you more sensitive and aware of the subtle electromagnetic elds. He will activate the neural and auric pathways within you to make it so and you will see a very quick difference in your ability. He will also guide you to people and information that can increase your knowledge base and be a great foundation for more experience.



Wizalaray (m) whiz-ahl-ah-ray

Wizalaray is a fantastic magickal angel. He is a very active supporter and helps magick come alive in your life by assisting you in creating enchantments that work! Craing enchantments is a natural ability augmented by practice to use words and sometimes ritual to coalesce magickal energy for speci c purposes. Enchantments are commonly used to imbue objects or talismans with a highly focused potent magickal energy

that can oen continue to radiate and serve its purpose for many years. ey can also be used for spells, healings and blessings. A good enchantment is usually eight to sixteen lines of text that very speci cally states what magickal energy is being called in, where it is coming from and what exactly you want it to do; all of it formed with rhyming phrases. e rhyme helps focus and intensify the enchantment and is one of the more challenging aspects of a good enchantment for many practitioners of magick. is very helpful for nding rhyming words that convey the meaning you are seeking. Summoning Wizalaray to help cra enchantments makes the process so much easier. When called upon and asked, Wizalaray actively assists with all aspects of creating an enchantment. He is particularly good at helping you conceive the perfect enchantment for your purpose, then helping you to state it well and clearly with good words that rhyme well while retaining the meaning you seek. 



Lazon (f) luh-zohn

e ability to manipulate auric energy, concentrate it, focus it, and propel it into another person or yourself is one of the more miraculous paranormal powers. I have used it multiple times with excellent results. In the summer of 2014, I shattered my kneecap, actually broke the bones and sheared the tendons. I was scheduled for urgent arthroscopic surgery. e day before, I went to the surgeons office for a nal check of the MRI. e doctor was astounded to see the miraculous healing in my knee just a few days aer the accident. He said it was inexplicable and he had never seen anything like it

in over 30 years of medical practice. It still took a few weeks to nish healing, but thanks to intensive energy healing using the aura,  magnets, and microvibration, I have 100% full function, pain free use of my knee today, without surgery. As mentioned in my example, energy healing begins with manipulating and utilizing your own auric energy. It can also include any other techniques that uses some form of energy such as magnets, color, vibration and sound. Many practitioners of Celestine Light also become quite adept at using Celestine Vibronics, the ultimate form of energy healing that worked the miracle on my leg in conjunction with heavenly blessings called upon and received. Summoning the Angel Lazon is a jump start to all forms of energy healing. Lazon helps you to channel your auric eld to facilitate healing, even if you really do not know what you are doing. Lazon will also lead you to people and other sources of information to build your knowledge base so you will soon know what you are doing. J Lazon also takes an active part in the healing if asked and will use her own powers to magnify your efforts.



Oarquhar (m) oh-ar-que-har

ere are four distinct and important aspects to every person. Most people wander around in ignorance thinking there is only one. e rst, the one everyone knows, is your conscious Day Self. is is the you that goes to work, goes to school, interacts with friends and has romantic relationships.

e second is your Night Self. is is the part of you that travels far and wide while your Day Self sleeps. Strange, indecipherable dreams are oen your sleeping Day Self ’s feeble attempt at understanding the odd scenes your Night Self is sending from its experiences in far off worlds while you sleep. e third is your Astral Self. is is literally your spirit body that can safely separate for short periods of time from your physical Day Self body, either during the day while you are meditating, or at night while you sleep. During the separation it may only rise to the ceiling of the room you are in, but it can also travel further around the globe. In extreme travels it may visit places as far away as the moon. e fourth and very important part of you is your Higher Self. is life is not the only life you have lived. Whether in a pre-existent life in your spirit body, or through reincarnation in multiple physical bodies, or both, you have existed, loved, had relationships, and learned a great amount of knowledge; far more than is available restricted only to what your Day Self mind knows. When you tap into your Higher Self you have access to all the knowledge you have gained from study and experiences for however long you have existed in one form or another. For many people that is a very long time and a great deal of knowledge. Oarquhar excels at connecting you to your Higher Self. He helps you to intuitively connect to a deeper part of yourself. He also will lead you to people and information to learn more about how to tap into the knowledge the Higher Self possesses when you need it.



Azkael (m) az-kay-el

For anyone suffering under any type of negative magick, from jinxes to hexes, to curses, to malignant enchantments or spells, the assistance of the Angel Azkael is invaluable. If you are under imminent assault calling upon Azkael can provide immediate relief. He gets quite angry with people who misuse magick to maliciously hurt others and is quick to step in and personally rectify the situation if he feels that is necessary. If you are being bothered by any unseen entities from ghosts, to blobs, to demons, summon Azkael to help rectify the situation and provide you

with insight and acquired knowledge to neutralize harmful creatures in the future. Azkael also seeks to empower those who call upon him to learn how to de ect and defeat harmful magick. He will lead you to people and sources of true information that will increase your knowledge and abilities to magickally take care of yourself. You will also nd my popular book Psychic Self Defense an in-depth resource in protecting yourself from all kinds of harmful magick and creatures.



Saloshananti (f)


Using a pendulum to nd answers to a wide variety of questions is one of the most useful magickal abilities. If you look at the sigil for the Angel Saloshananti you’ll notice it has numbers 0-10, the English alphabet A-Z, and the eight main compass directions. It also has a circle in the center split half white and half black. If you are using a pendulum you should go to a copy store and enlarge this sigil. It is very useful for nding answers.

e white and black hemispheres represent ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively. Along with that result, the numbers, letters and compass directions can give you de nitive answers to most questions you could ask. Simply hold the pendulum dangling from a string or chain from your raised hand, close your eyes and allow the pendulum to be pulled with a magnetic-like attraction to land on the answer to your question. You may need to make several passes if you are asking a question that requires words to be spelled out one letter at a time. As you are perfecting your paranormal ability with a pendulum summoning the Angel Saloshananti to give you assistance will greatly speed up your learning curve and more quickly produce answers. If asked, she will activate and connect the necessary neurons in your mind to facilitate successful use of a pendulum. She will also guide you to people and information that can help you understand and utilize your gi more greatly.



Wasadriye (m) wah-saud-ree-yay

Precognition is the ability to use extrasensory perception to see events in your mind’s eye that have not yet occurred. Usually the event is some ways down the road in the future, but it can also be fairly imminent. It is oen confused with clairvoyance. e difference is clairvoyance is about seeing events in the present or very, very near present while precognition sees the future. Presentiment is another psychic ability oen confused with precognition. Presentiment is a feeling about the future while precognition is a seeing of the future. it is possible to experience both at the same time. e classic

Fortune Teller, if they are legitimate, is a precognitive and usually a presentiment as well. Calling upon the Angel Wasadriye is like ipping a psychic light switch. His help is usually noticed very quickly with clear precognitive images and movies in your mind. You can wait for them to spontaneously occur or can focus on seeing the future of a particular time line. For instance, the relations between countries in the Middle East seems like an unsolvable problem. If you focus on that subject you should see a series of images or a movie in your mind that shows you the outcome to expect. No future vision is certain to come to pass. e future you see is an energy projection of the merging trajectory of the current energies from all sources that are in uencing the ultimate outcome. at’s a good thing. It means there is always hope for a better outcome even when the precognitive vision revealed otherwise. is can be especially useful when the parties involved are not aware of the outcome they are heading for and it is one nobody wants. Once forewarned they have the opportunity to actively work for a different reality.



Jarmion (m) jar-mee-on

Telekinesis is one of the most desirable abilities among paranormal practitioners but also one of the most frustrating for many people. It builds up your expectations and tantalizes you with the quickly gained ability to physically move very light objects. But it disappoints when you cannot get over the hump and move light objects much, or heavy objects at all.

Scant results in many instances is due to nothing more than lack of regular practice. In the age of short attention spans some people try once and discover they are not instant masters, so they try no more. While some paranormal abilities may come fairly easily, naturally and organically to some people, the most potent powers usually take weeks and even months of regular daily practice to become pro cient and years to truly master. Perhaps people do not truly appreciate how astounding and useful some of the paranormal powers can be. If someone is willing to invest over a hundred thousand dollars and four years of study, work and some deprivation to gain a college degree, can they not invest a fraction of that time and effort to gain mastery of a potent paranormal power? For those who are willing to learn, the Angel Jarmion is thrilled to help be your guide to telekinesis. If asked, he will activate and connect helpful neurons in your mind. He will give you ashes of inspiration that will help you activate your power of telekinesis more quickly and powerfully. He will also guide you to people and information sources that will grow your base of knowledge and help you learn techniques to speed your process of mastery. You can also nd additional training techniques in my book Telekinesis.



Korbon (m) kor-bawn

Telepathy, the ability to communicate thoughts from mind to mind is the paranormal power I probably use more than any other and it is wonderful! Telepathic communication is not constrained by distance or obstacles. e person you are sending a telepathic thought to may be one hundred feet down inside a mountain on the other side of the world. Anyone that has mastered telepathy will still be able to reach them in their mind. However, when you are rst learning telepathy proximity does matter. e nearer you are and the less obstacles between you and the other person, the more easily you can send your thoughts.

All people can receive telepathic thoughts, even if the person on the receiving end does not have the ability to send. When you do have two people pro cient in telepathy it becomes an easy and seamless ow of thought. e greatest example of telepathic transmission is found in the Oracles of Celestine Light in Vivus, chapter 99, verses 7-9. 7. Yeshua closed his eyes. Tilting his head up toward the sun he held his arms up and level, with palms open and facing up. Aer but a few seconds his resonant voice came into the minds of all of those sitting near him, even members of the family of Lazarus and many of the children who had never before heard the voice of someone speaking in their mind. 8 And not just those present heard his voice, but every Child of Light in the communities upon Lake Gennesaret also heard his voice at the same instant speaking to them in their minds regardless of what they were doing. 9 And more than this as well. For every Child of Light upon the Earth heard the voice of Yeshua speaking to them in their minds at that very moment, causing great consternation among many. For in the far off lands, many people though Children of Light in the actions of their lives had never heard of Yeshua, nor ever imagined a sane man could hear voices in their mind. Telepathy is a powerful and very useful paranormal ability. e Angel Korbon takes great delight in helping all who ask him to develop this marvelous ability within themselves. He begins by activating the necessary neurons and neural connection in your mind. He will also guide you to people and information that can further progress your knowledge and abilities.



Khronosios (m) crow-noh-see-ohs

Whenever I think of the Angel of Time I get a smile remembering the entertaining movie Multiplicity, starring Michael Keaton; an overworked Project Manager who cloned himself so one of him could take some time off. Funny movie based upon a fanciful wish many of us have probably had

from time to time. Luckily, with the help of the Angel Khronosios that fancy can become reality. Not the cloning part, but the having more time part. ere are spells and enchantments you can do to achieve the same end. However, by summoning Khronosios you have more options that can produce faster results. Like almost all the Stewardship Angels he begins by activating and connecting needed neurons in your mind. But if you ask, he will also help you cra more powerful spells and enchantments related to time. In an emergency you can call upon him for direct intervention to help compress time, slow it down, or speed it up in a way that only affects your activity. e name of Khronosios is interesting in itself. In Greek antiquity Khronos was the personi cation of linear and chronological time. e spelling was later Latinized to Chronos by the Romans. All close enough to the name of the real angel Kronosios to suspect that those ancients knew a lot more than they are oen given credit for about angels and supernatural powers.




Saveinn (f) sah-vee-in

e various relationships we have in life from intimate to mere acquaintances are probably the most important aspect of being in a physical life. When you die you cannot take your car, house or other treasures you’ve accumulated in life with you. But you do retain the close relationships you have forged especially with family. ey pass on into the next part of your eternal journey. So more than all the treasures of Earth, quality relationships are well worth cultivating. ere are many types of relationships and many ne nuances within relationships. Just as you may have a best friend, or two, or maybe three.

en there are your good friends; not as good as ‘best’ but still a pleasure to be around. In love there is platonic love, family love, love for people in general, romantic love and still more variations and levels of intensity. e Archangel Saveinn has stewardship over all types of relationships from love, to work, to social. If you need help with relationships in general without a speci c need, or if you need help in multiple areas, you should politely call upon Saveinn directly. She will assign Stewardship Angels to assist you as she deems best. However, if you know your need it would be most expeditious to call directly upon the Stewardship Angel or angels that can be of greatest assistance.



Ynniawaw (f) yin-nee-ah-wah

According to longevity researchers being part of an active community is one of the secrets of a long and healthy life. e more social the community and the more oen the members get together the better. e type of community is less important than the quality and frequency of the social interaction experienced. It can be a community of neighbors that share frequent get-togethers, or membership in a church with regular social activities, or a club, or a gaming group that meets regularly.

If you are introverted or naturally antisocial, calling upon the Angel Ynniawaw can work quick wonders in your social life. Sending thoughts to your mind and feelings to your heart she will open up a world of possibilities to you that you may not have even known existed. She can and will also in uence compatible people and groups to come in contact with you, or you with them, to begin a community type relationship. If you are already in a community but not much of a participant Ynniawaw will prompt you to become more active and other members to become more supportive or your greater participation.



Kaomhim (f) kah-ohm-heem

My rst wife is a very sweet lady. I loved her when we were married and love her still. But in hindsight though we had love, we had very little else in common. We didn’t ght or argue, or treat each other disrespectfully. We just liked different things, had different interests, and looked at life through

different colored lenses. If we had known about the Angel of Compatibility and consulted her before our marriage I’m sure we would have both reconsidered it. Whenever you have an option to choose whether or not to enter a relationship with someone of any type: friend, work, or romantic, it is well worth the small effort to summon the Angel Kaomhim. Talk with her as a friend and ask her opinion. Be sensitive to her answers in your heart, mind, and events both big and small that occur at that time in your life, particularly if they involve that person, that can be an indicator of Kaomhim’s advice. If you are already in a relationship that you wish to continue but which has little compatibility, you can call upon Kaomhim to nurture a better spirit of compromise, non-judgmental acceptance, and a willingness to nd more common ground and things you can enjoy together and agree upon. Kaomhim’s help will be much more effective if both of you approach her together with a common desire to improve your relationship.



Ephiliajel (f) ee-fee-lee-aj-el

One of my favorite little quotes I once saw embroidered on a pillow read, “I smile when I think that you are my sister and I laugh when I realize there is nothing you can do about it!” Once we are born we cannot choose our parents, siblings, grandparents, or extended family of uncles, aunts, and numerous cousins. at is both a blessing and a trial as family relationships

can have some real ups and downs. ey can bring you immense joys that your remember fondly all of your life and heart-breaking sorrows and disappointments that you wish you could forget but continue to nag at you through the years. e Angel Ephiliajel is the family relationship xer. She helps calm the troubled waters, bury old grievances and refocus on all the good, supportive bene ts of membership in a family. When you call upon Ephiliajel ask her to help with speci c problems, particularly those that may have been unresolved grievances for years. She works most effectively when she can work with multiple members together on the same purpose, such as taking actions to draw closer as a family, or to forgive and forget old grievances. But even if it is only you alone that summons her and speaks with her, she will soen the hearts and open the minds of anyone involved as you request. If a situation can be resolved that is bene cial to all she brings the energy to make it so.



Dalafarus (m) dah-lah-far-us

ere are multiple levels of friendship with animals. e Angel Dalafarus can help you develop a deeper bond and ability to communicate with your pet or wild animal friend if you desire. Which level you are currently residing within depends greatly upon your family, cultural and

religious upbringing as well as your progress on the path of personal enlightenment. e lowest level is holding the opinion that all animals are simply ‘dumb brutes’ without feelings, or relationship attachments and therefore can be used for anything a human so desires from work to consuming as food. If this is your belief you should probably skip this chapter as you will never become a true friend with any animal as long as you hold that attitude. at is not a judgment or criticism, just a reality. ere are enormous distinctions in the evolved state of one species of animal to another. If you recognize that and can give deference to higher animal life forms you will be able to become a true friend with some animals if you choose. For instance, a bug is as far from the evolved level of a chimpanzee as it is from a human. If you wish to eat a bug for dinner and neglect trying to make friends with it nobody would object. But try eating a chimpanzee for dinner and your own conscience would cry out at the great wrong you were doing. Certain animals like dogs that have been pets to humans for thousands of years are easy to make friends with because being ‘man’s best friend’ has been bred into them. is is true for horses and cats to some degree as well. But if you wish to establish a deep friendship with other higher level animals either domesticated or wild, you need to stop considering them as food. In the Oracles of Celestine Light, Yeshua de ned higher life that should not be consumed for food except in an emergency as, “any animal of warm blood or that nurtures its young.” at eliminates all mammals and birds as they all have warm blood and nurture their young. ere are also some sh species that nurture their young such as the Cichlids. Some Cichlid parents protect their eggs. Once the fry have hatched and are free swimming the parents continue to offer their mouth as a refuge cave from predators. e Discus Cichlid, similar to mammals, secretes a milky nutrient from its skin to feed its young. Clown sh live together in extended family groups and all the adults work together to protect the young.

Emotionally, many higher life forms are not that dissimilar from humans. ey have love for their young and many for their mate whom they faithfully remain with for life. ey have great sorrow when they lose a loved one to death, and deep sympathy if a friend or family member is sick or distressed. ey feel pain just as acutely as humans. Being killed and eaten for food torments them in agony. Seeing a loved one killed causes emotional upheaval to survivors just as it would if something came and killed and ate one of our family members right in front of us. For those who can love and respect higher animal life forms as greatly as they do humans, the door is open with the help of the Angel Dalafarus to establish a very special and rewarding relationship with them.



Jeloncia (f) jell-ohn-see-uh

A wise old adage says, “when you think to criticize bite your tongue, but when you think to praise proclaim it with gusto!” If you are an observer to someone being either criticized or praised, you do not need to be able to read their auric energy to interpret the look on their face. Even if they do not respond with a word, the person criticized shows pain and sadness in their face, while the person praised smiles and radiates happiness. e more sincere praise that is heaped on, the bigger their smile and the brighter their face glows.

e power of praise should not be underestimated. It is a potent motivating force for good. Even a person predisposed to negative behavior can oen be motivated to take positive actions simply with a few words of praise, appreciation and compliment. Consider how you would react to these three sentences. Which would motivate you more to take the action the other person desired? (hands on hips) “Get your sorry self out of that chair and clean up this mess! (exasperated sigh) “When are you going clean this mess?” (loving hug) “I appreciate all that you do in your busy day. Sometime this morning would you please t in tidying up a bit?” e Angel Jeloncia helps you to recognize all the good things people in your life do from which you enjoy the bene ts. Perhaps they are not as tidy as you, but they work longer hours at a job that helps pay a bigger share of the expenses, or they have other chores they faithfully do that take as much time as the ones you do. In couple relationships there is oen a disconnect that is simply due to different priorities. Neither priority is better than the other, they are just different in ways that are harmoniously needful to the person that has them. Perhaps keeping a clean and tidy house is very important to you, but not as much to your partner, who would prefer to work on their hobby rst to insure they have the time. It’s not that a clean and tidy house is not also important to them. It’s just lower on their priority list than something else. Situations like this can lead to lack of appreciation and unnecessary criticism. Every day there is a nite amount of time available to accomplish tasks, pursue hobbies and recreation. We are not clones of one another. Jeloncia

helps us to appreciate the good that people in our lives do, and not get in a huff or critical when their actions are not perfectly satisfying or in keeping with our own priorities or expectations. Part of learning to give praise is to be observant and notice whenever someone does a good or needed job. If your partner spent all morning cleaning up the house the rst step is to make sure you notice! e second step is to give them sincere praise and appreciation for what they did. e Angel Jeloncia will help you become a better observer of the many good and oen small but helpful things people in your life do to help make your life better. en she will prompt you to praise their efforts, which to most people is one of the greatest rewards.



Vestasaniel (f) vehst-ah-sahn-ee-el

Even the best of relationships can get out-of-sorts from time to time. In some of those times it can become quite out-of-sorts and lasting damage can ensue. When this occurs in any type of relationship from work, to friend, to parent-child, to family, to romantic, calling upon the Angel Vestasaniel can be the balm the heals the ri. Vestasaniel works quickly when asked, especially when asked by both parties jointly, to help people identify the root frictions and smooth them out. She can also be called upon with relationships that are purring along smoothly to help maintain the harmony.



Vellusia (f) vell-loo-cee-uh

Whether you are looking for romantic love, or have a relationship that is becoming kind of stale that you want to revive, or you just want to learn how to become more romantic, the Angel Vellusia is the one to summon for assistance. Vellusia works best if you speak to her as a friend and explain exactly what you feel you are missing and desire to have. She works with a wide latitude of gis she can bestow upon you to ll your needs as you desire.

Some people may have trouble getting into the spirit of romantic love because they have too little love for themselves. Loving yourself is a foundation for successfully loving any other person romantically in a healthy relationship. If you feel you could use a little boost in the self love department I encourage you to check out my little book, Love Yourself: e Secret Key to Transforming Your Life.



Gualnthe (f) goo-ahl-nth

ere are three types of long-term romantic relationships: normal ones, Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Which it is is based upon how many of the seven main Chakra/Root Ki energy centers in which the two people connect. A normal romantic relationship oen only connects on two energy centers: the heart and the sexual center are the most common. But it can be other combinations as well including the centers of mind, psychic, selfesteem/con dence, physical and past lives. Purely lustful relationships without a base of sincere romance will only connect on the single energy center wherein dwells the sexual appetites.

Strong romantic relationships will connect on three or four of the seven energy centers. Twin Flames connect on ve to six energy centers. And it should be noted you can be a twin ame of someone without having a romantic relationship. Some very deep personal friendships are based upon harmonious connections in ve or six energy centers. Soul Mates connect and have harmony on all seven of the major energy centers. It is actually quite rare. But if you have your heart set on nding your Soul Mate, calling upon the Angel Gualnthe, will greatly improve your prospects. If you summon Gualnthe it is helpful to ask her to show you an image of your Soul Mate. Having an image to focus upon makes the search more interesting and your soul mate more likely to be recognized when you encounter them. is is especially helpful if you are not sensitive to the auric energy that would reveal them through your energy connection. But be prepared; the image you are shown will oen not be the idealized man or woman you imagined. You can also ask Gualnthe to facilitate the two of you meeting. Depending upon where your Soul Mate is in the world it can be quite a feat just to bring the two of you into proximity with one another and Gualnthe can help. You will also nd my book: Soul Mate Auras: How to Find Your Soul Mate and Happily Ever Aer, to be a very useful and inspiring guide to help you in your search.



Clisidis (m) clee-see-dihs

True friends are a rare gi. ey are someone that will never judge you, never preach to you about how to live but always give an honest and oen insightful opinion when asked. ey will never abandon you even if you get in a lot of trouble or distress. ey share laughter and tears, good times and bad with you. A true friend will give you the shirt off their back if you are in

need and help you in every other way they possibly can without hesitation or conditions even if it is a discomfort or deprivation to them. ey are oen also Twin Flames and will very compatibly connect with you on ve or six of your seven energy centers. If you already have such a friend count your blessings. You can still call upon the Angel Clisidis to further strengthen your relationship with your friend or to amicably work things out if you’ve had a disagreement or ri. If you want to nd your rst true friend or add some more you can summon Clisidis to assist. He will guide you to those with whom you would nd the type of friendship harmony and camaraderie that you seek. Be open to who you are led to without prejudgment.



Lakajinal (m) lah-kah-gin-ahl

Reciprocation among friends and family members is an energy exchange that fosters happy relationships. If someone does something nice for you then you return the favor and do something nice for them. It does not need to be overt and oen time works best if it is subtle or a surprise. For both of you it should feel like a gi not a required repayment. In commercial settings it is more understood that an energy exchange is required, usually money for something of equal value that you desire. In personal relationships reciprocation is an action that you need to be more

consciously aware of taking. is is so because what you receive usually comes rst rather than aer you have reciprocated as it does in commercial exchanges. Ultimately, in relationships that are working well, reciprocation is a never ending circle that has neither beginning or end. Hence reciprocation isn’t for a speci c bene t received, but a continual show of appreciation by your own actions that silently acknowledges the same from the other person. When both people are actively and daily seeking to demonstrate their love and appreciation for the other in ways big and small, most instances that are not special occasions do not stand out. But when there are special occasions, they do warrant memorable reciprocation in return. For instance, if someone makes an extra effort to give you a great birthday, doing the same for them or an alternative reciprocation of equal magnitude is warranted. Without that reciprocation they will feel less than appreciated and the seeds are sown for disharmony and deterioration of the relationship in the future unless recti ed. e Angel Lakajinal is a wonderful assist in helping you to remember to reciprocate for the nice things others do for you. He can also prompt anyone that may be forgetting to reciprocate for your good actions to change their ways and show their appreciation to you more. Just talk to him as a friend and ask him to help you in the way that you need, or to help other people become more reciprocating with you.



Aleifrdr (m) ahl-layf-rder

Words, actions and body language are all indicators of how much respect someone has for you or you for them. While words can be deceitful, saying one thing and meaning another, actions are more clear cut. Body language is exceptionally clear and very difficult to fake or send out false signals. And it can be shown with something as simple as a hand shake. ere are three ways to present your hand and receive another person’s hand in a handshake: your palm facing up to their palm facing down; both of your palms in a vertical position; or your palm facing down and their palm facing up. It’s an unconscious but very reliable indicator of the

relationship dynamic between two people even if they are meeting for the very rst time.

e mutual vertical position of the two hands that are shaking shows mutual respect.

If either party presents their hand with palm facing down, which covers the other persons palm facing up, it is an indicator of dominance, which in turn shows a lack of respect for the other person. e greater angle the hand is presented palm down the more dominant and less respectful the person will be. e Angel Aleifrdr can work wonders with respect, both to help you have more for yourself and others and to encourage others to show more to you.

Once summoned, talk to Aleifrdr as a good friend explaining your needs. Be aware and proactive for the actions you can take yourself and enjoy the magick Aleifrdr will soon coalesce to speed you to your respectful needs and desires.



Shezarli (f) shee-zar-lee

In modern English the word ‘love’ is used in a lot of contexts but still with the same word. is can sometimes make it a challenge to know exactly what type of love a person is talking about. For instance, if someone says

they ‘love you’ does that mean in a romantic way, sexual way, as a friend, as a really great friend, or in a general humanity sense? It is le for further descriptive words or actions to ascertain which applies. e wise ancient Greeks had a much clearer and simpler one word classi cation of love into four types: agape, phileo, storge and eros. Instead of the generic word ‘love’ they would use one of these four words so it was clear to which type of love they were referring. All four words mean love, but they specify which type. For instance: eros is an intense love of passion and sexual attraction that quickly blossoms into a romantic love. phileo is a warm, platonic love that is given to friends, especially close friends. storge is the type of love parents feel for their children, children for their parents and siblings with good relationships have for one another.

• agape is a general love and respect for all people regardless of their sex, race, beliefs, wealth or social status. You can have agape love even for someone that you do not like. You love them as a fellow traveler on the journey of mortality that shares so many similar challenges regardless of who they are, where they are from or what they believe.

It is the unconditional agape type of love that the Angel Shezarli has a stewardship over. For many people agape love is the most difficult to muster within their hearts and minds for a wide range of humanity. People tend to associate and develop agape love fairly exclusively with people similar to themselves. e cohesive factor may be political views, race, religion, culture

or wealth. Other people outside the comfort zone group may not even be considered for anything other than guarded politeness. Whether you need to be more open to unconditional love with other people beyond your typical circle, or need other people to be more open to agape love with you, the Angel Shezarli is the one to call upon to help achieve the goal that you seek.




Azrael (m) ahz-ray-el

Many people invest a good portion of their adult life pursuing wealth. Even those that are not wealthy or even well-to-do seek out money every day with a great number of the hours of their life. It is true too even for the poor. Maybe even more so as they need to work long and hard just to survive. Yet for all the effort, avarice, toil and sacri ce that the pursuit of money and the things money can buy takes from ones health, longevity, and happiness in life, none of it can pass with you into the eternal life to come.

Only the treasures you gain and store up for your soul pass on into the eternity that awaits you. Knowing this, it behooves everyone to devote more time seeking and gaining the treasures of the soul, Not to the point that you ignore money or some other form of equitable trade or barter. Because monetary trading mediums are still required for a physical life that progresses above bare subsistence. However, your physical life is but a blink in your eternal life. A blink well worth devoting to treasures that are not just here today but gone tomorrow. It is those treasures of the soul that the Archangel Azrael has a dominion over. Each one of the Stewardship Angels that serve with him are dispensers of invaluable treasures of eternity. So important are each of these areas that it is worth every person’s time to delve into them and acquire some of their divine wealth. ough you can call directly upon the Archangel if you are desiring to delve into multiple areas simultaneously, it is usually wiser to focus on just a single Stewardship at a time, get well on the path to gaining the treasure and then go on to another. Not letting go of the former but simply adding another stream of eternal wealth to your life.



Stradanel (m) strah-duh-nel

Character is who you are and what type of person people perceive you to be as demonstrated by your words and actions. One of the primary reasons we all come into a physical life is to go through the challenges unique to a physical body and physical relationships and become a better person through our experiences and reactions. Of course it doesn’t always work out that way. Oen times the trials and tribulations of life cause the worse part

of a person to come to the forefront and that is ne too. It is all part of the process of personal evolution or devolution as we make choices that are oen far more fateful than we realize in the moment. Following are some traits of character. e good ones are in the le column and their opposite is in the right. ink about yourself. How many of your predominant character traits are in the le column and how many in the right? Even if all of your dominant traits are in the le column, which ones need more work? Which ones would you be wise to invest on improving in yourself?

• Honest        Deceitful • Loyal        Traitorous • Ambitious      Aimless • Hard Working      Lazy • Faithful      Unfaithful • Courageous      Cowardly • Peaceful      Quarrelsome • Generous      Stingy • Non-judgmental    Judgmental • Self-reliant      Helpless • Independent      Conforming • Trusting      Suspicious • Praising      Critical

• Cheerful      Gloomy • Optimistic      Pessimistic • Forgiving      Vengeful e Angel Stradanel helps you to clearly see, desire, and seek to acquire and grow in the noble traits of good character. If asked, he will also facilitate situations in your life to more easily develop a superior character. is may include subtle and not so subtle encouragement to seek new friends if the ones that you currently have are not supportive and striving to similarly improve themselves.



Raleaeus (m) rahl-ay-ah-ay-us

Soul passage occurs when someone transition from one life to one in another form. It may be another physical human form or a higher form of bodily energy. ere really is no birth or death in a literal sense. More like walking through a portal connecting one world to another. When you arrive in the other world you are the same person but different in physical and energetic ways. e transition between existences is the realm of Raleaeus, sometimes called the ‘Angel of Death.’ Your soul was born at some point in distant time, but it never dies. It just casts off its current shell from time to time and takes on a new one. e new

one may be in the physical human mold of the current shell, or it may be in an entirely different and higher form. It depends upon how far you are along on your personal path of eternal progression. Most of the occasions you would have to call upon Raleaeus the Angel of Soul Passage would be when someone close to you has just passed on or is very near to passing on. You can ask Raleaeus to ease the passage of the soul, or help them if they are confused. You can also ask Raleaeus to help you not be overcome with grief, but to have a clear understanding that there is no death; only a change of scenery and circumstances for those that pass. And those that you have loved and lost remain separated from you only for the briefest of time. You will have the opportunity to love them again in person and create and share many more wonderful memories if you both so choose.



Iustachys (m) ee-oos-stahsh-ees

For those who have experienced the marvels of Iustachys, he is a favorite angel. Some call him the ‘Angel of Adopted Lives,’ but he is really much more than that. Some people do not believe in reincarnation. Others believe everyone is reincarnated many, many times whether they believe in it or not. e reality is for most people one physical life is enough for them to learn and grow from their experiences, to increase their knowledge, to develop faith, to

build their character, and to forge and strengthen eternal relationships, which are the ve principle reasons for coming into a mortal life. Unless their life was cut short there is no reason for them to return again to the vexing crucible of trials and tribulation that is mortality. Even for the people that are reincarnated into another physical life, having lived an earlier life is of little bene t to most as they do not clearly remember their previous lives experiences, if they remember anything at all. Without memories, the lessons they learned have little value to them in their present life. But what about those people that have had past life regressions and clearly do remember portions of their former lives and experiences? For some of them, they may in fact be remembering lives they have personally lived, but for many they are actually remembering the life of someone else and this is where the Angel Iustachys brings his magick. Have you ever known someone that believed they were Cleopatra, or Joan of Arc, or Jesus, in another life? Or any other famous person? With renowned people like Joan of Arc there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people that believe they were once her and have now been reincarnated into their current form. eir memories, especially if they have been guided in a past life regression, can be very vivid and speci c. Yet if any of them had actually been Joan of Arc it could have only have been one of them in any particular reincarnated generation. So where do all the vivid memories of her life and experiences and those of other famous historical people come from in the minds and memories of so many people? Everyone has Iustachys’s unique stewardship to thank for it. Most Stewardship Angels only come to work their magick when they are speci cally summoned and summoned correctly. Iustachys is different. He will certainly come if you summon him. But he also is a frequent visitor to people having serious past life regressions and he comes without their request and in most cases without their knowledge. People traveling in visions into past lives are seeking to rediscover events they were a part of that will help them better understand and cope with their

experiences in their current life. In the vast majority of cases the lives they see were not their own but the lives of someone else. When they seek answers in the previous lives Iustachys comes and guides them to the memory of another person whose experience can help them. Once the memory is seen it becomes a part of their consciousness as if it had been their own past life experience. ereaer, it is a memory to bene t and help them in this life. People who tap into the memories of Cleopatra for example, may feel unglamorous or disempowered in their current life. Seeing and retaining some of the memories of Cleopatra to have as their own makes them feel better about themselves and more empowered. Your life can become very interesting when you clearly understand the unique abilities of Iustachys. Once you do, you can lay down on your bed, close your eyes and call upon him. Tell him the weakness you currently feel and ask him to give you the memories of someone who had strength in the area you are weak. In a ash your mind will be transported into the memories of another. ey will become your memories to bene t you the rest of your life as you act wisely upon the knowledge and insight they brought to you. e fun really begins when you do it again and again, each time with the memories of a different person in a different era and oen a different culture, race or sex. Besides personally growing and expanding, your life becomes more adventurous and exciting when you invite Iustachys into it!



Ukolesqua (f)


If you are interested in your previous lives, please read #123 about Iustachys the Angel of Interlife Connections before reading further about Ukolesqua, the Angel of Past Lives. Everyone has experienced past lives. But that does not mean everyone has been reincarnated as was explained with #123, Iustachys, the Angel of Interlife Connections. Whether someone has been reincarnated or not, 100% of the people ever born into a physical life on this Earth did live a life in other realms before this one. Our bodies were not purely physical as they

now are, but they did have tangible, physical substance. It was simply a more re ned energetic form that never got sick or aged. Whether in your pre-physical life or in a previous physical life on this Earth, you had innumerable experiences and developed deep and abiding relationships of all kinds from Soul Mates, to best friends, to simple acquaintances. Reconnecting to those memories of experiences and relationships that would be helpful to you in your current physical life is the stewardship of the Angel Ukolesqua. It is in the area of previous life relationships that Ukolesqua is oen most bene cial. Many of the people in your current life are people that you knew in previous lives. But your relationship today may be a completely different dynamic. e energetic memories of those past relationships can effect how you relate today to that person and others. Whether it was in a past physical life or a pre-physical life this is true. It is only natural that people in premortal relationships, especially close ones, would desire to share a physical life together that they might retain and continue to enjoy the relationships they had established. Because of this, it is very common for friends and even acquaintances to come into a physical life at near the same time from the premortal life. Or, to reincarnate into another life in time and proximity to one another, when being born into another physical life is something they both need to experience. Discovering through visions and dreams who you know today that you knew in either a previous incarnation or in a pre-physical life and what your relationship dynamic was, is the primary stewardship of the Angel Ukolesqua. Simply lay on your bed, close your eyes, summon Ukolesqua and ask to be shown in visions while you are awake, or in dreams while you sleep, the people in your life today that you knew in other lives and what your relationship with each other was for better or worse. Understanding old relationship dynamics can be very bene cial to having better relationships in your current life.



Alvatar (f) al-vuh-tar

When you have suffered a grievous wrong, or been wracked by grief because of the cruel or thoughtless act of someone toward you or a loved one, it can seem almost impossible to grant them forgiveness. But not forgiving them can oen lead to a greater suffering upon you, because unreleased anger gnaws at your heart, sours your life, and can lead to health problems and even an early death. However there’s a big difference between being offended by something a person said or inconsequential thing they did, verses suffering loss or injury to yourself or a loved one due to some criminals action. Contrary to the teachings of some religions, all wrongs do not merit forgiveness in all circumstances. Magnitude of the injury makes a difference as does the level of repentance demonstrated by the offender. For example, you would be ‘casting your pearls before swine,’ to grant forgiveness to a rapist who continues to gloat at his crime instead of showing remorse.

Summoning the Angel Alvatar helps you come to a clear understanding of when it is time to forgive. Alvatar helps you to do so even when you may have a part of you that is reluctant. She also helps you to release the anger so it does not hurt you if the time to forgive has not yet arrived. When the proper time to forgive has come upon you depends in great measure upon evidence of sorrow and remorse by the perpetrator, followed by actions they take to make amends for the pain they caused. In a word this is ‘repentance.’ A humble, contrite person exhibiting sincere evidence of repentance should be forgiven even for grievous wrongs. Doing so frees your heart from the poison of anger. It also helps the perpetrator to make amends knowing they are recognized and appreciated for their efforts. If the offender is anyone you are in any kind of relationship with, repentance followed by forgiveness restores trust and allows the relationship to once again ourish.



Daleen (f) dah-leen

Meditation begins by nding a quite time when you can be alone and not distracted by any sounds or actions around you from other people or any source. Ideally it is also a place where the environment itself uplis you and makes you feel peaceful and content. Sitting comfortably in a grassy eld with a pleasantly warm summer sun making your whole body feel so good, or laying on the warm sand at the beach while listening to the waves rushing onto shore, or sitting peacefully in your aromatic ower garden at home, are examples of locations many people nd appealing for meditation. Indoor locations, including in your own home work as well. But the ease of entry into a meditative state and the subsequent bene ts are oen magni ed when the location itself is special and not one you encounter everyday.

Once you are in your special, undisturbed location, meditation that brings the best bene ts will be when you allow yourself to release all your thoughts and just be. e term ‘meditation’ is somewhat misleading as it can imply that you are pondering something. For maximum bene t you should allow your mind to just go blank, to be thinking about nothing at all. e deeper you can go into an awake state where you allow you mind to go blank the more bene t you give to your entire body. It is a form of deep relaxation. You get the bene t of hours of sound sleep in just a handful of minutes. e Angel Daleen is a meditation miracle worker. When called upon, she will help even the most challenged individuals to momentarily lock away their cares and worries into a room of their mind so they can fully relax and just ‘be.’ She will also energetically assist you to have a wonderful and rejuvenating meditative experience. Once in a meditative state you may see nothing at all. Or, you may see, images and visions, or have brilliant thoughts you had never considered suddenly pop into your mind. If this occurs don’t allow yourself to dwell upon the scenes or thoughts or contemplate them in any way. Just allow them to ow in and out of your mind without any consideration. If they are important you will recall them clearly when you awaken from your meditation.




Gabriel (f) gah-bree-el

e Archangel Gabriel presides over the Stewardship Angels that act as a bridge from God to the Children of Light upon the earth. Gabriel’s other notable duty is to be the personal courier of historic communications from Elohim to the Children of Light, such as the announcement to Miryam of Nazareth that she would have an immaculate conception.

Gabriel is one of only two good angels mentioned by name in the Christian Bible. At the time of Miryam, the Archangel Gabriel was a man. But that individual has moved on to a higher office and the current individual holding the office of Archangel Gabriel is a female.   In her capacity as the Archangel of Divine Connections Gabriel will not directly respond to any type of calls from mortals unless she is directed to by Elohim. She will refer any requests related to her responsibility as the Archangel of Divine Connections to the Stewardship Angel best suited to help the inquirer.



Paschar (f) paw-shar

Blessings are something of which you can never have too many. ey are treasures of the soul but most oen do double duty as they also give you precious rewards in life as well. e Angel Paschar works in two ways. e rst, is to bring more blessings to you. e second, is to help you bring more blessings to others. In both

cases calling upon Paschar is something you do when you lack a clear vision as to what blessing you wish to have, or how you can bless others more. If you clearly know what you want you can call upon one of the other task speci c Stewardship Angels. But if your life is simply unsatisfying in a way you cannot speci cally pin down, with too many things going wrong and not enough going right, then Paschar can be a greatly appreciated friend. As you ask, Paschar will shower you with various energies that will prompt you to make bene cial changes in your life that in turn will draw more blessings to you. She will also help blessings of various kinds to simply come upon you. Many of her blessings will be small in nature. But as they accumulate in number it can change your whole perspective on life. A transition of attitude and reality from one where nothing seemed to be going right for you, to one where you greet each new day with joy and anticipation at what blessings will be coming your way. e other way Paschar can help you is to guide you to ways you can be a greater blessing in the lives of others. It can be as small as just being prompted to give few words of encouragement to someone that needs them, to making a donation to a disabled panhandler, to lling you with desire to be in active service to a worthy cause, to helping you understand to which organization a nancial contribution would do the most good.



Kadonacai (m) kah-don-ah-kye

As the world becomes faster paced and more technologically advanced, a great number of people become so enmeshed in the endless attention grabbers of life that they never nd the time or have the inclination to connect to the deep spiritual foundation of their existence. It’s as if the color of our skin is actually purple but none of us ever notice because we are so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the rat race of life we never take the time to look at ourselves that closely. We simply continue in the circular rat race that nds us endlessly busy without ever getting closer to anything of eternal signi cance.

Sometimes the spell of that mesmerizing shallow existence is broken by a traumatic event such as a death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, or a severe nancial setback. Events like that tend to snap people out of the trance of everyday existence and cause them, oen for the rst time, to look introspectively at their life, their friends, their priorities and goals. When they do, they oen nd they are living a life without meaning or purpose. In their new openness to their own depth, to be without a noble purpose is no longer acceptable. And thus the door opens to a spiritual awakening that can change their life for the better from that moment forward. However, once awakened to their higher self, many people nd themselves uncertain and confused as to which of the myriad of spiritual paths would be the one most harmonious for them to begin following and growing within, if any. ey known they want to discover a deeper part of themselves that rises above the super cial but they do not know where to look or how to set the higher part of themselves free to soar. is is the time to seek the guidance of the Angel Kadonacai. He will guide you to people and information that will help you along your path of spiritual progression, lling you with joy and expanding all parts of your being. 



Serusha (f) sehr-roo-shah

Once you have found a spiritual path that is harmonious for you, growing and progressing along the path can become equally as challenging as nding the path was in the rst place. Whether you nd a home in an established

religion, an alternative group, a focused belief system, or just being a better person by exhibiting more compassion, love, and assisting and intentionally making a positive impact on other peoples lives, investing the time and energy necessary to ful ll your spiritual goals can be daunting. e Angel Serusha can help you navigate your spiritual path in ways that will propel you to grow and expand at the most rapid rate. Her help oen begins by helping you to scrutinize yourself more closely. Are there bad habits you can eliminate and replace with good habits? Are there changes to your diet that would be bene cial? Are there some old friends you should stop hanging out with and new ones you should draw closer to? Serusha helps you to be enthused about your spiritual awakening, serious about expanding yourself in higher ways, willing to walk new paths and excited about every step along the way.



Balderan (m) bahl-der-ahn

   According to “ere are about 41,000 different Christian denominations in ve major ‘families’ of churches/communion.”  And that’s just Christianity! ere are twenty major religions and spiritual paths in the world and each one has multiple sects. With Christianity alone, if you took time each day, every single day of the year, to investigate one denomination or sect, it would take you 112 years to check them all out! Separating formal spiritual paths and teachings, you also have people from friends, family, acquaintances and people that you do not even know, that almost everyday share their spiritual beliefs with you, either by words they say or actions they do. Popular movies, TV shows, books and magazines also share their writers spiritual philosophies with you in the stories they cra and the actions and words of the characters. All told, you are bombarded everyday with enticements to multiple spiritual paths. Separating the wheat from the chaff as it pertains to your personal spiritual growth and expansion is the stewardship of the Angel Balderan.

Summoning Balderan is a call for guidance. ere are many people and groups that would lead you on unhelpful and even destructive tangents, all in the name of religion or spirituality. Balderan will help you discern paths that would be harmful and disharmonious to you, while guiding you clearly to ones that will resonate with you, ll you with joy and help you to expand all parts of your being.



Elchiyus (m) el-chee-yus

Faith is a fuel. Like burning gasoline powers an engine that propels an automobile, which otherwise sits motionless, as faith abides in someones heart and mind it empowers the individual to accomplish feats that would have otherwise been impossible. I do not say ‘faith is a power’ as a metaphor. Faith is literally a physical power that once abiding inside of you allows you to accomplish physical as well as spiritual and magickal tasks that would have been unachievable before faith was with you. Celestine Light teaches that even the limitless

expanse of the universe and all things therein were physically created by the power of faith. How powerful is faith? Yeshua of Nazareth is recorded as teaching that, “if you have the faith of a mustard seed (a very tiny seed) you can say unto this mountain, ‘take up and be cast into the sea’ and it shall be done.” Now that’s power! at’s magick on a grand scale! All from just a teensy, tiny bit of faith. Whether we realize it or not, we all lean upon and depend upon faith everyday of our lives, regardless of our spiritual or religious beliefs. We have faith that if we go to work each day we will be paid for our effort. We have faith that if we steadfastly love our wife/husband and show it by word and deed, they will reciprocate and we will have a happy life together. We have faith that if we choose to live in a civilized, law abiding manner, most of the society we live in will do likewise allowing us to have some sense of peace, security and justice. Without faith all of life breaks down into anarchy. If our employer fails to pay us for the labors we have given, we stop going to work. If our wife/husband is unfaithful to us, it shakes the trust in our relationship and oen leads to its destruction. If there is chaos in our society and we feel threatened, we no longer feel obligated to follow the rules that formally kept everything in order. Helping you to nd, develop and grow your faith and to not be shaken by every passing storm of life, but strengthened instead, is the stewardship realm of the Angel Elchiyus.




Yadadinel (m) yah-dah-din-el

Well-being is a fairly expansive, wide open term. It can mean many divergent things to different people depending upon their challenges of life on any given day. In the context of the Angels of Celestine Light ‘well-being’ focuses on fundamental foundations of happiness and the ability to cope with the challenges of life. ese angels are bene cial to virtually anyone at anytime. But they are particularly useful to anyone that is currently experiencing any kind of serious misfortune, or to whom life is dealing more painful, severe and challenging blows than normal. If you are ever in a life-

threatening situation from any cause, the Angels of Well-being are some of the rst to call upon. e Archangel Yadadinel oversees all of the Angels of Well-being. Only the most commonly called upon are listed in detail here. If you have a particular need that is not covered by one of the Angels of Well-being or any of the other Stewardship Angels you would be well served to call upon Yadadinel and simply ask for help in any way he deems best. He will send the appropriate angels and their magickal motivations and miracles to help you even if they are not listed below.



Ajalawan (f) ahj-ahl-ah-wahn

e Angel Alajawan is a true miracle worker. She helps to heal animals from serious illness or injury and her magick can be almost instantaneous even for life-threatening problems. I write this just a few hours aer experiencing one of her miracles and it was the second in two days. e rst occurred while visiting at a friend’s house. We noticed three doe deer down in the grassy eld just below the house. Two were slowly moving as they grazed. e third was obviously having difficulty just staying upright. In tiny faltering steps it was trying to

catch up to the other two deer. She was not succeeding as the distance between them was increasing. I went down for a closer look and could see her right rear leg was severely broken and swollen right above the ankle. e foot below the break was dangling as if it was just being held on by the skin. I felt a strong empathy for the suffering deer. Without even thinking I cried out to Alajawan. Alajawan, Alajawan, Alajawan, Come to me. As I will it So let it be. I repeated the call three times and noticed the injured deer looked up and stared at me the entire time without moving. Within seconds aer I had summoned Alajawan something startled the other two deer and the bounded off rapidly. To my joy, I saw the injured deer running aer them and keeping pace in leaping bounds. She was using her broken leg and foot completely normally. e three deer stopped a short distance off and all three began grazing. e injured one seemed ne as if nothing had ever been wrong and her foot no longer dangled. Instant miracle! e second happened this morning when I came to let my macaw parrots out of their sleeping cage to bring them to the large outdoor aviary for the day. e Scarlet Macaw was grievously injured in a way I could not immediately determine. He opped at the bottom of the enclosure. His body was in a tangle, he was heaving in labored breaths and his head drooped to the side, his eyes closing. I thought he was close to death. I gently picked him up. His body was weak and mostly limp. He futilely tried to ap his wings. I cuddled him close fearing I was sharing his last minutes with him as others in my family gathered round in silent concern. Once again I felt I had no recourse but to call upon the Angel Alajawan if my precious Sundance was to survive. And so I did. And so he did.

I still do not know what caused Sundance’s distress. But within 30 minutes of calling Alajawan he was ne and happy to go and join his friends out in the aviary. ere is no promise that every time you call the Angel Alajawan you will have such wonderful results as I was blessed with the last two days. ere are plenty of instances where despite all the love and empathy you have for your animal friend, it is simply their time to go. When this is so, Alajawan will ease their pain and passing but will not heal them. But in many instances, her loving touch works a miracle.



Tenamiah (m) ten-uh-my-ah

Endurance is the willpower, stamina, mental fortitude and heart to persevere and push on even though your body and the weaker part of your mind is crying out to stop and just give up. When you nd yourself in that negative frame of mind, when the goal is beginning to seem unachievable or not worth the price you are needing to pay, summon the Angel Tenamiah to gird you up and help you push on. Endurance is a level beyond persistence. Where persistence is usually applied to a goal you are trying to achieve, endurance is oen the appropriate energy when you are simply trying to survive.

In those trying circumstances Tenamiah brings in a fresh breeze of optimism. He helps you see that there is a light at the end if the tunnel and renews your faith in yourself and your resolute belief that you can endure the darkness and reach the light. 



Colopatiron (f) & Nisroc (m) koh-loh-pah-tee-ron & niss-roc

Scientists claim that feelings actually come from the mind not the heart. Anyone that has ever suffered a deep heartbreak would disagree. e physical pain in your heart is undeniable. e reality is both the mind and the heart are affected by the pain of loss as well as the euphoria of joy. With both pain and joy the heart physically feels the emotion. From an energy center standpoint, the mind and heart are the two most ancient energy centers in the body. ey have been working together for so long that to separate them is to impede your own progress. But separating them is what many people do. Some people like to ignore their heart and just listen to their mind. Others prefer to ignore the any thought their mind might have on the subject and just be sensitive to how their heart feels about it. Both methods can work – sometimes. But all things will have more favorable outcomes more oen if you ask your mind, ‘what do your think about this?’ and ask your heart, ‘what do you feel about this?’ e Angel Colopatiron works magick with your heart and the Angel Nisroc with your mind. But you cannot call upon them separately. Because of the importance of using your heart and mind in tandem, the two angels

only work together. In any time of mental or emotional disturbance the synergy of Colopatiron and Nisroc can bring you a sweet peace that is a heavenly balm like no other on a heart in pain and a mind in turmoil. Summon them to you and pour out the details of the troubles weighing upon you. en ask them for the peace of the heart and mind and let it ow into you in delicious sweetness.



Wizmar (m) whiz-mar

e terms good fortune and luck are oen used synonymously but they are actually quite different. e two are only tenuously related and fortune is far more dependable than luck. Luck is pure chance like winning the lottery. It can occasionally reward you, sometimes greatly. When it does give thanks for your blessing. But never expect it or depend upon it. Luck is the two-edged sword that causes crippling gambling addictions. An addicted gambler keeps throwing money away thinking their luck will change and they will have a big payday on their next play to make up for all

their losses. ey may get a winning payday somewhere down the road. But it will not make up for their losses in the long run. e reason they say that casinos print money is that over an extended period of time they always win. Fortune is a different avor. ere’s a wise old adage about fortune that says, “fortune favors the prepared.” Fortune comes about by tangible actions anyone can take that increases their likelihood of success beyond random chance. Magick and angelic assistance can further increase the opportunities for success. But even without either, the fortunate will win far more times than the lucky. Similarly unfortunate and unlucky are not the same thing. Unfortunate occurs when you make attempts to foster an outcome but fail to manifest it despite your efforts. Bad luck is when through no action or inaction of your own something bad happens to you; like you are walking down the street minding your own business and are hit by a meteorite. e Angel Wizmar helps those seeking good fortune to nd it. He does this not by simply presenting it to them without effort on their part. Rather, he guides them to thoughts, inspirations and actions that cumulatively build an energy which becomes more and more conducive to good fortune; not just once, but over and over again. People may start calling someone favored by Wizmar “lucky.” But it’s not luck, it’s fortune.



Itaviah (f) ee-tah-vee-ah

Sometimes the anguish of losing a loved one can almost be too much to bear. How oen we read stories of one spouse or family member dying just days aer their loved one. It is not hard to conclude their death was from a broken heart. Just this year, actress Carrie Fisher of the Star Wars movies passed away unexpectedly. Her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, was inconsolable at losing her daughter and she passed away from grief the very next day. People can get equally attached to a beloved pet, sometimes more than they do to any human. When the pet passes away the grief of their human companion can be as emotionally devastating as it would be for the closest family member.

e Angel Itaviah has boundless empathy which she embraces lovingly around those suffering terrible grief from a loss of life, opportunity, or any other emotionally unbearable cause. Call upon her, pour out your heart, your thoughts, your anger. Purge the pain and accept her loving, blessed touch upon your heart and mind to heal the wound of loss.



Sallisels (f) sahl-lee-sells

You can call upon the Angel of Happiness anytime you need a boost and a smile. She is particularly effective if you are really down in the dumps. Within an hour or less aer summoning her and asking for her help most people will have an entirely improved and upbeat attitude. If you ask, Sallisels is also very helpful at extending your happiness longer than it would normally last. if you are subject to frequent mood swings, Sallisel can diminish the down times and increase the up times. She will also

lead you to people and information that can help you discover the root causes of your unhappiness and foods and actions that can be of bene t. A little trick I learned years ago that works like a charm every time you are not happy, is to think about your emotions like spokes on the big wheel of an old sailing ship. Whichever emotion is most prominent at that moment in your life is the spoke pointing up. It’s opposite is pointing down. If you are sad, the happiness spoke would be pointing down at the bottom of the wheel. But we are all the captains of the ship of our own lives. We can dictate to ourselves and then obey our own commands. We do no need to suffer at the winds of transient feelings regardless of their cause. As the captain, grab on to your emotional wheel and rotate it to the right. Turn it until it has moved 180 degrees and the happiness spoke is pointing up. It will take some minutes for your ship of life to turn, but it will turn. Usually within 30 minutes you’ll almost casually realize that you are no longer sad and you actually feel pretty good!



Ixchel (m) eeks-chell

Hope is almost as great of a power as love and faith. Hope will allow someone that would have otherwise given up long ago to push on against all odds and succeed when they should have failed. Hope is sometimes equated with optimism but the two are very different. Optimism is a transitory attitude that does not need to be based in reality. It

oen paints a rosier picture than the reality one is facing. As circumstances change and become less favorable optimism can easily turn to pessimism. Hope is rmly founded in reality and it stays the course through all adversity. ere are no illusions about the path before you. Despite the challenging reality you have a belief that cannot be moved that you will be able to endure and prevail against whatever you face. Hope will sustain you through despair while optimism abandons you. Hope has the power to keep a bright light of happiness shining in your life even when it is enmeshed in darkness and turmoil. Tyrants and dictators fear adversaries that refuse to give up hope for a different and better life. Brutality and inhumanity are oen unleashed in war with the goal to extinguish hope. e despots know that if even a icker of hope remains in the populace, it can end up igniting a re in the hearts of the people that will ignite actions that can overthrow their regime and end its evil reign. While hope remains the downtrodden see in their minds and feel in their hearts that there is a path to a better tomorrow. And they will never stop ghting and striving to attain it. If you are in circumstances where despair weighs you down and it seems as if there is no way out of your predicament, summon the Angel Ixchel. Ask Ixchel to bless you with hope and feel it radiate into your body warming your heart and exciting your mind. Calling Ixchel gives you a clarity of thought that may have been lacking and allows you to see the path that leads to a better future. e power of Ixchel lights a re within you that will propel you through the obstacles to a tomorrow worth savoring.



Austelja (f) ohs-tell-sjah

ere are many types of threats that may come upon you. From the mundane like careless accidents, wrong place wrong time accidents, to all manner of attacks including: physical, mental, emotional, magickal, psychic, ghost, demon, alien and animal. en there are just bullies and irksome people to deal with from time to time. In all of these situations and any others that you feel threatened in any way, summon the Angel Austelja. In an emergency you can call her quickly by repeating three times: Austelja,  Austelja,  Austelja, Come to me.

Protect me from the threat I feel or see Each type of threat has it’s own Specialty Angel. It is not necessary to know their names. Calling upon Austelja is sufficient and she will immediately send the best specialty angel to your aid as well as intervene directly on your behalf. You do not need to wait for a dire situation to call upon the blessings of Austelja. If you simply have suspicions of some unde ned and not apparently imminent threat, you can still ask Austelja to keep you in a bubble of protection. Please keep in mind that she will not protect you from yourself. Just because she is watching over you does not mean you can act invulnerable like Superman or take foolish risks. Be smart. Be safe. For additional magickal empowering techniques you can do yourself please read my book, Psychic Self Defense.



Kamariah (f) kah-mah-ry-ah

ere are multiple situations when it would be appropriate to summon the Angel Kamariah for help including: homeless; in need of emergency shelter, in need of short-term housing; in need of a place to hide or have refuge; or even just looking for a new long-term place to live or relocate to without any pressing emergency as a motivation. In an emergency summon Kamariah by saying aloud three times: Kamariah, Kamariah, Kamariah, Come to me.

Safe shelter let me see As I need, so let it be



Elkazar (m) el-kuh-zar

Elkazar is the ultimate last gasp angel. If you ever nd yourself in a situation that is so dire that you feel your life is in imminent risk of ending any minute, besides prayer to God you can summon the help of the angel Elkazer by speaking aloud three times: Elkazar, Elkazar, Elkazar, From injury or death deliver me, As I will it, blessed let it be You can also call upon Elkazar for serious but less urgent help if you are in a basic subsistence situation and cannot see a way out of it and back to a better life. Talk to Elkazar as a caring friend. Explain your obstacles and worries. Be honest and forthright. Based upon your words, Elkazar will send a renewing energy to you that will quickly bring people and opportunities

into your life that can help you. But you need to be open to solutions beyond those you have already pondered and rejected. Put away your fears and act upon what the ow of blessings brings to you.



Peliazel (m) pell-lee-uh-zell

e Angel Peliazel is another higher being that comes to the aid of people in their desperate days of need. Sustenance is a fancy name for food. If you are hungry and not receiving the nutrition that you need either because of illness, disease, or nancial distress, summon Peliazel for help. You are welcome to have a conversation with him if you like. He’s a good listener. However, he will instinctively know the cause of your problem. If you are

hungry from lack of food he will take actions to bring sustenance to you, or bring you to sustenance. If you have a medical problem that is preventing your body from absorbing all the nutrition in your food, Peliazel may help you directly by making energy adjustments to your body. However, that can oen just be a temporary improvement if there are underlying causes in your diet, habits or lifestyle that continue to instigate the condition. More likely he will lead you to people and information that will educate you on how to rectify your problem by identifying the true root causes and understanding the changes you need to make in yourself to put your body back into optimum operating condition.


GUIDED TO AN ANGEL CHART If you are uncertain as to which angel to summon you can use this handy random number chart to discover which angel that can help you the most at this time. e chart of 144 total number is divided into 6 columns of 24 in a totally random manner. State aloud your intention to nd the angel you need the most. You can use your own rhyming words or something like this: I call upon the divine light to bring the angel I need most into my sight Like a dart pinpoint for me on this chart the angel whose power will most gladden my heart Using either your eBook reader or your paperback book opened to the Guided to An Angel Chart, close your eyes and use some type of pointing instrument to circle the chart three times in tight circles. Allow the pointer to gently stop on your screen or book page. e number it rests upon corresponds to the number of an angel in the book you should summon to give you the help you require for your greatest need at this time. is chart is also useful if you do not have a particular need, but just want to use daily to discover and call upon the angel that can help you the most that day. anks to a reader for this excellent suggestion.

CONCLUSION Remember the magickal angels of Celestine Light are ready to help you anytime and anywhere that you call upon them. ey love to empower you with knowledge and enhanced abilities that allow you to help yourself and

others. So when you call upon them, it is not just assistance you receive but a great deal of personal growth as well. ough 144 seems like a lot of angels, you have probably thought of others you would like to know about as you read this book. If you have a need not speci cally met by one of the listed Stewardship Angels, please don’t hesitate to call upon one of the Archangels in the area you need help. ey will quickly send the Stewardship Angel to you that can be of greatest assistance. Beyond the Archangels there is always Elohim, who has said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall nd, knock and the door shall be opened.” PS  If you have enjoyed Angels of Miracles and Manifestation, I would be grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to revisit the book page on Amazon and leave a nice review. Namaste, Embrosewyn

G My deepest gratitude to my wife Sumara whose professional illustration abilities allowed the hand drawn sigils I received from the angels to be rendered digitally to perfection. And as with all of my books, it never would have been published without her skill, laying it out and formatting it for both eBook and print editions. Together, we thank our dear friend Skye Lani for her tireless efforts, taking on some of our work and daily chores during the writing and illustration of this book. Her unsel sh contribution allowed Angels of Miracles and Manifestation to be completed in a timely manner.


CELESTINE LIGHT MAGICKAL SIGILS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH What would happen if you could call upon the blessings of angels and amplify their miracles with the pure essence of spiritual magick? Miracles manifest! at is the exciting reality that awaits you in Celestine Light Magickal Sigils of Heaven and Earth. Calling upon the higher realm power of angels, through intentional summoning using speci c magickal sigils and incantations, is considered to be the most powerful magick of all. But there is a magickal method even greater. When you combine calling upon a mighty angel with adding synergistic sigils and words of power, the ampli cation of the magickal energy can be astounding and the results that are manifested truly miraculous. is higher technique of magick is the essence of Celestine Light Magickal Sigils of Heaven and Earth. is is the third book of the Magickal Celestine Light series and is an intermediate level reference book for students and practitioners of Celestine Light Magick. It contains a melding of the sigils and names of 99 of the 144 Angels found in Angels of Miracles and Manifestation, coupled with synergistic sigils and magickal incantations found within Words of Power and Transformation. To fully be able to implement the potent combination of angel magick and words of power magick revealed in this book, the practitioner should have previously read and have available as references the earlier two books in the series. When magickal incantations and their sigils are evoked in conjunction with the summoning of an angel for a focused purpose, the magickal results

are oen exceptional. e potent combination of calling upon angels and amplifying your intent with words of power and sigils of spiritual magick creates an awesome, higher magickal energy that can manifest everyday miracles. Employing this potent form of magick can convert challenges into opportunities, powerfully counter all forms of negative magick, entities, phobias, fears and people, greatly enhance good fortune, and help change ordinary lives into the extraordinary.

WORDS OF POWER AND TRANSFORMATION 101+ Magickal Words and Sigils of Celestine Light To Manifest Your Desires Whatever you seek to achieve or change in your life, big or small, Celestine Light magickal words and sigils can help your sincere desires become reality. Drawing from an ancient well of magickal power, the same divine source used by acclaimed sorcerers, witches and spiritual masters through the ages, the 101+ magickal words and sigils are revealed to the public for the very rst time. ey can create quick and oen profound improvements in your life. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow or what you believe or do not believe. e magickal words and sigils are like mystical keys that open secret doors regardless of who holds the key. If you put the key in and turn it, the door will open and the magick will swirl around you! From the beginner to the Adept, the Celestine Light words of power and sigils will expand your world and open up possibilities that may have seemed previously unachievable. Everything from something simple like nding a lost object, to something powerful like repelling a psychic or physical attack, to something of need such as greater income, to something life changing like nding your Soul Mate. Some may wonder how a few spoken words combined with looking for just a moment at a peculiar image could have such immediate and oen profound effects. e secret is these are ancient magick words of compelling power and the sigils are the embodiment of their magickal essence. Speaking or even thinking the words, or looking at or even picturing the sigil in your mind, rapidly draws angelic and magickal energies to you like iron to a magnet to ful ll the worthy purpose you desire. is is a book of potent white magick of the light. Without a lot of training or ritual, it gives you the ability to overcome darkness threatening you from inside or out. For what is darkness except absence of the light?

When light shines, darkness fades and disappears, not with a roar, but with a whimper. Use the words and sigils to call in the magickal energies to transform and improve your life in every aspect. In this comprehensive book you will nd activators to propel your personal growth, help you excel in school, succeed in your own business, or launch you to new heights in your profession. It will give you fast acting keys to improve your relationships, change your luck, revitalize your health, and develop and expand your psychic abilities. Embrosewyn Tazkuvel is an Adept of the highest order in Celestine Light. Aer six decades of using magick and teaching it to others he is now sharing some of the secrets of what he knows with you. Knowledge that will instantly connect you to divine and powerful universal forces that with harmonic resonance, will unleash the magickal you! Inside you will discover: 101 word combinations that call in magickal forces like a whirlwind of light. 177 magickal words in total. 101 sigils to go with each magickal word combination to amplify the magickal results you seek. 101 audio les you can listen to; helping you have perfect pronunciation of the Words of Power regardless of your native language. Available directly from the eBook and with a link in the paperback edition.

AURAS How To See, Feel & Know Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, is like three books in one!  1. It’s an information packed, full color, complete training manual with 17 time tested exercises and 47 photos and illustrations to help you quickly be able to see Auras in vibrant color! It is the only full color book on auras available. 2. An entertaining read as Embrosewyn recalls his early childhood and high school experiences seeing auras, and the oen humorous reactions by everyone from his mother to his friends when he told them what he saw. 3. Plus, a fascinating chapter on body language. Embrosewyn teaches in his workshops to not just rely on your interpretation of the aura alone, but to con rm it with another indicator such as body language.Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, goes in depth with thorough explanations and great pictures to show you all the common body language indicators used to con rm what someone’s aura is showing you. Auras includes: 17 dynamic eye exercises to help you rapidly begin to see the beautiful world of auras!

• 47 full color pictures and illustrations.

Anyone with vision in both eyes can begin seeing vividly colored auras around any person with just 5 minutes of practice! Learn how to:

See the 7 layers of the aura using Embrosewyn’s pioneering technique Understand the meaning of the patterns and shadows observed in the layers Train your eyes to instantly switch back and forth from aura to normal vision Understand the meaning and nuances of every color of the rainbow in an aura Use your aura as a shield against negative energy or people Power up your aura to have greater achievement in any endeavor Interpret body language to con rm observations of the aura Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people

• Understand health conditions and ailments through the aura e secret to aura sight is to retrain the focusing parts of your eyes to see things that have always been there, but you have never been able to see before. It’s really not complicated. Anyone can do it using Embrosewyn’s proven techniques and eye exercises. e author has been seeing brightly colored auras for over 60 years and teaching others to begin seeing auras within 5 minutes for the last 22 years. Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, includes all the power techniques, tools and Full Color eye exercises from his popular workshops. For those who already have experience seeing auras, the deeper auric layers and subtle auric nuances and the special ways to focus your eyes to see

them, are explained in detail, with Full Color pictures and illustrations to show you how the deeper layers and auric aberrations appear. It is also a complete training manual to help you quickly be able to see Auras in vibrant color. It includes 17 eye exercises and dozens of Full Color pictures, enabling anyone with vision in both eyes to begin seeing vividly colored auras around any person. e secret is in retraining the focusing parts of your eyes to see things that have always been there, but you have never been able to see before. Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, includes all the power techniques, tools and Full Color eye exercises from Embrosewyn’s popular workshops.  Additionally, there is a fascinating chapter on body language. Embrosewyn teaches in his workshops to not just rely on your interpretation of the aura alone, but to con rm it with another indicator such as body language. Auras: How to See, Feel & Know goes in depth with thorough explanations and great pictures to show you all the common body language indicators used to con rm what someone’s aura is showing you. For those who already have experience seeing auras, the deeper auric layers and subtle auric nuances and the special ways to focus your eyes to see them, are explained in detail, with accompanying Full Color pictures to show you how the deeper layers and auric aberrations appear.

SOUL MATE AURAS How To Find Your Soul Mate & “Happily Ever Aer” e romantic dream of nding your Soul Mate, the person with whom you resonate on every level of your being, is more than a wishful notion. It is a deeply embedded, primal desire that persists on some level despite what may have been years of quiet, inner frustration and included relationships that while ful lling on some levels, still fell short of the completeness of a Soul Mate. Once found, your relationship with your Soul Mate can almost seem like a dream at times. It will be all you expected and probably much more. Having never previously had a relationship that resonated in harmony and expansiveness on every level of your being, you will have had nothing to prepare you for its wonder. Having never stood atop a mountain that tall with an expansiveness so exhilarating, once experienced, a committed relationship with your Soul Mate will give you a bliss and ful llment such as you probably only imagined in fairy tales. But how to nd your Soul Mate? at is the million dollar question. e vast majority of people believe nding your Soul Mate is like a magnetic attraction, it will somehow just happen; in some manner you’ll just be inevitably drawn to each other. e harsh reality is, 99% of people realize by their old age that it never happened. Or, if it did occur they didn’t recognize their Soul Mate at the time, because they were looking for a different ideal. Soul Mate Auras: How To Find Your Soul Mate & Happily Ever Aer gives you the master keys to unlock the passageway to discovering your Soul Mate using the certainty of your auric connections. Every person has a unique aura and auric eld generated by their seven energy centers and their vitality. Find the person that you resonate strongly with on all seven energy centers and you’ll nd your Soul Mate! Everyone can sense and see auras. In Soul Mate Auras full color eye and energy exercises will help you learn how to see and feel auras and how to use

that ability to identify where in the great big world your Soul Mate is living. Once you are physically in the presence of your prospective Soul Mate, you will know how to use your aura to energetically con rm that they are the one. e same methods can be used to discover multiple people that are Twin Flames with you; not quite seven auric connection Soul Mates, but still deep and expansive connections to you on ve to six energy centers. Soul Mate Auras also includes an in-depth procedure to determine if someone is a Twin Flame or Soul Mate, not by using your aura, but by honestly and rationally evaluating your connections on all seven of your energy centers. is is an invaluable tool for anyone contemplating marriage or entering a long-term committed relationship. It also serves as a useful second opinion con rmation for anyone that has used their aura to nd their Soul Mate. To help inspire and motivate you to create your own “happily ever aer,” Soul Mate Auras is richly accentuated with dozens of full color photos of loving couples along with profound quotes from famous to anonymous people about the wonder of Soul Mates. Treat yourself to the reality of nding your Soul Mate or con rming the one that you have already found! Scroll to the upper le of the page and click on Look Inside to nd out more about what’s inside this book!

Secret Earth Series INCEPTION BOOK 1

Could it be possible that there is a man alive on the Earth today that has been here for two thousand years? How has he lived so long? And why? What secrets does he know? Can his knowledge save the Earth or is it doomed? Continuing the epic historical saga begun in the Oracles of Celestine Light, but written as a novel rather than a chronicle, Inception unveils the life and adventures of Lazarus of Bethany and his powerful and mysterious sister Miriam of Magdala. e rst book of the Secret Earth series, Inception, reveals the hidden beginnings of the strange, secret life of Lazarus. From his comfortable position as the master of caravans to Egypt he is swept into a web of intrigue involving his enigmatic sister Miriam and a myriad of challenging dangers that never seem to end and spans both space and time. Some say Miriam is an angel, while others are vehement that she is a witch. Lazarus learns the improbable truth about his sister, and along with twenty-three other courageous men and women, is endowed with the secrets of immortality. But he learns that living the secrets is not as easy as knowing them. And living them comes at a price; one that needs to be paid in unwavering courage, stained with blood, built with toil, and endured with millenniums of sacri ce, defending the Earth from all the horrors that might have been. Inception is just the beginning of their odyssey.


In preparation, before beginning their training as immortal Guardians of the Earth, Lazarus of Bethany and his wife Hannah were asked to go on a short visit to a world in another dimension. “Just to look around a bit and get a feel for the differences,” Lazarus’s mysterious sister, Miriam of Magdala assured them. She neglected to mention the ravenous monstrous birds, the ferocious re-breathing dragons, the impossibly perfect people with sinister ulterior motives, and the fact that they would end up being naked almost all the time! And that was just the beginning of the challenges!

UNLEASH YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS A Comprehensive 400 Page Guidebook Unleash Your Psychic Powers is an entertaining, enlightening and educational resource for all levels of practitioners in the psychic, magickal and paranormal arts. It includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how you can develop and enhance the full potential of dynamic psychic, magickal and paranormal powers in your own life. Whether You Are A Novice Or An Adept You will nd valuable insight and guidance, based upon Embrosewyn’s six decades of experience discovering and developing psychic and paranormal talents and unleashing the power of the magickal arts. Twenty Psychic And Paranormal Abilities Are Explored Including well known abilities such as Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Lucid Dreaming, Precognition, Astral Projection and Faith Healing, plus, more obscure talents such as Channeling, Dowsing, and Automatic Handwriting. In addition to helping you develop and master the psychic abilities that call to you, each of the twenty powers described are spiced with fascinating personal stories from the lives of Embrosewyn and others, to help you understand some of the real world consequences and bene ts of using these formidable magickal and psychic talents. Paranormal abilities have saved Embrosewyn’s life and the lives of his family members on multiple occasions. Learning to fully develop your own psychic and paranormal abilities may come in just as handy one day. For anyone that is an active spirit medium, or uses any psychic abilities involving other-worldly beings, such as divination, channeling, or ghost hunting, the chapter on Psychic Self-defense is an extensive must read, covering low, medium and high risk threats, including everything from negative vortexes, to entities, energy vampires, ghosts, aliens and demons.

Exorcism, and how to protect both people and property from unseen forces is also completely explained. Filled with pictures and vivid descriptions of how you can bring forth and develop your own transcendental supernatural gis, Unleash Your Psychic Powers should be in the library of every serious student of the psychic, magickal, paranormal and supernatural. Everyone has psychic and paranormal abilities. It is your birthright! You were born with them! Within this book you’ll learn how to unlock and unleash your astounding supernatural potential and the amazing things you can do with your powers once they are free!

LOVE YOURSELF e Secret Key to Transforming Your Life Loving yourself is all about energy As humans we devote a great deal of our energy through our time, thoughts and emotions to love. We read about it, watch movies and shows about it, dream about it, hope for it to bless our lives, feel like something critically important is lacking when it doesn’t, and at the very least keep a sharp eye out for it when its missing. Too oen we look to someone else to ful ll our love and crash and burn when relationships end, or fail to live up to our fantasies of what we thought they should be. When we seek love from another person or source greater than the love we give to ourselves, we set ourselves up to an inevitable hard landing when the other person or source ceases to provide the level of ful llment we desire. Loving yourself is a precious gi from you to you. It is an incredibly powerful energy that not only enhances your ability to give love more fully to others, it also creates a positive energy of expanding reverberation that brings more love, friendship and appreciation to you from all directions. It is the inner light that illuminates your life empowering you to create the kind of life you desire and dream. e relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. Happiness will forever be eeting if you do not have peace, respect and love for yourself. It’s not sel sh. It’s not vain. It is in fact the key to transforming your life. Inward re ection and appreciation will open up clearer channels to the divine. Relationships with everyone will be enhanced as your relationship with yourself expands and is uplied. All other relationships are only mirrors of the one you have within. As you love yourself, are kind to yourself, respect yourself, so too will you be able to give those and so many other good qualities to others in equal measure to that which you give to yourself.

is is a short, but very sweet book to help you discover your inner glow of love. Within its covers are two great keys you will nd no other place. ese two keys will proactively bring you to the serenity of self-love regardless of whether you are currently near or far from that place of peace. Are you familiar with the in nity symbol? It looks pretty much like the number 8 turned on its side. As love for yourself should be now and forever, in the last chapter you will nd 88 reasons why loving yourself is vitally important to your joy, personal growth and expansion, and the happiness of everyone whose lives you touch. Most people have never considered that there could be a list that long just about loving yourself! But with each short phrase you read your mind begins to understand to a greater depth how important loving yourself is for all aspects of your life and relationships. As your mind understands your life follows. is book leaves you with a special gi Inside you’ll nd two short, but very valuable multimedia ash presentations. One is entitled “Forgive Yourself ”. e other is “Love Yourself ” ese are not normal ash presentations. ey are self-hypnosis, positive affirmations that will rapidly help you achieve greater self-love and more ful lling love- lled realities in your life. As so repetitive music plays in the background, images reinforcing the theme will ash by on your screen about three per second, accompanied by short phrases superimposed on a portion of the image. In a quick 7-10 minute session, sitting at home in front of your computer, you will nd the ash presentations buoy and motivate you. Repeat them twice a day for several days and you will nd they are transformative. Special Bonus: Love Yourself is ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIO BOOK! is allows you to listen and read at the same time!

PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE A Complete Guide to Protecting Yourself Against Psychic & Paranormal Attack (and just plain irksome people) Felt a negative energy come over you for no apparent reason when you are near someone or around certain places? Had a curse hurled at you? Spooked by a ghost in a building? Imperiled by demonic forces? Being drained and discombobulated by an energy vampire? Or, do you encounter more mundane but still disruptive negative energies like an over demanding boss, the local bully, hurtful gossip, a physically or mentally abusive spouse, or life in a dangerous neighborhood threatened by thieves and violence? Whatever your source of negative energy, danger or threat, you’ll nd effective, proven, psychic and magickal countermeasures within this book. Psychic Self Defense draws upon Embrosewyn’s six decades of personal experience using psychic abilities and magickal defenses to thwart, counter and send back to sender, any and all hostile paranormal threats. Everything from unsupportive and dismissive family and friends, to ghosts, demons and exorcisms. e same practical and easy to learn Magickal techniques can be mastered by anyone serious enough to give it some time and practice, and can aid you immensely with a host of material world challenges as well. 17 psychic and paranormal threats are covered with exact, effective counter measures, including many real life examples from Embrosewyn’s comprehensive personal experiences with the paranormal, devising what works and what doesn’t from hard won trial and error. Whether you are a medium needing to keep foul spirits away, or simply someone desiring to know that you, your family and property are safe and protected, you will nd the means to insure peace and security with the proven methods outlined in Psychic Self Defense You will learn how to:

Create your own Magick spells tailored to your particular situation and need Call upon speci c angels to aid you Create Crystal Energy Shields Protect yourself when in a channeling or spirit medium trance Use your Aura to create ASP’s (Auric Shields of Power) Empower Wards for protection against speci c threats Recognize and counter Energy Vampires Cleanse a home of negative energy Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people Counter Black Magick Detect alien presence

• Banish malicious entities or demons ough dealing with numerous and sometimes dangerous other-worldly and material world threats, the entire approach of this book is from a position of personal empowerment, no fear, and divine white light. Whether you are religious or an atheist, an experienced practitioner of the psychic and magickal arts or a neophyte, someone living in a haunted house or just an employee wanting to have a nicer boss, there will be hundreds of ways you can use the information in this book to help you in your life. And you

will learn to do it in ways that are upliing and empowering, producing results that are peaceful, safe and harmonious. Psychic Self Defense is also available as an AUDIO BOOK.

22 STEPS TO THE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL A Treasured Book at Will Help You Unleash e Greatness Within What would it be like if you could reach through space and time to query the accumulated wisdom of the ages and get an answer? 22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul, reveals such treasured insights, eloquently expounding upon the foundational principles of 22 timeless subjects of universal interest and appeal, to help each reader grow and expand into their fullest potential. In a thought-provoking, poetic writing style, answers to questions we all ponder upon, such as love, happiness, success and friendship, are explored and illuminated in short, concise chapters, perfect for a thought to ponder through the day or contemplate as your eyes close for sleep. Each paragraph tells a story and virtually every sentence could stand alone as an inspiring quote on your wall. ese are the 22 steps of the Light of Your Soul Step 1: e Purpose of Life Step 2: Balance Step 3: Character Step 4: Habits Step 5: Friendship Step 6: True Love Step 7: Marriage Step 8: Children Step 9: Happiness Step 10: Play & Relaxation Step 11: Health Step 12: Success Step 13: Knowledge Step 14: Passion & Serenity Step 15: Imagination & Vision Step 16: Creativity & Art

Step 17: Adversity Step 18: Respect Step 19: Freedom & Responsibility Step 20: Stewardship Step 21: Faith Step 22: Love Yourself - the Alpha and the Omega 22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul is also available as an AUDIO BOOK.

ORACLES OF CELESTINE LIGHT Complete Trilogy Of Genesis, Nexus And Vivus Once in a lifetime comes a book that can dramatically change your life for the better - forever. is is it! WHAT WAS LOST...HAS BEEN FOUND is is the complete 808 page trilogy of the Celestine books of Light: Genesis, Nexus and Vivus. e controversial Oracles of Celestine Light, is a portal in time to the days of Yeshua of Nazareth, over 2000 years ago, revealed in ful lling detail to the world by the reclusive Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. It includes 155 chapters of sacred wisdom, miracles and mysteries revealing life-changing knowledge about health, longevity, happiness and spiritual expansion that reverberates into your life today. Learn the startling, never before understood truth: About aliens, other dimensions, Atlantis, Adam & Eve, the Garden of Eden, Noah and the ark, giants, the empowerment of women, dreams, angels, Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus), his cruci xion & resurrection, his wife Miriam of Magdala (Mary Magdala), Yudas Iscariot (Judas), the aerlife, reincarnation, energy vortexes, witches, magic, miracles, paranormal abilities, and you! e Oracles of Celestine Light turns accepted religious history and traditional teachings on their head. But page by page, it makes more sense than anything you´ve ever read and shares simple yet profound truths to make your life better today and help you to understand and unleash your miraculous potential.

e Oracles of Celestine Light explains who you are, why you are here, and your divine destiny. It is a must-read for anyone interested in spirituality, personal growth and thought-provoking answers to the unknown. “You are a child of God, a Child of Light, literally a priceless son or daughter of divinity. Even through the fog of mortal upheavals and the tumults and tribulations, always remember you are still a child of God and shall inherit joy and kingdoms beyond measure, as you remain true to your light.” Genesis 11:99

Psychic Awakening Series CLAIRVOYANCE Would it be helpful if you could gain hidden knowledge about a person, place, thing, event, or concept, not by any of your ve physical senses, but with visions and “knowing?” Are you ready to supercharge your intuition? Clairvoyance, takes you on a quest of self-discovery and personal empowerment, helping you unlock this potent ESP ability in your life. It includes riveting stories from Embrosewyn’s six decades of psychic and paranormal adventures, plus fascinating accounts of others as they discovered and cultivated their supernatural abilities. Clearly written, step-by-step practice exercises will help you to expand and bene t from your own psychic and clairvoyant abilities. is can make a HUGE improvement in your relationships, career and creativity. As Embrosewyn has proven from over twenty years helping thousands of students to nd and develop their psychic and paranormal abilities, EVERYONE, has one or more supernatural gis. Clairvoyance will help you discover and unleash yours! If you are interested in helping yourself to achieve more happiness, better health, greater knowledge, increased wealth and a deeper spirituality, unlocking your power of clairvoyance can be the key. Hidden knowledge revealed becomes paths unseen unveiled. Unleashing your psychic gis does more than just give you advantage in life challenges. It is a safe, ethical, even spiritual and essential part of you that makes you whole, once you accept that you have these special psychic abilities and begin to use them.

TELEKINESIS Easy, comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to develop the supernatural ability of Telekinesis Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is the ability to move or in uence the properties of objects without physical contact. Typically it is ascribed as a power of the mind. But as Embrosewyn explains, based upon his sixty years of personal experience, the actual physical force that moves and in uences objects emanates from a person’s auric eld. It initiates with a mental thought, but the secret to the power is in your aura! Telekinesis is the second book in the Psychic Awakening series by popular paranormal writer Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. e series was speci cally created to offer short, inexpensive, information lled handbooks to help you quickly learn and develop speci c psychic and paranormal abilities. Clearly written, Telekinesis is lled with step-by-step practice exercises and training techniques proven to help you unlock this formidable paranormal ability. Spiced with riveting accounts of real-life psychic experiences and paranormal adventures, you’ll be entertained while you learn. But along the way you will begin to unleash the potent power of Telekinesis in your own life! As Embrosewyn has proven from over twenty years helping thousands of students to nd and develop their psychic and paranormal abilities. EVERYONE, has one or more supernatural gis. Is Telekinesis one of yours? Perhaps it’s time to nd out.

DREAMS Awaken in the world of your sleep In Dreams, the third book of the Psychic awakening series, renowned psychic/paranormal practitioner Embrosewyn Tazkuvel reveals some of his personal experiences with the transformational effect of dreams, while sharing time-tested techniques and insights that will help you unlock the power of your own night travels. Lucid Dreaming An expanded section on Lucid Dreaming gives you proven methods to induce and develop your innate ability to control your dreams. It explores the astonishing hidden world of your dream state that can reveal higher knowledge, greatly boost your creativity, improve your memory, and help you solve vexing problems of everyday life that previously seemed to have no solution. Nine Types of Dreams Detailing the nine types of dreams will help you to understand which dreams are irrelevant and which you should pay close attention to, especially when they reoccur. You’ll gain insight into how to interpret the various types of dreams to understand which are warnings and which are gems of inspiration that can change your life from the moment you awaken and begin to act upon that which you dreamed. Become the master of your dreams Sleeping and dreaming are a part of your daily life that cumulatively accounts for dozens of years of your total life. It is a valuable time of far more than just rest. Become the master of your dreams and your entire life can become more than you ever imagined possible. Your dreams are the secret key to your future.

Additional Services Offered by Embrosewyn I am honored to be able to be of further service to you by offering multiple paranormal abilities for your enlightenment and life assistance. On a limited basis as my time allows I can:

• discover your Soul Name and the meaning and powers of the sounds • custom cra and imbue enchantments upon a piece of your jewelry for a wide bene cial range of purposes

• discover the name of your Guardian Angel • have an in-depth psychic consultation and Insight Card reading with you via a Skype video call.

My wife Sumara can also create a beautiful piece of collage art on 20”x30” internally framed canvas, representing all of the meanings and powers of the sounds of your Soul Name. If you are interested in learning more about any of these additional services please visit my website: and click on the link at the top for SERVICES.

If you would like to purchase enchanted jewelry or gemstones for speci c purposes such as love, health, good fortune, or psychic protection please visit my website:  For great info on a wide variety of psychic, paranormal and magick subjects, please visit my YouTube Channel, Esoteric Mystery School with Embrosewyn Tazkuvel.

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