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Ancient Egypt, based on articles Kees wrote for the great German classical dictionary, is nothing less than an all-embra

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Ancient Egypt. A Cultural Topography

Table of contents :
Editor’s Foreword page
PART ONE General Considerations
I. The Valley of the Nile and its Settlement
PART TWO The Topographical Framework of Egyptian Civilization
II. The Countryside
A. The Nile and Seasons
B. Irrigation and Soil
C. Property and Usufruct
D. Farming and Horticulture
E. Domestic Animals
III. The Nile and Egyptian Civilization
A, The Nile as a Means of Transport
B. Shipbuilding and Ports
IV. The Desert and Egyptian Civilization
A. The Eastern Desert
B. Caravan Routes in the West — the Libyan Oases
V. Raw Materials and Foreign Relations
PART THREE Cities and Districts
VI. Memphis and Heliopolis
VII. The Delta: Fortresses and Harbours (Sile, Tanis and Naucratis)
VIII. Heragleopolis and the Fayum page
IX. Abydos, a Sacred City
X. Thebes, Capital of the Empire
XI. Amarna, the Horizon of Aten
XII. The Frontier Region — Aswan, Elephantine and Philae
XIII. Napata, the most southerly Town of the Empire
Summary Outline of Egyptian History
List of Abbreviations

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