Agile Project Management: Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Project Management (Agile Principles, Agile Software Development, DSDM Atern, Agile Project Scope)

The theme of the 2018 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium was "Water and Communities". Internationally res

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Agile Project Management: Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Project Management (Agile Principles, Agile Software Development, DSDM Atern, Agile Project Scope)

Table of contents :
1. Selection of appropriate water-sensitive systems for stormwater quantity control in South Australia / Akhter, Farjana
Argue, John
Hewa, Guna
Ahammed, Faisal
Myers, Baden --
2. The greater Bunbury groundwater and surface water interactions model: Recalibration and validation to use it as a decision support tool for water management, south-west Western Australia / Alam, Muhammad Shafiqul --
3. Applicability of kriging to regional flood estimation problem in Victoria / Ali, Sabrina
Rahman, Ataur
Loveridge, Melanie --
4. Application of waterguide - a framework for improved water resource management in Jordan / Austin, Kate
Pohlner, Huw --
5. TUFLOW classic and HPC comparison using a coupled 1D/2D model of Toowoomba / Balicki, Monika
Redenbach, Mitchell
Carlisle, Wendy
Bashar, Kazi --
6. Apportioning allocations to users of multi-storage water supply systems: A case study of making a complex volume shared system more transparent / Barton, Andrew
Wilson, Kym --
7. Securing low flows - a trial project to install low flow devices on existing farm dams / Braithwaite, Helen
Savadamuthu, Kumar
Wainwright, Paul --
8. Time saving automation for ARR2016 / Brakell, K
Sercombe, J
Whiteley, D
Redfern, S
Klein, N --
9. Monitoring irrigation volumes using climate data and remote sensing observations / Bretreger, David
Quijano, Juan
Awad, John --
10. Supplementing flood frequency analysis with pre-record paleofloods / Broit, Adam --
11. Modelling microbial source pathways at the catchment scale / Cetin, Lydia T
Pedruco, Philip
Byrnes, Kate
Dixon, Jonathan
Tillman, Pei
Clift, Sarah Holland
Birtles, Phillip --
12. A proposed method and case study for detection of change in waterway health due to flow / Sparrow, Ashley
Bond, Nick
Witteveen, Suzanne
Chan, Terry --
13. Improved information for future decision making / Chapman, A
Wilkinson, B --
14. Bottom up systems analysis of urban water resources and market mechanisms for pricing water and sewage services / Coombes, Peter J
Barry, Michael E
Smit, Michael --
15. Flood studies for remote Indigenous communities in the Kimberley region of Western Australia / Coppolina, Mary-ann
Grace, Damon --
16. A new approach to integrated water management in Victoria, Australia - achieving greater results through collaboration and partnerships / Corbett, Dennis
Farmer, Abby --
17. Evidence of climate change in South-East Australian water data / Amin, Allen
Cordery, Ian --
18. Large basins or small dams?: Reducing flood risk to communities through design and construction / Cox, D
Lonie, I
Carroll, D
Rhodes, T --
19. The application of space-time patterns to the verification of a large catchment in Northern Victoria / Craig, Tim
Northfield, Andrew
Stephens, David --
20. Challenges and opportunities in developing and implementing the Melbourne Water System Strategy / Flower, David JM
Rhodes, Bruce G --
21. Efficient flood estimation using ARR 2016 temporal patterns in South East Queensland / Frisby, Sheyanne R
Yan, Yan
Niven, Daniel
Yu, Bofu --
22. Testing the robustness of optimal operating plans under various future hydro-climatic scenarios / Godoy, WR
Barton, AF
Wilson, K
Perera, BJC --
23. Integrated modelling of spatio-temporal variability in stream water quality across Victorian catchments / Guo, D
Lintern, A
Webb, JA
Ryu, D
Liu, S
Western, AW --
24. From hydrodynamic modelling to operational decision making: Managing bar openings at Toby Inlet to improve water quality / Hall, J
Frazer, J --
25. Evaluating the effect of farm management on nutrient inflows to receiving water bodies in WA using paddock and catchment models / Hall, J
Gunarathne, G
Herron, A
Cresswell, R
Walton, M --
26. Which way did the water go?: Floodplain decisions for environmental benefits / Herron, Andrew
Southwell, Mark
Weber, Tony
Walpole, Lisa
Frazier, Paul --
27. Flood frequency analysis for the Brisbane River catchment / Hossain, SMAnwar
Rahman, Ataur --
28. Assessing the impact of climate and catchment changes in Wimmera wetlands / Hughes, Ben
Latu, Kilisimasi Kris
Tate, Ben
Simmons, Alex
Fletcher, Greg --
29. A computer tool for designing Onsite Detention (OSD) based on new Australian rainfall and runoff / Imteaz, Monzur Alam
Hossain, Iqbal --
30. Flood risk assessment of temporary works for infrastructure projects / Johnston, Clayton L
Mason, Ben
Riesenkamp, Michiel --
31. Trends in farm dam development over time in Victoria, 2000-2015 / Jordan, Phillip
Race, Georgina
Morden, Robert
Shepherd, David
Lang, Simon
Nathan, Rory --
32. Evaluation of multi-model rainfall forecasts for the national 7-day ensemble streamflow forecasting service / Kabir, A
Hasan, MM
Hapuarachchi, HAP
Zhang, XS
Liyanage, J
Gamage, N
Laugesen, R
Plastow, K
MacDonald, A
Bari, MA
Tuteja, NK
Robertson, DE
Shrestha, DL
Bennett, JC --
33. An investigation into the efficacy of Australian rainfall and runoff 2016 procedures in the mount lofty ranges, South Australia / Kemp, David J
Hewa, Guna --
34. The Frederick Street catchment in Adelaide - a review of the 1960s rational method design and change in drainage standard due to infill development / Kemp, David J
Pezzaniti, David
Myers, Baden --
35. Performance of urban on-site detention systems using ARR2016 design rainfall inputs / Ko, Jason
Johnson, Fiona --
36. Visualising hydrologic data / Ladson, Anthony --
37. Effect of climate change on performance WSUD treatment devices / Lam, Eric C
Gribler, Michelle --
38. Characterising the location and rarity of annual maxima rainfall in the GTSM-R coastal zone / Lang, Simon
Zhang, Jing Ashley
Scorah, Matthew
Nathan, Rory
Pearse, Mark --
39. Effects of heightened price awareness on urban water consumption / Lucas, Nicholas P
Cordery, Ian --
40. Climate change impact assessment for WaterNSW infrastructure strategy / Maheswaran, Selvaratnam
Sharma, Ashish
Mehrotra, Raj --
41. ARR has changed: What about my cost-benefit analysis? / Marginson, Sam --
42. Forecast based operations I - a comparison with the rain-on-ground operational rationale / McMahon, Greg --
43. Identifying the existence of any periodicity in flooding / McMahon, GM
Kiem, Anthony S --
44. Victorian Water Register - next generation / Miller, Brett --
45. Future perspective of rainwater harvesting: A case study for Sydney / Moniruzzaman, M
Imteaz, MA --
46. Victorian monitoring partnerships: A collaborative approach to water data acquisition and management / Mutton, Craig
Ryan, Sarah
Sleeth, Hannah --
47. Investigation of the use of Australian water availability project rainfall data for the development of eWater source models for water planning in NSW / Nandakumar, Nanda
Raut, Ashok
Singh, Gurmeet
Maheswaran, Selvaratnam --
48. Making it rain with shiny / Barker, Andrew
O'Brien, Evan --
49. Another step on the difficult journey to regionalise a probability-based loss model / O'Shea, Declan
Nathan, Rory
Hill, Peter --
50. Comparison of annual maximum and peaks-over-threshold methods in flood frequency analysis / Pan, Xiao
Rahman, Ataur --
51. A changing flow regime in southern Victoria / Parker, Dave
Lowe, Lisa
Rave, Dorian
Nathan, Rory
Stacey, Mark --
52. Making every drop count in regional WA - bitumen water supply catchments / Pearce, Leanne --
53. Assessing climate change impacts on rural flooding in Victoria / Pedruco, P
Szemis, JM
Brown, R
Lett, R
Ladson, AR
Kiem, AS
Chiew, FHS --
54. Determination of pre-burst rainfalls for Australian rainfall and runoff / Podger, S
Babister, M
Ward, M --
55. Flood impact assessment for major infrastructure projects / Pomeroy, Lisa --
56. Proposing a relationship between number of pipe bursts and pipe pressures in water distribution systems / Akbarkhiavi, Savalan P
Imteaz, Monzur A --
57. Event-based versus duration-based assessment for long-term modelling of mining impacts / Price, Krey --
58. Understanding limitations to implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) systems in existing urbanised catchments / Rashetnia, Samira
Sharma, Ashok
Ladson, Anthony
Browne, Dale --
59. Understanding deep aquifer responses to interseam materials of brown coal mines / Rastogi, Sid
Barton, Andrew F
Mackay, Rae
Kandra, Harpreet
Tolooiyan, Ali --
60. Calibration of sacramento model for a catchment with unknown abstraction / Raut, Ashok K
Nandakumar, Nanda
Kibria, Golam --
61. Ensemble assessment and gridded surface response / Ward, M
Retallick, M
Babister, M
Testoni, I --
62. Benchmarking the selection of probability neutral hydrologic design floods for use in 2D hydraulic models / Scorah, Matthew
Stephens, David
Nathan, Rory --
63. Groundwater condition report for decision making / Shams, Rezina --
64. Calibration of a catchment-scale water quality model using PEST / Cetin, Lydia T
Shrestha, Manoj K
Rahman, Joel
Sands, Michelle --
65. Investigations on irrigation diversions using eWater source models and satellite imagery in regulated Richmond River / Singh, Gurmeet
Kibria, Golam
Maheswaran, Selvaratnam --
66. Construction of a rainfall-runoff model in Liberia, Africa / Szabo, Katherine
Lang, Simon --
67. Assessing long term climate change impacts on environmental flow compliance and shortfalls in the Yarra River / Szemis, JM
Edwards, C
Treadwell, S
Sandercock, P --
68. Changes in annual rainfall-runoff responses in Melbourne's major water supply catchments / Tan, KS
Neal, Brad --
69. Methodology for determining floodway / flow conveyance extent in Australian floodplains / Thomas, CR
Golaszewski, R
Cox, R --
70. Developing an urban regional flood frequency estimation procedure for Australia / Thomson, Rhys
Phillips, Brett C
Evans, Luke
Goyen, Allan --
71. Agile modelling: Current practice, fad or future? / van der Sterren, Marlene
Golding, Benjamin --
72. The potential for tree ring hydrologic reconstructions in Australia - what does the future hold? / Verdon-Kidd, Danielle
Allen, Kathryn
Goodwin, Matthew
Baker, Patrick
Allie, Stuart --
73. A quick method for estimating the probable maximum flood in the coastal GTSMR zone / Watt, S
Sciacca, D
Hughes, M
Pedruco, P --
74. The value of water in storage: Implications for operational policies / Western, Andrew W
Taylor, Nathan
Langford, John
Azmi, Mo --
75. Making it real - the delivery of real time water data in Victoria / Wilson, Paul J
Chaggar, Jasjit --
76. The Australian water resource assessment landscape model - AWRA-L: Improved performance and regional calibration / Frost, Andrew J
Wright, David P --
77. Towards sub-catchment scale soil moisture prediction: A combined remote sensing and land surface modelling approach / Senanayake, IP
Yeo, IY
Willgoose, GR
Hancock, GR --
78. Choosing the right defence - a tool for selecting the appropriate urban flood defence / Bond, Edward
Cheah, Nathan
Moore, Claire
McGregor, Claire --
79. Benchmarking hydrological and hydraulic models in a gauged urban catchment in the ACT / Phillips, Brett C
Yu, Stephen --
80. Evaluation of TanDEM-X and DEM-H digital elevation models over the Condamine-Balonne catchment (Australia) / Wang, Ankun
Grimaldi, Stefania
Shaadman, Saif
Li, Yuan
Pauwels, Valentijn RN
Walker, Jeffrey P --
81. Defining acceptable impacts for flood impact assessments / Retallick, M
Babister, M --
82. Multi-variable hydrological simulation in a semi-arid catchment towards effective water resources management / Binesh, A
Yeo, IY.

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