Advances in Information Communication Technology and Computing: Proceedings of AICTC 2019 [1st ed.] 9789811554209, 9789811554216

This book features selected research papers presented at the International Conference on Advances in Information Communi

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English Pages XXX, 556 [559] Year 2021

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Advances in Information Communication Technology and Computing: Proceedings of AICTC 2019 [1st ed.]
 9789811554209, 9789811554216

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxx
Blockchain Integrated Secured Scenarios in Advanced Wireless Networks (Kailash Aseri)....Pages 1-8
Analysis of Docker Performance in Cloud Environment (Deepika Saxena, Navneet Sharma)....Pages 9-18
A Review of Metaheuristic Techniques for Solving University Course Timetabling Problem (Manpreet Kaur, Sanjay Saini)....Pages 19-25
Using Social Media Analytics to Predict Social Media Engagement Outcome for Fortune CEOs (Hitesha Yadav, Arpan K. Kar, Smita Kashiramka)....Pages 27-35
Smart Heart Attack Forewarning Model Using MapReduce Programming Paradigm (Arushi Jain, Vishal Bhatnagar, Annavarapu Chandra Sekhara Rao)....Pages 37-43
Tuning of CNN Architecture by CSA for EMNIST Data (Navdeep Bohra, Vishal Bhatnagar)....Pages 45-55
Efficient Emergency Message DHC Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks ( Jaipal, Dhanroop Mal Nagar, Vinay Baghela)....Pages 57-63
Software Effort Estimation Using Machine Learning Techniques (Ripu Ranjan Sinha, Rajani Kumari Gora)....Pages 65-79
Sentiment Analysis of English-Punjabi Code-Mixed Social Media Content to Predict Elections (Mukhtiar Singh, Vishal Goyal, Sahil Raj)....Pages 81-90
Automatic Understanding of Code Mixed Social Media Text: A State of the Art ( Neetika, Vishal Goyal, Simpel Rani)....Pages 91-100
Secure Server Virtualization Using Object Level Permission Model (Varsha Grover, Gagandeep)....Pages 101-108
Implementing Slowloris DoS Using Docker (Ishaan Sharma, Manohit, Abhinav Bhandari)....Pages 109-117
Sentiment Analysis of Pulwama Attack Using Twitter Data (Ranu Lal Chouhan)....Pages 119-126
A Survey on Architecture and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (Anita Chandel, Vikram Singh Chouhan, Dhawal Vyas)....Pages 127-141
A Survey on Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (Anita Chandel, Vikram Singh Chouhan, Sunil Sharma)....Pages 143-164
Drive into Future World Using Artificial Intelligence with Its Application in Sensor-Based Car Without Driver (Ridhima Sehgal)....Pages 165-172
Linking and Digital Story Telling Approach in Teaching Towards Enhancing and Engagement of Smart Study (Sanjay Tejasvee, Manoj Kuri)....Pages 173-179
Classifying Titanic Passenger Data and Prediction of Survival from Disaster (Shashank Shekhar, Deepak Arora, Puneet Sharma)....Pages 181-187
Soft Skills: An Integral Part of Technical Education (Nisha Srivastava, Manoj Kuri)....Pages 189-193
Virtual Machine Migration Approach in Cloud Computing Using Genetic Algorithm (Gursharanjit Kaur, Rajan Sachdeva)....Pages 195-204
A Survey on Electronic Health Records Using Cloud Computing Environment (Vivek Gehlot, S. P. Singh, Akash Saxena)....Pages 205-214
IoT Security Architecture with TEA for DoS Attacks Prevention (Vishal Sharma, Anand Sharma)....Pages 215-226
Comparative Study of SVM and Naïve Bayes for Mangrove Detection Using Satellite Image (Anand Upadhyay, Santosh Singh, Nirbhay Singh, Ajay Kumar Pal)....Pages 227-235
Identification and Assessment of Black Sigatoka Disease in Banana Leaf (Anand Upadhyay, Neha Maria Oommen, Siddhi Mahadik)....Pages 237-244
Water Resource Detection Using High Resolution Satellite Image and GRNN (Anand Upadhyay, Manisha Pandey, Ajay Kumar Pandey)....Pages 245-251
Retinopathy Detection Using Probabilistic Neural Network (Anand Upadhyay, Parth Kantelia, Rohan Parmar)....Pages 253-260
Application of Unscented Kalman Filter for Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Systems (Urmila Solanki, Ganesh P. Prajapat, Manoj Chhimpa)....Pages 261-270
Question Answering System Using LSTM and Keyword Generation (Minakshi Tomer, Manoj Kumar)....Pages 271-281
Classification of LISS-III Image Using Fuzzy Logic (Anand Upadhyay, Sonam Mishra, Aishwarya Khavadkar)....Pages 283-291
Optimized Text Classification Using Deep Learning (Neeti Sangwan, Vishal Bhatnagar)....Pages 293-302
Digital Learning: A Proficient Digital Learning Technology Beyond to Classroom and Traditional Learning (Sanjay Tejasvee, Devendra Gahlot, Rakesh Poonia, Manoj Kuri)....Pages 303-312
Data Security & Future Issues for Cloud Computing (Devendra Gahlot, Sanjay Tejasvee, Kunal Bhushan Ranga, Rishi Raj Vyas)....Pages 313-318
Weather Event Prediction Using Combination of Data Mining Algorithms (Yogesh Kumar Jakhar, Nidhi Mishra, Rakesh Poonia)....Pages 319-326
Data Compression and Visualization Using PCA and T-SNE (Jyoti Pareek, Joel Jacob)....Pages 327-337
Appscrumfall: APP Development Methodology Based on ScrumFall (Prerna Bisaa)....Pages 339-347
Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithm Using Adaptive Evolutionary Clustering (Jyotı Lakhani, Ajay Khunteta, Anupama Chowdhary, Dharmesh Harwani)....Pages 349-364
Theft Security System for Automatic Teller Machines Using IoT (Vinay Verma, Anjali Verma, Gaurav Sharma, Anand Sharma)....Pages 365-374
Tree-Based Multi-Keyword Rank Search Scheme Supporting Dynamic Update and Verifiability upon Encrypted Cloud Data (Pawan Kumar Tanwar, Ajay Khunteta, Vishal Goar, Manoj Kuri)....Pages 375-383
Techniques, Applications, and Issues in Mining Large-Scale Text Databases (Sandhya Avasthi, Ritu Chauhan, Debi P. Acharjya)....Pages 385-396
Vehicle Number Extraction Using Open Source Tools (Chetan Pandey, Amit Juyal, Ankur Dumka)....Pages 397-408
Classification of Energy Efficiency in Mobile Cloud Computing (Shubham Pal, Ankur Dumka)....Pages 409-418
Perspectives of Blockchain in the Education Sector Pertaining to the Student’s Records (Poonam Verma, Ankur Dumka)....Pages 419-425
Ground-Level Water Predication Using Time Series Statistical Model (Sandeep Kumar Mittal, Mamta Mittal, Muhammad Sajjad Ali Khan)....Pages 427-437
Prediction of Air Quality Index Using Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm (Jasleen Kaur Sethi, Mamta Mittal)....Pages 439-449
Employing Blockchain in Rice Supply Chain Management (M. Vinod Kumar, N. Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar, Vishal Goar)....Pages 451-461
Supervised Learning Method and Neural Network Algorithm for the Analysis of Diabetic Mellius and its Comparitive Analysis (J. Jayashree, J. Vijayashree, N. Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar, Vishal Goar)....Pages 463-475
Nipah Virus Using Restricted Boltzmann Machine (Velpula Sandhya Rani, Havalath Balaji, Vishal Goar, N. Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar)....Pages 477-489
Big Data Analytics—Analysis and Comparison of Various Tools (Amit Gupta, Bhanu Prakash Dubey, Himani Sivaraman, M. C. Lohani)....Pages 491-499
Copy-Move Forgery Detection Methods: A Critique (Monika Kharanghar, Amit Doegar)....Pages 501-523
Improving Website by Analysis of Web Server Logs Using Web Mining Tools (Neeraj Kandpal, Devesh Kumar Bandil, M. S. Shekhawat)....Pages 525-531
A New Approach for Paddy Leaf Blast Disease Prediction Using Logistic Regression (Sree Charitha Kodaty, Balaji Halavath)....Pages 533-542
Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairments: A Resource for Teachers, Parents, and Students (Amit Sadh)....Pages 543-556

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