ABA Consumer Guide to Understanding and Protecting Your Credit Rights: a Practical Resource For Maintaining Good Credit 9781634253581, 9781634253574, 1634253582

The vast majority of Americans obtain credit at some point in their lives. Over 75 percent of Americans have at least on

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ABA Consumer Guide to Understanding and Protecting Your Credit Rights: a Practical Resource For Maintaining Good Credit
 9781634253581, 9781634253574, 1634253582

Table of contents :
Title Page
Copyright Page
Chapter 1. Your Rights When Borrowing Money
Chapter 2. Understanding the Terms and Total Cost of Credit
Applicability of the Truth in Lending Act
Closed-End Credit
Open-End Credit
Chapter 3. Shopping for Credit Cards
Chapter 4. Negotiating a Home Mortgage Loan
Chapter 5. Mortgage Servicing
Chapter 6. Negotiating a Car Loan
Chapter 7. Obtaining a Student Loan
Chapter 8. Credit Card Rights
Credit Billing
Unauthorized Use
Defective Goods and Other Claims and Defenses
Other Rights of Consumers in Credit Card Transactions. Arbitration ClausesDisclosure of Terms of Cardholder Agreements and Free Credit Reports
Chapter 9. Prepaid Cards
Chapter 10. Debit Cards and Electronic Fund Transactions
Chapter 11. Student Loan Rights
Chapter 12. Other Types of Loans
Payday and Auto Title Loans
Overdraft Protection
It Is Your Right to Know Why You Are Turned Down for Credit or Had Your Rate Increased
Chapter 13. Your Rights as a Debtor
Verification of Debts
Third-Party Contacts
Communication with the Debtor
Special Rules Regulating Cell Phone Calls
Abuse and Harassment. False, Misleading, and Unfair Acts and PracticesWhere Collection Lawsuits May Be Filed
Unsophisticated or Least Sophisticated Consumer Standard
Chapter 14. The Collection Industry: Debt Buyers versus Original Creditors
Chapter 15. What to Do If You Are a Defendant in a Collection Lawsuit
Chapter 16. Defenses to Collection Claims
Bogus Charges on Credit Card Accounts
Capacity of Parties to Credit Card Accounts
Statutes of Limitations
Promises to Answer for the Debt of Another
Liability of Parents and Spouses
Liability of Children for Parent's Debts
Nursing Home Debts. Other Health-Care DebtsAutomobile Deficiencies
Defective Goods and Services
Chapter 17. Dealing with Collection Calls
What to Say and What Not to Say
How to End Harassing Telephone Calls
Negotiating a Payback Arrangement
When to Contact a Lawyer Regarding Debt Collection
Chapter 18. Credit and Spending: Avoiding Common Mistakes and Borrowing Responsibly
Chapter 19. Your Rights with Respect to Credit Reports
Credit Scores and How They Are Calculated
Credit History
Amounts Owed
What Credit Scores Do Not Consider
Effect of Credit Inquiries on Credit Score. Improving Your Credit ScorePaying Off Collection Accounts
Foreclosures and Foreclosure Alternatives
Cleaning Up Errors on Your Credit Report
What Types of Information on Your Credit Report May Be Challenged
Who Can Get My Credit Report?
Are Reports Prepared on Insurance and Job Applicants Different?
Tenant Screening
Employment Background Checks
List of Tenant and Employment Screening Agencies
Chapter 20. Improving Your Credit Score
Chapter 21. When to Hire a Lawyer to Deal with a Credit Report Problem
Chapter 22. The Scope and Nature of Identity-Theft Crime.

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