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A Week in the Life of Ephesus
 9780830825370, 9780830824854

Table of contents :
Characters in the Drama
1 New Year's Day (1 Kaisaros, 9 Kalends October)
The Divine Artemis Sends Birthday Wishes
Musical Instruments in the Roman Period
Roman Asia's Calendar
A Symposium in the Prytaneion
The Title Neōkoros
2 Roman Piety, Roman Peace (2 Kaisaros, 8 Kalends October)
In Serapion's Town House
The Harbor of Ephesus
Titus Flavius Zeuxis
The Jewish Community of Ephesus
The City Fathers Convene
The Third Horseman and Domitians Edict
The Staff of the Imperial Cult
3 In the Shadow of the Gods (3 Kaisaros, 7 Kalends October)
Asia's Shared Temple of the Augusti in Ephesus
Civic Pride and Imperial Cult
In the Shade of the Basilica Stoa
In the Merchants' Quarter
Aelius Aristides on the Roman Imperial Economy
4 The Lord's Day (4 Kaisaros, 6 Kalends October)
Morning Orisons
Christian Worship at the Turn of the First Century
In the Great Theater
Imperial Cult in the Games of Neapolis
The Assembly in Amyntas's House
The Varieties of Christianity in Ephesus
5 The Crucible of Faith (5 Kaisaros, 5 Kalends October)
In Serapion's Town House
In the Gymnasium
Prochorus Arrives
John's Removal to Patmos
6 The Day of Decision (6 Kaisaros, 4 Kalends October)
The View from Above
Domitian's Diminished Popularity and Ephesus's Flavian Temple
In the Council Chamber
The Fiscus Iudaicus and the "Synagogue of Satan"
7 The Day After (7 Kaisaros, 3 Kalends October)
Business as Usual
A Grace Defaced
For Further Study

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