A survey of the production of religious motion pictures

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A survey of the production of religious motion pictures

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A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Cinema University of Southern California

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts

by Ralph Marion Nichols June 1950

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T h is thesis, ‘written by

RALPH M. NICHOLS under the guidance of A ~ i & ~ F a c u lty Com m ittee, and ap p ro ved by a l l its members, has been presented to and accepted by the C o u n cil on G raduate S tudy and Research in p a r t ia l f u l f i l l ­ ment o f the requirements f o r the degree of



JUNE 1950

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Statement of the p r o b l e m ............. Importance of the study Definitions of terms used Religious





The story

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SUMMARY OF FINDINGS AND C O N C L U S I O N S ... Summary . . Conclusions


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PAGE A Condensed Guide to Religious Motion ..........


Addresses of Producers and Distributors

of Religious Motion

Pictures Listed in Appendix A




PAGE Tabulation of Survey Results Except for Questions 8, 11 and 1 2 .............



Type of Organization Engaged in the Pro­ duction of Religious Motion Pictures . . . .


Factors Mentioned by the Producer Deter­ mining Success or Failure of Pictures



Denominational Affiliations of Producers







Increase in Production of Religious Motion Pictures


. . . . .


Producers in Production


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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND DEFINITIONS OF TERMS USED There has been much discussion concerning the value of religious motion pictures, and the many and varied problems faced by the producer of such pictures during the past decade.

Up to this time there has been little compre­

hensive study of the situation prevailing concerning the development of 16mm films for churches and little cor­ related material has been published with regard to the religious films which have been produced. I.


Statement of the problem.

It was the purpose of

this survey (1) to show some of the practical problems that must be faced by those people who are attempting to express the truths of religion through the visual medium; (2) to show the present trend in the production of religious motion pictures; (3) to show the material available for pastor, Sunday School worker or anyone else interested in this medium of expression. Importance of the study.

Motion pictures are coming

more and more to the forefront in religious training. and miss use has been made of them, sometimes with very


remarkable results.

Ever since motion pictures were in­

vented, they have been used as a social force.

During the

early years of development several moral pictures were produced.

However, in the past decade the productions

have increased; so much so, that attempts have been made to operate what might be called a "religious theater." This is an attempt to bring as many of the films together as is possible.

The falling off of church atten­

dance and the increased interest in religious motion pictures, coupled with the dawning era of television, are factors worthy of consideration as playing a great part in the future of the church.

The producers of religious

motion pictures have been pioneers in their field, whose principles and attitudes have been different from those who have made pictures for entertainment alone.

In this

study an attempt was made to approach the problem from their point of view.

The questions considered are vital

to those within the industry.

Therefore, to anyone in the

business or to anyone interested in studying the business, this report presents a picture of the present-day trend in the production of religious motion pictures. II. Religious.

DEFINITIONS OF TERMS USED Throughout the report of this survey the

term religious shall be interpreted as meaning that which

Has to do with man's relation to a Supreme Being, directly or indirectly. III.


This study sets forth, from the results of a ques­ tionnaire to all religious motion picture producers known at the time to the writer, some of the problems which are encountered.

From this information and from other sources,

the historical development is traced, some of the problems attendant to the conception of a film are set forth, and the purpose of the religious production noted.

CHAPTER II HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT Jacobs, in discussing the history of motion pictures, writes: Within the span of our own lifetime the American movie has come up from a minor nickel novelty to one of the foremost industries of the world. . . . Begin­ ning as a mechanical form of amusement, without any. pre­ tensions to art, the movie has enlisted all of the older arts, has developed artists within its own realm, and has discovered its own distinguishing characteristics and standards as a unique medium of expression. At the same time the moving picture has grown from a limited and comparatively simple recording device to a subtle and complex social instrument so vast in range and powerful in effect that it has become one of the most influential agencies of modern times.1 The production of religious films dates back almost - to the discovery of the motion picture.

Let us take a

glimpse at a few of the earlier pictures with a religious slant which were produced for the mass audience. One of the longest films of 1903 was The Passion Play, totaling 2,150 feet, more than ten times the length of the average movie of that year. From the prolific camera of George Melies came religious sub­ jects treated more imaginatively if less reverently. The Devil in a Convent, Christ Walking on Water. The Seven Capital~Sins. headed an entire section in Melies’ catalogue devoted to religious subjects.2 The author further states:


1 Lewis Jacobs, The Rise of the American Film (New Hareourt, Brace and Company, 1939), p. 539. 2 Ibid.. p. 19.

Numerous pictures illustrated the Bible (The Life of Christ. The Life of Moses. From the Manger to the Cross. The Black Sheep") or, in the form of morality dramas, preached Victorian ideals of virtue (Honesty Is Its Own Reward), charity (The Way of the World) . loyalty (For Her Sweetheart1s Sake) , duty (f i f e 's Devotion), selfsacrifice (Friends), tolerance (Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged). and kindness (Tempered with Mercy)T-? From the early history of motion pictures to the year 1939, religious films were made more or less as feelers.

Churches reacted indifferently to the medium 3ust

as human nature reacts to most changes.

"The old way was

good enough for my father, why isn’t it good enough for me?”

Therefore, little was done toward developing the

potential possibilities of the medium for the church. The old Chinese proverb, "One picture tells more than ten thousand words,*' has been found true to the extent that now even the churches began to believe it enough to act upon it.

Through the theaters, pictures had proven to

be such a foree for developing social influence, wielding public opinion and actually teaching, that by 1939 many people began to see how pictures would propagate the Gospel. Experimental developments have taken place since 1930 worthy of more minute study.

There have been well over

four hundred pictures produced and released.

This is

actually a small number when we compare the history of the

3 Ibid.. p. 139

motion picture industry with the history of the production of religious pictures.

Noting the trend of progress during

the past decade (1939-194-9) from the report, we can see that this new medium of expression is a tour-de-force.


shows an admirable start by the early pioneers, and a "catching of the torch" by many others.

Because of the in­

crease in number of pictures produced during 194-7, 194-8 and 194-9, one can only speculate as to where it may go, especially with the added impetus of television. The sudden influx of motion pictures during 194-7, 194-8 and 194-9 have created a demand for a compilation of the material in a handy form for the user.

A few pictures

have been included in the Educational Film Guide.


separate work has been done by Selected Films Release Service, Whittier, California, but there is still a need for a handy, comprehensive catalogue of all the religious motion pictures so that the producer and worker may know what is now available.

CHAPTER III METHOD OF PROCEDURE AND SOURCES OF DATA In using such a potentially powerful force, public opinion had to be considered.

Some of the questions in the

minds of the people as well as the producers were: 1.

Who will make motion pictures for the church

audience? 2.

What shall go into the pictures?


How shall they be distributed?


How shall their success or failure be determined?

The writer, in an endeavor to find the answer to some of these questions, prepared, under the guidance of the University of Southern California, Department of Cinema, a questionnaire which was sent to every producer known at the time.

Questions which would tend to divulge personal pref­

erences and differences were purposely avoided because such questions could become highly controversial. Thirty-six questionnaires were sent to producers; twenty-eight were returned.

In other words, 77*7 per cent

of the producers returned the questionnaire sent to them. This study was possible only because so many were willing to give forth the necessary information. The following questions were presented to the pro­ ducers in a letter dated March 5* 1949:

Your company is operateds A.

As; Cl) A corporation. (2) A partnership. (3) A private ownership. (4) A non-profit corporation. (5) An auxiliary of some larger organi­ zation.


For; (1) Comerical productions. (2) Solely religious picture productions.

Your stories are; A.

Written by your own staff.


Written by the director of the picture.


Written for a curriculum.


Purchased as stories to be adapted for screen plays.



Do you hire professional personnel for; A.

Camera work.


Sound recording.


Story writing.



Number of people now permanently employed by you Your production department:


Shoots all of the footage used.


Purchases stock footage.


Purchases amateur footage for cutting.


Maintains a library of stock shots.


Operates a sound department which records and rerecords the necessary sound.


Operates a laboratory for processing black and white and sound film.

Your pictures are produced for: A.

General distribution.


Under contract for specific religious denominations.


Hot under contract but for specific reli­ gious denominations.


A limited audience such as: Cl) Children. (2) Juniors. (3) Adults. (4) Other.

Your pictures are released through: A.



Commercial distributors.


Personally chosen exhibitors.


Denominational library.



10 8.

Hew do you determine the success or failure of

a religious picture? 9.

Date your first religious motion picture was

completed. 10.

How many motion pictures have you made?


With which religious denomination are you

affiliated? 12.

What motive compelled your entrance into the

motion picture industry?





Ui O vn -> o o a > - d ’*)Eiooa>t3 O o txJ > tj'W 3 3 X 3 > a d o o o o S3 j3 J0 cno 3 > 3 ( 0 0 0 O T) ct O D> 3c+ P c O3 (D CUTS '3 P P C 3‘OiO'O ' C3 1 3 * 3 o. p a> t o X a



CD 3 3 O W R O U) H O'C/lc+'DXOO®

(t c+JD H"3 3 P


0 O H- • ct- 01 03 0 3 O' UJ. H- a H* a U J . Cfl 3 ct3) O * rtJD O Cfl ct 3 ct3" d o M01 3 H- o 3 A U I IV) H-* Ho 3 O O a” 3-TJ 3 & C hO T O C P H-1 c+ dr 3 (D M •• H* s-/v->'s-/ 3

3 3 z : 1 1 3 O ct CD O O

QiP> H> H tfl



/*> ct !V) M

> 2! TJ •X) O £» P O 3 JD O 'd H *3 D (5 CD O (D • 0 3 3 3 Cfl 01 o o X 3 3 3 X ct ct 3 ‘3 0) O 3 J» O 3>3 3 CD O 5s 3 JO CD H* O O O* O U O' CD O CD rt- O O' p Cfl Ct o O CO Cfl ct 3 3 £3 H -X •• 3 Hct O CD X O O' 3 3 3 0 3 f— *• •« 3 a w ? 3 ct 3 3 CD D 3) 3 H- CD 3* 3- JO H* 3 ct (D :3 Cfl 3> H-VO X ct 3 H-O Ct CO H- 3 3 P ) ' d H 3 O* CD 0 3 Cfl H3 rt TO H* OCW t o O 3* JOO ct T O O CD 3 = 0 (D* X ajj o TO ct •• CD 3 -d » JO 01 (_» 3 3 ‘3 X ct- 3 CO CD Cfl TJ 3 3 P to «• rt g Cfl CD ♦♦


It- jn







i p X X X



OT03 Cl t3 cj tr*

M |3 Jl» O 1-3Hi 25 03 H H 03 O

H W SI t\303X -» O O fcdTl

Hi s


H Hi 03

cl i> W W WWW X

Ambassador Films American Bible Society A-V Aids Service Cathedral Films Cavalcade Productions Christian Films Christian Mission Films Christian Sound Films Church-Craft Pictures Crusader Films Family Films Film Forum Foundation Foundation Films Corp. Gospel Films & Sup.Serv. Living Word Films Loyola Films McHenry Educational Film Missionary Education Dept. Moody Institute of Science Producer's Mariet. /'-gent Protestant Film Comm. Religious Film Ltd. Scripture Films Square Deal Pictures Scriptures Visualized United Christian Mission United Palestine Appeal Youth Films, Inc. £


Number of Pictures Available 340

320 300 FIGURE 1





E— sma-i-x— sGijiare---rlts four pictures) represen



180 160 140

120 100












CHAPTER IV CONCEPTION A survey of audio-visual needs in churches was made by Church Films.

The question considered was vital to

producers and showmen alike.

t What do you want in religious film production? A rabbi said: "I want religious films which are not only nondenominational but non-Christian, with a definite Jewish appeal, having a broad religious character and universal appeal.”4 In contrast, other church leaders request:

. . . more Bible dramas and more films on Bible truths. # , . biographies of religious leaders . . . successful experiences in family life and management, racial and international good will, and science and nature marvels. Films centered in life situations giving convincing evidence of what faith in God and Christ means in this generation. . . . . . . more Old Testament subjects, characterbuilding films, the life of Jesus, the early Apostolic church, the Prophets, the^Parables, the Books of Genesis and Exodus. . . .? This need presented a definite challenge to those in the religious motion picture field during 194-7.


outline of approach was recommended by the Fifth Inter­ national Workshop, International Council of Religious

4 J. H. Erhardt, editor, Church Films. (Los Angeles C. J. Ver Halen, Jr., Publishing Co.), 1:23, Autumn, 1947. 5 Loc. cit.

15 Education. Proposed: 1. Experimentation in production of new types of audio-visual materials. 2. Experimentation in new ways of using audio­ visual materials. 3. Research in ways of measuring whether audio or visual material accomplished its purpose (pre-testing and post-testing research). 4. Research in how to “visualize the teachings of Jesus in terms of present-day experiences as simply as He gave word pictures in parables." 5. Research in value of repetition. 6. Experimentation to discover best audio-visual material "for each specific job with each age or group." 7. Studies on the best audio-visual methods to reach the man outside of the church. /• 8. Research in the creative use of sound effects. Harry C. Simonsen reports his observation of the present trend in the religious motion picture business: New patterns are falling into shape with both film production and use. Rather than production schedules getting into high gear--as they are— with films merely being produced for an undetermined audience, producers and sponsors are now slanting the films towards defi­ nite portions of church markets. Producers, in addition, are planning towards substantial themes of interest and need of the church. They are following through, too, in utilization, in helping the church USE the film-product.' The organization.

Each motion picture producer has

attacked the problem in a different light.

One tries to

6 Harry Simonsen and Don L. Hoxie, editors, Film World. (Los Angeles: G. J. Ver Halen, Jr., Publishing Co.), 4*651, November, 1948. ^ Harry C. Simonsen, editor, Church Films. (Los Angeles: G. J. Ver Halen, Jr., Publishing Co.), 3:3, Winter, 1950.

16 maintain first-rate picture quality.

The next demands

first-rate spiritual story material.

Someone else produces

a picture on his own— that is, without employing the services of anyone else.

Another uses a good cameraman

and a good sound man, with the rest of the crew being amateurs. In attempting to answer the question, "What type of organization shall prepare films for the church?" the survey reveals that nearly 50 per cent are non-profit corporations.

(See TableII.)

Many people have purchased camera equipment, gone out and "ground away" at whatever they found, in the hope that when it was put together there would be a picture. Such people have come to be miserable failures.

One object

of this survey was to determine the motive that compelled the producer’s entrance into the motion picture industry. The response given by each individual was voluntary.


order to prevent incrimination the identity of author with statement has been withheld. Mr. A "Felt there was a need for our particular type of releases." Mr. B is concerned with educating the people within their society. Mr. C was compelled by "the lack of truly Christcentered, Bible-centered content in pictures of other



Type of Organization

Non-profit corporation Corporation Private ownership Auxiliary Partnership

Number of Organizations

Per Cent

13 9 3 2 1

46.5 32.1 10.7 7.1 3.6


18 producers.’1 Mr. D was motivated by bis "study of the Life of St. Paul in the Seminary.” Mr. E wants ”to raise the quality standards of 16mm productions.” Mr. F wants "to teach the Word of God.” Mr. G believes ”in the potential power of motion pictures in furthering the Gospel message by teaching films, missionary films, etc.” Mr. H wants to be of ”service to the Church in all areas— slides, film strips, and films.” Mr. J is primarily interested in spreading the "Bible story through films” but is also "interested in the theatre,” Mr. K has sensed "the lack of good films of this type and the consequent need for them.” Mr. L desires "(1) to encourage intelligent thought and discussion on the great problems in the world today (2) to arouse mental laziness into active and serious thought in a democratic fashion by presenting both sides to the questions brought out in the films." Mr. M must meet the "demand from churches.” Mr. N is interested in "training young men and women to tell the story of missions, etc.” Mr. 0 must meet the "demand from the audience of

19 Zion Passion Play.” Mr. P felt the need for "missionary publicity." Mr. Q ’s motive is "reaching the unreached with the Gospel." Mr. B feels that Christian motion pictures have the "ability to reach people the churches could not." Mr. S shares the desire with others "to have better religious films for Church use." Mr. T wants to be of "service to the Churches." Mr. U ’s reason was "the realization of the need for positive action in the task of adapting the medium of the film for Christian work, both in religious instruction and evangelism." Mr. V desires "to draw the youth to a better way of living and to draw them to Churches." Mr. W believes the Lord definitely led him into this field as his life’s work. Mr. X wants to "make better pictures— especially to appeal to vast unchurched audiences." Mr. Y feels "the necessity for keeping abreast of the best teaching and promotional methods now known," Mr. Z is overcome by the "educational program." Mr. AA "desires to increase the work of the greater church through visual education." Mr. BB's objective is "to make clear the Christian

20 concept; point out the drama of Biblical accounts; add vitality to religious teaching through the visual aid.” The story.

A motion picture is a re-living of the

actual life situation.

Anything that will enhance that

situation to the point of making it real must be considered in the story.

Story writers spend page after page in ex­

planation of the locale or feelings of the surroundings. Those same things are inherent in the motion picture medium, and are told without expense of words or audience time. The most important part of any picture, according to Mr. Andrew Marton,8director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, is the story.

Without a story, he insists that the time

spent is wasted. This is where good writers come in.

They must have

a general understanding of the technical parts of produc­ tion as well as be a creator of story ideas. Three ways of obtaining stories, as shown in Table X, page 11, by purchase, by director, and by writer, comprise the major sources.

One of the three companies reporting

director-writers also has a staff writer.


are valuable and may be just as good as those who are departmentalized, but the lack of such persons indicates

® Andrew Marten, Lecturer at the University of South­ ern California, Department of Cinema, Spring, 1949.

21 that they are the exception rather than the rule. fen companies are recorded as not having staff writers.

Two of those have director-writers.

omit a reply to the question.

Two others

Therefore, we conclude that

six function without any qualified writer on the staff. Assuming the validity of our observation, the number of pictures produced by this group is only 6 per cent of the total.

We might place this information along side of the

fact that these people comprise 21 per cent of the total number of companies.

Because of the many other variables,

it would be a great injustice to deduce that they were not operating efficiently.

However, we may conclude that the

trend definitely points toward writers as an integral part of the staff. The growing demand among educational groups for training films and educational films with a specific audi­ ence in mind prompted the question as to whether the same was happening along religious lines.

The records show that

there is work being done toward meeting the problems of the curriculum.

CHAPTER V PURPOSE OF THE PRODUCTION To the producer the end product must he in mind be­ fore production starts.

The audience for which the picture

is planned greatly influences the type and style. While there are no doubt millions of ideas for pictures, there must be a definite reason for going to the expense of time and money in producing a picture, and the results after the picture has been released are perhaps the thing the producer has in his mind as the picture is taking shape.

Only until the picture has been released, however,

is he able to tell whether it was a success.

But what shall

determine the success or failure of a picture?

And after

it has been established as a success in the mind of its maker, what is the best way to utilize the picture, and thereby justify its existence? Evaluation.

Evaluation of films can go many ways

depending upon who is doing the evaluating.

There are many

religious groups comprising the three major denominations; Catholic, Protestant and Jewish.

Among the Protestants

there are large groups and small groups, each with their own slant on religion.

Religion as defined by Webster is,

"Any system of faith or worship."

Under that classification

23 any of these groups would qualify.

Therefore, there must

be some other distinguishing factor among them.

It is not

the purpose of this paper to discuss these factors.


it to say that each one is asking for his own particular style of film.

This the producer must know and understand.

Lemuel Petersen, in reviewing the work of the Inter­ national Council of Religious Education, quotes Dr. Roy G. Ross, General Secretary; Visual materials are useful only as they are' geared to specific purposes and plans as are other methods and materials. . . . Ideally they should be built to specifications but this was obviously impossible in the beginning d a y s . 9 Determination of success or failure.

It is a well-

known fact that Hollywood establishes the success or failure of a picture on box-office receipts.

However, among

religious leaders and educators there are many differences of opinions.

The following will present a few of the

criteria set forth by the producers themselves; Mr. A considers "Rental volume and spiritual reaction of audiences'1 basic. Mr. B asks himself, "Does it do the job for which we made the film?*'

He is not moved 1fby the criticism of


9 Lemuel Petersen, "Co-op Program in Visual Edu­ cation," Church Films, l;24-38, Autumn, 1947.

24 Mr. C speculates that "a feature film should pay for Itself over a period from one to three years.11 Mr. D "never had a failure.0 Mr. E is guided by "acceptance of interdenomina­ tional groups, comment cards, wide distribution, and total prints in circulation.” Mr. F is comforted by "its soul-winning properties and number of films distributed.0 Mr, H looks for "acceptance of church educators." Mr. J has "never been able to find out." Mr. K believes in "Its acceptance by church audi­ ences." Mr. L "would certainly depend on the purpose of the film and the age audience to which it is


If it

accomplishes its purpose, then the film is a success." Mr. M "Who knows?" Mr. N thinks that "if it clearly conveys the point in mind it is successful.

This is usually proven by its

acceptance, but not always." Mr. G watches the "appreciation of an audience." Mr. OY figures the "extent of its distribution." Mr. P "solicits comments." Mr. Q meets the "demand." Mr. R relies upon the "publicity the picture pro­ duces itself and the spiritual reaction at the time of the

25 altar call— number of responses." Mr. S is interested in "audience reaction and re­ ceipts." Mr. I is governed by "effective teaching and/or inspiration plus financial return." Mr. U follows "distribution booking results." Mr. V says, "These films have shown eleven times on repeat." Mr. X listens to "comments and how much money it makes." Mr. Y rationalizes, "Other than financial, always on whether it achieves its stated purpose.

Some materials are

subsidized for a promotional program, so financial con­ sideration is not important in that case." Mr. AX is happy with "number of prints sold." Mr. AY checks four things:

"(1) Immediate after

effect based on quiz or discussion (2) Length of time after­ ward that picture's content is recalled (3) Repeat requests (4) Rentals and sales." A breakdown of the comments listed above is attempted in Table III.

The factors listed are categories

into which the various remarks seem to fall.

Seldom were

any two remarks the same, but the connotation was apparent. In order to complete the record the last two are listed, but hardly warrant recognition.

Note that some had more



Extent of distribution Solicits comments Acceptance of church audience Accomplish its purpose Spiritual reaction Acceptance of church educators Never been able to find out Never had a failure

Times Listed

14 4 4 4 3 2 2 1

27 than one criterion for success. Our conclusion is that, as Hollywood establishes success on box office receipts, the 16mm field follows through in as nearly a similar vein as possible— extent of distribution— for its main criterion.

But, while the in­

dustry is still in its infancy, and producers have not as yet become fully hardened to the situation, there are those who are interested not only in returns but in something that will achieve a more noble purpose. Distribution.

It may be clearly concluded from the

tabulation of Question 6 in Table I, page 11, that pictures are produced for the mass audience. general distribution.

Here we mean for

Let us not confuse the meaning of the

term as used here with the meaning as used for entertainment pictures.

The mass audience here simply means for all

potential listeners within the type of picture.

In other

words, it is not denominationalized, and it is not made for a curriculum. The result of Question 6 coupled with the tabulation of Question 11, Table IV, "With which religious denomination are you affiliated?” clearly shows that by an overwhelming ; majority the pictures are produced for general distribution, with little emphasis on denomination.

In spite of this,

there seems to be an undercurrent of opinion and attempt



Religious Denomination None Protestant (Denomination not named) Lutheran Inter-denominational Undenomina t i onal Question Not Answered Protestant Episcopal Christian Catholic Disciples of Christ Baptist

Number of Producers •

8 6 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 1

toward production for specific curricula. Distribution by public libraries.

Some subjects and

materials, such as free films and commercials, have as one avenue of dissemination the public library.

One library s

which served as a booking agency was the Minneapolis Public Library. Films were booked 2,723 times for 3?353 showings to 131>531 people during last year by the Visual Aids Service of Minneapolis Public Library, according to a report issued by Leonard J. Pignatello, assistant librarian. The library, whose visual aids have been popular in Minneapolis since 1910, now has 76 sound and silent films.10 The Chicago Public Library was to serve as a MFilm Information Center.H Chicago is planning a series of monthly previews of new films. And plans are under way to memorialize the Chicago public library to set up a Film Information Center as part of its reference service.11 These are examples of what might be done by the producer, in addition to present channels, with his films. If libraries could become an agency for the distribution of religious films, it is easy to conceive of a greater audi­ ence for such films than there is at present.

10 Harry Simonsen and Don L. Hoxie, editors, Film World. (Los Angeles: C. J. Ver Halen, Jr., Publishing Co.), 4:709, December, 1948, 11 Ibid.. 5:95, February, 1949.

30 Television. in television.

A still greater audience is to be found

Already pictures that have been produced

are being recut to fit the television audience, and new productions are in the making. Unique in Ct^eJ brief history of television is new year round religious program slanted to audiences of every age level. Titled ’’Tele-Vespers,” the program is comprised of worship films produced by Religious Television, Inc., released through Youth Films, Inc., a religious film corporation.12 The imminence and far-reaching aspect of television is a challenge to any producer. Rev. Percy Crawford has taken that challenge. . . . ’’Even some of my friends said we would never receive enough money to stay on the air,” he admits. ’’But God has seen that the need was met. Time alone comes to $5*000 each week, and some programs have cost as much as $20,000 when all bills were in. Yet week after week money enough has come in from listeners to put the program on the air again.” A fast-paced program, ’’Youth on the March” is prob­ ably one of the best musically arranged Christian programs oh the air today— AM, FM or, television. In format it compares favorably with similar variety-type television programs. Dramatic effect— key to successful television and a perpetual problem when identified with the solemn and mighty working of the Holy Spirit in the act of conversion or reconsecration— has been attempted occasionally.13 There is a tremendous opportunity here for live shows and without any stretch of the imagination one can see

12 Ibid., 5s19, January, 1949. ^ ’’Seeing is Believing,” Christian Life. 11:15, April, 1950.

n canned*1 shows filling a still greater need.

As more

producers enter the field, greater competition will have some effect.

It might cause diversification of revenue

the point that none can survive.

Or, because of more

"know-how** the shows could become cheaper and better as well as receive placement on more stations.


Since the motion picture industry came into

existence, pictures of a religious nature have been made. They were, at the beginning, offered to the public on the same plane as any other production— through the channel of the theater, as entertainment.

Since 1939 religious pic­

tures have branched off from the main river of theatrical productions and are wending a course all their own. Companies have sprung up for the specific purpose of making pictures for religious uses and some individuals have waded out into the current.

These productions are being used for

definite religious purposes.

The increase in production

during the years 194-7-49 has pushed the number of pictures to well over four hundred.

Replies from twenty-eight pro­

ducers reveal that each felt there was a specific need for his particular type of picture which was the motivation for his starting in business.

It was found that approximately

one-half operate as non-profit corporations. ' Stories are obtained primarily by purchase, by director and by writer, with the trend toward writers as an integral part of the staff.

While most pictures are prepared for general distri­

bution to a mass audience, with little emphasis on denomina­ tion, there is a movement toward producing for specific

33 curricula. The majority of producers measure the success of a picture by its extent of distribution.

The most popular

manner of distribution is through commercial distributors, mainly by rental plan.

Films for minister, Sunday School

worker or anyone else so interested are listed in Appendix A.

The field is reaching out to supply television channels

with religious programs. Conclusions.

It is only by careful research, con­

stant writing, able supervision, and technical execution that any motion picture can become a living entity. no less true of religious motion pictures.

This is

Therefore, it is

concluded that the type of organization to produce the reli­ gious picture is one organized for that specific purpose, and one which contains the personnel to carry a picture to its completion.

Although those within the organization may

embrace a specific doctrine or faith, it does not neces­ sarily invalidate these films for use by people of other creeds. The job of producing religious motion pictures which has just begun will undoubtedly be more extensive in time to come.

There have been films with regard to Bible stories,

morals, illustrated sermons, home and foreign missions, Bible geography, testimonials and hymns.

The number is

3^ small considering the demand of television, as all the present pictures could be shown in a few months.

While none

of the fields ;just mentioned have been exhausted, there are also other fields such as biographies of great religious leaders and teaching films.

In order to fill the great

"maw*' of television, it will tax all these resources and possibly some other styles unique to that medium. Another channel of distribution, the public library, has been shown to have unique possibilities.

It is recom­

mended that the value and scope of this distribution channel be given careful consideration by the producers. In general, the pastor, the Sunday School worker, and other church officers are the ones who are using films to supplement their programs.

It would be natural for the

parent organization to attempt to supply the demand of their workers.

Prom the questionnaires it can be shown that only

ten of the twenty-eight producers are ministers or auxil­ iaries of some ehurch organization.

The writer feels that

the resources at the disposal of religious educational in­ stitutions should be tapped for the good of the industry as a whole.

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Crusader Films

The trip over the desert to the place of the Offeringj preparation for the Sacrifice, the Voice from on high, and the final reverent services are shown. Narration is text from 22nd Chapter of Genesis. 14 Min.— Sounds— Color— Rental $9.00. ABRAHAM TO MOSES

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See The Holy Land (From Abraham to Allenby). ABRAHAM1S FAITH

Church-Craft Pictures

A faithful enactment of the events recorded in Genesis 22, in which God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. With commendable reserve the film pictures Abraham's faith and trust in God as he prepares to sacrifice his only son, whose life is spared when God intervenes. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. ABRAHAM'S SACRIFICE

Foundation Films Corp.

A very effective use of the sacred narrative of Abraham's Sacrifice of his only son, Isaac. The theme of Abraham's implicit trust in God's Promise is strongly emphasized. Recommended for all groups! 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.5°— Color $7.00. ABRAM

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. ABRAM AND LOT

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible, AFRICAN PRINCE

American Mission to Lepers

Story is of a young Son of native chief who contracts leprosy. He is taken to Garkida Colony in Nigeria, Africa, where, under Christian care and training, he gives his life to Christ and continues in service to Him at the Colony. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental or Offering. AGAINST THE TIDE

Moody Bible Institute

Depicts the inspiring story of Bible students who spend their spare time walking against the “tide” of evil in Chicago, by trying to take the gospel of Christ to skid row, hospitals, orphanages, jails, and even street corners. 15 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. AGELESS CHINA

Father Hubbard

This ancient land and the Chinese Missions visited by Father Hubbard make up this picture. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $16.00. ALL FOR JESUS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A testimonial film of the Choosing Rather type. Partici­ pants include Bill Burcaw, converted opera singer and Harlen McGinnis, vocal and instrumental soloist. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST

Cathedral Films

See Life of St. Paul. AMOS

Cathedral Films

Amos appeared during the reign of Jeroboam II, denouncing

39 the exploitation and enslavement of the poor and prophesying the death of the King. The film attempts to show the social evils that prevailed and how Amos dared to oppose them. Emphasizing the social, political and religious background of this Old Testament story. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. ANCIENT STONES CRY OUT

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

The bulk of the picture features findings unearthed in Bible lands which substantiate Bible truths. Beginning with Creation the picture follows through to the end of the Old Testament history and includes instances of New Testament verifications. 4-7 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $15.00. AND FORBID THEM NOT

Church-Craft Pictures

Based on Matthew 18:1-6 and Mark 10:13-16, this film com­ bines two well-known Bible stories in which we are taught to humble ourselves as little children, and to "forbid them not." An ideal film for winning the support of parents for Christian education. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. AND NOW I SEE

Church-Craft Pictures

A powerful, dramatic story of Christian stewardship, proving that, "It is God's work, not our own, we are here to do." 37 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. ANSWER FOR ANNE

Caravel Films

The help churches are offering to displaced persons is clearly explained to Anne, a high school girl, deeply con­ cerned about the attitude of her townspeople toward such people. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. ASSIGNMENT:


United Palestine Appeal

40 Cine&atic diary of a family and a city, their daily life and work. 21 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. AS WE FORGIVE

United World Films, Inc.

A story of intemperance, and how a wayward son is brought to repentance. Theme texts: Mark 11:26; Luke 6:37. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. AS YE G O . PREACH

Southern Baptist Convention

The history and inner life of Southwestern Baptist Theo­ logical Seminary from its founding by Dr. B. H. Carroll to the present. Emphasis is given to the practical religious work done by the students. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A TRACT

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A live-action production in which a Gospel tract relates its life story, and the adventures that befall it in the care and keeping of its Christian owner. Testimonies by a 12-year bid tract-missionary and by a man who has dis­ tributed tracts for forty years are included. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. BACOHE COLLEGE

Northern Baptist Convention

Training Indian youth for Christian leadership, at the only college for American Indians in the world. Campus scenes, close-ups of modern Indian youth, and school activities. 20 Min.— Silent— Rental $1.50. BARABBAS

Religious Film Association, Inc.

Founded on the story by Canon S. N. Sedgwick, in which Barabbas and other robbers are seen in prison. After his release, Barabbas finds his way to Calvary, where he meets

41 with those who explain to him the meaning of the Cross. Theme textss Galatians 2:20; John 3*16. 21 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. BARABBAS THE ROBBER

United World Films, Inc.

Follows the events from Jesus* return to Jerusalem, his trial, and crucifixion based on the story of Barabbas. Jesus' voice is heard, but He is not shown. 35 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. BEARING PRECIOUS SEED

American Home Bible League

A challenge to churches, organizations, and groups to go out into their areas to seek out those who are without Christ, offering freely the Word of God, and invite them into the Church and Sunday School. 35 Min.-— Sound— Color— No charge for group showings, except transportation. BELLS OF JANGAON

Northern Baptist Convention

This is the story of the lives of three people who have risen from the darkness that was their heritage and have dedicated their lives to Christianity and to its harvest among their people. 18 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00. BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD

Association Films

A typical message by Dr. Mott which presents a challenge to the Y.M.C.A. and Christian churches to meet the opportu­ nities presented by a war-devastated world. 11 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. BETHLEHEM TO CALVARY

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Events In the Life of Christ beginning with the taxation and trip to Nazareth, and ending with the Burial and

42 Resurrection. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.50— Purchase $150.00. BEYOND OUR HORIZON

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Portrays the emotional struggles of a minister whose prayers for the well-being of others are answered but whose prayers for his wife’s health seem of no avail. In a moment of tragedy, he learns the meaning of “Not my will but Thine.” 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. BEYOND OUR OWN

Protestant Film Commission

Designed to show the world-wide evangelical message of Christianity. The story of two brothers, one a success in the world with interest beyond his own; the other, a medical missionary in China. A trip to China, planned to help him recuperate from the illness brought on by overwork and his only son’s death, opens the eyes of the first brother to things ”beyond his own.” 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— $10.00. BIBLE IN A WARRING WORLD. THE

American Bible Society

Presents the activities of the American Bible Society during World War II in distributing the Scriptures to men and women in a war-torn world. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.50. BIRTH OF MOSES. THE

Crusader Films

The significantly accurate Bible story that portrays the birth of a great leader, which In turn symbolizes how God overcomes all human difficulties through His Divine Plan and Guidance. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Color $6.00. BIRTHDAY OF A PROPHECY

United Palestine Appeal


The story of the Jewish Agency in action. 20 Min.— Rental - write for details. BIRTHDAY PARTY

Protestant Film Commission

The story of Janie and how she learns the meaning of The Golden Rule. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. BLACK DIAMONDS

Pacific Union Conference, Seventh Day Adventists

A motion picture of "black diamonds" from the darkest, rawest, heathen kraals of Africa, being polished and trans­ formed by Christian education. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. BLESSED HOPE. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Sermon by Dr. ¥. B. Riley on the second coming of Christ. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Purchase $37.50. BLIND BEGGAR OF JERUSALEM

Cathedral Films

Story of the blind beggar who was healed by Jesus, from the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 9. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. BLIND LEADERS

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a v . BLUE HORIZONS

Youth Films, Inc.


American Bible Society

44 Shows the efforts of consecrated people of bygone ages to make the Bible the Book for the World of Yesterday; shows how by its phenomenal spread throughout the world it has become the Book for the World of Today, and finally empha­ sizes that, if it is to become the Book for the World of Tomorrow— it depends upon the use we whose heritage.it is— make of it. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00 or offering. BOOK OF BOOKS. THE

Rational Bible Press

Includes scenes indicative of the importance of the Bible in our daily life, its transmission to us down through the ages, and the present-day production of the Bible. 10 Min.— Sound or Silent— Rental - No charge for group showings, except transportation. BOOK OF RUTH

Crusader Films

A beautifully reverent portrayal of the entire Book of Ruth emphasizing the direct Scriptural text. It accurately reveals the serene and constant faith in the carrying out of G o d ’s plan by Ruth, Naomi and Boaz with the ultimate outcome assured. It shows the varied customs of the day. 27 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00— Color $10.00. BORN TWICE

Grace Films

Story of Nicodemus as recorded in St. John, Chapter 3 . 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Purchase $110.00— Color $10.00— Purchase $225.0 0 . B O Y AND HIS PRAYER, A

Family Films, Inc.

The story of a youngster's faith in God, ultimately re­ warded. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. BOYHOOD OF JESUS

Loyola Films

45 This film gives a dignified and superb presentation of certain selected incidents from the stories of the birth of Jesus and his boyhood up to twelve years of age, as recorded in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew. 22 Min.— Sound— Rental. BRIDGE TO YINHSI

Methodist Publishing House

The film shows the struggle of the small town in China to develop religious, educational, and medical facilities, as contrasted with a typical American group. 16 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $2.00. BRINGING LIGHT

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

A journey through various parts of Africa where missionary activities are centered. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Suggest 40$ of a freewill offering. BUILD HIGHER

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A message by Dr. Howard W. Ferrin. in which he utilizes his pictures of the collapse of the Niagara Falls View Bridge. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.25— Purchase $42.50. BURMA FRONTIER MISSIONS

Northern Baptist Convention

A journey through Burma showing the people and how they live, and visiting some of the Baptist missions and a Baptist leper colony. 20 Min.— Silent— Rental $1.50. BOYHOOD HOME OF JESUS. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the Way. CAIN AND ABEL

Cathedral Films

46 The familiar story of Cairn and Abel with a present-day beginning. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.65. CAIN AND ABEL

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible CALL QF SAMUEL. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

The story of the boy Samuel as it is told in the Old Testa­ ment. 20 Min— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. CALL OF THE CROSS

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

The story of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church, tracing its history from the Saxon fathers down to the present day. 60 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00 CALLING OF MATTHEW. THE

Cathedral Films

Interest is created when Matthew, a tax collector, the oppressor of the people does injustice to a family and is witnessed by his sister. From then on the story is as recorded in the Gospel of St. Mark. 28 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. CANVAS CATHEDRAL

Grace Films

Films the advent of a much-heralded evangelist, Billy Graham, to Los Angeles, (1949) 21 Min.— Sound— b&w. CAPTURED BY THE INDIANS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A story of a rugged, God-fearing, pioneer family triumphantly standing against the powers of evil.

47 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental CERTAIN NOBLEMAN. A

Cathedral Films

A careful portrayal of the customs and habits of the time of Jesus. It is a dynamic presentation of the motive and method of Jesus, and will add materially to the effective­ ness of teaching about His divine authority and power. 20 Min.--Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. $4.50.) CHALLENGE. THE

(Silent also available, Pacific Union Conference, Seventh Day Adventists

A portrayal of the evangelical program of Seventh Day Ad­ ventists. Native life, spear dances, heathen customs, all changed by Christianity. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. CHARGE THAT TO MY ACCOUNT

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An illustrated sermon by Dr. Harry A. Ironside on the book of Philemon. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00. CHILD OF BETHLEHEM. THE

Cathedral Films

A dignified and superb presentation of certain selected in­ cidents from the stories of the birth of Jesus and his boy­ hood up to twelve years of age, as recorded in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. CHINA CHALLENGE

($12.00 during December.) Great Commission Films

This is an intimate tour through urban and rural regions of China. A detailed cultural study, it records starvation and suffering of Chinafs "unwanted millions," and is designed to rout the well-fed American out of his apathetical disregard for countries less fortunate than his bountiful own. 45 Min.— Sound— Color— Free-will Offerings in Churches,


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Music and testimonies by outstanding Christians: Herman Voss, pianistj Helen McAlerney, singerj Captain Rowland, cornetist; and Johnny Catalina, former prize-fighter. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Purchase $75.00. CHRIST CONFOUNDS HIS CRITICS

Religious Film Associ­ ation, Inc.

The story of the woman taken in adultery. 15 Min.— Silent— b&w— Rental $1.50. CHRIST IS BORN

Modern Sound Pictures, Inc.

Tells the story of the birth of Jesus and His first three years in the Holy Land. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Color $7.50. b&w $1 0 .00— Color $1 5.0 0 .) CHRIST THE KING


Gerald C. Barry

Story of life, death and resurrection of Christ. not recommended by ICRE.

Last half

1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental - write for details. CHRIST* S SACRIFICE AT CALVARY

Scriptures Visualized Institute


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Men from different walks of life sing together and give testimonies. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00— Purchase $135.00— Color $13.00— Purchase $270.0 0 . CHRISTIANITY GOES TO PRESS

United Church of Canada

49 Tells the story of the development of a mission press at Chengtu, China. 29 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00— Color ^10.00. CHRISTUS

Catholic Movies

Shows the events of Jesus* life to the resurrection. I 1 Hr. 25 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $13.75CHURCH IB THE ATOMIC AGE, THE

Motion Picture Associ­ ation of America

Picture points out that another war will bring far greater problems than those faced today. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental. CHURCH IS BORN. 4

Congregational Christian Churches

A motion picture on the need for new churches. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.GO or offering. CHURCHES AND CATHEDRALS

Religious Film Association, Inc.

An explanatory narration accompanies views of three examples of Gothic architecture, Chartres and Notre Dame Cathedrals and Riverside Church. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.50. CITY OF DAVID, THE

Religious Film Association, Inc.

A travelog of Jerusalem. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.50. CITY STREETS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An intimate glimpse of life as we find it along the teeming street lanes of America’s populous cities. Arouses

50 Christians to a new understanding of the forgotten man of the city street— urging them to win him for Christ. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. CITY THAT CHRIST LOVED

Library Films, Inc.

See Lord1s Footsteps. COLOR OF 4 MAH

Congregational Christian Churches

Includes scenes of racial intolerance and the work of the American Missionary Association, celebrating its 100th year of serving the Negroes of America. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5,00, COLORFUL INDIA

Father Hubbard

The many strange customs of this mysterious country and what the Missions have done to educate it. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $16.00. COLUMBIA RIVER

Grace Films

Travel film with a Christian message. 19 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00— Purchase $175.00. CONGO SEMINARY

Northern Baptist Convention

African teachers and pastors receive training on how best to lead their people to the Christian way of life, at the Baptist Seminary at Kimpese, in the Belgian Congo. The spoken commentary further explains the Baptist work at Kimpese. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental $1.00. CONSIDER THE LILIES See Scenic Psalms.

Youth Films, Inc.


United Christian Missionary Society

Introductory statement shows how the churches of America share in missionary endeavor. Then Dr. McGavran tells the story of the work in Takhatpur, India and the various aspects of missionary work are shown. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. CONVERSION OF SAUL

Cathedral Films


Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . COWBOY* S HITCHIN* POST

Presbyterian Church (New York)

The story of a Sunday School Missionary. 30 Min,— Sound— Color-Rental $7.00. CRADLE OF AMERICA

Methodist Publishing House

Shows the work of the missionaries among the people of the Dominican Republic, and native customs and living conditions. 17 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00. also available.) CRADLE OF CREEDS

(30 Min. Silent Color

Religious Film Association, Inc.

While scenes of Hinduism in India, Buddhism in Japan and Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism in Palestine are shown, the commentator summarizes the major beliefs of each, and draws comparisons. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00. CRADLE OF MANKIND

Father Hubbard

The Middle East, Arab Countries, Egypt and Turkey.


52 Christianity came into existence. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $16.00 Hollywood Film Enterprises

CREATION See Stories of the Bible CREATION. THE

Christian Mission Films

Depicts the first two chapters of Genesis, with its narra­ tion faithfully following the Scriptures. Contains inspi­ rational animated illustrations. 15 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.50. CREATION--ACCORDING TO GENESIS

Religious Film Associ­ ation, Inc.

Telling the story of Genesis, this film is impressionistic in the application of beautiful, unusual scenic effects, and in dramatic music scoring. 10 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00. CROSSTIDES

Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia)

Crosstides presents a kaleidoscopic series of color shots of mushrooming business, recreation facilities, industrial plants and housing with here and there a vignette of the church at work trying to catch up with the many-sided needs of the people. 30 Min,— Sound— Color. CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See Life of St. Paul. CROWN OF THORNS

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Events in the Life of Christ from the manger to the Ascen­ sion Mount. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $13.75.


Chureh-Craft Pictures

The story of Daniel as found in Daniel 6 , dramatically por­ traying the important truth that **it is better to obey God than man.” The film teaches an impressive lesson of obedi­ ence to G o d ’s Word even in the face of persecution. 17 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. DAVID LIVINGSTONE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Livingstone’s travels, discoveries and missionary work in­ dicated by interesting photography and animated maps. 60 Min.— Silent— Rental $8.00 DAY IS DONE

Youth Films, Inc.

See Scenic Psalms. DAY OF DECISION. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . DAY OF GUADALUPE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Filmed at Basilica of Guadalupe on December 12 around the yearly pilgrimage. 7 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $3.30. D A Y ’S WORK

Religious Film Society

See Two Thousand Years Ago. DEAR DIARY

Scriptures Visualized Institute

This film is an hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute account of one day’s activities in the life of school-girl Jane Jones. Careless about her school life, Jane finds herself exceed­ ingly careless about her spiritual life also. 13 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00.


Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible DESERT SYMPHONY

Youth Films, Inc

See Scenic Psalms DIFFERENCE. THE

Cathedral Films

Shows how a Christian college makes better citizens and better Christians, by telling the story of a boy who is forced to go to a Christian college and, by a series of ex­ periences, ultimately finds it is the best, and finds the need for Christianity in business. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. DISCIPLES AT EMMAUS

Loyola Films

The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ as seen by two Disciples from Emmaus. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental. DIVINE BAPTISM

Foundation Films Corp.

Taken entirely from the longer film entitled My Beloved S o n . Scenes of John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus and a few” important scenes in the beginning of Jesus' ministry. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00— Color— Rental $5.00. DOOR TO HEAVEN. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Sets forth the Scriptural teaching that Heaven is entered by "one door and only one." 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. DREAM OF MY PEOPLE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

A picture of Palestine, combining history, religion and

55 music, including the singing of the late Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt. 1 Hr. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $16.50. DUST OR DESTINY

Moody Institute of Science

Shows the wonders of the human body, migration of birds, ability of bats to fly by their "radar" system, grunion's egg-laying habits, growth of plants. Demonstrates how science proves that God exists and that it is related to religion. 50 Min.— Sound— Color— Write for information on showings. DYING THIEF

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An illustrated sermon of the dying thieves and how one was saved when he asked, ,!Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom." 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental


Purchase $50.00.


Loyola Films

Feeling the need of preparation for his mission, Saul goes to the desert for three years. On his return, Saul preaches again in Damascus, declaring Jesus to be the Christ. 30 Min. — Sound— b&w. EARLY MANHOOD OF CHRIST

Library Films, Inc.

See Lord *s Footsteps. EARTH IS THE LORD1S . THE

Ambassador Films

The first person story of a young man who strived for success but left Christ out of the picture. Self sufficient at first, proud of his own strength, youth, and ability, he overrides every obstacle and discouragement in the operation of his farm by determination and hard work, until at last he finds a problem over which he has no control. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00.


Ideal Pictures Corp.

Explanation of the Solemn Catholic Mass. signor Fulton J. Sheen.

Narrated by Mon-

1 Hr. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $25.00. FAITH TRIUMPHANT

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See Life of St. Paul. FATHER O ’FLYNN

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Tom Burke sings old favorites ’’Macushla," "Come Back to Erin," "Father 0*Flynn.“ 1 Hr. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental $17.50. FESTIVAL OF SPRING

Cathedral Films

Designed for primary children. The story of a little boy and his mother who take a trip into the land of make-believe. Its purpose is to show little tots that God has made every­ thing and that we are dependent on Him. 10 Min,— Sound— Part Color— Rental $5.00. FIGHTER FOR THE TRUE PEACE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Life and work of Fra Bertolmede Las Cassas, filmed on actual sites in Chiapas and Guatamala. 50 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $25.00. FILMSING MELODIES

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Each verse is illustrated by a descriptive separate color background, with animation or camera effects, and fading into the next line and picture. The words are given at the bottom to help the people sing from the screen. The sound is by mixed chorus, m e n ’s quartet, girl’s trio, solo parts, or full choir. There is musical variety on each film. Christ Returneth. $25.0 0 .

3.5 Min.— Rental $3.00— Purchase

57 Faith of Our Fathers. $25.0 0 .

3.3 Min.— Rental $2.50— Purchase

For God So Loved The World and In My Heart There Rings a Melody. 3.3 Min.— Rental $2.50— Purchase ^25.00. I*11 Go Where You Want Me to G o . Dear Lord. Rental $27^0— Purchase $25.00. In The Garden.

3.5 Min.— Rental $3.00— Purchase $25.00.

Jesus Loves Me. This I Know. Purchase $20.00. ” Jesus Saves.

3.3 Min.—

2.8 Min.— Rental $2.00—

3.3 Min.— Rental $2.50— Purchase $25.00.

Jesus Saviour Pilot M e . chase $2 0.0 0 .

2.8 Min.— Rental $2.00— Pur-

Mighty Fortress is Our God. A. Purchase $30.00. ~ Old Rugged Cross. The. $3 0 .0 0 .

5 Min.— Rental $3.50—

4.5 Min.— Rental $3.50— Purchase

Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead U s . Purchase $27.50.

4 Min.— Rental $3.00—

Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. $3 .00— Purchase $2 7 .50.

4 Min.— Rental


Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Story of Easter as told in the first three Gospels. 35 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $9.00. Holy Week $13.50.) FIRST MISSIONARY JOURNEY

(During Lent $11.25,

Cathedral Films

See Life of St. Paul. FISHERS OF MEN

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Tells how Simon and Andrew, fishermen on the Lake of Galilee,

58 became disciples of Jesus; and shows the impact of Jesus' personality on the disciples, their families, and the people of the community. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Eental $6.00. FISHERS OF

Library Films, Inc.

See Lord's Footstegs. FISHERS OF MEN

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Based on Matthew 4s19, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men," this picture urges Christians to surrender all to Christ and follow Him into a life of fruitful soulwinning . 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25. FIVE "J"S. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A musical of five Christian girls, their father and mother who have dedicated the entire family to the Lord in service for the winning of souls to Jesus Christ. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. FIVE MINUTES TO LIVE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

"If you had only five minutes to live, what would you say to those around you?" This is the question that Dr. Oswald J. Smith, Dr. W. B. Riley, Dr. Walter L. Wilson and Dr. H. A. Ironside answer in this film. Introduction by Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00. FOR ALL PEOPLE

Cathedral Films

A story of real people based on actual incidents that have happened at All Peoples Christian Church and Community Center, sponsored by the United Christian Missionary Society and located on the east side of Los Angeles. Replete with conflict, suspense and a dash of romance. Age: 15 and over.

30 Min.— Sound— b&w— $8.00. FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM

Children's Productions

The Beautitudes interpreted in story form for small children by children. 12 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. FOR TIMES LIKE THESE

Oxford University Press

Film points that the way to understanding is through the Bible, so eternal in its nature that it told the story of today, and yesterday, and that out of it came our sense of Divine justice, our demand for truth, and the Foundations of Democracy. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental - No charge for group showing except transportation. FOREST CATHEDRALS

Youth Films, Inc.

See Scenic Psalms. FORGIVE US -OUR DEBTS

Religious Film Association, Inc.

The Biblieal story (Matthew 18s23-35) of the unforgiving servant who punished his debtor after his own debts had been pardoned by his master. The Bible story should be used with the film. 25 Min.— Silent— b&w— Rental $3.00. FOUND WANTING

Scriptures Visualized Institute


Read the "handwriting on the wall" against a modern Bel­ shazzar, "weighed in the balances and found wanting." An animated production with a strong Gospel message. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. FOUR R 1S. THE

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Depicts a Christian day school in action in a typical day's

60 program. Shows how the Christian way of life is built up through the integration of the fourth ttR,M religion, with the three common "P's.*1 The picture portrays the Lutheran school as modern, efficient, effective, and above all, as a builder of Christian citizenship for time and eternity. 20 Min.— Silent— Color— $1.00. FOURTH R, THE

Cathedral Films

The story of how a parent-teacher group in a small church decided their children needed the 4th R in their every day sehool work and built a successful parochial school, Campbell Hall (Episcopal) in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. FREELY JUSTIFIED

Scriptures Visualized Institute

In an exposition of Acts 13*38, 39, Dr. H. A. Ironside unfolds the truth of these verses so simply that no one can fail to apprehend the meaning and method of justification. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. FRIENDLY CHATS OH SOUL-WINNING

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Dr. Walter L. Wilson offers practical solutions to many problems encountered in personal work. Discussions are in dialogue form. Series includes the following titles* Opening the Conversation. Diagnosing the Case. Dealing with Different Types-Part I. Dealing with Different Types-Part I I . Using God* s Word Effectively. Making Illustrations Count. 12 Min. each— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00.


Methodist Publishing House

The true story of the struggle and achievement of a Mexican boy who with many others comes to the United States to find work. The service of the Church among these newcomers inspires the boy to become a Pastor. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. FROM EDEN TO CALVARY

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Traces the genesis of the world and man; the times of the Flood; the biography of Moses in the enslavement of Israel, the Exodus, and the giving of the Law; and important events in the life of our Lord. 30 Min.— Sound--b&w— Rental $6.00— Purchase $85.00. Christ* s Sacrifice at Calvary. FROM FEAR TO FAITH

Reel 3— Rental $3.00. United World Films, Inc.

This is the deeply absorbing story of the conversion of a native Rhodesian community. A native youth, Mission-trained, tries to teach his people a better way of life. His own brother fosters bitter opposition, until a dramatic climax causes his own conversion. 21 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. FROM RETURN OF THE EXILES TO THE CRUCIFIXION Harmon Foundation, Inc. See The Holy Land (From Abraham to Allenby). FROM ROMAN RULE TO MODERN TIMES

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See The Holy Land (From Abraham to Allenby). FRONTIER PARSON AND GOD'S ANIMALS. THE

Seripture Films

The Frontier Parson takes his group of children through woods and farm, telling them of the wonders of God's animal kingdom, and reads to them Bible passages that bear on film’s

62 theme. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00— Color $7.00. FRONTIER PARSON READS THE BIBLET THE

Scripture Films

Opening scene shows the Frontier Parson dismounting from his horse. He meets with a group of children, then reads from the Bible. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.50. FETJITA. ORPHAN IN JAPAN

Protestant Film Commission

A true story dealing with life among Japanese children. 35 Min.--Sound— Color— Rental $12.00. GARDENS OF G£D

Youth Films, Inc.

See Scenic Psalms. £0 FORTH

Cathedral Films

Captain Bill Barkeley, Jr., M. D., returns to his home town after the war. His father, a wealthy physician, has great plans for his son as his partner. Bill surprises his family and his sweetheart by his decision to go back to the Philip­ pines as a missionary doctor. His reasons why make a com­ pelling story. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. GO YE

Congregational Christian Churches

Scenes in Asia of holy rituals and of squalor, disease and need. Sets forth clearly the task which is ours before these millions of Asiatic brothers can be baptized "in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.*’ 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00. GO YE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

63 Dr. Oswald J. Smith so presents an earnest appeal to send the gospel to every nation that every Christian is made to feel his share of the missionary responsibility. 19 Min.— Rental $3*25— Purchase $42.50. GOD IS MY LANDLORD

McHenry Educational Films

Story of Perry Hayden and his cubic inch of wheat . . . his re-enactment of,the ancient Biblical harvest and its moral of tithing. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Free-will offering. GOD OF CREATION

Moody Institute of Science f

A "Sermon from Science." Deals with astronomy, the micro­ scopic world, the miraculous metamorphosis of a caterpillar, the blooming of flowers, the role of butterflies and bees in pollination, and photo-synthesis. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. GOD OF THE ATOM

Moody Institute of Science

Actual pictures of the Nagasaki and Bikini explosions, and the giant 184-ineh cyclotron at the University of California, woven together, point out that the discovery of atomic energy has brought m a n ’s consciousness of religion more sharply into focus. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. G O D ’S WONDERS IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD

Church-Craft Pictures

A boy and girl, about eight years of age, study the insects and worms found in their back yard. Explains clearly to children the concept that everywhere we find evidence of G o d ’s handiwork in nature. 10 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $4.00. GOLGOTHA

Michigan Film Library

64 The story of Jesus’ last days on earth. 1 Hr. 37 Min.— Sound— b&w--Rental $25.00. (During Lent, first four weeks $3 0 .0 0 , last two weeks $3 5 .0 0 .) GOOD FOR EVIL

Guardian Films

Returning good for evil as illustrated by a story of present day life. 10 Min.— Sound— Sepia— Purchase - write for information. GOOD NEWS

Northern Baptist Convention

The story of a young Negro girl in the South. She had dreamed of attending Mather School, but after the dream became a reality, she received a letter from her mother telling her that she must come home as there was no money for her to continue at the school. Then comes the ’’good news”— an unexpected letter with an enclosed check from an unknown Christian friend. Thus she is able to continue her pursuit of this new and better way of life. A picture of life at a typical mission school for Negro students in the South. 25 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. GOOD NEWS FOR CHINA

Pocket Testament League

Pictures were taken by Pocket Testament League representative in China, Mr. Glenn W. Wagner, showing the work which was done among the armed forces and students of that land. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Free-will offering. GOOD SAMARITAN

Religious Film Society

Adapted from Luke 10:25-37. A client visits a lawyer for advice in squeezing some land from a poor neighbor. The lawyer tells of his recent interview with Jesus, which in­ cludes Jesus* parable of the Good Samaritan (dramatized), and refuses a part in the scheme. Produced in England. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $6.00.


Josh Binney

Opening to drive through picturesque Scottish highlands, traveler passes through villages with historical archi­ tecture. Arriving at destination, we join an after-dinner parlor scene, the kilted host preparing to entertain guest. Localized, the film proceeds to pictorialize his story of the Twenty-Third Psalm. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Color $6.00. GOOD TIDINGS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A picture-exposition of Isaiah 52:7. A call for increased earnestness in carrying the good news of salvation to the lost. 11 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $ 2 .00— Purchase $2 5.0 0 . GOSPEL DYNAMITE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Sermonette in rhyme, accompanied by appropriate music and illustrated by contour drawings. Animated lines grow into a black sinful heart, then are suddenly exploded by a stick of dynamite. At the same time the ear receives a clear and striking exposition of sin and salvation. 13 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. GOSPEL IN SONG

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Arouses interest in the beauty of Gospel songs and shows the vital part they have in the worship of God. Also demon­ strates that our thoughts and feelings can be vividly ex­ pressed in song and music in praising God. Includes vocal and instrumental music. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50— Purchase $12 .50— Purchase $250.0 0 . GRACE OF FORGIVENESS

$ 1 2 5 .0 0

— Color

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Cathedral Films

66 The story of Jesus bringing about peace during a revolt against the tyranny of the Romans. 1 Hr. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $20.00.



(During Lent

Methodist Publishing House

Illustrates Methodist missionary work among Oklahoma Indians. 2? Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.00. GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT

Southern Baptist Convention

A life completely dedicated to the will of God— an everenduring inspiration. This is the theme of this film on the life of Dr. George W. Truett. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $10.00. GUIDING STAR

Family Films, Inc.

Story of Uncle Henry, a real Christian, who by his example brings the right way of life into his every thought and action. On Christmas Uncle Henry, by seeing through Chris­ tian eyes and acting with a true heart enlightens an em­ bittered mother and reunites a long unhappy and misguided family group. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. (During December $12.00) HAPPY TIME NO. 1

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Children’s picture combines singing (Hornet’s Song), drawing (birds), something to guess (Bible), and something to learn (Psalm 119:11). Live-action and animation. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. HAPPY TIME N O . 2

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Singing (Train Song), something to draw (fish), something to guess (church), something to learn (Romans 6:23).

67 16 Min.— Sound— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. HAPPY TIME NO. 3,

Seriptures Visualized Institute

Singing (Be Careful Little Eyes), something to draw (heads), something to guess (boy praying), something to learn (Vic­ tory's service flag). 15 Min.— Sound-Rental $2.75~Purchase $35.00. HE RESTORETH MY SOUL

Northern Baptist Convention

Documentary film, showing actual destruction and need in Europe and Asia and what the church is doing about it. 18 Min.— Sound— Rental $2.00. HE THAT WINNETH SOULS IS WISE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Illustrated sermon by Dr. John R. Riee, proving to Christians from the Scriptures the sinfulness of not witnessing for Christ in contrast to the blessedness and promised rewards for winning souls. 25 Min.— Sound— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00. HEAD OF THi HOUSE OF WANG

United Church of Canada, Com­ mittee on Missionary Education

Shows the gospel in action, and tells the story of the grad­ ual evangelism of the elder Wang and his family through the combined efforts of a Chinese pastor and missionary personnel. 18 Min.— Sound— Rental $8.00. HEALING OF M* VONDO. THE

American Mission to Lepers

Human interest story of a little African boy who contracted leprosy and was taken to a mission Leper Colony. In time he was healed and came back to his parents, his home, and the pleasures of his own village. (See M'Vondo Was Healed.) 20 Min.— Silent— Color— Rental $2.00.


Presbyterian Church (New York)

Picture opens with scenes of modern India, then of villages in the heart of India. Shows what Christianity has meant to some of the Indian people. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $9.00. HEART OF INDIA

Religious Film Association, Inc.

Film describes how the heart of India is the Indian villagefull of potentialities of good and bad, not only for India, but for the entire world. Christian influence on the life of an Indian boy born in poverty, and his final decision is shown. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $9.00. HIGHER FLIGHT

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Animated picture about a boy who loved aeroplanes. In answer to his mother's prayers he was converted through the reading of a tract about Higher Flight when Christians will meet their Lord in the air. Eventually he learned to fly and become a missionary with his own plane. 15 Min.--Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00— Purchase $75.00— Color $9 .00— Purchase $150.0 0 . HIS BEQUEST

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A remarkable revelation of the believer's inheritance in Christ as recorded in St. John, Chapters 13 to 17. 16 Min.--Sound— b&w— Rental $3.50— Purchase $45.00. HOBBY TIME N O . 1

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Shows children how to make motto pins, like "Jesus Saves," "Jesus Loves," etc. 6 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00— Purchase $12.50. HOBBY TIME NO. 2

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Shows children how to make a mail box for God's promises. 9 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00— Purchase $12.50. HOBBY TIME HO. 3.

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Shows children how to make a cocoanut missionary bank. 7 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00— Purchase $12.50. HOLY LAND. THE

Religious Film Association, Inc.

Picture begins with Joppa and takes the traveler to Galilee and Jerusalem, with comments on the scenes viewed. 11 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.50. HOLY LAND. THE (From Abraham to Allenby)

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

A comprehensive film on Bible history. Part 1. Abraham to Moses. Geographical background of Old Testament Bible studies. 22 Min. Part 2. Jordan Crossed to Exile. Bible Geography. 20 Min. ~

Old Testament studies.

Part 3. From Return of Exiles to the Crucifixion. Geographical background of life of Christ. 22 Min. Part 4. From Roman Rule to Modern Times. church history, Zionism. T5 Min. “

Study of

Sound— b&w— Rental $5.50 each. H O M E . THE

Religious Film Society

See Two Thousand Years A g o . *


China Inland Mission

Documentary portrayal of the lovableness of the Chinese

70 people amidst the hardships of their way of life as the reason why forty-nine missionaries are going forward to speak G o d ’s Word. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. HOURS OF TRIAL

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . HOUSE IN THE DESERT

United Palestine Appeal

The story of the epic struggle against sun and sand to build a ’’house In the desert” down by the Dead Sea where rigor mortis set in three dozen centuries ago. 30 Min.— Rental - write for information. HOUSE THAT GOD BUILT

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Animated film that teaches what happened to the marvelous being God created in His own image. Reveals m a n ’s fall through disobedience and makes known the only way by which he can be restored to fellowship with God. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.2?— Purchase $30.00. HOW GREAT A FLAME

Methodist Publishing House

A tour through Methodist Central Hall in London, including pictures of plaques, statues and busts of Wesley, and some history of Methodism. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental - apply. HOW TO TEACH WITH FILMS

Cathedral Films

A typical Sunday School situation is pictured and a con­ densed version of We Too Receive is shown as the sample film. The correct procedure for proper build-up, and proper followup, is carefully illustrated. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00.

71 w y m n a t ,o PtTTRs

Post Pictures

Hymns sung by choral singers, with the words superimposed on appropriate backgrounds, to permit audience participation in singing (except The Angelus and Ave Maria, which are drama­ tized and do not have superimposed wordsT. Abide with Me. All Hail the Power of Jesus1 Name. Angelus, The. Ave Maria. Beulah Land. Blessed Assurance. Blest Be the Tie. God Be with You Till We Meet Again. He Leadeth M e . How Firm a Foundation. I Love to Tell the Story. I Need Thee Every Hour. In the Garden. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Jesus Lover of My Soul. Jesus Saviour Pilot M e . Just As I A m . Lead Kindly Light. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. Little Church in the Wildwood. Little Town of Bethlehem.

72 Lord is My Shepherd* The. Love Divine. My Faith Looks D p to Thee. Near the Cross. Nearer My God to Thee. 0 Come. All Ye Faithful. Onward Christian Soldiers. Bock of Ages. Shall We Gather at the River. Silent Night. Softly and Tenderly. Sweet Bye and B y e . Sweet Hour of Prayer. Tell Me the Old Old Story. What A Friend. Work for the Night is Coming. Yield Not to Temptation. 3 Min.-— Sound— Color— Rental $1.50 each. HYMNS~OF~THE~CHURCH

Cathedral Films

Organ and choir or quartette with superimposed words for congregational singing. All Glory. Laud and Honor America the Beautiful Battle Hymn of the Republic Beneath the Cross

Charge to Keep I Have, A. Church*s One Foundation, The. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind. Doxology. The. Fairest Lord Jesus. Faith of Qur Fathers, Father of Mercies. For Thee 0 Dear, Dear Country. God of Our Fathers. Guide Me 0 Thou Great Jehovah. He Leadeth Me. 1 Sing a Song of the Saints of G o d . In The Cross of Christ I G l o r y . Jesus Calls Us. Jesus Christ is Risen T o d a y . Jesus My Lord. My God. My A l l . Jesus Shall R e i g n . Lead Us 0 Father. List the Cherubic H o s t . i££d is Exalted, The . How Thank We All Our God . How the Day is Over. Nunc Dimittis. 0 Lamb of God Still Keep M e . 0 Easter Let Me Walk with Thee.

74 Onward Christian Soldiers. Remember All the People. Rise U p . 0 Men of G o d . Rock of Ages. Thousand Tongues to Sing. A. Through the Right of Doubt and Sorrow. Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life. 3-4 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00 each. if requested attached to main picture.) I AM THE BIBLE

(Ho rental charge

Scriptures,Visualized Institute

Shows how the Bible came down to us, from the start of the gathering of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts; their provi­ dential preservation; the first Bibles; the struggles of the early Christians to keep and circulate them; the sufferings of believers because they loved the Book; the persistent and determined efforts throughout centuries by governmental and church authorities to destroy the Bible. We are taken.in­ side the Bible and shown the real reasons why the ungodly have hated it, while the believers have loved it, and even given their lives for it. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.00— Purchase $110.00— Color $1 2 .00— Purchase $225.0 0 . I AM THE WAY

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Study of the life of Christ. Contains two distinct types of film: scenes of present-day Palestine and dramatic material photographed for but not used in The King of Kings. Part 1. When Jesus Was Born. Begins with scenes of present-day Palestine and then reverts to scenes of Pales­ tine suffering under the rule of Rome (indicating the basis of the Messianic hope). Then follow scenes of modern Bethlehem, which has changed little since Jesus' day. Finally, the shepherd are shown as they hear the good tidings of the Saviour’s birth. In a stable Mary and Joseph are seen bending over the baby Jesus as shepherds and wise men gather

75 to adore Him. Part 2. The Boyhood Home of Jesus. Shows present-day scenes in the town of Nazareth where Jesus' early years were spent. A short dramatic sequence shows Mary in her home, while the child Jesus plays about the house. Part 3. Young Man of Nazareth. Jesus is shown as a young man in his fatherT s carpenter shop. Following come scenes in Galilee with which Jesus would have been familiar. He is then shown visiting at the home of Mary and Martha. The final scenes are in the carpenter shop, where He is visited by a Roman tax gatherer. Part 4. The Day of Decision. Present-day scenes of the Palestinian wilderness and the traditional site of Jesus' baptism along the River Jordan are used to introduce the message of John the Baptist and the beginning of Jesus' ministry. Dramatic sequences show Jesus suffering and over­ coming temptations in the wilderness. Part 5. Jesus Gathers His Friends. Scenes of the Sea of Galilee are used to introduce a dramatic sequence showing Jesus talking with some of the fishermen who become His disciples. He calms the anger of James and John whose preaching has not been well received, and begins talking of the Kingdom of Heaven. The calling of Matthew and the for­ giving of Mary of Magdala are also shown. Part 6. Ministry of Healing. Jesus is shown doing works of healing. As He continues past sundown into the be­ ginning of the Jewish Sabbath, the scribes and Pharisees reproach Him for violating the Sabbath. They are further angered when, in healing a woman, He "presumes" to forgive her sins. Part 7. A Countryside Teacher. Scenes of the country­ side of Galilee are shown to give an explanatory background for some of the striking figures of speech which Jesus used in His preaching. Introduced here is an apocryphal scene of Jesus giving a cup of cold water to a weary traveler. Part 8. The Kingdom of Heaven. Scenes traditionally associated with~Jesus' ministry in Galilee are followed by a representation of the Sermon on the Mount. Glimpses of warfare through the centuries are used to indicate mankind's negation of the command, "Dove your enemies." The closing scenes show Jesus with some children, mending a doll for one. He tells his disciples, "Whosoever shall not receive the

76 Kingdom of Heaven as a little child, shall not enter therein.” Part 9. Jesns and the Temple. Present-day scenes of spring plowing in Galilee and of modern pilgrims converging on Jerusalem serve to give an impression of what Jesus saw as He came to celebrate the Passover. A dramatic sequence shows Jesus entering the Temple acclaimed by the multitude. He tells them, ”My kingdom is not of this world.” Part 10. Blind Leaders. Made up almost wholly of dra­ matic sequences which include the story of the widow's mite, forgiveness of the woman taken in adultery, the driving of the money changers from the Temple, and Judas conspiring with the high priest to betray Jesus. Part 11. Hours of Trial (I). The Last Supper. Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and His arrest. (II). Trial by Herod, march to Calvary, the Crucifixion. Part 12. The Living Christ. The empty tomb, the dis­ ciples in the upper room, Jesus' appearance to the disciples. In a final scene, Jesus is shown appearing in a humble home of the present day. Is the scene fades, His words appear, "Lo, I am with you always.” 15 Min. each— Silent— Rental $2.25. (Parts 1 and 2, 25$ in­ crease during December, 50$ during Christmas week; Parts 11 (I), 11 (II), and 12, 25$ increase during Lent, 50$ during Holy Week.) B


Scriptures Visualized Institute

An illustrated sermon by Evangelist Bill Rice on John 14*6. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00. I J0£ WITH YOU

Religious Film Association, Inc.

The epic victory of a brave man's faith over the black magic of the African jungle. When following God's will leads to personal tragedy, how can a man carry on? This film gives an answer of startling clarity. A Swedish missionary film. English-language sound track, synchronized with the Swedish lip-movements. 1 Hr. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $16.00.

Grace Films

I WILL PILOT THEE Solo with organ accompaniment.

A sacred song dramatized.

3 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $2.00— Purchase $29.50. IN THE TEMPLE AND IN EVERY HOUSE

Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia)

Film prepared to introduce the Presbyterian Church*s new curriculum, "Christian Faith and Life, a Program for Church and Home." 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental - Apply. INDIA'S CHILDREN

Northern Baptist Convention

The children of India are always the first to be hit by plague and famine, and it is the task of the missionaries and Christian nationals to give them physical and spiritual hope for a better life. This film shows Baptist missions, hospitals, and schools. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. INTO ALL THE WORLD

Northern Baptist Convention

Protestant mission work among the peoples of India, Africa, China? among the Chinese and Indians of the United States? and finally amidst the challenging situations of our own rural and city churches. The film is based on Scriptural passages, and shows the tangible effects of the teachings of the missionaries. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00. INTO THE GOOD GROUND

Religious Film Association, Inc.

A professional man becomes embittered when his son rejects the career he had carefully planned for him. He is aroused from this attitude only when, through a series of events, he comes to the realization that religion is not the vital driving force in his life that he thought it was. Turning to the Bible out of a sense of need, he finds himself willing to substitute the revelation of G o d ’s will for his

78 own. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. ISAAC AND REBEKAH

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. ISAAC. THE BOY

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. ISHMABL

Hollywood Film Enterprises

8©© Stories of the Bible. ISRAEL IN ACTION

United Palestine Appeal

The Seige of Jerusalem, Glubb Pasha’s Legion, Israel’s “Burma Road,” The Diplomatic Front, Death of Col. “Mickey" Marcus, Haganah on Parade. Newsreel review of today’s minute men. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental - write for details. ISRAEL REBORN

United Palestine Appeal

News review of the birth of the Jewish State. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental - Write for details. JACOB AND RACHEL

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. DAUGHTER

Cathedral Films

Jairus, a ruler of the Synagogue in Capernaum, had an only daughter named Deborah. One day Deborah is brought home ill with a fever, by her friend Joanna. Jairus and his wife become alarmed as Deborah fails to respond to the doctor’s help. In desperation Jairus seeks the Master who arrives

79 after the little girl has died. He restores her to life and Jairus is convinced that Jesus is the Christ. 27 Min.— Sound— b&w— Eental $8.00. JESUS AND THE TEMPLE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . JESUS OF NAZARETH

Catholic Movies

Life, death and resurrection of Christ. 60 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50. JOB FOR BOB, A

Protestant Film Commission

Story centers around the experience of a Christian young man in choosing a vocation. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. JOHN R. MOTT. WORLD CITIZEN

Association Films

This documentary film shows Dr. Mott, world Christian leader, in varied situations and with groups typical of his long and significant career of service. The film includes a brief spoken message by Dr. Mott. Woven into the picture are typical activities and services sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. throughout the world. 19 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. JORDAN CROSSED TO EXILE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See The Holy Land (From Abraham to Allenby). JOSEPH IN THE LAND OF EGYPT

Ideal Pictures Corp.

80 Gives salient events in the life of Joseph while in Egypt. Jewish dialogue with English titles. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $16.50. JOURNEY INTO FAITH

Cathedral Films

A film based on the story of the two men from Emmaus. 34 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. Sunday, $14.00.)

(During Lent and Easter


Theatre-on-Film, Inc.

Based on the play by Maxwell Anderson, the story tells of the life of young Jesus. 1 Hr. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $25*00. KENJI COMES HOME

Protestant Film Commission

This documentary tells the story of a Japanese soldier who returned to his home town to find home and family life destroyed by the war. Amid the ruins of his home he meets a young waif, also part of the w a r ’s aftermath. They set out to find employment. He soon meets the Christian family of a former schoolmate. His friendship with the sister leads him to a new life based on a Christian concept of democracy. At the same time it plunges him into a conflict with the communist elements. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. KINDLED FLAME. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

A dramatic presentation of the life of the early Christians, and how their faith in the New Gospel survived in the face of martyrdom. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $9.90. KING OF KINGS

Films, Inc

Story of Christ from the conversion of Magdalene to the

81 Resurrection.

Produced by Cecil B. DeMille.

1 Hr. 55 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $20.00. (2 Hr. 37 Min. Silent b&w also available. Rental $15.00.) (25% increase during Lent.) KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . KYOTO STORY

Congregational Christian Churches

Untouched by war, Kyoto, in Japan, is the setting for the story, which concerns a G.I. and a Missionary. The nar­ ration of the two men tell the story which outlines mission work in Japan. 25 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00— Color $9.00. LAND OF ANTIQUITY

Library Films, Inc.


Library Films, Inc.

See Lord* s Footsteps. LAST DAYS OF POMPEIIT THE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Magnificent human story of life of rich and poor in ancient Pompeii. Blacksmith gladiator accumulates great wealth, but loses all in spectacular volcanic eruption and earthquake. The smith's son is restored to health by Jesus, but the ruthless father denies Him on the day of crucifixion. The figure of the Christ is not persohified, but His influence is effectively portrayed in a manner unobjectionable to any creed or denomination. In a final sacrifice the Christian slaves are resched as the corrupt Pompeian rulers perish. (RKO Production.) 1 Hr. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $17.50. LAST JOURNEY OF CHRIST. THE

Library Films, Inc

82 See Lord* s Footsteps Living Word Films


Presents the last discourse of JesUs with His disciples, adapted from the Zion Passion Play. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.50. Scriptures Visualized Institute


A picture-commentary oh God*s purpose in giving the Law to man, and an illuminating review of the wonders of His grace in redeeming man from the curse of the Law. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION

Guardian Films

Bible teaching in modern story setting. The story of a lumberjack who goes to the woods country to work, following his release from prison. In trying to make a clean start in life, he turns to the teachings of Christ, but is again confronted with temptation. Following his refusal to be a part of a scheme to do an injustice to his employer, he finds that all turns out well, and that he has been tested by his employer. 10 Min.— Sound— Sepia— Rental $3.00. LET THEM COME

Long Beach Ministerial Union

A human story of a friendless, churchless youngster, and the Release Plan Weekday Religious Education program. j

12 Min.— Sound— Color— Collection. LETTER FROM CHINA

International Film Foundation, Inc.

Film takes form of letter written to American on occasion of arrival of new missionaries in China. It shows missionary*s work, how he lives, and activities of his family. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00— Color $12.00.


Ideal Pictures Corp.

Intimate portrayal of these cloistered servants of God. 30 Min.— Sound— Rental $5.50. LIFE OF MOSES

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A biography of Moses from infancy to old age. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Purchase $37.50. LIFE OF ST. PAUL

Cathedral Films

Episode No. 1. Stephen— First Christian Martyr. Story of the apostles'ministry in and about Jerusalem following the death of our Lord, selection of Stephen to help in the work, his work and stoning. Introduces Saul of Tarsus. 24 Min. Episode No. 2. Conversion of Saul. This film depicts the persecution of the followers of Christ by Saul of Tarsus. An account of his conversion and ending with the restoration of his sight as Ananias leads Saul off to be baptized. 30 Min. Episode No. 3. The Years of Apprenticeship. Saul is still in Damascus and from Ananias he learns more about Jesus. He speaks in the Synagogue and is rebuked. Feeling the need of preparation he goes to the desert for three years. On his return he preaches again in Damascus, de­ claring Jesus to be the Christ. He is cast out and the authorities in the Synagogue secure orders to kill him, but he escapes and flees to Jerusalem. 30 Min. Episode No. 4. Return to Jerusalem. Saul returns to Jerusalem, but the Christians still fear him. He declares his faith and goes out proving it in word and deed, despite the plot to kill him. 30 Min. Episode No. 5. Ambassador for Christ. Barnabas took Paul from Tarsus to Antioch, where they taught. This film tells of the great famine in Judea and how the Antioch church responded by sending relief. It is a mission story of the early church sending missionaries to other cities. 30 Min.

84 Episode No. 6. First Missionary Journey. Saul's visit to the island of Cyprus, on the first step of his journey. With Barnabas and John Mark, Saul preaches throughout the island, and in Paphos he gains a great triumph for their cause. Sergius Paulus, Roman Pro-Consul, is converted, and Elymas the sorcerer punished for his blasphemy. It is at this time that Saul chooses to be known by his Roman name— Paul, of Tarsus. 30 Min. Episode No. 7. The Stoning at Lystra. Describes the perilous journey of Paul and Barnabas from the plagueridden swamps of Perga, through Pisidian Antioch to Iconium and Lystra. The miracle of the lame beggar causes Paul and Barnabas to be hailed as gods. Forbidden by Paul to make sacrifices, the populace turns against him. He is stoned, and left for dead, but he survives the ordeal and continues his ministry with Barnabas. 30 Min. Episode Nos. 8 through 12 are in process. Sound— Rental $8.00 each. LIFE OF ST. PAUL

(Episode No. 1, $6.00.) Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Episode No. 1. On the Road to Damascus. Covers that portion of Paul’s life which is recorded in Acts 7*54 to 8:3 and 9*1-18. Begins by introducing St. Luke, who reads what he has written while scenes from Paul’s early life appear on the screen. 12 Min.— Rental $3.30. Episode No. 2. The Way of Salvation. Covers Acts 16: 9-40. It is the episode of Paul in Philippi with Silas and Timothy. 25 Min.— Rental $6.60. Episode No. 3. Faith Triumphant. Portrayal of St. Paul’s arrest at Jerusalem and his imprisonment in Caesarea. The characters speak in the words of’the Scripture, Acts 21:27, 26s32. 22 Min.— Rental $6.60. Episode No. 4. Grace of Forgiveness. Begins with Paul’s arrival in Rome as a prisoner. He is permitted to live under guard in his own hired house, where he mingles with friends and writes some of his epistles. The story centers around Onesimus. The picture sheds light on the writing of the Epistles, making them living documents. 27 Min.— Rental $8.25. Episode No. 5.

The Crown of Righteousness.

Takes up

85 the story of Paul after he has spent two years as a prisoner in Rome. Closes with a final scene of Paul as he dictates ■ to'Luke, "I have fought the good fight." 24 Min.— Rental


Complete Series:

1 Hr. 50 Min.— Sound— Rental $25.00.


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Musical film in which Paul Levin and Bob Findley sing, "My Sins Are Gone," "My Life in the Risen Lord,"'"Jesus in My Heart," and "There Is a Stranger at the Door." 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.25— Purchase $42.50. LIGHT OF THE WORLD. THE

Foundation Films Corp.

The resurrection story of the risen Christ as the only hope of all people, presented by means of animated paintings. 11 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $4.00. LIGHT SHINES IN BAKUBALAND. THE

Northern Baptist Convention

The true story of how a pioneer missionary opened the Bakuba Kingdom in the Belgian Congo to Christianity. Interesting scenes of the culture and life of the Bakubas, the problems of the missionary and his converts, and the development of the mission are representative of pioneer missionary work, 30 Min.— Silent— Rental $2.25. LIKE A MIGHTY ARMY

Cathedral Films

The story of a congregation that took its faith seriously (after it woke up). A story of minister and laity working together as partners in planting a new mission. It pulls no punches— a story that happens over and over again. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. LILY OF IRE VALLEY

Youth Films, Inc.

A presentation of our valleys and their decorative flora, so

86 exquisitely painted by the hand of God. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $15.00. two shorter versions.) LITTLE CHILD

(Also available in

Children’s Productions

A dramatization by children of the preparation and presenta­ tion of the Christmas story through the eyes of children who find the experience both amusing and inspiring. An adapta­ tion from Jessie and Elizabeth Orton Jones’ book, ”A Little Child.” 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $8.00. LITTLE FLOWER. THE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Story of Saint Therese of Lisieux, youthful Carmelite nun, and autobiography she wrote at insistence of her superiors, is told in this revised, English-adapted production. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $20.00. 25^ additional.) LITTLE TOY SOLDIER. THE

(During Lent,

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Animated picture for children, tells of the travels and adventures of a toy soldier in his quest for a Christian home. 13''Min.— Sound— b&w--Rental $3.25— Purchase $40.50— Color $6 .50— Purchase $100.00. LIVING CHRIST t THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Ideal Pictures Corp.

Picture shows such spectacular events as Sodom and Gomorrah, the Flood, Building of the Ark, Tower of Babel, as well as salient events in the Life of Christ and the Apostles. 1 Hr. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental $15.00.


United Palestine Appeal

A real day by day picture of a people, an on the spot account of what is happening inside Palestine. 20 Min.— Rental - write for details. LORD1S FOOTSTEPS

Library Films, Inc.

Constitutes a tour through Holyland suggestive of the travels of Jesus. Narration throughout gives story and continuity to the study. Separate editions have been made for Catholic and Protestant audiences. Chapter 1. The Land of Christ1s Birth and Youth. Bethlehem, Nazareth, Pool of Bethesda, etc. 20 Min. Chapter 2. The Early Manhood of Christ. Pool of Siloam, The Dead Sea, River Jordan, etc. 10 Min. Chapter 3. Fishers of M e n . The Sea of Tiberius, Village of Cana, etc. 10 Min. Chapter 4. The Land of Antiquity. Sea, Magdala, etc. 10 Min.

Galilee, City of

Capernaum, On the

Chapter 5. The City That Christ Loved. Samaria, Roman Highway, etc. 10 Min.



Chapter 6. The Last Journey of Christ. Jacob's Well, Road to Jerusalem, Mt. of Olives, etc. 10 Min. Chapter 7. The Roadway to Heaven. Garden of Gethsemane, Pilate's Court, Bethany, etc. 10 Min. Sound--C61or— Rental - Apply. LORD'S PRAYER. THE

Foundation Films Corp.

The story of Jesus teaching His Disciples the Lord's Prayer and preaching to the multitude seeking His help. Adapted from the longer film, My Beloved Son. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $4.00. LOST CHORD. THE

Paul Burnford

88 Interpretation to the words of "The Lost Chord” using scenes from nature. Opens and closes in a church. Narfator says the words to the song, and organ music is heard in the back­ ground. The 23rd Psalm is read, and the "Lost Chord” is sung. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w. LOST SHEEP. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

The parable of the lost sheep visualized. Produced in a lighter vein to make a specific appeal to boys and girls. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. LOVELIEST ROSE. THE

Grace Films

Based on the Tournament of Roses parade, Hew Year*s Day. Has a Christian message. 12 Min.— Silent— Color— Rental $3.50. MAN AT THE GATE. THE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

A story of faith triumphant over burning ships and great storms, starring Wilfred Lawson (of "Pastor Hall” fame). It is a vivid portrayal of the hazardous life of the sea, and the indiscriminate tragedies of war, of the loss of faith, and finally the regaining of faith. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $17.50. MAN OF FAITH

Cathedral Films

B a s e d 'on the story of the healing of Darius by the Lord Jesus. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. MAN WHO FORGOT GOD. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

John Wilson, saved as a boy, dedicates his life to the Lord in early youth. Married ana prosperous, he backslides and becomes a miserable prodigal. Only the death of his 10-year

89 old daughter serves to bring him to his senses 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. MARY REED

American Mission to Lepers

The factual story of Mary Reed, a missionary to India, who contracted leprosy and lived with the lepers in order to give them spiritual guidance and a better standard of living. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - offering. MASTERSHIP

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Shows how an end was brought to the bickerings of a dissat­ isfied middle class English family through the evangelistic preaching of a famous English missioner,'Lax of Poplar, who brought them a new concept of the Mastership of Jesus. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. MEN IN UNIFORM

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Two sailors play, sing and testify to the Lord’s glory. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Purchase $37.50. MESSENGER OF PEACE

Lutheran Laymen*s League

The heart-warming adventures of Pastor Armin Ritter in the Hills where God was only a name. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $20.00. METHODIST FRIENDS IN CUBA

Methodist Publishing House

Scenes of rural and city churches as well as pictures of educational institutions show how the work of the Methodist Church has helped people of Cuba. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $4.00. MEXICAN MIRACLE

Ideal Pictures Corp

90 Re-enactment of one of the modern miracles of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Her Shrine in the Parraguia de San Jose in Mexico City. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.50. MEXICO. FAR AWAY LAND NEARBY

Methodist Publishing House

A documentary film on Mexico and the Methodist work in that country. 25 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $2.00. MIGRATION^ THE

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. MILLIONS CALL HIM FATHER

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Life and work of Fra Pedro de Gante, founder of the first Christian schools in America. Filmed on exact sites. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $20.00. MINISTRY OF HEALING

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Square Deal Pictures, Corp.

The main theme is that the real meaning of Christmas should be spread throughout the year. Shows a typical Christmas Day. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $7.50. December, $5.00 and $15.00.) MIRACLE OF THE PRAIRIE


Film Production Co.

This picture was made to honor celebration of Augustana Lutheran Synod at Rock Island, Illinois. 25 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply.


Evangel Picture Service

Depicts the possible happenings when Christians are caught up in the Rapture. 60 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. MISSION TO AMERICA

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Story of the establishment of the chain of Spanish Missions on the Pacific Coast. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $20.00. MONASTERY

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Austere-life of Trappist monks under vows of perpetual silence, 17 hours of work and prayer daily, in completely self-sufficient monastery. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— Rental $15.00. MUSICAL MOMENTS WITH SOL HOOPII

(During Lent $25.00.) Scriptures Visualized Institute

A n interpretation of well-known Gospel hymns by Sol Hoopii. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.50— Purchase $32,50. MUSICAL MOMENTS WITH THE HARMONETTES *”

Scriptures Visualized Institute

The testimonies of seven lovely Christian girls and their harmonious singing together for the Lord. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.00— Purchase $95.00— Color $12.00— Purchase $215.00. MUSICAL MOMENTS WITH THE PLACES

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A musical film in which Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Place play Gospel music on five different instruments. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.50— Purchase $32.50.


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Gospel melodies and songs played on the harp and piano and sung by Rev. and Mrs. S. E. Ramseyer. They also give their testimonies. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. MUSICAL PLACES

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A musical film by Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Place, using five different instruments. They also give their testimonies for the Lord Jesus Christ. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.25. M'1VONDO WAS HEALED

American Mission to Lepers

Previously released as a silent picture. (See Healing of M*Vondo.) The story of lovable, mischievous' little Mose living in French Cameroun. 35 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.50 or offering. MY BELOVED SON

Foundation Films Corp.

Relating the story of a few important scenes in the ministry of Jesus, including reference to John the Baptist as the Voice in the Wilderness, the Baptism of Jesus, healing of the blind beggar, and the ministry of the "Sermon on the Mount," closing with the Lordrs Prayer. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.00— Color $9.00. M Y NAME IS HAN

Protestant Film Commission

Story of Chinese family returning to their war-devastated farm and how Han is eventually won over to Christianity. 25 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. NATIVITY. THE

American Bible Society

93 Includes the annunciations to Mary and Joseph; the tax decree; the journey to Bethlehem, the manger scene, the shepherds and the wise men. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50. NEW BIRTH

Scriptur.es Visualized Institute

This animated film teaches two outstanding gospel truths— the new birth and the resurrection-— as they are so beauti­ fully illustrated in the life story of a moth. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. NEW SHEPHERD OF THE SEVEN HILLS

Ideal Pictures Corp.

The story of Rome— a visit to the '‘Eternal City.*’ 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— Rental $13.75. NEW SONG ON THE MESA. A

Northern Baptist Convention

Follows the life of a young Indian from .his home on the Arizona desert, through government high school where he meets Christian influence, on to the Baptist college for Indians in Oklahoma, and finally at the Baptist missions among the Hopi Indians of Arizona. 20 Min.— Silent— Color— Rental $2.00. NGONO AND HER PEOPLE

Northern Baptist Convention

Story of how an African girl becomes a missionary. 30 Min.— Silent— Rental $2.25. NO GREATER POWER

Cathedral Films

The story of Zaccheus as recorded in Luke 19:1-10. Shows him as an impoverished potter who gains wealth, but every­ thing changes when he meets with the Master. 24 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00.

Family Films, Inc.


A minister tells the story of a college girl who can’t de­ cide between three fellows who are in love with her. The film shows how the "other Gods,” such as money, sports, greed, and dishonesty must not be the prime element in life, but rather that Christian living is more important. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. NOAH AND THE ARK

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. NORTHERN OUTPOST

Presbyterian Church (New York)

Alaska moves before our very eyes against a background of startling natural color. The Church lives and acts in this new Alaska, through the hands and minds of dedicated persons— -a native Alaskan doctor ori the boat HYGIENE, an Eskimo minister, a highway chaplain, a native pastor in Juneau. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $8.00. NOTE OF PRAISE. A

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Little animated notes, journeying up to heaven to meet Jesus, tell how songs we sing here are regarded in heaven. A part of it is in live-aetion, featuring Uncle Andy, who encourages the children to participate in chorus singing. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.25— Purchase $42.50— Color $6 .50— Purchase $105.0 0 . NOW IS THE TIME

Scriptures Visualized Institute

This production teaches men to "number their days*" A warn­ ing that time will not tarry In its flight. Appeal to the unsaved to make immediate decision for Christ. 11 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. OF SCRAP AND STEEL

Great Commission Films

95 Shows how the Union Rescue Mission restored a steel execu­ tive to his job and society. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM

Presbyterian Church (Richmond)

Outlines the influence of the church program of Christian education on a home and how that Influence is demonstrated in the life of a child In the home. 25 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. ON HOLY GROUND

Europe Films

Film Is documented travelog on Palestine, narration coursing highlights of Holy Land history from time of Christ to present date. 20 Min.--Sound— b&w— Rental. ON THE MARCH FOR CHRIST

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Two young Christian people, boy and girl, show the fallacy of living for the world in contrast to the joy of a full, active life for Christ. Shows how the problems of today's youth are met and solved, with the help of God, by youth who trust Christ. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50— Purchase $125.00— Color $1 2.50— Purchase $250.00. ON THE RIGHT SIDE

Family Films, Inc.

The story of a gambler who jeopardizes the entire future of his family and himself, and how the break-up of the home is averted by the Christian action of a kindly judge. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS See Life of St. Paul.

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Farkas Films, Inc.

Based on the book of the same title by Florence Mary Fitch, this film presents the main characteristics of the three major religious faiths. 37 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. ONE MORE COMMANDMENT

Cathedral Films

A dramatization of the poem, "The Master is Coming," by Emma Lent. Based on John 13:34. 13 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $6.00. ORGAN MEDLEY OF SACRED HYMNS

Grace Films

Raging rivers and placid pools illustrate the moods of the sacred organ music. 8 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $3*80— Purchase $79.50. OSLO

Religious Film Society

The actual record of the first post-war Conference of Chris­ tian Youth of the world, held in Oslo, Norway, summer, 1947. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00. OUR CENTURY OF PROGRESS

Presbyterian Church (New York)

This film has been reprinted and continued in circulation as a memorial to the late Dr. Robert E. Speer, who narrated the film in 1937 for the Presbyterian Foreign Missions Centen­ nial. The address reviews the achievements of 100 years. 33 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00. OUT OF THE DUST

Northern Baptist Convention

It tells five stories woven into ones an American engineer who became a missionary; a colporter who gave his life for his faith; a rural pastor's contribution to Cuba; a Mexican boy who became a doctor; and an American salesman who saw

97 the light. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. OUT OP THE HIGHT

Pacific Garden Mission

Story of a young man who, weakened by economic pressure, cracks up under alcohol. He is rehabilitated by the Mission. A story of Skid Row. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $10.00— Purchase $250.00. PARABLE OF THE SOWER

American Bible Society

Jesus and the disciples'pass through a typical market place on their way to the sea. He tells the parable of the sower, and we see the seed falling in the different kinds of ground. Then He explains the parable. One by one indi­ viduals are used to illustrate the various conditions. The only spoken word is the narrator's voice reading the text, Matthew 13:1-23. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50. PASSIOH PLAY

Ideai Pictures Corp.

A tabloid life of Christ which brings out the main events from the cradle to the ascension. 1 H r . — Sound— Rental $13.25--Purchase $175.00. versions are also available.) PASTOR HIEMOELLER

(Two shorter

Foundation Films Corp.

Pastor Niemoeller explains what he means by his "Confes­ sional" church among the churches of the world. He has a timely and comforting message for the church. 11 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $4.50— Purchase $200.00. PATNA ON THE GANGES

Father Hubbard

The River Ganges and. further mysteries of this strange country, India. A Mission film.

98 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $16.00. PERPETUAL SACRIFICE The story drama of the Mass. brought to life. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Rental $20.00.

Ideal Pictures Corp. The Old and New Testaments (During Lent, $25.00.)


Methodist Publishing House

This picture provides an intimate and effective interpreta­ tion of Chinese home and community life. Authentic inter­ pretations of problems the missionary must cope with are given. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.50. PHILIPPINE STORY

Father Hubbard

The destruction and rebuilding of these islands and how the Missions have helped rehabilitate and give the people a renewed faith and hope in their future. 40 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $16.00. PILGRIMAGE PLAY. THE

Preferred Pictures, Inc.

Film depicts the Biblical narrative of the life and teach­ ings of Jesus of Nazareth from the Manger to the Ascension, as told in the Bible. Uses original Hollywood cast. 1 Hr. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. POWER OF GOD. THE

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Tells In the form of a modern story what Christianity is, what it does to the individual, and what the individual should do with it. 1 Hr.— Sound— b&w— Rental $15.00. POWER OF THE BLOOD

Scriptures Visualized Institute

99 This animated production visualizes the blood line as revealed in the Bible, starting in the Garden of Eden and ending with our Lord Jesus Christ. Makes clear the reason for the exceedingly great value of the Blood of Christ. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00— Purchase $150.00— Color $17.50— Purchase $325 .0 0 . PREJUDICE

Protestant Film Commission

B y means of a story, this film shows the harmful prejudice and how religion can help it.

effect of

58 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. PRINCE OF PEACE

Principle Films,


Record of Easter sunrise pageant at Lawton, Oklahoma. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. PRINCE OF PEACE

United World Films, Inc.

A pictorial account of the complete Christmas story. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. PRODIGAL RETURNS. THE

Foundation Films Corp.

Adapted from the longer Foundation picture, Suffer Little Children. Portrays reference to the parable of the Ninety and Nine, and the moral lesson of drunkenness and wasteful living. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00— Color $5.00. PRODIGAL SON. THE

Scripthres Visualized Institute

The story of Luke 15 pictured in twentieth century life. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00— Purchase $150.00. PROPHECY OF AMOS

Loyola Films

100 The Old Testament story of Amos. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Exposes the futility of m a n ’s search for happiness apart from Christ, and makes known the one true source of lasting joy. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. QUEEN ESTHER

Cathedral Films

The story of the sacrifice Esther was willing to make in order to save her people (the Jews) from destruction. The picture opens and ends with a modern Jewish family cele­ brating Purim in the traditional manner by reading the Book of Esther and the explanation of its meaning. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental (2 parts) $16.00. 2 $8.00 each) QUEST. THE

(Parts 1 and

Living Word Films

The story of Nicodemus1 visit with Jesus as related in St. John 3> adapted from the renowned Zion Passion Play. 15 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00. QUIET TRIUMPH

Northern Baptist Convention

Illustrates the postwar services and ministrations of the Chaplains of all faiths, in the veterans* hospitals through­ out the United States. 14 Min.— Sound— Rental $1.00. RAISING OF LAZARUS

Church-Craft Pictures

A portrayal of the Bible account as recorded in John 11, in which two sisters, Mary and Martha, are reunited with their brother Lazarus. 13 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00.


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Pictures the startling changes the Rapture will bring to pass in the lives of all men everywhere. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. REACHING FROM HEAVEN

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Story shows how one congregation comes to new realization of what their church stands for, through assisting a stranger who has been injured in an automobile accident in front of their church. It carries the lesson that God uses ordinary people to accomplish His purpose in the lives of others. 1 Hr. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $25.00. REBIRTH OF 4 NATION

Methodist Publishing House

An interesting introduction to the history and social back­ ground of Western China. Special emphasis is placed on relief work of the churches during the invasion of China. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. REDEEMER HEALETH. THE

Foundation Films Corp.

Adapted from the two longer Foundation pictures, Suffer Little Children, and M y Belovdd Son, and portrays four healings from Jesus' ministry. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Color $4.00. REEL MISSIONARIES

Moody Bible Institute

Discussion of the use of religious films for foreign distri­ bution. 15 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - write for details. RELIGION AND THE PEOPLE

Religious Film Association, Inc.

Film shows social and educational activities among Protes­ tants, Jews and Catholics in London. Vital relation

102 between Church and social activity is indicated. prior to the War.


20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.50. RELIGION IN THE FAMILY

Square Deal Pictures Corp.

This picture aims to bring religion to grips with life, depicting love of parents for children, etc. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00. RESCUE OF


Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. RETURN OF


Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. RETURN TO JERUSALEM

Cathedral Films

See Life of S t . Paul. RETURN TO


Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See The Holy Land (From Abraham to Allenby). RICH YOUNG RULER

Cathedral Films

A familiar story from the life of our Lord and true to the incident as it is recorded in St. Mark 10:13-31. However, what happened to the Rich Young Ruler after he left the interview with Jesus is the basis for the climax of this picture. 27 Min.— Sound— b&w--Rental $8.00. RIGHT. SAFE AND GRATEFUL

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An illustrated sermon by Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3-75— Purchase $50.00.

Library Films, Inc.


Southern Baptist Convention

The thrilling, authentic presentation of one hundred years of Southern Baptist growth, trials, and triumphs. 42 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. ROSARY SUNDAY AND THE CARDINAL’S WELCOME

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Set in Canada, the first part portrays a magnificent pageant of the living rosary, and the second part presents the unusual welcome extended to the Archbishop and first English-speaking Cardinal of Canada. 10 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $4.00. RUTH Bible story of Naomi and Ruth. was shot in Palestine.

United World Films, Inc. Much of background footage

38 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. SACRIFICE OF ISAAC

Hollywood Film Enterprises

See Stories of the Bible. SACRIFICE OF ISAAC

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Presentation of the Old Testament story. Dialogue and music in Yiddish, but the English subtitles carry the story. 1 Hr. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $16.50. ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Birth and early life of Fernando, featuring the incident of the birds which led to the miracles surrounding this Saint.

104 1 Hr. 30 Min.— Sound— Rental $17.^0. ST. STEPHEN— MARTYR

Loyola Films

This film picturing the work of Stephen is so designed as to be applicable to any Catholic educational, inspirational, or devotional program. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental. SALT OF THE EARTH

Cathedral Films

The story of a small town pastor and his people, and bearing out the theme of Christian stewardship, emphasizing personal evangelism. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. SAVIOUR IS BORN. THE

Foundation Films Corp.

Begins with Micah's prophecy of the coming of Jesus, "and He shall stand." The story takes through the decree of Caesar and develops the Wise Men-Shepherds theme, then to the manger scene. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8,00— Color $10.00. SCENIC PSALMS

Youth Films, Inc.

Blue Horizons. moods of the sky.

A photographic treatise on the eolor

Consider the Lilies. A picture of scenery woven into a religious theme of the abundant life. Day is Done.

Pictures of sunsets.

Desert Symphony. The golden hush of the West is the setting for prayer, praise and meditation. Forest Cathedrals. This picture captures the beauty of forest and wooded landscapes. Gardens of God. God's beauty unfolded through a blend­ ing of a religious message and floral finery.

105 Templed Hills. Combines the splendor of our mountainous areas with a timely message on personal living. 30 Min. each— Sound— Color--Rental - Apply. SCHOOL. THE

Religious Film Society

See Two Thousand Years A g o . SHADOWS OF THE MANGER

Crusader Films

The story of the Nativity in moving silhouette scenes against stained glass windows. Scripture narration and music. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $12.00. SHINING FOR JESUS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A children's film in which "Uncle Walter Wilson" answers the question, "What makes a flashlight shine?" and Beverly Shea sings, "This Little Light of Mine" and "I'll Be a Witness." 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. SICKLE OR THE CROSS

Lutheran Laymen's League

Story of a Christian laymen's group who have organized to fight communism. Shows the dangers of communism, visualizes how Christian living can be applied to a modern home, and shows what a laymen's group can do if it works with a purpose. 1 Hr. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $25.00. SIMON PETER. FISHERMAN

Cathedral Films

Shows the calling of the first disciples and the beginning of our Lord's ministry. 32 Min.— Sound— b&w--Rental $8.00. SINGIN' AND TALKIN' 'BOUT MY LORD

Scriptures Visualized Institute

106 A picture with a semi-negro spiritual touch. The talented quartet of young men have a clear testimony for the Lord. 16 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00— Color $7 .00— Purchase $135.0 0 . SINGING HEART. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Pictorial demonstration of the wickedness of the human heart and the power of the blood of Christ to cleanse and make it pure. Especially effective in children’s work. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.75— Purchase $18.00. SINGING I GO

Great Commission Films

The story behind the song, ”I*d Rather Have Jesus.” film.


22 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - Apply. SONGS AND STORIES FOR CHILDREN

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Object lesson by ’’Uncle Walter Wilson,” and songs, ’’The Grumbler’s Song,” and ’’Sweet Little Jesus Boy.” 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. SONGS OF FANNY CROSBY

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Production about the influence of the life of Fanny Crosby, who, though blind from infancy, has touched the lives of untold multitudes for Christ, through the heart-touching Gospel songs that she wrote. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $15.00— Purchase $225.00— Color $25.00— Purchase $425.00. SONS OF GOD

Square Deal Pictures Corp.

Film is based on Zelia M. Walters' book, ’’Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask." The story of a girl's quest for God. It sets forth a technique whereby one may apply principles of

religion to personal problems of life. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. SOUL WINNING EXPERIENCES

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Dr. H. A. Ironside, Dr. Walter L. Wilson and Dr. William B. Riley relate personal experiences in soul-winning. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00— Purchase $37.50. SPIRITUAL REARMAMENT

National Bible Press

A picture of spiritual activities in our armed fOrces--and the production of Testaments for the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. 11 Min.— Sound— Rental - Free to any responsible group. SPRINGTIME IN THE HOLYLAND

Ideal Pictures Corp.

A travelog through modern Holyland. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $8.25. Lent, $15.00.) STARLIGHT NIGHT

(During December or

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

The dramatized story of the writing of the famous hymn, ’’Silent Night.’1 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50. STEPHEN— FIRST CHRISTIAN MARTYR

Cathedral Films

See Rife of S t . Paul. STONING AT LYSTRA, THE

Cathedral Films

See Life of St. Paul. STORIES OF THE BIBLE

Hollywood Film Enterprises

108 A series of Bible picture stories sponsored by Dr. Harwood Huntington, Ph.D. They follow the*lives of the Old Testa­ ment characters which they portray. Archaeological and historical authenticity is assured. 1* Creation. Formation of the World until the Expul­ sion from the Garden of Eden. 2. Cain and Abel. Crazed by envy, Cain kills Abel and, with the curse of the Lord upon him, wanders into the waste­ land, finally joining one of the tribes of the plains. 3. Noah and the A r k . Noah receives the message of Jehovah, builds”his ark and assembles the animals. Noah is shown in sharp contrast to the lustful, greedy men of his period. 4-. The Deluge. The rains continue for "forty days and forty nights," until all living things are destroyed except those with Noah in the ark. The rain ceases. Noah and his people descend from the ark on Mt. Ararat. 5. Abram. Abram denies the false idols, worshipped by the people of Ur, and urges his father to leave. 6 * 'The Migration. Abram arrives at Haran. Shocked by customs, resolves to leave Haran and go into the land of Canaan. 7. Abram and L o t . Trouble comes over the division of water rights and grazing land, and Lot acquires all the fertile land. Abram contents himself with the rocky hills. Lot moves to the city of Sodom. 8 . The Rescue of Lot. In the city Lot becomes immensely wealthy. He returns to the worship of idols. This manner' of life brings him trouble, and he turns to Abram for help. 9. Isaac, the B o y . A son, Ishmael, is born to Abram and Sarai’s handmaid, Hagar. A son is born to Sarai and Abram. Ishmael, the half-brother, cannot conceal his jealousy of Isaac. 10* Ishmael. Ishmael’s resentment of Isaac grows. Ishmael and his mother set out for Egypt but lose their way. They are saved by an Angel of God. Ishmael marries and becomes the father of the Ishmaelites. Sacrifice of Isaac.

Abram has a vision telling him

109 to offer his first born son on the altar. When the sacri­ fice is about to be made, the Lord indicates that Abram is to sacrifice a goat instead. 12. Isaac and Rebekah. Abram sends an emissary to the city of Nahor. Here Rebekah is selected, when he finds her at the well. 13. Jacob and Rachel. Jacob falls in love with Rachel. Laban'makes a bargain with Jacob requiring him to work for Laban. Laban tricks Jacob and he must work another seven years to win Rachel. 14. Return of Jacob. Jacob He travels until he comes to his Here Jacob builds a house, makes their idols, and builds an altar

decides to leave Laban. brother Esau's country. his people throw away all to God.

10 Min. each— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.65 each. STORY OF A FOUNTAIN PEN

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A parable describing the similarities between the Christian and a fountain pen. Teaches the plan of salvation. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. STORY OF BAMBA. THE

Northern Baptist Convention

Story of a little African boy who grows up and becomes a medical worker and Christian evangelist, and how he brings his uncle and his people to Christianity. 30 Min.— Silent— Rental $2.25. STORY OF ESTHER

Loyola Films

Story from the Old Testament of man whose greed for power drives him to ordering destruction of whole race of people. Esther discovers the prime minister's plot, and at risk of her life keeps faith with her religion by revealing to the King the evil plan of the prime minister. 46 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental. STORY OF THE PRODIGAL SON. THE

Cathedral Films

110 The story of St. Luke 15:11-32 as Jesus told It. 22 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. STOEY TIME NO. 1

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Visualized stories with spiritual application that children love. No. 1 includes "Charlie Cardinal" and "Story of the Lamb." 10 Min.— Sound— b&w--Rental $2.25— Purchase $30.00. STORY TIME N O . 2

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Includes "Race in the Forest," and ".The Wind." story teaches a lesson on the Holy Spirit.

The last

12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Eental $2.50— Purchase $32.50. STORY TIME N O . 3,


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Contains two stories: "Carol Candle" with a missionary message, and "The Moon" which teaches that just as the moon reflects the sun’s light, so Christians reflect the light of our Lord Jesus Christ. 13 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. STRANGER AT OUR DOOR

Family Films, Inc.

Good returned for evil, under circumstances that reflect the spirit of a true student of the Bible. A teen-age son of a refugee family reveals his thorough Christian upbringing. Here, unlike the country of his birth, it is the means of his establishing permanent roots in his new homeland and gaining true friends. 27 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN

Foundation Films Corp.

Begins with the parable of The Ninety and Nine, then the story of the Prodigal Son followed by several healing scenes of the Master and closing on'the theme, "Suffer Little Children and Forbid Them Not."

Ill 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.00— Color $9.00. SUPREME TASK

Christian Sound Filins

A n illustrated message relative to evangelization of the world in our generation. 14 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. SYMPHONIES IN STONE

Post Pictures

These films provide detailed views of European cathedrals with helpful explanatory comment which usually includes interesting sidelights on their history. Narrator speaks with decided British accent. Canterbury Cathedral. Chartres Cathedral. Elv Cathedral. Gloucester Cathedral. Lichfield Cathedral. Lincoln Cathedral. Peterborough Cathedral. S t . Paul♦s Cathedral. Salisbury Cathedral. Wells Cathedral. Westminster Abbey. Winchester Cathedral. York Cathedral. 10 Min. each— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.65 each. SYNAGOGUE. THE See Two Thousand Years Ago

Religious Film Society


Youth Films, Inc.

See Scenic Psalms. TEN-LINK CHAIN

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An object lesson by Rev. Joseph S. Otteson, based on James 2sl0. A simple, understandable presentation in which a ten-link chain is used to demonstrate conclusively that man cannot find salvation in the keeping of the law. 11 Min.— S o u n d ~ b & w — Rental $1.75— Purchase $20.00. THANKFUL DANDELION

Scriptures Visualized Institute

This animated film teaches that human beings, who have Godgiven free wills to accept or reject His salvation and His mercies ought to learn a lesson from the flowers, which thankfully accept all that God gives them. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.50— Purchase $45.00— Color $7 .00— Purchase $110.0 0 . THAT KID BUCK

Scriptures Visualized Institute

The owner of a hardware store Buck had broken into, asked the sheriff to let him send Buck to Youth Haven camp for a week. Based on an actual case history from the files of this Christian camp, the film weaves a story of God at work in the heart of a boy whom the world called incorrigible. 35 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $15.00. THAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Influence of city mission church upon life of American boy of Italian ancestry. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.50. THEY FOLLOW ON

Moody Bible Institute

After a short stay at Moody Bible Institute, Bill Williams, a typical Christian student, plans for the mission field;

113 but he meets a girl with a different idea which complicates things. 28 Min.— Sound— Color— Eental - write for details. THEY WALKED WITH JESUS

Audio Film Center

Events in the life of Jesus from Birth to Crucifixion and Resurrection. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00— Purchase $80.00. THIRST OF LIFE

Evangel Films

Beautiful pictures of mountains, streams, ocean, fruit and flowers. A documentary film of water, both chemical and spiritual. 22 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $7.00. THIS AMAZING UNIVERSE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

This animated film makes more comprehensible the wonders of this amazing universe, God's handiwork. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. THIS IS MY FATHER'S WORLD

Religious Film Association, Inc.

Scenes of natural beauty keyed to passages from Psalms and other Old Testament sections. 10 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $4.40. THIS IS OUR EARTH

Religious Film Association, Inc.

A song rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" against an appro­ priate background, 3 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $1.00. THIS ROAD IE WALK

Church World Service, Inc

114 Ficturization of the united church program of relief and reconstruction in Europe and Asia. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Eental $2.50. THIS WAYWARD WORLD

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Disclosure of the wretched state into which man has fallen through his willful departure from God, and the one remedy for man's soulsickness. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. THROUGH THE CENTURIES

Ideal Pictures Corp.

Covers history of the Church from time of Christ to present day. Catholic action picture. 1 Hr. 10 Min.— Sound— Rental $17.50. THY WILL BE DONE

Cathedral Films

A missionary, his wife and a missionary doctor are con­ fronted with a cholera epidemic in the Chinese village where they are stationed. The solution to their difficulty is told, emphasizing the tremendous importance of missionary work and needs. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. THY WORD GIVETH LIGHT

American Bible Society

Portrays the father of a serviceman telling the story of how his son, blinded during the war, had lost the will to live. Through the message which the Braille Bible brought to his heart and mind, he finds his way back to a useful life. The picture makes a direct appeal to the audience to help the Society continue its work of translating, publishing and distributing Scriptures for all who need and want them. 20 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $5.00 or offering. TOMORROW'S A WONDERFUL DAY

Hadassah Film Library

115 The story of a children’s village in Palestine. Shows how a refugee boy is changed from a sullen youth who is at odds with the world to a normal youth. Several sequences inter­ pret Jewish customs and festivals. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Piental $10.00. TOO LATE

Grace Films

A true story of China. 21 Min.— Sound— Color— Eental $10.00— Purchase $245.00. TORU’S PEOPLE

Protestant Film Commission

Documents historical and political backgrounds and impact of American democracy. Exclusive scenes of Emperor and General MacArthur. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50— Color $12.00. TOUCHING THE UNTOUCHABLES

Methodist Publishing House

Barkat, an Indian untouchable, lives in an outcast village in rural India. The coming of the missionaries to the village is the beginning of the transformation of Barkat and his outcast comrades. 20 Min.— Silent— b&w— Rental $2.00. Eental $2.50. TOWARD THE HORIZON

25 Min.— Sound— b&w—

Northern Baptist Convention

This film tells the story of the church sponsored schools and colleges for Negroes, their equipment, classes, student bodies, and faculties. It tells of the emergence of the Negro into the world of today, taking his place as a fellow American in an educated society. 28 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. TRAVELERS. THE See Two Thousand Years Ago

Religious Film Society


Scriptures Visualized Institute

Animated picture which shows the various stages in the growth and development of the natural tree and compares it with a Christian’s spiritual growth and fruit-bearing. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.75— Purchase $35.00. TRIP TO THE ZOO

Scriptures Visualized Institute

Part 1. Merlita and Gene spend a glorious day at the Zoo visiting the animals. Every scene has a spiritual application. Part 2. Merlita and Gene visiting the Zoo. Continu­ ation of Part 1. However, either film may be shown sepa­ rately. 10 Min. each— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO

Religious Film Society

Documentary type films that show clearly and sympathetically the kind of life lived in Palestine in the time of our Lord. D a y ’s W o r k . The. Carpenter and his son, with their loaded donkey, pass through village to their shop. Here they make yokes for oxen, doors and other woodwork. Nearby a potter is at work, molding and firing. A house is being built. Home again, hands are washed, supper eaten— first by the men, then by the women and children. The father reads from the sacred rolls of the Torah. 21 Min. Home. The. Animated maps show size of Palestine and its position in Roman Empire. A carpenter’s family of six awakens. Bedding is folded away, breakfast eaten. Man and boy load their donkey and go off to work. Mother swaddles her infant and places it in the manger for safety. Helped by her two young daughters, she fetches water, grinds grain, bakes and sews. 19 Min. School. The. Schoolboys make their way to the Syna­ gogue, take off their shoes and enter. In a small room they sit on floor, guided by the Khazzan, they recite aloud the Shema, memorize and learn to read from the Torah. Elder scholars write books of sacred learning. In a teaching booth in the courtyard an argument is settled by the Rabbi.

117 At home, mother teaches her daughters.

16 Min.

Synagogue. The. Men and women sit separately. The Ark. Prayers. Lesson, sermon, and discussion. Psalms are sung. Housing crisis in Jerusalem at Passover. In a rich m a n ’s house the Passover meal is observed, the threefold ceremony of the cup, singing of Psalms. 22 Min. Travelers. The. At the inn, travelers order food or eat what they have brought with them. A silk merchant plies his trade. A beggar asks alms. Children play. A rich merchant is welcomed as he visits a friend's house. From the Syna­ gogue comes the sound of the Shophar. The Sabbath lamp is lit, hands are washed, the meal begins. 22 Min. Sound— b&w— Rental $ 6 .GO each. UNDER MARCHING ORDERS

Scriptures Visualized Institute

An urgent reminder of Christ's command to world evangeli­ zation. Dr. H. A. Ironside points out the church's failure and complacency as well as sounds forth its duty of global missionary enterprise. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. UNFAITHFUL SERVANT. THE

Cathedral Films

This is another parable Jesus told about a servant who was trusted by his King. One day Hiram, the servant, borrowed money under false pretenses from the King and was unable to pay it back. The King had mercy and spared his servant from being punished when Hiram promised to make restitution. Then Hiram went out and unmercifully treated his own creditors, but was discovered in the act by the King. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. UNFORGIVING DEBTOR. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

Based on Jesus' parable in Matthew 18s23-35. 10 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.00. UNPARDONABLE SIN. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

118 In this illustrated sermon. Dr. Jesse M. Hendley discusses the unpardonable sin from the Word of God. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.75— Purchase $50.00. UNWELCOME GUEST. THE

Religious Film Association, Inc.

The familiar story contained in Luke 7*36-50. While Jesus is guest at the home of a Pharisee, a woman of the city comes in and anoints His feet. 15 Min.— Silent— b&w— Rental $1.50. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Sets forth the motivation for vacation Bible schools as well as the execution of a well-planned program, including adver­ tising, teacher training, materials, family night and even a picnic. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.50. VATICAN OF PIUS X I I . THE

Library Films, Inc.

Film constitutes a personal pilgrimage to the Vatican City in Rome. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Purchase. VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE. THE Portrays the Miracle of Tepeyac. English subtitles.

Ideal Pictures Corp. Spanish dialogue with

1 Hr. 40 Min.— Sound— Rental $25.00. VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS

Cathedral Films

The story of John the Baptist beginning with his birth and early life in the desert, to his beheading. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $10.00. VOICE OF THE DEEP

Moody Institute of Science

119 A revelation of underwater sound, with a spiritual interpre tation. 30 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental - apply. WALKING WITH GOD

Family Films, Inc.

The story of a successful failure. One of many men who attain their worldly wealth at the expense of their spirit­ ual self. This m a n ’s self-engrossment stifles all under­ standing of his Christian responsibilities to his fellow humans and family. Only the unaltered faith and persever­ ance of his wife brings him back to the right and realization of his failure as a man and father. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. WATER OF LIFE

Youth Films, Inc.

See Scenic Psalms. W A Y OF PEACE

Foundation Films Corp.

Story presents the means to a lasting peace, in contrast to the road to total destruction. Three-dimensional animated puppets and miniature sets are the mediums used. Film starts from the Beginning, when ”God created the Heavens and Earth” then shows how man ignored God, and within Man's heart a wall was built between himself and his Creator. Picture ends by showing a slow dissolving of the Earth out in space.. 19 Min.— Sound— Color— Rental $8.00. WAY OF SALVATION. THE

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See Life of St. Paul. WAY TO HEAVEN. THE

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A musical in which Bob Findley and Paul Levin sing duets, and Bob (who was born blind) sings alone. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $3.25— Purchase $42.50.

120 Cathedral Films


Tells the story of an actual experience in the Southwest Pacific. Natives who were educated in mission schools are responsible for saving the lives of American airmen shot down in the jungles. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00. WE WOULD BE BUILDING

Congregational Christian Churches

Film approaches problem of funds needed for new churches through media of a real-life situation built around the growing community of Silver Springs, Md. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00— Color $7.00. WEDDING FEAST

United World Films, Inc.

Tells the parable of the King, the Wedding Feast and the Righteous Man. Matthew 22:1-14. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00. W E ’VE A STORY TO TELL

Methodist Publishing House

The setting is a Sunday service in a typical American Church. As the pastor preaches about the work of the Church at large, scenes of foreign missions, home missions, relief and social work, hospitals, church schools, Bible work, etc. are shown. One church member and his family are singled out, to show what the church has meant to him from his baptism when he was f 6ur years old, till now, and to emphasize his share in the gifeat fellowship and world-wide tasks of the church. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $7.50 WHAT HAPPENED TO JO JO

Protestant Film Commission

Jo Jo, a super life-of-the-party teen-ager, and her friends in the church young people’s society were only nominally concerned with the gang on the other side of town until one of the gang bopped her with a rock. How she and her friends dealt with the situation makes an inspiring story for all ages and applies principles in the International Council

121 outline, "Christian Citizenship on the Local Level." 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. WHAT MEN LITE B Y

United World Films, Inc.

Noble-souled cabinet maker succors naked stranger, who will give no account of himself except to spy that God has pun­ ished him. For two years the stranger proves an apt apprentice. Finally he announces himself as an angel sent to dwell among men because of his head strong disobedience, until he learns the answers to three questions: What dwells in Man? What is not given to Man? What men live by? Story by Tolstoy. 40 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. WHEN JESUS WAS BORN

Harmon Foundation, Inc.

See I Am the W a y . WHERE LOVE IS, GOD IS

United World Films, Inc.

Bereaved Cobbler is embittered against religion, but he finally learns that "God is Love," and his faith is re­ stored. Story by Tolstoy. 40 Min.--Sound— b&w— Rental $12.00. WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR?

Cathedral Films

A story of a Samaritan family and their unusual experience in Jerusalem. Based on the parable of the Good Samaritan. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. WHO KIEN CAN BE SAVED?

United World Films. I n c .

A fiction story with a Biblical setting. A slave, his master and a beggar meet Jesus, with results recorded in the story. 18 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $6.00.

Ideal Pictures Gorp.


Excellent film biography of man who translated New Testament into English. His hardships and travails. 50 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $11.00. WITCHBOUND AFRICA

World Wide Bible Pictures

A motion picture of the life and work of Christian doctors combating witchcraft and spirit worship in darkest Africa. 45 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $5.00. WOMAN OF SAMARIA

American Bible Society

Tells in detail the story contained in John 4s4-41. The only spoken word is the narrator's voice reading the King James text. 15 Min.— Sound— b&w— -Rental $7.50. WOMAN TO REMEMBER

Cathedral Films

The story of Miriam, who lost her wealth, and how she takes her last remaining possession from her days of wealth, a priceless bottle of ointment, and anoints the feet of Jesus. 30 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. YEARS OF APPRENTICESHIP. THE

Cathedral Films


Family Films, Inc.

The story of a victim of alcoholism, and the religious factors instrumental in healing &nd restoration of his faith. 28 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $8.00. YESUDAS. THE OUTCASTB

Methodist Publishing House

123 This is the story of an Indian boy, who breaks the bonds of caste in India to become a Christian missionary. 19 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $4.00. YOU CAN'T BARN IT

Scriptures Visualized Institute

A sermonette by Dr. Walter L. Wilson emphasizing the free­ ness of G o d ’s salvation— a gift which may be had for the asking, but one which can never be earned. 12 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $2.00— Purchase $25.00. YOUNG MAN OF NAZARETH

Harmon Foundation, Inc.


Religious Film Association, Inc.

Presents the significance of five Jewish holy day ceremonies and interprets them. Sound— b&w— Color— Rental - write. YOUR WORLD CALL

Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Designed to create maximum motivation to do the Lord's work on a world-wide basis. Although the bulk of the scenes are Oriental, direct application is made to the need of the Gospel in Europe, Africa, Latin America and our own country. Sound— Color— Rental $7.50. YOUTH FOR THE KINGDOM

Lutheran Layman's League

The film points to three things: (1) The contrast between the Christian and the non-Christian home. (2) The agencies of the Church to assist the home. (3) One type of special service to reach the unchurched. A thread of romance is woven through the picture. 1 Hr. 20 Min.— Sound— b&w— Rental $15.00.

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Hollywood 28,

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