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This book presents selected papers from the 3rd Cultural DNA Workshop. Contributed by prominent computational design exp

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A New Perspective of Cultural DNA

Table of contents :
About the Editor
Simon's Ant: Towards New Task Environments for Design Alternatives
1 The Task Environment Changes Behaviour
2 CAD Changes the Task Environment
3 Working with Alternatives
4 What is an Alternative?
5 Supporting Design Alternatives
6 How Malleable Are Task Environments?
Trust Considerations in the Coordination of Computational Design Teams
1 Introduction
2 Related Work
2.1 Analysis of Trust in Teams
2.2 Problem Coordination in Design Optimization
3 Methodology
3.1 Generalized Approach
3.2 Illustrative Example
4 Conclusions
Style Similarity as Feedback for Product Design
1 Introduction
2 Related Work
3 Learning Image Style with Neural Networks
3.1 Labeling Image Style
3.2 Neural Network Configuration
3.3 Style Estimation
4 Analysis of Style for Product Design
4.1 Data Processing
4.2 Product Relationships
5 Product Design Loop
6 Discussion
Type and Behavior Pattern Analysis of Art Museum Visitors Based on Social Network Analysis
1 Introduction
2 Related Work
2.1 Type of Museum Visitor
2.2 Visitor Studies Utilizing Social Networking Services
3 Methods and Data Description
3.1 Data Acquisition and Preprocessing
3.2 Data Analysis
4 Whole Network Analysis
4.1 Statistical Analysis of Whole Social Network
4.2 Communities Clustered in Network
4.3 Slope of Groups for Analyzing Hub
5 Conclusion
6 Discussion and Future Work
Towards a Useful Grammar Implementation: Beginning to Learn What Designers Want
1 Introduction
2 The Front End
3 The Back End
4 Discussion
4.1 The User Experience
4.2 The Grammarian’s Perspective
4.3 Explorations of Extended Functionality
5 Conclusion
Shape Machine: A Primer for Visual Computation
1 Introduction
2 Identity Rules
2.1 Find Shapes Consisting of Lines Under Isometric Transformations
2.2 Find Shapes Under Similarity Transformations
2.3 Find Shapes Consisting of Arcs Under Isometric Transformations
2.4 Find Shapes Consisting of Arcs Under Similarity Transformations
2.5 Exceptions Noted: Indeterminate Applications of Rules
3 Replacement Rules
3.1 Substitute Shapes Consisting of Lines Under Isometry and Similarity Transformations
3.2 Substitute Shapes Consisting of Lines and Arcs Under Isometries and Similarities
4 Applications
4.1 Product Design: Celtic Knots
4.2 Mechanical Design: The Gear Grammar
4.3 Architectural Design: Portm-Ino
5 Discussion
Shape Grammars as the Decoder of Cultural DNA of Archaeological Artifacts
1 Introduction
2 Generative Grammars in the Analysis of Archaeological Artefacts
2.1 A Symbolic Grammar for the Decorative Arts of Nuba Hills in Central Sudan
2.2 The Orkney Islands Chamber Tombs Shape Grammar
2.3 The Greek Meander Shape Grammar
3 Shape Grammars for Building-Type Definition
3.1 The Library Shape Grammar for Ancient Greek and Roman Libraries
4 Conclusions
Alternative Design Strategies for Building Façade Screens
1 Introduction
2 Mashrabiya: A Unique Device for Building Screens
3 Contemporary Mashrabiya
4 Wallpaper Group of Symmetry
5 Design Alternatives for Façade Screens
5.1 Alternative 1
5.2 Alternative 2
5.3 Alternative 3
6 Summary
Architecture, Narrative and Interaction in the Cityscapes of the Assassin’s Creed Series
1 Introduction: Architecture and Video Games
2 Cities in Video Games: Between Real and Imaginary Places
3 The Assassin’s Creed Series and Its Historical Cities
4 Methodology: Theory and Case Study
5 Reconstructing Historical Cities: A Design Approach
6 Analysis of Architecture, Narrative and Interactivity and Their Intersection
6.1 Interaction—Gameplay
6.2 Narrative Layers
6.3 Architecture and Urban Representations
6.4 Atmosphere
7 Reflections
8 Conclusions and Future Developments

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