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First published in 1898 and long out of print, A Japanese Robinson Crusoe by Jenichiro Oyabe (1867–1941) is a pioneering

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A Japanese Robinson Crusoe

Table of contents :
An Introduction by Greg Robinson and Yujin Yaguchi
Chapter I. Origin—Childhood
Chapter II. Leaving Father’s House
Chapter III. At Yezo Island
Chapter IV. On to America
Chapter V. Crossing Kurile Islands
Chapter VI. On Russian Soil
Chapter VII. Sent Back to Japan
Chapter VIII. Wandering on the South Sea
Chapter IX. At the Ryukyu Islands
Chapter X. In the Chinese Empire
Chapter XI. Voyage to America
Chapter XII. Darkest America
Chapter XIII. Light of America
Chapter XIV. In American Schools
Chapter XV. At the Capital—University Life
Chapter XVI. Lecturer—Visiting Europe
Chapter XVII. Studying at New Haven
Chapter XVIII. Vision of Future Work—Ordination
Chapter XIX. Departure from America
Chapter XX. At the Hawaiian Islands—Return to America

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