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A Frequency Dictionary of Czech: Core Vocabulary for Learners
 2010020526, 9780415576611, 9780415576628, 9780415576635

Table of contents :
Thematic vocabulary lists
Series preface
Frequency dictionaries
Frequency dictionaries of Czech and the specific Czech language situation
Base corpora
Data processing
Word frequency and dispersion measures
Lemmatization principles
Contents of the dictionary
Explanatory notes
Frequency index
1 Pronouns
2 Modal verbs
3 Register differences
4 Verbs of movement
5 Verbs of communication
6 Verbs of thinking
7 Time
8 Family
9 Evaluative adjectives
10 Body
11 Food and drink
12 Colours
13 Animals
14 Landscape
15 Weather
16 Nationality adjectives
17 Clothing
18 Professions
19 Materials
20 Transport
Alphabetical index
Part-of-speech index

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aFREQUENCY dictionary of




Frantisek Cermak and Michal Kren >

Practical: the top 5,000 most frequently used words Learner friendly: gives you the core vocabulary for Czech quickly Useful: 20 thematic boxes give the top words for a speciÀc topic

A Frequency Dictionary of Czech A Frequency Dictionary of Czech is an invaluable tool for all learners of Czech, providing a list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in the language. Based on data from a 100-million-word corpus and evenly balanced between spoken, fiction, non-fiction and newspaper texts, the dictionary provides the user with a detailed frequency-based list, as well as alphabetical and part-of-speech indexes. All entries in the rank frequency list feature the English equivalent, a sample sentence with English translation and an indication of register variation. The dictionary also contains 20 thematically organized and frequency-ranked lists of words on a variety of topics, such as family, food and drink and transport. A Frequency Dictionary of Czech enables students of all levels to get the most out of their study of vocabulary in an engaging and efficient way. It is also a rich resource for language teaching, research, curriculum design and materials development. František zermák is Professor of Czech Language and Director of the Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Charles University, Prague. Michal Kxen is Head of the Computation Technology Department at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Charles University, Prague.

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A Frequency Dictionary of Czech Core vocabulary for learners František zermák and Michal Kxen Contributors Lucie Chlumská Dominika KováXíková Renata Novotná

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Thematic vocabulary lists  | vi Series preface  | vii Acknowledgements  | ix List of abbreviations  | x Introduction  | 1 Frequency index  | 9 Alphabetical index  | 191 Part-of-speech index  | 244

Thematic vocabulary lists

  1 Pronouns  | 15

11 Food and drink  | 91

  2 Modal verbs  | 22

12 Colours  | 100

  3 Register differences  | 29

13 Animals  | 109

  4 Verbs of movement  | 36

14 Landscape  | 119

  5 Verbs of communication  | 44

15 Weather  | 128

  6 Verbs of thinking  | 51

16 Nationality adjectives  | 137

  7 Time  | 59

17 Clothing  | 146

  8 Family  | 67

18 Professions  | 155

  9 Evaluative adjectives  | 74

19 Materials  | 164

10 Body  | 81

20 Transport  | 173

Series preface

Frequency information has a central role to play in learning a language. Nation (1990) showed that the 4,000–5,000 most frequent words account for up to 95 per cent of a written text and the 1,000 most frequent words account for 85 per cent of speech. Although Nation’s results were only for English, they do provide clear evidence that, when employing frequency as a general guide for vocabulary learning, it is possible to acquire a lexicon which will serve a learner well most of the time. There are two caveats to bear in mind here. First, counting words is not as straightforward as it might seem. Gardner (2007) highlights the problems that multiple word meanings, the presence of multiword items, and grouping words into families or lemmas have on counting and analysing words. Second, frequency data contained in frequency dictionaries should never act as the only information source to guide a learner. Frequency information is nonetheless a very good starting point, and one which may produce rapid benefits. It therefore seems rational to prioritize learning the words that you are likely to hear and read most often. That is the philosophy behind this series of dictionaries. Lists of words and their frequencies have long been available for teachers and learners of language. For example, Thorndike (1921, 1932) and Thorndike and Lorge (1944) produced word frequency books with counts of word occurrences in texts used in the education of American children. Michael West’s General Service List of English Words (1953) was primarily aimed at foreign learners of English. More recently, with the aid of efficient computer software and very large bodies of language data (called corpora), researchers have been able to provide more sophisticated frequency counts from both written text and transcribed speech. One important feature of the resulting frequencies presented in this series is that they are derived from recently collected language data. The earlier lists for English included samples from, for example, Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe; thus they could no longer represent present-day language in any sense. Frequency data derived from a large representative corpus of a language brings students closer to language as it is used in real life as opposed to textbook language (which often distorts the frequencies of features in a language, see Ljung, 1990). The information in these dictionaries is presented in a number of formats to allow users to access the data in different ways. So, for example, if you would prefer not simply to drill down through the word frequency list, but would rather focus on verbs, the part-of-speech index will allow you to focus on just the most frequent verbs. Given that verbs typically account for 20 per cent of all words in a language, this may be a good strategy. A focus on function words may be equally rewarding – 60 per cent of speech in English is composed of a mere 50 function words. The series also provides information of use to the language teacher. The idea that frequency information may have a role to play in syllabus design is not new (see, for example, Sinclair and Renouf, 1988). However, to date, it has been difficult for those teaching languages other than English to use frequency information in syllabus design because of a lack of data.

viii  Series preface

Frequency information should not be studied to the exclusion of other contextual and situational knowledge about language use and we may even doubt the validity of frequency information derived from large corpora. It is interesting to note that Alderson (2007) found that corpus frequencies may not match a native speaker’s intuition about estimates of word frequency and that a set of estimates of word frequencies collected from language experts varied widely. Thus corpus-derived frequencies are still the best current estimate of a word’s importance that a learner will come across. Around the time of the construction of the first machine-readable corpora, Halliday (1971: 344) stated that “a rough indication of frequencies is often just what is needed”. Our aim in this series is to provide as accurate as possible estimates of word frequencies. Paul Rayson and Mark Davies Lancaster and Provo, 2008

References Alderson, J.C. (2007) Judging the frequency of English words. Applied Linguistics 28 (3): 383–409. Gardner, D. (2007) Validating the construct of Word in applied corpus-based vocabulary research: a critical survey. Applied Linguistics 28 (2): 241–65. Halliday, M.A.K. (1971) Linguistic functions and literary style. In S. Chatman (ed.) Style: A Symposium. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 330–65. Ljung, M. (1990) A Study of TEFL Vocabulary. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International. Nation, I.S.P. (1990) Teaching and Learning Vocabulary. Boston: Heinle & Heinle. Sinclair, J.M. and Renouf, A. (1988) “A Lexical Syllabus for Language Learning”. In R. Carter and M. McCarthy (eds) Vocabulary and Language Teaching. London: Longman, pp. 140–58. Thorndike, E. (1921) Teacher’s Word Book. New York: Columbia Teachers College. —— (1932) A Teacher’s Word Book of 20,000 Words. New York: Columbia University Press. Thorndike, E. and Lorge, I. (1944) The Teacher’s Word Book of 30,000 Words. New York: Columbia University Press. West, M. (1953) A General Service List of English Words. London: Longman.


The authors would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the following colleagues: Petra Key for translation of a considerable portion of sample sentences into English, Clea McDonald and Robert Russell for corrections to all the translations, and Milena Hnátková for numerous additions to the morphological analysis module. Data preparation work was carried out within the framework of grant no. MSM0021620823.


adj adv anim biasp conj fem impf inan interj neut num part pf pl prep pron

adjective adverb masculine animate noun bi-aspectual verb conjunction feminine noun imperfective verb masculine inanimate noun interjection neuter noun numeral particle perfective verb plural preposition pronoun


fiction register newspapers register non-fiction register (professional literature) spoken register


Frequency dictionaries In contrast with traditional dictionaries, frequency

Frequency dictionaries of Czech and the specific Czech language situation

dictionaries do not aim at describing word meanings

Several frequency dictionaries of Czech have been

and usage in a detailed and exhaustive way. Instead,

published so far. The first of these, Frequency of

they aim to quantify which words are common and

Words, Parts of Speech and Forms in the Czech

basic in a language. This can be very useful for

Language (Jelínek et al., 1961) is based on c.1.6

language learners, giving them a possibility to find

million words of text mainly from the 1930s to the

out easily what words they are likely to encounter in

1940s and is thus rather outdated. Further

real speech and writing, and are thus worth learning

specialized frequency dictionaries were compiled in

with priority. Frequency information can be also

the early 1980s at the Institute of the Czech

appreciated by teachers of Czech as a foreign

Language of the Academy of Sciences, but only as

language, linguists, lexicographers, computer

almost inaccessible internal prints. The amount of

scientists and other scholars, as well as the general

data on which they were based was very small, while

public interested in the Czech language.

the style of language used was typically ridden with

This dictionary presents the 5,000 most frequent Czech words. The range of its users being rather

the propaganda parlance of the time. After 1989, the Frequency Dictionary of Czech

wide, their needs may vary. Therefore, every

(Zermák, KXen et al., 2004) was published. It was

headword in this dictionary is supplemented with

based on the 100-million-word balanced corpus

additional morphological information, basic English

SYN2000 which aimed to cover the contemporary

translation equivalents, a sample Czech sentence and

written Czech language of the 1990s by reflecting

its English translation. Although a frequency

language reception in its composition. The dictionary

dictionary cannot adequately substitute for a

presents the most frequent 50,000 Czech words and

conventional one, linguists will find it easy to get

is the product of large-scale manual correction of

information about parts of speech, noun gender or

the original automatic lemmatization of the base

verb aspect, while students can use the book when

corpus. However, there are no spoken data in

decoding a Czech text in a basic way, trying to get

the base corpus and the dictionary also lacks

some idea about the meaning of its words. Of

part-of-speech information.

course, both the decoding and the coding processes

The most recent Frequency Dictionary of

will eventually call for using a grammar to get

Spoken Czech (Zermák et al., 2007) is based

through the maze of the rich inventory of Czech

on the exclusively manually lemmatized and

word endings. However, the sample sentence gives

morphologically annotated Prague Spoken Corpus.

a typical real-world usage of the headword in its

The data come from 1988–96, and although the

usual context and thus helps in the understanding

selection of speakers is representative, only the

of its meaning and use.

Prague region is covered. The corpus is also relatively

Those who are interested in comparing languages

small (c.675,000 running words), the bulk of the data

are here offered a rather substantial insight into

being based on questions eliciting answers, which

what part of the vocabulary really is basic. The high

leads to a certain thematic imbalance in the

frequency of headwords in the dictionary guarantees

frequency lists.

that the user will find the most important words of

The present Frequency Dictionary of Czech follows

the Czech language reflecting the real world in

the lines established by the Routledge Frequency

which they are used. The vocabulary listed here is a

Dictionaries series, and deals with a less frequently

reliable checklist of words for any language teacher

covered and typologically different Slavic language.

and textbook author too.

It is the first Czech frequency dictionary based on

2  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

a selection of both written and authentic spoken

on the following three corpora, which were selected

language. Its modern and comprehensible concept,

as the most appropriate:

together with well-founded data and their accurate processing, provide a reliable core vocabulary for

SYN2005 (the newest available balanced corpus

ORAL2006 and ORAL2008 (corpora of authentic

of written language, 100 million running words)

learners and all other students of the Czech language. The Czech language situation is sometimes described as being close to diglossia. It is based on

spoken language, sized at one million running words each)

the competition between the (mostly written) literary standard and the (mostly spoken) colloquial language

SYN2005 is a balanced 100-million-word corpus of

which is much simpler and very different from the

contemporary written Czech selected from a large

rather stiff and officious written standard. Apart from

variety of text types and genres. Each is subdivided

typical words unique to one version, e.g. furt “all the

into many subcategories, including small portions of

time, still” (colloquial Czech only), most of the

texts as scarce as leaflets or handwritten letters.

differences between the two are to be found in the

Emphasis was put on using a great number of

phonology and morphology of words. For instance,

different sources within these fine-grained categories

the typically colloquial expression wákejma voknama

to ensure variability of the language covered. The

“through some windows” is rarely found in written

corpus was designed as a representation of the

text, where it is usually replaced with different forms

written Czech of the time, and its composition

of the same words, nvjakými okny, which have the

corresponds to recent language reception research

same meaning but are considered more proper from

studies (Králík and Šulc, 2005). Three top-level text

the prescriptive point of view. The present dictionary

type categories are distinguished in the corpus and

represents a confluence of both versions, registering

also adopted as the main text registers in this

the phonological and morphological variability of

dictionary: fiction (40 per cent), non-fiction (mostly

Czech, and is thus a rare handbook that might be of

professional literature, 27 per cent), and newspapers

particular interest to any user. This also underlines

and magazines (33 per cent). All the newspapers and

the importance of the register codes used in the

magazines are from 2000–2004, while most of the

dictionary, which inform the user about the

other texts are from 1990–2004, with the exception

appropriateness of usage of the individual words in

of influential older works.

particular registers.

ORAL2006 and ORAL2008 are one-million-word corpora of manually recorded and transcribed

Base corpora

authentic spoken Czech. The recordings were made

Modern corpora are large collections of machine-

throughout Bohemia in 2002–2007 in strictly

readable texts used mainly for linguistic research.

informal situations, i.e. mostly family conversation

They usually contain several layers of additional

or talk among friends. Typical features of the

markup that describes pertinent language features

recorded situations thus include dialogical

of the individual word forms and relations between

character, private environment, physical presence

them. The corpora can be balanced in their

of speakers, unscripted speech and topics not

composition and thus designed as a representation

given beforehand. There are no formal situations

of a particular language, or rather a language variety

recorded here at all, nor any radio broadcasts or

or register. Corpora are a highly reliable source of

TV shows, which are abundantly found in other

almost all sorts of information about language and

corpora. ORAL2008 is also balanced in the main

are also used as starting bases for the compilation

sociolinguistic categories of its participating

of dictionaries.

speakers: gender, age group, education and region of

The Institute of the Czech National Corpus

childhood residence (WaclawiUová et al., 2009). Both

(http://www.korpus.cz) has been conducting

corpora are inevitably small compared to the written

continuous mapping of the Czech language since

one, because spoken data are difficult and expensive

1994 and this effort has resulted in the compilation

to obtain. However, spoken language is the main

of many language corpora. This dictionary is based

medium of communication and inclusion of

Introduction  3 

authentic spoken material into the base data is

latter interpretation that entirely prevails in the

essential to keeping the dictionary close to real life,

spoken data.

especially when considering the specificity of the Czech language situation.

During the second stage, the homonymy described above is resolved using a combination of stochastic and rule-based methods. It should be

Data processing

pointed out that Czech is a language with relatively

All the base corpora were processed with tools

free word order, rich inflection and a high degree of

that automatically assign lemma and morphological

homonymy, so the problems concerning tagging are

tags to every word form in the corpus. The lemma

of a different nature than those of English. Namely,

is the base form of a word, i.e. jít “to go” for

part of speech is typically an inherent feature of a

jde “goes”, and it is particularly important in

lemma that does not need to be determined from

highly inflected languages such as Czech. The

the context. On the other hand, individual lemmata

morphological tag is a string describing a set of

often have as many as tens of different word forms

related morphological features, i.e. jde is the form of

that can be homonymous, both within the given

an imperfective verb in the 3rd person singular

inflectional paradigm and between the paradigms of

indicative, present tense, active voice. The tools used

different lemmata. For instance, one of the most

for the lemmatization and morphological tagging

frequent Czech word forms se can be interpreted

of Czech as well as their general principles are

(depending on the context) as either the reflexive

described in a number of works, especially HajiU

pronoun se (corresponding to the English “self”) or

(2004), PetkeviU (2006), Spoustová et al. (2007)

the vocalized form of preposition s “with”. To

and Jelínek (2008).

mention a more complicated example, the word

The process has two stages: during the first

form stav can be either the nominative or

stage, called morphological analysis, each token

accusative singular form of the noun stav

(the individual occurrence of every word form in

“condition, state”, or the 2nd person singular

the corpus) is assigned all possible morphological

imperative of the verb stavit se “to drop in” or

interpretations, i.e. a set of pairs each consisting

stavvt “to build, construct”, or, rather theoretically,

of a morphological tag with a corresponding lemma.

the past transgressive of the verb stát se “to happen,

This is done regardless of context, so the same


word forms always get the same set of pairs.

Technically speaking, the disambiguation can be

The morphological analysis is based on a large

described as a selection of the most probable tag–

morphological dictionary that contains c.250,000

lemma pair assigned by the morphological analysis

lemma types. Although the morphological dictionary

in the previous step. Disambiguation is carried out

is comprehensive with respect to processing the

for every token depending on its context. The

written language, it does not include all colloquial

methods used are reported to have about 95 per

variants of corresponding literary word forms. Since

cent accuracy using a very rich tagset. However,

the problem is basically one of coverage of the

most of the tagging errors occur in the

variety of colloquial forms, it was tackled by

determination of gender, number and case

numerous additions of frequent unrecognized

(i.e. within the paradigm of a given lemma)

colloquial word forms into the morphological

and thus do not affect the lemmatization and

dictionary. These included word forms támle (literary

part-of-speech identification that are relevant to

tamhle “over there”), mysim (literary myslím “I

this dictionary. This means that the morphological

think”) or takovejdle (literary takovýhle “such, like

richness of Czech helps in part-of-speech

this”). Apart from these, other interpretations had to

identification, the error rate being only about

be added for word forms commonly present in the

0.5 per cent for this task.

literary language but which have an additional meaning in the colloquial one. For instance, the

Word frequency and dispersion measures

word form pudem can be the instrumental singular

Given the lemmatized and morphologically tagged

form of the noun pud “instinct”, but also the

base corpora, it would have been possible simply to

colloquial form of pyjdeme “we shall go”; it is the

print out the frequency list in descending frequency

4  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

order. However, any corpus is a set of text samples

another subcorpus that represents authentic spoken

taken from registers of different sizes and their

language (S, 2 million). Given the different sizes of

proportion may significantly influence the final

the four subcorpora, adding up word frequencies –

ranking. It means that only word lists based on

be it simple frequency or ARF – from the individual

balanced data sources can reflect the typicality of

subcorpora would mean that words typical of

words in the language as a whole. In other words,

spoken language would be outweighed by those

the more newspapers there are in the base data, the

from the much larger written subcorpora.

more “newspaper words” there will be in the output.

Therefore, the partial ARF of every word was

Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account the

computed for each subcorpus separately and

well-known fact that words are not evenly spread

normalized to the number of instances per one

within the individual registers. For instance,

million tokens. Finally, the four partial normalized

specialized terms may be very frequent in the given

ARFs were averaged. The influence of the individual

register, but their occurrence may be limited to only

registers was thus equalized, so that each of them

a few particular texts.

has 25 per cent weight on the final figure, the

This has two major consequences for the

overall normalized ARF (ONARF), that is given in the

compilation of a frequency dictionary. First, the

dictionary. Please note that all the normalized ARF

dispersion of individual words should be taken

values are directly comparable, and their comparison

into account in addition to their frequency, which

makes more sense than the comparison of

merely counts the number of occurrences (tokens)

normalized frequencies, as the dispersion has

of a given word in the corpus. There are various

already been accounted for.

dispersion measures that can be employed for this purpose. The average reduced frequency (ARF,

Lemmatization principles

Savický and HlaváUová, 2002) is used in this

The fundamental criterion for distinguishing a

dictionary instead of the frequency. ARF is given

word as a unit is the space character. It was not

by the following formula:

possible to go for multiword units, however


∑min{d ,v}

ARF = 1/v 



useful they are. Proper names and abbreviations are not included in the dictionary. The criterion for distinguishing

where f denotes frequency of the given word in the

proper names from common nouns is the uppercase

corpus, di distances between individual occurrences

letter in writing. This means that while the adjective

of this word (tokens) in the corpus and v = N/f.

nvmecký “German” is included, the nouns

Since N is the corpus size, v is the average distance

Nvmecko “Germany” or Nvmec “German” are not.

between the individual occurrences. ARF can be

As a rule, the headwords are listed in their

viewed as a dispersion-based correction of the

literary form if it exists. The headword always

frequency: the more even the dispersion, the

subsumes all the phonological, word-formative and

closer ARF approaches to the frequency and vice

other variants, e.g. the headword utyxi “four” is a

versa. For words that occur only in one small cluster

literary label grouping together its variants utyry,

it is close to 1 regardless of their frequency. In

štyry and štyxi with all their inflectional forms. The

practice, the ARF of common function words is

variants are not given explicitly because of their

typically around a half of their frequency, but it is

large number, especially in colloquial spoken

considerably smaller for domain-specific words that

language, e.g. ted’ko, ted’kon and ted’konc are all

occur only in a few documents.

subsumed under the headword ted’ka “now”.

Second, the proportion of the individual registers

Similarly, zase/zas “again”, láhev/lahev “bottle”,

matters. The 100-million-word written base corpus

myslet/myslit “to think”, upéct/upíct/upéci “to

SYN2005 was thus divided into three subcorpora

bake” or kdykoli/kdykoliv “any time” are all grouped

that correspond to the main text registers: fiction

under the first variant. On the other hand, tedy/

(F, 40 million), non-fiction (P, 27 million) and

teda or zvláštv/zvlášt’ are listed separately as

newspapers (N, 33 million). The two ORAL-series

different headwords because of their usage in

spoken corpora were joined together and formed

different contexts and meanings.

Introduction  5 

The lemmatization and related part-of-speech classification is primarily formal, not functional. The

dictionary, although it is not conjugated and has no real English equivalent.

motivation is first of all practical, e.g. the word form víš “you know” is always considered a form of the

Contents of the dictionary

verb vvdvt “to know” rather than the functional

The main frequency index lists the 5,000 most

particle or interjection. However, if the expression is

frequently used Czech words in descending order

fixed and its meaning shifted to such an extent that

ranked by the ONARF value. The ordering was done

its morphological lemma is not felt as such, the

before rounding the values. The following fields are

functional lemma is chosen. For instance, the very

shown for each entry:

frequent and highly informal interjection vole “man” is not considered a vocative of the noun vyl “ox”.

rank order

Morphological adjectives like taneuní “dance,


dancing” are classified as adjectives despite their

part of speech

possibly very frequent usage as nouns. The exception

English equivalent(s)

is words no longer used as adjectives and therefore

sample sentence

classified as nouns, e.g. radní “councillor”. Possible

English translation of the sample sentence

noun meaning is given if it is different from the

ONARF value

adjectival one, e.g. cestující adj/noun “travelling”

register code

(adj), “passenger” (noun). Homonymous lemmata are distinguished only if they belong to different parts of speech. The

To illustrate the described features, let us take the word bavit (se) as an example:

exception to this rule is the numerous cases where part-of-speech distinction would reflect only different functional roles of an identical word. This refers especially to particles or the common relation between preposition and adverb. Such cases are

535 bavit (se) impf to amuse, (se) talk, enjoy oneself • O tomhle jsme se nebavili. – We didn’t talk about that. 84 –P

classified with the prevailing part-of-speech label, e.g. zdaleka “by far, from afar” as a particle or okolo

The entry is ranked as the 535th word in the

“about, around” as a preposition, although both

dictionary. It is an imperfective verb that can also be

often occur as adverbs.

used as a reflexive verb with the pronoun se and this

Suppletive and other irregular forms are

possibility is marked by the parentheses. Its reflexive

subsumed under the base form, i.e. the headword

and non-reflexive meanings differ, the English

ulovvk “man” also includes its plural form lidé

equivalent of bavit is “to amuse”, while bavit se can

“people”; the headword dobrý “good” also includes

be translated as “to talk” or “to enjoy oneself”. Since

its comparative form lepší “better” etc.

the sample sentence illustrates the reflexive usage,

Negative nouns are always listed separately

its English translation uses the equivalent “to talk”.

from their positive forms, i.e. závislost “addiction,

The overall normalized ARF of bavit (se) is 84,

dependence” and nezávislost “independence”.

which means that there are 84 instances of this

Negated forms of other parts of speech are

word in an average one-million-word slice of the

subsumed under their positive forms, unless there is

base corpora as counted by the ARF. As explained

a significant semantic shift, e.g. mocný “powerful,

above, the ARF is always smaller than the frequency

mighty” and nemocný “ill, sick” are two separate

as it also takes into account dispersion of the


individual occurrences. Finally, the –P register code

Due to the inclusion of authentic spoken data, the

indicates uneven distribution of bavit (se) across

dictionary lists not only common vulgarisms, but

the main registers, namely that its usage is not

also a number of other expressions typical of the

typical for non-fiction.

spoken language. Some are rarely described in

The alphabetical index also lists the most

handbooks and are not easily classifiable either.

frequent 5,000 Czech words, but in alphabetical

For instance, neto is classified as a verb in the

order and with a reduced number of fields.

6  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

In addition to the alphabetical overview and

there are also a few cases where a headword

reference function, this part of the book can also

comprises both perfective and imperfective verbs

help readers to locate individual words in the main

with the same form of the infinitive, e.g. hodit (se)

frequency index easily. The following fields are

pf/impf, where hodit is perfective, while hodit se is

shown for each entry:



animate, masculine inanimate, feminine or neuter.

part of speech

In some cases, there are two genders marked in

English equivalent(s)

the dictionary, e.g. mluvuí anim/fem “spokesperson,

rank order

speaker”, which means that the noun mluvuí can

Noun gender is marked as one of: masculine

be used and declined either as a masculine or The part-of-speech index contains separate lists

a feminine noun. There are cases connected

for every part-of-speech category. Within each,

with polysemy where the gender markers are

individual words are listed in descending order,

also given in the English equivalents indicating

ranked by the ONARF value which enables simple

which meaning is related to the relevant gender:

comparison of frequencies of related words. This

pxedek anim/inan “ancestor” (anim), “front part”

index provides the users with interesting and useful


insight into the individual parts of speech. The following fields are shown for each entry:

Nouns that have only plural forms are marked by the abbreviation “pl” next to the noun gender, e.g. kalhoty fem pl “trousers” or dvexe

rank order


English equivalent(s)

fem pl “door”. English equivalent(s). Due to the overall orientation of the dictionary and in order to save space, only very basic English equivalents are

Explanatory notes

given for every Czech headword. They were chosen

The part-of-speech description for every headword

in an effort to facilitate the users’ orientation in

also comprises three main linguistic features: verb

the semantic range of each word, while keeping

aspect, noun gender and plural forms. Similarly, the

the set of English equivalents small and easily

headword itself includes reflexivity information.

understandable at the same time. This is why

These features are discussed here in more detail,

most headwords have only one or two equivalents

together with other fields given in the individual

and peripheral meanings are generally omitted.


The English equivalents are also the only way of

Reflexivity applies mostly to verbs. It is given

expressing polysemy, as polysemous headwords are

as a part of the headword by means of the reflexive

not split semantically. Wherever possible, the part

markers se or si. If the headword is always reflexive

of speech of the English equivalent corresponds to

(reflexiva tantum), the reflexive markers are used

that of the Czech headword.

without parentheses: všimnout si “to notice”. If the

The sample sentence is limited to a single

reflexivity is optional, the reflexive markers are given

one for each entry and represents typical usage

in parentheses, e.g. mýt (se) “to wash” (oneself ).

of the headword. The sample sentence is drawn

Should the reflexivity change the meaning of the

from the corpus texts, although it often had to be

word, the reflexive marker is also given in the

shortened or otherwise modified. It is thus rather

English equivalents dividing the non-reflexive and

short, using basic vocabulary, but it remains fully

reflexive meanings respectively: prát (se) “to do the

comprehensible and natural at the same time.

laundry”, (se) “fight”.

Sample sentences for headwords typical of a

Verb aspect is given for all verbs as a part of

particular register were drawn from that register.

the part-of-speech information. The verbs are

Metaphorical or idiomatic use of the headword

specified as perfective, imperfective or bi-aspectual

was avoided as much as possible.

(i.e. they can be both perfective and imperfective). In contradistinction to simple bi-aspectual verbs,

The English translation of the sample sentence contains one of the English equivalents, retaining its

Introduction  7 

part of speech if possible. The English translation

hints, especially for language learners who are often

should correspond to the sample Czech sentence

not aware of a word’s typical register.

also stylistically. The register code is a symbol that indicates

Thematic vocabulary lists can be found throughout the dictionary. They group together semantically

whether a given headword is significantly more or

related headwords (e.g. colours, animals, days of the

less (+ / – symbols) common in some of the four

week, personal pronouns or modal verbs) and thus

main text registers: spoken (S), fiction (F), non-fiction

constitute a valuable fresh viewpoint on the words

(P) and/or newspapers (N). Almost half of the

listed in the dictionary.

headwords are marked with a register code, which means that their distribution across the main registers is not even. For a given headword, the markup is based on the ratio of the partial normalized ARF for every single register and the sum of the partial normalized ARFs for all the registers. If it is less than 5 per cent, the word is marked with the minus sign (–) for the corresponding register; please note that there can be more than one such register. If it is more than 90 per cent, the word is marked with the plus sign (+) for the corresponding register. Obviously, there can be one register marked with the plus sign at most, and if this is the case, all possible minus signs are omitted. For instance, the word rámec “framework, scope” is marked with register codes –S –F. This means that it is used much less in spoken language (S) and fiction (F) than in the remaining two registers, non-fiction and newspapers. Similarly, the word uau “hi, bye” is marked as +S which

References zermák, F. et al. (2007) Frekven!ní slovník mluvené !eštiny. Prague: Karolinum. [Frequency Dictionary of Spoken Czech] zermák, F. and Kxen, M. et al. (2004), Frekven!ní slovník !eštiny. Prague: NLN. [Frequency Dictionary of Czech] Czech National Corpus – SYN2005, Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Prague 2005. Available online from http://www.korpus.cz. Czech National Corpus – ORAL2006, Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Prague 2006. Available online from http://www.korpus.cz. Czech National Corpus – ORAL2008, Institute of the Czech National Corpus, Prague 2008. Available online from http://www.korpus.cz. Hajiu, J. (2004) Disambiguation of Rich Inflection (Computational Morphology of Czech). Prague: Karolinum.

means that it is typical for the spoken language

Jelínek, T. (2008) Nové znaUkování v Zeském

and only rarely occurs elsewhere. These findings

národním korpusu. Naše $e! 91 (1): 13–20.

might have been expected, but the register codes also nicely illustrate a typical Czech feature of

[New Tagging in the Czech National Corpus] Jelínek, J., Beuka, J.V. and Tvšitelová, M. (1961)

very common words that exist in parallel in the

Frekvence slov, slovních druh% a tvar% v !eském

literary and colloquial language. For instance,

jazyce. Praha: SPN. [Frequency of Words,

there are three words that mean “now” in Czech:

Parts of Speech and Forms in the Czech

nyní, ted’ and ted’ka. All of them are very frequent, ranked as the 316th, 78th and 241st

Language] Králík, J. and Šulc, M. (2005) The

most frequent word respectively. While nyní is

representativeness of Czech corpora.

marked –S, revealing that it is a literary word

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

not used in the spoken language, ted’ka is a typical spoken equivalent marked +S, and ted’

10 (3): 357–66. Petkeviu, V. (2006) “Reliable Morphological

is something in between. Although it is marked

Disambiguation of Czech: Rule-Based Approach is

as –P, it is rather neutral, as there is also an

Necessary”. In M. Šimková (ed.) Insight into Slovak

interference with the lower frequency of the

and Czech Corpus Linguistics, Bratislava: Veda,

notion of “now” in the non-fiction than in the other registers. As usage of such words in a

pp. 26–44. Savický, P. and Hlaváuová, J. (2002) Measures of

non-typical register is often marked and should be

word commonness. Journal of Quantitative

avoided, the register codes give extremely useful

Linguistics 9 (3): 215–31.

8  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

Spoustová, D., Hajiu, J., Votrubec, J., Krbec, P. and Kvvtow, P. (2007) “The Best of Two Worlds:

Waclawiuová, M., Kxen, M. and Válková, L. (2009) “Balanced Corpus of Informal Spoken Czech:

Cooperation of Statistical and Rule-Based Taggers

Compilation, Design and Findings”. In Proceedings

for Czech”. In Proceedings of the Workshop on

of the 10th Annual Conference of the International

Balto-Slavonic Natural Language Processing ACL

Speech Communication Association INTERSPEECH

2007, Prague, pp. 67–74.

2009. Brighton: ISCA, pp. 1819–22.

Frequency index rank, headword, part of speech, English equivalent(s) •  sample sentence – English translation of the sample sentence value of the overall normalized ARF, register code

1 být impf  to be • DYvody jsou prosté. – The reasons are simple. 28850

2 a conj  and • MVl hlad a žízeW. – He was hungry and thirsty. 21326

3 ten pron  the, that • Ukaž mi ten dopis. – Show me the letter. 20828

4 se pron  self, each other • Znají se už dlouho. – They have known each other for a long time. 17648

5 v prep  in, at • Studovala filozofii v PaXíži. – She studied philosophy in Paris. 12660

6 na prep  on, at, for • Dej to na stYl, prosim tV. – Put it on the table, please. 10298

7 že conj  that • Je zajímavé, že to Xíkáte vy. – It’s interesting that you should say it. 6771

8 on pron  he • Já mu nevVXím. – I don’t believe him. 5453

9 mít impf  to have (got), ought to • Mají novýho psa. – They’ve got a new dog. 5271

10 s prep  with • Pojd’ se mnou. – Come with me. 4969

11 já pron  I • Já opravdu nevím, proU to dVlají. – I really don’t know why they’re doing this. 4823 –P –N

12 tak adv  so, like that • Tak to nebylo! – It wasn’t like that! 4743

13 z prep  from, out of • Jeho žena pochází z Itálie. – His wife comes from Italy. 4545

14 no part  well • No, to je skvVlej nápad. – Well, that’s a great idea. 4378 +S

15 ale conj  but • MVl nVjaké nápady, ale všechny byly špatné. – He had some ideas but they were all wrong. 3879

16 který pron  that, which, who • Existují lidé, kteXí to dokážou. – There are people who can do it. 3811

17 jako conj  like, as • Vypadá pXesnV jako já. – She looks exactly like me. 3755

18 do prep  to, in • Pojedeme na dovolenou do Švédska. – We are going on holiday to Sweden. 3668

19 o prep  about • DozvVdVl jsem se o tom z novin. – I learnt about it in the newspaper. 2881

20 k prep  to, for • Co si dáš k veUeXi? – What do you want for dinner? 2850

21 i conj  and, as well, too • Byl to básník i prozaik. – He was a poet and a novelist. 2669

22 jo interj  yeah • Chceš ještV trochu? Jo, chci. – Do you want some more? Yeah, I do. 2643 +S

23 tam adv  there • Už tam nebydlí. – They don’t live there any more. 2300 –P –N

24 co pron  what • Co se jí stalo? – What happened to her? 2271

25 moct impf  to be able to, can • Situace se mYže dramaticky zmVnit. – The situation can change dramatically. 2149

26 za prep  in, behind, for • Výsledky budou zveXejnVny za mVsíc. – The results will be published in a month. 2085

27 když conj  when • Nesnáší, když s ní lidé nesouhlasí. – She hates it when people disagree with her. 2016

10  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

28 oni pron  they • Oni jsou otroci. – They are slaves. 1996

29 jak adv  how • Jak se máš? – How are you? 1934

30 už adv  already, any more • Už si to nepamatuju. – I don’t remember it any more. 1917

31 sv5j pron  one’s • Máme pro to své dYvody. – We have our reasons for it. 1818 –S

32 pro prep  for • Byla to pro nVj tVžká situace. – It was a tough situation for him. 1774

33 v2d2t impf  to know • Nevíš, kolik to stálo? – Do you know how much it cost? 1691 –P

34 nebo conj  or • Nechceš Uaj nebo nVco? – Do you want some tea or something? 1688

35 po prep  after • Rozešli se po roce. – They broke up after a year. 1627

36 hm interj  uh-huh, hem • Hm, už to chápu. – Uh-huh, now I get it. 1598 +S

37 jeho pron  his • Chápal jsem jeho pocity. – I understood his feelings. 1598 –S

38 všechen pron  all, everything • Všechno je v poXádku. – Everything is all right. 1574

39 tento pron  this • Tento recept je velice rychlý. – This recipe is very quick. 1554 –S

44 od prep  from, since • Je ženatý od roku 1995. – He has been married since 1995. 1323

45 jeden num  one • Je jednou z nejlepších mezzosopranistek. – She is one of the best mezzo-sopranos. 1260

46 muset impf  to have to, must • Musíte pXijít zítra. – You have to come tomorrow. 1229

47 jít impf  to go, walk • Nikam nepYjdeš! – You’re not going anywhere! 1175

48 4íct pf  to say, tell • NeXekl nic. – He didn’t say anything. 1158 –P

49 chtít impf  to want • Chce si koupit nové auto. – He wants to buy a new car. 1120

50 takový pron  such, so • Venku není takový horko. – It’s not so hot outside. 1107

51 4íkat impf  to say, tell • Cos to Xíkala? – What were you saying? 1091 –P

52 ty pron  you • Co je s tebou? – What’s wrong with you? 1085 –P –N

53 u prep  at, near • Stál u dveXí a Uekal. – He was standing at the door and waiting. 1058

54 pak adv  then • A pak se to stalo. – And then it happened. 1056

55 my pron  we • My už nepijeme. – We don’t drink anymore. 1017

40 ne interj  no • Ne, dVkuju. – No, thank you.

56 1lov2k anim  man • VVtšina lidí o tom neví. – Most people don’t know about it.

41 rok inan  year • Strávil v Oxfordu tXi roky. – He spent three years in Oxford.

57 jen adv  only, just • Byli tam jen oni dva. – There were only the two of them.

1466 –P


42 ješt2 adv  still, more, yet • Dáš si ještV? – Will you have some more? 1330

43 aby conj  (in order) to • }ekli mu, aby to nechal být. – They told him to forget it. 1327



58 n2jaký pron  a, some, any • MVl nVjaký problémy. – He had some troubles. 951 –P

59 až part  until, only, to • PXijeli až vUera. – They arrived only yesterday. 924

Frequency index  11 

60 dát pf  to give, put • Co jsi jí dala k VánocYm? – What did you give her for Christmas? 911

61 dva num  two • Jejímu synovi jsou dva roky. – Her son is two years old. 890

62 velký adj  big, great, large • MVl na nás velký vliv. – He had a great influence on us. 884

63 protože conj  because • NemYžu pít, protože Xídím. – I can’t drink, because I’m driving. 877

64 než conj  than • Je o osm let mladší než já. – He’s eight years younger than me. 868

65 jenž pron  that, which, who • Autor trpVl chorobou, jež skonUila sebevraždou. – The author suffered from a disease which ended with his suicide. 860 –S

66 taky part  too, also, as well • Já jsem dXív byla taky taková. – I used to be like that too. 788 –P –N

67 asi part  about, approximately • MVl jsem asi šest piv. – I had about six beers. 783

68 ani part  not even, neither • NVkteXí z nás o tom ani nevVdVli. – Some of us didn’t even know about it. 773

69 p4i prep  by, at • StYj pXi mnV. – Stand by me. 730 –S

70 dobrý adj  good • Ježiši, to je dobrý. – God, this is good. 729

71 prost2 part  simply, just • ProstV to nemám rád. – I just don’t like it. 721 –P –N

72 celý adj  whole, complete • Zekala na nVj celý den. – She waited for him the whole day. 719

73 n2co pron  something, anything • Máš už nVco koupenýho? – Have you bought anything yet? 716

74 p4ed prep  ago, before, in front of • Stalo se to asi pXed rokem. – It happened about a year ago. 714

75 stát (se) impf/pf  to stand, cost, (se) happen, become • Co se stalo? – What happened? 709

76 jiný adj  other, else, different • Nikdo jiný nám nepomYže. – Nobody else will help us. 695

77 tady adv  here • Co se tady dVje? – What’s going on here? 682 –P

78 ted’ adv  now • Ted’ už je to lepší. – It’s better now. 649 –P

79 další adj  next, further, another • Další informace na požádání. – Further information on request. 642

80 vid2t impf  to see • VidVl jsem ho tam. – I saw him there. 624

81 však part  however • Názory lidí se však mVní. – However, people’s opinions change. 623 –S

82 podle prep  according to • Podle policie Xídil opilý. – According to police, he’d been driving while drunk. 619

83 myslet (si) impf  to think • A proU si to myslíš? – And why do you think so? 617 –P

84 d2lat impf  to do, make • Co budeš dVlat? – What are you going to do? 606 –P

85 nový adj  new • Št’astný nový rok! – Happy New Year! 600

86 také part  too, also • Také cesta do Ruska byla dYležitá. – The journey to Russia was also important. 599 –S

87 t4eba part  perhaps, maybe • TXeba to stihnem. – Perhaps we’ll make it. 598

88 kde adv  where • Kde budeme bydlet? – Where are we going to live? 598

89 sem adv  here • PatXí sem. – She belongs here. 597 –P –N

90 nic pron  nothing • Nemáme nic spoleUného. – We have nothing in common. 590

12  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

91 druhý num  second, the other • Byl druhý den týdne. – It was the second day of the week. 579

92 jejich pron  their(s) • Souhlasíme s jejich návrhem. – We agree with their proposal. 572 –S

93 první num  first • Bylo to jejich první vystoupení. – It was their first public appearance. 566

94 každý pron  every, everyone • To ví každý. – Everyone knows that. 552

95 mezi prep  among, between • Mezi námi, myslím, že lže. – Between you and me, I think she’s lying. 549

96 den inan  day • Myslel na to celý den. – He thought about it the whole day. 545

97 zase adv  again • Už zase spí. – He is sleeping again. 537 –P

98 doba fem  time, period, age • Dlouhou dobu jsem tomu vVXila. – I have believed it for a long time. 529

99 p4ijít pf  to come • Zase pXišel pozdV v noci. – He came late at night again. 522

100 takže conj  so • Je to pXipravený, takže mYžeš jít s náma. – It’s ready, so you can come with us. 511

101 práv2 part  just, right • PrávV to jsem chtVl Xíct! – That’s just what I wanted to say! 491

102 teda part  wow, well • No teda, ty seš nároUná. – Wow, you’re one demanding girl. 488 +S

103 t4i num  three • Budu tam ve tXi hodiny. – I will be there at three o’clock. 484

104 moc adv  much, a lot • Moc vám dVkuji. – Thank you very much. 483 –P

105 vy pron  you • Mohl bych vám zaplatit rovnou? – Can I pay you straight away? 479

106 za1ít pf  to start, begin • ZaUali se chránit. – They started protecting themselves. 467

107 malý adj  small, little • Byl pXíliš malý. – He was too small. 455

108 dob4e adv  well • Taky hraje dobXe na klarinet. – She plays the clarinet well, too. 450

109 náš pron  our(s) • Stála pXed naším domem. – She was standing in front of our house. 440

110 sám pron  alone, (by) oneself • Ráda bych ted’ byla sama. – I would like to be alone now. 434

111 dostat pf  to get, receive • KoneUnV dostali šanci. – They finally got their chance. 431

112 takhle adv  like this, this way • UdVlej to takhle. – Do it like this. 427 –P –N

113 jenom adv  only, merely • Byla jsem tam jenom chvíli. – I was only there for a while. 425 –P

114 bez prep  without, less • Zeptal se bez okolkY. – He asked without ceremony. 425

115 tenhle pron  this • Tenhle je lepší. – This one is better. 423 –P

116 mnoho adv  many, much • Mnoho lidí sem pXichází za prací. – Many people come here to work. 423 –S

117 m5j pron  my, mine • Je to moje povinnost. – It is my duty. 412

118 kdy adv  when • Kdy jste ji vidVl naposledy? – When was the last time you saw her? 410

119 jestli conj  if, whether • Nevím, jestli je vdaná. – I don’t know if she’s married. 402 –P

120 v5bec part  at all • To neni vYbec žádnej problém. – That’s no problem at all. 401

121 tu adv  here • Neví, že tu jsme. – She doesn’t know we’re here. 399

Frequency index  13 

122 kdo pron  who • Kdo to byl? – Who was that? 393

123 kdyby conj  if • Nebylo by lepší, kdyby to zkusil on? – Wouldn’t it be better if he tried to do it? 391

124 ud2lat pf  to do, make • Já to udVlám. – I’ll do it. 391

125 proto conj  therefore • Proto jsem se rozhodl firmu zažalovat. – I therefore decided to sue the company. 390

126 místo neut  place, space • SkonUila na Utvrtém místV. – She finished in fourth place. 384

127 žádný pron  no, none • Nemá žádné bratry. – He has no brothers. 378

128 pod prep  under • Byl pod vlivem. – He was under the influence. 371

129 život inan  life • Její život skonUil. – Her life ended. 363

130 práce fem  job, work • Nemají práci. – They do not have a job. 360

131 jaký pron  what • Jaký to má smysl? – What’s the point? 349

132 starý adj  old • Byla pro nVho pXíliš stará. – She was too old for him. 348

133 n2který pron  some, one • NVkteXí lidé to neví. – Some people do not know it. 338

134 vzít pf  to take • Vem si kousek. – Take a bit. 337

135 úpln2 adv  completely, entirely • ÚplnV jsem na to zapomnVla. – I completely forgot about it. 334 –P

136 vysoký adj  tall, high • Byla velmi vysoká. – She was very tall. 333

137 hodn2 adv  much, many, a lot • Peníze pro nVj znamenají hodnV. – Money means a lot to him. 329

138 ruka fem  hand • Zvedla ruku. – She raised her hand. 329

139 1i conj  or • Ano, Ui ne? – Yes or no? 327 –S

140 strana fem  side, page, party • Není Ulenem této politické strany. – He is not a member of this political party. 324

141 nad prep  over, above • Nemám nad ní žádnou moc. – I have no power over her. 322

142 v2c fem  thing, stuff • Na takové vVci nevVXím. – I do not believe in such things. 321

143 p4es prep  over, across • MVsto mVlo pXes tisíc obyvatel. – The town had over a thousand inhabitants. 320

144 zem2 fem  country, land • Je to nejchudší zemV na svVtV. – It is the poorest country in the world. 318

145 n2kolik num  a few, several • Byl tam nVkolik dní. – He was there for a few days. 317 –S

146 poslední adj  last, final • Zetl jsem jeho poslední knihu. – I read his last book. 310

147 1as inan  time • Už nemáme Uas. – We have no more time left. 308

148 n2kdo pron  someone, anyone • TXeba potkáme nVkoho jinýho. – Maybe we’ll meet someone else. 308

149 p4ípad inan  case • Tohle není ten pXípad. – That is not the case. 305 –S

150 stejn2 part  equally, anyway • StejnV by to nevVdVli. – They would not know anyway. 302

151 pokud conj  if, as long as • A pokud by k tomu došlo? – And if it did happen? 298

152 tedy part  (and) so, therefore • RodiUe odjedou, bude tedy doma sama. – Her parents are leaving and so she will be at home by herself. 296 –S

153 již adv  already, before • Již to vím. – I already know. 295 –S

14  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

154 sv2t inan  world • Postoupili do finále mistrovství svVta. – They qualified for the world championship final.

170 oba num  both • Oba to víme. – We both know it. 260

294 –S

155 vždycky adv  always • Vždycky to stihneme. – We always make it in time. 289 –P

156 jet impf  to go, drive • Zejtra musíme jet do Prahy. – We’ve got to go to Prague tomorrow. 287 –P

157 hodina fem  hour • Trvalo mi to hodinu. – It took me an hour. 287

158 nechat impf  to let, allow • Nech to plavat. – Let it be.

171 nikdo pron  nobody, no one • Nikdo nepXišel. – Nobody turned up. 257

172 vždyt’ part  after all • Vždyt’ tam byla. – After all, she was there. 257 –P

173 nikdy adv  never • Nikdy jsem tam nebyl. – I have never been there. 253

174 1ást fem  part, piece • Film má dvV Uásti. – The movie has two parts. 252 –S


159 pro1 adv  why • ProU to chceš vVdVt? – Why do you want to know? 285

160 n2jak adv  somehow • Budeš se na tom nVjak podílet? – Will you be involved somehow? 284 –P –N

161 cesta fem  way, journey, road • Cestu znali dobXe. – They knew the way well. 283

162 málo adv  little, few • To je moc málo. – That’s too little.

175 potom adv  then, afterwards • Potom jí zavolal. – Then he called her. 250

176 problém inan  issue, problem, trouble • To nebude problém. – That won’t be a problem. 249

177 oko neut  eye • OtevXela oUi. – She opened her eyes. 248

178 totiž part  that is, namely • My, totiž já a David, pXijdeme. – We, that is David and I, will come. 246


163 dít2 neut  child, kid • Mám pVt dVtí. – I have five children. 280

164 vlastn2 part  actually, as a matter of fact • Já vlastnV nevim. – As a matter of fact I don’t know. 275

165 hlava fem  head • PotXásl hlavou. – He shook his head. 274

166 velmi adv  very • Je velmi klidná. – She is very calm. 269 –S

179 konec inan  end, ending • To je konec pXedstavení. – This is the end of the performance. 245

180 lze impf  to be possible • Lze to použít? – Is it possible to use it? 244 –S

181 1eský adj  Czech • Budou propagovat Ueské výrobky. – They will promote Czech products. 244 –S –F

182 1ty4i num  four • Je o UtyXi roky mladší. – He is four years younger. 243

167 proti prep  against • Všichni byli proti tomu. – They were all against it. 267

168 možná part  maybe, perhaps • Možná fakt neví. – Maybe he really doesn’t know. 266

169 vlastní adj  own, actual • Mluví vlastním jazykem. – They speak their own language. 263 –S

183 rád adj  glad, pleased • To jsem opravdu rád. – I’m really glad. 242

184 jednou num  once • Už jsem tu jednou byl. – I have been here once before. 239

185 najít pf  to find • TVlo nikdy nenašli. – They never found the body. 239

Frequency index  15 

1  Pronouns Personal pronouns

Possessive pronouns

já  11  I

m5j  117  my, mine

ty  52  you

tv5j  491  your(s)

on/ona  8  he/she

jeho/její  37  his/her(s)

my  55  we

náš  109  our(s)

vy  105  you

váš  377  your(s)

oni  28  they

jejich  92  their(s) sv5j  31  one’s

186 p2t num  five • PXišel v pVt hodin. – He arrived at five o’clock. 237

187 kolem prep  around, about • Byly všude kolem nVho. – They were all around him. 237

188 což pron  which • Jsem sobecký, což ona nesnáší. – I am selfish, which she hates. 237

189 chvíle fem  while, moment • Tohle chvíli potrvá. – This will take a while. 236

190 d4íve adv  sooner, earlier • DXíve Ui pozdVji na to pXijdou. – Sooner or later they will figure it out. 236

191 chodit impf  to go, walk, attend • Chodí tam hodnV lidí. – A lot of people go there. 235 –P

192 dnes adv  today • Dnes je stXeda. – Today is Wednesday. 234 –S

193 snad part  perhaps • Snad má pravdu. – Perhaps he is right. 232

194 pouze adv  only, solely • SpatXil jsem pouze tváX. – I only saw his face. 232 –S

195 m2sto neut  town, city • Miluju tohle mVsto. – I love this city. 230

196 muž anim  man, gentleman, husband • Ten muž byl zloUinec. – The man was a criminal. 229 –S

197 možný adj  possible • To není možné. – That’s not possible. 228

198 mluvit impf  to speak, talk • Mluví anglicky. – She speaks English. 228

199 pan anim  sir, Mr, (gentle)man • Ano, pane. – Yes, sir. 226

200 zp5sob inan  way, method • Je to nejrychlejší zpYsob. – It is the fastest way. 222

201 znát (se) impf  to know, be familiar • Známe se dlouho. – We have known each other for a long time. 220

202 slovo neut  word • NeXekl ani slovo. – He did not say a word. 219

203 1asto adv  often • Stává se to Uasto. – It often happens. 218

204 žena fem  woman, wife • Ženy jsou náladové. – Women are moody. 217 –S

205 r5zný adj  different, various • PXemýšlel jsem o rYzných vVcech. – I have been thinking about various things. 217

206 jediný adj  (the) only, single • Je to jediný dYkaz, co máme. – It is the only evidence we have. 217

207 spole1nost fem  company, society • Co vaše spoleUnost nabízí? – What does your company offer? 217 –S

208 dlouho adv  long, for a long time • Jak dlouho tu Uekáš? – How long have you been waiting here? 213

209 stále adv  all the time, permanently, still • Stále na to myslím. – I think about it all the time. 210 –S

16  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

210 4ada fem  turn, row, line • Jsi na XadV. – It’s your turn. 209 –S

211 stejný adj  the same • Nejde o stejnou taktiku. – They are not the same tactics. 209

212 dále adv  further, next • Dále se nevyptávala. – She did not ask any further. 208

213 dlouhý adj  long • Zavládlo dlouhé ticho. – A long silence fell. 207

214 mladý adj  young • MVl mladou ženu. – He had a young wife. 206

215 1ekat impf  to wait • Zekáš na nVkoho? – Are you waiting for someone? 206

216 týden inan  week • Za týden to bude hotové. – It will be done in a week. 205

217 tisíc num  thousand • Stálo to tisíc liber. – It cost a thousand pounds. 205

218 voda fem  water • Voda vXela. – The water was boiling. 205

219 n2kdy adv  sometimes • PXijeli nVkdy v lednu. – They came sometimes in January. 205

220 spíš part  rather • Já bych se spíš vrátil domY. – I would rather go home. 205

221 hlavní adj  main, title • Johnny Depp hraje hlavní roli. – Johnny Depp plays the title role. 203

222 jinak part  otherwise, differently • Jinak se mám dobXe. – Otherwise I’m fine. 203

223 z5stat pf  to stay, remain • Ten chlap tam zYstal. – That man stayed there.

226 hele interj  hey, look • Hele, už zase prší. – Look, it’s raining again. 200 +S

227 dávat impf  to give, put • Nemáme to kam dávat. – We have nowhere to put it. 200

228 p4ece part  surely, yet • A pXece Xekl pravdu. – And yet he told the truth. 199

229 vid’ part  right • Bylo to v poXádku, vid’? – It was OK, right? 197 +S

230 známý adj  well-known, popular • Jsou to známé problémy. – These are well-known problems. 196

231 vést impf  to lead, guide • To vede k tXetí hypotéze. – This leads to a third hypothesis. 196

232 pot4ebovat impf  to need • Ani je nebudem potXebovat. – We won’t even need them. 195

233 dokonce part  even • Dokonce i rackové zmizeli. – Even the seagulls were gone. 194

234 pat4it impf  to belong • Komu to patXí? – Who does it belong to? 194 –S

235 nap4íklad part  for example, for instance • NapXíklad to ovlivní politiku. – For example, it will influence politics. 193 –S

236 hrát (si) impf  to play • Postoj spoleUnosti hraje velkou roli. – Social attitudes play a big part. 192

237 dost adv  enough, quite • Zekal jsem dost dlouho. – I have waited long enough. 191

238 koruna fem  crown • Stojí to tXicet korun. – It costs thirty crowns. 187 –F –P

239 dojít pf  to arrive, happen • Nikdy k tomu nedošlo. – It never happened. 186


224 vrátit (se) pf  to return, (se) come back • Vrat’ se domY. – Come back home.

240 hned adv  right now, immediately • }ekni nám to hned. – Tell us right now. 186


225 vypadat impf  to look, seem • Vypadáš jinak. – You look different. 201

241 ted’ka adv  now, these days • Fialová se ted’ka hodnV nosí. – Purple is quite fashionable these days. 185 +S

Frequency index  17 

242 ostatní adj  (the) other(s), remaining • Ostatní mrzli. – The others were freezing. 185

243 m2síc inan  month, moon • Už je to mVsíc. – It has been a month now. 184

244 fakt part  really • Je to fakt divný. – It’s really weird. 184 +S

245 podívat se pf  to look • Podívala se z okna. – She looked out of the window. 183 –P

246 znamenat impf  to mean, stand for • Co to vlastnV znamená? – What does it actually mean? 182

247 pozd2 adv  late • Už bylo pXíliš pozdV. – It was too late. 180

248 -li conj  if • Je-li to možné, použijte jinou metodu. – If possible, use a different method. 180 –S

249 deset num  ten • Týká se to deseti osob. – It concerns ten people. 180

250 d5m inan  house • DYm se zdál Uistý. – The house seemed clean. 179

251 daleko adv  far (away) • Je daleko od domova. – He is far from home. 179

252 peníze inan pl  money • O peníze nejde. – It is not about money. 178

253 at’ conj  let • At’ si myslí, co chce. – Let her think what she wants. 178

254 možnost fem  possibility, chance, option • To je jedna z možností. – This is one of the options. 177

255 p4edevším part  first of all • PXedevším musí být zajištVna bezpeUnost. – First of all, security must be ensured. 176 –S

256 nakonec adv  finally, in the end • Nakonec nám uvVXil. – In the end he believed us. 174

257 dokázat pf  to manage, prove, can • Nedokážu to udVlat. – I cannot do it. 174

258 n2kde adv  somewhere • NVkde to tu bude. – It will be here somewhere. 174 –P

259 škola fem  school • Celá škola je v šoku. – The whole school is shocked. 173

260 stát inan  state, country • Každý Ulenský stát má komisaXe. – Every member state has a commissioner. 173 –S

261 otázka fem  question • OdpovVzte na otázku. – Answer the question. 172

262 slyšet impf  to hear • Nikdy jsem o nVm neslyšel. – I have never heard of him. 170 –P

263 skupina fem  group, band • Tato skupina neexistuje. – This group does not exist. 169 –S

264 d5ležitý adj  important • Tento aspekt je velice dYležitý. – This aspect is very important. 169

265 opravdu part  really, genuinely • Je to opravdu dYležité. – It is really important. 169

266 pravda fem  truth • Pravda bolí. – The truth hurts. 168

267 snažit se impf  to try, make an effort • Snažila se neplakat. – She tried not to cry. 168

268 získat pf  to gain, obtain • Chcete získat moc? – Do you want to gain power? 167 –S

269 cena fem  price, prize • Cena je pXíliš vysoká. – The price is too high. 167

270 sto num  hundred • Prodávaj ho za dvV stV liber. – They’re selling it for two hundred pounds. 166

271 špatný adj  bad, wrong • To bylo fakt špatný. – It was really bad. 166

272 ano interj  yes • Ano, pXijdu. – Yes, I’ll come. 166 –P

273 docela part  quite • Byla docela sympatická. – She was quite nice. 166 –P

18  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

274 systém inan  system • Tento systém se osvVdUil. – This system proved useful. 165 –S –F

290 p4itom part  yet, at the same time • A pXitom to není pravda. – And yet it is not true. 155

275 koupit (si) pf  to buy • Kdes to koupil? – Where did you buy it?

291 prý part  supposedly, allegedly • Prý to udVlal. – He supposedly did it.

276 oblast fem  area, field • Vybrali si tuto oblast. – They chose this area.

292 uvést pf  to say, state, introduce • Uvedl, že se bojí o svYj život. – He stated that he was afraid for his life.

164 –P

163 –S

154 –P

152 –S

277 zatím adv  so far, for now, yet • Zatím nebyl nalezen. – He has not been found yet. 163

278 sice adv  admittedly, true • Sice jsou drahé, ale sedí. – True, they are expensive, but they fit.

293 po4ád adv  all the time, still • PoXád to funguje? – Does it still work? 151 –P

294 sta1it impf  to do, suffice • To staUí. – That will do. 151


279 situace fem  situation • Situace se zlepšila. – The situation has improved.

295 rychle adv  fast, quick(ly) • Psala velmi rychle. – She was typing very fast. 150

161 –S

280 žít impf  to live • Kde ted’ žije? – Where does she live now?

296 znovu adv  again • Znovu se usmála. – She smiled again. 150 –S


281 p5l fem  half • DceXi je tXi a pYl roku. – My daughter is three and a half. 161 –P

282 kv5li prep  due to, because of • StVhovat se kvYli tomu nebudu. – I’m not moving out because of that. 161

283 sed2t impf  to sit • SedVl na posteli. – He was sitting on the bed.

297 firma fem  firm, business • Opustil firmu. – He left the firm. 150 –F

298 pracovat impf  to work • Pracovala jako taneUnice. – She worked as a dancer. 149

299 rozhodnout (se) pf  to decide • Rozhodli jsme se to zmVnit. – We decided to change it. 149

160 –P

284 ur1it2 part  definitely, certainly • UrUitV to je pravda. – It’s definitely true.

300 p4esn2 adv  exactly • To je pXesnV ono. – That’s exactly it. 148

160 –P

285 ovšem part  of course, nevertheless • Pokles se ovšem oUekával. – The decrease was nevertheless expected. 160 –S

286 hlavn2 part  most of all, especially • Má rád hlavnV maso. – Most of all, he likes meat. 158

287 v2tšina fem  majority • Drtivá vVtšina je stále ve vVzení. – An overwhelming majority is still in prison. 158 –S

288 kolik num  how, how much • Kolik mu je? – How old is he?

301 p4íliš adv  too • Byla pXíliš mladá. – She was too young. 148 –S

302 jméno neut  name • Smím znát vaše jméno? – May I ask your name? 148

303 d5vod inan  reason • Jaký jsi mVl dYvod? – What reason did you have? 147

304 zdát se impf  to seem, dream • Nezdálo se být poškozené. – It did not seem to be damaged. 147


289 trochu adv  a little, a bit • Trochu jsem se bála. – I was a little scared. 156

305 zm2na fem  change • To je jediná pXíjemná zmVna. – That is the only pleasant change. 146 –S

Frequency index  19 

306 síla fem  force, strength • Je to zdroj životní síly. – It is the source of the life force. 146

307 tém24 adv  almost • SnVdl jsem témVX všechno. – I have eaten almost everything. 146 –S

308 brát impf  to take • Bereš si s sebou telefon? – Are you taking your phone with you? 146

309 ukázat (se) pf  to show (up), point • Neukázal se. – He did not show up. 145

310 noc fem  night • Dobrou noc. – Good night. 145

311 p4ímo part  right, directly • Stál pXímo pXed nimi. – He was standing right in front of them.

322 spolu adv  together • Nikdo nás spolu nevidVl. – Nobody saw us together. 139

323 šest num  six • Odešel v šest ráno. – He left at six in the morning. 139

324 psát impf  to write • PoXád píšu dopisy. – I still write letters. 139

325 pohled inan  look, view, postcard • Jeden pohled staUil. – One look was enough. 139

326 zde adv  here • Zde se to nekoná. – It’s not taking place here. 139 –S

327 podobný adj  similar, alike • Je to podobný pXípad. – It is a similar case. 138


312 platit impf  to pay • ObUané musí platit danV. – Citizens must pay taxes. 144

313 navíc part  extra, besides • Navíc tvrdí, že je pXíliš brzy. – Besides, he says it is too soon. 144

314 doma adv  (at) home • KoneUnV jsme doma. – We’re home at last. 144 –P

315 v1era adv  yesterday • VUera bylo horko. – It was hot yesterday. 143 –P

316 nyní adv  now, at present • VVdci nyní objevili dYkazy. – Scientists have now found the evidence. 143 –S

317 výsledek inan  result, outcome • Tento výsledek je nejhorší. – This is the worst outcome. 142 –S

318 zcela adv  completely, absolutely, fully • Je to zcela nemožné. – It is absolutely impossible. 141 –S

319 milion num  million • Slíbil mi milion dolarY. – He promised me a million dollars. 140

320 objevit (se) pf  to discover, (se) appear • Objevila sebe samu. – She discovered herself. 140

321 základní adj  elementary, basic • NedokonUil základní školu. – He did not finish elementary school. 140 –S

328 plný adj  full • DYm byl plný. – The house was full. 138

329 samoz4ejm2 part  of course • SamozXejmV že ji znám. – Of course I know her. 138

330 ur1itý adj  certain, given • Objevily se urUité nesnáze. – Certain difficulties arose. 137

331 tenhleten pron  this (one) • Tuhletu zkratku zatím nikdo nezná. – Nobody knows this abbreviation. 137 +S

332 jasný adj  clear, bright • Je to jasné? – Is that clear? 137

333 b2hem prep  during, within • BVhem devadesátých let se všechno zmVnilo. – Everything changed during the nineties. 136

334 vedle prep  beside, next to • Stál vedle ní. – He stood beside her. 136

335 zájem inan  interest • Ztratil jsem o to zájem. – I lost interest in it. 136 –S

336 napsat pf  to write • Napsal o tom Ulánek. – He wrote an article about it. 135

337 p4ijet pf  to come, arrive • PXijeli autem. – They came by car. 135 –P

20  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

338 dneska adv  today • Já jsem dneska tak unavená. – I’m so tired today. 133 –P –N

339 vztah inan  relation, relationship • Jaký je mezi nimi vztah? – What is the relationship between them? 133 –S

340 existovat impf  to be, exist • Existuje jich spoustu. – There are a lot of them.

355 noha fem  leg, foot • ZkXížila nohy. – She crossed her legs. 126

356 vždy adv  always • Vždy existuje lepší zpYsob. – There is always a better way. 125 –S

357 prosit impf  please, to ask, beg • MYžeš mi to, prosím, vysvVtlit? – Can you please explain this to me? 125 –P –N


341 furt adv  all the time, still • Furt prší. – It’s still raining. 132 +S

342 zjistit pf  to find out, learn • Nakonec to zjistili. – They finally found out. 132

343 dve4e fem pl  door • ZavXela dveXe. – She closed the door. 132

344 krom2 prep  apart from, but • KromV toho je pohledný. – Apart from that he is good-looking. 132

345 kam adv  where (to) • Kam pYjdem? – Where will we go? 130

346 jistý adj  certain, safe • Bude to jistá smrt. – It will be certain death. 130

347 po1kat pf  to wait • PoUkej do stXedy. – Wait till Wednesday. 130 –P

348 auto neut  car • Neumím Xídit auto. – I can’t drive a car. 129

349 jasn2 part  sure, clearly • JasnV, budu tam. – Sure, I’ll be there. 128

350 cítit (se) impf  to feel, smell • Cítila se osamVlá. – She felt lonely. 128

351 informace fem  information • Vaše informace mohou být zkreslené. – Your information may be distorted. 127 –S

352 nejen adv  not only • Je nejen hezká, ale i chytrá. – Not only is she pretty, she is also clever. 127 –S

353 zeptat se pf  to ask • Já se jí zeptám. – I’ll ask her. 127 –P

354 onen pron  that • Od onoho odpoledne uplynuly UtyXi dlouhé roky. – Four long years have passed since that afternoon. 127

358 stav inan  condition, state • Jeho stav je velmi vážný. – His condition is very serious. 123 –S

359 t4etí num  third • Bydlí ve tXetím patXe. – He lives on the third floor. 123

360 základ inan  foundation, base • Byly položeny základy stavby. – The foundations of the building have been laid. 123

361 podmínka fem  condition, circumstance • Tento projekt nesplWuje podmínky. – This project does not fulfil the conditions. 122 –S

362 rodina fem  family • Rodina je to nejdYležitVjší. – The family is the most important thing. 122

363 silný adj  strong, powerful • Jaké jsou vaše silné stránky? – What are your strong points? 122

364 v24it impf  to believe • VVXím na osud. – I believe in fate. 121

365 služba fem  service • Pracoval pro tajné služby. – He worked for the secret services. 121 –S

366 za1ínat impf  to start, begin • V kolik to zaUíná? – What time does it start? 121

367 otev4ít (se) pf  to open • OtevXel dveXe. – He opened the door. 121

368 normáln2 adv  normally, usually • Nedá se s ním normálnV mluvit. – You can’t talk with him normally. 120 +S

369 zákon inan  law, act • Musíme dodržovat zákony. – We must respect the law. 120 –S

370 t2žký adj  heavy, hard, difficult • Tomu je tVžké uvVXit. – It is hard to believe. 120

Frequency index  21 

371 zejména part  particularly • Zajímavé jsou zejména jeho básnV. – His poems particularly are interesting. 120 –S

372 tehdy adv  then • Co se tehdy stalo? – What happened then? 118

373 jednotlivý adj  individual, single • V knize jsou popsány jednotlivé kroky. – The individual steps are described in the book. 118 –S

374 vyjít pf  to go out, come out • Vyšla na balkón. – She went out onto the balcony. 118

375 považovat impf  to consider • Co tedy považujete za dYležité? – What do you consider important then? 118 –S

376 um2t impf  to be able to, can • Neumí Uesky. – She can’t speak Czech. 117

377 váš pron  your(s) • Tenhle váš veUírek je velmi nudný. – This party of yours is very boring. 117

378 op2t adv  again • Ta chvíle opVt nastala. – It’s that time again. 117 –S

379 tolik num  so many/much • Tolik jsi mi chybVla! – I missed you so much! 116

380 po1et inan  number, quantity • PoUet obVtí není znám. – The number of victims is unknown. 116 –S

381 sou1asný adj  current, contemporary • V Uem je pXíUina souUasné krize? – What is the cause of the current crisis? 116 –S

382 pomoct pf  to help • NemYžu si pomoct. – I can’t help myself. 115

383 bílý adj  white • MVl na sobV bílou košili. – He was wearing a white shirt. 115

387 právo neut  right, law • Máme právo veta. – We have a right of veto. 113 –S

388 pár num  pair, couple • Je o pár let mladší. – She is a couple of years younger. 113

389 za1átek inan  beginning • Kniha má pXekvapivý zaUátek. – The book has a surprising beginning. 113

390 hledat impf  to look for • Co hledáš? – What are you looking for? 113

391 skon1it pf  to end • Jednání ještV neskonUila. – The negotiations have not ended yet. 113

392 dvacet num  twenty • Je jí dvacet. – She is twenty. 112

393 držet (se) impf  to hold, keep • Gentlemani mají držet slovo. – Gentlemen should keep their word. 112

394 pocit inan  feeling • Jejich pocity byly vzájemné. – Their feelings were mutual. 112

395 skute1nost fem  reality • SkuteUnost je bohužel jiná. – Unfortunately, the reality is different. 112 –S

396 evropský adj  European • Jsme Ulenem Evropské unie. – We are a member of the European Union. 112 –S –F

397 typ inan  type • Máme k dispozici nVkolik typY vakcín. – Several types of vaccine are available. 111

398 1erný adj  black • Má doma Uernou koUku. – She has a black cat at home. 111

384 líbit se impf  to like • MnV se to nelíbí. – I don’t like it.

399 zda conj  if, whether • Zeptal se, zda o tom vím. – He asked me if I knew about it.

385 tvá4 fem  face • Setkali se poprvé tváXí v tváX. – They met face to face for the first time.

400 dom5 adv  home • Kdy jste pXišli domY? – When did you get home?

114 –P

114 –S

386 aha interj  I see • Aha, a kolik to stojí? – I see, and how much is it? 114 +S

111 –S

111 –P

401 sm2r inan  direction, specialization • Taxík jel v opaUném smVru. – The cab was going in the opposite direction. 111

22  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2  Modal verbs Please note the very frequent non-modal meaning of the verb mít. mít  9  to have (got), ought to

muset  46  to have to, must

lze  180  to be possible

moct  25  to be able to, can

chtít  49  to want

sm2t  456  to be allowed

402 teprve part  only • Je mu teprve šestnáct. – He is only sixteen. 111

403 hlas inan  voice • Náhle ztišila hlas. – She suddenly lowered her voice. 110 –S

404 rad2ji adv  rather, better, preferably • RadVji jsem mVla zYstat doma. – I should rather have stayed at home. 109

405 aspo3 part  at least • AspoW to není tak nudný. – At least it’s not that boring. 109 –P

406 zm2nit pf  to change • Je možné zmVnit svVt? – Is it possible to change the world? 109

407 strašn2 adv  terribly, awfully • On strašnV žárlí. – He is terribly jealous. 109 –P

408 zatímco conj  while • NVkteré dVti jsou komunikativní, zatímco jiné jsou plaché. – Some children are communicative, while others are shy. 109 –S

409 druh inan  kind, sort • Existuje nVkolik druhY testY. – There are several kinds of test. 108

410 tvrdit impf  to claim, assert • }ada kolegY tvrdí opak. – Many colleagues claim the opposite. 108

411 krásný adj  beautiful • Byl to krásný pocit. – It was a beautiful feeling. 108

412 vláda fem  government • Co je prioritou nové vlády? – What is the new government’s priority? 108 –S

413 minuta fem  minute • Zbývá jen pár minut do konce. – Just a few minutes to go. 108

414 naopak adv  on the contrary, instead • MVli byste ménV solit a naopak pXidat vitamíny. – You should use less salt and add vitamins instead. 108

415 z4ejm2 part  probably, obviously • Byla zXejmV opilá. – She was probably drunk. 108

416 zrovna adv  just now • Zrovna tam jedeme. – We are driving there just now. 108 –P

417 poda4it se pf  to manage, succeed • NepodaXilo se mu sehnat peníze. – He did not manage to raise the money. 107 –S

418 americký adj  American • Americký prezident navštíví Rusko. – The American president is going to visit Russia. 107 –S

419 cíl inan  goal, aim • Naším cílem je vyhrát. – Our goal is to win. 107 –S

420 jmenovat (se) biasp  to name, appoint, (se) be called • Jak se to tu jmenuje? – What’s this place called? 107

421 jezdit impf  to go, drive, commute • Jezdí dennV do Prahy. – She commutes to Prague every day. 106 –P

422 t2lo neut  body • O své tVlo se musíme starat. – We must take care of our bodies. 106

423 p4edstavovat (se, si) impf  to introduce, (si) imagine • Jak si to pXedstavujete? – How do you imagine it? 106

424 smysl inan  sense • To nedává smysl. – It doesn’t make sense. 105

425 koukat (se) impf  to look, watch • Tat’ka bude koukat na fotbal. – Dad’s going to watch the football. 105 –P –N

Frequency index  23 

426 p4inést pf  to bring, fetch • LoWský rok pXinesl velké zmVny. – Last year brought big changes. 105

427 používat impf  to use • K vaXení používejte olivový nebo sluneUnicový olej. – Use olive or sunflower oil for cooking. 105

428 pokra1ovat impf  to continue, go on • Smím pokraUovat? – May I continue? 105

429 rozdíl inan  difference • Jaký je rozdíl mezi MP3 a MP4? – What is the difference between MP3 and MP4? 104

430 trvat impf  to last, take, insist • Celý proces potrvá dvacet UtyXi hodin. – The whole process takes twenty-four hours. 104

431 program inan  programme, plan, agenda • Jeho nejoblíbenVjším programem je reality show. – His favourite programme is a reality show. 104

432 v2tšinou adv  mostly • Staré písnV mají vVtšinou milostné téma. – Old songs are mostly about love. 104

433 ulice fem  street • Naši ulici pXejmenovali. – Our street has been renamed. 103

434 ráno adv  in the morning • V kolik ráno vstáváš? – What time do you get up in the morning? 103 –P

435 státní adj  state, national • Státní dluh se zdvojnásobil. – The national debt has doubled. 103 –S

436 p4ipravit (se) pf  to prepare, get ready • NemVla Uas se pXipravit. – She didn’t have time to get ready. 103

437 1len anim  member • Má být Turecko Ulenem EU? – Should Turkey become a member of the EU? 103 –S

438 prostor inan  space, room, area • Nová Honda má velký zavazadlový prostor. – The new Honda has ample luggage space. 102

439 forma fem  form • Haiku je japonská básnická forma. – Haiku is a Japanese verse form. 102 –S

440 1innost fem  activity • Jedná se v tomto pXípadV o trestnou Uinnost? – Is it criminal activity in this case? 102 –S

441 skoro adv  almost • Láhev byla skoro prázdná. – The bottle was almost empty. 102

442 hodnota fem  value, cost • Víno má vysokou nutriUní hodnotu. – Wine has a high nutritional value. 102 –S

443 osm num  eight • PXibral jsem osm kilo. – I have put on eight kilos. 102

444 p4esto adv  in spite of, yet • Nedostávají platy, a pXesto pracují. – They do not receive wages and yet they work. 102 –S

445 ležet impf  to lie • Ležel na posteli. – He was lying on his bed. 102

446 smrt fem  death • Smrt je sestra života. – Death is the sister of life. 101 –S

447 paní fem  Mrs, lady • Paní Warrenová nás pozvala dál. – Mrs Warren invited us in. 101 –P

448 bývat impf  to be • NevVsty bývaly výraznV mladší. – Brides used to be considerably younger. 100

449 zvláštní adj  special, strange • VVnujeme tomu zvláštní pozornost. – We pay special attention to it. 100

450 polovina fem  half • NejménV polovina e-mailY jsou nevyžádané zprávy. – At least half of all emails are spam. 100

451 republika fem  republic • Již deset let žije v Zeské republice. – He has been living in the Czech Republic for ten years. 100 –F

452 názor inan  opinion, view • Jaký je váš osobní názor? – What is your personal opinion? 100

453 dívat se impf  to look, watch • Dívali se na sebe. – They looked at each other. 100

454 prost4edí neut  environment, surroundings • Investice do životního prostXedí se vyplácejí. – Investing in the environment pays off. 100 –S

24  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

455 lidský adj  human • Lidské tVlo je jako chemická továrna. – The human body is like a chemical factory. 99 –S

456 sm2t impf  to be allowed • Zde se nesmí kouXit. – Smoking is not allowed here. 99

457 jednat impf  to negotiate, act • Jednáme se zástupci Ministerstva financí. – We are negotiating with representatives of the Ministry of Finance. 98 –S

458 zárove3 adv  at the same time • Neumím dVlat dvV vVci zároveW. – I cannot do two things at the same time. 98 –S

459 sedm num  seven • Je to nejlepší výsledek za posledních sedm let. – It is the best result in the last seven years. 98

460 ptát se impf  to ask • NechtVl jsem se ptát. – I didn’t want to ask. 98

461 schopný adj  able, capable • Nebyl schopen rozpoznávat tvary. – He was not able to recognize shapes. 98

462 postavit (se) pf  to put up, build, (se) stand up • Postavíme si na zahradV stan. – Let’s put up a tent in the garden. 97

463 léto neut  summer • Léto zaUíná. – Summer is beginning. 97

464 hrozn2 adv  terribly, awfully • Ona je hroznV pomalá. – She’s terribly slow. 97 –P –N

465 zpráva fem  news, information, message • Na tuto zprávu jsme dlouho Uekali. – We have been waiting for this news for a long time. 97

466 najednou adv  suddenly • Poirot se najednou rozesmál. – Poirot suddenly started laughing. 97

467 odejít pf  to leave, go • Kam všichni odešli? – Where did everybody go? 97

468 osoba fem  person • Je zakázáno prodávat alkohol osobám mladším 18 let. – Selling alcohol to persons under 18 is forbidden. 96 –S

469 mimo prep  but, except for, besides • Byli tam všichni mimo nVj. – Everyone was there but him. 96

470 století neut  century • Kostel pochází z 15. století. – The church dates from the 15th century. 96 –S

471 otec anim  father • Jeho otec je alkoholik. – His father is an alcoholic. 96

472 nízký adj  low • MYžeme nabízet nízké ceny. – We can offer low prices. 96

473 válka fem  war • Bojoval v první svVtové válce. – He fought in the First World War. 95 –S

474 jist2 part  certainly, surely • JistV na nVj Ueká. – She is certainly waiting for him. 95

475 kniha fem  book • Z knih se dozvíte všechno. – You can learn everything from books. 95

476 p5sobit impf  to affect, work, look • Literatura pYsobí na život víc než život na literaturu. – Literature affects life more than life affects literature. 95

477 minulý adj  last • Minulé úterý navštívil dVtskou nemocnici. – He visited a children’s hospital last Tuesday. 95

478 okno neut  window • Mohu otevXít okno? – May I open the window? 93

479 dosáhnout pf  to reach, achieve • Jak tohoto cíle dosáhneme? – How can we achieve this goal? 93 –S

480 dosud adv  so far, up to now • Požár dosud zniUil 15 hektarY lesa. – The fire has destroyed 15 hectares of forest so far. 93 –S

481 vytvo4it pf  to create, make • Musíte vytvoXit vhodné podmínky. – You must create suitable conditions. 93 –S

482 jenže conj  but, except • ChtVli jsme jít na koncert, jenže je vyprodáno. – We wanted to go to a concert, but it’s sold out. 92 –P

Frequency index  25 

483 samý pron  the same • To je ten samej dYm. – This is the same house. 92

484 spole1ný adj  common, collective • Mají mnoho spoleUných zájmY. – They share a lot of common interests. 92

485 období neut  period, season • Blíží se zkouškové období. – The exam period is coming up. 92 –S

486 hra fem  game, play • Píše divadelní hry. – He writes theatre plays. 92

487 díky prep  thanks to, due to • Díky první pomoci pacient pXežil. – The patient survived thanks to first aid. 92 –S

488 nebot’ conj  for, since, as • Neexistuje zázraUný recept, nebot’ každý pXípad je jiný. – There is no magic formula, since every case is different. 91 –S

489 procento neut  per cent, portion • To je o sto procent lepší. – This is one hundred per cent better. 91 –F

490 ve1er adv  in the evening • VeUer se dívá na televizi. – He watches TV in the evening. 91 –P

491 tv5j pron  your(s) • Tak co ten tvYj pXítel? – So what about your boyfriend? 91 –P –N

492 1íst impf  to read • DennV Uetl noviny. – He read the newspaper every day. 91

493 zapomenout pf  to forget • ZapomnVl jsem si rukavice. – I have forgotten my gloves. 91

494 poznat pf  to (get to) know, find out • Jak jsi to poznala? – How did you know that? 91

495 akorát part  only, just right • Akorát že tam není voda. – Only there’s no water. 90 +S

496 bát se impf  to be afraid • Bojí se psY. – She is afraid of dogs. 90 –P

497 1íslo neut  number, size • VytoUil špatné Uíslo. – He dialled the wrong number. 90

498 st5l inan  table, desk • Na stole ležely Uasopisy. – There were some magazines lying on the table. 90

499 poprvé num  for the first time • Židovskou hudbu jsem poprvé slyšel pXed dvVma lety. – I heard Jewish music for the first time two years ago. 90

500 dodat pf  to add, supply • Nemám co dodat. – I have nothing to add. 90 –S

501 bývalý adj  former, ex • Byl to dárek od bývalého manžela. – It was a gift from my ex-husband. 90

502 p4íští adj  next, following • KlíUový význam budou mít pXíští mVsíce. – The next months will be of particular importance. 90

503 skute1n2 part  really, indeed, actually • Je to skuteUnV pravda? – Is it really true? 89

504 zajímavý adj  interesting • V PaXíži najdete spoustu zajímavých míst. – You’ll find a lot of interesting places in Paris. 89

505 trh inan  market • FinanUní trhy se globalizují. – The financial markets become more global. 89 –S

506 chápat impf  to understand • Ty mV vYbec nechápeš. – You don’t understand me at all. 89

507 významný adj  outstanding, important • Setkávali se zde významní malíXi a sochaXi. – Outstanding painters and sculptors met here. 89 –S

508 ú4ad inan  authority • PotXebujete povolení od okresního úXadu. – You need a permit from the district authority. 88 –S

509 p4edstavit (se, si) pf  to introduce, (si) imagine • Nedovedl si to pXedstavit. – He could not imagine it. 88

510 hezký adj  nice, pretty • To jsou moc hezký fotky. – These are very nice photos. 88 –P

511 zastavit (se) pf  to stop • Jako by se zastavil Uas. – As if time had stopped. 88

26  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

512 uvid2t pf  to see • Uvidíme se zítra. – See you tomorrow. 88 –P

526 akce fem  action, event • Naše spoleUnost sponzoruje rYzné akce. – Our company sponsors various events. 86

513 pamatovat si impf  to remember • Já si na ni nepamatuju. – I don’t remember her. 87 –P

514 kone1n2 part  finally • KoneUnV dorazili na místo. – They finally reached the place. 87

515 sv2tový adj  world • Je držitelkou svVtového rekordu. – She is the holder of the world record. 87 –S

516 vývoj inan  development, progress • Výsledek voleb mYže ovlivnit politický vývoj. – The result of the elections may influence political development. 87 –S

517 proces inan  process • Prodej je složitý proces. – Selling is a complex process. 87 –S

518 prost4edek inan  means, device, resource • Tramvaj je tradiUním mVstským dopravním prostXedkem. – Trams are a traditional means of transport in cities. 87 –S

519 krátký adj  short • Má krátké nohy a dlouhé tVlo. – It has short legs and a long body. 87

520 rozum2t impf  to understand • Nikdo tomu nerozumí. – Nobody understands it. 87

521 úrove3 fem  level, standard • Životní úroveW v Hong Kongu je pomVrnV vysoká. – The standard of living in Hong Kong is relatively high. 87

527 v2novat (se) impf  to give, devote, (se) go in • VVnoval jí dlouhý, upXený pohled. – He gave her a long, fixed look. 86

528 vhodný adj  suitable, appropriate • Tato metoda není vhodná pro všechny pacienty. – This method is not suitable for all patients. 85 –S

529 hrozný adj  horrible • MnV to pXijde hrozný. – I find that horrible. 85 –P –N

530 poslat pf  to send • Poslal jí nVkolik e-mailY. – He sent her several emails. 85

531 míra fem  rate, extent, measure • Míra nezamVstnanosti kolísá. – The unemployment rate fluctuates. 85 –S

532 tvo4it impf  to create, make, be • Kolik tónY tvoXí oktávu? – How many notes are there in an octave? 85 –S

533 rovn2ž part  as well, likewise • OvlivWuje to rovnVž zdraví. – It affects your health as well. 84 –S

534 pomoc fem  help • Kde hledat pomoc? – Where to seek help? 84 –S

535 bavit (se) impf  to amuse, (se) talk, enjoy oneself • O tomhle jsme se nebavili. – We didn’t talk about that. 84 –P

536 vzniknout pf  to emerge, originate • Kdy toto náboženství vzniklo? – When did this religion originate? 84 –S

522 místo prep  instead of • Šla nakoupit místo mV. – She went shopping instead of me. 86

523 vydat (se) pf  to publish, (se) set out • PrávV jí vydali další román. – They have just published another novel of hers. 86 –S

524 role fem  role • Hlavní roli ztvárnil Jim Carrey. – Jim Carrey played the main role. 86 –S

525 vliv inan  influence • }ídil pod vlivem alkoholu. – He was driving under the influence of alcohol. 86 –S

537 krok inan  footstep, step, phase • Slyšela kroky na schodech. – She heard footsteps on the stairs. 84 –S

538 vybrat pf  to choose, select, collect • Porota vybere tXi nejlepší práce. – The jury will choose the three best works. 84

539 sv2tlo neut  light • Probudil se až za denního svVtla. – When he woke up it was already light. 84

540 sledovat impf  to watch, follow • FascinovanV ji sledoval. – He watched her with fascination. 84

Frequency index  27 

541 národní adj  national • Sejdeme se u Národního divadla. – Let’s meet at the National Theatre. 83 –S

542 funkce fem  function, post • Rezignoval na funkci Xeditele. – He has resigned from the director’s post. 83 –S

543 spát impf  to sleep • Nechce se ti spát? – Don’t you want to sleep? 83 –P

544 mnohem adv  much • SkuteUnost je mnohem složitVjší. – The reality is much more complex. 83

545 4editel anim  director, manager, headmaster • }editel školy byl s výukou spokojen. – The headmaster was satisfied with the lessons. 83

546 zkušenost fem  experience • Každá zkušenost dobrá. – Every experience counts. 83

547 odpov2d2t pf  to answer • NeodpovVdVl na otázku. – He did not answer the question. 82 –S

548 p4ítel anim  friend, boyfriend • Pes je nejlepší pXítel UlovVka. – A dog is a man’s best friend. 82

549 p4edstava fem  idea, vision • To je naprosto mylná pXedstava. – That is quite the wrong idea. 82

550 pokoj inan  room, peace • Popíjeli jsme kávu v obývacím pokoji. – We were drinking coffee in the living room. 82 –P

551 p4edtím adv  before • Nikdy pXedtím jsem netanUil. – I had never danced before. 82

552 po1ítat impf  to count, reckon, expect • MVli byste poUítat se zdržením. – You should expect a delay. 82

553 široký adj  wide, broad • Nabízíme široké spektrum služeb. – We offer a wide range of services. 81

554 v1etn2 prep  including • Poskytujeme záruku na vozy vUetnV pneumatik. – We provide a guarantee on vehicles including tyres. 81 –S

555 kluk anim  boy, lad, boyfriend • Chováš se jak malej kluk. – You’re behaving like a little boy. 81 –P

556 pot4eba fem  need • Není potXeba o tom dál mluvit. – There is no need to talk about it again. 81

557 matka fem  mother • Matka si o tebe dVlala starosti. – Mother was worried about you. 81

558 pustit pf  to turn on, drop, release • Pustila jsem si televizi. – I turned on the TV. 81 –P

559 poté adv  after, later • Rok poté se mu splnil sen. – A year later his dream came true. 81 –S

560 bud’ conj  either • Bud’ se vdala, nebo odstVhovala. – She has either got married, or moved away. 80

561 volat impf  to call • Nevolala mamka? – Has mum called? 80 –P

562 rámec inan  framework, scope • Studoval v zahraniUí v rámci programu Erasmus. – He studied abroad within the framework of the Erasmus programme. 80 –S –F

563 obraz inan  picture, painting, image • Jeho obrazy jsou velmi expresionistické. – His paintings are very expressionistic. 80

564 zdroj inan  source • Šípky jsou nejbohatším zdrojem vitamínu C. – Rosehips are the richest source of vitamin C. 80 –S

565 sou1ást fem  part, component • Smrt je pXirozenou souUástí života. – Death is a natural part of life. 79 –S

566 pravý adj  right, true, real • UmVla psát pravou i levou rukou. – She could write with both her right and left hands. 79

567 n2mecký adj  German • Zajímám se o nVmeckou literaturu. – I am interested in German literature. 79

568 4ešení neut  solution • Existuje jen jedno Xešení. – There is only one solution. 79 –S

569 postup inan  procedure, progress • Zvolili spoleUný postup. – They have chosen a joint procedure. 78 –S

28  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

570 politický adj  political • Všichni kritizují vládu a politické strany. – Everybody criticizes the government and political parties. 78 –S

571 ztratit (se) pf  to lose, (se) get lost • Všechno ostatní ztratilo význam. – Everything else lost its meaning. 78

572 p2kný adj  pretty, nice • Díky za pVkný veUer. – Thanks for a nice evening. 78 –P

573 blízký adj  near, close • Máte k nVmu blízký vztah? – Do you have a close relationship with him? 78 –S

574 životní adj  life, living • Životní styl mladých lidí se zmVnil. – The life style of young people has changed. 78 –S

575 film inan  film • NatoUil jsem spoustu filmY. – I have shot a lot of films. 78

576 hodit (se) pf/impf  to throw, (se) suit • Hodí se ti Utvrtek? – Does Thursday suit you? 78

577 alespo3 part  at least • Jmenujte alespoW tXi další knihy tohoto autora. – Name at least three other books by this author. 78 –S

578 napadnout pf  to attack, occur • To by mV nikdy nenapadlo. – It would never occur to me. 78

579 hranice fem  border, borderline, limit • Kde je hranice mezi šílenstvím a zdravým rozumem? – Where is the borderline between madness and sanity? 78

580 použít pf  to use • Na smažení použijte Xepkový olej. – Use rapeseed oil for frying. 77

581 špatn2 adv  sick, wrong, incorrectly • Je mi špatnV. – I feel sick. 77

582 zajímat (se) impf  to interest, (se) be interested • Zajímá se o zahraniUní politiku. – He is interested in foreign policy. 77

583 jakoby part  kind of • Má takový jakoby vlnitý vlasy. – She has kind of wavy hair. 77

584 osobní adj  personal, subjective • Potýká se s osobními problémy. – She is facing some personal problems. 77 –S

585 ukazovat (se) impf  to show • Následující graf ukazuje rYst cen. – The following chart shows the rise in prices. 77

586 chyb2t pf  to be absent, lack, miss • V balíku chybVlo osm bankovek. – Eight banknotes were missing from the packet. 76

587 dílo neut  work, piece • Bylo to jeho mistrovské dílo. – It was his masterpiece. 76 –S

588 nabízet impf  to offer • Nabízíme nižší ceny a lepší služby. – We offer lower prices and better services. 76

589 povídat (si) impf  to chat, talk • Povídat si budeme pozdVji. – We will chat later. 76 –P

590 kolo neut  round, bike, wheel • Náš tenista nepostoupil do druhého kola. – Our tennis player did not get through to the second round. 76

591 takovýhle pron  such, like this • V takovýmhle poUasí ven nepYjdu. – I won’t go out in such weather. 76 +S

592 rada fem  advice, council • K Uemu je dobrá Rada bezpeUnosti? – What is the Security Council good for? 76 –S

593 jakýkoli pron  any, whatever • V pXípadV jakýchkoli problémY se na nás obrat’te. – Please ask if you have any problems. 76

594 letos adv  this year • Stavba má zaUít letos. – Construction is to begin this year. 75 –F –P

595 jednoduchý adj  simple, easy • Nebylo jednoduché to najít. – It wasn’t easy to find. 75

596 množství neut  amount • Okny uniká velké množství tepelné energie. – A large amount of thermal energy escapes through windows. 75 –S

597 p4ipadat (si) impf  to seem, appear, (si) feel • PXipadala si hroznV opuštVná. – She felt terribly lonely. 74

Frequency index  29 

3  Register differences formal (–S)


informal (–P)

spoken (+S)

zde (–S) pouze (–S) jenž (–S) již (–S) nejen (–S) tém24 (–S) nyní (–S) stále (–S) tento (–S) alespo3 (–S) brzy (–S) dívka (–S) dnes (–S) léka4 (–S) muž (–S) také (–S) takto (–S) vždy (–S) zcela (–S) znovu (–S) zp2t (–S) žena (–S)

tu jen který už nejenom skoro

tady (–P) jenom (–P)

tadyhle (+S)

ted’ (–P) po4ád (–P) tenhle (–P) aspo3 (–P) brzo (–P) holka (–P) dneska (–P –N) doktor (–P) chlap (–P) taky (–P –N) takhle (–P –N) vždycky (–P) úpln2 (–P) znova (–P –N) zpátky (–P) ženská (–P) maminka (–P) tatínek (–P) brácha (–P) kluk (–P) kafe (–P) flaška (–P –N) strejda (–P –N)

ted’ka (+S) furt (+S) tenhleten (+S)

matka otec bratr chlapec káva láhev strýc hned sestra

mamka (+S) tat’ka (+S)

hnedka (+S) ségra (+S)





adv pron adv adv adv adv adv pron part adv fem adv anim anim part adv adv adv adv adv fem fem anim anim anim fem/neut fem anim adv fem

only that, which, who already not only almost now all the time, still this (one) at least soon, early girl today doctor man also, as well this way always completely again back woman mother father brother boy coffee bottle uncle immediately sister

The table provides some examples of words that have very similar meanings, but are typically used in parallel in different registers. This phenomenon is also described in the Explanatory notes section of the Introduction. The first column of the table (–S) lists words that are significantly less common in the spoken register than in the written ones. This means that they are only rarely used in informal spoken communication. The second column lists words common in all the registers and thus considered neutral. The words in the third column (–P) are significantly less common in the (rather formal) non-fiction register, and in some cases also in the newspaper register. They can often be characterized as informal counterparts of the formal words from the first column. Finally, the fourth column (+S) lists words typical for the spoken register that only rarely occur in written texts.

598 podoba fem  form, appearance • Uchovávání informací v digitální podobV je bVžné. – Storing data in digital form is common. 74 –S

599 byt inan  flat, apartment • Najal si byt na okraji Prahy. – He rented a flat on the edge of Prague. 74

600 zpátky adv  back • UdVlal jsem krok zpátky. – I took a step back. 74 –P

601 normální adj  normal • PXipadá mi to zcela normální. – I find it absolutely normal. 74

30  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

602 stránka fem  side, page, aspect • Berme to z té lepší stránky. – Let’s look on the bright side. 74

603 bydlet impf  to live • Kde oni vlastnV bydlí? – Where do they actually live? 74 –P

604 centrum neut  centre • Naše obchodní centrum je otevXeno nonstop. – Our shopping centre is open non-stop. 74

605 pražský adj  Prague • Knihu vydalo jedno pražské nakladatelství. – The book was published by a Prague publishing house. 73 –S –F

606 okamžik inan  moment • PoUkej okamžik. – Wait a moment. 73 –S

607 domácí adj  domestic, home • Jsme nejvVtší pojišt’ovnou na domácím trhu. – We are the biggest insurance company on the domestic market. 73

608 trošku adv  a little, a bit • Vpustil do pokoje trošku svVtla. – He let a bit of light into the room. 73 –P

609 pracovní adj  working • MYj pracovní den zaUíná v sedm. – My working day starts at seven. 73

610 vycházet impf  to go out, get on • Vycházel se svým synem dobXe? – Did he get on well with his son? 73

611 metr inan  metre • Cheopsova pyramida je vysoká 145 metrY. – The Cheops pyramid is 145 metres high. 73

612 odpovídat impf  to answer, be responsible, correspond • Kdo za to odpovídá? – Who is responsible for it? 73

613 sociální adj  social • Sociální demokraté jsou proti reformV. – The social democrats are against the reform. 73 –F

614 holka fem  girl, girlfriend • Co ta tvoje holka? – How’s your girlfriend? 73 –P

615 t4icet num  thirty • Je mu nVco pXes tXicet. – He’s a thirty-something guy. 73

616 st4ední adj  central, middle • StXední Evropa stále láká investory. – Central Europe still attracts investors. 73

617 padesát num  fifty • Je to padesát na padesát. – It’s fifty-fifty. 73 –P

618 z5stávat impf  to stay, remain • DVti by nemVly zYstávat samy doma. – Children should not stay at home alone. 72 –S

619 nutný adj  necessary • Není to úplnV nutné. – It is not absolutely necessary. 72 –S

620 vadit impf  to mind, bother • MnV by to vYbec nevadilo. – I wouldn’t mind at all. 72 –P

621 ve4ejný adj  public • Svoboda názoru je nezbytná pro veXejný dialog. – Freedom of expression is essential for public debate. 72 –S

622 srdce neut  heart • Málem se jí zastavilo srdce. – Her heart almost stopped. 72

623 spojený adj  connected, united, joined • Navštívili jsme Spojené státy. – We have been to the United States. 72 –S

624 m2nit (se) impf  to change • Tady se vVci mVní tak pomalu! – Things change so slowly here! 72

625 velice adv  very • Tehdy to bylo velice levné. – At the time it was very cheap. 72

626 ob1as adv  sometimes, occasionally • ObUas jsme se zasmáli. – We occasionally laughed. 72

627 mnohý adj  many, numerous • Mnohé jeho romány byly zfilmovány. – Many of his novels have been filmed. 72 –S

628 B5h anim  God • BYh miluje všechny stejnV. – God loves everybody the same. 72

629 spousta fem  plenty • Do kasina chodí spousta lidí. – Plenty of people go to casinos. 72

630 všude adv  everywhere • Všude jen samý reklamy. – Just ads everywhere. 71

Frequency index  31 

631 bod inan  point, item • Získali bod za remízu. – They got one point for the draw. 71

632 zaplatit pf  to pay • U nás zaplatíte ménV. – You pay less with us. 71

633 televize fem  television, TV • VidVla jsem to v televizi. – I saw it on TV. 71

634 myšlenka fem  thought, idea • Ty mi snad Uteš myšlenky. – You must be reading my thoughts. 71 –S

635 celkový adj  total, overall • Celková kapacita parkovištV se zvýšila. – The total capacity of the car park has increased. 71 –S –F

636 vedení neut  management, leadership • Za to mYže evidentnV vedení strany. – The party leadership is clearly to blame. 71 –S

637 místní adj  local • Ochutnejte speciality místní kuchynV. – Try some specialties of the local cuisine. 71 –S

638 správný adj  right, correct • Jdeme správným smVrem? – Are we going in the right direction? 71

639 policie fem  police • PXípad prošetXuje policie. – Police are investigating the incident. 70 –S –P

640 materiál inan  material • Polystyren je osvVdUený stavební materiál. – Styrofoam is a time-tested building material. 70

641 vysv2tlit pf  to explain • Pokusím se vám to vysvVtlit. – I’ll try to explain it to you. 70

642 podnik inan  enterprise, business • Byla by to záchranná sít’ pro malé podniky. – It would be a safety net for small enterprises. 70 –S

643 úsp2ch inan  success • Muzikál Dracula mVl obrovský úspVch. – The Dracula musical was a great success. 70 –S

644 pochopit pf  to understand, grasp • KoneUnV jsem to celé pochopil. – I finally understood it all. 70

645 p4estat pf  to stop, end • PXestal brát léky na bolest. – He stopped taking painkillers. 70

646 p4ijmout pf  to accept • Tento názor pXijala vVtšina antropologY. – This opinion was accepted by the majority of anthropologists. 70 –S

647 soud inan  court • Soud jej zbavil svéprávnosti. – The court has put him under restraint. 70 –S

648 podobn2 adv  similarly, likewise • Kojoti žijí ve smeUkách podobnV jako vlci. – Coyotes live in packs, similarly to wolves. 69

649 podstata fem  essence, foundation, root • V tom spoUívá podstata problému. – That’s the root of the problem. 69

650 skute1ný adj  real, actual • Stala se skuteUnou operní hvVzdou. – She became a real opera star. 69 –S

651 autor anim  author • Autor textu není znám. – The author of the text is unknown. 69 –S

652 n2kam adv  somewhere, anywhere • Jdete nVkam na Silvestra? – Are you going anywhere on New Year’s Eve? 69 –P

653 význam inan  importance, meaning • Jde o událost mezinárodního významu. – It is an event of international importance. 69 –S

654 syn anim  son • Jeho syn zemXel pXi autonehodV. – His son died in a car crash. 69

655 obchod inan  business, trade, shop • Vlastní nVkolik obchodY a restaurací. – He owns several shops and restaurants. 69

656 volný adj  free, vacant • K tomuto tarifu dostanete volné minuty. – You’ll get free minutes with this tariff. 69

657 jakýsi pron  a, a sort of • Chytání ryb pro mV vždy bylo jakousi meditací. – Fishing has always been a sort of meditation for me. 68 –S

658 škoda fem  damage, pity • Škoda na vozidle Uiní 100 000 korun. – The damage to the vehicle is 100,000 Czech crowns. 68

659 mezinárodní adj  international • Absolvoval mezinárodní jazykovou zkoušku. – He took an international language exam. 68 –S –F

32  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

660 využít pf  to use, make use • Využila svých zkušeností. – She made use of her experience. 68

661 úkol inan  task, mission • Co je ted’ naším úkolem? – What is our task now? 68

662 obrovský adj  huge, giant • Byl to obrovský ledovec. – It was a huge iceberg. 67

663 v2k inan  age • ZemXel ve vVku 90 let. – He died at the age of 90. 67

664 po1átek inan  beginning, threshold • Jsme na poUátku nového tisíciletí. – We are on the threshold of a new millennium. 67 –S

665 finan1ní adj  financial • Gruzie se nachází ve finanUní krizi. – Georgia is in a financial crisis. 67 –S

666 rychlý adj  fast, quick • ÚUinek léku je rychlý a dlouhodobý. – The effect of the drug is quick and long-lasting. 67

667 moderní adj  modern • Co znamená moderní umVní? – What does modern art mean? 67

668 organizace fem  organization • Sehnat peníze je pro neziskovou organizaci obtížné. – It is hard for a non-profit organization to get money. 67 –S

669 postupn2 adv  gradually, step by step • UmVní se postupnV sekularizovalo. – Art has gradually become secularized. 67

670 p4íjemný adj  pleasant • Je to moc pXíjemný pocit. – It is a very pleasant feeling. 67

671 táta anim  dad • Táta pXijde každou chvíli. – Dad will be here any moment. 67 –P

672 dev2t num  nine • HelenV bylo teprve devVt let. – Helena was only nine years old. 67

673 projít (se) pf  to go through, pass, (se) go for a walk • Prošla testem. – She has passed the test. 67

674 kus inan  piece, part • Našel další chybVjící kus skládaUky. – He found another missing piece of the puzzle. 67

675 otev4ený adj  open • Napsal mu otevXený dopis. – He wrote him an open letter. 67

676 pomalu adv  slowly • Jed’ radVji pomalu. – You’d better drive slowly. 67

677 barva fem  colour • Jaké jsou vaše barvy? – What colours suit you? 66

678 p4íklad inan  example • Uvedl jsem to jen jako pXíklad. – I said it just as an example. 66

679 jednání neut  negotiation, behaviour • Jednání bylo pXerušena. – Negotiations have been suspended. 66 –S

680 smlouva fem  contract, agreement • Jaké jsou všeobecné podmínky smlouvy? – What are the general conditions of the contract? 66

681 prohlásit pf  to declare, allege • Volby byly prohlášeny za neplatné. – The election was declared invalid. 66 –S

682 plán inan  plan • PYvodní plán se zmVnil. – The original plan has changed. 66

683 pohyb inan  movement, motion • DVti potXebují pohyb. – Children need movement. 66 –S

684 ve1er inan  evening, night • Dobrý veUer! – Good evening! 66 –P

685 fakt inan  fact • Nás zajímají fakta. – We are interested in facts. 66

686 rozhodnutí neut  decision • Své rozhodnutí mYžete kdykoliv zmVnit. – You can change your decision any time. 65 –S

687 1ervený adj  red • Vypili láhev Uerveného vína. – They drank a bottle of red wine. 65

688 vracet (se) impf  to return, (se) come back • RodiUe se právV vracejí z New Yorku. – My parents are just coming back from New York. 65

Frequency index  33 

689 p5vodní adj  original, authentic • PYvodní verze opery trvala UtyXi hodiny. – The original version of the opera lasted four hours. 65

690 kousek inan  bit, piece • Napsal své jméno na kousek papíru. – He wrote his name on a bit of paper. 65

691 rodi1 anim  parent • Cos dostala od rodiUY? – What did you get from your parents? 65

692 láska fem  love • Jsi láska mého života. – You are the love of my life. 65

693 doufat impf  to hope • Doufám, že to vyjde. – I hope it will come out right. 65

694 ned2le fem  Sunday • PXijedeme v nedVli v osm. – We are arriving at eight on Sunday. 65 –P

695 zhruba adv  approximately, roughly • Jel zhruba 70 kilometrY za hodinu. – He was doing approximately 70 km per hour. 65 –F

696 projekt inan  project • ProU tento projekt vznikl? – How did this project come into being? 65 –S –F

697 u1it (se) impf  to teach, (se) learn • A co vYbec uUí? – What does he teach anyway? 65

698 jazyk inan  language, tongue • Je dobrá na jazyky. – She is good at languages. 64

699 b2žný adj  common, ordinary • To je bVžná situace. – This is a common situation. 64 –S

700 p4ístup inan  approach, access • Jak se jejich pXístupy liší? – How do their approaches differ? 64

701 duch anim/inan  ghost (anim), spirit (inan) • Genius loci znamená duch místa. – Genius loci means the spirit of the place. 64 –S

702 dvakrát num  twice • Jím maso jen dvakrát týdnV. – I eat meat only twice a week. 64

703 návrh inan  proposal, motion • Zeská republika pXedložila návrh rezoluce. – The Czech Republic tabled a motion for a resolution. 64 –S

704 náklad inan  expense, cost, load • Provozní náklady jsou nízké. – The operating costs are low. 64 –S

705 veliký adj  big, great, large • Mezi námi je veliký rozdíl. – There is a great difference between us. 64

706 p4át (si) impf  to wish • PXeji si studovat medicínu. – I wish to study medicine. 63

707 1istý adj  clear, clean • SvVdomí mám Uisté. – My conscience is clear. 63

708 výkon inan  performance, output • Tento herec podal skvVlý výkon. – This actor gave a great performance. 63 –S

709 vlas inan  hair • Uchopila ho za vlasy. – She grabbed him by the hair. 63

710 vnit4ní adj  inner, internal • Mluvil o žlázách s vnitXních sekrecí. – He talked about glands of internal secretion. 63 –S

711 nést impf  to carry, bear • Nesl tašku. – He carried a bag. 63

712 strach inan  fear • StydVl se za svYj strach. – He was ashamed of his fear. 63

713 papír inan  paper • Došel ti dopisní papír? – Have you run out of writing paper? 63

714 záv2r inan  conclusion, end • DVlal ukvapené závVry. – He jumped to conclusions. 63 –S

715 pr5b2h inan  course, run • Vyšlo to najevo v prYbVhu vyšetXování. – It came to light in the course of the investigation. 63 –S

716 volba fem  election, choice • Volba prezidenta se blíží. – The presidential election is approaching. 63 –S

717 radost fem  joy, delight • ChtVlo se mu kXiUet radostí. – He felt like shouting for joy. 62

34  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

718 4ízení neut  proceeding, control • Zahájili správní Xízení. – They initiated administrative proceedings.

733 brzy adv  soon, early • Vrat’ se brzy. – Come back soon. 61 –S

62 –S –F

719 podpora fem  support • MVl podporu úXadY. – He had the support of the authorities. 62 –S

720 zítra adv  tomorrow • Zítra je ŠtVdrý den! – Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! 62 –P

721 klub inan  club • Kluby mají vlastní webové stránky. – The clubs have their own websites. 62

722 let inan  flight, flying • ZpáteUní let probVhl bez problémY. – The return flight went without problems. 62 –S

723 4ešit impf  to solve • ZaUali Xešit naše problémy. – They started solving our problems.

734 dostávat impf  to get, obtain • Po zranVní dostával injekce. – After the injury he was getting injections. 61

735 název inan  title, name, term • Ten název zní šílenV. – The title sounds crazy. 61

736 sloužit impf  to serve • Jazyk slouží jako model kultury. – Language serves as a model of culture. 61 –S

737 máma fem  mum • Máma má pravdu. – Mum’s right. 61 –P –N

738 šéf anim  boss, head • Šéf si mV koneUnV všiml. – The boss finally noticed me. 61 –P

62 –F

724 stávat (se) impf  to stand, cost, (se) happen, become • Tohle se prostV stává. – Things like that just happen. 62

725 za4ízení neut  facility • ZodpovVdnost pXebírá zdravotnické zaXízení. – The health-care facility takes the responsibility. 62 –S

726 schopnost fem  ability, capacity • Nemají schopnost milovat. – They do not have the capacity to love. 62 –S

727 stovka fem  hundred, 100-crown note • Unesli více než stovku lidí. – They kidnapped over a hundred people. 62

728 samotný adj  oneself, very, alone • Námitka samotná není dYležitá. – The objection itself is not important. 62

729 kraj inan  region, edge • Kraj na to nemá peníze. – The region does not have money for it. 62

730 drahý adj  expensive, dear • Je to neskuteUnV drahý. – It’s terribly expensive. 62

739 jídlo neut  food, meal, dish • Mé oblíbené jídlo je kuXe. – My favourite dish is chicken. 61

740 celkem part  quite, on the whole • Celkem snadno zvítVzili. – They won quite easily. 61

741 jíst impf  to eat • Jedli jenom chleba a pili vodu. – They only ate bread and drank water. 61

742 pozornost fem  attention, favour • VVnovala mu zvláštní pozornost. – She paid special attention to him. 61 –S

743 anebo conj  or • Chechtám se, anebo se jen usmívám. – I laugh, or I just smile. 61

744 odpov2d’ fem  answer, reply • Tohle je moje odpovVd’. – This is my answer. 61 –S

745 zima fem  winter, cold • Letos byla zima zvlášt’ tuhá. – The winter was exceptionally hard this year. 61

731 bezpe1ný adj  safe • Tohle auto je bezpeUné. – This car is safe.

746 týkat se impf  to concern, relate • To se týká hlavnV dVtí. – This concerns mainly children.

732 obchodní adj  business, trade, commercial • Je naším obchodním partnerem. – He is our business partner.

747 dnešní adj  today’s • Dnešní zápas rozhodne. – Today’s match will decide.

61 –S

61 –S


60 –S

Frequency index  35 

748 klidn2 part  safely, calmly • MYžeme klidnV Xíct, že je ta vVc uzavXená. – We can safely say that the matter is closed. 60 –P

749 prezident anim  president • Byl zvolen prezidentem. – He was elected president. 60 –S

750 politika fem  politics • ProU je v politice ménV žen? – Why are there fewer women in politics? 60 –S

751 sobota fem  Saturday • MYžete to oslavit v sobotu. – You can celebrate it on Saturday. 60 –P

752 souvislost fem  connection, link, relation • Nechápal souvislost. – He did not understand the connection. 60 –S

753 dít se impf  to happen, occur • Co se dVje? – What is happening? 60

754 následující adj  following • V následujícím roce zpívala v New Yorku. – The following year she sang in New York. 60 –S

755 d5sledek inan  consequence, result • Bude to mít vážné dYsledky. – There will be serious consequences. 60 –S

756 zbytek inan  rest • Strávil jsem tam zbytek noci. – I spent the rest of the night there. 60

757 št’astný adj  happy • Byl jsem samozXejmV št’astný. – I was happy, of course. 60

758 p4íležitost fem  opportunity, chance • VytváXejí se tu nové pracovní pXíležitosti. – New job opportunities are being created here. 60 –S

759 zavolat pf  to call • Zavolejte na toto Uíslo. – Call this number. 59 –P

760 p4edm2t inan  subject, object • To bude pXedmVtem našeho zkoumání. – This will be the subject of our research. 59

761 obvykle adv  usually • Obvykle to trvá tXi roky. – It usually takes three years. 59 –S

762 p4esv2d1it pf  to convince, persuade • PXesvVdUila jsi mV. – You’ve convinced me. 59 –S

763 blízko adv  close, near • Stojíte pXíliš blízko. – You are standing too close. 59

764 pes anim  dog • Psi vyli. – Dogs were howling. 59

765 pomáhat impf  to help • Pomáhej nám BYh! – God help us! 59

766 fungovat impf  to work, function • ObrácenV to nefunguje. – It does not work the other way round. 59

767 4e1 fem  speech, talk • PXišel jsem pronést XeU. – I came to make a speech. 59

768 veškerý pron  whole, entire, every • Musíte do toho dát veškeré úsilí. – You have to put every effort into it. 59

769 boj inan  fight, struggle • Prohrál svYj boj s rakovinou. – He lost his fight against cancer. 59 –S

770 dozv2d2t se pf  to learn, find out • Nikdo se o tom nesmí dozvVdVt. – Nobody must find out about this. 58

771 p4icházet impf  to come • PXicházejí každý týden. – They come every week. 58 –S

772 dovolit pf  to let, allow • Dovolte, abych se pXedstavil. – Let me introduce myself. 58

773 vzhledem prep  considering, regarding • Vzhledem k vaší práci se to hodí. – This is just what you need, considering your job. 58

774 mrtvý adj  dead • Našli ho mrtvého. – They found him dead. 58

775 úsp2šný adj  successful • Byl to úspVšný veUer. – It was a successful evening. 58 –S

776 požadavek inan  demand, requirement • SplWují všechny požadavky. – They meet all the requirements. 58 –S

777 rozhodn2 part  definitely, resolutely • Hospodu rozhodnV nezavXeme. – We will definitely not close the pub. 58

778 výroba fem  production • Výroba klesá. – Production is declining. 58 –S

779 všimnout si pf  to notice • Matka si všimla jejího strachu. – Mother noticed she was afraid. 58

36  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

780 blbý adj  bad, stupid • To je pVknV blbý. – That’s pretty bad.

790 stavba fem  construction, building • Stavba zaUne v lednu. – Construction begins in January.

58 +S


781 poslouchat impf  to listen to, obey • NemYžu to poslouchat. – I can’t listen to it.

791 zkusit pf  to try • No, mYžu to zkusit. – Well, I can try it.

57 –P


782 ministr anim  minister, secretary • Pozvali ministra financí. – They invited the finance minister.

792 o1ekávat impf  to await, expect • OUekávají od tebe víc. – They expect more of you.

57 –S

57 –S

783 vydržet pf  to stand, last, hold on • Už jsem to nevydržel. – I could not stand it any more. 57


784 nikoli part  not, no • Chceme dialog, nikoli monolog. – We want a dialogue, not a monologue. 57 –S

794 provést pf  to carry out, do, guide • Co jsi s ní provedl? – What did you do with her? 56

785 živý adj  alive, living, lively • Z trosek stále vytahují živé lidi. – People are still being pulled out of the rubble alive. 57

795 vzduch inan  air • Vzduch byl chladnVjší. – The air was colder. 56

786 hledisko neut  position, viewpoint • Z tohoto hlediska je to pXekvapivé. – From this viewpoint, it is surprising.

796 p4emýšlet impf  to think, meditate • Dlouho jen sedVla a pXemýšlela. – She just sat and thought for a long time.

57 –S

56 –P

787 téma neut  theme, topic • Tématem tohoto týdne jsou knihy. – This week’s topic is books.

797 p4ímý adj  straight, direct • Musíme mu položit pXímou otázku. – We must ask him a direct question. 56 –S


788 vedoucí adj/noun  leading (adj), head, chief (noun) • Informovala vedoucího oddVlení. – She informed the head of the department.

798 zelený adj  green • MVla krásné zelené oUi. – She had beautiful green eyes. 56


789 zvednout (se) pf  to raise, pick up, (se) rise • Zvedla jsem ruku. – I raised my hand. 57 –P

793 hora fem  mountain • Bydlela v horách. – She lived in the mountains.

799 obyvatel anim  inhabitant • VVtšina obyvatel žije v chudobV. – Most of the inhabitants live in poverty. 56 –S

4  Verbs of movement Please note the aspectual pairs pxijít/pxicházet, odejít/odcházet, pxijet/pxijíždvt and odjet/odjíždvt. There is also an important difference in the means of transport, the former two pairs describe movement on foot, the latter two driving or riding. jít  impf  47  to go, walk

b2žet  impf  925  to run

p4ijít  pf  99  to come

odjet  pf  1147  to leave, depart

jet  impf  156  to go, drive

odcházet  impf  1406  to leave, go

chodit  impf  191  to go, walk

utíkat  impf  2277  to run

p4ijet  pf  337  to come, arrive

b2hat  impf  2418  to run, jog

jezdit  impf  421  to go, drive

odjížd2t  impf  2686  to leave, depart

odejít  pf  467  to leave, go

krá1et  impf  2879  to walk, stride

p4icházet  impf  771  to come

p4ijížd2t  impf  4004  to come, arrive

Frequency index  37 

800 vytvá4et impf  to create, make • VytváXejí novou strategickou vizi. – They are creating a new strategic vision. 56 –S

815 dol5 adv  down(wards) • Šel na terasu a podíval se dolY. – He went out to the terrace and looked down. 56

801 zlatý adj  golden • To byl zlatý vVk. – That was a golden age. 56

802 rameno neut  shoulder • Koukal jí pXes rameno. – He was looking over her shoulder. 56

803 snaha fem  effort • Jeho snaha byla zbyteUná. – His effort was in vain. 56 –S

804 prst inan  finger, toe • Ani nehnul prstem. – He didn’t lift a finger. 56

805 technický adj  technical • Odpovídá to technickým požadavkYm. – It meets the technical requirements. 56

806 p4edpokládat impf  to assume, suppose • PXedpokládejme, že to udVlal. – Let us assume he did it. 56

807 využívat impf  to use, make use • Systém využívá moderní technologie. – The system uses modern technology. 56 –S

808 pátek inan  Friday • Jezdila tam každý pátek. – She used to go there every Friday.

816 pole neut  field • Magnetická pole Slunce nejsou neviditelná. – The Sun’s magnetic fields are not invisible. 55

817 jestliže conj  if • A jestliže mi neuvVXí? – And what if they don’t believe me? 55 –S

818 hovo4it impf  to speak, talk, discuss • Anglicky hovoXí plynule. – She speaks English fluently. 55 –S

819 kvalita fem  quality • Naše zboží má dobrou kvalitu. – Our goods are of good quality. 55 –S

820 kdysi adv  once, sometime • Také ona byla kdysi nevinná. – She was once innocent, too. 55

821 po4ádek inan  order • Chceme zpátky starý poXádek! – We want the old order back! 55

822 zajistit pf  to ensure, provide • Další existence knihovny byla zajištVna. – The continued existence of the library was ensured. 55 –S

56 –P

809 4ídit impf  to drive, direct, operate • Umíš Xídit traktor? – Can you drive a tractor? 56

810 potvrdit pf  to confirm • Potvrdili náš pXedpoklad. – They confirmed our assumption. 56 –S

811 t4ída fem  class, classroom, boulevard • Nebyla z jeho spoleUenské tXídy. – She was not from his social class. 56

812 vysoko adv  high • Držel je vysoko nad hlavou. – He held them high above his head.

823 znít impf  to sound, say • Zní to smutnV. – It sounds sad. 55

824 obrátit (se) pf  to turn • Na koho se mám obrátit? – Who should I turn to? 55 –S

825 podat pf  to hand, pass, hold out • PXišel k ní a podal jí ruku. – He came up to her and held out his hand. 55

826 ministerstvo neut  ministry • Ministerstvo kultury bylo o problému informováno. – The Ministry of Culture was notified of the issue. 55 –S


813 ven adv  out • VYbec nechodí ven. – He does not go out at all.

827 okamžit2 adv  immediately • Musela jsem se okamžitV dostat ven. – I had to get out immediately. 55


814 uv2domit si pf  to realize • NeuvVdomila si to. – She didn’t realize it. 56

828 daný adj  given • V daném kontextu to je pXijatelné. – It is acceptable in the given context. 55

38  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

829 událost fem  event • Je to událost roku. – It is the event of the year. 54 –S

830 nau1it (se) pf  to teach, (se) learn • NauUil se to nazpamVt’. – He learnt it by heart. 54

831 divadlo neut  theatre • Odešel z divadla. – He left the theatre. 54

832 les inan  forest, wood • Miluji vYni lesa. – I love the smell of the forest. 54

833 v5z inan  vehicle • Nasedla do vozidla. – She got into the vehicle. 54 –S

834 návšt2va fem  visit • PXišli k nVmu na návštVvu. – They paid him a visit. 54

835 v51i prep  towards, to • Cítil vYUi sobV odpor. – He felt disgust towards himself. 54 –S

836 zmizet pf  to disappear, vanish • Krátce poté zmizeli. – They disappeared soon afterwards. 54

837 okolí neut  surroundings, neighbourhood • Stockholm má krásné okolí. – Stockholm has beautiful surroundings. 54

838 uvád2t impf  to say, state, present • UvádVjí to nVkteXí experti. – Some experts say so. 54 –S

839 pry1 adv  away, off, gone • A byla pryU. – And she was gone. 54 –P

840 docházet impf  to attend, occur • Kdy k tomu obvykle dochází? – When does it usually occur? 54 –S

841 strom inan  tree • Opíral se o strom. – He was leaning against a tree. 54

842 vypráv2t impf  to tell, narrate • A zaUala vyprávVt pXíbVh. – And she started telling a story. 54

843 naprosto part  totally • Naprosto mV ignorovaly. – They totally ignored me. 54

844 zahrani1ní adj  foreign • ZahraniUní obchod stoupá. – Foreign trade is on the rise. 54 –S –F

845 vzpomenout (si) pf  to remember, recall • Nemohl jsem si vzpomenout. – I could not remember. 54 –P

846 kon1it impf  to end • Zima konUí. – Winter is ending. 54

847 telefon inan  phone, telephone • Naši nemaj telefon. – My folks don’t have a phone. 54

848 sít’ fem  network, web • Chybí nám distribuUní sít’. – We lack a distribution network. 54

849 nosit impf  to carry, wear • Tohle nenoste. – Don’t wear that. 54

850 budova fem  building • Vstupte do budovy. – Enter the building. 54

851 zp5sobit pf  to cause • Pachatel zpYsobil škodu za 40 000 korun. – The offender caused damage amounting to 40,000 crowns. 54 –S

852 nabídnout pf  to offer • Nabídneme mu veUeXi. – We will offer him dinner. 54

853 klid inan  calm, peace • Je po bouXi klid? – Is there calm after the storm? 53

854 hluboký adj  deep • MVl velmi hluboký hlas. – He had a very deep voice. 53

855 list inan  leaf, sheet • Listy žloutly a usychaly. – The leaves turned yellow and withered. 53

856 t2šit (se) impf  to please, comfort, (se) look forward to • Opravdu se na to tVším. – I am really looking forward to it. 53

857 loni adv  last year • Seznámili se teprve loni. – They only met last year. 53 –F –P

858 historie fem  history • Zed’ oživuje historii NVmecka. – The wall recalls the history of Germany. 53

Frequency index  39 

859 zabývat se impf  to deal with, work at • Zím se nyní zabýváte? – What are you currently working at? 53 –S

860 ježiš interj  gee, geez, jeez • Ježiš, mV bolí hlava. – Gee, my head’s killing me. 53 +S

873 ochrana fem  protection • Ochrana životního prostXedí je dnes aktuální téma. – These days environmental protection is a major issue. 53 –S

874 noviny fem pl  newspaper • Upustila noviny na podlahu. – She dropped the newspaper on the floor. 53

861 dávno adv  long time ago/since • Už je to dávno, co se to stalo. – It’s a long time since it happened. 53

862 chyba fem  mistake, fault • To není chyba technologie. – It’s not the fault of technology. 53

863 p4ipomínat (si) impf  to remind, (si) commemorate • Dnes si pXipomínáme 50. výroUí. – Today we commemorate the fiftieth anniversary. 53

864 dokud conj  as long as, while, until • ZlovVk má cestovat, dokud je mladý. – One should travel while still young. 53

865 chovat (se) impf  to keep, (se) behave • Chovejte se slušnV! – Behave yourselves! 53

866 obsahovat impf  to include, contain • Jedna porce obsahuje 18 g bílkovin. – One portion contains 18 g of protein. 53 –S

867 patnáct num  fifteen • Byl o patnáct let starší než ona. – He was fifteen years older than her. 53

868 léka4 anim  doctor • LékaX nezjistil pXíUinu smrti. – The doctor did not find out the cause of death. 53 –S

869 dovést pf  to guide to, can • Dovedete si to pXedstavit? – Can you imagine that? 53

870 uvedený adj  stated, mentioned • SplWuje všechny výše uvedené parametry. – It meets all the above-mentioned parameters. 53 –S –F

871 pohybovat (se) impf  to move, (se) range, oscillate • Ceny se pohybují mezi 80 a 100 korunami. – Prices range between 80 and 100 crowns. 53

872 m2stský adj  city, urban • MVstský ples se koná v lednu. – The city ball takes place in January. 53

875 ur1it pf  to determine, intend • Text je urUen pXedevším studentYm. – The text is intended especially for students. 53 –S

876 záda neut pl  back • Neobracej se k nim zády. – Don’t turn your back on them. 52

877 umož3ovat impf  to enable, allow • To zákon neumožWuje. – The law does not allow it. 52 –S –F

878 nemocnice fem  hospital • Musela být ošetXena v nemocnici. – She had to be treated in hospital. 52

879 sout2ž fem  contest, competition • Vyhrál dvakrát literární soutVž. – He has won two literary competitions. 52 –F

880 položit pf  to put, lay, place • Položila mi hlavu na rameno. – She laid her head on my shoulder. 52

881 pouhý adj  mere • PXi pouhém pomyšlení na to je mi zle. – The mere thought of it makes me sick. 52 –S

882 šance fem  chance • Tento krok znamená velkou šanci do budoucna. – This step means a great chance for the future. 52

883 avšak conj  but, however • Avšak umVlec odmítl. – But the artist refused. 52 –S

884 bránit (se) impf  to defend • Máme právo se bránit. – We have a right to defend ourselves. 52

885 1elo neut  forehead • Na Uele má vrásky. – She has wrinkles on her forehead. 52 –S

886 zem4ít pf  to die • ZemXela v roce 1922. – She died in 1922. 52

887 pokus inan  attempt, experiment • Jeho pokus byl neúspVšný. – His attempt was unsuccessful. 52

40  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

888 zástupce anim  deputy, representative • Je naším zákonným zástupcem. – He is our legal representative. 52 –S

889 tým inan  team • Náš tým vyhrál UtyXikrát v XadV. – Our team has won four times in a row. 52 –S –F

890 stupe3 inan  level, stage, degree • Existují tXi stupnV vývoje lidské sexuality. – There are three stages of development of human sexuality. 52

891 metoda fem  method • Tato metoda je technicky nároUná. – This method is technically demanding. 52 –S

892 mluv1í anim/fem  spokesperson, speaker • Stala se mluvUí jedné pražské nemocnice. – She has become a spokesperson for a Prague hospital. 52 +N

893 p4íprava fem  preparation, training • SoustXedíme se nyní na zimní pXípravu. – We are now focusing on winter training. 52 –S

894 majitel anim  owner • Ta restaurace má nového majitele. – The restaurant has a new owner. 52

895 cizí adj  foreign, strange • Ocitl se sám v cizí zemi. – He found himself alone in a foreign country. 52

896 pravidlo neut  rule • Pravidla znáte. – You know the rules. 52

897 krev fem  blood • Ztuhla mi krev v žilách. – It made my blood run cold. 52

898 desítka fem  ten • PXi nehodV zahynuly desítky lidí. – Tens of people died in the accident. 52

899 postel fem  bed • Lehl si do postele a usnul. – He lay down on his bed and fell asleep. 52 –P

900 pom2rn2 adv  rather, relatively • Sam je pomVrnV Uasté jméno. – Sam is a rather common name. 52

901 založit pf  to establish, found • Kdo založil olympijské hry? – Who founded the Olympic games? 52 –S

902 nabídka fem  offer • Budu o vaší nabídce pXemýšlet. – I will think about your offer. 52

903 zav4ít pf  to close, shut • ZavXi za sebou dveXe. – Close the door behind you. 51 –P

904 zá4í neut  September • V záXí ještV bývá teplo. – It’s usually still warm in September. 51

905 vysv2tlovat impf  to explain • Jak si to vysvVtlujete? – How do you explain this? 51

906 konkrétní adj  specific, particular • V tomto konkrétním pXípadV bych postupovala stejnV. – In this particular case, I would proceed in the same way. 51 –S

907 místnost fem  room • V místnosti byla tma. – It was dark in the room. 51

908 p4idat (se) pf  to add, speed up, (se) join • Do omáUky pXidáme Uesnek, sYl a pepX. – Add garlic, salt and pepper to the sauce. 51

909 kone1ný adj  final, end • Jaká bude koneUná cena výrobku? – What will be the final price of the product? 51 –S

910 slunce neut  sun • Celý den svítilo slunce. – The sun was shining all day. 51

911 pokusit se pf  to try, attempt • Dnes se nVkdo pokusil mne otrávit. – Someone tried to poison me today. 51 –S

912 zahrada fem  garden • Bydleli v domV se zahradou. – They lived in a house with a garden. 51

913 bratr anim  brother • MVla jsem tXi starší bratry a mladší sestru. – I had three older brothers and a younger sister. 51

914 takto adv  like this, this way • Jednou Xekl, že už takto žít nemYže, a odešel. – He once said he couldn’t live like this any more and left. 51 –S

915 ztráta fem  loss, casualties • Rány do hlavy mYžou zpYsobit ztrátu pamVti. – Blows to the head may cause memory loss. 51 –S

916 um2ní neut  art, skill • Navštívili Muzeum moderního umVní v New Yorku. – They visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 51

Frequency index  41 

917 záležitost fem  concern, matter, business • MVl sklony strkat nos do cizích záležitostí. – He tended to poke his nose into other people’s business. 51

918 snadno adv  easily • ZlovVk tady mYže snadno zabloudit. – A person can easily get lost here. 51 –S

919 rozvoj inan  development, progress • Stavebnice podporují u dítVte rozvoj pXedstavivosti. – Construction sets foster the development of imagination in children. 51 –S –F

920 bohatý adj  rich, wealthy • Je skvVlé být mladá, bohatá a krásná. – It’s great to be young, rich and beautiful. 51

921 sou1asn2 adv  simultaneously, at the same time • Zasto myslí souUasnV na dvV vVci. – He often thinks about two things at the same time. 51 –S

922 tvrdý adj  hard, tough • Máte štVstí, že máte tak tvrdou lebku. – You are lucky to have such a hard skull. 51

923 babi1ka fem  grandmother, old woman • Bydlela jsem s babiUkou, která mV vychovala. – I lived with my grandmother who brought me up. 51 –P

924 št2stí neut  happiness, (good) luck • PXeju ti hodnV štVstí. – I wish you much happiness. 50

925 b2žet impf  to run • Newyorský maraton bVžely mnohé slavné osobnosti. – Many famous personalities ran the New York Marathon. 50

926 kontrola fem  control, inspection, examination • MVli situaci pod kontrolou. – They had the situation under control. 50

927 modrý adj  blue • Moje sestra má svVtlé vlasy a modré oUi. – My sister has fair hair and blue eyes. 50

928 tenkrát adv  in those days, (back) then • Tenkrát pXed válkou se žilo dobXe. – Back then, before the war, life was good. 50 –P

929 p4edseda anim  chairman • Hnali stížnost až k pXedsedovi. – They took their complaint to the chairman himself. 50 –S

930 vstoupit pf  to enter • Oba muži vstoupili do kanceláXe najednou. – Both men entered the office at the same time. 50 –S

931 strašný adj  terrible, dreadful • Poslední mVsíce žil ve strašném stresu. – The last months he lived under terrible stress. 50 –P

932 letošní adj  this year’s • Letošní Vánoce budou velmi bohaté. – This year’s Christmas will be very rich. 50 –S –F

933 p2kn2 adv  nicely, fairly • Rána se mu pVknV zahojila. – The wound healed nicely. 50 –P

934 opustit pf  to leave, abandon • Rozhodla se opustit rodinu. – She decided to leave the family. 50 –S

935 r5st impf  to grow, increase • HXiby rostou jen vysoko v horách. – Boletus mushrooms only grow high in the mountains. 50

936 t2žko adv  heavily, with difficulty • To si tVžko budu moct dovolit. – I will only be able to afford it with difficulty. 50

937 odmítnout pf  to refuse, decline • Odmítl si peníze vzít. – He refused to take the money. 50 –S

938 uvažovat impf  to think, consider • Uvažoval jsem, že bych si vzal taxíka. – I considered taking a taxi. 50

939 text inan  text, lyrics, script • V redakci jeho text velmi zkrátili. – His text was considerably shortened by the editorial department. 50

940 chvilka fem  a (little) while, moment • Trvalo mi jen chvilku, než mi to došlo. – It only took a little while before I got it. 50 –P

941 obec fem  village, community • Do rodné obce se víckrát nevrátila. – She never returned to her home village. 50 –S

942 záležet impf  to depend, care • Jediný, na Uem lidem záleží, jsou auta. – The only thing people care about are cars. 50

943 sednout (si) pf  to sit down • Sedla jsem si do pohodlného kXesla. – I sat down in a comfortable armchair. 50 –P

42  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

944 dívka fem  girl • ObV mladé dívky chodily na stXední školu. – Both young girls attended high school. 50 –S

945 obli1ej inan  face • Opláchla si obliUej studenou vodou. – She rinsed her face with cold water. 50

946 vyžadovat impf  to demand, require • Náš projekt vyžaduje vVtší finanUní prostXedky. – Our project requires more funds. 50 –S

947 francouzský adj  French • Z dovolené si pXivezli francouzské víno. – They brought French wine back from their holiday. 50

948 studium neut  studies, research • Za dva mVsíce ukonUí studium na stXední škole. – In two months he will finish his secondary school studies. 49

949 minulost fem  past, history • Návrh už v minulosti nVkolikrát odmítli. – The proposal had been turned down several times in the past. 49 –S

950 p4iznat (se) pf  to admit, (se) confess • Musím se pXiznat, že jsem mVl strach. – I have to admit I was afraid. 49

951 aniž conj  without • }ekla mu to, aniž se na nVj podívala. – She said it to him without looking at him. 49

952 vytáhnout pf  to pull out, pull up • Vytáhl z tašky malý zápisník a tužku. – He pulled a small notebook and a pencil out of the bag. 49 –P

953 p4ipravovat (se) impf  to prepare, get ready • PXipravovala k snídani šunku s vejcem. – She prepared ham and eggs for breakfast. 49

954 vyhrát pf  to win, gain • Mým snem je vyhrát mistrovství svVta. – Winning the world championship is my dream. 49

955 ohled inan  respect, regard, consideration • Musíme brát ohledy jeden na druhého. – We have to show consideration for one another. 49 –S

956 ob1an anim  citizen • Zastupitelstvo nediskutovalo dostateUnV s obUany. – The community council failed to maintain sufficient dialogue with the citizens. 49 –S

957 chut’ fem  flavour, appetite, desire • Oblíbil jsem si hoXkou chut’ kávy. – I developed a taste for coffee’s bitter flavour. 49

958 spole1n2 adv  together • Šli jsme spoleUnV na veUeXi. – We went for dinner together. 49 –S

959 ekonomický adj  economic, economical • Krize má obrovské ekonomické následky. – The crisis has had immense economic consequences. 49 –F

960 tentokrát adv  this time • Telefon zazvonil potXetí a tentokrát jsem ho zvedl. – The phone rang for the third time and this time I answered it. 49

961 technika fem  technology, method • Ve výpoUetní technice je pokrok nejrychlejší. – Progress in the information technology field is fastest. 49

962 rozhovor inan  conversation, interview • Slyšela jsem s ním rozhovor v rádiu. – I heard an interview with him on the radio. 49

963 dvanáct num  twelve • Od dvanácti hodin mám volno. – I am free from twelve o’clock. 49

964 pít impf  to drink • Sedíme v kuchyni a pijeme kávu. – We are sitting in the kitchen and drinking coffee. 49

965 ve4ejnost fem  public • Na veXejnosti se chovala vždy slušnV a korektnV. – She would always behave politely and properly in public. 49 –S

966 p4í1ina fem  cause, reason • Policie nezjistila pXíUinu smrti. – The police did not establish the cause of death. 49 –S

967 manžel anim  husband • Byl dobrým manželem a milujícím otcem. – He was a good husband and a loving father. 49

968 nahoru adv  up(wards) • Vyrazili jsme nahoru do kopcY. – We set out up to the hills. 49

969 vzpomínat (si) impf  to remember, recall • Na ten zážitek budu vzpomínat až do smrti. – I will remember that experience until I die. 49

970 dopis inan  letter • Lidé v našem mVstV dostávají anonymní dopisy. – People in our town receive anonymous letters. 48

Frequency index  43 

971 závislý adj  dependent, addicted • Byl na ní závislý a nedokázal ji opustit. – He was addicted to her and could not leave her. 48 –S

972 postava fem  figure, character • Jeho tváX i postavu znali diváci po celém svVtV. – His face and figure was known to viewers around the world. 48

973 1ty4icet num  forty • Nechci ve UtyXiceti jenom sedVt doma. – I don’t want to just sit at home at the age of forty. 48

974 soukromý adj  private, personal • Neplet’te se do mých soukromých záležitostí. – Do not interfere with my personal matters. 48

975 vážn2 adv  seriously, truly • Mladý barman vážnV debatoval s hosty. – A young barman was talking seriously with guests. 48

976 praxe fem  practice, training • Ve své praxi se setkal s Xadou vážných pXípadY. – In his practice he encountered a number of serious cases. 48

977 spojit (se) pf  to connect, link, (se) merge • Láva spojila ostrov s pevninou. – Lava linked the island to the mainland. 48

978 prodávat impf  to sell • Bavilo by mV prodávat obleUení. – I would enjoy selling clothes. 48

979 souhlasit impf  to agree, correspond • Majitel souhlasil se stavebními úpravami. – The owner agreed to the construction changes. 48

980 zam2stnanec anim  employee • Drasticky snížili poUet zamVstnancY. – They drastically reduced the number of employees. 48 –S

981 vstup inan  entrance, entering • MVli jsme se potkat u východního vstupu do metra. – We were supposed to meet by the eastern entrance to the underground. 48 –S

982 kultura fem  culture, civilization • V kultuXe má vždy dYležité postavení hudba. – Music always has an important status in culture. 48

983 pomocí prep  by means of, using • Pomocí provázku zavXel zástrUku z druhé strany. – Using a string, he closed the latch from the other side. 48 –S

984 dojem inan  impression • Mám dojem, že tV to nebavilo. – I have the impression you didn’t enjoy it. 48

985 aktivita fem  activity • Podporujeme zejména aktivity ve vzdVlávací oblasti. – We mainly support activities in education. 48 –S –F

986 spolupráce fem  cooperation • Naše spolupráce je teprve na zaUátku. – Our cooperation is at its very beginning. 48 –S

987 p4estože conj  even though • Zeptal se, pXestože znal odpovVd’. – He asked even though he knew the answer. 48 –S

988 výrazn2 adv  markedly, considerably • Byly tím výraznV narušeny vzájemné vztahy. – Our mutual relationships were considerably disrupted by that. 48 –S –F

989 hudba fem  music • Miluje hudbu a Uasto chodí na koncerty. – She loves music and often goes to concerts. 48

990 banka fem  bank • Všechny svoje peníze uložila do banky. – She deposited all her money in the bank. 48

991 provoz inan  operation, traffic • TVlocviUna zYstává i v dobV prázdnin v provozu. – The gym even stays in operation during the holidays. 48

992 dopadnout pf  to turn out, work out • Doufám, že to dopadne dobXe. – I hope it’ll turn out well. 47

993 odborník anim  expert, professional • Názory odborníkY se rYzní. – Experts’ opinions vary. 47

994 tlak inan  pressure, stress • Pravidelné cviUení pomáhá snižovat krevní tlak. – Regular exercise helps lower blood pressure. 47

995 dcera fem  daughter • Máme s manželem tXi krásné dcery. – My husband and I have three beautiful daughters. 47

996 st2na fem  wall • Na stVnách visely rodinné fotografie. – Family photographs were hanging on the walls. 47

44  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

5  Verbs of communication The most frequent aspectual pairs are xíct/xíkat and zeptat se/ptát se with very close ranks. To some extent, aspectual pairs usually differ also in meaning, cf. the additional meanings of odpovídat not shared with odpovvdvt. 4íct  pf  48  to say, tell

hovo4it  impf  818  to speak, talk, discuss

4íkat  impf  51  to say, tell

vypráv2t  impf  842  to tell, narrate

mluvit  impf  198  to speak, talk

sd2lit  pf  1277  to tell, inform

zeptat  se  pf  353  to ask

promluvit  pf  1641  to speak, talk

ptát  se  impf  460  to ask

pov2d2t  pf  1910  to tell

bavit  se  impf  535  to talk

pravit  pf  2076  to say

odpov2d2t  pf  547  to answer

kecat  impf  2709  to chat, talk rubbish

povídat  (si)  impf  589  to chat, talk

sd2lovat  impf  4863  to tell, inform

odpovídat  impf  612  to answer, be responsible, correspond

997 potkat (se) pf  to meet, run into • Potkal jsem ji pXi veUerní procházce. – I ran into her during my evening walk. 47 –P

998 pracovník anim  worker, staff member • Byl vyhlášen nejlepším pracovníkem mVsíce. – He won the award for the best worker of the month. 47 –S

999 zed’ fem  wall • Velká Uínská zed’ je viditelná i z vesmíru. – The Great Wall of China is even visible from space. 47

1000 silnice fem  road • OdboUili z hlavní silnice do lesa. – They turned off the main road to the wood. 47

1001 chystat (se) impf  to prepare, (se) be going to • Chystá se pXednést projev hned ráno. – He is going to give his speech first thing in the morning. 47

1002 obsah inan  content, summary • OtevXela tašku a vysypala její obsah na stYl. – She opened her bag and poured its contents onto the table. 47 –S

1003 jakmile conj  as soon as • Jakmile se dveXe otevXely, vrazil dovnitX. – As soon as the door opened, he stormed in. 47

1004 d2kovat impf  to thank • Za všechno vám mockrát dVkuju. – Thank you very much for everything. 47 –P

1005 hrozit impf  to threaten, be in danger • Hrozí nám smrtelné nebezpeUí. – We are in mortal danger. 47

1006 zna1ný adj  significant, substantial • Mezi pXáteli byly znaUné rozdíly. – There were significant differences between the friends. 47 –S

1007 hotový adj  finished, ready • Jídlo bude hotové za nVkolik minut. – The food will be ready in a few minutes. 47

1008 hv2zda fem  star • VeUer se spolu dívali na hvVzdy. – In the evening they looked at the stars together. 47

1009 kamarád anim  friend, mate • Po mnoha letech jsem se setkal se starým kamarádem. – I met an old friend after many years. 47 –P

1010 nad2je fem  hope, chance • To je tvoje jediná nadVje. – That’s your only hope. 47 –S

1011 p4ejít pf  to cross, go over • Kudy se dá pXejít na druhou stranu? – Where can I cross to get to the other side? 47

1012 chlap anim  man, guy, bloke • Chlapi v práci se baví jen o politice. – The guys at work only talk politics. 47 –P

1013 zví4e neut  animal, beast • MedvVdi jsou nebezpeUná zvíXata. – Bears are dangerous animals. 47

Frequency index  45 

1014 chování neut  behaviour, manner • Její chování ho pokaždé rozUílilo. – Her behaviour made him angry every time. 47 –S

1015 zabít pf  to kill • KXiUel, že mV zabije. – He shouted that he would kill me. 47

1016 výrazný adj  noticeable, considerable • Monsignor mluvil s výrazným italským pXízvukem. – The monsignore spoke with a noticeable Italian accent. 46

1017 kupovat (si) impf  to buy • Každý mVsíc si kupovala nové hezké šaty. – Every month she would buy a new pretty dress. 46

1018 vznikat impf  to arise, originate, be formed • Planety vznikají z rotujícího oblaku plynu a prachu. – Planets are formed from a rotating cloud of gas and dust. 46 –S

1019 manželka fem  wife • Byla vždycky vVrnou manželkou. – She was always a faithful wife. 46

1020 1init (se) impf  to do, make, (se) try hard • Ziní tak zejména totalitní státy. – It is mainly totalitarian countries which do that. 46 –S

1021 struktura fem  structure • Nová organizaUní struktura byla pXijata pozitivnV. – The new organizational structure was well received. 46 –S –F

1022 a1koli conj  although • Rozepnul si kabát, aUkoli venku byla zima. – He unbuttoned his coat although it was cold outside. 46 –S

1023 maminka fem  mum • Zítra má pXijet na návštVvu jeho maminka. – His mum is supposed to come for a visit tomorrow. 46 –P

1024 bohužel part  unfortunately • Obávala se neštVstí a bohužel mVla pravdu. – She was afraid of misfortune and, unfortunately, she was right. 46

1025 vznik inan  origin, rise • Zabývá se vznikem planetárních systémY. – He is interested in the origin of planetary systems. 46 –S –F

1026 slavný adj  famous • Je to nejslavnVjší divadlo v Itálii. – It is the most famous theatre in Italy. 46 –S

1027 pot4ebný adj  necessary, needed • ChtVl opravit auto, ale nesehnal potXebné díly. – He wanted to repair the car, but did not get the necessary parts. 46 –S

1028 1lánek inan  article, segment, component • VydVlával si psaním UlánkY do odborných UasopisY. – He made money writing articles for professional journals. 46

1029 pond2lí neut  Monday • OtevXeno je dennV kromV pondVlí. – It is open daily except for Monday. 46 –P

1030 klasický adj  classical, classic • Poslouchal pXevážnV klasickou hudbu. – He mostly listened to classical music. 45

1031 opakovat (se) impf  to repeat, revise, (se) happen again • Dokola opakoval známé historky. – He kept repeating the same old stories. 45

1032 drobný adj  tiny, petty • Objevila se drobná staXenka, ne vVtší než dVti. – A tiny old lady, no bigger than the children, appeared. 45

1033 povinnost fem  duty, obligation • Mou povinností bylo chránit rodinu. – It was my duty to protect the family. 45 –S

1034 svoboda fem  freedom • Národ dlouho bojoval za svoji svobodu. – The nation fought long for its freedom. 45 –S

1035 následovat impf  to follow, ensue • Po pXestávce následovala další skladba. – Another composition followed the intermission. 45 –S

1036 vážný adj  serious, grave • Nedošlo k žádnému vážnému zranVní. – There was no serious injury. 45 –S

1037 probíhat impf  to be in progress, be underway • Nahlédla do tXídy, kde právV probíhala výuka. – She looked into a classroom, in which a class was underway. 45

1038 energie fem  energy • Lze oUekávat pokles výroby energie. – We can expect a drop in energy production. 45

1039 starost fem  worry, responsibility • Jedinou starost mu dVlalo, že se to dozví manželka. – His only worry was that his wife would find out. 45

46  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1040 mo4e neut  sea • Vlny odnesly Ulun na moXe. – The waves carried the boat out to sea. 45

1041 naho4e adv  up, upstairs, on top • Bratr je nahoXe ve svém pokoji. – My brother is upstairs in his room. 45

1042 uzav4ít (se) pf  to close, conclude • Vláda uzavXela hranice. – The government closed the borders. 45 –S

1043 sen inan  dream, ambition • Pokoušela se vybavit si ten sen. – She tried to remember the dream. 45 –S

1044 výše fem  height, level • Police byla ve výši oUí. – The shelf was at eye level. 45 –S

1045 složitý adj  complex, complicated • PrávV se zabýváme tVžkým a složitým pXípadem. – We are just dealing with a difficult and complex case. 45

1046 tradi1ní adj  traditional, conventional • TradiUní vánoUní jídlo je kapr se salátem. – Carp and potato salad is a traditional Christmas meal. 45 –S

1047 zvýšit (se) pf  to increase, (se) rise • PXi chemické reakci se prudce zvýší teplota. – During the chemical reaction, the temperature increases sharply. 45 –S

1048 úvaha fem  consideration, contemplation • Je tXeba vzít v úvahu také venkovní teplotu. – We also have to take into consideration the outside temperature. 45

1049 smát se impf  to laugh • Všichni se zaUali smát ještV hlasitVji. – Everybody started laughing even louder. 44 –P

1050 vole interj  man, (you) idiot • Seš blbej, ty vole! – You’re stupid, you idiot! 44 +S

1051 1tvrtý num  fourth • Bydlíme ve Utvrtém patXe. – We live on the fourth floor. 44

1052 provád2t impf  to carry out, guide • Profesor mV nauUil, jak provádVt vlastní experimenty. – My professor taught me how to carry out my own experiments. 44 –S

1053 území neut  area, territory • Vraždy byly spáchané na území Spojených státY. – The murders were committed in United States territory. 44 –S

1054 prodat pf  to sell • SvYj dYm nikdy neprodám. – I will never sell my house. 44

1055 výraz inan  expression • Na její tváXi se objevil ostražitý výraz. – An alert expression appeared on her face. 44

1056 náhodou adv  by chance, possibly • NevidVl jste náhodou ten film? – Have you by chance seen the film? 44

1057 pom2r inan  ratio, relationship • Líh zXedili vodou v pomVru jedna ku UtyXem. – They diluted the alcohol by a one to four ratio. 44 –S

1058 milovat (se) impf  to love, (se) make love • Tohle mVsto zároveW miloval i nenávidVl. – At the same time, he loved and hated this city. 44

1059 požádat pf  to ask, apply, request • Požádal jsem o azyl v KanadV. – I applied for asylum in Canada. 44 –S

1060 pevný adj  firm, solid, sturdy • Na nohou mVla pevné kožené boty. – She was wearing sturdy leather boots. 44

1061 vejít (se) pf  to enter, walk in, (se) fit • Vešli jsme dovnitX a zavXeli dveXe. – We walked in and closed the door. 44

1062 p4íb2h inan  story, tale • Do poslední chvíle nevVdVli, jak pXíbVh dopadne. – They didn’t know until the last moment how the story would end. 44 –S

1063 maso neut  meat, flesh • Maso osmažíme na rozpáleném oleji. – Fry the meat in hot oil. 44

1064 kancelá4 fem  office, agency • V kanceláXi na tebe Ueká návštVva. – A visitor is waiting for you in the office. 44

1065 víno neut  wine, grape • Dal jsem vychladit víno do lednice. – I put the wine into the fridge to chill. 44

1066 výhoda fem  advantage, privilege • Musel využít každou nepatrnou výhodu. – He had to use every possible advantage. 44

1067 lehký adj  light, easy • RodiUe to v životV vYbec nemVli lehké. – My parents did not have an easy life. 44

Frequency index  47 

1068 osud inan  fate, destiny • Zasloužil si lepší osud. – He deserved a better fate. 44 –S

1069 nacházet (se) impf  to find, (se) be situated • Synagoga se nacházela v Kolské ulici. – The synagogue was situated in Kolská Street. 44 –S

1070 oto1it (se) pf  to turn, turn round, reverse • OtoUil se zády ke zdi. – He turned his back to the wall. 44 –P

1071 spojení neut  conjunction, connection, link • Z Londýna tam bylo skvVlé spojení vlakem. – The train connection from London was excellent. 44 –S

1072 setkat se pf  to meet, come together • Domluvili se, že se setkají už ten veUer. – They agreed to meet the very same evening. 44

1073 kolega anim  colleague • Od kolegY dostal na rozlouUenou dárek. – He got a good-bye present from his colleagues. 44

1074 prvek inan  element, component • Zlánek je o poloUasu rozpadu radioaktivních prvkY. – The article covers the half-life of radioactive elements. 44 –S

1075 princip inan  principle • Pracuje na jednoduchém principu. – It works on a simple principle. 44

1076 pivo neut  beer • Mávl na Uíšníka, aby mu pXinesl pivo. – He gestured to the waiter to bring him a beer. 43 –P

1077 speciální adj  special, particular • Nakoupili speciální laboratorní pXístroje. – They bought special laboratory instruments. 43

1078 doktor anim  doctor • Doktor si toho všiml. – The doctor noticed it. 43 –P

1079 nijak adv  in no way, not in the least • Všimla si ho, ale nijak to nedala najevo. – She noticed him, but did not reveal it in the least. 43

1080 nedostatek inan  lack, deficiency, fault • Všichni bojujeme s nedostatkem Uasu. – We all struggle with a lack of time. 43 –S

1081 po1íta1 inan  computer • UUebna byla vybavena novými poUítaUi. – The classroom was equipped with new computers. 43

1082 útok inan  attack • Ozbrojený útok plánovali nVkolik týdnY. – They planned the armed attack for several weeks. 43 –S

1083 denn2 adv  daily, every day • Padesát liber dennV dVlá tisíc liber mVsíUnV. – Fifty pounds daily makes a thousand pounds monthly. 43

1084 výjimka fem  exception • Nemohla byste tentokrát udVlat výjimku? – Could you make an exception this time? 43 –S

1085 zkouška fem  test, exam • Katedra vyhlásila výsledky pXijímacích zkoušek. – The university department announced the entry test results. 43

1086 host anim  guest • Hosté odcházeli jako vždy spokojeni. – The guests were leaving, satisfied as always. 43 –S

1087 pozorovat impf  to watch, observe • Cítila, že ji zase nVkdo pozoruje. – She felt that someone had been watching her. 43

1088 uprost4ed prep  in the middle • OdmlUela se uprostXed vVty. – She broke off in the middle of the sentence. 43

1089 umožnit pf  to enable, allow • Exil jim nakonec umožnil objevit ostatní svVt. – Exile eventually enabled them to discover the rest of the world. 43 –S

1090 látka fem  fabric, substance • Sehnat látku na svatební šaty nebylo jednoduché. – It was not easy to find fabric for a wedding dress. 43

1091 pohoda fem  contentment, ease • Místnost vždycky dýchala pohodou a klidem. – The room has always had an atmosphere of contentment and quiet. 43 –P

1092 venku adv  outside, outdoors • Jaké je venku poUasí? – What’s the weather like outside? 43 –P

1093 padnout pf  to fall, fit • Padla císaXi k nohám a žádala o milost. – She fell at the emperor’s feet and begged for mercy. 43

1094 ústa neut pl  mouth • Zakryla si ústa rukama, aby nevykXikla. – She put her hands over her mouth so as not to scream. 43 –S

48  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1095 budoucnost fem  future • Bojím se o budoucnost naší rodiny. – I am worried about our family’s future. 42 –S

1096 prakticky part  practically, virtually • Kniha se mi prakticky rozpadla v rukách. – The book virtually fell apart in my hands. 42

1109 spole1enský adj  social • Stranil se spoleUenského života. – He shunned social life. 42 –S

1110 sejít (se) pf  to descend, (se) meet, gather • Všichni se sešli v nejvVtším pokoji domu. – Everybody gathered in the largest room of the house. 42

1097 velikost fem  size, extent • Vybral si dýni o velikosti lidské hlavy. – He chose a pumpkin the size of a human head. 42

1098 poskytovat impf  to provide • Naše firma poskytuje služby v oblasti úUetnictví. – Our company provides accounting services. 42 –S

1099 leden inan  January • Prvního ledna zaUíná Nový rok. – The New Year starts on the first of January. 42

1100 historický adj  historical • Procházeli se historickou Uástí mVsta. – They strolled through the historical part of the city. 42 –S

1101 1trnáct num  fourteen • Nemluvily jsme spolu nVjakých Utrnáct let. – We haven’t talked for some fourteen years. 42 –P

1102 nástroj inan  tool, instrument • Neumím hrát na žádný hudební nástroj. – I cannot play any musical instruments. 42 –S

1103 nedávno adv  recently, lately • Teprve nedávno jsem se pXistVhoval do Prahy. – I have only recently moved to Prague. 42

1104 slabý adj  weak, thin • PoXád se cítím strašnV slabá. – I still feel terribly weak. 42

1105 dole adv  down, below, downstairs • Sníh dole ve vsi už roztál. – The snow has melted down in the village. 42

1106 obor inan  profession, field • Ve svém oboru byl uznávaným odborníkem. – He was a respected expert in his field. 42

1107 model inan  model • V technickém muzeu si prohlédli modely lodí. – They saw models of ships in the technical museum. 42 –S

1108 styl inan  style, manner • To pXeci není jejich styl. – It can’t be their style. 42

1111 kámen inan  stone • Alchymisté se snažili najít kámen mudrcY. – Alchemists tried to discover the philosopher’s stone. 42

1112 jednotka fem  unit, troop • Odvezli ji na jednotku intenzívní péUe. – They took her to the intensive care unit. 42 –S

1113 víkend inan  weekend • Tenhle víkend musím zYstat ve mVstV. – I have to stay in town this weekend. 42 –P

1114 p4edchozí adj  previous • NoUní mYra z pXedchozí noci už vybledla. – The previous night’s nightmare has faded. 42 –S

1115 pozice fem  position, location • Našla tu nejpohodlnVjší pozici a okamžitV usnula. – She found the most comfortable position and fell asleep immediately. 42 –S

1116 rána fem  wound, blow • Rána na hlavV hodnV krvácela. – The wound to his head bled a lot. 42

1117 chlapec anim  boy, boyfriend • Na hXišti bVhali chlapci a dVvUata. – Boys and girls were running around the playground. 42

1118 poskytnout pf  to provide • Armáda poskytla satelitní a radarové snímky. – The army provided satellite and radar pictures. 42 –S

1119 dispozice fem  disposal, disposition • HostYm jsou k dispozici tenisové kurty a bazén. – Guests have tennis courts and a swimming pool at their disposal. 42 –S

1120 miliarda num  billion, milliard • Vesmír vznikl pXed miliardami let. – The universe began billions of years ago. 42 –S –F

1121 krk inan  neck, throat • Koupila si pastilky proti bolení v krku. – She bought sore throat lozenges. 42

1122 prázdný adj  empty • Byt zYstal prázdný víc než týden. – The flat remained empty for over a week. 42

Frequency index  49 

1123 prodej inan  sale • Zabýval se výrobou a prodejem zbraní. – He engaged in weapon production and sale. 42 –S

1124 údaj inan  (a piece of ) information, datum • Policie si vyžádala údaje o totožnosti svVdka. – The police demanded the witness’s data. 41 –S

1137 nejprve adv  (at) first • Nejprve si poXídíme mapu a potom vyrazíme. – First we get a map and then we’ll set out. 41 –S

1138 duše fem  soul, spirit • Modlitby za duši zemXelého trvaly devVt nocí. – The prayers for the soul of the deceased lasted for nine nights. 41

1125 podíl inan  share • Odprodal jim svYj podíl. – He sold his share to them. 41 –S

1126 udržet (se) pf  to keep, preserve, (se) remain • MVl problém udržet rovnováhu. – He had difficulty keeping his balance. 41

1127 zdravý adj  healthy • Jsi mladá a zdravá, co chceš víc? – You are young and healthy, what else do you want? 41

1128 odborný adj  professional, technical • Zajišt’uje odbornou péUi postiženým dVtem. – He provides professional care to handicapped children. 41

1129 ú1el inan  purpose, aim • Planeta byla pro náš úUel naprosto nevhodná. – The planet was totally unsuitable for our purpose. 41 –S

1130 jé interj  wow, yippee • Jé, co to máš? – Wow, what’s that? 41 +S

1131 tvar inan  shape, form • Na stVnV visely hodiny ve tvaru koUky. – A clock in the shape of a cat hung on the wall. 41

1132 západní adj  western, west • V západní EvropV strávil více než dva roky. – He spent over two years in western Europe. 41 –S

1133 zvládnout pf  to manage, control • Pokouší se zvládnout nVkolik vVcí najednou. – He is trying to manage several things at once. 41

1134 p4íslušný adj  relevant, authorized, competent • Máme pXíslušné informace. – We have the relevant information. 41 –S

1135 p4íroda fem  nature, country(side) • Toulala se ráda divokou pXírodou. – She liked to wander in the wild countryside. 41

1136 postavení neut  status, position • Musím brát v úvahu své postavení a povVst. – I have to consider my position and reputation. 41 –S

1139 p5da fem  land, soil, ground • Vlastnili bohatou a úrodnou pYdu. – They owned rich and fertile land. 41

1140 p5vodn2 adv  originally, initially • PYvodnV gotický klášter byl pozdVji pXestavVn. – The originally Gothic monastery was later rebuilt. 41

1141 vyjád4it (se) pf  to express • ChtVl vyjádXit svYj názor. – He wanted to express his opinion. 41 –S

1142 obvyklý adj  usual, common • NazpVt jsme šli obvyklou cestou. – We returned the usual way. 41 –S

1143 doprava fem  transport, traffic • Význam železniUní dopravy poklesl. – The importance of railway transport has dropped. 41

1144 dohromady adv  together, altogether • Nikdy neperte dohromady bílé a barevné prádlo. – Never wash whites and colours together. 41

1145 ráno neut  morning • Chladné, mlhavé ráno se pomalu rozjasWovalo. – The chilly, foggy morning was slowly brightening. 41 –P

1146 ucho neut  ear • V uších se jí tXpytily briliantové náušnice. – Brilliant earrings glittered at her ears. 41

1147 odjet pf  to leave, depart • Poslední vlak už odjel. – The last train has left. 41 –P

1148 sestra fem  sister, nurse • Moje sestry nikdy nemVly dVti. – My sisters never had any children. 41

1149 reagovat impf  to react, respond • Na urážku nebyla schopná jakkoli reagovat. – She was unable to react in any way to the insult. 41

1150 scéna fem  scene, stage • Najednou se na scénV objevil veliký muž s plnovousem. – A big man with a beard suddenly appeared on stage. 41

50  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1151 zvlášt’ part  separately, particularly • Nemá zvlášt’ pevné zdraví. – He doesn’t have particularly sound health. 41

1152 projev inan  expression, speech • Bojí se každého projevu nesouhlasu. – He is afraid of any expression of disapproval. 41 –S

1153 žádat impf  to ask, demand • Žádám o propuštVní na svobodu. – I demand to be released. 41 –S

1154 moc fem  power, force • Snaží se získat politickou moc v zemi. – They are trying to gain political power in the country. 41 –S

1155 kilometr inan  kilometre • Nesli ho pVt kilometrY lesem. – They carried him five kilometres through the wood. 41

1156 proud inan  stream, flow • Turistická sezóna byla v plném proudu. – Tourist season was in full flow. 41 –S

1157 výb2r inan  selection, choice, withdrawal • NemVl pXíliš na výbVr. – He didn’t have much choice. 41

1158 možno adv  may, possible • Tento systém je možno využít na stavbách. – This system may be used in construction. 41 –S

1159 osobnost fem  personality, figure • PozdVji se stal výraznou osobností veXejného života. – He later became a notable public figure. 40

1160 rodinný adj  family • Považovat si dobrého jídla byla rodinná tradice. – It was a family trait to appreciate good food. 40

1161 tušit impf  to suspect, anticipate • Nemohla jsem tušit, že se sem jednou vrátím. – I never suspected that I would ever return here. 40

1162 dodávat impf  to add, supply • Teplárna dodává elektXinu a teplo pro hlavní mVsto. – The heating plant supplies electricity and heat to the capital. 40 –S

1163 ozvat se pf  to sound, be heard • Z dálky se ozval štVkot psa. – The dog’s barking was heard from a distance. 40 –P

1164 správa fem  management, administration • PotXebujeme povolení správy národního parku. – We need a permit from the national park administration. 40 –S

1165 úplný adj  complete, total, utter • V místnosti nastalo úplné ticho. – Complete silence fell over the room. 40

1166 vojenský adj  military • Stovky lidí protestovaly proti vojenské intervenci. – Hundreds of people protested against the military intervention. 40

1167 pon2kud adv  somewhat, rather • ZatváXila se ponVkud provinile. – She made a rather guilty face. 40 –S

1168 4ád inan  order, system, schedule • Podle jízdního Xádu pXijede vlak za hodinu. – According to the schedule, the train will be here in an hour. 40

1169 uvnit4 adv  inside, indoors • Bundu a boty si sundal až uvnitX. – He took his coat and shoes off inside. 40 –S

1170 zdraví neut  health • Správná výživa je dYležitá pro zdraví UlovVka. – A good diet is important for health. 40

1171 zákazník anim  client, customer • PokraUuje tvrdý boj o zákazníka. – Intense competition for the customer continues. 40 –S

1172 dolar inan  dollar • MVl našetXeno pár tisíc dolarY. – He has saved a few thousand dollars. 40 –S

1173 p4esný adj  exact, precise • Na pXesné datum se nepamatuji. – I don’t remember the exact date. 40 –S

1174 zvlášt2 part  in particular, especially • Mám rád víno, zvláštV Uervené. – I like wine, red in particular. 40 –S

1175 student anim  student • Fakulty letos pXijímají vyšší poUet studentY. – This year faculties are accepting a higher number of students. 40

1176 zahrani1í neut  foreign countries, abroad • Obžalovaný léta tajil své styky se zahraniUím. – The accused kept his contacts with foreign countries secret for years. 40

1177 1tvrt fem  quarter • Odpolední pošta se roznáší kolem Utvrt na UtyXi. – The afternoon post is delivered around quarter past three. 40 –P

1178 úprava fem  adjustment, modification • Úprava rozsahu uUiva je povolena. – Adjustments to the curriculum are allowed. 40 –S –F

Frequency index  51 

1179 neustále adv  constantly, permanently • MVl jen jeden klobouk, který neustále nosil. – He only had one hat, which he would wear constantly. 40

1180 rychlost fem  speed, rate, pace • Vlak udržoval rychlost. – The train maintained its speed. 40

1181 zápas inan  fight, struggle, match • Sledovali basketbalový zápas vysokoškolské ligy. – They watched a university league basketball match. 40

1182 majetek inan  possession, property • ZXekl se majetku a získal tak svobodu. – He renounced his property, thus gaining freedom. 40 –S

1183 oznámit pf  to announce, report • Oznámila mu, že je v jiném stavu. – She announced to him that she was pregnant. 40 –S

1184 objevovat (se) impf  to discover, (se) appear • Kolem oUí se jí zaUaly objevovat malé vrásky. – Little wrinkles started to appear around her eyes. 40 –S

1185 1erven inan  June • Máma bude mít v Uervnu narozeniny. – My mum’s birthday is in June. 40

1186 reakce fem  response, reaction • Lék mYže vyvolávat kožní alergickou reakci. – The drug may cause an allergic skin reaction. 40

1187 zvolit (si) pf  to select, choose, elect • Když zvolíš jinou trasu, možná pXijdeš vUas. – If you choose a different route, you might be on time. 40 –S

1188 tamhle adv  (over) there • VeUeXi máš tamhle na stole. – Your dinner is over there on the table. 40 –P –N

1189 autobus inan  bus, coach • Nakonec nejela autobusem, radši šla domY pVšky. – In the end she didn’t take a bus, but rather walked home. 40 –P

1190 kv2ten inan  May • Koncem kvVtna už ranní mrazíky nehrozí. – Morning frosts are not an issue at the end of May. 40

1191 prost4ednictvím prep  by means of, by, through • Vzpoura se šíXila prostXednictvím letákY a UasopisY. – The rebellion spread by means of leaflets and magazines. 40 –S

1192 zub inan  tooth • Pes vycenil zuby a zavrUel. – The dog bared his teeth and growled. 39

1193 konat (se) impf  to perform, (se) take place • Po pohXbu se konala smuteUní hostina. – The funeral feast took place after the funeral. 39 –S

1194 d2tský adj  children’s • DVtský pokoj byl až nahoXe v podkroví. – The children’s bedroom was all the way up in the attic. 39

1195 lo3ský adj  last year’s • Na loWské fotografii mám ještV krátké vlasy. – In last year’s photograph, my hair is still long. 39 –S –F

1196 stanice fem  station, channel • Televizní stanice ZT24 vysílá nepXetržitV. – The channel ^T24 broadcasts non-stop. 39

1197 ob2d inan  lunch, dinner • V nedVli nás sousedi pozvali na obVd. – Our neighbours invited us for dinner on Sunday. 39 –P

1198 pravd2podobn2 part  probably, most likely • Svou rodnou zem už pravdVpodobnV nikdy neuvidíš. – You will probably never see your home country again. 39

6  Verbs of thinking v2d2t  impf  33  to know

pochopit  pf  644  to understand, grasp

myslet (si)  impf  83  to think

dozv2d2t se  pf  770  to learn, find out

znát  impf  201  to know

p4emýšlet  impf  796  to think, meditate

zdát se  impf  304  to seem

uvažovat  impf  938  to think, consider

v24it  impf  364  to believe

domnívat se  impf  1199  to suppose, assume

poznat  pf  494  to (get to) know, find out

vymyslet  pf  1379  to think up, devise

chápat  impf  506  to understand

pomyslet si  pf  1750  to think (of )

rozum2t  impf  520  to understand

zamyslet se  pf  3598  to think about, consider

52  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1199 domnívat se impf  to suppose, assume • Domníval se, že výlet ji pobaví a rozveselí. – He supposed the trip would amuse her and cheer her up. 39 –S

1200 4eka fem  river • SedVli na bXehu Xeky. – They were sitting on the river bank. 39

1201 lod’ fem  ship, boat • RybáX vytáhl do lodi sít’ plnou ryb. – The fisherman pulled a net full of fish into the boat. 39

1202 úzký adj  narrow • Procházeli se úzkými romantickými uliUkami. – They were strolling through romantic narrow streets. 39

1203 vrstva fem  layer, (social) class • Na plet’ nanášejte jen tenkou vrstvu krému. – Apply only a thin layer of cream to the skin. 39

1204 orgán inan  organ, authority, body • To mVl udVlat magistrát jako odvolací orgán. – It was to be done by the metropolitan authority as an appellate body. 39 –S

1205 krátce adv  shortly, briefly • Když telefonuje, mluví jen krátce a struUnV. – When he’s on the phone he speaks briefly and tersely. 39 –S

1206 pokoušet (se) impf  to tempt, (se) try • Pokoušel jsem se pohnout, ale nešlo to. – I tried to move, but I couldn’t. 39 –S

1207 objekt inan  object, subject, building • Opera je vhodným objektem studia. – Opera is a suitable subject for research. 39 –S

1208 jaro neut  spring • Jaro u nás zaUíná v bXeznu. – In our country, spring starts in March. 39

1209 nalézt pf  to find • Další informace lze nalézt na našich webových stránkách. – More information can be found on our website. 39 –S

1210 plocha fem  surface, area • Víc než polovinu plochy skladu zabíraly krabice. – Boxes filled more than half of the storage area. 39 –S

1211 potíž fem  trouble, difficulty • SpoleUnost má vážné finanUní potíže. – The company is in serious financial difficulties. 39

1212 stroj inan  machine • BabiUka se sklánVla nad šicím strojem. – My grandmother was stooped over the sewing machine. 39

1213 zbýt pf  to remain, be left • V kuchyni zbyla ještV trocha whisky. – A bit of whisky was left in the kitchen. 39

1214 spokojený adj  satisfied, content(ed) • Na její tváXi se objevil spokojený úsmVv. – A contented smile appeared on her face. 39

1215 odpoledne adv  in the afternoon • Odpoledne jsme nebyli doma. – We weren’t at home in the afternoon. 39 –P

1216 ženský adj  female, feminine • Bylo to velice ženské gesto. – It was a very feminine gesture. 39

1217 kulturní adj  cultural • To je hanobení kulturního dVdictví! – That’s a denigration of our cultural heritage! 38 –S

1218 policista anim  policeman • Policisté mVli uniformy i odznaky. – The policemen had uniforms as well as badges. 38 –S –P

1219 nicmén2 part  nevertheless, yet • Byl to vlastenec, nicménV Uesky skoro neumVl. – He was a patriot, yet he could hardly speak any Czech. 38 –S

1220 1in inan  deed • Voják se vychloubal svými hrdinskými Uiny. – The soldier boasted of his heroic deeds. 38 –S

1221 k5že fem  skin, leather • Navlékla si rukavice z tenké Uerné kYže. – She put on gloves of thin black leather. 38

1222 1asopis inan  magazine, journal • Listoval si ve starých Uasopisech. – He was leafing through old magazines. 38

1223 vítr inan  wind • Jarní vítr byl teplý a vonVl. – The spring wind was warm and smelled nice. 38

1224 p4e1íst pf  to read • MVl by sis pXeUíst ranní noviny. – You should read the morning newspaper. 38

1225 datum neut  date • V dotazníku doplWte datum narození. – Fill in the date of birth in the questionnaire. 38

Frequency index  53 

1226 divák anim  viewer, spectator • Diváci nadšenV tleskali nVkolik minut. – The spectators clapped enthusiastically for several minutes. 38 –S

1227 divný adj  strange • Poslední dobou se tu dVjí divné vVci. – Strange things have been happening here lately. 38 –P

1228 jenomže conj  however, except • Vypadá jako ty, jenomže má Uerné vlasy. – He looks like you except he has black hair. 38 –P

1229 zbavit (se) pf  to free, (se) get rid of • Nedokázal se zbavit nVmeckého pXízvuku. – He couldn’t get rid of his German accent. 38

1230 náro1ný adj  demanding, challenging • PXijímací zkouška byla velmi nároUná. – The entrance exam was very challenging. 38

1231 p4inášet impf  to bring • Sluhové pXinášeli tácy s jídlem. – The servants kept bringing trays with food. 38 –S

1232 pé1e fem  aid, care • Poskytli jí tu nejlepší péUi. – They provided her with the best care. 38 –S

1233 hotel inan  hotel • Ubytovali se v nejlepším hotelu. – They stayed at the best hotel. 38

1234 p4irozený adj  natural, normal • NedYvVXivost je pro vlky pXirozenou vlastností. – Distrust is a natural characteristic of wolves. 38

1235 p4ipomenout (si) pf  to remind, (si) recall • Tenhle podraz ti jednou pXipomenu. – One day I’ll remind you of this dirty trick. 38

1236 britský adj  British • Britská tajná služba je známá na celém svVtV. – The British secret service is famous around the world. 38 –S

1237 kuchyn2 fem  kitchen, cuisine • Dámy posedávají v kuchyni u kávy. – The ladies are sitting in the kitchen having coffee. 38

1238 nebezpe1í neut  danger • ZvíXata vycítí nebezpeUí instinktivnV. – Animals instinctively sense danger. 38 –S

1239 okolo prep  about, around • Omotala si šálu okolo krku. – She wrapped the scarf around her neck. 38

1240 návrat inan  return, comeback • Lepší návrat jsem si nemohl pXát. – I couldn’t hope for a better comeback. 38 –S

1241 charakter inan  character, personality • Charakter krajiny se neustále mVnil. – The character of the countryside kept changing. 38 –S

1242 vystoupit pf  to get out, appear • Zaparkovala auto a vystoupila z nVho. – She parked the car and got out. 38

1243 nastat pf  to arise, come up • Nastal menší problém. – A minor problem has arisen. 38

1244 partner anim  partner, associate • Navázali spolupráci s obchodními partnery. – They began to cooperate with their business partners. 38 –S

1245 sotva part  hardly, scarcely • Peníze nám sotva staUily na obživu. – We could hardly subsist on the money. 38 –S

1246 voják anim  soldier • Zachránil život mnoha vojákYm. – He saved many soldiers’ lives. 38

1247 k53 anim  horse • Svatební koUár byl tažený tXemi koWmi. – The wedding carriage was drawn by three horses. 38

1248 nám2stí neut  square, place • Na námVstí probíhají vánoUní trhy. – A Christmas fair is taking place in the square. 38

1249 okolnost fem  circumstance, condition • Za žádných okolností to nesmíš prozradit. – You must not reveal it under any circumstances. 38 –S

1250 vlna fem  wave, wool • Lod’ zmizela v rozbouXených vlnách. – The ship disappeared in the raging waves. 38

1251 nemocný adj  ill, sick • K nemocnému dítVti zavolali lékaXe. – They called a doctor for the ill child. 38

1252 skv2lý adj  excellent • Dneska jsem ve skvVlé náladV. – I have been in an excellent mood today. 38

1253 r5st inan  growth, increase • Banky odhadují rYst hypoték na 20 až 40 %. – Banks estimate the growth of mortgages at between 20 and 40 per cent. 37 –S –F

54  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1254 zásada fem  principle, rule • Kosmetický salon dodržuje základní hygienické zásady. – The beauty salon observes basic hygiene rules. 37 –S

1255 opat4ení neut  measure, precaution • Tohle bezpeUnostní opatXení je zbyteUné. – This safety precaution is unnecessary. 37 –S

1256 tvorba fem  production, works • Svou tvorbou navazuje na tradice naší kultury. – His works follow the tradition of our culture. 37 –S –F

1257 ob2t’ fem  victim, sacrifice • Památník byl vVnován obVtem války. – The monument was dedicated to war victims. 37 –S

1258 stanovit pf  to determine, set • Stanovili si vznešené cíle. – They set noble goals for themselves. 37 –S

1259 starat se impf  to take care, be concerned • DVkuju, že se o mV tak hezky staráte. – Thank you for taking such great care of me. 37

1260 studovat impf  to study, research • Dcera studovala medicínu. – Our daughter studied medicine. 37

1261 u1init pf  to make, render • UUinila jsem zajímavý objev. – I made an interesting discovery. 37 –S

1262 1tvrtek inan  Thursday • Jezdil do nemocnice každý Utvrtek. – He went to the hospital every Thursday. 37 –P

1263 ú1ast fem  involvement, participation • Tým zvažuje úUast na olympijských hrách. – The team is considering its participation in the Olympic Games. 37 –S

1264 no1ní adj  night • Na noUním nebi se tXpytily hvVzdy. – Stars twinkled in the night sky. 37

1265 projevit (se) pf  to express, show • NechtVl projevit svYj strach. – He did not want to show his fear. 37 –S

1266 zp2t adv  back(wards) • Autor se v knížce ohlíží zpVt do dVtství. – In his book the author looks back on his childhood. 37 –S

1267 fotografie fem  photograph • V pokoji visí velká Chaplinova fotografie. – A large photograph of Chaplin is hanging in the room. 37

1268 st4eda fem  Wednesday • PXijdu zase ve stXedu. – I will come again on Wednesday. 37 –P

1269 zbra3 fem  weapon • Nemám povolení vlastnit zbraW. – I do not have a permit to own a weapon. 37

1270 n2kolikrát num  several times • Navzájem si nVkolikrát zachránili život. – They have saved each other’s lives several times. 37

1271 spadnout pf  to fall, drop • Ztratil rovnováhu a spadl na zem. – He lost his balance and fell to the ground. 37

1272 p4ední adj  front, prominent • NVkdo zaklepal na pXední dveXe domu. – Someone knocked on the front door of the house. 37

1273 zboží neut  goods, commodity • Objednané zboží dodáme do UtyX dnY. – We will deliver the goods ordered within four days. 37

1274 komise fem  committee, commission • Mezi orgány EU patXí i Evropská komise. – The European Commission is one of the EU bodies. 37

1275 klást impf  to put, lay • Kladl dYraz na aktivní metody v kontrašpionáži. – He put an emphasis on active methods in counter-intelligence. 37 –S

1276 tentýž pron  the same • Dneska jsme snídali totéž co vy. – Today we had the same breakfast as you did. 37 –S

1277 sd2lit pf  to tell, inform • S pláUem mu sdVlila, že otec byl zatUen. – Crying, she told him that their father had been arrested. 37 –S

1278 narodit se pf  to be born • DítV by se mVlo narodit v srpnu. – The baby should be born in August. 37

1279 úsm2v inan  smile • Majitel nás s úsmVvem zve dál. – The owner is inviting us inside with a smile. 37 –P

1280 rozd2lit (se) pf  to divide, (se) share • Kniha je rozdVlena do deseti kapitol. – The book is divided into ten chapters. 37

1281 jižní adj  southern, south • Plánujeme cestu po Jižní Americe. – We are planning a trip around South America. 37

Frequency index  55 

1282 budoucí adj  future, coming • PYjdu se pXedstavit budoucímu tchánovi. – I am going to introduce myself to my future father-in-law. 37 –S

1283 p4edpoklad inan  condition, assumption • Tento pXedpoklad se ukázal mylným. – This assumption turned out to be false. 37 –S

1284 p4ekvapit pf  to surprise • PXekvapilo ho, že se mu ozvala jako první. – He was surprised that she contacted him first. 37

1285 vlastnost fem  quality, feature • Špatné vlastnosti se ke stáru stupWují. – As we get older, our bad features intensify. 37 –S

1286 podstatný adj  substantial, significant • Obrovský stYl zabíral podstatnou Uást místnosti. – A huge table took up a significant part of the room. 37 –S

1287 vyrazit pf  to set out, knock out, smash • Vyrazíme brzy zrána, jakmile se rozední. – We will set out early in the morning as soon as the dawn breaks. 37 –P

1288 kontakt inan  contact, touch • Nebyli v kontaktu s nakažlivou nemocí. – They were not in contact with an infectious disease. 37

1289 stopa fem  trace, footprint • Stopy vedly ven ze dveXí. – Footprints lead out of the door. 37 –S

1290 zbývat impf  to remain, have left • PoXád mi zbývá dost penVz. – I still have enough money left. 37

1291 podporovat impf  to support, encourage • Nadace bude podporovat mladé výtvarníky. – The foundation will support young artists. 36 –S

1292 p4ípadn2 part  possibly • PXednášku bychom mohli pXípadnV zopakovat. – We could possibly hold the lecture again. 36

1293 hezky adv  nicely • Vždycky o vás mluví hezky. – He always talks nicely about you. 36 –P

1294 vyhodit pf  to throw (away) • Do popelnice vyhodila tašku s odpadky. – She threw a bag of rubbish into the dustbin. 36 –P

1295 šedesát num  sixty • Minuta má šedesát vteXin. – A minute has sixty seconds. 36 –P

1296 domov inan  home • Rozpovídal se o svém domovV. – He started to talk about his home. 36

1297 podílet se impf  to participate • Rád bych se podílel na novém projektu. – I would like to participate in the new project. 36 –S

1298 snadný adj  easy • Nebylo snadné získat zamVstnání. – It was not easy to find a job. 36 –S

1299 termín inan  deadline, term • Tenhle termín se už nepoužívá. – This term is no longer used. 36

1300 použití neut  use, application • PXed použitím zatXepat. – Shake before use. 36 –S

1301 jinde adv  somewhere else • Myslím, že se to stalo jinde. – I think it happened somewhere else. 36

1302 internet inan  the Internet • Všechny údaje budou zveXejnVny na internetu. – All the data will be published on the Internet. 36 –F

1303 milý adj  kind, nice • Byla velice milá, pozorná a laskavá. – She was very nice, attentive and kind. 36

1304 týž pron  the same • Zpátky pXišli ještV týž den. – They returned on the same day. 36 –S

1305 naposledy adv  last, the last time • Kdy jsi naposledy plakala? – When was the last time you cried? 36

1306 univerzita fem  university, college • Býval profesorem harvardské univerzity. – He used to be a professor at Harvard University. 36

1307 divit se impf  to wonder, be surprised • Divím se, že jste vYbec pXišli. – I am surprised you have come at all. 36 –P

1308 odkud adv  where from • Zeptal se jí, odkud pochází. – He asked her where she came from. 36

1309 zvuk inan  sound, noise • Burácení vody pXehlušovalo všechny ostatní zvuky. – The roaring of water drowned out all other sounds. 36

56  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1310 obrázek inan  picture, image • Co se dVje na obrázku? – What is happening in the picture? 36

1311 nápad inan  idea, thought • Máš snad lepší nápad než já? – You think you’ve got a better idea than me? 36

1312 t2sn2 adv  just, close(ly) • Dárky jsme nakoupili tVsnV pXed Vánoci. – We bought our gifts just before Christmas. 36

1313 p4ivézt pf  to bring, deliver • Prodal všechno zboží, které pXivezl. – He sold all the goods he had brought. 36 –P

1314 pocházet impf  to come from, originate • Matka pochází z šlechtického rodu. – My mother comes from a noble family. 36 –S

1315 celek inan  whole • Text je souUástí vVtšího celku. – The text is part of a larger whole. 36 –S

1316 deska fem  board, record • MVli jen pár gramofonových desek. – She only had a few records. 36

1317 zahájit pf  to start, launch • Firma zahájila neobvyklou reklamní kampaW. – The company launched an unusual advertising campaign. 36 –S

1318 existence fem  existence • VVdci podali dYkaz existence Uerných dVr. – Scientists have proved the existence of black holes. 36 –S

1319 navštívit pf  to visit • PXišla ho navštívit jeho matka. – His mother came to visit him. 36

1320 informovat biasp  to inform, report • Je tXeba okamžitV informovat policii. – The police have to be informed immediately. 36 –S

1321 ovlivnit pf  to influence • Ekonomický kolaps ovlivnil volby. – The economic collapse influenced the election. 36

1322 výrobek inan  product • Kupuje jen ekologicky šetrné výrobky. – She only buys environment-friendly products. 35 –F

1323 viz impf  see • PodrobnVji viz kapitola 12. – For more details see chapter 12. 35 –S –F

1324 unie fem  union • ZR vstoupila do Evropské unie v roce 2004. – The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004. 35 –S –F

1325 obava fem  concern, worry • V dopise mu sdVlil svoje obavy. – He conveyed his worries in his letter. 35 –S

1326 bojovat impf  to fight, struggle • Bojujeme za to, v co vVXíme. – We fight for what we believe in. 35

1327 listopad inan  November • Den DíkYvzdání je na konci listopadu. – Thanksgiving is at the end of November. 35

1328 titul inan  title, degree • PXipustil, že má pouze titul bakaláXe. – He admitted he only had a Bachelor’s degree. 35

1329 nahradit pf  to replace, compensate • Sója mVla v guláši nahradit maso. – Soya was supposed to replace meat in the goulash. 35 –S

1330 4íjen inan  October • První sníh napadne v Xíjnu. – The first snow will fall in October. 35

1331 vyvolat pf  to cause, provoke, call (out) • Poznámka vyvolala potlesk a smích. – The remark provoked applause and laughter. 35 –S

1332 stavební adj  construction, architectural • MVsto je proslavené stavebními památkami. – The city is famous for its architectural monuments. 35

1333 právní adj  legal • Pracoval jako právní poradce. – He worked as a legal adviser. 35 –S

1334 vzájemný adj  mutual • Bez vzájemné dohody vzniknou spory. – Without mutual agreement controversies will arise. 35 –S

1335 tma fem  dark(ness) • Ve sklepV byla tma. – It was dark in the cellar. 35

1336 riziko neut  risk, danger • Riziko bylo pXíliš velké. – The risk was too great. 35 –S

1337 sehnat pf  to get (hold of ), procure • Sehnat pistoli pro nVj nebyl problém. – It was not a problem for him to get a gun. 35 –P

Frequency index  57 

1338 typický adj  typical, characteristic • Typickou jarní rostlinou jsou snVženky. – Snowdrops are typical spring flowers. 35

1339 pojem inan  notion, concept, term • Pojem “osud” je dnes negativnV zatížen. – Nowadays, the term “fate” has negative connotations. 35 –S

1340 p4edem adv  in advance • Týdenní nájemné zaplatil pXedem. – He paid the weekly rent in advance. 35

1341 st4echa fem  roof • Ze stXechy spadla kupa snVhu. – A heap of snow fell off the roof. 35

1342 hrá1 anim  player • PoUet hráUY ve hXe je libovolný. – The game can be played by any number of players. 35

1343 operace fem  operation, surgery • Snažila se zakrýt jizvy po operaci. – She tried to hide the scars from the operation. 35

1344 stav2t impf  to build, construct • Rozhodli, že pXehrada se stavVt nebude. – They decided that the dam would not be built. 35

1345 hodný adj  kind, worthy • Byl to moc hodnej UlovVk. – He was an awfully kind man. 35

1346 pátý num  fifth • Pátá kapitola je nejdelší z celé knihy. – The fifth chapter is the longest in the book. 35

1347 bota fem  shoe • Koupím si kožené boty. – I will buy leather shoes. 35

1348 kvalitní adj  quality • Vytáhla lahev kvalitního vína. – She pulled out a bottle of quality wine. 35 –F

1349 táhnout (se) impf  to draw, pull, (se) stretch • Stezka se táhla podél útesu. – The path stretched along the cliff. 35

1350 v2domí neut  awareness, consciousness • Pod lavinou ztratil vVdomí. – He lost consciousness under the avalanche. 35 –S

1351 nov2 adv  newly, recently • Altánek byl novV natXen. – The pavilion was newly painted. 35 –S

1352 náhle adv  suddenly • Náhle vytáhl pistoli. – He suddenly drew a gun. 35 –S

1353 rovnou adv  directly, straight away • Všechny peníze rovnou utratil. – He spent all the money straight away. 35 –P

1354 oblíbený adj  favourite • Moje oblíbené kvVtiny jsou konvalinky. – Lily-of-the-valley is my favourite flower. 35

1355 hospoda fem  pub • Chcete se sejít nVkde v hospodV? – Do you want to meet in a pub somewhere? 35 –P

1356 výška fem  height • Výška regálu odpovídá potXebám obsluhy. – The height of the shelf meets the needs of the staff. 35

1357 svatý adj  saint, holy • Býval faráXem u svatého Martina. – He used to be the parish priest at Saint Martin. 35

1358 p4ednost fem  advantage, preference • Hlavní pXedností domu je jeho poloha. – The house’s main advantage is its location. 35

1359 copak part  what • Copak tu chcete, dVti? – What do you want here, children? 34 –P –N

1360 bolet impf  to ache • Žaludek ho bolí nesnesitelnV. – His stomach aches unbearably. 34 –P

1361 stihnout pf  to manage, catch • Než se oženil, stihl dostudovat. – Before he got married, he managed to graduate. 34 –P

1362 mysl fem  mind • MVl asi na mysli nVco jiného. – Perhaps he had something else in mind. 34

1363 agentura fem  agency • Našel si práci v reklamní agentuXe. – He found a job in an advertising agency. 34 –F

1364 generace fem  generation • Rodina žije ve stejném domV celé generace. – The family has lived in the same house for generations. 34

1365 roh inan  corner • Jeden roh místnosti zabírala velká postel. – One corner of the room was taken up with a large bed. 34

58  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1366 b4ezen inan  March • Letošní bXezen bude velmi studený. – March will be very cold this year. 34

1367 zachovat (se) pf  to maintain, preserve, (se) act • Zachoval se velmi nezdvoXile. – He acted very impolitely. 34

1368 snížit (se) pf  to reduce, lower • Levný materiál nám umožnil snížit ceny. – The cheap material allowed us to lower prices. 34 –S

1369 správn2 adv  right, correctly • Rozumím tomu správnV? – Do I understand it correctly? 34

1370 odmítat impf  to refuse, disapprove • Odmítala mi podat jakékoli vysvVtlení. – She refused to give me any explanation. 34 –S

1371 obecný adj  general, common • Chystali se jednat o obecném blahu. – They were going to discuss the common good. 34 –S

1372 spo1ívat impf  to lie, consist of • Problém spoUívá v tom, že neumí Xídit. – The problem lies in the fact that he cannot drive. 34 –S

1373 tradice fem  tradition • Pracovat jako uUitel je rodinná tradice. – Working as a teacher is a family tradition. 34 –S

1374 televizní adj  television • PoUet televizních reklam se zdvojnásobil. – The number of television commercials has doubled. 34 –S

1375 barák inan  house, building • MYžu parkovat pXímo pXed barákem. – I can park my car right outside the house. 34 –P –N

1376 odd2lení neut  section, department • ZmVnu adresy nahlaste personálnímu oddVlení. – Report the change of address to the personnel department. 34

1377 výstava fem  exhibition • PXijel si prohlédnout výstavu kubistY. – He came to see the Cubist exhibition. 34

1378 technologie fem  technology • Pracuje jako specialista na informaUní technologie. – He works as an information technology specialist. 34 –S –F

1379 vymyslet pf  to think up, devise • Vymyslela do poUítaUe nové heslo. – She thought up a new computer password. 34

1380 též part  too, also • Jeho sestra je též Ulenkou klubu. – His sister is also a club member. 34 –S

1381 vesnice fem  village • Cholera mYže nakazit celou vesnici. – Cholera can infect a whole village. 34

1382 zlý adj  bad, evil • Probudil se ze zlého snu. – He woke up from a bad dream. 34

1383 nárok inan  right, claim • Bude uplatWovat nárok na svYj anglický majetek. – He will make a claim to his English property. 34

1384 bolest fem  pain • Dala jsem ti lék proti bolesti. – I gave you pain-killing medicine. 34

1385 pln2 adv  fully, completely • MYžete se na mV plnV spolehnout. – You can rely on me completely. 34 –S

1386 zkoušet impf  to try, test, examine • Zkoušel volat každých deset minut. – He tried calling every ten minutes. 34

1387 povést se pf  to succeed in, turn out well • Ty koláUe se ti fakt povedly. – Your pies turned out really well. 34

1388 hospodá4ský adj  economic • Nejhorší hospodáXská krize zaUala v roce 1929. – The worst economic crisis started in 1929. 34 –S

1389 ruský adj  Russian • Ruský balet sklidil v Praze velký úspVch. – The Russian ballet had great success in Prague. 34

1390 komunikace fem  communication • Usilujeme o lepší komunikaci mezi zamVstnanci. – We are striving for better communication among employees. 34 –S –F

1391 utéct pf  to run away, escape • Králíci uteUou, když pXijdeme blíž. – The rabbits will run away if we come closer. 34 –P

1392 okraj inan  edge, margin • Položila deštník na okraj laviUky. – She put the umbrella on the edge of the bench. 34

1393 dohoda fem  agreement, deal • Zatím nedošlo k žádnému porušení dohody. – There has not yet been any breach of the agreement. 34 –S

Frequency index  59 

1394 vlak inan  train • Nasedl na první vlak do PaXíže. – He got on the first train to Paris. 34

1395 v5le fem  will • Váš dar je projevem dobré vYle. – Your gift is an expression of good will. 34

1396 nikde adv  nowhere • Bloudil v myšlenkách všude a nikde. – His mind wandered everywhere and nowhere. 34

1397 zpívat impf  to sing • PXi práci zpívali zvuUným hlasem. – While working, they sang with ringing voices. 34

1398 armáda fem  army • Celá armáda putovala na sever. – The entire army travelled north. 34 –S

1399 p4íjem inan  reception, income • MVl mVsíUní pXíjem padesát tisíc. – His monthly income was fifty thousand.

1401 oby1ejný adj  ordinary, common • Generál prchl v pXestrojení za obyUejného vojáka. – The general escaped disguised as an ordinary soldier. 33

1402 policejní adj  police • PXed domem parkoval policejní vYz. – A police car parked outside the house. 33 –S –P

1403 zdravotní adj  medical, health • Propustili ho ze zdravotních dYvodY. – He was released for medical reasons. 33

1404 dopravní adj  transport, traffic • Každý den tvrdnu v dopravní zácpV. – I am stuck in a traffic jam every day. 33 –S

1405 pam2t’ fem  memory • Od dVtství mVl dobrou pamVt’. – He has had a good memory since childhood. 33

1406 odcházet impf  to leave, go • PrávV odcházím. – I am just leaving.



1400 závod inan  race, factory • MVstem každoroUnV projíždí cyklistický závod. – A bicycle race goes through the town every year.

1407 výzkum inan  research, exploration • SpoleUnost se zabývala výzkumem závislostí. – The company specialized in research into addiction. 33 –S


7  Time dnes  192  today

poledne  2417  noon

kv2ten  1190  May

dneska  338  today

odpoledne  2820  afternoon

1erven  1185  June

v1era  315  yesterday

ve1er  684  evening, night

1ervenec  1551  July

zítra  720  tomorrow

noc  310  night

srpen  1434  August

letos  594  this year

p5lnoc  2690  midnight

zá4í  904  September 4íjen  1330  October

loni  857  last year vloni  4199  last year

Days of the week

listopad  1327  November

pond2lí  1029  Monday

prosinec  1549  December

Units of time

úterý  1523  Tuesday

vte4ina  2037  second

st4eda  1268  Wednesday

Seasons (nouns)

sekunda  4657  second

1tvrtek  1262  Thursday

jaro  1208  spring

minuta  413  minute

pátek  808  Friday

léto  463  summer

hodina  157  hour

sobota  751  Saturday

podzim  1441  autumn

den  96  day

ned2le  694  Sunday

zima  745  winter

týden  216  week

víkend  1113  weekend

Seasons (adjectives)

m2síc  243  month rok  41  year


jarní  3506  spring

století  470  century

leden  1099  January

letní  1727  summer

únor  1497  February

podzimní  4191  autumn

Time of day (nouns)

b4ezen  1366  March

zimní  2131  winter

ráno  1145  morning

duben  1411  April

60  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1408 cokoli pron  anything • UdVlala by cokoli, aby vyvolala skandál. – She would do anything to provoke a scandal. 33

1409 vstát pf  to get up, stand up • Dopila skleniUku a vstala. – She finished her glass and stood up. 33 –P

1410 soubor inan  set, ensemble, file • Mohu zkopírovat soubory z jeho poUítaUe. – I can copy files from his computer. 33 –S

1411 duben inan  April • LyžaXská sezóna konUí až v dubnu. – The skiing season does not end until April. 33

1412 rozsah inan  extent, range • Tým mVXil rozsah zneUištVní pXi pobXeží. – The team measured the extent of coast pollution. 33 –S

1413 obecn2 adv  generally, in general • Tento postup nelze obecnV aplikovat. – This method cannot be generally applied. 33

1414 ozna1it pf  to indicate, declare • Informace v tisku oznaUil za nepravdivé. – He declared the information in the press to be untrue. 33 –S

1415 4idi1 anim  driver • Pracuje jako XidiU autobusu. – He works as a bus driver. 33

1416 dostate1ný adj  sufficient, adequate • Nemají proti nVmu dostateUné dYkazy. – They do not have sufficient evidence against him. 33 –S

1417 nutit impf  to force, make • Nutila ho pít bylinkové Uaje. – She forced him to drink herbal teas. 33

1418 ztrácet (se) impf  to lose, (se) fade away • DVti Uasto ztrácejí vVci. – Children often lose things. 33 –S

1419 rozší4it (se) pf  to extend, widen, (se) spread • Firma rozšíXila nabídku výrobkY. – The company extended its range of products on offer. 33 –S

1420 kapsa fem  pocket • StrUil si penVženku zpátky do kapsy. – He put his wallet back in his pocket. 33

1421 král anim  king • Lev je králem zvíXat. – The lion is the king of animals. 33

1422 u1itel anim  teacher • UUitel mYže být pro dítV vzorem. – A teacher can be a child’s role model. 33

1423 adresa fem  address • Podal jí lístek s adresou. – He handed a piece of paper with an address to her. 33

1424 setkání neut  meeting, get-together • Setkání se obvykle konají po obVdV. – The meetings usually take place after lunch. 33 –S

1425 využití neut  use, utilization • Obyvatelé prosazovali rekreaUní využití pXehrady. – The residents pushed for the dam’s recreational use. 33 –S –F

1426 ve1e4e fem  dinner, supper • MYžu tV pozvat domY na veUeXi? – Can I invite you home for dinner? 33

1427 rozhodovat (se) impf  to decide, make decisions • NemYžu rozhodovat o životV jinejch lidí. – I can’t make decisions about other people’s lives. 33

1428 navrhnout pf  to propose, suggest • Navrhl nám pXijatelný kompromis. – He proposed an acceptable compromise for us. 33

1429 stín inan  shadow, shade • ObliUej mVl ukrytý ve stínu. – His face was hidden in the shadow. 33

1430 poznamenat pf  to remark, note, affect • Poznamenal, že si nemYže vzpomenout. – He remarked that he couldn’t remember. 33 –S

1431 pád inan  drop, fall • PXi pádu se mi rozbily hodinky. – During the fall, my watch broke. 33

1432 nemoc fem  illness, disease • Osadníci strádali hladem a nemocemi. – Settlers suffered from hunger and diseases. 33

1433 nastoupit pf  to get on/into, enter • Zastavilo nám taxi a nastoupili jsme. – A taxi stopped and we got into it. 33

1434 srpen inan  August • V srpnu je PaXíž mVstem turistY. – Paris in August is a tourist city. 33

1435 jistota fem  confidence, certainty, safety • S jistotou vám to Xíct nemYžu. – I cannot say that to you with certainty. 33

Frequency index  61 

1436 vybírat impf  to choose, select, collect • Porota vybírala ze tXí nominací. – The panel chose from three nominations. 33

1437 rozsáhlý adj  extensive, wide • ZemXel na rozsáhlé krvácení do mozku. – He died of an extensive brain haemorrhage. 33 –S

1438 procházet (se) impf  to walk, browse, (se) stroll • Procházel osvVtlenými chodbami. – He was walking through lit corridors. 33

1439 p4ivést pf  to bring, fetch • PXivedla domY svou kamarádku. – She brought her friend home with her. 33

1440 kategorie fem  category, bracket • VVkové kategorie jsou urUeny podle doporuUení WHO. – Age brackets are set according to the WHO recommendations. 33 –S

1441 podzim inan  autumn • ZaUíná podzim, listí žloutne. – Autumn is starting and the leaves are turning yellow. 33

1442 d5kaz inan  proof, evidence • DYkazem toho byly fotokopie úUtenek. – The copies of receipts were used as proof. 33 –S

1443 postoj inan  posture, attitude, stance • Zaujal bojový postoj a policistu napadl. – He assumed a fighting stance and attacked the policeman. 32 –S

1444 zavést pf  to lead, introduce • Zavedl nás do horního patra. – He led us to the upper floor. 32

1445 díl inan  part, piece • NauU se skládat jednotlivé díly rybáXského prutu. – Learn how to put the fishing rod parts together. 32

1446 karta fem  card • Pojd’ si zahrát karty. – Come and play cards. 32

1447 po4ádn2 adv  properly, thoroughly • Prohledali jste to tu kolem poXádnV? – Did you search around here thoroughly? 32 –P

1448 koleno neut  knee • VykXikla a padla na kolena. – She cried out and dropped to her knees. 32

1449 povrch inan  surface • Povrch chleba je lesklý a hladký. – The bread’s surface is shiny and smooth. 32 –S

1450 mistr anim  master, foreman, champion • Starého mistra lze poznat podle tahu štVtce. – An old master can be recognized by his brushwork. 32

1451 upozornit pf  to warn, alert • Upozornila ho na nebezpeUí nákazy. – She warned him about the risk of infection. 32 –S

1452 sezóna fem  season • V prosinci zaUíná sezóna firemních veUírkY. – The season for company parties starts in December. 32

1453 knížka fem  book, booklet • Zakázala synovi z knížek trhat stránky. – She forbade her son from tearing pages out of books. 32

1454 praktický adj  practical • Výrobky mají praktická balení s návodem. – The products come in practical packaging with instructions for use. 32

1455 ostrý adj  sharp, hot • Maso naporcoval ostrým nožem. – He carved the meat with a sharp knife. 32

1456 spor inan  dispute, argument • Spor vyústil ve rvaUku. – The argument led to a fight. 32 –S

1457 p4ítomnost fem  presence, the present • ŠtVWata jsou zvyklá na pXítomnost lidí. – The puppies are used to people’s presence. 32 –S

1458 výborný adj  excellent • To byl výborný nápad! – That was an excellent idea! 32

1459 délka fem  length, longitude • Všechny desky seXízli na stejnou délku. – They cut all the board to the same length. 32 –S

1460 nos inan  nose • MVl Uerné vlasy a rovný nos. – He had black hair and a straight nose. 32

1461 instituce fem  institution • Manželství je už možná zastaralá instituce. – Marriage may already be an outdated institution. 32 –S

1462 užívat (si) impf  to use, take, (si) have a good time • I po svatbV užívala své dívUí jméno. – She used her maiden name even after the wedding. 32

62  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1463 podepsat pf  to sign • Zápis podepíše pXedseda komise. – The minutes will be signed by the committee chairman. 32

1464 p4i1emž conj  whereas, while • Vyklonila se, pXiUemž se držela jednou rukou. – She leaned out while holding on with one hand. 32 –S

1465 p4edstavitel anim  representative • PXedstavitelé radnice jednají s majiteli pozemkY. – The municipal authority representatives negotiate with landowners. 32 –S

1466 produkt inan  product, result • Firma vyrábí mléUné produkty pro dVti. – The company produces dairy products for children. 32 –S –F

1467 obrana fem  defence, apology • Zvedl ruce na obranu. – He raised his hands in defence. 32 –S

1468 zmín2ný adj  mentioned, in question • ZmínVné akce zaUnou tento týden. – The events in questions will start this week. 32 –S

1469 lišit se impf  to differ • Mužská a ženská tVla se liší. – Male and female bodies differ. 32

1470 dovnit4 adv  in, inside • Pokynula mi, abych šla dovnitX. – She beckoned to me to come inside. 32

1471 hodlat impf  to intend, be going to • Tento recept hodlám vyzkoušet. – I am going to try out this recipe. 32

1472 nezbytný adj  necessary, indispensable • Je to zcela nezbytné. – It is absolutely necessary. 32 –S

1473 levný adj  cheap, economical • Centrum mVsta je plné levných hotýlkY. – The city centre is full of cheap hotels. 32

1474 splnit (se) pf  to fulfil, keep, (se) come true • Vždycky splnila, co slíbila. – She always kept her promises. 32

1475 nejspíš part  probably, most likely • Nejspíš si toho nevšimli. – They probably didn’t notice. 32

1476 vazba fem  relationship, tie, binding • DYležité jsou citové vazby dítVte k rodiUYm. – Emotional ties between children and parents are important. 32

1477 národ inan  nation • Všechny národy mají právo na sebeurUení. – All nations have the right to self-determination. 32 –S

1478 zna1ka fem  sign, mark, brand • }idiUi nVkdy ignorují dopravní znaUky. – Drivers sometimes ignore traffic signs. 32

1479 sníst pf  to eat (up) • SnVdl sendviU se šunkou. – He ate a ham sandwich. 32 –P

1480 ostatn2 part  after all • Nic jiného ostatnV ani neoUekával. – After all, that’s what he expected. 32 –S

1481 šaty inan pl  clothes, dress • Do divadla si oblékla saténové šaty. – She wore a satin dress to the theatre. 32

1482 v2ta fem  sentence • V textu si podtrhával dYležité vVty. – He would underline important sentences in the text. 32

1483 1ástka fem  amount, sum • Zástka bude použita na vybudování školy. – The amount will be used to build a school. 32 –S

1484 park inan  park • Procházeli se v parku. – They were walking in the park. 32

1485 vnímat impf  to perceive • UmVní je vnímáno jako velmi specifická lidská Uinnost. – Art is perceived as a very specific human activity. 32

1486 klidný adj  quiet, calm • Pozoroval její klidnou tváX. – He watched her calm face. 32

1487 strávit pf  to spend, digest • Na pláži strávili celý den. – They spent the whole day on the beach. 32

1488 vy4ešit pf  to solve, sort out • Je tXeba vyXešit problémy v dopravV. – We need to sort out the transport difficulties. 31

1489 fáze fem  phase, period • Po rozvodu prošla fází zoufalství. – After the divorce, she went through a phase of desperation. 31

1490 d2jiny fem pl  history • DVjiny diplomacie jsou pXevážnV dVjinami intrik. – The history of diplomacy is largely the history of intrigues. 31

Frequency index  63 

1491 p4ipravený adj  ready, prepared • Byla pXipravená k novému životu. – She was ready for a new life. 31

1492 vydávat (se) impf  to publish, (se) set out • Strana chce vydávat vlastní deník. – The party wants to publish its own newspaper. 31 –S

1493 ústav inan  institute, institution • Výchovný ústav sídlí na bývalém zámku. – The young offender institution is located in a former palace. 31

1494 cože interj  what • Cože, co to Xíkáš? – What! What are you saying? 31 –P –N

1495 severní adj  northern, north • Severní bXeh jezera je UlenitVjší. – The northern bank of the lake is more indented. 31 –S

1496 kapitola fem  chapter • Samostatná kapitola je vVnována databázím. – A separate chapter is devoted to databases. 31 –S

1497 únor inan  February • KvVtiny pXesazujeme na zaUátku února. – We repot the plants at the beginning of February. 31

1498 teorie fem  theory • Vykládal svou teorii velmi pXesvVdUivV. – He explained his theory very convincingly. 31

1499 seznam inan  list, schedule • Policie mVla seznam podezXelých. – The police had a list of suspects. 31

1500 anglický adj  English • MVl na sobV anglický tweedový oblek. – He was wearing an English tweed suit. 31

1501 kostel inan  church • Kostel je už léta zavXený. – The church has been closed for years. 31

1502 politik anim  politician • Jako politik pXíliš neuspVl. – He did not have much success as a politician. 31 –S

1503 zachránit pf  to rescue, save • Pokoušel se zachránit, co zbylo. – He tried to save what was left. 31

1504 pr5m2r inan  average, diameter • DVti pXibraly v prYmVru 2 kg týdnV. – On average, children put on 2 kg a week. 31

1505 uložit pf  to place, lay, put • Svazek klíUY uložil do kufXíku. – He put the bunch of keys in his briefcase. 31

1506 vn2jší adj  outside, external • ChtVl se izolovat od vnVjšího svVta. – He wanted to isolate himself from the outside world. 31 –S

1507 dokonalý adj  perfect, thorough • MíU má tvar dokonalé koule. – A ball is a perfect sphere. 31 –S

1508 pravideln2 adv  regularly, periodically • V létV chodí pravidelnV hrát golf. – In summer he regularly plays golf. 31

1509 nadále adv  still, in future • Jejich poUet nadále roste. – Their number is still growing. 31 –S

1510 chránit impf  to protect • Rukou si chránil hlavu. – He protected his head with his arm. 31 –S

1511 p4ibližn2 adv  approximately • MVXil pXibližnV metr osmdesát. – He was approximately 1.8 metres tall. 31

1512 p4evzít pf  to take over, assume • Práci za UlovVka pXevzaly stroje. – Machines have taken over many jobs that were done by people. 31 –S

1513 padat impf  to fall • Byla nešikovná, Uasto padala. – She was clumsy and often fell. 31

1514 dohodnout (se) pf  to arrange, (se) agree • Dohodli se, že ji doprovodí domY. – They agreed that he would escort her home. 31

1515 p4ežít pf  to survive, outlive • MVli neštovice a pXežili je. – They had survived smallpox. 31

1516 teplo neut  heat, warmth • Nejlepšími vodiUi tepla jsou kovy. – Metals are the best heat conductors. 31

1517 popsat pf  to describe • DetailnV popsal neznámou ženu. – He described an unknown woman in detail. 31

1518 trp2t impf  to suffer, tolerate • Jejich dcera trpí nedostatkem nVhy. – Their daughter suffers from a lack of tenderness. 31

64  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1519 chodba fem  corridor • Chodba byla prázdná. – The corridor was empty. 31 –P

1520 naproti prep  opposite, across from • Knihovna stála naproti oknu. – The bookcase was opposite the window. 31

1521 podávat impf  to hand, give, serve • Zíšník nám podával jídelní lístky. – The waiter handed us the menus. 31

1522 dotknout se pf  to touch, hint, offend • Lehce se dotkl její tváXe. – He lightly touched her cheek. 31

1523 úterý neut  Tuesday • Scházejí se každé úterý. – They meet every Tuesday. 31 –P

1524 zrušit pf  to cancel, abolish • Letecké spoleUnosti musely zrušit lety. – Airlines had to cancel flights. 31

1525 našt2stí part  fortunately, luckily • NaštVstí k tomu nejhoršímu nedošlo. – Fortunately it did not come to the worst. 31

1526 teplý adj  warm • Dal na podnos teplé mléko. – He put warm milk on the tray. 31

1527 uskute1nit (se) pf  to realize, (se) take place • Snažil se uskuteUnit svYj úmysl. – He tried to realize his plan. 31 –S

1528 kruh inan  circle • MVla kruhy pod oUima. – She had circles under the eyes. 31

1529 t4ikrát num  three times • Každé slovo musel opakovat tXikrát. – He had to repeat each word three times. 31

1530 siln2 adv  strongly, hard • UdeXila ho do tváXe velmi silnV. – She hit him very hard in the face. 31 –S

1531 následek inan  consequence, result • Toto rozhodnutí bude mít ekonomické následky. – This decision will have economic consequences. 31 –S

1532 žlutý adj  yellow • SedVla na suché žluté trávV. – She was sitting on the dry yellow grass. 31

1533 ro1ník inan  year, volume, class • Bratr je v druhém roUníku gymnázia. – His brother is in the second year of grammar school. 31

1534 dokument inan  document • Na stole ležely haldy dokumentY. – Piles of documents were lying on the table. 31 –S

1535 dosavadní adj  existing • ZmVnily se dosavadní právní pXedpisy. – The existing legislation was changed. 30 –S

1536 ur1ený adj  intended, assigned • Zahrada byla urUená k odpoUinku. – The garden was intended for relaxation. 30 –S

1537 dosp2lý adj  adult • MVl už dospVlou dceru. – He had an adult daughter. 30

1538 projevovat (se) impf  to express, show • NechtVl projevovat své city pXed otcem. – He did not want to show his feelings in front of his father. 30 –S

1539 nebe neut  sky • Na odpoledním nebi záXilo slunce. – The sun shone in the afternoon sky. 30 –S

1540 stálý adj  constant, permanent, steady • Projevovala mu stálou oddanost. – She showed constant devotion to him. 30 –S

1541 samostatný adj  independent, separate • SpoleUnost se stala samostatným subjektem. – The company became a separate entity. 30 –S

1542 va4it impf  to cook, boil • Diskutovali a pXitom vaXili veUeXi. – They were talking while cooking dinner. 30

1543 da4it se impf  to be successful, get on, thrive • Klubu se daXí vychovávat nové hráUe. – The club is successful in training new players. 30

1544 zásadní adj  fundamental, crucial, cardinal • Zásadní chybou je ustoupit nátlaku rodiUY. – Yielding to parents’ pressure is a fundamental mistake. 30

1545 pozvat pf  to invite • Pozval ji na veUeXi. – He invited her to dinner. 30

1546 vít2zství neut  victory • Gratuluju ti k vítVzství. – Congratulations on your victory. 30 –S

Frequency index  65 

1547 jednak conj  for one thing – for another, both • TXásl se jednak chladem a jednak zlostí. – He was shaking, for one thing with cold, and for another with anger.

1561 da3 fem  tax • Z daní se financovaly stavby. – The construction was financed from taxes. 30


1548 zabránit pf  to prevent • Policista jim zabránil v útVku. – The policeman prevented them from escaping. 30 –S

1549 prosinec inan  December • Na hory odjíždí koncem prosince. – He is going to the mountains at the end of December. 30

1550 ohe3 inan  fire • PotXebovali dXevo na oheW. – They needed wood for the fire. 30

1551 1ervenec inan  July • Zervenec strávíme na chatV. – We are going to spend July at our cottage. 30

1552 zisk inan  profit, gain • Z prodeje nemVl žádný zisk. – He made no profit on the sale. 30 –S

1553 prokázat pf  to prove • Bez dokladY nemohla prokázat svou totožnost. – Without her ID she could not prove her identity. 30 –S

1554 letadlo neut  aircraft, plane • NejpohodlnVjší je cesta letadlem. – Travelling by plane is most comfortable.

1562 vyplývat impf  to result, follow, imply • Co z toho vyplývá? – What does it imply? 30 –S

1563 východ inan  exit, east, sunrise • NástupištV mVlo dva východy. – The platform had two exits. 30

1564 návšt2vník anim  visitor • NávštVvníci sklepY ochutnali šampaWské. – The cellar visitors tasted champagne. 30 –S

1565 ochotný adj  willing, ready, obliging • Byla jí ochotná pomáhat. – She was willing to help. 30

1566 norma fem  standard, norm • Výrobek byl testován podle platných norem. – The product was tested in accordance with current standards. 30 –F

1567 p4ípadný adj  possible, potential, apt • Zabránil pXípadnému útoku. – He prevented a possible attack. 30 –S

1568 vzdálený adj  distant, remote • Uslyšel jsem vzdálený hukot. – I heard a distant roar. 30 –S


1555 znalost fem  knowledge, familiarity • Projevil pXekvapující odborné znalosti. – He demonstrated surprisingly expert knowledge. 30 –S

1556 1astý adj  frequent • V oblasti je nebezpeUí Uastých zemVtXesení. – There is a danger of frequent earthquakes in the region. 30 –S

1557 spat4it pf  to see, spot, behold • SpatXila ho s jinou ženou. – She saw him with another woman. 30 –S

1558 fond inan  fund, foundation • Peníze pXevedla na charitativní fond. – She transferred the money to a charity fund. 30 –S –F

1559 chytit pf  to catch, grasp • Chytil míU a hodil ho spoluhráUi. – He caught the ball and threw it to his team-mate. 30 –P

1560 mamka fem  mum • Moje mamka to ví. – My mum knows. 30 +S

1569 trest inan  punishment • Práci jim uložil jako trest. – He assigned them the work as a punishment. 30

1570 let2t impf  to fly, hurry • Na nebi letVly tXi stíhaUky. – Three fighter planes were flying in the sky. 30 –P

1571 hr5za fem  horror, terror • Když to uvidVla, vykXikla hrYzou. – When she saw it, she screamed in terror. 30

1572 režim inan  regime • Žáci dodržují stanovený režim dne. – The pupils follow a set daily regime. 30

1573 pozor inan  attention, care • Dávejte pozor, prosím vás, ještV jsem neskonUila. – Please pay attention, I haven’t finished yet. 30

1574 uv2domovat si impf  to realize • UvVdomovala si vlastní nedostatky. – She realized her own imperfections. 30

66  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1575 analýza fem  analysis • Požádal o analýzu krevního vzorku. – He requested a blood sample analysis. 30 –S –F

1576 usmát se pf  to smile • PokrUila rameny a usmála se. – She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. 30 –S –P

1577 dostate1n2 adv  sufficiently, enough • Namítl, že nebyl dostateUnV informován. – He objected that he had not been kept sufficiently up to date. 30

1578 dlouhodobý adj  long-term • Se zákazníky mVl dlouhodobé smlouvy. – He had long-term contracts with his customers. 30 –S –F

1579 dráha fem  track, career, railway • Sledoval diplomatickou dráhu a stal se velvyslancem. – He pursued a career in diplomacy and became an ambassador. 30

1580 zvýšení neut  increase • Zvýšení mezd zatíží státní rozpoUet. – The increase in wages will burden the state budget. 30 –S –F

1581 médium neut  medium • Média vytváXejí svou vlastní realitu. – The media create their own reality. 30 –S –F

1582 jedenáct num  eleven • Dali si sraz v jedenáct. – They arranged to meet at eleven. 30

1583 aktivní adj  active • PXed sebou mVl dlouhý aktivní život. – There was a long and active life ahead of him. 29

1584 srovnání neut  comparison • Tahle droga je ve srovnání s dávkou heroinu levná. – In comparison with a dose of heroin, this drug is cheap. 29 –S

1585 zažít pf  to experience • JeštV nikdy jsem nic takového nezažil. – I’ve never experienced anything like that before. 29

1586 chléb inan  bread • Nakrájel celý bochník chleba. – He sliced the entire loaf of bread. 29

1587 zám2r inan  intention, aim, design • Nakonec se musel svého zámVru vzdát. – In the end he had to give up his intention. 29 –S

1588 pravidelný adj  regular • Pojišt’ovna provádí pravidelné kontroly. – The insurance company performs regular inspections. 29 –S

1589 d4ev2ný adj  wooden • V zahradV stála dXevVná kYlna. – There was a wooden shed in the garden. 29

1590 ú1astník anim  participant • Sraz úUastníkY je na nádraží. – The participants will meet at the railway station. 29 –S

1591 restaurace fem  restaurant • SchYzku zakonUili obVdem v restauraci. – They ended their meeting with lunch in a restaurant. 29

1592 zvyšovat (se) impf  to increase, (se) grow • Zvyšuje se nebezpeUí radioaktivity. – The danger of radioactivity has been growing. 29

1593 narazit pf  to hit, crash, meet • Autobus narazil do škody felicie. – The bus crashed into a Skoda Felicia. 29

1594 p5vod inan  origin • Byl to AmeriUan irského pYvodu. – He was an American of Irish origin. 29 –S

1595 rozpo1et inan  budget • Železnice je dotována ze státního rozpoUtu. – The railway subsidy comes out of the state budget. 29 –S –F

1596 hudební adj  musical, music • ZúUastnil se 1. Ueského hudebního festivalu v Praze. – He participated in the 1st music festival in Prague. 29

1597 po1así neut  weather • O víkendu bylo krásné poUasí. – The weather was beautiful at the weekend. 29

1598 vystupovat impf  to get off, perform, behave • VidVla, jak vystupuje z autobusu. – She saw him getting off the bus. 29

1599 západ inan  west, sunset • Na západV se stahovaly bouXkové mraky. – Thunderclouds were gathering in the west. 29 –S

1600 souviset impf  to be related, be connected • Se zdravotním stavem souvisí sobVstaUnost. – Self-sufficiency is connected to the state of one’s health. 29

1601 jedin2 adv  only, alone • RozdVlit nás mohla jedinV smrt. – Only death could part us. 29

1602 zámek inan  lock, castle • Cvakl zámek a dveXe se otevXely. – The lock clicked and the door opened. 29

Frequency index  67 

8  Family dít2  163  child

manžel  967  husband

teta  2358  aunt

otec  471  father

dcera  995  daughter

tat’ka  2636  daddy

matka  557  mother

manželka  1019  wife

brácha  2702  brother

syn  654  son

maminka  1023  mum

potomek  3234  offspring

táta  671  dad

sestra  1148  sister

d2de1ek  3253  grandfather

rodi1  691  parent

mamka  1560  mum

strejda  3709  uncle

máma  737  mum

d2da  1738  grandpa

ségra  3867  sister

bratr  913  brother

tatínek  2115  daddy

strýc  4708  uncle

babi1ka  923  grandmother

1603 nýbrž conj  but • Nejde o znalosti, nýbrž osobnosti. – It is not about knowledge, but about personality. 29 –S

1604 p4isp2t pf  to contribute, help • Dokumenty pXispVly k objasnVní pXípadu. – The documents helped to solve the case. 29 –S

1605 podlaha fem  floor • Na podlaze ležel tlustý koberec. – A thick rug was lying on the floor. 29

1606 vzpomínka fem  remembrance, memory • Vybavila se jí vzpomínka na dVtství. – A childhood memory came to her mind. 29

1607 posílat impf  to send • Obdivovatelé jí posílají kvVtiny. – Admirers send her flowers. 29

1608 dávný adj  ancient, old • Vzpomínal na dávné Uasy. – He was thinking back to old times. 29 –S

1609 výrobce anim  manufacturer, producer • Firma je svVtoznámým výrobcem obrábVcích strojY. – The company is a world-famous producer of machine tools. 29 –S –F

1610 tadyhle adv  (over) here • Bolí mV tadyhle pod lopatkou. – It hurts over here, under the shoulder blade. 29 +S

1611 v2da fem  science • Medicína není zcela exaktní vVda. – Medicine is not entirely an exact science. 29

1612 zaznamenat pf  to write down, note, record • Zaznamenal jsem vaše stanovisko. – I have noted your opinion. 29 –S

1613 um2lecký adj  artistic • Jeho umVlecké schopnosti upadaly. – His artistic abilities were going downhill. 29

1614 schod inan  step, stair • Vyšel po schodech a zazvonil. – He walked up the stairs and rang the bell. 29 –P

1615 odvézt pf  to drive, take • Odvezl jsem ji na autobus. – I drove her to the bus stop. 29 –P

1616 p4ijímat impf  to accept, receive • Vaši nabídku pXijímám. – I accept your offer. 29 –S

1617 noviná4 anim  journalist • NovináX k nim pXijel dVlat reportáž. – The journalist arrived to write a report. 29 –S

1618 p4írodní adj  natural • MVl rád pXírodní ovocné št’ávy. – He liked natural fruit juices. 29

1619 reálný adj  real • Tyto informace nemají reálnou hodnotu. – This information is not of any real value. 29

1620 muzeum neut  museum • MVsto má muzeum a vysokou školu. – The town has a museum and a university. 29

1621 svaz inan  union, federation • Byl šéfem fotbalového svazu. – He was the head of the football federation. 29

1622 nálada fem  mood, temper • MVl výbornou náladu. – He was in an excellent mood. 29

1623 teplota fem  temperature • Léky skladujte pXi pokojové teplotV. – Store the medicine at room temperature. 29

68  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1624 ženská fem  woman • V baru ulovil nádhernou ženskou. – He picked up a gorgeous woman in the bar. 29 –P

1625 zadní adj  back, rear • Z domu vyšel zadním vchodem. – He left the house through the back door. 29

1626 snímek inan  photo, picture, snapshot • Moje žena je na snímku první vpravo. – My wife is the first person on the right in the picture. 29 –S

1627 doplnit pf  to fill up, complete, add • PXál byste si doplnit to, co jste nám už Xekl? – Would you like to add something to what you have told us? 29 –S

1628 zni1it pf  to destroy, ruin • Požár zniUil Uást domu. – The fire destroyed part of the house. 29

1629 odchod inan  leaving, departure • PXed odchodem uklidili nádobí. – Before leaving, they put away the dishes. 29 –S

1630 lézt impf  to crawl, climb • NemluvnV leze po UtyXech. – An infant crawls on all four. 29 –P

1631 udržovat (se) impf  to keep, maintain, (se) remain • Pracovní místo udržujte v poXádku. – Keep your workplace tidy. 29

1632 t4etina num  third, period • Ve druhé tXetinV dali gól. – They scored a goal in the second period. 29

1633 nádherný adj  gorgeous, beautiful, splendid • Housenka se promVní v nádherného motýla. – A caterpillar will transform into a beautiful butterfly. 29

1634 sportovní adj  sport • V garáži stálo sportovní auto. – A sports car was parked in the garage. 29

1635 viset impf  to hang • Na vVšáku visel její župan. – Her bathrobe was hanging on a hanger. 29

1636 domluvit (se) pf  to finish (speaking), arrange, (se) agree on • Domluvila jsem na zítXek schYzku. – I arranged a meeting for tomorrow. 28 –P

1637 nechávat impf  to let, leave • Nechával u ní svoje vVci. – He used to leave his belongings with her. 28

1638 povaha fem  character, nature • MVl uzavXenou, tichou povahu. – He was of an introverted, quiet nature. 28 –S

1639 seznámit (se) pf  to acquaint, introduce • Chci, abys mV s otcem seznámila. – I would like you to introduce me to your father. 28

1640 most inan  bridge • PXes úžinu vede široký most. – A wide bridge arches across the strait. 28

1641 promluvit pf  to speak, talk • Nikdo si netroufal promluvit. – Nobody dared speak. 28

1642 hlásit (se) impf  to announce, report • Hory hlásí kalamitu. – A calamity is being reported in the mountains. 28

1643 vyráb2t impf  to produce, make • Indiánské ženy vyrábVly suvenýry. – Indian women made souvenirs. 28

1644 bok inan  hip, side, flank • Ležel na boku a Uetl si. – He was lying on his side and reading. 28

1645 východní adj  eastern, east • Silný vítr poškodil východní kXídlo domu. – A strong wind damaged the building’s eastern wing. 28 –S

1646 stáhnout pf  to pull down, withdraw, download • VeUer stáhl rolety a rozsvítil. – In the evening, he pulled the blinds down and switched on the light. 28

1647 klí1 inan  key, clue • Vytáhl z kapsy svazek klíUY. – He pulled a bunch of keys out of his pocket. 28

1648 literatura fem  literature • V tuzemské literatuXe se termín neujal. – The term did not take root in local literature. 28

1649 horní adj  upper, top • OtevXel horní zásuvku a vytáhl klíUe. – He opened the top drawer and pulled out the keys. 28

1650 nákup inan  shopping, purchase • Jela do mVsta na nákup. – She went into town to do the shopping. 28

1651 jemný adj  fine, delicate, gentle • Nádrž je vybavena jemným filtrem. – The tank is equipped with a fine filter. 28

Frequency index  69 

1652 pr5mysl inan  industry • Region je orientovaný na potravináXský prYmysl. – The region focuses on the food industry. 28 –S

1653 ostrov inan  island • Na ostrovV vznikly pXirozené zátoky. – Natural bays had formed on the island. 28

1654 p5lka fem  half • Z pYlky citrónu vymaUkala št’ávu. – She squeezed juice from half a lemon. 28 –P

1655 levý adj  left • PXendala si sklenici do levé ruky. – She shifted the glass to her left hand. 28

1656 ticho neut  silence • Ticho bylo pXerušováno jen šumVním vody. – The silence was disturbed only by the water’s murmuring. 28 –P

1657 ideální adj  ideal • MVsto má ideální polohu. – The city is in an ideal location. 28

1658 vylou1it pf  to exclude, expel, rule out • Tuto možnost nelze vylouUit. – This possibility cannot be ruled out. 28 –S

1659 výhodný adj  advantageous • Dát výpovVd’ je pro mV výhodnVjší než být propuštVn. – It is more advantageous for me to hand in my notice than to be laid off. 28

1660 jízda fem  riding, driving • DVti si vyzkoušely jízdu na koni. – The children tried horse riding. 28

1661 zajít pf  to go, visit, disappear • Musím zajít do kanceláXe. – I have to go to the office. 28 –P

1662 dodnes adv  to this day • Dodnes to nechápu. – I cannot understand it to this day. 28 –S

1663 smích inan  laughter • Z hospody se ozýval smích. – Laughter was heard from the pub. 28 –P

1664 zna1n2 adv  considerably, substantially • Domy u Xeky povodeW znaUnV poškodila. – The flood considerably damaged the houses near the river. 28 –S

1665 osobn2 adv  personally, in person • NVkteré úUastníky znala osobnV. – She personally knew some of the participants. 28

1666 studený adj  cold, chilly • Opláchl si obliUej studenou vodou. – He rinsed his face with cold water. 28

1667 hled2t impf  to look at, stare • Strnule mu hledVla do tváXe. – Numbly, she stared at his face. 28 –S

1668 odtud adv  from here • Pojedete odtud stále na západ. – From here, keep going west. 28

1669 oficiální adj  official, formal • K vyšetXování byla vydána oficiální zpráva. – They issued an official report on the investigation. 28

1670 omezený adj  limited, restricted • Naše finanUní prostXedky jsou omezené. – Our financial resources are limited. 28

1671 fotka fem  photo, picture • Kdo je na téhle fotce? – Who’s in this picture? 28 –P

1672 zasáhnout pf  to hit, intervene, interfere • Kulka zasáhla rameno. – The bullet hit his shoulder. 28 –S

1673 koncert inan  concert • BVhem koncertu je nutné vypnout mobil. – You must turn off your mobile phones during the concert. 28

1674 dorazit pf  to arrive, finish off • Po hodinovém pochodu dorazili do vesnice. – After an hour’s walk, they arrived at a village. 28

1675 zbyte1ný adj  unnecessary, useless • PXi úklidu vyhodila zbyteUné krámy. – While cleaning, she threw away useless junk. 28

1676 poznámka fem  note, remark • PXed zkouškou si proUetla svoje poznámky. – She read through her notes before the exam. 28

1677 podnikatel anim  businessman • Strýc byl úspVšným podnikatelem. – My uncle was a successful businessman. 28 –S –F

1678 odpor inan  aversion, resistance • MVli ke lhaní odpor. – They had an aversion to lies. 28 –S

1679 láhev fem  bottle • Vypila láhev minerální vody. – She drank a bottle of mineral water. 28

70  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1680 slíbit pf  to promise • Slíbil, že na ni poUká. – He promised to wait for her. 28

1681 umístit (se) pf  to place, situate, (se) be placed • Na podlahu umístil vVtrák. – He placed a fan on the floor. 28 –S

1682 žádost fem  request, application • Soud zamítl jeho žádost o propuštVní. – The court denied his application for release from prison. 28 –S

1683 probudit (se) pf  to wake (up) • V noci ho probudil hluk. – A noise woke him up at night. 28

1684 židle fem  chair • Posadil se na židli u okna. – He sat down on a chair near the window. 28 –P

1685 váha fem  weight, importance, scales • MVla UtyXi kila nad normální váhu. – She was four kilos over her normal weight. 27

1686 diskuse fem  discussion • Rád se zapojoval do diskusí. – He liked to take part in discussions. 27 –S

1687 pobyt inan  stay, residence • VyprávVl mi o svém pobytu v Karibiku. – He told me about his stay in the Caribbean. 27

1688 ob1anský adj  civil • Zahynul za obUanské války. – He died during the civil war. 27 –S

1689 st4ed inan  centre • Opustili stXed mVsta a pokraUovali na západ. – They left the town centre and headed west. 27

1690 svobodný adj  free, single, unmarried • VoliUi mají svobodnou vYli. – Voters have free will. 27

1691 bezpe1nost fem  safety, security • MVl odpovVdnost za její bezpeUnost. – He was responsible for her safety. 27 –S

1692 krajina fem  landscape, region • MVsto leží v kopcovité krajinV. – The town is situated in a hilly region. 27

1693 b4eh inan  bank, shore, coast • Šli se projít po bXehu jezera. – They went for a walk along the lake shore. 27

1694 konstatovat biasp  to state, claim, note • Musím konstatovat, že vyhrál zaslouženV. – I have to state that he deserved to win. 27 –S

1695 1erstvý adj  fresh, new • DennV jedla Uerstvou zeleninu. – She ate fresh vegetables daily. 27

1696 atmosféra fem  atmosphere • Atmosféra na schYzi byla napjatá. – The meeting’s atmosphere was tense. 27 –S

1697 nazývat (se) impf  to call, (se) be called • Nazýváte mV zrádcem, ale lidé mV nazvou osvoboditelem. – You call me a traitor, but people will call me liberator. 27 –S

1698 zaujmout pf  to occupy, take, fascinate • ZaujmVte svá místa u stolu. – Take your seats at the table. 27

1699 sníh inan  snow • V únoru napadl sníh. – Snow fell in February. 27

1700 vina fem  guilt, fault, blame • Není to vaše vina. – It’s not your fault. 27 –S

1701 platný adj  valid • DítV musí mít platný rodný list. – A child has to have a valid birth certificate. 27

1702 touha fem  longing, desire • Lidskou potXebou je touha po lásce. – Desire for love is among human needs. 27 –S

1703 dovolená fem  holiday, leave • Dovolená u moXe byla úžasná. – Our seaside holiday was amazing. 27

1704 létat impf  to fly • VUela létá z kvVtu na kvVt. – The bee is flying from flower to flower. 27 –P

1705 natolik adv  enough • Rozednilo se natolik, že nebylo potXeba svítit. – It was soon light enough to go without artificial illumination. 27

1706 kurs inan  course, class, rate • NavštVvovala kurs asertivity. – She attended an assertiveness class. 27

1707 informa1ní adj  information • V hotelu ho vybavili informaUními materiály. – They provided him with information brochures in the hotel. 27 –S –F

1708 zahrnovat impf  to include, cover • Projekt zahrnuje mnoho odvVtví. – The project covers many fields. 27 –S

Frequency index  71 

1709 vybraný adj  selected, exquisite • PouštVl peUlivV vybrané jazzové desky. – He played carefully selected jazz records. 27

1710 posadit (se) pf  to sit, seat, (se) sit down • Posadil holUiUku do kXesla. – He sat the little girl in an armchair. 27 –P

1711 verze fem  version • Stále UastVjší jsou elektronické verze knih. – Electronic versions of books are gradually becoming more common. 27

1712 soused anim  neighbour • Udržovali dobré vztahy se sousedy. – They maintained good relations with their neighbours. 27

1713 plnit impf  to fill, perform • KuXe plníme masovou nádivkou. – Fill the chicken with a meat stuffing. 27

1714 omezit (se) pf  to limit, reduce • Podnik omezí produkci odpadY. – The company will limit their waste production. 27 –S

1715 odlišný adj  different, distinct • Na situaci mVli každý odlišný názor. – They had different opinions of the situation. 27 –S

1716 ú1et inan  account, bill • Nemám zXízený úUet na internetu. – I don’t have an Internet account. 27

1717 p5sobení neut  impact, effect, influence • Byli vystaveni pYsobení radiace. – They were exposed to the effects of radiation. 27 –S

1718 blížit se impf  to approach, draw near • VYz se blížil k benzínové pumpV. – The vehicle was approaching a petrol station. 27

1719 prob2hnout (se) pf  to take place, pass, (se) go for a run • Akce probVhla podle plánu. – The event took place as planned. 27

1720 spojovat impf  to connect, link, join • Hlavní budovu spojovala s ostatními zastXešená cesta. – The main building was linked to the others by a roofed path. 27 –S

1721 z4ejmý adj  obvious, evident • PXi jednání narazil na zXejmý odpor. – During the negotiations he met with obvious opposition. 27 –S

1722 ú1inek inan  effect • Zaj má povzbuzující úUinky. – Tea has an invigorating effect. 27 –S

1723 faktor inan  factor, agent • Faktory vyvolávající astma jsou rYznorodé. – The factors causing asthma vary. 27 –S –F

1724 kdykoli adv  any time, whenever, ever • Byl št’astnVjší než kdykoli pXedtím. – He was happier than ever before. 27

1725 odstranit pf  to remove • Na záhonV odstranila plevel. – She removed the weeds from the flower bed. 27 –S

1726 pevn2 adv  firmly, fast • Držel ji pevnV za ruku. – He held her hand firmly. 27 –S

1727 letní adj  summer • Letní prázdniny trávili na skautském táboXe. – They spent the summer holidays at scout camp. 27

1728 nap2tí neut  tension, strain • Mezi milenci panovalo napVtí. – There was tension between the lovers. 27 –S

1729 1aj inan  tea • Ráno mu nosila šálek Uaje. – She would bring him a cup of tea in the morning. 27

1730 tamten pron  that (one) • Podej mi tamten Uerný kabát. – Hand me that black coat. 27 +S

1731 soust4edit (se) pf  to concentrate • Byl nervózní a nemohl se soustXedit. – He was nervous and could not concentrate. 27

1732 vzdát (se) pf  to surrender, give up • Byl pXipravený se všeho vzdát. – He was ready to give up everything. 27

1733 lehce adv  lightly, slightly • Lehce se dotkl jejího ramene. – He lightly touched her shoulder. 27

1734 pr5myslový adj  industrial • MVsto prožívá prYmyslový rozmach. – The city is experiencing an industrial boom. 27 –S

1735 klí1ový adj  key • PXi zkoušce hraje klíUovou roli psychika. – Your mental state plays a key role in exams. 27 –S

1736 investice fem  investment • ZahraniUní investice smVXovaly do bank. – The foreign investments were being placed in banks. 27 –S –F

72  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1737 cenný adj  valuable, worthy • Mléko je cenným zdrojem vápníku. – Milk is a valuable source of calcium. 27 –S

1738 d2da anim  grandpa • DVda už byl hodnV shrbený. – Grandpa was already hunched over quite a bit. 27 –P

1739 cosi pron  something • V domV bylo cosi divného. – There was something strange in the house. 27

1740 horký adj  hot • Dlouho stál pod proudem horké vody. – He stood under a stream of hot water for a long time. 27

1741 obtížný adj  difficult, troublesome • Bylo obtížné mu nVco vysvVtlit. – It was difficult to explain anything to him. 26 –S

1742 d4evo neut  wood, timber • Nasbírané dXevo hodil na ohništV. – He threw the collected wood onto the fire pit. 26

1743 italský adj  Italian • Špagety zapíjíme italským vínem. – We drink Italian wine with our spaghetti. 26

1744 1asový adj  time, temporal • Rozdíl nVkolika Uasových pásem se na nich podepsal. – The difference of several time zones affected them. 26 –S

1745 kombinace fem  combination • Ideální je kombinace mrkev a celer. – A combination of carrot and celeriac is ideal. 26

1746 mír inan  peace • Mír a bezpeUnost patXí k naším klíUovým cílYm. – Peace and security are among our key goals. 26 –S

1747 vrchol inan  top, peak • Na vrchol hory vede lanovka. – There is a chair-lift to the top of the mountain. 26 –S

1748 stavit se pf  to drop in • Stav se tady a uvidíme. – Drop in here and we’ll see. 26

1749 vyhnout se pf  to avoid, evade • ChtVl se vyhnout nepXíjemné debatV. – He wanted to avoid an unpleasant discussion. 26 –S

1750 pomyslet si pf  to think (of ) • Kdo by si to pomyslel? – Who would have thought it? 26 –S –P

1751 soudit impf  to judge, think • Nemáte právo mV soudit. – You don’t have any right to judge me. 26 –S

1752 vládní adj  government • Vládní návrh musí schválit parlament. – The government’s proposal has to be approved by the parliament. 26 –S

1753 zvyklý adj  used to, accustomed to • Jsem zvyklý spát na zemi. – I am used to sleeping on the floor. 26

1754 víra fem  belief, faith • Koupil jsem to v dobré víXe. – I bought it in good faith. 26 –S

1755 požadovat impf  to demand, claim, require • }idiU taxíku požadoval zaplacení Uástky. – The taxi driver demanded that the amount be paid. 26 –S

1756 hrubý adj  coarse, rude, rough • CestiUka byla vysypaná hrubým pískem. – The path was covered with coarse sand. 26

1757 p4echod inan  crossing, passage • Na hraniUních pXechodech je zvýšený provoz. – There is more traffic at border crossings. 26

1758 rovný adj  straight, flat, equal • MVla rovné, tmavé vlasy. – She had dark straight hair. 26

1759 ryba fem  fish • Ryba se objevila poblíž hladiny. – The fish appeared close to the surface. 26

1760 ú4edník anim  clerk, officer • Dokumenty pXedkládali úXedníci prokuratury. – The documents were submitted by clerks from the prosecutor’s office. 26 –S

1761 tiše adv  quietly, silently • PXiplížil se a tiše zmáUkl kliku. – He crept closer and quietly pushed on the door handle. 26 –S –P

1762 znak inan  sign, mark • Jazykový znak je dán konvencí. – Linguistic signs are determined by convention. 26

1763 suchý adj  dry • PXiložil na oheW suché roští. – He put dry brushwood on the fire. 26

1764 p4edpis inan  regulation, prescription • Musíme postupovat podle pXedpisY. – We have to proceed in compliance with the regulations. 26

Frequency index  73 

1765 p5j1it (si) pf  to lend, (si) borrow • PYjUíš mi auto? – Will you lend me your car? 26 –P

1766 složka fem  component, ingredient, folder • Základní složkou pokrmu je estragon. – Tarragon is an essential ingredient of the dish. 26

1767 p4ítomný adj  present • Rychle se rozhlédl po pXítomných poslancích. – He quickly looked around the deputies present. 26 –S

1768 1áste1n2 adv  partly, in part • Motorka byla UásteUnV rozmontovaná. – The motorcycle was partly dismantled. 26

1769 fyzický adj  physical • Zlepšil si svou fyzickou kondici. – He improved his physical condition. 26 –S

1770 špi1ka fem  tip, peak • SeXízl špejle do ostré špiUky. – He sharpened the skewers into tips. 26

1771 vyjad4ovat (se) impf  to express • Kolegové vyjadXovali uspokojení s mým projevem. – My colleagues expressed their satisfaction with my speech. 26 –S

1772 plánovat impf  to plan, design • Plánovali jsme výlet do hor. – We were planning a trip to the mountains. 26

1773 odnést pf  to take (away), carry • V náruUí ji odnesl do ložnice. – He carried her to the bedroom in his arms. 26

1774 tlustý adj  fat, thick • UUitelka byla tlustá a dobrosrdeUná. – The teacher was fat and kind. 26

1775 pr5m2rný adj  average • Ve škole mVl prYmVrný prospVch. – He had average grades at school. 26 –S

1776 varianta fem  variant, variation • Existuje mnoho variant bramborových salátY. – There are many variations of potato salad. 26 –F

1777 p4íbuzný adj/noun  related (adj ), relative (noun) • Netopýr není pXíbuzný sovV. – Bats are not related to owls. 26

1778 slušný adj  decent, fair • Ženy potXebují slušné zacházení. – Women need fair treatment. 26

1779 barevný adj  colour, coloured • Kniha je doplnVna barevnými fotografiemi. – The book is supplemented with colour photographs. 26

1780 p4ipojit (se) pf  to attach, (se) join • PXipojil se k nám ještV jeden UlovVk. – One more person joined us. 26

1781 trvalý adj  lasting, permanent • ZranVní mVlo trvalé následky. – The injury had lasting consequences. 26 –S

1782 st2žovat si impf  to complain • StVžovala si na bolesti hlavy. – She complained about her headaches. 26

1783 za4adit (se) pf  to classify, put, (se) line up • Problém korupce byl zaXazen do programu jednání. – Corruption was put on the meeting’s agenda. 26 –S

1784 výbor inan  committee, anthology • Zlenové zvolili pXedsedu výboru. – The members elected the committee chairman. 26

1785 poradit (se) pf  to advise, (se) consult • Musíme se poradit s odborníkem. – We have to consult an expert. 26

1786 tráva fem  grass • Na louce rostla vysoká tráva. – There was high grass growing in the meadow. 26

1787 ihned adv  immediately, at once • Ihned vyXídit, spVchá! – Attend to it immediately, urgent! 26 –S

1788 ekonomika fem  economy, economics • Jsme zemV s fungující tržní ekonomikou. – We are a country with a functioning market economy. 26 –S –F

1789 snášet (se) impf  to bear, lay, (se) come down • TVžko snášel samotu. – He bore his loneliness with difficulty. 26

1790 rozhodující adj  decisive, crucial • Experimenty mají ve vVdV rozhodující význam. – Experiments are of crucial importance to science. 26 –S

1791 údajn2 adv  allegedly, reputedly • Ta místnost byla údajnV kanceláX. – The room was reputedly used as an office. 26

1792 úloha fem  role, task, duty • Úlohou ženy bylo vychovávat dVti. – Bringing up children was a woman’s main duty. 26 –S

74  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1793 vodní adj  water • K jezeru pXiletVlo vodní ptactvo. – Water birds came flying to the lake.

1803 sebrat pf  to collect, pick up, pinch • Sebral ze zemV deku. – He picked up the blanket from the ground. 25 –P


1794 pe1liv2 adv  carefully • PeUlivV si umyjte ruce. – Wash your hands carefully. 26 –S

1795 kost fem  bone • MVl vystouplé lícní kosti. – He had high cheekbones.

1804 finance fem pl  finance, funds • Ministerstvo financí s tím nebude souhlasit. – The ministry of finance will not approve that. 25 –S –F

1805 ret inan  lip • Olízl si suché rty. – He licked his dry lips. 25 –S


1796 mimo4ádný adj  extraordinary • Byl to mimoXádný kulináXský zážitek. – It was an extraordinary culinary experience. 25 –S

1797 ukon1it pf  to finish • Syn ukonUil povinnou školní docházku. – Our son has finished compulsory education. 25

1798 v2zení neut  prison, jail, imprisonment • Hrozilo mu doživotní vVzení. – He was facing life imprisonment. 25 –S

1799 sklo neut  glass, glassware • Kdo rozbil sklo v knihovnV? – Who broke the glass in the bookcase? 25

1800 prostý adj  simple, plain • MVla prosté šaty. – She was wearing a simple dress. 25 –S

1801 slovenský adj  Slovak • Výstupy na slovenské štíty jsou nároUné. – Climbing Slovak peaks is difficult. 25 –S –F

1802 p4edat pf  to hand (over), transfer • PXedala mu zapeUetVnou obálku. – She handed a sealed envelope to him.

1806 pot4eba adv  necessary • Další vysvVtlení nebylo potXeba. – Further explaining was not necessary. 25

1807 podivný adj  strange • V ústech to zanechalo podivnou pachut’. – He had a strange aftertaste in his mouth. 25

1808 tabulka fem  table, bar, schedule • Výsledky mVXení jsou uvedeny v tabulce. – The measurement results are shown in the table. 25

1809 poslanec anim  deputy • Poslanci návrh zákona zamítli. – Deputies voted the bill down. 25 –S –F

1810 tichý adj  silent, quiet • Na schodech slyšeli tiché kroky. – They heard quiet steps on the stairs. 25

1811 generální adj  general • Auto je po generální opravV. – The car has had a general overhaul. 25 –S

1812 produkce fem  production, performance • Produkce mléka kryje domácí spotXebu. – Our dairy production covers domestic consumption. 25 –S –F


9  Evaluative adjectives dobrý  70  good

skv2lý  1252  excellent

hnusný  2492  disgusting, nasty

špatný  271  bad, wrong

milý  1303  kind, nice

výjime1ný  2567  exceptional,

krásný  411  beautiful

hodný  1345  kind

zajímavý  504  interesting

zlý  1382  bad, evil

ošklivý  3039  ugly, mean, bad

hezký  510  nice, pretty

výborný  1458  excellent

jedine1ný  3317  unique

hrozný  529  horrible

dokonalý  1507  perfect

perfektní  4097  perfect, flawless

p2kný  572  pretty, nice

nádherný  1633  gorgeous,

sm2šný  4116  ridiculous, ludicrous

správný  638  right, correct

beautiful, splendid


p4íšerný  4504  horrible, terrible

p4íjemný  670  pleasant

ideální  1657  ideal

pitomý  4559  stupid, dumb

blbý  780  bad, stupid

vynikající  1965  excellent

báje1ný  4630  splendid, terrific

divný  1227  strange

úžasný  2051  amazing

odporný  4941  disgusting, repulsive

Frequency index  75 

1813 dosahovat impf  to reach, achieve, amount to • Náklady dosahují 1,8 miliardy dolarY. – The costs amount to 1.8 billion dollars. 25 –S

1814 krása fem  beauty • Její krása zYstala jen vzpomínkou. – Her beauty was just a memory. 25

1815 postupovat impf  to advance, move ahead, proceed • OpatrnV jsme postupovali kupXedu. – We were moving ahead carefully. 25 –S

1816 dokon1it pf  to finish, complete • DokonUila vysávání a rozvVsila prádlo. – She finished vacuuming and hung up the laundry. 25 –S

1817 vym2nit (si) pf  to exchange, swap • VymVnil svYj byt za dYm. – He exchanged his flat for a house. 25

1818 elektrický adj  electric • Pokoj byl vytápVn elektrickými kamínky. – The room was heated by electric heater. 25

1819 radnice fem  town hall • Výstava se koná na radnici. – The exhibition will be held in the town hall. 25 –P

1820 ovliv3ovat impf  to influence • Nechával se ovlivWovat milenkami. – He let his mistresses influence him. 25 –S –F

1821 tmavý adj  dark • Zdi byly obložené tmavým dXevem. – The walls were panelled with dark wood. 25

1822 dech inan  breath • V tichu slyšela svYj vlastní dech. – She heard her own breath in the silence. 25

1823 kino neut  cinema • Nechodili jsme do kina ani na procházky. – We wouldn’t go to the cinema or for walks. 25 –P

1824 prosp2ch inan  benefit, welfare • Záleží mi na jeho prospVchu. – His welfare is important to me. 25 –S

1825 vydání neut  expenses, publication, edition • Zapisoval si pXíjmy a vydání. – He would note down his incomes and expenses. 25 –S

1826 p4ání neut  wish, request • Její pXání byla velice skromná. – Her wishes were very modest. 25

1827 profesor anim  professor • Profesor oznámkoval její esej. – The professor graded her essay. 25

1828 hodnotit impf  to evaluate, value • Vysoce hodnotí jeho otevXenost. – She values his openness very highly. 25

1829 styk inan  contact, intercourse • Rodina s ní pXerušila styky. – The family broke contact with her. 25 –S

1830 tajný adj  secret, hidden • PXevádVl peníze na tajné konto. – He transferred the money to a secret account. 25

1831 mozek inan  brain • Podstoupil operaci mozku. – He underwent a brain operation. 25

1832 sv2dek anim  witness • SvVdkové byli podrobeni kXížovému výslechu. – The witnesses were cross-examined. 25 –S

1833 herec anim  actor • Byl to pXíležitostný herec. – He was an occasional actor. 25

1834 pozitivní adj  positive • Život má své pozitivní stránky. – Life has its positive aspects. 25 –F

1835 prohlédnout (si) pf  to examine, (si) have a look at • Prohlédl láhve proti svVtlu. – He examined the bottles against the light. 25

1836 tábor inan  camp • DVti se tVšily na skautský tábor. – The children were looking forward to the scout camp. 25

1837 vypadnout pf  to fall out, slip away • UvolnVné kameny mohly ze zdi vypadnout. – The loose stones could fall out of the wall. 25 –P

1838 zú1astnit se pf  to participate, take part • Charitativní akce se zúUastnila jen hrstka lidí. – Only a few people took part in the charity event. 25 –S

1839 úsilí neut  effort • }íct “ne” mV stojí velké úsilí. – It takes a lot of effort on my part to say “no”. 25 –S

1840 ach interj  ah, oh • Ach, už to chápu. – Ah, I understand now. 25 –P –N

76  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1841 smutný adj  sad • Dívala se na nVho smutnýma oUima. – She looked at him with her sad eyes. 25

1842 výstavba fem  building, construction • Výstavba domkY zaUne letos. – The construction of the houses will start this year. 25 –S –F

1843 poloha fem  position, situation • PoXád spala ve stejný poloze. – She kept sleeping in the same position. 25

1844 rozm2r inan  dimension, size • Jeho ruka mVla rozmVry malé šunky. – His hand was the size of a small ham. 25

1845 ozna1ovat impf  to indicate, denote • OznaUuje to dva typy lidí. – It denotes two types of people. 25 –S

1846 mladík anim  young man • Doufám, že je to slušný mladík. – I hope he is a decent young man. 25 –S –P

1847 volit impf  to choose, elect • Pro delší cesty volil letadlo. – He chose to fly for longer trips. 25

1848 k4eslo neut  (arm)chair, seat • SedVl rozvalen v pohodlném kXesle. – He sat sprawled in a comfortable chair. 25

1849 hladina fem  level, surface • Lod’ka se houpala na hladinV. – The boat bobbed on the surface. 25 –S

1850 p4iblížit (se) pf  to approach, move closer • PXiblížil k oUím dalekohled. – He moved the binoculars closer to his eyes. 25

1851 kopec inan  hill • Pomalu kráUel do kopce. – He walked slowly up the hill. 25

1852 žák anim  pupil, schoolboy • Ve tXídV je prYmVrnV 33 žákY. – There is an average of 33 pupils in the class. 25

1853 povinný adj  compulsory, obligatory • ÚUast na poradV je povinná. – Attending the meeting is obligatory. 25

1854 brána fem  gate(way) • Hlavní brána ústila do silnice. – The main gate led to the road. 25

1855 zpravidla adv  usually • Šamani jsou zpravidla inteligentní osoby. – Medical men are usually intelligent people. 25 –S

1856 filmový adj  film • Je jedním z nejslavnVjších filmových režisérY. – He is one of the most famous film directors. 25

1857 1tená4 anim  reader • ZtenáXi už ho znají. – Readers already know him. 25 –S

1858 krize fem  crisis • NejUastVjší pXíUinou krizí je strach. – Fear is the most frequent cause of crises. 25

1859 p4íznivý adj  favourable • Tak pXíznivá situace nastane málokdy. – Such a favourable situation arises very rarely. 24 –S

1860 ro1n2 adv  annually, a year • LéUebnou kúru opakoval UtyXikrát roUnV. – He repeated the medical treatment four times a year. 24

1861 vým2na fem  exchange, change • Nakonec došlo k ostré výmVnV názorY. – In the end, a harsh exchange of opinions took place. 24

1862 zvyk inan  habit, custom • TrpVlivost je správný zvyk. – Patience is a good habit. 24

1863 založený adj  based on, founded by • VytvoXili vztah založený na dYvVXe. – They built a relationship based on trust. 24 –S

1864 starosta anim  mayor • Starosta obce není jejím statutárním zástupcem. – A mayor is not authorized to act on the community’s behalf. 24

1865 pochopiteln2 part  naturally • Boty k obleku mVl pochopitelnV Uerné. – Naturally, the shoes he was wearing with the suit were black. 24

1866 doporu1ovat impf  to recommend • Do sprch doporuUuji nosit gumovou obuv. – I recommend wearing rubber shoes in the shower. 24

1867 sou1asnost fem  today, nowadays, present • V souUasnosti o tom nic nevíme. – At present we do not know anything about it. 24 –S

1868 tisk inan  press, print • Svoboda tisku nesmí být omezována. – Freedom of the press must not be limited. 24 –S

Frequency index  77 

1869 rys anim/inan  lynx (anim), feature, drawing (inan) • Jeho tváX mVla dVtské rysy. – His face had a child’s features. 24

1870 šestý num  sixth • Vyjel výtahem do šestého patra. – He took the lift to the sixth floor. 24

1871 konstrukce fem  construction, structure • PYvodní ocelová konstrukce bude restaurována. – The original steel structure will be restored. 24 –S

1872 svítit impf  to shine, be alight • Za okny svítilo slunce. – Outside, the sun was shining. 24

1873 obávat se impf  to be afraid of, worry about • Obával se možných dYsledkY. – He worried about possible consequences. 24

1874 zásah inan  hit, intervention • UprostXed terUe bylo šest zásahY. – There were six hits in the centre of the target. 24 –S

1875 p4ísný adj  strict • Tatínek byl hroznV pXísný a spravedlivý. – My father was very strict and fair. 24

1876 ro1ní adj  annual • RoUní srážky pXesahují 1000 mm. – Annual precipitation exceeds 1,000 mm. 24 –S

1877 region inan  region • Žijeme v klidném regionu. – We live in a quiet region. 24 –S –F

1878 lístek inan  ticket, slip of paper, small leaf • Napsal jí na lístku vzkaz. – He wrote a message to her on a slip of paper. 24

1879 pták anim  bird • V oblacích kroužili ptáci. – Birds were circling in the clouds. 24

1880 kariéra fem  career • Olympijské hry byly vrcholem jeho kariéry. – The Olympic Games were the peak of his career. 24

1881 reklama fem  advertisement, commercial, publicity • Dávali reklamu na nVjakou zázraUnou dietu. – They showed a commercial promoting a miraculous diet. 24

1882 k4i1et impf  to shout, scream • Zasto kXiUel ze spaní. – He often screamed in his sleep. 24 –P

1883 zajišt’ovat impf  to ensure, secure • Jak zajišt’ujete kontrolu kvality? – How do you ensure quality control? 24 –S –F

1884 objem inan  capacity, volume • Objem kapaliny se mVní jen málo. – The volume of the liquid changes only little. 24 –S –F

1885 patro neut  floor, storey, palate • Ostatní nájemníci na jeho patXe ho ani neznají. – Other tenants on his floor do not even know him. 24

1886 minimáln2 adv  at least, minimum (of ) • DozorUí rada je minimálnV tXíUlenná. – The supervisory board has a minimum of three members. 24 –F

1887 sedmdesát num  seventy • PoUítaUe jsou vytíženy na sedmdesát procent. – The computers are utilized at seventy per cent capacity. 24 –P

1888 p4evážn2 adv  mainly, predominantly • Ostrovy vznikly pXevážnV sopeUnou Uinností. – The islands were mainly formed by volcanic activity. 24 –S

1889 skrývat (se) impf  to hide • Lidé skrývají své myšlenky. – People hide their thoughts. 24 –S

1890 ú1inný adj  effective, efficient • Matematika je úUinným nástrojem. – Mathematics is an efficient tool. 24 –S

1891 zam24it (se) pf  to direct, aim, (se) focus • SvYj program zamVXil na stXední vrstvy. – He aimed his programme at the middle classes. 24 –S

1892 automobil inan  automobile, car • Tyto automobily se vyrábí v ZínV. – These automobiles are made in China. 24 –S

1893 sko1it pf  to jump, spring, dive • RozbVhl se a skoUil pXes pXekážku. – He took a run-up and jumped over the barrier. 24 –P

1894 vážit (si) impf  to weigh, (si) esteem • Novorozenec vážil pVt kilo! – The newborn baby weighed five kilograms! 24

1895 tajemství neut  secret, mystery • Jeho rodinný pYvod je tajemstvím. – His family background is a secret. 24

1896 podstatn2 adv  essentially, considerably • Situace menšin se podstatnV zlepšila. – The situation has improved considerably for minorities. 24 –S

78  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1897 studie fem  study • Studie zkoumá dopad kouXení na ekonomiku. – The study examines the impact of smoking on the economy. 24 –S

1898 bezpe1nostní adj  safety • DYm stXeží bezpeUnostní zaXízení. – The house is guarded by a safety device. 24 –S

1899 um4ít pf  to die • ZlovVk mYže umXít každou chvíli. – One can die at any moment. 24 –P

1900 nutno adv  must, necessary • To je nutno zdYraznit. – This must be emphasized. 24 –S

1901 sv2d1it impf  to testify, show • Jeho úsmVv svVdUil o sympatiích. – His smile showed his affection. 24 –S

1902 fronta fem  queue, front • Za nimi stála dlouhá fronta lidí. – There was a long queue of people behind them. 24

1903 sál inan  hall, room • Vcházím do pXeplnVného sálu restaurace. – I am entering the restaurant’s crowded hall. 24

1904 byt’ conj  though, even if • DítV potXebuje rodinu, byt’ neúplnou. – A child needs a family, even if a single-parent one. 24 –S

1905 vyrovnat (se) pf  to settle, level, (se) cope with • Slíbil vyrovnat všechny závazky. – He promised to settle all his liabilities. 24

1906 lidový adj  people’s, popular • Fotbal je lidová zábava. – Soccer is a popular pastime. 24

1907 tehdejší adj  of the period • Jejich zásnuby byly pro tehdejší dobu typické. – Their engagement was typical of the period. 24 –S

1908 vyd2lat (si) pf  to earn, make (money) • Jako šikovný Xemeslník hodnV vydVlal. – Being a skilful craftsman, he made a lot of money. 24

1909 mezitím adv  in the meantime, meanwhile • Mezitím uvaXte tVstoviny podle návodu. – In the meantime cook the pasta as directed. 24

1910 pov2d2t pf  to tell • Ted’ Ti mohu koneUnV povVdVt pravdu. – Now I can finally tell you the truth. 24 –P –N

1911 alkohol inan  alcohol, spirits • Alkohol mu dopomáhal k výXeUnosti. – Alcohol helped his eloquence. 23

1912 uvolnit (se) pf  to loosen, release, (se) relax • Uvolnil lano a odvázal lod’ku. – He loosened the rope and untied the boat. 23

1913 píse3 fem  song • Skládají o nVm písnV. – They write songs about him. 23 –S

1914 dno neut  bottom • Malé rybiUky pluly u dna. – Little fish were swimming near the bottom. 23

1915 vylézt pf  to climb, creep out • Vylezl po žebXíku na pYdu. – He climbed the ladder to the loft. 23 –P

1916 déšt’ inan  rain, shower • V létV slunce Uasto stXídá déšt’. – In summer, sun is often followed by rain. 23

1917 svátek inan  holiday, name day • PXeju vám krásné svátky. – I hope you have a nice holiday. 23

1918 um2lý adj  artificial • V zahradV byly umVlé potYUky. – There were artificial streams in the garden. 23

1919 hodnocení neut  evaluation, rating • Kladné hodnocení vždycky mV potVší. – I am always pleased by a positive evaluation. 23 –S –F

1920 klient anim  client, customer • Klienti platí své pYjUky vUas. – Clients pay their loans on time. 23 –S

1921 okruh inan  radius, scope • Prohledávali okolí v okruhu deseti kilometrY. – They searched the area within a radius of ten kilometres. 23

1922 blb2 adv  stupid, wrong • Tohle vypadá fakt blbV. – This looks really stupid. 23 +S

1923 sport inan  sport • MVla ráda vodní sporty. – She liked water sports. 23

1924 odpov2dnost fem  responsibility • Moc vyžaduje odpovVdnost. – Power requires responsibility. 23 –S

1925 hustý adj  thick, dense, heavy • ZaboXila se do hustého bláta. – She sank in thick mud. 23

Frequency index  79 

1926 manažer anim  manager • ManažeXi podniku vyUíslili ztráty. – The company managers evaluated the loss. 23 –S –F

1927 oproti prep  compared with, against • Cena ropy je oproti loWskému roku nízká. – Oil prices are low compared with last year. 23

1928 sdružení neut  association • Zájmová sdružení vznikala v kruhu pXátel. – An interest association would be formed in circles of friends. 23 –S –F

1929 vzor inan  example, model • UUitelé mV dávají spolužákYm za vzor. – Teachers hold me up as an example for my schoolmates. 23

1930 podpo4it pf  to support • Rozhodl se svého pXítele podpoXit. – He decided to support his friend. 23

1931 chudák anim  poor (fellow) • Chudák tatínek zemXel tak neUekanV. – Poor dad died so unexpectedly. 23 –P

1932 pokládat impf  to put, lay, assume • VVci postupnV pokládala na podlahu. – She put the things on the floor, one by one. 23 –S

1933 dv5r inan  yard, court • Strýc vjel autem do dvora. – My uncle drove his car into the yard. 23

1934 motor inan  motor, engine • Motor letadla zachvátily plameny. – The flames engulfed the plane’s engine. 23

1935 v2decký adj  scientific, scholarly • Byl Ulenem vVdeckého týmu. – He was a member of a scientific team. 23 –S

1936 naprostý adj  absolute • Všude kolem nás bylo naprosté ticho. – There was absolute silence all around us. 23

1937 prosadit (se) pf  to push through, (se) assert • Strana chce prosadit pXímou volbu prezidenta. – The party wants to push through direct presidential elections. 23 –S

1938 ml1et impf  to be silent • Budu mlUet jako hrob. – I’ll be as silent as the grave. 23 –P

1939 doslova part  literally, verbatim • Slovo “islám” znamená doslova “odevzdanost Bohu”. – The word “islam” literally means “devotion to God”. 23

1940 získávat impf  to gain, obtain • Jak získávají živoUichové energii ke svému životu? – How do animals obtain energy for life? 23 –S

1941 hnutí neut  movement, motion • Je Ulenem ekologického hnutí. – He is a member of an environmental movement. 23 –S

1942 málem adv  nearly, almost • PXi natáUení filmu se málem utopil. – He almost drowned while shooting the film. 23 –P

1943 parlament inan  parliament • Zákon schválil parlament loni v kvVtnu. – The law was passed by parliament in May last year. 23 –S

1944 zážitek inan  experience • Byl to jeho nejvVtší zážitek v životV. – It was the greatest experience of his life. 23

1945 trenér anim  trainer, coach • VUera byl jmenován nový trenér Ueské reprezentace. – A new trainer of the Czech national team was appointed yesterday. 23 +N

1946 d2lit (se) impf  to divide, (se) share • Nechci se s nikým dVlit. – I don’t want to share with anybody. 23

1947 tón inan  tone • MVnil tón hlasu jako zkušený herec. – He kept changing the tone of his voice like an experienced actor. 23 –S

1948 ovládat (se) impf  to control, (se) control oneself • Tyto pXístroje se ovládají intuitivnV tlaUítky. – These machines can be controlled intuitively with push-buttons. 23

1949 vyjet (si) pf  to drive out, (si) go • Bylo by bájeUné vyjet si nVkam na výlet. – It would be great to go on a trip somewhere. 23 –P

1950 slibovat impf  to promise • NemYžu ti nic slibovat. – I can’t promise you anything. 23

1951 do1kat se pf  to wait • NemYže se doUkat, až ji zase uvidí. – He can’t wait to see her again. 23 –S

1952 dávka fem  portion, dose • Jaká je doporuUená denní dávka vitamínu C? – What is the daily recommended dose of vitamin C? 23

80  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1953 plyn inan  gas • Zásoby zemního plynu vystaUí pXibližnV na 60 let. – Natural gas reserves will last about 60 years. 23

1954 nep4ítel anim  enemy • Za nepXítele antikoncepce lze považovat kouXení. – Smoking can be considered an enemy of contraception. 23 –S

1955 um2lec anim  artist • UmVlec musí být pXedevším originální. – An artist must above all be original. 23 –S

1956 p4istoupit pf  to approach, come nearer, accept • PXistoupili k zavXeným dveXím a naslouchali. – They came nearer to the closed door and listened. 23 –S

1957 stoupat impf  to rise, climb • Voda v zasažených regionech stále stoupá. – The water is still rising in the flooded regions. 23 –S

1958 složit pf  to fold up, compose, pass • Zájemci musí složit zkoušku z jazyka. – Applicants must pass a language examination. 23

1959 omezení neut  limitation, restriction • Existují nVjaká omezení na prodej alkoholu? – Are there any restrictions on the sale of alcohol? 23 –S

1960 knihovna fem  library, bookcase • Pracovala jako knihovnice v mVstské knihovnV. – She worked as a librarian in the municipal library. 23

1961 sídlo neut  residence, seat • Zámek Sandringham je oblíbeným letním sídlem královny AlžbVty. – Sandringham Castle is a favourite summer residence of Queen Elizabeth. 23 –S

1962 vzh5ru adv  up(wards) • Stoupali jsme po schodech vzhYru. – We walked up the stairs. 23

1963 chudý adj  poor • Ne každý chudý v Evropské unii zbohatl. – Not every poor man got rich in the European Union. 23

1964 sbírka fem  collection • Vydal nVkolik básnických sbírek. – He published several collections of poems. 23

1965 vynikající adj  excellent, outstanding • Odvedli jsme vynikající práci. – We did an excellent job. 23

1966 znova adv  again • Museli jsme udVlat úplnV všechno znova. – We had to do it all over again. 23 –P –N

1967 dop4edu adv  forward • Postoupila o krok dopXedu. – She took a step forward. 23

1968 p4ísp2vek inan  contribution, benefit • Své pXíspVvky posílejte na následující adresu. – Send your contributions to the following address. 23

1969 hrad inan  castle • Šel po dXevVném mostV do hradu. – He walked along a wooden bridge to the castle. 23

1970 vyvolávat impf  to cause, call out • Konzumace Uokolády mYže vyvolávat migrénu. – Consumption of chocolate can cause migraine. 23

1971 specifický adj  specific • Zeský surrealismus mVl své specifické rysy. – Czech surrealism had its specific features. 23 –S –F

1972 jev inan  phenomenon • V každém pXípadV jde o okrajový jev. – Anyway, it is a marginal phenomenon. 23 –S

1973 zpracování neut  processing • KromV zpracování dat umožWuje systém také zpracování textu. – Apart from data processing the system also enables text processing. 23 –S –F

1974 vzdálenost fem  distance • }idiU nedodržel bezpeUnou vzdálenost mezi vozidly. – The driver failed to keep a safe distance between vehicles. 23

1975 chytrý adj  clever • To nebylo pXíliš chytré. – That wasn’t very clever. 23

1976 pacient anim  patient • Mnozí z jeho pacientY jsou bezdomovci. – Many of his patients are homeless people. 23

1977 linka fem  line • Volání na tísWové linky je zdarma. – Calls to emergency lines are free of charge. 23

1978 divoký adj  wild • Zdrojem nákazy mohou být domácí i divoká zvíXata. – Both domestic and wild animals can be a source of infection. 23

Frequency index  81 

1979 uzav4ený adj  closed, withdrawn • To je již uzavXený pXípad. – This is already a closed case. 23 –S

1980 tadyten pron  this (one) • PXeUti si tadyten Ulánek. – Read this article. 23 +S

1981 zvýšený adj  increased • Rakousko zavedlo zvýšená bezpeUnostní opatXení. – Austria introduced increased security measures. 23 –S

1982 chutnat impf  to taste • Rýnské víno chutnalo skvVle. – The Rhine valley wine tasted great. 23 –P

1983 šílený adj  mad, insane, terrible • Vypadal jako šílený vVdec. – He looked like an insane scientist. 23 –P

1984 naplnit (se) pf  to fill, (se) come true • Jejich pXedpovVdi se vVtšinou naplnily. – Their prognoses usually came true. 23

1985 prozradit (se) pf  to reveal, (se) give oneself away • Prozrad’te nám váš recept na spokojené manželství. – Could you reveal to us your recipe for a happy marriage? 23 –S

1986 deník inan  daily, diary • NejUtenVjší deník Evropy ovlivWuje veXejné mínVní. – The most widely read daily in Europe influences public opinion.

1987 osmdesát num  eighty • Osmdesát procent zamVstnancY tvoXí ženy. – Eighty per cent of the employees are women. 23 –P

1988 skládat impf  to fold, compose • Hraje na kytaru a skládá hudbu. – He plays the guitar and composes music. 23

1989 vzbudit (se) pf  to wake (up), arouse • Vzbudila se v šest ráno. – She woke up at six a.m. 22

1990 obejít (se) pf  to go round, (se) do without • Výzkumníci se neobejdou bez Xádné pXípravy. – Researchers cannot do without proper training. 22

1991 ježišmarja interj  gee, geez, jeez • Ježišmarja, to je hrozný. – Geez, that’s terrible. 22 +S

1992 zv2davý adj  curious • Povídej, to jsem fakt zvVdavá. – Tell me, I’m really curious. 22 –P

1993 pokaždé adv  every time • Pokaždé když UlovVk nVco získá, jiné ztrácí. – Every time you gain something, you lose something else. 22

1994 popisovat impf  to describe • Kniha popisuje události z šedesátých let. – The book describes the events of the 1960s.

23 –S


10  Body ruka  138  hand

zub  1192  tooth

zadek  3128  bottom

hlava  165  head

k5že  1221  skin

pata  3148  heel

oko  177  eye

koleno  1448  knee

p2st  3170  fist

noha  355  leg, foot

nos  1460  nose

palec  3406  thumb

tvá4  385  face

bok  1644  hip

klín  3521  lap

srdce  622  heart

kost  1795  bone

brada  3570  chin

vlas  709  hair

ret  1805  lip

plíce  3648  lung

rameno  802  shoulder

mozek  1831  brain

nehet  3901  nail

prst  804  finger, toe

dla3  1997  palm

plet’  4416  complexion

záda  876  back

b4icho  2152  stomach, abdomen

páte4  4522  backbone, spine

1elo  885  forehead

prsa  2260  chest, breast

stehno  4606  thigh

krev  897  blood

paže  2331  arm

obo1í  4701  eyebrow

obli1ej  945  face

nerv  2438  nerve

játra  4722  liver

ústa  1094  mouth

žaludek  2775  stomach

žíla  4757  vein

krk  1121  neck, throat

pusa  2861  mouth

hrud’  4806  chest, breast

ucho  1146  ear

sval  3098  muscle

lebka  4841  skull

82  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

1995 vrhnout (se) pf  to throw, (se) start • Do podnikání se vrhl pXed tXemi lety. – He started his business three years ago. 22

1996 spolupracovat impf  to cooperate • Na Xešení problému musíme spolupracovat. – We must cooperate to solve the problem. 22 –S

1997 dla3 fem  palm • Dokáže Uíst z dlanV. – She can read palms. 22 –S

1998 k4ídlo neut  wing • Mávali rukama jako kXídly. – They waved their hands like wings. 22

1999 st4edisko neut  centre • Naše sportovní stXediska jsou špiUkovV vybavena. – Our sports centres have the very best equipment. 22

2000 kontrolovat impf  to control, check • Dvakrát jej kontrolovala policie. – The police checked him twice. 22

2001 realita fem  reality • Realita je mnohem drsnVjší. – The reality is much harsher. 22

2002 zmínit (se) pf  to mention • Nikdy se o tom nezmínil. – He never mentioned it. 22

2003 denní adj  daily • Upravte si denní režim! – Change your daily routine! 22

2004 p4ekvapení neut  surprise • To je ale pXekvapení! – What a surprise! 22

2005 kalhoty fem pl  trousers • Máš špinavý kalhoty. – Your trousers are dirty. 22 –P

2006 krásn2 adv  beautifully • KrásnV zpívá a maluje. – She sings and paints beautifully. 22 –P

2007 vyplatit (se) pf  to pay, (se) pay off • Riskovat se v tomto pXípadV vyplatilo. – In this case the risk paid off. 22

2008 známka fem  sign, mark, stamp • Výbuchy hnVvu jsou Uasto známkou stresu. – Losing your temper is often a sign of stress. 22

2009 vzácný adj  scarce, rare • Kdy zaUne být ropa opravdu vzácná? – When will oil become really scarce? 22 –S

2010 p4ístroj inan  apparatus, instrument • Zdolali osmitisícovku bez kyslíkových pXístrojY. – They climbed the eightthousander without oxygen apparatus. 22

2011 odhalit pf  to disclose, reveal • LékaXYm se podaXilo odhalit pXíUinu smrti. – The doctors managed to reveal the cause of death. 22 –S

2012 oprava fem  reconstruction, correction • Tyto peníze jsou urUeny na opravu kostela. – The money is intended for the reconstruction of the church. 22

2013 moment inan  moment • Za moment jsem zpátky. – I’ll be back in a moment. 22

2014 díra fem  hole • V nádrži na vodu byla díra. – There was a hole in the water tank. 22

2015 zato conj  but, yet • Matka na nVj byla hodná, zato otec byl pXísný. – His mother was nice to him, but his father was strict. 22

2016 dosp2t pf  to come to, arrive at, mature • Komise nedospVla k žádnému závVru. – The commission did not arrive at any conclusion. 22 –S

2017 sedmý num  seventh • Je v sedmém mVsíci tVhotenství. – She is in the seventh month of pregnancy. 22

2018 toužit impf  to long • Dlouho se toužil vrátit domY. – For years he longed to return home. 22 –S

2019 jindy adv  some other time • Musím tam zajít jindy. – I must go there some other time. 22

2020 snížení neut  reduction, cut • DYvody pro snížení cen jsou rYzné. – There are various reasons for the reduction in prices. 22 –S –F

2021 soudní adj  court, judicial, legal • Vše závisí na soudním rozhodnutí. – Everything depends on the court decision. 22 –S

2022 objednat pf  to order • Posadili se a objednali si kávu. – They sat down and ordered coffee. 22

2023 zdaleka part  by far, from afar • Byl to zdaleka ten nejlepší možný zpYsob. – It was by far the best possible way. 22 –S

Frequency index  83 

2024 opa1ný adj  opposite • MVlo to úplnV opaUný úUinek. – It had quite the opposite effect. 22 –S

2025 zdejší adj  local • Zdejší poUasí je velmi promVnlivé. – Local weather is very changeable. 22 –S

2026 najevo adv  (to make) obvious, (to come) to light • Vyšlo najevo, že to není pravda. – It came to light that it was not true. 22 –S

2027 premiér anim  premier • Byl prvním premiérem samostatného Zeska. – He was the first premier of the independent Czech Republic. 22 +N

2028 test inan  test • Musíme poUkat na výsledky testY. – We have to wait for the test results. 22

2029 hlídat impf  to watch, guard • Je dobré hlídat si váhu a nepXejídat se. – It is good to watch your weight and not overeat. 22

2030 dáma fem  lady • MVla povVst elegantní dámy. – She had a reputation as a lady. 22

2031 sladký adj  sweet • Mám chut’ na sladký. – I have a sweet tooth. 22

2032 výlet inan  trip • Jedem zítra na školní výlet. – We’re going on a school trip tomorrow. 22 –P

2033 rozum inan  reason, sense • Nakonec zvítVzil zdravý rozum. – In the end common sense won. 22

2034 úsp2šn2 adv  successfully • ÚspVšnV absolvoval nejtvrdší Uást pXijímacího testu. – He successfully passed the hardest part of the entrance test. 22 –S

2035 zasloužit (si) pf  to deserve • Nic lepšího si nezaslouží. – He doesn’t deserve anything better. 22

2036 uznat pf  to acknowledge, recognize • Jejich sWatek nebyl oficiálnV uznán. – Their marriage was not legally recognized. 22

2037 vte4ina fem  second • Zápas byl dramatický do posledních vteXin. – The match was dramatic until the very last second. 22

2038 p4erušit pf  to cut (off ), interrupt • Dodávka elektXiny v nVkterých krajích byla pXerušena. – Electricity supplies have been cut in some regions. 22

2039 maximáln2 adv  at the most, no more than • Máš na to maximálnV dva dny. – You’ve got no more than two days to do it. 22 –F

2040 trápit (se) impf  to trouble, worry • Netrapte se tím, co nejde zmVnit. – Don’t worry about what you can’t change. 22

2041 p4ehled inan  survey, summary • Práce obsahuje pXehled klíUových pojmY. – The paper contains a summary of key words. 22

2042 ocitnout se pf  to find oneself • Ocitli jsme se zcela bez penVz. – We found ourselves with no money. 22 –S

2043 pošta fem  post office, mail • Ozbrojení lupiUi pXepadli naši poštu. – Armed robbers held up our post office. 22

2044 vybavit (se, si) pf  to equip, (si) recall • V duchu si vybavil tváX maminky. – In his mind he recalled his mother’s face. 22 –S

2045 hlad inan  hunger • VYbec jsem necítil hlad. – I could not feel any hunger. 22

2046 takzvaný adj  so-called • Vznikl koncept takzvané bezpapírové kanceláXe. – The concept of the so-called paperless office emerged. 22

2047 mírný adj  mild • Francie má pXevážnV mírné podnebí. – France has a predominantly mild climate. 22

2048 m24it (se) impf  to measure • Vliv tVchto faktorY je obtížné mVXit. – It is difficult to measure the influence of these factors. 22

2049 p4ekonat (se) pf  to overcome • Musíte pXekonat strach z neznámého. – You must overcome your fear of the unknown. 22 –S

2050 negativní adj  negative • Kniha vzbudila mnoho negativních reakcí. – The book provoked many negative reactions. 22

2051 úžasný adj  amazing • To je prostV úžasný. – It’s simply amazing. 21

84  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2052 zájemce anim  interested person • Den otevXených dveXí pXilákal spoustu zájemcY. – The open day attracted many interested people. 21 –S –F

2053 ukrást pf  to steal • NVkdo mi ukradl kabelku. – Someone stole my handbag. 21 –P

2054 opatrn2 adv  carefully • Rybu opatrnV obrátíme a osolíme. – Carefully turn the fish over and salt it. 21

2055 hmota fem  matter, material • Hypotalamus je tvoXen šedou hmotou mozkovou. – The hypothalamus is formed by the grey matter of the brain. 21

2056 super adv  super • Na zaUátku to bylo super. – It was super at the beginning. 21 –F –P

2057 relativn2 part  relatively • Praha je relativnV bezpeUné mVsto. – Prague is a relatively safe city. 21 –F

2058 za4ídit (si) pf  to arrange • Jak to hodláte zaXídit? – How are you going to arrange it? 21

2059 osmý num  eighth • Oslavili osmé výroUí svatby. – They celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. 21

2060 plat inan  pay, salary • Poslanci si opVt zvýšili platy. – MPs have given themselves another pay rise. 21

2061 kritický adj  critical • Situace v zemi je kritická. – The situation in the country is critical. 21 –S

2062 trend inan  trend • Jaký je souUasný trend ženské krásy? – What is the current trend in female beauty? 21 –S –F

2063 navzájem adv  each other, mutually • Navzájem se neznají. – They don’t know each other. 21

2064 schválit pf  to approve • Poslanci schválili plán na zvýšení DPH. – MPs approved a plan to increase VAT. 21 –S

2065 soulad inan  accordance, harmony • Je to v souladu s Ulánkem 5. – It is in accordance with Article 5. 21 –S

2066 koncepce fem  concept • Jeho koncepce byla odmítnuta. – His concept has been rejected. 21 –S –F

2067 olej inan  oil • Na pánvi rozehXejeme olivový olej. – Heat the olive oil in the pan. 21

2068 cigareta fem  cigarette • Já si dám ještV cigaretu, jo? – I’ll have one more cigarette, ok? 21 –P

2069 mínit impf  to mean • To nebylo mínVno vážnV. – It wasn’t meant seriously. 21 –S

2070 omyl inan  mistake • Omylem mi šlápl na nohu. – He trod on my foot by mistake. 21

2071 mírn2 adv  mildly, moderately • NVco takového je, mírnV XeUeno, velmi neobvyklé. – Something like this is, to put it mildly, very unusual. 21 –S

2072 zam2stnání neut  job, occupation • VystXídal v životV mnoho zamVstnání. – He has gone through many jobs in his life. 21

2073 v2ž fem  tower • Rekonstrukce slavné šikmé vVže v Pise byla ukonUena. – The reconstruction of the famous leaning tower of Pisa is complete. 21

2074 po4ad inan  programme, agenda • Ráda se dívám na poXady o zvíXatech. – I like watching animal programmes. 21

2075 hala fem  hall, lounge • Stáli jsme ve vstupní hale a Uekali. – We stood in the entrance hall and waited. 21

2076 pravit pf  to say • NevVdVl jsem to, pravil tiše. – I didn’t know that, he said quietly. 21 –S

2077 jevit se impf  to seem • Jeví se jako spolehlivý UlovVk. – He seems to be a reliable person. 21 –S

2078 odpovídající adj  adequate, corresponding • To nepovažuji za odpovídající Xešení. – I do not consider this to be an adequate solution. 21 –S

2079 poušt2t impf  to let go, set about • NepouštVj ho pryU. – Don’t let him go. 21

Frequency index  85 

2080 domácnost fem  household • Kolik lidí žije v této domácnosti? – How many people live in this household? 21

2081 dálka fem  distance • Z dálky se ozývala hudba. – The music was coming from a distance. 21

2082 vzd2lání neut  education • Naše škola nabízí kvalitní vzdVlání studentYm z celé republiky. – Our school offers quality education to students from all over the country. 21

2083 série fem  series • Každá série jednou skonUí. – Every series comes to an end some day. 21 –S

2084 hromada fem  heap, meeting • PXed domem byla hromada kamení. – There was a heap of stones in front of the house. 21

2085 p4ihlásit (se) pf  to apply, report • PXihlásil se na lékaXskou fakultu. – He applied to the medical school. 21

2086 efekt inan  effect • Naše snahy mVly bohužel opaUný efekt. – Unfortunately, our efforts had the opposite effect. 21

2087 pravd2podobný adj  probable, likely • Ani jeden z výsledkY není pravdVpodobný. – Neither outcome seems very probable. 21

2088 hluboko adv  deep • Sáhl si hluboko do kapsy. – He put his hand deep into his pocket. 21

2089 p4átelský adj  friendly • Panuje zde velmi pXátelská atmosféra. – The atmosphere here is very friendly. 21 –S

2090 krajský adj  regional • Budova krajského soudu prochází rekonstrukcí. – The building of the regional court is under reconstruction. 21 –S –F

2091 závažný adj  serious • Obezita je závažný zdravotní problém. – Obesity is a serious health problem. 21 –S

2092 užít (si) pf  to use, (si) enjoy • Užijte si vánoUní prázdniny! – Enjoy the Christmas holiday! 21

2093 p4edstavení neut  performance, introduction • Festival nabídne i divadelní pXedstavení. – The festival also offers theatre performances. 21

2094 zachytit pf  to record, catch • Fotografové zachytili slavnou dvojici ruku v ruce. – Photographers caught the famous couple hand in hand. 21 –S

2095 rádio neut  radio • Kolik to rádio stálo? – How much was the radio? 21

2096 spustit pf  to launch • Firma v lednu spustila nové internetové stránky. – The company launched a new website in January. 21

2097 1ili conj  so, or • Jeli jsme tam vlakem, Uili to trvalo skoro dva dny. – We went there by train so it took us almost two days. 21

2098 zlobit (se) impf  to annoy, (se) be angry • Zlobil se sám na sebe. – He was angry with himself. 21 –P

2099 problematika fem  issues • Studijní program je zamVXen na problematiku menšin. – The student programme is aimed at the issues of minorities. 21 –S –F

2100 záviset impf  to depend • Všechno nyní závisí na poUasí. – Everything now depends on the weather. 21 –S

2101 konflikt inan  conflict • Hrozí riziko váleUného konfliktu. – There is a risk of military conflict. 21 –S

2102 devadesát num  ninety • Vlastní více než devadesát procent firmy. – He owns more than ninety per cent of the company. 21 –P

2103 vyzkoušet (si) pf  to try, (si) try on • V životV se musí vyzkoušet všechno. – You should try everything once. 21

2104 vedlejší adj  adjoining, side • Nebyly zaznamenány žádné vedlejší úUinky. – No side effects have been reported. 21

2105 prohlížet (si) impf  to examine, (si) browse • ZkoumavV se prohlížela v zrcadle. – She examined herself in the mirror. 21

2106 školní adj  school • Povinná školní Uetba se nezmVnila. – The compulsory school reading lists have not changed. 21

86  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2107 minimální adj  minimal • Naše životní náklady jsou minimální. – Our living expenses are minimal. 21

2108 vyr5st pf  to grow up • Vyrostla na vesnici. – She grew up in the country. 21

2109 individuální adj  individual • ObUanská práva souvisejí s individuální svobodou. – Civil rights are related to individual freedom. 21 –S –F

2110 symbol inan  symbol • Zelená barva a pYlmVsíc jsou symboly islámu. – The colour green and a crescent are symbols of Islam. 21 –S

2111 varovat impf  to warn • Ekologové varují pXed globálním oteplováním. – Ecologists warn of global warming. 21 –S

2112 úsek inan  section • Chorvatsko otevXelo novV dostavVný úsek dálnice. – Croatia has opened a newly built section of motorway. 21

2113 zásoba fem  supply • MVli zásobu jídla na tXi dny. – They had three days’ food supplies. 21

2114 pozemek inan  plot, lands • Pozemek leží na velmi atraktivním místV. – The plot is located in a very attractive area. 21

2115 tatínek anim  daddy • U nás v rodinV kouXí jen tatínek. – Daddy is the only one who smokes in our family. 21 –P

2116 t4ináct num  thirteen • Když jí bylo tXináct, rodiUe se rozvedli. – Her parents got divorced when she was thirteen. 21

2117 vykládat impf  to explain, unload • NemVlo cenu jí nic vykládat. – There was no point in explaining it to her. 21

2118 spánek inan  sleep • Mnoho lidí trpí poruchami spánku. – Many people suffer from sleep disorders. 21

2119 temný adj  dark • Vcházíme do temných, úzkých uliUek. – We are entering dark, narrow streets. 21 –S

2120 narozeniny fem pl  birthday • Co mi koupíš k narozeninám? – What will you get me for my birthday? 21 –P

2121 p4ipustit (si) pf  to admit • Pro mnoho lidí je tVžké pXipustit si vnitXní nejistoty. – It is hard for many people to admit their inner doubts. 21 –S

2122 podruhé num  for the second time • MYj otec se podruhé oženil. – My father got married for the second time. 21

2123 profesionální adj  professional • Na místo dorazili profesionální i dobrovolní hasiUi. – Both professional and volunteer fire brigades arrived on the scene. 21

2124 vládnout impf  to govern • Královna Nefertiti vládla celé Xíši. – Queen Nefertiti governed the whole empire. 21 –S

2125 internetový adj  internet • Nepoužívám internetové bankovnictví. – I don’t use Internet banking. 21 –F

2126 centrální adj  central • Vozidlo bylo vybaveno centrálním zamykáním. – The vehicle was equipped with a central locking system. 21 –S

2127 taška fem  bag • Jdu pomoct mámV s taškama. – I’ll go and help my mum with her bags. 21 –P

2128 n5ž inan  knife • Každý nYž i vidliUka byly ze stXíbra. – All the knives and forks were made of silver. 21

2129 konference fem  conference • PodrobnVjší informace budou zveXejnVny na tiskové konferenci. – Detailed information will be released at the press conference. 21 –S

2130 sv24it (se) pf  to confide • SvVXila se matce. – She confided in her mother. 21 –S

2131 zimní adj  winter • Koupila si nový zimní kabát. – She has bought a new winter coat. 21

2132 zkrátka part  in short • Zkrátka, tak už to v pXírodV chodí. – In short, that’s the way nature is. 20

2133 košile fem  shirt • MVl tmavý oblek a bílou košili. – He was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt. 20

2134 oslava fem  celebration • K velkým oslavám není dYvod. – There is no cause for big celebrations. 20

Frequency index  87 

2135 liga fem  league • Evropská hokejová liga konUí posledním zápasem. – The European Hockey League finishes with its last match. 20 –F –P

2136 mléko neut  milk • Tvaroh v misce našleháte s cukrem a mlékem. – In a bowl, whisk cream cheese with sugar and milk. 20

2137 vybavení neut  equipment • Dobré sportovní vybavení je neskuteUnV drahé. – Good sports equipment is horribly expensive. 20

2138 mapa fem  map • NemVli jsme s sebou mapu ani kompas. – We had neither a map nor a compass with us. 20

2139 aktuální adj  topical, up-to-date • Aktuální informace nejsou k dispozici. – Up-to-date information is not available. 20 –F

2140 klesnout pf  to fall, drop • Teploty klesly pod nulu. – Temperatures have dropped to below zero. 20

2141 citlivý adj  sensitive • Je mladá, citlivá, hezká a inteligentní. – She’s young, sensitive, pretty and intelligent. 20

2142 populární adj  popular • Bude ženský fotbal stejnV populární jako mužský? – Will women’s football become as popular as men’s? 20

2143 závislost fem  addiction, dependence • DefinitivnV porazil svou drogovou závislost. – He finally beat his drug addiction. 20 –S

2144 zran2ní neut  injury • }idiU vyvázl bez zranVní. – The driver escaped without injury. 20 –S

2145 vytvo4ení neut  creation, formation • VytvoXení nové vlády bylo velmi nároUné. – The formation of a new government was very difficult. 20 –S –F

2146 kritika fem  criticism, review • Prezident kritiku odmítá. – The president rejects any criticism. 20 –S

2147 všeobecný adj  general, common • Všeobecné nadšení nevydrželo dlouho. – The general enthusiasm did not last long. 20 –S

2148 hn2dý adj  brown • Na zemi je svVtle hnVdý koberec. – There is a light brown carpet on the floor. 20

2149 vyhovovat impf  to suit • Vyhovuje vám to dnes veUer? – Does tonight suit you? 20

2150 rozší4ení neut  expansion, extension • RozšíXení Evropské unie je v zájmu všech. – The expansion of the European Union is in everyone’s interest. 20 –S –F

2151 sever inan  north • Sever Iráku je nestabilní. – The north of Iraq is not stable. 20

2152 b4icho neut  stomach, abdomen • Bolí mV bXicho. – I have a stomach-ache. 20

2153 cizinec anim  foreigner, stranger • Srí Lanka je pro cizince strašnV levná. – Sri Lanka is very cheap for foreigners. 20

2154 sle1na fem  miss, young lady • SleUna Marplová se na mne zkoumavV zadívala. – Miss Marple looked at me inquiringly. 20 –P

2155 památka fem  memory, sight • Památky v této zemi pXitahují tisíce turistY. – Thousands of tourists are attracted to the sights in this country. 20

2156 lék inan  drug, medicine • Zatím jsou tyto léky velmi drahé. – These drugs are still very expensive. 20

2157 ušet4it pf  to save • Nákupem za hranicemi lze ušetXit. – Shopping abroad can save you money. 20

2158 konkurence fem  competition • Pokles cen zpYsobila konkurence. – The fall in prices was caused by competition. 20 –S –F

2159 fotbal inan  football • Díváte se na fotbal v televizi? – Do you watch football on TV? 20 –P

2160 tudíž conj  therefore • Jsou štVdXí, tudíž jsou oblíbení. – They are generous, and therefore popular. 20

2161 režisér anim  director • Jako režisér musím mít jasnou vizi. – As a director, I must have a clear vision. 20

88  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2162 zakázat pf  to forbid, ban • KouXení je zakázáno uvnitX veXejných budov. – Smoking is banned in public buildings.

2175 postarat se pf  to take care • Postará se o nVj nVkdo? – Will anybody take care of him? 20


2163 zábava fem  fun, entertainment • NedVlal to jen tak pro zábavu. – He didn’t do it just for fun.

2176 upravit (se) pf  to adjust, edit, (se) tidy up • Text byl upraven a zkrácen. – The text has been edited and shortened. 20


2164 doklad inan  certificate, (pl) papers • V kabelce se našly doklady a peníze. – Identification papers and money were found in the handbag. 20

2165 záchod inan  toilet • PXedVlávali jsme koupelnu a záchod. – We were rebuilding our bathroom and toilet. 20 –P

2166 mohutný adj  mighty, massive • Mohutné exploze zniUily nVkolik budov. – Massive explosions have destroyed several buildings. 20

2167 realizace fem  implementation, realization • Realizace projektu je prakticky ukonUena. – The implementation of the project is practically finished. 20 –S –F

2168 po4ádat impf  to organize, host • Kdo bude za osm let poXádat olympijské hry? – Who will host the Olympics in eight years? 20

2169 po4ídit (si) pf  to get, buy • PoXid’te si nVco nového na sebe! – Buy yourself something new to wear! 20

2170 patrn2 part  probably • Byly to patrnV nejlepší týdny jeho života. – Those were probably the best weeks of his life. 20 –S

2171 usmívat se impf  to smile • Usmíval se na ni a držel ji za ruku. – He was smiling at her and holding her hand. 20 –P

2172 vít2z anim  winner • VítVzYm srdeUnV blahopXejeme! – Congratulations to the winners! 20 –S

2173 tiskový adj  press • Pracuje jako tisková mluvUí internetové firmy. – She works as a press agent for an Internet company. 20 –S –F

2174 sch5zka fem  date, meeting • ProUs nepXišel na schYzku? – Why didn’t you come to the meeting? 20

2177 viditelný adj  visible • Problémy ekonomiky mYže vyXešit neviditelná ruka trhu. – Economic problems can be solved by the invisible hand of the market. 20 –S

2178 brýle fem pl  glasses • Sundal si brýle. – He took off his glasses. 20

2179 m2kký adj  soft, tender • Duste, dokud není maso mVkké. – Simmer until the meat is tender. 20

2180 zkoumat impf  to examine • Odborníci nyní zkoumají vzorky vody. – Experts are now examining the water samples. 20

2181 fotbalový adj  football • Manchester United je bohatý fotbalový klub. – Manchester United is a rich football club. 20 –P

2182 souhlas inan  consent, approval • DVti potXebují písemný souhlas rodiUY. – Children need the written consent of their parents. 20 –S

2183 budoucno neut  future • Tato situace by se v budoucnu nemVla opakovat. – This situation should not occur again in the future. 20

2184 vyslovit (se) pf  to express, (se) speak up • Máte odvahu vyslovit svYj názor nahlas? – Do you have the courage to express your opinion out loud? 20 –S

2185 jednozna1n2 adv  undoubtedly, unambiguously • To je jednoznaUnV naše chyba. – It is undoubtedly our fault. 20

2186 aplikace fem  application • Intravenózní aplikace léku zpYsobuje bezvVdomí. – Intravenous application of the drug causes unconsciousness. 20 –S –F

2187 prach inan  dust, powder • Smetla chuchvalec prachu na lopatku. – She swept a lump of dust onto a dustpan. 20

Frequency index  89 

2188 vyskytovat se impf  to occur, be located • Zas od Uasu se vyskytují technické poruchy. – Occasionally technical failures occur. 20 –S

2189 kafe neut  coffee • Dáš si kafe? – Will you have some coffee? 20 –P

2190 vysoce adv  highly • Rtut’ je vysoce nebezpeUným minerálem. – Mercury is a highly dangerous mineral. 20 –S

2191 dokonale adv  perfectly • Byla jsem tVhotná a dokonale št’astná. – I was pregnant and perfectly happy. 20 –S

2192 pochybovat impf  to doubt • Pochybujete o svých schopnostech? – Do you doubt your abilities? 20

2193 postižený adj  afflicted, disabled • Jeho otec byl rovnVž tVlesnV postižený. – His father was disabled, too. 20

2194 nutnost fem  necessity • Cestování se pro nVj stalo nutností. – Travelling has become a necessity for him. 20 –S

2195 dvojice fem  pair, couple • Stala se z nich nerozluUná dvojice. – They have become an inseparable couple. 20 –S

2196 jih inan  south • Jih zemV zasáhly niUivé povodnV. – Devastating floods hit the south of the country. 20

2197 pas inan  passport, waistline • Prý ztratil svYj cestovní pas. – He claims to have lost his passport. 20

2198 lehnout si pf  to lie down, go to bed • Nechceš si jít lehnout? – Don’t you want to lie down for a while? 20 –P

2199 sm24ovat impf  to head (for), aim • Kam Evropa smVXuje? – Where is Europe heading? 20 –S

2200 slza fem  tear, teardrop • Slzy jí stékaly po tváXi. – Tears flowed down her cheeks. 20 –S –P

2201 d5v2ra fem  trust • Musíme obnovit dYvVru v politiku. – We must restore people’s trust in politics. 20 –S

2202 hrdina anim  hero • Cítil se jako hrdina. – He felt like a hero. 20

2203 vyhlásit pf  to declare, announce • ÚXady vyhlásily výjimeUný stav. – The authorities declared a state of emergency. 20 –S

2204 myšlení neut  thinking, thought • OdpovVd’ se skrývá ve zpYsobu myšlení. – The answer is to change your way of thinking. 20 –S

2205 káva fem  coffee • Chcete nVjakej Uaj, kávu, vodu? – Would you like some tea, coffee, water? 20

2206 blízkost fem  vicinity, closeness • Budova leží v tVsné blízkosti Xeky. – The building is situated in the immediate vicinity of the river. 20 –S

2207 chladný adj  cool, cold • Meteorologové pXedpovídají chladné poUasí a déšt’. – Meteorologists forecast cold weather and rain. 20 –S

2208 svatba fem  wedding • MVli moc hezkou svatbu. – They had a very nice wedding. 20

2209 vále1ný adj  war • Byl odsouzen jako váleUný zloUinec. – He was convicted as a war criminal. 20 –S

2210 odložit (si) pf  to put away, postpone, (si) take off • Poslanci museli jednání odložit. – MPs had to postpone the debate. 20

2211 šestnáct num  sixteen • V lednu jí bude šestnáct. – She’ll be sixteen in January. 20

2212 sranda fem  fun, kidding • No tak, bude to sranda. – Come on, it’s gonna be fun. 20 –P

2213 cit inan  emotion, feeling • Co je dYležitVjší, rozum nebo cit? – What is more important, reason, or emotion? 20 –S

2214 pozd2jší adj  later • Setkání bylo pXesunuto na pozdVjší termín. – The meeting was postponed to a later date. 20 –S

2215 ko1ka fem  cat • KoUky nemají pít mlíko. – Cats shouldn’t drink milk. 20

2216 prom2nit (se) pf  to change, transform • Kapalina se promVnila v páru. – The liquid changed into gas. 20 –S

90  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2217 vyvíjet (se) impf  to develop • Ne všechny složky jazyka se vyvíjejí stejnV rychle. – Not all parts of a language develop at the same speed. 20

2218 fakulta fem  faculty • Absolvoval právnickou fakultu. – He graduated from the Faculty of Law. 20

2219 obchodník anim  trader, dealer, businessman • Tržnice patXí vietnamským obchodníkYm. – The market hall is owned by Vietnamese traders. 20 –S

2220 pár inan  couple, pair • Bydlel tam mladý pár. – A young couple lived there. 20 –S

2221 blok inan  block, writing pad • Bydleli tXi bloky od hotelu. – They lived three blocks from the hotel. 20

2222 vražda fem  murder • Byla to dvojnásobná vražda. – It was a double murder. 20 –S

2223 vložit pf  to insert, put, place • Rybu nakrájíme a vložíme do zapékací mísy. – Slice the fish and place it in a casserole. 20 –S

2224 domek inan  house • Honza zdVdil domek po babiUce. – Honza inherited a house from his granny. 20

2225 v1as adv  on time, in time • Nevšimli si toho vUas. – They didn’t notice in time. 20

2226 dluh inan  debt • Spolumajitel firmy se topí v dluzích. – The company co-owner is up to his neck in debt. 20

2227 h4išt2 neut  pitch, field, playground • Hospoda je hned vedle hXištV. – The pub is right next to the pitch. 20

2228 nádraží neut  station • Vystoupíte na hlavním nádraží. – You’ll get off at the main station. 20 –P

2229 prázdniny fem pl  holidays, vacation • Už se tVším na prázdniny. – I’m already looking forward to the holidays. 20 –P

2230 dostupný adj  available, affordable • Hostely jsou vVtšinou cenovV dostupné. – Hostels are usually affordable. 20 –S

2231 prdel fem  arse, ass, fun • Polib mi prdel. – Kiss my arse. 20 –P –N

2232 usnout pf  to fall asleep • Nemohla jsem vYbec usnout. – I could not fall asleep at all. 20 –P

2233 kritérium neut  criterion • Snažíme se splnit kritéria pro pXijetí eura. – We are trying to meet the criteria for adopting the euro. 19 –S –F

2234 vzadu adv  at/in the back • SedVli jsme vzadu v autV. – We sat in the back of the car. 19

2235 d2v1e neut  girl • Je to velmi dobXe vychované dVvUe. – She is a very well brought-up girl. 19

2236 p4íslušník anim  member • VVznV mohou navštVvovat pouze rodinní pXíslušníci. – Prisoners may be visited only by family members. 19 –S

2237 p4edvést pf  to demonstrate, show • PXedved’te, co umíte. – Show what you can do. 19

2238 okolní adj  surrounding, neighbouring • Obdobná je i situace v okolních státech. – The situation is similar in neighbouring countries. 19 –S

2239 realizovat biasp  to implement, carry out • Kdy bude projekt realizován? – When will the project be implemented? 19 –S –F

2240 jádro neut  kernel, core • Nakonec pXidáme oXechová jádra a rozinky. – Finally add the walnut kernels and raisins. 19

2241 strategie fem  strategy • Naše strategie je jasná. – Our strategy is clear. 19 –S –F

2242 signál inan  signal • Je to varovný signál. – It is a warning signal. 19

2243 rudý adj  red, crimson • Rudé moXe dostalo název od Uervené Xasy. – The Red Sea got its name from a type of red algae. 19 –S

2244 navrhovat impf  to propose, suggest • Navrhuji vám následující Xešení. – I would suggest the following solution. 19

Frequency index  91 

2245 osmnáct num  eighteen • V osmnácti jsem se poprvé zamiloval. – I first fell in love when I was eighteen.

2254 prohrát pf  to lose • Náš tým prohrál 3 : 5. – Our team lost 3-5. 19 –P


2246 snižovat (se) impf  to reduce, decrease • Nedostatek tekutin snižuje tVlesnou výkonnost. – Lack of liquid decreases body performance. 19 –S –F

2247 kapacita fem  capacity • Celková kapacita nemocnice je 1300 lYžek. – The total capacity of the hospital is 1,300 beds. 19 –F

2248 devátý num  ninth • Armstrong dojel v závodV devátý. – Armstrong finished the race in ninth position. 19

2249 brzo adv  soon, early • Nerad brzo vstávám. – I don’t like getting up early. 19 –P

2250 zahrát pf  to play • Nechcete si zahrát veselou spoleUenskou hru? – Do you feel like playing a funny party game? 19 –P

2251 upozor3ovat impf  to warn, point out • Na toto riziko jsme již upozorWovali. – We have already warned of the risk. 19

2252 záznam inan  entry, record • Vedu si o všem záznamy. – I keep a record of everything. 19

2253 zlepšit (se) pf  to improve • Chceme zlepšit zdravotní péUi. – We want to improve health care.

2255 znamení neut  sign • Narodil se ve znamení Berana. – He was born under the sign of Aries. 19

2256 rozumný adj  reasonable, sensible • Máte pro to nVjaký rozumný dYvod? – Do you have any sensible reason for it? 19

2257 boží adj  of God, cool • Boží mlýny melou pomalu, ale jistV. – The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small. 19

2258 nikam adv  nowhere, anywhere • Nechod’ nikam sama! – Don’t go anywhere alone! 19 –P

2259 provedení neut  version, execution • Stroje jsou vyrábVny v rYzných provedeních. – The machines are produced in many versions. 19 –S

2260 prsa neut pl  chest, breast • VyzývavV si složil ruce na prsou. – He defiantly crossed his arms across his chest. 19

2261 obvinit pf  to accuse • Byl obvinVn z vraždy. – He was accused of murder. 19 –S

2262 záv2re1ný adj  final • Bohužel neudVlal závVreUné zkoušky. – Unfortunately, he didn’t pass the final exams.



11  Food and drink maso  1063  meat

cukr  2687  sugar

kolá1  4408  cake, pie

víno  1065  wine, grape

s5l  2727  salt

cibule  4728  onion

pivo  1076  beer

ovoce  2757  fruit

knedlík  4766  dumpling

chléb  1586  bread

jablko  2844  apple

buchta  4767  cake

1aj  1729  tea

vejce  3004  egg

dort  4810  cake

alkohol  1911  alcohol, spirits

vají1ko  3109  egg

t2sto  4812  dough, batter

olej  2067  oil

máslo  3229  butter

4ízek  4931  schnitzel

mléko  2136  milk

sýr  3284  cheese

kafe  2189  coffee

salát  3665  salad, lettuce


káva  2205  coffee

tuk  3852  fat

snídan2  2667  breakfast

polévka  2394  soup

1okoláda  4041  chocolate

ob2d  1197  lunch, dinner

brambor  2481  potato

omá1ka  4309  sauce

ve1e4e  1426  dinner, supper

zelenina  2644  vegetable(s)

mouka  4386  flour

92  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2263 rovina fem  plain, level • Kolem mVsta se rozprostírají rozlehlé roviny. – Vast plains stretch out around the town. 19

2264 pr5zkum inan  survey, poll • Výsledky prYzkumu budou zveXejnVny pXíští rok. – The results of the survey will be published next year. 19 –S

2265 ozna1ení neut  mark, label • OznaUení výrobkY nebylo v souladu se smVrnicemi. – Product labels were not in compliance with the directives. 19 –S

2266 poznání neut  knowledge, understanding • Poznání sebe sama je velmi dYležité. – Understanding oneself is very important. 19 –S

2267 nula fem  zero, nothing • Venku je dvanáct pod nulou. – It’s twelve below zero outside. 19

2268 d5l inan  mine, pit • Šel pracovat do solných dolY. – He went to work in the salt mines. 19

2269 zd5raznit pf  to emphasize, stress • Tuto skuteUnost je potXeba zdYraznit. – This fact must be emphasized. 19 –S

2270 zav4ený adj  closed • Všechny obchody byly zavXené. – All the shops were closed. 19

2271 vystavit pf  to display, expose • V muzeu jsou vystaveny pXedmVty z archeologických vykopávek. – There are objects from archaeological excavations displayed in the museum. 19 –S

2272 vypít pf  to drink, drink up • Vypili jsme celou láhev vína. – We drank a whole bottle of wine. 19 –P

2273 ko4en inan  root • Zakopla o koXen stromu. – She stumbled over a tree root. 19

2274 ur1ovat impf  to determine, choose • ZamVstnavatel urUuje dobu Uerpání dovolené. – The employer determines the number of days of holiday. 19 –S

2275 prudký adj  sharp, intense • Pocítila prudkou bolest v nohou. – She felt a sharp pain in her legs. 19

2276 hledání neut  searching • Hledání práce v zahraniUí se stalo novým fenoménem. – Searching for a job abroad is a new phenomenon. 19 –S

2277 utíkat impf  to run • Museli jsme utíkat na autobus. – We had to run to catch the bus. 19

2278 rakouský adj  Austrian • Byl zatUen rakouskou policií. – He was arrested by the Austrian police. 19 –S

2279 scházet (se) impf  to be missing, (se) meet • Komise se bude scházet jednou roUnV. – The commission will meet once a year. 19

2280 investor anim  investor • NepodaXilo se mu pXilákat investory. – He failed to attract investors. 19 –S –F

2281 to1it (se) impf  to turn, shoot • ToUit film je stejná výzva jako zamilovat se. – Shooting a film is the same challenge as falling in love. 19

2282 léka4ský adj  medical • Vystudoval lékaXskou fakultu Univerzity Karlovy. – He graduated from the Medical School of Charles University. 19 –S

2283 nasadit (si) pf  to place, (si) put on • Musel jsem si nasadit brýle. – I had to put on my glasses. 19

2284 zvyknout si pf  to get used to • ZlovVk si zvykne na všecko. – People get used to anything. 19

2285 úmysl inan  intention, plan • Jeho úmysl mu nevyšel. – His plan did not work out. 19 –S

2286 neuv24itelný adj  incredible, unbelievable • Je to neuvVXitelné, ale pravdivé. – It’s incredible, but it’s true. 19

2287 stranou adv  aside, aloof • MVli by se držet stranou. – They should keep aloof. 19

2288 vozidlo neut  vehicle • Marihuana zhoršuje schopnost Xídit motorová vozidla. – Marijuana impairs the ability to drive a motor vehicle. 19 –S

2289 motiv inan  motive, theme • Jaký byl jeho motiv? – What was his motive? 19 –S

2290 dar inan  gift • Ty kvVtiny jsou dar od mého pXítele. – The flowers are a gift from my boyfriend. 19

Frequency index  93 

2291 led inan  ice • Led na rybníce byl dostateUnV silný. – The ice on the pond was thick enough. 19

2292 násilí neut  violence • Jak zabránit násilí ve školách? – How can we prevent violence in schools? 19

2293 nehoda fem  accident • PXi nehodV bylo zranVno 30 lidí. – Thirty people were injured in the accident. 19 –S

2294 vystoupení neut  performance • Její vystoupení mVlo velký úspVch. – Her performance was a great success. 19 –S

2295 p4íchod inan  arrival, coming • Omluvil se za svYj pozdní pXíchod. – He apologized for his late arrival. 19 –S

2296 usilovat impf  to strive, endeavour • Celé lidstvo musí usilovat o mír. – The whole of mankind must strive for peace. 19 –S

2297 chytnout pf  to catch, grasp • Chytnul míU na brankové UáXe. – He caught the ball at the goal line. 19 –P

2298 špinavý adj  dirty, filthy • Mám hroznV špinavý boty. – My shoes are filthy. 19

2299 t2žce adv  heavily, seriously • }idiU vozu byl tVžce zranVn. – The driver was seriously injured. 19

2300 palác inan  palace • To není dYm, to je palác! – It’s not a house, it’s a palace! 19 –S

2301 zpo1átku adv  at first, originally • ZpoUátku jsme ve tmV nic nevidVli. – At first we couldn’t see anything in the dark. 19 –S

2302 rekonstrukce fem  reconstruction, renovation • Rekonstrukce budovy by mVla být do Uervna hotova. – The renovation of the building should be finished by June. 19 –S –F

2303 r5žový adj  pink • Budu mít na sobV rYžový plavky. – I’ll be wearing a pink swimsuit. 19

2304 litovat impf  to regret, feel sorry • Nikdy niUeho nelituji. – I never regret anything. 19

2305 trestný adj  criminal • Podílel se na trestné Uinnosti. – He was involved in criminal activity. 19 –S –F

2306 pojetí neut  concept • Pojetí Boha se po staletí vyvíjelo. – Our concept of God has evolved over the centuries. 19 –S

2307 házet impf  to throw, toss • Anarchisté házeli na Albrightovou vajíUka. – Anarchists tossed eggs at Albright. 19 –P

2308 p4edložit pf  to present, submit • PXedložili nezbytné dYkazy. – They presented the necessary evidence. 19 –S

2309 detail inan  detail • Na detaily si už nepamatuji. – I don’t remember the details any more. 19

2310 novinka fem  news • Mám pro vás novinku. – I have some news for you. 19

2311 desátý num  tenth • Televize Nova slavila své desáté narozeniny. – Nova TV celebrated its tenth birthday. 19

2312 dík inan  (word of ) thanks • S díky pXijala sklenku vína. – She accepted a glass of wine with thanks. 19

2313 prudce adv  sharply, rapidly • Srdce mu prudce bušilo. – His heart was beating rapidly. 19 –S

2314 užite1ný adj  useful • Kde mohou turisté najít užiteUné informace? – Where can tourists find useful information? 19

2315 sáhnout pf  to touch, reach for • Sáhni si! – Touch it! 19 –S

2316 povolit pf  to permit, allow, loose • Nepovolili mu odjet ze zemV. – Ha was not allowed to leave the country. 19

2317 dojet pf  to reach, catch up • VeUer jsme dojeli do Washingtonu. – We reached Washington in the evening. 19 –P

2318 mužský adj  male • Uslyšela mužský hlas. – She heard a male voice. 19

94  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2319 podez4ení neut  suspicion • NechtVl vzbudit podezXení. – He did not want to arouse suspicion. 19

2320 spisovatel anim  writer • Provdala se za spisovatele Rainera Maria Rilkeho. – She married the writer Rainer Maria Rilke. 19 –S

2321 odhad inan  assessment, estimate • Jaký je váš odhad situace? – What is your assessment of the situation? 19

2322 výrobní adj  production • Výrobní cena léku je vysoká. – The production costs of the drug are high. 18 –S –F

2323 zbyte1n2 adv  in vain, needlessly • Kosmetika je zbyteUnV drahá. – Cosmetics are needlessly expensive. 18

2324 zkušený adj  experienced • Je to nejzkušenVjší hráU mužstva. – He is the most experienced player in the team. 18 –S

2325 zlato neut  gold • Vyhrál olympijské zlato. – He has won Olympic Gold. 18

2326 euro neut  euro • Euro posílilo vYUi dolaru. – The euro strengthened against the dollar. 18 –F

2327 hloupý adj  stupid, dull • Je to dost hloupý nápad. – It’s rather a stupid idea. 18 –P

2328 spodní adj  bottom • Vltava zaplavila spodní Uást zahrady. – The Vltava has flooded the bottom part of the garden. 18

2329 letišt2 neut  airport • PXistáli na letišti RuzynV. – They landed at [email protected] Airport. 18

2330 p4ekážka fem  obstacle • Narazili jsme na velkou pXekážku. – We encountered a major obstacle. 18 –S

2331 paže fem  arm • Zvedl levou paži. – He raised his left arm. 18 –S

2332 výchova fem  education, training • Mnozí rodiUe zanedbávají sexuální výchovu svých dVtí. – Many parents neglect their children’s sexual education. 18

2333 klesat impf  to fall, drop • Hladina Xek pomalu klesá. – River levels are falling slowly. 18 –S

2334 vybudovat pf  to build (up) • Hrad byl vybudován ve 13. století. – The castle was built in the 13th century. 18 –S

2335 popis inan  description • Máme pXesný popis pachatele. – We have an accurate description of the culprit. 18 –S

2336 areál inan  premise, precinct • V areálu školy je zakázáno kouXit. – Smoking is not allowed on the school premises. 18

2337 vysv2tlení neut  explanation • Je to jediné možné vysvVtlení. – It is the only possible explanation. 18 –S

2338 duchovní adj/noun  spiritual (adj), clergyman (noun) • Hudba silnV ovlivnila jeho duchovní život. – Music strongly influenced his spiritual life. 18 –S

2339 vstávat impf  to get up, stand up • Vstávala jsem kolem pYl sedmé. – I used to get up at about half past six. 18 –P

2340 tendence fem  tendency • Jsme svVdky dvou protichYdných tendencí. – We have been witnessing two opposing tendencies. 18

2341 kandidát anim  candidate • Kdo by byl ideálním kandidátem na prezidenta? – Who would be the ideal presidential candidate? 18 –S

2342 p4ednáška fem  lecture • Na tuto pXednášku nemusíte chodit. – You don’t have to attend this lecture. 18

2343 výklad inan  explication, presentation, shop window • Jeho výklad mV od zaUátku velmi zaujal. – His presentation fascinated me from the very beginning. 18 –S

2344 mobil inan  mobile phone, cellphone • Chci si koupit novej mobil. – I want to buy a new mobile phone. 18 –F –P

2345 sláva fem  fame, glory • Zažili si svých patnáct minut slávy. – They had their fifteen minutes of fame. 18

2346 postavený adj  built, based • Zámek postavený v 16. století je obklopen parkem. – The chateau, built in the 16th century, is surrounded by a park. 18

Frequency index  95 

2347 utkání neut  match, game • ZvítVzili již ve tXetím utkání po sobV. – They have already won three matches in a row. 18 +N

2348 prohlášení neut  statement, declaration • MYžete uUinit nVjaké prohlášení pro tisk? – Could you make a statement for the press? 18 –S

2349 festival inan  festival • ZaUal festival komorní hudby. – The festival of chamber music has begun. 18 –F –P

2350 kou4it impf  to smoke • Už vYbec nekouXím. – I don’t smoke any more. 18 –P

2351 v2domý adj  aware, conscious • Jsou si vVdomi všech rizik. – They are aware of all the risks. 18 –S

2352 maximální adj  maximum • Maximální teploty dosahovaly 35 stupWY Celsia. – Maximum temperatures reached 35 degrees Celsius. 18 –S

2353 pov2st fem  legend, reputation • Jsou tyto povVsti pravdivé? – Are these legends true? 18 –S

2354 rozpor inan  contradiction • Jeho výpovVd’ byla plná rozporY. – His testimony was full of contradictions. 18 –S

2355 líto adv  (to feel) sorry • Je mi ho líto. – I feel sorry for him. 18 –P

2356 náhoda fem  chance, coincidence • Byla to jen shoda náhod. – It was just a coincidence. 18

2357 turista anim  tourist • Nejvíce turistY pXijíždí v Uervenci. – Most tourists come in July. 18

2358 teta fem  aunt • Jedeme za tetou. – We’re going to visit our aunt. 18 –P

2359 po4ádný adj  proper, substantial • Byla to poXádná suma penVz. – It was a substantial sum of money. 18 –P

2360 napsaný adj  written • Co je tam napsané? – What is written there? 18

2361 st4íbrný adj  silver • ZlodVj ukradl stXíbrné šperky a hodinky. – The shoplifter stole silver jewellery and watches. 18

2362 blázen anim  fool, madman • DVlá ze sebe blázna. – He’s making a fool of himself. 18 –P

2363 potravina fem  food(stuff ) • Potraviny jsou zde dražší. – Food is more expensive here. 18

2364 prožít pf  to spend, experience • Prožil dovolenou na horách. – He spent his holiday in the mountains. 18 –S

2365 porazit pf  to beat, defeat • Dokázali jsme porazit favorita soutVže. – We managed to defeat the favourites of the contest. 18

2366 výzva fem  challenge • Byla by to velká výzva. – It would be a great challenge. 18 –S

2367 potvrzovat impf  to certify, prove • Výjimka potvrzuje pravidlo. – The exception proves the rule. 18 –S

2368 ponechat (si) pf  to leave, (si) keep • Byli ponecháni o samotV. – They were left alone. 18 –S

2369 prvý num  first • Za prvé se ujistVte, že je jednotka zapojena. – First, make sure the unit is plugged in. 18

2370 poplatek inan  charge, fee • Tato služba je poskytována bez poplatku. – This service is provided free of charge. 18

2371 4vát impf  to yell, roar • NeXvi na mV! – Don’t yell at me! 18 –P

2372 rostoucí adj  growing, increasing • Výsledkem je rostoucí napVtí. – The result is a growing tension. 18 –S

2373 spot4eba fem  consumption • SpotXeba piva v Zesku stoupá každým rokem. – Beer consumption in the Czech Republic goes up every year. 18 –F

2374 následný adj  subsequent • Následná léUba bude velmi obtížná. – The subsequent cure will be very difficult. 18 –S –F

2375 mí4it impf  to get at, aim • Kam tím míXíš? – What are you getting at? 18 –S

2376 strop inan  ceiling • Strop je pXíliš nízký. – The ceiling is too low. 18

96  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2377 dárek inan  present • To by byl dobrý vánoUní dárek. – It would be a good Christmas present. 18

2378 p4echázet impf  to cross, convert • VidVl jsem je pXecházet most. – I saw them crossing the bridge. 18

2379 okresní adj  district • Musíte získat povolení od okresního úXadu. – You have to obtain a permit from the district authority. 18 –S

2380 jedinec anim  individual • Svoboda jedince je nejvyšší hodnota. – The freedom of the individual is the greatest value of all. 18 –S

2381 uniknout pf  to escape, leak • Z toho vVzení neuniknou. – They won’t escape from that prison. 18 –S

2382 vyjád4ení neut  expression, statement • Existují rYzné formy vyjádXení. – There are various forms of expression. 18 –S

2383 zajišt2ní neut  security, provision • Musíte doložit finanUní zajištVní projektu. – You have to document the financial security of the project. 18 –S –F

2384 železný adj  iron • Pád železné opony pXinesl informaUní explozi. – The fall of the iron curtain has caused an information explosion. 18

2385 angli1tina fem  English • ÚXedními jazyky jsou irština a angliUtina. – Irish and English are the official languages. 18

2386 soupe4 anim  opponent, rival • Nesmíme soupeXe podcenit. – We mustn’t underestimate our opponent. 18 –S

2387 dopoledne adv  in the morning • Dopoledne byl svVží vzduch. – In the morning the air was fresh. 18 –P

2388 p4ekro1it pf  to overstep, cross • PXekroUila všechny meze. – She has overstepped the mark. 18

2389 v5n2 fem  scent, fragrance • Ve vzduchu byla cítit vYnV lilií. – The air was heavy with the scent of lilies. 18

2390 galerie fem  gallery • Výstava v Galerii Rudolfinum konUí 2. kvVtna. – The exhibition in the Rudolfinum Gallery ends on 2nd May. 18 –S

2391 kamenný adj  stone, stiff • Kolem parku je kamenná zed’. – There is a stone wall around the park. 18

2392 podél prep  along • Procházeli jsme se podél pobXeží. – We walked along the shore. 18

2393 subjekt inan  subject, theme • Lyrický subjekt je v této básni velmi zajímavý. – The lyrical subject is very interesting in the poem. 18 –S –F

2394 polévka fem  soup • Dáme si horkou polévku. – We’ll have some hot soup. 18

2395 odsoudit pf  to condemn, sentence • Byla zajata a odsouzena k smrti. – She was arrested and sentenced to death. 18 –S

2396 kampa3 fem  campaign • Prezidentská kampaW byla zahájena 6. ledna. – The presidential campaign was launched on 6th January. 18 –S

2397 nazvat pf  to call, name • Nazval ho slabochem. – He called him a sissy. 18

2398 opravdový adj  real, true, genuine • Byl jsem jeho jediný opravdový kamarád. – I was his only true friend. 18 –S

2399 usadit (se) pf  to seat, (se) settle • Usadila se v New Yorku. – She settled in New York. 18

2400 odvaha fem  courage • Odvaha mu nechybí. – He doesn’t lack courage. 18

2401 vézt impf  to drive, carry • Vezl jsem je na nádraží. – I drove them to the station. 18 –P

2402 brzký adj  rapid, early • PXejeme vám brzké uzdravení! – We wish you a rapid recovery! 18 –S

2403 uspo4ádat pf  to organize, arrange • UspoXádali jsme festival Ueské kultury v Anglii. – We organized a festival of Czech culture in England. 18 –S

2404 n2kdejší adj  former • }ekl to nVkdejší ministr obrany. – The former minister of defence said it. 18 –S

Frequency index  97 

2405 zvít2zit pf  to win • V Kosovu zvítVzili socialisté. – Socialists have won in Kosovo. 18 –S

2406 pramen inan  source, spring • Studuji všechny dostupné prameny. – I’ve been studying all available sources. 18

2407 shán2t impf  to look for, seek • Sháním práci. – I’m looking for a job. 18 –P

2408 vzáp2tí adv  immediately, speedily • Tým Liberce témVX vzápVtí vyrovnal. – The Liberec team equalized almost immediately. 18 –S

2409 platnost fem  validity, effect • Váš pas má jen omezenou platnost. – Your passport has only limited validity. 18 –S

2410 drsný adj  rough, harsh • Použijeme desku s drsným povrchem. – Use a board with a rough surface. 18

2411 dvacátý num  twentieth • Dvacáté století bylo plné zmVn. – The twentieth century was full of changes. 18

2412 svazek inan  bunch, volume • V jedné kapse našel svazek klíUY. – He found a bunch of keys in one of the pockets. 18 –S

2413 kilo neut  kilo(gram) • PXibral nejmíW deset kilo. – He has put on at least 10 kilos. 18 –P

2414 sbor inan  board, choir • Koncert dVtského sboru mVl velký úspVch. – The children’s choir concert was a great success. 18

2415 obdržet pf  to receive • Policie obdržela pXes šedesát stížností. – The police have received over sixty complaints. 18 –S

2416 natáhnout (se) pf  to stretch, (se) lie down • NemYžu natáhnout nohy. – I can’t stretch my legs. 18 –P

2417 poledne neut  noon • Je už skoro poledne. – It’s almost noon. 18 –P

2418 b2hat impf  to run, jog • PravidelnV bVhá a jezdí na kole. – She regularly goes jogging and cycling. 18 –P

2419 mate4ský adj  mother, maternal • MVla silný mateXský instinkt. – She had a strong maternal instinct. 18

2420 pozadí neut  background, setting • PXíroda tvoXí pozadí dVje. – Nature serves as a background for the plot. 18 –S

2421 d2tství neut  childhood • Tím okamžikem pro ni skonUilo dVtství. – In that moment her childhood ended. 18

2422 voln2 adv  freely, loose • Psi nesmVjí v zahradV volnV bVhat. – Dogs are not allowed to run loose in the garden. 18

2423 veselý adj  cheerful, merry • PXeji veselé Vánoce! – I wish you a Merry Christmas! 17

2424 pokles inan  drop, decrease • Reagují na poklesy teplot. – They react to drops in temperature. 17 –S –F

2425 odvést pf  to take (away) • Chytili mV a odvedli na policii. – They caught me and took me to the police station. 17

2426 šet4it impf  to save, protect • RodiUe léta šetXili na auto. – My parents saved for years to buy a car. 17

2427 jednotný adj  united, single • Jak se stát souUástí jednotného trhu? – How can we become part of the single market? 17 –S

2428 tvrzení neut  statement, hardening • Toto tvrzení nebylo pravdivé. – This statement was not true. 17 –S

2429 rozvíjet (se) impf  to develop • Rozvíjí se automobilový prYmysl. – The automobile industry has been developing. 17

2430 jed inan  poison • Strychnin je prudký jed. – Strychnine is a virulent poison. 17

2431 kapela fem  band • Znáš tu kapelu? – Do you know the band? 17 –P

2432 dopad inan  impact • Negativní dopad nebude velký. – The negative impact won’t be huge. 17

2433 da3ový adj  tax • Byl obvinVn z podvodu a daWových únikY. – He was accused of fraud and tax evasion. 17 –F

2434 p4estávka fem  break, interval • Po dvou setech bývá desetiminutová pXestávka. – There is a ten-minute break after two sets. 17

98  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2435 pršet impf  to rain • ZaUalo hustV pršet. – It started raining heavily. 17 –P

2436 prominout pf  to forgive, excuse • Snad nám UtenáXi prominou. – Hopefully, the readers will forgive us. 17 –P

2437 centimetr inan  centimetre • MVXí 183 centimetrY. – He is 183 centimetres tall. 17

2438 nerv inan  nerve • Ticho mu lezlo na nervy. – The silence was getting on his nerves. 17

2439 ú1astnit se impf  to participate, take part • Ztrácím chut’ úUastnit se politického života. – I am losing the desire to participate in political life. 17 –S

2440 prožívat impf  to go through, experience • Prožívali jsme krušné chvíle. – We were going through some hard times. 17

2441 trávit impf  to spend, poison • VVtšinu Uasu tráví s maminkou. – She spends most of the time with her mum. 17

2442 uplatnit (se) pf  to apply, assert, make use of • Uplatnil vše, co se nauUil. – He made use of everything he learnt. 17 –S

2443 divadelní adj  theatre • Existuje málo dobrých divadelních kritikY. – There are few good theatre critics. 17

2444 obsadit pf  to occupy, assign • Pevnost obsadili vojáci. – The fortress was occupied by soldiers. 17

2445 kolej fem  rail, track, dormitory • BVžel po kolejích za tramvají. – He ran along the tracks to catch the tram. 17

2446 vchod inan  entrance • Náš byt má dva vchody. – Our apartment has two entrances. 17

2447 nazna1it pf  to imply, indicate • NaznaUil kývnutím, že by se napil. – He nodded to indicate he’d like a drink. 17 –S

2448 v2tev fem  branch • Veverka vyskoUila na vVtev nejbližšího stromu. – A squirrel jumped onto a branch of the closest tree. 17

2449 pohlédnout pf  to look • Pohlédl mi do oUí. – He looked into my eyes. 17 +F

2450 vzájemn2 adv  mutually, one another • Ne všechny programy jsou vzájemnV kompatibilní. – Not all programs are mutually compatible. 17

2451 expert anim  expert • MYj bratr je expert na zbranV. – My brother is an expert on weapons. 17

2452 sv2tlý adj  light • Místnost je velmi svVtlá a útulná. – The room is very light and cosy. 17

2453 sbírat impf  to collect, gather • Vzala jsem hrnek a zaUala sbírat borYvky. – I picked up a cup and started collecting blueberries. 17

2454 zvaný adj  called, invited • Gabrielle Chanelová, zvaná Coco, promVnila módu. – Gabrielle Chanel, also called Coco, transformed fashion. 17 –S

2455 obracet (se) impf  to turn • OpatrnV obrací stránky uUebnice. – He turns the pages of the textbook carefully. 17

2456 argument inan  argument • Poslouchal argumenty pro i proti. – He listened to arguments both for and against. 17

2457 ohrozit pf  to endanger • Jedovatý plyn z vesmíru ohrozí celou planetu. – Toxic gas from space will endanger the entire planet. 17 –S

2458 pot2šit pf  to please, cheer up • Jsem nesmírnV potVšen. – I’m extremely pleased. 17

2459 písni1ka fem  song • To je nejhezUí písniUka z celýho muzikálu. – It is the best song in the whole musical. 17 –P

2460 rozbít (se) pf  to break, smash • LupiUi rozbili tabulku v postranních dveXích. – Burglars broke a glass pane in a side door. 17

2461 vyvinout (se) pf  to develop, evolve • Ptáci se vyvinuli z plazY. – Birds evolved from reptiles. 17 –S

2462 odehrát se pf  to occur, happen • Odehrála se tam nVjaká tragédie. – A tragedy occurred there. 17

Frequency index  99 

2463 funk1ní adj  functional, functioning • MYžeme vyrobit funkUní mikrofony velikosti zrnka rýže. – We can make functional microphones the size of a rice grain. 17 –F

2464 téct impf  to flow • Po tváXi mu tekly slzy. – Tears flowed down his cheeks. 17

2465 komer1ní adj  commercial • Nová komerUní televize zahájila vysílání. – A new commercial television network started to broadcast. 17 –F

2466 revoluce fem  revolution • Po sametové revoluci byl prezidentem Václav Havel. – Václav Havel was the President after the Velvet Revolution. 17

2467 církev fem  church • Zabývám se vztahem církve a státu. – I am interested in the relationship between church and state. 17 –S

2468 demokracie fem  democracy • Základem demokracie je možnost svobodné volby. – Democracy is based on free choice. 17

2469 srovnat pf  to arrange, compare • To se nedá srovnat. – You can’t compare them. 17

2470 mechanismus inan  mechanism • NYžky jsou jednoduchý mechanismus dvou ostXí. – Scissors are a simple mechanism consisting of two blades. 17 –S

2471 lid inan  nation, people • Jeho vlastní lid se mu vyhýbal. – His own people avoided him. 17

2472 nesmírn2 adv  extremely, enormously • Je nesmírnV citlivá. – She is extremely sensitive. 17 –S

2473 uplat3ovat impf  to apply, assert • UplatWuje se zásada “neznalost zákona neomlouvá”. – The rule “ignorance of the law is no excuse” applies. 17 –S

2474 zapojit (se) pf  to connect, (se) become involved • Do diskuse se zapojili badatelé z rYzných oborY. – Researchers from various fields became involved in the discussion. 17

2475 o1ekávání neut  expectation • PXekonali naše oUekávání. – They exceeded our expectations. 17 –S

2476 p4ijetí neut  acceptance, welcome • Dostalo se nám vXelého pXijetí. – We were accorded a warm welcome. 17 –S

2477 podez4elý adj/noun  suspicious (adj ), suspect (noun) • Detektiv sestavil seznam podezXelých osob. – The detective compiled a list of suspects. 17

2478 sv2domí neut  conscience • Mám špatné svVdomí. – I have a guilty conscience. 17 –S

2479 zapsat (se) pf  to record, write down, (se) enrol • Do bloku u telefonu si zapsala adresu. – She wrote down the address in a notepad by the telephone. 17

2480 zahlédnout pf  to catch a glimpse • Na okamžik jsem zahlédl svoji podobu v zrcadle. – I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. 17 –S –P

2481 brambor inan  potato • Vhodnou pXílohou k masu jsou brambory. – Potatoes are a suitable side dish to meat. 17

2482 živit (se) impf  to support, (se) make (one’s) living • Živil se jako fotograf na volné noze. – He made his living as a freelance photographer. 17

2483 komunista anim  communist • Komunisti získali ve volbách nižší poUet hlasY. – Communists won fewer votes in the elections. 17 –P

2484 písek inan  sand • Ostrov mVl pláže plné bílého písku. – The island’s beaches were full of white sand. 17

2485 vysko1it pf  to jump out of, jump up • Probudil se a vyskoUil z postele. – He woke up and jumped out of bed. 17 –P

2486 jednoduše adv  simply, easily • Situace je pomVrnV jednoduše Xešitelná. – The situation can be easily resolved. 17

2487 sk4í3 fem  wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet • Vyndala ze skXínV starý kabát. – She pulled an old coat out of the wardrobe. 17

2488 ložnice fem  bedroom • Budu spát v ložnici. – I will sleep in the bedroom. 17

100  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2489 elektronický adj  electronic • Svoje pXipomínky mi poslal elektronickou poštou. – He sent his comments by electronic mail. 17 –S –F

2490 nalít pf  to pour • Nalil jí sklenici vody. – He poured her a glass of water. 17

2491 doprovázet impf  to accompany, see off • Plukovníka doprovázela mladá žena. – The colonel was accompanied by a young woman. 17 –S

2492 hnusný adj  disgusting, nasty • KouXení je fakt hnusný. – Smoking is really disgusting. 17 –P –N

2493 náboženský adj  religious • Nová náboženská hnutí se objevila v 70. letech. – New religious movements emerged in the 70s. 17 –S

2494 usp2t pf  to succeed • Po šesti pokusech jsem nakonec uspVl. – I finally succeeded after six attempts. 17 –S

2495 zlod2j anim  thief • Auto ukradl neznámý zlodVj z parkovištV. – The car was stolen from the car park by an unknown thief. 17 –P

2496 vyrobit pf  to produce, make • Škoda letos plánuje vyrobit 440 tisíc vozidel. – Škoda is planning to produce 440 thousand cars this year. 17

2497 str1it pf  to push • StrUili do nVho tak prudce, že vrazil do stolku. – They pushed him so hard that he hit a small table. 17 –P

2498 dvojí num  dual, double, two • Zákon pXipouští dvojí výklad. – The law can be interpreted in two ways. 17

2499 rostlina fem  plant • Doma pVstuji masožravé rostliny. – I grow carnivorous plants at home.

2500 houba fem  mushroom • Chutnalo jim maso dušený na houbách. – They liked stewed meat with mushrooms. 17

2501 doporu1it pf  to recommend • DoporuUil jsem mu, aby tam jel sám. – I recommended that he go there alone. 17

2502 1ist2 part  solely • Lže UistV pro radost. – He lies solely for the fun of it. 17

2503 procházka fem  walk • Malá procházka venku by ti prospVla. – A short walk outside would do you good. 17

2504 dostatek inan  sufficiency • Byl tam dostatek surovin. – There was a sufficiency of raw materials. 17 –S

2505 kamera fem  (video) camera • ParkovištV je sledováno bezpeUnostními kamerami. – The car park is monitored by security cameras. 17

2506 b2žn2 adv  commonly, frequently • V parku lze bVžnV vidVt i slony. – In the park, you can frequently see elephants. 17

2507 podobat se impf  to be similar, look like • Dcery se Uasto podobají matkám. – Daughters often look like their mothers. 17 –S

2508 komunistický adj  communist • Mnohé komunistické zloUiny zYstaly nepotrestány. – Many communist crimes remained unpunished. 17

2509 reforma fem  reform • Poslanci zamítli návrh reformy školství. – Deputies voted down the education reform bill. 17 –S –F

2510 zákaz inan  prohibition, restriction • NechtVla porušovat náboženské pXedpisy a zákazy. – She did not want to break religious rules and restrictions.

17 –S


12  Colours bílý  383  white

modrý  927  blue

st4íbrný  2361  silver

1erný  398  black

žlutý  1532  yellow

šedý  2534  grey

1ervený  687  red

hn2dý  2148  brown

šedivý  3348  grey

zelený  798  green

rudý  2243  red, crimson

oranžový  4506  orange

zlatý  801  golden

r5žový  2303  pink

Frequency index  101 

2511 vlastník anim  owner • Je vlastníkem krásného domu. – He is the owner of a beautiful house. 17 –S

2512 proniknout pf  to penetrate, infiltrate • Pronikl jejich obranou. – He penetrated their defence. 17 –S

2513 poznatek inan  (piece of ) knowledge, finding • LéUba je založena na vVdeckých poznatcích. – The treatment is based on scientific knowledge. 17 –S

2514 ocenit pf  to value, evaluate • U nového auta ocenili úUinné brzdy. – What they valued about the new car was its efficient braking system. 17

2515 v2dec anim  scholar • VVdci sledují ohrožené druhy zvíXat. – Scholars have monitored endangered animal species. 17 –S

2516 výkonný adj  executive, efficient • Je to velmi výkonný pracovník. – He is a very efficient worker. 17 –S

2517 absolutní adj  absolute, total • Poprvé poznal, co je absolutní vyUerpání. – He experienced total exhaustion for the first time. 17 –S

2518 standardní adj  standard • Standardní doba studia je pVt let. – The standard length of study is five years. 17 –F

2519 provázet impf  to escort, accompany • PXíchod dVtí na svVt provází bolest. – The arrival of children into the world is accompanied by pain. 17 –S

2520 komentovat biasp  to comment • Prezident komentoval rozhodnutí vlády. – The president commented on the government’s decision. 17

2521 litr inan  litre • PXidejte litr vody. – Add a litre of water. 17

2522 pohnout (se) pf  to move, (se) make a move • Nikdo se ani nepohnul. – Nobody dared to move. 17

2523 mocný adj  powerful, mighty • Kdo je nejmocnVjší muž planety? – Who is the most powerful man on the planet? 17 –S

2524 p4ijatelný adj  acceptable • Pokoušel se najít pXijatelnou odpovVd’. – He tried to find an acceptable answer. 17 –S

2525 nápis inan  inscription, sign, notice • KoneUnV zahlédl ceduli s nápisem Praha. – He finally saw the sign saying “Prague”. 17

2526 styd2t se impf  to be ashamed, be shy • Stydím se za to, že jsem vás zklamal. – I am ashamed to have disappointed you. 17 –P

2527 královský adj  royal, kingly • Princ Charles je Ulenem britské královské rodiny. – Prince Charles is a member of the royal family. 17 –S

2528 vzniklý adj  incurred, established • Vzniklé škody uhradí pojišt’ovna. – The damage incurred will be covered by the insurance company. 17 –S

2529 telefonní adj  telephone • PotXebuji tvoje telefonní Uíslo a adresu. – I need your telephone number and address. 17

2530 dopl3ovat (se) impf  to fill up, complement • Prezentaci doplWují tabulky a grafy. – The presentation is complemented by tables and charts. 17

2531 hrob inan  grave • ZernV odVná žena nosí na hrob kvVtiny. – A woman clad in black brings flowers to the grave. 17

2532 vstupovat impf  to enter • Zastavil se na prahu a nevstupoval do místnosti. – He stopped at the threshold and did not enter the room. 17 –S

2533 d5chod inan  pension, retirement • Odcházím do pXedUasného dYchodu. – I am going to take early retirement. 17

2534 šedý adj  grey • MVla nakrátko ostXíhané šedé vlasy. – She had short grey hair. 17

2535 brn2nský adj  Brno • Studoval na brnVnské filozofické fakultV. – He studied at the Brno faculty of arts. 17 –S –F

2536 sn2movna fem  chamber (of parliament) • Poslanecká snVmovna schválila státní rozpoUet. – The Chamber of Deputies passed the state budget. 17 –S –F

2537 kráva fem  cow • Krávy okusovaly novou trávu. – Cows nibbled on fresh grass. 17

2538 japonský adj  Japanese • Obléká se s pYvabem japonské gejši. – She dresses with the grace of a Japanese geisha. 17 –S

102  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2539 charakteristický adj  characteristic, typical • Olivový olej má charakteristickou vYni. – Olive oil has a characteristic aroma. 17 –S

2540 unavený adj  tired • VeUer jsem byla unavená z práce. – In the evening I was tired from work. 17 –P

2541 bitva fem  battle • Bitva na Bílé hoXe se odehrála v roce 1620. – The Battle of White Mountain took place in 1620. 17

2542 mládež fem  youth, the young • Píše dobrodružné knížky pro mládež. – He writes adventure stories for the young. 17

2543 div inan  wonder • Není divu, že jsi zklamaný. – No wonder you’re disappointed. 17

2544 chata fem  cottage, weekend house, lodge • V nedVli se vrátili z chaty domY. – On Sunday, they returned home from the cottage. 17 –P

2545 týkající se adj  concerning, related to • Studenti kladli otázky týkající se zkoušek. – The students asked questions concerning exams. 17 –S

2546 stanovený adj  set, fixed, stipulated • Stanovených cílY není možné dosáhnout. – The set goals are impossible to achieve. 16 –S

2547 zrcadlo neut  mirror • Podíval se do zrcadla. – He looked into the mirror. 16

2548 vypracovat pf  to develop, devise • Rychle jsem vypracoval nový plán. – I quickly developed a new plan. 16

2549 tahat impf  to pull, force, drag • Bil mV a tahal mV za vlasy. – He hit me and pulled my hair. 16 –P

2550 droga fem  drug, narcotic • Ten barák je plnej obchodníkY s drogama. – That building is full of drug dealers. 16 –S

2551 uspo4ádání neut  organization, structure • UspoXádání molekul krystalu záleží na teplotV. – The structure of crystal molecules depends on the temperature. 16 –S

2552 sousední adj  neighbouring, adjacent • Motýli odlétli do sousední zahrady. – Butterflies flew into the neighbouring garden. 16 –S

2553 komora fem  utility room, chamber • Jedny dveXe vedly do komory a druhé do prádelny. – One door led to the utility room, the other to the laundry. 16 –S

2554 v21ný adj  eternal, everlasting, never-ending • Jeho osudem je vVUné cestování. – Never-ending travelling is his fate. 16

2555 dav inan  crowd • Okolo se vytvoXil dav asi pVti tisíc lidí. – A crowd of about five thousand people gathered around. 16

2556 soudce anim  judge, referee • Soudce ani porota jeho líUení nevVXili. – Neither the judge nor the jury believed his version. 16 –S

2557 zasmát se pf  to laugh • Doktor se pobavenV zasmál. – The doctor laughed amusedly. 16 –P

2558 zahájení neut  opening, beginning, launch • TVším se na slavnostní zahájení výstavy. – I am looking forward to the exhibition opening. 16 –S

2559 p4ispívat impf  to contribute • PXi psaní mi otec pXispíval dobrými radami. – My father contributed good advice to my writing. 16 –S

2560 obloha fem  sky • Na obloze spatXil první hvVzdu. – He saw the first star in the sky. 16

2561 st4ídat (se) impf  to change, (se) take turns • V práci se stXídali. – They took turns at work. 16

2562 oble1ení neut  clothes, clothing • Kupuje si obleUení bez vyzkoušení. – She buys clothes without trying them on. 16

2563 mobilní adj  mobile • Lidé si zvykli používat mobilní telefony. – People got used to using mobile phones. 16 –S –F

2564 kout inan  corner, nook • Posvítila si do všech koutY místnosti. – She threw light into all corners in the room. 16

2565 schovat (se) pf  to hide • Peníze schoval do skXíWky. – He hid the money in a cabinet. 16 –P

2566 premiéra fem  premiere • Film mVl svou premiéru na festivalu. – The film’s premiere was at the festival. 16

Frequency index  103 

2567 výjime1ný adj  exceptional, extraordinary • Ihned rozpoznali jeho výjimeUný talent. – They immediately recognized his extraordinary talent. 16 –S

2568 automaticky adv  automatically • PXístroj se automaticky vypnul. – The machine turned off automatically. 16

2569 vlézt pf  to get into, go into • Vlezl do postele, ale nemohl usnout. – He got into bed but could not go to sleep. 16 –P

2570 zázrak inan  miracle, wonder • Medicína dnes už dokáže bezmála zázraky. – Nowadays, medicine can almost work miracles. 16

2571 pomalý adj  slow • KonV se dali do pomalého klusu. – The horses broke into a slow trot. 16

2572 linie fem  line, outline • Maskovaný vYz prorazil obrannou linii. – A camouflaged car broke through the defensive line. 16 –S

2573 zd5raz3ovat impf  to emphasize, point out • Zasto zdYrazWoval své pracovní zásluhy. – He often emphasized the merits of his work. 16 –S

2574 nazna1ovat impf  to imply, indicate • Na první pohled nic nenaznaUovalo, že je šílenec. – At first sight, nothing indicated that he was a madman. 16 –S

2575 sov2tský adj  Soviet • Jako zbraW mVl sovVtský kalašnikov. – His weapon was a Soviet Kalashnikov. 16

2576 básník anim  poet • Karel Hynek Mácha je Ueský básník. – Karel Hynek Mácha is a Czech poet. 16 –S

2577 úst4ední adj  central, main • ÚstXedním námVtem hry je mytologie. – Mythology is the central theme of the play. 16 –S

2578 zlo1in inan  crime • NejtVžším zloUinem je vražda. – Murder is the most serious crime. 16 –S

2579 manželství neut  marriage • Každé tXetí manželství konUí rozvodem. – Every third marriage ends in a divorce. 16

2580 pokuta fem  penalty, fine • Za výtržnictví jim hrozí penVžitá pokuta. – They face a fine for disturbance of the peace. 16

2581 shoda fem  agreement, correspondence • V základních otázkách naštVstí panuje shoda. – Fortunately, there is agreement on the fundamental questions. 16

2582 zadarmo adv  (for) free • AspoW dostal zadarmo najíst. – At least he got to eat for free. 16 –P

2583 heslo neut  password, slogan, headword • ZapomnVla své heslo na poUítaU. – She forgot her computer password. 16

2584 dodávka fem  delivery, supply, van • PXerušili dodávku pitné vody. – They disconnected the drinking water supply. 16 –S

2585 odrážet (se) impf  to reflect, mirror, bounce • SluneUní svVtlo se odráží od snVhu. – Sunlight is reflected off the snow. 16 –S

2586 trat’ fem  railway, track • }ítili se k železniUní trati za lesem. – They were dashing towards the railway behind the forest. 16

2587 cyklus inan  cycle, series • Vývojový cyklus tohoto parazita trvá nVkolik let. – A parasite’s development cycle takes several years. 16 –S

2588 regionální adj  regional • Chystá se stavba regionálního letištV. – The construction of a regional airfield is in preparation. 16 –S –F

2589 plot inan  fence, fencing • SkoUil jsem pXes plot do sousední zahrady. – I jumped over the fence to the neighbouring garden. 16

2590 román inan  novel • Pustil se do Utení románu o 500 stránkách. – He started reading a 500-page novel. 16 –S

2591 dopustit (se) pf  to allow, (se) commit • Kolega se dopustil pojišt’ovacího podvodu. – A colleague committed insurance fraud. 16

2592 omezovat (se) impf  to limit, reduce, cut down • SpoleUnosti dnes omezují investice do údržby. – These days, companies cut down on maintenance investments. 16

2593 chemický adj  chemical • S chemickými látkami zacházejte opatrnV. – Handle chemical substances with care. 16

104  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2594 odsud adv  from here • Vy nejste odsud. – You are not from here. 16 –P

2595 rozhodování neut  decision-making • Zeká nás tVžké rozhodování. – We’re facing a difficult decision-making process. 16 –S

2596 p4enést (se) pf  to carry, transfer, (se) get over • Rostlinu pXeneseme na lépe osvVtlené místo. – Transfer the plant to a better-lit spot. 16

2597 vyzvat pf  to invite, ask • Prezident vyzval obUany, aby se zúUastnili voleb. – The president asked the citizens to participate in the elections. 16 –S

2598 mívat impf  to have • Dopoledne mívám vždycky moc práce. – I usually have a lot of work in the morning. 16

2599 tenký adj  thin • Cibuli nakrájejte na tenké plátky. – Cut the onions into thin slices. 16

2600 povolení neut  permission, permit • Sehnal si pracovní povolení pro Spojené státy. – He acquired a work permit for the United States. 16

2601 rozší4ený adj  widespread, extended • NejrozšíXenVjší lehkou drogou je marihuana. – Marihuana is the most widespread soft drug. 16 –S

2602 porucha fem  breakdown, malfunction, failure • Trpí vážnou duševní poruchou. – He is suffering from a serious mental breakdown. 16 –S

2603 orientace fem  orientation, inclination • Naším cílem je orientace na zákazníka. – Orientation to the customer is our goal. 16 –S

2604 logický adj  logical, rational • Navrhla logické a vVcné Xešení problému. – She suggested a logical and rational solution to the problem. 16

2605 zóna fem  zone, area • Vybudovali moderní prYmyslovou zónu. – They built a modern industrial zone. 16

2606 podn2t inan  impulse, stimulus • Mám hodnV nových podnVtY k pXemýšlení. – I have many new stimuli to think about. 16 –S

2607 op4ít (se) pf  to lean • Musel se opXít o stVnu, aby nespadl. – He had to lean against the wall so as not to fall over. 16

2608 desetiletí neut  decade • Známe se už nVkolik desetiletí. – We have known each other for several decades. 16 –S

2609 v2rný adj  loyal, faithful • Pes je vVrný pXítel svého pána. – A dog is its master’s loyal friend. 16 –S

2610 ekologický adj  ecological • Výstavbu dálnice blokují ekologiUtí aktivisté. – The construction of the motorway is being blocked by ecological activists. 16 –S –F

2611 obrat inan  turn, change, phrase • Byl to jen XeUnický obrat. – It was just a rhetorical phrase. 16

2612 stoupnout (si) pf  to rise, step, (si) stand up • Od zaUátku roku ceny stouply o Utvrtinu. – Since the beginning of the year, the prices have risen by one quarter. 16

2613 kdokoli pron  anyone, anybody • Rozumíš tomu víc než kdokoli jiný. – You understand it better than anybody else. 16

2614 respektovat impf  to respect, abide, comply • Své názory vzájemnV respektovali. – They respected each other’s views. 16 –S

2615 tla1it (se) impf  to push, press, (se) be crowded • Dav mV tlaUil dopXedu. – The crowd pushed me forward. 16

2616 u1ení neut  doctrine, learning, teaching • Proces uUení ovlivWují fyziologické faktory. – The learning process is influenced by physiological factors. 16

2617 definovat biasp  to define, specify • Agregaci definujeme jako vztah celku k jedné Uásti. – Aggregation is defined as a relationship of a whole to one part. 16 –S –F

2618 blbost fem  crap, nonsense • Nevykládej mi takový blbosti. – Don’t give me that crap. 16 –P

2619 d5raz inan  stress, emphasis, accent • Firma klade velký dYraz na služby. – The company places most emphasis on services. 16 –S

2620 odm2na fem  reward, bonus • Za to si zaslouží poXádnou odmVnu. – He deserves a hefty reward for this. 16

2621 prachy inan pl  money, cash • Máš ty prachy? – Do you have the money? 16 –P

Frequency index  105 

2622 p4enos inan  broadcast, transmission, transfer • Nová technologie zajišt’uje spolehlivý pXenos dat. – The new technology ensures reliable data transfer. 16 –S –F

2623 jezero neut  lake • Ptáci hnízdili na bXehu jezera. – Birds nested on the shore of the lake. 16

2624 posílit pf  to strengthen, boost • Pochvala mu posílila sebevVdomí. – The praise boosted his self-confidence. 16

2625 dramatický adj  dramatic • V mém životV nastaly dramatické zmVny. – Dramatic changes occurred in my life. 16 –S

2626 mnohdy adv  often, frequently • PlísnV pXežívají mnohdy i nVkolik let. – Fungi often survive for several years. 16 –S

2627 patrný adj  visible, evident • Všude byly patrné známky války. – Signs of war were visible everywhere. 16 –S

2628 vozit (se) impf  to transport, drive, (se) ride • Vlaky vozily vVznV na SibiX. – Trains transported prisoners to Siberia. 16 –P

2629 zamí4it pf  to head for, aim, direct • Lod’ka zamíXila k pXístavu. – The boat headed for the port. 16 –S –P

2630 investovat biasp  to invest • Vyplatí se investovat do nových technologií. – It is worth investing in new technologies. 16

2631 spole1enství neut  community, association • Evropská unie je spoleUenstvím evropských státY. – The European Union is a community of European countries. 16 –S

2632 projet (se) pf  to drive through, (se) go for a ride • Jela by ses projet na kole? – Would you go for a bike ride? 16 –P

2633 marn2 adv  in vain, vainly • Celý týden marnV Uekala na odpovVd’. – She waited in vain for the reply all last week. 16 –S

2634 kanál inan  channel, sewer • PXepínala televizní kanály podle libosti. – She changed channels at will. 16

2635 vyndat pf  to take out, pull out, remove • Už sem vyndala vykrajovátka na cukroví. – I have taken out cookie cutters. 16 –P –N

2636 tat’ka anim  daddy • Koupil pár piv pro tat’ku. – He bought a few beers for his daddy. 16 +S

2637 dle prep  according to, in compliance with • Dávkování lékY se upravuje dle intenzity pXíznakY. – The drug dosage is adjusted according to the intensity of symptoms. 16 –S

2638 peklo neut  hell • Jeho život se promVnil v peklo. – His life turned into a living hell. 16

2639 prosazovat (se) impf  to push through, (se) assert • Opozice zkouší prosazovat nové zákony. – The opposition is trying to push through new laws. 16

2640 v1erejší adj  yesterday’s • OhXála si zbytek vUerejší veUeXe. – She reheated leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. 16 –S –P

2641 demokratický adj  democratic • Koncem roku se konaly první demokratické volby. – The first democratic elections took place at the end of the year. 16 –S

2642 zavedení neut  launching, implementation • Odmítáme zavedení povinné vojenské služby. – We refuse the implementation of compulsory military service. 16 –S –F

2643 odhadovat impf  to estimate • Odborníci odhadují cenu na milión liber. – Experts estimate the price will be a million pounds. 16 –S

2644 zelenina fem  vegetable(s) • Zeleninu nakrájíme nadrobno a podusíme. – Chop the vegetables finely and stew. 16

2645 základna fem  base, outpost • V noci napadla letadla vojenskou základnu. – At night, planes attacked a military base. 16 –S

2646 zapomínat impf  to forget • Nikdy nezapomínám obliUeje. – I never forget faces. 16

2647 trasa fem  route, trail, itinerary • Turisté mohou jít po trase dlouhé 12 km. – Tourists can follow a 12-kilometre trail. 16

2648 kamarádka fem  friend • Se svou kamarádkou ve všem souhlasila. – She agreed with her friend on everything. 16 –P

2649 uslyšet pf  to hear • Ve vedlejší místnosti uslyšel hlasy. – He heard voices from the adjoining room. 16

106  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2650 setkávat se impf  to meet, encounter • NejUastVji se s korupcí setkávají mladí lidé. – Young people encounter corruption most often. 16 –S

2651 podrobný adj  detailed, elaborate • Musel jsem sepsat pXesnou a podrobnou zprávu. – I had to compile an accurate and detailed report.

2664 p4íkaz inan  order, command • Chystal se dát pXíkaz k palbV. – He was going to give the order to fire. 16 –S

2665 skrz prep  through • Skrz špinavé okno nebylo nic vidVt. – You couldn’t see anything through the dirty window. 16

16 –S

2652 plakat impf  to cry, weep • Naposledy plakal ještV jako dítV. – The last time he cried, he was a small child. 16

2653 zam24ený adj  oriented, directed, aimed • Pokusy byly zamVXené na úUinky jedovatých plynY. – The experiments were directed on the effects of poisonous gasses. 16 –F

2654 podklad inan  basis, foundation, documents • Její výpovVd’ byla podkladem pro trestní stíhání. – Her dismissal was the basis for criminal prosecution. 16 –S

2655 mládí neut  youth • UvVdomila jsem si, že mládí je pryU. – I realized that my youth was gone. 16

2656 postihnout pf  to affect, strike • Haiti bylo postiženo zemVtXesením. – Haiti was struck by an earthquake. 16 –S

2657 dobrá part  all right • Dobrá tedy. – All right, then. 16

2658 úto1ník anim  attacker, striker • VystXelila po nejbližším útoUníkovi. – She shot at the nearest attacker. 16 –S –P

2659 á interj  ah, oh • “Á, už vím,” pokývala hlavou. – “Ah, I know,” she nodded. 16 –P –N

2660 odehrávat se impf  to take place • Konflikt se odehrával v okrajových Uástech Eurasie. – The conflict took place in the Eurasian periphery. 16

2661 p4esv2d1ení neut  conviction, belief • Utvrdil se v pXesvVdUení, že jsme lupiUi. – His conviction that we were burglars became stronger. 16 –S

2662 nástup inan  entrance, boarding, start • PXelom století se vyznaUuje nástupem nové generace. – The turn of the century marks the start of a new generation. 16

2663 poškodit pf  to damage, harm • Budovu poškodila exploze. – The building was damaged by an explosion. 16 –S

2666 dýchat impf  to breathe • Zhluboka dýchal, aby se uklidnil. – He breathed deeply to calm down. 16

2667 snídan2 fem  breakfast • Nejlepší snídanV jsou smažená vajíUka na slaninV. – Eggs fried with bacon are the best breakfast. 16 –P

2668 kolikrát num  (how) many times • Kolikrát to mám Xíkat? – How many times do I have to say it? 16 –P

2669 literární adj  literary • Dekameron je neslavnVjším literárním dílem renesance. – The Decameron is the most famous Renaissance literary work. 16

2670 navzdory prep  despite, in spite • Pustili se do toho navzdory pochybnostem. – They went ahead despite their doubts. 16 –S

2671 zvedat (se) impf  to pick up, lift, (se) rise • Ten kufr museli zvedat dva chlapi. – It took two guys to lift the suitcase. 16

2672 ahoj interj  hi, hello, bye • Ahoj, jak se máš? – Hi, how are you? 16 –P –N

2673 slavit impf  to celebrate • PXed týdnem slavil padesáté narozeniny. – He celebrated his fiftieth birthday a week ago. 16

2674 po1íta1ový adj  computer • Obraz je analyzován pomocí poUítaUového programu. – The image is analysed by a computer program. 16 –F

2675 rušit impf  to disturb, cancel • Je mi líto, že vás ruším tak pozdV. – I am sorry to disturb you so late. 16

2676 volební adj  election, electoral • Ve volební kampani se dopustili vážných chyb. – They made serious mistakes in the election campaign. 16 –S –F

2677 zanechat pf  to leave, give up, quit • Sledovali stopy, které v trávV zanechal kYW. – They followed the traces left in the grass by a horse. 16 –S

Frequency index  107 

2678 t2lesný adj  physical, bodily, corporal • TVlesné tresty ve školách jsou zakázány. – Corporal punishment is forbidden in schools. 16 –S

2679 nakupovat impf  to shop, go shopping • Zítra pojedeme nakupovat obleUení. – Tomorrow we are going to shop for clothes. 16

2680 obojí num  both, either • MVla na sobV halenku a šortky, oboje promoUené. – She was wearing a blouse and shorts, both soaked. 16

2681 obdobný adj  similar • Je to obdobný problém. – It is a similar problem. 16 –S –F

2682 získaný adj  acquired • Zást získaných prostXedkY vVnujeme na prevenci. – We will donate part of the funds acquired to prevention. 16 –S

2683 nadávat impf  to scold, swear • Já se bojim, že mnV ta paní bude nadávat. – I am afraid that the lady will scold me. 16 –P

2684 filozofie fem  philosophy • Nerozumí ani filozofii, ani literatuXe. – He doesn’t understand either philosophy or literature. 16

2685 malí4 anim  painter, decorator • PXece všichni malíXi malujou akty. – All painters paint nudes, don’t they? 16

2686 odjížd2t impf  to leave, depart • PospVš si, odjíždíme. – Hurry up, we’re leaving. 16 –P

2687 cukr inan  sugar • Dala si do Uaje moc cukru. – She put too much sugar in her tea. 15

2688 spolehlivý adj  reliable • Podnik se opírá o spolehlivou statistiku obyvatelstva. – The company depends on reliable population statistics. 15

2689 p4irozen2 adv  naturally, of course • Choval se pXirozenV, a to se všem líbilo. – He behaved naturally and everybody liked it. 15

2690 p5lnoc fem  midnight • Chodili jsme Uasto spát až po pYlnoci. – We would often go to bed after midnight. 15 –P

2691 žádoucí adj  desirable, attractive • Takové jednání je spoleUensky žádoucí. – Such behaviour is socially desirable. 15 –S

2692 otevírat (se) impf  to open • Monika má strach pXed zlodVji, okno otevírá zXídka. – Monika is afraid of burglars so she rarely opens the window. 15

2693 radit (se) impf  to advise, (se) consult • Radila jí, at’ se tomu zasmVje. – She advised her to laugh at it. 15

2694 rozdílný adj  different, dissimilar • Na literaturu jsme mVli naprosto rozdílné názory. – We had totally different opinions about literature. 15 –S

2695 hospodá4ství neut  economy, farm • Naše hospodáXství je silnV závislé na vývozu. – Our economy depends heavily on exports. 15 –S

2696 mokrý adj  wet • Tráva byla po dešti ještV mokrá. – The grass was still wet after the rain. 15

2697 oslovit pf  to address • Projektem chceme oslovit velké množství lidí. – We want to address many people with this project. 15

2698 odvolat (se) pf  to withdraw, take back • Oba výroky jako nepravdivé odvolal. – He took back both statements as being untrue. 15

2699 vyšet4ování neut  investigation, enquiry • Pracovala v oddVlení pro vyšetXování vražd. – She worked in the murder investigation department. 15 –S

2700 zve4ejnit pf  to publish, release • Policie zveXejnila jen nejnutnVjší informace. – The police released only the minimum of information necessary. 15 –S

2701 dosažení neut  achievement, reaching • Naším cílem je dosažení vnitXní rovnováhy. – Our goal is the achievement of inner equilibrium. 15 –S –F

2702 brácha anim  brother, buddy • Tak pod’, brácho. – Let’s go, buddy. 15 –P

2703 bytost fem  being, creature • V pohádkách vystupují nadpXirozené bytosti. – Supernatural beings appear in fairy tales. 15 –S

2704 skladba fem  composition, structure • Obrázek pXedstavuje skladbu motorových paliv. – The image represents the structure of motor fuels. 15

108  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2705 charakterizovat biasp  to characterize, describe • Jak byste charakterizovala svoji novou knihu? – How would you characterize your new book?

2719 skála fem  rock • Ve vápencové skále byly jeskynV proražené vVtrem. – The caverns in the limestone rock were formed by the wind. 15

15 –S

2706 hádat (se) impf  to guess, (se) argue • Hádali se kvYli každé maliUkosti. – They argued about every trifle. 15 –P

2707 pohádka fem  fairy tale • Zasto Utu dVtem pohádky. – I often read fairy tales to my children. 15

2708 socha fem  statue, sculpture • Od téhož autora jsou také sochy na mostV. – The statues on the bridge are also by the same sculptor. 15

2709 kecat impf  to chat, talk rubbish • Kecali jsme spolu dvV hodiny. – We were chatting for two hours. 15 –P –N

2710 takovýto pron  such, as follows • Byl jsem za takovéto pXivítání vdVUný. – I was grateful for such a welcome. 15 –S

2711 výpov2d’ fem  testimony, statement, dismissal • VýpovVdi oUitých svVdkY jsou nespolehlivé. – Eye-witness statements are unreliable. 15

2712 po4adí neut  order, sequence • Zetl jména v abecedním poXadí. – He read the names in alphabetical order. 15

2713 posunout (se) pf  to move, advance • Simon posunul podnos s konvicí pXes stYl. – Simon moved the tray with the pot across the table. 15

2714 kouknout (se) pf  to look, peek • Kouknu se na to zítra. – I’ll look at it tomorrow. 15 –P –N

2715 mistrovství neut  championship, mastery • Hokejisté zvítVzili i na mistrovství svVta. – The hockey players also won the world championship. 15 –F

2716 tv5rce anim  creator, maker • TvYrci reklam si osvojili techniku sloganY. – Advertisement makers adopted the slogan technique. 15 –S

2717 upadnout pf  to fall (down), drop • ZatoUila se mu hlava, takže málem upadl. – He felt so dizzy he almost fell down. 15

2718 p4íšt2 adv  next time • Vrátím ti to, až pXíštV pojedu kolem. – I will return it next time I come by. 15 –P

2720 letecký adj  air • Cestující si stVžují na zpožd’ování letecké dopravy. – Passengers complain about delays in air transport. 15

2721 aspekt inan  aspect • DYležitým aspektem uUení je oblast myšlení. – Thinking is an important aspect of learning. 15 –S

2722 k4íž inan  cross • VVnovala peníze Zervenému kXíži. – She donated money to the Red Cross. 15

2723 výhradn2 adv  exclusively • Dnes je tato práce výhradnV mužskou záležitostí. – Nowadays, this job is an exclusively male matter. 15 –S

2724 kapitán anim  captain • Jen kapitán a já tady zYstáváme. – Only the captain and I are staying here. 15

2725 dotaz inan  query, question • Musíte odpovVdVt na všechny jeho dotazy. – We have to answer all of his questions. 15

2726 podnikání neut  enterprise, business • Projekt podpoXí stXední podnikání. – The project will support medium-size businesses. 15 –S

2727 s5l fem  salt • Podej mi sYl na toho kapra. – Please pass me the salt for the carp. 15

2728 vázat (se) impf  to bind, (se) bond • Jste vázán zpovVdním tajemstvím? – Are you bound by the seal of confession? 15

2729 pytel inan  bag, sack • Celý den skládali pytle brambor. – They spent the whole day unloading sacks of potatoes. 15

2730 soustava fem  system • Existují hypotézy o vzniku sluneUní soustavy. – There are hypotheses about the origin of the solar system. 15 –S

2731 opravit pf  to repair, correct • DVlníci opravili nástupištV a vestibul stanice. – The workers repaired the platform and the station entrance hall. 15

Frequency index  109 

2732 ranní adj  morning • PXišli si vypít ranní kávu. – They came to have their morning coffee. 15

2733 pohodlný adj  comfortable, easy, lazy • Rozvalovali se v pohodlných kXeslech. – They were sprawling in comfortable armchairs. 15

2734 koupelna fem  bathroom • MYj otec se právV holil v koupelnV. – My father was shaving in the bathroom. 15

2735 zajet pf  to drive up, run over • MYže zajet do mVsta a ubytovat se v hotelu. – He can drive up to the town and stay at a hotel. 15 –P

2736 stanovisko neut  standpoint • Tyto komentáXe vyjadXují stanoviska listu. – These comments express the newspaper’s standpoint. 15 –S

2737 umírat impf  to die • NejdXív byl jen nemocnej, ale ted’ umírá. – First he was ill, now he is dying. 15

2738 definitivn2 adv  definitely, finally • Tím jeho politická kariéra definitivnV skonUila. – That definitely put an end to his political career. 15 –S

2739 jelikož conj  as, since • Jelikož jsem umVla XeUi, brzy jsem sehnala práci. – As I knew languages, I quickly found a job. 15

2740 kovový adj  metal • Ve svVtle záXivek spatXil velké kovové trubky. – He saw big metal pipes in the light of the fluorescent tubes. 15

2741 zvát impf  to invite • Zvala sousedy na veUeXi. – She invited her neighbours for dinner. 15

2742 nábytek inan  furniture • Všechen nábytek mám po rodinV. – I have inherited all the furniture from my family. 15

2743 mimochodem part  by the way • A mimochodem, už jste vidVl naše kanceláXe? – By the way, have you seen our offices? 15

2744 vyst4ídat (se) pf  to replace, (se) take turns • Krátký sestXih vystXídaly dlouhé, rozpuštVné vlasy. – Short haircuts were replaced by long hair worn loose. 15

2745 nutn2 adv  necessarily • TVlesné postižení nemusí nutnV znamenat izolaci. – A physical handicap does not necessarily mean isolation. 15

2746 spravedlnost fem  justice • Spravedlnost bez lásky Uiní UlovVka tvrdým. – Justice without love makes a man hard. 15 –S

2747 seriál inan  series • Jeden má rád televizní seriály, jiný Almodóvara. – One likes television series, another Almodóvar. 15

2748 nesmysl inan  nonsense • To je pXece holej nesmysl! – It’s obviously utter nonsense! 15 –P

2749 ba part  even • Jeho nadávky ji pXekvapily, ba témVX šokovaly. – His insults surprised and even shocked her. 15

2750 p4ístupný adj  accessible • Nákladový prostor je pXístupný prosklenými dveXmi. – The freight space is accessible through a glass door. 15

2751 zjišt’ovat impf  to find out, determine • Zatím zjišt’ujeme rozsah zpYsobených škod. – So far, we have been determining the extent of damage. 15

2752 úvod inan  introduction, preface • Tato XeU byla jen úvodem k dalšímu výkladu. – This speech was a mere introduction to further explanation. 15

13  Animals pes  764  dog

prase  3021  pig

slepice  4505  hen, chicken

k53  1247  horse

ku4e  3806  chicken

lev  4673  lion

ryba  1759  fish

myš  3876  mouse

medv2d  4721  bear

pták  1879  bird

had  4144  snake

hmyz  4862  insect

ko1ka  2215  cat

moucha  4495  fly

dobytek  4966  livestock, cattle

kráva  2537  cow

110  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2753 p4ítelkyn2 fem  girlfriend • Kluci hledají pXítelkyni a ne vVšák na šaty. – Boys look for girlfriends, not for clothes racks. 15

2754 údolí neut  valley • V údolí huUí široká Xeka. – A wide river roars through the valley. 15

2755 dotýkat se impf  to touch, concern • KoneUky prstY se dotýkala jeho vlasY. – She was touching his hair with the tips of her fingers. 15 –S

2756 nízko adv  low • Letadlo letVlo velmi nízko. – The plane flew very low. 15

2757 ovoce neut  fruit • V okolí se pVstuje ovoce, zelenina a vinná réva. – Around here they grow fruit, vegetables and grapes. 15

2758 vzr5st pf  to rise, increase, grow (up) • Zájem o vysokoškolské studium vzrostl. – Interest in university study has increased. 15 –S

2759 zem2d2lský adj  farming, agricultural • PrYmyslová oblast pXechází v zemVdVlskou krajinu. – The industrial area changes into an agricultural landscape. 15

2760 v5dce anim  leader, guide • VYdce musí jít pXíkladem. – The leader must be an example. 15 –S

2761 ukládat impf  to put, save up • Celý den ukládá do pXihrádek boty. – He puts shoes on racks all day. 15

2762 falešný adj  false • Tohle je falešná stopa. – This is a false lead. 15

2763 uživatel anim  user • Databázový systém umožWuje práci více uživatelY. – The database system allows for multiple users. 15 –S –F

2764 výdaj inan  expense • Vláda mYže nVkteré výdaje o rok pozdržet. – The government can defer some expenses by a year. 15 –S

2765 uva4it pf  to boil, cook • TVstoviny uvaXíme v osolené vodV domVkka. – Cook the pasta in salty water until soft. 15

2766 bar inan  bar • Sešli se u koktejlového baru. – They met at the cocktail bar. 15

2767 zabrat pf  to occupy, take (up) • Postel by tu zabrala pXíliš mnoho místa. – A bed would take up too much room here. 15

2768 tempo neut  pace, rate • Dodržujte vhodné pracovní tempo. – Keep a suitable work rate. 15 –S

2769 legrace fem  fun • Kluci si z nVj v práci dVlali legraci. – Guys at work made fun of him. 15 –P

2770 1ínský adj  Chinese • Zínský kalendáX má snadno zapamatovatelný cyklus. – The Chinese calendar cycle is easy to remember. 15

2771 krabice fem  box, case • Kdybych tak mVla krabici bonbónY. – I wish I had a box of chocolates. 15

2772 ochranný adj  protective, preventive • Ochranná vrstva byla poškozena. – The protective layer was damaged. 15 –S

2773 podpis inan  signature • PotXebuju potvrzení a podpis jednoho z rodiUY. – I need an acknowledgement and the signature of one of the parents. 15

2774 vztahovat (se) impf  to refer, (se) apply • Toto tvrzení lze vztahovat na všechny metody. – This claim can refer to all methods. 15 –S

2775 žaludek inan  stomach • S plným žaludkem se pXemýšlí tVžce. – It is difficult to think with a full stomach. 15

2776 vyk4iknout pf  to cry (out), scream • Leknutím málem vykXikla. – She almost screamed in fright. 15 +F

2777 sm2s fem  mixture • PXi výrobV aut se používá smVsi kovY, tzv. slitin. – In car production, metal mixtures called alloys are used. 15 –S

2778 jednotlivec anim  individual • Teroristi neútoUí na jednotlivce. – Terrorists do not attack individuals. 15 –S

2779 krám inan  shop, rubbish, junk • Odneste si svoje krámy. – Take your junk away. 15 –P

2780 hovor inan  talk, call • Všechny ty hovory mV s ní docela sblížily. – All our talks brought me fairly close to her. 15

Frequency index  111 

2781 d2lník anim  worker • Stavební dVlníci provádVjí demolice. – Construction workers carry out demolitions. 15

2782 nám2stek anim  deputy • PXedsedou pXedstavenstva se stane námVstek Xeditele. – The deputy director will become the chairman of the board of directors. 15 –S –F

2783 plus inan  pro, plus • Každý model má své plusy a mínusy. – Every model has its pros and cons. 15

2784 rod inan  genus, race • Tato Ueled’ zahrnuje UtyXi rody. – This family consists of four genera. 15

2785 chalupa fem  cottage • V létV jsem byla u našich na chalupV. – In summer, I was at my parents’ cottage. 15

2786 odhadnout pf  to estimate, assess • Nedokážu odhadnout, jak dlouho by to mohlo trvat. – I cannot estimate how long it might take. 15

2787 plést (se, si) impf  to knit, (se) interfere, (si) mistake • Ta dáma poXád nVco pletla z bílé vlny. – The lady kept knitting something from white wool. 15

2788 fotbalista anim  footballer, soccer player • Velmi dYležité výhry dosáhli fotbalisté Pardubic. – Pardubice footballers achieved a very important victory. 15 –F –P

2789 dálnice fem  motorway • Na dálnici jsem sešlápl plyn až na sto tXicet. – On the motorway, I stepped on the gas and accelerated to a hundred and thirty. 15

2790 sp2chat impf  to hurry • Chopil se kufru a spVchal z vlaku ven. – He grabbed the suitcase and hurried off the train. 15

2791 snést (se) pf  to bear, pile up, (se) come down • Už jste mohl poznat, že snesu pravdu. – You could have realized that I can bear the truth. 15

2792 výrok inan  statement • PoUet kritických výrokY pXevyšuje chválu. – The number of critical statements exceeds praise. 15 –S

2793 tamní adj  local • Jaký dojem na vás udVlali tamní lidé? – What was your impression of the local people? 15 –S

2794 st4ílet impf  to shoot, fire • VyskoUil z vozu a zaUal stXílet z revolveru. – He jumped out of the car and started firing his revolver. 15 –P

2795 jedni1ka fem  (number) one • Zíslice pokraUují od jedniUky dál do nekoneUna. – The numbers continue from one to infinity. 15

2796 vrchní adj/noun  top, chief (adj), head waiter (noun) • Prezident je vrchním velitelem ozbrojených sil. – The President is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. 15

2797 jinam adv  somewhere else • Zrovna jsme se dívali jinam. – Just then we were looking somewhere else. 15

2798 intenzivní adj  intensive, intense • Dcera potXebuje nVkolik let intenzivní lékaXské péUe. – Their daughter needs several years of intensive medical care. 15

2799 1etný adj  numerous • KromV otXesu mozku mVl Uetná povrchová zranVní. – Apart from concussion, he also suffered numerous superficial injuries. 15 –S

2800 koberec inan  carpet • Byl tam samej mVkkej koberec a pohodlný postele. – There were soft carpets and comfortable beds all over the place. 15

2801 daleký adj  distant, far(away) • Prohlížela si plakáty dalekých slunných krajin. – She was looking at posters of faraway sunny regions. 15 –S

2802 hloubka fem  depth • Dno jezera je v hloubce dvaceti metrY. – The bottom of the lake is at a depth of 20 metres. 15

2803 nadšení neut  enthusiasm • Nadšením pro práci dosahuje UlovVk úspVchY. – One achieves success through enthusiasm for work. 15

2804 pravd2podobnost fem  probability • PravdVpodobnost, že k tomu dojde, je znaUná. – The probability that it will happen is considerable. 15 –S

2805 slavnostní adj  festive • Nálada byla slavnostní, všichni se dobXe bavili. – The mood was festive, everybody was enjoying themselves. 15 –S

112  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2806 celkov2 adv  generally, in total • Zeský reprezentant skonUil celkovV devátý. – The Czech sportsman finished ninth in total. 15 –F

2807 mimo4ádn2 adv  extraordinarily • Výsledky projektu jsou mimoXádnV dobré. – The project results are extraordinarily good. 15 –S

2808 zpracovat pf  to process • Odpad se pXed recyklací musí zpracovat. – Waste must be processed before it can be recycled. 15

2809 zarazit (se) pf  to stop, (se) pause • Celý vydVšený se ji pokusil zarazit. – He was all frightened and tried to stop her. 15 –P

2810 vynést pf  to take out • Teta Anna vynesla do zahrádky židli. – Aunt Anna took a chair out to the garden. 15

2811 dotace fem  grant, subsidy • MVsto žádá Evropskou unii o dotaci na bazén. – The town has applied for an EU subsidy for a swimming pool. 15 –F

2812 zadržet pf  to stop, detain • Robert ji zadržel, když chtVla jít. – Robert stopped her when she wanted to leave. 15 –S

2813 hodinky fem pl  watch • Podíval se na hodinky. – He looked at his watch. 15

2814 nakoupit pf  to buy • Musíme nakoupit jídlo na veUeXi. – We have to buy food for dinner. 15

2815 lákat impf  to lure, attract • ZaUal je lákat do svého bytu, ale ony odmítly. – He started luring them into his flat, but they refused. 15

2816 kritizovat impf  to criticize • Demonstranti rozhodnutí soudu ostXe kritizovali. – The demonstrators sharply criticized the judgment. 15

2817 zapálit (si) pf  to light, set on fire • Myslíte, že bych si mohl zapálit cigaretu? – Do you think I could light a cigarette? 15

2818 zaslechnout pf  to hear, overhear • Když pes zaslechl dupot tVžkých bot, zavrUel. – When the dog heard the heavy boots stomping, it growled. 15 –P

2819 sklep inan  cellar • Je tam tma, protože sklep nemá okna. – It is dark in there, because there are no windows in the cellar. 15

2820 odpoledne neut  afternoon • Vzala jsem si volno na celé odpoledne. – I took the entire afternoon off. 15 –P

2821 dohled inan  sight, supervision • A pak mu zmizela z dohledu. – She vanished from his sight. 15 –S

2822 ší4it (se) impf  to spread, distribute • ŠíXil kolem sebe opojnou vYni tabáku. – He spread an intoxicating tobacco smell around himself. 15 –S

2823 skrytý adj  hidden, secret • VidVl jsem tváXe lidí skryté za záclonami. – I saw people’s faces hidden behind curtains. 15

2824 zlepšení neut  improvement • Vždy je prostor pro zlepšení. – There is always room for improvement. 15 –S –F

2825 dílna fem  workshop • Šli jsme kolem domku, kde byla bednáXská dílna. – We passed a house with a cooper’s workshop. 15

2826 nápadný adj  striking, conspicuous • MVl na sobV dost nápadný oblek a jehlici v kravatV. – He was wearing a rather striking suit and a pin in his tie. 15

2827 ztracený adj  lost, wasted • Pracoval bez odpoUinku, aby nahradil ztracený Uas. – He worked without rest to make up for the wasted time. 15

2828 vyhýbat se impf  to keep away, avoid • ZlovVk se musí vyhýbat nebezpeUným Utvrtím. – One has to avoid dangerous neighbourhoods. 15 –S

2829 sféra fem  sphere, area • Stát by nemVl do ekonomické sféry vstupovat. – The state should not interfere with the economic sphere. 15 –S

2830 polský adj  Polish • VaXila výbornou kávu, po polském zpYsobu. – She made excellent coffee, the Polish style. 15

2831 pojišt’ovna fem  insurance company • Pojišt’ovna musí uhradit poskytnutou péUi. – The insurance company has to pay for treatment provided. 15

2832 vítat impf  to greet, welcome • Vítám tV, hochu, copak jsi nám pXinesl? – Welcome, my boy, what have you brought us? 15

Frequency index  113 

2833 pás inan  strip, belt • PXipevnila si bezpeUnostní pásy. – She fastened the safety belts. 15

2834 propadnout pf  to fall through, become addicted to • PXi rekonstrukci hospody propadl stropem do výUepu. – During the reconstruction of the pub, he fell through the ceiling to the bar. 15

2835 cestovat impf  to travel, tour • ZaUneme cestovat – aspoW po Zeské republice. – We will start travelling – at least around the Czech Republic. 15

2836 ve4ejn2 adv  publicly • VeXejnV mYj názor podpoXila jen ona. – She was the only one to publicly support my opinion. 15

2837 obdivovat impf  to admire • Obdivuju tvoji šikovnost. – I admire your dexterity. 15

2838 efektivní adj  effective • Je to velmi efektivní zpYsob komunikace. – It is a very effective means of communication. 15 –S –F

2839 pozoruhodný adj  remarkable • To je pozoruhodné! – That is remarkable! 15 –S

2840 hrozba fem  threat • Klimatické zmVny jsou reálná hrozba. – Climate change is a real threat. 15 –S

2841 výtvarný adj  art, fine (art) • Vydejte se do Evropy studovat výtvarné umVní. – Go to Europe to study fine arts. 15 –S

2842 tanec inan  dance • NejdYležitVjší v tanci jsou kroky, rytmus. – In dance, steps and rhythm are most important. 15

2843 talí4 inan  plate • Sylva servíruje pstruha a bramborový salát na talíX. – Sylva is putting the trout and potato salad onto a plate. 14

2844 jablko neut  apple • Pro zdraví je dobré sníst dvV jablka dennV. – To stay healthy, you should eat two apples a day. 14

2845 tragedie fem  tragedy • V jeho osobním životV se odehrála tragédie. – A tragedy occurred in his personal life. 14

2846 fanoušek anim  fan • Jako zapálený fotbalový fanoušek si vychutnal zápas. – As a keen soccer fan he enjoyed the match. 14 +N

2847 právník anim  lawyer • Podle nVkterých právníkY šlo zXejmV o názor soudu. – According to some lawyers, it was possibly the court’s opinion. 14

2848 choroba fem  disease, illness • Jeho otec zemXel na srdeUní chorobu. – His father died of heart disease. 14 –S

2849 investi1ní adj  investment • Pracuje jako investiUní bankéX. – He works as an investment banker. 14 –S –F

2850 vtip inan  joke • PosluchaUe bavil vtipy a úsmVvnými historkami. – He amused listeners with jokes and funny stories. 14

2851 obnovit pf  to restore, renew • Je velmi tVžké obnovit ztracenou dYvVru. – It is very hard to restore lost trust. 14

2852 zásadn2 adv  on principle • ZásadnV odmítá makeup. – She refuses make-up on principle. 14

2853 hnát (se) impf  to drive, (se) hurry • Hnali pXed sebou svoje stádo dobytka. – They drove their cattle herd in front of them. 14

2854 opírat se impf  to lean, be based on • PXi chYzi se opíral o hYl. – When walking, he leaned on a cane. 14

2855 po1ínat (si) impf  to rise, (si) behave • }ekl jí, aby si poUínala jako doma. – He told her to behave as if she was at home. 14

2856 zapot4ebí adv  necessary • Bylo zapotXebí dVlat analýzu textu z tohoto hlediska? – Was it necessary to do a text analysis from this point of view? 14

2857 p4est2hovat (se) pf  to move • Plánujeme pXestVhovat do patra celou ložnici. – We are planning to move the entire bedroom upstairs. 14

2858 uklidnit (se) pf  to calm down • Ted’ si dá pivo, to ho uklidní. – Now he’ll have a beer, that’ll calm him down. 14

2859 kdežto conj  whereas • Matka byla luteránka, kdežto otec katolík. – Mother was Lutheran, whereas Father was Catholic. 14

114  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2860 prádlo neut  underwear, laundry • Vyndala z prádelníku krajkové spodní prádlo. – She pulled lace underwear out of the chest of drawers. 14

2861 pusa fem  mouth, kiss • Nemluv s plnou pusou! – Don’t speak with your mouth full! 14 –P

2862 p2tadvacet num  twenty-five • Kolik je vám – pVtadvacet? – How old are you – twenty-five? 14 –P

2863 tvá4it se impf  to look, pretend • Všichni se tváXili ustaranV. – Everybody looked worried. 14 –P

2864 1eština fem  Czech • Latinskou Uást knihy pXeložil do Ueštiny. – He translated the Latin part of the book into Czech. 14

2865 podrobnost fem  detail • VylíUila jsem jí podrobnosti, nic jsem nevynechala. – I described all the details to her, I didn’t leave anything out. 14 –S

2866 p4inejmenším part  at least • PXi útoku byli zabiti pXinejmenším dva lidé. – At least two people were killed during the attack. 14 –S

2867 debata fem  discussion, argument • Ty hokejový debaty jsou nVkdy docela divoký. – The hockey discussions are sometimes quite wild. 14

2868 zjišt2ní neut  discovery, ascertainment • Mohlo by to vést ke zjištVní vrahovy totožnosti. – It could lead to the ascertainment of the murderer’s identity. 14 –S

2869 trefit pf  to hit, find one’s way • Všichni po nVm stXíleli, ale nikdo ho netrefil. – They all fired at him but nobody hit him. 14 –P

2870 nato adv  after, afterwards • ZavVsil, ale hned nato telefon znovu zazvonil. – He hung up, but shortly after that the phone rang again. 14

2871 publikum neut  audience • Publikum kXiUelo nadšením a tleskalo. – The audience screamed with delight and applauded. 14 –S

2872 továrna fem  factory, plant • MYj syn pracuje v jedné továrnV na hraUky. – My son works in a toy factory. 14

2873 velitel anim  commander • Každý velitel považoval slYvko “možná” za slib. – Every commander considered the word “perhaps” a promise. 14 –S

2874 konkrétn2 part  exactly • Co máte konkrétnV na mysli? – What exactly do you mean? 14

2875 o1ekávaný adj  expected, anticipated • VšeobecnV se výsledky hodnotí jako oUekávané. – The results have generally been as expected. 14 –S

2876 obyvatelstvo neut  population • Zdravotní stav obyvatelstva podmiWují osobní návyky. – The population’s state of health depends on personal habits. 14 –S

2877 p4iznávat (se) impf  to admit, (se) confess • PXiznávám, že to bylo Xešení oboustrannV výhodné. – I admit that the solution was advantageous for both parties. 14 –S

2878 závazek inan  commitment • Tento svYj závazek jste v termínu nesplnili. – You did not fulfil your commitment in time. 14 –S

2879 krá1et impf  to walk, stride • KráUel pomalu nádvoXím univerzity. – He walked slowly across the university courtyard. 14 –S

2880 chodník inan  pavement, footpath • Odvedl dVti na chodník. – He took the children to the pavement. 14 –P

2881 opoušt2t impf  to leave, abandon • Ženy pXi sWatku obyUejnV opouštVjí domov. – After getting married, women usually leave home. 14

2882 šikovný adj  skilful, handy • Jako nemocniUní ošetXovatelka byla velmi šikovná. – As a hospital nurse she was very skilful. 14

2883 absolvovat biasp  to undergo, graduate • HráUi absolvují dvoufázový trénink. – Players undergo a two-phase training. 14

2884 organizovat biasp  to organize • Když organizujeme nVjakou akci, žena mi pomáhá. – When we organize an event, my wife helps me. 14

2885 provozovat impf  to practise • ZaUal jsem opVt provozovat své Xemeslo. – I started to practise my trade again. 14 –S

Frequency index  115 

2886 kterýkoli pron  any • Motouz se dá koupit v kterémkoli papírnictví. – String can be bought in any stationery shop. 14 –S

2887 navázat pf  to link to, establish • Navázali první kontakt s místním obyvatelstvem. – They established first contact with the local inhabitants. 14

2888 tok inan  stream, flow • OdmlUela se, protože pXerušil tok jejích myšlenek. – She paused because he interrupted the flow of her thoughts. 14 –S

2889 tak4ka part  practically • Výsledek byl nepatrný, takXka zanedbatelný. – The result was slight, practically negligible. 14 –S

2890 vypnout pf  to switch off, turn off • Kousek popojel a pak vypnul svVtla i motor. – He drove a little further and then switched off the lights and engine. 14

2891 bu3ka fem  cell • V buWkách se hromadí cholesterol. – Cholesterol accumulates in cells. 14

2892 poblíž prep  near, close • Poblíž hráze stál malý srub. – There was a small cabin near the dam. 14 –S

2893 4íše fem  empire, kingdom • K pádu východní Xíše došlo roku 1453. – The fall of the eastern empire occurred in 1453. 14 –S

2894 d5stojník anim  officer • Vy nevíte, že dYstojník má být u svého mužstva? – Don’t you know that an officer should be with his men? 14 –S

2895 sundat (si) pf  to take off, remove, (si) put off • Sundal ze skoby lampu. – He took the lamp off the hook. 14 –P

2896 r5zn2 adv  differently • Lidé se se svým zármutkem vypoXádávají rYznV. – People cope with their grief differently. 14

2897 prášek inan  powder, pill • Vezmi kousek kXídy a rozdrt’ ho na prášek. – Take a piece of chalk and crush it to powder. 14

2898 kmen inan  trunk, tribe • Celé dni se toulal po lese, mezi kmeny borovic. – For days he wondered around the woods, among the pine trunks. 14 –S

2899 p4izp5sobit (se) pf  to adapt, (se) conform • Muži pXizpYsobili zrak prostXedí. – The men adapted their vision to the environment. 14 –S

2900 složení neut  composition, structure • Chemické složení krve se podobá složení moXské vody. – The chemical composition of blood is similar to that of sea water. 14 –S

2901 m24ítko neut  scale, standard • PXi práci používali map s velkým mVXítkem. – At work they used large-scale maps. 14

2902 zlomit (si) pf  to break, fracture • V souboji si zlomil nohu. – He broke his leg in a fight. 14

2903 nahlas adv  aloud • }ekla nahlas to, co jsem si myslel. – She said aloud what I thought. 14 –P

2904 zranit (se) pf  to injure, wound • Oba nás zranila mina. – We were both wounded by a mine. 14 –S

2905 plánovaný adj  planned • Další zkouška je plánovaná na pXíští mVsíc. – The next exam is planned for next month. 14 –S

2906 sežrat pf  to devour, eat • Sežerou všechno, co najdou. – They will devour anything they find. 14 –P –N

2907 naslouchat impf  to listen • PozornV jí naslouchala a souhlasnV pXikyvovala. – She listened carefully to her and nodded in agreement. 14 –S

2908 odpad inan  waste, sink • Postavili továrnu na zpracování odpadu. – They built a waste-processing factory. 14

2909 pití neut  drinking, drink • Zekání si komando krátilo pitím piva. – The commando whiled away the wait by drinking beer. 14

2910 slune1ní adj  sun, solar • Schovávala oUi pXed sluneUními paprsky. – She was hiding her eyes from the sun’s rays. 14 –S

2911 mzda fem  wages • Rostoucí mzdy vyhnaly náklady vysoko. – Growing wages drove expenses very high. 14

2912 klobouk inan  hat • Nasadil si klobouk a vyšel ven. – He put on his hat and walked outside. 14

116  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2913 napadat impf  to attack, think of • Ženu doma fyzicky napadal a kradl cennosti. – He repeatedly attacked the woman in her home and stole valuables. 14

2914 nato1it pf  to turn, pour • NatoUila hlavu, aby slyšela jeho odpovVd’. – She turned her head to hear his reply. 14

2915 horský adj  mountain • Byli omámeni Xídkým horským vzduchem. – They were stupefied by the thin mountain air. 14

2916 slepý adj  blind • Nedávno zaUal ztrácet zrak a ted’ už byl skoro slepý. – Not long ago he began to lose his vision and now he is almost blind. 14

2917 sklen2ný adj  glass • Do kanceláXe vedly velké sklenVné dveXe. – The entrance to the office was through a large glass door. 14

2918 m2ste1ko neut  small town • Toto malé mVsteUko je obklopené lesy. – This small town is surrounded by woods. 14

2919 odpustit pf  to forgive, excuse • Nemohla mu odpustit, že otce nenavštívil. – She could not forgive him that he had not visited his father. 14

2920 zahynout pf  to die, perish • Jejich syn zahynul pXi leteckém neštVstí. – Their son died in a plane crash. 14 –S

2921 podání neut  submission, presentation • PXi podání žádosti musíte pXedložit obUanský prYkaz. – Upon submitting your application you have to show your identity card. 14 –S

2922 zakázka fem  order • VestavVné skXínV se vyrábVjí na zakázku. – Built-in cabinets are made to order. 14

2923 prohlídka fem  examination, inspection, tour • Donutili ho podrobit se lékaXské prohlídce. – They made him undergo a medical examination. 14

2924 obvin2ní neut  accusation • KXivé obvinVní je trestný Uin. – False accusation is a crime. 14 –S

2925 hoch anim  boy, lad • Byl to milý hoch z dobré rodiny. – He was a nice boy from a good family. 14

2926 dbát impf  to care, observe • Dbala jen na to, jak vypadá. – The only thing she cared about was her looks. 14 –S

2927 1eskoslovenský adj  Czechoslovak • Zeskoslovenská republika se rozdVlila v roce 1993. – The Czechoslovak Republic split in 1993. 14 –S

2928 pracovišt2 neut  workplace, department • LéUba se provádí na specializovaných pracovištích. – The treatment takes place in specialized departments. 14 –S

2929 1elit impf  to face • Zelí obvinVní. – He’s facing charges. 14 –S

2930 vid2ní neut  seeing, vision • OUní cviky zlepšují vidVní. – Eye exercises improve vision. 14

2931 branka fem  gate, goal • Vydal se otevXenou brankou k domu. – He started towards the house through an open gate. 14 –P

2932 oficiáln2 adv  officially • Jeho jmenování je oficiálnV potvrzeno. – His appointment has been officially confirmed. 14

2933 zp5sobovat impf  to cause • Nechceme zpYsobovat problémy, ale spolupracovat. – We do not want to cause trouble, but to cooperate. 14 –S

2934 posléze adv  finally • Jak posléze zjistil, údaje nebyly pXesné. – As he finally found out, the data were not accurate. 14 –S

2935 omlouvat (se) impf  to apologize, excuse • Omlouvám se, že vás ruším. – I apologize for disturbing you. 14

2936 organismus inan  organism • DYležité je zvyšovat odolnost organismu. – It is important to increase the immunity of the organism. 14

2937 záruka fem  guarantee • Erudice autorY je zárukou kvality. – The author’s erudition is a guarantee of quality. 14

2938 ve1erní adj  evening • Ve veUerních hodinách teplota klesla pod nulu. – During the evening hours, the temperature dropped below zero. 14

Frequency index  117 

2939 ho4et impf  to burn • Podle hasiUY dYm hoXel už nVjakou dobu. – According to firefighters, the house had been burning for some time. 14

2940 požár inan  fire • Požár se podaXilo uhasit až za nVkolik hodin. – They managed to put out the fire only after several hours. 14 –S

2941 pob4eží neut  coast • Podél západního pobXeží se táhne mohutný útes. – A huge cliff stretches along the west coast. 14 –S

2942 mrzet impf  to be sorry • Mrzí mV, jestli jsem tV zklamal. – I am sorry if I disappointed you. 14 –P

2943 gesto neut  gesture • Nepatrným gestem naznaUila, že ji obtVžuje. – With a small gesture, she hinted he was bothering her. 14 –S

2944 katastrofa fem  disaster • PXicházejí zemVtXesení a další pXírodní katastrofy. – Earthquakes and other natural disasters occur. 14

2945 žijící adj  living • Sledoval datly žijící v okolí jezera. – He watched the woodpeckers living near the lake. 14 –S

2946 získání neut  acquisition, obtaining • Hlavním úkolem je získání podrobných informací. – The main task is the acquisition of detailed information. 14 –S

2947 p4estávat impf  to stop, cease • Její mladší bratr nepXestával kXiUet. – Her younger brother would not stop screaming. 14

2948 povolání neut  profession • PYvodním povoláním byl uUitel. – His original profession was as a teacher. 14

2949 ú1innost fem  efficiency, validity • Výzkum týkající se úUinnosti lékY pokraUuje. – The research into the drug’s efficiency continues. 14 –S –F

2950 cestovní adj  travel • PXesvVdUuje se, zda má všechny cestovní doklady. – He is making sure he has all the travel documents. 14

2951 náhrada fem  compensation • Museli jsme zaplatit náhradu ušlého výdVlku. – We had to pay compensation for lost earnings. 14 –S

2952 útvar inan  formation • Mezi skalními útvary se pásli kamzíci. – Chamois grazed between the rock formations. 14 –S

2953 vyložen2 part  downright, absolutely • Tu ženskou vyloženV nesnášim. – I absolutely hate the woman. 14 –F –P

2954 charakteristika fem  characteristic(s) • Tvrdost je základní charakteristikou diamantu. – Hardness is a basic characteristic of diamond. 14 –S –F

2955 sklon inan  disposition, slope • Pokud nemáte sklon k obezitV, urUitV zhubnete. – Unless you have a disposition for obesity, you will definitely lose weight. 14

2956 sahat impf  to touch, reach for • Mechanicky sahal po klobouku. – He mechanically reached for his hat. 14

2957 dolní adj  lower • NemYže hýbat dolními konUetinami. – He cannot move his lower limbs. 14

2958 oby1ejn2 adv  usually • ObyUejnV si spolu hezky popovídáme. – We usually have a nice chat together. 14 –S

2959 propustit pf  to dismiss, discharge • Když ho propustili z práce, zaUal podnikat. – After he was dismissed, he started his own business. 14 –S

2960 uli1ka fem  lane, alley • Je to Utvrt’ nízkých domY a úzkých uliUek. – It is a neighbourhood of low houses and narrow lanes. 14

2961 vy4ídit pf  to tell, carry out • VyXid’ mu, aby sem okamžitV pXišel. – Tell him to come here immediately. 14

2962 kabát inan  coat • RoztXásla se zimou a vyhrnula si límec kabátu. – She started shivering with cold and turned up the coat’s collar. 14 –P

2963 trestní adj  penal, criminal • UdVlování milosti je souUástí trestního práva. – Granting pardons is part of criminal law. 14 –S

2964 kv2tina fem  flower • Motýl létá z kvVtiny na kvVtinu. – A butterfly flies from one flower to another. 14 –S

2965 úcta fem  respect • Ostatní právníci se k nVmu chovali s úctou. – Other lawyers treated him with respect. 14

118  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

2966 tradi1n2 adv  traditionally • Srpen je tradiUnV mVsícem dovolené. – August is traditionally a holiday month. 14 –S

2967 ud2lit pf  to award, grant • Prezident udVlil milost 20 vVzWYm. – The president granted amnesty to 20 prisoners. 14

2968 t2sný adj  close, tight • Ty džíny byly pXíliš tVsné. – The jeans were too tight. 14 –S

2969 hol1i1ka fem  (little) girl • Narodila se jí krásná, zdravá holUiUka. – She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl. 14 –P

2970 p4im2t pf  to make, force • PXimVl mV, abych se napil. – He made me drink. 14 –S

2971 vrah anim  murderer • Byl usmrcen jedem, který mu podal vrah. – He was killed by poison administered by the murderer. 14 –P

2972 uv24it pf  to believe • Nemohl uvVXit svému štVstí. – He couldn’t believe his luck. 14 –S

2973 každodenní adj  everyday • V každodenním životV jsem vystaUil s džínami. – In everyday life, I made do with jeans. 14 –S

2974 diskutovat impf  to discuss • O tomhle nemYžeme diskutovat po telefonu. – We cannot discuss this on the phone. 14

2975 napít se pf  to have a drink • PotXebuju se napít, Xekla si v duchu. – I need to have a drink, she thought. 14 –P

2976 sklad inan  stock, warehouse • Vyprodali všechny knihy, které mVli na skladu. – They sold all the books they had in stock. 14

2977 mín2ní neut  opinion • Téma bylo podle mého mínVní neatraktivní. – In my opinion, the topic was unattractive. 14 –S

2978 donutit pf  to force, make • Donutil psa, aby pXestal vrUet. – He made the dog stop growling. 14

2979 sedmnáct num  seventeen • To mi bylo sedmnáct let. – I was seventeen years old then. 14

2980 ohromný adj  huge, great • PXehrada je ohromná. – The dam is huge. 14

2981 zp2vák anim  singer • ZpVvák zpíval bez doprovodu. – The singer sang without accompaniment. 14

2982 pon2vadž conj  because • Myslím, že nám rozumíte, ponVvadž nejste tak stará. – I think you can understand us because you are not so old. 14

2983 výborn2 adv  very well • Odjakživa výbornV plavu. – I’ve always swum very well. 14

2984 gól inan  goal • VstXelil vítVzný gól. – He scored the winning goal. 14 +N

2985 start inan  take-off, start • Letuška pXed startem poUítá cestující. – Before take-off, the flight attendant counts passengers. 14 –S

2986 narození neut  birth • Už od narození jsem byl strašnV neposlušný. – I was very naughty from my very birth. 14

2987 ustoupit pf  to step back, yield, retreat • PXihlížející ustoupili do bezpeUné vzdálenosti. – Onlookers stepped back to a safe distance. 14

2988 nepochybn2 part  no doubt, undoubtedly • To je nepochybnV pravda. – That is undoubtedly true. 14 –S

2989 vykonávat impf  to perform, exercise • Svou práci vykonával s misionáXskou horlivostí. – He performed his work with missionary zeal. 14 –S

2990 vyžádat si pf  to request, seek • Soud si vyžádal doplWující informace. – The court requested additional information. 14 –S

2991 stíhat impf  to prosecute, manage • Policie ho stíhala pro vydírání. – The police prosecuted him for extortion. 14

2992 pokyn inan  instruction • Podle jejích pokynY pXivezl pár vVcí. – According to her instructions, he brought a few things. 14

2993 srazit (se) pf  to knock down, (se) collide • Srazil ho ranou do hlavy. – He knocked him down with a blow to the head. 14

Frequency index  119 

2994 souboj inan  fight, duel • Souboj o titul rozhodl nakonec jediný gól. – A single goal decided the fight for the title.

3005 lhát impf  to lie • Lhal jí, že ji má rád. – He lied to her that he loved her.



2995 sí3 fem  hall • V zasedací síni bylo plno. – The assembly hall was full. 14 –S

2996 proslulý adj  famous • Je to svVtovV proslulý hudebník. – He is a world-famous musician. 14 –S

2997 používaný adj  used • VVtšina používaných odpadY pochází z prYmyslu. – Most of the waste used comes from industry.

3006 správní adj  administrative • VysvVtlila mu, co platí podle správního práva. – She explained to him what applies according to administrative law. 14 –S

3007 kv2t inan  flower, blossom • Kolem kvVtY se rojily vUely. – Bees were swarming around the flowers. 14

3008 nár5st inan  growth • MeziroUní nárYst Uiní 6 %. – Year-on-year growth is 6%.

14 –S

14 –S –F

2998 dodavatel anim  supplier • Dodavatel odpovídá i za projektové Xešení. – The supplier is also responsible for the project solution. 14 –S –F

2999 duševní adj  mental, intellectual • Jeho duševní stav vyžaduje rozptýlení. – His mental state demands distraction.

3009 vzhled inan  looks, appearance • Zerné vlasy její vzhled od základu zmVnily. – Black hair radically changed her appearance. 14 –S

3010 p4esunout (se) pf  to move, shift • PoUítaU bude nutné pXesunout k oknu. – The computer will have to be moved to the window.

14 –S


3000 neboli conj  or • NejdYležitVjší jsou hlavní neboli výroUní trhy. – The main or annual fairs are most important. 14 –S

3001 p4ipoušt2t impf  to admit • PXipouštím, že máš pravdu. – I admit you’re right. 14 –S

3002 absolutn2 part  absolutely • Budem absolutnV nejlepší. – We are going to be absolutely the best. 14

3003 vyd2lávat (si) impf  to earn, make (money) • Jako servírka vydVlávala na spropitném. – As a waitress she made money on tips. 14

3004 vejce neut  egg • Pojídal v kuchyni vejce se slaninou. – He was eating an egg with bacon in the kitchen.

3011 kulatý adj  round • MVl kulatý obliUej a šedou bradku. – He had a round face and a grey beard. 14

3012 1ára fem  line • Zaparkoval na dvojité žluté UáXe. – He parked on a double yellow line. 14

3013 strhnout pf  to tear down, yank • Strhla klobouk z vVšáku a vybVhla ven. – She yanked a hat from the hanger and ran out. 14

3014 spravedlivý adj  just • OceWoval jsem jeho spravedlivou povahu. – I valued his just character. 14

3015 rozši4ovat (se) impf  to extend, widen, (se) spread • RozšiXovali jsme podkroví domu. – We were extending the attic.



14  Landscape hora  793  mountain

kopec  1851  hill

louka  3236  meadow

les  832  forest, wood

obloha  2560  sky

rybník  3662  pond, pool

mo4e  1040  sea

jezero  2623  lake

pláž  3707  beach

4eka  1200  river

údolí  2754  valley

potok  3869  stream, brook

ostrov  1653  island

pob4eží  2941  coast

poušt’  4624  desert

b4eh  1693  bank, shore, coast

120  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3016 akademie fem  academy • Bratr vystudoval obchodní akademii. – My brother graduated from the business academy. 13

3017 zp2v inan  singing • MVla jsem tehdy hodinu zpVvu. – I was having a singing lesson then. 13

3018 fajn adv  fine, nice, great • To by bylo fajn. – That would be great. 13 –P

3019 energetický adj  energy, power • Hledáme alternativní energetické zdroje. – We are looking for alternative energy sources. 13 –S –F

3020 úv2r inan  loan, credit • PXemýšlel, jak splatí úvVr. – He was thinking about how to pay the loan. 13 –S –F

3021 prase neut  pig • MVl hospodáXství se stádem ovcí a prasat. – He had a farm with a herd of sheep and pigs. 13

3022 na4ídit pf  to order, set • NaXídila, at’ ji nikdo nevyrušuje. – She ordered that no one disturb her. 13

3023 okres inan  district • Je to jeden z nejbohatších lidí na okrese. – He is one of the richest people in the district. 13 –S

3024 akcie fem  share, stock • Každý týden se ceny akcií mVní. – The stock prices change every weekend. 13 –S

3025 vlastnit impf  to own • Vlastní dole ve mVstV nádherný dYm. – He owns a beautiful house in the centre of town. 13 –S

3026 váhat impf  to hesitate • Mnozí lidé váhají, zda zaUít nVco nového. – Many people hesitate about whether they should start something new. 13

3027 odbor inan  department, union • Je Xeditelem odboru životního prostXedí. – He is head of the Environment Department. 13 –S –F

3028 sexuální adj  sexual • Se sexuálním životem se dnes zaUíná pozdVji. – These days, people start their sexual life later. 13 –S

3029 používání neut  use, utilization • Firma propaguje používání ekologických vozidel. – The company promotes the use of ecological vehicles. 13 –S –F

3030 špan2lský adj  Spanish • Na ulicích je znát španVlský temperament. – The Spanish vivacity is visible in the streets. 13

3031 tvrd2 adv  hard • Celou noc jsem tvrdV pracoval. – I worked hard all night. 13

3032 bezpe1n2 adv  safely, surely • Vojenské letadlo bezpeUnV pXistálo. – The military plane landed safely. 13

3033 všímat si impf  to notice • ZaUal jsem si víc všímat okolí. – I started to notice the area more. 13

3034 u1itelka fem  (female) teacher • Paní uUitelka mi pXíklad vysvVtlila. – My teacher explained the problem to me. 13

3035 mámit impf  to lure, lead on • PoXád ji mámil ven. – He kept on luring her out. 13 +S

3036 sm5la fem  bad luck, pitch • Máme smYlu, obchod je zavXenej. – Bad luck, the shop’s closed. 13 –P

3037 uplynulý adj  past • V uplynulém týdnu se setkali tXikrát. – They have met three times in the past week. 13 –S

3038 komplex inan  complex • Plánujeme výstavbu komplexu výškových budov. – We are planning the construction of a complex of high-rise buildings. 13

3039 ošklivý adj  ugly, mean, bad • Zdál se jí nVjaký ošklivý sen. – She had a bad dream. 13

3040 podotknout pf  to remark, add • Podotkl, že dává pXednost hnVdookým ženám. – He remarked that he preferred brown-eyed women. 13 –S

3041 královna fem  queen • V tVchto prostorách pXijímala královna šlechtice. – The queen received noblemen in these halls. 13

3042 scéná4 inan  scenario, screenplay • SpoleUnost pXipravovala rYzné scénáXe privatizace. – The company prepared different scenarios for the privatization. 13

3043 zbývající adj  remaining • Zbývající dopisy smetl na zem. – He swept the remaining letters onto the floor. 13 –S

Frequency index  121 

3044 pochopitelný adj  understandable, comprehensible • Z pochopitelných dYvodY matce nic neXekl. – For understandable reasons he said nothing to his mother. 13

3045 pochybnost fem  doubt • MVl vážné pochybnosti o zdaru svého úsilí. – He had serious doubts about the success of his effort. 13 –S

3046 obvod inan  circumference, district, circuit • ŠíXka desky odpovídá obvodu sloupu. – The width of the slab corresponds to the circumference of the column. 13

3047 dovolovat impf  to let, allow, permit • ProU dovolujou kdekomu Xídit auto? – Why do they let just about anybody drive? 13

3048 ochutnat pf  to taste, try • Musím ochutnat tyhle nachos! – I just have to try these nachos! 13 –P

3049 pocítit pf  to feel, experience • Žáci by bVhem cviUení nemVli pocítit bolest. – While exercising, pupils should not feel any pain. 13 –S

3050 vtipný adj  funny, witty, smart • Vtipná odpovVd’ mV hned nenapadla. – I couldn’t think of a smart answer right away. 13

3051 finále neut  finals • Finále závodu se koná v nedVli. – The finals of the race will take place on Sunday. 13 –F

3052 cestující adj/noun  travelling (adj), passenger (noun) • O prázdninách se vždy zvýší poUet cestujících. – The number of passengers always rises during holidays. 13 –S

3053 mužstvo neut  team, crew • Mužstvo je stále zkušenVjší. – The team is increasingly more experienced. 13 –S –P

3054 expozice fem  exhibition, exposure • SouUástí expozice je parní stroj. – A steam engine is part of the exhibition. 13 –S –F

3055 p4evést pf  to take across, transfer • PXevedla jsem je pXes moUál. – I took them across the marshland. 13

3056 zaznít pf  to sound, be heard • ZaznVl hvizd píšt’alky. – The sound of the whistle was heard. 13 –S

3057 tuzemský adj  domestic, home • Pracují pro nejvVtší tuzemský pivovar. – They work for the largest domestic brewery. 13 –S –F

3058 trvale adv  constantly, permanently • Populace muslimských zemí trvale roste. – The population of Muslim countries has been constantly growing. 13 –S

3059 plášt’ inan  coat, cloak, casing • StrUila ruce do hlubokých kapes dlouhého pláštV. – She put her hands in the deep pockets of her long coat. 13 –S

3060 uzavírat (se) impf  to close, conclude • Okna uzavírala silná okenice. – The windows were closed with thick shutters. 13 –S

3061 cvi1ení neut  exercise, practice • CviUení pomáhá zlepšovat fyzickou kondici. – Exercise helps to improve physical fitness. 13

3062 obrazovka fem  screen • V horní Uásti obrazovky je menu s pXíkazy. – There is a menu with instructions in the upper corner of the screen. 13

3063 umýt pf  to wash, clean • Umyl nádobí od veUeXe. – He washed the dishes from dinner. 13 –P

3064 rozd2lení neut  division, distribution • S rozdVlením úkolY tak docela spokojený nebyl. – He wasn’t quite satisfied with the task distribution. 13 –S

3065 slib inan  promise • Tihle podvodníci neplní sliby. – These fraudsters do not keep promises. 13 –S

3066 židovský adj  Jewish • Ve mVstV je velká židovská Utvrt’. – There is a large Jewish quarter in the town. 13 –S

3067 uplatn2ní neut  use, assertion • Digitální fotoaparát má široké uplatnVní. – Digital cameras have a wide range of uses. 13 –S –F

3068 devadesátý num  ninetieth • PXeUetl tu báseW snad už po devadesáté a stále se mu líbila. – He read the poem for perhaps the ninetieth time and still liked it. 13 –F

3069 úvodní adj  opening, introductory • Velké projekty zaUínají úvodní studií. – Major projects start with an introductory study. 13

122  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3070 rovnováha fem  balance • Snažil se udržet rovnováhu. – He tried to keep his balance. 13 –S

3071 zasahovat impf  to intervene, violate • Svými telefonáty mi zasahujete do soukromí. – Your phone calls violate my privacy. 13

3072 nazvaný adj  called • Zavedli službu nazvanou “Jukebox”. – They introduced a service called “Jukebox”. 13 –S

3073 1tení neut  reading • PXi Utení si psal poznámky. – He made notes while reading. 13

3074 volno neut  leisure, day off • Zítra mám volno. – I have a day off tomorrow. 13 –P

3075 dokazovat impf  to prove • Musel jí nepXetržitV dokazovat svou lásku. – He had to prove constantly to her that he loved her. 13 –S

3076 budovat impf  to build • PYvodnV jsme nechtVli budovat jaderné elektrárny. – Originally we did not want to build nuclear power plants. 13

3077 hladký adj  smooth, plain • Její Uervené rty kontrastovaly s hladkou pletí. – Her red lips were in contrast with her smooth complexion. 13

3078 nahý adj  naked • Pod bavlnVným svetrem byla nahá. – Under the cotton pullover she was naked. 13

3079 obal inan  cover, packaging • Výrobci se soustXed’ují na recyklaci obalY. – Producers focus on recycling packaging. 13

3080 mizet impf  to disappear, vanish • VYz mizí za hXebenem kopce. – The wagon is disappearing over the ridge. 13

3081 nap5l adv  half • }ekl to napYl žertem a napYl vážnV. – He said it half-jokingly and half-seriously. 13

3082 nenávid2t impf  to hate • Je hroznV zlá a nenávidí dVti a psy. – She is really wicked and hates children and dogs. 13

3083 správce anim  manager, administrator • Správce fondu rozhoduje o investicích. – The fund administrator decides about investments. 13 –S

3084 formální adj  formal • Text pozdravu byl dosti formální. – The greeting’s text was fairly formal. 13 –S

3085 pachatel anim  offender, culprit • Pachatel byl v podstatV dobrý UlovVk. – The offender was basically a good man. 13 –S

3086 hasi1 anim  firefighter • NVkdo uvidVl kouX a zavolal hasiUe. – Someone saw the smoke and called the firefighters. 13 –P

3087 pokrok inan  progress, improvement • ChtVjí vVdVt, jaký jsme udVlali pokrok. – They want to know how much progress we have made. 13 –S

3088 generál anim  general • Dobrý generál se vmyslí do uvažování protivníka. – A good general thinks like his opponent. 13 –S

3089 podrobn2 adv  in detail • Všechno jsem jim podrobnV pXevyprávVl. – I retold them everything in detail. 13 –S

3090 nyn2jší adj  present, current • Vládu bude sestavovat nynVjší ministr financí. – The government will be formed by the current finance minister. 13 –S

3091 ost4e adv  sharply • OstXe se na nVj podívala. – She looked at him sharply. 13 –S

3092 komplexní adj  thorough, complex • Šel k lékaXi na komplexní vyšetXení. – He went to the doctor for a thorough examination. 13 –S –F

3093 1est fem  honour, credit • MVl tu Uest stát se pXítelem slavného muže. – He had the honour of becoming a famous man’s friend. 13 –S

3094 dodržovat impf  to keep, observe • UUitelé by mVli dodržovat všechna naXízení. – Teachers should observe all regulations. 13

3095 rodný adj  native • Svou rodnou zem jsem po válce opustil. – I left my native country after the war. 13

3096 postupný adj  gradual • Docházelo k postupnému zvyšování optimismu. – There was a gradual increase in optimism. 13 –S

Frequency index  123 

3097 existující adj  existing • Cílem programu je podpoXit existující podniky. – The goal of this programme is to support existing businesses. 13 –S

3098 sval inan  muscle • Pod triUkem mVl vypracované svaly. – He had built muscles under his T-shirt. 13

3099 báse3 fem  poem • Jsou to básnV, které autorka nechtVla zveXejnit. – These are the poems the author did not want to publish. 13

3100 nap4ed adv  in front, ahead, first • Otec šel napXed, matka za ním. – Father went first, Mother followed. 13

3101 vnitro neut  interior (ministry) • Ministerstvo vnitra žádá milióny pro policii. – The interior ministry demands millions for the police. 13 –S –F

3102 iniciativa fem  initiative • Podporuje se iniciativa UlenY týmu. – The initiative of team members is supported. 13 –S

3103 kapka fem  drop • Z brýlí si otíral kapky vody. – He was wiping water drops from his glasses. 13

3104 žrát impf  to devour, eat • KonV na dvoXe žrali seno. – Horses were eating hay in the yard. 13 –P –N

3105 hubený adj  skinny, thin • NapXímil svou hubenou postavu. – He straightened up his skinny body. 13 –P

3106 zásluha fem  credit, contribution • Obdržel medaile za zásluhy. – He received awards for his contributions. 13 –S

3107 zasedání neut  session, meeting • PXed zasedáním si pXeUtu zápis. – Before the meeting, I will read the minutes. 13 –S

3108 zp5sobený adj  caused • PXibylo nehod zpYsobených snVžením. – The number of accidents caused by snow has increased. 13 –S

3109 vají1ko neut  egg • Objednala si vajíUko na mVkko. – She ordered a soft-boiled egg. 13

3110 plavat impf  to swim • Umím plavat a potápVt se. – I can swim and dive. 13

3111 pálit impf  to burn, be hot • Pálili papírový odpad. – They burned waste paper. 13

3112 spoléhat impf  to rely • Vždy spoléhal jen sám na sebe. – He has always relied only on himself. 13

3113 výstup inan  climb, output, scene • Po namáhavém výstupu nemohl popadnout dech. – He couldn’t catch his breath after the strenuous climb. 13

3114 dlouhodob2 adv  in the long term • Je zXejmé, že ceny dlouhodobV porostou. – It is obvious that in the long term, prices will increase. 13 –S –F

3115 pokra1ování neut  continuation, sequel • Jeho Xemeslo bylo pokraUováním rodinné tradice. – His craft was a continuation of the family tradition. 13

3116 jakkoli adv  however, whatever • At’ se bude snažit jakkoli, nemYže to dokázat. – However much he tries, he cannot manage it. 13 –S

3117 bomba fem  bomb • Bomba zniUila Uást stropu. – A bomb destroyed part of the ceiling. 13

3118 nešt2stí neut  misfortune, accident • Snad se mu nepXihodilo nVjaké neštVstí? – He wasn’t struck by misfortune, I hope? 13

3119 potenciální adj  potential • Potenciální investory to odrazuje. – It discourages potential investors. 13 –S

3120 šok inan  shock • Sestoupil z letadla v hlubokém šoku. – He disembarked from the plane in deep shock. 13

3121 sloup inan  pole, column • Kolem trati stály telegrafní sloupy. – Telegraph poles stood along the railway. 13

3122 p4ísn2 adv  severely, strictly • Mluvil s ní velice pXísnV. – He talked to her very severely. 13 –S

3123 m2sí1ní adj  monthly, moon, lunar • Rodina mi pXestala vyplácet mVsíUní kapesné. – My family stopped giving me monthly pocket money. 13 –S

3124 mo4ský adj  sea • MoXský vzduch UlovVku prospívá. – Sea air is beneficial to man. 13

124  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3125 etapa fem  period, lap • Studia byla hezkou etapou mého života. – Studying was a nice period in my life. 13 –S

3126 podlehnout pf  to succumb, be defeated • ObUas podlehl pokušení a napil se ginu. – At times he succumbed to temptation and drank gin. 13 –S

3127 opušt2ný adj  desolate, abandoned • NechtVlo se jim vracet do opuštVného domu. – They didn’t want to return to the abandoned house. 13

3128 zadek inan  back, rear, bottom • Když budu víc jíst, budu mít tlustý zadek. – If I eat more, my bottom will be fat. 13 –P

3129 b2h inan  run(ning), course • Pro sportovce je bVh každodenním pohybem. – Running is daily exercise for sportsmen. 13

3130 lé1it (se) impf  to heal, treat • VVdVla, jak léUit bolesti hlavy. – She knew how to treat headaches. 13

3131 poradce anim  adviser, consultant • Poradci mají pXehled o hypotékách. – Advisers keep track of mortgages. 13

3132 1lenský adj  member, membership • Zaplat’te prosím Ulenský pXíspVvek. – Please pay the membership fee. 13 –S –F

3133 navazovat impf  to continue, follow • Nový model navazuje na tradici pXedváleUných aut. – The new model follows the tradition of pre-war cars. 13

3134 p4ínos inan  contribution, merit • PXínosem akce byla úUast významných firem. – The participation of important companies was the event’s merit. 13 –S

3135 stávající adj  current, existing • Majitel hotelu chce zachovat jeho stávající podobu. – The hotel owner wants to preserve its current look. 13 –S –F

3136 pochopení neut  understanding • Pro lepší pochopení vztahY je uvedeno schéma. – The diagram is presented for a better understanding of the relations. 13 –S

3137 publikace fem  publication • SouUástí publikace je vVcný rejstXík. – A subject index is part of this publication. 13 –S

3138 pronést pf  to utter, deliver (in secret) • Pronesla pár slov na omluvu. – She uttered a few words of apology. 13 –S

3139 úhel inan  angle • MíU se v pXíkrém úhlu vznesl vzhYru. – The ball soared at a sharp angle. 13

3140 ohrožovat impf  to endanger, pose a threat • Úmorná vedra ohrožují zdraví. – The sweltering heat poses a threat to health. 13 –S

3141 všeobecn2 adv  generally, in general • Biotechnologie všeobecnV a medicína zvlášt’ ztratily morální zábrany. – Biotechnology in general and medicine in particular lost their moral scruples. 13

3142 uznávat impf  to acknowledge, recognize • Maminka uznávala tatínkovu autoritu. – Mother recognized father’s authority. 13

3143 humor inan  humour • Dívky u partnera oceWují smysl pro humor. – Girls appreciate a sense of humour in their partners. 13

3144 k4est’anský adj  Christian • KXest’anské principy velí obracet se k Bohu. – Christian doctrines command turning to God. 13 –S

3145 drát inan  wire • Pastviny byly obehnané dráty. – The pastures were fenced with wire. 13

3146 senát inan  Senate • Senát dal souhlas ke snížení daní. – The Senate agreed to lower taxes. 13 –S –F

3147 nejenom adv  not only • Byla nejenom bledá, ale vypadala i nešt’astnV. – Not only was she pale, but she also looked unhappy. 13

3148 pata fem  heel, foot • Na patV se mu udVlal puchýX. – A blister developed on his heel. 13

3149 náhlý adj  sudden, abrupt • Jeho náhlá smrt všechny šokovala. – His sudden death came as a shock to everybody. 13 –S

3150 navšt2vovat impf  to visit, attend • Doma ho navštVvovala pohledná žena. – An attractive woman would visit him at home. 13

3151 st2hovat (se) impf  to move, migrate • StVhovali z kanceláXe krabice plné písemností. – They moved boxes full of documents from the office. 13

Frequency index  125 

3152 podnikatelský adj  business • Konkurence patXí k podnikatelskému prostXedí. – Competition is part of the business environment. 13 –F

3153 p4edvád2t impf  to demonstrate, perform • Experimenty pXedvádVl svým žákYm. – He demonstrated experiments to his pupils. 13

3154 dnešek inan  today, nowadays • Máma ho na dnešek pozvala na veUeXi. – Mother invited him for dinner today. 13

3155 h4bitov inan  cemetery • Koupila na hXbitovV místo na hrobku. – She bought a grave plot at the cemetery. 13

3156 psaní neut  writing, letter • DennV strávím spoustu Uasu psaním odpovVdí. – Every day I spend a lot of time writing replies. 13

3157 krutý adj  cruel, harsh • Kolaboranty stihl krutý trest. – Collaborators were subjected to harsh punishment. 13

3158 specializovaný adj  specialized • TVhotenský tVlocvik provozují specializovaná zaXízení. – Pregnancy exercises are organized by specialized institutions. 13 –S –F

3159 naložit pf  to load • Naložte dXevo na vozy! – Load the wood on the wagons! 13

3160 písmeno neut  letter • VyplWte formuláX tiskacími písmeny. – Fill in the form using block letters. 13

3161 von2t impf  to smell nice • Celý pokoj vonVl nedVlním obVdem. – The whole room smelled nice of Sunday lunch. 13 –P

3162 složený adj  folded (up), compound • Na matraci ležely dvV složené deky. – Two folded blankets were lying on the mattress. 13

3163 porážka fem  defeat, slaughter • Hokejisté utrpVli drtivou porážku. – The hockey players suffered a crushing defeat. 13 –S

3164 bankovní adj  bank • K bankovnímu úUtu dostala kreditní kartu. – She got a credit card with her bank account. 13 –S

3165 4ádek inan  line • Ztete mezi Xádky. – You’re reading between the lines. 13

3166 prezentovat biasp  to present • Studenti se nauUí prezentovat svoje myšlenky. – Students are learning to present their ideas. 13 –F

3167 jednozna1ný adj  unambiguous • Zísla jsou podpoXena jednoznaUnými dYkazy. – The numbers are supported by unambiguous evidence. 13

3168 lé1ba fem  treatment, therapy • K léUbV infekcí lze použít vhodná antibiotika. – Suitable antibiotics can be used in the treatment of infections. 13

3169 p4ejet pf  to cross, run over • PXejeli jsme Xeku a vjeli do vesnice. – We crossed the river and entered the village. 13 –P

3170 p2st fem  fist • Bouchl vztekle pVstí do stolu. – He banged his fist on the table angrily. 13 –S

3171 zrak inan  sight • Zrak se mi zlepšil, tak nepotXebuju brýle. – My sight has improved, so I do not need glasses. 13

3172 m2sí1n2 adv  monthly, a month • Víte, kolik utratíte mVsíUnV za léky? – Do you know how much you spend a month on medicine? 13

3173 vzorek inan  sample, pattern • Respondenti nejsou náhodným vzorkem populace. – The respondents are not a random sample of the population. 13

3174 ujmout se pf  to take charge, adopt • Tohoto úkolu se ujmu osobnV. – I will take charge of this task myself. 13 –S

3175 pero neut  feather, pen, spring • Z náprsní kapsy vytáhl pero a podepsal se. – He pulled a pen out of his breast pocket and signed his name. 13

3176 utrp2t pf  to suffer, sustain • PXi nehodV utrpVl tVžké zranVní. – He suffered a serious injury in the accident. 13 –S

3177 neustálý adj  constant, continuous • Jeho neustálé útoky na má rozhodnutí už trpVt nebudu. – I am not going to put up with his constant attacks on my decisions any more. 13 –S

3178 koš inan  basket • Košili odklidil do koše na špinavé prádlo. – He put the shirt in the laundry basket. 13

126  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3179 holý adj  bare • U kašny stál holý starý strom. – Near the fountain stood a bare old tree. 13

3180 rytmus inan  rhythm • Srdce nám bije v pravidelném rytmu. – Our heart beats in a regular rhythm. 13 –S

3181 and2l anim  angel • Na náhrobní desce stála soška andVla. – There was a statue of an angel on the tombstone. 13

3182 zklamat pf  to disappoint • VidVl, že ji tou výmluvou zklamal. – He saw that his excuse disappointed her. 13

3183 oprávn2ný adj  justified, authorized • Sepsal seznam osob oprávnVných k vstupu. – He compiled a list of people authorized to enter. 13 –S

3184 vstupní adj  entrance, input • Vstupní branou jsme vešli do parku. – We walked into the park through the entrance gate. 13 –S

3185 organizátor anim  organizer • OrganizátoXi nebudou vybírat vstupné. – The organizers will not collect entrance fees. 13 –S

3186 p2stovat impf  to grow, breed, cultivate • PXišel o práci, tak zaUal pVstovat kytky. – He lost his job and so he started growing flowers. 12

3187 vytvá4ení neut  creation • Podporujeme vytváXení nových pracovních míst. – We support the creation of new job opportunities. 12 –S –F

3188 protest inan  protest • Protesty vVzWY trvaly nVkolik dní. – The prisoners’ protests lasted several days. 12 –S

3189 následn2 adv  consequently, subsequently • }idiU narazil do stromu a následnV zemXel. – The driver hit a tree and subsequently died. 12 –S –F

3190 suma fem  sum • Lidé platí vysoké sumy za poštovné. – People pay large sums of money in postal fees. 12

3191 p4eložit pf  to transfer, translate, fold over • Pacient je po operaci pXeložen zpVt na oddVlení. – After surgery, a patient is transferred back to the ward. 12

3192 ledový adj  ice, icy • Kroužil ledovými kostkami ve skleniUce. – He whirled ice cubes in the glass. 12

3193 p4itahovat impf  to attract • PoUítaUe dVti pXitahují. – Children are attracted to computers. 12

3194 dostavit se pf  to arrive, appear • Dostavili se všichni? – Did everyone arrive? 12

3195 výhled inan  view, outlook • MVl balkón s výhledem na Xeku. – He had a balcony with a view of the river. 12

3196 masový adj  mass, meat • Internet se stává nástrojem masové komunikace. – The Internet is becoming a tool of mass communication. 12

3197 najíst se pf  to eat, have sth to eat • Chci se ted’ v klidu najíst. – I would like to eat something in peace now. 12 –P

3198 stolek inan  table • Na toaletním stolku ležely kosmetické potXeby. – There were toiletries lying on the dressing table. 12 –P

3199 hromadný adj  mass, multiple • Náledí zpYsobilo hromadnou dopravní nehodu. – Black ice has caused a multiple-car crash. 12

3200 chrám inan  temple, church • V dálce se lesknou zlacené stXechy chrámu. – The temple’s gilded roofs shine in the distance. 12

3201 plamen inan  flame • ChodbiUka byla osvVtlena plamenem svíUky. – The little corridor was lit by a candle flame. 12

3202 p4enášet impf  to transfer, conduct • MVdVné dráty pXenášejí elektrickou energii. – Copper wires conduct electricity. 12

3203 ukon1ení neut  termination, ending • Projevili ochotu jednat o ukonUení bojY. – They showed willingness to negotiate the termination of hostilities. 12 –S

3204 hluboce adv  deeply, profoundly • Byla jeho chováním hluboce dotUená. – She was deeply offended by his behaviour. 12 –S

3205 p4edcházet impf  to precede, prevent • Mistrovství svVta pXedcházelo soustXedVní. – The world championship was preceded by a training camp. 12

Frequency index  127 

3206 morální adj  moral • Bojovat proti zlu je morální. – It is moral to fight evil. 12 –S

3207 spo1ítat (si) pf  to count, (si) reckon up • SpoUítali, kolik otázek zodpovVdVli správnV. – They counted how many questions they had answered correctly. 12

3208 zmatek inan  confusion, mess, chaos • V nastalém zmatku zlodVj utekl. – The thief ran away in the chaos of the aftermath. 12

3209 obnova fem  restoration, regeneration • Obnova sídlišt’ je souUasnou prioritou. – The housing estate regeneration is a current priority. 12 –S –F

3210 terén inan  terrain, ground, landscape • Celá oblast leží v kopcovitém terénu. – The entire region is situated on hilly ground. 12

3211 lesní adj  forest • Turistická trasa vede lesními cestami. – The trail goes along forest paths. 12

3212 kov inan  metal • VVtšina polních lahví je dnes z kovu. – Most canteens are now made of metal. 12

3213 otvírat (se) impf  to open • ZaUala otvírat zásuvky. – She began opening the drawers. 12

3214 up4ímn2 adv  sincerely, frankly • PXísahám, že jsem mluvil upXímnV. – I swear I was speaking sincerely. 12

3215 pobo1ka fem  branch • Banka zXídila novou poboUku. – The bank has established a new branch. 12

3216 architektura fem  architecture • Jsem rád, že skonUila paneláková architektura. – I am glad that prefab architecture is over. 12

3217 tane1ní adj  dance, dancing • Šli po chodníku taneUním krokem. – They walked along the pavement with a dancing step. 12

3218 inteligentní adj  intelligent, bright • Byl to velmi inteligentní, schopný pracovník. – He was a very intelligent and competent worker. 12

3219 mrak inan  cloud • Mezi mraky se objevilo slunce. – The sun appeared behind the clouds. 12

3220 mez fem  bounds, limit • Snažila se jednat v mezích zákona. – She was trying to act within the bounds of the law. 12

3221 bydlení neut  living, housing • V posledních letech se zlepšila úroveW bydlení. – The level of housing has improved in the past years. 12

3222 sklenice fem  glass, jar • Každé ráno piju sklenici mléka. – Every morning I drink a glass of milk. 12

3223 upravený adj  tidy, modified • Zazvonil u domku s upravenou zahrádkou. – He rang the bell on the house with the tidy garden. 12

3224 plynout impf  to pass, flow, imply • MYj život plynul klidnV a spoXádanV. – My life flowed peacefully and orderly. 12 –S

3225 skok inan  jump, leap • Zajíc jedním skokem zmizel v houští. – The hare disappeared into the thicket with a single jump. 12

3226 vysílat impf  to transmit, broadcast • Zprávy vysílali každou celou hodinu. – They broadcast news every hour on the hour. 12 –S

3227 ukázka fem  demonstration, example • Na programu byla ukázka cviUení psY. – The programme featured a demonstration of dog training. 12

3228 skákat impf  to jump, bounce • Skákal jsem z kamene na kámen. – I was jumping from stone to stone. 12

3229 máslo neut  butter • Chleba si namazal máslem. – He spread butter on his bread. 12

3230 post fem  post, position • Medailové posty obsadili házenkáXi. – Medal positions were taken by handball players. 12 –S

3231 posoudit pf  to judge, review • Nedokázal posoudit, co je pravda. – He couldn’t judge what was true. 12

3232 prodejna fem  shop, store • Muzeum má vlastní prodejnu suvenýrY. – The museum has its own souvenir shop. 12

3233 management inan  management • Management to pXislíbil. – The management promised it. 12 –F

128  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3234 potomek anim  descendant, offspring • Byl posledním mužským potomkem svého rodu. – He was the last male descendant in his family. 12

3235 smrtelný adj  mortal, fatal • Cyklista pXi pádu utrpVl smrtelné zranVní. – The cyclist suffered fatal injuries during the fall. 12 –S

3236 louka fem  meadow • Šli loukami plnými kvVtin. – They walked through meadows full of flowers. 12

3237 tramvaj fem  tram • DomY z práce jezdím tramvají. – I return home from work by tram.

3245 lavice fem  desk, bench • UUitel ho posadil do zadní lavice. – The teacher sat him at the back desk. 12

3246 p4ibýt pf  to increase • Lidí v zemi rychle pXibylo. – The population of the country increased rapidly. 12

3247 uklidit pf  to tidy up, clean • Uklidila jsem celý byt. – I cleaned the whole flat. 12 –P

3248 dokola adv  around • Opilci si podávali dokola láhev rumu. – Drunkards passed around the bottle of rum.

12 –P


3238 sestavit pf  to put together, assemble, compile • Naše auta si sestaví zákazníci sami. – Our customers assemble our cars on their own.

3249 rozlou1it se pf  to say goodbye • PotXásl jim rukama a rozlouUil se. – He shook their hands and said goodbye.



3239 stadión inan  stadium • VítVzství domácích sledoval zaplnVný stadion. – A full stadium watched the home team’s victory.

3250 zopakovat (si) pf  to repeat, (si) revise • Když nereagovala, zopakoval svoji otázku. – As she did not react, he repeated his question.

12 –P


3240 here1ka fem  actress • Nebyla to špatná hereUka. – She wasn’t a bad actress.

3251 ohrožení neut  danger, emergency • Leží v nemocnici v ohrožení života. – He is in hospital in danger of his life. 12 –S


3241 skleni1ka fem  glass • Nalil si skleniUku a hned ji vypil. – He poured himself a glass and drank it right away.

3252 recept inan  recipe, prescription • Znáte mYj recept na grilované papriky? – Do you know my grilled pepper recipe?

12 –P


3242 školství neut  education • Struktura školství má odpovídat potXebám praxe. – The structure of education should correspond with practical needs. 12 –F

3243 vít2zný adj  victorious, winning • VítVzné mocnosti mohly prosadit svou ideologii. – The victorious powers could enforce their ideology. 12 –S

3244 chytat impf  to catch, grasp • KoUky chytají myši. – Cats catch mice.

3253 d2de1ek anim  grandfather • DVdeUek mi vyprávVl pohádky. – My grandfather would tell me fairy tales. 12

3254 turnaj inan  tournament • Olympijský turnaj bude hrát dvanáct týmY. – Twelve teams will play in the Olympic tournament. 12 –F –P

3255 jaksi part  somehow • To jméno mi pXipadalo jaksi povVdomé. – Somehow the name seemed familiar.



15  Weather zima  745  cold

déšt’  1916  rain, shower

blesk  3590  lightning

slunce  910  sun

led  2291  ice

mráz  3634  frost

vítr  1223  wind

pršet  2435  to rain

vedro  3827  heat, hot

teplo  1516  heat, warmth

mrak  3219  cloud

povode3  3836  flood

teplota  1623  temperature

bou4e  3470  storm

záplava  4070  flood

sníh  1699  snow

mlha  3541  mist, fog

horko  4702  heat, hot

Frequency index  129 

3256 lí1it (se) impf  to describe, (se) make up • LíUil mi své zážitky z cest. – He described his travel experiences. 12

3257 sluní1ko neut  sun, ladybird • Pes odpoUíval na sluníUku. – The dog rested in the sun. 12 –P

3258 panovat impf  to prevail, rule, reign • Ve vesmíru panuje temnota. – Darkness reigns in space. 12 –S

3259 porovnání neut  comparison • Cena se stanoví porovnáním s podobným zbožím. – The price is set by comparison with similar goods. 12 –S

3260 ovládnout (se) pf  to control, dominate, (se) control oneself • Plastové láhve ovládly trh. – Plastic bottles have dominated the market. 12 –S

3261 babi fem  granny • Babi, mYžu si vzít buchtu? – Granny, can I have a cookie? 12 +S

3262 p4eklad inan  translation • Tohle je typický pXíklad volného pXekladu. – This is a typical example of a free translation. 12 –S

3263 hmotnost fem  weight, mass • Hmotnost udává množství látky v pXedmVtu. – Weight indicates the amount of a substance in an object.

3270 standard inan  standard • Evropské zemV mají vysoký životní standard. – European countries have a high standard of living. 12 –S –F

3271 reklamní adj  advertising • Firma zahájila reklamní kampaW na biopotraviny. – The company started an organic food advertising campaign. 12

3272 vsadit (se) pf  to put money on, embed, (se) bet • Ty jsi vždycky umVl vsadit na správného konV. – You’ve always been able to put money on the right horse. 12

3273 asociace fem  association, connotation • Slovo “outsider” vyvolává negativní asociace. – The word “outsider” has negative associations. 12 –S

3274 pojišt2ní neut  insurance • Pro cestu do zahraniUí je nutné pojištVní. – You need insurance for travelling abroad. 12 –F

3275 nedaleko prep  nearby, near, close • Bydlí nedaleko. – He lives nearby. 12 –S

3276 nákladní adj  freight, cargo • Nákladní doprava zneUišt’uje životní prostXedí. – Cargo transport pollutes the environment. 12 –S

12 –S –F

3264 bezprost4edn2 adv  immediately • S dietou je tXeba zaUít bezprostXednV po operaci. – You must start the diet immediately after your surgery. 12 –S

3265 družstvo neut  cooperative, team • Domy jsou ve vlastnictví bytových družstev. – Houses are owned by housing cooperatives. 12

3266 kompletní adj  full, complete • Domácí nastoupili k zápasu v kompletní sestavV. – The home team appeared in complete line-up. 12

3267 kn2z anim  priest • KnVz obléká ke mši bílé roucho. – A priest dresses in white vestments. 12

3268 elekt4ina fem  electricity • Ten výpadek elektXiny mi dVlá starosti. – The electricity failure worries me. 12

3269 tah inan  pull, thrust, move • Asi hraje šachy, myslí tXi tahy dopXedu. – He probably plays chess, he thinks three moves ahead. 12

3277 garáž fem  garage • Musím dojít pro auto do garáže. – I have to get my car from the garage. 12 –P

3278 zam2stnavatel anim  employer • ZamVstnavatel byl s jeho prací spokojen. – The employer was satisfied with his work. 12

3279 zakládat (se) impf  to establish, (se) be based on • Kolonisté zakládali farmy. – Colonists established farms. 12

3280 sjet (se) pf  to go down, (se) come together • Sjel výtahem do pXízemí. – He went down in the lift. 12 –P

3281 založení neut  founding, nature • Oslavujeme 500. výroUí založení mVsta. – We are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the town’s founding. 12 –S

3282 p4idávat (se) impf  to add, (se) join • Do horké polévky pXidávala sherry. – She would add sherry to hot soup. 12

130  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3283 umíst2ní neut  position, placement • MVli dobré zkušenosti s umístVním postižených dVtí do bVžných tXíd. – They had good experience with the placement of handicapped children in regular classes. 12 –S

3284 sýr inan  cheese • MYžete zde ochutnat francouzské sýry. – You can try French cheese here. 12

3285 paprsek inan  beam, ray • Do jeskynV pronikal paprsek svVtla. – A ray of light penetrated the cave. 12 –S

3286 výro1í neut  anniversary • K výroUí svatby dostala od manžela náhrdelník. – She got a necklace from her husband for their wedding anniversary. 12

3287 výbuch inan  explosion, outburst • Voják byl po výbuchu bomby v bezvVdomí. – After the bomb explosion, the soldier was unconscious. 12 –S

3288 doposud adv  so far, to date, (as) yet • Tímto problémem jsem se doposud nezabýval. – I have not looked into this problem as yet. 12 –S

3289 rozjet (se) pf  to set in motion, (se) pull away • Když se vlak rozjel, zamávala mu. – As the train pulled away, she waved at him. 12 –P

3290 úder inan  hit, blow, strike • K smrti došlo úderem do hlavy. – Death occurred as a result of a blow to the head. 12 –S

3291 zoufalý adj  desperate • Když mu zemXela žena, byl zoufalý. – When his wife died, he was desperate. 12

3292 fantazie fem  imagination, fantasy • Ve své fantazii si pXedstavoval, že je kovboj. – In his fantasy he imagined being a cowboy. 12

3293 statistika fem  statistics • Podle statistiky poUet pXípadY rakoviny roste. – According to statistics, the number of cancer cases is growing. 12

3294 zdánliv2 adv  apparently, seemingly • Vedla zdánlivV úplnV spoXádaný život. – Seemingly, she led a totally respectable life. 12 –S

3295 požadovaný adj  required, desired, requisite • Nemáte požadované znalosti. – You do not have the requisite knowledge. 12 –S –F

3296 probrat (se) pf  to discuss, (se) awake • Probrali spolu podrobnosti dalšího postupu. – They discussed the details of further steps. 12

3297 strategický adj  strategic • Pevnost mVla v minulosti strategický význam. – In the past, the fortress was of strategic importance. 12 –S

3298 pokladna fem  cash desk, box office, treasury • U pokladny položila zboží na pult. – She put the goods on the counter at the cash desk. 12

3299 pohár inan  cup • Postavil na stYl pohár z kXišt’álového skla. – He put a crystal cup on the table. 12 –S

3300 oznámení neut  announcement, notice • Poslal pXíbuzným svatební oznámení. – He sent his relatives a wedding announcement. 12

3301 poptávka fem  demand • Neexistuje tu poptávka. – There is no demand here. 12 –S –F

3302 p2šky adv  on foot • Na chatu se dostanete jedinV pVšky. – You can only get to the cottage on foot. 12 –P

3303 hnout (se) pf  to move • Nemohl s tVžkou skXíní hnout. – He couldn’t move the heavy wardrobe. 12 –P

3304 technologický adj  technological • U stavby nebyly dodrženy technologické standardy. – The technological standards of construction were not adhered to. 12 –S –F

3305 hájit (se) impf  to defend, plead • Za všech okolností hájil zájmy své firmy. – Under all circumstances, he defended the interest of his company. 12 –S

3306 prát (se) impf  to do the laundry, (se) fight • Prala jsem mu a vaXila. – I did his laundry and cooked for him. 12

3307 onemocn2ní neut  disease • Opar je virové onemocnVní. – The cold sore is a viral disease. 12 –S –F

3308 vymýšlet (si) impf  to devise, (si) fabricate • S kolegy vymýšlíme témata pXednášek. – My colleagues and I devise lecture topics. 12

3309 sektor inan  sector • Ministerstvo podporuje výrobu v soukromém sektoru. – The ministry supports production in the private sector. 12 –S –F

Frequency index  131 

3310 voli1 anim  voter • VoliUi upXednostWují nezávislé kandidáty. – Voters prefer independent candidates. 12 –S –F

3311 zacházet impf  to treat, handle, use • Se smetákem umí zacházet každý. – Anybody can use a broom. 12

3312 1tvrtina num  quarter • TXi Utvrtiny obyvatel pracují v zemVdVlství. – Three-quarters of the population work in agriculture. 12 –S

3313 vlastnictví neut  ownership, property • Pozemky mají ve vlastnictví zdejší obyvatelé. – The plots are under the ownership of the local inhabitants. 12 –S

3314 legenda fem  legend • Možná znáte legendu o dobývání Tróje. – You may know the legend of the conquest of Troy. 12 –S

3315 optimální adj  optimum, optimal • Optimální jarní teploty jsou kolem 20°C. – Optimal spring temperatures are around 20°C. 12 –F

3316 doporu1ení neut  recommendation • Na jeho doporuUení nebrali ohled. – They disregarded his recommendations. 12 –S

3317 jedine1ný adj  unique • Z vVže je jedineUný pohled do údolí. – There is a unique view of the valley from the tower. 12 –S

3318 obtíž fem  trouble, difficulty • Bez obtíží se na dané Uíslo dovolal. – He got through to the number without any difficulties. 12 –S

3319 ohlásit (se) pf  to announce, report • Ohlásila na polici krádež kabelky. – She reported her handbag stolen. 12

3320 nahrávat impf  to record, pass (the ball) • Své postXehy nahrával na kazetu. – He recorded his observations on tape. 12 –F –P

3321 vylu1ovat impf  to exclude, eliminate, secrete • PXi stresu žaludek vyluUuje nadbytek kyseliny. – Under stress, the stomach secretes an excessive amount of acid. 12

3322 malovat (se) impf  to paint, decorate, (se) make up • Dovolte dítVti malovat a kreslit. – Let your child paint and draw. 12

3323 zrušení neut  cancellation, abolition, dissolution • RodiUe podali petici proti zrušení školky. – Parents presented a petition against the dissolution of the nursery school. 12 –S

3324 p4ikývnout pf  to nod • StaXík pXikývl. – The old man nodded. 12 +F

3325 1estný adj  honest, fair • Je to dobrosrdeUný a Uestný chlapec. – He is a kind-hearted and honest boy. 12 –S

3326 unést pf  to be able to carry, kidnap • Uneseš ten nákup? – Can you carry the shopping? 12

3327 plno adv  plenty • Má plno penVz. – He has plenty of money. 12 –P

3328 bezprost4ední adj  immediate, direct • Ztratil s ním bezprostXední styk. – He lost direct contact with him. 12 –S

3329 plátno neut  cloth, linen, projection screen • První míUe byly ušité z plátna. – The first balls were made of linen. 12

3330 sex inan  sex • PXi zmínce o sexu se tehdy omdlévalo. – In those days, people would faint upon the mention of sex. 12

3331 oddíl inan  section, group, club • Otec ho zapsal do cyklistického oddílu. – His father enrolled him in a cycling club. 12

3332 kufr inan  suitcase, boot • Sbalil si do kufru pár košil. – He packed a few shirts into a suitcase. 12 –P

3333 financování neut  financing, funding • Zastupitelé kontrolovali financování provozu letištV. – Municipal representatives checked the financing of the airport’s operation. 12 –S –F

3334 p4íjemn2 adv  pleasantly • V jídelnV bylo pXíjemnV teplo. – The dining room was pleasantly warm. 12

3335 záb2r inan  stroke, gear, shot • UdVlal pádlem mohutný zábVr. – He made a mighty stroke with his paddle. 12

3336 l5žko neut  bed, berth • Byla hroznV dlouho upoutaná na lYžko. – She was confined to bed for a long time. 12

132  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3337 populace fem  population • DXíve byl rYst populace omezen. – Earlier, population growth was limited. 12 –S –F

3338 samota fem  solitude, lonely place • Samota mV deprimovala. – Solitude depressed me. 12 –S

3339 komedie fem  comedy, play-acting • Nechte té komedie a mluvte vážnV. – Drop the comedy and speak seriously. 12

3340 okamžitý adj  immediate • ÚUinek byl okamžitý. – The effect was immediate. 12 –S

3341 moravský adj  Moravian • Pozvali nás do moravského sklípku. – They invited us to a Moravian wine cellar. 12 –S

3342 dozadu adv  back(wards) • Kšiltovku mVl otoUenou dozadu. – His baseball cap was turned backwards. 12

3343 honit (se) impf  to chase, hunt, (se) run about • Policisté honili autem zloUince. – The police in the car chased the criminal. 12 –P

3344 talent inan  talent, gift • Talent dVdíme po rodiUích. – We inherit talents from our parents. 12

3345 likvidace fem  liquidation, clearance • SpoleUnost šla do likvidace. – The company went into liquidation. 12 –S

3346 t4ást se impf  to shiver, shake • RozUilením se celý tXásl. – He was shaking with anger. 12 –P

3347 postoupit pf  to advance, step forward • Postoupil, aby ho bylo vidVt. – He stepped forward to be seen. 12

3348 šedivý adj  grey • Vlasy už mVla šedivé. – Her hair was already grey. 12

3349 otvor inan  hole, slot • Ve stropu byl vVtrací otvor. – There was an air hole in the ceiling. 12

3350 náhradní adj  spare, reserve • Stroj stál kvYli nedostatku náhradních dílY. – The machine was at a standstill because of a lack of spare parts. 12

3351 kdepak part  no way, not at all • Kdepak, to není totéž. – No way, it’s not the same thing. 12 –P

3352 demokrat anim  democrat • Jeho otec byl vlastenec a demokrat. – His father was a patriot and a democrat. 12 –S –F –P

3353 obecní adj  municipal, local • Internet na obecním úXadV funguje. – The Internet at the municipal office is working. 12

3354 zem2d2lství neut  agriculture, farming • VVnoval se zemVdVlství a chovu dobytka. – He was involved in farming and cattle breeding. 12

3355 originální adj  original • MVl originální nápady. – He had original ideas. 12

3356 hlasit2 adv  loudly • Holky v ledové vodV hlasitV vXískaly. – Girls screamed loudly in the icy water. 12 –S

3357 bohatství neut  wealth, fortune, richness • Muži kontrolují bohatství. – Men control the wealth. 12 –S

3358 železni1ní adj  railway • ŽelezniUní stanice je v dosahu ubytování. – The railway station is within reach of the accommodation. 12 –S

3359 stan inan  tent • Stan jsme postavili až za setmVní. – We didn’t put up our tent until after dark. 12

3360 naklonit (se) pf  to bow, bend, lean • Naklonila se a nVco mu pošeptala. – She leaned in and whispered something to him. 12 –S

3361 architekt anim  architect • PXi pXestavbV bytu se radila s architektem. – She consulted an architect during the reconstruction of her flat. 12

3362 váno1ní adj  Christmas • Koupila dVtem vánoUní dárky. – She bought Christmas presents for the children. 12

3363 planeta fem  planet • NejvVtší ostrov naší planety je Grónsko. – Greenland is the largest island on our planet. 12 –S

3364 zdarma adv  free (of charge) • Odborníci vám zdarma poradí. – Experts will give you advice free of charge. 12

Frequency index  133 

3365 otev4ení neut  opening • Slavíme otevXení muzea. – We are celebrating the opening of the museum. 12 –S

3366 vyb2hnout pf  to run out, run up • DVti vybVhly ze školy. – Children ran out of the school. 12 –P

3367 tuna fem  ton, tonne • Hroch mYže vážit až tXi tuny. – A hippopotamus may weigh up to three tonnes. 12

3368 plod inan  fruit, foetus • Vyrobila vVnec ze suchých plodY. – She made a wreath of dry fruit. 12

3369 riskovat impf  to risk, take a risk • Kdo se bojí riskovat, nemYže vyhrát. – He who is afraid to take risks cannot win. 12

3370 kytka fem  flower, plant • Kup jí nVjaký kytky. – Buy her some flowers. 12 –P

3371 ov24it (si) pf  to check, verify • Pomocí testu ovVXíme správnost hypotézy. – We will verify the veracity of the hypothesis through a test. 12

3372 vyslechnout pf  to listen to, hear • Byli pXipraveni vyslechnout pXednášku. – They were ready to listen to a lecture. 12

3373 zahrnout pf  to include, cover • Do ceny zájezdu je zahrnuta doprava. – The price of the trip includes the transport. 12 –S

3374 jaderný adj  nuclear • Jde nám o mírové využití jaderné energie. – We are concerned about the peaceful use of nuclear energy. 12 –F

3375 d5kladn2 adv  properly, thoroughly • DYkladnV v domV vygruntovala. – She cleaned the house thoroughly. 12 –S

3376 vd21ný adj  grateful • Jsem ti za tvou informaci vdVUný. – I am grateful for your information. 12

3377 kritik anim  critic • Po zavedení reforem se ozvaly hlasy kritikY. – After the reforms were implemented, critics’ voices were heard. 12 –S

3378 drama neut  drama • Dramata psát neumVl. – He could not write dramas. 12 –S

3379 lidstvo neut  mankind • Nedávno lidstvo vstoupilo do nového tisíciletí. – Mankind has recently entered a new millennium. 12 –S

3380 z4eteln2 adv  distinctly, clearly • RozumVla mu, protože vyslovoval zXetelnV. – She understood him because he enunciated clearly. 12 –S

3381 podléhat impf  to succumb, be subject to • Nesmíš tolik podléhat emocím. – You mustn’t succumb to emotions so much. 12 –S

3382 p4ehlídka fem  show, parade • Veletrh zaUal módní pXehlídkou. – The fair was opened by a fashion show. 12 –S

3383 váše3 fem  passion • Jeho vášní byly karty. – Cards were his passion. 12 –S

3384 tržní adj  market • Klient kupuje služby za tržní ceny. – The client purchases services for market prices. 12 –S –F

3385 trénovat impf  to train, drill, practise • DennV trénuju dvV hodiny. – I practise for two hours a day. 12 –P

3386 kouzlo neut  magic, spell • Podlehl kouzlu krásné ženy. – He succumbed to the spell of a beautiful woman. 12

3387 sporný adj  controversial • Všechny sporné body byly objasnVny. – All the controversial points were clarified. 12 –S

3388 tuhý adj  stiff, tough, hard • Zima byla toho roku tuhá. – That year the winter was hard. 12

3389 chrán2ný adj  protected, conservation • Lužní les je chránVným územím. – Alluvial forest is a conservation area. 12

3390 m24ení neut  measurement • ProvádVli také mVXení pro stavbu leteckých základen. – They also took measurements for the construction of air bases. 12 –S –F

3391 út2k inan  escape, flight • ÚtVk z vVzení se mu nezdaXil. – His escape from jail did not end well. 12 –S

3392 postrádat impf  to lack, miss • Jejich vztahy postrádaly srdeUnost. – Their relationship lacked warmth. 12

134  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3393 hluk inan  noise • Z námVstí sem doléhal hluk mVsta. – The noise from the square was heard here. 12

3394 rodit (se) impf  to give birth, bear, yield • Jeho žena má brzy rodit. – His wife is supposed to give birth soon. 12

3395 plze3ský adj  Pilsen • Pozvali nás na prohlídku plzeWského pivovaru. – They invited us on a tour of the Pilsen brewery. 12 –F

3396 vytvo4ený adj  created, formed • MYžeme využít dXíve vytvoXenou databázi. – We can use a database created earlier. 12 –S

3397 pravomoc fem  authority • Tím pXekraUujete svou pravomoc. – By this you are overstepping your authority. 12 –S

3398 týdn2 adv  weekly, a week • TXikrát týdnV cviUím. – I exercise three times a week. 12

3399 hovno neut  shit, crap • Je to na hovno. – It’s crap. 12 –P –N

3400 posuzovat impf  to judge, assess • Každý pXípad bude posuzován individuálnV. – Each case will be judged individually. 12 –S

3401 metropole fem  capital, metropolis • Naše metropole se jí líbila. – She liked our capital. 12 –S

3402 elektrárna fem  power plant • VVtrné elektrárny mají budoucnost. – Wind power plants have a future. 12

3403 porušit pf  to break, infringe • Byl odsouzen, protože porušil zákon. – He was sentenced for breaking the law. 12 –S

3404 agent anim  agent • Léta byl agentem rozvVdky. – He was a secret service agent for years. 12 –S

3405 poslucha1 anim  listener, trainee • Jako dobrý posluchaU kladl správné otázky. – Being a good listener, he asked the right questions. 12

3406 palec inan  thumb, inch • Palce si zasunul za opasek. – He stuck his thumbs in his belt. 12

3407 sedadlo neut  seat • Usadila se pohodlnV do sedadla. – She settled comfortably into the seat. 12

3408 náboženství neut  religion • Diskutovali o rozdílu mezi náboženstvím a vVdou. – They discussed the difference between religion and science. 12 –S

3409 spolupracovník anim  colleague, collaborator, associate • Je to mYj blízký spolupracovník. – He is a close associate of mine. 12 –S

3410 psychický adj  psychic(al), mental • Jeho psychický stav se postupnV zlepšoval. – His mental state was gradually improving. 12

3411 malinký adj  tiny • Roztrhal dopis na malinké kousíUky. – He tore the letter into tiny pieces. 12 –P –N

3412 úspora fem  saving • Obklady stVn vedly k úsporám tepla. – The wall facing led to heat saving. 12 –S

3413 vysp2lý adj  mature, advanced • Dcera je ve Utrnácti už velmi vyspVlá. – My daughter is very mature for fourteen. 12 –S

3414 obálka fem  envelope • Nalepil známku na obálku. – He stamped the envelope. 12

3415 výprava fem  excursion, expedition • Zasto se úUastnil horolezeckých výprav. – He often participated in climbing expeditions. 12

3416 zavírat impf  to close • “Zavíráme,” Xekl hostinský. – “We are closing,” the landlord said. 12

3417 d2ní neut  events, developments • VeXejnost bude o dVní ve mVstV informována. – The public will be informed about developments in town. 12 –S

3418 vyvést pf  to lead out • Vyvedl své spoleUníky z místnosti. – He led his associates out of the room. 12

3419 lampa fem  lamp • V koutV svítila lampa. – A lamp was lit in the corner. 12

3420 sazba fem  rate, tariff, charge • Denní sazba parkovného Uiní 30 KU. – The daily charge for parking is CZK 30. 12 –S –F

Frequency index  135 

3421 opatrný adj  careful • PXíštV budu opatrnVjší. – I’ll be more careful next time. 12

3422 poslechnout pf  to listen to, obey • Poslechla ho jako svého velitele. – She obeyed him as he was her commander. 12

3423 ráj inan  paradise, Eden • Žiju si jako v ráji. – I live as though in paradise. 11

3424 odd2lit pf  to separate • Víru nelze oddVlit od lásky. – Faith cannot be separated from love. 11 –S

3425 každopádn2 part  anyway, in any case • KaždopádnV mi zavolej, budu doma. – Call me in any case, I’ll be home. 11

3426 redakce fem  editorial office, edition • V místnostech redakce bylo plno žurnalistY. – Editorial office rooms were full of journalists. 11 –S

3427 místop4edseda anim  vice chairman • Byl zvolen místopXedsedou strany. – He was elected vice chairman of the party. 11 +N

3428 dvojka fem  (number) two, second gear • PXeXadil na dvojku. – He shifted into second gear. 11 –P

3429 štíhlý adj  slender, slim • Podala mi štíhlou ruku. – She held out a slender hand to me. 11

3430 slušet impf  to become, fit, suit • V modré uniformV mu to slušelo. – The blue uniform suited him. 11

3431 z4ídit pf  to set up, establish • V obci zXídili malou pekárnu. – They set up a small bakery in the village. 11 –S

3432 nevinný adj  innocent • Popravili nevinného. – They executed an innocent man. 11 –S

3433 orientovat (se) biasp  to orientate, find position • Žáci se nauUili zorientovat mapu. – The students learned to orientate their maps. 11

3434 trouba fem  oven, pipe • Dostal koláU, ještV teplý z trouby. – He got a pie, still warm from the oven. 11

3435 objev inan  discovery, finding • Objev radioaktivity zmVnil náš svVt. – The discovery of radioactivity changed our world. 11 –S

3436 vedený adj  led by, guided, maintained • PXicházela skupina dVtí vedená uUitelem. – A group of children led by a teacher was coming. 11 –S

3437 vyšet4ení neut  examination • Jela do Prahy na oUní vyšetXení. – She went to Prague for an eye examination. 11

3438 špi1kový adj  top, peak • Naše vybavení je na špiUkové úrovni. – Our equipment is of top quality. 11 –F

3439 d5chodce anim  pensioner, senior citizen • DYchodci mohou jezdit zdarma. – Pensioners can use public transport for free. 11

3440 koule fem  ball, globe • Kluci po sobV házeli snVhovými koulemi. – The boys threw snowballs at each other. 11

3441 minout (se) pf  to pass, miss • Málem jsme se minuli. – We almost missed each other. 11

3442 náhodný adj  casual, accidental, random • Náhodný chodec našel nevybuchlý granát. – A casual pedestrian found an unexploded grenade. 11 –S

3443 krást impf  to steal, shoplift • ZamVstnanci kradli maso v supermarketu. – Employees shoplifted meat in the supermarket. 11 –P

3444 huba fem  mouth, trap • Drž hubu! – Shut your trap! 11 –P

3445 hýbat (se) impf  to move • Nehýbejte se! – Don’t move! 11

3446 ty1 fem  post, rod • Záložník trefil tyU. – The midfielder hit the post. 11

3447 minule adv  last time • Minule jsi mV pVknV vytoUil. – You really pissed me off last time. 11 –P

3448 budit (se) impf  to wake (up), raise • Tak pozdV jsem nechtVl budit sousedy. – I didn’t want to wake the neighbours up so late. 11

3449 hokej inan  (ice-)hockey • Kluci mYžou hrát na kluzišti hokej. – Boys can play hockey on the ice rink. 11 –F –P

136  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3450 cvi1it impf  to train, practise, exercise • CviUila, protože chtVla zhubnout. – She exercised because she wanted to lose weight. 11

3451 vyzna1ovat (se) impf  to mark, (se) distinguish • Maso zvVXiny se vyznaUuje charakteristickou chutí. – Game meat is distinguished by a characteristic taste. 11 –S

3452 vykazovat impf  to show, show out • Zákon vykazuje Uetné nedostatky. – The law shows numerous flaws. 11 –S

3453 tri1ko neut  T-shirt • Oblíkla si džíny a triUko. – She put on jeans and a T-shirt. 11 –P

3454 chod inan  course, operation • VeUeXe mVla deset chodY. – The dinner had ten courses. 11

3455 album neut  album • Tom Waits právV vydal nové album. – Tom Waits has just released a new album. 11 –P

3456 krabi1ka fem  box, packet • Vyndal z krabiUky cigaretu. – He pulled a cigarette out of a packet. 11

3457 shodnout se pf  to agree • Byla krásná, na tom se shodli všichni. – She was beautiful, everybody agreed on that. 11

3465 zastávka fem  stop, station • Bydlím kousek od autobusové zastávky. – I live a short way from the bus stop. 11

3466 vlhký adj  wet, damp • Vlhký písek se mu lepil na nohy. – Damp sand stuck to his feet. 11

3467 doopravdy adv  for real, really • Jak to bylo doopravdy? – How did it really happen? 11

3468 parametr inan  parameter • Parametry výrobku splWují základní požadavky. – The product’s parameters meet the basic requirements. 11 –S –F

3469 vytrhnout pf  to pull out, extract, snatch away • Dal si vytrhnout bolavý zub. – He had an aching tooth extracted. 11

3470 bou4e fem  storm • Kobaltová barva nebe slibovala bouXi. – The cobalt colour foreboded a storm. 11 –S

3471 kauza fem  case • Celá kauza byla postavena na lžích. – The entire case was based on lies. 11 –F

3472 nervózní adj  nervous, restless • Byl nervózní a nemohl spát. – He was restless and couldn’t sleep. 11 –P

3458 blbec anim  moron, nitwit • Blbec je to. – A moron, that’s what he is.

3473 sakra interj  hell, damn (it) • Kde to sakra jsme? – Where the hell are we?

3459 srovnatelný adj  comparable • Kvalita výrobkY je srovnatelná s konkurencí. – The product quality is comparable to the competitors’.

3474 odvážit se pf  to dare, risk • Nikdo by se neodvážil to vyslovit nahlas. – Nobody would dare say it out loud.

11 –P

11 –F

3460 sebevražda fem  suicide • Zoufalství ji dohnalo k sebevraždV. – Desperation drove her to suicide. 11

3461 vícemén2 part  more or less • MVl na sobV víceménV Uisté obleUení. – He was wearing more or less clean clothes. 11

3462 vyrovnaný adj  calm, stable, balanced • Síly v zápase byly vyrovnané. – The match was evenly balanced. 11

3463 minimum neut  minimum • V pokoji bylo minimum nábytku. – There was a minimum of furniture in the room. 11

3464 pozdní adj  late • Svým pozdním pXíchodem ji probudil. – His late arrival woke her up. 11

11 –P –N


3475 záchrana fem  rescue, preservation • Martin dostal za záchranu té ženy cenu. – Martin received an award for the woman’s rescue. 11 –S

3476 zran2ný adj  injured, wounded • Stav zranVného muže je vážný. – The injured man’s condition is serious. 11

3477 trocha fem  a bit, a little • S trochou štVstí pXijdeme vUas. – With a bit of luck, we’ll be on time. 11

3478 nápadn2 adv  noticeably, strikingly • MVla nápadnV modré oUi. – She had strikingly blue eyes. 11

3479 trénink inan  training • Cítila, že jí chybí kondiUní trénink. – She felt she needed fitness training. 11

Frequency index  137 

3480 k4ižovatka fem  intersection, crossroads • Na kXižovatce nebyl semafor. – There were no traffic lights at the intersection.

3490 autorita fem  authority • Lidé nad sebou potXebují mít autoritu. – People need authority above them.



3481 pruh inan  stripe, lane • Vozy jsou pomalované modrými pruhy. – The vehicles are painted with blue stripes.

3491 statek inan  estate, farm • Jeho rodiUe mVli statek. – His parents owned a farm. 11


3482 šedesátý num  sixtieth • Havel oslavil šedesáté narozeniny v divadle Archa. – Havel celebrated his sixtieth birthday in the Archa theatre. 11

3483 venkov inan  country • Lidé z venkova dojíždVjí do mVsta. – People from the country commute to the city.

3492 nabýt pf  to gain, acquire • Chce nabýt praktických zkušeností. – He wants to acquire practical experience. 11 –S

3493 upravovat (se) impf  to arrange, adjust, (se) tidy up • Zahradníci upravují skalku. – Gardeners are arranging a rock garden. 11


3484 výhra fem  victory, prize • Posledním gólem si svou výhru pojistili. – They secured their victory with the final goal. 11 –P

3485 odstran2ní neut  removal, disposal • OdstranVní nádoru musí být radikální. – Removal of the tumour must be radical. 11 –S –F

3486 zastávat (se) impf  to hold (an office), (se) support • Zastávala funkci finanUní Xeditelky. – She held the office of financial director. 11

3487 ud2laný adj  made • Soška byla udVlaná ze sádry. – The statuette was made of plaster. 11 –P –N

3488 ned2lní adj  Sunday • Bylo sluneUné nedVlní ráno. – It was a sunny Sunday morning. 11 –S

3489 ozývat se impf  to sound, be heard • Ozývaly se výstXely. – Gunshots could be heard.

3494 opilý adj  drunk • Asi jsem byl opilý. – I was probably drunk. 11 –P

3495 stabilita fem  stability • Kde je dostatek, tam je stabilita. – With abundance comes stability. 11 –S –F

3496 prom2na fem  transformation, change • Jeho myšlení prošlo názorovou promVnou. – His thinking underwent an ideological transformation. 11 –S

3497 pásmo neut  zone • Byl zatUen v pohraniUním pásmu. – He was arrested in the frontier zone. 11 –S

3498 rozlišovat impf  to distinguish • Rozlišujeme UtyXi základní emoce. – We distinguish between four basic emotions. 11

3499 tragický adj  tragic • Policie vyšetXuje okolnosti tragické nehody. – The police are investigating the circumstances of the tragic accident. 11 –S


16  Nationality adjectives 1eský  181  Czech

slovenský  1801  Slovak

špan2lský  3030  Spanish

evropský  396  European

rakouský  2278  Austrian

4ecký  3511  Greek

americký  418  American

japonský  2538  Japanese

švédský  3905  Swedish

n2mecký  567  German

sov2tský  2575  Soviet

švýcarský  3970  Swiss

francouzský  947  French

1ínský  2770  Chinese

kanadský  4477  Canadian

britský  1236  British

polský  2830  Polish

mad’arský  4513  Hungarian

ruský  1389  Russian

1eskoslovenský  2927 

indický  4693  Indian

anglický  1500  English italský  1743  Italian


138  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3500 p4íloha fem  supplement, attachment • Slovník je vybaven obrazovou pXílohou. – The dictionary contains a picture supplement. 11

3501 zdravotnictví neut  health care • NejvVtší charitativní dary smVXují do zdravotnictví. – The largest donations go to health care.

3514 módní adj  fashion, fashionable, trendy • Ráda chodila na módní pXehlídky. – She liked going to fashion shows. 11

3515 profese fem  profession, career • Nedokázala by vVnovat se jen profesi. – She couldn’t focus only on her profession. 11 –S

11 –F

3502 ujistit (se) pf  to assure, (se) make sure • Ujistil ji, že se to nikdo nedoví. – He assured her that nobody would find out. 11 –S

3503 sestava fem  composition, line-up • ChybVlo nVkolik hráUY základní sestavy. – Several players from the core line-up were missing. 11 –F

3504 romantický adj  romantic • DVtinsky se opájela romantickými pXedstavami. – She childishly revelled in romantic ideas. 11

3505 související adj  related • Jsou to dva úzce související problémy. – These are two closely related issues. 11 –S

3506 jarní adj  spring • Vdechovali Uerstvý jarní vzduch. – They inhaled the fresh spring air. 11

3507 cizina fem  foreign country • Kapitalistickou cizinu vždycky považovali za shnilou. – Capitalist foreign countries were always considered rotten. 11

3508 holt part  simply, well • Už je holt starej. – He’s simply old. 11 –P

3509 4editelka fem  (woman) director, headmistress • Je Xeditelkou mezinárodní spoleUnosti. – She is a director of an international company. 11 –F

3510 zírat impf  to stare • Zíral na monitor a kroutil hlavou. – He was staring at the monitor and shaking his head. 11 –P

3511 4ecký adj  Greek • }ecký venkov je samá skála. – The Greek countryside is all rocks. 11

3512 luxusní adj  luxury • Kupovali výhradnV luxusní zboží. – They exclusively bought luxury goods. 11

3513 vypovídat (se) biasp  to talk, testify, (se) have a good chat • SvVdci vypovídali podle oUekávání. – The witnesses testified as expected. 11 –S

3516 zam24ení neut  specialization • Jaké je vaše zamVXení? – What is your specialization? 11 –S –F

3517 bít impf  to beat, strike • Manžel ji bil a terorizoval. – The husband beat her and terrorized her. 11

3518 d2j inan  plot, action, story • Ten film nemVl témVX žádný dVj. – The film was almost without action. 11

3519 bazén inan  swimming pool • Šla si zaplavat do bazénu. – She went to have a swim in the swimming pool. 11

3520 vztek inan  rage, fury, anger • MYj smutek posléze vystXídal vztek. – My sadness was eventually replaced by anger. 11

3521 klín inan  lap, wedge • BabiUka houpala holUiUku na klínV. – Grandmother was rocking a little girl on her lap. 11

3522 jedenáctý num  eleventh • Jedenácté záXí je tragédie pro celý svVt. – The eleventh of September is a tragedy for the whole world. 11

3523 pátrat impf  to search for, investigate • Policie pátrá po neznámém pachateli. – The police are searching for an unknown offender. 11 –S

3524 poškození neut  damage, injury • UtrpVl poškození mozku. – He suffered brain damage. 11 –S

3525 kole1ko neut  wheel, slice • Na stole stála sklenka s Uerstvým koleUkem citrónu. – On the table stood a glass with a fresh lemon slice. 11

3526 a1 conj  although • Nálada byla skvVlá, aU bylo vína málo. – The atmosphere was great although there was little wine. 11 –S

3527 vojsko neut  army, troops • Vojsku hrozilo obklíUení. – The army was in danger of being surrounded. 11 –S

Frequency index  139 

3528 anglicky adv  English, in English • Mluvil dobXe anglicky. – He could speak English well. 11

3529 omluvit (se) pf  to apologize, excuse • Chci se omluvit za vUerejšek. – I want to apologize for yesterday. 11 –P

3530 balík inan  parcel, package • RodiUe nám posílali balíky s jídlem. – Our parents would send us packages with food. 11

3531 zdržovat (se) impf  to keep, delay, (se) stay • DVti zdržovaly maminku v hraUkáXství. – The children kept their mother in the toyshop. 11

3532 provozní adj  operating, service • Cílem je snížit provozní náklady firmy. – The goal is to lower the company’s operating costs. 11 –S –F

3533 užívání neut  use, usage • NadmVrné užívání antibiotik je škodlivé. – Excessive use of antibiotics is harmful. 11 –S

3534 konto neut  account • Moje konto je skoro na dnV. – My account is almost empty. 11

3535 schváln2 adv  on purpose, deliberately • NeudVlal jsem to schválnV. – I didn’t do it on purpose. 11 –P

3536 nápoj inan  drink, beverage • Nápoje nejsou v cenV poledního menu. – The price of the lunch specials does not include drinks. 11

3537 zast4elit pf  to shoot (dead) • Rozhodl se, že medvVda zastXelí. – He decided to shoot the bear. 11 –P

3538 opera1ní adj  operation, operating • PXipravte operaUní sál. – Prepare the operating theatre. 11 –S

3539 srovnávat impf  to compare • Srovnávat je obtížné. – It is difficult to compare. 11

3540 z4ídka adv  rarely • Jen zXídka cestují do zahraniUí. – They rarely travel abroad. 11 –S

3541 mlha fem  mist, fog • Údolí zahalila hustá mlha. – The valley was wreathed in thick fog. 11

3542 stabilní adj  stable, fixed • Naše firma je finanUnV stabilní. – Our company is financially stable. 11 –S –F

3543 všední adj  ordinary, week(day) • Ve všední dny otevíráme v 8.00. – On weekdays we open at 8 a.m. 11

3544 mýlit se impf  to be wrong • Bohužel se mýlila. – Unfortunately, she was wrong. 11

3545 globální adj  global • Globální ekonomika Uelí problémYm. – The global economy is facing some difficulties. 11 –S –F

3546 použitý adj  used • Metody použité policií jsou sporné. – The methods used by police are controversial. 11 –S

3547 shromážd2ní neut  assembly, gathering • Valné shromáždVní OSN má nového pXedsedu. – The UN General Assembly has a new chairman. 11 –S

3548 koncentrace fem  concentration • Jak lze odhadnout koncentraci alkoholu v krvi? – How do you estimate the concentration of alcohol in the blood? 11 –S –F

3549 1ert anim  devil • Zert to vem! – The devil take it! 11 –P

3550 obliba fem  popularity • Obliba prezidenta klesla. – The popularity of the president has diminished. 11

3551 zapnout pf  to button up, fasten, switch on • Ochladilo se, a tak si zapnul kabát. – It turned cold, so he buttoned up his coat. 11

3552 p4íznivec anim  fan • O takové pXíznivce nestojíme. – We do not need fans like that. 11 –S

3553 tajit impf  to hide, keep back • Podrobnosti o jednání všichni tajili. – Everybody kept back details about the meeting. 11 –S

3554 kavárna fem  café, coffee house • Dali jsme si schYzku v kavárnV. – We arranged to meet in a café. 11

3555 utrpení neut  suffering • Utrpení je zlo. – Suffering is evil. 11

3556 vystavovat impf  to exhibit, expose • Vystavuje své obrazy po celé EvropV. – She exhibits her paintings throughout Europe. 11 –S

140  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3557 prodloužit (si) pf  to extend, lengthen • Výstava byla prodloužena do konce roku. – The exhibition has been extended until the end of the year. 11

3558 vyznat se pf  to be good at, know sth about • Nevyznám se v politice. – I don’t know much about politics. 11

3559 1initel anim/inan  figure (anim), factor, agent (inan) • Šlo o útok na veXejného Uinitele. – It was an attack on a public figure. 11 –S

3560 úleva fem  relief • Po závodV jsem cítil radost a úlevu. – After the race I felt joy and relief. 11 –S

3561 vila fem  villa • Vila byla rekonstruována v 80. letech. – The villa was rebuilt in the 1980s. 11

3562 vypráv2ní neut  tale, narration • Mladí lidé potXebují mýty a vyprávVní. – Young people need myths and tales. 11 –S

3563 protáhnout (se) pf  to extend, stretch • Protáhla se jako koUka. – She stretched like a cat. 11

3564 pozdravit (se) pf  to greet • Pozdravila ho úklonem hlavy. – She greeted him with a bow of her head. 11 –P

3565 kresba fem  drawing • Ve svém ateliéru má stovky kreseb. – He has hundreds of drawings in his studio. 11 –S

3566 jemn2 adv  gently, slightly • JemnV se dotkl jejího ramene. – He gently touched her shoulder. 11 –S

3567 kontext inan  context • Tato odpovVd’ byla vytržena z kontextu. – This answer was taken out of context. 11 –S

3568 zlo neut  evil • Pojmy dobra a zla jsou relativní. – The concepts of good and evil are relative. 11 –S

3569 odkaz inan  reference, legacy • Každý odkaz musí být uveden v seznamu. – Every reference must be included in the list. 11

3570 brada fem  chin • SedVl s rukama pod bradou. – He was sitting with his hands under his chin. 11

3571 v21n2 adv  forever, eternally • To nebude trvat vVUnV. – This won’t last forever. 11

3572 móda fem  fashion • PaXíž je mVsto módy. – Paris is a city of fashion. 11

3573 respektive part  or (rather) • Sedl si na schod, respektive na nVj padl. – He sat down on the step, or he rather fell on it. 11

3574 fórum neut  forum • Existují i nezávislá fóra. – There are independent forums as well. 11

3575 jmenovaný adj  appointed, named, mentioned • ZaUnVme od poslednV jmenovaných autorY. – Let’s start with the last-mentioned authors. 11 –S

3576 doprovod inan  company, accompaniment • Hrál houslový koncert s klavírním doprovodem. – He played a violin concerto with piano accompaniment. 11

3577 balí1ek inan  packet, parcel • OtevXel balíUek cigaret a podal jí ho. – He opened a packet of cigarettes and passed it to her. 11

3578 podvod inan  fraud, deception • Je obvinVn z finanUních podvodY. – He has been charged with financial fraud. 11

3579 seminá4 inan  seminar • Na jeho semináXích bývá plno. – His seminars are usually full. 11

3580 psychologický adj  psychological • Museli jsme složit psychologické testy. – We had to pass psychological tests. 11

3581 práh inan  threshold • Na prahu stál muž stXedních let. – A middleaged man was standing on the threshold. 11

3582 maska fem  mask • DVti vyrobily masky a kostýmy. – The children made masks and costumes. 11 –S

3583 atraktivní adj  attractive • Líbí se mi štíhlé, atraktivní ženy. – I like slim, attractive women. 11

3584 opera fem  opera • Madama Butterfly je velmi známá opera. – “Madama Butterfly” is a very famous opera. 11

Frequency index  141 

3585 kapitál inan  capital, funds • PXíliv zahraniUního kapitálu zesílil. – The influx of foreign capital has increased. 11 –S

3586 protestovat impf  to protest, object • Protestuji proti válce v Iráku. – I protest against the war in Iraq. 11

3587 radní anim/fem  councillor • Radní se na tom shodli. – The councillors agreed on it. 11 +N

3588 radikální adj  radical • Museli jsme v návrhu udVlat radikální zmVny. – We had to make radical changes in the proposal. 11 –S

3589 pln2ní neut  performance, fulfilment • PlnVní úkolY se zlepšilo. – Task performance has improved. 11 –S

3590 blesk inan  lightning • Vrcholek hory ozáXil blesk. – The top of the mountain was lit up by lightning. 11

3591 urazit (se) pf  to offend, knock off, (se) be offended • NechtVl jsem vás urazit. – I didn’t mean to offend you. 11

3592 odvolání neut  withdrawal, appeal • Proti takovému rozhodnutí není odvolání. – There is no appeal against such a decision. 11 –S

3593 shrnout pf  to sum up • Pokusím se to shrnout. – I’ll try to sum it up. 11 –S

3594 sukn2 fem  skirt • Nosila tmavVmodrou sukni. – She would wear a dark blue skirt. 11 –P

3595 lokalita fem  locality, place • Lokalita je pro stavbu výhodná. – The locality is suitable for building. 11 –F

3596 akt inan  act • Tento akt mVl symbolizovat nadVji. – This act was meant to symbolize hope. 11 –S

3597 disciplína fem  discipline • Prosazuje pXísnou disciplínu. – He enforces strict discipline. 11 –S

3598 zamyslet se pf  to think about, consider • Zamysli se nad mými slovy. – Think about what I’ve said. 11

3599 komentá4 inan  comment, commentary • Nemám k tomu žádný komentáX. – No comment. 11

3600 vize fem  vision • Jaká je naše vize budoucnosti? – What is our vision of the future? 11 –S

3601 organiza1ní adj  organizational • Musíme provést nVkolik organizaUních zmVn. – We have to make a few organizational changes. 11 –S

3602 stanovení neut  determination, fixing • Stanovení diagnózy je klíUové. – The determination of the diagnosis is crucial. 11 –S –F

3603 rozvod inan  divorce • Podal žádost o rozvod. – He filed for a divorce. 11

3604 mediální adj  media • Zelí znaUnému mediálnímu tlaku. – She is facing heavy media pressure. 11 –S –F

3605 zmocnit (se) pf  to authorize, (se) seize • Komunisté se v roce 1948 zmocnili vlády. – In 1948, the Communists seized power. 11 –S

3606 ustanovení neut  regulation, designation • Toto ustanovení se na naši školu nevztahuje. – This regulation does not apply to our school. 11 –S –F

3607 p4ístav inan  harbour, port • Jaký je nejvVtší pXístav v EvropV? – What is the largest harbour in Europe? 11

3608 rozsvítit (se) pf  to switch on • Nemám rozsvítit? – Shall I switch on the light? 11

3609 historka fem  story • Máte rádi upírské historky? – Do you like vampire stories? 11

3610 ur1ení neut  purpose, determining • UrUení prahových hodnot není vYbec snadné. – Determining the thresholds is not at all easy. 11 –S

3611 pr5vodce anim  guide • Pracuje jako turistický prYvodce. – He works as a tour guide. 11

3612 zachování neut  conservation, preservation • Naším cílem je zachování místních památek. – The preservation of local monuments is our goal. 11 –S

3613 nadšený adj  enthusiastic, excited • Byl nadšený, že vyhrál. – He was excited about winning. 11

142  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3614 zvolený adj  elected, selected, chosen • Ukrajina bude mít demokraticky zvoleného prezidenta. – Ukraine will have a democratically elected president. 11 –S

3615 civilizace fem  civilization • }ecko je kolébkou evropské civilizace. – Greece is the cradle of European civilization. 11

3616 zodpov2dný adj  responsible • ZlovVk je zodpovVdný za své Uiny. – A man is responsible for his actions. 11

3617 4adit (se) impf  to arrange, rank • Snímky jsou Xazeny chronologicky. – The pictures are arranged chronologically. 11

3618 mrtvola fem  corpse • V lese byla nalezena mrtvola muže. – The corpse of a man has been found in the forest. 11

3619 finan1n2 adv  financially • Situace zaUíná být finanUnV neúnosná. – The situation is becoming financially unsustainable. 11

3620 vlast fem  homeland • Rozhodl se k návratu do vlasti. – He decided to return to his homeland. 11 –S

3621 valný adj  overwhelming, general, good • Valná hromada se bude konat 11. prosince. – The general meeting will take place on 11th December. 11 –S

3622 vyslat pf  to send out, delegate • Kapitán nevyslal nouzový signál. – The captain did not send out an SOS. 11

3623 poznávat impf  to (get to) know, find out • Poznáváte tohoto muže? – Do you know this man? 11

3624 nám2t inan  suggestion, theme • Základní námVt filmu byl nVkolikrát použit. – The basic theme of the film has been used several times. 11

3625 zabezpe1ení neut  security • Sociální zabezpeUení je poskytováno dvojí formou. – Social security is provided in two ways. 11 –S –F

3626 sehrát pf  to play, act • Tyto faktory sehrály dYležitou roli. – These factors played a crucial role. 11 –S

3627 komunikovat biasp  to communicate • NauUte se komunikovat! – Learn how to communicate! 11

3628 pokrýt pf  to cover • Státní dotace pokryje veškeré náklady. – A state subsidy will cover all the costs. 11 –S

3629 p4edek anim/inan  ancestor (anim), front part (inan) • OheW zniUil pXedek letadla. – Fire destroyed the front part of the plane. 11

3630 spolek inan  club, association • VUelaXský spolek oslavil jubileum. – The beekeepers’ association has celebrated a jubilee. 11

3631 p4elom inan  turn, turning point • Kostel byl postaven na pXelomu 13. a 14. století. – The church was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th century. 11 –S

3632 nepatrný adj  minute, insignificant, tiny • Lék obsahuje nepatrné množství arzeniku. – The drug contains a minute amount of arsenic. 11 –S

3633 výnos inan  decree, profit, revenue • V úUetnictví evidujeme náklady a výnosy. – In accounting, we keep a record of costs and revenues. 11 –S

3634 mráz inan  frost, shiver • BVhá mi z toho mráz po zádech. – It sends shivers down my spine. 11

3635 moudrý adj  wise • Je to moudrý muž. – He is a wise man. 11 –S

3636 stánek inan  stall, kiosk • Získat stánek na trhu není jednoduché. – Getting a stall in the market is not easy. 11

3637 osa fem  axis • Zasto pracuje s metodou Uasové osy. – He often works with the time axis method. 11 –S

3638 ne1ekaný adj  unexpected • Akce mVla neUekaný ohlas. – The appeal had an unexpected response. 11 –S

3639 nejistota fem  uncertainty, insecurity • Roky nejistoty jsou za námi. – Years of uncertainty are over. 11 –S

3640 skon1ení neut  termination, end • Po skonUení filmu bude diskuse. – There will be a discussion after the end of the film. 11 –S

3641 odpov2dný adj  responsible • Kdo je za to zodpovVdný? – Who is responsible for this? 11 –S

Frequency index  143 

3642 tan1it impf  to dance • StrašnV ráda tanUí. – She really loves dancing. 11

3643 zákonný adj  legal, statutory • UvVdomoval si svou zákonnou povinnost. – He was aware of his statutory duty. 11 –S

3644 smutek inan  sadness, sorrow • Symboly smutku jsou v západním svVtV stejné. – The symbols of sorrow are the same in the Western world. 11 –S

3645 h5l fem  cane, stick • Opíral se o hYl. – He leaned on his stick. 11

3646 reprezentace fem  representation, national team • Hokejová reprezentace je ve formV. – The national hockey team is in good form. 11 –S –F

3647 otá1et (se) impf  to turn, (se) rotate • NeotáUej se. – Don’t turn back. 11

3648 plíce fem  lung • Má rakovinu plic. – He has lung cancer. 11

3649 konkuren1ní adj  competitive, rival • Je to tvrdý konkurenUní boj. – It is a tough, competitive fight. 11 –S –F

3650 rozmyslet (se) pf  to make up one’s mind, think over • Tak už se koneUnV rozmysli! – Hurry up and make up your mind! 11 –P

3651 p4itáhnout pf  to draw, attract • ChtVli jsme pXitáhnout pozornost médií. – We wanted to attract the attention of the media. 11

3652 komplikovaný adj  complicated • Situace je velmi komplikovaná. – The situation is very complicated. 11

3653 uplynout pf  to pass, expire • Od jeho smrti uplynulo tXicet let. – Thirty years have passed since his death. 11 –S

3654 potenciál inan  potential, capacity • Nová média pXedstavují velký potenciál. – New media represent a big potential. 11 –S –F

3655 r5že fem  rose • Koupil jsem ti rYži. – I bought you a rose. 11

3656 krádež fem  theft, robbery • Byli obvinVni z krádeže. – They were charged with theft. 11 –S

3657 pravdivý adj  true • Tohle není pravdivý obraz situace. – This is not a true picture of the situation. 11 –S

3658 st4et inan  conflict, clash • Došlo ke stXetu názorY. – There was a clash of opinions. 11 –S

3659 kou4 inan  smoke • Není kouXe bez ohnV. – There is no smoke without fire. 11

3660 vyplnit pf  to fill (in), fulfil • Vaše žádost nebyla správnV vyplnVna. – Your application was not filled in correctly. 11

3661 ni1it impf  to destroy, ruin • Dobyvatelé na zabraných územích všechno niUili. – Conquerors would destroy everything in occupied territories. 11

3662 rybník inan  pond, pool • Rybník je zamrzlý celou zimu. – The pond is frozen over all winter. 11

3663 sledování neut  watching, monitoring, observation • NadmVrné sledování televize mYže být škodlivé. – Excessive watching of TV can be harmful. 11 –S

3664 uhlí neut  coal, charcoal • Topíte uhlím nebo dXevem? – Do you burn coal, or wood? 11

3665 salát inan  salad, lettuce • Miluju zeleninové saláty. – I love vegetable salads. 11

3666 významn2 adv  knowingly, significantly • VýznamnV na mV mrkl. – He winked at me knowingly. 11 –S

3667 odtamtud adv  from there, thence • Telefonoval odtamtud desetkrát. – From there he called ten times. 11 –P

3668 sdílet impf  to share • Mé názory sdílejí všichni. – Everybody shares my opinions. 11 –S

3669 ústava fem  constitution • Opozice chce prosadit zmVnu ústavy. – The opposition wants to force a change in the constitution. 10

3670 perspektiva fem  prospect, perspective • Osvojila si umVní perspektivy. – She learned the art of perspective. 10 –S

144  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3671 p4ibývat impf  to increase • Lidí stále pXibývá. – The population is constantly increasing. 10

3672 turistický adj  tourist, touristy • Fjordy patXí mezi nejvVtší turistické atrakce. – The fiords are among the biggest tourist attractions. 10

3673 pracující adj  working • Je to typické pro pracující tXídu. – That’s a typical working class attitude. 10 –S

3674 rozejít se pf  to split up, part • Rozešli se pXed dvVma mVsíci. – They split up two months ago. 10

3675 posloužit (si) pf  to serve, help, (si) help oneself • MYže to posloužit jako dárek. – It can serve as a gift. 10 –S

3676 lavi1ka fem  bench • Spali na laviUkách. – They slept on benches. 10 –P

3677 prestižní adj  prestigious • Vyhrála jsem i jinou prestižní soutVž. – I won another prestigious contest as well. 10 –S –F

3678 definice fem  definition • Aplikujme dané definice. – Let us apply the given definitions. 10

3679 rukáv inan  sleeve • Podívej se mu na rukávy. – Look at his sleeves. 10

3680 rekord inan  record • Byl pXekonán svVtový rekord. – The world record has been broken. 10 –S

3681 skv2le adv  great, splendidly • Vypadáš skvVle. – You look great. 10

3682 pevnost fem  fortress, solidness • Tato pevnost nebyla nikdy dobyta. – This fortress has never been captured. 10

3683 donést pf  to bring, fetch • Donesla mu pivo. – She brought him a beer. 10 –P

3684 slavnost fem  celebration • Slavnost zaUíná v sobotu. – The celebration starts on Saturday. 10

3685 opat4it (si) pf  to get, provide • OpatXíme si povolení k prohlídce. – We will get a search warrant. 10 –S

3686 zp2tný adj  reverse, return • Všechny jsou vybaveny zpVtným chodem. – All are equipped with a return motion system. 10 –S

3687 klášter inan  monastery • ChtVl bych vstoupit do kláštera. – I would like to enter a monastery. 10

3688 kožený adj  leather • Kolem pasu mVl kožený Xemen. – He had a leather belt around his waist. 10

3689 schodišt2 neut  staircase • DYm má dvV schodištV. – The house has two staircases. 10

3690 devatenáct num  nineteen • Našemu synovi už bylo devatenáct let. – Our son is already nineteen years old. 10 –P

3691 tisknout (se) impf  to print, (se) press • Tyto bankovky byly tištVny v NVmecku. – These banknotes were printed in Germany. 10

3692 p5sobící adj  working, causing • Sešli se pracovníci pYsobící v tomto oboru. – Experts working in this field got together. 10 –S

3693 št’áva fem  juice • Citrónová št’áva odstraWuje pach rybiny. – Lemon juice removes the smell of fish. 10

3694 svah inan  slope • Šli dolY ze svahu. – They went down the slope. 10

3695 poslání neut  mission, role • Chápal své poslání. – He understood his mission. 10 –S

3696 posádka fem  crew • Posádka zpanikaXila. – The crew panicked. 10 –S

3697 shodovat se impf  to agree, match • Odborníci se na tom neshodují. – The experts do not agree on it. 10 –S

3698 hrdlo neut  throat, neck • PodXízl jí hrdlo. – He cut her throat. 10 –S

3699 nezam2stnanost fem  unemployment • Míra nezamVstnanosti klesla. – The unemployment rate fell. 10 –S –F

3700 znalec anim  expert • VyšetXovatelé pXizvali soudního znalce. – The investigators called in an expert. 10 –S

Frequency index  145 

3701 odstup inan  distance • S odstupem Uasu tomu rozumíme lépe. – At this distance in time we understand it better. 10 –S

3702 výk4ik inan  scream • Zaslechla jsem výkXik. – I heard a scream. 10

3703 pochyba fem  doubt • O tom není pochyb. – There is no doubt about it. 10 –S

3704 k4ehký adj  fragile, frail • DVtská duše je kXehká. – A child’s soul is fragile. 10

3705 zbylý adj  remaining • Zbylých 50 miliónY investovali. – They invested the remaining 50 million. 10

3706 vyr5stat impf  to grow (up) • Naše dVti vyrYstaly spoleUnV. – Our children grew up together. 10

3707 pláž fem  beach • Pláže v této oblasti bývají pXeplnVné. – The beaches in this area are usually crowded. 10

3708 zavrt2t (se) pf  to shake, (se) stir • OdmítavV zavrtVla hlavou. – She shook her head. 10 +F

3709 strejda anim  uncle • Dlouho jsem strejdu nevidVl. – I haven’t seen my uncle for a long time. 10 –P –N

3710 logika fem  logic • To nemá žádnou logiku. – There’s no logic to it. 10

3711 vyšet4ovatel anim  investigator • Tahle stopa vyšetXovatelYm unikla. – The investigators missed this lead. 10 –S –P

3712 pod2kovat pf  to thank • Barnaby jí podVkoval. – Barnaby thanked her. 10

3713 uniforma fem  uniform • MVl na uniformV armádní kXíž. – He wore a military cross on his uniform. 10

3714 zabalit pf  to wrap up, pack up • Knihu jsem zabalil do balicího papíru. – I wrapped the book up in wrapping paper. 10

3715 zmínka fem  mention, reference • Nebyla tam o tom ani zmínka. – There was not a single mention of it. 10 –S

3716 teoretický adj  theoretical • ZaUínal jsem jako teoretický fyzik. – I started out as a theoretical physicist. 10

3717 lež fem  lie • Neodvažuj se opakovat tu lež! – Don’t you dare repeat that lie! 10

3718 zahrádka fem  (small) garden • Na zahrádce rostl keX. – A bush grew in the garden. 10

3719 únava fem  weariness, fatigue • Teplo a únava mV zmohly. – I was overcome with heat and fatigue. 10 –S

3720 pistole fem  gun, pistol • Dej mi tu pistoli. – Give me the gun. 10

3721 ohledn2 prep  regarding • Situace ohlednV Turecka je nejistá. – The situation regarding Turkey is uncertain. 10

3722 ústavní adj  constitutional, institutional • O sporu rozhodne Ústavní soud. – The Constitutional Court will decide the dispute. 10 –F

3723 p4átelství neut  friendship • Odmítla její pXátelství. – She rejected her friendship. 10

3724 poškozený adj  damaged, injured • Poškozené kolenní vazy mu zniUily kariéru. – Damaged knee ligaments ruined his career. 10 –S

3725 spl3ovat impf  to meet, fulfil • Musíte splWovat všechna kritéria. – You must meet all the criteria. 10 –S –F

3726 pochod inan  march, procession • DYstojníci jsou na pochodu. – The officers are on the march. 10

3727 p4esahovat impf  to exceed • Zástka pXesahuje milion korun. – The sum exceeds a million crowns. 10 –S

3728 surovina fem  ingredient, raw material • Smíchejte všechny suroviny. – Mix all the ingredients. 10

3729 podnikat impf  to be in trade, make • Podnikám ve stavebnictví. – I am in the building trade. 10

3730 uznání neut  praise, recognition, credit • Cením si vašeho uznání. – I appreciate your praise. 10 –S

146  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3731 coby conj  as • Internet coby trh se zmenšuje. – The Internet as a market has been shrinking.

3743 teoreticky adv  theoretically • Teoreticky je to možné. – It is theoretically possible.

10 –S


3732 pozor part  beware • Pozor na kapsáXe! – Beware of pickpockets! 10

3733 kontrolní adj  control, check • Analyzovali jsme kontrolní vzorek. – We analysed the control sample. 10 –S

3734 rozhlas inan  radio, broadcasting • Pracovali v rozhlase. – They worked on the radio. 10

3735 v2ze3 anim  prisoner • VVzeW se pXedávkoval. – The prisoner took an overdose. 10 –S

3736 institut inan  institute • Výstavu poXádá Goethe institut v Praze. – The exhibition is organized by the Prague Goethe Institute.

3744 oblek inan  suit • Nosíval Uerný oblek. – He used to wear a black suit. 10

3745 dobro neut  (the) good, welfare • Dobro zvítVzí nad zlem. – Good will triumph over evil. 10

3746 parta fem  gang, group, crowd • PXi táboráku se parta stmelila. – The gang pulled together during the camp fire. 10 –P

3747 poh4eb inan  funeral • Na pohXeb pXijde mnoho lidí. – Lots of people are coming to the funeral. 10

3748 radovat se impf  to enjoy, rejoice, exult • Radují se z toho hlavnV dVti. – Children enjoy it most.

10 –S


3737 vypravit (se) pf  to dispatch, (se) set out • Vypravila se na cestu. – She set out on a journey.

3749 usoudit pf  to conclude • Usoudil, že to nepYjde. – He concluded that it would not work.

10 –S


3738 vesmír inan  universe • Vesmír tvoXí pXedevším temná hmota. – The universe is mainly comprised of dark matter. 10 –S

3739 stá4í neut  age, old age • Neznali jeho skuteUné stáXí. – They did not know his actual age. 10

3740 písemný adj  written • Písemné úkoly nezadáváme. – We do not give written assignments.

3750 spis inan  file, document, publication • Každý zamVstnanec má svYj osobní spis. – We keep a file on each of our employees. 10 –S

3751 vyhnat pf  to expel, throw out • Vyhnal ji z domu. – He threw her out of the house. 10

3752 pult inan  bar, counter • SedVl u pultu. – He sat at the bar.



3741 zkazit (se) pf  to spoil, (se) go bad, deteriorate • Zkazí se to za den. – It will go bad in a day.

3753 alternativa fem  alternative • Je to jedna z alternativ. – It is one of the alternatives. 10 –S


3742 bledý adj  pale • Její bledá kYže zrudla. – Her pale skin turned red.

3754 rozbitý adj  broken • Moje hodinky jsou rozbité. – My watch is broken.

10 –S –N


17  Clothing bota  1347  shoe

plášt’  3059  coat, cloak

od2v  3903  clothes, clothing

šaty  1481  clothes, dress

tri1ko  3453  T-shirt

rukavice  4372  glove

kalhoty  2005  trousers

sukn2  3594  skirt

1epice  4373  cap, hat

košile  2133  shirt

oblek  3744  suit

sako  4881  jacket

kabát  2962  coat

bunda  3834  jacket

ponožka  4970  sock

Frequency index  147 

3755 psaný adj  written • Text je psaný slovensky. – The text is written in Slovak. 10

3756 zakladatel anim  founder • Zakladatelem psychoanalýzy je Sigmund Freud. – Sigmund Freud is the founder of psychoanalysis. 10 –S

3757 servis inan  service • Musím zajet s autem do servisu. – I must take my car in for a service. 10

3758 porušení neut  breach, infringement • Bylo to porušení autorských práv. – It was a copyright infringement. 10 –S

3759 lámat (se) impf  to break • Silný vítr lámal vVtve. – Strong wind was breaking the branches. 10

3760 péct impf  to bake, roast • Maso peUeme pXibližnV tXicet minut. – Roast the meat for about thirty minutes. 10

3761 p4inutit (se) pf  to compel, force • NemYžete mV k tomu pXinutit. – You can’t force me to do it. 10

3762 zvonit impf  to ring, clink • Telefon zvonil nVkolik minut. – The phone rang for several minutes. 10 –P

3763 zabíjet impf  to kill • KouXení zabíjí. – Smoking kills. 10

3764 odv2tví neut  branch, department, sector • Ovlivnilo to rozvoj celého odvVtví. – It influenced the development of the whole sector. 10 –S –F

3765 sídlišt2 neut  housing estate, settlement • Bydlíme na sídlišti. – We live in a housing estate. 10

3766 éra fem  era, epoch, period • Je to konec jedné éry. – It is the end of an era. 10

3767 zastupovat impf  to represent, substitute • Zastupuje Ministerstvo kultury. – She represents the Ministry of Culture. 10

3768 nastupovat impf  to get on/into, assemble • PrávV nastupovali do auta. – They were just getting into the car. 10

3769 lh5ta fem  term, period, deadline • Jak dlouhá je výpovVdní lhYta? – How long is the term of notice? 10 –S

3770 sympatický adj  nice, pleasant • Je moc sympatická. – She is really nice. 10

3771 p4istupovat impf  to approach • PXistupujeme ke všem problémYm zodpovVdnV. – We approach all problems responsibly. 10

3772 inspirovat (se) biasp  to inspire • Nic UlovVka neinspiruje tak jako láska. – Nothing inspires us more than love. 10 –S

3773 nastavit pf  to set, adjust • Nastavil jsem budíka na 7 hodin. – I set my alarm for 7 o’clock. 10

3774 padesátý num  fiftieth • Dnes slaví padesáté narozeniny. – He is celebrating his fiftieth birthday today. 10

3775 parkovišt2 neut  car park, parking lot • Zastavili jsme na parkovišti. – We stopped in a car park. 10

3776 papírový adj  paper, cardboard • Co je v té papírové krabici? – What’s in that cardboard box? 10

3777 nenávist fem  hatred • Je plný nenávisti k ženám. – He is full of hatred towards women. 10 –S

3778 p4edávat impf  to hand (over), present • Kdo pXedává cenu? – Who will present the prize? 10

3779 trapný adj  embarrassing, awkward • Rozhostilo se trapné ticho. – There was an awkward silence. 10 –P

3780 pot2šení neut  pleasure • Bylo mi potVšením se s Vámi seznámit. – It was a pleasure to meet you. 10 –S

3781 zasko1it (si) pf  to take by surprise, stand in, (si) drop by • To jste mV tedy zaskoUil. – You really took me by surprise. 10

3782 zatknout pf  to arrest • Policisté zatkli šest demonstrantY. – The police arrested six protesters. 10 –S

3783 únik inan  escape, leak • Hrozí riziko úniku informací. – There is a risk of an information leak. 10

3784 pocit’ovat impf  to feel, experience • Pocit’oval jsem Uirou nenávist. – I felt pure hatred. 10 –S

148  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3785 bytový adj  housing, residential • Nejprve musíme vyXešit bytovou situaci. – First we must tackle the housing problem. 10

3786 rozsudek inan  judgment, sentence • Proti rozsudku se odvolal. – He appealed against the judgment. 10 –S

3787 privatizace fem  privatization • V 90. letech docházelo k divokým privatizacím. – The 1990s saw a rush of wild privatizations. 10 –S –F

3788 lázn2 fem pl  spa • Staly se z nich oblíbené láznV. – It became a popular spa. 10

3789 4et2zec inan  chain, string • Co je to potravní XetVzec? – What is a food chain? 10 –S

3790 výb2rový adj  selection, choice • Výsledek výbVrového Xízení bude znám zítra. – The result of the selection procedure will be known tomorrow. 10 –S –F

3791 kvalifikace fem  competence, qualification • Nemá dostateUnou kvalifikaci. – She does not have sufficient qualifications. 10 –S

3792 h4ích inan  sin • Láska není hXích. – Love is not a sin. 10

3793 pronikat impf  to penetrate, infiltrate • První sluneUní paprsek pronikal úzkým oknem. – The first ray of sunlight penetrated the narrow window. 10 –S

3794 1erpat impf  to draw, pump • Odkud Uerpáte inspiraci? – Where do you draw your inspiration from? 10

3795 t4ebaže conj  although, even though • Znala ho, tXebaže tvrdí opak. – She knew him even though she claims the opposite. 10 –S

3796 spolužák anim  classmate, schoolmate • To je jeho spolužák ze stXední. – This is a classmate of his from high school. 10

3797 up4ímný adj  frank, sincere • Byli jsme k sobV upXímní. – We were frank with each other. 10

3798 nakladatelství neut  publishing house, publishers • Vydalo nakladatelství Grada. – Published by Grada Publishing House. 10

3799 záhy adv  soon • Slzy záhy vystXídal smích. – Tears were soon replaced by laughter. 10 –S

3800 smí4it se pf  to reconcile, come to terms with • Nikdy se s tím nesmíXila. – She has never come to terms with it. 10

3801 prezentace fem  presentation • Dobrá prezentace výsledkY je nezbytná. – Good presentation of results is essential. 10 –F

3802 krvavý adj  blood, bloody • MVl na košili krvavou skvrnu. – He had a blood stain on his shirt. 10 –S

3803 zbláznit se pf  to go mad, be crazy • Zbláznil ses? – Have you gone mad? 10 –P

3804 4et2z inan  chain • }idiUi by mVli použít snVhové XetVzy. – Drivers should use snow chains. 10

3805 zábavný adj  entertaining, funny • Byl to velmi zábavný zážitek. – It was a very entertaining experience. 10

3806 ku4e neut  chicken • MVli jsme na obVd kuXe s bramborem. – We had chicken and potatoes for lunch. 10

3807 novela fem  amendment, novella • Opozice plánuje novelu tohoto zákona. – The opposition is planning an amendment to this Act. 10 –S –F

3808 náznak inan  indication, sign • NáznakY zlepšení je málo. – There are few signs of improvement. 10

3809 organizovaný adj  organized • Bojujeme proti organizovanému zloUinu. – We are fighting against organized crime. 10

3810 1esky adv  Czech • Všichni mluvili Uesky. – They all spoke Czech. 10

3811 interpretace fem  interpretation • Jejich interpretace se liší. – Their interpretations differ. 10

3812 hokejista anim  (ice-)hockey player • Jágr je náš nejslavnVjší hokejista. – Jágr is our most famous hockey player. 10 +N

3813 nasazení neut  drive, engagement, application • Chybí jim nasazení a bojovnost. – They lack drive and fighting spirit. 10 –S

Frequency index  149 

3814 pilot anim  pilot • Pilot musí kvYli poruše nouzovV pXistát. – The pilot has to make an emergency landing because of a malfunction. 10

3815 hokejový adj  (ice-)hockey • Je Ulenem hokejového týmu. – He is a member of a hockey team. 10 +N

3816 fuj interj  yuck • Fuj, to je hnusný. – Yuck, that’s disgusting. 10 –P –N

3817 p4edstírat impf  to pretend • NepXedstírej, že mV miluješ. – Don’t pretend you love me. 10 –S

3818 snít impf  to dream • Snila o tom, že se stane lékaXkou. – She dreamt about becoming a doctor. 10

3819 království neut  kingdom • Studuje ve Spojeném Království. – She studies in the United Kingdom. 10

3820 personál inan  staff, personnel • Personál té restaurace je velmi pXátelský. – The staff in this restaurant are very friendly. 10 –S

3821 ó interj  oh, aw • Ó, má lásko! – Oh, my love! 10 –P –N

3822 utratit pf  to spend, destroy • Kolik penVz jsme ochotni utratit? – How much money are we willing to spend? 10

3823 zjevn2 adv  apparently, clearly • Byli zjevnV pXekvapeni. – They were clearly surprised. 10 –S

3824 využívání neut  utilization, exploitation • Zlánek se zabývá využíváním sluneUní energie. – The article deals with the utilization of solar energy. 10 –S –F

3825 zázemí neut  background • Její kulturní zázemí bylo odlišné od toho mého. – Her cultural background was very different from mine. 10

3826 venkovský adj  country, rural • Žili obyUejným venkovským životem. – They lived an ordinary country life. 10 –S

3827 vedro neut  heat, hot • Venku je vedro. – It’s hot outside. 10 –P

3828 iluze fem  illusion • Láska je jen iluze. – Love is just an illusion. 10 –S

3829 sobotní adj  Saturday • Vzpomínám na sobotní noci. – I recall the Saturday nights. 10 –P

3830 uklízet impf  to tidy up, clean • On doma nevaXí ani neuklízí. – He neither cooks nor tidies up at home. 10 –P

3831 koup2 fem  bargain, purchase • Byla to velmi výhodná koupV. – It was a real bargain. 10

3832 osmdesátý num  eightieth • DVda bude slavit už osmdesáté narozeniny. – Grandpa will celebrate his eightieth birthday. 10

3833 nemovitost fem  real estate • Investujte do nemovitostí. – Invest in real estate. 10 –S

3834 bunda fem  jacket • MYžete si svléknout bundu a šálu. – You can take off your jacket and scarf. 10 –P

3835 políbit (se) pf  to kiss • Políbili jsme se. – We kissed. 10 –P

3836 povode3 fem  flood • Povodni jsme nemohli zabránit. – We could not prevent the flood. 10

3837 4ízený adj  controlled, managed • Používáme poUítaUem Xízený systém. – We use a computer-controlled system. 10 –S

3838 písmo neut  handwriting, script • NemYžu pXeUíst jeho písmo. – I can’t read his handwriting. 10

3839 vst4íc prep  towards • Vstala a šla nám vstXíc. – She stood up and came towards us. 10

3840 citovat impf  to quote, cite • Dovolte mi citovat jeho výrok. – Let me quote his statement. 10

3841 zápis inan  minutes, entry, record • Chceme vidVt zápis z jednání. – We want to see the minutes of the meeting. 10

3842 odebrat pf  to take away, confiscate • Odebrali jí všechny manželovy ceny. – They took away all her husband’s awards. 10

3843 primátor anim  mayor • Akce se zúUastní i primátor Prahy. – Even the mayor of Prague will be attending the event. 10 +N

150  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3844 slušn2 adv  decently, generously • Chovej se slušnV. – Behave decently. 10

3845 opora fem  pillar, support • PatXil ke zkušeným oporám týmu. – He was one of the pillars of the team. 10 –S

3846 priorita fem  priority • Všechny priority se po 11. záXí zmVnily. – All priorities changed after 11th September. 10 –S –F

3847 vy1ítat (si) impf  to blame, reproach • VyUítám si to. – I blame myself. 10

3848 jazykový adj  language • Chodila tXi roky do jazykové školy. – She went to a language school for three years. 10

3849 odp5rce anim  opponent • Sešli se tam odpYrci globalizace. – Opponents of globalization gathered there. 10 –S

3850 vlevo adv  left, on/to the left • OdboUili vlevo. – They turned left. 10

3851 hlasovat impf  to vote • PXišel Uas hlasovat. – It is time to vote. 10

3852 tuk inan  fat • PXejdVte na stravu obsahující ménV tuku. – Switch to food with less fat. 10

3853 zklamání neut  disappointment, disillusion • Kritici film oznaUují za zklamání roku. – Critics call the film the disappointment of the year. 10 –S

3854 milenec anim  lover, boyfriend • MVla jsem dva milence. – I had two lovers. 10

3855 nádobí neut  dishes, tableware • Moc ráda myje nádobí. – She likes washing the dishes. 10

3856 laborato4 fem  laboratory • Co dVláte v mé laboratoXi? – What are you doing in my laboratory? 10

3857 bezpe1í neut  safety, security • Uživatel má pocit bezpeUí. – The user has a feeling of security. 10 –S

3858 ublížit (si) pf  to hurt, injure • Nechci nikomu ublížit. – I don’t want to hurt anybody. 10

3859 telefonovat impf  to (tele)phone, call • Zasto telefonuje matce. – She often phones her mother. 10 –P

3860 p4ivítat pf  to welcome • SrdeUnV jej pXivítali. – They welcomed him cordially. 10 –S

3861 raný adj  early • Jeho raná díla jsou velice dobrá. – His early works are very good. 10

3862 po1áte1ní adj  initial • Bylo to zXejmé již v poUáteUní fázi. – It was already obvious at the initial stage. 10 –S

3863 kou1 anim  coach • Kdo bude novým kouUem reprezentace? – Who will be the new coach of the national team? 10 +N

3864 sví1ka fem  candle • Zapálila Utvrtou svíUku. – She lit the fourth candle. 10

3865 p4ekvapiv2 adv  surprisingly • PXekvapivV spolu nebydlí. – Surprisingly, they do not live together. 10 –S

3866 hra1ka fem  toy, piece of cake • Muzeum hraUek obsahuje velkou sbírku panenek. – The Museum of Toys has a large collection of dolls. 10

3867 ségra fem  sister • Vymyslela to ségra. – My sister made it up. 10 +S

3868 mýt (se) impf  to wash • Myl sis ruce? – Did you wash your hands? 10

3869 potok inan  stream, brook • V tomhle potoce bývaly ryby. – There used to be fish in this stream. 10

3870 pestrý adj  colourful, varied • Její šperky pXipomínají pestré kvVtiny. – Her jewels resemble colourful flowers. 10

3871 popadnout pf  to seize, grab • Popadl kabát a utekl. – He grabbed his coat and ran off. 10 –P

3872 vzd2lávání neut  education, training • RodiUe rozhodují o vzdVlávání svého dítVte. – Parents decide about their children’s education. 10 –S –F

3873 štvát impf  to bother, chase • HroznV mV to štve. – It bothers me terribly. 10 –P

3874 výuka fem  teaching, lesson • Rozlišuje mezi praktickou a teoretickou výukou. – He distinguishes between practical and theoretical teaching. 10

Frequency index  151 

3875 pauza fem  break, pause • Dal si rok pauzu. – He took a year’s break. 10

3876 myš fem  mouse • Všechny myši mají rády sýr. – All mice like cheese. 10

3877 zamilovat se pf  to fall in love • Zamiloval se do své milenky. – He fell in love with his mistress. 10

3878 specialista anim  specialist • Pak pXišel tým specialistY. – Then a team of specialists arrived. 10 –S

3879 záloha fem  deposit, advance, reserve • Složili zálohu. – They paid a deposit. 10

3880 skromný adj  modest, plain • Vždycky jsi byla tak skromná? – Have you always been so modest? 10

3881 kopie fem  copy • Jejich práce je kopie. – Their work is a copy. 10

3882 inženýr anim  engineer • Jejich otec byl inženýr. – Their father was an engineer. 10

3883 p4im24ený adj  appropriate, adequate • Dostal pXimVXený trest. – He got an appropriate sentence. 10 –S

3884 ujít (si) pf  to be fairly good, (si) miss • Nenechte si ten film ujít. – Don’t miss this movie. 10

3885 spáchat pf  to commit • Nikdy by nespáchala sebevraždu. – She would never commit suicide. 10

3886 srát impf  to piss off, shit, crap • Neser mV, ty kreténe! – Don’t piss me off, asshole! 10 –P –N

3887 výskyt inan  occurrence • Riziko výskytu nemoci se zvýšilo. – The occurrence of the disease has increased. 10 –S –F

3888 výpo1et inan  calculation • Tvoje výpoUty jsou naprosto chybné. – Your calculations are all wrong. 10

3889 ú4ední adj  office, administrative • ÚXední hodiny jsou v úterý a ve Utvrtek. – Office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 10

3890 kroužek inan  ring, group • Byl Ulenem výtvarného kroužku. – He was a member of an arts group. 10

3891 oženit (se) pf  to marry, get married • Nikdy se neoženil. – He never got married. 10

3892 portrét inan  portrait, profile • Maloval její portrét. – He painted her portrait. 10 –S

3893 dosah inan  reach, range, coverage • Stála mimo jeho dosah. – She stood out of his reach. 10 –S

3894 císa4 anim  emperor • Nepodporoval válku proti císaXi. – He did not support the war against the emperor. 10

3895 spálit (se) pf  to burn, (se) get burnt • OmáUka se spálila. – The sauce got burnt. 10

3896 žaloba fem  (legal) action, (law)suit • Podala již žalobu. – She already filed a lawsuit. 10

3897 probírat impf  to talk over, look through • PodrobnV jsme to probírali. – We talked it over in detail. 10

3898 1um2t impf  to gape, gawk • Na co Uumíš? – What are you gaping at? 10 +S

3899 mí1 inan  ball • MíU je kulatý. – The ball is round. 10

3900 4ímský adj  Roman • }ímská Xíše padla roku 476. – The Roman empire fell in 476. 10 –S

3901 nehet inan  nail • Zlomila jsem si nehet. – I broke a nail. 10

3902 kopat impf  to dig, kick • Muži kopali pXíkopy. – Men were digging ditches. 10 –P

3903 od2v inan  clothes, clothing • Navrhuje odVvy. – She designs clothes. 10 –S

3904 asistent anim  assistant • V roce 1999 se stal osobním asistentem. – He became a personal assistant in 1999. 10

3905 švédský adj  Swedish • Pracovala jako novináXka ve švédských novinách. – She worked as a journalist for a Swedish newspaper. 10

152  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3906 spadat impf  to come under, incline • Fakticky spadala pod nVmecké velení. – In fact, it came under German command. 10

3907 stížnost fem  complaint • Hodlá podat stížnost. – He is going to file a complaint. 10

3908 inteligence fem  intelligence • Specializují se na umVlou inteligenci. – They specialize in artificial intelligence. 10

3909 alternativní adj  alternative • Je nutné hledat alternativní Xešení. – It is necessary to search for alternative solutions. 10 –F

3910 kudy adv  which way, where • Kudy pYjdete? – Which way will you go? 10

3911 motivace fem  motivation • Mám silnou motivaci. – I have strong motivation. 10 –S –F

3912 rozhlédnout se pf  to look around • Rozhlédl se po místnosti. – He looked around the room. 10 –S –P

3913 p4ibližovat (se) impf  to approach, move closer • Lod’ka se rychle pXibližovala k ostrovu. – The boat was rapidly approaching the island. 10

3914 prohlašovat impf  to declare, claim • Prohlašoval se za rebela. – He declared himself a rebel. 10 –S

3915 po4adatel anim  organizer • PoXadatelé odvedli skvVlou práci. – The organizers certainly did an excellent job. 10 –S –F

3916 rozb2hnout (se) pf  to start up, (se) start running • RozbVhli se k autu. – They started running towards their car. 10

3917 natá1et impf  to record, roll • Doufám, že to nVkdo natáUel. – I hope somebody recorded it. 10

3918 mechanický adj  mechanical, automatic • Došlo k mechanickému poškození. – There was some mechanical damage. 10 –S

3919 stojící adj  standing, stationary • Nakreslil stojící postavu. – He drew a standing figure. 10 –S

3920 osam2lý adj  lonely, solitary • Jsem strašnV osamVlý. – I am terribly lonely. 10 –S

3921 1au interj  hi, bye • Zau, jak se vede? – Hi, how’s it going? 10 +S

3922 pohlaví neut  sex • Malé dVti se uUí rozeznávat rozdíly mezi pohlavími velmi brzy. – Babies learn to distinguish between the sexes very early. 10 –S

3923 skvrna fem  stain, smudge • Policie našla skvrny od krve. – The police found some blood stains. 10 –S

3924 reprezentovat biasp  to represent • Reprezentoval svou zemi. – He represented his country. 10 –S

3925 námaha fem  effort, labour • Oba se zpotili velkou námahou. – They were both sweating with the effort. 10 –S

3926 vpravo adv  right, on/to the right • Nedíval se vlevo ani vpravo. – He didn’t look left or right. 10

3927 tužka fem  pencil • Vzal tužku a podepsal to. – He picked up a pencil and signed it. 10

3928 opozice fem  opposition • Opozice pohrozila generální stávkou. – The opposition threatened a general strike. 10 –S

3929 dobrovoln2 adv  voluntarily, optionally, willingly • DobrovolnV tV odejít nenechám. – I won’t willingly let you go. 10

3930 podniknout pf  to (under)take, make • Podnikl již kroky k prodeji domu. – He has already taken steps to sell the house. 10

3931 koalice fem  coalition • Vydrží koalice do voleb? – Will the coalition survive till the elections? 10 –S –F

3932 vyhov2t pf  to oblige, satisfy • Snažil se vyhovVt její prosbV. – He tried to satisfy her request. 10 –S

3933 klika fem  handle, clique • Musel jsem vzít za kliku. – I had to pull the handle. 10

3934 oble1ený adj  dressed • Byla obleUená jen do županu. – She was dressed only in a bathrobe. 10

3935 tajemný adj  mysterious, enigmatic • Tajemný stroj za zdí huUel. – A mysterious machine droned behind the wall. 10 –S

Frequency index  153 

3936 objektivní adj  objective, unbiased • Chybí objektivní mVXítka. – There’s a lack of objective criteria. 10 –S

3937 opakovan2 adv  repeatedly • OpakovanV to zdYraznil. – He emphasized it repeatedly. 10 –S

3938 intenzita fem  intensity, rate • Jeho díla postupnV ztrácela na intenzitV. – His works gradually lost their intensity. 10 –S

3939 marný adj  (in) vain, hopeless • Všechno její úsilí bylo marné. – All her efforts were in vain. 10

3940 schéma neut  scheme, diagram • Toto schéma ukazuje pXehled lidských potXeb. – This diagram shows a summary of human needs. 10 –S

3941 rozpaky inan pl  embarrassment • PXedstavte si naše rozpaky. – Imagine our embarrassment. 10 –S

3942 odpo1inout si pf  to have a rest, relax • OdpoUiWte si, pXátelé. – Have a rest, my friends. 10

3943 panna fem  virgin • Kostel je zasvVcen PannV Marii. – The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. 10

3944 nabrat pf  to gather, scoop, catch • Nemohl jsem nabrat dech. – I couldn’t catch my breath. 10

3945 vrazit pf  to thrust, bump • Vrazila mu nYž do bXicha. – She thrust a knife into his stomach. 10 –P

3946 milostný adj  love, amorous • Posílám jí milostné dopisy. – I keep sending her love letters. 10 –S

3947 výzkumný adj  research, explorative • Umožnilo mu to pXístup do výzkumného ústavu. – It allowed him access to the research institute. 10

3948 1ty4ikrát num  four times • ZtyXikrát vystXelil. – He fired four times. 10

3949 fotograf anim  photographer • Pracuje jako fotograf. – He works as a photographer. 10

3950 oblouk inan  arc, arch • Nakreslil ve vzduchu prstem oblouk. – He drew an arc in the air with his finger. 10

3951 poslanecký adj  parliamentary • PXišel o svou poslaneckou imunitu. – He lost his parliamentary immunity. 10 –S –F

3952 koneckonc5 part  after all, ultimately • KoneckoncY, klame tím jen sebe. – Ultimately he’s only deceiving himself. 10

3953 st2ží adv  hardly, scarcely • To bude stVží staUit. – It will hardly be enough. 10 –S

3954 balkón inan  balcony • ZavXel dveXe na balkón. – He closed the balcony door. 10

3955 zakrýt pf  to hide, cover • Nesnaž se to zakrýt. – Don’t try to hide it. 10

3956 idea fem  idea, thought • Je to v podstatV velmi stará idea. – It is in essence a very old idea. 10

3957 rezerva fem  reserve • Je tXeba mít finanUní rezervy. – It is necessary to have financial reserves. 10

3958 tv5r1í adj  creative • Vyžaduje se tvYrUí myšlení. – It takes creative thinking. 10 –S

3959 odevzdat pf  to hand in • Domácí úkol odevzdal na poslední chvíli. – He handed in his homework at the last moment. 10

3960 údržba fem  maintenance • Jak mohu snížit náklady na údržbu? – How can I reduce maintenance costs? 10

3961 ozbrojený adj  armed • Ozbrojené síly zabily dvacet civilistY. – The armed forces killed twenty civilians. 10 –S

3962 obránce anim  defender, back • Zranil se jim jejich nejlepší obránce. – Their best defender was injured. 10 –S

3963 socialistický adj  socialist, socialistic • RozUílil mV ten socialistický pXístup. – That socialist attitude made me angry. 10

3964 opravovat impf  to repair, correct • Ráda opravuje ostatní. – She likes correcting other people. 10

3965 vcelku part  on the whole, altogether • Vcelku jsem s ní souhlasil. – On the whole, I agreed with her. 10

154  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

3966 polštá4 inan  pillow, cushion • Sedla si na jeden z polštáXY. – She sat on one of the cushions. 10

3967 málokdo pron  hardly anybody, few people • Málokdo vVdVl, proU to udVlal. – Hardly anybody knew why he did it. 10

3968 sleva fem  discount, reduction • Dostali jsme studentskou slevu. – We got a student discount. 10

3969 gymnázium neut  grammar school, high school • Chodil na gymnázium do Prahy. – He went to a grammar school in Prague. 10

3970 švýcarský adj  Swiss • Stojí to témVX tisíc švýcarských frankY. – It costs almost one thousand Swiss francs. 10

3971 branká4 anim  goalkeeper • Zranil se nám brankáX. – Our goalkeeper is injured. 10 +N

3972 nádoba fem  container, vessel • Budete potXebovat prYhlednou nádobu. – You will need a transparent container. 10

3973 zmi3ovat (se) impf  to mention • ZmiWuje se o tom listina z roku 1081. – It’s mentioned in a document dated 1081. 10

3974 aplikovat biasp  to apply, use • Tyto zásady byly aplikovány s jistými zmVnami. – These principles were applied with certain changes. 10 –F

3975 aktivn2 adv  actively • Nedokázal se aktivnV podílet na úkolu. – He could not actively participate in the task. 10

3976 automatický adj  automatic, mechanical • Nainstalovali nám plnV automatický systém. – We’ve had a fully automatic system installed. 10

3977 rozkaz inan  command, order • Zekají na jeho rozkaz. – They are waiting for him to give the order. 10

3978 p4edch5dce anim  predecessor, ancestor • Zavedl to jeho pXedchYdce. – His predecessor introduced it. 10 –S

3979 kabinet inan  cabinet, study • Byl Ulenem kabinetu patnáct let. – He was a member of the cabinet for fifteen years. 10

3980 opak inan  reverse, contrary, opposite • Jenže opak byl pravdou. – But the reverse was true. 10

3981 ch5ze fem  walking, walk • Bylo tVžké soustXedit se na chYzi. – It was hard to concentrate on walking. 10

3982 strkat (se) impf  to push • Objala ho a strkala ho zpátky. – She hugged him and pushed him back. 10 –P

3983 opakovaný adj  repeated, recurring • AutoXi provedli opakované mVXení. – The authors conducted repeated measurements. 10 –S

3984 producent anim  producer • Podala na producenty žalobu. – She filed a complaint against the producers. 10 –S

3985 uložený adj  deposited, imposed • O uložené peníze se musíte starat. – You have to take care of your deposited money. 10

3986 okénko neut  (small) window • Okénko se zavXelo. – The window closed. 10

3987 eso neut  ace • Dostal eso a krále a vyhrál 750 dolarY. – He got an ace and a king and won 750 dollars. 10

3988 provedený adj  carried out, executed • Výzkum provedený finskými vVdci pXinesl nová data. – Research carried out by Finnish scientists has produced new data. 9 –S

3989 ubohý adj  poor, miserable • Jaká ubohá výmluva! – What a poor excuse! 9 –S

3990 poezie fem  poetry • Ztete souUasnou poezii? – Do you read contemporary poetry? 9

3991 podrobit (se) pf  to subject, submit, (se) undergo • Podrobíte se jednoduché operaci. – You will undergo a simple procedure. 9 –S

3992 automobilový adj  automotive, automobile • PXichází krize automobilového prYmyslu. – A crisis is approaching in the automotive sector. 9 –S

3993 spektrum neut  spectrum • NapXíU politickým spektrem panuje shoda. – There is broad agreement across the political spectrum. 9 –S –F

Frequency index  155 

3994 biologický adj  biological • BiologiUtí rodiUe nemají o dítV zájem. – The biological parents are not interested in the child. 9

3995 trp2livost fem  patience • Po pár hodinách ztratil trpVlivost. – After a couple of hours he lost patience. 9

3996 plech inan  baking tray, sheet metal • Dejte tVsto na plech. – Place the dough on a baking tray. 9

3997 advokát anim  lawyer, solicitor, barrister • Jeho advokát to potvrdil. – His lawyer confirmed it. 9 –S

3998 laskavý adj  kind • Byl to laskavý UlovVk. – He was a kind man.

4001 vyhledávat impf  to search • Na internetu mYžete vyhledávat informace i nakupovat. – You can search for information or shop on the Internet. 9

4002 položka fem  item • Seznam má 350 položek. – The list has 350 items. 9

4003 tajemník anim  secretary • Generální tajemník NATO navštívil Prahu. – The secretary general of NATO visited Prague. 9 –S

4004 p4ijížd2t impf  to come, arrive • Po ulici pXijíždVlo taxi. – A taxi was coming down the road. 9

9 –S

3999 sídlit impf  to reside, have a seat • V této budovV sídlí obecní úXad. – The municipal authority has its seat in this building. 9

4000 p4edb2žný adj  preliminary, provisional • Jaké jsou pXedbVžné výsledky voleb? – What are the preliminary results of the election?

4005 pr5kaz inan  card, ID • Budete potXebovat platný obUanský prYkaz a dvV fotografie. – You will need a valid ID and two photographs. 9

4006 ocen2ní neut  award, evaluation • Získala UtyXi ocenVní. – She won four awards. 9 –S


18  Professions 4editel  545  director, headmaster ministr  782  minister,

obchodník  2219  trader, dealer, businessman

pilot  3814  pilot asistent  3904  assistant

spisovatel  2320  writer

fotograf  3949  photographer

v2dec  2515  scholar

producent  3984  producer

léka4  868  doctor

soudce  2556  judge, referee

advokát  3997  lawyer,

mluv1í  892  spokesperson,

básník  2576  poet


solicitor, barrister

malí4  2685  painter, decorator

tajemník  4003  secretary

doktor  1078  doctor

d2lník  2781  worker

policajt  4030  cop

policista  1218  policeman

nám2stek  2782  deputy

historik  4069  historian

voják  1246  soldier

právník  2847  lawyer

zp2va1ka  4078 

4idi1  1415  driver

zp2vák  2981  singer

u1itel  1422  teacher

u1itelka  3034  (female)


politik  1502  politician


(female) singer senátor  4106  senator ekonom  4259  economist

noviná4  1617  journalist

hasi1  3086  firefighter

hudebník  4273  musician

podnikatel  1677 

poradce  3131  adviser,

redaktor  4436  editor



doktorka  4437  (woman)

ú4edník  1760  clerk, officer

here1ka  3240  actress

poslanec  1809  deputy

kn2z  3267  priest

ú1etní  4483  accountant

herec  1833  actor

architekt  3361  architect

psycholog  4552 

manažer  1926  manager

4editelka  3509  (woman)

trenér  1945  trainer, coach um2lec  1955  artist režisér  2161  director

director, headmistress vyšet4ovatel  3711  investigator


psychologist skladatel  4719  composer analytik  4771  analyst filozof  4858  philosopher

156  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4007 válet (se) impf  to roll, lounge • DVti se válely ve snVhu. – The kids were rolling around in the snow. 9 –P

4008 odvrátit (se) pf  to divert, (se) turn away • Snaží se odvrátit naši pozornost. – They are trying to divert our attention. 9 –S

4009 režie fem  directing, direction • Získal cenu za režii. – He got an award for directing. 9 –S

4010 univerzální adj  universal • Neexistuje univerzální recept. – There is no universal formula. 9

4011 limit inan  limit • Musíte dodržet Uasový limit. – You must keep within the time limit. 9 –F

4012 zdržet (se) pf  to keep, delay, (se) stay • Nezdrželi se pXíliš dlouho. – They didn’t stay for too long. 9

4013 placený adj  paid • Dostal na tXi týdny placenou dovolenou. – He got three weeks’ paid holiday. 9

4014 trp2liv2 adv  patiently • TrpVlivV na ni Uekal. – He waited patiently for her. 9 –S

4015 kdosi pron  someone • Kdosi otevXel dveXe. – Someone opened the door. 9 –S –P

4016 dovézt pf  to deliver, import, bring back • Dovezl jsem dVti zpátky domY. – I brought the children back home. 9

4017 miska fem  bowl, dish • Na stole stály tXi misky. – There were three bowls on the table. 9

4018 hmotný adj  material • Existuje hmotný i duchovní svVt. – There is both a material and a spiritual world. 9 –S

4019 medaile fem  medal • Stále máme šanci získat medaili. – We still have a chance to get a medal. 9 –S

4020 otravovat impf  to bother, annoy • PXestaW mV otravovat! – Stop bothering me! 9 –P

4021 zpracovávat impf  to process, compile • Texty jsou zpracovávány v souladu s novými uUebními osnovami. – The texts are being compiled in accordance with the new curricula. 9

4022 tisícovka fem  thousand, grand, 1000-crown note • PYjU mi tisícovku. – Lend me a grand. 9 –P

4023 putovat impf  to wander, travel around • Putoval lesem celou noc. – He wandered through the forest all night. 9 –S

4024 závid2t impf  to envy • Závidím vám vaše mládí. – I envy you your youth. 9 –P

4025 vyno4it se pf  to emerge, come up • VynoXil se z vody. – He emerged from the water. 9 –S

4026 spokojit se pf  to make do with, content oneself with • Spokojíme se s malým autem. – We can make do with a small car. 9 –S

4027 obléct (se) pf  to dress, (se) get dressed • Rychle se oblékla a nasnídala. – She quickly got dressed and had breakfast. 9

4028 reprezentant anim  representative, (national team) player • Je to slavný fotbalový reprezentant. – He is a famous football player. 9 –S –F

4029 nález inan  discovery, find • Byl to významný archeologický nález. – It was an important archaeological discovery. 9 –S

4030 policajt anim  cop • K policajtYm nemá nikdo respekt. – Nobody respects cops. 9 –P

4031 nápl3 fem  filling, content • Pekli koláU s Uokoládovou náplní. – They baked a cake with a chocolate filling. 9

4032 po1etný adj  numerous, large • U nás žije poUetná komunita VietnamcY. – There is a large Vietnamese community in our country. 9 –S

4033 kontinent inan  continent • Nigérie je nejlidnatVjší zemí kontinentu. – Nigeria is the most populous country on the continent. 9 –S

4034 projížd2t (se) impf  to go through, (se) drive • Celý den se projíždVl autem. – He drove the whole day. 9

4035 posilovat impf  to strengthen, encourage • Antioxidanty posilují imunitní systém. – Antioxidants strengthen the immune system. 9

Frequency index  157 

4036 vyspat se pf  to have a sleep, sleep off • DobXe jsem se vyspal. – I had a good sleep. 9 –P

4037 uzav4ení neut  closing, closure • KvYli uzavXení nVkolika továren vzrostla nezamVstnanost. – Unemployment is high due to the closure of several factories. 9 –S

4051 spoj inan  connection, link • Vlakový spoj do VídnV byl zrušen. – The train connection to Vienna was cancelled. 9

4052 vyšet4ovat impf  to investigate • PXípad vyšetXuje policie. – The police are investigating the case. 9

4038 milá1ek anim  sweetheart, honey • Ty jsi mYj miláUek. – You are my sweetheart.

4053 definitivní adj  final, definite • Nic není definitivní. – Nothing is definite.

4039 ml1ky adv  silently, in silence • MlUky na sebe hledVli. – They looked at each other in silence.

4054 kroutit (se) impf  to shake, turn, twist • Kroutil udivenV hlavou. – He shook his head in amazement.

9 –P

9 –S

4040 integrace fem  integration • Naší prioritou je evropská integrace. – Our priority is European integration. 9 –S –F

4041 1okoláda fem  chocolate • NecviUím a miluju Uokoládu. – I don’t do exercises and I love chocolate. 9

4042 profil inan  profile • Jaký je profil absolventa? – What is the profile of a graduate? 9

4043 potrava fem  food • Syrová potrava má své výhody. – Raw food has its advantages. 9 –S

4044 mnohokrát num  many times • To jsi Xíkal mnohokrát. – You have said that many times. 9

4045 vydaný adj  published, released • Její novV vydané album mVlo velký úspVch. – Her newly released album was a great success. 9 –S

4046 pot inan  sweat • Churchill slíbil BritYm krev, pot a slzy. – Churchill promised the British blood, sweat and tears. 9 –S

4047 roz1ilovat (se) impf  to annoy, bother • NVkdy mV to fakt rozUiluje. – Sometimes it really annoys me. 9 –P

4048 zaúto1it pf  to strike, attack • Teroristé chtVli zaútoUit na letištV. – Terrorists wanted to attack the airport. 9

4049 z1ásti adv  partly • MVla zUásti pravdu. – She was partly right. 9 –S

4050 schránka fem  box, case • PodezXelou obálku našla ve své poštovní schránce. – She found the suspicious envelope in her mailbox. 9

9 –S

9 –P

4055 výjime1n2 adv  exceptionally • Získali výjimeUnV dobré výsledky. – They got exceptionally good results. 9

4056 samostatn2 adv  independently, solo • VVtšina území se vyvíjela samostatnV. – Most of the area developed independently. 9 –S

4057 hlavi1ka fem  header, little head • Zranil se pXi hlaviUce. – He hurt himself doing a header. 9

4058 ukazatel inan  indicator, signpost • U silnice jsou ukazatele. – There are signposts on the road. 9 –S

4059 odpo1ívat impf  to rest • Vždycky po obVdV odpoUívala. – She would always rest after lunch. 9

4060 londýnský adj  London • Hrozí útok na londýnské metro? – Is there a threat of an attack on the London Underground? 9 –S

4061 potvrzení neut  confirmation, certificate • PotXebujete lékaXské potvrzení. – You need a medical certificate. 9

4062 zvládat impf  to manage, control • NauUte se zvládat stres. – Learn how to manage stress. 9

4063 silni1ní adj  road • Zahynul tragicky pXi silniUní nehodV. – He died tragically in a road accident. 9 –S

4064 návod inan  manual, instructions • Na obalu je podrobný návod. – There are detailed instructions on the packaging. 9

4065 zazvonit pf  to ring • Najednou zazvonil telefon. – Suddenly the telephone rang. 9 –P

158  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4066 pozorn2 adv  closely, carefully • PozornV se na nVj díval. – He looked at him closely. 9 –S

4067 mince fem  coin, small change • Vhod’te minci. – Insert a coin. 9

4081 dobrovolný adj  voluntary, optional • Zvolil dobrovolný odchod ze zamVstnání. – He opted for voluntary redundancy. 9 –S

4082 dokumentace fem  documentation • K dispozici je zvuková dokumentace. – Sound documentation is available. 9 –S

4068 sv2dectví neut  testimony • Snažil se zpochybnit její svVdectví. – He tried to challenge her testimony. 9 –S

4069 historik anim  historian • Petici podepsalo nVkolik významných historikY. – Several eminent historians signed the petition. 9 –S

4070 záplava fem  flood • Jak se chránit pXed záplavami. – How to protect yourself from floods. 9 –S

4071 potrestat pf  to punish • Musíme potrestat ty zbabVlce. – We must punish the cowards. 9

4072 metro neut  tube, underground • Jeli jsme metrem. – We took the tube. 9

4073 civilní adj  civil, civic • Civilní lety jsou zde stále zakázány. – Civil flights are still forbidden here. 9

4074 hospoda4ení neut  management, economy • Musíme zlepšit hospodaXení s energií. – We must improve the management of energy. 9 –S –F

4075 vzdálit (se) pf  to distance, (se) leave • Sluha se diskrétnV vzdálil. – The servant tactfully left. 9 –S

4076 uznávaný adj  respected, renowned • Je svVtovV uznávaný revmatolog. – He is a world-renowned rheumatologist. 9

4077 ostravský adj  Ostrava • MVl ostravský pXízvuk. – He had an Ostrava accent. 9 +N

4078 zp2va1ka fem  (female) singer • HvVzdou veUírku byla zpVvaUka Anna K. – The singer Anna K was the star of the party. 9 –S –P

4079 nádrž fem  tank • Palivová nádrž má kapacitu 45 litrY. – The fuel tank has a capacity of 45 litres. 9

4080 momentáln2 adv  now, at the moment • To je momentálnV náš nejvVtší problém. – This is our biggest problem at the moment. 9

4083 zle adv  badly • Nezacházel jsem s vámi zle. – I did not treat you badly. 9 –P

4084 rozbor inan  analysis • Nezbytné jsou pravidelné rozbory vody. – Regular water analysis is essential. 9

4085 tuhle adv  this, here, the other day • Tuhle jsem jela okolo vašeho domu. – The other day I went past your house. 9 –P

4086 neschopnost fem  incompetence, incapability • Jeho neschopnost nás brzdí. – His incompetence is holding us back. 9

4087 bud’to conj  either • Bud’to to vyjde, nebo ne. – Either it will work or it won’t. 9

4088 p4evaha fem  superiority, advantage, upper hand • Náš tým získal drtivou pXevahu. – Our team gained an overwhelming advantage. 9 –S

4089 posun inan  shift • Jejich pXeklad byl plný významových posunY. – Their translation was full of semantic shifts. 9 –S

4090 katolický adj  Catholic • Stal se katolickým knVzem. – He became a Catholic priest. 9 –S

4091 ujet pf  to miss, drive away • Ujel mu autobus. – He missed the bus. 9 –P

4092 nabývat impf  to gain, acquire • Pomalu nabýval na síle. – He was slowly gaining strength. 9 –S

4093 nezávislost fem  independence • Dosáhli nezávislosti v roce 1960. – They gained independence in 1960. 9 –S

4094 oceán inan  ocean • Ani oceán není bezedný. – Not even the ocean is bottomless. 9 –S

4095 namísto prep  instead • Namísto toho spoléhají na nás. – Instead, they rely on us. 9 –S

Frequency index  159 

4096 bordel inan  mess, brothel • Tady je ale bordel. – Such a mess in here. 9 –P

4097 perfektní adj  perfect, flawless • VYz je v perfektním stavu. – The car is in perfect condition. 9

4098 rozložit pf  to unfold, spread out, distribute • Škrty nejsou rovnomVrnV rozloženy. – The cuts are not evenly distributed. 9

4099 jevišt2 neut  stage • Ženy tehdy nesmVly být na jevišti. – In those days women weren’t allowed on the stage. 9 –S

4100 modlit se impf  to pray • Modlím se k Bohu. – I pray to God. 9

4101 bedna fem  box, crate • Dej tu bednu do sklepa. – Put the box in the cellar. 9

4102 zasadit (se) pf  to plant, (se) put through • Pod okno zasadím sluneUnice. – I’ll plant sunflowers under the window. 9

4103 štít inan  shield, peak • Proti nim stáli policisté s pXilbami a štíty. – They were facing policemen with helmets and shields. 9

4104 ne1ekan2 adv  unexpectedly • Byla neUekanV laskavá. – She was unexpectedly kind. 9 –S

4105 tudy adv  this way • Víme, že tudy nebVžel. – We know he did not run this way. 9

4106 senátor anim  senator • Bydlí ve stejném domV jako bývalý senátor. – He lives in the same house as the former senator. 9 –S

4107 kolektivní adj  collective, team • Snad ovlivníme koneUné kolektivní rozhodnutí. – I hope we will influence the final team decision. 9 –S

4108 4ádný adj  regular, proper • PoUet Xádných studentY se zvýšil. – The number of regular students has increased. 9 –S

4109 zkrátit (se) pf  to shorten, cut short, reduce • Musela si zkrátit nehty. – She had to cut her nails short. 9

4110 vozík inan  handcart, trolley • Do nákupního vozíku pXidala ještV kávu. – She added coffee to the trolley. 9

4111 medicína fem  medicine • V medicínV není nic Uernobílé. – Nothing is black and white in medicine. 9

4112 narušit pf  to disturb, disrupt • Snažili se narušit ekonomickou rovnováhu. – They were trying to disturb economic balance. 9

4113 nahrát pf  to record, pass (the ball) • Rozhovor nahráli na pásek. – They recorded the interview on tape. 9

4114 díl1í adj  partial • Je to jen dílUí úspVch. – It is only a partial success. 9 –S –F

4115 odjezd inan  departure, leaving • Autobus se chystal k odjezdu. – The bus was getting ready for departure. 9

4116 sm2šný adj  ridiculous, ludicrous • To je smVšný nápad. – That’s a ridiculous idea. 9

4117 mávat impf  to wave • KXiUel na nás a mával deštníkem. – He shouted at us and waved his umbrella. 9 –P

4118 zá4it impf  to shine, glow • OUí jí záXily radostí. – Her eyes shone with joy. 9 –S

4119 vyložit pf  to explain, unload • PodrobnV jsem vyložil celý plán. – I explained the entire plan in detail. 9

4120 vysílání neut  broadcast, programme • PravidelnV poslouchám rozhlasové vysílání pro dVti. – I regularly listen to radio programmes for children. 9 –S

4121 vzd2laný adj  (well-)educated • Moje matka byla vzdVlaná žena. – My mother was a well-educated woman. 9

4122 zam2stnávat impf  to employ • Firma zamVstnává nVkolik cizincY. – The company employs several foreigners. 9

4123 pobavit (se) pf  to amuse, (se) have fun • Tak dobXe jsem se dlouho nepobavil. – I haven’t had that much fun for a long time. 9 –P

4124 rozvinout (se) pf  to develop • Rozvinula se mezi nimi korespondence. – A correspondence developed between them. 9

4125 topit (se) impf  to heat, (se) drown • Topil se a volal o pomoc. – He was drowning and calling for help. 9

160  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4126 vana fem  bath • Máma ji hodila do vany. – Mum threw her in the bath. 9

4127 deka fem  blanket, guilt • MVli tam krásný deky. – They had lovely blankets there. 9 –P

4128 zát2ž fem  burden, load • SouUasnou daWovou zátVž považujeme za nadmVrnou. – We consider the current tax burden as excessive. 9 –S

4129 dialog inan  dialogue • Byl naklonVn dialogu se svými politickými odpYrci. – He inclined towards dialogue with his political opponents. 9

4130 fyzicky adv  physically • Moje práce je fyzicky nároUná. – My job is physically demanding. 9

4131 námitka fem  objection • VVdVl, že ostatní s jeho námitkou souhlasí. – He knew that the others agreed with his objection. 9 –S

4132 zlikvidovat pf  to destroy, liquidate • DVlostXelectvo budovy zcela zlikvidovalo. – The artillery totally destroyed the buildings. 9

4133 video neut  video • Dálkovým ovladaUem spustil video. – He turned the video on with the remote control. 9

4134 elegantní adj  elegant, stylish • Místnost byla plná elegantního nábytku. – The room was full of stylish furniture. 9

4135 zdravotnický adj  medical, health • Pracovala u SvVtové zdravotnické organizace. – She worked for the World Health Organization. 9 –S –F

4136 neúsp2ch inan  failure • Nejvíc se bojím neúspVchu. – I am most afraid of failure. 9 –S

4137 zvažovat impf  to consider • MVsíce jsem to zvažoval. – I was considering it for months. 9 –S

4138 vyhledat pf  to look up • Správnou odpovVd’ vyhledal v uUebnici. – He looked up the right answer in the textbook. 9

4139 nahrazovat impf  to replace, substitute • Okenní tabule obou oken nahrazoval karton. – The window panes had been replaced by cardboard. 9 –S

4140 magistrát inan  metropolitan authority • Pražský magistrát zakroUil proti taxikáXYm. – The Prague metropolitan authority took firm action against taxi drivers. 9 –F

4141 t4icátý num  thirtieth • Slavíme tXicáté výroUí svatby. – We are celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary. 9

4142 záchranný adj  rescue, emergency • Záchrannou akci odvolali po tXech dnech. – The rescue operation was called off after three days. 9 –S

4143 olympijský adj  Olympic • Získala medaili na Olympijských hrách. – She won a medal at the Olympic Games. 9 –F

4144 had anim  snake • Anakonda je nejtVžší had na svVtV. – The anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world. 9

4145 hlasování neut  vote, voting • Pouze on se zdržel hlasování. – He was the only one to abstain from the vote. 9 –S –F

4146 kostka fem  cube, dice • Hodila do sklenice pár kostek ledu. – She dropped a few ice cubes into the glass. 9

4147 slovník inan  dictionary, lexicon • Koupila jsem Uesko-anglický slovník. – I bought a Czech–English dictionary. 9

4148 emoce fem  emotion • Nedokáže projevit ani sdílet emoce. – He cannot show nor share emotions. 9

4149 z4etelný adj  obvious, distinct • Šel po zXetelných Uerstvých stopách. – He followed the distinct, fresh footprints. 9 –S

4150 skandál inan  scandal • Zpráva okamžitV zpYsobila skandál. – The news caused an immediate scandal. 9 –S

4151 sad inan  orchard • Tráva v sadu potXebuje posekat. – The grass needs cutting in the orchard. 9

4152 kladný adj  positive • Každý z nás má kladné i záporné vlastnosti. – Each of us has positive and negative qualities. 9

4153 4emeslo neut  profession, craft • SkláXství je staré a krásné Xemeslo. – Glass-making is an old and beautiful craft. 9 –S

Frequency index  161 

4154 cenový adj  price • Nejvyšší cenový úXad kontroloval ceny a zmrazil Uinže. – The Office of Price Administration monitored prices and froze rents. 9 –F

4155 výtah inan  lift • Vyjeli výtahem do šestého patra. – They took the lift up to the sixth floor. 9

4156 zavázat (se) pf  to tie, bind, (se) commit • UmVla si už zavázat tkaniUky. – She already knew how to tie shoe laces. 9

4157 palivo neut  fuel • Motor je pohánVný palivem z biomasy. – The engine is powered by biomass fuel. 9 –S

4158 hlídka fem  watch, guard, patrol • Policejní hlídka pXijela do deseti minut. – The police patrol arrived within ten minutes. 9 –S

4159 mali1ký adj  tiny • Vešli do maliUké kuchynV. – They entered the tiny kitchen. 9

4160 frekvence fem  frequency • Nastavil rádio na mezinárodní nouzovou frekvenci. – He set the radio to the international distress frequency. 9

4161 promítat (se) impf  to project, (se) be reflected • Dobový vkus se promítá do literatury i architektury. – An era’s taste is reflected in its literature and architecture. 9

4162 dvanáctý num  twelfth • Našel to ve dvanácté kapitole. – He found it in the twelfth chapter. 9

4163 soust4ed2ní neut  concentration • Bolest ho rušila v soustXedVní. – The pain was disturbing his concentration. 9

4164 ubytování neut  accommodation • Našel jen doUasné ubytování. – He only found temporary accommodation. 9

4165 kdesi adv  somewhere • Kdesi v temnotV se ozvaly kroky. – Steps were heard somewhere in the dark. 9

4166 nevýhoda fem  disadvantage • ObV strategie mají výhody i nevýhody. – Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. 9

4167 vevnit4 adv  inside • VevnitX bylo teplo. – It was warm inside. 9 –P –N

4168 muzika fem  music • Diskžokej pouštVl rockovou muziku. – The disc jockey played rock music. 9 –P

4169 logicky adv  logically • Umí logicky uvažovat. – He can think logically. 9

4170 zvolna adv  slowly • Zvolna se pXiblížila k oknu. – She slowly came closer to the window. 9 –S

4171 komunika1ní adj  communication • Internet je nejrozšíXenVjší komunikaUní technologií. – The Internet is the most widespread communication technology. 9 –S –F

4172 jídelna fem  dining room, cafeteria • Vrat’ se do jídelny, prosím tV, a nasnídej se. – Please go back to the dining room and have breakfast. 9

4173 loket inan  elbow • OpXel se lokty o stYl. – He rested his elbows on the table. 9

4174 pomocný adj  auxiliary, helping • Byl pXipraven nabídnout pomocnou ruku. – He was ready to offer a helping hand. 9

4175 odpo1inek inan  rest, retirement • DopXál si pYl hodiny odpoUinku. – He treated himself to a half-hour rest. 9

4176 party fem  party • Chceme jít na party. – We want to go to a party. 9

4177 dlouholetý adj  long-standing, of many years • Vedeme s nimi dlouholetý spor. – We have a long-standing dispute with them. 9 –S

4178 vypustit pf  to release, let out, skip • Vypustil vodu z vany. – He let the water out of the bath. 9

4179 poštovní adj  post, postal, mail • Pohled vhodil do poštovní schránky. – He dropped the postcard in the post box. 9

4180 hlína fem  soil • Hlína mi pod bosými chodidly pXipadala pXíjemná, ale studená. – The soil under my bare feet felt pleasant but cold. 9

4181 závazný adj  obligatory • Osnovy jsou pro základní školy závazné. – The curriculum is obligatory for elementary schools. 9

162  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4182 poctivý adj  honest, fair • Považuji ho za poctivého UlovVka. – I consider him an honest person. 9

4183 p5j1ka fem  loan • Banka vyhovVla žádosti o pYjUku. – The bank approved the loan application. 9

4184 nositel anim  winner, holder • Je to nositel Nobelovy ceny. – He is a Nobel prize winner. 9 –S

4185 ležící adj  lying • OtevXel knihu ležící na stole. – He opened a book lying on the table. 9 –S

4186 izolace fem  isolation, insulation • Polystyrén je vhodný jako zvuková izolace. – Polystyrene is suitable for sound insulation. 9 –S

4187 plochý adj  flat • PXízemní stavba mVla plochou stXechu. – The single storey building had a flat roof. 9

4188 mlýn inan  mill • Jedinou výjimkou je zdejší mlýn. – The only exception is the local mill. 9

4189 shodný adj  identical, same • Definice je shodná. – The definition is identical. 9 –S

4190 trávník inan  lawn • Zpátky k autu šli rovnou pXes trávník. – They went back to the car straight across the lawn. 9

4191 podzimní adj  autumn • První podzimní den byl studený. – The first autumn day was cold. 9 –S

4192 tabule fem  board, blackboard • Svoje jméno napsala na tabuli. – She wrote her name on the blackboard. 9

4193 sázet (se) impf  to plant, (se) wager • Nikdy se s nikým nesázím. – I never wager bets with anybody. 9

4194 vinný adj  guilty, wine • Jih Moravy je proslaven vinnými sklepy. – Southern Moravia is famous for its wine cellars. 9

4195 maximum neut  maximum • SklenVná stXecha poskytuje maximum osvVtlení. – A glass roof provides for maximum light. 9

4196 jednota fem  unity, club • Tato kXehká jednota se zaUala rozpadat. – This fragile unity started to fall to pieces. 9 –S

4197 spojenec anim  ally • Ekologové získali spojence ve vládV. – The ecologists gained allies in the government. 9 –S

4198 krýt impf  to cover, shield • Naše rezerva by mVla krýt výdaje. – Our reserve should cover the expenses. 9

4199 vloni adv  last year • Smlouvu jsme podepsali vloni. – We signed the contract last year. 9 –P

4200 p4ed1asný adj  premature, early • VVzeW požádal o pXedUasné propuštVní. – The prisoner applied for early release. 9 –S

4201 proboha interj  oh my goodness • “Proboha!”, Xekl tiše. – “Oh my goodness!” he said quietly. 9 –P

4202 koupat (se) impf  to bathe, have a bath • Já se koupu jen v nedVli ráno. – I only have a bath on Sunday mornings. 9 –P

4203 mezera fem  space • UskoUil do mezery mezi dvVma auty. – He jumped into the space between two cars. 9

4204 debil anim  asshole, moron • Je to úplnej debil. – He’s a complete asshole. 9 +S

4205 mísa fem  bowl • PXipravil mísu ovocného salátu. – He prepared a bowl of fruit salad. 9

4206 intenzivn2 adv  intensively • IntenzivnV na tom pracujeme. – We are working on it intensively. 9

4207 disponovat impf  to have at (one’s) disposal • PenVzi mohl disponovat bez jakéhokoliv omezení. – He had the money at his disposal without limitation. 9 –S

4208 ojedin2lý adj  isolated, singular, one-off • Nemyslete si, že to je ojedinVlý pXípad. – Do not think this is a one-off case! 9 –S

4209 bába fem  old woman • Nebudu naXíkat jak stará bába. – I won’t grumble like an old woman. 9 –P –N

4210 sd2lení neut  message, notification • SdVlení nebylo srozumitelné. – The message was not comprehensible. 9 –S

Frequency index  163 

4211 každoro1n2 adv  every year, yearly • Tuto akci poXádáme každoroUnV. – We organize this event every year. 9 –S

4212 zastupitelstvo neut  council • Zápis ze zasedání zastupitelstva je veXejný. – The minutes from the council’s meeting are publicly available. 9 –S –F

4213 zaru1it (se) pf  to guarantee • Výsledek nemYžu zaruUit. – I cannot guarantee the result. 9

4214 vykonat pf  to perform, do • Dostal odmVnu za práci, kterou nevykonal. – He got a bonus for work he didn’t do. 9 –S

4215 d2dictví neut  heritage, inheritance • NechtVl se s bratry dVlit o dVdictví. – He did not want to share the inheritance with his brothers. 9

4216 obtížn2 adv  hard to, with difficulties • Tento zlozvyk se tVžko pXekonává. – This bad habit is hard to break. 9 –S

4217 obzor inan  horizon • Na obzoru se objevila nepXátelská lod’. – An enemy ship appeared on the horizon. 9 –S

4218 odvážný adj  brave, courageous • Když mVl zbraW, najednou byl odvážný. – When he had a gun, he was suddenly brave. 9

4219 chlapík anim  guy, fellow, chap • Byl to takový pomenší chlapík. – He was a kind of smallish guy. 9 –P

4220 báze fem  base, basis • Vybudovali jsme si solidní bázi pro další rYst. – We have built a solid basis for further growth. 9 –S –F

4221 nouze fem  poverty, need • Pomáháme lidem v nouzi. – We help people in need. 9

4222 konkurs inan  competition, bankruptcy, audition • Tady se poXádají herecké konkurzy. – Acting auditions are held here. 9 –F

4223 pojmenovat pf  to name, call • Jak pojmenovali tebe, synku? – What did they name you, son? 9

4224 zam24ovat (se) impf  to direct, locate, (se) focus • Muzeum by se nemVlo zamVXovat výhradnV na minulost. – A museum should not focus exclusively on the past. 9 –S

4225 p4íjezd inan  arrival • Do pXíjezdu vlaku zbývá jen pVt minut. – Only five minutes remain before the train’s arrival. 9

4226 dobrodružství neut  adventure • Od dVtství toužím po dobrodružství. – I have been longing for an adventure since I was a child. 9 –S

4227 1áste1ný adj  partial • O situaci mVl jen UásteUný pXehled. – He only had partial knowledge of the situation. 9

4228 odrazit (se) pf  to bounce, reflect • MíUek se odrazil od stVny. – The ball bounced off the wall. 9

4229 p4evod inan  transfer, transmission • PXevody malých Uástek jsou pomVrnV drahé. – Transfers of small amounts are relatively expensive. 9

4230 1tvrt’ fem  quarter, area • Není to bezpeUná Utvrt’. – It is not a safe area. 9

4231 vytahovat (se) impf  to pull out, (se) boast, brag • Rád se vytahuje se svými úspVchy. – He likes bragging about his successes. 9

4232 p4ekvapivý adj  surprising • Kontrola pXinesla pXekvapivé výsledky. – The audit brought surprising results. 9

4233 benzín inan  petrol • Cena benzínu v létV poroste. – The price of petrol will rise in the summer. 9

4234 vzpamatovat se pf  to recover • PotXebovala chvilku, aby se vzpamatovala. – She needed a moment to recover. 9

4235 regulace fem  regulation • Mít pXíliš právních regulací je nebezpeUné. – It is dangerous to have too many legal regulations. 9 –S –F

4236 vybavený adj  equipped • V budovV je dobXe vybavená tVlocviUna. – The building has a well-equipped gymnasium. 9

4237 zoufale adv  desperately • Zoufale toužila po lidském teple. – She desperately yearned for human warmth. 9 –S

4238 vynechat pf  to skip, omit • PXi vyprávVní vynechal nVkteré podrobnosti. – While telling the story, he skipped certain details. 9

164  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4239 laciný adj  cheap • Byl cítit laciným tabákem. – He smelled like cheap tobacco.

19  Materials


4240 hnedka adv  right now, immediately • Pes ji hnedka poznal. – The dog recognized her immediately. 9 +S

4241 vesm2s adv  mostly • Hyeny loví vesmVs jen menší zvíXata. – Hyenas mostly hunt smaller animals. 9

4242 do1asný adj  temporary • Poskytujeme doUasné ubytování. – We provide temporary accommodation. 9 –S

4243 poukazovat impf  to point out • SprávnV poukazujete na to, že nejsem právník. – You are rightly pointing out that I am not a lawyer. 9 –S

4244 zaujímat impf  to adopt, take • Snažím se zaujímat objektivní postoj. – I try to take an objective stance. 9 –S

4245 obléknout (se) pf  to dress, (se) get dressed • ObléknVte se jako turisté. – Dress like tourists. 9

4246 st4ela fem  bullet, missile • Dnes se používají laserem navádVné stXely. – These days laser guided missiles are used. 9

4247 soukromí neut  privacy • K rozhovoru potXebujeme naprosté soukromí. – We need absolute privacy for our interview. 9

4248 prkno neut  board • BVžné žehlicí prkno na ni bylo pXíliš vysoké. – A normal ironing board was too high for her. 9

4249 úraz inan  injury • UtrpVla pXi nehodV vážný úraz. – She suffered a serious injury in the accident. 9

4250 dodržet pf  to keep, observe • Všechna pXedsevzetí letos dodržím. – I will keep all of my new year’s resolutions this year. 9

4251 p4íznak inan  symptom, indication • Nízký tlak je typickým pXíznakem anorexie. – Low blood pressure is a typical symptom of anorexia. 9

4252 záchvat inan  attack, spasm • PXekvapil mV prudký záchvat paniky. – I was hit by a sudden panic attack. 9




papír  713

papírový  3776


kámen  1111

kamenný  2391


k5že  1221

kožený  3688


d4evo  1742

d4ev2ný  1589


sklo  1799

sklen2ný  2917


kov  3212

kovový  2740


beton  4691

betonový  4516


železo  4723

železný  2384


ocel  4995

ocelový  4266

4253 úzkost fem  anxiety • Musím žít v neustálé úzkosti. – I have to live in constant anxiety. 9 –S

4254 legendární adj  legendary • Byla to legendární postava. – He was a legendary figure. 9 –S

4255 zezadu adv  from behind • Ten muž ji zardousil zezadu. – The man strangled her from behind. 9

4256 umíst2ný adj  placed, situated • StYl byl umístVný pod velkým oknem. – The table was placed under a large window. 9 –S

4257 popsaný adj  described, covered with writing • Deník mVl hustV popsané stránky. – The diary’s pages were densely covered with writing. 9

4258 problematický adj  problematic, questionable • Použití tohoto léku je problematické. – The use of this drug is problematic. 9

4259 ekonom anim  economist • Ekonomové letos oUekávají rYst HDP o 9 %. – Economists expect a GDP growth of 9%. 9 –F

4260 obt2žovat (se) impf  to bother • PromiWte, že jsem vás obtVžoval. – I am sorry I’ve bothered you. 9

4261 te1ka fem  dot, full stop • Nad “i” se píše teUka. – We write a dot over the letter “i”. 9

4262 št’astn2 adv  happily, cheerfully • Pes št’astnV pobíhal kolem nás. – The dog was running around us happily. 9

Frequency index  165 

4263 dotáhnout pf  to tighten, drag • Pomohl jí dotáhnout matraci do pokoje. – He helped her drag the mattress into the room. 9

4264 listina fem  document • Fotka ležela v hromádce listin. – The picture was lying on the pile of documents. 9 –S

4265 štáb inan  headquarters, staff, crew • Televizní štáby zYstávají na místV nehody. – Television crews are staying at the site of the accident. 9 –S

4266 ocelový adj  steel • Koupili ocelové protipožární dveXe. – They bought a steel fire door. 9 –S

4267 podzemní adj  underground • Vykopali podzemní chodbu. – They dug an underground tunnel. 9 –S

4268 objednávka fem  order, commission • Firma dostala velkou objednávku. – The company got a large commission. 9

4269 identifikovat biasp  to identify • Identifikovali ho podle otiskY prstY. – He was identified by fingerprints. 9 –S

4270 experiment inan  experiment • Experimenty se neprovádVjí na zvíXatech. – Experiments are not performed on animals. 9 –S

4277 plá1 inan  crying, weeping • Bylo jí do pláUe. – She felt like crying. 9 –S

4278 milost fem  mercy, pardon • Prezident udVlil odsouzenci milost. – The president granted the convict a pardon. 9 –S

4279 stisknout pf  to press, squeeze • S úsmVvem jsem stiskl knoflík zvonku. – With a smile, I pressed the doorbell button. 9 –S

4280 st4elec anim  shooter, sniper • Dobrý stXelec by urUitV neminul. – A good sniper would certainly not miss. 9

4281 svést pf  to seduce, be able to do • To bych asi nesvedla. – I don’t think I could do it. 9

4282 schovávat (se) impf  to hide • Dva mVsíce jsem se schovával v lese. – I spent two months hiding in the woods. 9

4283 manželský adj  marital, marriage • Hledala pomoc v manželské poradnV. – She sought help in a marital counselling office. 9 –S

4284 pou1it (se) pf  to instruct, (se) learn from • Snažím se pouUit ze svých chyb. – I am trying to learn from my mistakes. 9

4285 p4ipomínka fem  remark, reminder • Puška byla poslední pXipomínkou války. – The rifle was the last reminder of war. 9

4271 zalít pf  to water, flood • Nakrm mi rybiUky a zalej kytky. – Feed my fish and water my plants. 9

4272 digitální adj  digital • PoXídili si novou digitální kameru. – They bought a new digital camera. 9 –F

4273 hudebník anim  musician • Otec byl vynikající hudebník. – My father was an excellent musician. 9

4274 obejmout (se) pf  to embrace, hug, hold • Obejmul ji kolem ramen. – He hugged her around the shoulders. 9 –P

4275 vyhlídka fem  view, prospect • Z okna je vyhlídka na celé mVsto. – There is a view of the entire city from the window. 9

4276 na4ízení neut  decree, regulation, order • Podle nového naXízení se tu nesmí parkovat. – According to a new regulation, parking is not allowed here. 9 –S

4286 neto biasp  not • No, a on to neto, neudVlal. – Well he didn’t, you know, he didn’t do it. 9 +S

4287 vyzvednout (si) pf  to withdraw, collect • Výhru si musíš vyzvednout osobnV. – You have to collect the prize in person. 9

4288 zn2ní neut  wording • PXesné znVní dopisu neznám. – I don’t know the exact wording of the letter. 9 –S

4289 vývojový adj  development(al), evolutionary • Vývojové oddVlení vyrobilo prototyp pXístroje. – The development department made a prototype of the device. 9 –S

4290 ochotn2 adv  willingly, gladly • OchotnV odpovídal na naše otázky. – He willingly answered our questions. 9 –S

4291 uspokojit pf  to satisfy, accommodate • Moje odpovVd’ ji zXejmV uspokojila. – My reply has evidently satisfied her. 9 –S

166  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4292 doty1ný adj  in question • Zjistil, že dotyUný pozemek je na prodej. – He found out that the land in question was for sale. 9

4293 stres inan  stress • Nesnáším dVlat nVco ve stresu. – I hate doing things under stress. 9

4294 favorit anim  favourite • V soutVži byl bezesporu favoritem. – He was the indisputable favourite in the competition. 9 –F –P

4295 spole1ník anim  partner, companion • KoneUnV jsem se stal spoleUníkem firmy. – I finally became a partner in the company. 9 –S

4296 fungování neut  operation, functioning • Kniha chce pXispVt k lepšímu fungování rodiny. – The book aims to contribute to the family’s better functioning. 9 –S –F

4297 stahovat impf  to pull down, withdraw, gather • Na nebi se stahovaly Uerné mraky. – Black clouds were gathering in the sky. 9

4298 p4edpokládaný adj  expected, assumed • To byl pXedpokládaný výsledek. – It was the expected result. 9 –S

4299 4ádn2 adv  properly • Všechny dopisy byly XádnV oznámkované. – All letters were properly stamped. 9 –S

4300 zvolat pf  to exclaim • “SprávnV!”, zvolal profesor. – “Correct!” exclaimed the professor. 9 –S –P

4301 nep4íliš adv  not very • Jsou to nepXíliš známá jména. – These are not very famous names. 9 –S

4302 dopln2k inan  supplement, accessory • K šatYm si koupila barevné doplWky. – She bought colourful accessories to match the dress. 9 –S

4303 jezdec anim  rider • Stal se nejlepším jezdcem sezóny. – He became the best rider of the season. 9 –S

4304 právem adv  rightly • O svYj majetek se bojíš právem. – You are rightly afraid for your property. 9 –S

4305 chválit impf  to praise • Nikdo mV nechválí, chválím se sám. – Nobody praises me, so I praise myself. 9

4306 budování neut  building • Éra budování socialismu skonUila. – The era of building socialism is over. 9 –S

4307 divize fem  division • Vstoupil do letecké divize námoXnictva. – He joined the naval air division. 9 –S

4308 slovní adj  oral, verbal • I ona s ním mVla prudkou slovní výmVnu. – She also had a violent verbal exchange with him. 9

4309 omá1ka fem  sauce • UdVlám omáUku. – I’ll make a sauce. 9

4310 východisko neut  basis, solution, way out • Hledáme východisko z dané situace. – We are looking for a way out of the situation. 9 –S

4311 unikátní adj  unique • Shromáždil unikátní sbírku knih. – He assembled a unique collection of books. 9 –S

4312 splést (se) pf  to confuse, mistake • Asi jsem si spletla kupé. – I must have mistaken this compartment for another. 9

4313 dynamický adj  dynamic • Naše spoleUnost prošla dynamickým vývojem. – Our society has undergone dynamic development. 9 –S

4314 ude4it pf  to hit, strike • UdeXila ho do nosu. – She hit him on the nose. 9 –S

4315 ot4ást (se) pf  to shake, (se) shudder • To mým pXesvVdUením nemYže otXást. – This cannot shake my determination. 9 –S

4316 havárie fem  accident, breakdown • Na dálnici došlo k tVžké havárii. – There was a serious accident on the motorway. 9 –S

4317 bre1et impf  to cry, weep • PXestaW breUet. – Stop crying. 9 –P

4318 parlamentní adj  parliamentary • Parlamentní volby budou na podzim. – Parliamentary elections will be held this autumn. 9 –S –F

4319 spravovat impf  to administer, repair • NemYžu odjet, spravují mi auto. – I cannot leave, they are repairing my car. 9

4320 zemský adj  (of the) earth, earth’s • BVhem tXetihor docházelo k pohybYm zemské kYry. – During the Tertiary period, the Earth’s crust shifted. 9 –S

Frequency index  167 

4321 leda part  only, except • Nikdy jsem velrybu nevidVla, leda v televizi. – I have never seen a whale, except on television.

4335 navždy adv  forever • Odešel nadlouho, možná navždy. – He left for a long time, perhaps forever. 8 –S


4322 up4esnit pf  to specify, particularize • NemYžete to upXesnit? – Could you specify that?

4336 vrata neut pl  gate, door • Vrata stodoly se pomalu otevXela. – The barn gate opened slowly. 8

9 –S

4323 školka fem  nursery school • Vyzvedneš dneska dVti ze školky? – Will you pick the children up from nursery school today? 9

4324 sch5ze fem  meeting • VUerejší schYze trvala pXes hodinu. – Yesterday’s meeting lasted over an hour. 9

4325 oslavit pf  to celebrate • PrávV oslavila dvacáté narozeniny. – She has just celebrated her twentieth birthday. 9

4326 bilance fem  balance, review • Obchodní bilance se zhoršila. – The trade balance has worsened. 9 –S –F

4327 manipulace fem  manipulation, handling • Nedošlo k manipulaci s testem. – There has been no manipulation with the test. 9 –S

4328 zvyšování neut  increase • Další zvyšování zahraniUního zadlužování je nepXijatelné. – Any further increase in foreign debt is unacceptable. 9 –S –F

4329 jízdní adj  on-road, mounted • Obdivoval jízdní vlastnosti nového auta. – He admired the car’s on-road performance. 9

4330 dokon1ení neut  completion, finishing • Stavba se chýlila k dokonUení. – The construction was nearing its completion. 9 –S

4331 šeptat impf  to whisper • Šeptala mu do ucha. – She whispered into his ear. 9 –P

4332 zastoupení neut  representation • Strana nemá zastoupení v parlamentu. – The party does not have representation in the parliament. 9 –S

4333 shromáždit (se) pf  to gather • Shromáždili jsme dostatek dYkazY. – We have gathered enough evidence. 9 –S

4334 kupodivu part  surprisingly • Kupodivu jsem usnula velmi rychle. – Surprisingly, I fell asleep very fast. 8

4337 pov2sit pf  to hang • PovVsil kabát do skXínV. – He hung the coat in the wardrobe. 8

4338 n2m1ina fem  German • }ekl to perfektní nVmUinou. – He said it in perfect German. 8

4339 odpolední adj  afternoon • Mám dnes odpolední smVnu. – Today I’m on afternoon shift. 8

4340 speciáln2 adv  specially • StXílí speciálnV upravenou puškou. – He shoots a specially adapted rifle. 8

4341 pr5hledný adj  transparent, see-through • SedVla na posteli v prYhledné noUní košili. – She was sitting on the bed wearing a see-through nightie. 8

4342 p4í1ka fem  rung, partition • Vylezla jsem o pXíUku výš. – I climbed a rung higher. 8 –S

4343 pot4etí num  for the third time • Zaklepal potXetí a pak otevXel dveXe. – He knocked for the third time and then opened the door. 8

4344 výkonnost fem  performance, productivity • Zím je zpYsobena nižší výkonnost? – What causes lower productivity? 8 –S –F

4345 ob4ad inan  ceremony • Svatební obXad už zaUal. – The wedding ceremony has started. 8

4346 vznášet se impf  to hover, float • Nad cestou se vznášela oblaka prachu. – Clouds of smoke hovered above the road. 8 –S

4347 církevní adj  church • Slavím všechny církevní svátky. – I observe all church holidays. 8 –S

4348 p4edstavenstvo neut  board of directors • PXedstavenstvo firmy rozhodlo pokraUovat v projektu. – The company’s board of directors decided to carry on with the project. 8 –S –F

168  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4349 usednout pf  to sit down • Dívka usedla na kraj postele. – The girl sat down on the edge of the bed. 8 –S

4350 pokr1it pf  to bend, shrug • NerozhodnV pokrUil rameny. – He shrugged indecisively. 8 –S –P

4351 protivník anim  opponent • Zlikvidoval své politické protivníky. – He annihilated his political opponents. 8 –S

4352 pozorování neut  observation, surveillance • ZYstal v nemocnici na pozorování. – He stayed in hospital for observation. 8 –S

4353 zašeptat pf  to whisper • Zašeptala nVco, co jsem neslyšela. – She whispered something that I didn’t hear. 8 +F

4354 shodit pf  to throw (down), knock down • Shodila sklenici na podlahu. – She knocked a glass down onto the floor. 8 –P

4355 zabírat impf  to occupy, take (up) • Jejich vVci nezabíraly mnoho místa. – Their things did not take up too much room. 8

4356 osvobodit (se) pf  to free, acquit, (se) break free • Soud obžalovaného osvobodil pro nedostatek dYkazY. – The court acquitted the defendant due to a lack of evidence. 8

4357 hrdý adj  proud • TvYj otec na tebe musí být hrdý. – Your father must be proud of you. 8

4358 formulovat biasp  to word, formulate • Snažil se formulovat otázku co nejpXesnVji. – He tried to formulate the question as precisely as possible. 8 –S

4359 extrémní adj  extreme • Vážili si ho pXes jeho extrémní názory. – They esteemed him despite his extreme opinions. 8

4360 tunel inan  tunnel • Vlak vjel do dlouhého tunelu. – The train entered a long tunnel. 8

4361 všelijaký pron  various • V kufru mVl všelijaké náXadí. – He had various tools in the case. 8 –P

4362 pen2ženka fem  wallet • MVl jsem v penVžence jen pár korun. – I only had a few crowns in my wallet. 8

4363 inspirace fem  inspiration • Odjel na venkov Uerpat inspiraci. – He went to the countryside to draw inspiration. 8 –S

4364 skupinka fem  group • Po ulici se motala skupinka opilcY. – A group of drunks staggered along the street. 8

4365 lokální adj  local • Propukla další z Xady lokálních válek. – Another of the many local wars broke out. 8 –S

4366 líbat (se) impf  to kiss • Ti dva se líbali celý veUer. – The two were kissing all evening. 8 –P

4367 odvád2t impf  to pay, return • DanV se budou odvádVt anonymnV. – Taxes will be paid anonymously. 8 –S

4368 p4ijatý adj  received, admitted • Každý pacient pXijatý do nemocnice podstoupil lékaXskou prohlídku. – Every patient admitted to the hospital underwent a medical examination. 8

4369 sedmdesátý num  seventieth • Zoologická zahrada oslavila sedmdesáté výroUí. – The zoo has celebrated its seventieth anniversary. 8 –S

4370 hajzl anim/inan  bastard (anim), shithouse (inan) • Lidi jsou hajzlové. – People are bastards. 8 –P –N

4371 zastupitel anim  council member • Zastupitelé zamítli pXedložený návrh. – The council members rejected the proposal. 8 +N

4372 rukavice fem  glove • Nasadil si Uepici a rukavice. – He put on a cap and gloves. 8

4373 1epice fem  cap, hat • Zepici nenosím ani v nejvVtší zimV. – I don’t wear a cap even in the coldest winter. 8

4374 šlapat impf  to step, walk • Nešlapejte mi po trávníku! – Don’t walk across my lawn! 8 –P

4375 1istota fem  cleanliness, purity • Koupelna vonVla Uistotou a mýdlem. – The bathroom smelled of cleanliness and soap. 8

4376 psací adj  writing • Na stole leží psací potXeby. – There are writing implements on the table. 8

Frequency index  169 

4377 pout’ fem  funfair, pilgrimage • Na pouti jezdili na kolotoUích. – They rode the merry-go-round at the funfair. 8

4378 sportovec anim  sportsman, athlete • Vrcholové sportovce Uasto postihují poranVní. – Top athletes often suffer from injuries. 8

4379 trojice fem  threesome • Skupina se rozpadla na dvojice a trojice. – The group split into twosomes and threesomes. 8 –S

4380 obsáhnout pf  to include, embrace, contain • Žádná encyklopedie nemYže obsáhnout vše. – No encyclopaedia can include everything. 8 –S

4381 4ídící adj  control, operative, driving • OvladaUe jsou na hlavním Xídicím panelu. – Drivers are on the main control panel. 8 –S

4382 kalendá4 inan  calendar • Poznamenal si veUírek do kalendáXe. – He noted the party down in his calendar. 8

4383 poklad inan  treasure • Piráti schovali poklad na ostrovV. – The pirates hid treasure on the island. 8

4384 ší4ení neut  spread, dissemination • To opatXení zabránilo šíXení nemoci. – The measure prevented the spread of the disease. 8 –S

4385 interiér inan  interior • Interiér domu byl velmi honosný. – The interior of the house was sumptuous. 8

4386 mouka fem  flour • Maso obalíme v mouce, vejci a strouhance. – Coat the meat in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. 8

4387 v24ící adj/noun  faithful (adj ), believer (noun) • Moje matka byla vVXící, ale já ne. – My mother was a faithful believer, but I’m not. 8

4388 služební adj  service, company, business • Musel neUekanV odjet na služební cestu. – He had to leave unexpectedly on a business trip. 8

4389 statistický adj  statistical • V knize byly i grafy a statistické údaje. – The book also contained charts and statistical data. 8 –S –F

4390 prezidentský adj  presidential • Dostal se k moci díky prezidentským volbám. – He got to power thanks to presidential elections. 8 –S

4391 pára fem  steam, vapour • Jak vzniká vodní pára? – Where does water vapour come from? 8

4392 formát inan  format, size, calibre • Byl to zloUinec velkého formátu. – He was a high-calibre criminal. 8

4393 dodržování neut  observation, compliance • Kontrolujeme dodržování hygienických pXedpisY. – We oversee compliance with hygienic regulations. 8 –S

4394 trvání neut  duration • Naše pXátelství nemVlo dlouhé trvání. – Our friendship was not of long duration. 8 –S

4395 melodie fem  melody • Bylo slyšet valUíkovou melodii. – We could hear the melody of a waltz. 8

4396 zodpov2dnost fem  responsibility • Bojí se zodpovVdnosti. – He is afraid of responsibility. 8

4397 st4edov2ký adj  medieval • Ve mVstV se zachovalo stXedovVké opevnVní. – There are preserved medieval fortifications in the town. 8

4398 napjatý adj  tight, tense • Svaly mVla napjaté a pXipravené k akci. – Her muscles were tense, ready for an attack. 8

4399 plakát inan  poster • Na stVnV visel plakát na film Angelika. – A film poster promoting the film “Angelika” was hanging on the wall. 8

4400 kloub inan  joint, knuckle • Náhrada kyUelního kloubu jí dala novou nadVji. – The hip joint replacement gave her new hopes. 8

4401 zadat (si) pf  to assign, (si) lose face • Zadal studentYm domácí úkol. – He assigned the students homework. 8

4402 kabina fem  cabin, cockpit • Usadil se do pilotní kabiny. – He sat down in the cockpit. 8

4403 volant inan  steering wheel • Posadil se za volant a nastartoval. – He sat down behind the steering wheel and started the car. 8

4404 uvítat pf  to welcome • Uvítala hosty a nabídla jim kávu. – She welcomed the guests and offered them coffee. 8 –S

170  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4405 spokojen2 adv  contentedly, happily • PXi jídle spokojenV mlaskal. – He smacked his lips contentedly during the meal. 8 –P

4406 úzce adv  closely, narrowly • Cena a kvalita spolu úzce souvisejí. – Price and quality are closely connected. 8 –S

4407 odst2hovat (se) pf  to move away • Museli jsme se odstVhovat. – We had to move away. 8

4408 kolá1 inan  cake, pie • Ukrojil si další kus koláUe. – He sliced another piece of cake. 8

4409 územní adj  territorial • Územní plánování slouží k regulaci výstavby. – The purpose of territorial planning is to regulate development. 8 –S –F

4410 narážet impf  to hit, bump • Ve tmV naráželi do stolY a židlí. – In the dark they bumped into tables and chairs. 8

4411 skrýt (se) pf  to hide • Skryla se ve vinici. – She hid in the vineyard. 8 –S

4412 trhat impf  to tear, pick • Vztekle trhala listy ze sešitu. – She angrily tore pages out of the notebook. 8

4413 vážený adj  respected, dear • Byl velmi váženou osobou. – He was a highly respected person. 8

4414 ambice fem  ambition • Nemá ani ambice, ani talent. – He has neither ambition nor talent. 8

4415 nanejvýš adv  maximum, at the most • Dávají mu nanejvýš dva roky. – They give him two years at the most. 8

4416 plet’ fem  complexion • MVl snVdou plet’ a tmavé vlasy. – He had a dark complexion and dark hair. 8

4417 fantastický adj  fantastic • Vymyslela fantastický plán. – She came up with a fantastic plan. 8

4418 stezka fem  path • Stezka vedla až k hradu. – The path led all the way to the castle. 8

4419 nesmyslný adj  nonsense, absurd • Ten nesmyslný nápad ihned zavrhl. – He immediately rejected the absurd idea. 8 –S

4420 naplno adv  fully, plainly • Naplno se vVnoval výchovV svého potomka. – He devoted himself fully to raising his child. 8

4421 zralý adj  ripe, mature • Otrhali ze stromu zralá jablka. – They picked ripe apples from the tree. 8

4422 zatáhnout pf  to pull (in), draw, drag • VeUer zatáhla tmavé závVsy. – In the evening she drew the curtains. 8

4423 pat4i1ný adj  proper, due, right • SvíUkami chtVl navodit patXiUnou atmosféru. – The candles were to create the right atmosphere. 8 –S

4424 zmá1knout pf  to squeeze, push • ZmáUkla jsem tlaUítko posledního patra. – I pushed the top floor button. 8 –P

4425 produkovat impf  to produce, make • Kostní dXeW produkuje Uervené krvinky. – Bone marrow produces red blood cells. 8

4426 slabost fem  weakness • Pletou si laskavost se slabostí. – They mistake kindness for weakness. 8 –S

4427 jakožto conj  as • Jakožto oddaný katolík vVXil, že je tXeba ji pokXtít. – As a devoted Catholic, he believed she needed to be baptized. 8

4428 dod2lat pf  to finish off • Tak už to dodVlej. – Hurry up and finish it off. 8 –P

4429 krátkodobý adj  short-term • Poskytli mu krátkodobý finanUní úvVr. – They granted him short-term consumer credit. 8

4430 uchopit pf  to grasp, seize, take • PevnV uchopil bratra za paži. – He took his brother firmly by the arm. 8 –S

4431 smrd2t impf  to stink, reek • Jdi pryU, smrdíš. – Get lost, you stink. 8 –P

4432 kdekoli adv  anywhere, everywhere • Pivo tu je levnVjší než kdekoli jinde. – Beer is cheaper here than anywhere else. 8

4433 vyst4elit (si) pf  to shoot, fire, (si) play a joke • Dvakrát vystXelil do vzduchu. – He fired two warning shots. 8

Frequency index  171 

4434 zkoumání neut  investigation, study(ing), research • Zabýval se zkoumáním chování rostlin. – He occupied himself with the study of plant behaviour. 8 –S

4435 interval inan  interval • Metro ráno jezdí v minutových intervalech. – The underground train runs at one-minute intervals in the morning. 8

4436 redaktor anim  editor • Nový deník hledá redaktory. – A new daily is looking for editors. 8

4437 doktorka fem  (woman) doctor • Co ti Xekla doktorka? – What did the doctor tell you? 8 –P

4438 pronásledovat impf  to chase, pursue, prosecute • Rybu ve vodV pronásledovat nemYžeš. – You cannot chase a fish in the water. 8 –S

4439 zavád2t impf  to introduce • Vláda zavádí další reformy. – The government is introducing more reforms. 8

4440 vzkaz inan  message • Nechala jsem ti vzkaz, že jdu nakoupit. – I left you a message saying I was going shopping. 8

4441 obsahující adj  including, containing • Jezte stravu obsahující vitamín C. – Eat food containing vitamin C. 8 –S

4442 zhasnout pf  to go out, switch off • V domV zhasla všechna svVtla. – All the lights in the house went out. 8 –P

4443 uvedení neut  introduction, launch, release • Uvedení výrobku na trh se zdrželo. – The product’s launch was delayed. 8 –S

4444 p4edkládat impf  to present, submit • PXedkládali jsme pXedbVžné výsledky. – We presented preliminary results. 8 –S

4445 sv2telný adj  light • Jsou od sebe vzdáleny nVkolik svVtelných let. – They are several light years apart. 8 –S

4446 princ anim  prince • Zetli pohádku O zakletém princi. – They read the story “The Enchanted Prince”. 8

4447 varování neut  warning • Bez varování ho udeXila do obliUeje. – She hit him in the face without any warning. 8 –S

4448 primární adj  primary • Primárním dYvodem výzkumu nebyly peníze. – Money was not the primary motive for the research. 8 –S –F

4449 nájem inan  rent, rental • Dlužil jsem jí nájem za nVkolik mVsícY. – I owed her rent for several months. 8

4450 ší4ka fem  width, breadth • Postel na šíXku mVXí dva metry. – The width of the bed is two metres. 8

4451 nahlédnout pf  to look (into), examine • Pokusil se nahlédnout dovnitX. – He tried to look inside. 8 –S

4452 líný adj  lazy • Byl jsem líný chodit ven. – I was too lazy to go out. 8 –P

4453 vrhat (se) impf  to throw, cast, (se) jump into • VeUerní slunce vrhalo dlouhé stíny. – The evening sun cast long shadows. 8 –S

4454 ráz inan  character, nature, impact • Dezerce je pXestupek UistV vojenského rázu. – Desertion is an offence of purely military character. 8 –S

4455 orientovaný adj  oriented, facing • PrYUelí je orientované do údolí. – The façade is oriented towards the valley. 8 –S –F

4456 veletrh inan  (trade) fair • Vydavatelství vystavuje na knižním veletrhu. – The publishing house exhibits at the book fair. 8 –F

4457 originál inan  original • Originál se nedochoval. – The original has not survived. 8

4458 nákladný adj  costly, expensive • Je to pXíliš nákladné na pXevoz. – It is too costly to transport. 8 –S

4459 1istit impf  to clean, brush • Zuby si Uisti poXádnV. – Brush your teeth thoroughly. 8

4460 žeb4í1ek inan  scale, chart, ladder • Co je na prvním místV v žebXíUku hodnot? – What is in the first place in the scale of values? 8 –S

4461 srážka fem  crash, reduction • PXi srážce zahynul jeden UlovVk. – One person was killed in the crash. 8 –S

172  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4462 hrana fem  edge • Pozor na ostré hrany. – Beware of sharp edges. 8

4463 show fem  show • Show musí pokraUovat. – The show must go on. 8 –S

4464 verš inan  verse • Jak zní ten verš z knihy Jobovy? – What is the verse from the Book of Job? 8 –S

4465 spo4itelna fem  savings bank • Vykradli spoXitelnu. – They robbed the savings bank. 8 –F

4466 lžíce fem  spoon, spoonful • Jíšku pXipravíme ze lžíce tuku a lžíce mouky. – To make a roux, use a spoonful of shortening and a spoonful of flour. 8

4467 zam2stnat pf  to employ, keep busy • Musím se nVjak zamVstnat. – I have to keep busy. 8

4468 otev4en2 adv  openly, frankly • }íká to otevXenV. – She says it openly. 8 –S

4469 trojka fem  (number) three • PXestVhoval hosta z dvojky do trojky. – He moved the guest from room number two to number three. 8 –P

4470 h4bet inan  back, spine • HXbetem ruky si otXela slzy. – She wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

4477 kanadský adj  Canadian • Zajímá se o kanadskou literaturu. – She is interested in Canadian literature. 8

4478 p4edcházející adj  previous, preceding • Je to uvedeno v pXedcházející kapitole. – It is stated in the previous chapter. 8 –S

4479 komunita fem  community • VVtšina pocházela z ruské emigrantské komunity. – Most were from the Russian emigrant community. 8

4480 p4ipsat pf  to add, credit, ascribe • Na nákupní seznam pXipsala i maso. – She also added meat to the shopping list. 8

4481 hit inan  hit • Z koleUkových bruslí se stal hit sezony. – The roller skates became a hit of the season. 8 –F

4482 sklonit (se) pf  to bend, bow, incline • Sklonil se pXed ním. – He bowed before him. 8 –S

4483 ú1etní adj/noun  accounting (adj), accountant (noun) • Zapisoval jednotlivé položky do úUetní knihy. – He put individual items in the accounting book. 8

4484 pojmout pf  to hold, seat, conceive • Tohle auto pojme šest lidí. – This car seats six people. 8


4471 p4epadnout pf  to attack • Vrah pXepadl další ženu. – The murderer has attacked another woman. 8

4472 m4íž fem  grid, grill, bar • Nechám na okno dát mXíže. – I will have bars installed in the window. 8

4473 symbolický adj  symbolic • Modrá barva mVla symbolický význam. – The colour blue had a symbolic meaning. 8 –S

4474 rovnat (se) impf  to arrange, sort, (se) equal • Jedna plus jedná rovná se dvV. – One plus one equals two. 8

4475 provozovatel anim  operator, provider • Je to nejvVtší provozovatel sítV u nás. – They are our biggest network operator. 8 –S –F

4476 impuls inan  impulse, stimulus • PXi výzkumu zkoumáme impulsy nervových bunVk. – We study nerve cell impulses in our research. 8 –S

4485 flaška fem  bottle • Ukradl flašku rumu. – He stole a bottle of rum. 8 –P –N

4486 náležet impf  to belong • Máte nVco, co náleží nám. – You have something that belongs to us. 8 –S

4487 hrnec inan  pot • Postavil hrnec s vodou na sporák. – He put a pot of water on the stove. 8

4488 publikovat biasp  to publish • Publikoval své básnV v literárním Uasopise. – He published his poems in a literary magazine. 8 –S

4489 zoufalství neut  despair • NadVji stXídá pocit zoufalství. – Hope is replaced by a feeling of despair. 8 –S

4490 vada fem  defect, flaw • Bratr trpí dVdiUnou oUní vadou. – My brother suffers from a hereditary eye defect. 8

Frequency index  173 

4491 obývák inan  living room • JdVte do obýváku. – Go into the living room.

4505 slepice fem  hen, chicken • PXejeli jsme slepici. – We ran over a chicken.

4492 ve1írek inan  party • PXijdeš na vánoUní veUírek? – Are you coming to the Christmas party?

4506 oranžový adj  orange • MVla oranžovou rtVnku. – She was wearing orange lipstick.


8 –P



4493 pe1ovat impf  to take care, look after • PeUovala o nVj. – She took care of him.

4507 paluba fem  deck, board • SpVchal na palubu. – He hurried to the deck. 8 –S


4494 nadchnout (se) pf  to enthuse, captivate • Nová knížka ji nadchla. – The new book really captivated her.

4508 sebev2domí neut  self-confidence • Je to dYležité pro tvé sebevVdomí. – It is important for your self-confidence. 8


4495 moucha fem  fly • Chytil jsem mouchu. – I caught a fly. 8

4496 psí adj  dog • Koupil psí žrádlo. – He bought some dog food. 8

4497 anketa fem  survey, poll • ZúUastnila se ankety v Uasopise. – She took part in a magazine poll. 8 –F

4498 pozdrav inan  greeting, regard • VyXid’te pozdrav celé rodinV. – Greetings to the whole family. 8

4499 naštvaný adj  angry, annoyed • Jsem fakt naštvanej. – I’m really angry. 8 –P

4500 relativní adj  relative • Vše je relativní. – Everything is relative. 8

4501 volání neut  call, cry out • Ozvalo se volání o pomoc. – A call for help was heard. 8

4502 osv2tlení neut  lighting • Je tu špatné osvVtlení. – The lighting is bad in here. 8 –S

4503 zábradlí neut  railing, handrail • PXidržoval se zábradlí a stVn. – He held onto the handrails and walls. 8

4504 p4íšerný adj  horrible, terrible • Bylo to pXíšerné. – It was horrible.

4509 konzervativní adj  conservative • Má velmi konzervativní názory. – He has very conservative opinions. 8 –S

4510 právnický adj  legal, juridical • Existují fyzické a právnické osoby. – There are natural and legal persons. 8

4511 ideál inan  ideal • Jaký je váš ideál krásy? – What is your ideal of beauty? 8 –S

4512 absolvent anim  graduate • Je to absolvent Harvardu. – He is a Harvard graduate. 8

4513 mad’arský adj  Hungarian • Znám jednoho mad’arského básníka. – I know one Hungarian poet. 8

4514 rozhlasový adj  radio, broadcast • Oznámily to všechny místní rozhlasové stanice. – It was announced on all local radio stations. 8 –S

4515 d5ležitost fem  importance • Má to nejvyšší dYležitost. – It has the highest importance. 8 –S

4516 betonový adj  concrete • Narazil do betonové zdi. – He crashed into a concrete wall. 8

4517 pa4ížský adj  Paris • PaXížské bulváry jsou slavné. – The Paris boulevards are famous.

8 –P

8 –S

20  Transport auto  348  car

vlak  1394  train

tramvaj  3237  tram

autobus  1189  bus, coach

automobil  1892  automobile, car

metro  4072  tube, underground

lod’  1201  ship, boat

vozidlo  2288  vehicle

kamión  4943  lorry, truck

174  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4518 zkontrolovat pf  to check • Naposledy zkontrolovala adresu. – She checked the address for the last time. 8

4519 strava fem  food, diet • Její nemoc se zhoršila špatnou stravou. – Her illness deteriorated due to her bad diet. 8

4520 vnímání neut  perception • Vnímání barvy svVtla urUuje vlnová délka. – The perception of a light’s colour is determined by wave length. 8

4521 uspokojení neut  satisfaction • S uspokojením si prohlížel svou práci. – He looked at his work with satisfaction. 8 –S

4522 páte4 fem  backbone, spine • Pohmoždil si páteX. – He injured his spine. 8

4523 bariéra fem  barrier • Zkoumají Uasoprostorovou bariéru. – They’re studying the space–time barrier. 8

4524 ves fem  village • Dorazili do malé vsi s hostincem. – They arrived in a small village with a pub. 8

4525 ignorovat impf  to ignore • To není možné ignorovat. – This cannot be ignored. 8

4526 smíšený adj  mixed • Mám smíšené pocity. – I have mixed feelings. 8 –S

4527 rozpoznat pf  to recognize, identify • Bylo to okamžitV rozpoznáno. – It was immediately recognized. 8 –S

4528 vskutku part  indeed • Jste vskutku velmi svVdomitá. – You are very diligent indeed. 8 –S

4529 uchovat (se, si) pf  to preserve, (se) remain, (si) retain • ChtVla si tu vzpomínku uchovat v pamVti. – She wanted to retain a memory of it. 8 –S

4530 zhodnotit pf  to evaluate, assess • Jedním pohledem zhodnotil situaci. – He assessed the situation with a single look. 8

4531 vrcholný adj  top, supreme • Udržoval se ve vrcholné formV. – He stayed in top shape. 8 –S

4532 kývnout pf  to nod, beckon • Kývl hlavou. – He nodded his head. 8 –P

4533 udržení neut  preservation, maintenance • Udržení tradiUní kultury bylo obtížné. – The preservation of their traditional culture was difficult. 8 –S

4534 sraz inan  reunion • PYjdete na tXídní sraz? – Will you attend the class reunion? 8 –P

4535 ml1ení neut  silence • Nastalo mlUení. – Silence fell. 8 –S

4536 p4echodný adj  temporary, transitional • PXechodné období skonUilo. – The transitional period is over. 8 –S

4537 svatební adj  wedding, marriage • Ke svatebním šatYm mVla dlouhý závoj. – She was wearing a long veil with her wedding gown. 8

4538 ulevit (si) pf  to relieve • Když zavolali, ulevilo se mi. – When they called, I was relieved. 8

4539 p4esnost fem  accuracy, precision • Ovlivnilo to pXesnost nVkterých ukazatelY. – It affected the accuracy of some indicators. 8 –S

4540 obdiv inan  admiration • Vysloužil si její obdiv. – He earned her admiration. 8 –S

4541 poklesnout pf  to drop, decrease, fall • Výroba poklesla o 2 %. – Production has fallen by 2%. 8 –S

4542 rozpadnout se pf  to fall apart, break up • Rozpadl se jim celý svVt. – Their whole world fell apart. 8

4543 sledovaný adj  watched, observed • Je to ostXe sledovaný pár. – They are a closely watched couple. 8 –S –F

4544 index inan  index, student’s record book • Cenové indexy se liší. – Price indices differ. 8 –F

4545 ob2tovat (se) pf  to sacrifice, give • ObVtovali ovci. – They sacrificed a sheep. 8

4546 krevní adj  blood • Vždycky mVl vysoký krevní tlak. – He’s always had high blood pressure. 8

4547 deprese fem  depression • Trpí depresemi. – He suffers from depression. 8

Frequency index  175 

4548 neuv24iteln2 adv  incredibly • Sestry si byly neuvVXitelnV podobné. – The sisters were incredibly alike. 8

4549 dovednost fem  skill • Osvojili si základní znalosti a dovednosti. – They acquired basic knowledge and skills. 8 –S

4562 vyhláška fem  (public) notice, regulation • Nastudoval si vyhlášku o celních poplatcích. – He studied the customs fees regulations. 8 –S

4563 plánování neut  planning • PotXebujeme podklady pro plánování výroby. – We need the documents for production planning. 8 –S

4550 vzbuzovat impf  to inspire, cause • MVl schopnost vzbuzovat dYvVru ostatních. – He had the ability to inspire confidence in others. 8 –S

4551 morálka fem  morality, morale • Je tu nízká pracovní morálka. – Workplace morale is low here. 8 –S

4552 psycholog anim  psychologist • Je to výborný psycholog. – He is an excellent psychologist. 8

4553 náprava fem  remedy, axle • Zadní náprava je vybavena závVrem diferenciálu. – The rear axle is equipped with a differential lock. 8 –S

4554 bojovník anim  fighter, warrior • Nazývali je bojovníky za svobodu. – They called them freedom fighters. 8

4555 zaznamenávat impf  to notice, record, achieve • Musíme zaznamenávat každou zprávu. – We have to record every message. 8

4556 financovat impf  to fund, sponsor • Kdo financuje vaše investice? – Who is funding your investments? 8 –S

4557 ruch inan  activity, movement • Na burze vládl dnes Uilý ruch. – There was frantic activity on the stock market today. 8 –S

4558 vídat (se) impf  to see • Vídám ho jen dvakrát do roka. – I see him only twice a year. 8

4559 pitomý adj  stupid, dumb • Nech si ty pitomý vtipy. – Keep your stupid jokes to yourself. 8 –P

4560 prevence fem  prevention • Podporujeme prevenci. – We favour prevention. 8 –S –F

4561 rozhod1í anim/fem  referee, umpire • RozhodUí zapískal. – The referee blew his whistle. 8 –F

4564 dominantní adj  dominant • Mají dominantní postavení na trhu. – They have a dominant position on the market. 8 –S –F

4565 koutek inan  corner, spot • Sledoval ji koutkem oka. – He watched her out of the corner of his eye. 8

4566 spravit pf  to fix, repair • Spravil mi auto. – He fixed my car. 8 –P

4567 svírat impf  to hold, clutch • Rukama pevnV svíral volant. – He was clutching the steering wheel firmly with his hands. 8 –S

4568 brigáda fem  summer job, part-time job • Máš brigádu? – Do you have a summer job? 8

4569 škála fem  scale, range • Kvalitu zhodnot’te pomocí pVtistupWové škály. – Rate the quality on a scale of one to five. 8 –S

4570 náru1 fem  (open) arms, armful • Vzal ji do náruUe. – He took her in his arms. 8 –S

4571 výhrada fem  reservation • Souhlasím s vámi bez výhrad. – I agree with you without reservation. 8

4572 strašlivý adj  terrible, horrific • Byl to pro mne strašlivý šok. – It was a terrible shock for me. 8

4573 p5j1ovat (si) impf  to lend, (si) borrow • Nikomu jsem to nepYjUovala. – I didn’t lend it to anyone. 8

4574 nad2lat pf  to make, cause • NadVlají spoustu hluku. – They make a terrible noise. 8

4575 popírat impf  to deny • Popíral Boží existenci. – He denied God’s existence. 8 –S

4576 stadium neut  stage, phase • TVlo je v posledním stádiu rozkladu. – The body is in the final stages of decomposition. 8 –S

176  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4577 vy1istit pf  to clean • Filtr vyUistí vodu od neUistot. – The filter will clean the water of impurities. 8

4578 tržba fem  receipts, takings • Tržbu odnesl do trezoru v bance. – He put the takings into a safe in the bank. 8 –S –F

4579 ru1ní adj  hand(made), manual • Hodili tam nVkolik ruUních granátY. – They threw in a few hand grenades. 8

4580 u1ebnice fem  textbook • Koupil si uUebnici nVmUiny. – He bought a German textbook. 8

4581 fotit impf  to take a picture, snap • To jsem fotila já. – I took that photo. 8 –P

4582 zni1ený adj  destroyed, broken • Opravil jsem zniUenou lod’. – I repaired a broken boat. 8

4583 pódium neut  stage, platform, podium • PXiblížili se k pódiu. – They approached the podium. 8 –P

4584 nadace fem  foundation • Konzultujete s ním projekty nadace? – Do you consult the projects of the foundation with him?

4592 uvoln2ní neut  loosening, release, relaxation • Lék navozuje pocit uvolnVní. – The medicine induces a feeling of relaxation. 8 –S

4593 respekt inan  respect • PoXád k nVmu mám respekt. – I still have respect for him. 8

4594 pasáž fem  passage, arcade • NVkteré pasáže museli vypustit. – They had to leave out a few passages. 8 –S

4595 zapadnout pf  to set, fit, sink into • Zekal, až zapadne slunce. – He waited for the sun to set. 8

4596 aféra fem  scandal, affair • To byla velká aféra. – It was a big scandal. 8

4597 málokdy adv  rarely, seldom • Málokdy dostanete nVco zdarma. – You rarely get something for nothing. 8

4598 ke4 inan  bush • Na bXehu rostlo nVkolik keXY. – There were a few bushes growing on the bank. 8

4599 sev4ít pf  to clench, grip, clasp • SevXel pVst. – He clenched his fist. 8 –S

8 –S

4585 honem adv  quick, hurry up • Utíkej, honem! – Run, quick! 8 –P –N

4586 protokol inan  protocol, proceedings • Kjótský protokol mVl omezit globální oteplování. – The Kyoto protocol was meant to limit global warming. 8

4587 kompromis inan  compromise • NedVláme kompromisy. – We do not make compromises. 8

4588 nacpat (se) pf  to stuff, cram • NacpVte to do tašek. – Stuff it in the bags. 8 –P

4589 obsluha fem  service, operation • Naším cílem je kvalitní obsluha. – Our aim is quality service. 8

4590 d2dek anim  geezer • Kdo je ten starej dVdek? – Who’s that old geezer? 8 –P

4591 tenis inan  tennis • Jednou týdnV hraju tenis. – I play tennis once a week. 8

4600 položený adj  set, situated • Je to krásnV položené mVsto. – It is a charmingly situated town. 8

4601 prozatím adv  for now, for the time being • To prozatím staUí. – That is enough for now. 8 –S

4602 v2cný adj  factual, matter-of-fact • Mluvil klidným, vVcným tónem. – He spoke in a quiet, matter-of-fact tone of voice. 8 –S

4603 zájezd inan  trip, excursion • Pojedeme na lyžaXský zájezd do Alp. – We are going on a ski trip to the Alps. 8

4604 zánik inan  termination, decline, fall • Od zániku aztécké Xíše už uplynulo 500 let. – 500 years have passed since the fall of the Aztec Empire. 8 –S

4605 solidní adj  good, sound • Kniha je v solidním stavu. – The book is in good condition. 8

4606 stehno neut  thigh • MVla tlustá stehna. – She had fat thighs. 8

Frequency index  177 

4607 aparát inan  machinery, device, apparatus • Státní aparát je zkorumpovaný. – The state apparatus is corrupt. 8

4608 ob4í adj  giant, huge • Jsou to vlastnV obXí motory. – These are in fact giant engines. 8 –S

4609 orchestr inan  orchestra • Album natoUili s orchestrem. – They recorded the album with an orchestra. 8

4610 odd2lený adj  separate • Vznikly dvV oddVlené organizace. – Two separate organizations emerged. 8

4611 pominout (se) pf  to pass off, (se) go mad • Bolest pominula. – The pain passed off. 8

4612 vkládat impf  to insert, put • Vkládal telegramy do obálek. – He put the telegrams into envelopes. 8

4613 psychologie fem  psychology • Kognitivní psychologie je Uasto kritizována. – Cognitive psychology is often criticized. 8

4614 výslech inan  interrogation • Policejní výslech byl velmi krátký. – The police interrogation was very short. 8

4615 ledni1ka fem  fridge, refrigerator • Dej to do ledniUky. – Put it in the fridge. 8

4616 demonstrace fem  demonstration • Zorganizovala masovou demonstraci. – She organized a mass demonstration. 8 –S

4617 rukopis inan  handwriting, manuscript • Máte krásný rukopis. – You have beautiful handwriting. 8 –S

4618 srozumitelný adj  comprehensible, intelligible • Je to srozumitelné? – Is it intelligible? 8 –S

4619 zkratka fem  abbreviation, shortcut • Šli zkratkou pXes les. – They took a shortcut across the wood. 8

4620 licence fem  licence • Máte platnou licenci? – Do you have a valid licence?

4622 kamna neut pl  stove, fire • Mají v kuchyni kachlová kamna. – They have a tiled stove in the kitchen. 8

4623 stranický adj  party • Stranický tisk odsoudil demonstrace. – The party press denounced demonstrations. 8 –S

4624 poušt’ fem  desert • Kolem nás je jen kamenitá poušt’. – There is just rocky desert around us. 8 –S

4625 praštit pf  to hit, bang • Dvakrát ji praštil. – He hit her twice. 8 –P

4626 komplikace fem  complication • Vyskytly se další komplikace. – Other complications have occurred. 8 –S

4627 nástupce anim  successor • Kdo bude vaším nástupcem? – Who will be your successor? 8 –S

4628 v2novaný adj  devoted • Celá kapitola byla vVnovaná literatuXe. – The entire chapter was devoted to literature. 8 –S

4629 zpožd2ní neut  delay • ZpoždVní vlaku narostlo na 20 minut. – The train’s delay came to 20 minutes. 8

4630 báje1ný adj  splendid, terrific • To je bájeUný nápad! – That’s a splendid idea! 8

4631 vkus inan  taste, style • Tvoje máma má prvotXídní vkus. – Your mother has excellent taste. 8

4632 lyže fem  ski • Máš hezký lyže. – You’ve got nice skis. 8 –P

4633 k5ra fem  rind, bark • PXidejte citronovou kYru. – Add lemon rind. 8

4634 p4ehlédnout pf  to overlook, miss, view • NVco jsme museli pXehlédnout. – We must have overlooked something. 8

4635 administrativní adj  administrative • Administrativní náklady jsou pXímé a nepXímé. – Administrative costs are direct and indirect. 8 –S

8 –S

4621 vzrušení neut  excitement • Celá záXila vzrušením. – She shone with excitement. 8 –S

4636 svléknout (se) pf  to take off, (se) get undressed • Pomohl jí svléknout kabát. – He helped her take the coat off. 8 –P

178  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4637 tepelný adj  heat, thermal • Solární panely absorbují tepelnou energii. – Solar panels absorb thermal energy. 8 –F

4638 m2na fem  currency • PXijali spoleUnou evropskou mVnu. – They adopted the common European currency. 8 –S

4639 vyhlášení neut  announcement, declaration • Po vyhlášení nezávislosti se stal prezidentem. – After the declaration of independence, he became the president. 8 –S

4640 výsledný adj  resulting, final • Výsledný seznam byl mnohem kratší. – The final list was much shorter. 8 –S

4641 platba fem  payment • PXímé platby bývají bez poplatkY. – Direct payments are usually free of charge. 8 –S –F

4642 kotel inan  boiler • Máme doma kotel na dXevo. – We have a wood boiler at home. 8

4643 uvoln2ný adj  relaxed, loose • Jeho gesta jsou uvolnVná a elegantní. – His gestures are relaxed and elegant. 8 –S

4644 posílení neut  strengthening, consolidation • Chceme dosáhnout posílení obchodních vztahY. – We seek the strengthening of trade relations. 8 –S –F

4645 pov24it pf  to authorize, charge • Tím úkolem povVXili jeho. – They charged him with the task. 8 –S

4646 vzestup inan  increase, rise, growth • Došlo k rychlému vzestupu cen. – A rapid growth of prices occurred. 8 –S

4647 rám inan  frame • Zaklepala na okenní rám. – He knocked on the window frame. 8

4648 jiho1eský adj  South Bohemian • V JihoUeském kraji se situace komplikuje. – The situation in the South Bohemian Region is complicated. 8 –F

4649 stru1n2 adv  briefly, concisely • Na otázky odpovídal velmi struUnV. – He would answer questions very briefly. 8 –S

4650 zastavovat (se) impf  to stop • Cestou dolY zastavoval výtah skoro v každém patXe. – On the way down, the lift would stop on almost every floor. 8

4651 spln2ní neut  accomplishment, fulfilment • Požadují splnVní svých podmínek. – They demand the fulfilment of their conditions. 8 –S

4652 rozebírat impf  to analyse, talk • Rozebírali jsme její básnV. – We analysed her poems. 8

4653 pom5cka fem  aid, tool • Je to užiteUná uUební pomYcka. – It is a useful teaching aid. 8

4654 spjatý adj  bound, linked • Kriminalita je úzce spjata s chudobou. – Crime is closely linked with poverty. 8 –S

4655 sponzor anim  sponsor • Sponzor to vyžaduje. – The sponsor requires it. 8 –F

4656 d5stojný adj  dignified, respectable • Byl to tichý, dYstojný konec. – It was a quiet, dignified end. 8 –S

4657 sekunda fem  second • Trvá to jen pár sekund. – It only takes a few seconds. 8

4658 mýtus inan  myth • Je to založeno na mýtu. – It is based on a myth. 8 –S

4659 v2znice fem  prison • Strávila rok v ženské vVznici. – She spent a year in a women’s prison. 8

4660 stru1ný adj  brief, concise • Poslala jsem domY struUný dopis. – I sent a brief letter home. 8 –S

4661 fenomén inan  phenomenon • Nejedná se o nový fenomén. – This is not a new phenomenon. 8 –S

4662 zastoupit pf  to block way, fill in • Musím zastoupit nemocného kolegu. – I have to fill in for a sick colleague. 8 –S

4663 tekutina fem  liquid, fluid • V lahviUce byla Uervená hustá tekutina. – There was thick red fluid in the bottle. 8

4664 kouzelný adj  magic, charming • Prsten mVl kouzelnou moc. – The ring had a magic power. 8

4665 liberecký adj  Liberec • Žijí v Libereckém kraji. – They live in the Liberec region. 8 +N

Frequency index  179 

4666 p4ebírat impf  to take over, adopt • PXebrala od nás úkol. – She took over our task. 8

4667 prodejní adj  sale, selling • UspoXádali prodejní výstavu. – They arranged a sale exhibition. 8 –S –F

4668 p4eprava fem  transport • K pXepravV se používá hlavnV lodí. – Mainly ships are used for transport. 8 –S

4669 vrch inan  hill, top • Silnice vedla do zasnVžených vrchY. – The road led to snow-covered hills. 8

4670 odstoupit pf  to resign, step back • Odstoupil z vlády. – He resigned from the government. 8

4671 podržet pf  to hold, back up • Podrž to. – Hold it. 8

4672 porozum2t pf  to understand • OkamžitV mu porozumVl. – He understood him immediately. 8 –S

4673 lev anim  lion • Bil se jako lev. – He fought like a lion. 8

4674 k4ik inan  shouting, screaming • Uslyšel jsem kXik. – I heard shouting. 8 –S

4675 vyjížd2t impf  to leave, drive out, set off • Ráno vyjíždím v 9 hodin. – I am leaving at 9 in the morning. 8 –P

4676 legislativa fem  legislation • Nemáme pXíslušnou legislativu. – We do not have the relevant legislation. 8 –S –F

4677 vyrobený adj  made • Šperk byl vyrobený ze zlata. – The jewel was made of gold. 8

4678 t2leso neut  body, solid (ensemble) • Astronomie se zabývá studiem kosmických tVles. – Astronomy pursues the study of celestial bodies. 8 –S

4679 prsten inan  ring • Ztratila snubní prsten. – She lost her wedding ring. 8

4680 násilný adj  violent • Podle policie to byl násilný útok. – The police say it was a violent attack. 8 –S

4681 analyzovat impf  to analyse • Nyní se analyzují výsledky. – The results are now being analysed. 8

4682 p4ihodit se pf  to happen, occur • Nikdy se nám nic nepXihodilo. – Nothing ever happened to us. 8

4683 rozdávat impf  to distribute, hand out • Vojáci rozdávali dVtem Uokoládu. – The soldiers handed out chocolate to children. 8

4684 propojení neut  connection, linkage • PotXebujeme propojení sítí. – Connection of networks is what we need. 8 –S –F

4685 kongres inan  congress • Kongres hraje velmi dYležitou roli. – Congress plays a very important role. 8 –S

4686 slaný adj  salty • Je to pXíliš slané. – It is too salty. 8

4687 popel inan  ash • MVsto lehlo popelem. – The city lay in ashes. 8

4688 hnízdo neut  nest • Ptáci opustili hnízdo. – The birds have left the nest. 8

4689 vtom adv  suddenly • Vtom zazvonil telefon. – Suddenly, the phone rang. 8 –S –P

4690 dop4át (si) pf  to let have, (si) spoil oneself • DopXejte si kvalitní olivy. – Spoil yourself with quality olives. 8

4691 beton inan  concrete • Je to z betonu. – It is made of concrete. 8

4692 p4esun inan  transfer, transport • Zajistili pXesun do hotelu. – They arranged transport to the hotel. 8

4693 indický adj  Indian • Ostrovy leží v Indickém oceánu. – The islands lie in the Indian Ocean. 8

4694 odbory inan pl  trade unions • Odbory se již dohodly. – The trade unions have already come to an agreement. 8

4695 polovi1ní adj  half • UdVlali to za poloviUní cenu. – They did it for half the price. 8

180  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4696 akciový adj  stock, share • Založili akciovou spoleUnost. – They started a stock company. 8 –S –F

4697 distribuce fem  distribution • Jak funguje distribuce filmY? – How does film distribution work? 8 –S –F

4698 p4istát pf  to land • PXistáli jsme veUer. – We landed in the evening. 8

4699 revolu1ní adj  revolutionary • Je to revoluUní zmVna. – It is a revolutionary change. 8

4700 zastavení neut  stop(ping), halt, hold-up • Projel mVstem bez jediného zastavení. – He passed through the town without stopping. 8

4701 obo1í neut  eyebrow • Pomalu zvedla oboUí. – She slowly raised an eyebrow. 8 –S

4702 horko neut  heat, hot • Je hrozné horko. – It’s awfully hot. 8

4703 ropa fem  oil • Cena ropy stoupá. – The price of oil is rising. 8 –S

4704 soust4ed’ovat (se) impf  to concentrate • SoustXed’ujme se na hlavní body. – Let’s concentrate on the main points. 8 –S

4705 odstín inan  shade, colour • Ten koberec má krásný odstín. – This carpet is a lovely colour. 8

4706 pach inan  stench, smell, odour • Cítil jsem štiplavý pach potu. – I smelled a pungent stench of sweat. 8 –S

4707 zavedený adj  established, well-established • Oproti zavedenému zvyku si ráno dal kávu. – Contrary to his well-established routine, he had coffee in the morning. 8

4708 strýc anim  uncle • Podobala se svému strýci. – She looked like her uncle. 8

4709 kytara fem  guitar • Umíte hrát na kytaru? – Can you play the guitar? 8 –P

4710 racionální adj  rational • Jeho chování není racionální. – His behaviour is not rational. 8 –S

4711 bezvadný adj  perfect, wonderful • No to je bezvadný. – Well that’s just perfect. 8

4712 p4ihlížet impf  to stand by, take into consideration • Policie jen pXihlížela. – The police just stood by. 8 –S

4713 arabský adj  Arabian • ChtVl sjednotit Arabský poloostrov. – He wanted to unite the Arabian peninsula. 8 –S

4714 úto1it impf  to attack • Bandité útoUí na vesnici. – Bandits are attacking a village. 8

4715 vykašlat (se) pf  to cough up, (se) pack in • MVli bysme se na to hledání vykašlat. – We should pack in looking for it. 8 –P

4716 pouto neut  bond, (pl) handcuffs • Sundali mi pouta. – They took off my handcuffs. 8

4717 samoz4ejmý adj  self-evident, apparent • Pokládáme to za samozXejmé. – We hold it as self-evident. 8

4718 katalog inan  catalogue • Zasíláme Vám vánoUní katalog. – We are sending you our Christmas catalogue. 8

4719 skladatel anim  composer • Je to syn slavného skladatele. – He is the son of a famous composer. 8

4720 bou4livý adj  stormy, rapid, rapturous • Sklidil bouXlivý potlesk. – He received rapturous applause. 8 –S

4721 medv2d anim  bear • ZastXelil medvVda. – He shot a bear. 8

4722 játra neut pl  liver • ZemXel na rakovinu jater. – He died of liver cancer. 7

4723 železo neut  iron • Nedostatek železa zpYsobuje chudokrevnost. – A lack of iron causes anaemia. 7

4724 cestování neut  travelling • Nejvíc utratila za cestování. – She spent most money on travelling. 7

4725 zákrok inan  intervention, operation • Chirurgický zákrok probVhl bez problémY. – The surgical intervention took place without any complications. 7 –S

Frequency index  181 

4726 vy4adit pf  to eliminate, reject • Šéfredaktor vyXadil Ulánek kvYli špatné úrovni. – The editor-in-chief rejected the article because of its poor quality. 7 –S

4727 popularita fem  popularity • Jeho popularita vzrostla. – His popularity grew. 7 –S

4728 cibule fem  onion • Nakrájejte cibuli. – Cut the onion. 7

4729 d2sit impf  to scare, frighten • StejnV mV to dVsí. – It scares me anyway. 7

4730 vyskytnout se pf  to occur • MYžou se vyskytnout obtíže. – Difficulties may occur. 7

4731 ucítit pf  to feel, smell • Ucítila na obliUeji sluneUní paprsky. – She felt the sun’s rays on her face. 7 –S –P

4732 kuchy3ský adj  kitchen • Koupil jsem kuchyWský stYl. – I bought a kitchen table. 7

4733 vy1erpat (se) pf  to exhaust • Brzy vyUerpali témata ke konverzaci. – They soon exhausted their conversation topics. 7 –S

4734 ostuda fem  scandal, shame • To by byla ostuda! – That would be a scandal! 7 –P

4735 p4esáhnout pf  to exceed • Škoda pXesáhla 150 tisíc liber. – The damage exceeded 150,000 pounds. 7 –S

4736 ovzduší neut  air, atmosphere, climate • ZneUištVní ovzduší je velké téma. – Air pollution is a big issue. 7 –S

4737 1erstv2 adv  freshly, newly • PXidejte UerstvV mletý pepX. – Add freshly ground pepper. 7

4738 pružný adj  flexible, elastic • Nabízíme pružnou pracovní dobu. – We offer flexible working hours. 7 –S

4739 server inan  server • Server je pXetížen. – The server is overloaded. 7 –F

4740 sociáln2 adv  socially • To by bylo sociálnV nepXijatelné. – That would be socially unacceptable. 7 –F

4741 potkávat (se) impf  to meet • JeštV ho obUas potkávám. – I still meet him from time to time. 7

4742 prasknout pf  to break, burst, come out • Praskla jí voda. – Her water broke. 7

4743 vyhrožovat impf  to threaten • Manželka mi vyhrožuje rozvodem. – My wife’s threatening to divorce me. 7

4744 hore1ka fem  fever, temperature • MVl každý veUer horeUku. – He had a fever every night. 7

4745 š35ra fem  cord, line, string • Ponožky se sušily venku na šWYXe. – The socks were hanging on a line outside to dry. 7

4746 bojový adj  martial, combat • Ovládá bojová umVní. – He mastered martial arts. 7

4747 pánb5h anim  God • UmVla hrát na housle jako pánbYh. – She could play the violin like God. 7 –P

4748 pr5vod inan  parade, procession • PrYvod je osvícen lampami. – The parade is lit by street lamps. 7

4749 bída fem  poverty, misery • V Indii vládne bída. – Poverty is rife in India. 7

4750 p4ednášet impf  to lecture, recite • PXednášel na Oxfordu. – He was lecturing at Oxford. 7

4751 dovolený adj  allowed • Koupání zde není dovolené. – Swimming is not allowed here. 7

4752 hrabat impf  to rake, grub, pile up • Musel jsem hrabat listí. – I had to rake leaves. 7 –P

4753 šampionát inan  championship • ZúUastníme se svVtového šampionátu. – We will participate in the world championship. 7 +N

4754 d5kladný adj  thorough, massive • Byl jsem velmi dYkladný. – I was very thorough. 7 –S

4755 záhada fem  mystery • Život kolem nás je plný záhad. – Life around us is full of mysteries. 7

182  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4756 krajní adj  outside, extreme, utmost • Je pXíznivcem krajní pravice. – He is a supporter of the extreme right. 7

4757 žíla fem  vein • Vbodl jehlu pXímo do žíly. – He stuck the needle directly into the vein. 7

4758 naplánovat (si) pf  to plan, schedule • NVco takového se naplánovat nedá. – This sort of thing cannot be planned. 7

4759 p4ipojení neut  connection • Jaké máte pXipojení? – What connection do you have? 7 –F

4760 po1ít pf  to conceive, begin • PoUala dítV. – She conceived a child. 7

4761 p4iložit pf  to attach, enclose • PXiložil jsem svYj rukopis. – I attached my CV. 7

4762 zav2sit pf  to hang up • Po tXetím zazvonVní zavVsil. – He hung up after three rings. 7

4763 1ekání neut  waiting • To Uekání za to stálo. – The waiting was worth it. 7 –S

4764 kostým inan  costume • Získala Oscara za kostýmy. – She has won an Oscar for costumes. 7

4765 sluchátko neut  earphone, receiver, headphone • Koupil si nová sluchátka. – He bought new headphones. 7

4766 knedlík inan  dumpling • Dneska udVlám bramborový knedlíky. – I’m making potato dumplings today. 7

4767 buchta fem  cake, chick • Máš rád buchty? – Do you like cake? 7 –P –N

4768 zvážit pf  to weigh, consider • PeUlivV zvážil svoji odpovVd’. – He considered his reply carefully. 7

4769 stoprocentn2 adv  totally, absolutely, for sure • Nebyl si stoprocentnV jistý. – He was not totally sure. 7

4770 akademický adj  academic • Chci si koupit akademický slovník. – I want to buy an academic dictionary. 7

4771 analytik anim  analyst • }íká to analytik z VídnV. – An analyst from Vienna says so. 7 –S –F

4772 rozeznat pf  to distinguish, make out • Nerozeznal jsem, co to je. – I could not make out what it was. 7 –S

4773 mastný adj  greasy, fatty • Mám strašnV mastný vlasy. – I’ve got terribly greasy hair. 7

4774 1lun inan  boat • MYj pXítel má motorový Ulun. – My friend has a motor boat. 7

4775 obzvlášt’ part  particularly • Díky, obzvláštV za tu kvVtinu. – Thank you, particularly for the flowers. 7

4776 opozi1ní adj  opposition, opposing • Je to nejsilnVjší opoziUní strana. – It is the strongest opposition party. 7 +N

4777 levn2 adv  cheaply, cheap • Koupili jsme to levnV. – We bought it cheap. 7

4778 dlužit impf  to owe • Kolik mu dluží? – How much does he owe him? 7 –P

4779 kvalifikovaný adj  qualified, competent • Nejsem dostateUnV kvalifikovaný. – I am not sufficiently qualified. 7 –S

4780 zam2stnaný adj  busy, employed • Otec byl pXed válkou zamVstnaný v téhle továrnV. – My father was employed in this factory before the war. 7

4781 výchozí adj  starting • Nakonec zase zamíXili do výchozího bodu. – In the end, they headed to the starting point. 7 –S

4782 ohlédnout se pf  to look back • Ohlédni se a uvidíš. – Look back and you will see. 7 –S –P

4783 rozd2lovat impf  to divide, distribute, allocate • }eka rozdVluje mVsto na dvV Uásti. – The river divides the city into two parts. 7

4784 vyplácet (se) impf  to pay, (se) pay off • Poctivost se vyplácí. – Honesty pays off. 7

4785 lesklý adj  shiny, glossy • Má to lesklý povrch. – It has a shiny surface. 7

Frequency index  183 

4786 odstartovat pf  to start • Odstartovala druhá Uást sezóny. – The second part of the season has started. 7

4787 zaniknout pf  to decline, expire, fade (out) • Jejich hlasy pomalu zanikly mezi stromy. – Their voices slowly faded among the trees. 7 –S

4788 otc5v adj  father’s • Pocítil otcYv hnVv. – He felt his father’s anger. 7 –S

4789 olomoucký adj  Olomouc • V Olomouckém kraji je málo velkých mVst. – There aren’t many big towns in the Olomouc Region. 7 –S –F

4790 tušení neut  feeling, idea, hunch • Nemám ani tušení, co se stalo. – I have no idea what happened. 7

4791 p4íhoda fem  event, episode • Taková pXíhoda v nás vyvolá depresi. – An event like this makes us depressed. 7

4792 pokrývat impf  to cover • Sníh pokrýval celý Stockholm. – Snow covered the whole of Stockholm. 7 –S

4793 automat inan  machine • Je závislý na hracích automatech. – He is addicted to fruit machines. 7

4794 odlišovat (se) impf  to differ • Odlišují se jen v maliUkostech. – They differ only in certain details. 7 –S

4795 prohra fem  loss, defeat • Každá prohra mrzí. – Every defeat hurts. 7

4796 milovaný adj  loved, beloved • Bojovala za své milované. – She fought for her loved ones. 7 –S

4797 spaní neut  sleep(ing) • Vzala si prášek na spaní. – She took a sleeping pill. 7

4798 pohotovost fem  emergency, readiness, alert • Armáda je ve stavu pohotovosti. – The army is on alert. 7

4799 klec fem  cage • Nestrkej ruku do klece. – Don’t put your hand in the cage. 7

4800 st4íbro neut  silver • Otevíráme výstavu o tVžbV stXíbra. – We are opening an exhibition on silver mining. 7

4801 tvor anim  creature • NevidVl žádného živého tvora. – He did not see any living creature. 7

4802 vlákno neut  fibre • Plátno je vyrobeno z bavlnVných vláken. – The cloth is made of cotton fibres. 7 –S

4803 záhadný adj  mysterious, unexplainable • Miska byla ozdobená záhadnými symboly. – The bowl was decorated with mysterious symbols. 7

4804 dominovat biasp  to dominate • Dominovali soutVži. – They dominated the competition. 7 –S

4805 p5le fem  half, middle • Druhá pYle byla mnohem lepší. – The second half was much better. 7

4806 hrud’ fem  chest, breast • Cítil bolest na hrudi. – He felt a pain in his chest. 7 –S

4807 jeskyn2 fem  cave • V jeskyni byla zima. – It was cold in the cave. 7

4808 ocas inan  tail • ZavrtVl ocasem. – He wagged his tail. 7

4809 zaru1ovat impf  to guarantee, ensure • Ústavní práva zaruUují osobní svobodu. – Constitutional rights guarantee personal freedom. 7 –S

4810 dort inan  cake • Dali si dort. – They had some cake. 7

4811 burza fem  stock market • Krachla burza. – The stock market crashed. 7 –S

4812 t2sto neut  dough, batter • TVsto vlijeme do dortové formy. – Pour the dough into the cake tin. 7

4813 stráž fem  guard • Poslanec si vyžádal osobní stráž. – The deputy requested a body guard. 7 –S

4814 absence fem  absence • Absence smyslu pro humor je otravná. – The absence of a sense of humour is annoying. 7 –S

4815 rakovina fem  cancer • Má rakovinu prsu. – She has breast cancer. 7

184  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4816 z4ízení neut  establishment, system of government • Nesouhlasím se socialistickým zXízením. – I disagree with the socialist system of government. 7 –S

4817 zmatený adj  confused, chaotic • Jsem z toho všeho zmatená. – I am confused by it all.

4831 zele3 fem  verdure, green(ery) • Ve mVstV ubývá zelenV. – There is less and less greenery in the town. 7

4832 zkušební adj  trial, test • Spustili zkušební provoz elektrárny. – They started the trial operation of the power plant. 7


4818 snesitelný adj  tolerable, bearable • Je to docela snesitelné. – It is quite tolerable. 7

4819 propast fem  gap, abyss • Tuhle propast musíme pXekonat. – We must bridge this gap. 7 –S

4820 dovoz inan  import • Import klesl. – Imports have fallen. 7 –S –F

4821 oblak inan  cloud • Zvedl se oblak prachu. – A cloud of dust arose. 7 –S

4822 p4evézt pf  to transfer, transport • Byl pXevezen do nemocnice. – He was transferred to hospital. 7

4823 zdobit impf  to decorate, grace • Zdobila dvoupatrový narozeninový dort. – She decorated a two-tier birthday cake. 7

4824 spot4ebitel anim  consumer • Pro spotXebitele je to dYležité. – It is important for consumers. 7 –S –F

4825 cpát (se) impf  to stuff, fill up • Cpali ho práškama. – They stuffed him with pills. 7 –P

4826 sta4ec anim  old man • StaXec mVl radost. – The old man was happy. 7

4827 modlitba fem  prayer • BYh vyslyšel mé modlitby. – God has heard my prayers. 7 –S

4828 d5v24ovat impf  to trust • ProU mu nedYvVXuješ? – Why don’t you trust him? 7

4829 zamknout (se) pf  to lock (up) • ZapomnVla jsem zamknout dveXe. – I forgot to lock the door. 7 –P

4830 spekulace fem  speculation • Jsou to pouhé spekulace. – These are mere speculations. 7 –S

4833 naštvat pf  to make angry, piss off • Fakt mV naštval. – He really pissed me off. 7 –P

4834 zjevný adj  obvious, apparent • Jejich zjevná radost mV potVšila. – Their obvious happiness delighted me. 7 –S

4835 grafický adj  graphic • Výstava je vVnována grafickému designu. – The exhibition is devoted to graphic design. 7 –F

4836 pozvání neut  invitation • Odmítli naše pozvání. – They refused our invitation. 7 –S

4837 výplata fem  payment, pay, salary • Za nákup utratil polovinu výplaty. – He spent half of his salary on shopping. 7

4838 míjet (se) impf  to pass, go past • Když mV míjela, mrkla. – As she went past me she winked. 7 –S

4839 zatá1ka fem  turn • Trasa je plná ostrých zatáUek. – The route is full of sharp turns. 7 –P

4840 libra fem  pound • Stojí to deset liber. – It costs ten pounds. 7

4841 lebka fem  skull • Chci mu otevXít lebku. – I want to open his skull. 7

4842 živo1ich anim  animal • Pes je velice chytrý živoUich. – Dogs are very smart animals. 7

4843 obcházet impf  to walk around, evade • Pomalu obcházel chalupu. – He walked slowly around the house. 7

4844 lovit impf  to hunt, chase • Rád chodí lovit. – He likes to go hunting. 7

4845 unikat impf  to escape, leak • Z balónu unikal horký plyn. – Hot gas was leaking from the balloon. 7

Frequency index  185 

4846 legální adj  legal • Je to vYbec legální? – Is this actually legal? 7

4847 nahrávka fem  record(ing), pass • Je to skvVlá nahrávka. – It is a great recording. 7

4848 plynový adj  gas • ZemXeli v plynové komoXe. – They died in the gas chamber. 7

4849 divn2 adv  strangely, oddly • Je mi divnV úzko. – I feel strangely anxious. 7 –P

4850 vycházející adj  rising, based on • Dívali se proti vycházejícímu slunci. – They were looking towards the rising sun. 7 –S

4851 lít impf  to pour • To mlíko tam nelij! – Don’t pour in any milk! 7

4852 místy adv  sometimes, here and there • Místy mi schází sebevVdomí. – Sometimes I lack self-confidence. 7 –S

4853 zám2rn2 adv  deliberately, on purpose • Nechala okno zámVrnV otevXené. – She left the window open on purpose. 7

4854 milovník anim  lover, aficionado • Je to skuteUný milovník umVní. – He is a real art lover. 7 –S

4855 porozum2ní neut  understanding • ChtVli dosáhnout vzájemného porozumVní. – They wanted to reach a mutual understanding. 7 –S

4856 napl3ovat impf  to fill • NaplWovalo ji to radostí. – It filled her with joy. 7 –S

4857 trubka fem  trumpet, pipe • Ve starých trubkách byl malý tlak vody. – The water pressure was low in the old pipes. 7

4858 filozof anim  philosopher • Nejsem filozof ani teoretik. – I’m neither a philosopher nor a theorist. 7

4859 šperk inan  jewel • Peníze ani šperky se z bytu neztratily. – Neither money nor jewels were missing from the flat. 7

4860 dvojitý adj  double • PoruUil si dvojitou whisky. – He ordered a double whiskey. 7

4861 mazat impf  to butter, spread, wipe • Mazala si chleba máslem. – She was buttering her bread. 7

4862 hmyz inan  insect • Na ostrovV nebyl žádný hmyz. – There were no insects on the island. 7

4863 sd2lovat impf  to tell, inform • A tak ti to sdVluji nyní. – And so I am telling you now. 7 –S

4864 1lenství neut  membership • S Ulenstvím v EU to nesouvisí. – It is not related to EU membership. 7 –S

4865 lídr anim  leader • Je to pXirozený lídr. – He is a natural leader. 7 +N

4866 obdobn2 adv  similarly • ObdobnV se zvýšil nárYst pXidané hodnoty. – Similarly, the growth of added value increased. 7 –S –F

4867 nuda fem  boredom • V demokracii je nejvVtší hrozbou nuda. – In a democracy, the greatest danger is boredom. 7

4868 povídka fem  (short) story, tale • Dahl je mistrem povídky. – Dahl is a master of the short story. 7

4869 nudit (se) impf  to bore, (se) be bored • StrašnV jsem se tam nudil. – I was terribly bored in there. 7

4870 zvukový adj  acoustic, sound • Místnost byla vybavena zvukovou aparaturou. – The room was equipped with a sound system. 7

4871 menšina fem  minority • Jaké národnostní menšiny zde žijí? – What national minorities live here? 7 –S

4872 napravit pf  to make up for, make good, retrieve • Napravili své chyby. – They made good their mistakes. 7

4873 p4ipadnout pf  to fall • Ten úkol pXipadl na nVj. – The task fell to him. 7 –S

4874 personální adj  personnel • MVlo by o tom vVdVt personální oddVlení. – The personnel department should know about it. 7 –S –F

186  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4875 autorka fem  (female) author • Autorka si zvolila kontroverzní téma. – The author chose a controversial topic. 7 –S

4876 salon inan  salon, parlour • Zekala v salonu. – She was waiting in the salon. 7

4877 p5sobnost fem  activity, effect • Jaké je vaše pole pYsobnosti? – What is your field of activity? 7 –S

4878 transakce fem  transaction • Obchodní transakce trvala jen pár vteXin. – The business transaction only took a few minutes. 7 –S

4879 tancovat impf  to dance • Každý veUer chodili tancovat. – They would go dancing every evening. 7 –P

4880 údajný adj  alleged • Jeho údajný otec se s matkou nikdy neoženil. – His alleged father never married his mother. 7 –S

4881 sako neut  jacket • Sáhl do kapsy saka. – He put his hand in his jacket pocket. 7 –P

4882 kompetence fem  competence • To není v mé kompetenci. – This is not in my competence. 7 –S –F

4883 integrovaný adj  integrated • Chceme vytvoXit integrovaný dopravní systém. – We want to create an integrated transport system. 7 –S –F

4884 me1 inan  sword • Tasil meU. – He drew his sword. 7

4885 cenit si impf  to appreciate, value • Cením si toho. – I appreciate it. 7

4886 princezna fem  princess • Princezna Diana zemXela v roce 1997. – Princess Diana died in 1997. 7

4887 paradoxn2 adv  ironically, paradoxically • ParadoxnV nám to pomohlo. – Paradoxically, it helped us. 7

4888 vypuknout pf  to break out • V táboXe vypukl zmatek. – Chaos broke out in the camp. 7 –S

4889 radostný adj  joyous, happy, cheerful • MVla to být radostná událost. – It was meant to be a joyous occasion. 7 –S

4890 posledn2 adv  last time • PoslednV jsem platil já. – I paid the last time. 7

4891 sk4í3ka fem  box • Našla se Uerná skXíWka? – Has the black box been found? 7

4892 p2tat4icet num  thirty-five • Letos mi bude pVtatXicet. – I’ll be thirty-five this year. 7 –P

4893 zprvu adv  at first • Boha uctívali zprvu tajnV, ale brzo i veXejnV. – They worshipped the god secretly at first, but soon also in public. 7 –S

4894 nastávat impf  to arise, come • Nastává zima. – Winter is coming. 7 –S

4895 zrodit (se) pf  to originate, be born • Nejsou všichni zrozeni svobodní. – Not everybody is born free. 7 –S

4896 nakládat impf  to load • PrávV nakládají ten náklad’ák. – They’re loading the truck right now. 7

4897 spokojenost fem  satisfaction • VyjádXil svou spokojenost. – He expressed his satisfaction. 7

4898 pozorovatel anim  observer • Bylo to potvrzeno nezávislými pozorovateli. – It was confirmed by independent observers. 7 –S

4899 n2mecky adv  German • Umím nVmecky. – I can speak German. 7

4900 prvn2 adv  at first, for the first time • PrvnV jsme tam nechtVli jít. – At first we didn’t want to go there. 7

4901 bezmála adv  almost, nearly • Stojí to bezmála milión korun. – It costs nearly a million crowns. 7 –S

4902 polní adj  field • Byl polním maršálem. – He was a fieldmarshal. 7 –S

4903 vyrovnání neut  compensation, settlement • Nestála o mimosoudní vyrovnání. – She wasn’t interested in an out-of-court settlement. 7

4904 malba fem  painting • Z muzea ukradli pVt maleb. – They stole five paintings from the museum. 7

Frequency index  187 

4905 motorový adj  motor, engine • Motorová vozidla zpYsobují zneUištVní vzduchu. – Motor vehicles cause air pollution.

4920 cela fem  cell • Vstoupil do cely smrti. – He entered the condemned cell. 7

7 –S

4906 identita fem  identity • Války formovaly naši národní identitu. – Wars shaped our national identity. 7 –S

4907 objasnit pf  to explain, clarify • Je tXeba objasnit tento pojem. – It is necessary to explain this term. 7 –S

4908 namítnout pf  to object, protest • Namítla, že v tom vypadá tlustá. – She protested that she looked fat in it. 7 –S

4909 teroristický adj  terrorist • ÚXad varoval pXed teroristickými útoky. – The bureau warned about terrorist attacks. 7 –S –F

4910 operovat impf  to operate • Byl okamžitV operován. – He was operated on immediately. 7

4911 cédé1ko neut  CD • Pust’ to cédéUko. – Play the CD. 7 –F –P

4912 nádhern2 adv  gorgeously, splendidly • PXeložil to nádhernV. – He translated it splendidly. 7

4913 kód inan  code • Každý výrobek má Uárový kód. – Each product has a bar code. 7

4914 vypálit pf  to burn (down), fire • Vypálil dvV kulky do stropu. – He fired two bullets into the ceiling. 7

4915 hn2v inan  anger • Jeho oUi vzplály hnVvem. – His eyes blazed with anger. 7 –S

4916 d’ábel anim  devil • Ten muž je d’ábel! – That man is a devil! 7 –S

4917 zhroutit se pf  to collapse, fall apart • S pláUem se zhroutila na zem. – She collapsed onto the ground, crying. 7 –S

4918 hloupost fem  nonsense, ignorance • To je hloupost! – That’s nonsense! 7

4919 potla1it pf  to suppress, hold back • PotlaUila úsmVv. – She suppressed a smile. 7 –S

4921 dvojnásobný adj  double, twofold • Je dvojnásobným mistrem svVta. – He is a double world champion. 7

4922 vyšplhat (se) pf  to climb (up) • DVti vyšplhaly na kopec. – The children climbed up the hill. 7 –S

4923 p5vabný adj  lovely, charming • Je to pYvabné stvoXení. – She is a lovely creature. 7 –S

4924 zevnit4 adv  from inside • DveXe byly zamUené zevnitX. – The door was locked from inside. 7

4925 oh4át pf  to heat, warm (up) • OhXej si to v mikrovlnce. – Heat it in the microwave. 7

4926 sjezd inan  meeting, congress • Sjezd už skonUil. – The meeting is already over. 7

4927 maturita fem  school-leaving examination • UdVlal maturitu. – He passed the school-leaving examination. 7

4928 kilogram inan  kilogram • Vážil 115 kilogramY. – He weighed 115 kilograms. 7 –S

4929 e-mail inan  e-mail • Dotazy mYžete zasílat i e-mailem. – You can also send your queries by e-mail. 7 –F

4930 celosv2tový adj  global, worldwide • Je to celosvVtový trend. – It is a global trend. 7 –S –F

4931 4ízek inan  schnitzel, cutlet • Dám si Xízek. – I’ll have a schnitzel. 7

4932 trik inan  trick, gimmick • Nezkoušej na mV žádný triky. – Do not try any tricks with me. 7

4933 agresivní adj  aggressive • Byl velmi agresivní. – He was very aggressive. 7

4934 vznikající adj  emergent • VUas rozpoznali vznikající problémy. – The emergent problems were identified early. 7 –S

188  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4935 prodejce anim  salesperson, seller • PatXil k našim nejlepším prodejcYm. – He ranked among our best salespeople. 7 –S –F

4936 zlepšovat (se) impf  to improve • Stav pacienta se stále zlepšoval. – The patient’s state kept improving. 7 –S

4937 vystudovat pf  to graduate, qualify as • Vystudoval stavební inženýrství. – He graduated in civil engineering. 7

4938 rozhlížet se impf  to look around • Rozhlíželi se kolem. – They looked around. 7 –S

4939 minus inan  minus • PVt minus tXi jsou dvV. – Five minus three equals two. 7

4940 baterka fem  battery, torch • Vypnul baterku. – He switched off the torch. 7 –P

4941 odporný adj  disgusting, repulsive • Pavouci jsou odporní. – Spiders are disgusting. 7

4942 naivní adj  naive • Nebud’te tak naivní. – Don’t be so naive. 7

4943 kamión inan  lorry, truck • Kamión byl zaparkovaný u dálnice. – The truck was parked beside the motorway. 7

4944 tajn2 adv  secretly, covertly • Vrátný tajnV kouXil pXed domem. – The doorman secretly smoked outside the building. 7

4945 úkor inan  (at the) expense • Žije na úkor ostatních. – He lives at the expense of others. 7 –S

4946 p4itažlivý adj  attractive • Je velmi pXitažlivý. – He is very attractive. 7 –S

4947 ohrožený adj  endangered • Žilo tam nVkolik ohrožených druhY. – Several endangered species lived there. 7 –S

4948 povolený adj  permitted, allowed • Byla to zákonem povolená organizace. – It was an organization permitted by law. 7

4949 kabel inan  cable • NVkdo pXestXihl kabel. – Someone has cut the cable. 7

4950 nalézat (se) impf  to find, (se) be situated • Budova se nalézá v centru Prahy. – The building is situated in the centre of Prague. 7 –S

4951 sm2rnice fem  directive • SmVrnice byla pXijata. – The directive was adopted. 7 –S –F

4952 vesele adv  cheerfully, merrily • Všichni si vesele povídali. – Everybody was talking merrily. 7 –P

4953 nervový adj  nervous • UtrpVla nervové zhroucení. – She suffered a nervous breakdown. 7

4954 past fem  trap, plot • Je to past. – It’s a trap. 7 –S

4955 posvátný adj  sacrosanct, holy, sacred • Svoboda slova je pro nás posvátná. – Freedom of speech is sacrosanct to us. 7 –S

4956 poprosit pf  to ask • ProstV jsem ji poprosil. – I simply asked her. 7 –P

4957 obklopit (se) pf  to surround • Ostatní ho obklopili. – The others surrounded him. 7 –S

4958 studijní adj  study • Naše studijní výsledky se zlepšily. – Our study results have improved. 7

4959 ak1ní adj  action • Nemám rád akUní filmy. – I don’t like action movies. 7 –F

4960 zadívat se pf  to fix eyes • Dlouze se na mV zadíval. – He fixed his eyes on me. 7 +F

4961 chlad inan  chill, cold • Ucítila náhlý chlad. – She felt a sudden chill. 7 –S

4962 utrhnout pf  to tear off, pick • Utrhla nVkolik voWavých kvVtY. – She picked a few fragrant flowers. 7

4963 osv2d1it (se) pf  to prove useful, certify • V nové práci se osvVdUil. – He proved useful in his new job. 7

4964 p2tka fem  (number) five, (grade) F • Dnes jsem dostal pVtku. – I got an F today. 7 –P

4965 p2tkrát num  five times • Chodil tam pVtkrát týdnV. – He went there five times a week. 7

Frequency index  189 

4966 dobytek inan  livestock, cattle • Chovají hovVzí dobytek. – They keep beef cattle. 7

4967 hladit impf  to stroke, pet • Hladil ji po vlasech. – He stroked her hair. 7 –P

4968 konkurent anim  competitor, rival • Kdo je naším pXímým konkurentem? – Who is our direct competitor? 7 –S

4969 odolat pf  to resist • Nedokázal jí odolat. – He could not resist her. 7

4970 ponožka fem  sock • Mám tu dvoje ponožky. – I have two pairs of socks here. 7 –P

4971 za4vat pf  to yell, roar • Jeden XidiU se vyklonil a zaXval na nVj. – One driver leaned out and yelled at him. 7 –P

4972 horizont inan  horizon • Byl stanoven Uasový horizont? – Is there a fixed time horizon? 7 –S

4973 sucho neut  drought, dryness • V dobV sucha je oheW velkým nebezpeUím. – Fire is a great danger during droughts. 7

4974 vzdušný adj  air, airy • Stávka dispeUerY zastavila vzdušnou dopravu. – The air-traffic controllers’ strike stopped air transport. 7

4975 podnikový adj  business, company • Rozvíjíme podnikové procesy. – We develop business processes. 7 –S

4976 koncept inan  concept, draft • Je to velmi vágní koncept. – It is a very vague concept. 7 –S

4977 zajímavost fem  interesting point, sight • Praha nabízí mnoho turistických zajímavostí. – Prague offers many tourist sights. 7

4978 n2žný adj  tender, gentle • Dal jí nVžný polibek. – He gave her a tender kiss. 7 –S

4979 obrácen2 adv  conversely, the other way round • Kdepak, je to obrácenV. – No way, it’s the other way round. 7

4980 páska fem  tape, slip, strip • Odtrhl kus lepicí pásky. – He tore off a piece of sticky tape. 7

4981 paráda fem  pomp, splendour, show • Tohle je jen pro parádu. – This is just for show. 7 –P

4982 št2drý adj  generous, open-handed • Náš soused je laskavý a štVdrý. – Our neighbour is kind and generous. 7

4983 chodec anim  pedestrian • Cyklista srazil chodce. – A cyclist hit a pedestrian. 7 –S

4984 p4ivád2t impf  to bring, drive • PXivádí mV to k šílenství! – It drives me crazy! 7 –S

4985 primitivní adj  primitive • Používali primitivní zbranV. – They used primitive weapons. 7

4986 udávat impf  to state, set • Chceme na trhu udávat smVr. – We want to set the pace in the market. 7 –S

4987 tamhleten pron  that (one) • Vidíš támhletu holku? – See that girl? 7 –P –N

4988 odjakživa adv  always • Byl takovej odjakživa. – He’s always been like that. 7

4989 míchat impf  to mix, stir • Umí míchat koktejly. – He knows how to mix cocktails. 7

4990 1asov2 adv  time • Je to UasovV nároUný proces. – It is a time-consuming process. 7

4991 zaplnit (se) pf  to fill • Bazén se zaplnil vodou. – The pool filled with water. 7

4992 prodloužení neut  extra time, prolongation • Dali gól v prodloužení. – They scored in extra time. 7 –S

4993 mírový adj  peace • Prohlášení pXišlo krátce pXed zahájením mírové konference. – The statement came just before the start of the peace conference. 7 –S

4994 federace fem  federation • Akci poXádá Mezinárodní snowboardová federace. – The event is organized by the International Snowboarding Federation. 7 –S –F

190  A Frequency Dictionary of Czech

4995 ocel fem  steel • KXemík je obsažen v oceli. – Silicon is contained in steel. 7

4996 zakázaný adj  forbidden, banned • Zakázané ovoce nejlíp chutná. – Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. 7

4997 sprcha fem  shower • Jdu si dát sprchu. – I’ll go and have a shower. 7

4998 uchaze1 anim  applicant • UchazeUY o místo je spousta. – There are many applicants for this job. 7 –S

4999 propojit pf  to interconnect, link up • PoUítaUe by mVly být propojeny. – The computers should be linked up. 7

5000 upéct pf  to bake • Zejtra upeUu koláU. – I’ll bake a cake tomorrow. 7

Alphabetical index headword, part of speech, English equivalent(s), rank

Aa a conj  and

analyzovat impf  to analyse andvl anim  angel


á interj  ah, oh

anebo conj  or


absence fem  absence

absolutnv part  absolutely

anglický adj  English


absolutní adj  absolute, total

au conj  although

ano interj  yes

agent anim  agent

architekt anim  architect


aspekt inan  aspect

2721 405


aspow part  at least

akcie fem  share, stock


at’ conj  let

akuní adj  action akt inan  act

atraktivní adj  attractive auto neut  car





autobus inan  bus, coach



aktivita fem  activity


automat inan  machine

aktivnv adv  actively


automaticky adv  automatically

aktivní adj  active

aktuální adj  topical, up-to-date ale conj  but


automobil inan  automobile, car autor anim  author


autorita fem  authority


alkohol inan  alcohol, spirits



autorka fem  (female) author

alternativa fem  alternative


avšak conj  but, however

alternativní adj  alternative


až part  until, only, to

ambice fem  ambition


americký adj  American analytik anim  analyst analýza fem  analysis

2568 3976


automobilový adj  automotive, automobile



alespow part  at least


automatický adj  automatic, mechanical


album neut  album



atmosféra fem  atmosphere



akorát part  only, just right



asociace fem  association, connotation



akce fem  action, event

akciový adj  stock, share



asistent anim  assistant

akademie fem  academy


asi part  about, approximately



akademický adj  academic



architektura fem  architecture


armáda fem  army

ahoj interj  hi, hello, bye



argument inan  argument


ach interj  ah, oh

arabský adj  Arabian

areál inan  premise, precinct



agresivní adj  aggressive aha interj  I see




aplikovat biasp  to apply, use


agentura fem  agency



aplikace fem  application


advokát anim  lawyer, solicitor, barrister aféra fem  scandal, affair



aparát inan  machinery, device, apparatus


administrativní adj  administrative adresa fem  address

aniž conj  without

anketa fem  survey, poll



aukoli conj  although


ani part  not even, neither 2883



angliutina fem  English



absolvovat biasp  to undergo, graduate aby conj  (in order) to


anglicky adv  English, in English


absolvent anim  graduate








Bb ba part  even


bába fem  old woman




192  babi

babi fem  granny

blbec anim  moron, nitwit


babiuka fem  grandmother, old woman bájeuný adj  splendid, terrific balíuek inan  packet, parcel balík inan  parcel, package balkón inan  balcony banka fem  bank

bledý adj  pale


3742 3590

blízko adv  close, near




blesk inan  lightning



blbost fem  crap, nonsense blbý adj  bad, stupid



blízkost fem  vicinity, closeness


bankovní adj  bank bar inan  bar


blízký adj  near, close


blížit se impf  to approach, draw near


barák inan  house, building bariéra fem  barrier

blok inan  block, writing pad


barevný adj  colour, coloured

bod inan  point, item




bohatý adj  rich, wealthy

básew fem  poem


bohužel part  unfortunately

básník anim  poet

boj inan  fight, struggle


bát se impf  to be afraid


baterka fem  battery, torch


báze fem  base, basis bedna fem  box, crate

bvhat impf  to run, jog

bota fem  shoe

brada fem  chin


bezpeunv adv  safely, surely

bezpeunost fem  safety, security bezpeunostní adj  safety

bezprostxednv adv  immediately bezvadný adj  perfect, wonderful



bvžnv adv  commonly, frequently bvžný adj  common, ordinary



bilance fem  balance, review



biologický adj  biological




brigáda fem  summer job, part-time job 1236

brnvnský adj  Brno


brýle fem pl  glasses


brzký adj  rapid, early


brzo adv  soon, early


brzy adv  soon, early


bxeh inan  bank, shore, coast bxezen inan  March



breuet impf  to cry, weep britský adj  British




bratr anim  brother


bezprostxední adj  immediate, direct



brankáx anim  goalkeeper


brát impf  to take

bída fem  poverty, misery


branka fem  gate, goal




bránit (se) impf  to defend




bxicho neut  stomach, abdomen


blázen anim  fool, madman blbv adv  stupid, wrong


brána fem  gate(way)







brambor inan  potato


bezpeuí neut  safety, security

bitva fem  battle


brácha anim  brother, buddy


bít impf  to beat, strike



boží adj  of God, cool


bezmála adv  almost, nearly

bvžet impf  to run

1360 3117

bouxlivý adj  stormy, rapid, rapturous


bez prep  without, less


bouxe fem  storm




bordel inan  mess, brothel



betonový adj  concrete

bezpeuný adj  safe


bomba fem  bomb

bvhem prep  during, within beton inan  concrete


bojovník anim  fighter, warrior

bolet impf  to ache



bvh inan  run(ning), course

benzín inan  petrol

bojovat impf  to fight, struggle

bolest fem  pain


bazén inan  swimming pool



bok inan  hip, side, flank




bojový adj  martial, combat

bavit (se) impf  to amuse, (se) talk, enjoy oneself



bohatství neut  wealth, fortune, richness


barva fem  colour

bílý adj  white



bud’ conj  either



budit (se) impf  to wake (up), raise



aervenec  193 

budoucí adj  future, coming budoucno neut  future

budoucnost fem  future budova fem  building

Byh anim  God

civilizace fem  civilization civilní adj  civil, civic


burza fem  stock market


bydlení neut  living, housing


coby conj  as


copak part  what což pron  which


být impf  to be 1



cpát (se) impf  to stuff, fill up


bytový adj  housing, residential



cože interj  what

bytost fem  being, creature


cukr inan  sugar

cyklus inan  cycle, series


uaj inan  tea 1315

celkem part  quite, on the whole celkovv adv  generally, in total celkový adj  total, overall


celý adj  whole, complete


centrum neut  centre




cestování neut  travelling


4724 2835

cestující adj/noun  travelling (adj), 3052




uekat impf  to wait uelit impf  to face




uelo neut  forehead

885 4373


uerpat impf  to draw, pump uerstvv adv  freshly, newly

4728 2068

419 2467

církevní adj  church

uastý adj  frequent

uerný adj  black


uerstvý adj  fresh, new uert anim  devil




uepice fem  cap, hat


cigareta fem  cigarette



uástka fem  amount, sum

uekání neut  waiting

cestovat impf  to travel, tour

církev fem  church

uásteuný adj  partial

uau interj  hi, bye

cesta fem  way, journey, road

cíl inan  goal, aim

uasový adj  time, temporal

uasto adv  often

centrální adj  central


uásteunv adv  partly, in part 4885


passenger (noun)


uást fem  part, piece


centimetr inan  centimetre

cibule fem  onion



cenný adj  valuable, worthy

cestovní adj  travel


uas inan  time

uasovv adv  time


cenit si impf  to appreciate, value cenový adj  price


uára fem  line

uasopis inan  magazine, journal


celosvvtový adj  global, worldwide cena fem  price, prize





celek inan  whole


cviuit impf  to train, practise, exercise


cédéuko neut  CD



cviuení neut  exercise, practice




cosi pron  something


byt’ conj  though, even if

cela fem  cell

co pron  what

cokoli pron  anything



byt inan  flat, apartment

bývat impf  to be


cizinec anim  foreigner, stranger


bývalý adj  former, ex


cizina fem  foreign country


bydlet impf  to live




cizí adj  foreign, strange 4767



citovat impf  to quote, cite



bunda fem  jacket buwka fem  cell

citlivý adj  sensitive


buchta fem  cake, chick


cítit (se) impf  to feel, smell


budovat impf  to build


cit inan  emotion, feeling


budování neut  building bud’to conj  either

císax anim  emperor





uerven inan  June


uervenec inan  July






194  aervený

uervený adj  red

další adj  next, further, another


ueskoslovenský adj  Czechoslovak

dáma fem  lady


uesky adv  Czech


daw fem  tax

ueský adj  Czech


dawový adj  tax


daný adj  given


uest fem  honour, credit


uestný adj  honest, fair ueština fem  Czech

uetný adj  numerous ui conj  or


dar inan  gift



dárek inan  present


dát pf  to give, put


uili conj  so, or


datum neut  date

uin inan  deed


dav inan  crowd

uinit (se) impf  to do, make, (se) try hard


uinitel anim/inan  figure (anim), uinnost fem  activity uínský adj  Chinese


dcera fem  daughter

uistý adj  clear, clean

dvda anim  grandpa


dvdek anim  geezer


definitivnv adv  definitely, finally definitivní adj  final, definite



utvrtek inan  Thursday utvrtina num  quarter



deka fem  blanket, guilt


dvkovat impf  to thank


dvlat impf  to do, make


délka fem  length, longitude


dvlník anim  worker


demokrat anim  democrat




demokratický adj  democratic

973 3948

uumvt impf  to gape, gawk



demonstrace fem  demonstration den inan  day

deník inan  daily, diary 212

daleko adv  far (away)


daleký adj  distant, far(away) dálka fem  distance


dennv adv  daily, every day


dále adv  further, next




deprese fem  depression desátý num  tenth deset num  ten


dálnice fem  motorway

denní adj  daily 2801



dvní neut  events, developments





demokracie fem  democracy

utyxikrát num  four times


dvlit (se) impf  to divide, (se) share



utyxicet num  forty




dvjiny fem pl  history




dvj inan  plot, action, story



utvrt’ fem  quarter, area

d’ábel anim  devil

dvdictví neut  heritage, inheritance

dech inan  breath

utrnáct num  fourteen

utvrtý num  fourth




definovat biasp  to define, specify


uokoláda fem  chocolate

utyxi num  four



utvrt fem  quarter





definice fem  definition


ulenství neut  membership

utení neut  reading



dvdeuek anim  grandfather


ulenský adj  member, membership

utenáx anim  reader



debil anim  asshole, moron

ulánek inan  article, segment, component

ulun inan  boat


debata fem  discussion, argument

uistota fem  cleanliness, purity

ulovvk anim  man


dbát impf  to care, observe 497

uistit impf  to clean, brush

ulen anim  member

dávat impf  to give, put

dávný adj  ancient, old





dávno adv  long time ago/since


uíslo neut  number, size uistv part  solely


dávka fem  portion, dose


uíst impf  to read


daxit se impf  to be successful, get on, thrive


factor, agent (inan)






desetiletí neut  decade




dokument  195 

dvsit impf  to scare, frighten desítka fem  ten

dlužit impf  to owe


dnes adv  today


deska fem  board, record déšt’ inan  rain, shower detail inan  detail

dneska adv  today



dnešek inan  today, nowadays


dnešní adj  today’s


dvtský adj  children’s



dno neut  bottom


dvtství neut  childhood


devadesát num  ninety


do prep  to, in





doba fem  time, period, age


devadesátý num  ninetieth


dobrá part  all right

devatenáct num  nineteen


dobro neut  (the) good, welfare


dobrodružství neut  adventure


devátý num  ninth dvvue neut  girl


dobrovolnv adv  voluntarily, optionally, willingly


devvt num  nine

dobrovolný adj  voluntary, optional


dialog inan  dialogue digitální adj  digital



dík inan  (word of ) thanks

díluí adj  partial

diskuse fem  discussion


disponovat impf  to have at (one’s) disposal dispozice fem  disposal, disposition distribuce fem  distribution dítv neut  child, kid



dojem inan  impression

dojít pf  to arrive, happen dokazovat impf  to prove

divnv adv  strangely, oddly



dokola adv  around




dokonuit pf  to finish, complete


doktor anim  doctor


dlouholetý adj  long-standing, of many years

dokonce part  even

dokonuení neut  completion, finishing


dlouhodobv adv  in the long term dlouhodobý adj  long-term


dokonalý adj  perfect, thorough

dle prep  according to, in compliance with



dokonale adv  perfectly

1978 1997

dlouho adv  long, for a long time



doklad inan  certificate, ( pl ) papers







dokázat pf  to manage, prove, can






dojet pf  to reach, catch up 1307




docházet impf  to attend, occur


divit se impf  to wonder, be surprised

dluh inan  debt


dohromady adv  together, altogether

dívat se impf  to look, watch



dohodnout (se) pf  to arrange, (se) agree 2443


dlouhý adj  long


dodržet pf  to keep, observe

dohoda fem  agreement, deal

divák anim  viewer, spectator

dlaw fem  palm

dodnes adv  to this day

dohled inan  sight, supervision



divadelní adj  theatre

divize fem  division


dodržovat impf  to keep, observe


divadlo neut  theatre

dodvlat pf  to finish off

dodržování neut  observation, compliance



dít se impf  to happen, occur



dodávka fem  delivery, supply, van



diskutovat impf  to discuss

divoký adj  wild


dodavatel anim  supplier


divný adj  strange


dodávat impf  to add, supply




dodat pf  to add, supply




doukat se pf  to wait

disciplína fem  discipline

dívka fem  girl


douasný adj  temporary


dílo neut  work, piece

div inan  wonder


dobxe adv  well

docela part  quite



dílna fem  workshop díra fem  hole

dobrý adj  good

dobytek inan  livestock, cattle


díky prep  thanks to, due to díl inan  part, piece




doktorka fem  (woman) doctor


dokud conj  as long as, while, until dokument inan  document





196  dokumentace

dokumentace fem  documentation dolar inan  dollar

dole adv  down, below, downstairs dolní adj  lower



doma adv  (at) home

dosud adv  so far, up to now


dotace fem  grant, subsidy


dominantní adj  dominant

dotyuný adj  in question doufat impf  to hope


dovednost fem  skill


donést pf  to bring, fetch


dovnitx adv  in, inside


doopravdy adv  for real, really


dovolený adj  allowed


dovolit pf  to let, allow



dovolovat impf  to let, allow, permit


doplnvk inan  supplement, accessory doplnit pf  to fill up, complete, add

dovoz inan  import


dopoledne adv  in the morning

drahý adj  expensive, dear


drama neut  drama


doporuuovat impf  to recommend

drát inan  wire



drobný adj  tiny, petty

dopravní adj  transport, traffic


droga fem  drug, narcotic

doprovod inan  company, accompaniment

druh inan  kind, sort


dopxát (si) pf  to let have, (si) spoil oneself





druhý num  second, the other

dopustit (se) pf  to allow, (se) commit

držet (se) impf  to hold, keep


dxevvný adj  wooden


dosah inan  reach, range, coverage dosáhnout pf  to reach, achieve

dxíve adv  sooner, earlier


duben inan  April


dosahovat impf  to reach, achieve, amount to dosažení neut  achievement, reaching





dykaz inan  proof, evidence


dykladnv adv  properly, thoroughly dykladný adj  thorough, massive



dychodce anim  pensioner, senior citizen clergyman (noun)


dostat pf  to get, receive


duch anim/inan  ghost (anim), spirit (inan)

duchovní adj/noun  spiritual (adj),


dospvt pf  to come to, arrive at, mature 237



dychod inan  pension, retirement


doslova part  literally, verbatim





dxevo neut  wood, timber


dost adv  enough, quite


družstvo neut  cooperative, team


dosavadní adj  existing



drsný adj  rough, harsh




doprava fem  transport, traffic

doprovázet impf  to accompany, see off




dramatický adj  dramatic


doposud adv  so far, to date, (as) yet

dorazit pf  to arrive, finish off


dozvvdvt se pf  to learn, find out dráha fem  track, career, railway


doporuuení neut  recommendation doporuuit pf  to recommend




dozadu adv  back(wards)


doplwovat (se) impf  to fill up, complement



dovolená fem  holiday, leave



dopadnout pf  to turn out, work out

dospvlý adj  adult


dovézt pf  to deliver, import, bring back


donutit pf  to force, make



dovést pf  to guide to, can




dotýkat se impf  to touch, concern


domnívat se impf  to suppose, assume

dort inan  cake



dotknout se pf  to touch, hint, offend


domluvit (se) pf  to finish (speaking), arrange,

dopxedu adv  forward



dotaz inan  query, question


dominovat biasp  to dominate

dopis inan  letter



dotáhnout pf  to tighten, drag


dopad inan  impact


dostupný adj  available, affordable


domácnost fem  household

domy adv  home


dostavit se pf  to arrive, appear


domácí adj  domestic, home

domov inan  home


dostávat impf  to get, obtain

doly adv  down(wards)

(se) agree on


dostateuný adj  sufficient, adequate dostatek inan  sufficiency



domek inan  house

dostateunv adv  sufficiently, enough




fotografie  197 

dyl inan  mine, pit

evropský adj  European


dyležitost fem  importance dyležitý adj  important dym inan  house

existující adj  existing


dyraz inan  stress, emphasis, accent dysledek inan  consequence, result

fajn adv  fine, nice, great fakt inan  fact



faktor inan  factor, agent

dvacet num  twenty dvakrát num  twice

falešný adj  false



favorit anim  favourite

dvojice fem  pair, couple


fantazie fem  imagination, fantasy


dvojí num  dual, double, two


federace fem  federation


fenomén inan  phenomenon

dvojka fem  (number) two, second gear dvojnásobný adj  double, twofold


film inan  film



dynamický adj  dynamic



filozof anim  philosopher


filozofie fem  philosophy


finále neut  finals





filmový adj  film


dýchat impf  to breathe

festival inan  festival


finance fem pl  finance, funds

efekt inan  effect

efektivní adj  effective

financovat impf  to fund, sponsor


ekologický adj  ecological


finanunv adv  financially

ekonom anim  economist


finanuní adj  financial

ekonomický adj  economic, economical ekonomika fem  economy, economics elegantní adj  elegant, stylish elektrárna fem  power plant elektrický adj  electric



elektxina fem  electricity


éra fem  era, epoch, period

euro neut  euro


forma fem  form


formát inan  format, size, calibre





3574 2159

fotbalista anim  footballer, soccer player fotbalový adj  football





fotit impf  to take a picture, snap fotka fem  photo, picture


etapa fem  period, lap

fond inan  fund, foundation

fotbal inan  football





fórum neut  forum

energetický adj  energy, power



firma fem  firm, business flaška fem  bottle



formulovat biasp  to word, formulate



energie fem  energy



formální adj  formal


elektronický adj  electronic

emoce fem  emotion


financování neut  financing, funding


e-mail inan  e-mail



fáze fem  phase, period




dvyr inan  yard, court


fantastický adj  fantastic



dvojitý adj  double



fanoušek anim  fan

dvanáctý num  twelfth dvexe fem pl  door

fakulta fem  faculty



dvanáct num  twelve

eso neut  ace



fakt part  really



dvacátý num  twentieth






dyvod inan  reason



extrémní adj  extreme



dyvvxovat impf  to trust dva num  two

expert anim  expert

expozice fem  exhibition, exposure

duševní adj  mental, intellectual dyvvra fem  trust



experiment inan  experiment

2619 755


dystojný adj  dignified, respectable duše fem  soul, spirit


existovat impf  to be, exist


dystojník anim  officer


existence fem  existence



fotograf anim  photographer fotografie fem  photograph





198  francouzský

francouzský adj  French fronta fem  queue, front fuj interj  yuck

hlásit (se) impf  to announce, report


frekvence fem  frequency

hlasitv adv  loudly


hlasování neut  vote, voting


hlasovat impf  to vote


fungování neut  operation, functioning fungovat impf  to work, function funkce fem  function, post

fyzicky adv  physically fyzický adj  physical




hlaviuka fem  header, little head


hlavnv part  most of all, especially


funkuní adj  functional, functioning furt adv  all the time, still

hlava fem  head



hlavní adj  main, title






hledání neut  searching


hledat impf  to look for


hledvt impf  to look at, stare



hledisko neut  position, viewpoint


hlídat impf  to watch, guard

galerie fem  gallery garáž fem  garage

hlína fem  soil

generace fem  generation



hloubka fem  depth




hlídka fem  watch, guard, patrol




generál anim  general


hloupost fem  nonsense, ignorance

generální adj  general


hloupý adj  stupid, dull


hluboce adv  deeply, profoundly

globální adj  global


hluboko adv  deep hluboký adj  deep


grafický adj  graphic

hluk inan  noise


gymnázium neut  grammar school, high school


Hh had anim  snake

hádat (se) impf  to guess, (se) argue hájit (se) impf  to defend, plead hala fem  hall, lounge hasiu anim  firefighter

hned adv  right now, immediately


hodina fem  hour

4688 3303 2492 1941

157 2813

hodit (se) pf/impf  to throw, (se) suit


hodlat impf  to intend, be going to hodnv adv  much, many, a lot

858 4069

hodný adj  kind, worthy

hladina fem  level, surface


hoch anim  boy, lad




hladit impf  to stroke, pet


hokej inan  (ice-)hockey

hladký adj  smooth, plain


hokejista anim  (ice-)hockey player

hlas inan  voice




hodnotit impf  to evaluate, value 2045




hodnocení neut  evaluation, rating hodnota fem  value, cost



hlad inan  hunger



hodinky fem pl  watch 510

historik anim  historian




hnutí neut  movement, motion


historický adj  historical

hit inan  hit


hnusný adj  disgusting, nasty

heslo neut  password, slogan, headword

historka fem  story


hnout (se) pf  to move


hezký adj  nice, pretty


hnízdo neut  nest


historie fem  history


hnvv inan  anger




hereuka fem  actress hezky adv  nicely


hmotnost fem  weight, mass

hnvdý adj  brown


házet impf  to throw, toss


hmota fem  matter, material

hnedka adv  right now, immediately


havárie fem  accident, breakdown

herec anim  actor

hm interj  uh-huh, hem

hnát (se) impf  to drive, (se) hurry


hajzl anim/inan  bastard (anim), shithouse (inan)

hele interj  hey, look



hmyz inan  insect




hmotný adj  material




gesto neut  gesture gól inan  goal




hokejový adj  (ice-)hockey



chvilka  199 

holuiuka fem  (little) girl


holka fem  girl, girlfriend


holt part  simply, well holý adj  bare

hxích inan  sin

huba fem  mouth, trap


hudba fem  music


honit (se) impf  to chase, hunt, (se) run about hora fem  mountain

horeuka fem  fever, temperature horizont inan  horizon horko neut  heat, hot

hoxet impf  to burn


chalupa fem  cottage

hospodaxení neut  management, economy hospodáxský adj  economic




hovno neut  shit, crap




chemický adj  chemical


chlad inan  chill, cold

2780 818



chladný adj  cool, cold


chlap anim  man, guy, bloke


hrabat impf  to rake, grub, pile up


chlapík anim  guy, fellow, chap chléb inan  bread



chod inan  course, operation

hrana fem  edge


chodba fem  corridor

hranice fem  border, borderline, limit




hrad inan  castle

hrát (si) impf  to play


chlapec anim  boy, boyfriend



hrauka fem  toy, piece of cake



chodec anim  pedestrian


chodit impf  to go, walk, attend



chodník inan  pavement, footpath


hrdlo neut  throat, neck

choroba fem  disease, illness




hrdý adj  proud


chování neut  behaviour, manner

hrnec inan  pot


chovat (se) impf  to keep, (se) behave

hrob inan  grave

chrám inan  temple, church


hromada fem  heap, meeting

chránit impf  to protect


chtít impf  to want


hrozit impf  to threaten, be in danger hroznv adv  terribly, awfully hrozný adj  horrible



hrud’ fem  chest, breast


hryza fem  horror, terror






chudák anim  poor (fellow) chudý adj  poor





chut’ fem  flavour, appetite, desire


hrubý adj  coarse, rude, rough


chránvný adj  protected, conservation


hromadný adj  mass, multiple hrozba fem  threat



chata fem  cottage, weekend house, lodge


hovoxit impf  to speak, talk, discuss

hrdina anim  hero


charakteristický adj  characteristic, typical charakterizovat biasp  to characterize,

houba fem  mushroom

hra fem  game, play


chápat impf  to understand

charakteristika fem  characteristic(s)

hotový adj  finished, ready

hovor inan  talk, call


charakter inan  character, personality


hospodáxství neut  economy, farm hotel inan  hotel








hýbat (se) impf  to move


host anim  guest


hustý adj  thick, dense, heavy


horský adj  mountain




humor inan  humour hvvzda fem  star

horní adj  upper, top

hráu anim  player

hudební adj  musical, music hyl fem  cane, stick




hospoda fem  pub




hudebník anim  musician




hubený adj  skinny, thin


honem adv  quick, hurry up

horký adj  hot


hxištv neut  pitch, field, playground

chutnat impf  to taste

chyze fem  walking, walk chválit impf  to praise


1982 3981


hxbet inan  back, spine


chvíle fem  while, moment

hxbitov inan  cemetery


chvilka fem  a (little) while, moment

189 940


200  chyba

chyba fem  mistake, fault



chybvt pf  to be absent, lack, miss

já pron  I


chystat (se) impf  to prepare, (se) be going to chytat impf  to catch, grasp chytit pf  to catch, grasp chytrý adj  clever

jak adv  how


3374 2240


jakkoli adv  however, whatever


jakmile conj  as soon as jako conj  like, as

i conj  and, as well, too

jakožto conj  as


jaký pron  what


identifikovat biasp  to identify identita fem  identity


ihned adv  immediately, at once


informauní adj  information



jasný adj  clear, bright


iniciativa fem  initiative

jé interj  wow, yippee 1320

instituce fem  institution





jedenáctý num  eleventh

jedineuný adj  unique


integrovaný adj  integrated

intenzivnv adv  intensively




jednat impf  to negotiate, act

4206 2798

4385 1302

jedniuka fem  (number) one


2795 595

jednoduše adv  simply, easily



jednotka fem  unit, troop


jednotlivec anim  individual



investice fem  investment


jednotlivý adj  individual, single

investiuní adj  investment


jednotný adj  united, single

investor anim  investor inženýr anim  engineer italský adj  Italian

jednou num  once


investovat biasp  to invest




jednoznaunv adv  undoubtedly, unambiguously


jednoznauný adj  unambiguous


jeho pron  his


izolace fem  isolation, insulation



jednoduchý adj  simple, easy jednota fem  unity, club


interpretace fem  interpretation


jednání neut  negotiation, behaviour


intenzivní adj  intensive, intense



jednak conj  for one thing – for another,


inteligentní adj  intelligent, bright intenzita fem  intensity, rate



jediný adj  (the) only, single


inteligence fem  intelligence

internetový adj  Internet

jeden num  one



jedinec anim  individual


internet inan  the Internet


jedinv adv  only, alone


integrace fem  integration

jed inan  poison

jedenáct num  eleven


inspirovat (se) biasp  to inspire


jazykový adj  language


inspirace fem  inspiration



jazyk inan  language, tongue

informovat biasp  to inform, report

interval inan  interval




játra neut pl  liver 2109

informace fem  information

interiér inan  interior

japonský adj  Japanese

jasnv part  sure, clearly


individuální adj  individual

institut inan  institute


jaro neut  spring 4476

index inan  index, student’s record book indický adj  Indian

jakýsi pron  a, a sort of jarní adj  spring



impuls inan  impulse, stimulus



jakýkoli pron  any, whatever



ignorovat impf  to ignore iluze fem  illusion



jaksi part  somehow





jakoby part  kind of


idea fem  idea, thought ideální adj  ideal


jádro neut  kernel, core


Ii ideál inan  ideal


jablko neut  apple

jaderný adj  nuclear


chytnout pf  to catch, grasp




jejich pron  their(s)




kdykoli  201 

jelikož conj  as, since

kabina fem  cabin, cockpit


jemnv adv  gently, slightly

jemný adj  fine, delicate, gentle jen adv  only, just


jenomže conj  however, except jenž pron  that, which, who jenže conj  but, except jeskynv fem  cave

kámen inan  stone


kanadský adj  Canadian


kandidát anim  candidate


kapacita fem  capacity


kapela fem  band


ježišmarja interj  gee, geez, jeez jídlo neut  food, meal, dish

kapitola fem  chapter


kapka fem  drop 4648

kapsa fem  pocket

jinak part  otherwise, differently


kariéra fem  career

jinde adv  somewhere else

karta fem  card


jiný adj  other, else, different



katolický adj  Catholic kauza fem  case


jistota fem  confidence, certainty, safety


každorounv adv  every year, yearly


každý pron  every, everyone kde adv  where


jmenovat (se) biasp  to name, appoint, (se) be



kdepak part  no way, not at all kdesi adv  somewhere kdežto conj  whereas kdo pron  who



kdosi pron  someone kdy adv  when


kabát inan  coat kabel inan  cable

2962 4949

kdyby conj  if




kdokoli pron  anyone, anybody





kdekoli adv  anywhere, everywhere


jmenovaný adj  appointed, named, mentioned




každopádnv part  anyway, in any case



jižní adj  southern, south



každodenní adj  everyday

jízdní adj  on-road, mounted



kavárna fem  café, coffee house


již adv  already, before



káva fem  coffee



jízda fem  riding, driving

k prep  to, for


kategorie fem  category, bracket



jistv part  certainly, surely

jo interj  yeah


katastrofa fem  disaster




katalog inan  catalogue


jindy adv  some other time



jihoueský adj  South Bohemian jinam adv  somewhere else



kapitán anim  captain



jít impf  to go, walk



kapitál inan  capital, funds


jídelna fem  dining room, cafeteria

jistý adj  certain, safe


kampaw fem  campaign

kanceláx fem  office, agency




kanál inan  channel, sewer


ježiš interj  gee, geez, jeez



kamna neut pl  stove, fire


jezdit impf  to go, drive, commute

jméno neut  name


kamión inan  lorry, truck



jevit se impf  to seem

jíst impf  to eat



kamenný adj  stone, stiff


jev inan  phenomenon

jih inan  south



kamera fem  (video) camera

jet impf  to go, drive

jezero neut  lake


kalhoty fem pl  trousers

kamarádka fem  friend


ještv adv  still, more, yet

jezdec anim  rider

kalendáx inan  calendar

kamarád anim  friend, mate




jevištv neut  stage



kam adv  where (to)



jestli conj  if, whether jestliže conj  if

kafe neut  coffee



jenom adv  only, merely


kabinet inan  cabinet, study






kdykoli adv  any time, whenever, ever


202  kdysi

kdysi adv  once, sometime když conj  when

komentáx inan  comment, commentary


komentovat biasp  to comment


kecat impf  to chat, talk rubbish kex inan  bush

komeruní adj  commercial


komise fem  committee, commission

kilo neut  kilo(gram)

komora fem  utility room, chamber


kilogram inan  kilogram kino neut  cinema

kompetence fem  competence


kilometr inan  kilometre

kompletní adj  full, complete


komplex inan  complex


kladný adj  positive

klást impf  to put, lay



komplikace fem  complication


kompromis inan  compromise




komplikovaný adj  complicated


klášter inan  monastery




komplexní adj  thorough, complex


klasický adj  classical, classic

klec fem  cage





komunikace fem  communication


klesat impf  to fall, drop


komunikauní adj  communication


klesnout pf  to fall, drop


komunikovat biasp  to communicate


klíu inan  key, clue klíuový adj  key

komunista anim  communist


komunita fem  community


klidnv part  safely, calmly klidný adj  quiet, calm

koncentrace fem  concentration

klient anim  client, customer klín inan  lap, wedge klobouk inan  hat klub inan  club

koncepce fem  concept


koncert inan  concert


konuit impf  to end


846 179

koneckoncy part  after all, ultimately


kluk anim  boy, lad, boyfriend

koneunv part  finally



koneuný adj  final, end

knedlík inan  dumpling


konference fem  conference

kniha fem  book

konflikt inan  conflict



knihovna fem  library, bookcase knížka fem  book, booklet koalice fem  coalition koberec inan  carpet kouka fem  cat


kód inan  code




kongres inan  congress


konkrétnv part  exactly


konkurence fem  competition




konkurenuní adj  competitive, rival


konkurent anim  competitor, rival

koláu inan  cake, pie



konkurs inan  competition, bankruptcy, audition 4408

koleuko neut  wheel, slice kolega anim  colleague


konstatovat biasp  to state, claim, note


konstrukce fem  construction, structure


kontakt inan  contact, touch


kolej fem  rail, track, dormitory


kontext inan  context

kolektivní adj  collective, team


kontinent inan  continent

kolem prep  around, about koleno neut  knee



konkrétní adj  specific, particular




kmen inan  trunk, tribe knvz anim  priest



konec inan  end, ending





koncept inan  concept, draft


kloub inan  joint, knuckle



konat (se) impf  to perform, (se) take place



klika fem  handle, clique



komunistický adj  communist


klid inan  calm, peace



konto neut  account



3567 4033


kontrola fem  control, inspection, examination


kolik num  how, how much

kontrolní adj  control, check


kolikrát num  (how) many times kolo neut  round, bike, wheel


kombinace fem  combination

kontrolovat impf  to control, check kopat impf  to dig, kick


komedie fem  comedy, play-acting


konzervativní adj  conservative



kopec inan  hill







kvbten  203 

kopie fem  copy koxen inan  root kost fem  bone

kresba fem  drawing


koruna fem  crown

krev fem  blood


krevní adj  blood



897 4546

kritérium neut  criterion


kostel inan  church

kritický adj  critical




kostka fem  cube, dice


kritik anim  critic

kostým inan  costume


kritika fem  criticism, review


koš inan  basket


kritizovat impf  to criticize

košile fem  shirt


krize fem  crisis




kotel inan  boiler


krk inan  neck, throat

kouu anim  coach


krok inan  footstep, step, phase

koukat (se) impf  to look, watch kouknout (se) pf  to look, peek koule fem  ball, globe

kromv prep  apart from, but


kroužek inan  ring, group

koupat (se) impf  to bathe, have a bath koupv fem  bargain, purchase koupelna fem  bathroom koux inan  smoke


kousek inan  bit, piece


kout inan  corner, nook

kouzlo neut  magic, spell

kxíž inan  cross


1998 4674


kterýkoli pron  any


kraj inan  region, edge

kufr inan  suitcase, boot


kuchywský adj  kitchen kulatý adj  round


královna fem  queen

kulturní adj  cultural 1247

kyra fem  rind, bark


krám inan  shop, rubbish, junk



kuxe neut  chicken


kvalifikace fem  competence, qualification


krást impf  to steal, shoplift krátce adv  shortly, briefly


kyže fem  skin, leather




kus inan  piece, part


krásnv adv  beautifully



kurs inan  course, class, rate




kupovat (si) impf  to buy


království neut  kingdom



krátkodobý adj  short-term 519


kupodivu part  surprisingly

královský adj  royal, kingly

krásný adj  beautiful


kyw anim  horse





kultura fem  culture, civilization


krajní adj  outside, extreme, utmost krajský adj  regional



kuchynv fem  kitchen, cuisine

2879 3656




kudy adv  which way, where


krajina fem  landscape, region




který pron  that, which, who

krádež fem  theft, robbery

kráva fem  cow


kxižovatka fem  intersection, crossroads


kráuet impf  to walk, stride

krátký adj  short


kxik inan  shouting, screaming



krabiuka fem  box, packet

krása fem  beauty


krýt impf  to cover, shield

kxídlo neut  wing


krabice fem  box, case

král anim  king


krvavý adj  blood, bloody

kxiuet impf  to shout, scream

kouzelný adj  magic, charming

kožený adj  leather


kxest’anský adj  Christian




kxeslo neut  (arm)chair, seat


koutek inan  corner, spot

kovový adj  metal

kruh inan  circle

kxehký adj  fragile, frail

3659 2350

kov inan  metal


krutý adj  cruel, harsh



kouxit impf  to smoke



kroutit (se) impf  to shake, turn, twist



koupit (si) pf  to buy



kvalifikovaný adj  qualified, competent kvalita fem  quality


kvalitní adj  quality


kvvt inan  flower, blossom kvvten inan  May





204  kvbtina

kvvtina fem  flower

letos adv  this year


kvyli prep  due to, because of kytara fem  guitar

lev anim  lion


kytka fem  flower, plant



levnv adv  cheaply, cheap


kývnout pf  to nod, beckon


letošní adj  this year’s


levý adj  left


lež fem  lie




lézt impf  to crawl, climb

laboratox fem  laboratory


levný adj  cheap, economical




laciný adj  cheap


ležet impf  to lie

láhev fem  bottle


ležící adj  lying



lákat impf  to lure, attract


lhát impf  to lie

lámat (se) impf  to break


lhyta fem  term, period, deadline

lampa fem  lamp láska fem  love

-li conj  if


liberecký adj  Liberec


látka fem  fabric, substance lavice fem  desk, bench laviuka fem  bench láznv fem pl  spa lebka fem  skull

libra fem  pound

lídr anim  leader

liga fem  league

ledniuka fem  fridge, refrigerator

limit inan  limit linka fem  line


líný adj  lazy


legislativa fem  legislation lehce adv  lightly, slightly


listina fem  document


lék inan  drug, medicine


listopad inan  November


lehnout si pf  to lie down, go to bed lékax anim  doctor


lístek inan  ticket, slip of paper, small leaf


lehký adj  light, easy



list inan  leaf, sheet




lišit se impf  to differ lít impf  to pour


literární adj  literary




literatura fem  literature

les inan  forest, wood


líto adv  (to feel) sorry

lesklý adj  shiny, glossy

litr inan  litre

létat impf  to fly letecký adj  air


lod’ fem  ship, boat


letadlo neut  aircraft, plane


logika fem  logic


letištv neut  airport



letní adj  summer


léto neut  summer



logicky adv  logically


logický adj  logical, rational


letvt impf  to fly, hurry



litovat impf  to regret, feel sorry



let inan  flight, flying



lékaxský adj  medical

lesní adj  forest



linie fem  line, outline


legendární adj  legendary legrace fem  fun



likvidace fem  liquidation, clearance



legenda fem  legend


lidstvo neut  mankind




lidský adj  human 4321



lidový adj  people’s, popular




leda part  only, except

legální adj  legal


lid inan  nation, people

léuit (se) impf  to heal, treat

ledový adj  ice, icy


líuit (se) impf  to describe, (se) make up


leden inan  January

4366 4665


licence fem  licence



léuba fem  treatment, therapy led inan  ice

líbit se impf  to like





líbat (se) impf  to kiss


laskavý adj  kind




lokalita fem  locality, place lokální adj  local loket inan  elbow

4365 4173

londýnský adj  London





milovník  205 

loni adv  last year

maturita fem  school-leaving examination


lowský adj  last year’s louka fem  meadow

ložnice fem  bedroom

lyže fem  ski

maximální adj  maximum


meu inan  sword


lze impf  to be possible


lžíce fem  spoon, spoonful



mediální adj  media


medvvd anim  bear

mad’arský adj  Hungarian

majetek inan  possession, property majitel anim  owner


malba fem  painting



malinký adj  tiny


mechanismus inan  mechanism


mvkký adj  soft, tender


mvna fem  currency


mvsteuko neut  small town mvsto neut  town, city


metoda fem  method


metr inan  metre


manažer anim  manager manžel anim  husband

manželství neut  marriage


mezera fem  space


marný adj  (in) vain, hopeless


milion num  million


milost fem  mercy, pardon

mastný adj  greasy, fatty


milostný adj  love, amorous

matexský adj  mother, maternal matka fem  mother



4278 3946

milovaný adj  loved, beloved 2419




masový adj  mass, meat



miláuek anim  sweetheart, honey miliarda num  billion, milliard




milenec anim  lover, boyfriend


materiál inan  material


míjet (se) impf  to pass, go past


maso neut  meat, flesh



míchat impf  to mix, stir 2633


mezitím adv  in the meantime, meanwhile míu inan  ball



marnv adv  in vain, vainly

máslo neut  butter


mezinárodní adj  international




mezi prep  among, between


manželský adj  marital, marriage

maska fem  mask


mez fem  bounds, limit


manipulace fem  manipulation, handling manželka fem  wife



metropole fem  capital, metropolis




metro neut  tube, underground


management inan  management



mvstský adj  city, urban


mámit impf  to lure, lead on



mvsíuní adj  monthly, moon, lunar


mamka fem  mum

mvsíc inan  month, moon

mvsíunv adv  monthly, a month


malovat (se) impf  to paint, decorate,

maminka fem  mum


mvxítko neut  scale, standard

málokdy adv  rarely, seldom

máma fem  mum


mvxit (se) impf  to measure


malý adj  small, little



mvxení neut  measurement

málokdo pron  hardly anybody, few people

(se) make up



menšina fem  minority 2685




mvnit (se) impf  to change


malíx anim  painter, decorator málo adv  little, few


melodie fem  melody

málem adv  nearly, almost



mechanický adj  mechanical, automatic


magistrát inan  metropolitan authority

mapa fem  map

medaile fem  medal

medicína fem  medicine




médium neut  medium

maliuký adj  tiny


mazat impf  to butter, spread, wipe 3336



maximum neut  maximum



lyžko neut  bed, berth



maximálnv adv  at the most, no more than


lovit impf  to hunt, chase luxusní adj  luxury

mávat impf  to wave



milovat (se) impf  to love, (se) make love milovník anim  lover, aficionado



206  milý

milý adj  kind, nice

mlýn inan  mill


mimo prep  but, except for, besides


mnohdy adv  often, frequently


mimochodem part  by the way


mnohem adv  much

mimoxádnv adv  extraordinarily


mnoho adv  many, much


mimoxádný adj  extraordinary


mnohokrát num  many times

mince fem  coin, small change


mnohý adj  many, numerous

mínvní neut  opinion

množství neut  amount


minimálnv adv  at least, minimum (of ) minimální adj  minimal

ministr anim  minister, secretary 2069

minout (se) pf  to pass, miss minule adv  last time



minulost fem  past, history minulý adj  last

model inan  model


modrý adj  blue

mírnv adv  mildly, moderately

mokrý adj  wet

morální adj  moral moxe neut  sea


mistr anim  master, foreman, champion


mistrovství neut  championship, mastery místy adv  sometimes, here and there



motor inan  motor, engine


motorový adj  motor, engine moudrý adj  wise moucha fem  fly

mouka fem  flour


mizet impf  to disappear, vanish mládež fem  youth, the young

4386 1831

možno adv  may, possible


mladík anim  young man

možný adj  possible mrak inan  cloud


mrtvý adj  dead


mluvuí anim/fem  spokesperson, speaker 198


mrtvola fem  corpse



mluvit impf  to speak, talk


mráz inan  frost, shiver


mluky adv  silently, in silence



možnost fem  possibility, chance, option



mlha fem  mist, fog


možná part  maybe, perhaps




mozek inan  brain




mívat impf  to have

mléko neut  milk


motivace fem  motivation

mít impf  to have (got), ought to 9

mluet impf  to be silent


motiv inan  motive, theme


místopxedseda anim  vice chairman

mluení neut  silence



most inan  bridge






moxský adj  sea


místo neut  place, space místo prep  instead of


moravský adj  Moravian



místnost fem  room



morálka fem  morality, morale



miska fem  bowl, dish



momentálnv adv  now, at the moment

míxit impf  to get at, aim

mladý adj  young



moment inan  moment


mládí neut  youth


mohutný adj  mighty, massive




místní adj  local


módní adj  fashion, fashionable, trendy


míra fem  rate, extent, measure

mírový adj  peace


móda fem  fashion

modlitba fem  prayer



mírný adj  mild


moct impf  to be able to, can

modlit se impf  to pray

minuta fem  minute mír inan  peace


mocný adj  powerful, mighty

moderní adj  modern



minus inan  minus

mísa fem  bowl




moc fem  power, force




moc adv  much, a lot


ministerstvo neut  ministry



mobil inan  mobile phone, cellphone mobilní adj  mobile


minimum neut  minimum

mínit impf  to mean







mrzet impf  to be sorry


mxíž fem  grid, grill, bar


myj pron  my, mine



nápad  207 

muset impf  to have to, must muzeum neut  museum muzika fem  music

náhodný adj  casual, accidental, random


náhodou adv  by chance, possibly


nahoru adv  up(wards)


muž anim  man, gentleman, husband mužský adj  male

náhrada fem  compensation


mužstvo neut  team, crew my pron  we

náhradní adj  spare, reserve

mýlit se impf  to be wrong

nahrávka fem  record(ing), pass


myšlenka fem  thought, idea mýt (se) impf  to wash

nahý adj  naked




nacházet (se) impf  to find,


(se) be situated


naivní adj  naive

4658 2911




najednou adv  suddenly


nájem inan  rent, rental


najevo adv  (to make) obvious,

na prep  on, at, for


nabídka fem  offer


(to come) to light 852

nabízet impf  to offer


najít pf  to find

nakládat impf  to load


náboženství neut  religion

nábytek inan  furniture



nakonec adv  finally, in the end


nakoupit pf  to buy

nadvje fem  hope, chance

nálada fem  mood, temper


nález inan  discovery, find


nadvlat pf  to make, cause

nalézt pf  to find


nádherný adj  gorgeous, beautiful, splendid nadchnout (se) pf  to enthuse, captivate nádoba fem  container, vessel

náležet impf  to belong nalít pf  to pour


2490 3159

námaha fem  effort, labour námvstek anim  deputy

namísto prep  instead



namítnout pf  to object, protest


nahlédnout pf  to look (into), examine


nanejvýš adv  maximum, at the most naopak adv  on the contrary, instead


náhoda fem  chance, coincidence




námitka fem  objection


náhlý adj  sudden, abrupt


námvt inan  suggestion, theme


nadšený adj  enthusiastic, excited



námvstí neut  square, place


náhle adv  suddenly



naložit pf  to load



nadšení neut  enthusiasm nahlas adv  aloud




nádobí neut  dishes, tableware



nalézat (se) impf  to find, (se) be situated


nádhernv adv  gorgeously, splendidly

nádraží neut  station


nakupovat impf  to shop, go shopping


nadávat impf  to scold, swear




nákup inan  shopping, purchase


nadále adv  still, in future


naklonit (se) pf  to bow, bend, lean



nadace fem  foundation


nákladný adj  costly, expensive


nacpat (se) pf  to stuff, cram


nákladní adj  freight, cargo


nabývat impf  to gain, acquire



nakladatelství neut  publishing house,


nabrat pf  to gather, scoop, catch nabýt pf  to gain, acquire



náklad inan  expense, cost, load

náboženský adj  religious

nad prep  over, above


najíst se pf  to eat, have sth to eat

nabídnout pf  to offer

nádrž fem  tank



nahrazovat impf  to replace, substitute


myšlení neut  thinking, thought

mzda fem  wages


nahrávat impf  to record, pass (the ball)

myslet (si) impf  to think

mýtus inan  myth



nahrát pf  to record, pass (the ball)



myš fem  mouse



nahradit pf  to replace, compensate



mysl fem  mind


nahoxe adv  up, upstairs, on top





nápad inan  idea, thought





208  napadat

napadat impf  to attack, think of napadnout pf  to attack, occur

napjatý adj  tight, tense

nástroj inan  tool, instrument


nástupce anim  successor náš pron  our(s)

naštvaný adj  angry, annoyed

náprava fem  remedy, axle

natáuet impf  to record, roll


nato adv  after, afterwards


návrh inan  proposal, motion


národní adj  national

návštvva fem  visit


narození neut  birth

navštívit pf  to visit


navzdory prep  despite, in spite navždy adv  forever


náruu fem  (open) arms, armful náryst inan  growth


naznauovat impf  to imply, indicate


náznak inan  indication, sign


naxízení neut  decree, regulation, order nasadit (si) pf  to place, (si) put on


názor inan  opinion, view nazvaný adj  called


nasazení neut  drive, engagement,





nazvat pf  to call, name


nazývat (se) impf  to call, (se) be called


násilí neut  violence násilný adj  violent


naznauit pf  to imply, indicate

narušit pf  to disturb, disrupt




název inan  title, name, term



naxídit pf  to order, set



navzájem adv  each other, mutually





navštvvovat impf  to visit, attend


narozeniny fem pl  birthday



návštvvník anim  visitor

nárok inan  right, claim


navrhovat impf  to propose, suggest



narodit se pf  to be born



navrhnout pf  to propose, suggest




návrat inan  return, comeback

nárouný adj  demanding, challenging


navíc part  extra, besides

návod inan  manual, instructions


narážet impf  to hit, bump



navazovat impf  to continue, follow



narazit pf  to hit, crash, meet

národ inan  nation



navázat pf  to link to, establish


napxíklad part  for example, for instance

napyl adv  half

natouit pf  to turn, pour

ne interj  no


následující adj  following



nebo conj  or




neboli conj  or


následovat impf  to follow, ensue


nebezpeuí neut  danger


následnv adv  consequently, subsequently následný adj  subsequent


nebe neut  sky


následek inan  consequence, result



nauuit (se) pf  to teach, (se) learn


napxed adv  in front, ahead, first

napsat pf  to write


natolik adv  enough


naproti prep  opposite, across from

napsaný adj  written



natáhnout (se) pf  to stretch, (se) lie down



napravit pf  to make up for, make good, retrieve naprostý adj  absolute



naštvat pf  to make angry, piss off




naštvstí part  fortunately, luckily



naposledy adv  last, the last time



nastupovat impf  to get on/into, assemble



nápoj inan  drink, beverage

naprosto part  totally



nástup inan  entrance, boarding, start


naplnit (se) pf  to fill, (se) come true naplno adv  fully, plainly



nastoupit pf  to get on/into, enter


naplánovat (si) pf  to plan, schedule

naplwovat impf  to fill

nastavit pf  to set, adjust



náplw fem  filling, content


nastávat impf  to arise, come


nápis inan  inscription, sign, notice napít se pf  to have a drink


nastat pf  to arise, come up


nápadný adj  striking, conspicuous napvtí neut  tension, strain

naslouchat impf  to listen


nápadnv adv  noticeably, strikingly


nebot’ conj  for, since, as


nvco pron  something, anything



nutný  209 

neuekanv adv  unexpectedly neuekaný adj  unexpected

neto biasp  not


nedaleko prep  nearby, near, close nedávno adv  recently, lately


neúspvch inan  failure



neustále adv  constantly, permanently


neustálý adj  constant, continuous




nedvle fem  Sunday


neuvvxitelnv adv  incredibly

nedvlní adj  Sunday


neuvvxitelný adj  incredible, unbelievable

nedostatek inan  lack, deficiency, fault negativní adj  negative nehet inan  nail

nevinný adj  innocent



nezamvstnanost fem  unemployment

nehoda fem  accident

nezávislost fem  independence


nechat impf  to let, allow nvjak adv  somehow

než conj  than


nic pron  nothing


niuit impf  to destroy, ruin


nejistota fem  uncertainty, insecurity nejprve adv  (at) first

nikam adv  nowhere, anywhere

nvkde adv  somewhere

nikde adv  nowhere


nvkam adv  somewhere, anywhere

nikdy adv  never

nvkdy adv  sometimes

nízko adv  low


nízký adj  low


nvkolik num  a few, several

nvkolikrát num  several times nvkterý pron  some, one

no part  well



2756 472


noc fem  night



nouní adj  night




nikoli part  not, no



nvmuina fem  German


noha fem  leg, foot

nvmecky adv  German


norma fem  standard, norm

nvmecký adj  German


normálnv adv  normally, usually

nemoc fem  illness, disease nemocnice fem  hospital nemocný adj  ill, sick

nenávidvt impf  to hate nenávist fem  hatred

nos inan  nose




nerv inan  nerve


novv adv  newly, recently


novinka fem  news nový adj  new

nesmírnv adv  extremely, enormously

nést impf  to carry, bear




nula fem  zero, nothing


neštvstí neut  misfortune, accident




nutno adv  must, necessary nutnost fem  necessity



nutit impf  to force, make nutnv adv  necessarily


nesmyslný adj  nonsense, absurd



nudit (se) impf  to bore, (se) be bored


neschopnost fem  incompetence, incapability nesmysl inan  nonsense


nuda fem  boredom


nervózní adj  nervous, restless



noviny fem pl  newspaper



nervový adj  nervous


nouze fem  poverty, need

novináx anim  journalist



nepxítel anim  enemy


novela fem  amendment, novella


nepochybnv part  no doubt, undoubtedly



nositel anim  winner, holder


nepatrný adj  minute, insignificant, tiny nepxíliš adv  not very



nosit impf  to carry, wear


nemovitost fem  real estate


normální adj  normal





nikdo pron  nobody, no one



nvkdo pron  someone, anyone



nijak adv  in no way, not in the least



nejspíš part  probably, most likely

nvkdejší adj  former



nicménv part  nevertheless, yet


nejenom adv  not only



nvžný adj  tender, gentle


nvjaký pron  a, some, any



nezbytný adj  necessary, indispensable


nechávat impf  to let, leave



nevýhoda fem  disadvantage



nejen adv  not only


nutný adj  necessary





210  než

nyž inan  knife


obleuený adj  dressed

nýbrž conj  but


oblek inan  suit

nynvjší adj  present, current nyní adv  now, at present

obléknout (se) pf  to dress, (se) get dressed


obliba fem  popularity


obliuej inan  face obloha fem  sky





ó interj  oh, aw


oblouk inan  arc, arch

oba num  both


obnova fem  restoration, regeneration

obal inan  cover, packaging obálka fem  envelope

obouí neut  eyebrow


obava fem  concern, worry

obuanský adj  civil


obracet (se) impf  to turn


obuas adv  sometimes, occasionally

obrazovka fem  screen


obecní adj  municipal, local

obxad inan  ceremony


obxí adj  giant, huge


obecný adj  general, common

obejmout (se) pf  to embrace, hug, hold


obchod inan  business, trade, shop



obchodník anim  trader, dealer, businessman


obsluha fem  service, operation


obtvžovat (se) impf  to bother


objednávka fem  order, commission objekt inan  object, subject, building objektivní adj  objective, unbiased objem inan  capacity, volume


objev inan  discovery, finding


obvykle adv  usually



obyuejnv adv  usually



obyuejný adj  ordinary, common obývák inan  living room


objevovat (se) impf  to discover, (se) appear


obyvatel anim  inhabitant obzor inan  horizon




obzvlášt’ part  particularly

276 4027

ocas inan  tail


oceán inan  ocean




obyvatelstvo neut  population





obvyklý adj  usual, common


obléct (se) pf  to dress, (se) get dressed



obvod inan  circumference, district, circuit


objevit (se) pf  to discover, (se) appear



obtížný adj  difficult, troublesome obvinit pf  to accuse



obtížnv adv  hard to, with difficulties obvinvní neut  accusation



obleuení neut  clothes, clothing


obsáhnout pf  to include, embrace, contain

obtíž fem  trouble, difficulty


obchodní adj  business, trade, commercial

oblast fem  area, field


obsahující adj  including, containing 4545

obcházet impf  to walk around, evade

obklopit (se) pf  to surround


obsahovat impf  to include, contain



obvtovat (se) pf  to sacrifice, give

objasnit pf  to explain, clarify



obsah inan  content, summary

obejít (se) pf  to go round, (se) do without




obsadit pf  to occupy, assign



obvt’ fem  victim, sacrifice



obrovský adj  huge, giant


obecnv adv  generally, in general

oblak inan  cloud


obrázek inan  picture, image

obec fem  village, community

objednat pf  to order


obránce anim  defender, back

obraz inan  picture, painting, image


obvd inan  lunch, dinner


obrana fem  defence, apology

obrátit (se) pf  to turn



obdržet pf  to receive


obrat inan  turn, change, phrase


období neut  period, season obdobný adj  similar



obdivovat impf  to admire obdobnv adv  similarly


obor inan  profession, field

obrácenv adv  conversely, the other way round


obdiv inan  admiration




obojí num  both, either


obávat se impf  to be afraid of, worry about obuan anim  citizen


obnovit pf  to restore, renew




oblíbený adj  favourite

Oo o prep  about







ohdát  211 

ocel fem  steel

odpoledne neut  afternoon


ocelový adj  steel

odpolední adj  afternoon


ocenvní neut  award, evaluation ocenit pf  to value, evaluate

odpor inan  aversion, resistance


ouekávání neut  expectation

odpovvd’ fem  answer, reply


odpovvdvt pf  to answer


ouekávaný adj  expected, anticipated ouekávat impf  to await, expect od prep  from, since





odpovvdnost fem  responsibility odpovvdný adj  responsible




odpovídající adj  adequate, corresponding


odbor inan  department, union


odborný adj  professional, technical


odbory inan pl  trade unions oddvlený adj  separate oddvlit pf  to separate


612 3849 2919

odrazit (se) pf  to bounce, reflect


odrážet (se) impf  to reflect, mirror, bounce


odsoudit pf  to condemn, sentence


oddíl inan  section, group, club

odstartovat pf  to start


odebrat pf  to take away, confiscate odehrát se pf  to occur, happen



odstranvní neut  removal, disposal

odvv inan  clothes, clothing

odstranit pf  to remove


odstup inan  distance



odsud adv  from here


odhadnout pf  to estimate, assess


odtamtud adv  from there, thence


odhadovat impf  to estimate


odtud adv  from here

odhalit pf  to disclose, reveal


odvádvt impf  to pay, return

odcházet impf  to leave, go

odvaha fem  courage


odchod inan  leaving, departure odjet pf  to leave, depart

odvést pf  to take (away)

odjezd inan  departure, leaving odjíždvt impf  to leave, depart odkaz inan  reference, legacy odkud adv  where from

odvézt pf  to drive, take

oficiálnv adv  officially


ohew inan  fire

odnést pf  to take (away), carry


ohromný adj  huge, great ohrozit pf  to endanger


odpouinek inan  rest, retirement

odpouinout si pf  to have a rest, relax odpouívat impf  to rest



ohrožený adj  endangered



ohrožovat impf  to endanger, pose a threat


odpoledne adv  in the afternoon




ohrožení neut  danger, emergency




ohlédnout se pf  to look back



odpad inan  waste, sink


ohled inan  respect, regard, consideration ohlednv prep  regarding




ohlásit (se) pf  to announce, report


odmítat impf  to refuse, disapprove odmítnout pf  to refuse, decline



oficiální adj  official, formal


odolat pf  to resist


odvrátit (se) pf  to divert, (se) turn away




odvolání neut  withdrawal, appeal


odložit (si) pf  to put away, postpone, odmvna fem  reward, bonus



odvolat (se) pf  to withdraw, take back

odlišný adj  different, distinct

(si) take off


odvvtví neut  branch, department, sector

4115 2686


odlišovat (se) impf  to differ



odvážný adj  brave, courageous




odvážit se pf  to dare, risk





odhad inan  assessment, estimate

odjakživa adv  always



odstoupit pf  to resign, step back







odstvhovat (se) pf  to move away odstín inan  shade, colour


odehrávat se impf  to take place

odevzdat pf  to hand in


odpyrce anim  opponent

odpustit pf  to forgive, excuse


oddvlení neut  section, department


odpovídat impf  to answer, be responsible,


odborník anim  expert, professional

odejít pf  to leave, go


odporný adj  disgusting, repulsive


ocitnout se pf  to find oneself



ohxát pf  to heat, warm (up)



212  ochotnb

ochotnv adv  willingly, gladly


ochotný adj  willing, ready, obliging ochrana fem  protection


ochranný adj  protective, preventive

opravdový adj  real, true, genuine


opravdu part  really, genuinely


opravit pf  to repair, correct


okolní adj  surrounding, neighbouring okolo prep  about, around okraj inan  edge, margin okres inan  district

opxít (se) pf  to lean


opustit pf  to leave, abandon oranžový adj  orange

okruh inan  radius, scope

organismus inan  organism

olomoucký adj  Olomouc omáuka fem  sauce

omezení neut  limitation, restriction omezený adj  limited, restricted omezit (se) pf  to limit, reduce


omlouvat (se) impf  to apologize, excuse omluvit (se) pf  to apologize, excuse


organizovaný adj  organized




orientovaný adj  oriented, facing 3433

onen pron  that


originální adj  original


osa fem  axis




osamvlý adj  lonely, solitary


opauný adj  opposite

oslava fem  celebration


opak inan  reverse, contrary, opposite opakovanv adv  repeatedly


oslavit pf  to celebrate oslovit pf  to address


opakovaný adj  repeated, recurring


opakovat (se) impf  to repeat, revise,

osm num  eight




osmdesát num  eighty



osmdesátý num  eightieth

opatrnv adv  carefully


osmnáct num  eighteen


opatxení neut  measure, precaution opatxit (si) pf  to get, provide opera fem  opera


osmý num  eighth


osoba fem  person




osobnv adv  personally, in person


osobní adj  personal, subjective


operace fem  operation, surgery


operauní adj  operation, operating operovat impf  to operate



(se) happen again opatrný adj  careful





orientovat (se) biasp  to orientate, originál inan  original

onemocnvní neut  disease



orientace fem  orientation, inclination

find position



oni pron  they


orchestr inan  orchestra



organizátor anim  organizer

organizovat biasp  to organize


omezovat (se) impf  to limit, reduce, cut down

omyl inan  mistake


organizauní adj  organizational




organizace fem  organization





orgán inan  organ, authority, body



olympijský adj  Olympic



opuštvný adj  desolate, abandoned




optimální adj  optimum, optimal




okresní adj  district



oproti prep  compared with, against


okolnost fem  circumstance, condition

on pron  he



opravovat impf  to repair, correct




oprávnvný adj  justified, authorized


okolí neut  surroundings, neighbourhood

olej inan  oil


oprava fem  reconstruction, correction


okénko neut  (small) window oko neut  eye



opoziuní adj  opposition, opposing


okamžitv adv  immediately

okno neut  window

opozice fem  opposition




opouštvt impf  to leave, abandon


okamžitý adj  immediate


opora fem  pillar, support


ojedinvlý adj  isolated, singular, one-off okamžik inan  moment


opilý adj  drunk

opírat se impf  to lean, be based on


ochutnat pf  to taste, try

opvt adv  again

osobnost fem  personality, figure ostatnv part  after all


584 1159


ostatní adj  (the) other(s), remaining


patrný  213 

ostravský adj  Ostrava ostrov inan  island

ostrý adj  sharp, hot ostxe adv  sharply

padesát num  fifty


padnout pf  to fall, fit



ostuda fem  scandal, shame osud inan  fate, destiny



ošklivý adj  ugly, mean, bad otázka fem  question otcyv adj  father’s


otevxení neut  opening



paní fem  Mrs, lady


papír inan  paper

otravovat impf  to bother, annoy otvírat (se) impf  to open





papírový adj  paper, cardboard 2220

pár num  pair, couple

388 4391

paráda fem  pomp, splendour, show


ovládat (se) impf  to control, (se) control ovládnout (se) pf  to control, dominate, ovlivnit pf  to influence

park inan  park


parlament inan  parliament


ovlivwovat impf  to influence

parta fem  gang, group, crowd

ovšem part  of course, nevertheless


party fem  party

oznauit pf  to indicate, declare


pas inan  passport, waistline


pás inan  strip, belt


oznauovat impf  to indicate, denote


oznámení neut  announcement, notice oznámit pf  to announce, report ozvat se pf  to sound, be heard


ozývat se impf  to sound, be heard

páska fem  tape, slip, strip

oženit (se) pf  to marry, get married



pata fem  heel, foot pátek inan  Friday

4594 4980


past fem  trap, plot 3489



pátex fem  backbone, spine


patnáct num  fifteen 1976

1431 1513



pasáž fem  passage, arcade pásmo neut  zone

1183 1163



paxížský adj  Paris




partner anim  partner, associate


ovzduší neut  air, atmosphere, climate



parlamentní adj  parliamentary





parkovištv neut  car park, parking lot


oznauení neut  mark, label


paradoxnv adv  ironically, paradoxically parametr inan  parameter


(se) control oneself



pár inan  couple, pair

pára fem  steam, vapour


ovvxit (si) pf  to check, verify



paprsek inan  beam, ray


otxást (se) pf  to shake, (se) shudder

pacient anim  patient


panovat impf  to prevail, rule, reign 367

otouit (se) pf  to turn, turn round, reverse

ozbrojený adj  armed



pánbyh anim  God panna fem  virgin



otevxít (se) pf  to open

padat impf  to fall


pan anim  sir, Mr, (gentle)man 2692

otevxenv adv  openly, frankly

pád inan  drop, fall



pamvt’ fem  memory


otvor inan  hole, slot


pálit impf  to burn, be hot

pamatovat si impf  to remember


otevxený adj  open


památka fem  memory, sight



otevírat (se) impf  to open

ovoce neut  fruit

palác inan  palace

paluba fem  deck, board


otáuet (se) impf  to turn, (se) rotate




palivo neut  fuel


otec anim  father


pachatel anim  offender, culprit

palec inan  thumb, inch


osvobodit (se) pf  to free, acquit, (se) break free



pach inan  stench, smell, odour pak adv  then


osvvduit (se) pf  to prove useful, certify osvvtlení neut  lighting


padesátý num  fiftieth




pátrat impf  to search for, investigate patrnv part  probably


patrný adj  visible, evident



214  patro

patro neut  floor, storey, palate


plamen inan  flame

patxiuný adj  proper, due, right


plán inan  plan

patxit impf  to belong pátý num  fifth

planeta fem  planet


plánovaný adj  planned



péct impf  to bake, roast péue fem  aid, care



plášt’ inan  coat, cloak, casing



platba fem  payment


peuovat impf  to take care, look after


platit impf  to pay

pvkný adj  pretty, nice

platnost fem  validity, effect


platný adj  valid

572 4362

plavat impf  to swim

peníze inan pl  money


pláž fem  beach

perfektní adj  perfect, flawless pero neut  feather, pen, spring personální adj  personnel

(si) mistake



plet’ fem  complexion


perspektiva fem  prospect, perspective


plíce fem  lung

pvšky adv  on foot


plnit impf  to fill, perform plno adv  plenty


plný adj  full



pvtatxicet num  thirty-five

plochý adj  flat


pvtka fem  (number) five, (grade) F pvtkrát num  five times pevnv adv  firmly, fast


plot inan  fence, fencing plyn inan  gas


pevnost fem  fortress, solidness pevný adj  firm, solid, sturdy




plynout impf  to pass, flow, imply plynový adj  gas


plzewský adj  Pilsen


po prep  after

poblíž prep  near, close pobouka fem  branch


písmo neut  handwriting, script 3720


pitomý adj  stupid, dumb


1076 4013

pláu inan  crying, weeping plakat impf  to cry, weep plakát inan  poster


pobxeží neut  coast



pocit inan  feeling



pocítit pf  to feel, experience


pití neut  drinking, drink

placený adj  paid



pobyt inan  stay, residence


pistole fem  gun, pistol

pivo neut  beer



pobavit (se) pf  to amuse, (se) have fun



písniuka fem  song



písek inan  sand

písmeno neut  letter



pilot anim  pilot

písemný adj  written



plus inan  pro, plus



plocha fem  surface, area





plod inan  fruit, foetus


pvtadvacet num  twenty-five

pít impf  to drink


plnvní neut  performance, fulfilment

pestrý adj  colourful, varied

písew fem  song



plnv adv  fully, completely



pvstovat impf  to grow, breed, cultivate

pvt num  five


plést (se, si) impf  to knit, (se) interfere,


personál inan  staff, personnel



plech inan  baking tray, sheet metal







penvženka fem  wallet

pvst fem  fist



plátno neut  cloth, linen, projection screen


pvknv adv  nicely, fairly

pes anim  dog



plánovat impf  to plan, design plat inan  pay, salary


peulivv adv  carefully peklo neut  hell


plánování neut  planning


pauza fem  break, pause paže fem  arm




pocit’ovat impf  to feel, experience poctivý adj  honest, fair



pouasí neut  weather


pouáteuní adj  initial


pouátek inan  beginning, threshold pouet inan  number, quantity


pouetný adj  numerous, large




pokraaování  215 

pouínat (si) impf  to rise, (si) behave pouít pf  to conceive, begin pouítau inan  computer

podržet pf  to hold, back up


pouítat impf  to count, reckon, expect pod prep  under


podání neut  submission, presentation podaxit se pf  to manage, succeed podat pf  to hand, pass, hold out podvkovat pf  to thank

poezie fem  poetry pohár inan  cup


pohlédnout pf  to look

podezxení neut  suspicion


pohled inan  look, view, postcard


pohoda fem  contentment, ease

podílet se impf  to participate

pohxeb inan  funeral




pocházet impf  to come from, originate


podléhat impf  to succumb, be subject to podlehnout pf  to succumb, be defeated podmínka fem  condition, circumstance podnvt inan  impulse, stimulus

3126 361

podnikat impf  to be in trade, make


3045 2192

pojem inan  notion, concept, term


pojetí neut  concept


pojištvní neut  insurance

598 2507


pojišt’ovna fem  insurance company pojmenovat pf  to name, call


pokaždé adv  every time



poklad inan  treasure


pokládat impf  to put, lay, assume


podrobit (se) pf  to subject, submit, (se) undergo

podrobnost fem  detail


3089 2865


pokladna fem  cash desk, box office, treasury pokles inan  drop, decrease


poklesnout pf  to drop, decrease, fall pokoj inan  room, peace


podrobnv adv  in detail




podpora fem  support

podporovat impf  to support, encourage



pojmout pf  to hold, seat, conceive




podpis inan  signature

podpoxit pf  to support




pochybnost fem  doubt

podobat se impf  to be similar, look like

podotknout pf  to remark, add



pochybovat impf  to doubt

podniknout pf  to (under)take, make

podobnv adv  similarly, likewise


pochopit pf  to understand, grasp



podoba fem  form, appearance

pochopení neut  understanding

pochyba fem  doubt


podnikový adj  business, company


pochopitelný adj  understandable,

642 2726

podnikatel anim  businessman

pochod inan  march, procession

pochopitelnv part  naturally

podnikání neut  enterprise, business

podnikatelský adj  business



podnik inan  enterprise, business

podobný adj  similar, alike


pohybovat (se) impf  to move, (se) range, oscillate




pohyb inan  movement, motion


podklad inan  basis, foundation, documents podle prep  according to


pohotovost fem  emergency, readiness, alert




pohodlný adj  comfortable, easy, lazy


pódium neut  stage, platform, podium podívat se pf  to look



pohnout (se) pf  to move, (se) make a move



podivný adj  strange



pohlaví neut  sex




pohádka fem  fairy tale





podzimní adj  autumn



podlaha fem  floor


podzim inan  autumn

podezxelý adj/noun  suspicious (adj),

podíl inan  share


podstatnv adv  essentially, considerably

podzemní adj  underground




podávat impf  to hand, give, serve

suspect (noun)

podstata fem  essence, foundation, root

podvod inan  fraud, deception

podepsat pf  to sign



podstatný adj  substantial, significant



podél prep  along


podruhé num  for the second time


pouítauový adj  computer poukat pf  to wait

podrobný adj  detailed, elaborate





pokoušet (se) impf  to tempt, (se) try


pokrauování neut  continuation, sequel



216  pokraaovat

pokrauovat impf  to continue, go on pokruit pf  to bend, shrug

poplatek inan  charge, fee poprosit pf  to ask


pokud conj  if, as long as

pokusit se pf  to try, attempt pokuta fem  penalty, fine pokyn inan  instruction


popsat pf  to describe


poptávka fem  demand



populace fem  population


populární adj  popular



policajt anim  cop policie fem  police

porazit pf  to beat, defeat

politický adj  political

porovnání neut  comparison

politik anim  politician politika fem  politics



porozumvní neut  understanding


porozumvt pf  to understand


portrét inan  portrait, profile



porušení neut  breach, infringement

poloha fem  position, situation

porušit pf  to break, infringe



poxad inan  programme, agenda

polovina fem  half


poxád adv  all the time, still

položený adj  set, situated


položit pf  to put, lay, place


poxádek inan  order


polštáx inan  pillow, cushion pomáhat impf  to help pomalu adv  slowly pomalý adj  slow

poxídit (si) pf  to get, buy


pomvrnv adv  rather, relatively


posádka fem  crew

pomocný adj  auxiliary, helping


poskytnout pf  to provide poslanec anim  deputy

pomyslet si pf  to think (of )

poslání neut  mission, role

ponechat (si) pf  to leave, (si) keep ponvkud adv  somewhat, rather ponvvadž conj  because


poslat pf  to send




poslednv adv  last time



poslechnout pf  to listen to, obey


popadnout pf  to seize, grab


poslední adj  last, final




poslanecký adj  parliamentary




posléze adv  finally




poskytovat impf  to provide 4653


posílení neut  strengthening, consolidation posilovat impf  to strengthen, encourage




pomycka fem  aid, tool



posílit pf  to strengthen, boost


pomocí prep  by means of, using

popel inan  ash



posílat impf  to send

pominout (se) pf  to pass off, (se) go mad

ponožka fem  sock



posadit (se) pf  to sit, seat, (se) sit down 1057

pondvlí neut  Monday


poxádný adj  proper, substantial



pomoct pf  to help


poxádnv adv  properly, thoroughly


pomvr inan  ratio, relationship

pomoc fem  help



poxadí neut  order, sequence




poxádat impf  to organize, host poxadatel anim  organizer




poloviuní adj  half

polský adj  Polish



porucha fem  breakdown, malfunction, failure



položka fem  item



porážka fem  defeat, slaughter



policista anim  policeman


poradit (se) pf  to advise, (se) consult



policejní adj  police



poradce anim  adviser, consultant


políbit (se) pf  to kiss



popularita fem  popularity

polévka fem  soup


popsaný adj  described, covered with writing



poledne neut  noon



poprvé num  for the first time


pokus inan  attempt, experiment

polní adj  field


popisovat impf  to describe



pokrývat impf  to cover

pole neut  field


popis inan  description

pokrok inan  progress, improvement pokrýt pf  to cover

popírat impf  to deny





poslouchat impf  to listen to, obey



poznatek  217 

posloužit (si) pf  to serve, help, (si) help oneself posluchau anim  listener, trainee posoudit pf  to judge, review post fem  post, position

potvrzovat impf  to certify, prove pouhý adj  mere


poušt’ fem  desert

postavit (se) pf  to put up, build, (se) stand up

pouze adv  only, solely


postoj inan  posture, attitude, stance


postoupit pf  to advance, step forward postrádat impf  to lack, miss


použít pf  to use



používaný adj  used


povaha fem  character, nature povvdvt pf  to tell


posuzovat impf  to judge, assess


posvátný adj  sacrosanct, holy, sacred poškodit pf  to damage, harm

poškození neut  damage, injury


poškozený adj  damaged, injured pošta fem  post office, mail




povést se pf  to succeed in, turn out well povvst fem  legend, reputation


povídat (si) impf  to chat, talk


povídka fem  (short) story, tale


povodew fem  flood

poté adv  after, later

potenciální adj  potential potvšení neut  pleasure




potvšit pf  to please, cheer up potíž fem  trouble, difficulty potkávat (se) impf  to meet potok inan  stream, brook

povolit pf  to permit, allow, loose


pozdní adj  late




potomek anim  descendant, offspring




potravina fem  food(stuff )


pozemek inan  plot, lands


pozitivní adj  positive



pozdravit (se) pf  to greet

pozice fem  position, location




pozdrav inan  greeting, regard


potom adv  then, afterwards


pozdvjší adj  later


potlauit pf  to suppress, hold back


povolený adj  permitted, allowed

pozdv adv  late




pozadí neut  background, setting


potkat (se) pf  to meet, run into


povolení neut  permission, permit

povrch inan  surface




potrestat pf  to punish


poznamenat pf  to remark, note, affect

potxeba adv  necessary


poznámka fem  note, remark

potxeba fem  need

potxebovat impf  to need



poznání neut  knowledge, understanding


potxebný adj  necessary, needed 232




povolání neut  profession


potenciál inan  potential, capacity



povinný adj  compulsory, obligatory



potrava fem  food


povinnost fem  duty, obligation


poštovní adj  post, postal, mail



povvxit pf  to authorize, charge povvsit pf  to hang




považovat impf  to consider


posunout (se) pf  to move, advance



používat impf  to use


postupovat impf  to advance, move ahead,



používání neut  use, utilization


postupnv adv  gradually, step by step

posun inan  shift



použití neut  use, application použitý adj  used


postup inan  procedure, progress

pot inan  sweat

pouštvt impf  to let go, set about pouto neut  bond, (pl) handcuffs


postižený adj  afflicted, disabled





pout’ fem  funfair, pilgrimage




poukazovat impf  to point out



postihnout pf  to affect, strike



pouuit (se) pf  to instruct, (se) learn from


postavení neut  status, position

postupný adj  gradual



potvrzení neut  confirmation, certificate


postava fem  figure, character postavený adj  built, based

potxetí num  for the third time potvrdit pf  to confirm


postarat se pf  to take care

postel fem  bed



poznat pf  to (get to) know, find out



poznatek inan  (piece of ) knowledge, finding


218  poznávat

poznávat impf  to (get to) know, find out pozor inan  attention, care pozor part  beware



pozornv adv  closely, carefully


pozorování neut  observation, surveillance pozorovat impf  to watch, observe pozorovatel anim  observer pozvání neut  invitation



1059 776

požadovat impf  to demand, claim, require




prezident anim  president


prkno neut  board


prach inan  dust, powder

pro prep  for


prachy inan pl  money, cash

3846 3787



(se) go for a run



probíhat impf  to be in progress, be underway


pramen inan  source, spring



probvhnout (se) pf  to take place, pass,


prakticky part  practically, virtually


privatizace fem  privatization





priorita fem  priority


prádlo neut  underwear, laundry

praktický adj  practical

princ anim  prince

princip inan  principle



prezidentský adj  presidential

princezna fem  princess


pracovník anim  worker, staff member

práh inan  threshold


4560 3801

primitivní adj  primitive


pracovištv neut  workplace, department

pracující adj  working


prezentovat biasp  to present

primátor anim  mayor


pracovat impf  to work pracovní adj  working


prezentace fem  presentation

primární adj  primary




prevence fem  prevention


práce fem  job, work



prestižní adj  prestigious

požadovaný adj  required, desired, requisite

probírat impf  to talk over, look through


problém inan  issue, problem, trouble


prasknout pf  to break, burst, come out prášek inan  powder, pill praštit pf  to hit, bang

problematika fem  issues



pravdvpodobnost fem  probability


pravdvpodobný adj  probable, likely


právem adv  rightly

prou adv  why


prodej inan  sale


pravidelnv adv  regularly, periodically





prodejce anim  salesperson, seller prodejna fem  shop, store


prodejní adj  sale, selling




prodávat impf  to sell


pravidelný adj  regular

proces inan  process



procento neut  per cent, portion

prodat pf  to sell


právv part  just, right





pravit pf  to say


prodloužení neut  extra time, prolongation

právní adj  legal


prodloužit (si) pf  to extend, lengthen

právnický adj  legal, juridical




probrat (se) pf  to discuss, (se) awake probudit (se) pf  to wake (up)


pravdvpodobnv part  probably, most likely



proboha interj  oh my goodness




problematický adj  problematic, questionable


prát (se) impf  to do the laundry, (se) fight

pravidlo neut  rule

pražský adj  Prague

premiéra fem  premiere



požadavek inan  demand, requirement

pravdivý adj  true


premiér anim  premier

požádat pf  to ask, apply, request

pravda fem  truth

prázdný adj  empty

prdel fem  arse, ass, fun



pozoruhodný adj  remarkable

prase neut  pig


prázdniny fem pl  holidays, vacation


pozornost fem  attention, favour

požár inan  fire


pravý adj  right, true, real

praxe fem  practice, training


pozvat pf  to invite

pravomoc fem  authority

producent anim  producer




právník anim  lawyer


produkce fem  production, performance

právo neut  right, law


produkovat impf  to produce, make



prezkum  219 

produkt inan  product, result

prosit impf  please, to ask, beg



profese fem  profession, career


proslulý adj  famous

profesionální adj  professional


prospvch inan  benefit, welfare

profesor anim  professor profil inan  profile

prostv part  simply, just


prohlásit pf  to declare, allege

prostý adj  simple, plain


protest inan  protest

prohlídka fem  examination, inspection, tour


proto conj  therefore 1438



protokol inan  protocol, proceedings

procházka fem  walk


protože conj  because

projekt inan  project


proud inan  stream, flow

projet (se) pf  to drive through, (se) go for a ride



protivník anim  opponent




provádvt impf  to carry out, guide


provedení neut  version, execution


projevit (se) pf  to express, show

provést pf  to carry out, do, guide


projít (se) pf  to go through, pass, (se) go for a walk

provoz inan  operation, traffic

projíždvt (se) impf  to go through, (se) drive prokázat pf  to prove

provozovat impf  to practise


promvnit (se) pf  to change, transform prominout pf  to forgive, excuse


promluvit pf  to speak, talk


prožít pf  to spend, experience prsa neut pl  chest, breast


pronásledovat impf  to chase, pursue,

prst inan  finger, toe prsten inan  ring






pršet impf  to rain

pronikat impf  to penetrate, infiltrate


prybvh inan  course, run

proniknout pf  to penetrate, infiltrate


prudce adv  sharply, rapidly

2435 715

prudký adj  sharp, intense pruh inan  stripe, lane





pryhledný adj  transparent, see-through


propojení neut  connection, linkage


prykaz inan  card, ID

propojit pf  to interconnect, link up


prymvr inan  average, diameter

propustit pf  to dismiss, discharge


prosadit (se) pf  to push through, (se) assert

prosazovat (se) impf  to push through, (se) assert

prymvrný adj  average


prymysl inan  industry




pryzkum inan  survey, poll



pryvod inan  parade, procession pryvodce anim  guide


prosinec inan  December


prymyslový adj  industrial




pronést pf  to utter, deliver (in secret)

propadnout pf  to fall through, become


prozradit (se) pf  to reveal, (se) give oneself

prožívat impf  to go through, experience


addicted to


prozatím adv  for now, for the time being away


promítat (se) impf  to project, (se) be

propast fem  gap, abyss



provozovatel anim  operator, provider


promvna fem  transformation, change






provozní adj  operating, service




provedený adj  carried out, executed


projevovat (se) impf  to express, show



provázet impf  to escort, accompany




protestovat impf  to protest, object proti prep  against


procházet (se) impf  to walk, browse, (se) stroll



protáhnout (se) pf  to extend, stretch


prohlížet (si) impf  to examine, (si) browse


prostxednictvím prep  by means of, by, through


prohlédnout (si) pf  to examine,

projev inan  expression, speech


prostxedí neut  environment, surroundings

prohlašovat impf  to declare, claim

prohra fem  loss, defeat


prostxedek inan  means, device, resource



prohlášení neut  statement, declaration

prohrát pf  to lose



prostor inan  space, room, area


program inan  programme, plan, agenda

(si) have a look at






220  pružný

pružný adj  flexible, elastic

pxedvést pf  to demonstrate, show


prvek inan  element, component

prvnv adv  at first, for the first time první num  first prvý num  first

pxehled inan  survey, summary


pxehlédnout pf  to overlook, miss, view


pxehlídka fem  show, parade


pryu adv  away, off, gone

pxechod inan  crossing, passage


pxejet pf  to cross, run over


pxát (si) impf  to wish


pxejít pf  to cross, go over

pxátelský adj  friendly


pxekážka fem  obstacle

pxátelství neut  friendship

pxeuíst pf  to read





pxekonat (se) pf  to overcome


pxekrouit pf  to overstep, cross


pxekvapení neut  surprise



pxed prep  ago, before, in front of


pxekvapit pf  to surprise

pxedat pf  to hand (over), transfer


pxekvapivv adv  surprisingly

pxedávat impf  to hand (over), present pxedbvžný adj  preliminary, provisional pxeduasný adj  premature, early front part (inan)

pxedložit pf  to present, submit pxedmvt inan  subject, object

pxes prep  over, across


pxesnv adv  exactly

pxesný adj  exact, precise pxestat pf  to stop, end


pxednost fem  advantage, preference


pxedpis inan  regulation, prescription


pxedpoklad inan  condition, assumption


pxedpokládaný adj  expected, assumed


pxedpokládat impf  to assume, suppose



pxestávat impf  to stop, cease


pxestávka fem  break, interval


pxestvhovat (se) pf  to move



pxestože conj  even though


pxesun inan  transfer, transport


pxesunout (se) pf  to move, shift


pxedstavení neut  performance, introduction pxedstavenstvo neut  board of directors



pxedstavit (se, si) pf  to introduce, (si) imagine



pxesvvduení neut  conviction, belief


pxesvvduit pf  to convince, persuade


pxevaha fem  superiority, advantage, upper hand


pxedstavovat (se, si) impf  to introduce,



pxesto adv  in spite of, yet


pxedstavitel anim  representative



pxesnost fem  accuracy, precision



pxední adj  front, prominent


pxesahovat impf  to exceed




pxesáhnout pf  to exceed



pxednášet impf  to lecture, recite


pxevážnv adv  mainly, predominantly pxevést pf  to take across, transfer


pxedstírat impf  to pretend pxedtím adv  before



pxerušit pf  to cut (off ), interrupt

pxedkládat impf  to present, submit

(si) imagine


pxeprava fem  transport


pxedstava fem  idea, vision

pxenášet impf  to transfer, conduct

pxepadnout pf  to attack



pxedchydce anim  predecessor, ancestor

pxedseda anim  chairman



pxenos inan  broadcast, transmission, transfer


pxedcházet impf  to precede, prevent

pxednáška fem  lecture

pxemýšlet impf  to think, meditate

pxenést (se) pf  to carry, transfer, (se) get over


pxedcházející adj  previous, preceding pxedchozí adj  previous


pxeložit pf  to transfer, translate, fold over


pxedevším part  first of all



pxelom inan  turn, turning point



pxedek anim/inan  ancestor (anim), pxedem adv  in advance


pxekvapivý adj  surprising





pxeklad inan  translation


pxebírat impf  to take over, adopt pxece part  surely, yet



pxechodný adj  temporary, transitional


pxání neut  wish, request



pxecházet impf  to cross, convert


prý part  supposedly, allegedly



pxevézt pf  to transfer, transport


pxedvádvt impf  to demonstrate, perform


pxevod inan  transfer, transmission

551 3153

pxevzít pf  to take over, assume







pdivést  221 

pxežít pf  to survive, outlive pxi prep  by, at

pxípad inan  case



pxipadat (si) impf  to seem, appear, (si) feel


pxíbvh inan  story, tale

pxípadnv part  possibly


pxiblížit (se) pf  to approach, move closer pxibližnv adv  approximately

pxipadnout pf  to fall



pxípadný adj  possible, potential, apt


pxibližovat (se) impf  to approach, move closer


pxipojení neut  connection

pxíbuzný adj/noun  related (adj), relative (noun)


pxipojit (se) pf  to attach, (se) join

pxibýt pf  to increase

pxibývat impf  to increase

(si) commemorate



pxipomínka fem  remark, reminder

pxíuka fem  rung, partition


pxipouštvt impf  to admit

pxidat (se) pf  to add, speed up, (se) join pxidávat (se) impf  to add, (se) join pxihlásit (se) pf  to apply, report


pxicházet impf  to come

pxipustit (si) pf  to admit


pxijatelný adj  acceptable

pxírodní adj  natural

pxíjemnv adv  pleasantly

pxísný adj  strict


pxispívat impf  to contribute


pxistát pf  to land



pxistoupit pf  to approach, come nearer, accept


pxístroj inan  apparatus, instrument


pxíkaz inan  order, command pxíklad inan  example


pxikývnout pf  to nod


pxístup inan  approach, access


pxístupný adj  accessible 758

pxíšerný adj  horrible, terrible pxíštv adv  next time


pxíloha fem  supplement, attachment pxiložit pf  to attach, enclose


pximvxený adj  appropriate, adequate


pxitahovat impf  to attract


pxitažlivý adj  attractive


pxítel anim  friend, boyfriend

pxímý adj  straight, direct


pxítelkynv fem  girlfriend

4946 548


pxitom part  yet, at the same time


pxinést pf  to bring, fetch



pxímo part  right, directly

pxinejmenším part  at least




pximvt pf  to make, force

pxinášet impf  to bring



pxíští adj  next, following

pxitáhnout pf  to draw, attract



pxítomnost fem  presence, the present


pxítomný adj  present


pxínos inan  contribution, merit



pxistupovat impf  to approach

pxíležitost fem  opportunity, chance




pxístav inan  harbour, port


pxijíždvt impf  to come, arrive


pxíspvvek inan  contribution, benefit



pxinutit (se) pf  to compel, force



pxispvt pf  to contribute, help


pxijímat impf  to accept, receive

pxíliš adv  too


pxísnv adv  severely, strictly


pxijetí neut  acceptance, welcome



pxíslušný adj  relevant, authorized, competent



pxijet pf  to come, arrive



pxíslušník anim  member




pxirozený adj  natural, normal

pxíjem inan  reception, income



pxirozenv adv  naturally, of course



pxijatý adj  received, admitted



pxíroda fem  nature, country(side)



pxíchod inan  arrival, coming

pxijmout pf  to accept

pxipravený adj  ready, prepared

pxipsat pf  to add, credit, ascribe

pxihodit se pf  to happen, occur

pxijít pf  to come

pxíprava fem  preparation, training

pxipravovat (se) impf  to prepare, get ready


pxíjezd inan  arrival




pxipravit (se) pf  to prepare, get ready


pxihlížet impf  to stand by, take into pxíhoda fem  event, episode



pxíuina fem  cause, reason

pxíjemný adj  pleasant


pxipomínat (si) impf  to remind,


pxiuemž conj  whereas, while




pxipomenout (si) pf  to remind, (si) recall






pxivádvt impf  to bring, drive pxivést pf  to bring, fetch





222  pdivézt

pxivézt pf  to bring, deliver pxivítat pf  to welcome

radikální adj  radical


rádio neut  radio


pxíznak inan  symptom, indication

radit (se) impf  to advise, (se) consult


pxiznat (se) pf  to admit, (se) confess



pxíznivý adj  favourable

radnice fem  town hall


radost fem  joy, delight



psaní neut  writing, letter

rakouský adj  Austrian


psaný adj  written


rakovina fem  cancer

psát impf  to write


rám inan  frame

psí adj  dog

psychický adj  psychic(al), mental psycholog anim  psychologist


psychologický adj  psychological psychologie fem  psychology pták anim  bird


rána fem  wound, blow


raný adj  early


publikum neut  audience



reakce fem  response, reaction realita fem  reality


pyjuit (si) pf  to lend, (si) borrow





realizace fem  implementation, realization


realizovat biasp  to implement, carry out


pyjuovat (si) impf  to lend, (si) borrow


reálný adj  real

pyle fem  half, middle

redaktor anim  editor


pylnoc fem  midnight


reforma fem  reform

pult inan  bar, counter


region inan  region

pusa fem  mouth, kiss



regulace fem  regulation publicity




reklamní adj  advertising


pustit pf  to turn on, drop, release


rekord inan  record



relativnv part  relatively


relativní adj  relative



rekonstrukce fem  reconstruction, renovation


putovat impf  to wander, travel around pyvabný adj  lovely, charming



reklama fem  advertisement, commercial,


pysobit impf  to affect, work, look pysobnost fem  activity, effect




regionální adj  regional

pysobení neut  impact, effect, influence pysobící adj  working, causing


redakce fem  editorial office, edition





recept inan  recipe, prescription


pyvod inan  origin



reagovat impf  to react, respond



pyda fem  land, soil, ground


ráz inan  character, nature, impact


publikovat biasp  to publish

pylka fem  half


ráno neut  morning

publikace fem  publication

pyjuka fem  loan

rameno neut  shoulder

ráno adv  in the morning



ptát se impf  to ask

pyl fem  half




ranní adj  morning




rámec inan  framework, scope



radovat se impf  to enjoy, rejoice, exult ráj inan  paradise, Eden




radostný adj  joyous, happy, cheerful


pxizpysobit (se) pf  to adapt, (se) conform psací adj  writing

radní anim/fem  councillor


pxiznávat (se) impf  to admit, (se) confess pxíznivec anim  fan





pyvodnv adv  originally, initially


reprezentace fem  representation, national team

pyvodní adj  original, authentic


reprezentant anim  representative, (national team)

pytel inan  bag, sack




republika fem  republic

racionální adj  rational rád adj  glad, pleased


reprezentovat biasp  to represent respekt inan  respect


rada fem  advice, council


respektive part  or (rather)



respektovat impf  to respect, abide, comply


radvji adv  rather, better, preferably




restaurace fem  restaurant




rest  223 

ret inan  lip

rozhlédnout se pf  to look around


revoluce fem  revolution

revoluuní adj  revolutionary rezerva fem  reserve

rozhlížet se impf  to look around

2466 4699


režie fem  directing, direction režim inan  regime

režisér anim  director




rozhodování neut  decision-making


riziko neut  risk, danger


rozhodovat (se) impf  to decide, make decisions


rozhodující adj  decisive, crucial


rounv adv  annually, a year


rozjet (se) pf  to set in motion, (se) pull away

rouník inan  year, volume, class

rozkaz inan  command, order



rodiu anim  parent


rozlouuit se pf  to say goodbye

rodina fem  family


rozložit pf  to unfold, spread out, distribute

rodinný adj  family

rozmvr inan  dimension, size


rodit (se) impf  to give birth, bear, yield rodný adj  native roh inan  corner rok inan  year


role fem  role


think over

rozpouet inan  budget

rozsah inan  extent, range

rovina fem  plain, level

rozsvítit (se) pf  to switch on

rovnat (se) impf  to arrange, sort, (se) equal



rovnou adv  directly, straight away rovnováha fem  balance

rozšíxení neut  expansion, extension


rozšíxený adj  widespread, extended


rozšixovat (se) impf  to extend, widen, (se) spread


rozbvhnout (se) pf  to start up,


rozum inan  reason, sense


rozumvt impf  to understand


rozbít (se) pf  to break, smash


rozumný adj  reasonable, sensible


rozvíjet (se) impf  to develop


rozbor inan  analysis

rozvinout (se) pf  to develop



2429 4124

rozuilovat (se) impf  to annoy, bother


rozvod inan  divorce

rozdávat impf  to distribute, hand out


rozvoj inan  development, progress

rozdvlení neut  division, distribution


rozdvlit (se) pf  to divide, (se) share


rozdvlovat impf  to divide, distribute, allocate rozdíl inan  difference

rozdílný adj  different, dissimilar rozebírat impf  to analyse, talk

rudý adj  red, crimson 4783

3679 4372

rukopis inan  handwriting, manuscript

rozeznat pf  to distinguish, make out rozhlasový adj  radio, broadcast



rukavice fem  glove


rozhlas inan  radio, broadcasting




ruch inan  activity, movement rukáv inan  sleeve




ruuní adj  hand(made), manual

ruka fem  hand


rozejít se pf  to split up, part



rozšíxit (se) pf  to extend, widen, (se) spread



rovný adj  straight, flat, equal


rozsudek inan  judgment, sentence



rovnvž part  as well, likewise



rozsáhlý adj  extensive, wide


(se) start running


rozpoznat pf  to recognize, identify





rozpor inan  contradiction


rostoucí adj  growing, increasing

rozbitý adj  broken


rozpaky inan pl  embarrassment


rostlina fem  plant

3734 4514



rozpadnout se pf  to fall apart, break up


romantický adj  romantic ropa fem  oil


rozmyslet (se) pf  to make up one’s mind,



román inan  novel




rozlišovat impf  to distinguish


ruský adj  Russian


ryst impf  to grow, increase


ryst inan  growth, increase




rozhovor inan  conversation, interview



rod inan  genus, race


rozhodnv part  definitely, resolutely rozhodnutí neut  decision

riskovat impf  to risk, take a risk

rouní adj  annual

rozhoduí anim/fem  referee, umpire rozhodnout (se) pf  to decide







224  rušit

rušit impf  to disturb, cancel ryznv adv  differently

ryba fem  fish

sál inan  hall, room



sám pron  alone, (by) oneself


rybník inan  pond, pool

rychlý adj  fast, quick

samota fem  solitude, lonely place


samotný adj  oneself, very, alone


rys anim/inan  lynx (anim), feature,

samozxejmv part  of course samý pron  the same





sázet (se) impf  to plant, (se) wager

xád inan  order, system, schedule xada fem  turn, row, line xádek inan  line

sbírka fem  collection


xádnv adv  properly

sdvlit pf  to tell, inform 545

xeditelka fem  (woman) director, headmistress xemeslo neut  profession, craft xešení neut  solution xetvz inan  chain

sedadlo neut  seat 3789

48 4381

xídit impf  to drive, direct, operate

xímský adj  Roman


sedvt impf  to sit


sedm num  seven


sedmdesát num  seventy


ségra fem  sister


xízek inan  schnitzel, cutlet




sednout (si) pf  to sit down


xíše fem  empire, kingdom

sedmnáct num  seventeen sedmý num  seventh




sehnat pf  to get (hold of ), procure


sehrát pf  to play, act




sedmdesátý num  seventieth


xíkat impf  to say, tell



sebrat pf  to collect, pick up, pinch



xíjen inan  October



sebevražda fem  suicide

xídící adj  control, operative, driving xidiu anim  driver

sdružení neut  association

sebevvdomí neut  self-confidence



xetvzec inan  chain, string xíct pf  to say, tell



se pron  self, each other


xešit impf  to solve


sdílet impf  to share



sdvlovat impf  to tell, inform


xeditel anim  director, manager, headmaster xeka fem  river


sdvlení neut  message, notification



xeu fem  speech, talk


scénáx inan  scenario, screenplay


xádný adj  regular, proper


scéna fem  scene, stage





sbor inan  board, choir


xadit (se) impf  to arrange, rank

xecký adj  Greek

sbírat impf  to collect, gather




sazba fem  rate, tariff, charge




samozxejmý adj  self-evident, apparent


rytmus inan  rhythm


samostatný adj  independent, separate


rychlost fem  speed, rate, pace


samostatnv adv  independently, solo


rychle adv  fast, quick(ly)

drawing (inan)


salon inan  salon, parlour




salát inan  salad, lettuce


ryžový adj  pink


sakra interj  hell, damn (it)

ryzný adj  different, various ryže fem  rose

sako neut  jacket





xízení neut  proceeding, control


sejít (se) pf  to descend, (se) meet, gather

xízený adj  controlled, managed


sektor inan  sector

xvát impf  to yell, roar

sekunda fem  second


sem adv  here

Ss s prep  with

3309 4657


semináx inan  seminar

sad inan  orchard


sen inan  dream, ambition


senát inan  Senate



sahat impf  to touch, reach for


senátor anim  senator

sáhnout pf  to touch, reach for


seriál inan  series





slavnost  225 

série fem  series

silnice fem  road


server inan  server


silniuní adj  road


servis inan  service


silný adj  strong, powerful


sestava fem  composition, line-up

síw fem  hall


sestavit pf  to put together, assemble, compile sestra fem  sister, nurse

setkání neut  meeting, get-together

setkávat se impf  to meet, encounter

1072 2650


situace fem  situation


sjezd inan  meeting, congress


skákat impf  to jump, bounce


skála fem  rock


severní adj  northern, north


skandál inan  scandal


sevxít pf  to clench, grip, clasp sex inan  sex

sít’ fem  network, web

sjet (se) pf  to go down, (se) come together


setkat se pf  to meet, come together sever inan  north






sklad inan  stock, warehouse



skládat impf  to fold, compose


sexuální adj  sexual

skladatel anim  composer


seznam inan  list, schedule

skladba fem  composition, structure


seznámit (se) pf  to acquaint, introduce sezóna fem  season

sklenvný adj  glass


sféra fem  sphere, area

skleniuka fem  glass


sklep inan  cellar


shánvt impf  to look for, seek




sklo neut  glass, glassware



shoda fem  agreement, correspondence


sklon inan  disposition, slope

shodit pf  to throw (down), knock down


sklonit (se) pf  to bend, bow, incline

shodnout se pf  to agree

shodný adj  identical, same

skok inan  jump, leap


shodovat se impf  to agree, match show fem  show


shromáždvní neut  assembly, gathering shromáždit (se) pf  to gather

skvvlý adj  excellent

2064 3535

sídlištv neut  housing estate, settlement 1961



skvrna fem  stain, smudge slabý adj  weak, thin sladký adj  sweet slaný adj  salty






sláva fem  fame, glory




slabost fem  weakness


sídlo neut  residence, seat


skvvle adv  great, splendidly

schválnv adv  on purpose, deliberately

signál inan  signal


skuteuný adj  real, actual

sídlit impf  to reside, have a seat



skuteunost fem  reality 2174



skuteunv part  really, indeed, actually



sice adv  admittedly, true



skupinka fem  group


schválit pf  to approve


skupina fem  group, band


schyzka fem  date, meeting



skrytý adj  hidden, secret

skxíwka fem  box



schovávat (se) impf  to hide schyze fem  meeting



skxíw fem  wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet


schopný adj  able, capable

schránka fem  box, case


skrz prep  through

schopnost fem  ability, capacity schovat (se) pf  to hide

skoro adv  almost

skrývat (se) impf  to hide



schodištv neut  staircase


skrýt (se) pf  to hide

scházet (se) impf  to be missing, (se) meet schod inan  step, stair


skromný adj  modest, plain



schéma neut  scheme, diagram

skonuit pf  to end



skonuení neut  termination, end



shrnout pf  to sum up


skouit pf  to jump, spring, dive




sklenice fem  glass, jar


sežrat pf  to devour, eat




síla fem  force, strength


slavit impf  to celebrate

silnv adv  strongly, hard


slavnost fem  celebration

2673 3684



226  slavnostní

slavnostní adj  festive slavný adj  famous



sleuna fem  miss, young lady

slepice fem  hen, chicken





sleva fem  discount, reduction

sloup inan  pole, column sloužit impf  to serve


slovenský adj  Slovak



2900 3162


snít impf  to dream

3818 2020 1368

sobota fem  Saturday


sobotní adj  Saturday


socialistický adj  socialist, socialistic


sociálnv adv  socially


sluníuko neut  sun, ladybird

sociální adj  social


slušet impf  to become, fit, suit slušný adj  decent, fair

souboj inan  fight, duel

služební adj  service, company, business



soubor inan  set, ensemble, file



souuasnv adv  simultaneously, at the same


slza fem  tear, teardrop


smát se impf  to laugh



smvrnice fem  directive

souuasný adj  current, contemporary


souuást fem  part, component


smvxovat impf  to head (for), aim

soud inan  court



smvšný adj  ridiculous, ludicrous smvt impf  to be allowed




smíxit se pf  to reconcile, come to terms with


smlouva fem  contract, agreement 4431





soudce anim  judge, referee


soudit impf  to judge, think


soudní adj  court, judicial, legal


souhlas inan  consent, approval


souhlasit impf  to agree, correspond soukromí neut  privacy


smrdvt impf  to stink, reek


souuasnost fem  today, nowadays, present

smvr inan  direction, specialization

smích inan  laughter



sotva part  hardly, scarcely





solidní adj  good, sound




socha fem  statue, sculpture


slušnv adv  decently, generously


snižovat (se) impf  to reduce, decrease




sníst pf  to eat (up)

snížit (se) pf  to reduce, lower


sluchátko neut  earphone, receiver,

smrt fem  death



snížení neut  reduction, cut


složka fem  component, ingredient, folder

sluneuní adj  sun, solar



snímek inan  photo, picture, snapshot

složitý adj  complex, complicated

smíšený adj  mixed



sníh inan  snow


složit pf  to fold up, compose, pass

smvs fem  mixture


snídanv fem  breakfast


složený adj  folded (up), compound

slyšet impf  to hear


snést (se) pf  to bear, pile up, (se) come


služba fem  service


snaha fem  effort

snesitelný adj  tolerable, bearable


složení neut  composition, structure


snadný adj  easy

snvmovna fem  chamber (of parliament)


slovník inan  dictionary, lexicon

slunce neut  sun



slibovat impf  to promise

slovo neut  word


snadno adv  easily

snažit se impf  to try, make an effort


slovní adj  oral, verbal


snad part  perhaps

snášet (se) impf  to bear, lay, (se) come



slíbit pf  to promise



smysl inan  sense

sledovat impf  to watch, follow

slib inan  promise


smutný adj  sad


sledovaný adj  watched, observed

slepý adj  blind


smyla fem  bad luck, pitch

smutek inan  sadness, sorrow


sledování neut  watching, monitoring, observation

smrtelný adj  mortal, fatal



soukromý adj  private, personal


soulad inan  accordance, harmony soupex anim  opponent, rival




srozumitelný  227 

soused anim  neighbour

spokojit se pf  to make do with, content


sousední adj  neighbouring, adjacent soustava fem  system

oneself with


soustxedvní neut  concentration

spoleunv adv  together


soustxed’ovat (se) impf  to concentrate soutvž fem  contest, competition




souviset impf  to be related, be connected souvislost fem  connection, link, relation sovvtský adj  Soviet

spadnout pf  to fall, drop

spoleuný adj  common, collective



spolehlivý adj  reliable





spolužák anim  classmate, schoolmate sponzor anim  sponsor


spatxit pf  to see, spot, behold specialista anim  specialist

sporný adj  controversial sport inan  sport





sportovec anim  sportsman, athlete


speciální adj  special, particular

sportovní adj  sport



spoxitelna fem  savings bank

spvchat impf  to hurry


spotxeba fem  consumption


spotxebitel anim  consumer



spousta fem  plenty


spis inan  file, document, publication spisovatel anim  writer spíš part  rather

spravedlivý adj  just

spravit pf  to fix, repair


splnvní neut  accomplishment, fulfilment


splnit (se) pf  to fulfil, keep, (se) come

spojenec anim  ally



2096 2212

srát impf  to piss off, shit, crap


sraz inan  reunion




srazit (se) pf  to knock down, (se) collide srážka fem  crash, reduction


spojený adj  connected, united, joined

srdce neut  heart


spojit (se) pf  to connect, link, (se) merge



srovnání neut  comparison



srovnat pf  to arrange, compare

spokojenv adv  contentedly, happily


srovnatelný adj  comparable srovnávat impf  to compare


spokojený adj  satisfied, content(ed)




spojovat impf  to connect, link, join spokojenost fem  satisfaction



sranda fem  fun, kidding

spojení neut  conjunction, connection, link

sprcha fem  shower

spustit pf  to launch



spoj inan  connection, link



spravovat impf  to administer, repair

spouítat (si) pf  to count, (si) reckon up spodní adj  bottom

správnv adv  right, correctly správný adj  right, correct


spouívat impf  to lie, consist of



správní adj  administrative





spravedlnost fem  justice


splést (se) pf  to confuse, mistake



správce anim  manager, administrator


splwovat impf  to meet, fulfil


správa fem  management, administration



spjatý adj  bound, linked



specifický adj  specific

spekulace fem  speculation



spor inan  dispute, argument



specializovaný adj  specialized

spektrum neut  spectrum


spolupracovník anim  colleague, collaborator,



speciálnv adv  specially



spolupracovat impf  to cooperate


spaní neut  sleep(ing)


spolupráce fem  cooperation




spoleunost fem  company, society

spolu adv  together


spálit (se) pf  to burn, (se) get burnt

spát impf  to sleep


spoleuník anim  partner, companion

spoléhat impf  to rely



spolek inan  club, association

spadat impf  to come under, incline

spánek inan  sleep



spáchat pf  to commit


spoleuenství neut  community, association


soustxedit (se) pf  to concentrate

související adj  related


spoleuenský adj  social



3459 3539

srozumitelný adj  comprehensible, intelligible


228  srpen

srpen inan  August

stíhat impf  to prosecute, manage


stabilita fem  stability

stihnout pf  to manage, catch


stabilní adj  stable, fixed


stauit impf  to do, suffice


stadión inan  stadium

stín inan  shadow, shade stížnost fem  complaint

stadium neut  stage, phase

sto num  hundred


stáhnout pf  to pull down, withdraw, download stahovat impf  to pull down, withdraw, gather stále adv  all the time, permanently, still stálý adj  constant, permanent, steady stan inan  tent


stánek inan  stall, kiosk

století neut  century

470 1289

strach inan  fear


stanovisko neut  standpoint

stranický adj  party


stranou adv  aside, aloof


starat se impf  to take care, be concerned starost fem  worry, responsibility starosta anim  mayor


strašlivý adj  terrible, horrific

strategický adj  strategic strategie fem  strategy


staxec anim  old man

strava fem  food, diet


stáxí neut  age, old age

stráž fem  guard

statistický adj  statistical statistika fem  statistics

stres inan  stress


strkat (se) impf  to push stroj inan  machine


stav inan  condition, state



strhnout pf  to tear down, yank



státní adj  state, national

strom inan  tree


stávající adj  current, existing



struunv adv  briefly, concisely struuný adj  brief, concise


stavba fem  construction, building

struktura fem  structure


stavební adj  construction, architectural stavvt impf  to build, construct


stejnv part  equally, anyway


stxed inan  centre






stxedovvký adj  medieval




stxela fem  bullet, missile


stxelec anim  shooter, sniper


stxet inan  conflict, clash


stvžovat si impf  to complain




stxední adj  central, middle stxecha fem  roof



stvží adv  hardly, scarcely


stxedisko neut  centre


stejný adj  the same

strýc anim  uncle

stxeda fem  Wednesday


stvhovat (se) impf  to move, migrate

stezka fem  path





strop inan  ceiling


stávat (se) impf  to stand, cost, (se) happen,

stavit se pf  to drop in



strejda anim  uncle


statek inan  estate, farm




struit pf  to push




strávit pf  to spend, digest


stát (se) impf/pf  to stand, cost, (se) happen, stát inan  state, country



strašný adj  terrible, dreadful




strašnv adv  terribly, awfully



start inan  take-off, start



stránka fem  side, page, aspect


stanovit pf  to determine, set


strana fem  side, page, party


stxíbrný adj  silver




stovka fem  hundred, 100-crown note

stanovený adj  set, fixed, stipulated

stehno neut  thigh



stoupnout (si) pf  to rise, step, (si) stand up



stanovení neut  determination, fixing

stvna fem  wall

stolek inan  table

stoupat impf  to rise, climb


stanice fem  station, channel




stojící adj  standing, stationary

stoprocentnv adv  totally, absolutely, for sure

standardní adj  standard





stopa fem  trace, footprint



standard inan  standard

starý adj  old


stisknout pf  to press, squeeze








štbstí  229 

stxíbro neut  silver

symbol inan  symbol


stxídat (se) impf  to change, (se) take turns stxílet impf  to shoot, fire student anim  student studie fem  study

syn anim  son

studium neut  studies, research

šampionát inan  championship


šance fem  chance


stupew inan  level, stage, degree

styl inan  style, manner

šedesát num  sixty


šedivý adj  grey 2393

šedý adj  grey

sucho neut  drought, dryness


šéf anim  boss, head

syl fem  salt

šest num  six



šestý num  sixth


sundat (si) pf  to take off, remove, (si) put off super adv  super


surovina fem  ingredient, raw material

široký adj  wide, broad

svátek inan  holiday, name day

šíxka fem  width, breadth


škála fem  scale, range




škola fem  school

svazek inan  bunch, volume


školka fem  nursery school

svvduit impf  to testify, show svvdectví neut  testimony

svvxit (se) pf  to confide

šok inan  shock


španvlský adj  Spanish




špatnv adv  sick, wrong, incorrectly špatný adj  bad, wrong


šperk inan  jewel




špiukový adj  top, peak

svíuka fem  candle


špinavý adj  dirty, filthy

svírat impf  to hold, clutch

svítit impf  to shine, be alight


št’astnv adv  happily, cheerfully


svléknout (se) pf  to take off, (se) get undressed


št’astný adj  happy št’áva fem  juice


svobodný adj  free, single, unmarried


štáb inan  headquarters, staff, crew






špiuka fem  tip, peak





svvtový adj  world

svyj pron  one’s


šwyra fem  cord, line, string



svoboda fem  freedom



šlapat impf  to step, walk

svést pf  to seduce, be able to do

svvtlo neut  light


školství neut  education



svvdomí neut  conscience

svvtlý adj  light

školní adj  school




škoda fem  damage, pity


svvdek anim  witness



svaz inan  union, federation

svvtelný adj  light



šíxit (se) impf  to spread, distribute


svatební adj  wedding, marriage

svvt inan  world



šíxení neut  spread, dissemination


svatba fem  wedding

svatý adj  saint, holy

šetxit impf  to save, protect

šílený adj  mad, insane, terrible



sval inan  muscle



šikovný adj  skilful, handy


svah inan  slope



šestnáct num  sixteen


suma fem  sum


šeptat impf  to whisper


suknv fem  skirt



subjekt inan  subject, theme suchý adj  dry



šedesátý num  sixtieth





šaty inan pl  clothes, dress


stydvt se impf  to be ashamed, be shy styk inan  contact, intercourse




studovat impf  to study, research styl inan  table, desk


systém inan  system




sýr inan  cheese



studijní adj  study


sympatický adj  nice, pleasant



studený adj  cold, chilly


symbolický adj  symbolic






štvdrý adj  generous, open-handed štvstí neut  happiness, (good) luck

4982 924

230  štíhlý

štíhlý adj  slender, slim štít inan  shield, peak

téct impf  to flow


štvát impf  to bother, chase švédský adj  Swedish švýcarský adj  Swiss


teuka fem  dot, full stop


ted’ adv  now


teda part  wow, well



78 102

ted’ka adv  now, these days



tedy part  (and) so, therefore


tehdejší adj  of the period

tábor inan  camp

tehdy adv  then


tabule fem  board, blackboard

tabulka fem  table, bar, schedule tady adv  here


technický adj  technical

4192 1808


technika fem  technology, method technologický adj  technological


tadyhle adv  (over) here


technologie fem  technology

tadyten pron  this (one)


tekutina fem  liquid, fluid

tah inan  pull, thrust, move

telefonní adj  telephone


táhnout (se) impf  to draw, pull, 1349

tajemník anim  secretary

tajemství neut  secret, mystery tajit impf  to hide, keep back tajnv adv  secretly, covertly tajný adj  secret, hidden tak adv  so, like that také part  too, also





taky part  too, also, as well takzvaný adj  so-called


televize fem  television, TV televizní adj  television tvlo neut  body







ten pron  the, that tenhle pron  this


3 2340


tenhleten pron  this (one)

tenký adj  thin


tentýž pron  the same




teoreticky adv  theoretically


teoretický adj  theoretical


tamhle adv  (over) there

teorie fem  theory


tamhleten pron  that (one)


tamten pron  that (one)


teplota fem  temperature

tancovat impf  to dance


teplý adj  warm

tanuit impf  to dance tanec inan  dance



termín inan  deadline, term

taška fem  bag


teroristický adj  terrorist

táta anim  dad


tvsnv adv  just, close(ly)

tatínek anim  daddy tat’ka anim  daddy




terén inan  terrain, ground, landscape


taneuní adj  dance, dancing




teprve part  only





tepelný adj  heat, thermal teplo neut  heat, warmth


tvsný adj  close, tight test inan  test



tentokrát adv  this time

talent inan  talent, gift



tenkrát adv  in those days, (back) then tento pron  this






tenis inan  tennis


takto adv  like this, this way

tamní adj  local


tendence fem  tendency


takxka part  practically

tam adv  there


tempo neut  pace, rate

takovýto pron  such, as follows

talíx inan  plate


tvlesný adj  physical, bodily, corporal

temný adj  dark


takovýhle pron  such, like this

takže conj  so

telefonovat impf  to (tele)phone, call

témvx adv  almost


takový pron  such, so



téma neut  theme, topic



takhle adv  like this, this way


tvleso neut  body, solid (ensemble)


tajemný adj  mysterious, enigmatic




telefon inan  phone, telephone


tahat impf  to pull, force, drag (se) stretch









turnaj  231 

tvsto neut  dough, batter

trend inan  trend


(se) look forward to teta fem  aunt

trénink inan  training


trest inan  punishment


trestný adj  criminal


tvžko adv  heavily, with difficulty tvžký adj  heavy, hard, difficult

trh inan  market


tichý adj  silent, quiet


triuko neut  T-shirt




trik inan  trick, gimmick




trhat impf  to tear, pick




trocha fem  a bit, a little


tisícovka fem  thousand, grand, 1000-crown

trochu adv  a little, a bit


tisíc num  thousand note

trojice fem  threesome


tisk inan  press, print

tisknout (se) impf  to print, (se) press tiskový adj  press


titul inan  title, degree

trpvlivv adv  patiently




trpvt impf  to suffer, tolerate trubka fem  trumpet, pipe


tlak inan  pressure, stress




trpvlivost fem  patience


tlauit (se) impf  to push, press, (se) be crowded

trošku adv  a little, a bit trouba fem  oven, pipe


tiše adv  quietly, silently


trojka fem  (number) three




trvale adv  constantly, permanently


tlustý adj  fat, thick


trvalý adj  lasting, permanent

tma fem  dark(ness)


trvání neut  duration

tmavý adj  dark

touit (se) impf  to turn, shoot tok inan  stream, flow

tržní adj  market


tolik num  so many/much tón inan  tone

tržba fem  receipts, takings


topit (se) impf  to heat, (se) drown

toužit impf  to long


txi num  three

továrna fem  factory, plant tradice fem  tradition

tradiunv adv  traditionally

txicet num  thirty


tramvaj fem  tram


txináct num  thirteen

tudy adv  this way 2040

trapný adj  embarrassing, awkward trasa fem  route, trail, itinerary



tuhý adj  stiff, tough, hard tuk inan  fat


3852 3367


turista anim  tourist


turistický adj  tourist, touristy


trefit pf  to hit, find one’s way


tuhle adv  this, here, the other day

tunel inan  tunnel




tuna fem  ton, tonne


trávit impf  to spend, poison






tudíž conj  therefore 4878

trápit (se) impf  to trouble, worry

trat’ fem  railway, track

txikrát num  three times tu adv  here

transakce fem  transaction

trávník inan  lawn



tragický adj  tragic



txída fem  class, classroom, boulevard


tradiuní adj  traditional, conventional tragedie fem  tragedy



txicátý num  thirtieth





txetina num  third, period





txebaže conj  although, even though txetí num  third


touha fem  longing, desire

tráva fem  grass


txeba part  perhaps, maybe


totiž part  that is, namely



txást se impf  to shiver, shake





trvat impf  to last, take, insist




trestní adj  penal, criminal


tvžce adv  heavily, seriously

ticho neut  silence



trénovat impf  to train, drill, practise


text inan  text, lyrics, script též part  too, also


trenér anim  trainer, coach

tvšit (se) impf  to please, comfort,

turnaj inan  tournament




232  tušení

tušení neut  feeling, idea, hunch


uuitel anim  teacher

tušit impf  to suspect, anticipate


uuitelka fem  (female) teacher

tuzemský adj  domestic, home tužka fem  pencil

údajnv adv  allegedly, reputedly 1131


tváxit se impf  to look, pretend tvor anim  creature

tvrdý adj  hard, tough

udexit pf  to hit, strike


údolí neut  valley


tvrzení neut  statement, hardening


udržovat (se) impf  to keep, maintain,


(se) remain


úhel inan  angle

týden inan  week


uhlí neut  coal, charcoal

týdnv adv  weekly, a week

3139 3664

uchazeu anim  applicant


týkající se adj  concerning, related to týkat se impf  to concern, relate

ucho neut  ear




uchopit pf  to grasp, seize, take



uchovat (se, si) pf  to preserve, (se) remain,


(si) retain


typický adj  typical, characteristic


ujet pf  to miss, drive away



ujistit (se) pf  to assure, (se) make sure


ujít (si) pf  to be fairly good, (si) miss


ujmout se pf  to take charge, adopt ukázat (se) pf  to show (up), point


ublížit (si) pf  to hurt, injure ubohý adj  poor, miserable

ukazatel inan  indicator, signpost


ucítit pf  to feel, smell

ukazovat (se) impf  to show


uklidit pf  to tidy up, clean

úuast fem  involvement, participation úuastník anim  participant



uklízet impf  to tidy up, clean 2439

úkol inan  task, mission

2858 3830


uuebnice fem  textbook


ukonuení neut  termination, ending

úuel inan  purpose, aim


ukonuit pf  to finish

uuení neut  doctrine, learning, teaching úuetní adj/noun  accounting (adj), accountant (noun) úuinek inan  effect

ulice fem  street


úuinný adj  effective, efficient



úloha fem  role, task, duty


uložený adj  deposited, imposed


uuit (se) impf  to teach, (se) learn



uliuka fem  lane, alley


úuinnost fem  efficiency, validity



ulevit (si) pf  to relieve





úkor inan  (at the) expense úleva fem  relief


uuinit pf  to make, render


ukrást pf  to steal




uklidnit (se) pf  to calm down



úuastnit se impf  to participate, take part

úuet inan  account, bill



ukládat impf  to put, save up



uložit pf  to place, lay, put





ukázka fem  demonstration, example


ubytování neut  accommodation úcta fem  respect


udržet (se) pf  to keep, preserve, (se) remain



u prep  at, near


udržení neut  preservation, maintenance


týž pron  the same



tyu fem  post, rod

typ inan  type


údržba fem  maintenance



tvyrce anim  creator, maker

tým inan  team



udvlit pf  to award, grant





úder inan  hit, blow, strike

tvrdit impf  to claim, assert

ty pron  you


udvlat pf  to do, make



tvyruí adj  creative


událost fem  event udvlaný adj  made

tvoxit impf  to create, make, be

tvyj pron  your(s)

údajný adj  alleged

udávat impf  to state, set



tvorba fem  production, works tvrdv adv  hard


údaj inan  (a piece of ) information, datum



tvar inan  shape, form tváx fem  face




utrhnout  233 

umvlec anim  artist umvlý adj  artificial

uruení neut  purpose, determining


umvlecký adj  artistic

uruený adj  intended, assigned


uruit pf  to determine, intend


umvní neut  art, skill

umvt impf  to be able to, can umírat impf  to die

uruitý adj  certain, given


umístvný adj  placed, situated

úrovew fem  level, standard


úxad inan  authority


umístit (se) pf  to place, situate, (se) be placed umožnit pf  to enable, allow


usednout pf  to sit down

úmysl inan  intention, plan umýt pf  to wash, clean

úsek inan  section


úsilí neut  effort


únava fem  weariness, fatigue

úsmvv inan  smile 4845


univerzální adj  universal


uspvt pf  to succeed

643 2034



uspokojení neut  satisfaction



uspokojit pf  to satisfy, accommodate


uplatnvní neut  use, assertion

úspora fem  saving


uplatnit (se) pf  to apply, assert, make use of uplatwovat impf  to apply, assert úplnv adv  completely, entirely


uspoxádání neut  organization, structure ústa neut pl  mouth


ústav inan  institute, institution ústava fem  constitution



upozorwovat impf  to warn, point out


ustoupit pf  to step back, yield, retreat

úprava fem  adjustment, modification


ústxední adj  central, main ušetxit pf  to save


upravit (se) pf  to adjust, edit, (se) tidy up upravovat (se) impf  to arrange, adjust, (se) tidy up

upxesnit pf  to specify, particularize upxímnv adv  sincerely, frankly upxímný adj  frank, sincere



útvk inan  escape, flight


urazit (se) pf  to offend, knock off, 3591





utkání neut  match, game útouit impf  to attack



útouník anim  attacker, striker útok inan  attack


(se) be offended

utéct pf  to run away, escape

utíkat impf  to run




úterý neut  Tuesday


uprostxed prep  in the middle

úraz inan  injury




ústavní adj  constitutional, institutional




ustanovení neut  regulation, designation



upravený adj  tidy, modified



uspoxádat pf  to organize, arrange



úplný adj  complete, total, utter

upozornit pf  to warn, alert

usoudit pf  to conclude

úspvšný adj  successful



upadnout pf  to fall (down), drop

uplynulý adj  past


úspvšnv adv  successfully



usnout pf  to fall asleep úspvch inan  success


univerzita fem  university, college

uplynout pf  to pass, expire



usmívat se impf  to smile


uniknout pf  to escape, leak

upéct pf  to bake



usmát se pf  to smile 3713

unikat impf  to escape, leak

únor inan  February



uslyšet pf  to hear



unikátní adj  unique



uskuteunit (se) pf  to realize, (se) take place

uniforma fem  uniform únik inan  escape, leak



usilovat impf  to strive, endeavour



unést pf  to be able to carry, kidnap unie fem  union


úxední adj  office, administrative usadit (se) pf  to seat, (se) settle





úxedník anim  clerk, officer


umožwovat impf  to enable, allow

unavený adj  tired



uruovat impf  to determine, choose


umístvní neut  position, placement

umxít pf  to die


uruitv part  definitely, certainly






utratit pf  to spend, destroy utrhnout pf  to tear off, pick

3822 4962




234  utrpení

utrpení neut  suffering útvar inan  formation

váhat impf  to hesitate


utrpvt pf  to suffer, sustain

vajíuko neut  egg


váleuný adj  war


uvádvt impf  to say, state, present


vana fem  bath


uvedení neut  introduction, launch, release uvedený adj  stated, mentioned

uvvxit pf  to believe



vánouní adj  Christmas


varianta fem  variant, variation varovat impf  to warn


váš pron  your(s)


2111 1542


vášew fem  passion




vaxit impf  to cook, boil



vázat (se) impf  to bind, (se) bond


uvítat pf  to welcome

uvnitx adv  inside, indoors

vážený adj  respected, dear


úvod inan  introduction, preface

vážnv adv  seriously, truly


uvolnvní neut  loosening, release, relaxation uvolnvný adj  relaxed, loose


uvolnit (se) pf  to loosen, release, (se) relax uzavírat (se) impf  to close, conclude




vuera adv  yesterday



vdvuný adj  grateful


úzce adv  closely, narrowly


vvc fem  thing, stuff


území neut  area, territory


vvcný adj  factual, matter-of-fact

úzkost fem  anxiety úzký adj  narrow


veuer adv  in the evening


veuerní adj  evening

uznání neut  praise, recognition, credit


uznat pf  to acknowledge, recognize


uznávaný adj  respected, renowned


uznávat impf  to acknowledge, recognize už adv  already, any more úžasný adj  amazing užiteuný adj  useful



vvdecký adj  scientific, scholarly


vedení neut  management, leadership



vedený adj  led by, guided, maintained


vvdvt impf  to know


vedlejší adj  adjoining, side



vvdomí neut  awareness, consciousness


vvdomý adj  aware, conscious


vedoucí adj/noun  leading (adj),


vada fem  defect, flaw

head, chief (noun)


vadit impf  to mind, bother

vedro neut  heat, hot


váha fem  weight, importance, scales


vejce neut  egg




vedle prep  beside, next to


v prep  in, at


vvdec anim  scholar 2092

užívat (si) impf  to use, take, (si) have a good uživatel anim  user


vvuný adj  eternal, everlasting, never-ending vvda fem  science


užívání neut  use, usage



vvunv adv  forever, eternally 3142


užít (si) pf  to use, (si) enjoy



veuexe fem  dinner, supper veuírek inan  party



veuer inan  evening, night






vuetnv prep  including


uzavxít (se) pf  to close, conclude

vuas adv  on time, in time vuerejší adj  yesterday’s


uzavxený adj  closed, withdrawn

vážný adj  serious, grave



vcelku part  on the whole, altogether


uzavxení neut  closing, closure



vážit (si) impf  to weigh, (si) esteem


úvodní adj  opening, introductory

územní adj  territorial


vazba fem  relationship, tie, binding




varování neut  warning

uvést pf  to say, state, introduce uvidvt pf  to see




uvvdomovat si impf  to realize úvvr inan  loan, credit

válka fem  war

valný adj  overwhelming, general, good


uvažovat impf  to think, consider

uvvdomit si pf  to realize


válet (se) impf  to roll, lounge


úvaha fem  consideration, contemplation uvaxit pf  to boil, cook



788 3827



volant  235 

vejít (se) pf  to enter, walk in, (se) fit vvk inan  age

viditelný adj  visible


veletrh inan  (trade) fair velice adv  very

vila fem  villa



vinný adj  guilty, wine


víno neut  wine, grape


veliký adj  big, great, large


velitel anim  commander


víra fem  belief, faith

velký adj  big, great, large


viset impf  to hang

ven adv  out

vítvz anim  winner


venkov inan  country



vítvzný adj  victorious, winning

3483 3826

vítvzství neut  victory

venku adv  outside, outdoors


vítr inan  wind

vvnovaný adj  devoted

viz impf  see


vvnovat (se) impf  to give, devote, (se) go in vvrný adj  loyal, faithful


vexejnost fem  public


vexejný adj  public


412 1752

veselý adj  cheerful, merry vesmvs adv  mostly

vlákno neut  fibre



vesnice fem  village


vliv inan  influence


vloni adv  last year





vložit pf  to insert, put, place

3735 1798

vnvjší adj  outside, external vnímání neut  perception


vnímat impf  to perceive




4520 1485

vnitro neut  interior (ministry)


vhodný adj  suitable, appropriate 2446

víceménv part  more or less



vnitxní adj  inner, internal voda fem  water


vodní adj  water


voják anim  soldier


vídat (se) impf  to see

vidvní neut  seeing, vision





vojenský adj  military





vlna fem  wave, wool


vézt impf  to drive, carry

vchod inan  entrance


vlhký adj  wet, damp

vvzení neut  prison, jail, imprisonment vvznice fem  prison

vlastnit impf  to own

vlézt pf  to get into, go into


vvzew anim  prisoner


vlevo adv  left, on/to the left



vvtšinou adv  mostly

vlastník anim  owner

vlastnost fem  quality, feature



vvtšina fem  majority


vlastnictví neut  ownership, property

veškerý pron  whole, entire, every vvta fem  sentence

vlastní adj  own, actual



vést impf  to lead, guide


vlastnv part  actually, as a matter of fact



vesmír inan  universe



vlast fem  homeland




vládní adj  government

vlas inan  hair


vesele adv  cheerfully, merrily

vid’ part  right


vláda fem  government

vlak inan  train


vvxit impf  to believe

vevnitx adv  inside

vize fem  vision

vládnout impf  to govern

vvxící adj/noun  faithful (adj), believer (noun)

vvtev fem  branch



vkládat impf  to insert, put




vkus inan  taste, style

vexejnv adv  publicly

vvž fem  tower




verze fem  version



venkovský adj  country, rural

ves fem  village


vítat impf  to greet, welcome


verš inan  verse



vina fem  guilt, fault, blame


velikost fem  size, extent

velmi adv  very


víkend inan  weekend



vojsko neut  army, troops


video neut  video


volání neut  call, cry out

vidvt impf  to see


volant inan  steering wheel

4501 4403



236  volat

volat impf  to call

vtipný adj  funny, witty, smart


volba fem  election, choice

vtom adv  suddenly


vole interj  man, (you) idiot voliu anim  voter

vybec part  at all


volební adj  election, electoral volit impf  to choose, elect volnv adv  freely, loose volný adj  free, vacant

vyz inan  vehicle vy pron  you

vpravo adv  right, on/to the right


výbornv adv  very well


výborný adj  excellent





head waiter (noun)

vybudovat pf  to build (up)

vyuistit pf  to clean





vyuítat (si) impf  to blame, reproach výdaj inan  expense


vrstva fem  layer, (social) class

vydaný adj  published, released

vstát pf  to get up, stand up 930

vstxíc prep  towards


vstup inan  entrance, entering vstupní adj  entrance, input vstupovat impf  to enter

vydvlat (si) pf  to earn, make (money)


vstávat impf  to get up, stand up vstoupit pf  to enter


vydvlávat (si) impf  to earn, make (money) vydržet pf  to stand, last, hold on


vyhlásit pf  to declare, announce


vyhláška fem  (public) notice, regulation


výhled inan  view, outlook


vyhledat pf  to look up

všední adj  ordinary, week(day) všechen pron  all, everything



vyhledávat impf  to search



vyhlídka fem  view, prospect



vyhnat pf  to expel, throw out


všeobecnv adv  generally, in general všeobecný adj  general, common



vyhnout se pf  to avoid, evade

3751 1749

výhoda fem  advantage, privilege

všímat si impf  to notice


vyhodit pf  to throw (away)


všimnout si pf  to notice


výhodný adj  advantageous


všude adv  everywhere vtexina fem  second




1908 3003

vyhlášení neut  announcement, declaration



všelijaký pron  various


vydávat (se) impf  to publish, (se) set out




vydat (se) pf  to publish, (se) set out


vskutku part  indeed



vydání neut  expenses, publication, edition


vsadit (se) pf  to put money on, embed,




vyuerpat (se) pf  to exhaust


vrcholný adj  top, supreme

vtip inan  joke


vybrat pf  to choose, select, collect výbuch inan  explosion, outburst


vrchní adj/noun  top, chief (adj),




vybraný adj  selected, exquisite


vrhat (se) impf  to throw, cast, (se) jump into



výbor inan  committee, a