A cumulative index to Volumes I-VI of Iter Italicum

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data (Revised for vol. 6) Kristeller, Paul Oskar, 1905lter ltalicum. Subtitle, v. 3Accedunt alia itinera. lndex to vol. 3, published separately. Vol. 4-6 published: London : Warburg & lnstitute ; Leiden : E. J. Brill. Contents: v. l. ltaly; Agrigento to Novarav. 2. ltaly; Orvieto to Volterra, Vatican City -[etc.]- v. 6. (ltaly III and Alia Itinera IV) Supplement to Italy (G-V), supplement to Vatican and Austria to Spain. l. Humanists-Manuscripts-Union lists. 2. Humanism-Manuscripts-Union lists. 3. Manu-scripts, Latin (Medieval and modem)-Union lists. 4. Manuscripts, Renaissance-Union lists. 5. Catalogs, Union. l. Tttle. Z6611.H8K7PA57 001.3 64-3533 ISBN 90-04-06925-9 (Netherlands : Brill ; v. 3)

Die Deutsche Bibliothek - CIP-Einheitsaufnahme Kristeller, Paul Oskar: Iter ltalicum : accedunt alia itinera ; a tinding list of uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued humanistic manuscripts of the renaissance in ltalian and other libraries l by Pau! Oskar Kristeller.- Leiden ; New York ; Koln : Brill. Teilw. veri. vom Warburg-lnst.. London

NE:HST Cumulative index. Vol. l - 6 (1996) ISBN 90--04-10592-1

ISBN 90 04 l 0592 l © Copyright /997 by E.i. Brii/, Leiden, The Netherlands

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PREFACE FROM THE PUBLISHER The publication of the CD-ROM version of the Iter Italicum in 1995 finally offered scholars full access to Paul Oskar Kristeller's monumental six-volume work. However, for various reasons many will want to keep using the printed volumes alongside the digitai version. For instance, only the indexes take into account pseudonyms and tacit attributions of specific works, something which the digitai version cannot. lt has long been recognized that with a work of this scale and complexity good access to the materia! is of prime importance. The printed volumes each have their own index, some bound with the volume, some published individually. This makes searching for specific entries very cumbersome and time-consuming. It was therefore decided to integrate the individuai indexes into one whole. An attempt has been made to collect ali mentions of the same person under a single entry, and when a person appears in the catalogue under a name that is distant alphabetically from the main entry, a cross reference is usually given. However, in automatically generating this cumulative index it was soon discovered that in the thirty-odd years in which the individuai indexes were compiled, the rules for lemmatizing the same name had varied considerably-especially in the indexes to Volumes I-IV. For instance, the same person is sometimes lemmatized under his or her Latin name, sometimes in its vemacular equivalent. It should be stated clearly that we have not attempted to hannonize these-admittedly awkward-discrepancies, other than to group together those entries under the same lemma which wi.tJund any sluulow of a douht refer to the same person. Although many instances thus remain where a scholar will be surprised to find severa! entries which obviously refer to the same person, we as publisher definitely did not want to impose an interpretative layer on the individuai indexes. When we have joined entries, we have opted to group them under the simplest fonn of the entry. As with the originai separate indexes, the user still should look under every possible fonn or part of the name of a given person before concluding that the person is not mentioned in the index or in the volumes.

This is primarily an index of proper names. Anonymous texts have been entered under their titles, subjects or literary genres. Names have been italicized when there is never reference to authors or texts (or senders of letters), and roman characters have been used if the person appears at least once as an author. Page numbers have been italicized if they indicate a name which does not appear as an author, whereas roman numerals indicate that the names occurs at least once as an author. A page number is followed by an asterisk when the same name appears more than once on



that page. Apocryphal writings have been entered under the authors to whom they were attributed, and translators and commentators have been treated as authors. The individuai printed indexes were over the years scrutinously compiled under the auspices of the Warburg Institute, London. Given the limitations of this cumulative index, as stated above, EJ. Brill wants to make it clear that the defects and flaws it will contain are solely attributable to the publisher, and should not reflect in any way on the Warburg lnstitute or Professar Kristeller. Even so, we hope this work will help the scholarly community to fully explore the wealth of the Iter ltalicum.

INDEX l 135, 217; Il 27; Ili 525a; VI 64b* A. Ar. Il 460 A. de Aversa su Petrucci, Antonello A. card. Avinioneruis MJt Alamu A. Bavarus Dingolfin~nsis III 743a A. card. S. Chrysogoni III 184a; MJt Cerda, Antonius de la A. Conchen. archipresbiter IV 590b A. de Florentia, frater Ili 158b A y G., DJ.L. IV 653a A Grap. III 79a A. ÙDIIinisis ep. VI l 7a A. Panorrnita, Johannes de IV 29lb A. IWurus Il 537 A. de RAS. II 333 A. de Senis III 332b A. SyL l 87 A de Venetia, frater Ili 158b A epixop~H Caesenas su Malatesta, Antonius A. epixopus Caveruis IV /30b; MJt Fuscus, Angelottus A. ef!i.scopw F7ortnlinw IU 85a A episcopus Forliviensis MJt Numai A epixopus Laudensis su Bemeriis, Ant. de A episcopus Silvensis ser Alvarus A tituli S. Chrysogoni Presb. Card. MJt Cerda, Antonius de la A, Frater V 218b A.B. Il 291 A.C. IU 192a* A.C. Florentinus l 248 A.C.S.R. VI 17a AF. l 385; Il 526 A. L Il 526; VI 291 a A.R. II 526* A.R.LI. III 430b AS. VI 166a AS.R. III 80b AV. IV 6lb; VI 27lb A Y.S.E. Il 258 Aa, Gerard~U vander (Lovaniensis) IV 324b Aa, Nicolaus vander III Il Ob Aa, Van den III 86b Aagardus, Christian~U Ili 283a A.

Aaron sa Aron Aaronw Jenex lll 454a, 684a Abacw, trraJi.Jts on the V 287b, 563a, 564a, 577a, 584b, 603b, 61 Ob; VI 164a, 391 a, 396a, 479b, 48lb Abagarus, Bartholomeus l 303 Abaiistretius, Pttrw Aloysius III 3 44a Abano, Petrus de su Petrus de Abano Abarbanel, lsaac V 86a AbaTCa de &lea tt Caslro, Martinus (MllTifULJ de T orw) IV 535b Abarco, Joseph SJ. IV 334a Abarigi, Baccio di Uxiouico V 625b Abaris II 494; III 491 a; IV l Ob, 244b, 588a Abate, Philippus de II 362 Abatibus, Antonius de II 69 Abatius Archimandrita III 55la Abbaco see aiJo Paolo Dagomari dell' Abbaco Abbaco, Giovanni del maestro Luca dell' V 307b Abbaco, Paolo dell' l 86, 99, 118, 182, 240; II 34, 453; VI 164a, 48lb Abbaco, libro d' l 360 Abbati, Baldo Agnolo II 583 Abbatia, Johannes Baptista Mutinensis V 145a Abbatius, Baldus Angelus VI Ila* Abbatw II 43 l Abbianus III 348b Abbioso, Camillo V 421 b Abbi oso, Ottavio Il 54 7 Abbioso see aiJo Abiosus Abbot, Geo~, Archbishop of Canterbury VI 558b Ab bot, Robert IV 5 7b Abbreviandi, llTS Ili l l 2a Abbreuialione.r antique III 124a Abbrroiation.r Il 374; V 598a Abbundius, A. IV 375a Abdingho/ Ili 685a Abedellus, F.N. l 329 Abt~ Ltonardw l 120 Abel, Michael VI 539a AbtlardUJ, Pttrw V 90a• Abtl.linatum princeps IV l 05b AbtliuJ Amtrinw l 13 AbtliuJ, )olumneJ V 395a Abenathar, Thesiphon V 323a*; su Thesiphon Abenathar

Abenezra (Avenezra) l 45; Il 545; IV 593a, 673a; V 66a, 143a*, 152b, 590a; MJt Avenezra Abenzoar (Avenzoar) IV 307b, 458a Abtrdem, Rtryal Co~ o/ IV 4a• Abtrii, }{ulwlo d'AIIJonio dt(,li l 217 Aberlinus, Johannes Henricus v 15lb Abemethy, Adam IV 19b, 25b Abetzig, Johannes Ili 608b Abgaris VI 39a Abgarus l 191; II 130, 550; III IOla; V 406a Abhauser, Johannes IV 406a, 425a Abiak, Giovanni d' VI 48 l h Abiate, Jacobus de IV 96a, 98b, 559b, 569a, 660b Abila, Ludavicw V 53lb Abiland, Joannes VI 187b AbioJW, Augwlinus II 3 76 AbioJW, )olumneJ Il 11 Abiosus, Johannes Baptista V 283a, 522a Abizarch, Alpharinus VI 489a Abmafar Ili 248b Abo Abulith l 379 Abondio, A. VI 582a Abraharn l 14; IV 91 b Abraham Ben David VI 69b Abraham Erfurdianus V 79b Abrahamjudaeus l 301; Il 47; Ili 495a; V 328a*; VI 357a, 359a Abraharn Judeus Tintortuosiensis VI 12a Abraham Judeus Tortuosiensis 325b Abraham Patriarcha VI 69b Abraham Simonis Ili 724a Abraham ibn Ezra su Avenezra Abraham von Memmingcn Ili 496b• Abraham, magister Il 312 Abrahamus V 300a; VI 350b Abraharnus Cretensis monachus Cassinensis II 595 Abrethnethius, Adamus su Abemethy, Adam Abril, Pedro Simon IV 528b, 532a, 559a; V 275b Absp"f:tr, Johannes III 454b


2 Absternius, Johannes Petrus II 198, 203*, 204, 205, 264; VI 12a*, 12b* Abstemius, Laurcntius l u•, 117, 259; II 98, 242, 252, 377, 444; III 273b, 285a, 41Ia•, 564b-: rv 1ooa. 1oab, 300b*; VI 240a Absternius, M. III 16la Absternius, Nicolaus l 235 Absternius, Paulus episcopus Transy1vaniensis lV 677a, 679a Abstemius see also Astemio; Franciscuccius Abstinmtitl III 514a Abubacher lV 88b, 533a Abugasari lV 77b Abu1afia, Abraham II 604* Abumasar III 248b(?) S. Abundius l 354 Abutrosden see Averroes Acacia, Martinus the y oungt:r rv 224a Acacius IV 367a; V 333b• Academia Barberiniana (Rome) Il 135 Acadernia Corytiana (Rome) l 67 Acatkmia EurtaJhill (llomL) Il 45 l Academia a Fumo VI la Academia Mcdicea (Florence) l 219 Academia Parthenia (Siena) II 156 Academia Palauina (Padua) II 460 Academia RLgiomonJana III 43 l b A cademia SaJana III 14 7b Academia Suba/pirul stt Mondoui, Unwmiry Academia, traclalu.s dt VI 303a Academic discourst V 292b Academic kctures VI 19b Academi.c oralitms and dispuùJtions III 373a• Academici Soporati VI 7a AcadtmUs l 166; II 32; VI 7a•, 20a, 21 a, 35b, 235a ... stt also Urbino; Vmia Academy ILctures l 65, 167, 262 Acadmry. slilbdLs of IDI V 57 5a Acardus Siculus, Marianus IV 596a Acasa, Francesco della V 545b Acata see Aiuta S. Acaliu.s II 338 Acavedius, P. lV 512a Acbar IV 208a Accadtmia dtgli A.ffuio.ti I 278, 290, 292. 304; Il 51 •, 529, 532, 553; VI 28/b Accademia dtgli A.ffumati V 502b Accademia dt_P,li Altrrab (Norma) I 85•. 89. 1/7, 124, 125•, 128, 13'1, 137; Il 340, 515;


V 370b, 545a, 556b, 609a.., VI 282b Accademia Ambrosiana VI 35b* Accademia dtgli Ardtnti V 5 l Ob Accademia BocchiatuJ V 497a Accademia dtl card. Borromeo (Rome) II 96 Accademia dtl Cimmlo I 86, l 47; 545b Accademia dti Corifùsi VI 154a Accademia dti CostanJi (Camerino) l 39 Accatkmia dtlla Crusca l 63; II 150, 455; III 146b; VI 154a, l 64a, 196a*; see f7orma Accademia Dtlill (Padua) II l 9 Accademia dt' Dtsiasi V 544a Accademia dtl Distgrw V 554b Accademia dtgli Eccmtri V 570b Accademia dtgli Eccmtrici (Pmlgia) I III Accadtmia dtgli Elevati I 6 l, 353; VI 2la Accademia dti Fliartti III 3 O9a • Accademia dti FJomaJi (Siena) III 304b Accatkmia Fiortnlina I 88, l 06, l Il, l 17•, 1/8, 136, 144, 146, 166, 167•, 200, 207, 209, 219•, 221, 223 ... Il 108, 125, 271, 453•, 467, 512; III 304a ... VI l 72a, 282b, 283a;




Accadmzia dti Gtlati V 5 08b Accadmzia dti Grane/Jeschi (Rorru) II 125 Accademia dtgli Hmruifi'rxiiti VI 240b Accademia dtgli Humidi V 562a Accademia dtgli Humoristi (Rorru) Il 339; IV 232b; VI 26la Accademia dtll'lllwtrissimo VI 197a Accademia dtgli lnjiammaJi (Padua?) I 16 7 Accademia dtgli Informi I l l 7; VI 316b Accademia dtgli llllliJSflrati VI 308b Accademia dtgli lnn.ominati (Panna) II 32, 552; VI l 85a Accademia dtgli Inquieti (Siena) Il 150 Accademia dtgli lnsmsati VI /9 9b, 235a*, 314b Accademia dtgli Intrepidi (FtTTaTa) I 432; V 539a Accademia dtgli lnlroruJJi Il l 7O; III 146b; V 408a, 5!8a; VI 216a Accademia dtgli bwaghiJi (Mantua) I 268; Il 32, 552 Accademia dei Lincei (Rome) 1 147; rv II5b; v 585b, 5B6a; VI 15/b•, 153a, 34Bb• Accademia dti UJcidi (Florma) I 146

Accademia Methcta (f7ormct} Il 464 Accademia di Napoli III 300a Accadmzia 0/imftìca II 559; III 146b, 147a; lV 2 Ha; VI 274b Accademia dtgli Oscuri (Lucca) l 258 Accademia PartlrtnUJ VI 3 49a Accadmzia dti Ptll.tgrini (Vmi.ct) II 32, 552 Accademia dtl Piarw (f7orma) Il 5// Accadmzia dti PitJori d SculJori (Rorru) lV 521 b Accademia PonJaniana (Naples) II 545• Accademia RicovraJa VI 3 45b Accademia Romano. (Rome) I 59, 269; Il /74, 407, 434, 454 Accademia Rovidiana (Pavia) I 318 Accademia dti Row (Siena) III 304b, 305a; sa Siena Accademia dtlu ~t t &LIL uunr (MID!tua} III 4 l 2a• Accademia dtgli Scioili (FtmU!?) r 388 Accadtmia dti Selvaggi IV l 15a; v 208a Accademia dt' Signori lnnominati (Panna) IV 574a Accademia dti Siuni V 291 b Accademia dti SoliJarii (Paimrw) II 30 Accademia dtlla Sulla (Messina) IV 78b Accademia dti Tessuti VI 308 b Accademia Trbtrina V 172a Accademia dtgli Umiliati (Rome) II 452 Accademia dtgli Umorosi di Corto11i1 VI 167b Accademia dtgli Uniti (Flnrma, Pisa) I 91 Accademia dtgli Uniti' (Vmi.ct) Il 281, 577 Accademia Vmtta (Vmia) I 21; Il 161, 455 Accademia Victnlina VI 56/a Accademia dti Vwi VI 128a Accademia di VolJtrTa II l 61 Accademrà di Banchi di ROTTiil VI 20a Accademici Humoristi V 23 7b Accademici, corndia r rimr di vari III 304b Accademicus Vdatus Jtt Latens Accardus, Marianus IV 3+0b Accarigi, Cl~mente VI 188a Accarisio, Alberto I 61 Accarisio, Benedeno II '27S Accarisius, Jacobus, ep. Vestanus VI 410a Acrarolus stt Acciaiuoli Arrmls. trratistJ an I 2'1'2, 413;


III 36b, 263a, 282a•, 286a, 346a; IV 74b, 76a, 132a, 282b, 355b Accwus III 9la, 611b, 746b; IV 119b, 120a, 184a, 368b, 630b, 63la Accetto, Reginaldo V 356b Acchiappati, L=nardo IU 312b Acciaiolus, Angelus, Bishop oJ Flormct V 54/b Acciaiolus, ]olulnMs V 463a Acciaiolus, Nicolaus V 272b, 279a• Acciaiolus, :(atUJ!Jius VI 334a Acciaiolus, Zenobius, O.P. V l 7 l b, 362a, 5 74b, 590a Acciaiuoli (Azarolus), Donato V 89a, 194a, 229a, 346b, 348a, 382a, 403b, 495a*, 532b, 54/b, 552a, 558a, 573b*, 574a*, 574b•, 576b, 577a, 582a*, 583a, 600b, 60la, 607b*, 620a, 623a*, 623b Acciaiuoli (eques Rhoclius, 1450) I 107 Aa:iaWolifami!Y I 87, 3/5; II 386; V 371 b, 403a; VI 4Bb Acciaiuoli, Al=andro I 64~ II 309 Acciaiuoli, Andrea IV 629a Acciaiuoli, Angelo I 36, 114, /35, 137, 148, 174, 214, 267, 277, 345; n sa•, 262, 314, 339, 370*, 398, 442; III 306b, 307b, 30Ba; IV 4/a, 254b, 490a, 56/a; v 171b, 586b Acciaiuoli. Angelo, D.P. I 315 Acciaiuoli, Angelo, bishop oJ Flormct II 385 Acciaiuoli, &neddlo di :(lliWbi V /Oa Acciaiuoli, Carlo V 55 7b Acciaiuoli, Dardano I 155; V l Oa Acciaiuoli, Donato II l, 9, 29, 59*, 65, 76, 82, 102*, 107, 110, Il l, 142,144, 145*, 222,257, 267' 309, 364, 385•, 387*, 397' 401' 405*, 423, 456, 475, 489, 490, 508, 512, 515*, 518, 547; III 69b*, 83b, 129b*, 290b, 329a, 368b, 651 b, 733a; IV 172b, 198a, 250b*, 25/a, 252a, 255b•, 342b, 347b*, 353b. 427b, 467b, 56/a, 580b*, 623b, 625a; VI 4b, 5a, 13b, 167a*, 207b, 29&•, 298b•, 333b, 406b*, 620b Acciaiuoli, Donato eli Jacopo I (1396) 79 Acciaiuoli, Donato eli Neri I 14*, 26, 57-58, 65, 67, 70, 71, 75, 76, 85, 86, 90, 92, 98, 100*, 106, 107*, 108*, 111, 114, 120, 121, 125*, 126*, 128*, 132, 133*, 137, 139*, 140*, 141*, 143, 159*, 162, 168, 175, 176,

193, 194, /96, 200, 206*, 208*, 209, 210*, 214*, 216*, 227*, 228, 229*, 232, 241*, 243*, 244, 246, 247'", 248*, 250, 255*, 277, 315*, 338, 345, 364, 380, 381*, 404, 4{)7, 414, 429 Acciaiuoli, Donato eli Roberto (cavaliere eli Rocli, s. XVI) I 88, 137'", 232, 388; II 454, 464, 506, 511 Acciaiuoli, Donato the Elder v 595b Acciaiuoli, Donato the Younger III 426b*; VI 270a Acciaiuol~ Giovanni I 107, /08; III 733a Acciaiuoli, Giovanni Battista VI 343b Acciaiuoli, Jacopo I 61, 65, 67, 70, 114, 115*, 131, 133, 265, 266*, 378, 392; II 361, 386, 555; IV 252a; V 609b; VI /3b, 93a, 406b Acciaiuoli, L. I l 08 Acciaiuoli, Lorenzo I /33, 209; V 557a, 574b Acciaiuoli, Ntri V 346a Acciaiuoli, Nrccolo IV 485a, 557b, 640a Acciaiuoli, Nicola I 64, 65, 79•, 88, 90, 98, 99, 102, 121, 127•, 133, 137, 166, 214, 2!7•, 2/B•, 220•, 221, 228•, 239, 243, 328, 335, 357, 429•, 432, 435; II 24, 34, 36, 104, 115, 167, 247, 273, 278, 308, 330, 360, 369, 439, 440, 453, 454, 464•, 487, 488•, 506, 511; III 47a, 230b, 304a, 350a, 426b~ v 28/a, 288b, 347b, 37lb, 459a, 58/a; VI 7b, Ila, 206a, 336a, 377a, 386b, 393b, 593b Acciaiuoli, Pandolfo II 378 Acciaiuoli, Pier Antonio I 56; II 38, 49*, 243 Acciaiuoli, Piero l /4, 19, 70, 90, 209, 378; Il 82 Acciaiuoli, Pietro VI 190a Acciaiuoli, Roberto l 72, III, 147, 148*, 172, 250; II 33, 515; IV 87b, 88a, 234b; V 342a, 4D8b, 552a, 554a*, 555b, 600b*, 60la, 624a*; VI 167b, 316a* Acciaiuoli, Tommaso, O.P. II 266 Acciaiuoli, Vincenzo I 215; V 594a Acciaiuoli, Zanobi l 65, 70, 75*, 129, 130, 142*, 155, /64, 210, 315; II 324, 355*, 359, 374, 412, 430*, 462; IV 294b, 434b, 495b Acciaiuolus, Archilaus IV 94b


Acciapaccio, cani. Nrcolaus dt (Capuanus) I 380; IV l Ob, 140b, 58&; V 247b Acciarini, Tideo I 53, 331; II 201, 440, 441, 443, 458; Ili /66b Acciarinus, Tydaeus IV 652b; V 437b, 612a Acciarolus (Azaiolus), Petrus V 54Da Acciarolus, Petrus Antonius v 539b Acciarolus ste Acciaiuoli Acciopaccio, card. S. Marcdli VI 16b Accisius, Himmyrrws IV 297a Accius II 363; III 395a; ste also Acciaiuoli Acclozarnora, LeoneUus I 245*, 327 Accolli, Al=andro I l 00; II 35 Accolti, Benedetto III 302b, 311a, 702b Accolti, Benedetto (Aretino) chanceUor of Florence IV 107b, /68a, 186a, 277a Accolti, Benedetto eli Michele I /9, 67, 68, 70, 74, 85, 96, 101, 106, 120, 124*, 127*, 131, 136, 145, 146, /69, 214*, 215*, 222*, 223*, 232, 237' 247, 257, 350, 355, 366; II 64, 72, 110, 144, 245, 343, 353, 374, 419, 436 Accolti, carclinal Benedetto, archbishop of Ravenna I 2, 100, 129, 136•, 222*, 249, 378; II 8, 39, 58, 90, 155, 168, 249, 299, 336, 423, 437, 440, 447, 450, 451*, 453, 497*, 513, 543*, 553, 555, 581, 605, 606; III 508a, 614a; IV 44Da Accolti, carclinal Pietro, bishop of Ancona II 470* Accolti, Bernardo WUnico Aretino) I 129, 2!9•, 232, 265; II 45, 80, 272, 276, 376, 464, 470, 476; IV 94b, 234b*, 656a(?); see Accoltus, Bernardus (Unico Aretino) Accolti, Donato Il 68, 434, 555, 557 Accolti, Francesco I 27, 61, 65, 68, 70*, 79, 98, 122, 124, 127*, 170, 180*, 205, 215*, 222*, 223*, 224, 240, 253*, 255, 257, 265*, 267*, 277, 364; II 72, 334, 411' 419, 427, 442, 488, 515, 572; III 48a, 306a, 307a, 482b, 628a, 702b, 707b; IV lOa, 2lb*, 220a(?), 234a, 415b Accolti, Jacopo I 170 Accolti, Michele I 122, 127*, 169; II 343; VI 13b


Accolti, Pietro IV 5 78a Accolti, Pietro card. bishop of Ancona III 21 Oa Accoltis, Benedictus de, card. Ravennas V 147b, 487b, 58/a, 609b AccolJi.s, Bmrtmiw dL VI l 56b Accoltw II 46 l Accoltus, BenedictWI (Aretinus) V 333b, 447b, 46/a Accoltus, Benedictus Michaelis Aretinus, archiep. Ravennas, card. VI 13b, 75b, 90b, 126a, 156b, 287b•, 289b, 378b, 384b•, 389a, 403a, 4D6b, S39b Accoltus, Bemardus (Urùco Aretino) V 2I6b, 217a•, 360b, 40 l a, 441 b, 545a, 585a; VI 21 a, 26Sb, 268a, 269b, 339a, 339b Accoltus, BemardWI, Cardinalis Ravennas VI 12b, 614b Accoltus, Franciscus (Aretinus) V 158a, 216b, 350a, 499b•, S4Sa, S77b, 60Ia, 624b; VI BOb, 137a, 141b, 242a, 242b, 400b, 539b Accoltus, JacobWI V 3S8a Accoltus, Petrus V 586b, 612a Acconciatis, Angelw tU II 77 Acconcius I 208 Accorambona, Vutmia rv 438a Accoramboni Orsirù, Vittoria V 207a, 207b, 409a, 547a, 580a Accoramboni, Felice III 330a, 330b, 562b Accoramboni, Jerome III Il Ob Accoramboni, Ottavio, Bishop of Fossombrone VI 32a Accoramboni, Vittoria I 3IO, 314; VI 47b, 15Sa Accorambonus, Felix VI 349b, 3SOa Accorambonw, Hieronymus V 632a Accorsi see AccurVus Accorso V 594a Accostonibus, Robinus de V 342a, 347b AmnmJ bookr IV S76a; V 271 b, 273a, 273b, 312a, 346b; VI 29la, 59lb, 592a Accrisius, P.-trangdus III 617a Accur.;ii, Franciscus rv 631 a Accur.;ii, Gulidmus VI 506b Accuninus, plryricuJ Il 354; VI 33Ia Accur.;ius l /98; II 492 \'1; III 203b; IV 489a; Accursius fii7TilllfW III 38 I b • Accur.;ius de Parma III 512br>); V 232a; VI 104b Accur.;ius Pistoriensis lll 422a; IV 632he), 649a; VI 366a; su Bonan·ur.;ius


Accursius see BcmWI Accursius; see also Accorso; Bonaccursius Accursius, Casimirus I 287, 306; lll 249b Accursius, Franciscus III 289b, 473b Accursius, Gulidmus III 373a Accursius, Mariangelus I l, 67, 232, 287, 304, 305; Il 114, 352; rv 3S2a, 378b, 402a; v 4a, 34a; VI 324b, 339b, 489b Accursius, Paulus II 40 Accursu di Cremona IV 559b, 560a Acerbi da Bergamo, Mario V248a Aurbus, Anllmius II 3 77• Acerbus, frater Thomas II 215 Acevedo, P. SJ. rv SOBb Achaia III 5 I 5b Acharisio, Alberto VI 62b Achates III 468b*; IV 239b Achemius, Heinrich VI 516b Achesorùus, Archibaldus III 333a(?) AchiJJes M. II 2 I AchiJJes Smmsis iuriwmsvltus I I 58 Achillini, Alessandro I 3, I 6, 20•, 24, 318; II 3, 407; III 83b, 162a(>); VI 377a Achillini, Claudio l 30*, 65, 232, 366, 38S, 386; Il 16, 39, 449, 4S6, S53; III l 4 7a•, 14 7b, 305a, 306a•, 585b; rv IISb; V 208a, 208b, 209a, 3S8a, 359b*, 360a, 37la, 44lb, 545a, 586a; VI 13b, 19b, 62b, 90b, IS2a, 407a, 409a Adril/in~ Giovanni II 3 76 Achillini, Giovanni Flloteo l 16, 99 Achillinus, Alexander IV liSa•, 467b, 65Ib; v 53/b, 532b Achmet II 32S; V 73a Achri.sius T 1/Jhemas V 62 7h Aciaria, Catanius de III 6S3a Anlm"us, AnJonius l I 67 Aciarius, Michad l 167• Acidalius, Christianus III BOb, SSOa; VI Sl6b Acidalius, Petrus l 43, 45 Acidalius, Valens II 395; III 41 b, 98b, 283a, 284b, 499b; IV 67b, 76b, 362a, 37Sa, 377b, 432a, 4:Ba; V 496a, 496b, S09a, 5/0a; VI 150a, 582b Aànmdon lll 537a(>) Acknmann aus !Whmm III 57% Arola, Ftdnùus A III l 23b(.'•) Acohus Jtf Accolti Aromadui!LS, G. tU V 34/b Aamuvuiii!LS, M aJJ.haeus dL V 311 b Acontius, Balthasar VI 516h Acontius, Jacobus lll I 9.'1b, 359a,

369b, 393b, 399b; IV 3 7Sa, 407b, 473b; V 145a, 147b; VI 495a, 60 l a Acontius, Johannes Balthasar v 137b Acontius, Melchior III 531 a; VI 516b Acosta, Jacobus, SJ. II 26 Acosta, Josephus rv 599a AcotmWs, B. Petrus II 287 Acollmlus, B. PdTUJ VI 2 7 I a Acoustics, treatists 011 VI 134b Acquapendente su Fabrizio d'Acquapendente Acquaviva III Acro 182a•, 224a; see Aquaviva Acquaviva, Andrea Matteo VI 75b, 90b, 388a Acquaviva, Belisario VI 90b Acque, Rmrirri dLI.k VI I 40a Acqui II l 84, 227 Acquistus IV 49Ib Acrisius, ra Argivorum VI I 26b Acro I 400; II 318; V 205b, 573a• Acrogonaeus, Melchior VI 516b Acron rv 124b, 466a Acrorùus, Johannes V 83a; VI 558a Aclton EMg!dJinus IV 89b Actiaiolus see Acciaiuoli Actibus, c011Ctptis el ahstractioru, dL v 20b Acticus see Atticus S. Actitria Il 426, 437 Actio, Zuanne Antonio l 283 Actiolus, Jacobus VI 86a Actiolus su Acciaiuoli Actius Sincerus su Sannazaro Actius Syncerus stt Sannazzaro Actius, L rv 667a Activt and contemplativt lift, dio.loguL on VI 405a Actuarius III 331 b Actuarius, Johannes IV 220b Acuistris, Christophorus de III 730a•, 730b Aculeus, Petrtiw II 3 74 Acuna, H ernando de IV 541 b Acunia, f-,diruwius tU V 5ì2a Acunir, Catsar dL IV 5 l Oa Acur.;ius see Accur.;ius Acurtius su Accur.;ius Acuta Jtt Aiuta Ad., )olumnLJ IV l I 2a Adalbm of Pragut v 632b Adalbertus Samaritanus l 365; III 368a, 6861>; VI 318a Adam II 482*; III 64a. 52-lb, 684a Adam card. Angliae V 27b Adam Centurion, Marqués dcEstepa stt Centurion Adam Genuensis JU Fumanus; Montaldo



Adam gidius Pannensis, O.P. III 274a Aegidius rex Patavinorum VI 245b At·gidius Romanus l 116, 124, 162*; n 67, 414 m. 459 e), 464 (?), 477; III 35b, 36a, 275a, 522a*, 575a, 629b; IV 564b, 624a, 659a; V 233a, 252b, 639a; VI Ili a, 117a, 262b Aegidius de Sanana Il 229, 284 Atgidius ScallahiJmw.s, O.P. IV 456b. 457a• Aegidius de Senis Il 217 Acgidius de Vadis Anglicus IV 30a• Acgidius Viterbiensis l 22, fH*, /88, 230, 265*, 266. 268, 344, 405*, 408, 409. 410, 418, 419*,

427, 431, 433, 435; Il 24, 30•, 38, 67 ('), 91, 127, 164, 261. 277, 281, 307, 331, 335, 353, 359"', 367, 380, 384, 419, 437*, 450, 458, 461, 478, 497, 548, 581; III 83b. 216b, 275b, 376b, 442a, 563b, 62 l h, 633a, 635b, 645b; IV 9b, 219a, 236b, 270a, 270b, 334b, 454a*; V 17 l a, 297a, 487b, 532b•, 622tr, VI 51b, IIOb*, l Ila, 116b, 119b, /30b, 156a, 156b, 15 7b*, 339a•, 339b, 343a*, 390b, 398a, 413b Aegidius de Zamora, Johannes IV 544a Aegidius, Christophorus SJ. IV 463a*, 463b, 464a Aegidius, Jacobus su Jacobus Acgidii Aegidius, Johannes III 232a Aegidius, Petrus III 283a, 283b, 284a*, 284b, 574a, 707a; V 266b; VI 150a Aegidius, abbas S. Procli V 505a Aegineta su Paulus Aegineta Aegius, Bcncdictus l 75; Il 128, 335, 347, 420*, 422, 423*, 442, 449, 450, 456, 475, 535; III 269b, 33 4b Aegius (Ht>gius), Benedictus Spoletinus IV 353b, 382b; VI 304b, 325a, 340b, 346b, 374b, 390b, 394a, 416b Atg/oga (dial.ngut) III 35b Aegnatius stt Egnatius AtgY/Jtus Altxandrinus IV 294b Aelianus l 301. 306, 360; Il 57, 131, 187, 228, 306, 319, 32ì, 40 l, 404, 434, 532; III 90a, 284b. 368b, 4 79b, 480a; IV 160b, 178a, 253a*, 378a, 40'lb, 427b, .'i23b; V 60a, 78b*, 230b, 277a. 315b, 413a, 571b; VI 84a*, 604b; Jtt also Hdianus Aelius III 223b Afliu.s, Franrocus III 58a; IV /6'Ja Aellius, Johannes Jacobus l 361 Aeltius, Godeschalcus VI 558b Aelurus V 229b Aemilia Arrtina III 162a Aemilia, consurt of Grorgiw of Brandmburg III 449b Aemilianus Il 492 Aemilianus. Hirron~TTWS VI 258b Aemilianus, Jacobus I 56: Il -I!J*. l 02, l (J:l•. 243; v 539b Aemilianus, Marcus III 467a • Aemilianus, 1\farsilius I 338, 31,:1; Il 303, 304, 435, 460 Aemilianus. Maximw IV 9 l h Atmilianus. P. VI 338a Aemilianus, Paulus l 294 Aemilianus, Petrus l 22. 354; III 484b, 530b•

AE..\11- AGAB

Aemilianus, Quintus see Cimbriacus Atmiliarius, Ltorwrdus II 494 Aemiliis, Aemilius de III 4 26a Aemilius II 35, 53, 92, 245, 253, 265, 295, 297, 41 O, 568; III 423b, 489a, 745a; IV 160b, 53 7b; VI 46b, 62a, 184a, 208a, 355b Aemilius Brixianus (Emilio da Brescia), can. reg. ord. divi Augustini VI 7a Aemilius Petri Mattaei Romanus, Paulus II 434 Aemilius Pierius, Jacobus II 371 Aemilius Probus .r« Nepos, Comelius Aemilius Romanus SN Buccabdla Aemilius, Antonius III 41 b; IV 375a, 377b Anniiius, Augwtinw II l 00, 253 359 Aemilius, Carolus III 322b Aemilius, Daniel I 169* Aemilius, Georgius IU 463b, 492b, 53la Aemilius, Gerardus III 202b Aemilius, Johannes Franciscus I 169; II 132 Aemiliw, Lafrarulw.s I 244 Amriliw, Af= II 376 Aemilius, Paulus I 65, 356; III 285a, 318a, 323a, 4// a, 636a; IV 98a, 141 b, 150a, 156a, 205a, 293b; V 277b, 278a, 532b; VI 347b Aemilius, Petrus VI 289b Atmiliu.s, Pttrus MaJtlweus VI 347b Aemilius, Quintus V 121 b, 239b, 286b, 296a•, 300b, 355b, 382a; VI !Olb Aemilius, Theodorus III 550a Amrulos, invtctiva in III 481 a Amrus, ~rgius I 39• Amw.s, Pttrus Franciscus I 3 59 Aemylius, Hector III 636a Amzy/iw, ]olzanrw Franciscus IV 25/b A"'!71iw, ThomllS IV 25/b Aeneas II 124, 321; III 317a Aeneas Gazaeus I 146, 198, 227, 261, 296, 353; Il 4, 6, 16, 172, 174, 204, 210, 317; III 6la, 186a, 485b, 632b; IV 104a, 150b, 644b; V 284a, 540b, 606b; VI 263a Amtlll Smmsi.r IV 647a Aeneas Silvius Piccolomineus S« Pius II Aeneas episcopus Senensis set Pius II AenganeUa, Johannes Franciscus I 421 Aepinus, Johannes III 187b,

420b, 53la, 550a, 603a, 607a, 659a; IV 153b; VI 516b, 517a Atppitma, &aJrix V 228b Aequicola (Equicola), Marius V 148b, 229a, 488a; ste Equicola Aequicolus ste Equicola AtratUS, Martitw.s V 394b Aerdt, Wemer III 133b Atris, lihtr de 11UIJatione III 229b Aerubinus, Georgius III 636a Aa., Giovanni IV /89a Aes., Plot. IV liSa Aeschines I l l, 18, 25, 33, 35, 38•, 47, 57, 83, 115, 140, 148, 161*, 165, 171, 173, 186, 193, 196•, 213, 237, 239, 240, 259, 260*, 261, 288, 297, 301, 304, 332•, 334, 343, 357, 361, 387, 399, 406, 412, 414, 416; Il 6, 8, l l, 25, 35, 71, l 08, Il O, l 15, 135, 142, 154, 155, 181*, 210, 248, 253, 255, 256, 257•, 258, 267, 271, 308, 315, 319, 328, 331' 341' 343, 356, 366, 370, 37 l •, 373, 385, 394, 397' 399•, 400, 403, 404, 408•, 410, 420•, 422, 428, 429, 430, 433, 435, 442, 457, 465, 468, 482, 492, 513, 556, 569, 575, 587, 590, 594•, 600, 60 l; III 117b, 122a, 123a, 167b, 202b, 222b•, 249a•, 259b, 264a, 267a, 328a, 346a•, 367a, 376a•, 39Bb, 413a, 436b, 462a, 474b, 478b, 480a, 483a, 488b, 489a•, 489b, 490b, 51 l a, 514b, 534b, 564a, 597b, 599b, 622b, 6SOa, 711 a, 743a; IV 2lb, 40a, 41a, 98b, 131b, 132a, 159a, 16Sb, 206a, 238a, 246a, 304a, 34Bb, 35 7b, 3S8b, 3S9a, 409b, 482b•, S09a, S20a, SS4b, S62a, S66b, 609a, 617b, 619b, 640b, 646a; V 16a, 92b, l 33b, l s 7b, 172b, 193b, 226b•, 239b, 248a, 277b*, 284a•, 284b, 286b, 4lla, 4S5b, 481a, 486a, 515a•, 603a•, 630b, 647b; VI 17a, 39a, 44a, l 07b, Il Ob, 121 b, 169b, 208a, 227b, 2S3b, 333b, 34Sa, 347a, 375b, 376a, 377b, 378a, 378b, 380b, 489a, 493a Aeschylus I 326; Il 537; III 78a, 107a, 214a•, 25Sa•, 3/8b, 348a, 376b, 556b, 565a; IV Ila•, /Jb•, 133b, 3S8a•, 364a, 378a; v l/4b, 134b• Aesculapius I 251, 287; Il 414; IV 254b; see Asdepius Aesiander III 635a Aesopus I 3, IO, 20, 34, 42, 54, 199, 296, 315, 333•, 340*, 342*, 349,355,369,378,412, 422; Il 25, 35*, SS, 56, 59, 63,

7 103, 129, 167, 179, 194, 197, 214, 240, 241*, 246, 250, 251•, 252, 279, 288, 294, 295, 315, 339*, 348, 370, 380*, 408, 418•, 419, 422, 428, 435•, 436, 468, 472, 493, 494, 495, 496, 510, 517,536, 568*, 570; III 21 b, 23b, 24a, 33b, 43a, 48b, 77b, 92a•, 107a, 124a, IS6a•, 16la, 163b, 164a, 178a, 184a*, /85a, IB6a, 204b, 225b, 260a, 297a, 3SSa, 363a, 389a, 408b*, 416b, 425a*, 438a, 451a, 455a, 478b, 487b•, 493a•, 496b, 497a, 49Ba•, 52Ia•, S32b, SS2a, S70b, S7Ia•, 572a•, 580b, S8Sa, S87a, S87b*, S98a•, 599a•, 606a, 631 b•, 644b, 646b, 684b*, 688a, 690a(?), 708a•, 712a, 712b, 71 7a, 743a; IV Ila, 4lb, 45b, 69a, 87a•, 92b*, 120b•, 122a•, 124b, 161b, 165b, 166a, 189b, 197a, 228b, 240a, 244b*, 2S4a, 256b, 272a, 272b, 497a, 497b*, S08b, SIOa, Sl2b, 514a, 519a, 52lb, S44a, 570b, S76a, 587b, 588a, S89a, 648b, 654b*; V 25b, 27b, 33a, SOb•, 74a, 93a•, 102a, 134a, 213b, 237a, 26Sb, 280b•, 286a, 286b, 30 l a, 30 l b•, 303b•, 363a, 380b•, 402b, 404a, 423a•, 423b•, 427b, 434a, S89a, 61 Sa•, 627b; VI 41 b, 62a, 117b, 237b, 2S3a, 25Sb, 256b, 3S2a, 40 l b, 438b, 492a, 49Sa, 504a, 504b•, 604b Aaopw (p~) III IS9b Aesticampianus ste Rhagius Aesticampianus, Johannes III 63b, 411a•, S08a, 527b, 670b, 734b; IV 39Ba, 406a Attlzeria (comedy) I 2 78 Aetbicus III 343b, 408b; IV Il b, 137a, 371b, 421b, 423b, 426b•, 428a, 438a, S79b; VI 233a Attia, Paulil III 467a Aetius IV 369b; VI 362a Attna mons VI 287b Aetolus, Alcxandcr IV 62a Aczera Iudaeus stt Avenezra Aftlturo, PdTus de V 241 b Alfenstein, Wolfgangus ab III 426a Afflacius, Johannes III 36b; IV 430b•, 638a A.f!iignn (BrabanJ, monasterium SS. Petri et Pauli) IV 322a A.ffò, 1rmeo VI 135b Alfonso, Fernando IV 468a Alfrus Rex III 587b Afranius II 434 Africa III 627a Africanus stt Aphricanus Agabitus stt Agapetus


Agaciis, Francocus de VI 77a Agacius,Jacobus II 196 .Agamtmnmr III 43 7a Agop. domimLs IV 167b S. Ar,ape II 338 ~ II355 Agapetus (Rusticus Cincii), bishop of Ancona and Camerino n 88, 126-127, 157, 200*, 410, 411, 442, 447, 485*, 600; III 43a; su Rusticis Agapetus de Perusio III SOa Agapetus Urbinas II l l, 468 (?) Agapetus diaconus II 262, 335; III 9la; IV 194b; V 15lb, 463b*; VI 286b, 349b Agapetus orator II 427, 585 Agapitus Romanus I 333 Agamri VI 3 l Ob Agaso, Andreas II 181, 250, 584; III 120a; IV 6la•, 175b; V 70a•; VI 263b S. AgaJha I 24; II 29 S. Agathae cardinalis stt Podocataro, Ludovico Agatharchides IV 371 b Agathemerus VI 187b, 19lb Agathias I 21, 338; III 58a, 473a; IV 62a•, 122b, 263a, 295a, 372a, 377b, 378a Agathius V 394a Agathius scholasticus VI 260b Agathon III 580b Agallwn, DUmi.rio VI 248b AgaJiwn, LucretitJ VI 248b Agatius, Johannes Maria III 615a, 636a Agatthus, Petrus Anglus III 191 b Agatus, Johatws Franciscus I l 04 Agazzinus VI 349a Agellius, Antonius III 81 b Agerius, Nicolaus III 636a; VI 502b Agesilaus II 53; V 278a Aggl:cius, Thaddaeus Il 348 A,wrt. AnJoniw dL III 129a • Aggl:rius, Comelius V 355b Aggl:us, Augustinus IV 340b Aggiunti, Giovanni Battista l 119 Aggiunti, Niccolò l 144, 147•, 223; V 545a, 583a L'Aggiunto I 432 Agiapaczie, Francesco III 304b(?) Agié, P. V 431a Agich, Antonius, O.M. V 429a•, 434a, 434b, 436b, 437b Agidarius IV 590a Agilon, Walter III 714b*; IV 238b Agius l 323 Agli see Allius Agli, Antonio degli l 14*, 67, 70, 71, 100, 154, 156, 164, 172,215,222,255,257, 427; Il 145, ISO, 322, 323, 3 70•,


488, 556, 572, 582, 606; III 302b Agii, &mordo deg5 n 370 Agli, Pellegrino degli l 19, 65, 70, 75, 111, 129, 130*, 191, l 93, 205, 208, 229, 320, 355, 363, 384; Il 63•, 71, 81*, 111, 115, 363, 374•, 435•, 483 Aglionby, Edward IV 190b Agnelius Salernitanus Il 356 Agnelli, ùxJmJico bisJuJp of Co.sm.èa IV 27 la, 410b Agne/Jis, UJdooicw dL I l 22 Agnello IV 492b Agne/Jur III 621 b Agne/Jur arclriakr VI 52a Agnellus, Antonius l 275; Il 173; VI 24b Agne/Jur, Be. VI 248a Agnellus, Carolus II 198;

v 228b, 355b* S. Agnes 11320; IV 427a; V 218a; VI 427b Agnes )11111Ul11Jina Il 3 98, 594 Agnese, klurgio I l l 9, 440 Agnese, Battista III 595b; v 140a, 195b, 224b, 274a; VI 63b*, 275a, 520b Agne.si, card. Aslurgio, bi.slwp of AIIC01IQ Il 70, 84, l 24, 443, 473; III 42b Agnesi, Gaetana VI 226b Agnesius Valentinus, Johannes Baptista IV 649b• ~. Aslorgius, ardriep. &tuvmtanus, card. S. Eustbii V 75b; VI 159a Agrrifilw, Am.icus, card. S. Mariae Trans Tlhtrim I 109 Agninus, HiLronymus III 96a Agnolellus, Felix VI 320a Agnolinnus, Gregorius II 89 Agnolinus, Gregorius VI 149b Agnolo II 528 Agnolo da Siena IV 625a Agnolo da Urbino su Galli Agnolo see Angelo Agocchi, Giovanni Battista IV 75b Agocchi, Hieronymus IV 67b* Agocchia, Giovanni stt Agucchia Agogo Mago V 276a Agolanus. Bartlwlorruuus Il 18' 286 Agolanti, Cesare I 75 Agolmuus, Bartlwlorruuus V 235a Agorzonus Hermedrechilles l 160 Agostin, Antonio see Augustinus, Antonius Agostini, Agostino degli IV 54a Agostini, Giovanni deg5 VI 2 7l b, 280a, 280b, 281a, 283b Agostini, Giuseppe, SJ. V 389a

Agostini, Leorwra deg5 Il l 58 Agostini, Lodovico I 266, 268; V 54 7b; VI 300a Agostini, Ludovico Il 274 Agostino Ahbate I 242 Agostino Camaldolense I 128 Agostino di Banolo IV 68b, 69b, 85b Agostino, Antonio su Augustinus, Antonius Agreste, Ser I 219 Agresto da Ficaruolo VI 129b Agrirola I 3 l 3 Agricola Ammonius, Johannes III 636a Agricola, Aegidius Georg III 636a Agricola, Alcum.der III 7OOa:, 339b Agricola, Carolus IV 375a Agricola, Caspar III 369b; V 183b; VI GOla Agricola, Georgius I 122, 177, 341; II 395, 396, 511, 593; III 88b, 324a, 329a, 355b, 375a, 379b, 380a•, 383a, 384a, 392a, 393a, 399b, 44-0a, 479b, 548b(?), 550b, 559a, 573a•, 726a; IV 29a, 67b, 228b; v 18lb, 375b, 388b, 487a, 543a; VI 46a, 46b, 362a, 547b Agricola, Gregorius III 528b* Agricola, Hieronymus II 493 Agricola, lsidorus IV 659a; VI 390b Agricola, Joachim V 136a, 145a Agricola, Jodocus Kinthisius III 285a Agricola, Johannes II 593; III 70b, l l 7b, 285a, 369b, 383a, 393a, 394a, 399b, 40 l b, 416a, 420a, 494b, 495a, 496a•, SOla, 546b*, 589a, 607a, 633a, 635b, 636a, 655a, 664b, 674b, 675a, 675b*, 676b, 677a, 707b•, 708a; IV 9b, 343a, 354b, 43la, 67la; V 56a, 87b, 94b, 147b, 382a; VI 517a Agricola, ]olumnes Georgiw Ambergensis V 204b Agriro/a, ]uJius V l 93a Agricola, Laurentius V 145a, 151b, 152a, 157b Agricola, M. lulius VI 286b, 582a Agricola, Matthaeus III 524a Agricola, Mjchael III 2 l la,· V 23a Agricola, Nicolaus V !51 b Agricola, Petrus V 145a, 375b Agricola, Philippus III 369b, 372a; IV 407b; VI 495a Agricola, Rodulphus l 19, 249; Il 266, 267, 347, 371; III 83a, l osa•, 114b, 117b, 124b,



12Sa•, 16lb, 162a, 203b, 348b•, 349a•, 456a, 496b, 508b, 522b*, 57 la, 574a, 577b, 589a•, 589b*, 5956, 702b*, 707a•, 707b•, 708a•, 712b, 719b, 734b*; IV 134b, 197a, 248a•, 32lb, 343a, 344b, 356a, 375a, 467b, 558a, 615a; v 3la, 3tb•, 33a*, 33b*, 6la, 77a, 125b, 127b, 130a, 140a, 145a, 147b, 496b, 533a; VI 242a, 255b, 348b*, 51/Ja, 533b, 553b, 619a Agricola, Rodulphus the Younger III 508a Agricola, SUplranw III 459b Agricola, Thomas Ill 636a Agricola, Wolfgang III 636a Agricola sa a/so Kinthisius Agricolettus, Franciscus IV 525a AgricuJJuraJ tntJJises IV 58a•, 76a AgricuJJurt, trftlli.w on V 524a, 575a Agrigentinus pontifex S« Ponticorona, Antonius Agrimensores IV 40a; VI 361 a Agrippa IV 13lb, 22ta• Agrippa ab Nettesheim, Henricus Comelius I 36, 87-88, 295; II 347, 448; III Hb, 73a, 77a, 83b, 86b, 94a, 123b, 135a, 210b, 241 b, 264b, 390b, 393a, 439a, 495a, 503b, 517a, 552b, 560b, 630b, 640b•, 646b, 734b, 746b; IV 29a, Bla, 193a, 218a*, 228a, 343b, 397a, 432a, 546b, 558b*; V 79b*, IBla, 532b; VI 35b, 440o Agrippa rex I 79, 88, 220, 261, 340, 348; II 36 Agrippa, Antonius Peregrinus 276 Agrippa, Comeliu.s III 48b Agrippa, Giovanni Giordano v 356a Agrippa, Johannes Baptista III 133a AgriMJa, M. IV 183b Agrippa, M. Vrpsaniw VI 343b Agrippa, Marcus III 350a; V 289a Agrippa, Petrus (Colonius) III 316b, 607a Agrippa, Vincentius III 527b Agucchia (Agocchia), mons. Giovanni V 206a*, 208a, 346a* Agucchia (Agucchi), Giovanni Battista I 147; IV 68a•; V 292a, 415a*; VI 49b, 90b, 116a, 325a, 398b Agucchia, Giovanni IV 328b, 329b Agucchia, Ginmimo, carri. v 20oo Agutii, RocJw III uoo Aguiar, lJtznDamLs de IV 58b


Aguilar, Johannes Baptista de II 48, 339, 414, 554; IV 548a; VI 302b Aguikra, Emanut/ ab IV 452a Aguilera, Johannes SJ. IV 529b Aguillan V 529b Agulinius stt Agilon Agustin (Augustinus), Antonio V SOOb*, 507b, SIOa, 550a, 579b, 595b; Stt Augustinus, Antonius Aherus, Johannes III 636a Ahumada, Didaco de II 602 Aianus, Bemarclinus I 41 Aiardus, Altxiu.s II l l Aicardus, Andreas I 130 Aicardus, Paulus (Paolo Aicardi) IV 377b; V 85a; VI 46a, 47b, 65a•, 65b, 193a, 290a Aich, Fridericus de, abbas VI 429a Aich, ]oluznrw de III l 67a; VI 139h, 155h Aichingerus, Christophorus V 156a Aichler, Erasmus VI 533b Aiello, ]acohus de OM. IV 4oo Aiellus, Claudius I 421 Aigler, Bemardus abbas C;usinensis III 14b, !Sa, 23a, 51 b; IV 14b, 27b, 272a, 425b Aignanus, Michad IV 421 b A~, Giovanni Franct5eo II 587 S. A igu!fw abbas Lerinen.si.r II 31 Ailberus III 706a(?) d'Ailly, Pierre (Petrus de Alliaco) I 241*; II 152; III 60a, 67b, 210b, 232b, 233a•, 298a, 318a, 322a, 433b, 663b, 739a, 739b; IV 79b*, 176a•, 355b, 387b*, 482a•, 528b, 633b*, 638a, 65ta•, 658b•, 684a; V 21 b, 24a, 66a, 68a, 280a, 299a•, 299b*; VI 45a, 215a•, 232b, 32ta•, 32lb, 323a, 37lb, 512b, 514a Aimerius Stt Armenius Aimoinus F1oriacensis IV 205a Aimontus, L. II 266* Aingre, Johannes de IV 40a Aires, frater IV 460a Airoldus, Ludovicus I 307, 316 Aisshecum, Rohmw III 2l 9b Aiwks, Johanne.s III 676b A iuta, Plrilippus II 121, 480 Aiutamicristo, Elisabetta II 546 Al Khowarizrni III 285b(?) AI-Khwarizmi VI 48lb Al-IGntii VI 497a AI-Mayrizi IV 537b Al. V 196a Al. Hispa(nus) II 200, 485 AL Vec. VI 199a Al., A. degli IV 180a Ala, Doctor I 31 S


Alabaldus, Demetrius l 243 Alabaster, Gulielmus V 246b, 396a, 397b, 414b, 415b Alabo.strius, Gulitlnws VI 440o A/abastru.s, Gulitlnws II 565 Alacenus sa Alhazen A/iurts, M. Qyintina II l 85 d'Aiagrw, Cola V 622a A/agonius, Himmymu.r IV 565h Alaimu, Giuseppi IV 574b Alaleo, Paolo IV 68a; V 224b Alamandus, Bemardus episcopus Condorniensis IV 72b Alamanni, A. II 155 Alamanni, Al=andro II 127 Alamanni, Andrea I 65, 70, 125, 133, 139, 174, 193, 363; II 82, 166, 456; v 586b Alamanni, Antonio I 75 Alamanni, Battista V 586a; VI 223b Alamanni, Lodovico I 65, 68; V 237b, 545a, 624a Alamanni, Luca V 3 71 a Alamanni, Luigi l Il 7, 125, 136•, 147, 222*, 223*, 232, 238, 264, 268, 360, 385; II 87, 125, 168, 292, 405*, 453, 468, 477, SID-, SII, 553; III 290a, 305a, 306a, 39lb, 616a*, 636a; IV 149a, 437b, 575b; V 197a, 225b*, 248a, 337b, 360b, Hlb, 483b, SII b, 524a, 545a, 551 b, 552a*, 562a•, 586a, 613a, 616a, 629a; VI 38a, 90b, 167a, 168b, 170a, 226b, 269b, 304b, 407a Alamanni, Niccolò VI 188a, 188b•, 189a Alamanni, Piero l l l 5, 360.., II 385, sos•; VI t67a, 346a, 400b• Alamanni, Vincenzo V 569a; VI 13b Alamanno d'Acquapendente I 145; II 513 Altzmannw II 380 Alamannus de Bohernia l 87 Altzmannw monachus Valli.r Umbrosat l 440; III 124b Alamannw, AndrltiS IV l OOb Alamannus, Ludovicus archiepicopus Arelatensis III 574b Alamannus, Ludovicus stt ai.so alemandus A/amannus, Oddo II 602 A/amannus, htru.s IV 257a Alamannu.s, Philippus, canonicus F1orentinus V 555b Alamanu.r Brabanbnus, scriptm rtgis Ftrdinandi IV 55lb Alamos de Barrientos, Baltasar V 318a; VI 502b Alamos y Varrientos, Baltasar de IV 521 a, 541 b, 594a*

IO Alanfancius, Philippus IV 63b Alantsee, Ambrosius, O.Cart. V 44~ 46a, 46b, 47a, 57b Alantsee, Lucas V 126~ 147b Alanus II 356; III 402a•; V 183a; VI 149a, 367b A lanu.s (dL Coetizy), card. Avinionmris II 97, 364; VI 414b* Alanu.s Anglus, Guliebnus, card. VI 389b Alanus de lnsulis (Aiain de Lille) II 87; III 20a, 293a•, 4 70a*, 596a*, 606a, 646~ 651 b, 68lb, 69lb; IV 165b, 188a, 223b, 275b, 488b, 610~ 614b, 626a, 630a; v 125b, 200b, 226b; VI 55~ 26la Alanus de Lenna (Alan of Lynne) a.c. IV I94b Alanus comes(?) II 577 Alanus doctor Parisiensis l 299 Alanus, Gulielmus III l OSa A/Qpusius, SaloaJor, aTChiep. TurriJanus (Sas.wri) V 217a• Alardus IV 31 a Alardus Amstelodamus III 133b; V 147b, 266a Alardus Amstelredamus IV 340~ 351b, 380a A lmdu.r ]olumnls dL Ollandia VI 259a Alardus, Bachon l 165 Alardus, Franciscus III 551 a Alassiderus, Christianus V 145a Alaster J« Pretinus Alatin, Pierre IV 595b Alatus de Asculo, Johannes Antonius III 217a AlmuiaJus, H~ V 352b ALaudt, ]ohonnti III 462a Alb.s, Hieronymus IV 45a Alba (Alva), Duke of (Fernando de Toledo) VI 135a, 167b, 284a Alba amicorum III IIOb, 112a•, 133a, !BOa•, 266a, 279a, 376a*, 380a•, 46Sa•, 46Sb•, 468a, SOib, S!Oa*, 542~ 669b*, 673b*, 675a, 678a*, 678b*, 699b, 703b, 709b, 738a*; IV 19b, 24b*, 25a, 53b, 74~ 112b, 142a*, 143a, 149a, 153a, 218b, 224b, 298a*, 337a, 358b, 359a, 376a, 376b, 377a*, 399b*, 402a, 416b, 67la, 673b; V 40a, 169b, 234a, 250a; VI 426b, 428b, 493a, 498b, 500a, SOOb, 50 l~ 50 l b, 503b, 505a, 51 7b, 53lb, 538b Alba, Coruk dL IV 515b •. 53! a Alba, Duchess of IV 542b; V 504a Alba, Duke of l 305; Il 96, 448; III IOOa:. IV 36b*, 516b, 517b, 542b, 543b



Fernando de Toledo, Duke of V 317b, 344a Alba, Maria II 287 Alba, Martialis V 156a Albada, Aegaeus von III 370a; IV 407b; V 114b Albaeus, paJer III 8/a Albaldus IV 134a Albaldus episcopus VI 261 a Albana, Lucia Il 243 Albanellius, Galcerandus IV 492a, 493b Albanellus, Rairnundus IV 493b Albani, Claudio V 4 71 b, 4 74a Albani, Giovanni Francesco Jet Clemens Xl Albani, Giovanni Gerolamo, card. V 170a•, 47la, 471b*, 485b•, 558b Albano, Albertus de II 21 Albano, Lelio l 141 ; II 167 Albano Jet Petrus de Abano Albanum btl.hJm III 24 2b A/.banw Vmttus II 165 Albanus abbas Vicentinus IV 269b Albanus dux III 5 06a Albanus rtx II /86 Albanus, Annibal IV 375a Albanus, Bartholomaeus V 485b Albanus, Hieronymus l 352 Albanus, lgnatius III 41 b, 98b Albanus, Johannes Hieronymus l 7, 286; II 198; III 623b; VI 389b Albanus, ]uliuJ III 278b Albanus, Malatesta VI 192b Albanzani (Apenninigen~ Casentinensis), Donato degli V IO~ 239a, 274b*, 280a, 453a, 565b, 641 a; VI 209a, 222b, 235a*, 320b; set Donato del Casentino AlbiD'Ta.sin, bislwp of IV 5 72a AlbaJariw, C.uinifortis l 9 Albategni III 664a Albedachus V 264b Albtgk, Ulricus, card. ~· &tovimris VI 30a Albegnefit IV 238a Albtnalius, Jacobus V BOb Albm.ris. Jacobus IV 586b Alber, Erasmus III 394a Albergati, Fabio l 219, 232, 283, 291' 303, 305, 312, 314*, 435; Il 250, 349, 405, 419, 451' 452, 454*, 455*, 530; 111 305~ 322a, 357b, 658a; IV 70a, 208a, 419b; V 206a, 207a, 207b, 208a, 503a, 545a, 547b; VI 34b, 35a, 90b, 134b, 135a, 184b, 226b, 316a*, 324b, 398b, 409a*, 410b, 412b* Albergati, Niccolò card. S. Crucis l 4, 92*, 168, /89. 204, 297,

334, 349, 380; II 25, 34*, 58, 60, 307, 309, 311, 322, 326*, 350*, 387, 425, 472, 484*, 495, 570•, 583, 603; III /35b*, I76b, /97a, 287b, 320b, 328a, 5/Sa•, 648a(?); IV 75b, II7a, 295b*, 344b*, 347a•, 347b, 414b, 56/a, 562a Albergati, Vianesio l 19*, 65, 283; II 38, 40, 41, 92, l 06, 388, 451*, 452, 498, 569; III 203b Albergatus, B. Nicolaus, ep. Bononiensis, card. S. Crucis V 42b, 54b, IOBb•, 28/a, 355~ 576b; VI 87b, 93b, 204b, 329b, 343a, 349a, 35/b, 379b, 392b, 505b* Albergatus, Vianesius, Bononiensis V 170b, 35 7a; VI 298a, 347a, 352a, 397b Alberghetus V 526a Albergottis, Franciscus de II 74* Alberici III 628a Albericus III 263a; IV 302a; VI 546b Albericus Cassinensis l 365; III 177a; IV 158a*, 4241), 427a; V 19la*; VI 375a, 427b, 430a Albericus Londoniensis (Albertus Rosatus) III 235a, 535a, 745b; VI 40b, 44a, 51 Ob Albericus Mantuanus, Philippus IV 13la* Albericus Mediolanensis Il 333 Albericus Salentinus Il 37 Albericus mythographus Londonensis l 188; Il 595; v 67b, 90~ 605b Albericus su also Albricus Alberiis, Antonius dc 111 490a Albtrini, Fraru:tJco Il 258 Albtrini, Jacomo l 34 Alberini, Marcello V 208a, 209a, 225b Alberino Il 33 Alberino, Marcellino l 30 Alberino, Marcello Il 561; IV 68a, 233b, 327A*, 507B, 664B Albtrsnocher, ]ohonnti 111 594a Albcrt, Salomon VI 50 l b Albertanus Brixiensis l 30, 35, 36*, 252*, 278, 297, 304, 357, 365; II 130, 153, 167, 189, 234, 247, 282, 314, 336, 339, 588; 111 l Oa, 38a*, 92a*, 93a*, 98a, 98b*, 99a*, 99b*, IOOb, 107a, 128b, 134a, !Slb*, 174b, 180a*, 193a*, 195b*, 208b*, 229b, 236a, 236b*, 240b*, 241 a, 24 7b, 251b, 258b*, 265b. 266a*, 274a*, 275b*, 293b*, 356b, 409b, 416b, 419b, 429a, 436b*, 456a, 470a*, 470b,


477b, 539b, 55la, 552b, 557b•, 558b, 575a•, 6llb, 62la, 626a, 628b, 629b•, 630a•, 704a, 739b; IV Sb, 20a•, 56a, 75b•, 78b, 84b, 129b•, 15Ia•, 152a, 196a, 208a•, 209b, 239a•, 259b, 38Ib•, 398b, 399b, 400a, 422a, 425b, 428b*, 482b, 483b*, 485a, 496b, 500b, 522b•, 527a, 587a, 593b, 602b, 626a, 636a•; V 45a, 47a•, 47b, 66a, 67b, 79b, 125b, 167b, 183b, 184a, 186a, 197b, 22Ib•, 237a, 276b, 286a, 366a, 370a, 374b, 475b, 513a•, 589b, 595b, 607a•, 613a, 637b; VI 38b, 39a•, 49a, 78b, 79a, 104a, 105b, 127b•, 145b, 168b, 175b, 194b, 207a, 2llb, 23lb, 262a, 4IOb•, 426b, 429b, 434a, 459b, 46la, 487a, 504b, 51 Ob, 512a, 517b, 522a, 530b, 545a, 549b, SSOa Al~rtanus, Al~rtus I 198 Al~rtanus, Andreas I 137 Albertarius, Guùrifortus III 48 4a Al~neschus S« Salomonius Alhertha, ]acoba VI 255b Alhmhw, Alovysius VI 255b A/berti jamiiy II 254 Albeni, Albeno I 83; II 253, 359; v 170b Albeni, Albeno degli I 169* Albeni, Antonio degli I l 43; n 34, 266, 453, 487; III 203b, 6I4b; rv 8Ib Albeni, Antonio di Nicolao degli V 295b•, 296a Alhnti, Barbara II 359 A/berti, Bartolomea dq:li I 143 A/berti, BmuzrdD di &neddto tkgli I /49 Albeni, Carlo I 78, 221•; II 35•, 453, 471; v 246a Albeni, Francesco II 453 Albeni, Francesco d'Altobianco degli I 20, 21, 74, 78, 178, 215, 221, 222, 224, 240, 261; II 35, 115, 463, 606; III 302b, 628a; IV 81 b; VI 403a Albeni, Franco II 291 Albeni, Giovanni Battista II 160 Albeni, Giuseppe Antonio v 445b Al~ni, Laurenùus III 636a Al~ni, Leandro I 21, 24*, 25*, 67, 181, 352,384, 385; VI 6la; see Albenus, Leander Albeni, Leon Battista I l 9, 33, 35, 47, 63, 65•, 66, 70, 78, 84, 85, 86, 89*, 97, 106, 107•, IlO, 116, 120, 124*, 126•, 128, 145•, 146•, 149, 172, 173, 181, 182, 187, 195, 197, 199, 200•, 208(?), 210, 216, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 230, 231' 240,

244, 246•, 247, 250*, 257, 261, 264, 268, 301•, 303•, 304, 315, 325, 326, 330, 332, 333, 335, 337, 344, 350, 368•, 370, 371, 374, 440; II 9, IO, 30, 35•, 84, 87•, 88, 94, 107, 114, 115, 121, 122•, 127•, 155, 156, 186, 193, 196, 223, 225, 228, 235, 237, 246, 248, 254, 263, 273, 275•, 276, 278•, 283, 289, 298*, 300*, 315, 317*, 328, 331, 344, 356, 359, 360, 361, 366, 386, 403•, 411, 418, 421, 423, 429, 430*, 436, 452, 453*, 456, 469, 488, 489*, 505, 508, 513, 518, 520, 523, 524, 536, 558, 568, 576, 579, 585*, 598; III 4b, 22a, 49b, 59b, 83a, 122a, 157b•, 160b, 184a*, 185a, 215b, 244a, 299b, 304a, 307b, 358b, 398b, 454a, 482b, 651 a, 702b; IV 46b, 81 b, 122b, 174b, 178a, 200b, 256b, 275b, 276a, 28la*, 343b, 428b*, 552b, 612b, 619a; V 88b, 125b, 168a, 194a, 227a, 234a, 234b, 236b*, 237a, 240a•, 246a•, 251 b, 254a, 308a•, 336b, 338a, 344a, 372a, 406a, 42lb, 463a, 533a, 534a, 585b, 602b, 615a•; VI Sb, 2la, 58a, 146a, 146b, 149a, 164a, 178b, 204a, 204b, 232b, 274a, 290a, 303b, 331 b, 334a, 3 70b, 3 78b, 3 79a, 405a, 405b, 492a, 539b, 544b Albeni, Marco Antonio degli II477 A/berti, Michele II 373 Alhnti, Nmxcio II 300 Albeni, Niccolò II 243, 266* A/berti, NICColò d'Anlonio l 21 7 A/berti, Nrc"olao V 295b Alberù, Pietro II 153 Albeni, Salomon VI 54 7b Albmin~ Mqjfio fV 68a• A lbmino, Antonio III 24 2b Albenino, Geronimo III 87a Albenino, Girolamo fV 531 b Albenino, Marcello VI 134b Albeninus I 192 Albeninus (de Rainaldis de Salso) de Placentia II 47, 48*, 268, 316, 327* Alhertinus Aquiltgimsis VI /3 l a Albeninus Cremonensis I 21, 70; II 66, 82, 406, 499, 548; III 620a•; V 350b A/hertinus lk Fu/giMo II 62 Albeninus, A.A. VI 64b* Albeninus, Acgidius III 630b* Albertinus, Antoniu.s II 495 Albeninus, Benedictus V 428a Albeninus, Blasius, Can.Reg. S. Salvatoris V 505b Albminw, P. Bmignw, tf!. SH- ALTE

79b, 96a*, 97b•, 98b*, /0/b, /04b, I27a, I28b*, 13/a, /59b, I62b, /64a, 168a, l 74b, l 78a, l 79b, 205a, 215b, 2 l 8a, 224b, 225a•, 24lb, 25la*, 274b, 293a•, 294b*, 327a•, 358a, 42lb•, 450b, 463a*, 467a•, 482b, 484b•, 485b, 486b, 487b, 488a, 490b, 49lb, 495a, 497a, 499a, 503a, 503b, 506b, 509b, 523a, 529a, 529b, 532a, 545a*, 549a, 553a*, 553b, 556a, 56/a*, 564a, 585a, 589a, 589b, 603a, 603b~ 604a, 617a, 62/a~ 623a•, 63/a, 63/b, 640b•, 642b, 643a, 652b, 653a~ 653b~ 655a, 656a~ 656b•, 657a, 660a*, 66/b, 663a.., V 8b, 15b, 22a, 27a, 69b, 70a, 76b•, 79a, 79b, 92b, 143b, 174b, /87a, 214b, 229a, 235b, 240a•, 244b, 245a•, 264a, 273a, 276b, 28la, 283a, 285b, 287b, 28&•, 288b, 290a, 33/a, 332a, 332b, 333b, 35/a, 359a, 362a, 379b, 38/b, 388a, 389b, 396b, 416b, 435a*, 462a•, 463b, 492b, 514a, 515a•, 515b, 534a, 554b, 583b, 607b, 620b, 646b; VI 7b, 8a, Bb•, 17a•, 17b, 33a, 37b, 57a, 70a, 72b*, 7&, 79a, 89a•, 99b*, /07b, l/ la, 12/a, /30b, 132b, 167b, /69a, 224a, 242a, 260a, 262a, 263a, 272a, 297b, 298b, 323a, 344b, 345a, 363b*, 369b, 374b, 379a, 379b, 40/b, 465b, 488a, 489b•, 542a, 593a Alphonsus II, King of Naples,

formerly Duke of Calabria I 2, 56, 90, /00, /02, /36, /40, 155, I75, 176, 214, 218, 227, 299, 364, 371, 412, 418, 420•, 428, 434*, 438; II 82, 98, 116, /86, 188, 254, 255, 261, 266*, 270~ 308, 345, 353*, 354, 355, 362•, 408, 430, 435, 470, 549; 111 197a•, 197b*, 224a, 302a•, 304b, 306b, 313b, 397h, 398a, 434b*, 492b, 633h; IV 73a, l 07b, l/ 7b, 169a, 2361!, 246a, 340b, 34/a*, 542b, 573b, 647a, 652a, 653b, 655a, 656a, 6561!•, 685a; v 12b, 7 4a, 91 b, 268b, 27la, 28lh~ 282a, 283a, 352a, 353b, 355b, 435a, 5/6a, 6/Jb, 622a; VI 30a, 90b, /20h, 167a, 213a, 216b, 219a, 22/a, 227a, 372a, 378b; S« Alphonsus, Duke of Calabria Alplwnsus Jll, Kuy: of Arop~ IV l 061!, 553a Alphtm.sw IV, Krng of Uim VI 594b S. Alphonsw Liguori VI 65a

Alphonsw de S. Maria episcopus Burgensis (Alonso de C~na) I 205, 245•, 326, 327; II 325, 435, 479, 602; III 89a, 592a, 613b, 627a, 687b, 717a, 73lb, 745a•; IV 12a, 12b, 404b, 4D6b, 496b, 498b, 513a, 51Sa•, 520b, 52lb, 522b, 527a•, 528a, 530a•, 530b•, 531 a, 532a•, 532b, 533a, 533b•, 534a, 534b, 537b, 538a, 538b, 539a, 540a•, 540b•, 542a, 543a, 543b, 544a•, 544b, 547b, 554a, 554b, 559a, 562b, 563a•, 572b•, 576b, 577b•, 579b, 582a, 586b, 588a, 599b, 600a•, 600b•, 60la•, 602b, 604a•, 607b, 659a•, 66la•, 66lb; V 42a, 42b•, 45a, 320a•, 323a; VI 593a Alphonsus de Oro!Xsa I 278 Alphonsw de Palencia stt Alphonrus Palentinus Alphonsus Palentinw l l 33, 208; II 28, 324, 341; III 275a; IV 68b, 486a, 497b•, 498a, 508b, 511 b•, 522b, 523a•, 528b, 530a, 531 a•, 532b, 533a, 54la, 542b, 543b, 553b•, 566b, 584a, 587b, 588b, 594b•, 595a•, 603b, 668a; V 216a, 317b, 318a, 318b, 319a, 319b•, 320a•, 382a; VI 32la, 344a, 39la, 594b Alplwn.rus a PraJn IV I 79b Alphonsus Seguritanus II 24• A lplwn.rus T liJurtinu:s II 253, 3 59 Alphonsus Toletanus s« Vargas Alphonsus de Toleto I 279, 280 Alplum.sus de Ulooa VI 250b Alplwn.rus V, Kuy: of Portugal III 743a•, 744a; IV 526a; V 122b, 362b; VI 297b, 29Bb Alphonsus X, King of Castile IV 486a; VI 137a Alplwn.rus XII, Kuv: of Castik v 3I7b Alplwn.rus ,(.amortnsis IV 538b Alphonsus card. s« Carrillo Alphonsus cardinalis SS. Coronatorum su Calixtus III Alphonsus ep. Burgensis V 232b Alphonsus ep. Giennensis 27b Alphonsus episcopus Abalensis IV 166b Alphonsus su also Alfonsus; Ciaconius Alplwn.rus lhL Wm, Kuv: of Castik III 241 b Alplwn.rus lhmlngus II 523 Alplwn.rus, Carolus II 3 7 Alplwnsus, lrifaniL of Portugal card. IV 573a•


Alplwn.rus, Krng of Portuga/ IV 498a

Alphonsus, N.

VI 385b

A lplwn.rus, bi.shop of Saragossa l 340

Alpina Miniatensis, Siccus IV 229b(?) Alpino, Pros!Xro l 283, 309 Alpinus, Nrcolaus III 666b Alpinus, Prosper n 227' 278, 303•; III 550b; V 85a, 496a, 496b•, 547b; VI 450b Alpoem Contados, Pedro de IV 445a Alpoleiw, Jacobus V 67a, 70a; VI 368b, 514b, 619a Alpoleus, Jacobus l 339 Alpoyrn, Valentinus de IV 456a, 457a Alpuleius see Alpoleiw A lsatia III 490a Alstedius IV 308a Alstedius, Johannes Henricus I 345; III 376a, 392a, 399b, 476b, 499b, 550b, 636a, 699a, 699b; IV 25a, 153b; V 95a, 147b, 152a; VI 5I7a, 582b Alstius III 34 7b(?) Alt de Salispurga, Ludovicus 310b Alt, Georg III 631 a, 659h, 662b, 663a• Alt, Johannes III 584a Alta Silva, Johannes de VI 527a A/14deUus m 29Ia; v 353a, 622b.., VI 577b A/14de/Jus, G. IV 107a, 655a A/Jiumps (Hohmembs), Marcus SiltU:u.s de, card. VI 402b A/Jiumps, Rohertw a VI 389b Altaflores (Aibiflorius) Pamphilus, Johannes Hercules II 203, 574 A/Jamurat, Ftdericw princeps IV 652a• Altano, Baldisera II 277 Altano, Conte Antonio II 277• Altantsee, Johannes see Allantsee Allarws, lizmbertw, cornes Saioarolimsi.s VI 390a A/JnviJla de CapruJ, Gulielmw, card. Salemilanw v 270b Altavitus see Altoviti A~, Ankmius IV 58b AI.Jdorf III 494b, 508a, 508b, 573a, 655a, 660a, 678b, 679a, 694a Altdorfer, Albrecht III 481 b Altedo, Parisius de I 172, 174; II 77; III 265a• AIIL/Jus, Placitus V 352a Alkmps, Bona Maria (Usi) IV 70a Altemps, Giovanni Angelo IV 70a



Allemps, HormibaJ, Count of VI 202b Allemps, ]ohanneJ Angelur, dux ah VI 245a, 349a Allemps, lihrary of the IJuk of IV 368a Altenau, Johannes V 49a Altensteig, Johannes III 350b, 486a Altenstein, Johannes III 658a Altmis, Paulutiw, card. de V 4I 7a• A lterius, Antonius III 666h Alterius, Juiius III 223h Alterius, Laurentius IV 254a; v 43Ia, 433a, 434b Alterius, Marcus Antonius V 333b, 358b; VI 155b, 392b* A lterius, M arimw.s III 223 b Althusius, Johannes A. III 392a, 399b, 506b, 509b, 550a, 551 a, 559a; IV 78a, 363a, 375a; v 52b Altihnio de Luca II 54 5 Altieri .s« Alterius Alti eri, Balthasar III 607 a AIIUri, Girolamo II 3 I 9 A liUri, Giulio IV 85b Altieri, Marco Antonio II 65, 121, 122, 454; IV 85b* Altieri, Marzio II 322* Altilius IV I69a, 437b AlJiliw ep. PolicastrmsiJ V 5 I 5h Altilius, Gabriel I 292, 432; II 21, 339, 353, 354, 355, 373, 384, 448; III 83b, 442a Altimir, Galararuius IV 503b Alting, Henricus VI 361b, 558b Alting, Menso V 52b, 83a, 114b; VI 558a Altingius, Henricus IV 24a, 25a, 229a Altingius, Menso III 3 70a, 392a, 494b Altingus, Henricus II 593 Altissen, Petrus III 515b Altividius I 78, I09, I3I, I38, 214, 245, 320, 365; II 65, 127, 507; III 59a, 212b; IV 295a; v 606b Altobelli, P. Ilario V 494b Altobello, Averoldo, Bishop of Pota V 624a*; VI 290a A/Jobellu.s II 97, 487 Altobellus, frater Hilarius II 404 Altoclarus, Mathurinus V 114b Altogradus, Joseph l 257 Altomari, Donatus Antonius ab I 436 A/Joviti jamil)· I 86 Allouiti, Alùn-ilo di Sarviro di Vim VI I29b Altoviti, Antonio I 182 Altoviti, Antonio, archbishop of florence II 39


AlJouiJi, Anlonio, =hbislwp of Pisa I I22* AlJouiJi, Franasco I 359 Altoviti, Jacopo abbas III 653a AlJouiJi, ]acopo, bislwp of Fiesok II 49I Altoviti, Niccolò VI 13a AIJauiJw, Anlonius, archiep. Flormtinus V 543b Altus Francobergensis, Johannes V 151b, 155a Alucio, Johannes de abbot of Citeaux III 516b(?) Alucius, Cae.sar II 386; VI 349a Alunno, Francesco I 244; IV 576a; VI 4a, 13a, 81b, 88a Alularii Neapolilanus, Christophorus v 65b, 66b Aluvisius de Raguxio IV 650a Aluysius episcopus Trauriensis su Comaro, card. Alvise Alva su Alba Alvarado, Johannes de, SJ. VI 198b, 199a Alvares, Hieronymus SJ. IV 456a Alvares, Johannes IV 44 7a, 451a Alvares, Pedro IV 44 7b Alvarez, Balthasar IV 463b Alvarez, Didacus IV 137b Alvarez, Diego Cayetano de IV 334a Alvarez, Diego, O.P. II 120 Alvarez, Emmanuel IV 454a*, 463b, 466a•, 467b AIDare~, Fernando coru/e de A/va IV 565a, 60Ia Alvarez, Francesco VI 134a* Alvarez, Franciscus IV 466b Alvarez, Ludovicus IV 447b, 448b, 449b Alvarez, Nunus IV 58b* A/vari, A. IV 534b Alvarius, Johannes III 693a Alvarotis, Petrus de VI 262a Alvarotti, Francesco II 13 Alvarotti, Jacopo II 3 I 2*; III 64a, 4 76a, 482a, 499a, 585a, 660b, 667a; IV 6I6a Alvarotti, Pietro I 13, 21*, 437; II 202, 247, 373, 438, 499; III 59b, 484a, 648a, 687a, 689a; IV 126a Alvarus (A/fonsi) epìscopus Silvmru II 367, 368 Alvarus Hispanus I 241 A/varw Uilatws O.P. IV 58b A lvarus S1lvroru I 14 I Alvarus, Emanuel IV 135b; V IOOb Alvarus, UuJovUus IV 5 79b Alvarus, Petrus V 530a Ak•es, ]ohanneJ IV I 2 l a Alves, Petrus I 429

Alveto, Johannes de, O.Cist., abbas VI 505b Alviano, Bartolommeo d' (Livianus) II 8, 261 •, 263, 289, 353, 461; III 184a, 277a, 317b; V 523a, 554b; VI 52b, 155b*, 273b, 280a Alviano - LivianU! A/visius O.M. I 41 A/visius Romanus IV 588b A /visius de Venetiis I 3 4 Alvisius ep. Pensaurensis su Capra, Alvisius Alyngton, Robertus IV 157a Alyngton su Alington Alynthon, Richardus III 739a Alypius VI 414a* Alzaharan IV 77 a Akano, Gabriel de, O.P. V 485b AkaJus, Miianus I 204; IV 660h Alzatus, PhilippU! I 23, 25*, 359 A[zaJus, Silvestrr III 3 l 2b Amabile, Luigi I 405, 406* Amabilia Carpensis I 384; II 345; see also Mabilia Amabilius I I 30; II 176; IV 300b, 428a; V 618b; VI 224b; see also Mabilius Amadeis, Calixtus de II 55 7 Amadeus I 50, 123, 165, 422 Amadeus Dorthonensis, O.E.S.A. II l 78; VI 225b, 226a Amadeus Lusitanus, O.M. II 87; III 229a, 233a, 635a, 715b; IV 79a, 327a, 493a, 636a; V 475a, 503a*, 507b, 576b; VI 35b, 36b, 44b, 95b, l 04a, 149b, 158a, 163a, 176a Amadeus de Sabaudia, ep. Sabinensis (antipapa Felix V) V 75a, 8la, JJOa; su Felix V antipapa Amadtus 77wmae, .fratrr II 4 I 5 Amadtus, &mardinus II 350 Amadeus, Duke of Savoy II I 86; III 335a, 389a, 482b, 567a•, 682a; IV 438b Amadeus, Franciscus II 103 Amadtus, ]ohanneJ III 613b Amadtus, ]ohanneJ Antoniw III 306a Amadeus, Johannes Franciscus I 275 Amadeus, Tiphlos II 49 Amadi, Adriana VI 153b Amadii, Antonio degli I 165 Amadori, Giovanni di Z,anobi rv 77h Amadoribus, Franciscus Laurentii Grassi de I 135 Amadoro, Agnokua d' VI I 20b Amadus, Franciscus Il 276 Amadutius, Johannes Christophorus VI l 77b



Amaduzzi, Giovanni

Cristoforo II 146*, 571 Amatnias, XtaJlas VI 29lb Amaltea I l 16, 302; III 283b, 294a; IV 94b(?); V 520a Amaltea da Odc:rza, Ottavio v 520a Amaltea family I 346; II 7, 203, 238, 252, 275, 422, 448*; v 371b; Amaltea, Attilio I 290, 291; II 563, 569; V 565a Amal~o, Aurelio II 203; IV 32b Amaltea, Cornelio I 98, 262, 305, 344, 375; II 196, 198, 205, 243, 274, 279, 449-450; III 42a; IV26a Amaltea, Francesco II 243, 345(?), 379, 495 Amalteo, Giovanni Battista I 63, 86, 96, 124, 262*, 286, 289, 290'", 305, 310, 321, 323, 341, 344, 376; II l O, 12, 32, 36, 39, 173*, 174, 196*, 198, 243, 247, 269, 272, 274, 277•, 282, 346, 379, 405, 422, 428, 436, 448, 449*, 551, 569; III 42a, 324b; IV 94b*; V 230b, 233b, 475b, 509b, 510b, 520a, 524b* Amal~o, Girolamo I 14, 96, 262, 344, 346, 352; II IO, 36, 174, 198, 203, 235, 237, 242, 243, 247, 249, 252, 262*, 269, 371, 374, 428, 447, 448, 449, 494, 495, 563, 597; III 42a., 122a*, 98b, 258a, 284b, 324b, 326a•, 614b; IV 94b*, 458a Amaltea, Marcantonio D 206, 241, 243, 255, 258, 260*, 268, 494, 495 Amaltea, Ottavio II 565; V 520a Amaltea, Paolo n 125, 241, 243, 255; III 2la* Amalthea, Nais V 524a Amaltheo da Pordenon, Marco Antonio V 524a• Amaltheus VI 306a AmtzlJJreus lllyricw, J&oiJJw VI 9411 Amaltheus medicus II 535 Amaltheus, Aurdius V 441 b; VI 237a Amol~Juu.s, C. Paubls VI 286a Amaltheus, Comelius VI 13b, 26la Amaltheus, Franrucus VI 90b Amaltheus, Hieronymus V 237b, 383b, 483b*, 484a•, 509b, 520a; VI 12b, 13b, 45a, 259b, 278b Amaltheus, Johannes Baptista VI 13b, 74b, 125b, 239a, 276b, 342a., 389b, 39& Amaltheus, Johannes Maria VI 223b Amaltheus ue Amaltea


Amaltheus VI 558b Amana, Sepher V 144a Amandus de Regio IV 255a, 255b ~ T IUJolrials I 4l 5 Amanellw Al\flicus V 306a Amanio V 509b Amanio da Crema, Niccolo v 360b, 40la, 472b*, 475b, 488b Arnanio, Nicolaus l 6; IV 437b; VI36b Arnanius, Johannes Paulus S«

Amama, Sixtinus van



Arnann, Caspar III 460a, 460b Arnannatus ue Ammannati Amantius, Bartholornaeus III 700a Amantus, Ludovicus II 356 Amanus,Jacobus V 145a Amara!, Antonius de IV 449a Arnara!, Christophorus de IV 44 7b, 449b Amara!, Melchior de IV 58b, 446b

Amaricus O.P. III 21 b Amaro, Johannes de II 208• Amaroni, Cristoforo I 122 Amaryliis VI 3 4& Amaseo family I 310; II 205, 235 Arnaseo, Attilio V 536b Arnaseo, Girolamo I 317, 327*; II 38, 203, 261 Arnaseo, Gregorio I 18, 20, 283*, 286, 313, 317, 327; II 38, 39, 194, 198, 203, 204*, 205, 241' 284, 285*, 498•, 569; III 232a; IV 190b; VI 8b, 33b, 60b, UOa, 260a Arnaseo, Lelio I 317 Arnaseo, Leonardo I 283*, 317; II 205 Arnaseo, Paolo I 40 l Arnaseo, Pompeo IV 69b Arnaseo, Pompilio I 19, 283, 284•, 285•, 286•, 289, 290, 296, 310, 313, 317, 318, 321, 323, 402; II 32•, 38•, 39*, 255, 337, 373, 379*, 412, 415, 423•, 428; III 303a, 47Ib•; V 63b, 91 b, 508a, 508b, 509b, 51 Oa, Sila; VI 259b, 342a•, 343b, 413a• Arnaseo, Romolo I 18, 20, 21, 2s•, so•, 84, 117, 232, 265, 268, 283•, 284, 286•, 310, 3!3•, 317, 318, 322, 339(?), 357, 385; II IO, 32, 38•, 39*, 204, 266, 338, 344, 346, 367•, 376, 412, 497, 499, 581; III 267b, 269b, 294a, 324a, 610b, 6Ha, 734b; IV 69b, 87b, 94b, lUb•, 233b, 25lb, 300a, 352a, 353a, 353b, 452b•;


216b, 497b, 503b, 506a,

soaa•, 56411, 564b, 569b, 598b;

VI 93a, 103b, 130b, 240a, 342a•, 526b Arnaseo, Teofrasto I 317 Arnaseo, Violante I 31 7 Amate Ili, Ostilio II 54 7 Arnatius, Hieronymus V 434b Amatori, Alessandro de I 265 Arnatorius, Marcus I 323 Amabiu, &mifatiiU PfDcitiMs tU v 630b Amatrice, Troilus Rubeus de II 35 Arnatricius, Microtius n 549•; VI 117a AIIIIJttw, ]oluzmw V 3 76a Arnatuce, Tadeus de I 383 Arnatus I 15 7 Arnatus Lusitanus IV 463b; v 435b Arnatus Siculus, Johannes IV 402b Arnatus, Johannes Sylvius l 323 Arnatus, Petrus I 429 Arnatus, Scipio VI 31 Oa, 409a Arnazanus, Romulus ue Arnaseo, Rom o lo Arnbach, Mdchior III 550b Ambcvsengnar IV 555b Arnbasia, Georgius de, card. SS. Petri et Marcellini V 39 l b, 507b; see Arnboi!e Ambtwadors III 28a; V 207b Ambassmlors, ruJes .for VI 134b Ambassadors, lreaJisu 011 VI 317a• AmlHrg II 593; III 573a Arnbivero, Franrucus I 361 d'Amboist, Girar/es II l 8 7, 406 d'Arnboise, George, cardinal of Rouen II l 16, 409; IV Ub, l 7 l b; S« Arnbasia Arnbosius, Franciscus II 183 d'Ambra, Francesco II 453 Arnbrogi, Giovanni Paolo IV 667b; V 376a; VI 31Ia• Ambrogini s« Politianus Ambrogio, Frate (fravenari?) l 70 Ambrogio, Giovanni Paolo v 237b Arnbrosianus see d'Arnboi!e Arnbrosiaster IV 148b Ambrosiir, A/exander tk II 78 Arnbrosino, l-lariano, architect of Bologna V 540a Arnbrosius III /60b; IV 455a, 525b; VI 347b S. Arnbrosius l 235, 280, 313, 349, 351; II 94, 95, 337, 364, 409, U5, 465, 472, 566; III 89b, 223b, 265a, 268b, 320a, 404b•, 415b•, 447b; IV 72b, 116b, 434b, 518b•, 539a, 564a, 5 72a •, 590b, 602a, 631 a;

22 V 186b, 22la, 38lb, 410b, 443b, 485b, 614a, 632a, 638b; VI 37a, 46b, 5/b, 62a, 112b, 122a, 193b, 233a, 3/Ba, 319a, 577a S. Ambrosius (:\lilan), abbot of III 414b Ambrosius Benevemanus I 339 Ambrosius Camaldulensis Stt Traversari Amhrosiw dt Camhrtl)' III l 03a Ambrosius de Cor~ s« Cara Ambrosius Crmummsis IV 660a Ambrosiw ETmzila I 232 Ambrosius de Florentia Abbas Abbatiae l-lorentinac l 397; II 546; IV 73b Ambrosius dc Mediolano, doctor of medicine III 742a Ambrosius de Melita II 39 Ambrosius dt Monlmigro l 243 Ambrosius Parthenopaeus S« flandinus Ambrosiw P/acmtinw III 22 7h Ambrosius de Renncs III 564a Ambrosius Sibcnicensi.s V 437b Ambrosius T'nani III 599b Ambrosiw T aruisinus l 83 Ambrosiw ~tnmmsi.r, physicinn VI 29/b Ambrosiw a Lambtrg III 43b Ambrosius abbas I /58 Amhrosius mmila Palal!inw V 56 4a Ambrosius monachus stt Trdversarius Ambrosiw scriba II 77 Ambrosiw, AnJonius II 78 Ambrosius, Franciscus I 61 Ambrosius, Johannes II 172; III 302a Ambrosiw, Paulu.s III 122a Ambrosi us, Sebastianus III 3 l 7a; V liSa*, 138a Ambrosiw, ftattr III 54b Ambrosius, prinr in lsinina III 226b Ambrosiw subprinr in Ursina v 406b Amhroxinw, son rif PttroluJ dt Pu~m VI 98b Ambsdorf, Nicolaus stt Amsdorfius, Nicolaus Ambulalor, JohanneJ III 335a l'Amt, lt rrgrmm dt III 328b Amedisius, Philippus I 313 Ameidcn su Amidenius Ameiden, Theodorus II l 06; III 78a, 92b, 231 b Amdarius VI 123b Amelius Platonicus V 2S3b Amelius. Georgius 111 426a Amtliw, Paulus II 432 Amelius, Petrus II 98 Amelonck, Theodricus IV 378b Amelonghi Girolamo II l l l, S l O Amelot Il 227; VI 469a

A.\IBR - A.\!1\IA

Amendolara, Bonifazio dell' V 622a Amendolara, Fazio da III 304a* Amtrbach V 83b Amtrbachfamily V 43b, 48b*, 55b, 56b, 60a, 63b, 77b, 84b Amerbach, Antonius Nicolaus III 60 l b*; V S6a Amerbach, B. V 83b Amerbach, Basilius II 593; III 270b, 321 a, 324a, 329a, 396a*, 584b, 588b, 699a*; IV 375a; V 43a, 48b*, 49a, Slb*, 52a*, 52b*, 53a*, 53b*, 54a*, 54b, 55b•, 56a, 56b*, 58a, 59a, 59b, 60a, 6la, 63a*, 63b*, 64a*, 7/a, 73b*, 75b, 76b*, 77a*, 77b*, 78a, 83b, 84b, 94b, 136a, 145a, 147b; VI 520b Amtrbach, &silius Il V 63b Amerbach, Bonifatius l 80; Il 400; III 70b, 509b, 550b, 635a, 695b, 726a:, IV 432a; V 43a•, 45b*, 46a, 48b*, 49a*, 51 b, 52a*, 52b*, 53a*, 53b, 55b, 55b*, 56a, 56b, 58b, 59b, 60a, 60b, 62a, 62b, 63a*, 63b*, 64a*, 65a, 7/a, 7/b•, 72a, 74b, 75a, 76b*, 77a*, 77b*, 78a*, 81 b, 82b*, 83b*, 84a*, 84b, 85b, 86b, 125b, 136a, 137b, 145a, 147b Amcrbach, Bruno III 61 7a; IV 340a; V 43b, 52b*, 53b*, 62b, 64a, 7/a•, 7/b, 72a, 73a*, 82b, 83b*, 227a Amerbach, Eusebius 111 370a Amerbach, Johannes III 89b, 129a, 728b; IV 5 l Bb; V 43b, 49a, 52b*, 54a, 59b, 70a, 70h, 77b, 83b Amerbach, Vitus III 134a, 269b, 370a, 384b*, 392a*, 399b, 437a, 438b, 440a, 520b, 645b, 659b, 675b; IV 351 b, 353b, 378b, 411b, 576a; V 4a, 24a, 56a, 185b(?) Amtrtngo Balavus, Jacobus dt v 393b Amtria Il 339; VI 53a, 342b Amtrica III 177a, 457a; IV 69a•. 120b; V 207a; VI 304b, 397a, 5!9b Americus VI 443a Amtrighi. Vinuntio V 579a Amtriw, Ltonardw III 326b Amerlot, Abraham Nicolas IV 679b* Amerongen, Taets van III IIOb Amerotius, Hadrianus IV 289a, 289b, 586a Amerpachius, Vitus II 415 Ammfort, Gtrardus III 529b Amerutzes, Gcorgius VI 187h, 192a Ameruza stt Amiruza

AmtStrammto dt savert IV 141 h Ameydcn (Amidenius), Theodorus IV BOb, 60 l b, 664b; V 206a, 208b; s« Amidenius Amiani, Pietro IV 251 b Amiantato su RicO\·Tati Amici, Antonio IV 269b*, 270a Amici, Mare' Antonio VI 20a* Amicitia et amico, dt III l 19b Amicitia, dt Il 154, 568; VI 150b Amico, Antoninus dt V Bb Amiconi, Tommaso VI 215h Amicus (Agnijilus), cardinal rif Aqui/tl II 364 Amicus Oratianus, Paulus Il 4 7 l Amicus de Sulmona II 313* Amicus, Diomedes Il 597 Amicus, Petrus III 296a, 607a Amidanus, Aelius VI 507a Amidanus, Nicolaus I 205; III !Sa, 25a, 119a, 542a, 666h; VI 59b, 139b*, 495b Amidanus, Vincentius I 101, 205*, 245*, 321*, 343, 3.10; III 306b, 307a Amidanus, Zeno I 204*, 205*; IV 660b*. 66la* Amidei, Alessandro V 356b Amidenius 1Ameiden, Ameyden), Theodorus VI l 06a, 163a, 306a, 315b; su Amcyden Amidtnius, Philippus IV BOb Amidtnus, Philippus VI 3 06a Amideus. Johnnnts Petrus I 17 Amidolus Novariensis I 9 Amùns, Ctltstims rif IV BOb ,\mieto de Francia, Johanncs V 254a Amigo Aspcrtino VI 15b AmiiJw grammaticus II 46 Aminla, Philippw III 325h Amiralus Francia,. su Coligny Amirrus (Anurrus), magister presbiter anglicus III 714a Amiruza, Georgius II 320, :ns. 345 Amistatis, ]ohanneJ dt 111 515b Amittminus V 532b Amlingus, Wolfgangus III :~79b Amman, Grcgorius III 584a Ammannati, Baptista IV 254b Ammannati, Bartolommco I 7'2; II 507; III 314a, :BRa. 33Rb; v 218b, 269~ 137b, 342~ 345b, 346a, 4R8b, 505a, S4Sa, .'l'i4a, 5H6h, 613a. 613b; VI 15h, 196a, 214b, 21623a*, 523b, 529a, 53la, 566b, 5 72b, 61 Ob, 615b, 630a*; VI 620b Barbaro, Francesco, the younger r 41 l; n l .'>e). 606 &ubaro, Gasparo n 362, 594 Barbaro, J. V 22b Barbaro, Josaphat IV 197b, 230a Barbaro, Luigi III 616b &ubaro. Malw IV 88b Barbaro, Niccolò n 302 &ubaro, Paola n 409, 581 &ubaro, Paolo Hl 62a, 222a Barbaro, Pietro I l 29; II 262; IV 96a &ubaro, l'iUort I 35 Barbaro, Zaccaria I 14, 22, 35*, 92, 11 5•, 129, 245*, 263, 266*, 267, 277, 325, 327*, 362, 363, 364, 380; n 112, 245, 259, 288 377, 378*, 431, 460, 568*; rrr 197a*, 485a, 530b, 61 6b, 64&r, IV 3lb, 96a, 28lb, 296a•, 4 l 4/J, 589b, 663a; v 4b, l 06a, 303b, 523a, 615b &ubaro, ,(,arcarUJ, DanU/is .filius II 268 &ubaro, ,(,accarUJ, 1M EJdn II 4 7 Barbarossa su Fridericus I imperator &ubarus, Allry.riu.r V 450/J Barbarus, Danid, patriarcha Aquilegiensis VI 65a*, l 25b, 126a*, 179b, 242a*, 264b*, 269a, 276a, 279a, 279b, 285b*, 30 l b, 303a, 37lb, 388b*, 39la Barbarus, Franciscus VI 8b, l la, 40b, 5la, 58a, 59b, 6Ja, 62a*, Il l b, 163a, 205b, 206a, 206b*, 232a. 232b, 236b*, 237a, 242a, 242b, 243a•, 243b, 247b*, 248b, 252a, 252b, 255a, 257a*, 262b*, 263a, 271a, 272b, 218a, 283b•, 290a, 304a, 323b, 332a*, 336b, 337a*, 337b, 338a, 345a, 400a*, 528b*, 546a, 569b Barbarus, Franciscus the Younger VI 13b, 4{)3a &ubarus, Franciscw, CanoniaLs II 211 &ubarus, Franciscw, quoruiam Candiani II 23 l &ubarus, Gaspm VI 8b Barbarus, Herrnolaus (thc Youngcrl VI 86a, 167b, 193b, 242a*, 243a*, 246a, 2.'>2b, 257a, 259b, 282a, 282b, 283b, 332a, 334a, 382b*, 383a*, 383b*, 384a*, 414a, 440b Barbarus, Herrnolaus the Elder, ep. Vcronensis VI JOlb, 126a, 242a, 242b, 243a*, 267b, 283b, 288b, 336b, 345a, 414b


Barbarus, Himmymus IV 234a"; V 217a Barbarus, Josaphath VI 287b Barbarus, Marrus VI 404b* Barbarus, Nu:olaw VI 292b Barbarus, Zacharias VI 262b, 400a Barb!Wanus m 291 h Barba.sio, Andrtas IV 62 2a Barbati, P~tronio V 629a• Barbatia, Andreas I 70, 169, 277, 370-371; II 5, 314; III 203b; V 507b; VI 400b Barbatus (Quatrarius) Sulmontinus, Johann~s V 270a, 272b Barbatus Sulmon~nsi.s II 115, 440*; III 99a, 158b, 259a•; IV l 75b; VI 44& Barba/w doctor V 92a Barbatus, Angelus II 333; IV 353b Barbatus, Johannes III 374b; v 4lb Barbatus, Nicolaus Asclepius III 550b Barbatus, Petronius I 117 BarbaoaUJ, ]olumrw m 484a Barbavara, Cm/o I 364 Barbavara, Carolus II 270 Barbavara, Francesco I 37, 328; II l 77, 362, 594 Barbarxua, Giooanni I 9 Barbavara, Giovanni Ambrogio I 286•, 287, 303 Barbavara, Ludovicus VI 67a Barbavaria, Franci.scus VI 3b, Ba, 420b Barbavariis, Franci.scus de III 13h, 288a, 420a, 530h, 722a Barbavariw, ]olumrw Ambmsius VI 257h Barbavariw, Marcolinw II 361-362, 594; VI Ba Barbazza s« Barbatia Barbaa.a, Andna VI 407a BarbeiTt, ]olumrw de VI 6 l h B~r, Edmundus IV 258b Barbera, Joseph Ignatius de IV 526a• Barberfu, Philippus de O.P. IV 522b, 557b; V 484b; VI604b Barbtrinijamily II 441; V 237h BarbnW, Anlmrio V 472b Barberini, Francesco, card. I 311, 346; II 441, 442, 447"; III 130b, 146h, 327b; IV 76a, 112b, 115h, 686a; V 44lb Bari· rini, Maffeo card. sn Urbanus VIII BarhnW, TadtUo II 3 48 Barberino, And~a da V 608b Barherirw, Cypriarws ]olumrw de II 519-520


Barberino, Fratu:t.Jeo dll I 365; II JJ5 ~rino, Giovanni da I 240 ~rinus, Carolus, card. VI 345b B~rinus, Franciscus, card. VI 33a, 154b, 187h, 188a, 188b•, 19/a, 194b, 39la•, 415a Barb~rinus, Mapheus, card. sn Urbanus VIII Barherinus, 77radt.laeus VI 5 l 4a Barbtrius, CaJe/Janus VI 406a B~rius, Franci.scus II 243 B~rius, Philippus I 252, 427 B~ro, Raphael II 95 Barhiatwm I 24 Barftiatws, Pelnl.s romes IV 586a Barbiè, Pietro VI 404a Barbier III 285a Barbi~ri, Antonio da Bach~rito I74 Barbi~ri, Giovanni Francesco (Guerrino) III 136b, 338a•; VI 15b, 2la, 9lb Barbieri, Giovanni Maria I 284, 288, 376, 382 Barbi~ri, Ludovico I 288 Barbini, P. II 78 Barbirianus (Barbire4U), ]acobu.r III 105a, 162a, 577h, 589h, 707a• Barbirius, Nicolaus IV 340b Barbirius, P~trus III 134b, 426a; IV 34{)a

Barhi.s071W, Princiva1Jw I l 04 Barbius, Heliseus IV 188b• Barbo j~ I 82; V 353o:, VI 32/a Barbo, Agostino IV l l Oa Barbo, Giovanni II 270 Barbo, Giovaturi MichLIL ~ of Pauius Il IV l 06a Barbo, Jacobus de I 42 Barbo, Jacopo II 382, 409 Barbo, Ludovico I 164, 183, 242, 273•, 312, 394, 395, 403; II 12, 13•, 14, 22, 207, 283, 339, 472, 490, 522; III 307h, 466a Barbo, M. II 349 Barbo, Marco, cardinal of Vicenza (S. Marci) I 10, 40, 44, 81, 129•, 212*, 333, 364; II 99, 146, 197, 231, 232, 245, 252, 256, 260, 270*, 323, 331, 345, 356-357, 364, 37 /(?), 375•, 376•, 420, 440, 46()4', 583, 605; III 3/h, 6/b, 123a•, 28/a, 485a•, 745h; IV 260h* Barbo, MaJJm II 535 Barbo, Niccolò I 330, 419; II 8, 35, 215, 25()4', 265, 294, 36()4', 372, 550, 566; III 22b, 157b(?), 363a, 648b; IV 46a, 126b

Barbo, Paolo I 81, 83, 164, 301; Il 8, 35, 66, 122, 197, 240, 359, 370, 382, 409., 460, 550; III 6/h"; IV 163a Barbo, Pi~tro card. S. Marci s« Paulus II Barbobus, P~trus s« Soncino Barbobus, Theseus Il 270 Barboncinus Forosemproni~nsis. Hi~ronymus IV 642b Barhonus, Faustinw I l 2 Barbosa (Barvosa), Arius IV 452a, 573a• Barbosa, Emanuel V 205b Barbous, Vlbdinus IV 55/a Barbovius, Scipio II 24 7 Barbula, Joann~s, O.P. V 438a Barbu/eius, lJenuzrdinw Il 70 Barbus, Jacobu.r VI 27/b, 415a Barbus,Johanna IV 477a• Barbus, Ludooicus abbas s. Jwtitlt IV 176a Barbus, Ludovicus, Abbot of S. Giustina V 594a Barbus, Ludovicus, ~­ Tarvisinus V 519a, 618a; VI 47a•, 170a, 243a Barbw, Marcus V 92b, 292a Barbus, Marcus, ep. Vicentinus, card. S. Marci V 29b, 229b, 463b, 52/a, 52/b, 522h; VI JJ4h, 330a, 337b, 35/a, 383b, 384a, 386a, 432b, 61 5a Barbus, Nicolaus V 173a•, 308b, 522b; VI 24lb•, 253b, 263b, 264a•, 292b, 336b• Barbw, Pauius V 30h; VI 264a, 297h, 415a Barbus, P~rius IV 519a Barbus, P~trus IV l 52b; s« Paulus Il Barbuti, Guido II 404 Barhyrmsis comes III 42 l a Barcelona II 350; III l 3 6a, l 76b, 25/b; IV 93a, 96a*, 97b, 98b, 18/h, 483a•, 493b, 503a, 503h, 523a•, 56/a, 594a, 597b, 649o:, V 323a, 362h; VI 5a, 12/a Barctltma, Bi.slwps of VI 59 l h Barctlmul, Franci.scans of IV 495a Barctltma, Hospilai S. Crucis IV 503a Barctltma, Univmity of IV 546b, 562h Barctltma, ardu/eeu:on of II 44 Barcdos, Goncalo O.Cist. IV 460a(?) Barchi, Ben~d~tto V 648b Barcinonensi.s sn Paulus Barcinonenis, Hi~ronymus Barcio, Amaldus III 236b Barcion, Hieronymus VI 349a Barcitius s« Barzizza Barcius, Johannes I 205 Barckkuus, Edward V 395a


Barclaius (Barclay), Johannes VI 150a, 310b Barclav, David IV 25b Barclay, Henry IV 201a Barrlay, John II 119; III l l l b, 285b, 322a, 333a, 495b; IV /9b, 60a•, 418b; V 320b, 408a, 4D9b, 627a Barrlay, ThmruJJ IV 19b Barrlay, William m 322b, 333a• Barde a, Johannes de III 423b Bardella, Petrus I 33 7 Barddlinis, Bardellinw de n 219 Bardelbnus, LIMJouicus II // Bardellon, caf1ilarreus Manlutu m 262a Bardenstcin, Ambrosius III 658b Bardi di vmna Jami!J v 624a Barriifamily v 346h, 384a, 624a Bardi, Agnolo V 297b; VI 381 b Barrii, AleHandra dt' l 68, 121, 125; IV 56/a; V 346h• Bardi, Angelo l l 06 Barrii, &mardo dt' v 3 46h Bardi, Dea V 579b Banli, !Xianira l /4 5 Banli, Francesco dt' l 64, 79•, 217, 218•, 220•, 243, 331, 432; II 360, 487, 491, 523; III 514b; VI 7b Banli, GmJik dt' l l 04 Bardi, Giovanni de' II 167•, 276, 405, 596; v 346b•, 381 b, 55/a~ 568a, 58/a, 609a Bardi (da Vemia), Giovanni l 66, 67, 222, 265, 291; VI 93a, 213a, 392b Bardi, Girolamo V 338b Bardi, Girolamo, Fra V 545a Bardi, Letmora dt' VI 291 a Bardi. Liorwra dt' n 468; IV BI h Bardi, Marco di &mardo dt' n 519; v 226a Bardi, Piero de' n 508•; IV 73b; V 554a Bardi, Ridoljo dt' V 562a Bardi, Roberto de' l 178 Bardi. Rodo/fo VI 170a Bardi, Tomma.so dt' l 79 Bardini, Jaropo l 136, 247; n 145• Bardis, Hieronymw de \1 176b• Bardis, Robertus de 111 90b; IV 636h, 65/a Bartiiw Autisiodormsi.r, ]olumnLJ IV 114b BanJo di Mtl.l;Ì V 345a Barthlccis, S1agius dt IV 7/a Bardus VI 184a Bardus, :-.licolaus, SJ. VI 413a Barttt (Bari?) VI 192a Barefoote, Johannes IV 258b Baregnensis, Philippus V 597a

Barenghus, Julius

l 284

Banttus, Micktu/ l 13 Barettus, Richardus VI 343b Baretus, Johannes IV 263a Barga, Antoniw dt V 572a Barga, Piero Angeli da su Angelius Bargaeus Bargaeus, Petrus Angeliw l 66, 67, 73, 105•, 106•, 107•, 116•, 117•, 124, 130, 131, 132, 147, 168•, 175, 183, 219, 222•, 257, 289, 293, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308•, 323•, 325, 361•, 383, 436; II 32, 33, 37, 76, 84, 90, 96, 158, 159, 242, 272, 273, 289, 405, 428, 449, 461' 511•, 535; sa Angdius Bargaeus Bargagli, Celso II /59; VI 214a Bargagli, Girolamo l 170, 232, 257; II 150, 155, 159, 170, 606; IV 639a; VI 214a, 214b, 403a Bargagli, Giulio II 159; VI 214a Bargagli, Scipione l 121, 13 7, 219, 291; II 138, 152*, 157, 1sg., 161, 11o-, 212,422,477, 572; III 294a; V 414a, 595b; VI 214a•, 214b, 216a Bargamascus (?) V 157a Bargas, Francesco di VI 12Ba Bargazia sa Barzizza Bargtlinus, Scipio IV 113a Bargellina, Antonius l 205 Bargellina, Giovanni Tebaldo IV 254b•, 255a Bargellini, Giovanni l 70 Bargellinus, Antoniw II 145; III 63b• Bargellinus, Baptista II l 09 Bargellinus, ]uJiw C&sar VI 47b Bargeo sa also Angelius Bargaeus Bargeo, M.P.S. V 569b Barges II 329 Bargia, Bmuiictus II 81 Bargilesi, Niccolò V 503a•, 504a•, 509a, 510a Barheus, P. III 375b Bari 111 275b Bari, Dudrm rif l 6, 43 6 Barianus, Antoniw l 345 Bariganus, Antonius V 40 l a Barignano, Fabrizio de II 37 Barignano, P. IV 437b Barignano, Pietro II 503 Barignanus, Antonius V 360b Barilis, Bonaventura l 258• Barillet, Jacobus III 116a Barilus, Dominicus II 354 Barinus, Jacobus III 462a; IV 426a; VI 440a Barisellus II 165 Barison, Hieronymus II 386 Barisoni, Albertino l 367, 368; VI 400b


57 Barius praepositus Agriensis III 525b Barkerus, Gulidmw IV 203a Barkl.ty, Maurict IV 2 15b BarL, MaUluJeus II 45 Barlaam II 20, 30, 342; VI 184a, I86a Barlaam Calaber IV Sb, 66b Barlaam episcopus Giracensis II 325 Bar/Qam ti Josaplr.al IV 5 79a Bar/Qam ti ]ostpluu III 416a • Barlaam monachus III 23b• Barlaamus V 400a• Barlachi, Al. l 94 Barlaeus III 285b Barlaeus, Caspar III 78a, 283b, 29/b, 323a, 338b, 550a, 55 la, 559a; IV 76b, 78a, 356a, 357a, 363a, 375a, 376a, 380b, 382b•, 384b•; v 7b, 14b, 196b, 197b, 2/lb Barlaeus, Jacobus III 77b• Barlaeus, Lambertus III 78a Barlaeus, Mdchior III 77b, 78a•, 81 b; IV 354a, 382b Barlandus, Adrianus III 133b, 156a•; IV 340b, 432a, 433a; VI 45lb Barlecius, Marinus VI 587a Barleclanu.r Il 43 7 Barletius, Stephanus III 240a Barletta Velitemus, Jacobus IV 103a Barlettani, Francesco l l 70 Barlettanus, Franciscus VI 37Sa• Barleu.r, Caspm VI 14b Barleus, Melchior V 396a BarliarW SalmriJano, Pietro IV 563b ~. Rogn-ius v /9/b Barnaba su &bastianus Barnaba Bamabas II 267, 429; III 282a; IV 367b; VI 12/b S. Banra.bas II 338• Barnabas (de Riatinis) de Regio l 432; II 40, 227, 323; III /Bb, 289b•; IV 619b; V 21b Barnabas Emporiensis III 332b Barnabas de Janua Il 74 Bamahas PtTUJinus Il 3 77 Bamabas Politianus Il 315, 481 Barnabas pater V 632a• Bamabe, bishop of Osma IV 659a Bamahros l 116; V 572b Bamabeus &nensis I /9; II 160, 161, 450; III 366a, 487b; VI 387b• Barnabita, padre VI 317b• Barnabo, Girolamo III 308a Barnaud, Nicholas VI 362a Baro Siculw, AnJironinus IV 289a Baro, Antonius dt 111 223a

58 &ro, Carolus III 41 Oa &ro, /..udQuicus III 515h Baro, Petrus IV S3b; VI SS8a Barocci stt also Barozzi Barocci, Alfonso I 309 Barociis, Christina de V S23b Barocio su Barozzi Barocius stt Barotius; Barozzi Barocius, JoharrnLs, tp. &rgommsìs v 254a, 288a &roli, Colurius II 200 &rolo da Lunigiana, Andrra di

v 370h Baroncelli su Bandini BaronceUi, Cosimo V S66b; VI 274b Baroncelli, Francesco III 30 l b, 302b; V S83b BaronceUi, Jacopo III 614b, 636a; IV 87b, 88a &roru:t/li, T01TI11Ul.So VI 133b BaronceUus, Gregorius III 407b, 487a, 666b &roncini, Francmo I 88, 93, /Il, 149; II 464, 489, 490; IV l OOa, 638h, 654b; v 205h, 567a, 570a, 576a, 646h Baroncini, Giosefo IV 437b Baroni, Francesco V 554b•; VI 167a &ronis th Vtnttiis, Franciscus th VI 227h Baronis, Stephanus O.M. IV 19Sb Baronius Pannensis, Brucardus V 138a Baronius, Angelus I 49* &ronius, Anlmrius I 36 Baronius, Bonaventura O.M. III 283b Baronius, C. II 128 Baronius, Caesar, card. I l, S, 67, 84, 133, 147, 270, 290, 291*, 313, 314, 385, 402, 436; II 129•, 130*, 13!•, 138, 335, 342, 380, 412, 508, 553, 564*; III 70b, 77a, 8lb, 97a, IOla, 175h, 231 b, 2SSb*, 290b, 299a, 308a, 31Sa, 316b*, 318a*, 319b*, 32la*, 325h, 3S7b, 3S8a*, 370a, 372a, 4S2b, SOla, SS9a(?), 617a; IV 75a, 133a, 14la, 229b*, 343a, 354b, 362a, 362b, 37Sa, 462b, Sl2b, S20b, S23b, S37b*, SS9a*, S76a, 595h, 6S9b; V 114b, 172a*, 180a, 207b, 208a, 2S2a*, 343a, 3S7a*, 40la, 476b, S06a, S4Sa, S47b, 580a, S86b, 60 l b, 602a; VI 16b, /9a, 50a*, 60b, 62h, 90b, /85h, 189b*, 19/a, 197a, 197b, 20/h, 226b, 28/a, 303b*, 305a, 311 b, 314a*, 328a, 343a*, 398b, 399a, 406h, 407a, 410a, 5!6b Baronius, Camillus II 564*


Baronius, Daniel I 342 Baronius, Franciscus I 65, 69, 137'"; II 25 Barono, Petrus Dominicus de, ep. TaiVisinus VI 234b &rontus th PislorW, FraJer V l 06b /Jaronza, ]oluznrus (Siculus) I 223 &rotmus, BartJwlomtuus II 70 Barotius su Barozzi &rotius, Ftdtricus I 75 Barotius, Franciscus VI 47a*, S8b, 128a*, 242a, 242b*, 243b, 27Sa, 285b, S47a Barotius, Jacobus VI 25/a, 27la Barotius, Jacobus (da Vignola) VI 13Sa, 409a Barotius, Johannes (Johannes Baptista Casalis), ep. lkUunensis VI 2S9b Barotius, Johannes, ep. lkrgamensis VI 284b, 318a, 397a Barotius, Michael VI 26 7b Barotius, Nicolaus VI 67b Barotius, Petrus VI 242b, 262b, 263b*, 266b Barotti, Johannes Andreas, of Ferrara IV 235b; V 415b; S39a &ro:_ius, Ludouicus III 61 b Barozzi II 13; su also Barociis; Barocius &rowfamily IV I23a &roW, Andrea IV 94a &roa~ Angtlo II 6 Barozzi, Antonio II l SS, 503, SII Barozzi, Francesco I 43, 44, 314, 337, 341; II 21, 169(?), 190, 206, 207*, 240, 268, 551, 566; III 194b •, 220b*, 22la*, 309a*, 31Sa; IV 94a, 132a, 242b*; V 254a, 389b, 476b*, 49Sa, 49Sb, 5/0b, S47b, S9Sa* &roa~ Franctsco, bishop of Trroiso II 297, 359 Barozzi, Giacomo II 494, 495; su Vignola Barozzi, Giovanni II 6, l 7, 207, 261' 289, 363, 484; v 523b Barozzi, Giovanni, bishop of lkrgamo I 12, 15, 24, 337, 385 Barozzi, Jacopo III 290a; su Vignola &roW.. Marco (?) II 290 Barozzi, Michele II 36, 247, 450 Barozzi, Pietro, bishop of lkUuno and Padua I 22, 25*, 81, 122*, 275, 289, 336-337, 394; II 5•, 6•, 13, 17, 19, 22•, 70, /96, 198, 202, 207, 229, 234, 249, 270, 271, 282, 284, 285, 286, 287, 290, 295, 328, 364*,

388, 467, 472, 496, 500, 501, 575; III 484b, 485a, 485b; IV 168b*, 202a, 230a, 260b; V 33a, 170b, 2S3b, 2S4a*, Sl9b*, 52/a, 523a, S23b Barozzi da Vignola, Jacopo su Vignola Barplrano.s V 33a Barr.za, Balthasar IV 466b(?) Barrabaud, jehan V Il Sa Barradas, Sebastianus IV 45 l a, 45 l b, 464a, 464b &rragacia, Andrtas th III 744a &rrasius musù:us l 200 Barre, de la III 87a Barreiros, Dominges IV 45 l b &rrmstmm, Trlmumnus III 567b(?J &rrtra, Gnwio th w VI 392b Barrerius, Gaspar IV 648a &rrtrius, Joluznrus III 693a &rrtsio, Malllweus th l 427; III 374b; V 4/0b &rrtsiu.s, Blilscus tk II 57 O Barret, Robert V 408b Barreto, Joao Franco IV S93b Barrett., don Giovanni IV 438a Barrettus su Bassettus Barrettus, Richardus IV 462a &rrttus IV 452a Barrientos su Alamos de Barrientos, Baltasar Barrientos, Franciscus IV S62b IJarrimkJs, Hipo/iJus IV 562b Barrientos, Lope de IV 144a*, S23a, 600b, 60 l a* Barrientus, Bartholomaeus 111 173a Barrio, Gabriella IV 87b Barrionuevo, Marques de Cusano, Garcia V 21 Sb Barrius, Gabriel II 412; III 614b, 636a; VI S30a Barriàis, ]oluznrus Amhrosius Diftndinus th 112b Barrocius su Barotius; Barozzi Barroeri, Giovanni Antonio IV 446b Barros, De II 39 Barros, Joao de IV 459a Barros, ]oluznrus th III 133b; 7/b Barros, Miguel de IV 467b Barrosus, Petrus IV 55&, S58b Barrotius su Barozzi Barrouus, Johannes IV 37b Barrow IV 19lb*, 192a* Barsatus, Joseph professor al Louvain 111 690a Barselius, Andreas Petri III 187b Barsellinus, Franciscus Il Il 0*, 169*; VI 16Sb* Barsis, Benedictus Paulutii de VI 384b Barsius, Vincentius, O.Carrn. VI 24a





Ba.rsoe, Franciscus V 478b Bart, Michad lll 390a; IV 439b Ban, Petrus Petronius V l 04a Bart. Barbazza II 507 Bana, T. V liSa Bartanus, Petrus B., O.P., ep. Fanensis V 549b, 550a* Barta.s, Du v 408b Bartas, Guillaume du III 321 b; IV 15a, 18a Bartaudiere, François V liSa BartM, ]oluznN.s IV 427a Barthen, Jacobus a III 636a Barthius, Carolus III 734a Barthius, Caspar III 283b, 293b, 32/b, 323a, 399b, 401b, 440a*, 44lb, 499b, 531b, 734a, 734b; IV 66b, 183a; V 230b; VI 368b, 494a, 517a Barthius, Christianus lii 734a Banhius, Johannes III 440a, 734a Barthius, Mauritius III 734a &rtlliw, Zacharias IV 39 7a Bartholdus de Roma V 18b BarlJwJelJù, }olxz1ws Pmdiw Doxa tU Il 44 BartJwle/Jw, PetnLr Mariw, plti.ricw iU Ft111D V 537a Bartholi, Clemente ste Bartolus, Clemens Bartholi, Giovanni Battista di BmumiD IV 95a•, 95b• Bartholinus s« Bartolini; Bertolinus Bartholinus Bononiensis VI 378b, 379a, 379b* Bartholinus magister I 154 Bartholinus, Caspar III 380a, 550b, 551a, 567b; IV 151b, 214a*, 375a; V 85a; VI 5llb Bartholinus, Erasmus III 174b Bartholinus, Franciscus IV 133a, 250b Bartholinus, Ivarus III 180b Bartholinus, Pius Antonius m 526a Bartholinus, Riccardus III 457b, 618a; v 125b, 127b, 147b Bartholinus, Thomas IV 66b, 375a, 376a; V 196b; VI 173a, 173b* BarthDIDtruua S. MotUcae abbaiis.ra I 12 ~ wifi of L«mardus MonJ.agruJ VI 4Ub &atJwlorruJri ~ see Synonyma Bartholomaei Bartholomaeus I 13, 169, 261, 355, 394; II 140, 156, 299, 374, 425, 516, 59(); III 58b, 167b, 222b, 563a, 70/b; IV 30a, 133a, 549b, 610b, 628b, 686b; V 597b; VI 18/b, 183b, 338a S. BarllroiomaLu.s I 6

Bartholomaeus (Raimondi) episcopus Bononiensis l 127 Barllrolomamr (Raimoruli), bislwp of BoiogruJ Il 14 Barllrolomamr (Uggeri) bislwp of ~


Bartholomaeus (de Carusis) de Urbino, O.S.A. Il 187, 390, 445, 465, 466, 491; III 29b, 134b, 231 b, 234b, 235b, 239b, 264a, 415b*, 427a, 662a, 741a Barllrolomaeu.s (de FllleUJ= de Prdzinico) T arvisinw, O.P. II 197•, 388* Bartholomaeus de Albano V 478a Barllwlomamr de Alexandria, O.M. II 350 Barllrolomaeu.s AIDumJrinus VI 2 76a Bartholomaeus Anglicus III 408b, 731a; IV 316b S. Barllwlomamr Aprutolu.r II 338 Bartholomaeus An:tinus I 179, 186; Il 97, 115, 161*, 255, 410; III 488a; V 461 a Bartlwlomamr de Austria V 3O7a Bartholomaeus de Aversa II 333 Bartholomaeus de Benevento VI 195b Bartholomaeus Bertoldus Mantuanus II 277 Bartholomaeus de Bolonia, O.M. III 705a Bartholomaeus de Bononia I 416; IV 623b Bartholomaeus Brixiensis I 208, 418; III 122b, 566b Bartholomaeus de Brugis II 381; III 258b, 262a*, 417b, 419a*, 424b, 663b, 739a; IV 405a*; V 536a; VI 358a*, 358b Bartholomaeus Bucinensis Il 365 Bartlwlomamr de Bwrio III 665b Barllwlomamr de CofNtJ I /54 Bartholomaeus Carmelita II 416 Bartholomaeus Carthusiensis Heidelbergensis III 704b Bartholomaeus de Castrano IV 371a Bartholomaeus de Civitate Utini VI 244b Bartholomaeus de Colle l 151 ; Il 162, 343; V 6/Ja Bartholomaeus Coloniensis III 12lb, 156a, 6lla., 676b; IV 229b, 343b, 425a Bartholomaeus de S. Concordio V 30lb, 345a, 460a, 561b, 581b(?), 604b Bartholomaeus Constantinopolitanus I 403 Bartholomaeus Conventinus VI 12a Bartholomaeus Cremonensis III 626a; IV 619a; V I 06a

Barllwlomamr Cumanu.s Il I 78 BartJw/orruJeus Cyprius II 53 2 BartJwlomamr EJiae I 262 BartJwlomamr de FCliiD II 92 Bartholo= Faventinu.s I 209 BartJwiotTUUUJ FelinnsiJ I 77 Bartholomaeus de Ferraria I 152; II 95, 195 Bartholomaeus Finariensis II 157 Bartholomaeus de Firmo II 124 Bartholomaeus de Florentia, O.P. l 252, 315 BartJwiotTUUUJ de ForoliviD VI /47b Bartholomaeus Fracancianus (i.e. Raimundus), ep. Bononiensis VI 545b Bartholomaeus F risonis, O.Carth. IV 119b BartJwlomamr de GonJiJw I 12 • Bartholomaeus Genuensis II 369; VI 22/b S. Bartholomaeus de Grottaferrata (Bertolameus) VI 78b, l 04a* Bartholomaeus Hermannus Portunaonius V 360a Bartholomaeus Hessus Smalcaldensis III 584a Bartholomaeus Hortensis I 433 BartJwlomamr de ln.suia JordmW, O.E.S.A. V 306a Bartholomaeus Jacobi Il 166; V 553a Bartholomaeus de Jacopo I 327 Bartholomaeus de Jano, O.M. 11254 Bartholomaeus de Kempis III 5 79b, 580a Bartholomamr LaurtnJii de Figlrino 226a Bartholomaeus de Lendinaria I 246, 320; Il 251; III 42b, 130a, 398a; IV 89a, 177a Bartholomaeus Leodiensis s« Honorius Barllrolomamr Londinensi.s IV 14 6b Bartholomamr Lmxmimsis I 31 O Bartholomaeus Luce de An:tio 553b Barllrolomamr Lucmsis I 248; Il 145"', 477 Bartholomaeus de Mantua l 272; Il 221' 224, 322; III 422a; IV 424a, 629b; VI 349a, 42/a Bartholomaeus Mariensis III51b Bartholomaeus de Medina IV 448b*, 492b BartJwiorrwms Mttholanmri.s Il 53 7; s« also Capra Bartholomaeus de Messana l 72; Il 312; V 236a, 255b, 335a, 373b, 388b, 608a; VI 38b, 319a, 357a., 365b, 42Ja•




BanlwimruJru.s Moruilimsis Il 259 Bartholomaeus d~ Monte Politiano VI 139a; su Bartholomaeus Politiamus, Bartholoma~us Politianus Bartholomaeus de Mulina I 373 Bartholomaeus Norcinus see Riguardati Banlwwrnarus Novam1sis Il 486• Banlwwrnarus Paduanmsis Il 3 Bartholoma~us Parisi~nsis l l 20 Bartholomacus de Panna III 72Sa; VI 133a Bartholoma~us Pannensis II 118; III 205a, 265a, 674b, 684a; IV 646b; V 169a Bartholoma~us Pas. II 385 Banlwwrnarus PaJavinus II 390; VI 354b BanlwlmruJru.s dL Perusio III 6 4b Bartholomaeus d~ Philaco l 295, 296; VI 37a, 37b Bartholomaeus Picenus de Monte Arduo Il 295, 579 Bartholomaeus d~ Pisa, O.M. IV 216b; V 469b*, 614a Bartholomaeus Pisanus II 94, 465, 470; V 187a, 345b, 592a Bartholomaeus de Pisis, O.F.M. VI 123b, l37b, 279b Bartholoma~us dc Pistorio Il 164 Bartholomaeus de Plasencia IV 510b Bartholomaeus Politianus I 34, 130; Il 13, 254*, 306, 382; III 577a; IV /Bb, 163b, 175b, 269a, 647a Bartholomaeus Pont. I l 71 Bartholomaeus de Pratovecchio I 71*, 174 Bartholomaeus d~ Pratoveteri V 546b, 555a Bartholomaeus Putanensis IV 4b Bartholomaeus de Ravenna l 355 Bartholoma~us de Recanato I 36; Il 221, 224, 329, 413, 480; V 43a, 57a*; VI 109b Bartholomaeus de Reckinga Helvetiorum V 219b Banlw/JJ= dL &gio III 64b; VI 29/b Bartholomaeus d~ Regno l 73-74 370, 399, 423: Il 54, 333; IV 4Sb, 259b, 353b Banlwwrruuus Rùinm Il 72 Bartholomaeus de Roma III 744b* Banlwlomnru.s Romnnus I /301, 41 7 Bartholomac-us Sakrnitanus III IO!lb*, 122b, 95b*, 220a, 422a*, 487a•, 492b, 622b, fi65b, 687b*; IV 196a, 191lb, 237b, 238b*, 27%*, 424a;


V 64b*; VI 359b, 360a, 373a, 429a Bartholomaeus de Salutio, frater 11206 Bartholomaeus de Sancto Concordio I 182, 187, 358 Bartholomaeus Senensis I 347; Il 9, 81, 362, 372, 397, 404; III 530b; V 158a, 28Sb Bartholomacus d~ Senis, O.Carth. VI Ba, 4D l a Bartholomaeus Scr Michaelis I 261 Bartholomaeus de S~rella, O.M., ep. Lesinensis VI 34 7b Bartholoma~us Sulmoncnsis I 57, 245, 277, 321, 327; Il 27, 200, 485; III 224a•; V 279a Bartholomacus d~ Th~ramo, frater I 414; VI l 08b Banlwlomaeus 7homasii II 161 Bartholomaeus de Tongris III 269a Bartholomaeus de Traiecto VI 364b, 519a Bartholomaeus Trid~ntinus III 662b Bartholoma~us de Urbino (de Carusis), O.E.S.A. I 274, 349; IV 70b, 483b, 502b, 518b; VI 318a, 319a, 422a, 427a Bartholomacus de Usingen, O.S.A. III 747b*; IV 20b Banlw/JJ= dL Vaimcia l 82 Bartholomaeus Vezanensis, frater Il 162* Bartholomaeus Villanovanus IV 492b* Bartholomaeus Vitelleschus, ep. Cometanus su Vitelleschus, Bartholomaeus Bartholomaeus a Pectorano IV 62a, 172b, 173a*, 173b* Barlho/JJ= d. An. III 482a Bartlwlomneus d. R. Il 56 Bartholoma~us r-p. Bononicnsis su Raimundus, Bartholomaeus Bartholomaeus cpiscopus Brugnatensis su Uggeri Bartholoma~us cpiscopus Cometanus su Vitellcschi, Bartolommco Bartholomacus episcopus Coron!"nsis I 296 Bartholomacus cpiscopus Novaricnsis



Bartholomat"us; Visconti Bartholomarus cpiS80, 581*, 599, 605; 111 42a, 70b. 84a, I 05b, 128a•, I84h, I87h, 202a*, 206b, 227a, 227b, 258a, 268a, 274a, 283b, 294a, 304b, 305a, 313a*, 315b*, 325a, 329h, 339a*, 340a, :l.'i8a, 3 70a, 474b, 50 l a, 5S9a, 'i97b, 610b, 6/4a•, 699b, 700b; IV 9h, 67b*, 69h, 94b. 107b, 122b*, 14la, 1.~2a, 167b, 17la*, 217a, 221b, 232a*, 2Slb*. 259h, '276b, 334b, 35+h, 413h, +32a, 437b*, 623b; V 831>, 87a, 95b*, 170a*, 170b, 171 b, '218b, 226a, 228b, 2:ll a, :!.'i3b•, '2:l7b. 249a, 2fifib, 3:l7b. :nHa, Tlllb, 3+3a, 348~ 352a. 35:la, 3'i9a, 1fi0b, 3fi:la, 370b, 371a. +Oia*, 40lb, 412a, Hlb. +na. 4i2h. +75b*, 4/l:lb. 486b, 487a, +ll7b*, 488b*, 4'/lla, 497a, 500h. 505a, 506a*, 'i09h*, 51 Oa. 51 l h*. '>2'lh*. 5'i!la, 5.'i0b, 531 a ..'i:l2a*, S:lfib*, Sl.'ia, :,47h, 'i49a. 'iWa, 5 70b. sna. 574a, .'i7:'>b, 51l3a, .'i!l6b, '>'l:Ja*, .'i'Jìh*. (il) l b, 6lt)a, 62.'ia, W'la, fi'i:!a. 6:l2b*, ti:l:la*; \"l 'Jb, l Oa. l Oh*, l ba, '21 a, .'ila. :l!la. 47h. 48a. fi4a*. 68a, 7'>b, 'lOb. 12tia. 130b*, /.'ì:ia.

I33b, 149b, I53b•, 164b, 165a, I70a, I77b, I9Ib, 192a, 24lb, 243b*, 256b, 26/a, 262b*, 265b*, 266a, 267a, 267b*, 268b, 269b*, 270b, 272b, 276a, 276b, 277a, 277b, 279a, 280a, 280b, 281 b, 282a, 282b, 283a•, 287b, 290b, 30lb, 303b, 306a*, 306b*, 31 Oa, 311 b, 316a, 324a*, 324b, 328a*, 33Ib, 332a, 339a, 339b, 343b, 353b, 377h, 390a*, 39la*, 396a*, 397b•, 407a, 410b, 615a Bembo, Raimondo VI 406a Bembo, Torquato I 262; II I95, 367, 371, 379, 58I; V 510a, 536b, 54Sa; VI 34a*, 135a, 267b &mbus, Anlonius V 453b Bembus, Hieronymus V 523b &mhus, }olran= M aJihaeus v 450b &mbus, Jolumrus Pttrus V 607b &mbus. ]ulius IV 232a &mhus, Marcus AnJonius VI 390a &mhus, Nuo/aus V 6I 7a Be m bus, SJ. IV 40 l b Bembus, Torquatus IV l 05b Bemelberg, Conradus Baro in III 19b Ben,John f\' 15b Ben. C. Veronensis episcopus III 456b Benacius, Augustinus I 324, 325 Bnracus Vmmmsis IV 603a Bmadusiw. &mardinus VI 59a Benaliis, P), 366 Benignus, Georgius see Salviati, Giorgio Benigno &nignus, Pau/u.s I 41 2; II 9 7 Benignus, Pollio II 243 BeniUus, Carolus III 97a Benincasa I 3, 158, 160; su al.so Superior Benincasa, Caterina stt S. Catherina Senensis &nincaJa, Antonio I 3 4 &nincaJa, Dominicus III 613a Benincasa, Giovanni Battista V 509a Benincasa, Gratiosus VI 63b Benincasa, Jacopo I 415 &nincaJa, Miclulange/o IV 31 h Benincasa, Pietro I 386 Benincasa, Rutilio IV 221 b &nino, Carw del III 146a dtnino, Franwco del I 73; II 360 Benino, Niccolò di Piero I 121 Benino, Piero del I 125 Benintendi de Ravegnanis VI l 77b, 25 7b, 268a, 269a, 275b*, 277a, 448a Bminlnuii, Giulia I l 04 Beninus de Sancto Cassiano, I..achus stt Bartolus Beninus, Carolus II 461; V SSSa Beninus, Franciscus IV 621 a:, v 551b &ninus, lDJTUITdw IV IOOb, 56/a &ninus, .Nuolnus IV l OOh Beninus, Zenobius V 543b Benio, Pietro II 13 &nis, ]ohann~ Jacobus So/omonius de II 178 Benitiis, S. Philippus de sa S. 1-ìlippo Benizi Beniure, P. de IV 625b Benius, Antonius III 615b Benius, Bartholomaeus II 36 &numius, ]o~ Franci.scus v 574b Btnivmiu.s, /11urtnliu.s V 590b Beni,ieni, Antonio II //O, 227, 365; III 614b, 636a; IV 87b; V 544a•, 582a, 596a, 597a; VI 398b Btnu1mi, Anwnio di Lorm::.o I 3


BJ::Nl- BEN\'

lknivieni, Antonio di Paolo I 63, 64, 71, 85, 90, 106 lknivieni, Antonio the Younger I 64; V 358a lknivieni, Domenico l 64*, 113, 123, 203, 219; II 50*, 123*, 518; III 222b; V 170a, 604b; VI 382b Bmivimi, Filippo I 6 4• lknivieni, Giovanni Francesco l 157*; II 218 lknivieni, Girolamo I 64*, 65, 66, 67, 70, 75, 95, 102*, 106*, 109*, 123, 124, 128, 141, 146, 147, 151, 153, 155, 182*, 183*, 215, 220*, 222, 228, 232, 236, 265, 326, 386, 387*, 433; II 50*, 123*, 124, 155, 160, 463, 464, 465, 4 70, 503, 51 0*, 512, 528, 561; Ili 145b, 146a*, 306a, 313a*, 350b*, 35lb*; V 170a, 28lb, 343a, 542b, 545a, 566a*, 567a, 570b, 582a, 582b, 590b, 592a, 595a, 599b, 609b*, 610a, 617b*, 626b, 632a, 632b; VI 16b, 148b, 265b, 382b, 455a lknivieni, Lorenzo l 209; II 121, 508, 562; IV 87b Bmirlim~ Paolo l 64; II 562 lknivieni, Paolo di Lorenzo I 7 l lknivolus Andinus, Johannes III 293a Bmioolus, Hirrrmirnw V 2 l 3b lknivolus, Johannes I 269, 272; II 526; IV l OOa* lknivolus, Johannes Baptista II 261*; III 116a* &.ma, Chnstoplwrw IV 72b Bmn.aJu.r, Bmuzrdinus II 435 lknnet de Smalcaldia, Nicolaus V 92a lknninga, Johannes VI 583a lknonius, L lil 636a iJmJToed, }iicolaus Ili 504a Bmssiw Rolmburgmsis, Jolumrw v 369b lknst, Joachimus a Ili 379b &nJJrm, Margaris fibD Ili 467a iJmJJ!mLt.l IV J68a Berò, Agostino V 218b &roaitkl, CamiJJa IV 651 a Beroaldus, Johann~s, ~p. S. Agathu V 503b, 507a Beroaldus, Matthaeus IV 205a Beroaldus, Philippus, th~ eld~r I 16, 19, 21•, 23, 44, 60, 70, 83, 130, 142, 14~. 206, 209, 212, 222, 315, 365, 378, 392, 411, 438; II II•, 18, 4{), aa•, 198•, 261, 266, 285•, 353, 354, 366•, 375, 386, 4oo-, 407, 418, 437' 45 7, 460, 492, 498, 513, 543, 579; III 4lb, 42a, 63a, 83h, 114b, 166b•, 167a•, 206a, 217a, 222a, 249a, 28la, 285a, 332b, 346b•, 398a•, 40lb, 4llb, 464b, 472b, 478b, 486a, 486b*, 508a, 525b, 529a, 532b, 562b•, 580b, 605a, 607a, 609b, 615h, 6/6b, 644b, 645a, 652a*, 684b, 698b, 700b, 718a•, 721 b; IV 45a, 45b, 104a, 134b, 138b, 232a, 262a, 346a, 354b, 406a, 426a, 432a, 490b, 558b; V 23b, 49b, 77 a, 170b, 268a, 268b, 514b, 522a, 532b; VI 180b, 238b, 347b, 376h, 382b•, 383a•, 383b, 391 b, 392a, 407a, 509b, 518b•, 537a, 545a Beroaldus, Philippus, th~ Younger I 21•, 23, 25•, 137, 232, 377; II IO, 114, 129, 286•, 352, 353, 361•, 376•, 412, 449, 450, 451, 494, 497, 499; III 79b, 124a, 204a•, 283b; IV 115a, 17Ia•, 299b, 300a, 352a, 651 a; V l 72a, 228b, 229a, 230a•, 266b, 461b, 497a, 502a, 509a, 509b•, 511b, 530a, 532b, 545a, 597h; VI 339a, 4{)7a Beroius, M. Tullius VI 37b

Beron II 101 llmmmsiJ, tceleria VI 5/ Oa Berosius, Marcus Tullius I296• Berosus V 193a Berosus Chaldaeus III 360a, 650a; IV 350b, 392a•, 600b Berous, Augustinus III 607a; V 50Ib•; VI 213a, 217b, 499b Berous, Marcus Tullius II 36 Berp, Bartholoma~us IV 44Qb Berpe~, Gulielmus I 325 Berquinus, Ludovicus III 426b Berra, An~a, hydraulic ~nginc~r VI 99a Be~ttarius, Antonius I 137 Berrio, Antonio de V 323b Berruy~r. A. VI 272b ~• .N. VI 272b Bmy, ]ean Due tk III 77a, 205b; IV /98b, 459h; V 233a Berselius, Paschasius O.S.B. II 384; III 122b; IV 34{)b Bersman, G~gorius VI 539a Bersmannus III 283b, 284b; v 35b Bersmannus, G~gorius III 370a, 735a Berson, And~as V 86a Bersui~, Pie~ (Berchorius), O.S.B. III 3b, 35a, 89a, 97a•, 102a, 179b, 180a, 188b, 205b•, 228b•, 234a•, 234b, 239b*, 260a, 285a, 33lb, 343a, 419b, 59la, 643a, 662b, 688a; IV 43b, 83b, 125a, 193b, 194b, 197b, 342a•, 365b, 380a, 413a, 425a, 466a, 496a, 521 b, 524b*, 538b, 539b•, 54{)b, 548a, 600a, 602a, 636a; V 49b, 56b, 231 a, 233a, 242a, 260b, 275b, 296b, 374b, 486b, 588a; J« Berchorius, Petrus &rt. Jaardos Utinmsi.s III 62a Bertacchius, Dominicus I 119 Bertaccius, Dominicus II 25 7 Bertaccius, josephus II 25 7 Bertachinus, Antonius II 493 Bertachinus, Johannes l 43, 169; II 98, 563; III 488b &rtalin~ Honofrius IV 620a &rtalius, Eymmuiw I 52 Bertalonus, Franciscus I 130* Bertana, Lucia V 586a Bertani VI 87a• Bertani, Giovanni Battista VI 177a Bertano, Giovanni IV 191 a Bertanus III 288a Bertanus, card. Petrus I 375; III 384b; V 538b; VI 316a, 354a Bertapalea, Benedictus de II 411 Bertapalea, Leonardus de I 82, 179, 224, 404; II 20, 227;

75 IV 56b, 424a, 424b, 478b; VI 136b, 359a Bertapalea, Pasius de II 215 Bertapallia V 365a Bertarius, P~trus IV 156b Bertazo, lìtto IV 625a Bertelin, And~as III 649a Bertellus, Franciscus II 257 Bert~ls, Johannes abbas Epemacensis IV 32Ia•, 32lb, 324b• Bertenois, Franciscus III 296a Bert~r frat~r, prior of St. Alvy (Paris) IV 15la Berthacinus VI 246a Berthaldus d~ Wachingen, ~p. Frisingensis VI 4 22a Bertheus, P. III 279a Berthierus, P~trus II 338 &rtlwl. v 523b &rtlwld~ Bartlwlomaew III 295b Bertholdus IV 398b; 1« aiso Perchtold Bertholdus lsnacensis III 530a; VI 491b, 525a &rtlwldus LunLinlrgensiJ VI 13 9b Bertholdus magister VI 519a Bertholdus, Andreas V Ba Bertholinus Bononiensis I 5 Bertholinus m aiso Bartholinus Berthucius J« Bertrucius Berti, Ah. V 612b Berti, Alessandro I 200 Berti, Ascanio I 137 Berti, Giovanni V 35 7a Berti, Zanobi I I 08 Bertini, Antonio bishop of Foligno II 42, /52, 4 76, 489, 516; lii I!Oa Bertini, Ludovico II 73, 113 &rtini, .Nrcolaus Joluumi.s III 448a &rtini, PaJquino I 88 Bertinus, Antonius, episcopus Fulginas l 183, 331, 332 Bertinus, Franciscus I /4, 70, 255, 261, 320; II 186, 430; VI 379b Berti nus, Jacobus I 358 &rtirws, .Nrcolaus I /9 7 Bertioli, Pietro Francesco I 54 Bertius, Petrus II 396, 449, 450, 456; III l 09a, 192b*, 206a*, 269b, 319b, 320b, 321 b, 322b, 508b, 550a, 551 a, 559a, 608b, 645a, 658b, 706b; IV 359b, 362a, 363a, 367a, 375a, 377a, 380b, 6 71 b; v 114b, 355b, 568b; VI 369a, 390a, 493a Berùin, Bartholomaeus III 226b* Berto Paglio su Bertapalea Bertola, Jacobus II 248 Bertolatius I 304 &rtold~ Bernardino VI /5/ b &rtoldi.r, PtttuJ Franci.•ros dt V 529a

76 &rloldus l IO, 336 Bertoldus Sancci Matthiae, frater III 7 !Sa &rloldus arrhipraesul Mogunlinus III 582b &rloldus, l.udovicus Il 460 Bertolinis, Dominicus de I 253 &riDlinis, Steplumus de I 417; IV 184b &riDlinus III 223a Bertolinus Bononiensis Il 238, 287, 417, 577; III 23b, 48a; V 119a; VI 57a, IIOa, 259a, 27lb Btrto/onius, AllloniUJ II 145 Bertolusius su Bertolaùus Berton, Johannes V 18b &rtonellus III 403a Bertonius, Johannes l 249 &rlotiis, Alplumsus de l 53 &rlo«o, Giovanni Francesco v 627b &rtram, Cornrilk Bo1U1Vmiurr III 324b Bertrarn, Johannes III 438b &rtrandus l 156; Il 54; III 543a ... IV 254a Bertrandus card. IV 302a Bertrandus de Camerino III 746a Bertrandus de Monte Favencio card. (de S. Genesio) Il 227, 478; III 289h &rtrandus, Jacohus IV 403a &rtrandus, ]oluurnrs III 121 a, 227a•, 227b Bertruccius Bononiensis III 33b, 38a, 4lb, 417a•, 432h, 45Ia•, 608b, 729b• Bertrucius Bononiensis V 49b, 108a, 444b• Bertrucius Lombardus III 21 a; IV 125a, 424a, 424b Bertrucius, Nicolaus III 644a; IV 84a Bertrutius, Nicolaus VI 358a, 422b Bertuccius Bononiensis Il 313, 316, 327 &rtuci.us III 362a &rtuci.us Bommimsis VI 33 Oh Bertucius, Hieronymus Il 268*, 374 &rtucius, ]oluurnrs IV 3 Ol a; V 287a Bcrtucius, Nicolaus IV 611 b Bntus Pistorimris, Rapluul IV 226b Bertus Scnmsis V 2B5b Bertus, Francisn1s V 61 :2b &rtus, Johan~s Il 49/, 606 lkrtus, Raphnel VI /82a Bmus, chancrllor of .'l'zma VI 2 7Ha B.-rtutius, D. l 3:20 Berty, de III 86b


Berty, Theodorus IV 61 b Bérulle VI 226b BeruUe, card. Pierre de III 88a, 316b•, 32la, SOla Berus, Ludovicus Il 384; V 47b, 49a, 77a; su lkr. Basiliensis, Ludovicus Bervasius, C. III 319a(?) Berverus Nodeschi, monachus Silvestrinus V 628a Berwardi, Johannes VI 422a Berzara, Johannes Il 449 Berzevicens, Martinus II 38 Berzeviceus, Martinus VI 349b Berziau, Martinus II l Ol Berzosa su Verzosa Berzosa Caesaraugustanus, johannes V 530a Berzosa, Johannes III 614a Besalù, Luigi Il 185 Besancenotus, Johannes III 333a(?) &sancon, hishop oJ III 231 a Besantenus, Antonius III 333a Besardus, Martinus V 156b Besemerus, Adrianus III 623b, 683a Besgue, jehan le V 289b Besler, Michael III 655b &slus, ]oluurnrs III 320a Besold, Hieronymus VI 583b Besolt, Hieronymus III 655b Besozzi, Marcantonio V 85a Bessarion l 14•, 19•, 20, 21*, 22, 34•, 54, 67, 70, 82, 95, 100, 107•, 131*, /34, 140, 171, 174•, /89, 191*, 195, 205, 232, 245, 247, 248, 255, 265, 266, 275•, 277, 282, 286, 306, 309•, 311, 320, 324, 331, 333, 344, 382, 390, 403, 417, 419*, 427; II 8, 9, 30, 35, 38, 63, 88, 97, 98•, 129, /33, 147, 155, 157, 165•, 186, 196•,199, 200, 209*, 210*, 211*, 213*, 214*, 215, 221*, 223*, 225•, 236, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248*, 249*, 250, 252, 254, 260, 262, 263, 266, 269*, 270, 275, 277, 279, 282, 302,317, 318*, 320, 321*, 324*, 331' 332*, 333, 336, 340, 341, 343, 34~ 34~ 34~ 35~ 355, 357*, 359, 363•, 364, 365, 366, 372*, 381*, 382*. 384, 38.1*, 389, 396, 402, 40:l, 413, 415, 419, 422*, 425, 426, 4:!7, 428•, 432*, H l, 442, 445*, 447, 456, 457*, 459*, 460, 461, 465, 472, 478, 481, 4fH, 499*, 50:2, 518, 5:)0*, 531*, 532*, 550, 5.16, :lli6, 567, 570, 582, 584, 585, 588*, 600, lìOJ; III 14b*, 27b, .'i2a, 52a, 59a, 6/ b, 62a, 83a, 92a, Il 8b*, 20.'ib, 22'Ja, 2:l:)a, :241 b*, 249a, 253b,

254a•, 273a, 28/a, 286b, 31/b, 320h, 325a, 332a, 332b, 334b, 335a•, 362b, 363b•, 368a•, 409a, 412a, 416b•, 4/Ba, 423a, 434b, 435h, 456a, 456h, 49la*, 517h, 519b, 564h, 567a, 573b, 604b(?), 618b, 663h, 667a, 668a, 674a, 742a; IV 6b•, 9b, IOb•, 39a•, 42a•, 6/a, 104b, 132a, /56b, /60h, /62h, /76b, 180a, /85a, 227b, 234b, 239b, 246a, 24Ba•, 282a, 29/h, 294b•, 295a•, 295b•, 344a•, 348b•, 358a('), 368a, 372a, 375a, 403b•, 416b, 419a, 420b•, 427b, 467b, 517a•, 539b, 588b, 603a, 618a•, 623a, 653h, 659b; V 22b, 55a, 60a, 125b, /69h, l 74a, l 74b, 186a, 292a, 306b, 350a, 350b, 353b, 359a, 460a, 464a, 532h, 558a, 582a, 589b, 6/Bh, 623a; VI 16a, 33a•, 43b, 49a, 58b•, 67b, 76b•, 89a, IIOb•, 137b, 186a•, 186b, 187h•, ISSa, 188b*, 190b•, 19Ia•, 214h, 215b, 224h, 242a•, 252a•, 252b, 253a•, 253b, 257b•, 263a•, 264b•, 269a, 273a, 276a, 280b, 298a•, 302b, 314b, 317b•, 32la, 323a, 323b, 328a, 333b, 339a•, 343a, 343h, 344b, 374a, 377b, 37&•, 387a, 396b, 482a, 620b, 621 b Bessarion abbas l 82, 275; Il 248, 426• &ssarion, mofllUhus VI /90h, 339a Bessenius, johannes III 549b Besser~r, Georgius III 450a Besson, Jacques Il 148 &ssONJJus, Guiduudus III 286b, 287a Btssonus, ]acobus V 219b Bessus,Johannes III 257b Besta, Franciscus l 305 Besutius, Antonius Marius v 138b Besutius, Ferrandus VI 43b Besutius, Johannes Franciscus l 301 Besutius, Johannes Hen Il 386 &ta, Bartiwlo= v 216h Betderius, Hicronymus VI 289b Bethasius, Matthaeus srr Hcrbenus Bethicus, Ludovicus IV 5SOa Betolaudus, Rolandus III 283b. 293a Betondié, Jospi V 439a Betonio, Timoteo ida Perugiaì, O.P. II 37, 40; III 302a Betsius, Johannes VI 582a Bett, !\'icolaus, Belga II 168 Betta, Antonius l 83* &tta, Johannts Franriscus l 83 Betta, Johannes dc la l 83

8ETf- 8188

Betta, Ludovicus I 83* Bettera, Bartholomaeus ~rus V 429~ 430b Betti, Claudio l 17*, l S l, 278; II 453 Betti, Claudio, the younger I 398 Betti, Giovanni II 599 Bettini, Antonio s« Bertini &tlini, &&cio I 22 O; II l &uini, Bartolommm I 119; II 158 Bettini, Geri I 13 7 Bettini, Luca I 151, 215; II 218, 229; III 300b Bettini, Sfona VI 212b Betto, Giovanni IV 54 7b Bettondi, Giacomo V 438a Bettondus, Damianus V 429a, 429b, 431a Bettondus, Dorninicus V 434a &Jtwi, PimJ IV /88a Bettus, Claudius V 49Sb, 497b &uu.s, Claudius IV 39a Bettus, F ranci.scus V IO l b*, 140b, 145~ 393b Betuleius, Georgius III 636a Betuleius, Henricus III 55 l a Betuleius, Xystus III 35b, 456b, 458b, 559b, 635~r, IV 354a, 397b, 432~ 433a; V 39b*, 52a, 53~ 84a, 12Sb, 135a, 136a, 145~ 147~ 147b; VI 117b Betulius, K. VI S82a Betussi, Giuseppe I 67, 267, 376; II 32, 380; V 524a, S45a; VI 90b Betzius IV 374b Beumler, Marcus V 134b Beurer, Al~rtus III 724b Beurer, Johannes Jacobus III 534a Beurhusius, Fredericus IV 167a• Beuter, P. Antonius VI S6a Beuther, Abraham II 393, 598; VI 367a• ~. Conradus s« Pseutinger Beutterich, P. VI S82b &x1grw III 226a'" Bevagna, Giunta di III Ili b ~anus, I..udoviru.s III 6/ b Beva.zzano su Beatianus lkvaz.zano, mons. IV 437b BevtiDcum III 282b(?) Bevemist, Theodoricus V 408a Beverovicius, Johannes IV 363a, 37Sa, 376a, 377a &Jerouiu.r, ]o!umnes VI 189b Bevilacqua (de Lazisio), Giorgio I H, 19, 82*, 84, /69, 418, 419; II 35, 199, 265, 294*, 298(?), 332, 353, 369, 485, 579, 586; III 22b, 223a*; IV 28b, 165~ 296a, 623a, 64Sa; VI 273a, 283b, 289b*, 336b*


Battista II 54, 15 7, 267, 391*; III 40b, 488a*, 7 19b; VI 363b &vilocqua, Counl Mario VI 531 b &vil.acqua, Giovanni II 298 Bevilacqu~ Giovanni Battista II 213 &vilocqua, Gngario II 298 &ui/acqua, Mario I 262 Bevilacqu~ Paolo I 34; II 301 Bevilacqua, il s« Bastiano da

fua Bevilaqua de Turre III 4S8b Bevilaqua, Alphonsus V 539b Bevrerus, Jacobus III 372b, Beyd (Bygelius), Johannes Rudolphus V 139a, 141 b, ISib, 153b, 154b* Beyer s« al.so Beier ~. Gunterus IV 414a Beyer, Hartmann VI 517a, 547b Beyer, Hartmann (theologian) III 530a, S31a* ~. HartmJznnuJ IV 152a Beyer, Johann Hartmann (physician) III S28b*, 529a*, S31b*, 532a ~. Leonmdus III 67Sa ~. Abra/aamus VI 507b Beygheems, Jacobus van III IIOa &ylario, Johtrnnes de V 2 7l a Beyma,Julius IV 3S9a Beymath, Julius III 507a &ysiw, Atgidiur III BOb Beysselius Traiectensis, Judocus IV 262b &za de Poligam III 227b(?) Beza, Petrus V l l Sa Beza, Theodorus I 223, 232; II 39, 91, 157, 395, 396, 592, 593; III 42a, 70b, /03b, 136a, 145b*, 207b, 250a, 270b, 279a, 283b, 284b, 294b*, 297a, 298a, 315a, 317a*, 318a*, 319b, 321 b*, 322a*, 322b, 323a*, 325a, 326b, 327b, 329a*, 33~ 331a, 370a, 375a, 377a, 383a, 392a*, 393a, 399b, 420a, 440a, 473b, 499b, SOla, 508b*, 509b*, 551 b, 553a, 558b, 559a, 559b, S68b, 569b, S84a, 584b, 588a, 607a, 654a, 677b, 695b, 697a, 735a; IV 24b*, 56a, 65b, 66a*, 67a*, 72a, 76b, 78b, 79a, 80a, 133a*, 133b, 140a, 147b, IS4a, 182b, 191a, 191b*, 192a*, 192b, 205a, 250b, 253b, 299a*, 342a*, 353a, 354a, 356a, 363a, 363b, 369a*, 374a, 375a, 376a, 376b, 377a*, 380b, 382a, 398b, 413b, 432a, 433a*, 473b, 671a; V 39b, 40a, 45b, 52a*, 52b, 56b, 77a•, 77b, 82b*, 83a, 83b, 84a*, 85a, 85b, 86a, 86b, 94a,

77 95a, 95b*, l~ IIOb, 113b*, 114a*, 114b*, liSa, 120a, 120b, 125b, 126a, 131a*, 131b*, 135a, 135b, 136a, 137b, 138a, 138b*, 140b, 141a*, 141b*, 142a, 142b*, 145a, 147b, !Slb, 152a*, IS4a, ISSa•, IS5b*, 156a*, IS6b, 157a*, 157b, 168b, 196b, 198b, 225a, 257b, 265b, 337b, 338a, 340a, 342b, 343b*, 367a, 391a, 393a, 401a; VI l SOa, 202b, 216a, 324a, 362a, 369~ 519b, 526b, S44b, 547b*, 582a, 582b, 583a Beza, wife of Theodorus V liSa Bezell, Niclas III 719a Bezerra, Dominicus II 414 &zoar sùmL I //7 Bezyer, Richardus de VI S09b Biada, Niccolò del VI 271 b Bianca di Monferrato V 346a Biancano, Gioseffo V 494b Bianchelli s« Blanchellus Bianchclli, Jacopo II 413 Bianchelli, Mcngo II 34, 540* Bianchellus, Mengus IV 117b Bianchetti, Giovanni Battista II 39 Bianchetto, Giovanni VI 354a, 354b Bianchi StJt Blancus Bianch~ &lognese, Ginolpho de v 236b Bianchi, Giordano de' I 408 Bianchi, Noe V 328b Bianchim, Thomaxo di V 22/b, 222a BianchinLUa, Q!lem of Cypmr II 126 Bianchini, Bartolomeo I 20, 21; V 504a Bianchini, Giovanni I 23, 53, 82, 99, 281*, 369, 380, 403; II 14, 95, 213, 228, 282, 312, 329, 393, 394, 404, 529, 575; III 238a, 244a, 244b*, 424b, 663b*, 665b*, 667b, 742b Bianchini, Scipione II 36, 39* Bianchinus, Jolwrw.s V 423a Biancho, Nu:holò V 476a Bianchus, Apollonius, Placentinus, O.M. I 34*, 20 1*, 372; II 29*, 283*; III 22a*, 49b*, 160a• Bianco, Andrea VI 34b Bianco, EreoIL VI 3 Sa Bianco, Giuseppe VI 421a Biandorws, Franciscus IV l l 9b Bias II 492; III l 07a, 276a; v 607b Biasellus, &mardirw.s I 45 Biasio, Angelo l 314 Bibbiena, Angelus su Dovizi Bibbiena, Bemardus, card. IV 234b; VI 16a, 136b Bibbiena, Petrus VI 167a, 283a, 400h


BIBt:- BlU

Biheriu.s IV 550a Bibtrta, Cùzudia VI 90a •

Bibianus, Vincentius

V 632a*

Bihiu.s, Philippus IV 621 b Bihiw, 77umzasius a Cypro III /98b• BihiL II 9, 14, 15*, 16, 31, 33*, 95, 121, 136, 137, 138*, 139, 152*, IS7, 170, 201, 216*, 263, 290,291,292, 311*, 320,332,

33S, 337*, 338, 339*, 341' 366, 370, 389, 390*, 396, 401, 404, 408, 413, 416, 419, 421, 424, 42S, 441' 44S*, 446, 4S2, 478, 488, 492*, S03, Sl2*, Sl4, S6S, S69, S82*, S88, S94, S96; III 36b, 53a, 67b*, 73b, 9/b, 92b, 97b, l OOa, l OOb, l 06b*, liSa*, /3/b*, 192b*, 197a, 233a, 235b, 240a•, 252a, 272b, 275b*, 300b, 30la, 3/Ba, 3/Bb*, 326a, 326b, 349a, 373a•, 380b, 407a, 410b*, 430b, 43la, 439a*, 447a, 453a, 46la, 466b, 469b*, 492b, 499b, SOOa*, SOOb*, S32b*, S33b, 633a*, 666a; IV 38b, l 02b, 20Sa, 41 Oa, 431 b, 434a, 437a, 587a, 59/a, 60/b; V 5b, 7a, 2/b, 4lb, 42a, 55a, S7a, 57b, 6/a, 62b, 79b, 89a, 96a, 120a, 120b, 122b, 125a, 133b, 135a, 13Sb, 140a, 140b*, 158b, 192b, 21 Oa, 215a, 242b, 244b, 24Sb, 253b, 2S7a, 262b, 263a, 300a, 313b, 318a*, 319a, 319b, 320a, 326a, 327b*, 339b, 34lb*, 343b*, 345a, 3Sla, 384b, 390a, 393b, 396a, 398a, 4lla, 413a, 464a, 498a, S03a, S04a, Sl3a, 519a, S38b, 549a, 575a, S80a, 580b, 592a, S9Sa, S9Sb, 602b, 604b, 60Sa, 6/Jb, 6/3a, 617b, 620a, 632a.., VI 37a, SSb, 60a, 63b, 67b, l 04a, ll2b, 116a, 129b, 185a, 18Sb, 198b, 200b, 202b, 213a, 236b, 251 a•, 300a, 30/a, 303a, 305a, 3/0b, 3/Ja, 314b, 322b, 325b, 326b, 327a, 327b•, 328b*, 332a*, 333a, 34/a•, 34/b, 355a, 363a, 364a, 370h, 372h, 373b*, 374a, 378a, 386a*, 388b, 39/a, 397b•, 399a, 399h, 4/0a, 41Sa, 419a, 420b, 42/h*, 423a, 423b, 424b, 42Sa*, 426a, 427a*, 427b, 430a, 430b*, 433b, 434b, 435b, 442b, 443a*, 448a*, 450a, 45/h, 4S5a, 456a*, 462b*, 464b, 465b, 469b*, 470a•, 473h, 482h, 487b, 496a, 502b, S03a, 503h, 505a, 507a, 513b, 515a•, 516a*, 522a, 527a, 543b, 544a, 544b*, 545a•, 546a, 549a, 549b, 577a, 592a. 592b*, 593a Biblt, coruordana of IV 3b

Bihlia I 237, 392 Bibliander (Buchmann), Theodorus V 40a, 42a, S2a, 8Sa, 85b, 86a, 95a, 12Sb, 127b, 13Sa, 137b*, 138b, 140a*, l40b*, 141a, 14lb, 142a, 142b*, 143a*, 143b*, 144a*, 14Sa, 147b, 152b Bibliander, Theodorus III 370a, S08b, 565b, S99a; IV 26a, 432a, 433a; VI Sl6a Bihlingraphua/ dutionary III l OSa Bihlinuca Piccolomini VI 35 Ob Bihlintheca Ambrosiana IV 536a Bih/iniNca Augurtana VI 3 61 b BihliniNca Colkgii S. N~eolai III 62b BihliniNca Coruina III 14b, 60b, 6/a•, 62a•, 62b*, 69b, 376b, 379b; VI 26/a; sa Matthias

Corvinus BihliniNca Dunmsis III 85a Bihlintheca EILctora/is VI 3 61 b Bihlintheca lmfxraloria III 56b BihliniNca S. Marci III 308b Bihlintheca Morinmsis III 332a Bihlintheca Ottoboniana VI 18 7a Bihlintheca Palatintz stt Htitklberg BihliniNca Pu.ciana VI 40/a BibliniNca Sll.lrmniana VI 53 9a BihliniNca T riJhemiana IV 596b, 597a BihliniNca Va!Uana IV 9b, 464b; VI 336a, 5/Ba

Bibra su Kilian von Bibra Bibran, A. de III 563a; VI 582b Bibulus, Fau.stinus V 260b Bihrng VI 529a Biccardus, &ptistLJ II 3 76 Bicharanus, Franciscus IV 96a Bicharinus, Ascaniw V 446b Bicharinus, Ltoruzrdus V 446b Bicheris, Galganus de JV 647a(?) Bichus, Antonius l 205; II 155 Bichus, Boninu.s II /7 6 Bichus, Fimumus I 420 Bickerus, Gulielmus III l l Ob Bicus Senensis, Antonius IV 548b Bicus, Galganus II 462; IV l 77 h; VI Ba, 36/a Bidmhach, I"Vì!Mbn VI 544a Bidcnnannus, Jacobus III 285a, 617a; V 383a Bidennannus, Maninus III 729b Bidozo/m.lli, Fau.stinus II 48 7 BiUrtmus, Jacobus V 57b Biel, Gabrid II 416(?), 57 5; III 540a, 540b, 702a; IV 339a; VI 509b, 544a Binna, Ftlut III 147a Bienatus, Aurelius episcopus Mortoranensis III 313b* Biener Vallensis, Georgius IV 677b, 679b

Biennatus, Aurelius I 41S, 416; II S70 Biennannus, Rutgerus VI S58b Bierses, Amold III 123b Bienteden, Asmus V 232b Biesius, Nicolaus VI 582b Bietricius, Theobaldus III 426a Biffa Negrini, Antonio VI 36b Biffi, Giovanni I 19, 232, 277, 346, 419; VI 93a Biffi, Lorenzo I 31 7; VI SOb Biffis, Johannes Christophorus de II 173 Biffolus, Carolus III 3 63b Biffus, Johannes II 3 74; III 21 a, 335b* Bifrons, Jacobus III S07b Bifrun, Jacobus V l Ol a Bigaonius, Hieronymus VI 390a BigareUa, Antonius II 264; v 523b Bigarella, Hieronymus II 20 l; V 523a, 523b Bigiostrioni, Ciceo V 562a(') Biglia Stt Bilia Biglione Franzese, Francesco di v 2SOb Bignonus, Hicronymus I 146 Bigociw, Gu/Uimus II l 78 Bigolina, Giulia Il 606; III 202a, 220b; VI 403a Bigolini, Paolo VI 45b, 47b Bigolinus, Paulus I 324 BigoUus, Leonardus sa Fibonacci Bigordi, Corrado II 439 Bigot, Bonaventura II l Ol Bigot, Simon IV 186b Bigurellus, Hieronymus VI 238b Bigus su Pictorius By"sman, Andrr) Il 44 7 Blyenborsch, Hadrianus de IV 133b Blyenburch, Jo. de III Il Ob Bo. IV 112a

81 Boachacius 5« Boccaccio Boaereus, SJ. III 128a Boateriis, Pctrus dc I /9, 36, 127, 200, 296, 365*; Il 153, 156, 167, 172, 516; III 47Sa• Boba, card. Marcantonio Il 36, 183; III 294a(?), 3 75b Bobadilla, Franciscus Mendoza de, card. Cauriensis IV 140a; V 356a, 440a, 487b, 549b; 5tt Mcndoza y Bobadilla, Francisco de &bali, Marino I 389 &baliw, Marinus V 435b Bobat, card. 5« Bobadilla, Franciscus Mendoza de Bobba, card. Marco Antonio I 321; V 21 Ob, 509a, 509b; VI 12b, 135a, 185a, 390b &bbin, manuscripls VI 46b Bobilius, Franciscus Sylvius IV 529a*, 572a Bobus, Hieronymus a, ep. Camerinensis V 267b, 627b• Bocacius, Malatesta VI 81 a &cadlJs tk Oro IV 593a Bocalus Gordonus, Johannes III 288b Bocangel Unzuela, Gabriel IV Sila Bocardus, Johannes III l 09a Bocatius 5te Boccaccio &cc.5, D. A!fons. VI Il b Bocca, Ranerius IV 236b Boccabella, Aemilius V 229b Boccaccinus, Antonius I 129 Boccaccio, Giovanni I 2, 4, 19, 21, 24, 31, 38, 41, 46, 54, 55, 58, 59, 64*, 65*, 73*, 79*, 82, 88, 95, 102, 103, 109, 115, 121 125*, /30, 132, 133, 136*, 138, 140, 145*, 149*, 153, 160*, 168, 170*, 176, 179*, 180*, 181*, /88, 195, /96•, 198, 203, 206, 210, 217*, 218*, 220*, 22S*, 228*, 239, 240, 243*, 244, 246, 250, 254*, 257, 261, 280, 282*, 283, 289, 296, 303, 312, 313, 319, 328, 336•, 350, 3S6, 360, 370, 372, 373, 374, 384, 387, 388, 389, 393, 395, 396, 401, 403, 404*, 407, 408*, 411, 423, 432; Il 7, 9*, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 25, 29, 32, 33, 34, 3S*, 36, 50, 59, 7S, 77, 97, 98, 106, 107*, 108, 113, 131, 132*, 142, 148, ISO, IS4, 155, 156, 163, 167*, 190, 195*, 199, 200, 214, 223, 230*, 231' 232, 233*, 236, 24S*, 246, 247. 250, 253, 256, 268*, 274*, 275, 278*, 294, 296, 300*, 306*, 308, 315*, 318, 340, 360*, 366, 369*, 373*, 374, 392*, 394, 395, 397, 398, 400, 403, 404,



405*, 410, 416, 418*, 419, 420, 421*, 440*, 444, 450, 451, 453, 457, 462, 463, %8, 470, 477, 484*, 487*, 488*, 490*, 499, 505, 506*, 511, 514, 515, 516, 523*, 528, 529, 562*, 512, 573*, 577, 586, 589*, 591, 596, 599, 602; III 4b*, 12b, 13a, 13b, 22a, 23a, 31 a, 31 b, 33a, 48a, 51 a, 54b, 58b, 83a, 85b, 98a, 103b, 106b, 112a, 118b, 122b, I24b, 125a, 127b*, 130b, 153a*, ISSa*, 157a, 175a, 176b*, IBla, 193a, 193b, 206a*, 224b*, 229a*, 234b*, 235a, 236b, 242b, 247b, 258b, 26la, 269b, 271 b, 272a, 273b, 276b, 282b, 285a, 285b, 29/b, 295b, 296b*, 300a, 302b, 3lla, 3llb, 328a, 350a, 350b, 357b, 377a, 379b, 385b, 386b, 387a, 390a, 403a, 4lla, 4llb, 412b, 416a, 418a, 434a, 448b, 462b, 472b, 474a, 483b, 486b*, 488b, 489a*, 490b*, 493b, 498a*, 499b, 503b, 514b•, 525b, 534b, 539a*, S42b, S49b, S61a, 562b, 569a, 572a*, 584a*, 592b, 600b*, 606b, 626b, 629b, 633a, 646b, 649a, 650a*, 663a, 687b, 699b, 703b, 71 Oa, 717b, 718b, 732b*, 747a; IV ISa*, 27b*, 40b, 55a, 56b, 69b*, 72b, 73b, 77a, 79b, 81a*, 83a, 88b, 114a, 117a, 124a, 141b, 142a, 144b, 147a*, 149b*, ISOb*, ISlb, 159b, 164a, 165a, 175a*, 176b, 178b, /BOa, 182a, 183a, 187a*, 188a, 197a, 197b, 198a, 198b*, 221b*, 228b*, 231a*, 241a, 243b, 255a*, 276b, 292a, 300b•, 317b, 344b, 345a, 35Sa, 366b, 376b, 377b, 381a, 381b, 383a, 387a*, 399b, 400b, 401b, 403b, 404a, 404b, 409a*, 421 a, 422a, 425a, 426a, 428a, 43Sa, 46lb, 468b, 474a, 482b, 48Sb, 486b*, 496b, SOla, S2la, S24a, 537b, S38a, 539a, 540b, S4la*, S41b, 554a, 568b, S73b, SHb, 518b, 585a*, 593a*, 605b, 613b, 618a, 625b, 629a, 640b, 648b*, 652b, 653a*, 660a, 662b, 665b; V 2Sa, 26a, 31 a, 31 b, 32b, 46b, SSa, 55b, 57b, 60b, 6/a, 93a, 102a*, 103a, Il la, 157b, 158a, 193a, 19ìb, 205a, 209b, 212h, 222a, 230b, 231 a, 231 b, 234b, 235h, 242b, 25 l a, 25 l b*, 253a, 253b, 254b, 270a, 277a, 280a, 2!ll a•, 2!l4b, 285b, 288a, 288h, 291a. 309a, 323a, 32:ib*, 327a, 327b, 329b*, 330b, 3:lfitt Brehallus BrachLt, Kuolaw, smior V 9 l h Brachieri, Francesco III 640a, 640h Brachikxis Sanclat ArpyiL IV 22a


Brachio, ]olwnnts de VI 477h Brachis, Hengiramus de l 293, 319; III 288a•; VI 7Ba•, BOa• Brachis,Jacobus de II 254, 316 Brachiw III 2 7Ba Brachius Perusinus see Braccio da Montone Brachus, Franciscus II 256, 267, 4B7 Brachypodius, Ludovicus III 496a Bracio.cus, Franciscus VI l 2a Bracleus (Brackley), Johannes, 2nd Earl of Bridgewater V 397b, 398a Bracton, Henricus de V 29lb*, 316b Brade, Antonius de III 109a Bradebach, Wolfgangus Henricus a IV 673b Bradiolus, Hieronymus VI 72a Bradley, Humphrey IV 192a, 197a Bradwardine (Bemardus), Thomas V 29b, 4Ba, 6Ba, 196a, 30Ba, 309a Bradwardine, Thomas I 29g., 3!2•; II 27, 93, 97, 212, 220, 221, 22B, 315, 316*, 340, 392; III 23aeJ, 53a•, 600b, 687b; IV 30b, 250a, 261a, 426a, 52Bh, 587a, 5B7b, 613a, 629a, 638a, 657a; VI 113a• Braeleus, Vidus III 227a•, 227b• Braetzl, Matthaeus VI 532b Braga Patavinus, Luca IV 90a• Bragadmw, Jolwnnts Franciscus VI 405b• Bragadin III 294a Bragadin, Alvise I 59; Il 250 Bragadin, Andrea lii 62a, 62 l a Bragadin, Angelo I 262; II 3 71• Bragadin, Bernardo IV 23la Bragadin, Camillo I l 6 Bragadin, Domenico I Bl, 314, 388; II 7, 316, 345 Bragadin, Francesco II 11 •, l B, 203, 285, 574; IV 3lh Bragadin, G.B. IV 25lb Bragadin, Girolamo II 214, 25 7 Bragadin, Lauro (Lorenzo) I /9, 330; II B, 373, 559; III 64Bb; IV l 26b, 404b, 618b Bragadin, Marcanlonio II 4B3 Bragadin, Marco I 268 Bragadin, Vittore III 133a Bragadini da V~ Btmardo V 567a Bragadino, Mare' Antonio VI 2 l h Bragadinus, Andreas V 277a Bragadinus, Dominicus V 298a; VI 283b Bragadinw, Frarui.ì


Budingen, C.R. dt III 332a Budnaeus, Simon III 566b* Budorinus, Crispus Baptista III 644b Budowicz, Wenceslaus III 318a, 322a Budus, Antmrius l l 03 Budus, Claudius l 103 Budus, I>Wrrysius l l 03 Budus, Eustachius, physirus Btllunmsis v 538b Budus, Johannes Franciscus l 103•, 104* Budus, Julius l l 03*, l 04*; V 523a Buna, Andreas IV 486a Bueri, Stephanus V 109a Buermann, Georgius III 450a Buerzer, Udalricus III 524a Buetner Leubensis, Johannes 35b Brifa, Franriscus IV 119b Bufalo, Stefano dd IV 462b*; VI 327b B'!lfalis jamily V 445b Buffalo, Stefano del, SJ. Il l 19 Buffalus. Stephanus SJ. III 695a Buffarolibus, Afuysts dt, bishop of Pola Il 3 ìO, 460 Bugardus,. Rainaldus l 3 4 Bugelius su Beyel Bugtllanus. A madtus Il l 78 Bugenhagen Pomeranus, Johannes l 233; Il 593*; III 70b, IOOb, 175b, 177a, 177b, 188a, 359a, 370a, 373a, 373b*, 374a, 374h, 375b*, 379b*, 380a, 380b, 383a*, 385b, 392b, 393a, 393b, 394a, 395a*, 385b, 400a, 402a, 403a, 4D4a, 408b, 420b*, 430a, 432b, 439a, 439b*, 44Da, 440b, 44la, 44lb*, 470b, 47Ia•, 495b, 496a, 496b, 497a*, SOia, 509a, 509b, 51 Ob*, 539b, 542a, 545b, 546b*, 547a, 548b, 549a*, 549b*, 550a, 550b, 55 l b, 553b*. 554a, 559a, 559b, .~67a, 5fi8a, 568b, 603a*, 603b, 607a, 617b, fi24a, 630b, 654a, 655a, 659a, 667b, 669a. 674b*, 675a, 675b*, 676a*, fiìfìb, 679b, 680a; IV 76b, 8/b, 423b, 43lb; V 52a. 56a, 86b, 87b, 136a, 148a, 168b*, 197b, 198b, 340a, 343b*, 344a*; VI SOOa•, .~OOb*, 533b, 548a* Bugmlragm. Andreas l\' l l 2 b, 113a• Bugenhagen, Bemardus III fì!Sa, 636b Bugenhagen, Bemhardus IV 112b*, 113a* Bugerius III 499a Buglio, Burgo IV 5 76a


Bugnot, Gabrid III 285a* Bugnotius, Pater III 258a Bui, Jolrarws IV 620a Buiattus VI 12b Buiattus, Federicus Il 203, 259 Buiatus, Fredericus l 98 Buis, Paulus VI 558b Buisson ( 1556), jean V l!Sae) Buissonius, johannes III l 09a Bukinhausm und Walmtrodtn, &rgamin oon III ì26b Bulachus, Aloysius Il 260 Bulangerus (Boulanger), Julius Caesar IV 133a, 382a* Biilbeck, Alexander VI 521 a Bulcius, Emiconus l 9 Bulco VI 582b Bulct su Bulst Bulcus, Afarcus III 484a Buldn-ius, Pttrus AnJonius Il 12 Buldrirws, Antonius V 5 67a Buldrinus, Dominicus l l 03*, 104* Bulengerius, Julius Caesar v 366b*, 487b, 575b Bulengerus, Julius Caesar l l 17*; III 221 b*, 24 7b*, 254b, 266b*, 267a•; VI 390a Bulengus, Johannes V 63b Bulgarini, Aln·o Il 155 Bulgarini, Alfonso Il 166 Bulgarini, Belisario l 133, 145, 219, 291, 388; Il 151, 152*, 153*, 154, 156, 157, 159•, 160*, 161*, 166, 167, 168*, 170, 271, 291, 292*, 453, 563, 572, 599; III 324b; V 238b, 489a•, 583a, 586b, 60 l b; VI 2lb, 135a, 212a, 214a, 215b, 304b, 407b Bulgarini, Belisario, the Younger Il 166 Bulgari n i, Bulgari no VI 21 Sb Bulgarinus Senensis Il 74 Bulgaro, Andreas de VI 375b Bulgaro, Pierfrancesco Il 165,

572 Bulgarus tpiscopus PtTUSinus l l ì l Bulion (Bouillon, Godefridus dc> IV 31 ìb Bulkeleus, Edwardus VI 5.~8b BullLL, Giovanni IV 59a Bullanus, Traianus V 43la, 433a Bullerus, Hcnricus V 145b Bullialdus, lsmael III Il Oa. 320a•, 32la, 55 la, 699a•, 699b; V 356b, 389b, 420a; VI 516b Bullingcr, Hcinrich Il 593; III 136a, 188a, 193b*, 31 ì a•, 318a, 319a, 329a. 33la, 370a, 377a, 3H3a, 393a, 393b, 400a, 459a, 473b, +95b. SOOb, SOla. 507a, SOBb, Sl2a, 518b, 532b, 53'Jb, 546a, S+ 7a, 550a, 550b,


SS3b*, SS7a, SS7b*, SS8a, 559b, 567a, S48b, S97b, S98a, 607a, 69Sa*, 699a, 703b, 709a; rv 65b, 79a, 146b, l s l b, 167a, 19la, 363a, 363b, 37Sa, 376a, 380b, 432a, 433b, 533a, 674b*; V 39b*, 40a, S2a*, S2b*, S4a*, S4b, 76b*, 77a*, 77b*, 84a*, 8Sa, 8Sb, 86b, 94b, 9Sa*, 9Sb*, 99b*, IOOa*, IOSb, 108a*, 108b, 113b*, IISb, 119a*, 12la, 121 b, 122a, 12Sb, 127b, 129b, 130a*, 13la*, 13lb*, 133a*, 133b*, 134a, 134b*, 13Sa, 13Sb, 136a, 137b*, 138a*, 138b*, 139a*, 139b*, 140a, 140b*, 14la*, 14lb*, 142a*, 142b*, 143a*, 143b*, 144a*, 144b*, 14Sa, 14Sb*, 148a, ISlb, IS2a*, 152b•, IS3a*, IS4a*, ISSa*, 155b•, IS6a*, IS6b*, 157a, IS7b*, 223a, 25 l a, 340a*, 342b, 368b, 370a, 420h, 443a; VI SOlb, 543h Bu.lJUwr, Hdnriclr tJu r orutp III 557h Bullinger, Henricus I 233 Bullinger, Hieronymus VI S83a Bulling.,r, Johannes V l S l b Bulliodius Sammartinus, Fe. III S64a Bu.llimwmJ III 573b Bullioneus su Bouillon Bu.llw, Hmricw V 393a, 394a•, 395a Bulous, Johannes l 384 Bu.Js, IL. Li. dt VI 353a Bu.Lrt, Waltn tk V l24a Bulteius, Gislenus III l 03a Buluyclr, Jlfrcolnw hislwp of &Jir and Wtlls IV 145a Bukius, Hmricus III 484a BumhtriLJ V 394h Bunaw, Guntberus a III 438b Bunderius, Johannes O.P. III 17a, 17b Bunel, GuiUaume III 322a(') Bunellus, Petrus Il 8, 54; III 84a, 130b*, 227a*, 227b*, 322aeJ; VI 126a, 479a Bunerus, Baltbasar III 6SSa* Bunié, Luko Miha V 427b, 428a* Buning, Buningius VI SS8a Buning, Gerhardus VI SS8a Bunna, Jolumnes tk III 82h Bunna Giunlll, fra IV 2 5h Buonaccorsi su Calimachus; Jet alro Bonaccursius; Callimachus Buonaccorsi, Bastiano l l 72; V 49Sa Buonaccorsi, Biagio l 72, 94, 127, /33, 147*, 148*, 233, 265;

Il 332, 464, S06; III 629a; V SS4a, S79a, 623a; VI 163a* Buonaccorsi, Filippo stt CaUimachus, Philippus Buonaccorsi, Lionardo I 136 Buonaccorsi, Ludovico l 136; III 614b Buonaccor.;i, Piero l 7S Buonaccorsi, Scipione l 61 Bu.oTUJCcorsi, su.or Ctulrnina rki VI 119h Buonaccorso da Montemagno stt Bonaccursius Buonaccorso stt Bonaccursius Buonafc, Rinieri l 141-142 Buonafede, Appiano IV 141 a Bu.orr'!/fed~ Lmmzo di Santi rv 589a Buonamici stt Bonamicus Buonamici, cavaliere Il S 12 Buonamici, Francesco l 70, l 16, 117*, 118, 128, 133, 136, 157, 168, 219, 247; III 61Sb; IV 69b; VI 187b, 407b Buonamici, Lazzaro VI 91 a Buonamico, Lazzaro stt Bonamicus Buonandrea stt Bonandrca Buonanni, Benedetto I 13 7; v 529h Buonanni, Scipione V 237b Buonanni, Vincenzo l III, 130; Il 508('), S Il; V 562a• Buonarii (?), Vincenzo Il S08 Buonarroti stt Michelangelo Buonarroti (?) Il 4S2 Buonarroti, Buonarroto Il S07 Buonarroti, Giansimone Il S07 Buonarroti, Gismondo II 507 81J.01UlTToti, uoTUJTdo VI 352h Buonarroti, Lionardo Il SOB* Buonarroti, Ludovico V 339b, 342b; VI 3S2b Buonarroti, Michelangelo rv 72a, 76b, 77a, 78a*, 107b, 142b*, 144a•, 577a; V 103b, 171 b*, 225a, 233b*, 238a, 249b, 269b, 339b*, 342b*, 345h, 354a, 368b, 387b, 39la, 40la, 49/a•, 509h, 53/h, S37b, 54Sb, S47b, 576a, S78a, 626a, 626b; VI /Sb•, 2la, 9la, 133a, 133b*, 226b, 297b*, 340h, 3S2b*, 353h, 389b, 396b, 61 Sa; stt Michelangelo Buonarroti, Michelangelo, tbc Younger Il S08*, S Il; V 575h; VI 164a, 407b 8IJ.OTUITTOI~ fra Franasco Il 508 Buoncompagni stt Boncompagn Bu.oncompagn~ Giacomo VI 34/h Bu.oncompagno, GiJuomo IV 58b Buoncompagnus V 9la Bu.oncorriLs, BartJwlomtuus l l 3 7 l Buondelmonti, Agnolo l 137

103 Buondelmonti, B. III 30 l b Buondelmonti, Benedetto V 298a, S83b; VI 216b, 346a Buondelmonti, Cristoforo I 118, 196, 280, 281, 344, 3S3, 432; Il 17*, 88, 97, 197, 231*, 232*, 263, 290, 443, 466*, 474*, Sl7, S 19, S29*, 603; III l Sa, 132b, 229a, 271 b, 29Sa, 498b*, 522b*; rv 34b*, 45b, S6b, 127a, 139b*, 282b, 370a, S75b; V 163a, 204a, 213a, 2S9b, 274b, 402a, 462b; VI 2S4b, 273b, 482b Buondelmonti, Francesco l 136 Buondelmonti, Giovanni l 137: VI 14h Bu.oruiLimorrti, lppolilo l /4 5; VI 29/a Bu.oruklmonti, MatioMa Andrea I 165 Buondelmonti, Pierantonio l 126, 142 Buondelmonti, Zanobi IV 328h; V S4.'ib Buondi, Vincenzo I 267 Buongirolami, Giovanni l 68 Buongiuoco, Valerio Il 607; VI 404a Buonincontri stt Bonincontri us Buoninsegni stt alro Boninsegnius Buoninsegni, Bernardino l 118; 11 1so•, 1s 1, s72; III 370a; V S49b; VI 140a*, 216a Buoninsegni, Domenico l 122; Il 80, S07*, S08 Bu.oninstgn~ Fedro II /54 Buoninsegni, Giovanni I 70 Buoninsegni, Giovanni Battista l 9/, 131, 147, 200*; Il SIS; lV 92b*; VI 167b Bu.oninst:g11~ Giovanni Lmmzo II 255 Buoninsegni, Girolamo VI 2S6b Buoninsegni, Guidantonio I 26 Buoninsegni, Jacopo Fiorino l l 02, 142, 224* Buoninsegni, Lionardo Il 507 Buoninsegni, Tommaso Il 329; V 3S7a Buono, Andrea de I 137 Bu.orrri.uo, Alvist III 220b Bu.orrsigrr~ Dotullo Il 48 7 Buonsignori, Giovanni Il S l, 117, 278, 519 Bu.orrtalmli, &mardo l 176; Il /58 Buon tempi, Scioperato rv 581 b* Buom~cini da Pescia, fra Domenico V 62.'ib Bu.o~ LE.R. V /Olb Bu.orrviso, Vuumzo V 520a Bu.~ Ftroru! VI 14Gb Buoso da Gubbio VI 22Ba Buralis, Pau.lu.s, card. Plaantinur l 432

104 BllTtiNl, ]ol!mrnes Alllonius I 3 90 Burana, Johannes Franciscus I 251; II 46, 118, 226, 296*; III 244a; IV 427b; VI 174b Buratini, Valerio II 256 Bumachius, Georgius stt Peumachius Burcardus, Apollinaris V 153a Burc.ardus, Georgius III 721 b, 722a Burcelli stt Burchiello Burch, Lambertus vander III 96a, 55la Burch, Nicolaus vander III Il Ob Burchard, Franciscus III 433a; V IISb Burchardus III 167a•; V 346b Burchardus, Johannes V 233a, 243b•, 415a Burchelatus, Bartholornaeus II 493 Burcherus, Eduardus IV 37b Burchetus, D. IV 147a Burchiello I 61, 70, 86, 89, l 29, 145, 155, 225, 240, 244, 297, 356; II 35, 84, 115, 122, 272, 273, 330, 331' 361, 386, 403, 411,436,452, 453*, 463, 471•, 510, 522; IV 342a; V 188b, 360a; VI 39a, 180a, 180b, 214a, 268a, 385a Burchius, Hadrianus II 38; III 98b, 284a*; VI ISOa Burckhard, Jakob VI 548a Burckhard, Johannes III 229a, 636b BurckhardJ, ]alcob III 743b • Burdella, Johannes de IV 7Sb Burdelot su Bourdelot Burden, Geffery V 398b Burdigallus JU Bordigallus Burdigalus, Dominicus V 346b Burdinus Vallesianus, Antonius III 617a, 636b Burello, Conte di IV 438a Burellus, Laurentius episcopus Cistaricensis IV 140a, 156a•, 156b, 262a, 262b•, 263a Burm, CaJhnTna tk IV 130a Burenius, Amoldus V 139a Burer, Albertus III 345a, 508b Burrr, Joharurti III 450b Bureus, Petrus III 116a Burtyo, ]acobus tk III 2 48a Burg. Il 598 Burg, Balduinus III 698a•, 700a Burgainaeus, Gulielmus IV 141 a Burgarinus, Jolulnnti II 4 7l Burgaro, Andreas de III 682h Burgaro, &tlista I 239, 247 Burg-dro, Bernardo I 13 7 Burgaro, iuris doctor tk II 293 Burgarus, &plista II l 45 Burgmsibus, Bmuudinus domini r.algani dt VI 2 l 3b


Burgensis JU Borghesi; Burgus Burgensis, Anastasius II 133 Burgensù, Franci.scw U 260, 4 l l Burgensù, ]oiuzrrNJ II l 7O Burgensis, Marius II Il O Burgensis, Petrus su Francesca, Piero della Burgensius, Nicolaus VI 194a• Burgersdicius, Franco III 109a, 550b, 556b; v 7b Burgerus, Wo~ III 36b Burgesius, Burghesius JU Borghesi Burgtsiw, dixtor Senensis VI 298b Burghesius JU Borghese Burghemrius, Nicolaus, eques Senensis V 403b, SIOa Burghetti della V al Pomaria, Bartholomaeus IV 361 a Burghlaeus stt Ceci! Burghley JU Ceci! Burg/1/ey, lady IV 3& Burghley, William Ceci! Lord III 370a; JU Ceci!, Williarn Burgi, Giovanni Battista II 602 Burgi, Jost III 518a Burgis, Jacobus de II 168 Burgius I 321; II 243 Burgiu.s, Andrtm III l 66b; IV 6 l 5a Burgiu.s, Lombardiw II 309 Burgnesius, Burga I 240 Burgnesiu.r, Raimundw I 240 Burgo, Andrea da V 37lb Burgo, Benedictus de I 137 Burgo, Dionysius de VI 348a; su Dionysius Burgo, Johannes de II 223 Burgo, Paulus de su Paulus de S. Maria Burgo, S~lumus dt I 73 Burgonius, Ananias II 38 Burgos, bislwp of IV 5 l 8h Burgos, cardinal of III 437a Burgoverus, Benedictus V 131 b, 155b, 156b Burgower, Benedictus III 426a BurguL~, ]uan Esuhan V 2 l 6a Burgum Val/i.r Taronis VI 33 7a, 337b Burgundia I 7, 19, 28*, 85, 98, 272, 329, 394, 402; II 112, 212•, 214, 312•, 390"', 413, 443*, 490; III 4b, l Oa, Il a, 90a, !Ola, 107b, 112a•, 112b, 156a, 159b, l 78b, 236b, 251 b•, 253a, 260b*, 261 a, 261 b•, 263b*, 268b, 275b, %9b•, 485b, 643a, 662a, 663b, 732a; IV 39a, SOa, 98b, Il Ob, 149a, 194b•, 207b, 219a*, 223a, 224a*, 259b, 276a, 292a, 360a, 399b, 424h, 492b, 519a, 52lb, 523b*, 525b, 618b, 631 b, 638a, 65lb; V 49a, 102b, 453a, 474b, 499b*, 605b, 618a; VI 20b,

45a, 48a, 54a, 98b, 127b, 222a, 253b, 356b*, 357a*, 358a, 359a, 366a*, 367a*, 388a*, 388b, 427a, 435a, 436b*, 44la Burgundius, Bemardinus II 261 Burgundius, Johannes II 242 Burgundius, Nicolaus III 87b; VI 450b Burgundus su Orivalius Burgundy III 230u, VI 5 l 9b Burgundy, Duke of I 7l, 338; II 200, 283; III 39h, 482h, 516a*, 516b; IV 482b, 539b Burgundy, Maria of stt Maria, Duchess of Burgundy Burgus Cremonensis, Sigismundus V 215b Burgus Veronensis, Tobias v 75a, 76b, 229b, 598a; VI 78b, 336b*, 337b* Burgus, Darnianus I 83*; II l 96, 267, 566, 579*; III 6lb; VI 54lb Burgus, Eusebius I 83, 21 O; II 579*; III 4lla Burgus, Franciscw I 51 Burgus, H~ II 374 Burgus, Marce/Jus II 5 79 Burgus, Petrus Baptista III 320a; IV 361b Burgus, Tobias I 19, 35*, 44•, 55, 83, 210, 330*, 383, 419; II 2 l, 35, 64-65, 65, 246, 268, 294, 360* 369, 398, 431, 438, 495, 528, 551, 586*; III 844, 209b, 265b, 356b, 367a, 53la, 648b*; IV Il a, 89b, l 02b, 126b, 128a, 235b, 248b, 419b, 619b Buri, Johannes Marianus VI 270b Buridanus, Johannes I 3, 95*, 150*, 154, 178, 199, 290, 299, 306, 382; II 3, 164 197, 211, 237, 314, 315, 316, 328, 340, 392*, 404, 466(?), 467, 472, 473, 548; III 33a, 38a*, 4lb, 52b, 53a*, 54a, 71 a, 90a*, 135b, !Sia, 166a, 177b, 232a, 232b, 237b*, 258b, 345a, 402b, 41 7h, 418b, 422b, 432b, 434a, 435a*, 474b, 475a*, 476b*, SISae), 600a, 600b, 644a, 650b, 704a, 709b, 717a, 730b*, 73la*; IV Sb, 32b, 258W). 296a, 415a, 415b, 417a, 424b, 533b, 600b, 608a, 609b, 612a, 662a, 685a; V 20b*, 28a, 28b*, Sia, 65a, 68b*, !BOb, 29la, 36lb; VI 21 Ob*, 252b, 428a, 459a, 509b, 528a Burlamacchi, F. IV 375a Burlamacchi, Fra Tommaso VI 226b Burlarnacchi, Francesco V 337b Burlamacchi, Pacifico l 1%, 228;


Il 560; IV 23lb; V 208b, 267b, 356b, 570a, 615a Burieigh see Ceci) Burleliu.J, Pn-siw VI 405a • Burieus, Gualterius II 26, 36, 4{), 50, 75, 77, 93, 97, 112, 135, 157' 175, 182, 201 212*, 222, 226, 230, 238, 251, 294, 302, 306*, 315, 316*, 328, 329, 358, 392, 419, 424, 425, 435, 463, 480, 567, 579, 589, 595, 601; III 24b, 27a, 53a, 54a*, 90b, 96b, 107a, 117b, 15la, IS2b*, 154b, 156b*, 157a, 159b, 166a, 168b, 195b, 230a, 233a, 275a, 293b, 345b, 376a, 388a, 4{)5a, 409b, 418a, 420b, 427a, 436b, 475b, 492a, 533a, 578a, 62la, 62Sa, 644b, 64Sb, 662a, 702a, 710b, 718b, 735a; IV 73a, 74b, 78b, 116a, 12Sb, 148b, 150a, 174b, 207b, 230a, 239b, 260a, 290b*, 348a, 358a, 382a, 399b, 4{)lb, 412b, 42la, 422b, 423b, 436a, 494b, 516b, 517a, 554b, 583a, 587a, 590b, 605b, 6lla*, 611 b, 629a, 649b; V 19a, 39a, lOSb, 109b*, llla, 125b, 142b, 143a, 184a*, 184b, 196a*, 199b, 220a, 25la*, 255b, 256b, 264a, 286a*, 287a, 303a, 307b, 34Sa, 34Sb*, 361 b, 362b, 369b, SOOb, 536b, 580b, 589b; VI 37a, 41a, 46a*, 47a, 53a, 62b*, 89b, 90a, 104a, 105b, 126a, 222b*, 223a, 263a, 34Sb, 354b, 37Sa, 376a, 379a, 380b, 385a*, 393a, 393b, 395b, 400b, 403a, 427b, 435b, 443b, 459a, 465a, 465b, 49Sb Burleus, Gulielmus I 4, 5, 9, 28, 50, 84, 94, 138, 146, 151*, 153, 156, 180, 186*, 189, 203*, 273, 327, 396 Burley su Burleus Buriuraeus, Theodorus I 313; VI 47b Burmannus, Petrus III 3S9b, 447a; IV 66b, 356b, 382a; V 196b, 197b, S64a, S68b*; VI 180a, 239a*, 449b*, 516b Burmannw, Pttrus 1M EJder VI 492b• Burmannus, Petrus the Younger IV 383a, 384a Burnet, Gilbert IV 19b, 549b; V 273a Burneus VI 213a 8UT111J, Cltuuiiw III 335a Buro, F. III 25Sa /JuromeJ, Hiermtias IV l 42a BurrmcW, Himmymu.r tk VI 406b Buna, Angelus V 617a BurrU4 Andreas S.]. IV 572a Brmius, ]uJiu.s Caesar I 3 l 8

Burrus Brugenm, Petrus IV l 04a, 382b Burrus, Caesar I 294; II 530 Burrw, Milanus I 270; IV 379a; v 244b, 366a 8111TUS, Pdrus VI 387b Burrusius, Johannes IV 14 7a Bursa, lknedictus l 59*, 135; II 8, 43, 244, 249*, 257*, 458, 484, 550; III 279b; IV 42b, 254b, 619b, 646b; VI 258a, 260a, 318a Bursa, Nu:olaus IV 63 Oh Bursa, Sebastianus II 262, 359; VI 258a Bursalia, Johannes de IV 613b, 614a Bursfild, congrtgalion rf III 516b; IV 76a Bursis, Petrus Baptista II 400 Bursius, Aegidius VI SS8b Burthcr, Eduardus IV 202a Burtius, Nicolaus IV l 09a* Burton, Robcrt V 408a Burtzius, J. VI 582a Bury SI. Ethruuui.s IV 223b•, 236a Bury, Ricardus de episcopus Dunelmiensis Ili 542a Burzano, Johannes de IV 612b Bus., P. V 77b Busaeus Noviomagus, Johannes, SJ. lil 394a, 697a Busaeus, Theodorus II l 61 7a, 636b Busbecq (Busbcck), Augerius Gislenus de IV 362a, 37Sa, 432a; VI 19a, 46b Busbecq, Ogier Shislain de IV 375a; V 145b, 232a Busbequius, Augerius Gislenus II 346; III 88a, 93a, Ila*, 250a, 28Sb, 324b, 494b, SOla Busca, Gabriel Ili SS4b Bu!ICa, Gabrio VI 66a Busca, Pietro Frane esco III 8 7a; IV 586b• Busch, Georg V 389a Buscher, Heizo V IBla Bu!ICheratius, Angdus II 279* Buschetus, Jean-Pierre V 115b Buschius, Georgius lil 496a, 513b Buschius, Hermannus II 396; Ili 41 b, 72b, 79b*, 123b, 124a•, 432b, 464a, 473b, 474a, S03b, 504a, 513b, 516a(?), S37b, S80b, 594b, S95a, 612b*, 619b, 690b, 734b*, 747b*; IV 229b, 247b, 406a; V 3la, 3lb, S9a, 71 a, 136a, 148a; VI 449a, 503b, 536a Buschius,Johannes lil 9la*, 549b Buschot, Andreas, SJ. II 155* Buschus Mantuanus, Franciscus IV 623a*

105 Busco, Bene de II 229 Busco, Gnardus tk lil 83a Buscus, Franciscus II 236 Busdragus, Johannes Baptista lil 80a Busellmtus, Priamus III 7l 9b Buseru!Jo, Anlmria V 3 OOb Busenello, Giovanni Fernando V 382a(?) Busme!Jo, Marco Anlollio V 300b• BustMi.J, C. III l l 2a Buser, Gulielmus II 316*, 392 Busero, Ambrosius de l 328 Busetti, C. VI 205b Bu.rWLlru, Anloniw IV 45a Business records V 623a Busini, Benedetto I 66; Il 113, 46Je); V 552a*, 586a Busin~ Bmurrdo II l Ol Busini, Betto II 463 Busini, Francesco V 170b•, 269b, 346a, 613a; VI 216a Busini, Gala.sso I 386 Busini, Giovanni Battista l l 06, 175, 233; II 106, 168; Ili 107b, 628a; IV 41 b; V 206b, 267b, 459a, 543a, 545b, 554a, 619a Busini, Horatio di Lionardo V S85a* Businus su lkrnardus Perusinus Businus, Petrus V l OOb Businus, ciuis jlormtinus IV 7 la Busleiden, F ranciscus, ep. Cauriensis V 282b Busleyden, Aegidius III 87b, l l Oa, 4 26a; su Buslidius Busleyden, Hieronymus III 87b, 97b, 103a* Buslidius, Atgidius IV l 66a, 3 76a Buslidius, Hieronymus IV 34{)b Busnate, Aloisius de II 580 Bussa, Pt/:IUs Franciscus II 3 4O Busscher, Franci.Jcus III l l 8a Busshoppus, Johannes IV 20 l b Bussi, Giovanni Andrea de' bishop of Aleria l 36, 171, 205, 238, 239*, 257, 276, 342, 364, 395; II 40(?), SS, 230, 3 l 8, 372*, 4ll, 418, 430, 443; III 204a, 489b, 691 a; IV 43a, 14 7b, 155b, 297a, 61 7a, 625a Bussi, Jacopo Ili 204a Bussich, Stephanus, SJ. V 438b Bussière, de V 346b Bussieres, P. de lil 28Sa Bussis, Johannes Andreas de, ep. Aleriensis et Acciensis V 22a, 216a; VI 19la, 213a, 338a, 347b Bussolari su Busularius Bussolinu.s, Jacobus, Gmmzl rf 1M Franci.Jcans VI 30a Bussoni VI 304a Bussulus, Nuolaus l 3 44

106 Bustard, Johannes IV 258b* Bustigeria, Petrus de VI 3 7b Bustis a Vìdua, Aloysius de VI 125a Busto de Villegas, Sancho IV 658b Busto, Pietro VI 47a Bustronius, Johannes Matthaeus II 441 Bustus see Buser Bustus, Henricus IV 201b*, 258b Bustus, Johannes IV 37b Bustus, Mattheaus IV 37b, 201b BUSIIIarius, Jacobw I /3 Busulù, Marlinus a II 125 Busuneus, Matthaeus III 544a Bu.ruvis, Antonius IV 65 7a But, Adrianus O.Ci~t. III 85b* Butagalis, Johannes Franciscus de II 25 Butalossiw, Simon II 190, 191 Bute, Martinus IV 179a* lJuJeo et PluJax V 154b Bllkv, Johanrus III 324a Butereus, D. III 279a Buti, Francesco da I 80, 154, 171, 187, 196-197, 297*, 421; II 72, 106, 244, 294, 478, 591, 598; III 361a*, 535a; IV 256b, 268b, 616b, 622a, 622b*; V 422b, 536a, 568b*, 590a, 599b, 605b; VI 77b, l 06b, 123b, 139b, 14Db*, 163b, 208b*, 374b, 393b, 395b Buti, Johannes de II 74 Buti, .NucolìJ di BonaiuJo II 490 Buticella, Geronimus V III b Butigelis, Bonifatius de VI 3 7b Butigella su Bottigella Butigella, Bemardinus IV 625a* Butigella, Johannes Matthaeus IV 550b, 641 b; V 366b Butigtl/a, ]ohanrus MaJJhrus VI 70a Butigtl/a, Johanrus Suplumus IV 64/b Butigtl/a, Afargarila Camp. V 617a Butigtl/a, Philippu.s VI 70a Butigtllu.s, Antoniu.s Simon V 617a Butigtllus, CatSar V 617a Butigt/lus, Si/ves/6 V 617a Butis, Franciscus de VI 54b, 55a*, 108b Butius VI l 08b* Butius, Jacobu~ Philippus I 304* Butius, Marius IV 254a Buùer, Thomas II 242; IV 196a; v 394b Buùerius Anglus, Johannes V 53a, 115b, 145b Butrigarii, Jacobus VI 384b Butrigariis, Jacobus de I 3 7, 262; II 473 Butrigario st~ Bottrigari Butngarius, Arhi/us V 639b


Butrigarius, Johannes Baptista VI 44b Butrio, Alessandro II 602; VI 156b* Butrio, Antonius de I 241*, 422; II 71, 101, 421; III 37b, IOOb; IV 14b, 400a, 400b; V 19b, 360b; VI 45a, 321a, 321b*, 323b, 384b Butriolus, Virginius V 510a Buttagalglis, Johannes Franciscus de su Bottigella Buttelius Clytius, Giselnus III 77b Buttetus, Marcus Claudius II 183 Buttigella su Bottigella BuUigtl/a, MaJIJwms VI 205a Button, Guildmus IV 192b Buttrigarius de Bononia, Jacobus V 360b, 555b Buturinus, Faustinus I 399; II 318, 431*; III 223b, 224a, 283b(?); VI 102a•, 332a BuJurinw, Octaviu.s V 52/b Bulus, D. V., canonicus Pistorimsi.s II 78 Bulus, L Antonius II 261 Butzbach,Johannes III 474a*, 474b*, 504a*, 504b*, 595a*, 595b*, 604b; VI 525a Bul{bach, Laruigrtif Philipp von III 517b, 5/Bb Butzer stt Bucer Butzlius, Valentinus V 105b Buxheim III 62/a, 623a•, 624a•, 65/a; IV BOb, 360a•, 360b; V 31/a Buxos see Buser Buxtorf, J. III 298a Buxtorf, Joachim III 550b Buxtorf, Johannes III 699a, 699b; IV 23b, 66b, 74a, 133a, 205a, 356b, 363a, 375a*; V 46a, 53b, 76a, 83b, 86a, 95a, 115b, 145b, 148a, 152a, 318a, 364a; VI 449b* Buxtorf, Johannes Baptista III 380b, 392a, 679b Buxtorf, Johannes II V 43b, 76a, 86a Buyck, J acobus III l l Ob Buyck, N. III IIOb Buysset, Johannes III Il Oa B~acarinus II 258 Buzacarinus, Caesar II 422 Buzacarinus, Franciscus I 43•, 59, 83, 363; II 21, Ili, 240, 257, 267, 270, 353, 359*, 361, 437, 551; III 45b, 498b Buzacarinus, Georgius I 320; II 257, 302 B~acarinus, Ludouicus III 399b B~acarinus, PaJarus III 65b, 688b Bu.;.arhara, LadiJ/agiw II //4

Buzacharinus, Franciscus IV 122b; V 523a; VI 267b B~aduzrinus, Lutiouicv.s VI /3 Oa, 38/a Buzeho, Albertus de III 574a B~tus, Lutiouicv.s I 207 Buzonus, Johannes Stephanus II 249, 261 Buzzacarini, Giovanni Francesco II 22* Buzzacherinus, Caesar VI 381 a By, Franciscus IV 2lb Byard, Nicolas V 115b Byber, Crystoff VI 461 b Byddlecomus, Arthurus IV 20 l a BydrrsiTaJm, GyTardus IV 499a Byel su Biel Byel, Stanislaus IV 4D4a Byfield, Richard IV 156a Bygelius su Beyd Bynge (Bingus), Thomas IV 277b; V 397b, 399b, 412b Byrde, Richard IV 56b Byres, George IV 25a Byridanus su Buridanus Byron Veronensis, Jacobus IV 617b Byrsa VI 73b Bysantius, Paulus II 20 l Byssariis, Marcus de VI 545b Byssariis, Matthaeus de VI 545b Bysshop, Robertus IV 277b; v 412b Bystfumiu.s, ~hardus V 22b Byw4y, Gtmgiu.s IV 676b•, 67Bb• Bywdy, Wolfgangus IV 677a, 678b ByzantinL scholars VI 620a Bzovius, Abraham III 81 b(>), 617a C. I 295 C. Nursinus II 297 C., Dux ab Aschoth IV 289b C.B. III 323a C.C. I 83* C.F. II 249; III 222a C.M. II 606*; VI 403 a* C.O.P.R. V 413a C.T. V 332b* Ca Taiapiera, Benetto da IV 57a Ca., Nicol. de VI 4b Cabala I 40·41, 303, 3!6, 347; II 86, 88, 288, 331, 389, 604; III III a*, 196b, 233a, 495a, 600b, 60 l a, 724a*; IV 59a, 91 b, 193b, 222a*, 248a, 308b~ VI 50a, 60a, 69b, Il la, 247a, :329a, 440a*, 521 b Cabala dz Sa!nrrwnt III 86a Cabala, treatim on V 57b, 112b, 124a. 168b, 180b, 187a*, 208a, 259a, 291b, 297b, 372a, 417a, 430b, 475a


Cabalis, Franciscus de V 182b Cabalis, Sigismundus II 277 Cahaiistico, tk audibl IV 546b; v 180b C6bGJJarius (CtzbaiJanus?)' Antorùus IV l la Caballas, Nicolaus IJl 320a Caballiatus, Polydorw comes III 398a Caballinus V 450b• Caballinus Capn:ruis, Eu~nius

V 488a Caballinus de Cerrorùbus, Johannes Il 41 7, 466; VI 122b, 374b Caballinus Siberùcensis, Gn:gorius V 446b• Caballinus, Johannes su Pohstorw Caballis, Franciscus de IV 405a; VI 200a, 581b Caballus II 494; s« al.so Cerrorùbus Caba/Jw, Anlmlius Il 354•, 362, 571; VI 29/b Cahallw, CamiJJus III l 96b Caballus, Franciscus Il 36 Caballus, Hieronymus III 623b(?) Cahallw, lLonmdus l 44 Caba/Jw, M. VI 339a Caballus, Marcus Il 114, 352, 361' 362, 377, 46/ Caballus, Marinus l 323 CahaJJus, Sigismundus V 495b Caha1lw Anconitanu.s, Marrus v 228b, 229a, 532b CahaJJw MonJejortinas, Franciscus IV /BOb Cahalu-hmnitiqr.u, Conct1Tdanct V 417a Cabanillius, Johannes IV 638b Cabasilas, Nicolaus III 221 a Cabasilas, Nilus IV 372a Cabaspre, Johannes IV 596a Cabassi VI 87b Cabassilas, Nicolaus V 567a Cahastitia, Jolumnes IV 503b CDbbart, ]olumnes l l o Cabetiw, AnJoniu.r IV 45 4a Cabeljavius, Johannes VI 558b CabeUa, j.A. I 86 Cabelucius, Scipio III 81 b Cabillaus, Baldovinus III 283b Caboraccio, Francesco VI 12b Caboracius, Franciscus V 508a• Cabo.ssi tk A /banea, Jacobus I 432 CDbosso/a, Jolumnes IJl l Ol b Cabot, Sebastian VI 46a CDbral, Anumiw IV 462b CDbral, Ptdro Aloortz III 457a Cabn:ra, Bemardus IV 577a Cabrera y Quintero, Cayetano Xavier de IV 333a Cabrera, Christophorus I 208;

Il 3tt•, 320*, 330, 338•, 415, 491 Cabn:ra, Franciscus II 344; IV 551b; V 503b Calmra, Pmus Ftrdinandw Il 40• Cabriana su Cavriarù Cabrinus de Cabrirùs Il l 72• Caburatus, Franciscus I 249 Cacarus, Sebastianus VI 90a Caccia, Franciscus VI 494a Caccia, Gaspar III 407b, 480b Cacc1a, ]uliw VI 397b Cacc1a, 111 VI 307 a Caccia, Sanctes III 47Bb• Caccia, Stephanus II 424, 476 Caccia, Titianus II 4 75 Cacciacontus, Johannes Dominicus l 324 CacciJJ/anza, Dominicus AIIWniw II 498 Caccialupis, Johannes Baptista de I 27•; V 499b•; VI 45a, 307b, 384b; Caccialupus, Bartholomaueus III 614b, 636b Caccialupus, .Johannes Baptista II 74, 342, 467, 504; IV 240a Caccianerrùcus, Lucius, O.P. VI 310b Cacciante, Bernardino II 66 Cacciantes, Bemardinus, Alatrinas I 96, 211 Caccini, Alessandro IJl 146a '"; VI 16b Caccin~ &stiano v 3 l 9b Caccini, Giovanni V l 70b, 247a, 338b•, 346a, 346b, 604a, 613a; VI 13b•, 15b, 2J6a•, 407a ~ Giulio VI 392b Caccini, Manco IV 357b'"; VI 516b Caceres, Franciscus de IV 445b Cacerrs, Lourrnco de IV 460a Cacluuanno, ]olwrrnes tk VI 362a Cacheranus su Adomus Cachsenredner, David IV 677a, 679a Cacia P=niJ.J V 228a Cacia, Miehm/ l l l 5 Cacia, Stcphanus I 205, 334; IV 96a, 403b, 404b• Caciis, Stephanus de VI 78b Caciis, TlumuJs tk I 3 2 7 CacWlufJus, Lodovicus IV 26 l b Cacoma, jacobus IV 482a• Cacus, Pttrus III 61 7b Cad. Lund., Hector III 313b(J) Cadamosto, Aloysius III 630a•, 630b• Cadamosto, Alvise de IV 391 b Cadamosto, Giovanni IV 150a Cadamosto, Paolo Emilio v 586b C'.adomwtus Laudmsis, Marcu.s Allkmiw V 295b


Cadart, ]olwrrnes plrysicus III 2 l 2b Cadartes, ]olumnes I 4 7, 3 62; II 8 l Cademosto, Giovanni III 305a CadmrwtuJ, Jolumnes I 298 Cademustus, Johannes Petrus (called Valla) l 22•, 364; II 364•, 499; VI 332b Cadiar, Nicolaus IV 262b Catiiz III 203a Cadratus, Petrus I 331; III 333a•; IV 455b Caealia uirgO VI 243a Caeciiianus, c-giw III 467a Caecilianus, Gulielmus stt Ceci( Caecilius, Gulielmus su Ceci! Caecius Pomporùanus, Aurelius IV l Ila Caecus su al.so Cieco Caecus de Esculo s« Cecco; Frigi nus Caecus, CamiUus Il 154 Caecus, Ventura II 166 Caelanus, jacobus I 431; VI 117a Caelius III 284a; VI 240a; su Clelius Caelius Rhodiginus IV 166b, 222a, 448a; V 184b, 413b Caelius, Gaspar IV 447a Caelius, .J ulius I 282 Caelius Callipolitnus, M. III 105a Cam, UnivtrJi!y of II 4 l 5; III 33 l b Caepola, Dionysius VI 289a Caepolla su CipoUa Carrttiw, Jouphus Il 70 Caerleon, Lewis IV 196b Caes., Johannes Baptista II 65 Caesalpinus, Andrras I l l 7, 145, 168, 174•; II 65, 151,321,569, 605; III 325a, 556a; su Ccsalpino Caesanus, Aegidius II 57 Uusanu.r, Angtlw I 434 Caesanus, Gabriel II 72, 449; III 206b; V 52b, 209b, 376b, 538a, 583b; su Cesano, Gabriele Caesanus, Titius II 198, 260; IV 233b; V 216b Cacsar l 24, 25, 33, 73, 74, 78, 244, 249, 259, 276, 303, 308, 330, 346, 369, 371' 384, 397•, 401, 406, 407, 409; II 59 Caesar Collensis, frater I 198 Caesar lbcrus VI 412a• Caesar Laudcnsis III 21 b Cacsar PaJavinus V 29/a Cacsar Valmtinus III 3 40a Caesar Veronensis, O.C. VI 157a• Cacsar magister II 423, 520; VI 122a Caesar grammaticus, magistcr I 195 Gusar scholasticu.s l 2 72

108 Caesar, C. Julius II 4, 19, 42, 53, 54, 60, 63, JJO, 122, 163, 245, 253, 285, 321, 333, 364, 387, 400•, 416, 434*, 435,440, 443*, 487, 489, 505, 508, 535, 542, 546, 567, 587' 590, 596; Ili 28a, 59b, 85b•, 9/b, J73b, 180a•, 19la, 203a, 205b*, 257b, 284b, 297b, 30 l a, 332b(?), 361 a, 377a, 425b, 48/b, 488b, 489a, 489b, 507b, 516a, 552a, 56/a, 699a"; IV 15a, 35b, 40a, 4lb*, 70b, 74a, 126a, 134b•, 14lb, 158b, 187b*, 197b, 205a, 247b, 251 a, 254a, 263b, 269a, 277b, 287b, 290a, 295b, 299a, 343b, 362b, 363a, 377b•, 378a, 455a, 462b, 465a, 509h, 515a, 535a, 538b, 554a, 557a, 568a, 584a, 584b, 586a, 589a, 594b, 619a, 659a, 664a, 667b, 67lb, 672b, 677a, 678a; v 7b, 56a, 59a, 73h, 175b, 2lla, 250b, 264b, 277a, 284a, 288a, 299h, 358b, 38lb, 384b, 4J6a•, 464b, 488a, 564b, 579a, 615a; VI 37b, 42b, 69b*, 95b*, JOOb•, 103a, 109b, 140b, 207b*, 220a, 232a, 233a, 240b, 279a, 34/h, 345a*, 347a•, 371 b, 376a, 380b, 394h, 395a, 545a Caesar, Christiphorus III 450a Caesar, Hennanus Theodorus III 283b Caesar, Ludovicus IV 467b, 558a• Caesar, Robertus IV 340b Caesar, Sir Julius IV 67a; v 257b, 414h Caesarea s~~e Cesa~a Caesareus s~~e Cesareo Caesareus, Johannes III 614a; IV 5/0a Caesareus Cosentinus, Johannes V 530a* Caesareus Leucopetraeus, Nicolaus III 188a, 736b Caesarianus, Caesar VI 53a, 3 40a Caesarinus see Ccsarini Caesminus, Caesar V 530b Catsarinus, Caeslus V 22Ba Catsarinus, Grorgius IV l 16a C.aesarinus, JolumiiLS Grorgius VI l JOb Caesarinus, Julianus, card. S. Angeli V 22a, 3/a, 41b*, 42b*, 56b, 122b, 167a, 180a*, 185b, 362b, 369b. 576h; VI 139b*, 181 a, 195a, 264a, 270a, 278a, 278b, 297b, 336h, 343a, 363b, 465b*, 495b, 502a. 529a C:at"sarius Heisterbacht'nsis, O. Cist. III 28.'>a Caesarius juliaccnsis, Johannes III 623a


Caesariu.s tk Roma, .fraJer II 92 Caesarius, Gerardus V 115b Caesarius, J. II 337, 338 Caesarius, Johannes l 302, 307; Ili llb, 116b, 15/b, 400a, 460b*, 646b, 702a, 726a•, 726b; rv 15a, 340a, 375a, 432a, 433a; V 40a, 5/b, 52a, 59a, 59b, 73b, 76a, 136a, 14/a, 145b, 148a, 180b, 18/a, 183b Caesariw, JolumiiLS A1111mius l 4ll Caesarius, Jonas III 675b Caesarius, Petronius II 48, 554 Caesis, Caesius s~~e Cesius Caesius stt Cesi Caesius, Federicus see Cesi Caesius, Georgius III 496a, 644a Caestre, janus van III l 07b Caetani see a1so Caietanus; Gaetanus Cattanifamily VI 20la, 20/h, 203a Cattan~ AnJonio IV 667b Cattan~ Borrifatio IV 667b• Cattan~ Don Gtlasio VI 20/a Caetani, Enrico, card. V 496a Caetanus see Caietanus Caetanus Novtllus, Bmedictu.s, card. VI 33/a Caetanus, Johannes, card. VI 432b Caetanus, Mons. VI 317b Cattanus, Rojrtdus, cume.r Casmae VI 33/a Cafarelis II 256, 520 Caf~Uis, Nicolaus de Ili 700b Cafarello, Ascanio III 87a Cafartlw, Francesco VI 3 l l b Ctifartlfus, Johannes Petrus II 3 63 Cafartllu.s, Petrus II 90 Ctifare/lus, Prosper II 2 48 Cafmgli, AnJonio IV 560b Cafmllus III 224h Caffarel see Gaff~l Caffarelli, Antonio I 302 Caffarelli, Massimo VI 31 Ob Caffarelli, Scipione VI 311 a, 3J3a Caffarinus, Thomas III 96b Caffarus Januensis V 27 Sa, 35 7a Cajfms. Archangelus tk, Fr. V 469b Cafurius, Barthoimrweus I l Ol Cagali, Gasparo di IV 218b Cagaratiis, Gcrardus de I 372 Cage, Theodorus see Gaza, Theodorus Caggio, Paolo II 30 Caghari set Paolo Veronese Cagis m Gaza Cagius stt Gaza Cagli II l 66, 3 77 Cagliari stt Paolo Veronese (A1gmani. f:IJ!imio III J47a Cagmola, Zohanepetro III 30 l b Cf1!?.771olus, Hitron'fTTIUS III 325a

Cagna, Franciscus I 308 Cagnacinus, Jacobus I 56; II 49; v 539b Cagnacius, Melchior I 247; II 144 Cagnano, Serafino IV 500b Cagnatus, Marsilius V 415a Cagnoli, Francesco IV 4 7b Cagnolis, Aluysius de V 347b Cagnolis, Fimws tk V 422b Cagrwnus, T adeuJ V 455b Cai stt Ciai Caiadus, Hennicus l 66, 94, 109, 385; Ili 284a*, 348b; IV 188a(?), 454b Caiano s~~e Poggio a Caiano CaitJ,, 233; II 454; V 557b Capponi, Gaetano V 583b Capponi, Galeotto IV 229b Capponi, Gino I 145, 181, 20i, 214, 219; II 107, 184, 490, 514; III 30lb•, 303b; IV 193a, 235a; V 207b, .~53a, 557b, 570a, 583b, 595b, 604b; VI 261 b Capponi, Gino di N~ri VI 16.~a Cappon~ Giovanni I 63; V 208a Capponi, Giovanni Battista II 51 O, 534 Capponi, Guglielmo I 66, 67, 70, Il/, 140; II 82 C.appani, Lodouico I 181, 182•, 223; IV 88a Capponi, Neri I 63•, 121, 125•, 128, 145, 148, 165, 195, 207, 208, 214•, 219, 266; II IO.'i, /33, 184, 188, 434, 450, 516; IV 235a•, 256a; V 206b, 207a, 207b, 459b, 551b, 555a, 557b, 558a, 583b, S'lSb, 604b; VI 261b Capponi, Niccolò I 46, 215, 218•, 223; III 358a; IV l/Ba, 229b; V 298n, 342b, 346a, 357b, 551b. 624a•; VI 167b, 4{)5b, 406o. Capponi, Orazio l 219, 291, 308; II 151•, 153•, 161•, 555; IV 69b, 87b; V 489a•; VI 91a, 94a Capponi, P~Uegrino V 206b Capponi, Piero I 115•, 147, 215; III 485a; IV l OOb, 117b•; V 545b, 557a, 557b, 585a, 594a, 623a, 62-la, 624b; VI 13b, 167a (:O.ppon~ PUITo II 461, 481


Capponius, .Ntriw VI 380a Capr., Jfanjmiw VI 240a Capra Jtt also Camphora Capra, Akxand" Il 580 Capra, Ah~sius, ep. Pensaurensis VI 156b Capra, Baldassare l 291 ; Il 514* Capra, Bartholomaeus, archbishop of Milan l /9•, 25, 40, 107, 201, 251, 268, 292, 328*, 340, 359; Il /77, 211, 251, 361, 369, 429, 557, 586, 594; III 530b"; IV 587a, 646a, 660b; V 47a, 82a, 526a; VI 3b, Ba, 52b, 27Ba, 394b, 505a Capra, Benedictus Il 62; VI 137a {Àflra, Ciphi.r Il 65 Capra, Gabriel VI 46a Capra, Girolamo l 377 Capra, Giulio Il 54 7 Capra, Hieronymus Il 363 Capra, Petrus Il 259 Capranica Reatinus, Angelus, ep. Fìrmanus, card. l /4, /09, 245; II 70, 345, 364; VI /84a, 215b Cofmmica, Co/Jegio Il 118 Capranica, Dominicus, ep. Fìrmanus, card. S. Crucis l /34, 153, 243; Il 34, 56, 103, 118, 211, 311, 326*, 334, 335•, 336•, 366, 377, 426, 448, 450, 460, 465•, 466, 469•, 584; IV 29a, 208b, 234b, 257b, 56/a, 660a; V 267a, 537b, 579b; VI 30a, 39a, 82a, 137a, 327a, 343a, S95b Capranica, Giovanni Battista su Pantagathus Capyanit:a, GuidD Ankinii tk Il 425 Capyanit:a, Hino'!YffliJS, ep. Frrmanus VI 248b Capranica, Johannes Baptista, bishop of Fermo .sn Pantagathus, Flavius Capranica, Johannes Baptista, ep. fìrmanus VI /84b, 333b, 464-a Capranica, Niccolò, bishop of Fermo l /4, 44, 255, 419; Il 103, 324, 344, 352, 372, 422, 459; III 162a; VI 323a; ~ Campanica Capraniccnsis, Johannes Baptista IV 625a Caprara, Alessandro l 283, 293; 114{) Capraro/n Il 138; VI 397a Capytllu.s, Franciscus Il 5 68 Caprtoli.s. Angtlus tk Il 4/ O Capytolu.s Bnxiatws l 272 Capreolus, Helias l 61, 345; Il 100, 421, 601; VI 262b Caprtolu.s, Hino'!Y"''JS l 3 4

Caprtolu.s, limrmtiw Il 253 Capreus su Capra Caflmi.s, BartJwlomaeus v 3 6/ b Capri, Michele l 121, 148; Il 513 Capriana, Antonius Il 190 Capriana, Oricus de Il l 03, 332; VI 492a* Capriata, Pietro Giovanni IV 524a Capriccio, il (clmiLiiy) III 146b Caprilt-us, Daniel II 203; VI 12b Caprini, Agostino Il 242 Caprino, Miche! Archangelo II 57 Caprinus, Hadrianus Il 339 Caprio, Theodorus de Il 444 Cafrriol~ Giu/w, conk V 513b Capri.s. Aloi.sius tk Il 436; III 434a, 434b Caprun·i, Marino Il 546 Cap=, Franmco Tlwrnasio Il 56 Captaneis de Vicomercato, Johanncs Antonius su Vicomercato Capua, Princr- of .sn Alphonsus Il, King of Naples; Ferrante Il of Aragon, King of Naples Capua, Thomas de ~ Thomas Capuanus CafJwJ, antiquitUs VI l 9 7b Capua, cardinal of su Schomberg; Schomberg, Nicolaus Capuanus Typhrmo.s, Ankmiu.s Il 438; IV 89b Capuanus, card. see Schomberg, Nicolaus Capuchins Il 561; III 55b Capuci4. Mi/lo. V 562a Capucius Il 59• Ulf1un III 289a Capul &ui.s, Ga.rpOT Jl 406"; v 350b· Caput de Ferro su Capodiferru Capul Vaccat, Ankiniu.s l 370 C~ epi.scopus IV 114b Caputfcrreus stt Capodiferro Caputius, Antonius Il 357-358 Caputlista su Capodilista Caputo, Manilio Il 547 Caputus, Andreas IV 553a Caputus, Franciscus Il 131 Caputus, Marcellus l 84 Caputus, Nicolaus IV 68Sb Caputvaar, Antoniu.s Il 256 Caputvac= VI 37a Capzcius su Galeota Car., Antonius Il 191 Car.llus, Johannes Il S39 Cara, Petrus l 259, 363; Il 366; IV 455b; V 294a; VI 408a Carabellus, Antonius l 57; Il 250, 2S8, 357*; VI 206a, 263b

119 Carabellus, Antonius :Vtaria Il 183 Carabellus, Baptista Il 486 Caracci, A nnibalt Il 57 l Caracci, Lodovico VI 3Sb Caraccwlo family l 436 Caracciolo, Achille IV 521 b Caracciolo, Alfonso IV SOOa Caracciolo, Angelo Il 362, 485, 594; III 365b Caracciolo, Antonio l 402, 420, 429; Il 29, 517; III 319a; IV 147a Caracciolo, Bartolommeo IV 486a Caracciolo, Camillo Il 462 Caracciolo, Francesco l 431; III 261a; IV /69a Caracciolo, Giovan Franc.-s('O V 353a Caracciolo, Giovanni I /66; VI 9la Caracciolo, Giovanni Antonio III 317a; V 337b Caracciolo, Giovanni Battista VI 91a Caracciolo, Girolamo VI 357b, 360a Caracciolo, Jacopo III 602a Caracciolo, Landolfo Il 326(>) Caracciolo, Marino I 256; Il 601; IV 265b Caracciolo, Marques IV 530a Caracciolo, Pasquale IV SSa, 59a, 5S4a* Caracciolo, Pietro Antonio Il 547; v 413b Caracciolo, Roberto (da Lecce) III 306a, 307b, 487b, 587a; IV 503a Caracciolo, Sergianni I 390, 396~ 405, 428•, 433, 438; II 25, 116 Caracciolo, Tristano l s•, 86, 389, 390, 396, 4{)4*, 4{)5*, 4{)6, 428*, 433*, 436*, 438; II 25, 116, 119; III 197b; IV 93b, 232b*, 685a Caracciolo, Troimw IV l 08a Caracciolu.s, cOTd. IV 586b • Caracciolu.s, Angtlus, ep. Stahimri.s VI Bb Caracciolus, Antonius VI 49b, 312a Caracciolu.s, Ascaniu.s VI l 20b Caracciolu.s, Cami!Jv.s VI Ba Caraccwlu.s, Co/n Antonius V 2 7 Ob C'.araccinlu.s, Franciscus V 5!5b Caracciolus, Galeatius, Vici Marchio V 136a, 138b, 148a Cìuruciolu.s, Marinus V 259a Caracciolus, Robcrtus V 215a, 387b, 536b, S60a; VI 386b, 489b, 522a, 604b C'.aracciolu.s, Sergiannus V l Oa, 268b, 27la; VI 115b

120 Caraccio1us, Tristanus V 10a, 268b, 271 a; VI 115b, 119b Caracma, Johannes Rodericus de IV 460a Caracteribus, Martinus de II 4 Caraczu}w, Cami1Jus IV l 77b Caradori, Giovanni III 15b Carams, Pebus V 394b Cart!lfa Giowznella II l O2 Cart!lfafamily l 324, 418, 436; II 95; VI 37a Cart!lfa, A lexander, card. VI 3 89b Cart!lfa, A!fim.so, IJulu of Noura II 53/ Cart!lfa, A~siw VI 220b Cart!lfa, Antina I 434; II 364 Cart!lfa, card. Antina l I l O2 Caraffa, Antonius II 320•, 334, 337, 341, 364; III 85b, 2/la; V 237b, 531b; VI 30/a Cart!/fa, &rnardino II 360; IV 225b Caraffa, Carlo II 183, 320, 581; III 553b Caraffa, Caro1us V 389a; VI 307a, 310b Caraffa, Cesare II 546 Cart!lfa, Cornelio II 47 l Caraffa, Diomede l 70*, 127, 254, 264, 366, 381*, 405, 429, 431, 433, 438; II 4g-, 188; IV 337b, 645a; V 176b, 177a*, 333a; VI 116b, I53b, 372a Caraffa, Diomede, the Younger II 548 Cart!lfa, Diorroria n 201 Cart!lfa, Fabricius II 489; VI 3 89a Caraffa, Ferrante I 408; II 546, 547; IV 283a, 547b; VI 409a Caraffa, Gian Pietro su Paulus IV Cart!lfa, Gian TomrnJJ.So I 438 Cart!lfa, Girolamo II 53 Cart!lfa, ]oantUJ V 584a Caraffa, Johannes Antonius II 183; III 614a; V 529b Caraffa, Johannes Baptista II 183 Cart!lfa, ]ohannes Loysiw IV 328b Caraffa, Johannes, card. S. Sabinae stt Caraffa, Olivieri Caraffa, Ludovico IV 242a; VI 309b Caraffa, Malvitia III 488b; IV 455a, 645a Cart!lfa, Octavius v 3 76b Caraffa, Olivi eri card. l l O, l 7, 27, 250, 253, 324, 33/, 356, 409, 417, 434; Il 57, /02, J/0, /34, 162, 240, 286•, 287, 320•, 336, 34/, 346, 347, 349, 355, 362, 364, 387, 418, 435; III 178b, l 83b, 252a, 383b, 624a; IV 185a•, 227a, 545b•, 568a, 578b, 647a; v 244a, 246a,


434b, 52/b, 545b; VI 8b, 328a, 352b• Cart!lfa, OUauio l 287; III 3/0a Caraffa, Philippus, card. Bononiensis VI 364b Caraffa, card. see Paulus IV Cart!lfa, cardinal A!fim.so I 435 Cart!lfa, cardinal Allllmio l 303, 351, 393 Cart!lfa, cardinal Carlo l 55, 429 Cart!/fa, cardinal Filippo I 42 4 Caraffa, frater Julius II 546; v 413b Caramud,johannes III 70Ib; VI 440a* Carandini I 215 Carandini, Bartolomeo V 345b Carandino, Muzio VI 44a Carandinus, Bartholomaeus IV 233a Carantinos, Georgius V 459b Caranus, Laelius III 614b Carara, Zanino IV 218b Cararia su Carrara Carak, ANir= de l 24 Caravaggio, Giuseppe da V 172a Caraooggin, Mi.t:heiangtlo da II 57 l Carawgiw, Blasiw II 354 Cartwaliu.s I 28 7 Carava.:;io, Jacobw de III 484a Caraxolus, Carazolus su Caracciolo Carazolus see Caracciolo; Caracciolus Carbo, Franciscus l 100; II 359 Carbo, Hieronymus I 127, 353, 410, 417, 431*, 432; II 332, 339, 341, 353, 374, 384, 448, 450, 470, 549; III 329b, 330b, 62/b; IV 76a, 169a, 232b, 235b, 299b, 437b; V Ula, 270b*, 353a, 355b; VI JJ5b•, 117a, 322b Carbo, Ludovicus I 10, 19, 20•, 22•, 25, 26*, 54, 55, 56*, 61, 130, 172, 275*, 358, 366, 374, 379, 381, 384*, 385, 391; II 45, 57*, 85, 89, 97, 102, 103, 248, 249, 258*, 260*, 261' 294, 322, 333, 345*, 346, 374*, 385•; 111 69a, 167b*, 30 l a•, 348a, 366a*, 436a, 511 a•; IV 28a, 106b*, 110a, IIOb, 162a, 204a, 204b, 290a*, 294b, 622a, 655a, 655b; V 127a, 227b*, 228a, 228b, 396b, 455a*, 455b, 539b, 595a; VI 150a, 291a* Carbonarius, Nico1aus III 488a Carbone, Mattia VI 66b ~lljamiiy IV 503a• CarbonLll, Franciscus IV 49 4a, 503a, 504a Carbo711!ll, Gratia IV 503a• CarboneU, Ludovicus IV 502a•,

502b, 504b, 505a•, 505b• CarboneU, Petrus Michael IV 64b, 483a*, 483b•, 484a, 485b*, 486a, 494a*, 495a, 502b*, 503a*, 503b*, 504a*, 513a, 514b*, 578a CarboneUus, Petrus Michael I 163; III 136a, 136b*, 375a• Carbonmre M01UJJterium OrrJini.s S. BasiJii VI 409b Carboni, Giacinto Cantalamessa l 248; II 144 Carbonus, Johannes V 114b Carbonus, Ludovicus ue Carbo Can:aeus, Johannes lU 495b Camma, M.a L!xmma VI 75a Carcano, Bemabos de I 325* Carazno, Cristoforo II 5 40 Carcano, Fra Michele l 277, 343; III 306a:, IV 360b Carcano, Giovanni Battista I 353 Carcanus Mediolanensis IV 504a Carcanus, Bemabos VI 52b* Carcanus, F. Vietar l 84 Carcanus, Franciscus Vespasianus VI 43b Carcanw, Gabriel l 20 Carcanw, Johannes IV 558a, 558b Carcanus, Michael V 387a, 536b; VI 66a, 529b Carcanus, Petrus Antonius VI 43a Carcassona, Antonius Angelus VI 304b, 325a Carctranus de Sicilia III 689b Carchesius VI 583a Carda, &rnardinu.s IV 2 41 b Cardanws, P. III 467a Cardaneto, Orazio IV 69b, /05b; V 613a•, 627a:, VI 94a Cardanetus, Horatius I 107, 284 289, 305*, 324, 377; II 138, 363*, 374, 475; III 615a, 636b Cardanus, Facius V 396b; VI 412b Cardanus, Gabrid l 130 Cardanus, Hieronymus I 7, 48, 249, 277, 285, 290, 292, 295, 302, 305, 307, 352, 373, 435; II 28, 40, 94, 96, 119, 121*, 156, 226, 290, 336*, 340, 342*, 348, 412, 421, 451, 473, 524, 540, 553, 571*, 596, 597, 606; III 240b, 241 b, 285a, 305b, 32/a, 324b, 378b, 559a, 645b; rv BOb, IIOb*, 152b, 222b, 366a, 432a, 521 a, 560a, 561 b; V 52a, 54a•, 57b, 66b, 76b, 77a, 77b, 138b, 148a, 181a, 208b, 21Ia•, 312a, 358b, 359a, 402b, 474a, 494b, 496a, 538a; VI 35b, 136b, 144b, 403a•, 412a*, 412b*, 544a CardarUws, Kyriacus l 83 Cardelius, Johannes Il 39


Cardm.ris, &rnardinw Il 600 Cardetus, Daniel Il l Ol Cardi, Angelo VI 312a, 314b Cardi, Ludovico (Il Cigolo) v 545b Cardi, Piero I 120 Carriirrnie, tkl principe I 407 Cardinalihw, tk II 12 3-1 24 Cardinalis S. Adriani sa Orsini, Napoleone Cardinalis Alexandrinus JU Bonellus, Michael card. Cardinalis S. Angeli sa Carvajal, Johannes; Cesarini, Giuliano Cardinalis Cameracensis JU d'Ailly, Pierre Cardinalis Capuanus IV 140b, 234a; sa d'Acciapaccio and Schomberg Cardinaiis Casti/Ummsis IV 155b Cardinalis S. Chrysogoni su Cerda, Antonius de la Cardinalis S. Crucis IV 4Ja•, 17/a, 25/a, 603b, 672b*; JU Albergati, Niccolo; sa aLso Antonius; Capranica, Domenico; Carvajal, Bemardinus; MarceUus II Cardinalis S. Eustachii JU CariUo, Alfonso Cardinalis S. Georgii sa Riario, Raffaello Cardinalis S. Marcelli JU Casiani, Antonio Cardinalis S. Marci IV 481 b; set aLso Paulus II Cardinaiis S. SabUtat IV 65 7h Cardinalis S. Sixti sa Casanova, Johannes; Dominici, Johannes; Riario, Pietro; Turrecremata, Johannes Cardinaiis Tumaunsis IV 455a Cardinalis Tridenlinus JU Madruzzo Cardinalis medicus IV 243a Cardinalis, magister IV 626b; V 49b; VI 342b Cardin.als III 326a, 63 2a; IV 297a; VI 263b*, 298a•, 344b Cartlinals, Co~~ VI 29b, 306a Cardinals, kUers ( 1611) VI 41 Ob Cardinals, list ~ V 243a Cardinals, trttJJist 011 v 207b; VI 106b Cardini, Antonio Corrado III 286b* Cardinius, Vincentius II l 12 Cardo Mediolanensis IV 589b Cardo, Girolamo I 61 CarriogM, Jacobu.s II 485 • Cardoini, Camillo IV 191 h Cardoino, Andrea III 302a* Cardona, Clemens IV 494a Cardona, Giovanni di II 289; VI 274a

Cardmul, ]olv:uuw. tk VI 33 6a Cardona, Johannes Baptista bishop of Vich IV 519b, 552a Cardmul, Maria III 268a Cardnnius, A lf= V 593a Cardonius, Anlmrius IV 86b* Cardonius, Vincentius Il 243 Cardo nus, Andreas IV 60 l b Cardonus, Federicus II 48, 554 Cardosus, Andreas IV 448b Cardosus, Franciscus IV 447b* Cardosus, Hieronymus IV 446b, 449b*, 452a*, 452b* Cardoyn~ CamiJbi.s v 231 b Carducci, Baldassare I 200, 215*; v 632b Carducci, Filippo I 200, 217*; II 78 Carducci, LIKa, bislwp ~ Osimo II Ili Carduinus, P. I l 00 Cardulo, Bernardo I 264 Cardulus, Franciscus I 254, 256*; Il 88, 240, 330, 357; III 68b, 458a; IV 455a; VI 87b Cardulus, Fulvius II 135*, 136*, 137*, 239, 475; III 375b; VI 47b, 310a, 324a Cardulus, Julius Il 346; VI 324a Cardulus, Petrus Fulvius, SJ. I 175, 313, 421*; VI 256b Cardus su Cordus Carduus, Johannes V 70b Cartggi III 313b Caregno, Bartolommeo II 139 Carellius, Johannes Baptista II 151 Car~onus, H~ I 5/ Caresinis, Raphael de VI 277a, 284b Caresinis, Raphainus de I 21 ; II 13, 373 Careto sa Carretto Cartto, ùuJouicus tk v 493b Carettonius, Johannes Franciscus, SJ. VI 306b Carettus, Pttrus IV l 04b Caretus Pannensis, Franciscus IV 276b Carevagiis, Johannes Bmuiictus tk I 426 Carevagius, Hier. I 51* Carey, Valenlinus II 399 Carga, Johannes I 290, 344; Il 36, 123, 202, 203*, 242, 259, 379, 428, 448*, 449, 450; VI 261 b, 390b Cargius (Karg), Georgius III 428a, 449b*, 450a•, 607a Cari, Giovanni I 227 Cariarius, Hieronymus V 508b Carimsi.s, Ardi.zo l 251 Carilln (Chtriilus), Alfonso card. S. Eustachii IV 254a*, 391 b,


497b, 498h, 566h, 587b, 675b Carillus, Alphonsus, card. S. Eustachii II 163 Carinalis, Gnio III 666h CarinJJzia sa Carnia Carinthius, Udalricus III 533b Carinw, /.mJouicus (Krel) VI 489b, 517a Cario, Augustinus I 318; VI 51 a Cario, Johannes Il 95; III 495b, 546a* Cario, ùuJouicus V 395a Cario, Pfrilippus III 4 67a Carion III 162 a Carion, Joluuures V 311 a CarWphikJ II 9 Cariophilus, Johannes Matthaeus V 383a; VI 559a Cariophyllus, Matthias I 308 Cariophylus, Johannes Matthaeus II 441 Carisius II 43 4 Carisius, Nu:olaus IV l 35a Carissimus, Ferdinandus I 100 Carilizlis laus II 500 Cariteo sa Chariteo; Chariteus Cariteo, Benedetto I 420, 432; II 45, 123, 276, 354, 361, 371, 461, 526; VI 67h Caritus II 253 Caritus, Fronto II 359 Carleillus, Christophorus v 45b*, 394b Carknis, Antonius tk, O.P. V 24/a Carleno, Antonius de, O.P., archiepiscopus Amalfitanus I 405 Carknus, Gmtib.s II 486 Carleo, Gasparo VI 406a Carlerius, Aegidius II 217, 325, 326; III 20b, 51 b, 129a, 314b, 452a, 566b, 690a, 704b*, 745a; IV 398b, 414a; V 4lb, 42a, 43a, 44b, 50a; VI 422a Carleton, George III 193a; IV 195b Carlettus, Chrysostomus, ep. Fìnnanus V 536a Carli, Ambrogio I 7 Carli Piccolomini, Bartolomeo VI 2Ila*, 2llb*, 214b Carli, Francesco I 437; III 60b Carli, Girolamo II 160 Carlibal, Thomas de IV 555b Carlinus, Jacobus III 41 Oa Carlis, Ambrosius de V 481 a• Carlo set Carolus Carlo Agnolo Mantoano v 360b, 40lb Carlo Aretino sa Marsuppini S. Carlo Borromeo su Borromeo, S. Carlo Carlo da Cesena I 436 Carw F.rruuwLk, DuJu ~ Savb

Casini, GabrieUo VI 170a Casinu.J Siculus, Jacobus IV 96b Casinu.J, Anlonius, auri. S. Mara/h v 572b Casio I 67; II 365 Casio de'Medici, Girolamo V 489a, 497a Casioctus, Bartholomaeus VI l Ila Casioctus, Ranerius VI 3 3 5b Casiottus su Casciotti Casiottus, Raynerius IV 647b Casis, Sanciu.s tk IV 488b Casitherourgos, Theophilus VI 369a Casius, Bartholomaeus, SJ. V 431a Casius, Bemardus IV liSa* Casius, Franciscus l 212 Casius, Hieronymus Il 494; IV liSa Casnacich, Antonius V 429b, 430a Caso I 262 CasoliJ, Pttrus tk l 276, 389 Casonius, Franciscus II 198 Casonius, Hieronymus VI 261 a Caspar Il 440 Caspar Argilensis m 42a Caspar abbas m l 05a Caspar abbas T egemsensis IV 107a* Caspar Il abbas S. 8/ruii Jll 44a Caspar stt Gaspar Caspar de Lewbitz V 41 b Caspar magister IV 426b Caspar de March m 40a Caspar Moropolilmrus Jll 38/a Caspar Novariensis III 15a, 20b, 25a, 50b, 119a, 342b, 424a, 487a, 542a*, 666b, 711a; v 122b Caspareus, Johannes III 284a Ca.*. l71lb, l8la,}). 370a, HOb, 47fib,~;. 499b, 50 l a, S'>'la. 567b . .'i'lflb*, 636b; IV %. 53b, 1'>b. :lì'>a, 376b . 407b, ·ll7b; V 87a, l42a, l42b, l4:lb, l Ha. l4."Jb, l 76a. l HOb, l H:lb, l H4a, l 'l5a; VI ·ElSa, 5/la, ':i47a. 5H2b C:omensis t·piSr, Caspar II 592; III 70b, 32:la, 370a, 373a, 374a, 374b, 375b, 38la, 384a, 392a, 394a, 394b, 400a, 404a, 404b, 407b, 420b, 433a, 439a, 450a, 539b*, 542a, 545a, 548b, 554a, 559a, 603a*, 603b*, 607a, 630b, 636b, 654a, 667b, 669a, 674b, 675a•, 675b*, 679a, 736a; IV 356b, 398a*, 398b; V 39b, 56a, 86b*, 87a, 13/a, 13lb, 135a, l 39a, 140b, 148b, 168b; VI 500a*, 500b*, SOla, 517a, 547a, 547b Cruciger, Caspar the Youngcr III 55 7a Cruciger, Felix III 318a, 544a Crucigcr, Georgius III 608b; IV 2Sa, 375a Cruciger, Julius l 341 Crucigcr, Nicolaus II 114, 260, 352, 410*; V lllb; VI 230a•, 347b* Crucinius, Federicus II 452 S. Crucis cardinalis II /12, 3.'1!1; su Albergati, Capranica, Carvaial; Jtt also Marrellus II Cruciw Carraniw, Johannr5 IV 55fla• Crucius, Danid IV 142a Cruciw, (;,o~I;ÌUJ II 3.5 7; V 431 b, -133a, 4.'1-la, 435a Crucius, Jacobus II 38; III 329a, HOb Cmcius, Johanncs III 203a Crucius, l..ninus III 121 b*,


122a, 13lb; IV 104a, 676a, 676b, 678a• Crucius, Ludovicus SJ. IV 58b*, 447a*, 447b*, 448a, 453b*, 464a, 466a, 466b* Cruels, Peter III 131 a* Crugerus, Melchior III 542a Crugerus, Petrus III 290b Crugius, Balthasar V 73b Crumiow, AILxander de III /66b Crumwellus 5« Cromwell Cruprifex, Johannes IV 263b(?) Cruquius Messenius, Jacobus IV 351 b, 353a, 358b; VI 594b Cruquius, H. III 81b Cruquius, Jac. V 265b, 3/5a CTUJIJIÙJ, trtalis~ on tJu V 21 b C1WCO, Accadnnia tklJJJ 5« Arradnnia tklJJJ Crusca Cruseanus, Stephanus III 323a Cruserius, Hermannus II 343, 392; III 183b, 204b*, 324b, 472b, 479b; IV 203b, 353b*; V 175a, 498a Crusius Altenbergensis, Georgius V 35a Crusius, Martinus III 57b•, 95a*, 370a, 376a, 393b, 400a, 470b*, 506b, 531 b, 548b, SSOa, 550b, 551 a, 559a, 569a, 636b, 658b, 696a, 698b*, 699a*, 699b*, 701a, 721a*, 721b*, 722a*, 722b*; IV 79b, 354a, 366b, 376a, 378a, 407b; V 42a*, 48a, 51 b, 52a*, 52b, 53a, 53b*, 54a, 57b*, 76b*, 77a*, 8/a, 8/b, 84a, 85b*, 86b, 138a, 145b, 148b, 169b, 227a, 367a; VI 495a, 517a, 538a, 538b, 543b*, 544b*, 545a, 545b, 547b, 548a*, 604b Crusius, Paulus III 209a, 531 b, 693b; IV 52b Crusius, Wolfgangus III 450b CruJvwch tk Argentina, Joha~ V 645a Cruz, Agustinho da IV 446b Cruz, Luis da IV 467b Cruz, San Juan de la IV 516b Cruzciro, Hermano IV 456b Crychy, .Johannes Leslaeus a III 279a Crypius (Cripius), Gulidmus IV 352a, 353a; V 80a* Cr;ptography. lrtalim on VI 316b*, '>47a CusùJJ IV /Jb•. 378a Cuadros, P. IV 51 Oa Cua~a (.(ua~ti, M!ITtinus Johanm.s dr) l\' 49/a Cubolo, Gerardus a VI 2R6b Cucchi, Battista V -l7Hb< >l Cuahzw. ,\larrus. Anlonzw II 70 Curhnw V 242a CurhJJ, Almwu.< dr VI !!Oh Cucud, Samuel III 6'lHb

Cuda, Nicolaus de III 388a Cuderius, Michael III 345a Cudner, Matthaeus V 227a, 578b Cudnerus, Matthaeus I 136, 420, 429*, 431; II 15 Cudworth, Ralph IV 66a, 375a; V 272a, 272b Cuebas, Martin de IV 605a Cuellius, Franciscus II 334 Cumca, V~emtius tk V 216a Cue.r IV H&•, 148b•, 150a•, 152b, /60a

Cue.r, HospiJal of St. N~elw/a.s IV 167b, !BOa, 369b Cueva, Gahrùl tklJJJ, governor of Milan VI 58a Cueva, Juan de la V 320b Cuevas, Dominicus de II 416 Cuffarinus, Johannes I 258* Cujfius, H. IV 139a Cugndtw, M. Ptltw II 289 CugnLUus. Ptàus VI 272b Cuiacius, Jacobus I 283, 289, 314, 343; II 119, 124, 138*, 303; III 70b, 207b, 229a, 233a, 255a, 270b, 315a(>), 319a, 319b, 320b, 321 b, 322b, 323a, 324b•, 325a, 325b•, 330b, 359b, 370a, 375a, 473b, 499a, SOla, 528a, 550a, 588b, 636b, 643b; IV 40a, 342b, 361b, 375a, 428b, 432b, 661b, 67la; V 9b, 96a, 96b*, 97a*, 97b*, 98a, IISb, 180a•, 180b; VI 389a, 492b, 499b Cuipius, Johannes III 594a* Cujas 5rt Cuiacius tulic 5tt Ciulich Cullinus, Richardus IV 258b Culman. LLonardus III 567b Culmo, Angelus de III ·314b* Culrrucht Rtrhl, Das V 384b Culo, 1\.lartinus III 380b Culpanus, Thomas I 330 Culpeper, Jacobus IV 64b Culpeper, Martinus IV 64b Culpeper, St('phanus IV 64b Culpeper, Thomas IV 64b Culperius, Franciscus Il 537 Culsus, johannes I 68 CulteUinis, Johannes de I 202* Cultrinus II 448 Culucius II 200 Cumanus cardinalis III /6b; stt also Landrianus, Gcrardus card. Cumba, lkrt>ngarius de V 49b* Cumt>rius, Jacobus V 95h Cumiranus. Frater Seraphinus O.M. III 623b Cummcms. Casparus V 49a Omzmu~. Thnma.s IV /9b, 74a Cumum .w C=o Cum~a. Gioz•. tk V 9a


CunaeWI, Petrus III 636b; IV 133a; VI 558b C1111«Jlitiw, JosaphaJ, anhiepi.u~ Polocmsi.J II 595 CuneliWI, Georgius III 3BOa*, 3BOb* CuneliWI Dresdensis, Georgius 35b Cunes s« Lunes Cunha, Theodorus a IV 452b CunichiWI (Cunié), Raymundus, SJ. Il 571; V 42Ba*, 42Bb*, 429b, 430a*, 430b, 434a*, 435b, 436b, 437b, 43Bb, 447a, 488a; VI 159b CuniculWI l 360 Cuniga sa Zuniga S. Cunigundi.s IV 302tJ Cuniu.s, Tristatws V 433b Cunizo de Zweld V 190b Cunnelius, Georgiw VI 15b Cunney, Robertus IV 201b Cunningham, David bishop of Aberdeen IV 150a Cuno w Conon Cuno (Cono, Conon), Johannes V 43a*, 5Ba, 71tJ, 71b, 72u., 378a*, 459b Cuno, Henricus III 44-0b Cuno, Jacobw III IBBa, 546a Cuno, Johannes III 341 a, 345b(?), 346a*, 346b•, 347a*, 348b, 349a*, 494tJ, 670b, 679b; VI 93tJ Cuno, Johannes the Younger m 677b Cunradus w Conradus C11111TJdw de Gmssellitld (Grumftldi.s Mel1icmsiJ) IV 107a• C11111TJdw de Pfintlwm, C/111071 regulm aJ U/m III 728tJ Cunradus, Caspar III 388b, 65Bb; IV 43Ba Cunradus, Johannes Henricus III 388b CupiliWI, Matthias, SJ. V 314a Cupinw, Jacobw l 235* Cupis, Torquatus de, SJ. V 612a Cupiti, Agostino de' O.M. IV 501a Cuppa, Philibertw l 293 CufJPtJlJalu., Ftlbiw V 5 29b Cuppius, Henricus Caspar III 73Bb Cuppus, Fantinus set Coppus CuradinWI SN Coradinus Curaeus, Adam IV 432a CuTtwli., Petrus v 479b Curbinus Horndorffe, Martinus III 697a(?) CurciWI sa Curtius Curcius, Lancinus IV 84a Curettonius, P. Johannes Franciscus V 503b


Cureus, Joachimus V 88a* Curia, Johannes de III 230b Curialti, Mare' Antonio V 510a Curie!, Johannes Alphonsus de II 120* Curiis, Johannes de III 4 72b Curio w tdso Cario Curio, Coelius Secundw III 370b, 393a, 550b, 559a*, 560a*, 696b; IV 197b, 354a, 3BOb; v 39b, 51 b, 52a, 52b, 53b, 59a, 63b, 64-a, 72a, 76b*, 77a*, B3a, B3b, B4a*, B5b*, 126a, 135a, 136a, 14lb, 145b, 148b, 152a, 219b, 619b; VI 544a Curio, Conradus V 115b Curio, Hieronymus III 608b; VI 55Bb Curio, Horatius III 544b Curione, Celio Secundo l 233; II 268, 593 Curi.onur, &rtlwlomom.s III 624b Curiosum urbi.s Romae Il 560 Curis, Gulielmw de V 46b CuriWI Il 54; IV 254-a Curius, M= VI 8 l tJ Curio, Giacomo sa Curu!WI Curlus, JacobWI l l 9, 23, l 64, 239, 396, 39B, 414; II 171, 254*, 332, 361•, 362, 498, 509, 545; III 478a, 703a; VI 3b, 539b; see Curulus, Jacobus Curopalata V 96b Curopalata, G. Codinus IV 205a Curopalatas, Johannes IV 537a Currmcin, lisi of V 569tJ Curru, Bernardus a Il B9; VI 149b, 150b Curru, Desiderius a Il B9*; VI 150b* Curru, Scipio a Il 89; VI 150b Cursantius, Timotheus V 206b Cursellis m Corcellis Cursihw, ITtJclaJus de VI 78a Cursinis sa Corsini Cursinus w Corsinw Cursi.s, &rnardw de VI 375b Cursitanus Achaius, Vìcent.ius III 670b Cursiw stt Corsi Cursius, Jacobus sa Corso, Giacomo del Cursius, Johannes V 554a*, 555b, 601a, 621a*, 621b*, 625b; stt Coni, Giovanni Cunius, Petrus V 274a Cursor, Papiriu.s IV 665tJ Curtt de Ptldua, Petrus de V 56 l a, 590tJ Curtt, &lleUus de l 343"; VI 59a Curte, Franciscus de VI 156b Curte, Gualterius de VI 37b

165 Curtt, ]tJCobw de IV 629a • Curtt, Jolumnes FrtJTICÌscw dt III 225b Curtt, ]uJWs de l 5 l Curtt, Nrt:olaus de Papimsi.s sa Curtiw Curtt, OUD/xmus de VI 3 l b Curte, Petrus de l 31, 309 Curlt, Rolandw de l 239 Curte, Sceva de l 101, 204•, 205, 245*, 264, 277, 327; III 266u., 306u., 306b*, 307tJ, 314b*, 482b; IV 661tJ"; VI 59a Curtt, 17wmtJ.r de IV 5 65a Curtenius, Johannes l 316 Curtensis sa Curte Curterius, Johannes l 323; Il 36, 37, 346; III 327u., 555b, 615a, 636b; V 96a*, 96b, 9Ba, 396a, 509a Curtes V 412b Curtesiw, Alexander w Cortesius Curtesse V 412b Curtessie, Bartholomew V 3B4a Curteys (Coortesiw), Richard bishop of Chichester IV 195a, 277b*; v 412b Curtinus, Renatus III 296a Curtisopnus, Petrus Il 315 Curtiw IV 4lb, 67b, 69a, B6b, 132b, !BOb, 197b, 263b, 374b, 377b, SOla, 534-a; VI 379a, 395a Curtius Collortlanw VI l 2a Curtius Eberspachius, Johannes III 70a Curtius Rufus, Quintus VI Sa, 55b, B7a, B7b, 223a, 231 b, 233b, 369b, 591a, 612a Curtius, Andreas l 432, 433 Curtius, BmetiUtus l 87 Curtius, Franciscus l 279; Il 40, 21ì l; sa Corti Curtius, Gaspar Il 19B Curtius, Jacobus III 506b Curtius, Johannes III 636b Curtius, Joh~Jr~MS Luchinu.s III 367a Curlius, ]oh~Jr~MS, Eremilanus l 2 7l Curtius, Lancinus l 332, 334, 335, 359; Il 187; III 83b, 283b, 313a; V 372u., 372b, 532b, 533a; VI 135b, 262b Curtius, Matthaeus l 179*, IBO, 203, 277, 346; Il 20*, 44, 151*, 227*, 376, 535, 597*; III 77b*; IV 56b, 219a; V Ba, 293a, 606b, 607a*, 608a*; VI 66b, 135a, IBOa Curtius, Nicolaus l 304, 313*, 321; III 578b, 579a, 579b; IV 120b, 218b, 399a*, 42Bb, 430b, 432b, 433a; VI 582a Curtius, Petrus l 249; Il 319, 373, 375*, 44B, 476; III 133b,

166 268a; IV 380a; V 461 b; VI 36a, 339a, 45lb Curtius, Philippus III 617a Curtius, Quintus I 59, 74, 98, 121' 139, 179, 242, 246, 300, 340, 353, 369, 375, 387, 395, 396, 406, 41 O; II 30, l 08, 155, 185•, 4~. 442•, 464, 492, 506, 523, 537, 589•; III 180a, 191 b, 205b•, 282b, 284b, 30 l a, 314a•, 382b, 409a, 473b, 496b, 596b; IV 41 b, 43b, 6 7b, 69a, 86b, 132b, 180b, 197b, 198a, 198b, 263b, 290a, 292b•, 374b, 377b, 459b, 46lb, SOla, 509b, 515a, 534a, 552b, 554a, 554b, 557a, 557b, 560a, 568a, 582a, 586a, 61 7b; V 5b, 81 b, 88a, 90a, 96b, 102a, Il la, 19la, 194a, 234b, 274a, 284a, 292b, 293b, 4lla, 612b Curtius, Quiricus Secundus VI 314b Curtius, Rochus V 50 l b Curtius, Thoma.s VI 64b Curtius Vmmtruis III 564a Curtivo, Sugerus de II 220 Curtivus, Hermolaus II 468 CU1'tnru.!, Edwmdus IV 94b Curulus Jet Curlus Curulus, Jacobus IV 51 a, 164b, 245b, 648b, 660a, 663a•; V 74b, 285a, 285b, 522b; VI 103b, /32b Curve Ilo Ubius, Johann .. s III 504b, 505a Curzio Genovese II 273 Curzio, Tommaso II 527 Cus., &r. l 210 C usa, Johannes de VI 448b Cusa, Simon dL VI 558b Cus~J, Octat1anus V 627b(.') Cusana, Baldasar de I 425 Cusanius, Gt>orgius IV 640b Cusanus, Amhroriu.s I l Ol Cusanus, Augustinus card. l 316; Il 218, 554; III 382a; VI 50b, 79b, !85b Cusanus, Blasius l l Ol Cusanus, Franciscus IV 308b• CuslliULI, Gakatius Il 555 Cusanus, Johannes Antonius

II46 Cusanus, Josephus II 366* Cusanus, !\'icolaus I 8, 37*. 40•, 96, 171, 2.14, 291, 314, 396; Il 6, 55, 162, 164, 176, 220, 290, 309, 311. 314*, 315*, 323*, 32.'>*, 326*, 330, :rH, 335, 344, 358, %5, 372, 383, 386*, 31, .3.'>4. 361•, 363. 437 Cynnama V 335a C\-nthia V 352a Ònlhiolus Il 9/ (l'nllrioliL< Fuflina.• l 4.H (:ynthius l 33, 34; Il .'l4. 375; srr Cincius Romanus;




set abo Cincius; Cinthius; Giraldi Cynthius Acedensis l 83; IV 233b; V 216b Cynthius Anconitanus l 34; III 224a Cynthius Cenetensis l 309, 327; Il 8; V 28&; VI 492b CynJ)riu.s rk Fabricii.s, Akrysiu.r VI 125b Cynthiw Viltrbitnsis IV l 62b Cynlhius, Bapti.sla Il 77, 78 Cynthius, Franciscus Il 374 Cynthius, Laurenòus stt Cyathus Cynthius, Petrus, Cenetensis Il 8('), 198 Cynthius, Ursinus Il 260 Cynliw Acttimsis VI 239b Cynyscus su Cyniscus Cypdlarius set CipeUarius Cypellarius, Bemardinus l 40 l Cypellus, Bartholomaeus III 294a Cypellus, Benedictus Il 168 CYPf!ir:us V 482b, 483a C:IPf!icus, Altrysiu.r V 451 a C:~Pf!icus, Alzti.rius V 450a, 45/a Cyppicus, ]olumne.s V 45/a Cyppicu.s, Nu:olaus V 446b Cyppicus, Pttrus V 446b• Cyppicus (Ciflicu.s}, Pau/w Alllonius V 447a Cypraeus, Paulus V 396a Cypriano padre IV 467b Cyprianus l 248, 257; Il 3 S. Cyprianus Il 53, 148, 531 ; III 103b, 288b, 382b, 612b, 656a*; IV 297b, 300b, 51 la, 602a, 62la, 63la; V 525b, 613a, 629b; VI 257b, 334b Cyprianus Aquilanus Il 70 Cyprianus &morrimsis Il 458 Cyprianus Calaber Il 243 Cyprianus de Mari l 205, 238,


Cyprianus Mutinensis su Cipriano Modenese Cyprianus, P. IV 454a, 466a CYf!ricw, Pau/us V 394a Cyprius, Gregorius set Gregorius Cyprius C.J!niu.s, Jolumne.s V 483a Cyprus Il 135, 136, 262, 324; III 95b*, 305b; IV 68b•, 232b, 234b, 282b, 283a.., V 69b, 2/Ja, 268a, 304b, 376b, 49/b, 579b, 597b; VI 197b, 257b, 27/a, 282a•, 302b, 304b•, 350a, 53/a Cyprus, Archbislrop ~ Il 35 Cyprus, Kmg ~ Il 264, 296; IV 405b, 672a.., VI 528b;

su Lusignanus, Henricus C.yfmls, Kurgdam ~ VI 179b Cyprus, Q!um ~ su Comaro, Caterina

CYf!rus, fortijico.Jions VI 284a• Cyprus, history VI 302a Cyprus, wars VI 126a, 285a Cyrllllilks Il l 95 Cyre, Pierre V 115b Cyresia, Marcus VI 528a S. Cyriaci cardinalis stt Testa Cyriacus su Kyriacus Cyriacus Anconitanus III 688a; su Kyriacus Anconitanus Cyriacus de Butzbach VI 51 l b Cyriacus florenònus III 423b, 613b Cyriacus tpiscopus IV 487b Cyrillo sa Cirillo Cyrillus l 17, 77*, 85, 151, 152, 164, 329, 333, 335*, 342, 346; Il 29, 84, 320; IV 551 b*; VI 36la, 424b, 425b, 45la, 514b; su also Boniohannes de Messana; Cirillo S. Cyrilius VI 186b Cyrillus Akxandrinus II 138, 339, 341, 390, 394, 411, 413•, 414, 423•, 466, 472, 478, 536, 603; III 16b, 30b, 32b, 39b, 62b, 71 a, 93b, 94a, l 07a, 132b, 133b*, 152b, ISSa, 155b, 156b, 174b, 215a, 245b, 252a•, 27lb, 349b, 392b, 415a, 449a, 4 71 b, 474b, 477b, 495a, 495b, 496a, 502b, 503a, 537a, 540a, 582b, 593a, 602a, 604a, 605a•, 630a, 644b, 686b, 687b; IV 170b, 205a, 218a, 288a, 292a, 294b, 302b, 372b•, 405b, 45lb, 487b, 488a*, 603a, 603b, 640b, 651 a S. Cyrillus Alexandrinus V 27a, 42a*, 43a, 47a, 153b, 174b, 180a, 213a, 284a, 333b*, 334a*, 385a, 537a; VI 42a, 70a, 342b, 461 b, 531 a, 550b Cyrilius Ctusar III 45/b, 572a; IV 118a Cyrillus Heremita l 423 Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus Il 338; III 82b•, 487a, 629a, 629b•, 630a•; IV l l b, 355a S. Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus VI 36a, 27b Cyrilius O. Carm IV 261 h CyriUus Scythopolitanus III 99a Cyrillus tpiscopus .Na,zarethmus IV 103b Cyrillus, Bemardinus stt Cirillo Cymaeus, Petrus l 288, 306, 369 Cyrrus, Gaspar IV 165a Cyrus l 25; Il 162, 427; III 292b, 564a; IV 158b•, 165b, 173b•; v 47a, 278a S. Cyrus Il 333 Cyrus, King of Persia VI 406b Cyrus, Petrus l 249 Cysaius, Emanuel Philibertus V 157a

Cysatus, Johannes Baptista III 520b, 617a Cysatus, Renwardus V 121 b•, 122a* Cysotu.s, Himmyrrws IV 652a Cy/Juua morum III 565a C;:,ech form letters V 198a C;:,ech /anr;uagt VI 461 b, 464a, 464b, 465a•, 487b C;:,tchowski, Slarrislaus V 195a C;:,tifkmdorf, ]ost(Jh V 3 62a Czemler, Matthias III 395b Czlewings, Nicolaus de VI 442b Czrepko, Daniel a IV 432a, 440a Clorme, Philiben de III 207b Dtlplti III 515b DrlphUu.s v 228b Delphicus Perusinus, Hyppolitus IV 300a


DliplriJi somnivm II 53 4 Ddphilw I 319 Ddphinus I 374; VI 7a; su abo Iklfino Ddphinus (Dolphinw), Franciscus IV 20a, 583b, 626b J),lphinw pabitiw, Pdtu.s III 485a IMfJ1rirws Pergulamls V 261 a Iklphinus princeps ste Ludovicus XI, King of France Iklphinus, Caesar II 41; V 267b; VI 305a J),lplrirw.r, CiJor V 523a Dclplrirw.r, Daniel III 66l b Delplrinw, Domitricus lii 661 b Iklphinus, Fabritius I 249, 324; III 300a; V 62 7a Iklphinus, Federicus I 426, 429; II 152 Iklphinus, Gentilis IV 370a, 387b, 556a !JdplrDws, Hannibal I 3 l 8 Iklphinus, Jacobus I 312; IV 3lb Ddphinus, Johannes II 20 l; III 389a; IV 438a Ddphinu~, Johannes Antonius I 292; II 413*, 414, 415 Iklphinus, Johannes, card. I 9; II 9; V 513b; VI l 12b, 226b, 268a*, 285b, 309b Iklphinus, Leonardus II 24 7; V 523b; VI 262a Iklphinus, Nicolaus I 7, l 74; II 202 Iklphinus, Petrus O. Cam. I 3*, 22, 31, 70, 106, 113, 158, 213, 235, 236*, 284; II 23, 195, 207, 219, 231' 255, 258, 265*, 267' 269, 270, 292, 348*, 366, 388*, 500, 501*, 515, 519, 565; III 484b*, 485a*, 485b*; IV 40a, 190a, 368a, 619b, 620a; V 460a, 518b*, 519a, 519b*, 52la*, 523a, 60la, 622b, 63lb*, 632a•, 632b*, 633a, 633b; VI 167a, 243a, 259a, 284b, 285a, 35lb* lklplrinu.r, Pttrus, consiliiJTWs Crtlat II 269 lklphinw, PtiTw, Gtorgii filiw I 415 Delphinw, Pdtu.s, Palritiw Venetus I 363 Delphinw, Pttrus, ij. Il 257 /Jt.lphimJ.s, Vrctor II l O Iklphinus, Zacharias I 172; II 9, 425; III 68a*, 723b; VI 389a Iklphius, Egidius IV l 04a Iklphus, Aegidius III 474a Iklrio, Martinus Antonius II 138; III 78a, 8lb*, 87b, 93a, 285b, 333a; IV 375a, 376a Dti.Jonso, AndrtaJ III 40a

Iklubacus, J. III 279a Iklvaux, Andreas III 87a Ddvimw, Franciscus III 92b Iklzeno, Antonius VI 528a Demadc:s I 18, 25, 33, 35, 38, 47, 57, 83, 115, 140, 142, 171, 173, 193, 196, 213, 237, 239, 260, 261, 297, 301, 304, 332, 343, 357, 399, 412, 414, 416; II 6, 8, Il, 25, 35, 71, IlO, 115, 135, 142, 154, 181, 194, 253, 256, 257' 258, 267, 315, 328, 341' 356, 371' 373, 385, 394, 400, 404, 408*, 410, 422, 428, 429, 442, 457, 468, 482, 556, 569, 587, 590; III 122a, 123a, 167b, 202b, 222b*, 259b, 346a, 367a, 398b, 413a, 436b, 462a, 478b, 480a, 483a, 488b, 489a, 489b, 490b, 51 l a, 514b, 534b, 599b, 622b, 650a, 711 a, 743a; IV 2lb, 40a, 4la, 98b, 165b, 246a, 293a, 304a, 357b, 358b, 359a, 409b, 509a, 554b, 562a, 566b, 609a, 61 7b, 619b, 640b, 646a; V 16a, 133b, 157b, 172b, 226b, 239b, 248a, 284a, 286b, 355b, 411 a, 481 a, 486a, 515a, 630b, 64 7b; VI 17 a, 39a, 107b, 208a, 227b, 253b, 345a, 377b, 378a, 378b, 489a, 493a Demas su Demades Ikmayneus, Jacobus III 279a Dembnius, Adam VI 102b*, 104a*, 106a*, 108b, 112a Dembnius, T. I 400*, 405, 412, 421 lXrneJa, Guilitmru.s IV 5 09b Demctrius II 55*, 296, 355;



~ ~

V 34la

Demetrius Atheniensis su Chalcondylas Demetrius Atticw su Chalcondylas Demetrius Chalcondylas VI 604b; ste Chalcondylas lkmetrius Cretensis II 131 Demetrius Graecus su Chalcondylas Demetrius Lucensis II 324, 583 Donetrius 17WM&Ini.s VI 187b Demetrius Moschus I 17 Dcmetrius dux Moscoviae v 195b Demetrius Phalereus I 89, 106*; II 182, 599*; III 228a; IV 378b; V 404b, 569a*; VI 187a Demetrius, Danid IV 24a* Donetrius, Emarwtl V 393b, 394a Donetrius, Jacobw V 393b Dernio, Giacomo V 509b Dernisiani, Giovanni VI 152a Dernius su Danius Demius, Jacobus I 287

173 Demnius m Dembnius Ikmocritus I 5, 50, 86, 409; II 172, 267, 375, 442, 582; III 107a, 257a, 343a•, 397a, 49la*; IV 88b, 173b*, 244b, 248a, 249a, 586b*, 614a; V 3la, 105b, 422b*, 522a; VI 302a, 386b* Democritus Romanus II 243* Demolendino, Johannes IV 340b lkmonicophilos VI 581 b Dtmons, b'taliseJ on III 460b, 503a; V 122a, 477b; VI 303b Demosthenes I 3, 11, 18*, 25*, 31, 33*, 35* 38*, 40*, 47*, 57*, 83*, 115, 128, 135, 140, 142*, 148, 149, 155, 161*, 165*, 166, 167*, 171, 173*, 184*, 187, 191, 193*, 194*, 195, 196*, 201*, 213*, 237, 239*, 240*, 242, 260*, 261*, 263, 286, 295, 297*, 301' 303, 304*, 325, 327, 332*, 340*, 343*, 348, 357*, 361, 378, 387, 395*, 399, 400, 401, 412, 414*, 416*, 419, 422; II 6*, 8*, 9, Il*, 13, H, 17, 25*, 35*, 71*, 88, 102, 108, IlO, 115*, 121, 122, 130, 135*, 142*, 154*, 155*, 157, 181*, 189, 194*, 202, 210, 213, 238, 243, 247*, 248•, 249, 251*, 253*, 256*, 257•, 258*, 262, 263*, 267*, 269, 296, 302*, 315, 318, 321, 326, 328*, 331, 333*, 338, 341*, 344, 356*, 364, 371' 373*, 382, 385, 394*, 396, 397, 398, 399*, 400, 403, 404, 407, 408*, 410*, 418*, 420*, 422*, 427, 428*, 429*, 430*, 432*, 438, 439*, 442*, 457*, 461, 468*, 475*, 482*, 494, 513, 522, 550, 556*, 566, 569*, 585, 587*, 590, 594*, 599*, 600, 601; lii 47b, BOb, 117b*, 122a*, 122b, 123a, 167b*, 186a, 202b*, 215b, 222b*, 24lb, 249a•, 259b*, 267a, 288a, 323a, 328a, 334a*, 346a*, 346b*, 367a•, 376a, 384b, 393b*, 395b, 398b*, 413a*, 425b, 436b, 438a, 452b, 462a*, 474b*, 478b, 480a•, 483a*, 484b, 488b*, 489a, 489b*, 490b*, 49la, 493b, 500a, Sila, 514b*, 515a, 530b, 534b*, 535a, 556a*, 573b*, 597b, 599b, 620b*, 622b*, 650a*, 650b, 670a, 671 b, 672b, 705a, 710a, 7lla*, 743a; IV 9a, IOa, 2lb*, 40a*, 4la, 46b, 87a*, 13lb, 132a*, 156b, 158b*, 159a*, 164b*, 165a, 165b*, 172a, 179a, 206b, 238a, 246a, 293a*, 304a*, 344a, 348b*, 35/a, 357b*, 358b*,

174 359a*, 377a, 378a, 404a, 404b*, 405a, 406b, 408a, 409b*, 4lla, 426*, 440a, 482b*, 509a, 554b*, 562a*, 566b, 602a, 609a*, 617b*, 619b*, 62lb*, 640b*, 644a, 646a*; V 9b, l6a*, 22a, 55a, 59a, 59b, 70b, 72b, 79a, 96b, l33b*, l57b*, 172b*, 226b*, 239b*, 246a•, 247b•, 248a*, 260a, 277b*, 278a, 284a*, 284b, 286b*, 336a, 350b, 355b*, 363b, 376b, 381 b, 411a, 41lb*, 452b, 48la*, 514b, 515a*, 572a*, 576b, 598b*, 603a*, 610b*, 618a, 630b, 647b; VI Sa, 7b, l7a*, 36b, 39a*, 44a, 66a, 78b, l07b*, IIOa, IIOb*, 169b, 189b*, 190a*, 191b*, 192b*, 207b, 208a*, 224a, 227b, 236b, 243b, 253b*, 255a, 260a, 263a*, 269a, 272a, 307a, 334b*, 337b, 339a, 342b*, 34Sa•, 360b, 371a, 375b, 376a, 377b*, 378a*, 378b*, 381a, 386a, 395b, 405b, 463b, 489a*, 493a*, 504a•, 529a, 543b Dmwùlts I 25, 38, 196 Dempstcr, Thomas 1117,175, 366; II 343, 450; IV 41 a; V 538b, 546a, 575b; VI 255b, 390a Denaisius, Petrus III 319a, 320b*, 32/b, 325a, 540a, 540b*, 734b Denalio, Fausto l 386 Dendeus Plato, Andreas III 279a Denger, Johannes V 96a Dengi, Johannes III 553a Denisius, cardinalis III 389a; IV 438b Dcnisotus, Nicolaus IV 195b Dcnk, Johannes III 460a•, 460b* /Jnuruuk III 173b, !BOa, 182b•, 553a; V 23a•, 400b Denores stt Nores Dcnport, Roberto IV 533a Dentener, Joachimus V 370a Denterius, Andreas IV 88b Denterlecke, Reginaldus VI 558a Dmtici, Fabrizio II 36 Denticus, Leoncctus I Il O Dmwn, Jacobus IV 98a DmlretJNJ, Francesco III 3 OBa Dcnys, Fr. Augustinus III 87a Dco, Johannes de IV 61 7b lkodaio. uonmsis II 359• Deodatus stt Diodati Dtodatus, _,Vicolaus II 28 Dcodatus, Paulus Antonius I 419, 420, 429 Dtorum, gmt!O!}a falsorum III 224a Dcotarus, Marcus Antonius II 123; VI 43a Deples.•is srr Plessis


Dcrdringer, Johannes III 660b* Derhamus, Rogerus IV 38a, 224b Derhof Goettingensis, Christianus v 73b Dering, Edward IV 277b; V 413a, 415b Dmvabonibus liOCIDII, dL V 2 l b Derivaux, M. Bruere stt Bruerius Dcmschwan, Hans IV 366b* Derossantius, Andreas III 329b Derrer Eslingensis, Johannes IV 677b, 679b Dtrslaus IV 643a Dmola, &rnardimls I 24 Deruschwam, Hans III 637a Dtsaw, Heinricus student al Uipzig III 7/0a Desbillons III 293b Descartes, René (Cartesius) III 88b, 136a, 147b, 274b, 321a, 338b, SOla, 551a; IV lSla, 183a, 363a, 363b, 375a, 376a; V 207a•, 225a, 225b, 27/b, 312a, 314b, 367a, 389a, 40 l b, 4 20a, 58 7a; VI 226b, 456b, 516b Deschaumes V IISb Deschter Mindelheimensis, Johannes V 640b Desclapes, Gabriel IV 596a Dtscriptio soli.r II 4 7 l Dtscriptions I 269, 296 Dtscriptions offestivals Il 464, 525-526 Deserto lntronato su Barozzi, Antonio Dtsgrousi/Urs, Natali.r Mathio.s III 295b IJesiJkratus V 453a; VI l 30a Desiderio Paduano I 84; II 505 lJesiJkrio da Sdtignano II 462 Desiderius III 622a; V l93a Desiderius de Brixia, abbas S. Cenobii Casinensis V 200a, 493b Desiderius rex ltaliae IV 392a* Desmachtres, J. III 87b Desmérenges V llSb Desmerliers III 253a Desnaguels, B. V 225a Despars stt Pan:ibus Despauce, Claudius III 25 7b Despauterius III 217 a, 33 7a; stt Dispauterius Despauterius, Johannes IV 55h; v l90b Desportes, Philippe III 325a; V 87a Desportus, J. III 279a Despota, Jacobus III 51 Oa Dtsprts, Prtrus tpiscopus Pramestinus IV l 25a Destnia. )oluJTmL.S Jacobus VI 45a Dtstombrus, ]o. III l 21 a

Desyderiis, Nicolaus de Bononiensis IV 74a Detheck, Wil/elmus III 2 48a Dethick, Garter King of Arrns IV l92a* Dethick, William IV 147a; V 358a, 408a, 415a Deti, Giovanni Battista I 408; V 357a Deti, Orrnannozzo V 558a Detius, Vincentius I 84 Detti piactDOli I 155 Deuus, Anlcnius Il 78 • Detus, Johannes Baptista card. IV 686a; VI 175b, 594a Detus, Omuurnectìus II 82 Deus su Dei Deus, lJonaJus v 5 74b Deus, Johannes (Dee?) II 339 Devaris, ]oluJTmL.S M aUhaeus VI 192a• Devaris, Matthaeus VI 54b, 58b, 559a Devenùr III l 35b, 280b, 522a, 590b Devereux, Robert, E.arl of Essex IV 276b; su Essex Devise,J. V IISb Dexippus II 328; III 214b; IV 169a; VI 335b Dexius su Decius Deza, Didacus de IV 658b Deza, Petrus de, card. II 130; v 503b Dherus, Lucas V 395b Dhona Borussus, Fabianus, Baro de V 291b Diabolus II 439 Diacceto (Ghiacceto), Francesro da IV 8b, 64a, 14/b, 213a, 647b; v 554b, 632b* Diacceto (Ghiacceto), Paolo da v 555b, 596a, 600b, 613b Diamw fami!Y (Ghiamtus) III 3!2b•, 405b Diacceto, Bemardo di Carlo da II 308 Diaccew, CaruhLs dL VI 2!6b Diacceto, Francesco Cattani da l 66, 70*, 75*, 76, 91, 105, 113, 114*, 135, 136, 137•, 167, 209, 215*, 229, 236*, 356; II 21, 306, 350, 367, 388, 428, 470*, 5 78*; III 67a, 219b*, 228a*; VI 79b, 309b, 393b, 4 79a* Diacceto, Francesco da, the Younger l 66, 132, 147, 167, 233; Il 379 Diacceto, Jacopo da l 75, l 77, 378; II 168, 261, 275 Diacceto, Pandolfo da I l 14; II 511; V 621b Diacceto, Paolo da I 90, 137. 175; II 157, 461; III 485b, 733a


DìtuctUJ, ScipionL lAIImli


III 312b• Diacceto, Sebastiano da I 75 Diacceto, Zanobi da V 552b Diacetius,Jacobus IV 437b Diaconius, Bartolus II 31 O Dianius, Lmiouicus III l 2 7b; VI 449b Diago, Johannes III 726b Diagrarru III 693b; IV l 02a, 112a, 118b, 276b; VI Sia Dial«IU, trtatists on 111 4 31 a, 503a, 656a, 705b, 726b; IV 665a; V 158b; VI 19b, 193b, 352a Dialectica ue logica! treatises Dialoguts l Il O, 224, 239, 25 7, 288, 295, 306-307. 337. 345, 415; II 12, 29, 93, 95, 100, 154, 166. 196, 2-l9, 271' 295, 315, 326, 329, 34 7. 369, 383*, 387, 395, 425, 430, 437, 441, 444, 453, 520, 521, 534, 585, 597; 111 16b, 35b, 25 7b, 270a, 276b, 523a, 525b, 666b, 70lb, 713a, 718a; IV 13a, 86b, 117a, 153a, 176a*, 187b, 189a*, 189b, 200h, 231 a, 24 7b, 2-l8h, 250b, 300a, 327b*, 339b, 343a, 356b, 392h, 402h*, 423h, 426b, 51 Oa, 518b, 534a, 5 73a, 619b, 621 b, 624b, 639b, 667b; v 350b, 35la, 450b, 478b, 537a, 596b, 597b, 599b, 61 Ob, 61 l a, 628b*; VI 42b, 27la, 33lb, 337a, 378b, 406a* DUz1ogu.r Plwtbi rl Mtrcurii V 154a Diamanu I 128 Diamantes, Pater, O.E.S.A. V 152a* Diamantis quondam Adamas 111 637a Diamantis, O.E.S.A. III 615b Diamhra, SUOT IV 95b• Diana Englismmsium domina 111 325b Diana, Francesco l 32, 378*; 111 185a; VI 24la Diana, Pietro VI 237b Diana, Urbanus II 8 Dianae EplusUu symbolica statua VI 245a Diane de Poitiers 111 207b, 276b Diarits VI 312b Dias, Blasius IV 466b Dias, Damianus VI 254b Dias, Ferdinandus III 507b Dias, Franciscus IV 451b Diassorinus, Jacobus IV 367a Diaz a Pinero, Andreas VI 325a Diaz Car/nn, Pasquak 111 694b Diaz de Lugo, J uan Bernardo, ep. Calahorritanus V 318a Diaz de Toledo, Pedro VI 594a Diaz, Andrea VI 304b

Diaz, lgnatius IV 445b Diaz, J. V 115b Diaz, Johannes 111 607a Diaz, Juan Cedillo IV 533a Diaz, Pedro IV 486a, 530a, 530h, 532a, 532b, 537a, 542a, 582b, 588b, 600b, 60la, 607a Diaz, Ptr 111 300a Diarituko d'ammt V 580a Driedo, Johannes II 31 Driel, Screvelius de III Il Ob Driesch stt Drusius Drincius, Michael III l 04a Driwood IV 20 l a Driwood, Georgius IV 37b, 188b Driwood, Gulielmus IV 38a, 224b Drizona, Terzoninus l 52* Drogus, Hieronymus VI 206a Drope, Thomas IV 73a Drose, Valentin III 389b*; IV 439a* Drost, Hermannus Adolphus v 153b Druart, N. III 81 a Druhtrtus, Vrgilius III 484a Druempt, Wi/helmus de V 12 4a Drumaeus, Nicolaus III 326b Drumezius, Nicolaus IV 372b Drummond of Hawthomden IV 2Sa Drunck, Philippus III 504a*, 504b Drury, John schoolmaster of Beccles IV 9a Drusderius, Tarquinius II 344 Drusius, Antonius V l 16a Drusius, .Johannes V 114b Drusius, .Johannes (Driesch, van den Driessche) III l 09a, 320b, 32/b, 322b; IV 142a, 350h*, 375a, 376a Drusius, .Josephus III 650a Drusulinus, M arius II 3 63 Drusus, Vulcanus III 521lh Druwt~ A. IV 382b Dryander su Enzina.~ Dryander de Encinas (Enzinasj, Franciscus IV S33a. 54/b; VI 517a

Dryander, Johannes I 30 l; III 495a, 50 l a, 531 a, 550b, 607a; V 145b Dryoxylos (Eichholz), Ataulphus III 426a Drywood set Driwood Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste seigneur III 78b, 330b Du Brun, Loys IV 198b Du Buisson II 555 Du Fray III l!Oa Dujou, François V 116a Du Pare II 101 Du Pin, .Jean VI 491 a Du Quesnoy, Eustache V llfia Du Riva~, J. V 116a Du Sault, Johannes Olivarius II 101 Du Vair, Guillaume I 312 Du.., An. IV 112a Dua, Benedetto VI 36b Duarenus, Franciscus I 27; III 84a, 390a, 58Bb, 643b; IV 264b, 356a, 375a, 439b; V 53a*, 98b, 499a; VI 548a Duarte stt Eduardus Dubinus, Clauclius V 496a Dubois,.Jacques V 116a Dubravius, Johanncs III 553b; IV 365b, 674b Dubravius, Rodericus V 31 a*, 184b Dubrovnik V 440a•, 440b*, 442a; stt Ragusa Ducaeus, F rom o II 564*, 598; III 24la, 290b*, 319b, 32Ib, 635b; IV 58b, 133a, 247b*, 362a, 363a, 373b, 375a, 376a. 536b; v 338b Ducanus II 555 Ducatius, Lucius III 21l3b, 293a; VI 150a Duccetti, Frate Antonio I l 20 Ducchi, Cesare II 547 Ducchus VI 150a Ducci, Bernardo VI 31 Ob Ducci, Girolamo I 359; II 345*, 346; V 248a* Duccis, Angelus de O. Carm. IV 156b* DucciJJs de Monk Vttll!lino II 14 Duchatus, Stephanus III 279a Ducherius, Gilbertus III 283b; IV 351 b, 352b, 365a, 374b Duchcsne IV 351 b; su Quercetanus Duchesnc, Leger su Qucrcu Duchoslai. Ludmilla filia V l 7a Du.chus, "lhofTUlS V 472b Duckct, Lionellus IV 36b Ducoindeau, Guillaume V l 16a Dudith, Andreas I 67, 302, 304, 309, 323 Dudithius, Andreas II 225, 234, 597; III 105b, 322a, 322b,


324b•, 370a, 377a, 393a, 393b,

400a, 476b*, 495a*, 499b*, 509a, 509b*, 559a, 566b, 667b; IV 298a, 299a*, 362a, 368h, 375a, 377b, 428b, 429b, 432b, 433a*, 435a, 676b*, 678b*; V 52a, 52b, 54a, 77a, 116a, 145b, 148b, 355b, 389a; VI 327a*, 582a*, 582b Dudley, John duke of Northumberland IV 72a, 195b Dudley, Robert Dukc of Northumberland III 17 4b, 175a Dudley, Robert earl of ILicester III 383b; IV 20lb, 227a, 227b*, 258a, 258h, 349b*, 375b; s« ILicester Duemhofer, Laurentius V 116a, 155b, 156a* Duèze, Jacques s« Johannes XXII Dufay IV 469b Dufay, Guillaumc V 544b Duffcyld, John IV 56b Dufresne, Raphael IV 281 a; VI 392a Duglassius, G. IV 25b Dugonis, Johanncs Philonius II 420 Duisstonihus, Petrus di Il l 24 Dukcrus, Alexander V 529a Dulciarius, Philippus III 6 l 7b Dulcinus l 293 Dulcinus, .fram Il l 79 Dulcis s« Dolce Du1ci.s iuri.sconsu/Jus l 130 Dulcis, Catharinus VI 581 b Dulcis, N. III 255b Dulcius VI 384b Dulciu.s, HoraJiu.s V 5 l 6h Dulcius, Ludovicus V 438b; VI 125b, 615a Dulcius, Paulus V 13b Dulcius, Stephanus I 211 Dulciu.s, Vwmtius II l 8, 286, 287, 309 Dulmentonc, Johanncs dc II 3 Dulphus, F1oranus III 204b Dumas, Petrus IV 452b Dumay, Pierre III 327b Dumbarus Scotus, Johannes III 19lb Dumbelcy, Johannes III 716a Dumbleton, John III 22a, 549b; IV 195b, 208b; V 439b Dumler, Johanncs III 654b Dumoulin, Charlcs s« Molinaeus, Carolus Duncanus, Martinus IV 351 b, 354a; V 60a, 83a Dune, Patrick IV 3b Dunmsis, Bihlwtluca stt BibliDIMca Dunm.ris

Dunes, mmrastny oJ 1M (near Brugfs) IV 355a Dunghcrsheym, Hicronymus IV 340a Dunnacus, Nicolaus III 323a Dunning IV 20la Duno, Philippus tU III 57 l a Duns Scotus, Johannes l l 53, 160, 279; II 134, 237*, 293*, 347, 534•. 538; III 206a, 233a, 740a; IV 73a*, 333a, 334a, 445b; V 2la, 256b, 444b, 445h, 447b, 532h; VI 9a, 163b, 164a, 195a, 288a, 304b*, 325a, 385a, 443b DunQmhrim, Conradus V 244a Dunus, Thaddaeus V 138a Duobus sociis, tU III 667a Duodecim, Johanncs dc II 498 Duodo, Pietro VI 279b Duodus stt also Dodus Duodus, Andreas II 298 Druxiw, Thomas II 298'"; III 648a Duodus Papimsis, Vwentius, O.P. V 470a Dupasius, Anlornus III 2 O2h Dupasius, GuliLlmus abbas F7ortjjimsis III 202h Dupcratius de Turre Rotunda, Michael III 232a Duplessis-Momay su Momaeus; Plcssis-Mornay, Philippe du Duport magister V 413a DuPrt VI l 89h Dupuy su also Puteanus Dupuy, Claudc III 250a, 315a, 316a*, 318h, 320b, 322b* Dupuy, Clement III 315a Dupu.y, Hmricus VI 187h Dupuy, Jacques III 319b, 320b, 559b Dupuy, Pierre III 308h, 318a, 320h, 322a*, 324a, 325a, 339a, 550a, 559b; VI 407a Duran, Diego O.P. IV 684a Durand., ]ean III 3 2 9a Durandus III 262b; IV 382a, 426a, 445h; V !Ob, 303a, 588a; VI 293a, 320b, 355a, 377a, 430b*, 526b Durandus Aginensis, SJ. III 127b, 128a* Durandus de Alvemia II 28*; III III b, 237b, 240b, 262a Durandus Brianconensis III 279a Durandus dc S. Porciano III 464a Durandus, Joluuuus IV 383b Durandus, rnagistn II 4 l 6• Durandus, Paulus III 279a Durant, Antoine V 116a Duranu, Angelo III 466b Durante de Faentia, Franciscus VI 8la Durante, Ottavio VI 312a

183 Durantes, Cast or I 38 7 DuranU!, ep. Briximsis VI 7a DuraT~Us, Pttrus III 2 68a Duranti, Marianus Scverus I 377 Duranti, Vmc~o I l 3 7 Durantius, F ranciscus Il 64*, 374; v 539b Durantus I 6 Durantus, F ranciscus I 383* Duranllli, Gubelmus V 3 74b DuraJiu.s, SJephanus IV l 74a Durazzo, archbishop oJ II l l Durchdenbach, Johannes VI 540a Durdevié set Georgius, lgnatius Durenheimer Bcrncnsis, Johannes V 96a Diirer, Albrecht I 66, 402; III 68a, 179a, 338b, 370a, 380a, 468b, 637a, 656a, 657a, 66lb*, 664a, 668a, 669a, 670a, 670b*, 672a, 677b, 678a*; IV 24a, 66b*, 128b, 182b, 533b; V 52a, 53b, BOb, 176a, 232b, 342b, 393a, 393b; VI 60b, 534b Diirer, Alhrecht 1M E/Mr III 667b Duretus, Ludovicus II 423 Durnhofer, Laurentius III 438a, 67&• Durre, Hugo III 132h Durstenius s« Turstcnius Dusius, Franco III 109a Dusny, Sc;gL III 64Ja Dusse, Johannes III 568a Dustnlwpius, Franciscus III 602b Duval, Pierre, cp. Sagiensis VI 272b Dux, fratcr Angelus III 325b Duyclcius, Francus III 5 06b Duyscldorp, E. III Il Ob Dybbinsus, Gulielmus IV 20 l b Dybinus, Matthaeus stt Dybinus, Nicolaus Dybinus, Nicolaus III 29b, 33a, 33b, 5lb*, 7lb*, 406b*, 477a, 716a*, 718b*, 73lb; IV 297b, 303b, 414b*, 423b, 426b*, 682b; V 72b*, 105a, 645b*; VI 420a, 424a, 424b, 425b, 431 a, 433b*, 436a, 438b, 442b, 465a, 466a, 497b*, 502a, 508b, 5llb, 512a*, 512b, 514a, 514b*, 523b, 581 b Dycchius, Andreas V 205b Dyckerus, Ignatius III 283b, 293b Dydimus, Samuel III 729b Dycm, Johannes III 646a Dycr, Edward IV Sia, 237a Dynamidw VI 38b, 366a 0tws III 64a Dyon, Claudiu.s VI 389b Dyrrhius Esslingcnsis, Bemhardus IV 299a Dytmannus, Chri.stophorus III !69b

184 Dziekovius, Johannes V IS6b Dzierzonowski, Andreas IV 413b

E su aLso Ae E. Veneziano III l 46h E.B. V 484b E.D. II 461 E.M. IV 288b E.R. IV 315h Earle,John, ep. Sarisberiensis 408b EarthquaJres III 29b, 32a, 2096, 570h; VI 83h, 2876, 489a Ebano, Petrus de su Petrus de Abano Ebbinger, Johannes III 637a Ebdelmessia Wintoniensis III 376b Ebeczky, Martinus IV 678b Ebeczky, Mathias IV 677a*, 677b, 678b, 679a, 679b Ebelebenn, Christoff von III 438b Ebendorfer, Thomas III 24b Ebenebisadoch Nysaburi I 343 Ebenradi, Cecilius IV 62b*, 63a, l 72b, 173a* Eber, Andreas V ISSa Eber, Casparus III 680b Eber, Johannes III 394b Eber, Paulus II 394, 590, S92, S93; III S6b, 70b, 331 a, 370a, 372b, 374a, 37Sb, 376a, 378a, 383a, 386b, 392a*, 392b, 393a, 393b, 394h, 39Sa, 400a, 40lb, 404a, 408a, 420b(?), 4SOa*, 4SOb*, 4596, 470b, 479a, SOOa, SOla*, S09a*, S09b, SIOb, S30a, S4Sa, S4Sb*, 546a, S48b, SS9a, 560a, S67a, 60la, 603a, 607a, 637a, 638a, 6SSa, 6SSb, 6S8b, 6S9a, 664b, 667b, 675a, 6756, 676a, 676b, 679a, 679b, 680a, 694a, 719a; IV 9b*, 76b, 11 2b, 126a, 298a, 363a, 37Sa, 427a*, 431 b, 432b, 433a*; V 3Sb, S2a, 86b, 14Sb, 148b, 157a, 168b*, 197a, 340a*, 344a, 367a*, 368b, 3946 ... VI SOOa*, SOOb, SOla, S24b, 5446, S47a, S48a, S48b, S83a Eber, Stephanus III 470b Eber, Timotheus III 392a Ehmzansis abbas III 582a Eberardus Bethunensis I 400, 423; II S96*, 60 l; III 30a*, 17Sa*, 212b, 24lb, 407a(?), 42Sb*, 477a*, S84b, S8Sa, S89a, 716a, 718b, 739a; IV 130b, ISOa*, 161a, 432a, 6116, 616a; V 18b, 19a, 2lh, 2Sa, 110h, 134a•, 214a, 28Sa, 603a; VI 393a, 423b, 424a, 42Sb, 427b, 4296, 442a, 447b, 462a,



473a, 487a*, 4886, 489a, 489b, 490a, 490b, S02a, 5 l 2h, Sl3a, 5216, S24a, S24b*, S2Sb*, S26a*, S27b, S4la*, S42b, 544a Eberbac see Aperbachius Eberbach, Philippus V S6a Eherlurrd XIV, Grtif Z1t Erhach-Fiirstmau VI 602b Eberhardi, Ulricus V 70a Eberhardus Alemannus su Eberardus Bethuniensis Eherlurrdus BrwulJensi.s III 5556 Eberhardus presbyter et canonicus apud divum Georgium VI 420b* Eherharrius l, Duke of Wuerttmzbng III 3846•, 629h, 6976, 7036, 712b; v 647a; VI 505a, 538b Eherlurrdw Il, Duke of Wuerttmzbng III 697a, 697b Eberlin, Johannes III 731 b* Eben, Th. VI S82a Eberth (Herbm), GaJifrUlus, tp. ConstanJim.sis V BOb Eberus, Johannes IV 6 77 a, 6 77b, 679a, 679b; see aLso Heberus Eberwein, Bemardus III 637a EhesJwm, W. IV l 93a Ehi1r{p, Thomas V 99a Ehrrer, Erasmus III 56lb Ebner, Hieronymus III S46a; VI 510a Ehrrer, Sigismundu.s III 6696 Ebrardus Heracleus V 116b Ebrttl.unm.sis cardina/is III 535a Ebriosmum, de variis gnuribus III S2lb Ebroicensis archiepiscopus see Kemp, Johannes, arch. Eboracensis Ehstorf III S23b Ecat,Jean l' V 474b Eccelino su Ezzelino Eccelius, &rnarrJu.s IV 11 3a • Eccelus, Federicus II 3S9 Ecchius, V alentinus III 167b Eccius, Gulielmus III 46Sb Ecclesia, ]olromus Altry.siw VI 79b Ecclesia, Johannes Baptista de II 184 Ecclesia, Johannes de la IV 360b Ecclesia, Pau/w VI 62b EcciLsia.slls V l 40h, 327b*; VI 434b, 4696 EcciLsia.stUal docummJ.s VI IISb, 300a, 300b* EcciLsia.stica/ history III 632b EcciLsia.stica/ leUers IV S49b Ecclesiastica/ treaJi.se.r I 241, 3Sl , 419; II 29, 343, 404, 426, 466; III l Ob, l 7b, 44 7b, 4 71 b, S29a, 69Sb; IV IS3b, 176a, 193b, 207a*, 612b*, 632b; V 3S6b, 4S2b; VI 43a*, 311 b, 313b,

313b*, 317b*, 32Sb, 397b, 479b Ecclesiasticu.s IV 356 ... V 215a, 34lb*; VI 3626 Ecclesiw, ]ol!annes MarÌIJ I 3 l 8 Ecclesius, Matternus VI S83a EchoJ:Ies, ]ustus I 3 5 Echerding, Johannes III 40a Echius, Johannes, Daventriensis I 9S* Echlin, David IV 196, 147a Echlin, ]am4S IV l 96 Echlin, John IV 26a Echo, Andreas III 437b, 438a Echo, Sympathius III 196a EclrJemmch IV 32la Echlius, ]ol!annes II 394 Echzelius, Henricus III 584a Eck, Andreas V 14Sb Eck, Johannes V S2a, 76a, 86b, IOSb*, 126a, 127b, 136a, 140a, 14Sb*, 148b, 168a, 2S3b, 493b, 544a; VI 114a, ISlb*, IS2a*, IS2b*, 153a, 154b, 297b, 298a*, 300a, 300h, 348b, SIOa*, S47b Eck, Simon III 637a Ecke, Philippus III 380b Eckrr VI 582a Ecker, Johannes III 637a Eckersdorf, Hannibal ab V 3Sa Eclchardus de Amenibtag III 53 9a Eckhardus, Valentinus III 637a Eckhart, Meister VI 423b Eckius, Johannes I 233, 338, 40S; II 229, 27S, 338, 379, 384, 420, 447; III l l h, 136a, 165a, l 78a, 226a*, 226b*, 227a*, 37Sb, 394b, 400a, 420b*, 430b*, 437a, 439b, 440b, 457b, 4S8a, 486a, S09a, S2Sb*, .'327a, S27b*, S33b*, S36b, 607a, 633a*, 634b, 635a, 637a, 6416, 643a, 643b*, 646b*, 650b*, 6S8b*, 6S9b, 6606, 664b, 670a, 670b*, 676h, 677a, 679a, 699b, 700a*, 70lb, 702a, 747b Eckius, Leonardus III 637a Eckiu.s, Va1mtinus IV 248a Eclif,Johannes IV 2S7a, 613a Eclipu of the svn VI l l 7b Eclogues I 389, 431; II IS4, 373, 374,417,467,493, SII; IV 4Sb, 269b; V 190a, 234a, S09b, S28b; VI 88a, 126b, 464a l'Ecluse see Clusius Ecluse, Charles de l' su Clusius EcOtiOIIIiL:a/ nolls IV 66Sa Eden, Richard IV 192b Eder, Georgius III 192a, 345a, SOOb Eder, Wolfgang O.S.A. III 630b Edinhurgh IV lBa, lBh, 536, 154a, 2256 Edingu.s, Audommu.s V 340a Eclinus, Cyriacus VI S39a Edlanwer, Hermannus VI 394a


Edrrwnd, K"rt!~J of England V 39/a Edmundus, Ambrosius IV 20 l a, 20lb Edon, Gulidmll! II 413 Edricus (Edrych, Etherega, Ethrigius, Hadrigius), Georgius IV 83b, 191a, 197b, 213a•, 276b, 514a Eduardus Amn.rir BriJannus III 202b Eduardus rniks V 300a Eduardus, Franciscus J« Odoardus Eduardus, lrifanJe of Portugal IV 515a Eduardus, King of Portugal III 619a Eduardus, Nicolaus IV 37b Eduardus, Thomas I 314; II 533 Educatitm, trtaliJM on II 54, 15 7, 188, 467, 553, 597; III 12b, 479a; IV 490a; V ISSa, 26Ib; VI 304b, 316b, 537a Edus Jtt Haedus Edvardus IV 63b Edwtmi 11/, K"rt!~J of England III 230b "; IV 826, 99a, 122b, I23a, 200a; VI 3146 Edward IV, Kmg oj England II 149, 321, 362, 430, 596; IV 575a; V 255a•, 39/a Edwtmi v, IGng of England IV 20/a:, V 255a:, VI 379b Edward VI, King of England III 675a:, IV 4a, 60a, 66a, 66b, 67b, 73a, 136a•, 1376*, /38a, 150a, 15Ib•, 195a•, 195b, 196a, 1976•, 20/a, 2776; v 384a, 3936*, 394a, 419a, 53/b; VI 160b Edward, earl of Oxford set Vere, Edward Edwarths, GuiJN/mw minirter al Wrotham IV 57b EdwardWs, Nu:o/aw V 395a Edward~, Roger IV 139b Edwardus, Thomas V 410a Edwinus, Richardus IV 187b &de, Hmricus van dm III BI a udis, Richardus V 41 Oa Etrbout, Corneliw jiliu.r Wlilu:brry Dandrmdi VI 147b Effrem su Ephrem Egbmus III 606a Egelin, &mardus V 70a EgeUius, Joachimus III 617b• Egenolphus, Christianus III 697b Egmstmjfer, Mieli&/ V /30a Eger de Calcar, Henricus III 50lb Egerton, Sir )olm V 398a, 399a Egerton, Sir Thomas, Lord EUesmere su EUesmere Egerton, 11umw.s (tlu younger) V 399a•

Egg, Alexander ab VI 15b Egg, Johannes su Eck Eggtnburg III Ha Egger, Alexius III 637a Eggerd, Geronymus III 63 7a Eggli, Georgius V 97a Eggl~ )ohannes V 99b •, l OOa Egglzain, Leonhard VI 426b Egher, Daniel de III 730a• Egidii set Aegidii Egidio stt Aegidius Egidius s« Aegidius Egidius T oscaneUa s« Aegidius Viterbiensis Egidius, Johannes su Aegidius Egidius, .Narcisus IV 503b Egio ue Aegius Egiomus VI 343a Egipiv.s presbytrr IV 63 l b Egius set Aegius Egius, Benedictus V 58 7a Egli, Tobias V 151b Eglinus Iconius, Raphael III 318a, 531 b, SSOa, 550b, 553a, 583b; IV 76b; V IOOa, JOOb, 14Ia•, 14lb, 148b, 150b, 15lb, 152a•, 153b; VI 516b, 558b Eglisemus (Eglisham), Georgius IV 26b Egloffstein su Lapide Egloffo Eglnga dr saaa tt fahulosa hìstmia VI 43b Egmmuf, counl of IV 552b EgmotuJ. Gtorgiw ah III 131 a Egmunda, Maximilianu.r amw B111ani ab IV 545b Egnatius II 335; VI 6a•; see abo Ignatius Egnatius, Johannes Baptista I 119, 120, 235, 236•, 237, 243, 285, 323, 325, 356, 381' 389; II 38, 39•, 54, 67, 194, 195, 197, 204, 229, 236, 248, 249, 261, 266, 268, 275, 280*, 285, 286*, 287•, 289, 346, 383, 450, 461, 576, 590•; III 68b, 331 b, 426b, 509a, 656a, 670b; IV 144b, 277b, 340b•; V 187b, 489b•, 5/Bb*, 63Ib, 632a•, 632b•, 633a•, 633b"; v1 /30a, 261b, 276b, 28Ia•, 283a, 283b, 287b, 3616 Egoro VI 180b Egregius, Constantius II 493, 494• Egrq;im, Johannes AnJonius Il 494 Egregius, Vendrandus II 494• Egypt IV BOa Egypt, Su/Jan of IV 144a Egyptian figures V 329a, 329b Ehernius, Christophorus IV 191a; VI 582a Elringer fami!J III 729a Ehinger, Elias III 383a, 453b•,

185 456b•, 459b, 5296, 557a, 634a, 635b•, 637a, 655b, 699b, 727a•, 727b; V 168b; VI 183a, 189a, 516b, 517a, 547a• Ehinger, Elim tJu r~ III 557a Ehinger, Georgius VI 488b, 489a, 527b Ehinger, Johannes Georgius v 145b Ehinger, )oluznnLr Rud. III 728b Ehmreich, Georgius VI 558b Ehtrigius, Georgius J« Edricus Eib JU Eyb Eich, Johannes de JU Johannes de Eich Eichholz su Dryoxylos Eichmann su abo Dryander Eiclmuurn, Jodocus III 581 b Eichom, Gottfried III 637a Eichslltt III 526, 462b, 536b Eilsheimus, Daniel Bemardus VI 558a Eilshnrriw, Danie/ pastor of Emdm IV 25a Eimpinaeus, Johannes Albe nus III 636a Einhard II 63, 142 Einhardus V 35Ib; VI 182a, 208a Einsietkln, library v /3/ b Eiringer, Henricus VI 433b Eiselin, Michael V 122b Eism, Nu:olau.s m 2 o9a Eisnuuh, school of {schola Imacensìs) III 43a Eisengrein, Gulielmus II 337, 338 Eisengrein, Martin III 634b Eisenhardt, Valentinus SJ. III 17b•, 702a•, 704a Eisenmenger, Samuel V 131 b, 155b; VI 501b Eisenreich, Otto V 123a Eisinger, Casparus VI 544b Eistetensis (Eichstiitt), suffraganeus V 548b Eitzen, Paulus de III 654a Ekelius, Matemus III 637a Ekius, Nic. V 13b Elachistus, Basilius IV 367a Elahath, Mahasechet VI 69b• EJaut, Johanne• III Il Ob Elbing, school oJ V /68b Elci su Alici.~, Conticinus dc d'Elci, Bernardo I 78 Eleanora su Eleonora Eleazar pontifex II 182• E/ectiofl.f, treatist an III 286a; V 195a Ekctorts lmperii VI 140b Elefantuccìo, Gim:omo V 627b Ekgans hìstmia (l.aJin rwvella) III 68a Ekgantiat II 421 El.tgies I 83, 131, 399, 436; Il 98,

186 459; III Bla, 698a, 743a; V 192b, 339b; VI 239a, 549b EiemmJa philosophiat v 44 7b EiemmJlJ prima VI 459b ElemmJorum i1l mixto, quaestio dt rtm1111mlia III 218b Eltmmls, lreahstJ on lire IV 6 73a Elena su also Gorgias Elenheintius, F. Laurentius III 34a Eleonora su Leonora Eleonora imperatrix IV 97b; VI 232b Eleonora of Aragon, Duchess of Ferrara V 176b, 177a, 229b, 412a, 43/a, 433a; VI Ub, 179b, 216a, 41/a Eleonora di Toletio, Gron4 Ducht!s of Tuscany V 292b Eleonora prinw of Liahtmslein IV 3/6b Eleonora, wifi of Francis I of France VI 303a Eletmore ErtimuJJJL, MarlrgriJLfrn III 449b Elephants, Philippus IV 495a, 60la Elephantucius, Federicus V 495b Elephantutius, Gaspar I 25*; IV 359b* Eler, Georgius III 623b Elerdesius, Wernerius III 551 a Eltsponcus III 226a~) Eleuterius Vicentinus, can.reg. VI 405b* Eleuterius, Don III 61 b Eleutherius Christophori Pomeranus V 63b Eleutherius Vicentinus I 7, 225*; II 302 Eleutherius Vincentinus, can.reg. V 484b Eleutherius, Caspar III 345a Eleutherobius set Freislebius Elgardus, Nicolaus II 380*; III 637a Elgoth, Johannes de II 479; IV 403b, 404a; V 42a, 59b, BI a Elia Palavinu.r, Bartlwlomaeus IV 300a Elia di Daumo tiJJ Vrea-o V 625a Eliahu, Halewi III 637a Eliano su Helianus Elias II 330; V 21 a; su Hclias Elias Crctensis V 57b Elias tqtUJ auraùJs II 48 7 Elias Hebraeus su Helias Hebreus Elias Hebreus Cretensis stt Mcdigo Elias Levita III 192b, 635b, 637b Elias T ripolmsis IV 12 6a Flias, Paul III l 78a Eliazer, Abraham III 495b

f.LEM - t:MAN

S. Eligiu.s IV 461 b S. Eligius, prior of IV 7b Elio, Antonio V 502b Elio, Antonio, vescovo di Pola VI 135b, 217b Elionora set Leonora Eliphat, Dionisius VI 587b Elisa puella IV 45a• Elirabtlh II 493 S. Elirahelh II 149 Eli.sahelh Clara Eugenia, prinass of Burgwrdy and Spain VI 593a Elirahelh consors Pandulfi MalaJestae II 239 Eli.sahelh Lllsikmiat regina I 3/3 Elisahelh monacha i1l S. DoTUJJo II 188 Eli.sabtth, Empws V l 05b Eli.sabtth, Q!lem of Portugal II 13 7, 447 S. Eli.saheth, Q!lttn of Portugal IV 447a, 449b, 45/a, 453a, 542b; VI 390b Eli.sabtth, Q!lem of Spain IV 5 7Ib,

Ellama Frisius, Pomponius v 145b Ellebodius, Nicasius I 282, 284*, 285*, 289, 292, 295*, 303, 305, 307, 310*, 312*, 313*, 322, 323, 339, 377; II 340, 363, 533; III 329a, 615a, 637a; IV 356b, 363a, 375a; VI 43b, 47b, 49a, 58b, 65b*, 66a, 530a E/Jmbog, ]ohannt.J III 685a, 700a Ellenbog, Nicolaus III 22b, 216b*, 217a*, 225a, 226a*, 226b*, 227a•, 460a•, 460b, 559a, 560a, 645a, 684a*, 684b*, 685a*, 700a*, 700b*; IV 340b Ellenbog, Udalricus III 163b*, 217a, 683a*, 683b, 684a*, 684b*, 700a*; VI 359b, 362a Ellenbog, Wzlhelmus III 683a, 684b Ellenbogen, Henricus III 650a Ellenborg, Ulricus V 125b Ellmnrre, Sir Thom4r Egerton, Lord

604b Eli.seu.r Gmruuws

Ellinger abbas V 205a Ellis, Antonius IV 202a Ellis, T. IV 20lb El/n, ConstanJus dt IV 181 b Ellrod, Jacobus III 429b* E1menhorstius, Geverhart III 321 b, 655b Elmnus, ]ohannt.J, ep. Londininuis V 395a Elmham, Thomas IV 137b, ISSa Elmus, Johanntl &pti.sta v 630b ElogitJ v 532b Eloquentia, dt IV 439a* Elphitheus, Fabricius IV 656a E1pidius pater V 478b Elpitheus, Fabritius I 350, 364, 372 Elstius III 79a Elten, Gerardus de, O.P. V 46b Eluchasem Elimithar IV 56a Elver, Letmardus III 41 Oh Eloùa II 543 Elvira de Cordova VI 119a Elyot, Sir Thomas IV 137b, 153b Elys, R. V 396a Elyseus, Antonius IV 37b E{ysia su ElisUz Elysius, Johannes l 140, 295; II 530 Elysius, Vincentius IV 634b Elzevier VI 392a Ektvin prinlers V 563b Elzevir, Ludovicus I 81 Emanuel Jet also Manuel Emanuel Alexandrinus I 307; II 533 Emanuel (Adramyttenus) Cretensis I 54 Emanuel Hebraeus Palavinu.r I 311 Emanueljudaeus II 216

II 61

Eliseus Hebraeus Viterbiensis IV 189b Eliseus Pcs. II 4 27 Eli.seus, Johanntl IV 162b ElisUz III 48a, 160b; IV 3 71 a Elitiarius, Joachimus V 96b E/kahelh (Stuart), Q!lttn oj &hnnia V 250a

Elizabeth I, OJ!een of England III 19/a•, 196a, 248a, 270b, 276a•, 3/6b, 325b, 326b, 383a, 39lb, 522a, 530b, 706a, 728a; IV 24b, 26b, 3/b, 34b*, 35a•, 35b*, 36a*, 36b, 37a, 37b•, 38a*, 56a*, 6lb, 63a•, 65a•, 75b, 77a•, 77b, /35b, 136b, /39b, 14/b, 147a, 148b, 152b, 187b, /88b, /90a, 192a, 192b*, 193a•, /93b, /94a, 194b, 195a*, /95b*, 196a*, /96b, 197a•, 197b*, /98a, 20/a*, 20/b*, 202a, 203a•, 204b*, 2/0b*, 224a, 227b, 228a, 237a, 252a, 258a*, 258b•, 27/b, 273b, 277b*, 456b; V /Oa, 22b, 93b*, 135a, 148b, 2llb*, 212a, 232a, 246b. 257b, 267a, 294b, 319a, 340b, 384a•, 39/a, 392b, 393a*, 393b~ 394a~ 395a~ 398a, 399b•, 401b, 405b, 407b, 408b*, 409a*, 41/a, 412b*, 413a*, 413b*, 414b*; VI 70b E/kabeth, consort of Hmry VII QJ.ttm oj Engillllli IV 54b, 155a; V 395a E/kabeth, d. of Fridnicus, ruclm palmirw.s II 591; VI 36/b E/kabelh, Marquist oJ .Hrhrtren



V 233a, 397b*, 398a•, 398b, 399a•, 399b*, 400a•


Emanud Philibertus, Duke of Savoy I 262; II /77, 183•, 184, 488, 573•; III 207b; V 524a, 525a, 525b; VI 74b, 153b, J85b, 398b, 519b Emanud a Ponu Hebraeus II 425 Emanud, King of Ponugal I 94; V 46Jb•, 632a; VI 264b Emanuele maestro IV 561 b F..mhecanus, Conradw V 407a EmblemaJD IV 32b.., V 327a, 379a, 414a Emdm, partors of III 603a F..metuiatiotw n Observationts IV 37& Emhardt, Georgius III 726b Emi ri«laralio IV 200b Emiliarù VI 237b Emilianus VI 8/b; stt Aemilianus Emilianu.s, Petrur IV 209b.., V 557a• Emilio da Brescia stt Aemilius Brixianus Emilius IV 609a; s~ Aemilius Emi1iw VeMu.r, P. IV 249a• Emilius, Quintus set Aemilius Emma, Q!um of England III 182b Fmnuz~rwl J, Kurc oJ PortugaJ IV /7/a, 17Jb•, 450a, 45/b, 452b, 453b, 454a•, 455b, 459a, 465a, 565b, 596b, 60/b, 648a F..nrmmwel PhiJjJmtus, Duk of SaDoy IV 38Gb Fmnta!rwl ra Lusikmil III 249a Emmanuel, Prince of Liechtenstein IV 316a, 317a• Emmenius, Andreas UI 439b Emmenius, Gallua III 439a•, 440b Emmius, Ubbo III 181 b, 320b, 32/b, 322b, 539a•, 550a; IV 78a•, 79a, 182b, 350b•, 356b, 363a, 375a, 377b, 380b; V 52a, 76b; VI 516b, 517a Emmoser, Gerhard VI 42la F.mmus, Wliielmus II 544 Emo II 43; stt Aemus Emo Fiarmlino, Francesco dell' IV 56/a Emo, Giorgio II 261 Eroo, Giovanni IV 251 b Emo, Lunardo II 15 Empedocles I 208, 406, 409; III 278b; IV 88b, 263b; VI 150b, 343a Emptrors IV /Ua• Emptrors, Holy Roman VI 300~ Emser, Hieronyrnus II 379, 394; III 370a, 395a, 400a(?), 420b, 426a, 559a, 580b, 670a•, 747b; IV 34{)b, 409a, 425a•; V 53b, 148b, 179a, 185a, 243b~ VI 289a, 516b Emundus pater V 478b

Emw, c-gius v 48&• Emw, Ltmtardus VI 492b Emylianus stt Aemilianus Encinas S« Dryander de Encinas Encinas, Franciscus III 448b Enckelmann, Christoph III 545b EnçyclopatdùJ v 470b End,Jacobus VI 385b Endaginc stt Indagine Ende, Fridericus III 523b Endelich, Andreas III 637a Entims, Frakr ]olumnes O.S.A. III 690a ~. P/DJipfJw u III 39& Endlich, Andreas III 637a Endorffcr, Hicronyrnus III 63b Endres, Vitus III 637a Enea Hebrco II 326 Enea Hirpino II 41 Enea Silvio Piccolomini stt Pius II Enea, Franciscus UI BOb Encas III 50b Encas c p. T ricstinus stt Pius II Encas, Fr. V 508b Enecw (lnico), cumes Ttndilie orator of tJre Kurc oJ Spain III 62 4a Encnkel baro VI 437a Enenkelius, Job Hartmannus, Libcr Baro VI 437b Enetus, Glmu.us IV 294b En&aJJms, MtlTCilS VI 2 71 b En&aJJms, Vllalis VI 27/b Engelbert IV 192b Engelbert of Admont III 28b, 297a, 332a, 578a, 739a Engelbert, Johanncs III 531 b Engelbert, Mag. III 429b Engelbertus VI 526a Engelbertus Ci.ttJensis fninceps v 325b Engelbenus, abbas Admontensis V 123a, 178b Engelcr, Ulrich V 139b Engelhardt, Valentinus V 220b Engelhart, Jacobus Angeli III 470b Engelhart, Leonardus III 370a, 727b•; IV 366b, W7b; VI 495a, 54Gb, 60la Engelhus, Dietrich VI 539b Engelhus, Nicolaus VI 542b Engelhusius, Theodoricus V 175a; VI 496b Engelin, Jacobus III 708b Engelkinus IV 356a Engelrammus pratsul IV 14Gb Engels, Hcnricus III 637a Engelsucss, Caspar V 330a Engeltzhouze, Christoff Adarn III 637a Engentinus, Philippus III 61 7b• Engerdus, Johannes III Il a, 620b, 637a

187 Enghelhardus Teutonicus III 2Ib• Engius, Franciscus Raphael VI 539a Engilllia, Mattlrias IV 5 96b England II 25, 438, 525; III 105a, 13/b, 193a, 193b•, 222b, 229b, 248a~ 30/a, 428a, 497a; VI 46a, 46b, 48a, 202a, 306a, 3llb, 323b, 38/b, 593a England, CaJJw/Us of IV 524b England, Chancellors of V 3 9 7b England, Church of VI 30/b England, Council books IV 5 26a England, Franciscans of II 415 England, lta/ian dtscrifJtion of IV 192b England, .Kmgs of I /64, 202; II 100, 350, 372, 4I5; III I02a, 289b, 470a, 473b; IV 289a; v 307b, 392a, 395a, 398a, 399b; VI 30Ib England, Nobles of III 632a England, ParliammJ VI 560a England, Q!um of II 356 England, cardinal of s~ Beaufort England, ckrgy of II 35 O England, histury of v 5 79a; VI 287b, 324b England, jounuy to VI 274b Englirh ambassadurs IV 2 2 7a, 227b• English girls, lives of some VI 27 l a Engli.sh poem.s V 400b, 412a Engli.sh prelales VI 302b Engrllllings III 337a, 588a; V 524a Enidonius III 468b• Eniedinus, Georgius IV 473a• Enigjo gmJilhuomo de/JQ camera di S.M. IV 27b Ennensis, Electus I 433 d'Ennetieres, Amoul III 86b Ennius III 3/Bb Ennius, GuaiJMvs V I 24b Ennodius I 297; II 531; III 98b Enoch s~ Lazzarclli Enoch Asculanus I 22, 304; II 409; V I 74a, I 74b; VI 343b Enoch magi.ster VI 125bEnoch, Alhmus II 147; IV 46a Enrichetti, Zaccaria s~ Henrigiptis, Zacharias dc Enricus s~ Henricus Enricus !Jrinaps V 78b Enrigettus su Henrigettus Enrique s~ Henricus Enriqru, D. card. archbishop of &ora IV 657b Enriqut III 420a; VI 32a; stt Johannes de Ashenden Eschenfelder, Christophorus III 426b Eschenloev, Peter IV 425b F.schius, Nico/aus III 89b. 107a

Eschuidem, Johannes de VI lOOa Escobar, Andreas de episcopus Megarensis IV l76a, 482a; su Andreas de Escobar Escolapius su Aesculapius EscoriLJJ IV 53 la; VI 43b, 58b EscoriJJJ, Uhrary of III 173a; IV 368b d'Escavar, Emanuel IV 4+7b, 449b Escude, Johannes de l 279 Escuides (Eschuid), Johannes II 545; III 663a Esculeius s« Hypsicles Escuolo, Lucas dL IV 546b Esinger, LaurmJiv.s V 49a Esiodus sa Hesiodus Eslituus, Martinus III 506a Esopus s« Aesopus Espejo, Lupo de VI l 07b Espencaeus, Claudius III 98b Espeneeus, Clauclius IV 354a Espimi, MaJhurinu.s IV 48b Espisch, Valentinus III 480b Essazarreta, Aloisius IV 556a Essex, earl of III 207b; IV 34b, 35a•, 35b•, 36b; V 312a, 337a, 390a, 390b, 4/0a, 412a Esslingm III 582b, 609b, 6/0a d'Estaing, card. Gulielmus III 364b Estanosa, Pedro Juan de la IV 534a Esu Family I 54, 374, 375•, 381 d'Este Gonzaga, Isabella II 72, 195, 241, 273, 281, 344, 357, 361, 363, 384, 407, 409, 431, 470, 497, 518•, 525• Esu Gonzaga, Margarila. d', Ducht.ssa di Guast.alla VI 12b, Ua, 248b D'Este s« UNDER E Estt, d', jamily II 84, 128, 387, 474; IV 78b; V l76a, 284b, 539a; VI 306a, 326b Este, Alberto d' II 57; III 30/a, 337b; IV 1/0a, 1/0b, 655a, 655b; V 595a; VI 89b Estt, Almandro d', card. I 372, 376; II 388, 541; IV 70a, 685b; V 432a; VI 35/b Este, Alfonso l d', Duke of Ferrara l 18, 43, 56, 61, 307, 327, 368, 369, 378, 381, 393; II 344•, 353, 431 ... IV 230b, 542b, 573b, 58/b; v 78b, 239a. 334b, 339a, 342a, 346a, 353b, 359a, 435b, 525a; VI 21 a, 86a, 86b, 91 b, 299b, 312b, 397b, 398b Este, Alfonso II d', Duke of Ferrara I 61•, 372; II 452, 455. 473, 539; III 304b(?). 383b, 429a, 463b(>); V 89a, 299b*, 339a, 347a, 488a, 497b;

191 VI 14b, 75b, 84a, 84b, 86a*, 9lb, 118b, 135a, 216a, 27/a, 290b, 3/5b, 398b d'Este, Alfonso III IV +68b d'Esu, Anna I 54, 56 d'Esu, AnJollio I 3 70 d'Esù, A.:zo I 374 Esu, &mrice d' I 364"; Il 22; V 89b, 229b; VI BOb d'Este, Bernardino l 370 Esu, &rwldo d' l 55, 83, 336; Il 257, 258, 276, 388, 431; III 51/a"; V 254a; VI 35/b Este, Borw d', Duke of Modena and Ferrara l 33, 35•, 44, 55•, 56, 60, 61•, 132, 171, /94, 197, 212, 247, 250, 255, 279, 305, 334, 336, 338, 347, 362, 36g., 370, 372, 373, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 38/, 383, 384,. 389•, 390, 392, 406, 420; Il 18, 21•, 42, 45, 57, 69, 80, 81, 82, 84, Il/, 123, 126, 128, 144, 185, 186; 196, 2!9•, 248, 255, 257, 258•, 297, 302, 359•, 360, 362, 371, 383, 385•, 427•, 431, 448, 469•, 470, 471, 483, 486, 501, 535, 542•, 551, 585, 602; III 119a, 160b, 222a, 244b, 277b, 283a, 305a(?), 31/ b(?J, 348a, 358b, 364a•, 367a•, 377a, 462a, 5//a, 629a; IV 102b, 117b, 162b, 170a•, 225a, 294b, 371a, 419b, 628b, 639a; V 227b•, 23/a, 345a, 355a•, 365b, 455a, 455b, 525a, 526a•, 615b•, 620b; VI 8b, Ila*, 13b, 28a*, 50b, 70a, 78a, 85a, 87h-, 9lb, 106b, 219b, 244b, 286a, 290b, 336a, 405b Esù, Cmre d' l 372; VI 94b Este, Eleonora d' (d'Aragona), daughter of Ercole Il III 3/0b; IV 613a; VI 14a, 15a, 9lb Este, Ercole I d', Duke of Ferrara l l O, 19, 41•, 43, 55 •, 56•, 60, 61•, 72, 77, 83, 90, /34, 191, 213, 216, 254, 255, 280, 313, 319, 321, 338, 356, 363, 364, 368, 369•, 371, 374, 375, 379•. 38/, 382•, 385•, 388, 391, 434; Il 13, 57•, 69, 103•, Il/, 116, 171, /89, 213, 216, 242, 254, 258•, 259, 266(?), 270•, 302, 345, 353•, 357•, 362, 371, 382, 384, 385•, 386, 422, 431•, 435, 440, 442, 452, 464, 469, 486•, 539, 542, 543, 561, 603, 607; III 211b, 386b, 429a, 468a•, 535b•, 616a, 7 44a; IV 88b, l 06b, l 09b, Il Oa, 226a, 257b, 25Ba•, 419b, 468b, 6/3a, 639b, 640b•, 647b, 651a; V 60a, 78b, 229a, 290a, 292a,

365b, 373b•, 396b, 509a, 512b, 526a, 555a, 556a, 576b, 584a, 586b, 62 5a; VI 13b, 14a, 21 a, 40b, 65a, 91 b, 94b, 179b, 216a, 282a, 375b, 405b Este, Ercoli' Il d', Duke of Ferrara I 56, 60, 369; Il 278, 345, 422, 517, 539, 543, 581; III 383b, 429a, 486a; IV 573b, 576b, 578b; V 78b, 218b, 233a, 347a•, 412a, 529b, 539b, 549b, 602a; VI /3b, 13h-, 15a, 91 b, 135b, 153b, 20 l b, 398b, 402a* d'Esù, F.sara I 232 d'F.sù, EuJtnchia III 31 Oa d'Esù, Franmchino I 374 Este, Francesco d', Duca di Modena I 368; Il 541; VI 216b d'F.sù, Ginevra II 409 Este, Ippolito I d', Bishop of Ferrara, card. I /4, 43, 56; 6/, 307, 325, 329, 370, 374; Il 123, 353, 359, 375, 407, 450, 45.'>, -161, 533•, 56+; III 207b, 268a, 388b; IV 76b, 189b, 437a, 578b, 650b; V 222a, 235a, 236a•, 340b; VI 7Sb•, 84a, 91b, 390b Este, Ippolito II d', Bishop of Ferrara, card. V 197a, 209b, 222a, 235a, 268a, 356a, 376b, 529b, 531b•, 532a, 549b, 552a, 552b, 575a; VI 16b, 74b, 82b, 87a*, 9lb, 135b, 136a, 302a, 39la Este, Isabella d', Marchiones.~ of Mantua l 54, 55, 268, 269, 271, 385, 388; III 79b, 312a, 317b, 329a, 330b, 338a; IV JOa, 171a•, 177b•, 407b, 408a, 651a, 686a; V 87a, 171b, 228b, 238a, 348a, 353a, 430b; VI 2la, 23b•, 24b, 25a, 25b, 60a, 179a, 179h-, 469a, 495b, 601a d'Este, Isotta III 367a; IV l 02b E.ste, Lconello d', Duca di Modena e Ferrara I IO, 14, 21. JJ•, 3s•, 40, s4•, 55•, 57•. 58, 61, 62•, 81, 83•, 109•, 164, 191, /97, 201•, 211, 213, 243, ~n5•, 254, 255. 261•, 262, 298. 299, 320•, 325, 326, 327, 330, 332, 3.-u•. 336•. 338, 340, 343, 348, 355, 362•, 368, 372. 377•, 379, 381, 382, 383•. 390, 392, 400, 403•, 420, 440; II //, 14, 16, 19•, 21, 27•, 29, 35, 43, 45, 46, 47, 67, 80, 81, 83, 85, 88, 99, 102, 103, 112, 126•, 131, 135, 147, IBJ•, 186, 191, 197, 213, n 7, 24S, 263, 267•, 283•, 296•, 298, 300, 305, 308, 326•, 331, 357•, 359, 360•, 366, 371, 378, 391, 392, 400, 408, 423,

427, 428, 431•, 432, 433•, 448, 457, 461, 465, 483, 484, 486•, 489, 495•, 502, 520, 535, 550, 551, 556, 568, 569, 584; v 4b, 69b•, 70a, 78a, 89b, 127a, J30b, 13la, 192a, 193b, 222b, 229a, 372b•, 406b•, 41/b, 422a, 454b, 455a*, 455b•, 460b, 463a, 559a, 572b•, 586b, 630b; VI 29b, 30h-, 4/a, 75b, 91b, 148b, 219b, 270a, 278b, 291b•, 299a, 334b, 378b, 389a, 415a d'Esu, lmnora I 368 d'F.sù, Lumzia l l 68; V 402b; VI 258a d'Este, Ludovico III 650b; IV 126b d'Esù, card. Luigi 554, 606; III 22a•, 49b•, 120a•, 122b•, 157b, 168a*, 195b, 197a, 198b, 222b, 226a, 264a, 264b, 282a, 314a, 348a•, 3-19a, 367a, 377a, ·l22b, 425a, 435b, 482a, 489a; IV 47a, 47b, 102b•, 116a, 116b, 126b*, 127b, 128a, 134b, 162b•, 163b •, 169a, 178b, 200a, 200b, 204a•, 209a, 209b•. 231b, 2-16b•, 249a•, 252a, 293a, 294b, 304b, 34ìa, 362b. 371a•, 419b, 545a, 567a, 62-la, 632b, 646a•, 646b•, 647a; VI 19b, 256a, 403b F.sù, Marchese di Fmara d' VI 66a d'Este, Margherita l IO F.sù, Meliadu.so d' l 223; Il 296; V 237a d'Este, Niccolò l 14, 58, 59, 83, 261, 289, 315•, 336. 358, 377, 392•; Il IO, 19•, 21, 43•, ·l6•, 61, 83, 85•, 102, 103, 115, 135, 147, 179, 186, 189, 226, 249, 250, 258•, 302, 3/3, 330, 373•, 382, 385, 406, 427•, 456, 457, 483, 485, 551, 595, 599; IV 226a; VI l l 7b d'Este, Niccolo II IV 4/b, 617a•, 619a• F.stc, Niccolò III d', Marquis of Ferrara III 133a•. 2 l 6a, 282a•, 337b, 435b, 489a, 519b, 52/a; IV 11/b, 147b. 182b, 23/a, 295b, 403a, 404a•, 408b, 57/a, 646b, 647a.., V 69b, 74a, 254b, 274a, 355a, 637b; VI 52b, Bla, l 79a*, 225a, 27/a, 337b. 345a, 377b, 378a, 378b d'Este, Niccolò Maria l 329; Il 265, 375; IV 455b F.ste, Renata d' Jtt Renée de France Esu, Sigùmondo d' l 87. l 00. l Ol, 380; Il 345; v 254a, 526a d'F.sù, Taddto l 55, 83, 320; Il 431 d'Este, Vittorino l 22, 370; II 566, 587


Este, cartiittoJ l 329, 3 76 EstmJis Martinmga, Diana V 617a Estemis marchio IV 209a Estepa, Marqués de s« Centurion Estim& maistn, secTtJary lo &rau/J S~w~rt IV 242b Estienne see Stephanw Estienne, Henri see Stephanus, Henricus Estigu.s IV 666a Estius, Guilielmus IV 323b Estivale, Johannes III 296a Es~~ Anlonius IU 94a Estouteville, Guillaume de, card. Rothomagemis l /09, 271, 383; 11364, 451; v 23lb, 480b; VI 93a, 4/0a, 4/Ja Estro, Niccolò Il 399 Esych, Johannes Il 593 Esychius, Johannes III l 07b, 506b, 550a; IV 6/b, 373b, 376b, 377a; VI 15b, 369a, 516b Esyclriu.s, Theotlon.s IV 61 b Esztergom, archhislwp of IV 506b Elcking III 5 93b Etherega, Georgiw s« Edricus ElllerUmus, Hugo V /3b EJJrico.l treati.ses III 390a; IV 316a, 625b, 665a F.Jilicus Johannis V 189b EllriDpia VI 3 4 4a, 3 8/ b E11riopian 1angruJge VI 540b* Ellriopian scmgs VI 540b Ethrigius, Georgius s« Edricus Etienne s« Stephanw Etingerus, Johannes Ul 226b* Ebta su Attna Elon Co/bgt IV 37a, 20/a*, 20/b Elruscan 1anguagt VI 5 Oa Etru.scans VI 67a Etrusco Il 605; s« Pazzi, Alfonso de' EJum, Christophorus lJtDI IV 537b Ettenius III 132a Ettenius, Comelius IV 77a Ellmi.s, HilTtml11r1ws VI 15b Etthenhart III 19b Etulain y Garro, Maestro v 319b ~logica! treati.st VI 385a ~logicum Magrwm III 633a Etzelius, Balthasar III 617a, 637a Euagrius Il 195, 358, 60 l; III 93a, 374a, 718a; IV 274b, 593b; V 129b, 276b; VI 549a, 549b Euboea VI 550b; s« Negropont.Eucaetbu.s, Augu.stinus IV 4!6b Eucharius Lugdunensis VI 511 b F_uchtrius II 31 Euclrusa IV 62a Eudcrich V 14b Euclides l /7, 85, 152*, /65,


178, 281' 283, 285, 295, 305, 306, 307, 309, 314, 317, 3/8*, 322 358, 372; Il 70*, 120, 124, 136*, 158, 179, 213, 228, 312, 315, 341, 342, 393, 421, 442, 473, 595*, 596, 597; III 23b, 52b, 178b, 220b, 229b, 233b, 235b*, 238a*, 239a*, 242a*, 244a*, 252a, 267a, 315a, 316a, 36la, 376a*, 387b, 389b*, 407a, 408b*, 420a, 442a, 476b, 502b, 513b*, 554b, 576b*, 601b, 620b, 645a, 664a, 721 a; IV 27a, 30b*, 33b, 52b, 133a, 149a, 205a, 211 b, 350a*, 350b, 398b, 435b, 439a•, 448a, 508b, 510b*, 533a*, 533b*, 534a, 537a, 537b, 540a, 602b, 604b, 638a, 662b, 684a; V 2/a*, 23b, 29a, 29b, 79b, 175a, 182b, 215a, 221 b, 256b, 280a, 302a*, 302b*, 31 Oa*, 313a, 315a, 38la*, 389a, 454a, 56la*, 588a, 589b*, 590a*, 59la, 592b, 627a*; VI 33b, 37b, 38a, 42b, 44b*, 47a, 48b*, 60b, 64a, 65a, 102b, 104a, 104b*, 106b, 113a*, 144b, !52b, !76b, 177a, 249a*, 274a, 286a, 360a, 36la, 387a, 387b*, 388a, 399b, 455b, 459b, 497a*, 499b, 503b, 527a Eudaemon, Andreas Johannes Graecus, SJ. VI 144b, 199a*, 199b*, 200b* Eudaimonius, Johannes Andreas Il 138*, 139 Eudemonivannes, Andreas, SJ. Il 119* Eudoxius III 649b Euerchomenus l 142* Eufemie dictus I 83 Eufreducciis, Johannes de V 355a Eufrenius, Albertw IV 373b Eufrosini, Salvator V 553a Eugalenus, Severinus III 500b Eugene see Eugenius Eut,tne of Saroy III 68a, 511 b, 597a•, 600b, 680a; IV 3/a S. Eugenia I /90; II 311*, 474 B. Eugenius 414 Eugenicus Ephesius, Marcus III 368a* &gmicus, Jolwnnes v 64b Eugenius III 227b; IV 429b s. Eugmiw v 55lb Eugenius Admiratus Palerrnitanus I 76, 90, 118, 140; Il 226, 237*, 246, 301, 3 l 5; III l Ol a, 244a, 262a; IV 162a, 519a, 658b, 675a; V 561a F~ /Il I 27; II /70; III 692a Eugenius IV (Gabriel Condulmerius, card.

S. Clementis) I 20, 35*, 36, 40, 50, 53, 60, 83, 84, 91, 92, /33, 157, /60, 170*, 171, 187*, 189, 191, 218, 241, 242, 244, 245, 251*, 253, 256, 259,. 261, 272, 297, 320, 334, 341, 350, 352, 355, 377, 380, 401, 404, 422, 439; II 6*, 13, 27, 42, 43, 45, 49, 65, 72, 79, 8/, 88*, 99, 101, 104, 105, /09, 128, 129, /34, 157, 161, 166, /86, 194, /99, 210*, 219, 254, 269, 283*, 299, 306, 307*, 308, 311*, 312, 316, 320*, 321*, 322, 325*, 326, 328, 330, 334, 335, 339, 342, 348*, 350, 360, 364, 365, 367, 371, 372*, 376, 378, 383, 387, 392, 400, 409, 413, 415, 423, 425*, 438, 445, 447, 451, 460, 463*, 466, 481*, 509, 523, 566, 567•, 568, 586, 595, 601, 605; III 25a, 39b, 46b, 54b, 124a, 124b, !66a, /98a, 198b*, 209b*, 216a*, 250a, 278b, 286b, 29lb, 356b*, 374a, 399b, 475a, 482b, 484a, 494a, 52 l a, 538a, 542a, 564a, 656a, 682a*, 706a, 728b, 73la; IV 39b*, 46b, 76a, /OOa, 114a, 116a*, 116b, 139a, 159b, !60b, 177b, 179b, 18/b, 207a, 209a, 24lb, 258b, 283b, 290b, 294b, 295a, 382a*, 404a, 414a•, 414b, 429b, 48lb, 482b*, 488b, 5Ub, 519b, 549a, 563b, 570a, 599a, 603b, 604b, 620b, 625b, 626a*, 654a; v 8b, 19b, 20b, 4/b, 42b, 66a, 75a, 8la, 13 Oa, 13 4a, l 74b, 224a, 260a, 276a, 326b, 40/b, 459b, 460a, 474a, 522b, 529a, 594a, 6//a, 618a, 637a,· VI 17a, 52b, 77a, l 06a, 122b, 126a, 129b, 168b, !69a, 170a, 175a, 179a, /90b, 243a, 263a, 277a, 28/b, 30/b, 302b, 303a, 304a, 305b*, 3!5b, 326a*, 334a, 344a, 35/a, 359b, 364b, 365a*, 392b, 393a, 402b, 4/0a, 536b, 614b Eugmiw f!rtsbyter IV 38/b Eugenius Romanw VI 311 a Eugenius, Prince of Savoy V 277a, 314b, 428a, 428b Eugippius III 672a Eugi(Jpiw f!rtsbyter IV 381 b EuglechiJ, Bapti.sto. de III 64a Eugraphius IV 368a Eugubina, Tabuia II l 92 Eugubinus Magister II 440 Eugubium VI Ila*, 12a, 12b; sn also Gubbio Eulenbergius, Cap. III 380b F.ul.tr, L III 336b EulistukJ lihtr I l 7 l EU!TlnUs V 277b Eunapius IV 169a, 378a


Euonymus Carinthus, Antonius III 395b Euphalianus JU Gnolten and Sibertus Euphemio da Perosa IV 185b Euphemius III 664b; VI 422a, 497a, 549a Euphorion III 284b Euphronius (Eufrenius), Albertus III BI a; VI 150a, 368b S. Euplrrosina VI !BOa s. Eupluosyna v 35Bb Eupluo.ryna Vrcmlina IV 449a Euprtpio l 3 4 Eurant, Samuel III 279a Eurialo d'Ascoli (Moranus) I l 00; II 56, 339, 400; III 25b, 202a EuriaJo da Pontrtmoli l 200• Euripides I 90, 184, 326, 335, 3B4, 406, 417; II 4, 202, 264, 330, 402, 428, 442, 457*, 45B, 460, 508, 598; III 35b, liSa*, 115b, 193a, 205b, 214b*, 322b, 342b, 45Bb, 494a*, 500a, 555a*, 675b; IV 23a, 29a, 131b, 203a, 205a, 256a, 263b*, 4/3b, 536a, 565b*, 646a, 648a*, 666a; V 59b, 73b, 74a, 92b, 96b, 153a, 370a*, 387a, 413a, 433a; VI 90a, 142b, /69a, 276b, 477b, 559a Euromodio, Robertus de IV 556a, 643b; VI 436b Europeus sn Scioppius, Gaspar Europeus, Lucius Comelius s« Clements Scotus Eumporu.s, Luciw Cornelius IV 5/0a Euru.r grommaiicur l 2 72 Euryalus s« Eurialo Eu.rtbiw cardinali.s II 355 Eusebius Caesariensis I 31, 3 4, 85, 152, 175, 190, 230, 246, 291; II 30, 41, 130, 165, 216, 251, 284, 311, 320, 339*, 384, 414, 445, 472, 474, 523, 531, 540, 565; III 28b, 49a, /03b", 132a, 242b, 3/9b, 323a, 390b, 407a, 4/Bb, 470a, 557a, 622b, 633a, 650a, 684b; IV 16a, 39a, 41a, 73b, 147a, 149a*, 151b, 183b, 197a, 287a, 339a, 367a, 374a, 37Ba, 403b, 495a, 499a, 523a, 533a, 537a*, 538b, 540a*, 543b, 649a, 661 b, 686b; V 29a, 94a, 129a, 179a, 193a, 213a, 223a, 317b, 350a, 380b, 385a, 506a, 605a, 607b, 628a; VI 6a, 47b, 78a, 8/b, 154a, 276b, 346b, 422a, 422b*, 424a, 424b, 427a, 430b, 434a, 443a, 449a, 480a, 502a*, 503a, 515b, 529b, 530b, 531a, 536b, 5B7a Eusebius Cremoneruis III 16a,

30b, 71 a, 82a, 82b, 84b, l 02b, 495b, 497a*, 611 b, 629a, 692b*, 630a*; IV 51 a, 170b, 288a; V 537a; VI 123b Eusebius Emesenus I 353; II 566 Eu.rtbiw Hispanu.r, monachu.r III 6/3a Eusebius monachus II 31 Eusebius Mutinensis II 16 Eu.rtbiw Parmnuis V 61 7a Eusebius, Franciscus I 205 Eusinus, Johannes III 279a Eusringus stt Enslingus Eustache stt Eustathius Eu.rtadtin dn Maiera I 365 Eu.rtachio dn Smnona IV IB5b " Eustachio, Ferrante II 602 Eustachio, Giovanni Paolo VI 185b Eustachius III 59a, 522a; IV 292a; V 559a S. Eustachius I 24; II 213, 235; VI 39b, 57b, 253b, 27/a, 434a Eustachius de Bononia, O.P. III 178b Eustachius dc Grandi Curia III 261a Eustachius de Sancto Victore de Feltro V 304a* Eu.rtacltiu.s grommaiicur I 411 Eustachius, Bartholomaeus l 284; Il 151*; IV 22lb*; V 293a, 495a, 547b Eustachius, Johannes Paulus I 293, 295, 302, 303 Eustacius III 116b Eustasiis, Johannes J acobus de I 324* Eustathius l 369; II 586, 594-595; III 94a, 174a, 252b*, 346a, 626b; IV 20a, 194b, 299a, 536b*; V 143b Eustathius Viennensis, Ludovicus V 396a Eu.rlalhiu.r, Alexius II 3 5O Eustathius, Ludovicus III 327a Eustenius V 597b Eustenius, Achilles IV 232a Eustmu.r, Johannes Georgiu.r IV 5B6a Eustochium moniali.s II 5 Eustochius IV 421 b; VI 421 a Eustochius, C. Laurentius II 143*, 144 Eustothius, C. Laurentius V 282a s. Eustraciw Il 445 Eustratius Il 223; III 232b, 238b, 240b, 499b; IV 276a, 570a, 612b, 637b; VI 44a, 105a, 105b Eustratius archiep. Nicenus V 7b, 590a Eustratius presbyter Il 338*

193 Eutecnius II 441 Euthichius, Petrus IV 85b, 86a Euticus, H. III 21 b Eutochius IV 533b Eutocius l 2BO; Il 17 7, 213, 427*, 433*; III 315a, 561b. 665b; V 5 77 a, 605a; VI 164a, 245b, 246a, 253a Eutropius I 194; II 420; III IOBb, 466b; IV 73b, 132b, 160b, !BOb, 185a, 263b, 359a, 459b, 650a, 666b; V 96b, 287b, 327a, 366b, 384b*, 528b, 647b; VI 138b, 374b, 577a, 612a f:u!ychius II 33B Euxobu.r tk Vercellis Il /BO Eva III 28/b" Evagoras stt Jovius, Benedictus Evagrius IV 60b*, 421 b; V 43b; VI 180a, 42la, 497a Evander, Antonius III 438a Evander, Bencdictus V 146a El1an.dTi lammJaJio suptr morte Pailantis jiJii III 124a EwngtiUJ III 438a; VI 7 l b* Evanj:eiUJ graeca IV 152b EwngtiUJrium IV 39a &angelirus, Domirricu.r IV 23 4a; v 2/6b Ewngtlii ti philosophim, tk discrimine III 547a, 547b Evangelista II 487*; IV 24/a, 557b, 584a Evangelista Tarvisinus, frater II 196 Evangelista Viterbiensis II 57 Evangelista, frater II 6 7 Ewngtlistaria VI 542a Evarv:elu.r prtsbyln III 26Bb Evatius, Theodorus V l 5 l b Evatt, Samuel IV 67b Evax VI 172b Evelyn, John IV 192a; V 336b, 367b, 382b*, 40 l b Evencii, Bartholomaeus, O.Carm. VI 374b Everard, John IV 221 b*; v 407b Evtrard~ Nrcolau.s IV 3BOa Everardus J« Eberardus Everhard, Georgius III 523b Everhardus, O.M. III 568a Everhardus, Wilhelmus III Il b Everseley, Gaufridus de (Geoffiey Everseley) IV 541a; VI 137a Eviatus Medicus, Theodorus v 73b Evichus stt Ewich Ezmra IV 447b, 450b, 454b, 456a, 457b, 462b, 463a Ezmra, Univtrsit; q[ IV 451 a", 466b Ewerardus, P. VI 461 b Ewer, Rogcrus III 196a D'Ewes, Simon IV 146b

194 Ewich, Johannes von V 151 b, 156a, 157a Exarclz, Pm IV 49/b Exarpts l 206; V 484a, 491 b Exc/amaJio dt irwido I 3 30 ExcommunicatioiiLS IV 215a; v 470b Excuria, Johannes O.P. III l 08a Execichus, Jacobus II 305 Extmpw III 61 1b; v t24b Extmpw Romana VI 81 a Extmpw exordimdi in genere iudiciali III 4Da E:urcisu in writing VI 147a E:urcizi spirituali fMr le monache III 82b Exerichus Hispanus, Jacobus v 532b Exfrondatus su Sfondratus ExirortiJtion.r III 25a; V 5 36a Eximenes m Ximenes Exinus su Franciscus Aesinus Exlinus, Johannes III 617a, 637a Exnerus, Balthasar VI 368b Exodus V 57b; su Bihle Exopus su Aesopus Exorcism, trealim on V 23a*, 124b, 485a Exorrha I 88, 135, 430; II 14, 122, 255, 331*, 368, 491' 602, 605; IV 17 4b, 179b, 185b, 200a*, 641 b; V 33a, 70b, 89a, 128b, 253a, 596b; suFonn txOTdiiJ

Exortalione l 141 Exposilio dictitmum iuTis IV 200b Exsingn~n su Eisengrein ExJmori principio humanonon actuum, dt VI 58 7b Extimatio= jacu fMr COTTIJJIIL MNiwlnni IV 618b ExtrantUS A/exandrinus dt &rgolitJ, ]~XU~~~es Steplumu.s V /4b Exuperantius, Lucius VI 329a Eyb family III 639a Eyb, Albertus de II 287; III 31 b, 34a, 164b, 395a, 452a*, 452b, 495b, 519a*, 519b*, 523a*, 523b, 524a*, 561 a, 629b*, 631 a*, 660b, 706a, 742a*; V 54b, 91 b, 194b; VI 190b, 432b, 489a, 490a*, 507a, 529b, 539b Eycheman, Jodocus II 390; VI 362b* Eyts, discourst an V 415a Eyking, Michael III 60la Eylardus de Saxonia, O.P. V 25a* Emuriro.J, .V'u:olaus IV 596a*, 599a f\ndius, J acobus VI !50a Eyst"nbergk, Lazarus III 463b Eyscngrt"in, Gulielmus V 36b Eyscnmengt"r su Eisenmenger



Otto SJ. III 523b, 617a(?) Eystat, Johannes VI 542a Eysteten, Johannes II 391 Ezlerus, A. VI 582b Ezlerus, Marcus Antonius VI 582a &uelk, Jacobus III 399a(?) Ezzelino da Romano II 9; V 4/Bb

F see aiso Ph F. F. F. F F.

II 430; VI 16a* de Baucio V 593b* Can. I 385 ahbas dt Carcerihu.s I 157 Ferrarie episcopus IV /62b; su Franciscus de Lignamine F., Johannes Baptista V 290a* F. Lig.s V 450b F. de Narnia IV 49la F. dt Padua III 590b F Zmnmsis VI 37/a F. episcopus Volaterranus m Soderini F.A.M. III 514a F.A.R. III 560b F.B. Il 568 F.B.C.C.M. Oss. Le. Il 348 FB.C. Th. III 222b FC.C.F III 397b FD.S. V 6!5b F.G. Il 270 FG. dt Anglia V 242a F.G.F. V 14la F.H.L.V. V 232b F.L.C. IV 13b F.M. III 424a FM.S. III 423b*, 425a F.M. Parm. II 494 F.N. I 385 F..N. Mu. R.P. III 69b F.P. II 196 F.R. V 484a F.S.S.S. IV /15b F.T. V 137b F.T.P. V 137b Fab. III BOa Faba, Guido l 17, 18, 36, 82, 96*. l 13, 365, 386, 394. 4/4, 436.., Il 16, 93, 128, 131, 214, 330, 394, 413*, 421, 475, 571 (?), 591; III 14b, 164a, 236b, 241 b, 265b, 356b*, 4D6a, 42la*, 425b, 472a, 475a, 499a*, 514a, 5 70b, 605a, 646a*, 704a, 718a; IV 5a, 85a* 120a*, 134b, 14Db, 200a, 237a, 237b*, 422a, 491 a*, 496a*, 534b, 555a, 631 a, 64lb, 642a, 645b; V 2lb, 25a, 25b, 43b, 62b*, 70b*, 105a, 168a, 2h4b; VI 108b, 127a, 183b, 223a, 289b*, 375a, 382a, 425b. 426a, 430a, 442b, 4Ha*, 479b*, 480b, 523a, 545a

Faha, Nu:olml.s III 203b Faha, Nu:olaus tlu r owrgn III 203b Faba Pergammsis, Ptrsmalitrw dt la, O.M. V 477b Fabariis de Laude, Maphaeus de VI 222b* Fabbri Bononiensis, Philippus, O.Serv. V 170a* Fabbri, Leandro VI 152a Fahbri, P. Onoraùl III 148b Fabbrini, Giovanni V 557b Fabbroni, Angelo V 570a* Fahbronus, Octaviw II 201 Fahtlla, ViUziianus II 177 Fabti.JM vmihus expiUotDL VI 4 3b Faber l 27; III 96a; V 420a; VI /5/a; m aiso Fabri Faber Alpes, P. III 564a Fahtr ArgmJarius, Danid III 312a Faber Coelestinus, Dionysius III 270a* Fahtr Ferrarimsis, 1TUL5icus III 84a(?) Faber Hassus, Johannes V 63b Faber r.lindelhemius, Erardus v 73b Faber Pibracius, Vidus III 227a•, 227b, 297b, 325a* Fabtr Sanjorianus, P. III 325a Faber Stapulensis, Jacobus (Lefcvre) l 59, /64*, 383; II 164, 359, 400, 4D l; III 83b, 115b*, 118b, 13la, 160a, 227a•, 227b*, 276a, 317b, 318a*, 327a, 337a, 345a(?), 345h, 372b, 409a, 4//a, 458a, 474a, 525b, 593b, 594h, 617a, 624h, 644b*, 650b, 665a*; IV 14Db, 166b*, 346b*, 358b, 365IJe), 449a, 628h; V Ua, 33b, 77h, 113b, 117a, 211 a, 315a, 499a, 522a; VI 396a, 420b Fahtr VtTOTlmSis, Jacohus IV /63b Faber de Werdea, Johannes II 395, 591; III 32b, 155b*, 177b, 179b, 402a, 4D2b, 42lb, 423b(?), 44la, 442a. 472b, 599b, 602a, 618b, 684b, 702b; IV 421 b*, 425a; V 184b, 278b*; VI 215a, 368a, 424b, 431 a, 464a, 464b, 490a, 51 Ob, 513a, 537a*, 537b Faber of Bamberg, Johannes V 585b, 606a; VI l 03a Faber, Aegidius pater V 478b* Faber, Andreas III 637a Faber, Bernardinus VI 4D4b Faber, Erhardus V 151 b Faber, Franciscus 111 400b, 499a t'aber, Henricus 111 440b, 578b Faber, Hieronymus 111 637a Faber, Jacob Il 340; 111 637a Faber,Johannes l 282; 111 517b, 607a, 6/7b, 637a, 736a; IV 432b, 433a, 608b, 685b;


V 94a, 126a, 127b, 136a, 141 b, 146a, 148b, 238b Fabcr, Johannes Augu.stanu.s IU 607a Faho, Johannes FTanci.lcw II /47 Fabcr, Johannes O.P. III 670b Fabcr, Johannes Rodolphus III 279a Fabcr, Johannes SJ. III 702a Fabcr, Johannes, Lynceus l 403-404 Fabcr, Johannes, bishop of Vienna l 338; II 188, 229, 275, 324*, 349, 379, 384, 431, 504*; III l 4b, 43b, 52a, 62b, 70b, 345a, 370a, 383b, 393a, 426a, 432b, 440b, 450b, 459b, 509a, 531b, 548b, 560a, 597b*, 723a; VI 151b*, 152a, 153a*, 154b*, 160b, 229b, 303b, 32~ 343b, 388b, 500a, 510a, 544b Faho, ]olwnnLs, vic4Tiw Conslmltim.ri.s V 8 2a Fabcr, Judocus III 582a Fahtr, Ludm;icus III 223b Faho, Martinus V 344a Faho, Miduu~ Cnvimsis l l 03 Fabcr, l'ìicolaus II 564*; III 317a•, 319a, 319b*, 320b, 324a, 324b, 325a•, 463b; IV 263b, 264b*, 265a; VI 301a; w a/so Peiresc Faber, Paulus III 393a Fabcr, Petrus III 227a•, 227b"'; IV 205a; V 263b Fabcr, Sebastianus III 637a Faho, S1Lf!lwnus V 95b Fabcr, Thomas III 380a, 380b Fabcr, Cdalricus III 645a; V 183a Fabcr, Wolphangus IV 340b Fahiani, Luca IV 246a; V /25b, 570b, 604b, 605a; VI 148b Fabiani, Ubcrtino II 21 Fabianis, Christophorus de O.P. IV 360a, 360b Fabianus I 272, 415; II 55, 338, 355 Fabianus monachus III 348b Fabianus monachu.s Cassinensis II 595 Fabianus Cretensis II 213 FaiJianw ManlefJUkianmsi.s I l 4 Fabianus Spoletinus Il 55, 58 Fabianus episcopus Warmiensis w Tetinger Fabii, Augusto de' l 120 Fabii,jamily II 337 Fabio, Carlo II 593 Fabis, Xuolau.r de IV 250b Fabius II 28; IV 609a Fabius Bononiensis, Johannes Franciscus IV 406a Fabiu.s Leodius, Comelius v 73b

Fabius Pictor IV 140b, 204b, 392a; V 193a Fabius Ramanu.s VI 332b Fabius Victor IV 140b, 204b Fabius, &rtlwlomaew Il 208 Fabius, CamilJus V 362b Fabius, E..aya III 276a Fabius, Hermann III 637a Fabius,Johannes II 16 Fabius, M. Servatius VI 449b Fabius, Paulinus l 325 Fabius, Quintus II 434 Fabius, Scipio V 205b Fabius, Timotheus II 312 FabkJ I 337; II 104, 213, 305, 318*; III 121b*, 438a, 493a; IV 22b; V l 09a FahkJ, &ulc II 427, 585 Fabracius de Minerbio, Petroniu.s v 282b Fabregrw, Bmedictus IV 56/b Fabri V 107a Fabri dr Budweiss, Wenceslaus III 166b, 333b Fabn de Cuduuh (Cricluuh?, Sebastianus de) IV 22b Fabn de Dotll1UlVtrdl, ]Mimnes III 426a, 426b• Fabri dc Pcircsc su Pcircsc, Nico1aus Fabri Rotweilensis, Johannes V 264a Fafni, &mardus abbas S. Michtulis III 460b Fabri, Carolus V 116a Fabri, Christophorus V 113a, 113b*, 116a Fafni, Erwinus III 575a Fabri, Felix III 495b, 497a, 524a, 696a, 727a, 728a, 728b*, 729a; IV 303b; V 253b; VI 279b, 280a, 441 a Fabri, G.F. V 509b Fabri, Georgius III 349b Fabri, Giovanni Francesco IV J/5a, 115b Fabri, Girolamo VI 91 b Fabri, Gregorius III 81 a Fabri, Honore III 272b Fabri, Jacobus II 602 Fabri, Johannes III 57b, 73b, 350a, 476b, 702b, 737a, 743a; IV 137a; VI 549b Fabri, Johannes, cp. Viennensis V 40a, 45b, 113b, 116a, 136a, 148b, 549a Fabri, Martinus III 407b; IV 304b Fabri, Nico1aus su Peiresc Fabri, Ouaviano III /47a; VI 317b Falni, Phiiif>pus, O. &rv. VI 52 8b Fabri, T obias V 265b Fabri, Udalricus V 106b Fabriana IV 133a, 589b

195 Fabriano, Baptista de, O.P. stt Baptista de Fabriano Fabrica, Sylvtstrr &r./ de IV 585a Fabrici, Antonius III 63 7a Fabricii Aprutino, Principio V 230a•, 236a• Fabriciis J« Cynthius de Fabriciis Fabricius I 23, 90, 308; II 35, 53, 203, 245, 253, 265, 295, 408, 410, 568; III 222b, 28/b•, 413b, 745a; IV 46a, 537b, 625a; VI 46b, 62a, 12/b*, 184a, 355b Fabricius de Aquapendente, Hieronymu.s Il 26, 151*, 152, 40 l, 597; III 187a, 550b Fabricius de Aquapendente, Johannes Il 275 Fabricius Aquitanus, Amoldus IV 466a Fahriciw Capi/n, Wo!Wmg VI 50/a Fabricius Chemnitius, Jacobus III 370a Fabricius Ferrarinus, Michael IV 369b Fabririu.s Hiidanu.r, G. IV 2 l 3a Fabricius Marcoduranus, Franciscus III 324a; IV 353b Fabricius Montanus, Johannes V IOOa•, 151b, /52b Fabricius Tabcmomontanus, Henricus V 7b Fabririu.s, AndrtaS VI 500a, 50 l a Fabricius, Antonius III 63 7a Fabricius, Amoldus IV 449b, 450a Fabricius, Basileus IV 674b Fabricius, Bemardu.s I 98 Fabricius, Blasius III 370a Fabricius, Caius III 488a, 489a; v 121 b, 239b, 250b, 264b, 286b, 296a*, 300b, 355b, 382a; VI 101b Fabricius, Conradus V 151 b Fabririu.s, Esaias III 479b Fabricius, Franciscus III 96a, 290b, 370a, 637a Fabricius, G. V 363a Fabricius, C.A. VI 191a Fabricius, Georgius II 396; III 322a, 338b, 355b, 370a, 377b, 378b, 380a*, 380b*, 383a, 383b*, 386b, 392a, 400b, 420b, 426b, 432b, 433a, 440b*, 479b, 501a, 573b, 637a, 734a, 734b; IV 25a, 182b, 352a, 398a, 432b, 433a; V 35b•, 54a, 55a, 56a, 56b, 61 a, 76a*, 76b*, 77a, 77b, 151b, 157a, 183b, 375b*, 639b; VI 36/b, 500b, 544b, 547b, 548a Fabricius, Guilidmus III 106a; VI 26b*, 27b Fabricius, H. III 677a

196 Fabricius, Henricus III 378b Fabricius, Hieronymus III 380b, 560a Fabricius, Jacobus IV 182b; V 116a, 152a, 156b; VI 558b Fabricius, Johannes III 226b*, 499b; IV 376b, 377b; V 113b, /37b, 138b, 141b*, 146a, 155a, 155b Fabricius, Johannes Albertus V 339a Fabricius, Johannes Conradus V 151b*, 152a, 154a Fabriciw, Jolulruw Georgius III 678b Fabriciw, ]oJtphuJ IV 467b• Fabricius, Laurentius III 323a, 637a; VI 424a, 424b Fabricius, M.F.Z. III 380a Fabricius, Melc!Um IV 142a Fabricitzs, Michael III 370a Fabricius, P. III 255b Fabricius, P. Daniel VI 237a Fabricius, Paulus I 288, 309*; II 400; III 290a, 658b; IV 52b, 676b, 678b; V 155a, 370a; VI 434b, 582a Fabricius, Petrus V 151b, 157b Fabricius, Philippus III 736b Fabricius, Principius II 248 Fabricius, Rainerius SJ. III 28b, 620a Fabricius, Samuel I 68; III 614b, 637a Fabricius, Simon III 453b; v 64{)b Fabricius, Stephanus V 95b*; VI 15b Fabricius, Thomas III 31 7a Fabricius, Volfgangus V 344b; Jet Capito Fabrin~ Franwco IV 95a Fabrini, Giovanni III 570a Fabrinus, Johannes, Ficinus I 109 Fabrinus, Leander II 385*, 386 Fabrinus, Petrus Antonius II 461 Fabru, Achi/ks tiL IV l Ol a Fabris, Athanasius e II 278 Fabrir, ]aJ:obus tÙ II 550 Fabritii, Alvise Cintio degli II 214 Fabritius IV 160b; VI 90a, 208a; Jet Fabricius; Jtt a/so Ferrarinus; Reserus fàhritiw Collortlanw VI 12a Fabritius Leodius, Andrcas VI 3-l2a Fabritius Sacca, :\'icolaus VI 32lb fàbriJzus Tigun'n/L'i, Stbastianw IV 112a Fabritius ab Aquapendentc, Hieronymus l 145, 21i7, 286,


296, 308, 309, 310, 313, 352, 353 Fabritius, Andreas II 338 FahriJiw, Philippus V 450b Fahriw, Paschal IV 60a • Fabrizi, Alvise Cinzio dei VI 279a Fabr0, Carlo VI 237b Fabrizii, Giovanni VI 312a Fabrizio d'Acquapendente, Girolamo IV 235a; V 358a, 545a, 586a; VI 280b, 281a*, 533b Fabro imperfecto, il Il 596 Fabroni, Niccolò I 88, 130*, 152, 176 Fabronius, Hennannus III 584a, 584b, 585b, 608b Fabrus, N. Il 564 Fabrus, Vidus III 616a Fabry,Jodocus III 713a, 713b• Fahula, tiL IV 328b Fahulm V 33a*; VI 80b Fahularius IV 183a FaJ:caria, Nu:ola IV 515a(?) Facchinetti, Giovanni Antonio V 510a Faccino, Giovanni Maria I 267 FaJ:cinus, Caro/w I 357 Facciolati, Giacomo V 367b; VI 189b, 280a, 512a Facciola ti, Jacopo Il 576; III 285a FaJ:ciUJ, &ptislll IV 660a Facciuta, Sebasrianus (Facies) I 418*; II 90*; Jet Faci es FaJ:ciuiiJ, Stbastianus Vullnzius 385b Faceschis, Andreas Jacobacius de VI 6b* Faatiat I 131; Il 104, 320, 409, 566; VI 207b Facetus I 335; III 42b; V 14a, 512b; VI 368b, 504b FaJ:tlw librr Il 180 Fachela Jtt Sachela FaJ:htla I 315 Fachetus, Bemardinus Il 366 Fachineus, Andreas III 637a Facht von Andemach, Jacobus III 593b Facianus, Petrus, de CaJusio I 250 Facies, Sebastianus (Facciuta) Melphitanus VI IIOb* Facineus, Philippus V 579a Facinis, Antonius de VI 22'la Fafinù, Mtlchior tiL VI 230a Facino, :\'irolaus de I 202 Facinus III 488a Facinus comLs Biandrate III 2 8 Ba Facinus Patavius, Comes VI 78a* Faònus, Antonius II 270 Facinus, BarthowmtlLUS VI -lb, 53b


Facinus, Colotius Il 353 Facinus, Comes I 43, 44, 94, 259; II 198, 197 Facinus, Contes II 272 Facinus, GaJeazius Ponticus I 43•, 44, 59, 94, 259, 359, 362; Il 194*, 198*, 258, 270*, 284, 285•, 286•, 297' 349, 353"'; III 3/3a Facinus, Johannes Aloisius II 345 Facinw, ]uJiw AnJmzius I 43•, 59 Facinw, Ugolotw I l Ol Facio,Joanne IV 142b Facius Viterbiensis Jtt Santori Facius, Bartholomaeus I //, 19, 20•, 22*, 23, 31' 34, 35, 36, 90, 104, 120, 121, 124, 127, 139, 14{), 144, /64, 171, 174, 179, 206, 215, 217, 231, 238*, 239*, 242, 244, 245, 256, 285, 327, 361 ' 396, 40 l' 4{)4' 406, 4{)8•' 416, 429; II 9, 25, 30, 32, 43, 69, 76, 126, 127, 146, 155, 159, 167, 214, 245, 250, 253, 254*, 262, 264*, 266, 281*, 288, 321*, 331(?), 332, 341, 347, 348, 356*, 362, 368, 369(?), 372, 378, 382, 383*, 397, 399, 400, 4{)4, 419, 421, 431, 432, 436, 462, 473, 498, 500, 509*, 516, 520*, 523, 535, 544, 545, 562, 577*, 603; III 83b, 117a, 119b, 197b, 217a•, 217b*, 219b*, 220a•, 224b, 225b, 239b, 282b, 375a*, 377a, 480a•, 487b, 490b, 530b, 667b, 705a; IV 6b, l Ob*, 177b, 239b, 244b, 256a, 258b*, 364a, 410b, 484b, 486b*, 503a, 509b, 514b*, 516a, 522b, 523a, 530a, 545a, 549a, 589b, 608b, 617 a, 643a, 649b, 653a*, 653b*, 655a*, 660a*; V 8b, 17Ia, 173a, 288a, 462a*, 522a, 537b*, 577b, 607b, 615b; VI 4b, Ba, 53b, l96b, 99b, IOia, 103b*, 121b, 130b, 132b, 167b, 221 a, 221 b, 338a*, 351 a, 369a, 369b*, 405b, 542a Facius, Johannes Marius II 259 Facius, Julius IV 466b*, 467b Facolus Pu. I 90 Factanus, Matthaeus III 283b FaJ:tia. lùst.or I 9 Fact1honu1. Nu:olauJ I l 04 Factius Jtt Facius Fact.orius, .\uolauJ VI 196b Faella, Bartolomeo VI 290b Faella, Jacobus Philippus I 55; II 277, 299, 353 Faclla, Johannes II 277 Faclla, Johannes Nicolaus I 82; II 16, 245, 24~ 297 Facllus, Jacobus II 164


Fatollus, Manh~us II 164 Faellus, Nicolaus II 554 Fatollus, Pemus II 48, 554 Famtino &lognm, il VI 560b Fomza I 232; II 427; III 473a"'; v 504a Fomza, libraries VI 390b Faenza, Moru. di see Pio, Rodolfo Famru.!, A1111ihal V 529b Faernus, Gabriel I 47•, 223, 286, 289*; II 305, 339, 363, 367, 553; III 323b, 614a; IV 69b, 88a; V 237b, 509b, 51 Jb, 529b•, 530a•; VI 48b Faesch, Remigius III 550a; v 54a Faetanus, Matth~us V 383a Fagtdis, Jacobw Philippus de IV 31 b Fag.TUJ de Crnna, Jolumnes Allltmiw de III 3 98b Fager, P. III 319b Fagnw, BarlholmruJeus IV 628b Faget, Ambroise V 116a Fageus, Sebastianus I 282 Faggiuol~ Giovanni BaJtista II 517 Fagiardus, Petrus III 615a, 637a Fagiherus, Christianus Puecherr III 43b Faginius, ]olumnes Altrysiur IV 68b Fagiuolo, G.B. V 239a Fagius (Phagius), Johannes v 117b Fagius, Paulus III 349b, 509a, 557b, 646b; IV 65b, 67a; V 126a, 127b, 136a, 146a, 148b; VI 516b, 544b Fagnani su also Fannianus Fagnani, Raffaele VI 6lb, 74a Fagnano, Eusebius de I 23; Il 362 Fagnano, Johannes de II 161 Fagnanus, Johannes Franciscus VI 3lla Fago, Jolumnes Thomas de III 730b• Fagriola, Petrus IV 63b F!Danis, Mariottw Ser Tucii de IV JOOb Faiella, Cosmas su Favilla Faierus, Johannes Il 594 Faiglen, Georgius III 520a Fairfax, 'Thomas lord IV 78b Fait, Johannes de III 234b*; IV 612a; VI 427a Faita, Johannes III 652a Faitani, Giovanni Matteo VI 36b Faitanus, Johannes Matthaeus I 294 Faius su Fayus Faius, BarlholmruJeus l 9 7 Faius, Johannes I 97 Falcarius, Ludovicus V 116a Fa/cela, Aegidius, ep. VI 240a

Falcino sa Falzinus Falcinus, Camillus I 104•, 391 Falcinus, johannes Bernardus su Felicianus FaJdrism, Sara V 55a Falco su also Sinibaldus, Falco Falco Mantuanus see Sinibaldus Falco Valentinus, Jacobus IV 446b Falco Valmtinu.r, R.odnicus IV 96b Falco Veiulanus, Petrus V 148b Falco, Andreas Il 3 77 Falco, Aulicus l 45 Falco, Johannes III 322a Falco, Marianus IV 162a• Falco, Petrus III 508a Falcon, Jaime caballero de Montesa IV 51 l h Falconcini VI 346b Falconcini, Persio V 517b, 544b, 553a•, 557a Falconcinius II 437; sa also Falcuncinius Falconcinius, Michael A. I 194 Falcone, Ludovicus de I l 6!• Falcone, M.A. IV 50/a Falconer, Alexander IV 16a Falconerius, Gulielmus VI 241a Falconettus, Camillus II 36 Falconi, Angelo I 224 Falconi, Camillo l 224 Falconi, Constantino II 13 Falcon~ Filippo l 296 Falconi, Guglielmo I 135 Falconi, Jacopo I 313, 326 Falconi, Jacopo Rodrigo l 324, 377 Falconi, Niccolò I 145 Falconibw, Andreas de II 62 Falconieri, Paolo Il 308 Falconieri, Petrus Aloysius VI 399b Falconius Il 450 Falconius, Franciscus Il 26 Falconius, Jacobus Rodericus Il 363*; IV 451 b, 452a•; VI 390a Falconry, treatises on Il 282; IV 144b, 254b, 50 l a; V 209b, 646a; VI 203b Falconus, Antonius Il 449 Falcucci, Niccolò I 49 Falcuccius, Nicolaus II 423; IV 175b, 176a Fa/cuncinius, Persiur I 132, 24 7; II 144, 145 Falcus, Anellus I 424 Falcus, Johannes IV 628b Falcutius, Nicolaus VI 359b Faktfrus, Laurmtiw Il 373 Falerius, Camillus II 247; III 325b Falesius a Burgundia, Franciscus III 552a*; IV 545b*

197 Faletanus, Johannes l 286 Faletti, Girolamo l 268, 371*, 374, 376, 377, 385, 432, 432-433; II Il, 380 Faletus, Guido Il Il Faletus (Phaletus), Hieronymus III 42a, 123b, 383b; V 412a, 435b, 540a Falgano, Giovanni da l 126, 183 Falganus,Johannes III 615a, 637a Faliscus, Marianus Il 493 Fal.kenburgius, Gerardus I 302, 307; III 78a, 79a•, 79b*, 8Ib•, 109a, 270b; IV 61b*, 262b, 340b, 372a, 375a, 376a, 378b Falkmstein, CIUID de archbislwp o/ Trùr III 716a Fai.Jade IV 666a Falletti, Girolamo VI 93b, 280a Falloppia l 264, 265, 267• Falloppia, Gabriele III 191 h, 255a, 325a, 508a, 583a, 735a; IV 69b, 141 a, 219a•, 220b, 438a; V 182a, 495a, 546a, 556a; VI 133a, 246b, 52la Falloppia, Giovanni III 184b Faloppia, Juan (Giovanni Falloppia) VI 87a, 93b Falloppio, Gabriele I 62, 233, 341, 376, 385, 402; II 39, 43, 151, 268, 275, 502, 540*, 553, 554 Falloppio, Giovanni l 223, 285, 305 Falloppius Il 597 Falugi, Giovanni I 172 Falzinus (Falcino or Antelio), Dominicus (alias Camillus) VI 90a• F11m11g0sta VI 2 79b, 480a Famé, René V 232a Fami!J, trealise on tJu Il 455 Famulalu, de l l 72 Famulorum, de ofjicio l 138 Fanchahan, LuJouicu.s IV 282b(?) Fanconius, Johannes IV 425b, 647a Fanelius, Nicolaus III 499a(?); VI 58lb Fanfonga, Franciscus V 430a Faniarw.r, Carolus V 53 Ob Fannia l 56; II 46, 359, 370, 407, 434; III 202a; IV 650b; V 228a, 335a; VI 402b; sa also Sventhoca, Fannia Fannianus, Johannes Marcus VI 49b Fanniarw.r, Marcus VI 79b Fannius V 393a Fannius, Jacobus I 293, 324; II 203•, 236, 259; VI 12b Fannius, Johannes Baptista II 203, 259



Fanniu.s, PttnJJ I l 48; III l 06a, l33a; V 463a Fano IV 166a Fano, Bishop of VI 202a; s« Bartan us

Fano, Gaspar III 637a Fano, Jorge de IV 638a* Fanshaw, Hmricus IV l 5 l h FanJacius, Duminicus IV 14lh FanJasullus, Anlonius III 530h • Fantello, Zuane V 344b Fantesello, Antonius dc II 191 Fantexello, Antonius de IV 618b, 619a Fanti, Giovanni Agostino II 37, 39* Fantino, Francesco V 295h Fantino, Gismbruio V 295h Fantinw III 688h

Fantinus archiepiscopus Cretensis su Dandulus Fantinw Vmrtus III 483a Fantinw, Micluu/ I 3 48; II 35 7, 584

Fantis, Antonius de II 261; IV l 52a

l 104;

Fanti.s, jraJLr Dominicus dL II 459 Fantis, Sigismundus de V 629a Fa.7ZJlws, B. II l l Fantoni, Filippo I 152* Fantonius, Philippus II 142 FanJucci III 14 l a Fantw:cio, Lodovico

V 62lb

Fantucius Bononiensis, Gandulphus III l44a'"; IV 564a Fantullo, Jacohw dL VI 219b Fantutius, Gaspar IV 434b Fantuzzi J(( Elephantutius Fantuzzi, Giovanni V 497a. 49lb Fanus, Bartholomaeus II 345 Fanw, Franciscus l l Ol Fanusius Campanus V 415a; stt Ccccarelli, Alfonso

VI 280a Faquin, Johannes IV l 02b Fanzano, Marco

Fara Sassarensis, Johannes Franciscus ep. Rosanensis IV 69a Farad VI 319b Farag V 49b Faragius VI 35 7b, 360a Faragius J udaeus II 4 74 Faragonius, Franciscus III 481 b* Faranda, Nicola II 94 ràraont, futro II 581 Faraonius, Laurentius I 4:B Farardus physicus IV .'iO:!a ràraria, Marcw dL III 416b Faras, Joan IV 459a Fardella, Marco Antonio V 546a Fardella. Michdangrlo l 117. 233; III 179a; VI uJ;r of PtmrUJ VI 225b Famm lUI/n Rovm, Vritoria, Durhm of Urbino VI 166a Famm fami(y l 401; II 48, 301. 380, 460; III l 84h, 291 b; VI /Olh, 218h, 316a, 3/6b, 39la ràmtst ~:ardms II 405 Famtst library VI 99a* Farnese, card. IV 5la, 152a, 516b Farnese, Alessandro l 70, 212, 233, 419; II 20, 31, 40, 42, 302, 322•, 3.'>3*, 374, 451, 460; VI 450b; su also Paulus III

Farnest·, Akssandro card. I 33, so•. 114, 126, 129, 136, 318, 324. 338, 40!•, 406. 4!1•,

418•, 424•. 428, 432; II 8, 32, 38, 59. go•, 189, 252, 213, 289, 299•, 330, 336, 338, 361, 363, 361, 311, 408, 432, 440, 460, 461, 463, 413, 504*, 529, 543, 554; III ll5a. 294a, 325b, 329b, :l30b; IV 452h; VI /6a, 35b, 36a, 6/a, 91 b, 93a, 94b, 99a, 10/a, 103b, 104a*, 105h, fOla, Il Ob*, I:l5a*, 135b*, 164b, 165a, ll5b*, 200a, 218b, 212h, 2/12a, 306b, 316a, 3/6b, 342a, :JS4a*, 3115a, 388b, 389b; su also Paulus III

Farnese, Alessandro, Duke of Pam1a III IO!la, IlDa, 207b, SOfib*. Slllla, 637a; IV 158a, 516b, S42b, 686a; \' 13lb, 212a, 230a. 318b, 564a, 640a;

VI 37h, 7.~b. fOla, 1/0b*, 284b Famm, Anwnio, DuAr of Panna VI ll!fia•

Famtst, Carlo VI 164h Famesr, l>uJ;r Ranurcio Il 4 60 • Famtst, EdooTdo card. IV 235b Famtst, Elisahtua Q!wn of Spain IV 526a

l 324; Il 363 VI l l Oh Farnese, Ferrante II 311, 486*, Farnese, Enrico

Famest, Ftrdinando

554 Famtst, Francesco MariD I 412 Famtst, Gafma.o Il 486

Farnese, Gian Lttigi, Duke of Panna V 564b* Fame~, Giovanni Luigi I 278 Famtst, Giu/in I l 00 Famtst, Giulio Il 554 Farnese, Giulio Cesare II 481 Famtst, Luigi (Ailrysiu.s Fanu.sius) VI 6/a, l3h Fame~, Odoardo I 406; Il 460•, 461; VI 16b, 10/a, /02h, /06a*, 106h ràmtse, Orazio I 339; 11 322

Farnese, Ottavio, Duke of Parma l Il/, 388; II 69, 211, 432, 440; III 15h, 316h; IV Il 3h; V l li a, Ili h, 2 50h, 460h, 488a*, 508h, 529a, 529h, 556b, 640a; VI 99a, /06h, IIOb, 217b, 256a ràrnm, Paolo Pittro III 184h Famm, fur Luigi I 400{?), 41 l; II 481; IV 94h, 529a; VI 135b*, l 40a, 202a, 204a Famm, futrn III 29/h Fame~, Ranuccio I 50•, 313, 400, 403, 412, 411; Il 419, 411; III 123b; VI l3b*, 103h, 106a*, l 60a, 164b*, l lOa, 390a Famtst, Ranuccio II, I>uJ;r of Panna VI l 06h Farnese, prinripwa IV 58/ b ràmm, Viuoria III 294a '"; VI 316h Famt.sia, Cltria VI l l Oh

Farnesio, Pauluspetrus de, protonotarius 155b FamLSÌUJ V 532h• Famesius, Alexandr-r, card. V 89a•, 315b. 329h, 339h•, 356a, 385b, 4118b, 493a, 508h•, 51 Oh, 529b, 536b; Jtt Paulus III ràmtsiw, Franrucus AfariD lacintus Caro/w VI l 08h Famtsiw, Gauatius VI Il Oh ràmtsiu.s. Julius VI /35a

Famesius, Ranutius, archiep. :\'eapolitanus, card. S. Angulu of Parma III 38/a Ftrdinand l, Kmg of Ara.gon III 389rr, IV 493b, 523b, 685a Ftrdinand Il imptrator II 402; III 20a, 529a; IV 535b•, 576b Ferdinand II the Catholic, King of Aragon III l 04b, 180a, 206a, 28/a, 300a, 31/a, 457b, 493b, 633b; IV 98b, 145b, 17Ib•, 438b*, 46/b, 507a, 530a, 535a, 547b, 550b, 564b, 57/b, 573b, 59la, 594b, 60/b, 602a, 604b, 633b, 658a Ftrdinand w CaJJwlic, Kmg of Aragon I 269, 340, 396, 431; II 30, JJ6, 270, 309, 350, 361, 363, 382, 408, 433, 460, 525 Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria II 228*; III 147a, l 86a Ferdinand, Granduca di Toscana III 207b Ferdinand, King of Naples s« Ferrante Ftrdinanda, EJveria I 409 Ferdinando Romano IV 189a* Ferdinandus V 383a FmiiNuulus Addunrsis III 187b Ftrdinmuius de Auslrill VI 434b* Ferdinandus Cordubensis l 20, 122, 303; sa Fernandus Ferdinandus l imperator V 232a, 247a, 437a, 440a, 440b, 51 2b, 529b, 543b, 549a, 564a, 564b*, 640a; VI 115b, 153b, 29/b, 300a, 300b, 30/b, 303a, 390b, 440b, 464b, 470a Ferdinandus I, Grand Duke of Tuscany V 54b, 207b, 299b, 313b, 44lb, 578a

Ferdinandus I of Aragon, King of Naples V 76b, 126b, 222b, 228a, 268h, 27/a, 278a, 28Jb, 282a, 285a, 286a, 290a, 33Ja, 34la, 347a, 352a, 355b, 372a•, 373b*, 434b, 461 b, 462a, 492b, 522b•, 555b, 556a, 58la, 60la, 620b, 622a, 640a; VI Ba, Sb*, 77a, 89a, 103a, 117b, l 22a*, 167a, l 70a, 227a, 298b, 309h, 38la, 405a, 61/a, 615a Ferdinandus II (Catholicus), King ofAragon V 224b, 226a, 268b, 27/a, 32/a, 355b, 515b•, 584a; VI 302a, 346a, 392a Ferdinandus II imperator V 312a, 356a, 443a; VI 270b, 434b, 435a*, 435b*, 547a•, 547b Ftrdinandw Il, Grand I>ulu of Tuscarry V 578b Ferdinandus II, King of Naples V 49b; VI 61 a, 120b Ferdinandus III imperator V 7a, 35b; VI 345b Ftrdinandus Il/, Grand I>ulu of Tuscany V 6Ilb Ferdinandusjoseph, Prince of Liechtenstein IV 317 a FmiiNuulus RlitTI/l1WS I 5 l Ferdinandus Valentinus I 411 Ferdinandus a Paula I 248 Ftrdinandus ab Austria, card. IV 536a Ferdinandus, Antonius SJ. IV 462b* Ferdinandus, Benedictus SJ. rv 463a Ferdinandus, Christophorus rv 452b Ftrdinandw, Geurgius rv 452b Ftrdinandus, Gun.sallw IV 452b Ftrdinandus, JoluznMs III 377a Ftrdinmuius, Ludovicus I 409 Ferdinandus, Petrus lV 452b Ferdinandus, Philippus rv 359a Ferdinandus, Salvator rv 449a Ferduccius Anconitanus, Lillus V 112a*, 112b* Ftrrius, Thomo.s V 393b Fererius see Vidamus Ftrelanus, .Nu:olau.s rv 2 89a Feretria de Ruvere, Joanna s« Montefeltro, Giovanna da Ferctti, card. III 637a Ferettus Jet Ferrettus Ferettus, Johannes Petrus VI 286a Ferettus, Nicolaus III 270b, 346a; rv 218b, 405b Feretus sa Ferretus Feretus, Vincentius II 451 Feri. (?)johannes V 575a Ferié, Dudo (Duro) stt Ferrichius, Georgius Ferino, MicluiL IV 560b

201 Ferinarius, Johannes III 518a; VI 582a, 583b Ferino rv 438a Ferius, Amulius III 466h Ferlitus, Jerome rv 191 a Fermat, Pierre de UI 272b, 50 la Ftrl'flt1lkJJion, de I 86 Fmnmlo el ~imo, de IV 176a Femw I 429; II 483; V 346b, 400a, 627b; sa also Accademia Femw, Colbgium II 584 Fernandes de Medrado, Seba~tian IV 316b, 31 7a Fernandes, Diogo IV 467b Fernandes, Lopo IV 460a Fernandez J« Hernandez, P. Fernaruie'>b. :l63a, :ll'>a; V I!L!b, 27/b, 314h.

420a, 587a; VI 142a, 142b, 226b, 390a Gasser, Achilles Pirmin II 589; V 76a, 152b; VI 362a, 4156*, 416a, 416b*, 488b, 489b, 516b, 5!7a, 582b Gasserus, Achilles Pirminus III 392b, 453b, 550a, 637a Gasseus, Jo. III 98b Gastaldo, Antonio VI 315a• Gastaldus, Johannes Baptista VI 291b Gastelu, Dorninico de Il 39 Gastius, Joannes V 80b Gastollus, Balthasar III 63 7a Gaszowice, Petrus IV 404a Gat., Antonius III 356b GaJiJraria. M= de V 492b Gatt, Burcardus III 617a GailamLimn, Erasmo l 12, 33, 49, 83•, 163; II IO, 139, 190, 280, 295, 333, 347, 359; III /60b, 397b; IV 45a•, 234a•, 293a•, 6/9b;


217a, 488b, 593a, 629b;

VI 205b Gatteschi da Firenzuola l 85 Gatti, Antonio II 51; IV 85b Gatti, Giuseppe VI 19a Galtinara, BartoimrrtMJ da III 52 7b Gattinara, Mercurino da l 67, 264, 407; II 182, 184*, 185, 187, 189; III IOia, 176b, 317b, 319a, 345b, 370a, 435b, 527b*, 607a, 609b; IV 74b, 514a*, 514b"; V 34a, 467a; VI 226b, 288a, 425a (~. Andmli de III 356b( 'J GtutU, Guinifortu.s de III 356b• Gatto, Angelo IV 637a; V 230b; VI 279b Gauo, Prosf>"O III /85a Gattola, Angelus IV 209a• GaJtula. Johanrus &ptista II 463 Gattula su Columna, Johanncs Gattus, Alcxander II 242, 25 7 Gattus, Johannes IV 487a• Gattus, Johannes, O.P., bishop of Cefalù and Catania I /9, 217, 245. 327, 379; II 162, 232, 269, 335. :1.~6. 35 7*; VI 192a (rlJuu.s, ]ohanrus, Vilerh~n~.1Ù Il 6i ( rlJuu.s, Prùu:v. '(l/W II 41 Caun·linus, Johannes card. IV S26b Gaucclmus Johannis card. II 4 78 (;aucius, l\iicolaus III 265h Gauco Frisius V 49fia*, 509a (;audc·n.s, Pet.s V 45Ia• Gaudentius II 362, 594; V 277h, +98a Gaudcntius musicus I 338 Caudrntius, .Johannes III 73a ( ;audmt1w, Johannfl Jlana I 52 c;auckntius, Pagani nus I l 'J, l 82, ~:n. 2·12, 2'12. 387. 390; II :HG,

449, 450, 456*, 458; III 275a, 305a•, 320a, 321a, 551a; IV 361b, 375a, 376ir, V 546a; VI Ba, 14a, 14b, 172b, 173a•, 173b, 187a, 187b*, 188a, 189a*, 189b, 192b, 210b, 390a, 492b Gaudinu.s IV 666a Gaudinus, Alexis III 255a* Gaudius, Leonardus V 428a, 434a Gaudiviw, Alexis VI 582b Gaufredus de Monteelecto I 23 Gmifrid~ ]ohanrus, card. '![ Arras (AtrtbaJmsis) l /4, 255 Gaufridus VI 440a Gaufridus (Eberth), bishop of Coutances II 595 Gaufridus abbas IV 323a• Gaufridus abbas S. Honorati IV 414b Gaufridus Anglicus VI 321 a Gaufridus de Bononia III 415a; IV 668b Gaufridus Herbert S« Eberth (Herbert), Gaufridus Gaufridus de Vinosalvo l 8, 59, 162, 415; II 77, 94, 180, 291, 423; III 39a, 60a, 71 b, 94b, 98b, 15 7a•, 176b*, 282b*, 363b, 416b*, 442a, 454b*, 476b*, 539a, 548b; IV Sia, 87b, 125b, 145a, 238b, 294a, 400a•, 408b*, 526a, 534b, 611 b, 622b, 630b, 631a•; V 25a, 43a•, 67b, 68a, 226b, 242a, 251a, 280b, 291 a, 350a, 382b*, 445b, 454a, 480b, 484b; VI 5b, 40b, 41 b, 43b, 44b, 46b. l 09a, 122b, 168a, 253a, 253b, 256a, 256b, 260b, 285a, 353a, 424a, 443b, 489b, 490a, 490h, 502a, S02b, 511b, 517b, 537b, 540b, 558a Gaufiidus de VirdlDIO V 4 69a Gaufridus Vitriacensis IV 252b; V 144a; VI 370b Gaujridus, Johanrus, azrd. Atrtbatmsi.s VI 298a Gwgmritdn, Abbot '![ Thurlumplnr VI 529b !..aut III 230b Gaundt, Johanncs IV 324b Gauricus. Lucas I 51, l 08, 16 7, 200, 222-223, 265*, 267, 268, 302*, 366, 376, 385; II 161, 261, 291, 324, 525, 553, 561; III 378b, 495a, 6/4a, 621a, 630b; IV 72a; V 59a, 182b, 316a, 346b, 530a; VI 28b, 91 b, 248b, 329a, 508a Gauricus, Pomponius I 407, 417, 431, 433•; II 261*, 412, 497; III 83b, 84h, 486a*; IV 3.12a. 364b; V 230a, 266b, 530a, oi3.'ia; Vl91b, IIOa ( ;autcrius, Antonius II 394



Gauterius, Theodorus IU 550b; v 114b Gautier, Jean-Antoine V 114b Gautier, Pie~ (Petrus Galterus) v 271b* Gavaldinus, lklisarius II 259 Gavardi, Lelio VI 338b Gavardo, Lelio I 257 Gavardus Justinopolitanus, Raynaldus V 481 b Govarrlus, Gabriel dL Asula IV l 60b GaoaJti v 31 l h Gavdli, Flavio VI 156b GaveUus, Marcus Antonius VI 34lb Gaverius, Jodocus III 426a Gavi&, LudoviaJ..s dL I 3 9; IV 92h GavineUus, Johannes II 41 Gayga, Wolfgangus O.P. III 737a Gayler stt Geiler von Ke~rsberg, Johannes Gaynerius stt Guaynerius Gayus, Gaspar III 279b ~a, Amhrosiw V 170b Gaza, Dominicus I 378 Gaza, Johannes III 227a, 597b* Gaza Jtt aJ.ro Gazius, Gazus Gaza, Theodorus l 19, 22•, 23, 31, 83, 126, 186, 199, 212, 245, 265, 280, 282*, 284*, 288, 290, 291, 292, 297, 299, 301, 311, 326, 338, 339*, 364, 383, 385, 424; II 6, 7, Il, 16*, 18, 93, 122, 132, 165•, 187, 197, 209*, 210*, 212, 224, 228, 247, 266, 268, 285•, 311, 312*, 318, 319*, 327, 345*, 352, 358, 362, 365, 369, 375, 389, 392, 401, 404, 406, 427, 432, 434, 444, 457, 458, 462*, 474, 494, 530, 531, 532*, 570, 588*, 589; III 6la, 63a, 83a, IOOb*, 123a•, 158b*, 177b, 193b, 276b, 277a, 291 a, 3/Bb, 3 48a, 3 67a, 368b, 376a, 411 b, 472a(?), 480a, 492b, 497b, 512b, 603b, 614a, 664a, 665a; IV 39a*, 81b, IOib, l 08a, 131 b, 132a, 148a, 149a, 152a, 152b, 160b, 161 b, 178a, 182b*, 204a, 227b*, 253a•, 281b, 282a, 287a, 294b, 354b, 356b, 358a, 367b, 370b, 381a, 409b*, 427b*, 429a, 435a*, 487a•, 488b*, 493a, 495a*, 509b, 550a. 553b, 604a, 623b, 631 b, 634a, 634b*, 638a, 638b, 650a, 653b*, 656b; V 59b, 72a, 82b, 90b, 98a, l 06b, 140a, 229b, 230b, 266b, 302a, 330b*, 351 b, 352a, 356b, 41 l b*, 500a, 530a, 532a•, 532b•, 571b, 572a; VI 33a*, 41 a, 43b, 44b, 52 a, 56b, 58b, 67b*, 76b*, 84a, 188b, 189b, 190b*, 192a, 193a,

219a•, 242a*, 261a, 262a, 264b*, 282b Gazaeus, Aeneas stt kneas Gazaeus Gazaeus, Johannes III 440b Gazaja, Bartolomeo deUa VI 213a Gazaja, Tommaso dala VI 213a• ~arinw, &rtlw"""'-s II 485 ~. &rtlwiomDevs III 365b Gazi, Benedetto II 54 7 Gazius, Antonius II 14, 15, 16*, 217, 229 23 7, 282; III 365a, 456a*; IV 342a; V 221a, 244b Gazius, Janus Il 431* Gazius, Petrus VI 337a• ~oldw II 191 Gazoldus, Johannes I 15, 275; IV 233b; V 216b, 230a, 266b Gazolius, Simon V 509a Gazottus, Augustinus Georgius, O.P., ep. Zagrabiensis VI 367a, 528b Gazus, Ambrosius II 198, 285, 286•, 287.., 111 277a ~. Anloniw IV 12a Gazzana, Franciscus de II 164 Gazzari, Alessandro V 449b (;aaiDUS, Marinw V 451b Gazzoldo Jtt Ippoliti Gdan.rk (Danzit) IV 398b Gtaring, Simon IV 276b Gebardus, Johannes III 499a Geber 111 Sia*, 517b; IV 29b, 223a, 223b, 511 a; V 638b; VI 2243b, 455b,



503b•, 504a, 514b, 604b, 656a Geraldinus, Ascanius I 266 Geraldinus, Baptista l 205 Gnaidinus, ]olumtres l 3 40 Gnalthnw, MaJJ/Jaew II 382 Geraldinus s« aiso Guiardinus Geralduna, Sfortia VI 342b Geraldus (Gerardus, Giraldus) Odonis IV 527a, 587a, 612a, 635a Gtraldw, Gtmgiw II 61 Geranius, Gregorius Pyerius VI 400b Gerard of Zutphen III 4{}b Gerardi, Paolo V 573b Gerardinus, Bartholomaeus see Girardin us Gerardinus su Geraldinus Gerardis, ]olwnnes Anloniw tk III 474b Gerardis, Maffaeus de, O.M. su Gherardus, Mapheus Gerardo da Siena, frate II 572 Gerardus l 261; II 91, 165; III 79a; IV 46b; VI 242a Gnardus (secretary of the card. of S. Pietro in Vincoli) II 286, 287 Gerardus de Bellinzona, O.S.A. l 98; Il 16, 196, 205, 236; Ili 98b Gerardus Bergensis IV 144b• Gerardus BruxeUensis VI 542a Gnardw Cartlzusimsis l 257 Gnardus tk Castro F7omuino Il l 15 Gerardus Cremonensis l 36, 125, 154, 300; Il 158, 213, 443; Ili 4a, 37b, 194b, 220a•, 234b, 235a, 237b, 239a, 242a•, 251 b•, 258b, 274a*, 417~ 476a, 610a, 656a, 665a•, 693a, 719a, 732b, 741b, 747b; IV 4b, 33b, 150a, 206a, 220~ 224a•, 238a, 254b, 522a, 533b, 538a, 604b, 618b, 636b, 638a*; V 20a, 25b, 102a•, 293a, 328a, 390a, 462b, 479b, 486b, 560b, 56Ia•, 590a•, 592b; VI 44b, 45b•, 64a, 98b*, l 04b, 145a, 245a, 319a, 319b•, 322a, 356b•, 357a•, 359a, 360a, 360b•, 365b, 366a•, 366b, 367a•, 385a, 388a*, 422a*, 435b•, 436b*, 449a, 497a, 498b, 549a Gerardus card. Cumanus see Landrianus Gerardus episcopus Laudensis see Landrianus Gnardus Feltrensis l 281; Il 529 Gerardus frater VI 61 b Gnardw tk Gandavo (alias dt li.sa) IV 109a Gnarrius iurisconsuUus Il 3 62 Gerardus Lucensis l 258; Il 145 Gtrardw dt Lugo 111 4 78b

Gerardus magister l 207; IV 504b GmmJus M~ ID 79a Gerardus de Monteregio IV 291a Gerardus Noviomagus Ul Il b, 104b, 393a, 4{}1a, 434b Gmzrdw physicus l l 32 Gerardus PontTmadmsis l 247 Gmzrdw presbyler II 253 Gerartlus Ser ]urti l 258 Gerardus Serezanensis l 327 Gerardus de Sutphania IV 636b Gerartlus VeronmsiJ metiicus III 6 I b Gerardus, Andreocòus, Senensis II 135, 147•, 254 Gerardus, Fidelissimus Ili 637a(?) Gnardw, .ftater Petrarch!Je III 62 2a Gmm/us, ]. U.D. V l 2 l b Gerardus, Johannes l 117; III 257b Gnardw, ]olwnnes &ptistD l 230 Gerardus, Johannes Jacobus 11366 Gerardus, Paulus l 118* Gerartlus, Petrus l l 75 Gerardus, Theodoritus IV 458b Gerbdius, Nicolaus V 53a, 64a, 80a, 126a, 136b, 149a, 369b; VI 500b Gerbdlius, Nicolaus II 396•; III 400b, 433a, 434b, 435a•, 458b, 486a, 550a, 56~ 617b*, 667b, 734b; IV 34{}b Gerber (Gerwer), Gabriel V 138a•, 138b, 14ia•, 151b, 152a•, 153b, 154b• Gerbenus V 307a Gerdmann, Martinus 111 573b GemuJi, .N. epi.scopus T ranssyiDalrimsi.r IV 289a Gnttarius, Steplwrw.s IV 415b Gergis l 425; II 65 Gngiu.s, Alexaruier VI 41 Ob Gerhard, Antonius Ili 696a Gni of Arruo l 365 Geri, Gerius su Gheri Geri J« Gregorio, Gregorius Gering, Christophorus III 426b Gering, Jacobus VI 544b Gnio, Filippo IV 107b; VI 133a Gerius de Aretio Il l 15• Gerius see also Gheri Gerlach, Stephanus Ili 699a Gerlachius, M. Ili 380b Gerlacus abbas Tuitiensis stt Breitbach Gnlacu.s, ./'Vu:olaus IV 380b Gerlis, Ludùnus de I 71•, 119 Gmnain, }ta1l Il 3 l 5 Gmnan docummJs 111 456b* Gmnan Empire Ili l 06b Gmnan form leJùr! V 197b Gmn1111 grammors VI 503b, 532b

Gf.Rlll - GHf.R

Gmnanlrymn v 3lb Gmnan /dUn V 189a Gmnan phrase. lii 33Sb•

Gmnon poem II 28 7 Gmnan prinus III 349b Gmnan rteipeJ V 44 7b* Gmnan songs VI S31 b Gmnan -se. V l 7a, 190a Gmnan war VI 24 l ttGmnan, Low VI 359b, S48b* Gmnan, P. III U 7b Germani, Nicolaus II 250 Gennanicus III 3 l Bb, 386b; V 6la, Sia, 96b, 98b, 266a, 33lb, S3la, 613b; VI 283a, 320b; sa aJ.so Aratus Gmnan.s VI 3 l 6a Germanus frater IV 21 Sb Germanus Fulginas, Johannes v 628a Germanus, Johannes III 181 b Germanus, johanno bishop of Chalon IV 108a*, 174a, 344b, 494b, 603b Gmnmry I 15, 298, 324, 365; II 24, 531; III 28a, 94a, l/la, 38/a, 495a, 497a, 543b; V 363a, 39la; VI 34/a, 38/b Gmnmry, CaJJw/U rtligimr in VI 3 6a Gmnatry, tksmption of VI 55a Gmnmry, F.mpmJrs of IV 636b Gnmany, history VI 53Sa Gmnany, Prince. of Lown IV /Ba Germani, Alessandro I 291 Germanio, Anastasio II 174*, 183 Germonio, Rodomonte II 174, 183 Gnoldw Slyrw, Jacobus III 129b Gnoldw, Jacobus V 1// a, Il l b • Gerominius Viterbiensis II 449 Geronda, Bernardo I 324 Geronimo .w Girolamo Geronimus, magister III SSb Gmmtict I 3S3 GnTa, Guido, T rifiolis ponJiftx VI 4/0b Gerrardi sa Ghirardi GnTardus, ]olv.mnes AIIJmrius IV 55/a Gmlu.s, ]olv.mnes Baptista I 318 Cm, ]olv.mnes VI /39b Gersdorfer, Gerardus III 712b Gerson, Jean I 241, 273; II 18S; III 17b, 24a, 26a, 27b*, 40b•, 82b*, 161 a, 263b*, 320a, 337a, S66b, 704b, 72Sb, 726a, 731 b; IV 48a, 482a*, S9Sb, 633b; V 89b*, 299b*, 432b, 470a; VI 160a, 32la*, 32lb, 323a, 364a Gerson, Levi ben V 143a Gersonides, Levi II 326, 419 Gerstenberg, Philippus V 63b Gerstenbergius, Marcus III 72b

Gerstman, M. VI S82a Gerstmann, Florentius VI S82b Gmlmtuln, Nu:olaus III 41 6b Gertichius, M. VI S82b Gn1ruJk Frid. &clwvii .fiJia III 72h Gn1ruiks, Rmhdphus I 399 Gmnuiis III 504b Geruerus, Gerwer sa Gerber Gerung, johannes III S96a Gervasius III 426a Gnvasius Galmsi.s III 25 l b Gervasius of Tilbury V 398b Gmia.sius P/.acmlinu.s VI 52/Ja* Gervasius, Augustinus II S4S* Geryonius, medicus Augustanus IV 144b* Gesio, G.B. IV SOla* GesiLr, ]olv.mnes III 22 6a Gesner, Conradus I 20, 286; III 226a, 255a, 2SSb*, 325a, 3SSb, 370a, 394b, 49Sa, SOla, S07b•, S09*, S59a, 609a, 633a, 65Sa; IV 55b•, 64a, 192b, 224b, 229b, 354a, 3S6a, 3 7Sa, 399a, 432b; V 39b, 40a, 52a•, S3a, 54a, 76b•, 77a*, 77b, 83b, 84a, 8Sa*, 9Sa, l OOa, 126a, 134a, 134b, l35a, 136a, 136b*, 137a•, 137b, 13Bb, 139a, 139b•, 140a•, 142a•, 142b, 144a, 144b*, 1-Hia*, U7a, 148a, 149a, 152a, 152b*, 153a, l 54a, 155a•, 155b, l S6b, l S9a•, 219b, 266a, 49Sb, 496a; VI 439a, 582b Gesnn, ].]. VI 492b Gesner, Salomon IU 370a, S50a, 550b, 559a, 567b Goner, Samuel VI 582b Gonerus, JJ. IV 356b Gessaeus, johannes IV 61 a Gesseius, .Johannes V 383a Gessel, johannes III 397b Gess:i• >; Giovanni Pirtro d'Apollinare w A1x>llinaris Giovanni da Prato I 3 65 ( ;im·anni da Sancto !l.finiato, O. S.:\. IV :illl a• ( ;im•anm da Stw IV 165a ( ;wmnm. curalo



di hn triO \'l 71 a alw .Johannes

Giovanni, Joluztrtw Frt111Ciuo IV 14/b Giovannini, Bartolommeo l l 2 l Giovannini, Luca de', Bishop of Anagni v 557b Giovenale J« Juvenalis Giovenale, Latino stt Juvenalis Giovenatius, Vitus II 5 71 Giovio sa also Jovio, Jovius Giouio famiiy VI /BOb Giphanius (Giffen), Oliver IV 192b Giphanius, Obertw I 286, 296, 315, 322*; II 2 79, 534; III 81 b, 245b, 274b, 316a, 321a, 355b, 370a, 420b, 453a, 536b*, 551 a, 551 b, 559a, 584b, 588b, 608a, 615a, 637a, 639b, 655a, 678a, 679a, 693a, 70:2a, 728a; IV 182b, 352a, 354a, 355b, 362a, 363a, 365a, 375a, 376b, 377a, 378b, 432b, 433a*; V 52a*, 52b, 53a, 85b*, 86a, 395b; VI 65b, 533a, 548b, 583a Gippus IV 129b; VI 256b Gipsus, MaJJhrw VI 37/a Giraldi I 66 Giraldi, Alessandro l 138 Giraldi, Antonio V 5 78b Giraldi, Cinzia (Giovanni Battista) l 53, 61, 62, 63, 233, 239, 267, 313, 366, 376, 378, 385; II 38, 39, u•, 157, 205, 234, 273, 340, 503, 554; III 42a, :28fbo?i. 290a, 324a, 437a, 614b, 637a; IV 69b, 94a. 351 b, 364-b, 365a; V 172a, 226a, :266b, 339a, 353a, +41 b. 488b; VI 14a, 14h. 91 b, 99a, 150a, 216a, 226b, 269b, 408a, 530a Giraldi, 1-lavio Antonio I 61; III 614b Giraldi, Francesco IV 136a, 138a, 142a; V 515b, 570a Giraldi, Giacomo (Jacobus de Zirddis) VI 4:2a, 63b Giraldi, Giovanni I 223 Giraldi, Giovanni Battista stt Giraldi, Cinzia Giraldi, Giraldo I 90, 199, 3 79; Il 78, 555 Giraldi, Lilio G~gorio I 18, 20, 22, 56, 57, 58, 61, 233, 318, 366, 378*; Il 49, Il+, 118, 2H. 352, 361, 450, 498, 502; lll 4:2a. 80a, 159b, 269b, 324a•, 362a, H2b; IV 20b, 353b*, 354a, 364~ 374b, 377b, 5tlb. 54:2a, 557b, 565b; V 89a, lOta, 149a, 266b*, 37 5b, fl2a, n 7b. 539a, 539b; sa al.w Lilius F..rraricnsis Giraldi, Orazio, bishop of Comacchio Il 340


Giraldi, Vincenzo V l 7l a, 583b; VI 136, 16b GiraldDrus, BoplisiiJ li 355 Giraldo, mestre VI 587b Gira/dw IV 46; V 230a Giraldllll Odonis S« Geraldus Odonis Giraldlll! S« also Gyraldus Giraldlll! de Pistorio, O.F.M. VI 222b Giraldus, Johannes II 339 Giraldus, magister III 49b Giramus, Bartholomaeus I 403 Girardaeus II 203 Girardi, Giuliano V 415a Girardi, Pietro II 9 Girardinus (Gerardinus), Bartholomaeus I 14, 83, 418 Girard.is, Franciscus de II 27• Girardis, Johatws Antoniw de I 342; Il 250, 399; V 6286• Girardo VI 241 a Girardotius, Philippus III 291 b Girardus l 344; II 440; IV 2536; su also Gerardus Girardw Ariminew l 428 Girardus Divionensis, Johannes IV 354a Girardus Gallus III 283b Girardus magister III 273a; IV 219b Girardus de Monteacuto v 126b Girardus Novariensis VI 37b Girardus de Senis V 252b• Girardus, abbas Morimundi VI 37b Girardus, Antonius l 307 Girardw, Bartlrolornaew Il 23 Girardus, Claudius V 95b Girardus, Cornelius III 486a Girardw, Ernanuel l 4l 5 Girardw, GuiJJelmw Johatws v 4856 Girardus, Johannes III 283b; IV 351 b; VI 150a, 240a Girardus, Mapheus S« Gherardus, Mapheus Girardus, merchant of Bologna VI 37b Girardus, Virgilius IV 115a Girava, Himmirrw IV 53 4a Giregiola, Ludovico Il 39 Girellus, Silvester II 233 Girdlus, Sùplrmws II 436"'; III 43 4a(J), 43 46 Giri!Hlius, H~ Il 77 Gir/anda, Hm:uleJ l 8 7 Girolam~ Giovanni II 463 Girolami, Raffaello Il 506; V 215a, 570a Girolami, Remigio VI 328a; JU Rernigio (Girolarni) Fiorentino; Remigius Girolamis, .fraUr Philippus de Il 20

Girolamis, Z.mohiw Julimws de V 215a Girolamo &/ogrleu VI 5606 Girolamo da Cortona, frate 11577 Girolamo Dalmata l 400 Girolamo JU also Hieronymus Girolamo di Pace l 169 Girolamo di V allombrosa I 128 Girolamo da Napoli IV 56/a Girolamo da Potenza VI 128a, 128b•, 129a, 129b Girolamo da Siena, Frate l 123 Girolamo, D. I 43 Giroldi, Jacopo stt Giraldi, Giacomo Girrm, Pedro Duque de 0SUIIIJ IV 541b Girondi, Orazio Il 5~ Girschner, Christoff III 667a• GisaJhmus (GiJ.albertw, Frtmeiscus) IV 98b Gisalbertus de Pergamo IV 187b•; V 477a Ci.ralius, Gu/Ulmus Il I 78 Gisalphus stt Gisulfo Gisbertus Buscoducensis IV 3b Gisbertus, Dorninicus Il 266• Gisbicius, Paulus III 283b, 293a; IV 373b Giscaferius, Gulielmus IV 353b Gischardus IV 63a Gise, Tideman III 544b• Giselbertus III 238b•; VI 443a Giseler, Laurentius III 494b• Giselerius stt Gtùsilerius Giselinus, Victor III 79a, 81 b•, 99a, 250a, 32la, 322b•, 324a; IV 35 l b, 358b, 3 7Sa; V 266a, 355b; VI 150a, 448a Gisi d'AragonL, conte VI 26a Gi.silardus, Bartlrolornaew I l 9, 23 Gisilerius stt Gtùsilerius Gisius stt Ctùgi Gisius Gedanensis, Tydemannus su Giese Ci.rlaa Grmimmus, Joannes v /7a, 17b Gislabertus stt Gilbertus Ci.rlandus &rgommsis III 3 4Oa; V 483a Gislandus, Benedictus I 24; Il 607; V 4726'"; VI 56b, 404a Gislarigo, Johannes Baptista de Il 186 Gislenus stt Busbecq Gislenus Thalassius, Jacobus IV 136a Gismond of Sa/rm in lovt (a tragedy) IV 193b Gisrrwnda I 228, 388 Gi.sruiTda, Anlonia V 52 6a Gisolfo, Frane esco V 61 2b Gisortianus, Johannes Thomas Il 101

237 Gisortianus, Nicolaus Thomas II 101 Gissen de Nasteden, Johannes III 746a Gistelius, Cornelius III 79a• Gisualdo stt Gesualdo Gisulfo, Augustino Il 30, 344; IV 5llb ~.~de l 105 Gittelde, Ludolfllll a III 480b Giuba stt Guiba Giudici stt Judex; Judicibus Giudici, Battista de' stt Baptista (de Judicibus) Fmariensis Giuglaris, Luigi, SJ. stt Juliarius, Ludovicus Giufrrifami!Y V 270b; VI 217a GWgni, Antonio l l l 5 Giugrr~ Bmrardo IV 56/a GWgni, Dommico l 392; V 3606 Giugrrus, A loisius VI 2 l 7b Giugurti, T amtiiQ.S() VI 2 l 6a Giuliani, Alessandro VI 71 a Giuliano su also Julianus Giuliano dell'Aquila l 400 Giuliano di Ferrara l 269 Giulianus, Vincentius Il 274 Giulio Il 421 Giulio Romano IV 70a Giulio da Milano, Fra su julius Mediolanensis Giuncta de Sancto Gerniniano, Frater III 543b, 746a•; IV 71 b, 663b; V 285a, 388b Giundanus, Sigismundus II 241 Giunta (Giunti, ]unta), Alessandro V 602a GiunkJ fami!Y III 3 I 7b Giunta de S. Geminiano, frater l 410-411; VI 222b GiunJa, Bmrarditw v 2 7l h Giunta, Filippo V 337b, 546a, 547b, 585a Giunta, Jacopo V 337b•, 602a Giunta, Luca V 60 l b Giunta, Luca Antonio IV l 83b; V 547b; VI 324b, 325a Giunta, Tommaso V 218b Giunti VI 408a Giunti, Bernardo l 233; IV 69b, 88a Giunti, Filippo l 67; IV 69b, 8Ba Giunti, Ftlippo, the younger l 233 Giunti, Jacopo Il 412; IV 88a GWnJi, lma AnJonio Il 3 47 Giunti, Tommaso IV 88a Giuntini stt Junctinus Giuntini, Francesco l 3•, 63, 70, 309, 398, 406; Il 158, 338, 340, 348, 421, 454; V !Sia, 3lla, 599a; stt Junctinus, Franciscus Giuseppe VI 324b Giussano, Giovanni Pietro VI 34b

238 Giusti da Volterra, Andrea VI 88b Giwti, Agostin de' lll 146b Giusti su Justus Giusti, Bernardo Il 511 Giusriniani Il 39; su a/so J ustinianus Giusriniani (jusriniano), Giovanni IV 122b*, 209a Giustiniani (justinianus), Andreolo IV 104a, 239b, 62lh*, 644h Giustiniani, Agostino l /9, 239, 243, 288; Il 94, 120, 138*, 139*, 177. 329, 522; lll 83h, 317b, 620a Giustiniani, Alvise l 324; V 267b, 632a Giustiniani, Andreolo l 22, 149*, 171, 198, 237, 238*, 239; Il 21 O; lll 485h; VI 3b, 17a, 17b•, 278a, 375h Giusriniani, Angelo l 168; V 341a* Giustiniani, Antonio l 148, 172, 304; Il 67, 90•, 206, 237, 261, 434; III 209a, 30 l b, 3/lh, 485b, 533b; IV 85a, l 83h; VI 261 b, 533b* Giustiniani, B. Paolo III 351 b Giustiniani, Benedetto, SJ. Il 3 7, 444 Giwtinian~ Bernardino Il 460 Giustiniani, Bernardo l 14, 19•, 20, 22, 26, 31*, 32, 33, 47, 114, 131, 141, 156, 209, 250, 255, 262, 299, 301*, 330, 331, 362. 363, 364, 366, 370, 373, 391. 400, 413, 421*; Il 6, 8, 9, 16, 23, 35, 61, 96, 97, 112, 123, 163, 165, 181*, 187, 197, 198, 208*. 215, 217 229, 238, 239*, 24{), 242, 248, 249, 258, 262, 263*, 267•, 268, 269*, 281*, 282. 290. 303, 331, 341, 362, 372, 386, 410, 414, 419, 423, 429•, 438, 458, 465, 484*, 495, s5o•, 555, 567; 111 15b, 6/h, 62a. 83b, 117b, 167b, 276b, 2ì7a, 3/0b•, 333a, 413b. 423a, 480a, 482a, 485a, 481ia, 488b, 493b, 498a, 57la*, 667a•, 674a, 690b*; IV 99a*, 127b*, IS8b, 165h, 200b*, 292b, 293a•, 304b, :l .'l 7b, 45 7b, 615b, 618a, 653a, 660a; V 173b, l 92h, 20Ha, 282b, 285b*, 350b, 521 h, 52.'ìa; VI 8h, l 70b, 241 b, 266a, 26fih. 277a, 280b*, 282b, 287a. 3Ha*, 404b

Giustmwni, &mardo (.wn of Xiuolò) Il 288•, 436 Giustiniani, Bernardo, thc younger l 30S Giustiniani, bishop VI 'l l h Giustiniani, Frann·sro l .H.'i,

GIL:S - Gl.o\.S

418; Il 43, 143, 144, 225, 258, 261, 278, 368; III 307h; IV 31h; V 274b, 617a; VI 290b Giustiniani, Giorgio Il 274 Giustiniani, Giovanni l 17 l, 239, 375; III 284b Giustiniani, Giovanni Francesco l 125; Il 14

Giwtiniam, Giovanni Giorgio l 23 8 Giustinian~ Girolamo III 308h Giustiniani, Leonardo l Il, 12, 19, 22, 31' 32*, 33*, 35*, 46, 47, 57*, 58, 71, 83, 91*, 92-93, 108, 124, 153, IS6, 166, 190, 192*, 213*, 225, 241, 255, 257, 260, 263*, 277, 300, 304, 315, 320, 330, 348, 349, 355*, 359, 375, 393, 402, 4{)3, 4{)7, 416, 420-421, 421*; Il 7-8, IO*, 13, 14*, 23, 26, 35*, 42, 61, 64, 69*, 76, 77, 87, 99, IlO, 133*, 165, 167, 168, 181, 182, 186, 189, 194, 195*, 197, 201, 202, 206*, 207*, 208, 214, 215, 229, 231*, 234, 236, 238*, 241, 245, 246, 250, 255*, 256, 262*, 263, 267*, 269*, 272*, 273*, 274*, 283, 288*, 292*, 294, 295, 302, 305, 315, 317. 331*, 343, 35 7' 3 7 7. 385, 388, 391, 398, 409*. 411, 418, 425, 427*, 428, 430, 438, 452*, 467, 470, 474, 482, 490*, 506, 550, 567, 568, 569, 585, 605*; 111 22a, 49b*, 52h, 55a, 112b*, 120b*, 123a, 133a, 168a•, 197a, 207a, 222b*, 223b, 276b, 303a, 304b, 30Sa, 309a, 36la, 403a, 412b, 413a, 413b, 4 23b, 454a, 4 78b, 483a, 484a, 484b, 490a, 492b, 554h(?), 564b, 57la, 6/8b, 648a*, 647b*, 648a, 648b*, 702b, 703a, 719b*, 720a; IV 6b, l Ob, 46a, 4 7b, 73b, 92b, l 16a, 126a, 126b*, 127b, 15 7b, 159b, 172a, 172b, 175b, 179a, 239b, 248h, 249a, 254b, 344b, 347a, 347b*, 353b*, 397b, 403a, 406b, 414b, 434b, 435b*, 566b*, 57ia, 57 l b, 603b, 641 a, 644a; VI 26a. 2'la, 2'lb, 30a, :l'la, 149a, i83b*, 219b, :./:ltia•. 237a, 241 b, 242a*, 243a*, 260b, 261 a, 2fì4a, 26Sa, 278b*, 2H."lb, 286b, 287a, 304b, 323h, :l:l2a, 37/a, 3 7Ha, 393a, 4{)0a*, 404h, 497b Giustiniani, Lorenzo l 7, 31, 45, 41i, 91, L12, 190, 250, 269*, 2ì'2*, 273, 279, 299, .'i27, 3'>3, 3ì3, 421; Il IO*, 14, IS. 16*, 31, 41, 89, 91, 107, 120*, 1':16, I'J7, 216, 217*, 218*, 229, 239, 274. 282, 287, 292, 294, 29S*, :loo. 315, :Ho•, 388. 438, 445, 460*. 467, 46H, 472*, 4':15,

5 79*; lll 61 h, 91 b, 92a, 159b, 276b, 387b*, 413a, 690a Giusriniani, Marcantonio l 288 Giwtinian~ Marco III 120h, 722b; IV 347a Giustiniani, Orazio Il 130*, 416, 439*, 445; IV 528b Giustiniani, Orsato Il 547; IV 99a Giustiniani, Paolo l 3, 15, 113*. 215, 223*, 235*, 236*, 237*, 247, 285, 313, 434; Il 8, 9, /8, 145, 207*, 225, 247, 273*, 274•, 277, 280*, 339, 408. 473, 533, 565*; VI 290h Giustiniani, Pietro I 359; Il 2S9, 261 Giustiniani, Sebastiano l 266; Il 10, l 1*, 18*, 207, 285*; IV 136a, 139a, 34{)a Giwtinian~ Slifarw l 239; Il 52 l Giustiniani, Tommaso VI 242b, 283b; srr Giustiniani, Paolo Giustiniani, T ommaso, postca B. Paolo, O. Camald. V 518b•, 519a, 520b, 52ia•, 592a, 631 a, 631 b*, 632a*, 632b*, 633a•, 633b• Giustiniani, Vincenzo O.P. IV 652b Giustiniano Genovese, Bernardo VI 284a Giustiniano, Bernardo IV 68a, 552a Giustiniano, Giovanni Battista VI la, 267b Giustino cirusico VI 20Ib Giusto dei Conti V 6a, 266b, 459a, 475b, 612b; VI 25b, S6b, 204b, 269b, 482~ 560b Giusto da Valmontone su Conti Giwto ~ troiU'.st, Conk Valmo IV 438a Giusto da Volterra V 537b Givrius su d'Anglure Gizlonis, Jacobus V 19b Glacetus su Diacceto Giacianius, Georgius VI 53.">a Glandorpius III 283b Glareanus, Hcnricus III Il b*, 79b, 80a, 83a, 128a, 3 45b, 37la, 37ib, 477a, 486a, 503b, 509a*, 533b*, 553b, 623a•, 633a•, 645a*, 650a, 670b, 731 b; IV 340a, 432b, 433a; V 52a, 53b*, 55b, 60a, 64a•, 76b, 77a, 77b, 83b, 84a, 95h, l OOa, 119a*, 126a, 127b, 130a, 136b*, 146a, 149a, 238b, 384a, 443b, 590b; VI 37b, 495b, 530h, 535a (;Jarus v l l 9b* Glao;cokus, Richardus IV 37b GlllJt:r, JohanTIL!i V 302b Glascr, Konrad V 404a


Glaser, Mathias, O.S.A. v 133b* Glaser, Michael Joseph IV 315b Glaser, Sebastianus III 658b Glaser, Theophilus III 380a Glaserius, Ludovicus III 133a Glmsmaking, rtcipes for V 389a Glmsmalcing, trtfltist on V 464a Glauburg, Jean de V 116a Glouburg, Johann Adolph von III 465b Glauco IV 276a; VI 435b Glaucw V 611a Giavea, FlaviJJ Il l 7 Glrichm, counJJ oJ III 40Ba Gleneborch, Henricus III 738a Glese Il 101 Gleyse, Ludovicus III 296a Glicera V 376b Glimes, J. de III l 03a Glockendon, Jorg III 711 b Gloeckler, Johannes VI 540b Gloepseris, Johannes III Il b Glogovita, Johannes stt Johannes Glogaviensis Glonnus, .5armMI III 21 Oa Gloriosi, Giovanni Camillo Il 136 Glorioso, G. Camillo IV 533a Glorioso, Theodoro IV 500b Glossaries IV 152b, 263b, 363a, 368b; V l 7b, 50b, l 03a, 179b; VI 126b*, 424a, 444b, 489a, 490a, 509b, 541a, 543b, 548b* Glossts VI 3 3a Gluegius, Jacobus III 735a Glusianus, Julius Caesar l 303 Glycas, Michael V 251 a Glyctra VI 2B2b G!yares. P. VI 2B2b* S. G!Jctrin Il 33B Glycigala, Christophorus III 384a Glynzunes, Manuel IV 492a Gm. Ma. III 374a Gmund IGuemd), Holdricus de VI 530a Gmund, Johannes von stt Johannes de Gmunden Gmundrr, Sttplumus VI 442a Gnaphaeus, Gulielmus IV 411 b Gnapheus, Gulielmus III 545b*, 546b*; V 4a, 129b, 168a, 168b Gnidius l'>:icolaius, N. III 284a GniLQJo V l 79a Gnipheus, Johann!:ll III 546a Gnohen, Gn:gorius IEuphalianus) III 503b, 504b, 595a, 595b* Gnomici, smpwm aliquot III l 34b GnosW.s III 319a Gnyphaeus V 142a G-, 344a*, 348a, 349a•, 349b, 350a, 372b, 389b, 390b, 392a, 409a*, 409b*, 4/0a*, 4/0b*, 413a G~gorius XIV (Niccolò Sfondrati) l //7; Il 39*, 119, 334•, 348, 421, 447.., III 275b•, 325a•, 370b; IV 235a, 516b; V 415a, 435b, 525b; VI 16b, 36a, 91 b, 176a, 290b, 300a*, 305b, 32fìb, 389a, 4/0b c~gorius xv l 180; Il 267; IV 543a; V 312a; VI 277b, 306a, 326b, 41 Oa Grtgoriw XVI V 429b Gregorius, ep. Antiochiae VI 188a G~gorius, O.Carth. VI 56b* Gregorius, O.E.S.A. VI 74b G~goropoulos, Georgius v 459b Gregoropoulos, Johannes III 494a; V 71 b*, 459b* G~goropoulos, Manud III 214b; v 459b Gregory, David IV 2Sb G~if, Johannes III 155b c~iffenbergius, Johannes III IBla Gr~jJUJaki III 402a, 587a, 587b Gr~jJwald, l!nmst!J V 35b Greionius, Johannes IV 247b G~irius, Georgius IV 25b G~ius, Thomas IV 340b Grelius, Franciscus V 116a G~llius, Paulus l 377 Grtmbaganu.r in Strassburg III 6 70b Grieserus, Adamus III 55 l a Grieti, Eu.stojius Il 259 Grifa/conius, A/oisiu.s Il 234 Griffi, Ambrogio l /0/, 205, 277, 281•, 359, 364 ... Il 527, 528 Griffi, Antonio l 55, 364*; II 123 Griffi, Giovanni Il 222 Griffi, Giovanni AnJonio l 132, 247; Il l 44, 145; III 63b Griffi, Leonardo l 21, 22, 70, 101, 173, 205, 209, 239, 2.~0. 265, 276, 277, 298, 321*, 340,

248 342, 363, 364, 377; II IO, 19, 77, 126, 159(?), /94, 197, /98, 249, 260, 282, 382, 435, 470, 481, 577, 605* Griffi, Pietro II 438, 499 Griffinus, Rodolphus IV 20 l a Griffis, ]acobu.s de V 285a Griffiths, Sylvanus V 397b, 399a• Griffolini, Alessandro V 493a Griffo lini, Frane esco (Franciscus Aretinus) III 23a, 63a, 84b, 117b, 12la*, 123a, 124a, 129a, 167b, 195b, 225b*, 228a, 231 b, 270a*, 272a, 287b*, 29la*, 296a*, 348a, 36lb, 366b*, 42la, 425b, 452a*, 457b*, 479b, 489b*, 49la, 496h, 544b, ~ 687b, 705a, 732b*, 735b*; IV 17b*, 23a, 40b, 45b, lOOa*, 128b*, /30b, 144b, 199b*, 220b*, 224b*, 225b, 24la*, 294b, 304a*, 398a, 409a, 417b, 425b, 427b*, 487b*, 497a*, 506b*, 556a*, 557b, 566a*, 573a, 589a*, 638b, 654b*, 66lb*, 663a*, 664b; s« Franciscus Aretinus Griffolinus, Franciscus (Aretinus) V 15b, 74a*, 112b*, 125a, 17 Sa, 183b, 193a, 205b, 2 l 2a, 223b, 235b*, 244b*, 250b, 264a, 276b, 278a, 278b, 285b*, 286b*, 332a*, 332b*, 350a, 35lb*, 363b, 376b, 379b*, 38lb*, 383b, 388a*, 416b*, 455b, 514a, 515a, 522b, 567a*, 570a, 570b, 576a, 607b, 646~ VI 105b*, l l la, 12la*, 12lb, 162b, 262a*, 32la, 373b, 374a, 374b, 376a, 386a*, 40lb*, 488a*, 524b Griffolus, Jacobus l 33*; II 168, 266, 587 Griffo!Ms, Laurmlius IV 122a Grijfrmibus, MaJI!eus de IV 57 l b• Griffonis, Johannes ck V 355a Griffonius, Julianus V 496a*, 496b Griffonus Pisauriensis, Johannes Andreas IV 520b Griffonus, Alexanckr V 496a Grijfus l 3 82 Gritfus, Heliseus VI 267b Gritfus, Leonardus III 222a* Grifio, Tomaso V 502b Grifo, Ambrogio VI 167b Grifoni, Alberto Il 365 Grifoni, Matteo II 7, 121 Grifoni, Serafino l 431; II 549 Grifon~ Sigismmuio l l 00; Il 7/1 Grifonibus, Matthaeus de VI 178b Grifus l 130; II 97


Grifus (Grifo), Leonardus IV l 2a, l l 4b, 230a, 239b; V 48lb, 530a, 612a*; VI 82a, 167a, 18lb, 230a*, 248a, 263b, 347b, 408a, 615a* Grifo.s Sicu!Ms III 28 l b; VI l 2 l b Grifus, Petrus, ep. Forliviensis VI 136b, 306a Grigelius,Johannes V 15lb Grignano ue Brignano Griis dt Urdinclren, Hmricus l 28 Grilinzone, Leone V 371 b Grill Trebanensis, Matemus 35b Grill, Andreas II 555 Grillando, Paolo V 235b Grillenzoni, Giovanni III 614b Grillenzoni, Giovanni Marco I 323 Grillenzoni, Luca I 366 Grilli see Gridius Grillius III 95~ VI 374b, 395a Grillo, Angelo III 70b; V 485a; su GryUus, Angdus Grillo, Don Angelo I 75, 408 Grillo, Giovanni Baltisto. lii 14 7a Grillo, Paolo II 62* Grillot de Givry, E.A. d'A. IV 22lb Grillus III 23~ V 530a; VI 386a GriJJw equiJaJor II 91 GriJJw T udertmsis, A~~g~!Ms IV 643b• Grillus, Antoniottus I 23, 246; II 362*, 594; VI Sa GriJJw, Anlonius VI 8b, 132b* GriJJw, Brancaleo II 46, 3 74, 475; IV 491a; V 89b, 173b; VI 132b Grillus, MeteUus V 516a Gri/Jw, Micluul I 434 Grimalda, Polixena IV l 04b* Grimaldi Jarni!Y IV 149b Grimaldi Robbio, Pelegro v 206b Grimald~ Agostino Il 31 Grimaldi, Ascanio II 450 Grimaldi, Boniek l 149 Grimaldi, Emanuele II 37, 511*; V 506a Grimaldi, fra Niccolo III 528a Grimaldi, Giovanni I l Ol Grimalcli, Luca III 596b Grimalcli, Niccolò su Ceba Grimalclis, Lucas de VI l 7a Grimaldus V 93a • Grimaldus Cebes, Nicolaus VI 17b Grimaldus, Ascanius VI 390b Grimaldus, Jacobus VI 32a, 300a, 322b*, 323a Grimaldus, Johannes IV 239b Grimaldus, LeoneUus IV 239b Grimaldus, Lucetus IV 239b


Grimaldus, Manuel IV 239b, 437b Grimaldus, Nicolaus, frater VI 509a Grimalius Gosl.ichius, Laurent:ius IV 74b Grimani I 45 Grimani farni!Y I 12; V 391 a Grimani, Bonaccorso I l 49 Grimani, card. Domenico I 25, n•, 44•, 6o, 10, 114, 149, 233, 266, 280, 281, 284, 292, 299, 301, 308, 313, 321,324, 345, 378; D 8, Il, 66•, 180, 182, 194, 201•, 202, 216•, 231*, 233, 235, 237*, 248, 249, 252, 258, 260, 266, 275, 285, 286, 306, 323, 324, 328•, 344, 348, 349, 359, 361, 364, 366, 389, 400, 407*, 413, 414•, 419, 470•, 501, 531, 578; DI 125b*, 192b, 194a, /94b*, 2/8b, 219b*, 272b, 274b, 28/a, 367a•, 474a, 485a, 485b; IV 40b, 114a, 136b, 142b, 146h, UBb, 190b, 21 Ja•, 21/b, 522b Grimani, Giovanni II 20 l, 211, 226; DI 358a Grimani, Giooarrni BaJtisto., [Àill of Candia VI 2 76h*, 2 77a Grimani, Giulio II 38 Grimani, Marw II 138 Grimani, Marino l 68; D 189, 262, 285, 321, 553; III 15b(?), 329b, 330b; IV 76a, 139a, 215a, 215b*, 328a; v 63tJ*, 221b, 508b, 55lb, 552a* Grimani, Moise I 33 7 Grimani, Muro.rina VI 271 a Grimani, V~o III 309b Grimanus, Aloysius, archiep. Cretensis V 483b; VI 277a* Grimanus, Dominicus, card S. Marci V 14b, 33b, 63a, 182b, 22/b, 329b, 508b, 519b*, 537b, 565a; VI 32b, 40b, 4/a, 49b, 79b, 224a, 255b, 323b, 328a, 336a, 393b, 408a Grimanw, ]ollatuw, ep. Ct1utDuis VI 12a Grimanus, Laurentius IV 137a Grimanw, Marrus VI 260a Grimanus, Maximus, card. v 549b Grimarw.J, Pdrus V 617a Grimany brtviary Il 216, 575 Grimius, G. Il 97 Gnmm, Sigi.rmJDtdw III 460tJ Grimoaldus IV 392a Grimoaldus, Nicolaus IV 191 a, 196a Grimoard, Guillaume de su Urbanus V Grimw, Fr. Il 77 Grinaeus III 383b


Grindal, Edmondus III 370a Grindall, Edmond IV 174a; v 116b Grineus (Gryn), Bonaccursius III 607a Grineus, Calurus, Marcus Antonius II 200*, 201•, 204, 250 Grineus, Gilbertus II 200, 201, 472; v 446b Grineus, Jacobus I 86 Grineus, Johannes Baptista II 263 Grinew, Wauicus II 190 Grineus, Marcus Antonius III 492b• Grineus, Pandulfus I 83 Grineus, Petrus II 203 Gringalletus, Franciscus III 279a Gringoire, P. III l OSb Gringore, Pierre V 365b Griphius Oriolensis, Thomas IV 52b• Gripho Amninus I 3 4O; II 61 Gripho, Griphus su Griffi Griphonus, Johannes Andreas V 412a, 540a Griphw Furarimsi.r, Nrco/aw IV 642a Griphus, Antonius Griphus .s« Griffi Griphus, Petrus su Grifus, Petrus Grischner, Christophorus III 370a GriseUus, Hercules III 283b Grisien, Johannes Baptista II 101 Gri.rio, G. B. IV l 07b Grisnerus, Christophorus III 636b Grisone, Federico IV 79b, 521 a, 534a, 562a Grurmiu.r T udrrs I 112 Gri.wn.r Grissonus, Fridericus III 179a GriJa pwl/4 IV /30a Gritta, Johannes V l OOb• Gritti, Andrea I 59, 311; II 213, 232, 234•, 235, 236, 239, 243•, 249, 304, 371, 414; III 56/a GriJJi, Carlo I 22 O GriJJi, Eurtasio I 164; IV 162h

Gritti, Francesco I 283 Gritti, Giovanni Leonardo II260 GriJti, Ltonmdo II 255 GriJJi, Ludouicw IV 298h GriJJi, Luigi II 524 GriJJi, Pietro I 16 Grillw, Andretu IV 220h; V 487b, 52/b



Gritus, Eustachius V 173a Grivio, Giovanni Maria VI 338b Grohianus III 2O2h

Grobius, Johannes Ulricus III 553a; V 43b•, 138a•, 138b, 14la, 142a, 153b Grocheo, Johannes de III 513a; IV 146b Grocyn, William IV 51 a Grodiliw, Jacohw III BOb ~lly. Rudolf!huJ V /32b Grotman, LaurmJiJJJ Pttri IV 46a Groenberger, Christ. III 316a Groener, Andreas III 542b Groepler, Joachimus III 496b Grofficius, Jacobus III 426b Grolier, César II 187, 294 Grolier, Claudio IV 547a• Grolier, Jean l 269, 315, 355", II 294, 412, 525; III 69b, 207b, 265b, 345a Groliniw, ]ohanneJ IV 277a; VI 372a Grolius, Franciscus V 84b GroUius, Sigismundus, SJ. v 13b Grolock, BartJroiorrulew III 67Bb Grorrwlw, ]ohanneJ Hinonymus V 478a Groners, Vergencius III 406b(J) Groningus, Georgius II 423 Groningus, Martinus III 457b, 617b

Gronovius III 128a•; VI 202a Gronovius, Abraham IV 264b•, 356b, 376b, 377b; VI 492b•, 493a•, 494a•, 494b, 516b Gronovius, 1.1. III 677b Gronovius, Jacobus III 94a, l 07b, 338b, 499a, 645b; IV 16a, 25a, 265b, 377b; V 44b, 546a, 576b; VI 450a, 492b•, 493a•, 494a•, 494b•, 515a, 516b, 548a Gronovius, Johannes Fridericus III 102a, 320a, 32la, 32lb, 338b, SOla, SSOa•; IV ISla, 3S6b, 377a, 377b; v 196b, 339a, 370a, 396a, S68a, 568b, 6/9b; VI 226b, 259b, 449a•, 493a, Sl6b, S73a• Groot, Gerardus III 178b, 230a•, 234b, 247a, 272b, 273a, 274a, 292b, 470b, 609b; IV 339a• Groot, Hugo de su Grotius Groot, Wil!e m de IV 341 a Groote (Groet), Gerardus V 46b*, 47b; VI Sl3a, S22a•, S22b• Groote, Alanus de III 714a; IV 348a(?)• GropeUo, N. III 330a Gropler, Joachimus III 496a Groppallan, ]ohanneJ Pruinw II 607 Groppallan su Pruinus Gropper, Johannes II 33, 39,

249 380; VI 112a, 134a, 300a, 342a, 545b Gropperus, Johannes III 12Ba, 384b, 438b; IV 576a Gros, Andreas III 640a Groslotius, Hieronymus III 322b, S07b; IV 133b, IS4a, 37/b, 37Sb, 377b; VI ISOa Grosparmi, Radulphus, episcopus Aurelianensis l 142 Gross·Sl. Martin (Cologne), abbot and monlcs of III 230a Grosschedelius ab Aicha, Johannes Baptista III 583a Grosseteste, Roben, Bishop of Lincoln l 73, 77, 162, 321; II l 00; III 30b•, 71 a•, 192b, 194a, 234a, 297a, 414a, 416a, 424b, 470a•, S24a, SS7a, 576a, S86b, 602a, 620b, 626a•, 687b, 711 a, 717a•; IV 9a, 13b•, 33a, 118b, 124a, 12Sa, 139b, 198b, 199a, 214a, 276a, 38Ia•, 38lb, 60Sb, 637b, 6SOb•, 679b•; V 46b, 67b, 2SSb•, 2S6a•, 2S6b•, 280a, 289a, 290a, 299a, 303a, 329b, 392a; VI 39a, IOSa, IOSb•, 147a, 220b•, 27lb, 377a, 385b, 422b, 424a, 465b, 488b, SII b, S23a, S29a, S49b Grosseto, Francesco I 298 Grossius, Hieronymus II 363 Grossius, Johannes III SS3a Grosso, Agostino V 116b GroJJW, Julianus IV 156b Grossus, Julius II 41 Grate, Gerardus su Groot, Gerardus Grate, Gotfridus V 396a Grotius, Gulielmus III 320a; IV 62a Grotius, Hugo (de Groot) I 81, 233; II 263, 346, 39S, 396, 4SO*, 452; III 42a, 102a, 123a, 179b•, 229b, 230b, 240a, 24Sa, 2SOb, 262b, 274b, 28Sb, 316a•, 316b, 3/Bh, 319b•, 320a•, 320b, 32la, 32/h, 322a, 322b, 323a, 323b•, 338b•, 370a, 37Sa•, 393a, 393b, 400b, 420b, 439b, 499b, SOla, 529b, 543a, SSOb, SSI a, SS9a, 560a, S67b, 641 b, 653a, 679b, 697b, 699a, 699b, 706a, 734b; IV 29a, 6Sb•, 72a, 78a, 133a, 133b•, 34/a, 462a, 67lb; V 3a, 3b•, 4a*, Sb, 7a, 7b•, /3b, 14b•, 23a, 84b, 87a*, 114b, 17Sa, 196a•, 197b, 23lb, 25lb, 338a, 367b, 40lb, 420b, S64a, 587a; VI 91 b, 368b, 390a, 493a, 499b, 547a, 573a, S73b, S82b Grotius, Janus IIl 326a, 327b

250 Grotke, Petrus IV 425b Groto, Luigi IV 60 l a; V 595a Grotta, Antonius IV 438a(?) Grono, Antonio VI 206a Grotta, Luigi l 262, 278; Il 276 Grouchius (Gruchius), Nicolaus l 405* Grovellus, ]. 111 233 a Grazio, Ugo see Grotius Griplricus, Franrucus IV 652b Gruberus, Magnus IV 140a, 317b, 341 b, 342b, 354b, 355b, 356b*, 359a, 359b, 362a, 363a, 363b*, 37lb, 375b, 376a, 377a*, 377b, 380b* Grubinius, Oporinus Il 450 Gruchius, Nicolaus Il 341, 401-402, 597*; V 396a Grudius, Nicolaus 111 /34b, 283b, 284b*; IV 79b*, 373a*, 374b*, 375b, 376a, 5/0a, 676b, 678a; V 383a; VI 150a Grudius, Nicolaus Nicolai IV 289b 289b Gruellius, Andreas V 392a Gruen, Andreas 111 743a; VI 550a Gruener, Vincentius V 50b; VI 525b* Gruenpeck, joseph 111 19b, 55b, 452a, 553a Gruenrade, Otto a VI 581 b Grueriis, Ltunardu.s a IV 586a Gruerius, ]acobus 111 226b ~. Marcus Il 9 7 Gruescus, Gregorius l 418 Gruglus see Rippa Gruitrode, Jacobus IV 427a; set Dionysius Carthusianus Grumbach, Wilhebn 111 65 6b Grumella, lsotta Brembata Il 547 Grumerius de Placentia l 96; Il 312 Grummerus, Otho 111 588b Grump«k, Jos~hus VI 487b Grumus, Simon Il 485 Gnm, Jwtus a III 655b Gnmau (near Wtrlheim) 111 730a Gnmd, G=gius 111 /BOb Gruner, Andreas V 51 b Gruner, Christophorus Ili 378a Gruner, Vincentius 111 24a, 369b, 395a, 418b, 419a, 430b, 686a, 717a, 74lb; VI 514b, 536b Grunerus, Vincentius II 591 Grunius, Johannes Ili 389b*, 390a; IV 439a, 439b Grunnovius su Gronovius Grunrad, Otto a Il 396, 591, 593; Ili 573b l17'1U1Jjridius, Phi/ippu.J III 5 fJ2b Grunwald, J. VI 42lb Gruphoniw, ]ohannLs Il 60


Grupius, Johannes III 394b Gnmc~inslci, Martinus 111 609a Grourus, lsaac IV 377a Gruterus, Jacobus 111 109a, 250a Gruterus, Janus l 349; Il 390*, 395* 396*, 399, 422, 593; III 78b, IOlb, 107b, 187a, 250a, 270b, 283b(?), 284a(?), 284b, 290b, 316a, 319b*. 320b*, 321 a, 321 b*, 322b*, 324b*, 325a, 329a, 339a, 370a, 380a, 380b, 393b, 400b, 401b, 440b, 499b, SOla, 506b, 509a, 509b, 550a, 550b, 55la, 559a, 560a, 573a, 573b, 588a, 589a, 620b, 634a, 703a, 706b, 734b*; IV llb, 23b, 24a, 56a*, 61b, 64a, 65b, 66b, 74a, 78a, 121 b, 133a, 133b*, 135a, 152b, 154a*, 183a, 192a, 218b, 299a, 250b, 263b, 264b, 356b, 361 b, 362a*, 363a, 367a, 373b, 375b, 376a, 377b, 382b, 383a, 384b, 432b, 6 71 b; V 4a, 51 b, 52b, 54b, 85b, 96a, 114b, 146a, 183a, 234a, 383a; VI 45a, 9lb, /03a, 150a, /65a, 324a, 36/b, 368b, 415b, 492b, 493a*, 494a*, 518b, 548a, 582b Gruys, Jo. III Il Oa Gry, Anlolliw IV 652a Gryllus, Angelus (Grillo) VI 7a, 265a Gryllus, Laurentius 111 658a; IV 375b; VI 362a Grynaeus su also Grineus Grynaeus III 383b( ?) Grynaeus, Bonus Accursius IV 53lb* Grynaeus, Georgius VI 464b Grynaeus, J. 111 678a Grynaeus, Johannes VI 558a Grynaeus, Johannes Jacobus III 179b, 209a, 3/5a, 31 7a, 318a, 322a, 330a, 370a, 375a, 380b, 400b, 473b, 50la, 509b*, 550a, 551 b, 559a, 560a, 581 a, 584b, 637a; IV 9a, 76b, 78a, 359a, 363a, 363b, 375b, 376a, 376b, 377a; V 39b, 40a, 52a*, 52b*, 53a, 53b, 54a*, 54b, 57b, 58a, 6lb, 64a, 76b*, 77a*, 77b*, 83a, 83b, 84a*, 84b*, 85a, 85b, 86a*, 86b, 87b, 94b, 95a, 95b*, 114b, 116b, 13la*, 13lb, 135a*, 135b, 136b, 137b, 146a, 149a*, 152a*, 338a, 367b; VI 547a, 548a*, 583a Grynaeus, Samuel III 370a, 467a•, 550b; V 58a, 63b, 70b, 77a, 77b, 94b Grynaf"us, Simon Il 392, 395, 589; Ili 84a, 136b, 31 Ra, 322a, 330a, 370a, 377a, 393a, 393b, 458b, 509a, 542a, 550a, 55l, .fraur III 504a Gulielmus :'l;oviomemis l 289 Gulielmus Parisiacus IV 413b Gulielmus Parisiensis III 48a Gulielmus Parmensis V 325a Gulielmus de Placentia VI 3S9b Gulielmus Placentinus V 134b; su Salicbreus de Prato III 628b Jacobus Hinonymus l 3 Jacobus Himioben V 640a Jacobus Hispanus l 417 Jacobus Hugoni.J rh Marsmin.sltr v 126b Jacobus lsaac de Padua II 175; v 455b, 479b Jacobus Jacobi III 600b Jacobus Johannes de M urina l 205 Jacobus Judaeus III 297b Jacobus l, K'urg of Aragon IV 526a Jacobus Il. K'urg of Aragon IV 490a Jacobus de Laude IV /88a; su Balardi Jacobus Ugnanm.ris VI 78b Jacobus Leonicenus III 286b*, 364b; su Omnibonus Leonicenus Jacobus de Libemo V 620b Jacobus Lucensis II 92, 250, 438.., stt Ammannati, Jacopo, Ammannatus, Jacobus Jacobus Lusiianus II /65; VI 242h S. Jacobus de Marchia IV 486a, 543a, 615a; V 387b*, 499a, 522b, 536b*; VI 115b*, 190h, 306a*, 326b*, 328b Jacobus de Marchia, O.M. l 233, 402, 405, 407; II 99, /35, 170, 269, 342, 345, 348, 397, 427, 466• Jacobus Marchio Badmsis III 508a Jacobus de S. Martino V 251 b, 307b Jacobus MaJJhmr IV 269a Jacobus rh Monubraruinno, O.,H. v 463b Jacobus MuJinm.sis l 158, 160 Jacobus N. III 226b Jacobus de Namio su Cordoni Jacobus de Neapoli, O.S.A. Il 473 Jacobus Nicolai Chocchi de Donaris ser Donatis Jacobus Nicolaus de Dacia III 245a; IV 135b Jacobus Nicolaus episcopus Clugiensis su Nachiamibus, Jacobus de

282 120, l 56; Jacobus O.P. IV 597b )acobw dt Padua l 383; III 26/a, 262b Jacobus card. Papiensis su Ammannati Jacobus de Pec II 517 Jacobus Pedemontanus II 277 Jacobus Pergulensis su Tiburtius )acobu.s Ptripokticu.s II 462 )acobu.s Pnusinu.s II l 35 Jacobu.s Philippi V 44a• Jacobus Philippus lkrgomas (Foresti) IV 234b; V 258b, 366b, 419a, 490a, 5 19a, 519b, 630b, 632b; su Foresti Jacobus Philippus Ferrariensis, O. SeJV. II 248, 539 Jacobu.s Philippu.s dt Padua, O.E.S..A. IV 142b )acobu.s dt PiamonJi IV 618b )acobu.s Picms II 486 J acobus Pisaurus II 65*, 66*, 110, 500 Jacobus de Pistoria III 705a J acobus de Pistorio I 49 Jacobus de Placentia I 346; II 22, 162, 213, 222, 313; IV 629a; V 453a; VI 330b* Jacobus Politianus II 115, /63, 510 Jacobw dt Pvlmria, O.S.B. IV 260a Jacobus Polonus III 582b* )acobu.s Pralmsi.s II l l; VI 353a Jacobus de Prato IV 219b Jacobu.s R. I 33 Jacobus Racanatensis I 187; II 88, 243, 263, 432; III 250a; IV 46b Jacobus de Ravenna II 270; V 94a Jacobus de Reate, O.M. Il 134, 200, 378, 485 )acobu.s &ginuis VI 73b Jacobus de Regio I 29, 52; III 519a; VI 169a Jacobus de Regno O.P. IV 9lb; VI 29b Jacobu.s dt Rf1rllll II 50 )ocobu.s R017UIIUI.J IV 112a Jacobu.s Sahauditu cana/Jariw Il 424, 483 Jacobus de Salczpurga VI 528b Jacobus Salinensis III 202a Jacobu.s Salodimsis prtsbyltT II 50/; v 519b• Jocobu.s dt Sancta Agr~LIL dt Frmuia VI 85a Jacobu.s dt Sancto Carpano IV 302b Jacobus de Sancto Casciano su Jacobus Cremonensis Jacobus de Sancto Martino IV 6lla, 629a J acohus Ser Marci I 418 )ocobu.s Sibnzurnri.s Il 418


)acobu.s Siculus I l Ol Jacobus de Sienna IV 4{)3b )acobu.s dt SiUa l 187 Jacobus Spirensis III 651 b*, 667b Jacobus Spirensis astrologus V 290a Jacobus Spirensis rhetor V 107a• )acobu.s SybenU:msis VI 323b Jacobus de Tarvisio, frater VI 130b, 13/a, 404a Jacobus de Thessalonica III 415b Jacobus Tifemas III 488b Jacobu.s Tragurimsis l 44 Jacobu.s dt Tuderto II 135 Jacobu.s dt Ulixbona VI 256b Jacobus Utinensis l 35"; II 93, 205, 232, 235, 248, 311' 425, 568; III 618b; IV 245b; V 279a; VI 336b; see also Maranensis Jacobu.s Vamris ser Jacobi II l 05 Jacobus Venetus Il 61•, 420, 462; Ili 339b, 478b; V 102a*, 483a; VI 429b*, 573b; su also Grasolarius; Macariis Jacobus de Verona III 34b* Jacobus Veronensis I 261, 390; Il 98, 321; IV l Ob; V 266b, 274b, 45/a, 453a, 46la Jacobu.s Vicnztinus VI 4/ b Jocobu.s dt Vrgio l 3/3 Jacobus de Villa Sancta su Jacobus de Castillo Jacobus de Vintemille IV 282b* Jacobus de Viterbio II 328; IV 482a Jacobus Volaterranus (Gherardi) IV 387b, 605b*; su Gherardi )acobu.s a MoTUJCh. Smmris l 209 Jacobus abbas Aquae Nigrae IV 620b Jacobus abbas Boniciensis II 14, 258, 568 Jacobu.s abbas Ebirbacmsis IV 125a Jacobus abbas S. Petri in Castello O.S.B. IV 107a Jacobus ad Portum VI 558a Jacobu.s archiLp. M aguntinmsis V 29a Jacobu.s baniJor Borwnimsis Il 420 Jacobu.s bihliopola II 62 Jacobus comes Valpergiae IV 403b Jacobu.s doctor 1Lgum IV 404a• Jacobus episcopus Acconensis IV 174b Jacobus episcopus Laudensis m Balardi, Balardus Jacobus episcopus Perusinus su Vannucci Jacobus episcopus Sutrinus srr Cordoni Jacobus filius R. Aba Mori IV l52a* .Jacohus [,.gum docwr l 320

J acobus magistri lsaac de Padua I 7 )acobw T111J71Qt:}w II 338 )acobu.s patriarduJ l 142 Jacobw plebatw.s Conq:liani V 453a, 453b Jacobw prtuposilw Sancti Feliru III 222a Jacobus praesul Malacitanus IV 602a Jacobu.s pri(or) V 305b )acobw priar S. Martini Opikrgii l 3 )acobw, Abbas VI Ba Jacobu.s, DuJu oJ Br~a IV 452a Jacobus, Johannes IV 662a Jacobus, King of Cyprus IV 144a Jacobus, King of Scodand sujames Jacobus, M. Hieremias lll 729b )acobw, Panigallius IV l 2a Jacobus, Philippus lll 637a(?) Jacobus, abbas Bononiensis 323b Jacobus, canonicus Aquileiensis I 35; VI 57a Jacobus, diaconus VI 421a Jacobus, frater II 293; IV l 04b Jacobus, magister l 210, 298; Il 98, 99; lll 135b; IV 20b*, 339b, 679b*; v 127a, 485b; VI 550a Jacobw, mogisltT, arc!WJJnts rq:i.s Lusitanitu IV 458b Jacobu.s, pra4"ectu.s S. Fe!UU VI 30b Jacobus, ~JVant of lppolita Sforza IV liSa Jacobutis de Tussicia, Aurelius de III 312a• Jacomatius, Johannes III 553a ]acome/Ji.s, Cosmas dt IV 234a; V 217a Jacomdlus episcopus Barensis (johannes Jacobus de Castillione ?) Il 322 Jacomdlus, Jacobus, episcopus lkllicastrensis I 435 Jacomettius, Jacobus II 494* Jacominius, Philippus lll 615b, 637a Jacominius see Giacomini Jacominus de Mantua II 85 Jacominus, Laurentius S« Giacomini Jacominus, Philippus VI 530a Jacominus Stt! Jacobinus Jocomo Il 127; VI 12& Jacomo Franctst VI 560b J acomo da Valenza II 541 Jacomo Vnonese s« Jacobus Veronensis Jacomotius Barrensis, Johannes lll 98b, 242a, 245b, 283b, 325b, 330a



Jacomotus, Johannes IV 133b; V 124b~ VI 369a JaconeUo, Battista Alessandro l 74• Jacopinus grammaticus II 4 71 Jacopinw, Comes l l 92 Jacopo ste a1so jacobus ]acopo d'Appiano III 307a Jacopo de Filippo de Monte del Ulmo II 468 Jacopo da Firenze V 583b Jacopo O. Serv. II 155, 510 Jacopo da Valenza l 367 Jacopo Veronese IV 70b Jacopo da Volterra sujacobus Volaterranus Jacopo Volterrano ste Jacobus (Gherardus) Volaterranus Jacopo dalla CasteUana, frate l 134 ]acopo di FranOOcho ... dtJ Soci di Ca.smtino V 24 I a Jacopo di Poggio su Bracciolini Jacopo di Spagna V 56/b Jacopo, vescovo deUa Laquiodiense ecclesia VI 159a Jacopone da Todi n 369; v 333b, 468b, 470a, 604b; VI 140a, l 856, 192b Jacopu.s, Baptisto. l 9 Jacquemot,Jean V 116b Jacques le Grant, O.E.S.A. IV 322b ]acquei, GuiJJaume V l 246




VI 4146 ]OLfP, Mtlckior lll 697a Jaegius, Franrucus V 18lb Jaffredus Caroli II 187• Jamblichus l 188, 427•; II 21, 91' 103, 132, 133, 358, 367, 368•, 378•, 409, 419, 433, 44/, 456, 457, 458•, 459; lll 66b, l 03b, liSa, l 25b, 555a, 555b, 562a•, 563a, 563b•; IV 166b, 264-a, 298a, 372b, 377b, 378a; v 184b, 413a; VI 16la, 183b, 39Ib•, 515a, 573a Jamholiml.s Cremonmsis Ili 2 29a ]ambonu.J de Antbtt~ IV 627a Jarnixmus nolarius IV 44a James l, King of England Uames VI, King of ScotJand) l 360, 405; Il /36, 156, 446; lll /8/b, /96a, 3/66, 3256, 33/b; 428a, 5066, 650a, 6776; IV l 5b, l 6a, I&•, /86, /9a, 266•, 35a, 386, 60a•, /396, 1896, 192b, /95a•, /956'", /96a, 196b, 197a, /986, 2036•, 236a, 2716, 2756, 27&, 359a, 392a; v 312a, 391a, 3986•, 4/0a•, 4146.., VI 312a, 547a, 548a, 582b ]anw l/1, Krng of Scolland VI 2986

IV, Krng of Scotlarui lll 2 76a, 3266, 3316; IV 796 Janw V, Krng of Scotlarui IV 4a; 4356 James VI, King of ScotJand su James l, King of England James of Milan V 470a James, Edwardus IV 38a James, Franciscus IV 37b, 20lb James, Princt of ork v 4 l 26 Janw, Radulphus IV /536 jarnfigliazus ste Gianfìgliazzi Jarnnelius, Twtrius IV 94a Jamnitzer, Wenzel Ili 463b; IV 217a Jamotius, Fredericus III 284a, 322b; IV 373a, 375b Jamvilla, Philippus de VI 120b Janarinus, Marcus Il 482 Janchirws, Vmcmtius II 374 Jandun, Jean de (Johannes de Janduno) VI 114b, 208b, 377a; su Johannes de Janduno JaneUus VI 6b; ste Giannelli Janeiw Il 382 ]anerius, Nalali.s IV 5096 Janfìgliactius su a1so Gianfìgliazzi Janfit.lùutiu.s, Bacciw V 583a Janfìliatius, Janfìgliazis su Gianfìgliazzi janfìliatius, Ludovicus VI 395b janfìliazzi su Gianfìgliazzi janibellius, Andreutius l 323 JanibeUus, Andreutius Il 338; VI 65a Janicius, Clemens l 409; IV 40 I b, 402a, 406b ]~ III 65a Janitius, Caspar III 440b ]arrius, ]olumnes Baptisto. VI l 57a Jannarinus, Marcus l 3, 392 Jannecius, Pierius Il 249, 26D-, 261*, 27D-, 460 Jannectus Vmetus, O.M. IV 246a Jannes Jacobus VI 184b Jannet, Lucas III 87a Jannettus, Pierius VI 391 b, 392a• Janningus, Conradus Il 345 Janninus, P. Ili 87a Jannitus, Guidus lll 607a Jaruw, &mardinus a l 4 l Jannotius ste Giannotti ]tlTITIOibls, AnJonius VI 390b Jannottus, Donatus su Giannotti Jannozius V 551 b Jano, Bartho1omaeus de, O.M. v 522b Janocius Il 484.., V 29/a Jarwnius, P.A. l 87 Janothus, Thomas Philologus Ili 572a Janotti d'Arignano da Roma, Domenico V 581 b Janottius, Donatus su Giannotti





]anozii et .sa/a{.arii dialogus Il 3 l 5 ]an.smi.sm l 405, 406; Il l 30, 452 Jansenius, Cornelius l 44; Il 95, 342, 446; V 9a, l 79b, 506a, 590b Janssenius, Cornelius Ili 86a, 136b; IV 341 b•; VI 26a Janssenius, Jacobus Ili 87a Janssonus, Jacobus lll 98b Janua, Januenses ste Genoa janua, Marcus Antonius ste Genua Januario ste Gennaro s. ]a11JU11"iw l 393 ]a1UU11"iw, AID&ander V 355 h Januarius, Andreas l 429 Janus Il 361; IV 2696 Janus {f!oml) IV 196a Janus Etruscus Ili 42a, 283b, 293a; V 383b J= Famstris pic/Qr IV 90a Janus Pannonius l 14, 19, 20, 21*, 22•, 23, 24, 25•, 33•, 35•, 44, 55•, 56•, 58, 101, 132, 255, 275, 304,317, 341, 357, 382•, 383•, 392; Il 8, 21•, 92•, 147, 198, 242, 248, 258•, 260, 267, 331' 33 7, 353, 355, 360, 361' 375(?), 376, 411•, 417, 428, 431, 437, 438•, 483, 499-, 551•, 587•; lll 33b, 42a, Sia•, 52a, 626•, 121a, 160b•, 284a, 293a, 348a•, 367a, 376b, 388b, 488b, 498b, 702b; IV IOb, 896•, /02b•, 256a•, 290a, 29la, 294a, 294b, 298a, 300b•, 30Ia•, 354b, 370b, 371a•, 405b, 437a, 56/a, 6206, 621b•, 622a•, 631a•; V 55b, 228a, 228b•, 229a•, 230a•, 266a, 452b, 453a, 462b, 5 74a, 618b•; VI 94a, 103a, l /4a, 150a, 182a Janus Parrhasius su Parrhasius J= Tolophus VI 6/9a Janus sactrdtJs II 315, 428, 585 J= sactrdtJs (LaJin conwfy) lll 288b; VI 331 b, 378a J=, Krng of C.Jin'US V 5 21 a Jaquerius, Nico1aus O.P. Ili 90a, 716a ]aquirwtus, Robtrtus IV /61 a Jaquotius, Blasius Il 185; VI 312a Jarba Il 62 Jaroslaus Bohemus V 537a Jarry, Petrus Ili 296a Jasitheus VI 202a Jasolino, Giulio Il 26 Jasolinus, Julius I 313, 404 Jason Il 35• Jason Apulus Il 46 Jason, Gaspar Il 49; V 539b Jason, Henricus IV 515b Jasonius, Gaspar (Giasone) l 56, 378, 379



Jasparus Danus, Jacobus IV 374b jasparus, Jacobus III 426b Jauch, Petrus III 380a Jauer, Nicolaus Magni de IV 176a Jauer, Nicolaus, O.P. II 400 Jauregui, Juan de VI 594b Jausserandus, Ludovicus II 183; IV 352a*, 353a, 365a; V 266b Javdlus, Chrysostomus, O.P. II 152, 246, 329, 446 Jaxa, Jacobus V 430a Jaxa, Johannes Maria V 430a Jeake, Samuel V 312a Jean de Luxembourg III 205a, 207a Jean cure de St. Pierre de Breye III 331b Jean, dJIC de Bmy IV /33a Jeanne stt also Johanna }eannL d'Are I 305, 328, 329; II 81, 341; III 32a, 407b;

V 300a S. }ttliW d'Are VI 345a Jemw de BouTgQg711! IV l 2 Ob Jeanne, Queen of Navarre IV 61b*, Il la* Jeber VI 175b Jeger Fribergensis, Michael v 35b Jeger, Michael III 380a Jegerus, Josias VI 15b Jeminus, Edwardus V 413a ]trUJ III I82b, 355b, 405a, 694b, 72/a• ]ma, University iif II 593; III 433a, 433b, 603b, 655a, 676a•, 692b;

v 35b•

Jenatscius, Johannes V l Ol a Jenisch, Georg VI 516b Jmiseh, Pau/us III 699b Jcnisius, Paulus III 355a, 381 a• Jenkinson, Anthony V 280b Jennaro stt Gennaro Jmnriw, Thomas

V 393a

Jennyng, Edward IV 192b Jensen, Johannes VI 539a Jmson, }ruolaw

I 400; II 580

Jentius, Jobus III 417b Jarminh VI 60a, 363a Jeremias III 394b Jeremias Minorita III 226b Jercmias patriarch of Constantinople III 4 70b, 569a Jeremia~ II patriarch of Constantinople III 5 7b jl'remia~. Danicl III 327a Jerrninus, Edwardus IV 277b Jerodimo Bolognese ste Girolamo Bolognese Jerome su Girolamo; Hieronymus Jcronimus de Alcxandra IV tì62a Jnsicko III 712a

]tTUSalem I 192; III 31 h, 204b, 495b, 497a, 645b; VI 44/a JtTUSalem, Hory Sepulchrt IV 2 2 8b Jerwakm, kings iif III 146b Jerwakm, kmghts of II 2 5 Jerusairm, pilgrimagt to VI 345a ]tsU, Augustinus de archiepiseopw Bracluuimsis IV 445a•

Jesualdus set Gesualdo ]eswJJi, urder iif lhe II 42 ]t.SUÌis I 118, /38, 288, 308; II 22, 206, 236, 271; III 89b, 93b, 94a, l 06a, /53 a, 176b, /85a, 305b, 3//a, 322a, 325b, 523a, 537a, 554a, 639a; IV 6/b, 67b, 70b, 78b, 153b. 192b•, 428b, 447b, 450a, 453b, 466a, 5/0b•, 529b, 549a; V /3b, 22b, 23a*, 36a, 175a, 253b, 357a, 393b; VI /9a, 194b, 237b, 255b, 256b, 283a, 316b, 349a, 377a, 390b, 39/a, 519b Jesuils of Coimbra IV 527a

Jesurbius, Vigilius III 378b Jesus V 406a Jesus G'hristus VI 12 7a* ]esus Nmx VI 42/b*, 427a, 430b, 549b

Jeuffroy, Johannes IV l 02b Jewel (juellus), John bishop of Salisbury IV 77b, 154a, 195a, 205a Jewcll su also Jocllus Jewell, John, Bishop of Salisbury stt Juellus, Johannes Jru:ish ealmdm VI 287b }fWs Il //, 46, 69, /52, /90, 239, 299, 414, 467, 493, 521, 528; III 412b, 686a, 727b; IV 88b, 529b; V 43a, 46a, 223b, 243a•, 358a, 398a, 399b, 625a, 647a, 647b; VI 230b*, 23/a*, 23/b*, 233a, 233b, 275a, 299b*, 30/a*, 302b. 303a, 307a, 329a, 343b, 405a*, 428a, 505b, 509b, 515a, 543b, 547b Jnvs of AIUona VI 343b Jnvs of TrmJ VI 229a*, 230a, 348b Jnvs, treaJi.w again.st tJu VI 124b,

459b Jhesus poeta III 436a Jimenez de Urrea, Jcronimo IV 522a, 525a ]o. IV 257b S Jo. III 423a ]o. An. Ro. II 408 Jo. Ar. Tar. II 461, 499 ]o. de B. V 350h Jo. De. A. II 188 ]o., L IV 522h ]o Mi ..5m. IV l OOa S. ]oachim III /6/ a .Joachim O.P. I 83, :245, :1:25, 327*, 336

Joachim abbas IV 551 b Joachim abbas de Flora III 40b, 192a, 662b; IV 438a Joachim of Brandenburg II 396* Joachim, tlector oJ Brandmhurg VI 489a JoachimstJwl 0nznasUan III 42& Joachimw III 494b; IV 586a Joachimus Abbas de Flora l 172, /BI•, 423; II 29, 557; V 579a* Joachimus Aeliopolitanus II 393 Joachimus Christianus Saxo II 591 Joachi.mus Emestus, Jninct of AnhaJJ

III 373b•, 374a•

Joachimus Fridericus, dector of Brandenburg III 334b, 377b•, 428b, 429a*, 430a•, 465b, 615a Joachimus G. III 460b Joachimus l, Elector of Brandenburg III 428b*; IV 219a Joachimus Il, Elector of Brandenburg III 359a, 428b, 464a, 464b Joachimus Smensis I l 5O Joachimus Vmetus Il 382•

Joachimus Westphalus III 450a ]oachimw of Brandmhurg III /BOb, 496a ]oachimus, Elector iif Brandmhurg V 9/a*, 264b Joachinus I 40, 336; Il 3 Joachinus prtsby/Lr IV 646b Joachirw.s Smensis VI 194a

Joachinus, .Johannes Baptista Il 66 Joachinus, Jubus V 557b Joaldus, Simon IV 239b Joan Battista, scultor IV 581 b Joan Lione Granatino Il 127 ]oan iif Ca.stiiL III 466a

]oana, daugh/Lr of Alforuo marqras dr

Villms IV 684b Joanellis de Gandino, Johannes Gualterus de III 133a Joannellus de Gandino, Pctrus lll 640a }oanL!us prtsbyiLr Bikmtinw Il 200 Joannettus su Zoanettus .Joannettus (Zoannettus), Franciscus IV 233a•, 576a; VI 67b, 342a, 342b Joao, Cristovao IV 447b ]{)(l() Principe diJ Bra.;,il III 141 b .Joas Il 53 Job, &ol; of IV 590a; V 313b, 6/Ja:, VI 67b, 328b, 378a. 423b ]oh, Ur1nardus IV 181 a, 295b;



Jobenardi, Bartolome IV 533a Jociscus, A. VI 582a Jocquet, ]oluznne.s IV 143h Jocundus s« Giocondo Jode, Herrnannus III 402a



Jodelius, Stephanw III 297a, 315b, 323a•, 326b; IV 94b Jodocus III 125a; se. alsojudecw S. Jodocu.s III 7O7b ]odocu.s Abbas~ IU 617b Jodocus de Calw m Eycheman jodocw Gallw I 323 Jodocus de Haylpruna III l Oa, 32a jodocus Hessw UI 479a• Jodocw de lngweiler VI 525b Jodocus lsnacensis III 530a Jodocu.s Maltluleu.s GantJntsU III /2/a }odocu.s of Muraoia II 325 jodocus, Guilelmw VI 491 b Jodocw, magister III 16la }otllm, Jostp/rus, ep. Sevtrianw V 394a Joergerus, Helmhartw III 56b Joergerw, Wo!llangw barrm of Dietlu1ch.Jtein III 56b • Joestelius, Melchior III 375a, 384a• ]1!/frttii, Jollarws, carri. VI 320b joffredus see jouffroy Joffredus de Lusunio, Johannes Vl58a joffridi, Johannes IV 128a, 128b jofredw, Johannes decanus Vergensis IV 498a Joluznn 11011 Kuestrin III 428b• Johanna V 3 I 6a; see Giovanna; Jeanne Johanna de Austria IV 529b, 54lb, 550a, VI /54a S. }ohanM de Cnv:e, OM. VI l Oa Jol!amta di Fiiippo, SIIOr IV l 05a ]ol!amta I, Q!tmr of Nfi/Jies V I Oa, 268b, 27/a ]ol!amta Il, Qjlttn of NllfJies VI 213b Jol!amta Paf!issa U I 28, 396; III 573b; VI 363b ]olumna, Gnwi l>u&Jws of T useany V 433b, 435a johanna, daughter of Carolus V IV 467b, 54&• ]olumna, d. of Cluzrles VII of Frana IV 30b Johannalis, johannes lil 615a, 637b )olratw, Qjlttn of Nazxzm III 276a Johannes l 33, 97, /66, 169, l 72, 321, 325, 3 79, 399; Il 3, 44, 126, 208, 250, 290, 380, 410, 440, 481, 545; III I86a, 203b, 257b•, 270a, 4/4b, 572b, 7/Ja, 745a; IV /64b, 200a, 295b, 549b, 5&4-b, 59la, 646a, 68/b; V IOb, 287b, 298b, 307a, 362b, 383b; VI 336b•, 362a, SOSb, 52/b; see aLso Giovanni;Juan Johannes S. l 22

s. JolrtmNs Il 333 Johannes (XXIII) (Baldassare Cossa) l Il 5, 202, 241*, 255, 307; Il /0/, 387, 548(?); III I 87b, 453a, 524b, 599b, 682a, 738b; IV l 39a, 482a Johannes (&mdi) de Aquilegia Il 50, 116, 296, 339 Johannes (de Eich) episcopus Eystettensis Il 415 Jollarws (de BroMioco) carri. Ostìmru Il 346 Johannes (the Elder), Prince of Norway III 506a Johannes (Berardi) archiepiscopus T arentinus l 196; Il 71 , 326*, 348 Johmuw (M1111inez) de Toleto cardiruJliJ l 435 Johannes Abrahamw Vutdunensis III 279a Jollarws Adamu.s abbas Compidonmsis UI 5 70b

Joharws Adolplw.s,

arci!Wp. Bremensis

Luhtcmsis Ili l 74b, l 84b Johannes Aegidius Zamoren.sis I 29; Il 491 Johmuw Aeg,ptus Ili I 22a Johannes Albensis VI 359a Johannes Albertus de Venetiis Il 256 Johannes Albertus, Du.k.e of Mecldenburg III 429b, 430a•, 43/a•, 43/b•, 614b, 656b; IV l l 3a•; V 343b Johannes Albertus, King of Poland V 184b Johannes Alexandrinw Il 402; III 41 7a; VI 52a, 320a, 365b Joharrrw A!fortsii.S cmumicus IV 557b Johannes de Alliaco Il 316 Joharws Aloi.riu.J Canonicus Il 78 Johmuw Alphonsur Hispa/msis IV 522b Johannes Alphonsw de Segobia IV 658b Johannes Alphonsus de Sessa I 312 Johannes Alvisius U 355; ID 423b Johannes AmatieJls Mttiiolannrsis IV I56a Johannes Ambundii VI 549a Johannes Anagnosta Il 444 Johannes Andreae l 7, 27, 352; Il 95, 157, 218, 229, 230, 237, 342, 404, 414, 465, 491, 497; III !Sa, 37b, 38a, 96b*, 132b, 151 a, 156b, 162b, 192b, 260a, 399a, 415a, 415b, 449a, 462b, 512b, 538a, 58/a, 592a, 604a, 611 b, 663a•, 664b*; IV 134a, 146a•, 21Sa•, 360b, 38lb*, 42ta•, 423a, 434b, 487b, 499b, 519b, 56la, 613a, 618a•, 636a; d

V 43b, 222a*, 33lb, 334b*, 47lb, 499b; VI 365a, 384b, 459a Johannes Andreae cognomento Angelus Il 94 Johannes Andreas l 431 Jolrmws ANirttJS Ardinu.r Il 477 Johannes Andreas de Colonia IV 4a, 7la, I84a Johannes Andreas, ep. Aleriensi.s V 6 7a; see Bussi Johannes Andreas, ep. Bertinorii VI 314a Johannes card. S. Angeli IV 64 7a; w Carvaial Johannes Angelus Ariminensis Il 571 Johannes Angelus Glazensis IV 399a Johannes de Anglia l 404, 409; V 419b; VI 117b Johannes Anglicus Il 346, 347*, 395; III 228a, 342b; IV 255a Johanne.s Anglw III 9 9a Johannes Antiochenus V 41 a, 4lb*, 42b, 46a, 345a Johmuw Anlonii (de S. Georgia), ep. Alotmtirinus V 29b• Johanne.s AlltoriÌ7Jw de CassooitJ I 409 Johannes Antoninus de Villa Basilica V 610b* johannes Antonius l 129, 26/; Il l 12, 361•, 427, 487 Johannes Antonius episcopus Alexandrinus see Sancto Georgio Johannes Antonius Cremonens.is Il 427* Johannes Antonius Ducalis aulicus VI 28b Johannes Antonius de Faventia III ISSa•, ISSb Johannes Antonius Gallicanus l 103 Johannes Antonius de S. Georgio bp. of Alessandria III 332b, 333a• Joharws Allloniw Marosticanu.s VI 339a ]ollarws Antonius Papinrs-U Il I 00 Johannes Antonius Panhenopaeus Il 426, 601 Johannes Antonius Placentinus

ll366 Johannes Antonius Romanus l 78, 378; UI 397b• Johannes Antonius Sarsinas Il 461 Johannes Antonius Senensis Il 297 Johannes Antonius 1ìcinensis l 101 ]ohannes Allloniw Urbina.s VI 287a



Johannes Antonius Veronensis su Pantheus Johannes Antonius Vulpius su Vulpius Johannes Antonius prince of Liechtenstein IV 316a, 317 a JohannL.s AnJonìus prirueps Tarrntinu.s IV 46a S. Johannes Apostolus IV 625b; VI l 85a, 332a Jolumnu Apulus II 33 l Johannes de Aquila II 100•. 268; IV 631 b, 632a•, 632b•; V 219b; VI 141b Johannes Aquilanus l l 3; IV 612b Johannes de Aquilegia l 203, 242 Johannes de Aquileia (Bondi) III 20a, 30b•, 31 a•, 31 b, 32a, 32b, 34a, 209b•, 234a, 406a, 463a, 524a•, 533a, 604b, 715a, 736a; VI 169b, 432b, 442b, 462b, 533b; ~ Bondi Jolumnes Ar. II 436 Jolumrru Ar. Florrntinu.s II 436 Jolumrru dL Aragonw III 250b. 472b; IV 503a, 504a Johannes Aragonius II 165, 432•, 458, 487•; IV 57 Ja•, 624a

Johannes Aragusiensis VI BOa• Jolumnes dL S. Archangtln l 282 Johannes Arculanus VI 35 7b, 367a

Johannes de Arculis stt Arculanus, Johanne~ Johannes Aretinus I 4, 47•, 152•, 178, 208; II 239, 278•, 347, 394, 491. 590; III 514b; rv 92b. 184b•, 219a•, 223a•. 429a•, 429b•; V 64b, 444b ...

stt also Aliouus; Capito; Corvinus; Tonellius Johanncs dc An·tio II 146• Johannn Ariminmsis I 97, 417 Joluuuw A rogomu.s carri. III 22 4a Johanm·s de A'henden (Eschenden) TV 20b, 213b• Johannes card. Atrebatensis su Gaufridi Johannes de Atrio IV 249b Johannes Augustinus abbas III 502b Jolumrru Augustinu.s &rgommsis 14/ Johanneg de Auri Montibus IV 615b Jolumnts dt Au.stna III l 05a. 111 a, 294a ... IV 546b. 600a; VI Rla. l



Johannes Austriacus IV 3 l.'ia; VI 390b; m Austria. Don Juan dc

Johannes Aventinus VI 529a; su Avenrinus Johannes de Avila VI 587a }oharrrrrs Avinùmmsis II 3 l 4 ]ohannts B. II 430 Johannes de B. dux II 399 Johannes Ba. Ma. II 356 Johannes de Bachen.stein VI 519a }olumrru dL &dm, archiep. TrrM"rnsis VI 297b Johannes de Badoaureo rv 257b Johannes Baptista II 463, 538; v 489b S. Jolumrru Baptista l 104, 345;

II 336, 490, 502; III 14a, 79b, 16/a; IV 329a, 329b, 464a, 527b, 530a; V 106b, 333b.., VI 18/Ja*, 262a, 345a, 35/b, 420b

Johannes Baptista de Aquila }olumnes Baptista Bartholtmuuu.s

l 27

II 437 }olumrru Baptista C. I l 94 }olumrru &ptista CarmeliJilnus II 286 ]olumrru Baptista Dmlwnmsis praeposilus II 478 ]olumrru Baptista Ludovicus Signinus VI 389a Johannes Baptista M. II 371 Johannes Baptista Mantuanus, Physicus III 434b Johannes Baptista card. Melphitensis su lnnocentius VIII Johannes Baptista de Monte Fabriano su Baptista de Fabriano Johannes Baptista de Monte Libano O.P. I 304 ]oh(lfiJUJ &ptista NtopoliJilnus I 84, 420

}olumrru Baptista PaJ.us Can.cus Rotat IV 98a Johannes Baptista Plu., frater II 413 ]olumrru &ptista JYrrlumrnsis II 2 Jolumrru Baptista Stnmsis II l l 2 Johannes Baptista Sipontinus VI 145a Johannes Baptista Tiph!"mas I 249 }olumnts&ptista TolmJinas VI l 56b johannes Baptista V!"nt·tus cardinalis Yt Z!"no Johannes Baptista Viterbiensis II 361; III 423b; V 229b Johanncs Baptista episcopus Regiensis stt Palla\icino, Battista Johannes Baptista frater rv 223a•

Johannes Baptista monachus II 163• Johannes Baptista monachus Camaldulensis II 198 Jolumrru Baptista Jmsul rv 455a Johannes Baptista, O. Camald. V 519a Johannes Baptista, SJ. VI 532b Johannes Baptista, electus plebanus S. Apollinaris VI 125b Jolumrru Baptista, provincialis

o..sm. vr 551~.


Jolumnts Baptisti magistri Mtuhn (w) I 213 Johanns de Senis, O.Serv. episcopus Faventinus III 3Sa• ]oJuumrs .Sn- }acobi l 15 4 Johannes St·rbacensis V 57b Johannes de Serravalle l 3 76; 11272 Johannes de Sicilia Il 425; Ili 234a, 264b; IV 625b; V 89a JolrartNs Siro/w V 23 4h Johannes Siculus l\'octensis su Johannes :'1/octensis JolrartNs Simonis tU ;;_tlandia l 425 Johanncs card. S. Sixti srt T urrt"rrcmata Johannes de Soncino 154*, 305, 413; Il 5, 17(?), 214, 244; VI 450b Johanncs de Spello Il 327 Johannes de Spira Il 391 Johannt>s Spoletinus IV 251 a Johannes dt> Spoleto II 425, 4'11; III 40a, 4 7b, 722b* Johanncs Stcphani dc Parma III 711 b* }nhnnnt.< Sirphnnw tU .\lnnlmmrlo VI 528n Johann" Sitphanw epucopw &nonzmw III 3 74b Johannes Subdiaconus III H l b; IV 2Hb. 421b Johanrws Suessionensis IV :l2:la ]ohmmt.< Sutm 111 132b Johannes de Suncino IV li l ha .Johanm·s card. S. Susannatia .Johanrws Vctwtus, O.C. Il 221l, i.'i'l: VI l trus Hispanus Johannes XXII l 43 7; Il 185, 325, 339, 478, 595; III 59a. 416a; IV 46/h; V 258h; VI 496b Johnnrus XXlll V /9a. 25tr, VI /03b, 364b JohannL.< tU rtrio v 2 52a Johannes Zarhariac, fratrr Il 479: III 701a )ohnnnts abbas III 47 V .1/ 7b Johannt"s abbas de ca.,tn> Duranlis III 5 78b Johannts abbas Dunmill III 84b. 85a Jnhannrs abbas S. f~ii in .\ùrnnbnga O. S. B. III fJ3 4a Johnnnrs abbas Hirsrn~ginws V 9a, 9b Johanncs abbas Lambacensis III 25b* Johannes abbas Montis Sinai l 74, 190; III 117n, 2.19a• Johannes abbas Parrcnsis III Rì a ]nhannts abbas S. Prtri in (;andia III 592b



Johannes abbas Raithunensis I 74•, 159, 190*; II 164, 326, 466*; III 33a, 117a, 178b*, 247a•, 259a•, 513a, 513b, 591b, 593b*, 664b, 715b, 717a; IV 141b*, 168a*, 260a*, 294a*, 489b, 490a*; V 26a, 334a, 439b; VI 39b, 219a*, 219b, 272a* Johannes a Sancto Thoma IV 464b ]olwnrus abbas SS. Udolrici et Alfrae III 536a Johannes abbas Sub1acensis I 23 Johannes archiep. Tarentinus Jet lkrardi Jolumnes arclzUpiscopw &nmtntanu.r(?) I 255 Johannes archiepiscopus Cantuariensis Jet Peckham Johannes archiepiscopus Florentinus set Neroni Johannes archiepiscopus Lundensis IV 289a, 289b JolwnnL.r arc.copw M ttiio/nnmsi.s IV 44a Johannes archiepiscopus Panormitanus IV 289b* Johannes archiepiscopus Strigoniensis Jet Vitez Joluuws archi.epi.scopw Tarmlinus IV 176a Jolvmnes cancellariw domini &luaunsis IV 573b JolwnnL.r clnUus Trai«tmsis Il //O Jolumnes cornes in Tarnon IV 298b Johannes condam Jacobi II 381 Johannes decretorum studiosus IV 121 a Johannes dictus Jupiter Jet Jupiter Jolvmnes doctor IV 4b, 5a Johannes doctor Decretorum III 528b* ]olvmnes duM of Brag~a IV 445a JolwnnL.r dulcL of Meddmhurg IV 151b Jolvmnes dux Cliven.ri.r IV 35Ba Johannes ep. Castellanus Jet Ursinis, Johannes Franciscus de Johanm:s ep. Tomacensis JN Vendevilius, johannes }ohatiiiL.S ep. Tragurimsis V 450b• Johannes ep. Varadiensis V 22Ba, 235a, 452b Johannes episcopus Astunensis Jet Johannes episcopus Ostunensis Johannes episcopus Chelinensis, O.P. IV 606b Johannes episcopus E1nensis IV 495a, 495b; .set Margarit Johannes episcopus Eystettensis Jet Johannes de Eich

Johannes episcopus Ferrariensis Jet Borgia Johannes episcopus Laudensis, O.M. III 578b Jolumnes tf1i.=pus Lm.obrimsis III 186a JolwnnL.r ~copw M0111l.Steriensis III 31b Johannes episcopus Novioduni III 614b Johannes episcopus Ostunensis II 236, 569 JolwnnL.r ~copw Pictavmsù III 292b JolwnnL.r ~copw Prmutnsis, card. S. Angtli IV 32& Johannes episcopus Quinqueecclesiensis Jet Janus Pannonius ]olvmnes ~of!UJ Stgntnsir IV 46a Johannes episcopus So1taniensis III 52a Johannes episcopus Valadinensis Jet Johannes episcopus V aradinensis Johannes episcopus Varadinensis I /4, 255, 256; II Il, 52, 194, 198, 260, 424; III 16b, 22b, 32b*, 618b Johannes episcopus Vo1aterranus Jet Neroni Jolumnes ~copw Vratislavitn.ru III 48/b JolwnnL.r ~copw Wannitnsis III 403a Johannes episcopus Wormatiensis Jet Dalberg, Johann von JolwnnL.r t~ Rhodinuis II 584• JolumnLJ mmila Gailus I 22 l Jolumnes filius Frtmeisci III 58b Jolumnes jraJn lk To/edo IV 57Ba(?) Jolumnes frairum HoJpilalilatis juruJaJm IV 531 a JolumntJ gramtTIIJJicae J!rof=or l 13; IV 627a, 627b Jolumnes grammaticus Venetus IV 44a, 44b Johannes grammaticus Jet Philoponus Johannes imperator (Palat'"o1ogus) III 681 a; IV 39a, 116a, 434b ]olumnes injanJL oj Spain IV 594b JohaMLJ iudex de Vrgwùia IV 44b, 627b* JolumntJ marchio Montisferrati IV 164a• Johannes monachus I 143, 395, 4D2; II 9, 338* Johannes monachus P1acentinus Jet Crastoni Johannes monachus Senensis II 239

293 Johannes monachus V al1umbrosanus II 2 18 johannes notarius de Candida III 300b Jolumnes olim Benrdicti lk f7ormtia IV 165b Johannes papa I 93; II 103; IV 129b Johannes patriarcha Alexandrinus IV 597b; J« Vitelleschi Johannes patriarcha Antiochenus I 37, 151, 241; II 5, 424; III 602b, 715b, 718a; IV 176a, 482b; V 143a, 299b; VI 40b Johannes patriarcha Hieroso1ymitanus III 464b Jolumnes plebanus {)pptnhDnensis m 594b Johannes p1ebanus in Wurzach III 685a Jolumnes preceptor principis heredis IV 86b Johannes presbyter II 161; IV 60 l b; see Prester John Jolumnes prtsby/8 S. Michaeli.s V~eedominorum II 481 Jo!wnrus presby/8 Rhosi II 389 JohannLJ presul Sancti lilmhtrti IV 55/a Jolum= prince of Aragon IV 604b *; VI 170a ]olumnes princt of Portugal IV 414a Jolumnes prior Bodicmsis III 594b Johannes prior de Ingham IV 196a Jolumnes proposiJus Solitnsis I 3 7 Johannes repetitor domini Antonii I 205 Johannes subdiaconus III 374a, 593a; VI 522b Johannes sub1ector apud regulares de Borken III 604a Jolumnes typographus V 433a, 435a JolumnLJ, C= Werlknbn-gi and bp. oj Augsburg III 707b Jolumnes, Count Palatint and Duk of &varia III 62 5a ]ohaMLJ, Duk oj Clevts VI 365a* Johannes, Duke of Saxony v 55b, 529b, 564b Jolumnes, Dux Albaniat III 230b• ]olumnes, Dux Clivensis III 126a, 126b* ]ohaMLJ, Elector oj Saxorry III 394b Jolumnts, card. S. Eus111chii VI 620h Johannes, Kmg of Cyprus II 88 JolumnLJ, Kmg oj Dacia III l 7Ba Jolumnes, /Gng of France IV l 51 a ]olumnes, /Gng of ]erusalem and Cyprus VI 263b JolumnLJ, King of Navarre IV 96a, 98b Jolumnes, Kmg of Spain III 482b Jolumnes, MQTgravt of Baden III 48/a

294 Johannes, Margrave of Baden and Archbishop of Trier III 722a JolwnnLs, Margrlll!t of Brandmburg III 359a• }oh=, Margrlll!t of Brandmbrug-Kuestrin III 428b, 497a Johannt"S, O. Camald., monachus S. Mariae de Angelis V S21a* Johannes, O.S. Wilhelmi VI 487a* Johannes, abbas Montis Synai su S. Johannes Climacus Johannes, astrologus VI S04h }ohannLJ, comes Palntinw VI 362a JolianMs, comes Palalinus, tp. Monastnimsis VI 432b Johannes, diaconus Neapolitanus VI 208b }olianMs, discipuius ConstanJini A.fricani VI 356a ]ohannLJ, f!J. ConstantinopoliJanus VI IBO~ 427~ 443a }ohannLJ, f!J. MeliJmsis VI JBBa }olianMs, f/Jiscopus VI 5136 Johannes, frater l 293, 312; Il 3; VI 434a Johannes, grammaticus et rhetoricus VI 244a Johannes, magister Il 98, 99, 208; III 33a, 58b, 72a; IV 40Sa, 570b; VI 2SI b Johannes, prior Florentinus VI liSa }ohannLJ, Str III 3 66a Johannes, translator VI l 7 l b ]olwnnLJbtrg III 26a Johannri.Jus, Petrus rrwiicus IV 250b Johanninus de Mantua, O.P. IV 44a*, 627a*, 627b* Johanninus Medicus VI liSa, 137a Johannis su Zohannis Johannitius l 27, 394; Il 62, S4S, S9.1*; III 95b, l OOb, l Ol b, I OBb, 122b, 177a, 19Sa, 220a•, 234b, 260b, 269a, 416b*, 422a, 463b, 47Sb*, 485b, 487a*, 6656, 686a, 687b, 714b; IV 16b, 33b, S9b, 74b, 166b, I96a, I98b, 223b*, 236~ 236b*, 27S~ 276a, 307b, 424b*, S22a. 52Jb, 626b, 638a*, 64Sa; V 18b. 496. 64b, BBb, 106a, 2I9a. 293b*. 322a; VI 34b, 35h, 42b, 98b, 137b, 244b, 253a. 328b. 330a, 342h, 356a, :JS6b, 357a*, 3SRb, 359a*, 360a*, 362a. 366a. 366b, 367a*, 370a*, 399b, 419a, 477b, 518a, 521 a*, 531 a, S:Ha. 54 'la John set Johann~s S. John of God su S. Johann..-s Dei


S. John of the Cross su S. Juan de la Cruz Johnson IV 201a Johnson, A. Il 399 }ohnson, Bmjamin IV I 47a Johnson, Christopher IV 66a, 84a*, 201a Johnson, Samud, Prt"Sident of King's College, New York v 314b Johnsonus, Richardus IV 224b Johnston su also Jonstonus Johnston, A. V 116b Johnston, John su Jonstonus }olmuia, Duchtis of Savoy V I 03 b Joltrin, J. V 116b Joly, ]ohannLJ, OM. V I09b*, IlO~ IJOb }onah, &ok of V 6/a, 140b Jonas l 303 Jonas Moravus, Johannes v 156b, 205b Jonas, Ch. VI 583a Jonas, D. III 676a Jonas, Jacobus III 438b Jonas, Jodocus VI 534b Jonas, Justus l 233; Il 593; III 188a, 355b, 370a, 374a, 374b, 375b*, 378a, 379b, 383a*, 392b, 393a, 393b, 400b, 404b, 407b, 420b, 428a, 430b, 439a, 441a, 441b*, 470b, 500a, 500b*, 50 l a, 509a, 513a, 531 a, 539b, 540a, 546a*, 546b*, 547a, 547b, 548b, 559b, 603a, 607a, 659a, 667b, 674b*, 675a, 675b*, 676a, 676b•, 680a, 736a; IV 9b, 140a, 153b, 190b, 408a, 671a; V 39b, 56a*, 76a, 86b*, 113b, 116b, 135a, 136b, 139b, 141a, 149b, 168b*, 340a•, 367b, 368a, 368b; VI 495b, 500a*, 500b, 501b*, 5I7a, 539a, 547a*, 548a Jonas, Justus the Younger III 546b Jonas. Philippus III 67 4b }onaihn, Franciscus dL VI l I I b Jonathan filius Uzidis V 44b Jonathan, rabbi su Paraphrastes Joncre, Johannes IV 402b Jone. Re. Il 115* Jones, Inigo III 338b Jones, Robert SJ. Il 96; IV 462b*, 465a Joncs, Robertus, Anglus V 6b* Jonge, Comelius de III IIOa Jonghen, F.H. O.M. III 285b Jonsius, W. IV 154a Jonson, Ben IV 40b; V 413b Jonsonus, Christophorus srt Johnson ]onsson, Pttrus V I Bb Jonstonus III 392a Jonstonus ( Johnston ì. Johann..-s 111 177a, 317a,

400b, 479b, 559b, 699~ 699b; IV 15a, 18b, 19a*, 23b, 24b, 25b, 26b*, 36a*, 79a, 133a, 135a, 154a*, 198a, 271a*, 359a, 362b, 363a, 37Sb, 671 b; V S2b, 94b, 114a, 116b, 13Sb, 136b, 146a, 149b, 152a, 327b Jonstonus ( Johnston) Polonus, Johannes V 374b Jonstonus, Arturus III 98b, 551 a; V 383a Jonviller.;, Charles de V 116b Jonvilleus V IS6a Jop III 434bP.J Joper, Pere Pau IV 485b Jorama, Nicolaus VI 20Sb Jorba, Dionisio Jeronimo de IV S23a* Jordaens, Jacob III 339a Jordaens, Willem VI S22a, S29b Jordain, Sihtrtus III 594b jordas1es III 454a; VI 131 b Jordan~ Camillo IV 528a Jordani, Guildmus VI 512b Jordan~ ]ohannLJ V 2996 Jordanis, Jarobus dL Il /9 Jordanius, Johannes Baptista l l l 7, 219; V 609a }ardano, Cipria ~ V 3 74a Jordanus Il 244; III 244a*, 418a; IV 365a; VI 527a Jordanus de Bergamo, O.P. v 485b* Jordanus de Gaetanis, archìep. Capuanus V 92b Jordanw card. S. Martini in Montihus IV 632b Jordanus Nemorarius IV 27a; VI 64a Jordanus Osnabrugensis V 24a Jordanus Rufus III 176a*, 6S2b; V 276b, 280a*, 281a, 358b; VI 31 b, 48b, 68b, 125a, 241 a, 254b Jordanus de Terracina l 365; V 89a Jordanus de Tridento Il 381* Jordanus a Bergamo O.P. l 7 Jordanus anli.rU.r Cafmanus IV 623a Jordanus, Antonius Il 333 Jordanus, Fabius l 310, 43I. 436*; Il 183, 547*; IV 86b, 453b Jordanus, Falniliu.s VI 7a Jordanus. ('.ui}fmnus rruJfkra/Qr C); VI 244b ~ A~:ostino V 529a Landi, Alfonso Il 151 Landi, Antonio IV 469a Landi, Giulio IV 500b; \1 91 b Landi, Ottavio VI 91 b l..aruiini, BaJtista di Lornr, 411; II 35, 52, 59, 76, 109, 111, 114, 115*, 145, 160, 163, 166, 241*, 361, 385*, 386, 387, 396, 398, 439, 462, 470, 482, 508*, 5 16*, 519, 542, 588; III 331 b. 334a*, Tl4b, 480a, 534b*, 744a; IV 40a, 112b, 122b, 173a, 234a, 249b, 251 a, 257a*, 426a, 477b, 492a, 500b,

304 SOia•, 633b, 666b; V 222b, 266b, 4. 4R3a, •J%b, 49!lb, 5·Ba, 5.'i:h, 563a, 'iti6b, 616a. 6:3:la*, litl:la, 675a, 71/a, 71 Ra; IV 4Da*, 7:la, 94a, 9Ra, 132b*, 134a. 13Rb, 141a,

148b, 150a, 150b, 151 a, 160a, 193b, 197b, 200a, 205a, 245b, 293b, 299b, 32Rb, 342a*, 362b, 369b, 374b, 37Ra, 435b, 46/b•, 524b*, 539b*, 540b*, 580a, 595a, 600a, 619b, 623a, 646b, 651b*, 659b, 665a, 676b, 678b, 685a; V 7b, 15 7b, 177b, 185a, 191a, 231a, 238b•, 262a, 275b, 301b, 328a, 347a, 362a, 366b, 372b, 416b, 459a, 463b, 464b, 495a, 515a, 52!lb, 544b, 575a, 588b, 599b, 614a, 621 b, 625a; VI 37a, 37b, 39a, 58b, 61a*, 62a*, l 03a, 133b, 202a, 206b, 230a, 237a, 244b, 256a, 258a, 269a, 355b*, 377a, 379b, 389b, 393b, 395a, 493a*, 592b Livius Andronicus II 363; IV 667a Livius Ferrariensis set Frulovisius lioius Urbinas l 356; II 56/ Livius, Amaesius III 551 a Liviw, J"'lco/aus l Il Livorno II 533; su Leighorn li 111>* Lobicio, Cipriano IV 560a Lobkovicz et Hassenstcin, Bohuslaus de III 163b, 165a, 414b; IV 2'l4b, 4 32b; V 12b; VI 93b, 464b, 531 h Lobi, Wolf~angus lll 737a

l..obo, Alvaro IV 4 5 l a, 4 51 b*, 467b Lohst, Georgius III Il h Lobs, 268, 382, 386"', II 294; III 84b. 365a; IV 63/a; VI 21a, 477b Mantegna, Ludmicus V S9ìa Mant!"lius, F J. 111 l 05b Mantelli di Canobio, Giovanni IV 478a 1\lantnsis su Monte Petrus episcopus Cracoviensis III 114b Pttrus tpiscopus Trrasonmsis IV 182a Petrus episcopus Urbevetanus IV 593b Prtrus tpiscopus Wladislavit IV 41 Oa Prtrus Ernnita III 2 /6b Petrus F. V 557a Petrus de Fabriano II 385 Prtrus card. Fuacoruruis V 3 74h Petrus dt" Firmo VI 32h Petrus ~lorcffiensis III 35a Petrus de Forolivio l l 54* Prtrus dr Fossa V l 09a Prtrus dt Francia I 24 Prtrus Francùcus II 463 Prtrus Franciscus a Spouto V 6-1 Oa

Petrus Franciscus Amerinus s« Laurelius Petrus Franciscus de Just. III 40a Petrus Franciscus de Ravenna II 165, 245, 594; IV 293a; V lllb*; VI 379a Petrus Franciscus Tarvisinus, frater II 196 Petrus Franciscus de Urbe V eteri II 47 Petrus frater IV 646b Petrw FriLJbtrgmsis V 130b Petrus Gtorgiw tk Ptsauro, Crtmllr!' prtlor v 347b Petrus de Goettingen DI 33a Pttrus grammatùus II 318 Petrus de Guttina J« Petrus de Mulina Petrus Haerlemensis III 721 a Petrus Heliae l 315; II 244, 422; III 24b, 29b, 49b, 236a, 236b, 238a, 273b, 417b, 418a, 553a, 599a*, 605a, 718a; IV 194b, 196b, 197a, 400b, 426b, 502a, 532a, 560b; V 22a, Sia, 69a, 132a, /34a, 217b; VI IOlb, 395b, 425b, 43la*, 433a, 480a, 526a Petrus de Hibemia II 336; III 419a Petrus Hibemus s« Lombardus Petrw Hippolytw Ummsis III 292a, 556b Petrus Hispanus l 26, 49, 165, 273, 292, 439; Il 70, 93, /3/, 152, 226, 285, 292, 304, 316•, 327, 392*, 399, 404, 572; III 23a, 24b, 165b, 166a•, 19Ib, 220a*, 272a, 275b, 278a, 346a, 419b, 422a*, 435a, 50lb, 514a, 521 b, 524a, 543a, 600b, 605a, 61/a, 646b, 652b, 656a, 683a, 683b, 705a, 73/h, 740h; IV 32b, 97h, 184b, 258a*, 483b, 52/a, 523b*. 524a, 525b, 545b, 600b*, 605b, 6/0b, 626b*, 628h('j. 637b, 68/b; V 45a, 46h. 5/a, 67a, 69a, 76a, 92a, 132b, 170h, 297a, 302b, 309b, 324a, 452h, 561 b, 590b, 596b; VI 262b, 305a, 335b, 350a, 356b, 424a, 424b*, 429a, 459b, 480a, 504b, 51/b, 513a, 527b* Petrus l, .Krng of Castik V 273a, 3/9h Prtrus Il, .Krng oJ Sicily IV 559h, 560a Petrus lllyricus Il 289; VI 273b Petrus de lsolellis su Isoldlis Petrus ltalus di' Spoleto IV 676b, 678b Petrus Jacobi Arlunensis III 515a*, 515b*, 516a* Petrus J acobus Il 404 Pl'trus Januensis V 264b


Pttrus de S. ]oluurnt III 335b Pttrus ]ol!annn Farlivimsis l l 32, 247; Il /44 Petrus Johannes de Viterbio III 32la Petrus Johannis V 20a• Pttrus ]olumnis de F~~ano V 590a Pttrus Jolumnis de Sancto Angelo in Vado Il 481 • Petrus Juliani VI 422b Petrus l.etJ Il 23 Petrus Leo Spoletinus VI 141 b, 204a Petrus Leontinus l 4 33 Petrus de Loco III 722b; VI 545b Petrus Lombardus I 41, 60, 157, 315•, 365, 372, 403•, 427, 433; Il 2 7, 55, 90, l 52, l 70, l 80, 202•, 237•, 380, 414, 415•, 445, 482, 504, 561; III 46b•, 53a, 55a, 98b, 157b, 278b, 416b, 464a, 563b, 578a, 701a; IV 4a, 208a, 259a, 323b•, 421b, 448a, 448b, 486a, 541b, 542a, 61 2a, 658a; VI 26a, 29a, 30b•, 124a, 134a, l 5 7b, l 63b, 185b, 194b, 198b•, 31 la, 31Ja•, 325a, 355a, 362b, 363a•, 394a, 433b, 504a, 54 4a; sa also .'imlmlitu Pttrus de Lmuuo Il 3 26 Petrus Loysius (Fll111tSÙJ.s ?) I 400 Petrus Lucensis I 358 Petrus Lucensis, Can.Reg. of the Lateran, Prior of S. Johannes in Monte, Bologna V 507b Petrus de Luna (lknedictus XIII) l 241, 255 Petrus Lunensis I 205; Il 12, 98, 191, 298, 305•, 465; IV l 16a, 384a, 477b; VI 82a Petrus M. Il ~ Petrur Mag. III 291b Petrus Mantuanus l 4, 16, 95, 96, 203, 226, 271; IV 265b; VI l 04a, 262b; sa Alboinus; sa also Pomponazzi Petrus S. Marcelli cardinalis I 155 Petrus Marcus de Fano I 418 Petrus Maria a Prato IV 236a Petrus Marsus su Marsus Petrus Martyr su a1.so Felinus; Pietro Martir de Luca; Vermigli S. Petrus Martyr I 51, 143, 163, 249; III 222a, 331b; V 589b Petrus Martyr Anglariensis I 126; Il 335*, 439*, 449, 460, 583*; III 55 7b, 630a; IV 513b, 602a; V 32la, 416b; VI 13a, 275a Pctrus Matthias Romanensis presbyter III 362a Petrus !\1ediolanensis, pater Il 126 Prtrur de Memmingm V 72b

Petrus de Middelhurch IV 75a Petrus monachus l 104; III 111 b, 252b, 255b Petrus de Monte Alcino VI 388a; sa Illicino Petrus de Monte Rubiana VI 156b Petrus Montopolitanus sa Odus Petrus 4a, 6%b PylndtJ Bri.Jt:ianw V 5 74a Pylades Brixianus VI 5 13a PylndtJ SalundianUJ I 83

PyladeJ, PetruJ III 294b" Py/ndi.J el OrtJti.r dialogu.r (Petrarca) III 253b, 269a, 287a, 4{ì3a, 736a, 744a Pylius, Nicolaus l 302 Pynssen, Abraham III Il Oa Pynssenius, Albertus III Il Ob Pynusio, abbot V 566a Pyrckhaymer su Pirckheimer Pyreta ex pago Muniano l 287 Pyreta, Antonius II 38 Pymesiw, Melclrior IV 416a Pyrogallus, FrlliiCÌ.JCUJ VI 79b Pyrrmuurcy, trtati.rt on VI 549b PyrovanUJ, ]acobUJ IV 586a Pyrovanus, Philippus IV 566a Pyrr!Ww, TrJo II 375 Pyrrhinus Amerinus I l 08, l l 5* Pyrrho IV 567b; V 27/b Pyrrlwniaru III l 02b Pyrrhucinus, ParrCTaJius II Il • Pyrrhus l 90; II 35, 53, 245, 253, 265, 295, 355, 408, 410, 512, 568; III 222b, 413b, 488a, 489a; IV 160b, 609a; V 239b, 250b, 264b, 278a, 286b, 296a*, 300b, 355b, 382a; VI 46b, 62a, l ol b, l 02b, /84a, 208a, 355b PyrrlrUJ, Antonius l 8 7 Pyrrhus, Didacus l l 53, 324, 379; II 168, 346; su Didacus Pyrrhus Pyrrhus, Lodovicus IV 452b* PyrrhUJ, 77umuJs v 395b Pyrruchinus, PantTaJius V 235a PyrUJ (Pirw), Jolumnes JacobUJ IV 586b" Pythagoras I 30, 33, 38, 90, l/3, 146, 177, 178, 196, 230, 248, 262, 281, 302, 32-, 406, 409, 414", 427*; II 80, 91, 103, 117, 133, /81, 182*, 210, 230, 247, 265, 268, 341, 358, 367, 368", 378*, 382, 433•, 441, 449, 459, 478, 480, 492, 494, 530, 535, 573; III 14b*, 63a*, 107a, 114b, 125a*, 125b, 14lb, 15/a, 165a*, 214b*, 299a, 365a, 488a, 49la*, 552a, 555b", 562a•, 563a, 563b", 580b, 606a, 685b, 724a, 725b•; IV l Ob, 88b, 132a, 165a, 166a, 244b*, 250a•, 338b, 344b, 348b*, 35/a, 355b, 5 17a, 588a, 623b; V 313b, 341 a•, 378a, 378b, 38lb, 413a, 515a, 534b, 558b, 567b, 607b; VI 5b, 35b", 55b, 115a*, 148a•, 184a, 187b, 373a, 39Ib", 420b, 440a, 504a, 604b Pytlwgorrans III 334b Pythagorica dogmata V 270a Pytlwgonà II 73 Pytheanus, A.O. III 333a Pythianus su Pitiani

Pythius II 277 Pytius, ]ulùuws v 2 76a PyweUus, Petrus IV 37b Quadranciis, Franciscus de v 122b Quadrancius, Franciscus VI 495b Quadrantius, Fabianus V 34a Quadrarius, Franciscus VI 59b Quadratius, Franciscus III 666b, 15a, 25a, 119a, 407b, 424a, 487a, 542a Quadratus, Antonius V 117b Quadrimanus sa Quattromani Quadrius, Ludovicus V 138b Q!uuiriw, Nrcolnw V 530b Quadrius, P., SJ. V 122a Quadro, Vincentius Il 56 Quadros Hispanus, Garsias IV 419a Qytustionts III 675b; IV 35b, 51 b*, 60a, 64a, 140b, l 76a, 247a, 267a, 322b, 354b, 418a, 436a, 439a, 524a, 554a, 561 b, 596a, 596b, 606a, 681 b; VI 64b, 142b, 174a*, 194b, 198a*, 254b, 328a, 330b*, 355a, 365a*, 373b, 526a Quaglia, Quaia su Genesius Quaia Quagliottus Monticulanus, Aeneas IV 23lb*; V 216a" Quaia su Genesius Qualea, Leonardus III 244a Qya/ianUJ, Panthaleo III 61 b Qualichino d'Arezzo VI 492a OJtalito.tum, de dfectihUJ III 420a Quanselmus, julianus II 153 Q!umtilau, de IV 500b Quantulus, Bernardus V 632b Qyarausi jamily V 556a Quaratesi, Andrea II 507 Quaratesi, Girolamo de Sau v 610b QyarausiUJ, Jolumnes Bapti.rto. III 147b Quarcdupus su Squarcialupi Quarquagli, Cherubino I l Il, 116, 21-, 255; II 297, 355, 361, 371; III 423b Quarqualius, Cherubinus IV 10/b, 419a; V 30a, 229b, 618b*; VI 298b Quartareis, Blasius de II 13 Quartigianis, Philippus de Diversis de IV 39b; V 432a*, 439b*, 451 a, 452a*, 453a, 454a Quartus, Michacl Angelus l 84 Q!=qualicUJ, CosmUJ IV 652a Quatracus, Evangelista V 496a Quatrarius su Barbatus Quatrinius, Andreas IV 448a Quattromani, Sertorio I 431; II 412, 599*, 600*; V 489b

452 Quattuor Fratribus, Nicolaus de l 56*, 383; v 539b* QJuzuuor virtutihus, de su Seneca Quaya su Genesius Queccius, Georgius III 655b, 658b, 667b Queisser, M. VI 582b Quellery, Lovinus a lil IIOa Quercens, Franciscus l 385*; Il 543 Quercente, F. VI 20b Quercentius, Robertus IV 74b Quercetanus, Eustathius V 48h, 150b Quercetanus (Duchesne), Joscph VI 516b, 517a ~cigrossus, Johannes V 3 74a ~ciolr Castnon III 277a ~co, Jacohus de I /86 Quercu, F.G. a IV 574a ~eu, Gu/Uimus a III 588a Quercu, Leodegarius a Il 392; III 98b, 283b, 284a, 329a•, 564a; IV 222b, 351 b, 354a; 265b Quercu, Simon a I 75 Querculus, L. V 97a• Querculus su Chesnau Querenghi, Antonio I 174, 234, 292, 305, 312~ 313, 321, 32~ 385, 397; Il 7, 8, 37, 136, 137, 242, 259, 263, 274, 275•, 339, 451, 493, 508, 547, 569, 571; lil 284a, 323a; V 509a, 548a, 587b; VI 59b, 60b, 197a, 26la, 408a Querengo, Antonio IV 685b Querina, Cocca III 286b* QJining III 5 BOb Querini stt Quirini Querini, card. Angelo Maria I 35, 36* Querini, Antonio l 45; Il 102, 285 Q!urin~ Barbara Il 536 Querini, Domenico Il 260 Querini, Francesco l /6; 43•, 324; II Il O, 290, 353 Querini, Giorgio I 236* Q!urin~ Giovanni I 3 7 7; II 214, 355 Querini, Giovanni Andrea II 270 Querini, Girolamo l l 74*; Il 14, 39, 240, 344, 368 Querini, Lauro I /9, 35*, 59, 62, 79, 163, 21 O, 25 7, 320, 330, 33R 343, 393, 429; Il 8~ l~ 17.18, 35, 51, III, 181,194, 202. 206, 207*, 208, 213, 245*, 249, 252, 2~3. 254*, 269~ 280, 299, 325. 333, 347, 3.)9, 372, 37!l*, 460*, 461*, 484*, 550*, .166, 56 7•, 587 Oumni. Marco II 483 Querini, Pietro ;Vinrt'nzo) l l S,



75, 1u•, 235•, 236*, 237•, 266, 310, 312, 323; Il 8, 9, 135, 198•, 207*, 249, 265, 271, 272, 273*, 274, 276, 277' 278, 279*, 280*, 285•, 286, 289, 332, 451, 461, 470, 533, 535, 561, 565•, 58/ Q!urin~ Romolo Il 65 Querini, Taddeo l 320*, 330*; Il 249, 370, 372, 391, 484, 566 Qierini, Vincenzo m Querini, Pietro Qjumingus Danus, Carolu.s V 394h Quemo, Mario Il 4 77, 604 Quemus, Camillus l 372; Il 114, 352, 375; III 83h; V 532h Quemus, Fidelis l 224 Querulus, Thomas V 117b Questenberg, Herm. de VI 154b Questenberg, Jacobus I 262; Il 114(?), 301, 319, 324, 357, 422, 432; III 474a*, 582a, 74/a; IV l/2a, U8a, 148b; V 70b; VI 329a, 518b* ~tions I 14*, 83, 95, 162*, 185, 187, 203*, 273, 295; Il 9, 21, 28, 50, 125, 223, 251-252, 327, 347, 368, 459, 473 Qyetif, Jacohus lil 33/ h Queuillerie, Jan de la IV 61 b* Quevedo, Franciscus de lil 19lb, 297a; IV 659b Qy.Jrilelaw, Archihald arclrtieocon rif St. Andrtws IV 4a• Quickus, Guilielmus V Il 7b Quido, Marcus I 211 Qyieua, Antonius l 8 7 Qjlùu, 11 lil 32 5b Quilichinus Spoletanus III 358b, 362b, 469b; IV 9a, 15a; V 90a; VI 354b Quils, Nicolas IV 485b*, 544a Qyinctius Amninus VI 389a Quinganus, Jasopinus II 555 Qjlingonius, card. Franciscus II 33 4 Quinones, Francisco card. S. Crucis III 223b(?), 317b; IV 183b, 499b, 664b; VI 388b Qjlinonius, ]oluumts IV 558a Qjlinqualius Il l O2 QjlinquL clavium, lib" III 362b* Quinqueecclesiensis episcopus Jtt Janus Pannonius Quinsonius, Samuel III 279a Qjlintanus, Joluumts III 5 65a • Quintanus, Paulus IV 494a Q!Jintrrius V 216b, 217a, 229a, 229b Qjlinttrius Laudmsis IV 234a• Quintianus I 5/ ..... IV 365a Quintianus Stoa, Johannes Fram:iscus l 32*, 36•, 49, 51, 88, 104; III 267b; IV 107b Quintianus, Bartholoma('Us, Thranus II l 04

Quintianus, Johannes Planerius I 323, 425 Quintilianus I 76, /00, /05, 176, 179,296,300,301,315,371, 397, 406, 410, 415, 425, 432; II 34, 53, 62, 75, 117, 215, 268, 305, 317, 319, 378, 475, 481, 492*, 506*, 533, 546, 558; III 54a, 117a, 234a, 274b, 278b, 342b, 390b, 39la, 394b, 437a, 478b, 555b, 672b, 683b, 69/a, 737a; IV 1/b, 7lb, 9lb*, 12la, /33a, !Sia*, 165a, 167b, 18lb, 183a, 203b(?), 377b, 378a, 397b, 466b, 542b, 582b, 652a*, 653a; v 76a, 97b*, 343b, 463a, 565b; VI 41 b, 55b, /44h, 262b, 332b, 497a, 545a, 546a, 565b Quintin, Acanth. III 375b Quintinus, C. III 327b ~~. An~ I 422 Quintus, Johannes IV 144b* Quintus Calaber Il 59, 210, 274, 346; III 500a, 507b; IV 264b, 535a; VI 281 b Quintus Smymaeus I 332; IV 377b•, 378b Quinziano (fonello), Giulio V 370a Quinziano Stoa, Giovanni Francesco V 509a, 5/Jb• Quiriacus su Chiriacus Quiricus Il 169* Qyiticus dt Agwt. I 336 Quiricus de Pra!o I 134 Quirini, Angelo Maria card. III 302a•, 588b Qyirin~ AnJonio IV 94a; VI 2 75a Quirini, fra Pietro VI 397b Qyirin~ Franasco III 3 08b Qyirini. Giovanni IV 128b, 590h Qyirin~ Girolamo IV 252a Qjlitini, Gug/Ubrw III 61 h Quirini, Lauro III 164b, 197a. 228a•, 247b, 248a(?), 256a*, 257a, 285b, 308b, 396b, 489b, 538b, 5 72b, 581 a, 648b, 649a, 708b; IV 46a, 84b, 126b, 127 a. 128a, /75b, 185a, 227b, 2.Wa, 248b, 42lb, 429b, 560b Quirini, Leonardo III 388b, 680a; IV 85a, 437a Quirini, Mariano IV 77 a Quirini, Pietro V 518b*, 519a*, 520b, 52/a, 600a, 632a•, 632b•, 633a Quirini, Pietro (Vincenzo) III 85a, 86a, 206b OJUrini. PiLtro w r~ v 52Jb Quirini, Taddeo III 435b, 482a. 667a Quirini, Vincenzo IV 212b; V 22b, l 70b, 208a, 247b. 2Y2a. 415b, 522b, 63lb, 632a*, 632b*. 633b•; VI 242b•, 267b, 2Hb•.


276a, 277a, 277b, 2Bla, 283b*, 285b; su al.so Quirini, Pietro Q]tirin~ ,(pr:;i V 632a Q]tirino I 2 85 Quirino, Luigi V 21 Bb Quirino, Messer I 136 Quirinus V 395b; VI 192a•, 582a; su Querini S. QJnrinus I 386; III 59b ... VI 232a•, U2b Quirinus, Angelus Maria, O.S.B., ep. Brixiensis VI 239b*, 280b Qjtirinus, Antonius V l 70b Quirinus, Baldus IV 403b Quirinus, Banholomaeus, ep. Castelli VI 230a Q]tirinus, Franci.scu.s V 228b, 450b; VI 165b Quirinus, Hieronymus V 440b, 595a*, 61 la; VI 354a, 354b, 512a Quirinus, Johannes VI 58a*, 17Ba, 263a, 33 l b, 3 45a Quirinus, Laurus V 67b, 69b, 90b*, 99b, 246b, 260b*, 308b*, 522b, 559a, 593a; VI 59a, 79a, 168a, 190a, 207b, 241 b*, 242b*, 243a*, 264a, 268a, 2B3b*, 334a, 336b*, 339a, 397a Quirinus, Ludovicus VI 229a Quirinus, Thadeus V 92b, 29/a; VI 243a*, 363b Qyiriti Bronicti de Frmio, JolumnLs IV 538a Quiroga, Gaspar card. de II 330; III 78b; IV 345b, 511a, 54/a, 547b, 558b•, 572a•, 576a, 594a"; V 508a Qyis, Coradus de VI 29a, 29b QuisteUi, Lodovico I 153 Quistellus, Ambrosius, O.E.S.A. VI 327a, 394a, 396a* Qyitianus Stoo, Johannes Franciscus II 336 Q!mdlihdiJJis quaest:W disputala III 253b OJuxilihets II 52 4 Quuerus (sic), Christophorus II 109 R. Eleazar of Wonns II 604* R. Hierosolomytanus n 367 R. de Mas. III 488b* R. de Padua V 157b R.B. V 398a, 399b R.C. III 63a R.C.C.S. III 222b R.D. IV 5b R.G. V 140a R.G.B. VI 248b R.H. V 247a R.M. IV 157a• R.mus p. P. V. III 61 b R.P. VI 287b R.P.G. V 276a

R.S. IV 255a R.W. IV 38b Ra. Parisimus, clrricus VI 244b Ra.ra, Johannes IV 160a(?) &a/A, &bastimws III 124a Rabagniw, Andrt& II 207 RablllWS III 459b Rabanus Maurus n 391, 588; IV 148b; V 112b RabatiuJ, Ludouicus de III 64a, 524b Raballw, Micluzel de VI l 30b RabaJILl, Antonius II 82 Rabatta, Matteo da I 80, 90; Il 509, 515; v 348b, 553b, 582a, 600b; VI 167a Rabbett, Michael IV 188b Rabbia, Ferrante VI 12b Rabelais, Francois III 21/a•, 319b*, 320a, 330b, 426b, 559b; V 117b, 146a, 146b Rabelesus see Rabelais Rabelo, Antonius IV 447a Rabtnia, BlancM IV 438a Rabenstein su Lapide Rabenstein, Johannes de n 433; VI 448b Rabmsttin, Procof!ius de IV Il a; VI 139b Rabila, Lucius III 93a Rabirius Postumus, C. IV 298b* Rabirius, Junius III 513a Rabotius, Laurentius III 296b Rabottus, Gulielmus V 117b Rabus (Rabbus), Ludovicus VI 543b Rabus, Christophorus III 638a, 667b Rabus, Jacobus III 638a Rabus, Johannes III 728b

Rabw, JohanNS Wolfgan,gus III 729b Rabus, Ludovicus III 721 a Racanatus see Chrutophorus Recanatensis RacanaJw, R. IV 54a Raccan, Castaldus III 487a Racdw/a, GuidoUu.r IV 233b";

v 216b• RacematioiiL5 &btliantu su Bebdius, Henricus Racetinus, Michael V 451 a* Racha III 216b Rachaylabus V 61 Ob Rachius, Franciscus II 178 Racocz, Thomas, card. Strigoniensis V 229b, 565a Raconio, Angelus de, O.Cap. VI 311a Racanisi, (,'aJmnn da n 53, 561 Ractianiw, &bastimws V 593a Ractius ste Razzi Rac;:towo, ]olumnLs Nuo/.ai de IV 412b Rad, Ludovicus III 649a, 743a*; IV 618a; V 122b, 128a

453 Radaeus, Aegidius III l 09a Radaglia su Radelia Radaschinus, Michael III 372a Radaur, Leonardw IV /30a Radcliffe,Johll IV 195a Radda, Carolus de I 75 RatidJl, I...aurmtiw &r J&oilli de I 124 RatidJl, Malihaeus de II 520; v 462b Radebitz, Jacobus III 660b RadecMr, Omradus III 292b Radegli, Radeglia su Radelia Radelia, Raphael V 42Ba*, 429a*, 430a, 430b, 434a, 43Ba Radenis, Bernardinus de II 234* Radensis, Wilhdm V 55b Radennacherus, Johannes v 205b Raderus, Matthias III 96a, 96b*, 551a, 617a•, 634a, 635b*, 638a; IV 375b; V 196b*, 267a; VI 183a, 189a, 324b, 328b, 516b Raderus, Zacharias III 617a Radetius, Stephanus IV 676b*, 677a, 678b*, 679b Radewijns, Flmmtius III 273a Radicihw scitntiatum, de IV 528b Radiginius, G. III 555a Radiginius, Georgius VI 515b Radiis uisualihw, lihtr th IV 628a Radinus, Thomas I 207; III 442a, 747b Radiolensis, Hieronymus l Il 0*, 150 RaciWillus (Ratkivill), Christoplwrus V 35a RaciWillus (Radzivili), JolumnLs Albtrtus V 35a RaciWilw (Radàvill, Nuoillw) IV 40/b Radivilw, C.eurgius VI 389a Radjuruky, Nuoillw III 159b Radoll, Erharrfus II 12 Radom, Nicolaus de VI 423b Radulfus magister IV l OOa Radulphus Belvacensis V 92a Radulphus Brito l 162; V 536a; VI 535a Radulphus de BruxeUa (alias Zdandia) II 390*, 391; VI 355a, 363a*, 364b, 365a*, 519a* Radulplw.s diluanus IV 26/b Radulphus de Longo Campo IV 488b, 626a; V 226b Radulphw, ftaJtr III 283a Radulphw, GuiiJmrws O. Cist. IV 16/a Radzimsky, Stanislaus IV 40 l b Radzivil ste al.so Radivillus Rtukivil. Carolu.s V 429a RadziviU stt Radivilus Radziwil III 695b

454 Radziwill see Radivilus Radàwill Czamy, Mikolaj V 195a Radziwill, Georgius de, card. S. Sixti V 267b, 496a Raedus, Thomas 111 284b Radìnger, Georg 111 37b Rtu.s/Qrj, Paulw tiL 111 47b Raet, Tomaso VI 26b RattiJJ 111 482a Raetzenpergerius, Georgius III 646b Raffaelli, Girolamo V S4Ra Raffaello di Giovanni l 182 Raffaello Sanzio d'Urbino (Raphael Santi) l 87, 113, 175; Il 353, 361, 431, 439, 461; III 306b, 338b, SOla, 638a, 627b*; IV 558h; V /68h, 229a, 233h, 251a, 251b, 269b, 337b, 339b, 342b, 360h, 368b, 40/a, 529b, 53/b, 532h, 575b; VI 164b, 297a, 297b, 31l5b, 389a Raffaello scrittore l 266 R4fmhruh, Arnoldus 111 657a• R.ojJiruJ ui~Ifo Auinionnuis IV l/4b Ragazonius, Hieronymus II 250, 341 Ragazonus, ]oluumes II 303 Ragazzonus, Hieronymus, ep. Famagustanus V 507a Ragellus (Ragueau) V 96b Raggiolo su Radiolensis Raggius Horcntinus l 68, 91; II l Ol ; III l84a Ragguaglio di Parnn.sso IV .'l 74b* Ragion di sia/n, de/UJ VI 2'~9a RagioTillTTZnlto l l l 7 Ragncau su Ragnellus Ragnellus, Fra:nciscus III 55! a Ragnina, Simeone V 451 b Ragnolis, Matthias de II 29:2 Ragona, Antonio Maria VI 33a Ragona, Jacobus I 230, 24:2, 260; Il 27, 124, 195*, 226, :237, 341, 524, 568; III 622b; IV 49a, 90a, 21 7b, 2l9b; V 377a; VI lllb Ragona, Pietro Andrea dc III ll8b; IV 560a Ragont, Pttro tiL 111 304h Ragoncnsibus, Franciscus de VI 408a Ragor, .Johannes Hcnricus v l35b Ragozanus, Gulielmus I :w'l Ragozzius, Laurentius VI 276a Ragueau Jff Ragellus Rfl!; IV 438a Rangone, ErcoiL II 353, 3 76, 412 Rangone. GabriLIL I 12, 423; II 225 Rangone, Giulio II 7O Rangone, Guido III 290a Rangone, Isotta III 203b Rangont, IMislno II 569 Rangone, .!viecolò I 2 72; II Il J Rangoni, card. IV 72b Rangoni, Ercolt· V 218b, 553a Rangon~ fùlvio VI 14b Rangoni, Giulio IV 252a Rangoni, Guido VI !Sa, 92b, 30la Rangoniu.s, Guido IV 651 a




Rangonius, Thomas Philologus Janottus Ravennas II 227, 228, 235, 236, 575 ~us, Anloniw Ga1etuius IV 651 b Rangonus, Claudius VI 92b, 256a ~.

Guidus V 228a Rangonus, Hannibal comes IV 17/a, 65la*, 65Jb• Rangonus, Hercules, card. VI 14b, 92b*, 202b, 313a ~. Krcolaus comes IV 651 h;



Ranieri, Antonio Francesco (Rainerius) III IBla, 614a Ranierius see Rainerius Ranierius Perusinus VI l37a Ranivaldus (?) de Monte Calvo Il 484 Ranizi, Giovanni V 249a Rannusius Pistoriensis, Dorninicus Crispus V l63b* Ransanus, Petrus I 142, 163; Il 24*, 26*, 93, 229, 362, 481, 485; III 331 b, 333a, 364a, 524a, 663a; IV 93a, 291 b, 407a, 423a, 519a, 575a*; VI Bb Ranslwverr III 3 6b Ranst, Dani el III Il Oa Rantere, Petrus de III Il Oa Rantilly 5U Ramilly Rantzau see also Ranzovius /lanizau Brdtmlnag, Cmmt Conrad III 505a Rantzau, Peter III 182b Ranucius su Rinucius Ranucius (Canucius?), Hieronymus IV 257b Ranus, Dominicus episcopus lkrdmsis IV 293b Ranus, Petrus IV BOb Ranutius su Rinucius

Ranutius de Castiglione su Rinucius Aretinus Ranuzzi, Annibale V 209b Ranzanus, Petrus V 56b, 181 a, 589b; su Ransanus Rlmrius, Paulus III 481 b Retting Sebnicensis, Paulus v 3Sb &uing, Udtùrit:us lk III 740a • Rettinger, Hercules VI 583a Rettori, Assu!'ro, called Accademico Travagliato Il 510 Retz (Recia), Franciscus d!' III 709a* Reuchlin, Dionysius III 607b R!'uchlin, Johannes (Capnius) l /9, 323; Il 96, 243, 315, 391;


III 2lb, 26b, 43a, 70b, 124a•, 185b, 215a•, 226a•, 33lb, 332a•, 346b, 348b•, 349a•, 379a, 384b•, 385b, 393a•, 404a, 457b, 459a, 474a•, 476a, SOla, 509a, 516a, 52Bb•, 560a, 56la, 562b, 572a, 59la, 594b, 596a, 597b, 599a, 617b•, 618a*, 633a, 635a, 638a, 644b, 664b, 666b, 670b, 67la, 673a, 673b, 685b, 686a, 686b, 690b, 699a, 7oaa•, 700b, 703a, 707b, 72/a, 734b*; IV 9a, 56a, 9lb*, 166b, 219b, 22lb, 247b, 248a, 34&, 406a*, 412b, 425a•, 49la, 577b; V 29b, 30b•, 3la*, 43a•, 47b(?)*, 53a, 58a, 60a, 60b•, 63a•, 65a*, 72b*, 76b, 77b•, 8tb•, 86b, 88b, 95b, 104a, 126a, l 26b*' 132b, 150b, 184b, 19/a, 378b, 459b; VI 93a•, 36lb, 440a, 470a, 539a, 540b, 548b, 604a•, 604b•, 606b Reudenius, Ambrosius III 380b Reuferus, Quirinius VI 583a Reumont, Alf~d von III 503b• Reusner, C. Nicolaus VI 369a, 539a*, 583a Reusner, Elias III 188b Reusner, Gabriel III 588a Reusner, Hieronymus III 453a*, 455a, 531 b; IV 366a &u.mrr, ]mmill III 440a Reusner, Nicolaus Il 395•; III 42a, 70b, 270b, 284a, 324a, 370b, 377b, 378a, 380b, 394b, 40lb, Hia•, Hlb, 442b•, 443a, 506b, 507a, 550b, 559b, 608b, 699a, 727b, 729a; IV 362b, 364b, 375b, 432b, 674b; V 53a, 76b, 85b•, 86a•, 94b, 150b Reusnerus, Nicolaus l 22 Reuter, Quirinus III 370b; VI 558b Reuterus, David Felix Il 591 Reutherus, Georgius V 269b Reutherus, Kilianus III Il b Reuùingen, Jacobus III 724a Revanmsis, cardinalis III 61 b Revenga y Proano, Alonso de IV 534b Revesanw, BartJwlomrw VI 73b Revotius, Augustinus Il l Ol Reyger, Arnold von III 480b, 5/0a Reygenbergius, Jonas IV 359a• Reymes, William V 408a• Reynalda, Elardus VI 558b &yruzrdus dwc ]vbt ttc. IV 323b Reyne, Cassiodorus de III 370a Reynen de Unna, Dithmarus IV 344b Reyner, Fabricius SJ. III 524a• Reyneri Goudanus, Comelius V 9a•

Reynerus Goudanus

IV 340b

R.rynerw, ahbas S. Maximini IV 32la RrynoldJ, Edward IV 35a Reynolds, Richard IV 191 a• Reyserus, Q!endalinus Mellarius III llb lù:Jslos, Sebastiano Il 3 63 lù:Jmer, Admn III 68b; V 50a, 187b Reysner, Johannes IV 220a Rtzantkr, Pttrw IV 367a Rha., A. G. V 508b Rhabanus s« Rabanus Rhaedus, Thomas V 383a RluJetian l.tagues Ste Gris011S Rhaeticus, Georgius Joachimus VI 5Ha, 548a Rhagius see Aesticampianus Rhagius Aesticampianus, Johannes V 26a RMJioi., Jolrmutes V 188a RiuJJJus, Dmwriw III 367a Rhallus, Manilius l 212, 432; Il 98, 29 7*, 361*; III 63a, 367a•, 423b Rhambenus ste Rambenus Rhambenus, Benedicrus VI Ha, 94b, 125b*, 126a•, 126b•, 242a, 273a, 279b, 405a• Rhamnusius see Ramusio Rhamnusiu.I iumconsullus III 3 65a Rhamnusius, Johannes Baptista VI 257b; set Ramusius Rhamusius see Ramusio Rhandolphus, Johannes V 155a RJumnia, DomirUcw V 435a Rlw.sconidu.< VI /92a Rhau, Christophorus III Il b Rhaudensis s« Raudensis Rhaudius, Johannes VI 98a* Rhaupios, Georgius V 131 b Rhaw, Harredti Georgii III 56b Rhedditus, Philippus V 553a Rlutiiger famil] (Redign-, /ùJuJiger) IV 435a, 440a Rhediger, Nicolaus III 40 l a, 494b, 499a•, 499b*; IV 428b, 433a, 434a; V 355b; VI 582a, 582b Rhediger, Thomas III 329a, 709a; IV 375b, 376a, 427b•, 428b*, 432b, 433a•, 433b*; V 392b, 395a•, 395b; VI 582a Rlutiigerùma, Bihliolheca VI 58/ a, 582a Rhedingc-r, Andreas III 499a Rhegius stt Regius Rhegynus, Petrus, card. IV 233b; see lsvali.-s, Petrus Rhnm.s III 332a, 342a Rheims, Bishop of su Lotharingia, Carolus de Rhnm.s, Engli.Jh colkgt al III Jb Rheinholdus see Reinholdus

461 Rhellicanus, Johannes III 507b; IV 354b, 365a; V 63a, 13 7b, 146b, 150b, 266b Rhellus stt Manilius Rhemigius s« Rernigius Rhenana, Sodalitas III 494a, 585b Rhenanus, Beatus Il 92; III 617a•, 61&•, 632b, 633a, 635a, 669b, 734b, 80a, 115b•, 204b, 214b, 315a, 34la, 345a*, 345b*, 346b•, 347a, 347b, 34Ba•, 34Bb•, 349a•, 370a, 395a, 399b, 424a, 516b, 559a; IV 299b*, 340a*, 354a, 558a, 558b; V 49a•, 52a, 53a, 53b*, 55b, 60a, 64a•, 77a, 77b, 82b, 84a•, 97b, 137a, 137b, 146b, 150b, 238b*, 266b, 276b, 337b, 459b"; VI 482a, 482b Rhenarius, Johannes III 349b Rhenerius su Renieri; see also Renerius Rhmrrius, Hinutrymw V l 70b Rhenerus su Reinerus Rhmhardw V 126b Rhenisch, David IV 431 b•, 432a, 432b Rhmnaus, ]olumnes VI 464b Rhetia, church of V 138b Rheticus, Georgius Joachimus l l 19, 284; III 392a*, 40la, 442a*, 442b, 495a, 499b, 546a, 645a, 690a, 693b*, 721 b; IV 9b, 147a, 430a, 432b, 433a*, 435a; V 23b, 3/Ja, 390b Rhetius, Johannes l 324; VI 346a, 558b; su Rethius Rlrelorts Grruci III 633b; IV l l h RlrdorUa ad Hmnmum S« Hn-mnUun. RlrdorUa ad RlrdorUa tcdesio.stica III 163b Rhetorica, Petrus de see Mulio, Petrus de RluJorùal dejiniJions V l 21 2b RlrdorUal extreists IV 4 21 bi?) RlrdorUal notes III 452a; IV 665a RlrdorUal tab/es VI 27 Sb RAttorùal tnatists l 31, 50*, 162, l 70, l 78, 207' 258, 282, 313, 333, 353, 367' 413, 439; Il l' 2, 9, 24*, 66, 80, 87, 95, 101, 103, 134, 206, 239, 240, 250, 270, 295-296, 300, 309, 377' 388, 419, 429, 437, 481, 488, 509, 528, 540, 569, 570; III 4b, 15a, 2lb, 2Ba•, 28b*, 39b, 48a, 48b, 50b, 51 a•, 71 b, 73b, 114b, 132b, 152a, 152b, 154a*, 16lb, 166a, 167b*, 169a, 169b*, 178a, 187a, 194b, 195a, 22lb*, N9b*, 278b, 282b, 305a, 335b*, 369b*, 378b, 389a*, 389b*, 395b, 402b, 407a, 416a, 417b, 430b, 436b, 449a, 451 b,

462 454b*, 463a*, 471 b, 477a, 478a, 482a*, 487b*, 492a, 492b, 520a, 523b, 524a*, 533a*, 53Sa, 538a, 5t2b*, 555b, 567a, 569b, 570b*, 57lb, 572b, 578a, SBSa, 619b, 620b, 623a, 624b, 62Sb, 649a, 656a, 683a*, 683b*, 686b, 695b, 698a, 706a*, 707a, 712a, 712b, 71 7b, 721 b*, 722b, 732a, 740a, 74lb, 742b*, 746a; IV Il la, 118a*, 137b, 139b, 147a, 200a*, 238b, 240b, 256b, 260a*, 303a, 316a, 328b*, 329b, 334a, 33-lb, 35 7a, 367b, 378b, 383b, 400b, 41 Oa, 412a, 412b, 414b, 415a, 422a, 423a, 426a*, 426b, 439a*, 45%, 467a, 469a•, 470b, 482b, 485a, 493a, SOSb, 510~ 534b~ 556a, 563b, 576~ 597b, 612b, 620b, 623a, 627a•; V 26b, 28a, 29a, 46a, 51 a•, 51 b, 70b, 73a, 74a, 74b, 76a, 79a, 90b•, 99a•, !OSa•, IIOb•, 123b•, 12Bb•, 133b, 134b, 198a, 207b, 20Bb•, 227b, 239b, 2-l2a, 253a, 255a, 266b, 278a, 28la, 285a, 307a, 377a, 387a, 399a, 405a, 405b*, 412a, 415b, 432a*, 445b, t68b, 469b*, 479a, 480b, 492a, 520a•, 576b, 628b, 639b, 640b; VI 19a, 19b, 41 a, 41 b, 42a, 42b, 43a, 68a, 78a, 78b, 85a•, 89b, 149b, l 79b, 191 b, 220a, 242a, 245a, 245b, 2.16b, 256b•, 259a, 276a, 276b, 304b, 308b, 316b•, 320b, 337b, 3.10b, 35la, 364b, 373b, 374b, 379b, 390a, 413a, 422b, 423a, 423b, -l24a, 425a, 426b•, ·l29a, 432b, 433b, 435a, 436a, 436b, H2a, 442b, 444b, 461 a•, 466a •, 466b*, 4 73b, 490b*, 495b, 497b•, 502a, 502b, 504b•. 506b*, 507b, 51 Ob, 512a, 513a, 514a, 523a, 523b, 525b*, 527b, 530b, 532b•, 536h*, 541 h, 543b, 54Sa, 545b, 550a•, 553a, 591 b Rhcy, Gaspar III 617a Rhezantis dr Corlcro, Johanncs Antonius de VI 174b Rhigru.7a, 3G2b, 37:>h, 371;a, :l7Rb. 4:l2b. 43:lb, S2Hb, 536a•.


543a; V 39a, 76b, 318b, 355b, 415a, 418b*, 443a, 546b, 562h, 56Sa, 568b, 586a; VI 26b, 92b, 102b, 154b, 197b, 209b, 239b, 259b*, +09b* Scioppw, ]arobus V BI h Scipio I 38; II 110, 114, 163, 4R8, 5B6, 590; IV 176b Scif1io A.frUanus VI 337a, 342a Scipw fami/y III 292h; IV 40a Scipio Ferrariensis I l 03, l 09; II 255, 350; su Mainentes, Scipio; Mainentis Scipio, Achilles III 544b, 545b




rif Cu•iln

CasullaruJ II 4B7 Scipio, C. Comelius V 515a Scipio, Franciscus II 183 Scipio, P. Comdius V 589a Scipio, SJ. V 295a Scipionis A.frUani M inorir t1 Ltlii dialogus III l 96a Scipmannus III 93a Scirpus, Nicolaus IV 650a Scita, Giovanni Battista I 94, 323; II Il, 185, 194, 197, 278, 2B5, 2B6, 535 Sciuicus, Marrus III 43a Scl.afenalw, Joho..nnes Jarobus, card. PI1T1TiniJÌs V 521 h Sdano, Salvo II 26 Sclavus II 492 Sdavus Barensis (Jacobus Beneventanus) I 355; IV 90a; VI 376b Sclopis. Laura de III 30Bh Sdopius, N. l 307 Scobar, Bartho1omaeus IV 508b, 510b Scobarius, Franciscus III 284b Scocius, Johannes Antonius (Parthenopaeus) VI 192a Scodra III 3 60b Scoenha\ia, Johannes de III 67b Scola, Girolamo IV S59a* Scola, Omncbonum l 21, 25, 120, 213, 234, 277' 319*. 359; II 326, 372, 373*, 499; 111 /66b, 562b; IV 160a Scolanus, H. IV 377a Scolari, Filippo l BO, III. 12 7, 140, 215; Il 461; V 624a; VI 23b, 408b Scol.aris dr Flormtia, JohannLs V 5R5b Swlnrù, ]ohannts l /46 Scolaro fì>rrstirro su Fiklfo, Francesco. foreign pupil of Scolasticus rSchi.iler). Gernusius v 137b Scolow, Guildmus IV 2SHb Smlphus, Ascanius Il 4n Scnltw, }ohannLs Il /7 B Scombe~ srt Schomlwrg Scnnau,E;Ja, hmldw rk \'l 427b

Sconhovius, Antonius IV 350b Scopegius, Michael III 226b* Scopexis, Antonius rk IV 538a Scopitius, Hieronymus III 333a Scopius, David III 51 7h Scappa, Lucius Johanncs III BOa Scoptus, Albertus l 245*, 327 Scordilis, Gcorgius V 459b Score1ius, Adrianus VI 150a Scorellius, Adrianus IV 3Ha Sconllu.s, Joho..nnes III 13 4h, 326a Scorius, Franciscus III 294h•, 295a Scorl.adUJ, B. VI 3 42b Scmpiu.), 674a*; V Bb, 44b, SBb*, B3a, B4a, 86a, 95b, l l Ob, ll3b, fJ 4b, l !Ba, l 3 7a, 137b, 150b, 176b, 179b*, 180a*, 2Sl a, 294a, 382b; VI 6a, 490a, 507b, 544a &rvi di Dio, corona rU' III l 75b Strvianu.s, LuciILI III 46 7a &rviciu.s Il 45 Scrvilio, F. I 432 Servilius, Johannes III 203a Servi n, J. IV 270a




Ludovicus 320b, 322b &rviolus V 59a

Snvion, Jean

III 245b,

V I 20a•

&rvita, Paulus ste S31pi, fra Paolo SnuiJe ortkr V 588b.., VI I94a S~rvius I 330, 400*, 4/4; II I69, 317, 402, 41S, 4S3, 536, 542, 596•, 597; III 12la, 255b, 273b, 2S6a, 346b, 6I6b, 717b; IV 68b, 121a•, 148a, IS6b, 217b, 25Ib, 257a, 290b, 357a, 447b•, 547a; V 69b*, 74b, 97b, 154b, 17 Sb, 226b, 332a, 464b, 612a, 638a; VI 54b, 102b, 225b, 226a, 353a, 362a, 368a, 40lb, 612b &rvius Sulpicius III 425b Servius, Petrus III 55 la; V 227a Strous evangtlicu.s (!Aiin play) VI 435a Servus, Bemardus II 563 Sessa su alro Nifo &ssa, Augustinus de Jet Nifo, Agostino Sessa, Duca di IV 57 Ib; VI 409a Sessa, il Jet Niphus Sessa, lsabtlla II 304 Sessa, Margarila II 569 Sessa, N. VI 5S2a &ssa, vescovo di su Florimontius, Galeatius Sestius, Johannes Baptista I 313 Sesto, Agostino da IV 13Sa &ta, Amhrogio V 627b &la, Ascanio V 627b &ta, GiuUD v 627b S~ta, Lombardo della I Il, 13, 14, 41, 73, 173, 261, 284, 294, 296, 3 I I, 320, 345, 34S, 349, 353; II 14, 23, 59, 61, 62, 95, 114, 135, 156, 1Sl, 199*, 24S, 250, 253, 268, 275, 281' 295, 302, 317' 32S, 343, 390, 392, 419, 453, 46S, 4S2, 5S7; III 19a, 31 b*, 47b, 54b, 70a, 216a, 25Sa, 292b, 366a, 456a, 471a, 47Sb, 4S7b, 503a, 513a, 525b, 53Sa, 648a, 742a; IV 40a, 127b, 16lb*, 170b, 200b, 239b, 425a, 574a, SSSa, 61Sa•, 655a, 6S5a; V 12b*, 69a, 7Sa, 106a, lllb*, I25b, ISSa, 173a, 239a, 291 a, 559a*; VI SOa, 137b, 169a, 235a*, 236a, 25Sa, 331 b, 354b, 374b, 394b, 432b Setarius, Gabml V 5 I 5b Stton, Akxandtr IV 19b, 26b Seton, Jolumrus IV 56a Sctonius, Gulielmus III 333a; VI 310b Setst>rus, Zacharias VI 369a Settala (Septalius), Luigi III 306a.

370a, SOla; IV 362b, 375b; VI 15a, 35b, 92b, 407a, 408b SeuaJa, Caro/w episcopus Dtrttmat Ili 29Ib &ttala, Lodovico I 147, 234, 277, 30S, 313, 361; v 206b, 496b &nano, II set &rgardi, Ludovico S~ttimello, Arrigo da VI 145a &ttimo, Girolamo marchese di Giarratana IV 537b Settimontano, Themisquilla stt Campanella, Tommaso &tùe, Dionyse V 23a &use (Suso), H~inrich UI 36b, 337a, 657b, 724a &ussius, Johann~s V 190a; VI 369a &uter, Petrus su Suiter Stvm Lihtral Arts IV 665a; VI 52Ib, 523b* Stvm sagts VI 55b, 220a, 499a &venus, Gerhardus V liSa &vtr=, JohnnnLs III I 3 Ob Severianus episcopus III 541 a &verianus, Clemens I 312 &verianus, Julius VI 51 a, 332a Sevmanus, Xanllws I 43-44; II 386, 468 Sevmis, Stvmu.r tk IV 639b &verinas ste San &verino &verinas, Robertus ste San Severino Severino di Napoli VI ISSa &verino, Marco Aurelio I 243, 405, 406• S. Sevtrinus II 579; V 568a• Sevtrinus tk Frisia I 3 8 4

&vmnus Mtdiolanmsù II 6 I Severinus monachus II 4 71* Severinus, Bartholomaeus V 299a Severinus, Camillus II 119, 129, 130 &vmnus, Chri.rtimzus IV 65b &verinus, Hieronymus II 54S; VI 116b &vmnus, ]ohannes &ptista Modius II317 Severinus, Marcus Aurelius II 117*, IIS; III 559b; IV 55b, 65b, 361 b, 375b; VI 172a•, 172b*, 173a•, 173b*, 174b. 210b Severinus, Petrus IV 55b* St>vt>ros, Gabriel III 5 7b s..verus de India O.M. I 335 Scvcrus monachus II 114, 346, 352, 3.">4*, 463*; VI 339a St·verus monachus Cisterciensis I 250* Severus scholasticus II 319; VI 321a Scv!'rus Sophista III 284b

&verus, Alphenus 435;

v I74b

I 249; II 56,

Sevtrw, Alplum.rus II 386 Severus, Franciscus I 56; II 49; v 539b Severus, Marianus I 60; II 363;

III 38Ib Severus, Wolfgang Ili 676b; IV 9b Seves, Adeodatus III 2S4b(?) Seoi1Je III 650a; IV 486a, 5 I 7b, 588a, 588~

v 3I7b

Seoilk, Acadmry tf IV 6 I 3a Seoilk, Cardituù tf IV 36a Seville, John of su Johannes Hispalensis Seoilk, moNUitry tf S. /sidro tkl Campo V 318b Seoilk, Santa Maria tk Uui.r O. Carth. IV 546b, 547a Stvinus, Caro/w IV 352b, 3 76a Seward (Seguardus), John IV 22a•, 27b* Stx prWi.piorvm, lihtr VI 62b; stt alro Gil~nus Porretanus &xagius de Sestich, Jo. III 87a Sexena, Jacobus de VI 264a Sextilius l 249 Stxtiw, }flcolaus V 305a Sexto, Petrus de I 319-320 Stxtulanus, Jol!anNs IV 646a Sextus Clodius su Polistorio Sextus Empiricus Il 252, 35S; III 115b, 214b, 235a, 243b; IV J33b, 2S2a, 567b; V 271b, 359b; VI 259a, 530b Sextus philosophus VI 444a Sextus 1').1hagoricus IV l 04a, 20Sa, 570a•; VI 39a, 40a, 145b, 386a, 422a, 549a; ste Xystus Sextus Rufus I S, 121, 437; III 58a; V 97b, 214b, 252a, 261b, 2S5b, 475a, 612a, 637b; VI 493a, 612b; stt Rufus, Sextus Seyboldt, Erasmus III 63Sa Seyboldt, Johannes III 63Sa Seyjridur, ahbot tf Altmhurg V 385a Seyfridus, Nicolaus III 380a*, 3SOb Seyler, Gergon V liSa Seymour ste Semaurus Seymour, Edward Duù tf Som~rstt IV 197b Seyssel, Claude de I 234; II 174, 176, 184'"; III 205b, 211 b, 296b*, 297b, 29Sb*, 305b, 316b, 317b*, 330b, 377a; IV IS3a*, 19Sb; VI 226b, 40Sb SntomoniL IV l 64a Stephanus papa II 128 St~phanus Parisiensis lii 34a, 409a, 452b Stephanus Pisanus VI 496b Stephanus Pisciensis su Sterponius Stephanus Pragensis VI 420b Stephanus Pragus lii 14a Stephanus de Prato II 79 Stephanus de Pruck III 4Da Stephanus de Reale I 153; III 186b; IV 425b•; V 196a•, 588b St~phanus Saucinensis set Fliscus Stephanus de Senis, frater I 355 Stephanus Siculus, pater II 16 S"f!lumus dt Spoldn III 722b St~phanus V alentinus, Johannes IV 490a Stephanus V alentinus, Jo~phus IV l 85b, 494a Stephanus dt" Vianova III 562b SILplumus dL Vimna, jraJn VI 479b SILplumus Vi//.anus III 202a St~phanus d~ W~rd~a lii 555b St~phanus, Andreas III 318a Stephanus, C. I 322 Suplumu.J, Caro/w lii 227a SILplumus, counl Pal.atine DuirL ~ &varia III 62 5a Stephanus, Franciscus III 159b SILplumu.J, jraJn JolumnL.r IV 72a Stephanus, Henricus I 262; II 395, 570; III 98b, 108b, 227b, 230a( 0 >, 245a, 269b, 270b, 284a, 284b•, 293b, 322b, J26a, 370b, 434b, 499b, SOla, 509a, 550b, 567b, 600b•, 633b, 649b, 734b; IV Il b, 72a, 265b, 299a, 351 b, 3.'i2b, 364a, 364b, 367a, 37/a, 371 b, 372a, 373b, 374b, 375b, 376a, 37Bb•, 431a, 432b, 433b Stephanus, Ht"rmannus IV 353b Stephanus, Johannes II 88; III 711b•; IV 610b; VI 121b, 509b Suplumus, llurg ~ Po/.and V 435b Stephanus, Matthat"us I 122 S"f!lumw, O.M. V 593b Stt"phanus, Paris III 554b• Stephanus, Paulus III H5a Stephanus, printer stt Stephanus, Hl"nricus Sta Theophilo III 302a*, 302b Theophilus l 27, 112; Il 62, 73*,

195, 385, 545, 595*; III 95b, lOOb, 177a, 220a, 220b*, 234b, 269a, 316a, 416b, 422a, 487a, 621 b; IV 33b, 59b, 150a, 166b, 195a, 223b*, 275b, 276a, 307b, 522a, 523b, 546a, 645a; VI 35b, 42a, 98b, 137b, 244b, 342b, 353a, 356b, 357a*, 358b*, 359a•, 360a, 367a•, 370a*, 373a, 399b, 477b, 505b, 518a Theophilus Alexandrinus l 422; III lllb Theophilus Allobrox V 433a, 435a Theophilus Antecessor III 96a; V 343a Theophilus Antiochenus V 45b Theophilus Brixianus su Bona Theophilus episcopus Eborensis (Theutonicus de Bragantia?) Il 564 Theophilus Graecus VI 87b, 275a Theophilus medicus V lBb, 22b, 88b, l 06a, 293b Theophilus monachus Cassinensis Il 376 Theophilus Neapolitanus Il 288; VI 270a Theophilus Paduanus Il 446, 472 Theophilus de Pensauro ste CoUenuccio

Theophilu.s, FuiDiu.s, epi.scopus Forlivimsis l 45 Theophilus, Johannes Baptista III 22la* Theophilus, Nicolaus III 584a Theophorus ste Tdesphorus Theophorus de Cusentia Jte Telesphorus Cosentinus Theophrastus l /3, 57, 118, 187•, 301, 308*, 310, 314, 342, 374; Il 67•, 88, 91, 119, 212, 221, 263, 429, 440, 457, 474, 475, 492, 499, 536; III 63a, 15/a, /65a, 215b, 24la, 251 a*, 251 b*, 254b, 397a, 398a*, 670b, 671 b, 733b; IV 46b, Rla, 88b, 149a, 15/b•, 168h, 205a, 282a, 287a, 3S9a, 365a, 372a, 378a, 49lb, 493a, 55lb, 6S3b*; V 67a, 92b, 106b, 324b, 330b*, 361 b, 494b, 495b*, SR9b; VI 37a, 39a, 4 l a, 55b, 59a, 108a, 143a, 239h, 246a•, 28-'>a Theophrastus de Hohenheim ste Paracclsus Theoplrraslus rtdivWus VI 4 79a Theophrastus, Wilhelmus IV 220a Theophylactus l 33.5; Il 339*, 348"; III 62a, 647a; VI 160b*,


Theophylactus Simocatta III 212b; IV 345b, 372b, 373b, 537a Theopisto Jte Simeoni Theop/4sma Il 3 61 Theopoldus, Johannes VI 369a Theopolus ste Tiepolo Theopompus Il 53 Theorianus Il 26 TMorica ~atimris l 281


Theosina v 218b Theotinus IV 132a Thepola, Thepolus ste Tiepolo Thepulus ste Tiepolo Ther.unanus Jte Ter.unanus Thereccius, Nicander III 93b Therem, Johannes de IV 40 l b S. Theresa a Jesu (de Avila) VI I75b, 195a, 587b* S. 7hrrtsa of Aui/a V 45b, 218a There!Ìus (Theresus) VI 582b• Theriaca Jte T riacca Theron, Vita! IU 322b Therunda ste Taronda Therunda, Leonardus Il 306, 326*, 425, 482, 586; III 54b; V 41 b, 336a; VI 82a, 466a Thrrus, Cmolu.s V 450a• TlusOJITarius Vùunlinus IV 5 86a • Thesaurus Jte T esauro Tlusaurus ~sus lr.aertticos IV 308a Tlusauru.s Mexicamts VI l 53a Tlus= fx1J1Pm1m ste Petrus Hispanus 71usauru.s plulosophioe III 309b Thesaurus, Emmanud ste Tt"sauro Thesaurus, Marius l 30 l Tlusts III 72b* Theseus, Janus VI 150a Thesiphon Abenathar IV 62a*, 62b*, 172b, 173a, 516a* Thesiphones III 123b* Thesira Lusitanus, Ludovicus ste Tessira Theslerus ste Thislerus Thssalius .filiw HippocraJi.s III 63a, 49/a Thessalus IV 173b, 638a; V 293b, 362a; VI l 25b, 3.'i9b, 386h Thessalus filius Hippocraris 11368 Tlutford V 394b Theti, Carlo III 379a• Thr-ti, Scipione IV 88a Tlutis, .'V: dL III 708a Theuplus, Theupulus stt Ticpolo Theuring, Wolf III 428b Thruringu.J l v l 25h Thcvenrt, lnnocentius III 32-lb Tlvvdus, Arulrtas III 3 2 7a Thcy, magister III 57 5a Thibaldeus ste Tebaldt"o

530 Thibaldus m Tibaldus Thiboustz, Lois III 297a Thidew &nonimsis IV l 85b Thiedra, Hieronymus de II 439 Thime family III 304a Thime, Alwandro da I 88; II 3 74 Thime, Anlolrius tiL II 3 74; II 435, 580 Thiene, Caietanus de su Caietanus Thime, F'trdinando da VI 269b Thime, Fmando da I 84 Thiene, Gaetano da su Caietanus de Thienis Thime, Gaka.a.o da I 4 l 9; II 3 74 Thiene, Hieronymus de II 371*, 587 Thime, lsabtla tiL II 298 Thime, Jolumrus tiL II 304 Thiene, Johannes Galeatius II 304, 377; III 734a*; IV 437a Thime, LudtJvico da VI 253a Thiene, Marco da III 330a, 330b Thiene, Odoardus de V !51 a Thime, Paulus tiL II 99 Thienen, Andreas a VI 502b Thienensis, Ferdinandus II 302 Thieneus, Hieronymus comes IV 234a*; V 217a• Thienis, Caietanus de su Caietanus de Thienis Thimi.s, Franciscus tiL II 469; VI 248a Thimni.s (Jjmni.s), Hugurio III 85b, 262b Thierry of Chartres III 99a, 480a•, 574b; IV 125b, 184a, 259b, 356a Thieti, Carlo VI 59a Thieus, Amoldus, de Rotterdam II 312 Thifemas su Gregorius Tifernas Thilemanus prior in Buxia III 227a Thilesio stt Thylesius Thim, Basilius III Il b Thingerus, Elias V 196b 17zi.sanims, Pttrus I 32 7 Thisias Faganensis, P!'trus Andrea.' VI 24la Thislerus (Theslerus, Tiskrus), Gabriel IV 676a*, 678a• Thitus su Titus Thobias III570b;V617h Thobolius Polonus, Adamus III 317a ThodtJChinus II 3 9 7; srt also To3a TrbaltUius, Paulus I 3 I 8 Tibaldeo stt Tebaldeo Tibaldeo, Antonio m Tebaldeo Tibaldeus, Antonius, Cesena' I 104 Tibaldi, Domenico V 505a

lìbaldi, Pellegrino III 338b Twaldus, 77wmas I 373 Twer, rivtr VI 45b, 346h lìberinus, Johannes Matùùas I 32, 36; II 85, I92"'; III 2lb, 58b•, 90a, 114a, 280a, 280b*, 332a, 486b, 496a, 586b, 640b, 698b; IV 565a*, 623b, 647b; V 3b, 98b, 186a; VI 16ta•, 16lb*, 205b, 230a, 23la*, 23lb, 232a•, 369a, 539a Tiberius III 266a Twmi, Adriana I I04 Tiberti, Vincenzo I 391 Tibertus, Antiochus I 259; III 83b; V 107b, 533a Twtrtus, Aruelius I l 03 Tibertus, Darius I 44; II 98, 3 77; III 269b Trbtrtus, Fabius I I 04 Twtrtus, Polydorus I 43 4 • Tibertus, Vincentius VI 90a* Tibinus see Dybinus Tibullus I 8, 39, 55, 82, 124*, 177, I94, 309,407, 411; II 31, 58, 6I, 100, 117, 128, 167, 242*, 318*, 394, 416, 429, 436, 469, 492*, 512, 528, 545, 549, 551; III 79b, BOa, 247b, 249a, 507b, 551 b, 633b; IV 45a, 71 b, 134b, 143a, 162b, 165b, 263b*, 264b*, 265a•, 269a*, 271 b, 378a•, 378b, 664a; V 22a, 92b, 192b*, 355b, 376b, 386a, 410b, 432a•, 434a, 463a*, 484a, 573a, 613b; VI 41a, 18lb, 183a, 276a, 337a, 35la, 355b, 374b, 38/a, 391b, 394b, 482a, 492b•, 493a, 493b*, 494a*, 498a, 5Ha Tibunus sa Dybinus Twrutinus II 165 Tiburtinus episcopus IV 76b Tiburtius, Jacobus I 60; II 422 (?), 440; III 38tb•, 382a*; VI 38lb*, 386a Ticcionibus, Aegidius de II 15 7 Tichbom, J. IV 53a Tichbomus, Edwardus IV 20 l a Ticheler, Walrarnus III 133b Trcht4 Joh.annes mMicus III 666b Ticinius, Georgius V 34a Ticionensis, comes IV 136b Ticionus, Ludovicus, Dec.ianae comes II 182* Tidericus IV 407a T uks, trtallles on V 66b Tidcus IV 620a; VI 48b, 360b, 422a; see Acciarini; Tydeus Tufrthrrw.!, ]olzannes III 402b Tiedra doctor IV 595b* Tzelsch, Hinrmymus V 392b Tieneus see S. Caietanus Thienaeus; Thiene Tienis stt Thiene TiLpolo farnily VI 28 4a


T !tpolo plot VI 265b Tiepolo, Antonio IV 208b T ltflolo (Ttupulus; Theopolus; Tluopulus; The/Jola; ThefJow.s; Th.eu/Jius; Theuf1uJMs), CeciJW V 6/la Tltflow, Emwlao v 450b T !tpolo, Fabio IV 282b lìepolo, Francesco II 421 lìepolo, Giovanni V 448b T repolo, Girolamo V 617a lìepolo,Jacopo II 37; IV ISOb Tiepolo, Ludovico II 234 lìepolo, Niccolò l 235•, 236*, 252, 305; II 9, IO, 247, 266, 272, 273*, 277, 280, 286•, 287, 437; III 612a; IV 572a, 685b; V 207b, 208a, 218b, 415b, 518b, 523a, 632a•, 632b*, 633a; VI /Ob, 274-a, 274-b, 277a, 277b, 283b, 290b, 303a*, 311 b, 397b Tiepolo, Paolo Il 386, 574; III 2llb; VI 416a T !tpolo, Pietro V 478b TltfloltJ, Slefano Il 494; V 61 la T rrra, SILplranus Il 3 73 lìersault, J. III 698b lìfema.s su Angelus lìfema.s; Gregorius Tifemas; lilius Tifema.s Tifemas, Andreas su Andreas Tifemas Tifema.s, Johannes su Johannes Tifema.s Tifemum s« Città di Ca.steUo lìgart, Johannes O.P. III 264a Trgtllus, Anlonius VI 40a Trglio, SilusiTo III 316b Tignius s« Ronconius Tignosi, Niccolò (Nicolaus Fulgina.s) l /9, 33, 70, 71, 157, 164, 166, 185, 201, 213, 230 T rgnosius, Amlnosius III 483h *; VI 54/b lìgnosius, Nicolaus de Fulgineo Il 6, 65, 126, 323, 372, 479; III 530a•, 688a; IV 162b, 567a, V 594b, 605a*; VI 190a lìgrimius su Tegrimi lìgrimus, Franciscus VI J9b, 437a lìgrinus su T egrimi lìgrinus, Franciscus V 360b T rguri S« ZIITich Tilbury, Gerva.sius of III 328b; s« Gervasius lìlenus III 284b lìlenus, Daniel III 319a, 323a lìlenus, G. VI 582a Tilesio, Tilesius s« T elesio lì lesi us S« T el esi o Tilesius, Leonardus IV 676b, 678b

Tiletius, Janus Christophili III 518b(?) Tilianus, Fridericus III 380a Tilicz, Veronica III 659b Tilius (Van Ti!), Thomas V 118b Tùlius,Jacobus Capp. III 318a T Ulman, Golijredw, O. Carth. v 504a 11/Jman, Samuel III 532b• Tllmann von !.inpo RDbwli) V 355a lìntoretto, Giacomo l 268; VI 21a Tintoretto, Jacopo III 338b Tintus su Tinctus Tinucci, Niccolò l 71, 215, 218, 24D; Il 34, 239, 452, 453, 512; III 301a, 301b; V 360a, 583b; VI 327a Tiorba, Pano della VI 348a Tipherna.s su Gregorius; Lilius Tipherna.s su Tifema.s Tiphemum see Città di Ca.steUo Tiphlos, Amadeus l 56 T rpotiu.s V 7b lìptoft, Johannes, Earl of Worcester Il 427, 484; III l 76b, 687b, 707b; IV l 28b, 130b, 165a, 200b*, 246b, 562a; V 278b, 392a Tiraboschi w Tirobuscus Tuaboschi, Antonio l 51 Tuaboschi, Cristoforo VI l 3b Tiraboschi, Jacopo l 8*; Il 497 Tirabosco, G.A VI 36b, 87b* Tuabwcw, Antorrius V 487a Tuabwcw, Coradinus V 483a T rrabwcw, Cumtlius V 483a Tirabuscus, Jacobus V 268b, 482b, 483a, 484b, 491 b Tuabuscw, Joharuw Carulw v 483a, 484h, 49lb Tirabuscus, Johannes Marius VI 129a• Tuabwcw, Joharuw Mallhaeus V 483a• Trrabuscw, Thomo.s V 483a Tiraldus, Octavianus Il 268 Tuanni, Ftlia, Bislwp of UdW v 550b Tiraqueau, André l 97; Il 28 Tiraquellus, Andrea.s IV 353a, 467a; VI 547b Tuasso, Micluul VI 113a 1irtlltJ, RDbtrto III 305a T~rtsia, B. IV 536a Tiriaco su T riacca lìrinus VI 37a Tumo, Jacohw de VI 243b Trrobwcw, Coradinw III 339b Trrobwcw, Cumtlius IU 339b Trrobwcw (Trraboschi), Hierrmymw IV 56b Tirobuscus, Jacobus III 339a, 339b*, 34Da•, 34{)b*


Tuobuscus, Jolumnes M altluuu.s III 339b, 3 40a T uobuscus, Thomm III 33 9b Tirollus, Johannes IV 275b* Tirrenus II 434 Tislerus see Thislerus Tisnacq, Charles de III 86b Titanius, Adrianus VI 482b Titdmannus, Franciscus V 107b*, 2lla Titelmans, Franciscus III Il la, 19/ff, IV 486a, 486b Titi, Giovanni Battista I 323, 377; II 363* Titi, Roberto I 23, 137, 168, 289; II 159, 160, 507; lii 321 b, 324a Titi, Sigismondo II 150, 474, 479; III 275b Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) I 234, 267, 268, 348; II 37, 39, 40, 247, 553; III 136b, 306b, 338b; IV 142b, 591 b; V 172a*, 323a, 339b, 342b, 344b, 432b, 434a, 437ff, VI 2la, /33a, 135b, 244a, 280a T ztianu.r grammati.cus V 453 b Titius, Hieronymus V 632b Titius, J. VI 582b* Titius, Johannes Petrus III 499b Titius, Martinus III 694a Titius, Robertus IV 133a, 362b, 363a, 363b*, 375b; V 76b*, 496b, 547a Titius, Simon III 545a Tito, Francesco II 439 Titrichstain see Dietrichstcin Tittmaning, Leonardus de VI 43lb Titus ep. Bostrensis V 55a, 61 a Titus episcopus II 339 Tirus Ferrariensis su Strozzi, Tito Vespasiano T11us Flavius Clnnmr, impera1m V 370a Titus Sutrinus II 155 Twoli I 92; IV J89b; VI l 08b, 340b T~anus, Miduul I 258 Tiziano su Titian Tizio su Titi Tizonus, Antonius I 35 7* T~;:.o111' jamily II 184; su also Ticionus To., Joannialw IV J/2a T oarius, Nu:olau.s II 191 T obaccus IV 60a Tobalius, Leonardus I 24 7; Il 144 Tobias I 258; Il 490 Tohias Veronensis J~ Burgus Veronensis Tohiolus Veronensis IV 64tih Tobius, Petrw V 229a Tocco, Gulielmus de III H3a


Toccolus, Petrus Franciscus I 262*; Il 196 T occus, Carolu.s IV 555a Todeschi, Ludovico Il 37 Todeschini su Piccolomini Todeschini Piccolomini, Franct"sco see Pius III Totkschinus. Stephanus Federicus IV 624ff. V 350b Totksco, ConJe lmiouico V 249b Todescus, Laelius I 392; IV 646b Totkscus, Steplumus II 83 Todi I 249; III 43a Tod~ Franciscaru o/ VI 222a Toebing, Heinrich III 738a Todemannus, Joachimus II 363 T oetnauerus, Johannes III Il b Toffin, Jean V 118b T ifia, Vu:toria V 228b Toison, Nicolas de La, Baron de Bussy V 271 b* Toke IV 413b, 414a Toke, Henricus III 576a, 576b Toland,John V 294a, 314b Tol.uio III 2 72a, 665a Toledo y Dellaquila, Antonio de IV 574a Toledo, Biblioteca dLI Cabildo I 26; IV 579b Tol.uio, Council o/ IV 5 41 a Toledo, Francesco, SJ., card. V 193a, 207b, 503b*, 508a*, 548a Toledo, Leonora di su Medici, Leonora di Toledo de' Tol.uio, Pedro dL Il 46/, 535, 547•, 604; IV 486a Tol.uio, slaluU o/ VI 304b, 325a Toledus su Toletus TolmLtius, Franciscus VI 28 7b Tolmtino II 482 Tolentino, Franciscus IV 666b Toletanus cardinalis su Mendoza Toletus, Franciscus I 274, 403 Toletus, Franciscus Ferdinandus, ep. Caurim.ri.r VI l 04b Toletus, Franciscus, SJ. card. II 26, 90, 96, 120*, 128*, 129, 130, 136*, 137, 138, 157, 305, 34D, 342, 348, 561; III 159b, 166b, 300b*, 453a, 515b, 645a, 645b, 646b•, 723a, 739b; IV 67b, 68a, 91 b, 270a, 270b, 333b*, 462b, 52/a, 543a, 664b, 68la; VI 33b*, 35a, 36b, 44b. 160a•, 185a. /99b, 216a, 302a•, 302h, 310b, 316b•, 324b, 39la, 490a Tolctus, Ludovicus Tribaldus su Tribaldus Toletus, Tribaldo III 78b Tolhopf, Johannes II 358 T olhopff, Johann doctor in Regcnsburg III 63h, 660a

Tollerancia, Gaufredus de abbas Lrinensis IV 624b T ollius, Jacobus III 500a; IV 383a T olomei see also Ptolomaeus TolatM, Carlo V 612b Tolomei, Claudio I 45, 67, 68, 71, 121, 124, 223, 234, 282, 291, 293, 372, 376; II IO, 17, 32, 33, 37, 56, 106, 107, 108, 120, 149, 150*, 153, 154, 155, 156*, 157*, 159*, 160, 161*, 168*, 183, 245*, 250, 271*, 273, 276, 279, 405, 449*, 450, 455*, 477*, 504, SII, 553*, 572, 599; III 109b, I87a, 21lb, 294a, 303a, 303b, 305b, 306b, 316b, 322a, 358a, 41 Ob, 627b, 628b; IV 123a, 252a, 363b, 50 l b, 582a; V 359b, 370b, 415b, 487b, 509b, 524a, 537b, 547a, 549b, 575a*, 629a; VI 93a, 140a*, 212b*, 213a*, 269b*, 277b, 285a, 286b, 302a*, 302b, 340b, 390b, 413b* Tolomei, E.liodoro, O.C. I 161 TolatM, Emilio II 477, 479; VI /28a Tolomei, Francesco I 285; II 77, 78, 126, 383, 424, 535; III 366b; IV I06a Totmnn, Giovanni Andrea II 161 Totmnn, Girolamo V 583ff, VI 140a Tolomei,Jacopo II 147, 277; IV 106a*, 214b Totmnn, Jacopo Andrea I 73 Tolomei, Lattanzio I 310; II 412, 548; III 498b; VI 154b, 300b Tolomei, Lelio I 144; II 150; V 17Oa, 5 79b, 583a, 583b; VI 14Da*, 213a, 312a Tolomn, Marcanlotrio, bislwp o/ Ltm I 431, 434 Totmnn, Mario II 477, 479 Tolomris, Jacobus tU, ep. Narnimsi.r v 585b* T olomeo Pavese II 54 7 TolornuJ, Mons. VI 315b Tolosa, Paulu.s IV 450ff. VI 7a Tolosani da Co/k, &r Ltrmardo di Giovat~~~i VI 77b T olosanis, Johannes Maria de I 153*, 164*; III 147a•; V 592a*, 617b*; VI 456a Tolosano, il II 470 Tolosanus II 241 Tolosini, GiovaMi V 281 a Torna, Niccolò V 360b Torruue/L~ Marilw I 244, 300, 399, 409, 437• Tomacelli, Plinio I 117 Tomacdlo, Plinio V 575h Tomacello, Tommaso III 317b


Tomacellus, Franciscus II 266* T O,UJctlluJ, /.L() v 2 44a Tomacellus, Marinus II 356, 509, 523; III 5Bb•, 197a:, IV 7/b, 74a, 75b, /69a•, 259b•, 2B7b, 522b; V 463a:, VI 155b, 40/b Tomanus (Thomann), Sadrachus v 151b, 154b Tomarianus, Antonius III 326b Tomarolius Il 434 Tomarollo, Flaminio IV 251 b(?) Tomaroz;:us, Flaminius II 471 Tomas, Johannn IV 96b Tomasellus, Fulgentius II 565; V 518a*, 520b*; VI 265b* Tomasi Jet ai.Jo Thomasius Tomari, &mardino V 506a Tomasi, Franceso de' II 358 Tomasi, Tomaw IV 68a Tomasini, Giacomo Filippo III 321b; IV 361b, 375b Tomasinus, Johannes Philippus v 418b T omasis, BartJwlomamJ th II 20B Tomasius Jet ai.Jo Thomasius T omasiu.s Placmtinus II 44 Tomasius, Nicolaus V 516a Tomaso da Mantova, fra V506b Tomassini da Monte San Savino, Francesco V 357a Tomassonidn, Bartholomaeus II 161 Tornei Jet Thomaeus Tornei, Antonio VI 336a T omeo, Niccolò Leonico su Leonicus T omicianJJ, Ac/IJ III 4 20b; IV 401b, 418b, 419b Tomicius (Tomicki), Petrus III 370b, 545b; IV 402b*; V 78a, 82b, 182a Tomicius, Nuolaw V IBla, 266a T omidanus, Petrus IV 138a Tomitano, Bernardino l 32, 92, 262, 278, 289, 290, 341, 361, 397; II 14*, 15, 52, 121, 132, 151*, 196, 226, 281' 3Bl, 417,474, 511, 547*, 597; III B4b, 308a; V 475b, 495b*; VI 12b, 250b, 275b, 3B5a•, 408b T omitano, Donato Il 54 7 T omiJano, Giulie V 524b Tomitano, Giulio Bernardino l 98; VI 281b T omkins, 'Ibomas IV 77b Tomlinson, Josiah II 399 Tommaiorus, Antonius IV 453a TommaJto, }Vuco/ò V 449b Tommasi, Fanusio V 595a Tommasi, Francesco Antonio VI 35b Tommasi, Giugurta l 121;

II 151*, 152*, 157, 508; V 547a; VI 216a Tommasi, Pietro VI 206a; Jet Thomasius Tommasini, Giacomo Filippo VI 186b, 187b, 189a Tommasino d'Agnaldo, frate I 214 T ommasino, Giovanni Filippo, Vescovo di Cittanova VI 210a Tommaw d'Arezzo I 172 Tommaw di Calabria Jet Campanella Tommaso di Tommasuccio da Piombino V 274a Tommaso da Fano II 606*; VI 403a• Tommaw Filologo Jet Thomas dc Ravenna Tommaso da Gualdo, fra I 121 Tommaso da Rieti VI 26b; Jet Thomas Reatinus To=o, .N. II 90 Tommasuccio da Foligno II 511 Tommasuccio da Gubbio II 54 Tonas, Hirronymus II 3 75 Tonello Jt; Quinziano Tonts, trtaJiu on mwical VI l 08b TonJolus, ]oluuws Jacobus III 66 l b T onocius, Baptista, de lllice I 119 Tonolus th Retiona V 4B l b T onsignano Jet T ussignano Tonsis, Johannes de episcopus Fancns~ IV 241a, 52 la Tomo, Andrea thl III 47b T onsorius, Balthasar V l 18b T onstallus Jtt T unstall Tonstallus (Tunstallus), Cuthbertus bishop of London III 294b, 426b; IV Il b, 122a, 207b, 340a, 402b, T OnJUS, &nttfictuJ l 5O, 5 l • Tonsus, Johannes l 405; II 184 Tonsus, Julius Cacsar VI 345b Toruus, Afuluul l 5 l T onsus, Paulus Il 183 Tonti, Michelangelo VI 313a Tonti.s, Camillus th II 7B Tonti.s, Mit:luu/ A~lus th Il 79 Tontus, :'liicolaus III 489b Tookcr, W. IV 203b* Topara, Franciscus Maria VI 198b Topasus, Hadrianus l 222; V 609a T aphius, An11Jnius IV l Oa, l Ba, 7/b•, 96b, 134a, 217h Topio, Franre!«'o V 37la T opographual no~s IV 324b T apographual tnts II 319* T opographil:a/ trtalÙtJ VI 233a Toppa, ]ohanntJ III 2BBa Toppelsteyn, David, O.M. V 126a

535 Toppler, Erasmus III 660b Toracillus, Johannes V !51 a Torallus, Alexander II 168 Toranus Delphinus III 279a Torar, Francesco IV 251b(>) T orcello, bishop of III 56a T arciw, Nu:olaw VI 240a Tard~ Domnril:o VI 32Ba Torella, Gaspar VI 362a Torelli l 432; Jet ai.Jo Taurdlus; (cf. Bonarelli) T are/Ji family V 53Bb T are/Ji (Tt11l1'tllus) III 540a Torelli, Alessandro l 107 Torelli, Andrea II 106, 109, IlO Torelli, Antonio V 579a Torelli, Cristoforo II 606; VI 403a Torelli, Francesco I 167; II 555; IV 52Ba, 565h Torelli, Gaspare V 371a T rmll~ Giovanni Anllmio l 43, 44 Trm~ Guido I 347; II 47 l Torelli, lppolita II 554 Torelli,Jacopo I 33*, 117, 286; II 200, 437; III 616a; IV 352a, 354a, 364b, 365a, 374b, 565b; V 538b*, 575b*; VI Ila, 12a Torelli, Lelio l 67, 117, 11B, 121, 122, 144, 145, /9B, 200, 234, 262, 268, 37B,; II 39, 127, 273, 363, 455, 478, 548; III 30 l b, 61 4a, 615b, 638b; IV 69b, 88a*, 235a, 437b, 52Ba, 565b*, 638b; V 171a*, 172a, 248a, 342b, 510b, 529b, 53/b, 536b, 547a, 548a, 556a*, 556b*, 557b*, 558a*, 575b, 576a, 585a, 594b*, 629a; VI 13a, B2h, 93a, 94b, 116b, /33a, 167a, 216a, 354a, 391 a, 398b, 408b Torelli, Niccolò V 52a, 52b, 85b, 86a; VI 5B2a T art~ 0/drado l 3 4 Torelli, Paolo l 309 Torelli, Piero l 34 Torelli, Pompeo I 234 Torelli, Pomponio l 292, 376, 408*; II 33, 42, 42-43, 203, 553, 555; IV 106a, 574a; V 548a, 5BOa, 587b; VI 93a, 94a, 99a, 102b, 106b, 107a*, 150a, 226b, 256a* T orellis de San Geminiano, Torellus de V 360b* Torello, Sebastiano VI 409b* T arelluJ, Guido Ca. IV 550b T arellus, Prtrus Guido V 3 4Ba T artllus, Victor V 5B5a Toreus, Aloysius IV 608a T arfanino, Bartolommeo IV 25 l h Torgt"fìr, frater IV 451a(') Torinus, Albanus V 53b, 64a, 84a; VI 440b Torinus, Balthasar VI 312a

536 Torkesey, Johannes IV 76b, 84a, 194a• Torkius, Johannes Rogerius VI 345b• T urme, La.u.ariglio dai VI 3 l l b Tornahona, Llll:retia IV 257b T111711Jhotws, 77wmas V 229b Tomabuoni, Antonio I 47; II 385, 432; III 250a; V 557b T omJJJnwn~ Cosimo I 142 T omalnumi, Giovanni IV 25 7b T 017111buon~ GiuJianJJ I 206 Tomabuoni, Lorenzo I 138;

II 59; III 224b; IV 265b; V 92a, 283b, 553~ 577~ 601b Tomabuoni, Lucrezia I 124; II 87, 436, 461; III 314a; V 600b; VI 149a, 167a T omJJlnwn~ Nra:olìJ V 92a T 017111buoni, Ono.fiio II 3 76 Tomahuoni, protonolario II 92 Tomacen~ ~s

su Ferricus de Cluniaco T omaesius, Johannes III 79a, 250a T omamira, Johannes de IV 570b TomaJDria, Delphina II 3 I TlJI7UQITIDitum spiriluale (poem) III 715b T omeatoris see Dressel Tomerius, Franciscus II 141 Tomi, Bernardo I 71•, 157, 211•; v 554b Tomielis, Franci.Jcus th VI 6/b Tomielli, Giovanni Battista l 262 T omieUi, Girolanw, I I 78 Tomiellis, Bemardinus de II 61

T omiellw, lnnocentW.s V 6I la Tomiellus, Manfredus II 69 T omieri, Antonio II 580• Tomius, Bemardus II 418 Tomius, H. V 555b T omone su Toumon Tomonius, card. su Tumone, Franciscus de T oro, Camillo V 509b Toros~ Maru/Jw III 66/b

S. T orpa VI I 40a S. T orpes II 31 Torqumu.r Vmmm.sis I 132 Torquatus, Antonius I 60, 120, 136, 266, 309, 361, 378; II 32, 168, 268, 377, 446, 474, 478, 539; III 96a, 393b, 394b; IV 89b, 534b, 576b; V 57a, 246b, 627b; VI 28b T orquatus, Crispus II 198 Torquatus, johannes Augustinus l 210 Torquatus, Josephus l 294; V 617a• Torqumu.r, Manliw III 203b Torquatus, Tricelus II 430 Torquemada su Turrecremata


Torqumuula, PIIJlbi.s th IV 55& Torraiva, Eugenio d4 IV 465a, 685a Torre S« aJ.so T urrin us Torre, Alvise della II Il O, 115 Torre, Andrea della I 116 Tom, Antonio d4IJa III 83b Torre, B.B. della V 632b T arre, Balda.ssa.re della II l 72 Torre, fra Luigi della V J06b•, 602b Torre, Francesco dalla I 267; II 138•, 305•, 338•, 339, 3~, 348, 380, 403; III I6a, 157~ 206b, 615b; v 490b, 536b•; see Turrianus, Franciscus Torre, Giacomo della I 265 Torre, Giorgio thl/a II 259 Torre, Giovanni Agostino thl/a II 90 Torre, Giovanni Battista della II 368; III 183b; V 604~ 632b•, 633a Torre, Giovanni della II 572; III 157a• T orrt, Giovanni Franasco thl/a

II 4U; III 623a Torre, Girolamo della II 217, 362, 443 Torrt, Giulio thl/a I 87 Torre, Jacopo della see Jacobus de Forlivio Tom, Latua Samhorrifacio thl/a

VI 128a Torre, Lodovico della I 122, 294; II 13, 19, no•, 253, 359, 482•; III 193a, 422a; VI 24a, 128a•, 289b, 389a Torre, Marcantonio della I 87; II 2•, 277, 277-278, 359; III 6Ua; VI 93b; see Turrensis Torre, Maria thl/a VI 434b Torre, Mario della VI 198b Torrt, M iellati ctmi. thl/a III 66I b Torre, Pietro Francesco della l 381 Torre, Stefano della V 348b Torrella, Gaspar II 395 Torrella, Pere IV 120a* T orrensis, Franciscus su T urrianus Torrentino, Lorenzo I 268; IV 69b, 78a, 88a, 270b; V 85b, 126a, 15la, 547a Torrentinus Gandavensis, Jacobus v 73b Torrentinus, Hermannus III 486a Torrtntius, ]oluznrus lihinm.s VI 447b Torrentius, Laevinus II 264, 305*, 337, 346, 367, 379•, 380, 415, 461; III 78b, 79a, 85b, 93a, 93b, 94a, 95b, 116b, 121 a, 459b, 559b, 597b; IV 362b, 375b; V 9a; VI 150a, 197a, 450a

T ompaJma, CoruU d4 IV 59 l a I 291 TomJ, AlltomO th IV 59lb Torres, Banholomaeus de IV 79b Torres, I:Juqul th IV 45 l a, 53 7b Torres, Ferdinando I l 00; v 524a Torres, Francesco, SJ. III 323b; V 352b, 385b, 5/Ja Torres, Francisco de, O.S. Hier. v 318b Torres, Franciscus II 412(?), 549; su Turrianus, Franciscus Torres, Hieronymus (Pintianus) IV 572a* Torres, Ludovico de I 249, 399; IV 524b T orresani.s de Asola, Andno.s th V 522a Torresanus, Jacobus Philaretus I 362 TomUe, dominw de la IV 282b• Torri,Jo. Battista IV 25Ib Torriani, Leonardo IV 446a Torriana, Giannello IV 605a T orrimw.s, Gasfxlt VI 79b Torricelli, Evangelista I 52, 65, 86, 87, 147*; II 157, sss•; III 136b, 501~ 501b, 629a; V 358b, 543a, 547a; VI 216b, 259b, 408b T orricelli, Giovanni Battista V 488a Torricelli, Ottaviano II 66 Torrigiano II 20, 316, 327; III 323b; V 594a T omoni, Giovanni III 303a Torris, Franciscus III 437a Torris, Jacobus Anloniau II 355 T orrisimw.s (Trurimw.s) IV 63 2 a Torrius, Lucas III 553a; IV 64a, 135a T orrius, LwJooicus V 503b T orriw, Pdrus III 326b Torsanus, Angelus Maria, O.Sen.·. VI 12b, 43a T orsellinus, Horatius, SJ. II 119*, 137*, 190, 521 Torta Grassa, Dominicus de V I 5b Torta, CiemmJ III 2l 9b Tortelli, Giovanni I 3, I9, 20, 2I•, 22•, 32, 61, 71, 92, Ili, 128, 129, 153*, 155, 175, 185, 188, 192, 195•, 196*, 206•, 275, 324•, 366, 380, 400, 4I9, 424 Tortellius, Johannes II 48, 79*, 86, 98, 121, 134, 155, 161, 163, 188, 195, 229, 244, 246, 254, 311*, 317, 318, 330, 332•, 358, 365•, 370, 38I•, 395, 399, 409, 416•, 420, 434•, 436, 457, 479, 481•, 498,499, 502•, 544,566, 591; III 129b, 28~ 374a, Torres


486a, 613a, 65la, 705a, 746b; IV l Ob, 4Da, 76a, 163a, 255b, 296b, 370b, 456b, 504a, 560b, 649b, 652b, 654a; v 30a, 64b, 66b, 74a, 92a, 170a•, 170b, 254b•, 337b, 476b, 5226, 605a•, 606a, 607b•; VI 37a, 59a, llla, 184a, 2246, 253a, 255b, 32la, 333a, 348b, 3SOa•, 3S7b•, 415a, 478a

Tortellus, Bartholomaeus II 203 T urte/Jus, ]olrannes, de Cuneo II l 78 Tortis, Gtorgiw de V 3 79a Tortis, H~ de III 63a T1111D, Lodouico l u• Tortoletti, Bartolomeo V 227a, 237b T ortolettus, Bartholomaeus Il 4S, 196, 246, 402, 554; VI IS7a, IS7b, ISSa•, IS9a, 192b•, 193a Tortoreto, Alessandro VI 67b T 1111Dsa VI 43b Tosa, Gioan Maria de O.M.Cap. III 55b Tosa, Pinus V 495a ToscQ11Q VI H9b Toscana, Grandu&lri di VI 155 a, 280a Toscandla III 3436; VI 2606; stt T uscaneUa; .s« aJ.so Aegidius Viterbiensis Toscandla, Aldobrandino, O.P. II 14, 502(?); III 692a, 739a ToscaneUa, Cristoforo da II 464 ToscaneUa, Egidio Il 340 ToscaneUa, Giovanni I 19•, 21, 22•, 23, 135, 164, 316, 348, 369, 38S; II IS6, 23S, 25S, 29S, 31S, 362, 427•, 432, 499, 5S5•; III 61a, 490a, 49Ib• T rucanella, MarctliiJonio III H 7a(?) ToscaneUa, Orazio I 267, 397; II 203, 246, 300, 510, 547, 565; III 304b; V 523b•, 547a, 579a, 60lb; VI 223b, 257b•, 268a Toscanelli, Paolo (Paulus florentinus) III 5406, 54/b; IV 633a•; VI 362b Toscandli, Paolo dal Pozzo l 70, 176, 206; Il 145, 390, 461; cf. Paolo medico Toscani, Alfonso Il 153 Toscani, Leandro V 496a Toscano see Tuscanus Tructli'IIJ, Gakotkl I 9 Toscano, Giovanni Luigi I 6S, 101, 205, 244; Il 200, 25S, 433, 4S5 Toscano, Giovanni Maria I 344 Toscano, Giovanni Matteo I 175, 234, 344; Il 203, 344, 448, 498 Toscano, RafaeUo IV 190b; V 40Sa

Toscano, &bastiano, O.S.A. v 320b ToJUDW.S, Jolrannes IV 417b, 418a Toscanus, Johannes Alo~us IV 62Sa•; V 30a, 279a, 374b, 523a Toscanus (Tuscanus), Johannes Maria IV 352b Toscanus, Johannes Matthaeus III 269b, 2S4a, 327a, 615a, 63Sb; IV 205a, 353a Toscanus, Johannes Matùùas V 3S3a Tosclumus, ]olrannes V 185b Toschi, Annibale I 103 Toschi, Giovanni I 373 Toschi, Vmcmzo I 43•, 44, 45, 60, 104 T osi, Giovanni l 120 Tosi, Michele, l 354 Tosi, Poow di Duccio V 355a T osicus Ferrariensis l 3S5 Tosicus, Nicolaus Il 543 Tosignano see T ussignano Tosinw, Johannes Anloniw I 318 Tosis, U/ricus de III 167a(?) Tossanus, Christophorus III 250a Tossanus, Danid III 317a, 31Sa, 330a, 375a, 392a, 40lb, 551b; IV 65b, 76b, 78a, 182b, 359b, 363b*, 375b, 3SOb; V 94b, 95a, 95b, 13la*, 13Ib•, 135a, 135b, 137a*, 13Sb, 147a, 152a•, 155b, 156a*, 156b*; VI 516b Tossanus, David IV 2S9b; V ISia Tossanus, Jacobus III 321 a, 509a Tossanus, Paulus Il 593; III 550b; IV 25a, 363b; VI 516b Tossanus, Petrus III 31Sa, 40 l b, 678a; IV 76b, 375b; V 126a, 135a, 147a, 151a Tossignano see Tussignano Tossignano, fra Pietro set Tussignano Tossignanus, Rudolphus III 63Sb Tostado de Madrigal, Alfonso V 31Sa Tostadus, Alphonsus de Madrigal IV SISb*, 520a, 523a, 540a*, 686b; VI 5S7a Tostatus, Alphonsus III 233a Tostius, Johannes V 369b Toti, Franciscus l 437; III 59a Totis, Timotheus de O.P. IV 455a* Totti, G.B. de' VI 140a Totùe, Rycharde V 315a Totus, David Il 77, 78 Totus, Johannes Baptista II 186 Totze, Henricus canon of Magdeburg IV l 76a T oulovst III 362b; IV 63b, 154a, 642a

537 Touloust, Univn~ of III 229b; IV 46lb, 545a; VI 479b Tour, Madelnnt de la Il 538 TOII17Uli, Bi.slwp of III 96a TOII17Uli, Collegt of III 116a TOU17Ul11lmls III 53 9b; IV l 71 b; VI 202a TOU17Ul11lmls, ITtalises on V 232b, 504a

Toumon, François de, card. IV 94b, 368a; V 21 Ob; VI 135b T011171011, Juste de comle de Roussignon III 360b Toumon stt Tumonius Tours III 582b; IV 3a, 3b•, 113b; v 75b T ours, archihi.rlwp of IV 114b Toussain, Danid V 113b, 114a*, IISb Toussain, Pierre V 113a, 113b, IISb Toussain(t) see Tossanus Tout, Johannes III 542b Townshmd family VI 560a Toxicus, J&olaus V 228b Toxila IV 281a ToxiJes Siksius, Hitrrmyrrrw IV 416b Toxites, Michael III 266a, 384a, SODa, 550b; V 53b, ISia, 152b; VI 516b Toz Graecus Il 247; III 688a Trabes, Franciscus O.C. IV 486a Tracalo da Rimini II 81, 113, 470, 571; IV 89b, 90a, 102a, 620b; V 241a Tracco, Johannes de V 365a Trachodius, Vitalis I 377; II 363 Tradel (Thradd), G. VI 5S2a* T rodiotianus, Faustinus l 43 Trofrt.gi V 51 Oa Trag.,Johannes II 461• Tragagliola, A/bmo III 300b Tragedies Il 59, 250; III 159b*, 249b, 593b; V 34b*, 276a Tragtdy, dialogue on VI l 7Oa Tragicorum Romatwrum FragmmJa IV 263b Trago«iia, Dt II l 08 TragotdiD de die ex/Tmri Uuiicii l 3 l 7 TragotdiDt Comotdii.s Prfl4tTW11ur IV 189b Tragurinus, episcopus see Scarampi, Ludovico Tragus, Hieronymus Il 226 TralrmrL, Pfriiip IV 259a TralrmrL, 17wma.s IV 133b Traheron see Trehemus Traiani, Giovanni Domenico I 308 Traianus II 12 Traianus imperator l /3, 27; II 26, 35•, 42, 54, 133, 147, 181, 194, /99, 248, 253, 258, 265, 267, 283, 341, 345, 369,


371, 382, 394, 408•, 4/0•, 430, 458, 512, 556, 586; III 47b, 49b, 202b, 403a, 4/Jb, 480a, 484b, 488a, 488b, 5//a, 707a; IV /Ob, 254a; V 250b, 264b, 277b, 286b, 30/a, 538b; VI 44b, 46b, /84a, 345a, 360b, 395a, 442a, 463b; stt al.so under Plutarchus Traianus Petronius, Alexander VI 342b T rallianus, Alexander III l OOa, 229a; su Alexander T rallianus Tramezzinus, Josephus Il 242, 346, 367 Trammel, J. III 669a Tramonti, l'lllichelangelo Il ISB Tramontino, }{u;colò VI 2 51 a TrancMdina, Wcia Camilla III 203b TrancMdini Jamily V 620b TrancMdinus, Anlonius II 145 Tranchedinus, Franciscus l 24, 71' 9B*, l 00, 173, 174, 179, 205, 212*, 247,* 249, 432; II 34, 53, 62, 75, 110, III, 115*, 117, 144, 233, 254, 374, 475, 485; III 203b, 365b; IV 9/b; V 497b; VI 7Ba, 155b, 165b, 167b Tranchedinus, Leonardus l 200, 205* Tranchedinus, Nicodemus l 71, 116• 132, 188, 20 l' 204, 205*, 206, 209, 2!2•, 245*, 247, 327*, 356, 359, 363, 364, 39/, 416, 43B; Il 72, 111, 144, 474, 483, 485, 509"; III 306b, 307a, 307b, 30Ba, 314b*, 365b; IV 257a•, 257b, 3B4a, 617a, 625a"; V 620b; VI 65a, 213a, 298b, 620b Tranchnii.s, Paulinus de IV 616b Tranqunii.s, Paulinus de III 249a Tranquillus Dalmata IV 677a*, 67Bb, 679a*, 679b; V 150a, 437a*, 437b*, 43Ba, 438b, 450a*, 450b* TranquiUus physicus l 329 Tranquillus, Angelus l 167 Transagnus sre Traversagnus Transimenus, Matthaeus Il 62* Transingiano, Jacobu.s de l 3 7 Transmundus Il 190; III 231 a, 23lh, 234b, 315a Trarupadanus, f.ùsebius Il 575 Transylvania VI 287a Trapezon., Colineus III BOa, BOb Trapt)

552 Valubbius, lknedictus Vl 247a Va/umbra, Urbanw V 52la Valubbius Urbinas, Robertu.s Vl 247a Va/vasona, Aemilia VI UOa Valvasone, Giacomo (Maniacus) IV .Wb, 123b* V alvasonius, Bemardus IV 123b V alvasonius, Erasmus Vl 12a* Valvasonius, Jacobus IV 123b* Valvassone, Erasmo da l 234, 397; II 203, 205, 264, 274, 547; V 490a Valvasson~ Jollannes lùgulus I l 73 V alvassoribus set Vavassori V alvassoribus, Petrus de IV 620b*; VI 78a•, 78b* Valverde, Bartholome IV 562b V alverdius, Bartholomaeus II 379*; VI 36a Vambertus IV 297a Van Burghstrate set Verwer V an de n Casteele sa Castdius Van der Wye, Laurentius IV 323b Van Dyck, Anthony III 338b; IV 182b; Vl 226b Van Esch, Nuoillus Vl 426D Van EJtem, Orriswplwrw IV 535a Van Helmoru, Franciscus Mnrurius VI 517a Van Til set Tilius Van de Vdde,Jan V 249b Van Vivere, kgidius IV 18a Vancalvis, ~ IV 357b Varuia1inw rrwnaclrus Sdzonauimsir III 58lb Vandals III 553b Vanden Broecke, Johannes IV 18a Vanden Kerckhove, Gulidmus Franciscus IV 18a Vanden Vyvere, Guilelrnus IV 18a Vander Houve, Robertus Aper IV 190b Vander Karnmen, F. III 107b Vandtr Meere, Judocus (alias Voorde) IV 75a Vander Meersch, Gerardus IV 18a Vander Rije, F. III 87b Vander San de n, J. 111 l 07b Vander Wostynen, Guilelmus IV 18a Vandtr-Milliw, ComLLiw VI 15/a Vanderheidius, Jodocus VI 191a•, 19lb Vanderkamen, Hadrianus III 426b Vanderpiet, Bai d. III l l Ob Vanderverchen, Franciscus SJ. III 653a Vandtsius, Al[r111sus IV 3 76a


Vandr. BeUunensis set Egregius, Vendrandus Vanega, Alexius III 97a Vanega, P. Michael II 381 Vangtli.sla da Pisa IV 55la Vanierius, Michael V 282b Vaninius,Julius Caesar IV 24la, 430a, 431 b; V 5b, 9a, 36a, 66b, 179b Vaninus Esculatws II 254 Vaninus, Julius Caesar III 23la, .W5b, 439a, 558a, 558b, 560b, 555b, 70la, 720a Vanis, Jolrizmw de I 25 l Vanilale mum rrumdanatvm, de III 273a V1171110Ullus de Offida, Fraler V 299b Vannes, Peter I 258; IV 139a; V 343a V anni, B. V 5.Wb• Vanni, Mino dei I 124 Vanni, Paolo II 124; Vl 312a Vanninus, Ludovicus II 323, 583 Vtmnis, Paulus de V 4l Ob Vannius, Jollannes III 5 l 7b V annius, Theodericus III 192a, 192b V annius, Udalricus III 458b* Vannius, Valentinus III 695a* Vannocci, Oreste Il 158 Vannoctius Pratensis II 77, 78 Vannottis, Horatius de V 581b V annozzius, Bonifacius III 212b V annozzo, Francesco di I 61 ; II 268* Vannucci .set Jacobus de Corthonio Vannucci, Joc"ffo, bislwp of Perugia II 377, 585 Vannucci, Luigi II .W Vannuclwris, UuJovicu.r de I 255 Vannuctius de Esculo, Cola Jocobus V 550a Vannus, Paulus IV 257a V an nus, Petrus Matthaeus II 168 Vannutio, Joan Marino V 236b Vannutius, Colajacobus l 73 Vanocius, Franciscus (de Vanozio) IV 47b, 646b Vanola, Nicola IV 576a Vanucci su Perugino, Pietro Vanucoris, lmiouicus de III 273b Vanutius II 29 Vanutius, JohannLS &ptista V 532a Van,zelltrius. Joseplrus IV 459a Vanzy, Silvestro III 300b Vapovicius, lkmardus II 319 Vapovskii, Bemardus V 34a Vapowski su Wapowski Vapricus I 50 Vaprinw, David de IV 620b(') Vapusky su Wapowski Vaqueiras, Bertrandus de Il 353 Vaquerius, lkmardus, O.C. VI 364a

Varaderius, Franciscus II 101; III 296a Varadeus, Hieronymus I 323 V aradiensis episcopus .see Dominicis, Johannes de Varadier, Gasparus III 284a Varadinmris, episcopus II 35 7; .set also Johannes Varadino, Johannes de Vl 345a Varadinus, ep., Johannes set Vitéz, Johannes Varagus, Franciscus II 194*, 198; V 523a, 523b; Vl 234b, 26lb Varallon, Gulielrnus (Aquila) III 253b Vararnude, Emeste .set Hotomannus, Franciscus VariJMl, Elisabtlil domin.a Camerini IV 104b Varanis, VaimtJNbLr de IV l 51 a Varano famifl II l 05 Varano, Battista da I 39*, 182, 220; II 15, 129, 329, 345, 34 7, 454, 521, 602; v 204a, 204b, 470b Varano, Battista, nun of the order of S. Chiara V 534b V arano, Camilla Battista da V500b Varano, Costanza da I 19, 41, 210, 334*, 356, 388, 413; II 64, 80, 180*, 245, 260, 315, 331, 356, 368, 509*, 565; III 279b•, 356b*, 398b*; IV 296b, 665b*; v 34lb, 520a, 548a; Vl 19b, 8la, 337b* Varano, Elisabetta da II 58 Varano, Fabrizio da, bishop of Camerino I 249, 400, 4l 2, 418; II 9, 54, 55, 143*, 144*, 377, 385, 435, 437; V 282a* Varano, Francesco da II 265 Varano, Giulio. da I 180; II 371; Vl 405a* V arano, Giulio Cesare da I 44, 54*, 102, 389, 418•, 433, 434 ... II 45, 254; V 522b, 548a, 553a, 557a• Varano, Su or Battista da Vl 106a Varanus, Fabritius, ep. Camers IV 254a; VI l 03b Varchi, Benedetto I 60, 63*, 67, 68, 73•, 75, 77, 78, 85*, 86, 87, 88*, 89, 106*, 107*, 108, 1~. 111*, 117*, 118, 119, 122*, 123, 124•, 125"', 128•, 131•, 132"', 136*, 137"', 144, 145, 146, 150, 152, 153, 165, 166•, 167"', 168"', 169, 170*, 174, 175, 177, 179, 182"', 183, 184, 186, 207*, 217*, 219*, 220, 221' 222*, 223*, 228•, 234, 257, 282, 323, 361*, 367, 385,


386, 389, 397, 4{)8•, 429*, 433, 437; Il l, 26, 36, 37*, 65*, BO, 96, 100, 105*, 106*, 107*, 108*, 125*, 151, 154, 155*, 157, 158, 168*, 247, 272, 276, 336, 345, 346, 374, 375*, 382, 403, 4{)8, 423, 437, 444, 452*, 453, 454, 455, 461, 464, 476, 477, 506, 507, 508, 510, 511*, 514, 517, 563, 576, 581, 598*, 599, 605; III 15b, 60b, 107h, 30lb, 303b*, 304a*, 305b, 320b, 327b, 426b, 494a, 614a, 6Uh, 628a*; IV 41 h, 69b, 70a, 94a, 252a, 437b, 636b; V 172a*, 206h, 209h, 267a, 267b*, 337b, 348b*, 357h, 415a, 459a, 475b, 488b, 490a, 495a, 509b, 511 b, 523b, 537b, 543a*, 547a, 552a*, 554a, 565a, 574a*, 575b, 586a, 588a, 594a, 600a, 604a, 609a, 609b, 612a, 612b, 616b, 617a, 617b, 619a, 629a*, 648b; VI 15a, 33a, 59b, 93a, l 06a, 133a, 133b*, 138b, 153b, 164h, 169a, 202b, 216b, 223b, 269b*, 3llb, 324b, 39la, 397b*, 400b Varda, Franciscus de II 38 Varda, Pttnn de, archiqtiscopw Coi«msis l 255, 392; Il 462 Varda, SILphanus de, archiqtiscopw Coi«msis I 14 Vare, Edo Hildericus von III 658b Varedo, Raynaldus de V 219b Var~ Andrea da V 526a; VI Blb Varennes, Jean de III 235b Varmsis, Franciscw IV 550h Varent, Joachim van der III 518a V arescis, Antonius de l 414; VI 109a v~. Fabio I 318 Vartsia, CalarilJa VI 389b Varuia, ]ulia VI 389b Vartsina, Corutan.tia VI 3 89a Varesio, Franciscus de II 525 Varesius, Marchesius Il 241, 260, 269, 355 V arga Poncc, Jose IV 513b Vargas II 39 Vargas, Alphonsus II 170; IV 658a; V 288b Vargas, Diego Gai1a11 de IV 612b Vargas, Francisco de IV 526a; V 359a Vargas, Gonzalve de VI 558a Variano, Theophilus Aretinus a, O.S.A. VI 305a, 325b Varicensius, lkne l 131 Varicius, Jacobus III Il Ob Varientius, Gulidmus IV 49a; v 250b*

Varignana, Andreas de I 376 Varignana, Bartholomaeus dc I 49, 404; II 291, 327*, 333*, 498; IV 398b; VI 113b, 359b, 505b Varignana, Gulidmus de I 82; II 393, 514; III 417a•, 509b, 663b, 684b; VI 359a, 359b Varignana, Petrus de III 60 l b Varii de Bononia, Nicolaus V 360b, 40la Varini, &vero II 127 Varinius III 564a(?) Varinus Favorinus (Guarino, Guerrino) I 67, 70, 71,202, 324, 368; Il 353, 354, 542 Varinus Sassnw l l 04 V ari nus, Franciscus II 346 Vari nus, Johannes Franciscus II 354*, 571 Varinus s« Guarino Veronese Vario, Antonio IV 188b* Varin"msis, David I 9 Varisio, Christophorus de V 512b; VI 460b Varisius s« Varesius Varisiu.s &salw, Amhrosius IV 43 h Variur V 34Bh Variur, SILphanus II 356 Varrnia, bishop of s« Cromerus, Marti nus Vanniensis card. SN Hosius Vanniensis ep. s« Dantiscus, Johannes Vamroua, A111m1i1Ll VI 3 89b Vambuler, Ulrich III 67la Vamyer, Johannes II 484 Varo de Regio, Jacobus de III 475a Varoli, Costanzo IV 235a Varolius Bononius, ConslallÙus V 210a, 210b* Varonus, Gu&lmu.s II 182 Varrafa, Johannes II 3 71 V=ahana, Joluuw.s VI l 30a V=anus (da Vara110}), H"cuks l 45 Varrerius, Caspar II 322; III 360a* Vtmin~ Giovanni Ballista V 515h Vanini, VIIIC~O v 515h Varro l 188, 400, 406; II 235, 246, 318*, 319, 439, 492, 604; III 54a, 173b, 275h, 454h, 71Ba; IV 12b, Sia, 75a, 225b, 257b, 265b*, 315b, 368a, 378a VIZ7TD, JacohUJ l 419; II 374 Varro, M. Terentius V 67b, 98a, 346a*, 464a, 612a; VI 15b, 55b, IOia, 107b, 109h, 386a, 415b* Varro, Michael III 410a Varro, Vincentius II 416 VIZ7TOna dt ""17m>ii, U.crttia IV 77a VIZ7TOs, Johanrus de III 3 2 4a Varrus, Georgius SJ. III 156b Varsanius, Michad V 156a

553 V anchavia, Florianus a III 349b Varsevicius, Christophorus (Wanawicius) III 271 b, 494b*, 507b Vanovicius, Christophorus IV 135b; V 267b Vartema (Vartomannus), Ludovicus l 20, 169, 176; II 514 Varthema, Ludovicus III 363a, 630a; V 600a Varus, Antonius IV 674a Va7US Flormtinus, Comtlius IV 16b VIIJlltUS, Joluzn= IV UBa, 453a Vasarhelinus, Franciscus V 118b Vasari, Giorgio l 68, 72*, 175, 181*, 182*, 226*, 234, 348, 406; Il 33, 40, l 06, 507' 508, 509*, 519; III 136b, 268a, 306b, 314a, 324b, 338b, 50 l b; IV 69b, 78a, 112b, 142b; V 170b*, 233b, 292a*, 324b, 337a, 337b, 338b*, 339a, 342b, 346a, 346b, 368b, 547a, 554a*, 566b, 570a, 588a, 597b; VI 13a, 15b, 93a, 167a, 216a, 226b va.san, Giorgio, tJu raungn II 5 o9 Vas~ Pin V 562a Vaschi, Annibale II 546 Vaschiusjasbovensis IV 672b Vasco da Gama VI 587b V asco de Lucena s« Lucena V asconceUos, Antonius de IV 446b*, 447a, 447b*, 454b, 463b* VasconceUos, Petrus de IV 447b, 449b Vasconibus, Franciscus de v 553b Vascosanus. MU:hatl III 134h v~tus. josippus l 258 Vasianus s« Vasquez Vasianus, Gabriel IV 508b Vasilographus s« SibyUa Erythraea Vasius VI 12b Vasius, Johannes Bapùsta l 421 Vasius, Johannes Paulus II 195 Vasius, Marcus II 203, 204 Vaslet, Louis V 312a Vasolla, Pmgrina V 617a VasoUi, Sci p ione VI 203a Vasollus, Venturinus III 284a*; V617a* Vasque, Lucene de I 242 Vasquez, Gabriel l 346, 402*; II 94, 121, 136, 138*, 447; III 87b; V 22b, 180a Vasquez, Michael, SJ. II 561 Vasquius, Gabriel s« Vasquez Va.'>.'iaeus Mddensis, Johannes IV 587b Vassanius, Johannes III 250a, 298a; VI 558a la.sst, AndrttJS IV l 02b

554 v~,

Carolus IV 102b Vasst, Prlrus IV 102b• Vassoni, Lorenzo V 632b Vastarniglio, Frate Giovanni Battista I 351 Vasterinis, Johannes Andreas de I 337 Vastinius sa Moncalvius Vasto, marchesa del sa Aragona, Maria d' Vasto, MarchLsf11UJ del IV 464b Vasto, Marchese del sa Davalos, Alfonso Vastus, Jolumnes Petrus III 23 Oh Vatablus, Franciscus l 118; III 84a, 84b, 321 a; V 179b VaJachius prinaps III 2 63a VaJacius, Georgius VI 3 42h V ate, Johannes II 327 Vatei,Jean III 316a Vatel, Matthieu V 118b Vatelot s« Watellus Vatican Ba.rilica III 231 h, 23 2a, 448b Vatican Lihrary II 324•, 341•, 342•, 367, 583; III 649b, 653b• Vatican manuscripts VI 328b Vatican Obe/i.slc II 334 Vaticf11UJ lucubratio II 430 Vat:icanus, Senatus VI 260b Vauchardus, Petrus IV 586b Vaudvillius, Joannes V 205b Vau,.:han, A1ylurd III /BOb Vauville, Richard V 118b Vaux, Henricus V 414b Vavasorihus de Medo/acho, Georgius fi/ius ProliJxi v 308b Vavasseur, SJ. VI 345b Vavassori, Bartolino de' l 15, 291*, 308, 328 Vavassori da Verdello, Giacomo V 485a* Vavassori, Jacopo I 8 Vayllus, Blasius SJ. III 191b V~ Jolumnes IV 183b Vaz Dourado, Femao VI 531b V az Motta, Johannes II 404, 602; III 615a, 638b; IV 452a*; VI 372b* Vaz, Gaspar IV 462b, 464a Vaz, Goncalo IV 4{ì()a Vaz, Lopo IV 460a Vaz, Marcellus IV 454a, 466a*, 467b Vazius, Gomctius IV 463a V~qut~ Circuela Cll1W11igo del SacromoniL, Martin V 322h, 323a Vazquez de Marmo!, Juan IV Sila, 527a, 577a•, 582a, 59/a Vazquez de Molina, Juan IV 600a Vazquez, Gabriel (Vasquius) IV 40 l b. 463a, 463b, S28b, 532ai?j, 558a, 558b, 659a


Vazquez, Michad IV 674a* Veas, maestro de IV 580a Vecchi, Fortunato II 150; VI 212b Vecchi, Germano de' II 565; VI 237b Vecchi, Otto V 293b Vecchiano, Carol.us de I 194 Vecchiettus, Hieronymus IV 79b, 467a Vecchiis, Hieronymus de VI 345b Vtcchiis, Johannes Bapti.sta de I 211 Vecchiis, Petrus Pauhts de III 2 72h Vecchio, An~a, O.M. II 467 Vecchius, Bartholomaeus V 45la; VI 559a* Vecellio, Giuseppe IV 316a Vecellio, Michiel VI 282a Vecellio, Tiziano sa Titian Vecellio, Vecello V 337b Vecellius, Vincentius VI 260a Vecellus, Vincentius II 241, 285 Vecheldt, Hermann V l 18b Vechnerus, A.E. VI 582b Vechnerus, D. VI 582b Vectius, Bapti.sta II 78 Vectius, Vincentius II 77, 78* Vectori sa Vettori Vectorius s« Vettori Vecturius su Vettori; see a/so Victorius Vecturius (Victorius), Benedictus IV 99b, 216a Vecturius, Antonius IV 99b Vedel s« Velleius Vede~ A.S. III 182b Vedelius, Nicolaus III 638b Vedova, Michele della II 272, 273 Vem, Tyberius VI 527a Vega, Andreas de II 338 Vega, Bartholomaeus de O.P. III 254a Vega, Christophorus IV 353b Vega, Garcilaso de la IV 516b, 528b, 542b, 59/a; V 359a Vr,ga, Juan de IV 493a, 577a• Vegerio, Urbano II 148 Vcgcrius, Conrad III 133b Vcgctius I 172, 282, 396; II 187, 442, 546; III 26a, IOOa*, 234b, 302a*, 379b, 411 b, 486b, 542b; IV 54b, 84a, 112b, 14 7b, 193a, 198a, 198b*, 204a, 236b, 342a, 377b, 378a, 378b, 474b*, 539b, 598b, 659a; V 219b, 225b, 315b*, 461 b, 463a, 516b; VI 4/b, 57a, 130a, 399b, 420a, 435b, 46lb Vcgctius, Johannes III 615b. 638b Veggius su Vegius Vegia, Clara Lanza Il 298; III 366b

Vr,gia, Elisaheth III 73 Oa Vr,gia, Monica III 73 Oa Vegietio de Re natio VI 141 a Vegio, Eustachio I 205, 332 Vegio, Jacobus de III 277a*, 277b* Vegio, Maffeo I 9*, Il, 13, 19*, 22*, 33*, 38, 42*, 44, 47' 59, 60, 82, 83, 107,115, Il6*, 125, 129*, 130, 142, 160, 164*, 166*, 180, 196, 204*, 210*, 213*, 251*, 252*, 257, 258*, 261 *, 275, 281' 292, 297*, 298*, 299, 301*, 315, 332, 338, 343*, 344*, 350*, 352*, 353, 357*, 368, 383, 387, 390, 399, 408, 411, 415 Vtgio, Pao/n (Vr,ggius) I 51 Vegio, Scipione (Veggius) I 51, 349, 361* Vr,gius, Eustachius II 180, 290; III 219b, 705a; IV 103b, 202b, 506b; VI 276a, 33/b Vegius, Mapheus II 8, 41, 45, 46, 55*, 56, 64, 75, 81, 97, 104*, 105, 114, 115, 129, 134, 162, 180*, 186*, 189, 191*, 205, 211, 214, 240*, 241, 242, 248, 250, 257, 258, 260, 261, 268, 283*, 285, 290*, 295*, 307*, 312, 315, 317*, 320, 321*, 323, 330, 331*, 335, 336, 343, 344, 345*, 348, 354, 355, 359*, 361, 371, 375, 378, 382, 383*, 395, 398, 400, 403, 404, 405, 408, 409*, 414*, 415*, 417,418,419,427,428,429, 434*, 436, 437, 442*, 447, 448, 450, 451*, 457, 461*, 468, 471, 474*, 486, 488, 490-491, 493, 500*, 556-557, 566, 568, 571, 582, 60 l; III 12a, 15b, 30a, 63a, 77a, 79a, 79b, 83b, 114a, 135b, 160b, 168a*, 179b, 209a, 219b*, 225a*, 234a, 259b, 269a*, 269b, 281b*, 283a, 293b, 296a, 356b*, 397b, 399b, 4lla*, 412b, 463a*, 465a, 474a, 477a, 479a, 483a, 487b, 489a, 490b, 491 b, 492a, 493a, 493b, 504a, 523a*, 530b*, 53/a, 538a, 565a, 57 la, 585a, 589b, 593a, 604b, 605a, 619b, 654a, 705a*, 707a*, 708a, 718b, 722a*, 730a; IV 21 b, 49b, 71 b, 79a, l OOa, 103b*, 104a, 127a, 129b, 131b*, 157a•, 159b, 160a, 162b*, /63b, 165a, 166a, 168a, 174a*, 179a, 184b, 202b, 224b, 256a*, 258b, 260a, 269a*, 276b*, 343a, 343b, 369b, 370b, 371 a*, 422a, 425a*, 426a, 477b•, 506b, 532b, 533b, 556b, 558a, 563b, 567a•, 570a, 575b, 587a*, 588a, 588b, 620a, 641 b*,


660b•, 661 a•; V 32b, 54b, 70b, 75a, 76b, 82a, 9lb, 92b•, 105b, 122b, 133b, 168a, 179a, 226b, 229a•, 242b•, 256b, 286a, 36lb, 369a, 374b, 422b, 46la, 463b, 515a, 543b•, 573a•, 597h, 618b•, 639b; VI 17b, 39a•, 54b, 74a, 78b, 79a, Sia•, 12Ib•, 126a, 169a, 19la, 207b, 276a•, 305b, 326a, 33lb, 337b, 348a, 349a, 355b, 3 71 a, 3 75a, 376a•, 380a•, 386b, 389a, 448b, 534b Vegius, Scipio V 625a; VI 44a Vtgius, Tris~~znus II 191 Vtglia Il 196, 281 Vegnatus, Antonius IV 135a Vehius s« Vegius Vthlin, Hanns Cunrad V 388b Veientes, Paulus II 304, 374 Veiga Lusitanus VI 125a Vtii VI 333h Veit su Dietrich, Veit Vqi Il 324 Vda, Antonius IV 531 a Velada, Marques de V 114a Ve/asco, A!frmsus de IV 588b Vtlasco, Giovanni di IV 525b Vdasco, Juan Valle de IV 60la Vtlasco, Pttrus Fmii1111ndu.s comes de Haro IV 562h Vdasco, Philippus Al b. de III 87a Vtlascu.s I 292; S« also Valascus Vtlascu.s PurtugaJmri.s VI 2 78b Vdasque-z s« also Valenzuda V dasquez, Johannes VI 125a VdateIli, Acerbo IV 136a Velatis, Johannes Antonius de II 175 Velazquez, Luis J~ IV 513a V elcurio, Johannes Bernardus V 56a Velde, J an van de III 339b Vtldicu.s, Guliebnu.s III 594a, 594h Velenus, Ulrichus II l 00 Velez, Antonio IV 446b Velez de Leon,Juan IV 520b Veli, Giulio Cesare II 37, 534 Velietus, Antonius II 183 Vtlilationts enuiiJoe I 401; VI 103a Velius s« Ursinus Velius Velius Longus U 581; VI 332a Velius, Hieronymus III 526b(?) Velius, Johannes III 638b Velius, Julius Caesar V 496b Velius, Petrus Nunius V 135b Vtllaù, Franciscus de Il 121, 5 68 VeUeius (Vedel), Andreas V 2lb VeUeius Paterculus I 309; II 453; III 284b; IV 205a, 355a, 378a"; V 98a, 19la; VI 612b VeUeius, Andreas III 370b; IV 135a Vt/Jeiu.s, Pdnl.s IV 54 Ba

Velli, Lelio I 346 Vtliiu.s I 281, 334; II 8; III 219b VeUosus, Lucas IV 44 7b, 449b VeUutelli, Acerbo IV BOa VeUuteUo, Frane esco I 17 7 Vtlhdi, Anstbnu.s IV 623b VeUuti, Donato (?) I 270 VeUuti, Filippo V 602b VeUuti, Luigi II 105; VI 163a VeUutus, Laurentius V 530a Velrnatius, Johannes Maria Il 243 Vtlocilatum in motihus, de proportione III 53a Vtlociu.s, l.aurmJiu.s III 458h Velser su Welser Velsius, J ustus III 607b, 721 b; IV 531 b; V 45b, 46a, 53b, 84a*, 139a, 15la; VI 300a, 544b Velstenius, Hennannus VI 558b Velter, Adam III 53lb Veltrius, litus I 336, 412"; IV 455b Vdus, Laurentius VI 347b Venancius de Morbeca III 127a Vmantiw Camers II 460 Venantius Fonunatus III 616a Venantius de Monticulo VI 28b Vtnalltirls, Anloniu.s Il 92; VI 339b Venanzi, Bernardino VI 20a V~ VI 152h Venator III 418b Venator, Balthasar III 499b*; VI 368b, 582b Vtna1or, Miclwel III 739h", 740h" Venatorius, Johannes IV 352a, 353a, 364b Venatorius, Thomas I 177; III 245a, 359a, 370b, 375b, 378b, 525b*, 56lb, 588b, 638b, 658b•, 665a, 666a", 667b, 67Ia•, 672b, 675a•, 676a; IV 9b, 351 b, 408b, 432b, 433b; V 52a, 84a, 168b, 265b; VI 495b, 516b, 533b, 60 l a Venatorius, Valaclinus VI 538b Venboet, F.Jacobus II 215 Vmceslau.s de Alamannia U 438 VmdD, Mons II 9 Vendeminus s« Vendrarnin Venderesca, Poncardus de ID 343b Vendevilius, Johannes, ep. Tornacensis V 506b Venclicus, Johannes III 638b Vmdorinus II 357 Vmtiraminfamily II 274 Vendramin, Andrea I 130, 364; II 297; III 368h, 430a; IV 53b, 56b*, /04a, 104h", 293a, 638a; V 287a Vendramin, Giovanni I 304; II 243 Vmdramin, Girolamo III 365a


Vmdramin, Jacf1/JO (Vtndmrinu.s) I /04 Vendrarnin, Michele II 243 Vmdramin, Nuco/ò I 9 Vendraminus, Vutor III 340a; V 483a Venduillius, Andreas III 333a Venegas, Alexius IV 558a, 577a Vmrgas, &rnardn de V 320a Venegas, l\1ichael IV 448a, 454a*, 466b*, 467b; V 322a• Venelius, Johannes Franciscus VI 12a Vmer, ]oh V 45h Vmtranmis, Ba/Jasar de IV 489a Vmma, Camilla IV 233h; V 216h Vtntris, pmtigilium III 318b Vcnerius su Venier Vmtrius, Allloniu.s V l 06a, 523a Venerius, Antonius Jacobus II 100, 147, 559 Vmtrius, &nedictu.s V 521h Vmtrius, IÀ/fmu.s IV 490a Vmtrius, Franciscus III 324a, 324b; IV 25/b, 490b; V 523b, 617a Vmtrius, Gairriel VI 240a", 280a Venniu.s, Jacobus Aloisiu.s IV 586b Venerius, Johannes Antonius VI 276b•, 277a Vmtrius, Marcus A11toniu.s, Du/u '![ Candia VI 268a" Venerius, Nicolaus IV 128b; VI 336b* Venerius, Petrus V 383a Vmtrius, Sebastiatw.s V 230b, 524b, 617a Venenninus su Vendramin Vmnruus, Nuolau.s III 475b vmttia, del si/o orrJW et mo,girtmti di III 303a Vnutian diiUtct V 595a; VI 266a, 282a, 352b, 403b, 407a Vnutian I!Oblemm V 300h Vmetian officials IV 89b Vtnetian sainJ.s VI 2 74b Venetiani, Antonio VI 132a Vtnetians IV 45b, 147b", 603b; V 472b; VI 40b, 54a*, I22b, 275b", 285a Venetianus, Antonius Il 24*, 26• Vtnetias II 243 Vtnelorum, consolaJio III 260a Venetus orator III 434b• Veneziano, Antonio V 247a Venger, Johannes III 620b Veniasius, C. IV 167a Vmict I 14, 3I, 35, 39", 59, 98, I04, III, l/7, 14I, 148, I52, I70, 20I, 209, 2I7, 2IB, 298, 304, 305, 3I6, 325, 34I, 387, 406; II 5, IO, 12", I3", IB", 20", 30, 38, 44, 48, 60, 63, 7I, 93, 99, I09•, I63, IBI, I96, I99, 204, 220", 223, 228, 230, 233", 253, 255, 33I, 332", 387,

556 391, 396, 426, 42B, 493, 504, 555, 56B; III Ila, 19b, 2Ba, 33a, 54a•, 56a, 56h, 59b, 65b, 6Bb, 7/b, 10/b, /09b, l/la, Il/h, 125h, /52 h •, 15Ba •, 162b, IB5a, 196a, 196h, 203b, 204b, 205h, 207a, 21/h~ 220h~ 22/a, 229a, 240a, 24/a, 257b, 262a, 274a•, 277h, 2BOb, 2B6h•, 2B9h(?), 300a, 30/b~ 302a~ 303a, 30Jb•, 305a•, 307b, 309a, 329h•, 332h, 362h, 363a, 366a, JBBh•, 39/b, 397h, 42Bh, 456h, 45Bh, 474h, 499h•, 500a•, 519h~ 525a, 529a, 547a, 557a, 564a•, 573b, 5B9h•, 612a, 616h•, 62/h, 62Bh, 632a, 709b; IV 24a, 28a, 3/h, 32a, 39h, 46a, 50h, 57a, 59h, 6Ba, 73a, Blh, B2h, B5b, 94a•, 99a, JOJa•, J06a•, IOBa, 122b, 145h, 149b, /9/a~ 19/b~ /92h~ 2/4a, 217b, 224a, 234b•, 239a, 248a, 259a, 260a, 275a, 276a, 2B3a, 307a•, 427a, 429h, 436h, 467h, 506h, 525a, 528a, 532a; v 25b, 50a•, 205b, 209a, 218a, 219a, 255a, 268a, 31/h, 317h, 3/Ba, 35/b, 371b•, 37Jb•, 4/Ja, 435b, 450b, 462a, 476a, 500a, 522a, 575a, 579b; VI Bh•, 9a, 3/h, 37a, 46a, 49a, 6Bb, /42h, /65h, 202a•, 204b, 205b, 207b, 230a, 235b•, 237a, 242h, 243a, 24Bb, 257b, 263h, 264a, 264b•, 266a•, 26Ba•, 26Bb•, 274a, 275a, 275b, 276h, 2BOa•, 2B2a, 2B6h, 303a, 3/0a, 3/0h, 32Ba, 33Bh, 34/a, 345h, 353h, JBJb•, 406a, 414b, 44/h, 53/a•, 62/h; su also Acad(:mia; Accad(:mia Vmict, Academies VI 426a Vmict, Accadtmia dei Gmrrosi VI 406a• Vmict, Ambassadors of IV 363a, 364h; V 27/a, 543b, 5B4h; VI 440a Vmict, Arsma/ VI 45a Vmict, Bihlioùca Marciana II 246; IV 36Ba Vmiu, Colkgium Physicorum III 4Ba; VI BOa•, 345a Vmict, S. Crux dL Judaica V 523b Venice, Doges of III 34a, 34b, 64a, 3/Ba, 457b, 475b, 51/a, 525a, 554b, 71 Oa; IV 32a, 44a, 6Ba, 627b, 640a; v 505b, 523a, 630b; VI /9a, 4/b, 59a Vmiet, S. Giorgio in Alga IV 2 7h Vmict, S. Giorgio MaggioTt IV 7Bb Vmict, history IV 2B2a, 317b; V 374a, 414b, 417a ... VI 177h"', 276a•, 277a•, 279a*, 2B4a, 2B5a, 287a, 405a ~tmà, Jru:s of VI 275a


Vmict, lagoon

VI 265h'*, 266b, 276a'*, 27Bb*, 279a•, 279b•, 2BOb, 2B2a, 282b•, 2B5a•, 2B5b, 286b, 304a, 325a Vmict, librarùs V 359a Vmict, Mtdicorum colkgium Il 271• Vmict, llill!Y VI 2B5a Vmict, Nuns of S. Croce in Giutkcca Il 251, 2B4, 444-445 Vmict, Prtgadi V 448b Vm ice, prinlers VI 2BI a Vmict, pri111ing V 2 71 b Vmict, PrOCUTalori di San Marco IV 2/Ba Vtnict, rtf!ublic VI 50a•, 136a, 136b, 257h, 276a, 277a•, 277b, 279a•, 279h'*, 28/a, 283a, 2B4b, 298a, 299a, 30/h, 303b, 304a, 327a, 327h, 32Ba, 354a, 396h, 406a•, 519b•, 592h Vmict, San FrtDICtsco tklla Vr,gna VI 24/b, 243a Vmict, San Marco, 1ibrary VI 374a Vmiet, Sanctimonialts Sanew Crvcis tiL ]udaica VI 267b Vtnict, SanJo UJ!icio, Processi VI 195b, 250a Vmict, schools Il 279 Vmict, Stnatt of IV 99a, 437a; v 432b, 630b

Vmict, S.S. Giovanni t Paolo IV 253a Vmict, Signoria V 449a; VI 19a, 197h, 265a, 268b, 2BOa, 303h Vmict, state ltUtrs I 140, 155, 209, 256; Il 269; V 556a; VI 17b, 126a, 254b, 280a Vmict, SllzblJts of IV 269b; V 275a Vmict, ITUJ!Y wiJh /hL Turlc VI 267b Vmict, wars VI 3/0h Vmict, wriltrs VI 2B3h"' Venier, V(:nieri, Veniero su also Venerius Vtnitr jamily VI 283h, 2B4a Vtnitr, Andrw II 460 V(:nier, Antonio l 104, 105; II 12*, 206, 249; III 49Bh ... VI 240a•, 242a, 354h Vmitr, Amonio Jacopo VI 620b Vmitr, Bmumiino, bisJwp of Chioggia I 209 Venier, Daniele I /5; II 304 Venier, Domenico I 174, 289, 407; II 18, 274, 286'*, 503, 547; III 147b; VI 164a, 223b, 235a, 257b, 2B5a Venier, Francesco l 61; VI 223b, 240a, 255a; su Venerius Venier, Francesco (Doge) I 308* Venier, Maffeo I 75, 222; II 36; III 147b, 612b; V 441b, 486b, 509b, 547a; VI 170a, 271a, 409b Vcnier, Marco II 243, 547

Veni(:r, Niccolò l 419; Il 35, 294, 360; III 530b V(:ni(:r, Sante, archbishop of Corfu Il 336; m 734a"' Vmitr, SthastimuJ l 391; Il 4B3; III 294a Veniero, Aluviso V 269b V(:niero, Antonia V 387a Veniero, Dom(:nico V 483b, 490a Veniero, Lorenzo III 323b, 56Ia Veninger, florentius m 42b Venman, Thomas VI 313b Venosta, ~r V 23a Vmrade, A. dL V 2Ba Venray su Sicam~r; Sycam~r V(:n roe s« Sicam~r Venroe, Rogerius, Sycam~r Il 396* Vmlimiglia j~ VI 557b Ventimiglia, Carlo Il 25, 262, 321, 512; III 217h Vmlimiglia, coun/.s of III 232a Ventimiglia, Giuseppe Il 16 Vmlimiliw, Carolu.r IV 6h, 4B6h, 660a Ventimilius, Jacobus III 205a, 29/b Ventimontanus, Erhardus III 160a, 160b*, 161a*, 525b*, 532b, 625b* Vmlis, tiL l 291; III 123a Vmtivoliis, Alllmlius Galia4 dL v 560a Vmlivoliis, Paulu.r tk, ordinis Armmorum V 560a'* V(:n tori su Venturi Vmb"aia, Facitw.s III 531 a Ventura Faventinus, frater l 209 Ventura (Venturinus), Lorenzo VI 253b, 34Bb Ventura de Foro Bergamaxo l 7 Vmtllra prior Mrmli.s Crvcis III 484b, 485a Ventura, abbot of S. Michele di Murano V 52/a; VI 327b Ventura, Augustinus Il 185; V 617a Ventura, Hilarius V 42a Ventura, L III 564a Ventura, Laurentius IV 365a VmJundlis, &ntdictw dL V 34/b VentureUus, Victorius Il 520; VI Ila, llb* VmJwi, A ltssandro l 9 7 Venturi, &rnardinn l 43; II 9B, 386, 468 VmJuri, Frasia V 300b; VI HOa Venturi, Giavan.frtmaJco V 40 l b Venturi, Giovanni Battista Il 85 Venturi, Michele I 109, 230 ... II 114,352 Venturi, Patricio Il 159 Venturini, Antonio V 3llb Venturini, Venturino dei II 503

VF.NT- VERG v~nturinius, Francocus III 615b V ~nturinius, Johanno Franciscus III 638b Venturinus de Bergamo Il 29.) Venturinus de Crema l l 74 VmbDVw.s philosophw Il 23 mllainus, Laurmtiu.s Il 3 47 Venturius, Patricius VI 214a Venturus, Pompeius, SJ. V 436b Vmlll.s, Atlloniw VI 508b Venusta, Franciscus l 324 Venusti, A.M. lV 235a; V 210a Venustus, Bemardinus I 3.) l VmusiiiJ, PanJ/JJto V 617a Venutus, Philippus Il 380; III 122a"' Veny, Manuel lV 527b vm{OliO, Franciscu.s tU Il 19 7 Veo, GerarrJu.s tU lV 585b Ver.s, Fa. V 450b"' Vera, card. Johanno de I 29, 43 Vera, Martinus de la lV 368b Vn-a, Michtul lV 496b Verallo, card. Girolamo Il 39 Vn-ailo, Paolo Emilio V 51 Ob Veran, David V 118b Verana, Matthaeus de lV 628a Verani, T ornmaso V 490a Vtralllio, Faww lV 68b Vn-OIIliu.r fami!J V 450b Vn-OIIliw, Alllmriw lil 473a Verantius, Antonius epocopus Q!.llnqueeccle!iensis lV 6 7.)a Verantius, Antonius, ep. Agri~nsis, card. V 450b"', 452a Verantius, Faustus, ep. Chanadiensis V 446a, 448a, 452a Verantius, Johanno lV 676a, 678a Vn-ard, Allloint V 378b Vn-ardi, Bartolomeo V 507b V114rtiw, CamiJJw I 44 Verardus, Carolus I 25, 26"'; Il 585; III 633b Verardus, Marcellinus I l 03 Veraxanus SIJt Verrazzano Verazanus, Verazzano, Verazzanus SIJt Verrazzano Vn-bdnus la&w (f...oto MQ{fgiort) VI 48b Ver~rillinus Anglicus, Gulielmus lV 613b Verbetius Hungarus lV 402b Vn-bis .IDiio1vm, tU III 3 74a Vtrborvm sigrrijicatioru IU I 198; VI 207b Verburch, Gulielmus III l!Ob Verburch, Theodoru.s III l!Ob Vmtlinus IU Albi.s, Alllmriw OM. IV 273b VerceUensis abbas SIJt W aleys Vtrulli I 405; III 276a Vercellinus d~ VerceUis III 253b Vercellinus, ~rardus lV 623a


VerceUus III 299b Vtmmtiir, Hugo IU III 502a, 502b Vercoyranus III 279a VerdaUa, Petrus I 337 Verdavena~us, Jacobus III 667b Vmleliw tiL l'Dille Pdrt l 81 VerdeUi, Bartolommeo I 84 Verdelot, Philippe V 246b Verderius, Claudius III 284a Verdicelli, Federico m Bottrigaro, Federico Verdizotus, Alexander VI 242b Verdiwtus, Johannes Marius VI 242b Vmlonckiu.r, ]oluztws lV 574a Vtniondiw, làanoldw lV 574a Vtniugo y Albomo~ Pdr!As lV 592a Verdunus, Adamus III 465b Vn-t, Anna Ctcil cOIIIIUss of Oifrmi lV 35a, 35b, 37b, 38a, 192b Vm, Edward tarl of Oxford lV 35b, 38a Vmamdia, IU I 355 V erepaeus, Simon III 81 b, l l Ob; lV 30lb Vergara, Antonius de lV 633a V~ Frtmeiscw lV 558b Vergara, Johanno de III 121 b, 553a; IV .)ila, 512a*, 513b*, 526a, 530a, 543b, .).).)a•, .).)Ba*, 558b*, 572a"', 573a, 577a*, 633a, 637b V~, Angtlos V 277a Vergecius, Angelus lV 378b Vergenhans, Johannes V 44a; VI 505a, 543b, 544b, 545b; see Naucleru.s v~. &sebiu.s n 290 Vergeri, Mario V 494b Vngmis, Vergmw tiL VI 130b V~, Mario III J47a Vergerio, Pi~tro Paolo, the FJder I 9, Il, 12, 19, 21"', 22*, 25, 26, 33"', 34, 35*, 36, 40, 47, 54, .).), 57, 82, 83, 98, 105, 107, 108, 120, 179, 191, 201, 208, 211, 213, 231*, 246, 264, 284"', 289, 294"', 296"', 297"', 298, 299, 303, 307, 327, 329, 330"', 332, 335, 348, 353, 356, 369, 370"', 372"', 373, 377"', 387, 388, 394, 399, 40 !•, 403, 411' 415, 416, 419, 421, 428, 432, 437; Il 3, 6, 7, 8, 9"', IO*, 12, 13"', 15, 21, 22"', 23"', 27, 33, 34"', 41, 45, 62, 64, 70, 83, 86, 87, 99, 101, IlO, 116, 117, 121, 124, 164*, 165*, 181, 189, 192, 194*, 195, 200"', 201, 207, 214*, 222, 223*, 225, 226, 232, 233, 235, 236•, 237, 238, 239, 240"', 24!•, 244, 245•, 248"', 249, 250, 2.)3•, 2.)6•, 264•, 268, 269"', 276, 278, 281•, 283, 288•, 294•, 300, 302•, 31 O,


314, 315, 317, 319"', 331•, 332*, 333*, 341, 346, 356, 372*, 377, 390, 395, 398, 402, 406, 409, 410, 413, 417, 418, 428, 432, 433, 442*, 443, 448*, 452, 465•, 468, 474*, 484, 486, 487, 490, 496, 499, .) 16, 531' 538*, 539, 545, .).)0, 562, .)67, 568*, 570, 587, 591; III 20a, 23b, 46a, 47a, 47b•, 59b•, 108b, 117b, liSa, JJ9a, 123a, 158b, 164a, 194a, 197a, 222b, 229b, 248b, 264a, 264b, 267a, 267b, 269b, 270b, 273b, 280b, 28la, 288b, 289a, 295b, 322a, 328b•, 342b, 365a, 376b*, 396b, 403a, 413b•, 423b, 425b, 434b, 436a, 479b*, 480a, 484b*, 487a, 489a, 562b, 57 la•, 579b, 584b, 585a, 609b, 648b*, 650a•, 655a, 70 l b, 703a, 704a, 708a, 717b, 740a; lV 4ia•, 46a*, 69b, 117b, 126b•, 13la, 142b, 157a, 158a, 159b*, 165a, 17.)b•, 178a, 179b, 216b*, 233b, 29ib•, 293b*, 37lb*, 384b, 404b•, 406b, 408b, 417b, 426a, 456a, 477a, 506b, .)68a, 603b, 619b, 646a, 647b; V !Ob, 79a, JO.)a, 130b, 140a, 143a, l 73a, 184a, 185a, 187a, 232a, 254b, 260a, 287a, 290b, 29ia•, 307a•, 308b, 350a, 35la, 35lb, 373a, 380a, 419a•, 42lb, 453b•, 454b, 486a, 523b, 525b, 567b, 607b•, 613a; VI 76•, 40a, 4la, 42b, 54b*, 103b, ll.Jb, 130a•, 130b*, 13ia•, 137b, 142b, 171b, 181b, 232a, 235b•, 236b, 237a, 247b*, 262b, 267b, 269b, 270a•, 28ia•, 332a, 348b, 3544, 360b, 375b, 380b, 385a, 389a•, 392a, 394b, 46la, .)44a Vergerio, Pietro Paolo, the Younger I 122, 267, 268, 295, 338, 361, 376; II 189, 218, 229"', 282, 478, 504, 58/; III 26b, 318b, 359a, 370b, 40 l b, 41 l b, 435b, 509a, 544b, 545b•, 546b, 547a, 550b, 560a, 607b, 695b, 696b•, 700a, 723a, 736a; IV 137a, 375b, 408b, 577a, 615a; V 40a, 52a, 53b, 85b, 99b, l Ol a, l 13a, 126a, 127b, 135a, 137a, 142b, 147a, !.) l a, 185b, 195a, 353a, 503a, 523b; VI 229b, 250b, 495b, .)()()b, 520b, 60la Vergerius, Conradus VI 4.) l b Vergerius, Favonius J« Favonius Vergerius, Favorinus II 373 Vergetius s« Vergerius Vergetius, Angelus III 320b Vergici, Giovanni II 54 7 Vergier, Pierre-Pau! V 118b

SS8 Vergilius I l, 5•, 7•, 11, 20, 39, 78, 92, 116, 124, 131, 173, 178, 188•, 204, 213, 22S•, 239, 242, 2S8*, 269, 278, 279, 283, 285, 288, 291, 292, 294, 296•, 300, 301, 302•, 306•, 309•, 312, 317, 321, 327, 341, 358, 368•, 369, 370, 372, 374, 377, 384•, 388, 398, 399*, 400*, 401, 403, 409, 411*, 418; II 7•, 9, 11, 13•, 15, 16, 17, 31, 32, 59, 62, 62-63, 64, BI•, 95•, 105, /07, 110, 113, 115, 12S, 127, 129, /36, 137, 142, 157, 173, 174, /93, 214, 239, 240, 24!•, 242*, 243, 244, 245•, 248, 249, 250, 264, 273, 283, 289, 292, 294, 298•, 317*, 323,33/,336,343, 344•, 346, 35!•, 352•, 357, 370, 394•, 403•, 408, 417*, 418•, 422, 425, 442, 447, 449, 4S3•, 4S8, 4-64, 470, 482, 486, 488, 492, 496, SIO, S21, S28, 529, 531, S36•, 542•, sso, SS4, S63, 567, S69, S86*, 592, 596, 597, 600, 601; III 15b, 23a*, 54a, 67b, 79b, 80a•, BOb, 9Sa•, 99a•, 120b, 12la, 12Sa•, 125b•, /3 4a, /51 a, ISSa, ISSb•, 158b, 159b, 169a•, 17Sa•, /93b, 202a, 222b, 225a•, 225b, 236b, 238b*, 255b, 258a, 263a, 273b, 29Sa•, 299b, 302b, 308b, 312a•, 3/Bb, 320a, 331b*, 33Sa, 33Sb*, 343a, 34Sb*, 3S9b*, 363a*, 368a, 386b'", 395b, 396a, 4/Jb•, 412a•, 42Sb, 455a, 472b, 476b, 477a, 479a*, 479b, 482a, 489b, 502b, 508a, Sl3a, 515a•, 534a, S34b*, S39~ 549b*, 576b, 577~ 577b, 580a•, 582a, 585b, 596a, 597b, 610a, 615b•, 616a, 616b*, 62Jb, 625b, 642a, 642b, 654a, 656b, 661 b*, 665a•, 676b, 687~ 697b, 712a, 717b*, 72/b, 735a*, 736b, 747b; IV 15a*, 17a•, 26a, 49b, 6Bb•, 71 b*, 75a, 79a, 80~ 85h, 86a, 87b•, 88b•, 98b, 99a, /OOa•, 108b, 115b•, 119a, 120a*, 12/a•, 127a*, 129a*, 129b, /30a, 14 7b•, 148a, 149a, 149b, 150a, 160b, 16Sb•, 166a•, 171a, 178a, /83a•, 186a, 190a, 197b, 205a, 224b, 225a, 227a•, 245b, 247b, 25/a, 25Jb•, 252b•, 256a, 269a•, 271 a•, 29Ib, 31Sa, 322a, 334b, 341a, 342b, 346a•, 355a, 355b, 356a, 357a, 364b, 369b, 373b, 377b, 382a•, 39/b, 392b, 393a, 398b, 420a, 425a, 426b, 43/b, 447b•, 4S4a, 454b, 456a, 461 a, 466b•, SOOb, 523b, 535b, 54Ia, 542a, 544a, 547a, S64b, 567b•, 588b, 592a, 593b, 603b, 609a, 611 b,


6/6b, 623a•, 627b, 62&, 664b, 666a, 667a, 667b*, 683a, 686b; V 8a, 12a*, 22a, 54b, 55b, 56a, 60b, 6/a, 66b*, 67a•, 69b•, 73b, 74b, 9Jb, 96b, 98a*, 98b, 99a, IOOb, 102b, 103a, 105a, J33b, 153a, 154b, 157b, /68b, 175a, 175b, 176b, 209a, 218a, 223b•, 226b, 228a, 238b, 245b•, 24-6b, 250b*, 264b*, 266~ 267b, 27/b•, 285a•, 289a, 292b*, 300b, 301b, 319b, 320a, 320b, 348b*, 350a, 362b, 363a, 370a•, 379a, 379b*, 388b, 391b, 393a•, 399a, 403a, 43/b, 4-63b, 464b, 468a, 468b, 472~ 477b, 491b, 492b, 504a, 504b•, 511 b, 558b, 564b, 568b, 573a*, 584a, 595b, 6JOb, 612a, 615b, 616a, 61&, 619a, 619b, 622b, 637b*, 638a, 639a, 639b*; VI 20b, 37a, 42b, 55b, 59a, 6/a, 63a, 65b, 68a, 73b, 102a*, 102b•, IIOa•, 112a, 121~ 13/a, 137b•, /48b, 150b, 162a, 163b, 166b, 169b, 170b•, 171a*, 176b, 184a, /98b, 205b, 208a, 209a, 212a, 212b, 214a, 219b, 226a, 233b, 239a, 255b, 25Bb•, 268a, 268b, 272b, 287b, 288b, 307a, 30Bh•, 32/b, 324a, 328b, 332a, 336b, 337b, 338b, 340b•, 35Ja, 3S3a•, 355b, 36/a, 36/b, 368a•, 370a, 375a, 376a, 38S~ 385b, 387b, 389b, 392a, 394b, 404b, 425a, 434b, 439b•, 440a•, 448b, 450a, 463b, 464~ 489a, 496b, 499a•, 504b, 505a, 513a, 518b, 527b, 528b, 529b, 537a, S44a, 544b, 558~ 577b, 591a, 594a, 604a, 612b* Vergilius, Johannes Matthaeus II 67 Vergilius, Polydorus l 19, 234, 264; II 379, 443; III 83b, l/6b, 426a, 442b, 456h, 599a, 684b; IV 136b•, 138a, 153b•, 191a, 198a, 212b, 432b, 453b; V 151a, 316b, 532b; VI 289a Verginis, Andreas II 426 Vergizzi, Giovanni III 220b, 309a Vtrgon{anis, Jacobus dL III 412a• Vtrgy, D. dL III 646h Verhaer, Gothofredus VI 385a Verherla, Petrus (ab Herla) III 324a Verini, Francesco VI 162b* Verino, Francesco IV 69b, 88a; v 509b• Verino, Francesco il Secondo V 511b, 547a•, 548a, 565b, 567b•, 574b, 575a•, 595b; VI 404a Verinus II 83

vtrinw Balearicw,

BarlJwlamaeus IV 503h•, 504a Verinus, Franciscus, the Elder (il primo) I 68, 146, 167• Verinus, Franciscus, the Younger (il secondo) I 66, 67, 99, 106*, 111, 112, 117•, 118*, 119, 120*, 121, 122*, 124*, 125, 126•, 127*, 128, 133, 135, 142, 14-6, 154, 167•, 168*, 174, 198, 215, 219*, 221*, 432*; II 98•, 112•, 161, 338, 346(?), 449, 511, 607 Verinus, Michael I 64, 124, 129, 142, 191•, 192, 210, 221, 244, 338; Il 80, 248, 355, 462; III 84a; IV 294b, 453b; V 229a Vtrinw, Paulus I 221; II 461 Verinus, Ugolinus l 19, 64, 68, 71•, 77, 97, 98, 111, 124, 125, 128, 129*, 142, 145, 148, 158, 160, 169, 170, 179, 206, 208, 210*, 214, 221•, 225, 244•, 260, 363, 387, 440*; II l, IlO, Il I, 157, 176, 265, 267, 345, 355, 384, 385, 439, 442, 449, 4-61, 462, 463, 503, 514, 516, 518, 519; III 124b•, 223b*, 243a*, 245a•, 485a•, 485b, 490a(?); IV IOOb, 224b, 225a*, 294b, 550b•; v 348b, 356b, 460a, 52/h, 523a, 603a, 622b; VI 165a*, 165b*, 167b, 193b, 194a•, 223b, 224b, 243a•, 383h•, 408b Veris, Johannes de III 713b•, 714~ 715a Verità, Antonio II 250 Verità, Bar\o1ommeo I 83*, 320 Verita, Francesco III 639b Verità, Girolamo I 8, 26, 27, 83, 84, 267, 315, 397; II 9, 247, 272, 273•, 274, 276, 277*, 282, 373; IV 32b, 438a Veritas, Hieronymus V 475b*, 485a, 564a Vtritatt, Nrcofl= tk VI 29/b Veritatibus, Jacobw de l 8, 83 Verius S« Venerius Verlatus, Leonardus I 330 Verlemus, Vitus V 437a Verlichius, Abraham IV 677~ 679a Verlingarius magister IV 662a Verme,Jacobus de I 319, 328; II 55; III 288a; IV 61 Bb; VI 89h Verme, Luchino dal VI 407b Vermigli, Pietro Martire II 552 553, 563; III 317~ 318a, 370b, 400b, 450a, 559b, 56~ 58/a, 607b; IV 54h, 65b, 76b, 79a, 124b, 191~ 363b, 376a, 433a; V 40a, 43b, 52~ 63b, 84a*, 113b, 117a, 126~ 135~ 136b, 137a, 137b, 138b, 139a, 139b•,


141 b, 143b, 144a, 146b, 149b, 151b, 152a, 155a•, 157b, 179b; VI 20/b, 283b Vennilione, Ottavio IV 501a Vmnius, Petrus cDmLS IV 550b Vmno, Federicus del I 5 l Vennodus, Johannes V 80a Vennuelen,Jacques V 3lla Vemaccius, Marullus II l 09 l IO • Vtrnaeianus, Jolrannes I 239 Vernacius, M. I 130 Vnnacius, Marcellus IV 647b Vmuuula, LuciJia II 359 Vernalie, Johannes VI 519a Vernalio, Josephus Paulus I 307, 314 Vernalione, Gianpaolo VI 47b• Vernanus, Guido, O.P. I 82, 152; II 220,237,239, 311; III 274b; IV 12Ib•, 612a, 649ae) Vernatius, Lucas I 13; III 422b Vernatius, Om. Pinus II 122 Vernaza, Paulus de II 331 Vernazza, Giuseppe II 184•, 542 Vernazza, RaffaeUe VI 186a, 188a Verneius, Johannes Paulus II 346 Verner s« Werner Verner, Adam s« Werner Themariensis Vt:rnt:rus, Johannes V 183b Vn719, GuJieJnws IV 586a Verney, Pt:trus III 87a Vemht:rius ste Werner Vt: mia, Johannt:s dd I 36 Vemia, !Jz II 295 Vemias Theatinus, Nicolettus I 259, 362; Il 67, 121, 194, 223, 224, 225, 236, 251, 284, 285, 293, 354; IV 64a; VI 141 b Vernie~,Josse VI 449b Vemillius, Lusius V 516a Veminus, Antonius II 44 Vtrodtius, ]ulionu.s, OM. VI l 4Bb VtrolaJgiri, Bmuzrdinus de II 487 • Veroli, scholms of VI /84a Verona I a•, 58, 84, 395; II 3, l/, 88, 238, 275, 290, 295, 427, 471, 586.., III 15b, 47b, 223b, 28Ba, 366b•, 484b, 632a, 700b; IV 12b, 32a•, 72b•, /05h, /23a, 12Ba, 13/a, 139a, 149b, /60a, 236a; VI 46a, 52b, l 49b, 243b, 255a, 276a, 282a, 289a, 409a Verona, amha.ssodm of V 388a Verona, bislwp oJ II 471; III 61 b; sa aiso Cornaro, Marco Verona, Bishops oJ VI 59a Verona, food prevmtioft VI 289b Verona, Monle di FVta II 579 Vmma, staù ~tiers III 40a Verona, SlaJuJes II 359, 579 Vmmt!Lf, ùuiw IV 294b Vmmica VtrolltiiSis II 52 l

Vm alias (hgli, bu/ouicus III 596b Verrazzano, Alessandro da I 124, 148, 183; II 31, 464; IV 86a, Il2a; V 182a, 215a, 236a, 38/b, 603b, 610a•; VI 77b, 261a Verrazzano, Andrea da I 98, 183 Vmau;ano, Fruosino di Lodovico da

I 88 Verrazzano, Giovanni da I 126; II 601; V 340b•, 4/Ba Vt:rrazzano, Ludovico da I 85, 2/8 Vt:rrazzano, Pit:randua da II 273, 464•; V 61 Oa• VeTTI':rius, Carolus V 49a, 63b VeTTI':sco, Giambattista I l 71 Vt:rrierius, Franciscus II 344 Vmius FltJccw IV 37&•, 37Bb• Vmocchi.o, AruiTae II l/5, 462 Verrucola, Gulielmus de I 172 Verscane, Jolrannes V 3 69b Versa I 102, 117•, 196,201, 208, 316, 318, 324, 329, 338, 377•, 389, 396, 417, 418, 420; II 44, 45, 91, 299•, 338, 339, 355, 356, 3sg., 360, 361, 362, 382, 383•, 384, 412, 479, 486•; III ISb, 18b, 42a, 47a, 160b•, 184b, 60 l b, 622a, 626b, 628b; IV 567a, 567b, 623b, 625a; V 29b, 30b, 450a, 478b, 509b, 51/b, 514b, 609a, 623b; su aiso Carmina; Poems; Rime Versficatitm, ITtaJises on IV 74b, 200a•; V 74b Versficaloria, ars I 133, 415 Venor, Johannes I 26, 270, 386; II 444; III 35b, 36a, 52a, 52b, 389b•, 413b, 419a•, 419b, 435a(?), 479a, 522a•, 524a, 592b•, 605a, 643b, 644a, 652b, 683a, 683b; IV 412b, 419a, 424b*, 425b, 439a, 483b, 525b, 546a•, 600b, 605b; V 39a•, 46b, 51 a, 67a•, 266b, 267b, 474b; VI 423a, 527b• Venoris, Petrus II l O1• Vt:norius, Johannes I 8, 76; II 93 Vt:rtari, Guillelmus IV BOa Vmariw, ]olrannes II 554 Vt:rtt:r, Wolfgang III 614b Verthamen, Franciscus de II 346 V1111uJ, Gerardus de I 3 4 Vertunianus, Franciscus IV 55b, 133b Vertunien, Francois III 3 l Bb •, 319a, 321b, 322a, 324a, 325b Vmua, AnJonius VI 29b Vt:rulanus, cardinalis sa F"tlonardi, Ennio Verulus, Johannt:s I 29

559 Verulus, Johannes, dt: Anagnia II 443-444 Verus, Franciscus IV 202a Vervacius, Aegidius III 87a Vervt:cimus, Justus III 380a Verwer, Abraham de (Van Burghstrate) III 339b Verzag/ia, Giaseppt I /04 Vt:rzt:lius, Paulus II 492 Verzt:Uanus IV 370b Verzmti.r, MIJJIJuzeus de II 487 Verzolis, Lermellus de II l 85 Verzosa II 37 Verzosa Hispanus VI 140b Vt:rzosa, Johannes VI 12b Verzosa, Juan (Berzosa) IV Sila•, 513b, 514a•, 526a•, 583b Verzusa, Johannes II 554 Vesalia s«Johannes de Wesalia; Wt:salius, Johannes Vesalia,Johannt:s dt: II 212, 316, 402, 466, 573; III 136b, SISa• Vt:saliensis, Amoldus V 266a Vesalius, Anduas I 67, 147; II 540; III 86a, 327a; IV 221 a, 582a; V Sa, 54a, 63b, 76b•, 77b, 137a, !Sia, 219b•, 586a; VI 397b• Vesanus, E'mibus II 53 9 Vesconte s« Visconti Vescontis ste Visconti Veslingius, Johannt:s VI 173a•, 173b, 209b Vesmatius, Johannes Maria IV 300a Vt:spanus, Marcus Titus II 335 Vespasiano da Bisticci I 21•, 53, 55, 63, 67, 68•, 60, 70, 77, 85, 106•, 108, 121, 125, 128, 133•, 135, 137*, 148, 159, 181, 232, 352; II 87, 360, 499, SII, 513, 516, 559, 584; III 176b, 193b, 306a, 310b, 330a, 647b; IV 81b, 86a, 233a•, 257b, 287a, 495a, 495b•, 56Ia•, 594b, 595a•, 651b, 671b, 684b, 687h; v 233b, 288a, 346b•, 348b, 52/a, 534a, 547a, 55Ia•, 552b, 553a, 576b, 577b, 594a•; VI /9h, 149b, 16/b, 166b•, 191a, 203b, 320b, 343a, 347a, 392b•, 393a, 561b Vt:spasianus II 409, 434 Vespasianus imperaJbr V 400a Vespasianus P1tWppi V 6 Il a Vespert, Gil. VI 125a Vespius, Nico1aus II 131 Vespucci., Agostino VI 8 4a Vespucci, Arnt:rigo (Aibericus) I /79, 181, 182, 214, 228, 264; II 525; III 177a, 457a, 594a, 630a; IV 120b, 514a; V 337a, 387b, 390b, 418a•, 436h, 547a, 583a, 595b; VI 21 a, 519b

560 Vespucci, Bartolommeo I 207.., Il 443; IV 49b, Na; V 282a, 34Ja Vespucci, Giorgio Antonio I 66, 71, 91, 106, 121, 123, 124, 143•, 153, 161, 162, 178, /84, 207•, 217, 225; Il 512.., IV 49b, 51a, 74b, 75a, 152a, 277a, 637a; V 340/J•, 34Ib, 344a, 368b, 460a, 541b, 573b, 582b•, 599a, 615b; VI 360b Vespucci, Giovanni I 112, 184, 217 Vespucci, Guidantonio l 68•, 112, 115•, 127, 175; u 343, 446, 563; UI 485a"; V 368b, 416a, 417b, 521b, 555b"; VI 15a, 45a, 14lb, 155b, 167a, 226b Vespucci, Piero I 111, 115; VI 398b Vespucci, SimontJia I 2•, l 02, 130, 212. 221•, 338; II 50, 11 o•, 123; III 84a, 313b; V 229a, 229b Vtspuccius, Simtmectw, Dominicus card. VI 8b Vtsf1uJÌIL! UI 580b Vts.~tlus, M. III 3 48b Vessoli, Ugolinus II 369 Vesterman, Gerardus III 31 7a Vestrius Barbianus, Marcellus III 615a V estrius, MarceUus II 448 Vestrius, MarceUus Octavius l 286 Vtflrano, Simon V 627b Veteranus, Federicus I 21, 234; II 399, 447, 518•, 602; IV 212b, 478a; V 203a, 46/b.., VI 369b Veltrinary medicine, tTeaJim 011 V 219b, 345a Veltrinary prtscri/Jtions IV 76a Vetesius, Ladi.slaus I 19, 25•, 90, 207; II 60, 90, 257, 387, 435; III 22b, 23b, 333a, 423a; IV 251 a, 292b• Vetter, Hermannus III 12b VeUer, )oluJnne.s III 580b Vetter, VenaslaUJ, currus a Liiunlmg v 4296 Vetterus, J. VI 558b Vettius V alens I 138; II 72 Vettori II 528; see Victorius; su also Vecturius and Victurius V{'ttori, Andrea II 528 Vettori, Angelo II 145, %7 Vettori, Benedetto I 210, 321, 363; II 22, 227 Vettori, Bernardo l 209 Vettori, Bonifacio Cesare I 128 Vettori, Daniele II 299, 3 73 Vettori, Francesco II 105, 106, 187, 345, 454, 455•, 607;


III 30 l b, 314a, 316b, 320b, 633a; IV 88a, 234b, 235a*; V 209a•, 298a, 3%a, 357b•, 403a, 417b, 547a, 552a•, 553b, 554a•, 554b, 583b, 586a, 59&•, 60 l a, 624a, 640a Vettori, Francesco di Paolo I 395 Vettori, Francesco di Piero I 63, 67, 68•, 71•, 80, 87, 107, 114, 117, 148•, 168, 169, 214, 215, 216, 218, 222, 223, 234• Vettori, Giovanni II 201 vettori, Jacopo v 3 48b Vettori, LeoneUo I 265, 373; II 595 Vettoti, lormzo II 35 Vettoti, Maria V 574a Vettori, Mariano I 405; II 229, 348•, 451• Vettori, Paolo I /25; III 290a•, 314a; IV 234b; V 257b, 357b, 358b, 624a Vettori, Piero (Petrus Victorius) I 64, 67, 68, 91•, 107, 109, 111, 117, 118•, 120, 122, 124, 125, 128, 129, 131, 132, 136, 147*, 153, 167*, !68•, 177, 179, 181, 184, 195, 221, 222, 234, 249, 284, 286, 289, 290, 302, 307*, 309, 312, 315, 32I, 323, 401, 417; Il 33, 78, 127, 15 7' 258, 278, 305, 333, 339, 346, 367*, 378, 379*, 380, 403, 412, 450, 461, 505, 510, 514, 519, 533, 563, 570, 605; III 2 55a, 2906, 294a, 319b, 324b, 334b*, 479b, 499b, 540b, 6Ub•, 615a•, 6/56•, 626b, 628a*, 633a*, 633b*, 634a, 636b, 638b, 677b, 726a; IV 24a, 26a, 69b•, 87b•, 88a•, 88b, /OOb, 115b, 182b, 234b*, 337a, 354a, 378b, 432b, 433b*, 435a, 5ltb•, 565b, 638b, 664a*; V 49a, 78a, 230a, 257b, 338b, 339a, 364b, 371a, 510a, 536b, 543b, 547a, 548a, 553b, 556a, 557b, 562a, 5656, 569a, 575b, 577b, 586a, 588a, 598a*, 60lb, 609a, 624b, 646b; VI 58b, 65a, 79b, 94b, l 04a, 133a, 135b, 153b, 164b, 180b, 193a, 216b•, 226b•, 240b, 259b, 338a, 340b, 34la•, 34lb, 343b, 3%b, 530a, 559a, 582a, 614b Vettori, Piero, the Elder l 68, 71 , 168; v 555b, 600b Vettori, Piero the Younger IV 133a; VI 338a Vettorio, Alessandro, scultore v 218b V.-uuri, Daniele III 5306.., su Victurius Vttturìu.s III 53 8b

Vetularius, Albicus archiepiscopus Pragensis III 555a Vetulus de Anagnia, Johannes v 642b Veturia V 216b Veturia wcor IV 23 4a Veturius st.t Vettori Veturius, Franciscus II 440 Veturius, H~ V 450a• Vetwyck, Gerardus III 105a• Vexalia st.t Vesalia Vexellinus su Vaexellinus Vexoviensis, episcopus su Nicolaus Ragvaldi Veyga, Franciscus de SJ. IV 463a Vezalia st.t V esalia Ve