50 Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress 9780071402682, 0071402683, 9781280723773, 1280723777

This quick and easy volume features 50 solutions everyone can use to alleviate the effects of stress and related disorde

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50 Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress
 9780071402682, 0071402683, 9781280723773, 1280723777

Table of contents :
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What Is Stress?
Types of Stress
PART ONE Downshifting
Recognize How Hard You Work
At Least Try to Do What You Love
Reduce the Commute
Reduce Your Workweek
Renegotiate Vacation and Leave Time
Rid Yourself of E-Stress
Eliminate Energy Drains
Reduce Your Snail Mail and Plastic
Restructure Your Finances
Stop the Insanity: Stress Relief for Parents
PART TWO Hands-On Healing
Discover Your Life-Force Energy
Get a Massage
Consider a Chiropractor
Discover Osteopathic Manipulation
Consider Pressure-Point Therapies. Stand and Deliver: Postural Reeducation StrategiesTry Rolfing: Structural Integration
Know Where to Find (and How to Use) Hands-On Healers
Learn to Give (and Receive) a Proper Back Rub
Learn to Work Your Own Pressure Points
PART THREE Antistress Herbs and Nutrients
Calm Your Nerves with Herbs
Consider Aromatherapy
Take These to Heart
Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke with Herbs and Nutrients
Give Your Immune System a Boost
Combat Digestive Disorders with Herbs and Spices
Eat Well to Reduce Stress
Avoid Overeating
Supplement Your Diet with Antistress Vitamins. Avoid Stress AggravatorsPART FOUR Inner and Outer Antistress Workouts
Get Moving
Make Stress-Fighting Endorphins
Develop an Action Plan
Know When to Consult a Fitness Practitioner/Trainer
Practice Yoga
Try Deep-Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress
Meditate for Stress Relief
Try Qi Gong Exercises
Stretch to Relieve Stress
Try Antistress Postures to Improve Digestion
Get More Sleep
Get Creative
Try Feng Shui
Avoid Loneliness
Consider Counseling
Rule Out Biological Causes for "Burnout"
Pamper Yourself
Enjoy Your Food
Limit Your Exposure to Food Toxins. Cry More, Laugh More, and Learn to ForgiveBibliography
Body Work/Hands-On Healing
Counseling and Therapy Resources
Chronic Fatigue
Emotional Health
Heart Health

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