2020 International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence: Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence (ATCI 2020) [1st ed.] 9783030539795, 9783030539801

This book presents innovative ideas, cutting-edge findings, and novel techniques, methods, and applications in a broad r

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English Pages XXXIV, 1144 [1162] Year 2021

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2020 International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence: Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence (ATCI 2020) [1st ed.]
 9783030539795, 9783030539801

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxxiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Internet Economic Development from the Perspective of Big Data (Junwei Xing)....Pages 3-9
How Can Network Communication and Big Data Improve the Efficiency of Government’s Provision of Public Goods (Tongfeng Dai)....Pages 10-15
Information Literacy Cultivation and Course Informationization Construction of University Management Course (Peilin Chen)....Pages 16-21
Computer and Information Technology Analysis of Internet Finance’s Supporting Strategy for College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Honglei Guo)....Pages 22-27
Evaluation Model Construction and Empirical Analysis of Rural E-Commerce Logistics Service Quality (Yulin Luo, Yuehua Bai)....Pages 28-34
Teaching Methods of University Economic Management Course Based on Python (Songfei Li, Sichen Pan, Lina Wang)....Pages 35-39
Complex-System Based Evaluation Model of Regional Rural E-commerce Development (Haiying Ma)....Pages 40-46
Method of UML Statechart Checking Based on Explicit Model Checking (Jiajing Wang, You Tang, Helong Yu, Wei Huang)....Pages 47-52
Marketing Problems of Agricultural Products in China Based on Intelligent Search (Shuting Wang)....Pages 53-58
Motivation of Online Additional Review Based on Grounded Theory (Jin Ruan, Yanxia Cheng)....Pages 59-64
Constituent Elements of Internet Customers’ Driving Ability from the Perspective of Process Orientation (Yumeng Sun, Yanxia Cheng)....Pages 65-72
Simulation of Regional Rural E-commerce System Based on System Dynamics (Haiying Ma)....Pages 73-80
Implementation of Online Dictionary Based on the Simplified Algorithm (Fan Wang, Lei Tian, Xufan Huang)....Pages 81-86
Database Intrusion Detection Technology Based on VGG-SVM (Mingyuan Xin, Yong Wang)....Pages 87-92
Machine Learning Algorithm Credit Risk Prediction Model (Liping Wang, Fanglin An)....Pages 93-99
Distributed Economy Automatic Generation Control Algorithm for Multi Inverter AC Microgrid (Wang Jing)....Pages 100-105
The Impacts of Content and Source Factors on Consumers’ Liking Toward Advertisements: An HSM-Based Framework (Xiumin Chu, Yezheng Liu, Xiayu Chen)....Pages 106-112
Design and Implementation of an Efficient Database Management Tool (Zhongyi Guo, Yingzhen Huang, Rongxin Qian, Zheyuan Liu, Rongjie Gu)....Pages 113-119
Constructing Emotional Weak Labels for Online Shopping Platform Based on Product Attribute and Relevance (Hongbin Yu, Shunxiang Zhang)....Pages 120-125
Front Matter ....Pages 127-127
The Influencing Factors Analysis of Network Interactive Teaching Mode Validity (Tingting Liu)....Pages 129-136
The Application Analysis of Computer Network Security Data Encryption Technology (Liu Jiang)....Pages 137-144
The Application of Computer Network Technology in Mathematics Teaching (Xiaoling Xu)....Pages 145-152
Community Discovery Algorithm and Its Technical Improvement Based on Link Structure–Taking Web Community Algorithm as an Example (Rui Gao, Wenzhe Yang, Xiaohu Shi)....Pages 153-158
Real-Time Monitoring System for DGA Domain Based on Long Short-Term Memory (Bocheng Liu, Haoyu Wang)....Pages 159-165
Logistics Distribution Optimization Based on Logistics Network Under the Background of Internet Plus (Zejia Wang, Ziyu Ma)....Pages 166-171
Exploration on Open Practice Teaching Mode of Network Security Based on Cultivation of Innovative Talents (Ping Xia)....Pages 172-179
Computer Network Security Hazards and Preventive Strategies (Lei Huang)....Pages 180-185
Standardized Storage of Personalized Environment Terminal Based on Cloud Storage Technology (Zheheng Liang, Xiaojiang Chen, Jinbo Zhang, Guiquan Shen, Hao Li)....Pages 186-191
Network Intelligent Application Technology in Food Outer Packaging Design (Ya Li, Fulun He)....Pages 192-198
Design of a New Dual-Polarization UWB Antenna (Rongrong Wang, Mingwei Liu)....Pages 199-204
Fusion Innovation of Marketing Management and Cloud Data Technology (Dian Jia)....Pages 205-210
Dynamic Range of PGC Demodulation Technology in Fiber-Optic Hydrophone System (Yong Zhang, Mingyue Gao, Henan Wang)....Pages 211-217
Composition and Function Analysis of Electroless Nickel Plating Solution Based on Intelligent Network (Yao Cheng)....Pages 218-223
Application of Network Intelligent Experiment Management System in Colleges and Universities——Taking Sac Network Intelligent Experiment System as an Example (Jingyuan Wang)....Pages 224-229
Synchronization of Dynamical Networks with Non-identical Nodes by Switching Network Control (Liming Du, Fengying Wang, Juan Wang, Jie Dong, Fan Jiang, Changyao Lv)....Pages 230-237
Low Energy Consumption and Data Optimization of Distributed Sensing Wireless Network in Underground Space (Zhiguo Meng)....Pages 238-243
Network Intrusion Path of Power Monitoring System Based on Simulation System (Li Feng, Kejie Zhao)....Pages 244-249
Big Data Security and Privacy Protection Policy in Cloud Computing Environment (Shuwei Jia, Zhen Guo)....Pages 250-255
A Cloud Computing Based Supporting Technology for the Lightweight Application Service (Kelong Wang)....Pages 256-262
Front Matter ....Pages 263-263
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of AI Products in the Era of Big Data (Ming Gao)....Pages 265-273
Prediction on Petroleum Demand Under the Epidemic Crisis – Based on Computer-Implemented Grey BP Neural Network Algorithm (Mutian Ling)....Pages 274-281
Development and Implementation of Health Information Management Platform in Medical Institutions (Mingxia Sun)....Pages 282-287
Traceability of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Based on Blockchain – Taking Fresh E-commerce as an Example (Chao Xie, Xiaoyong Xiao)....Pages 288-294
Neural Network Algorithm Strategy Based on Multi-factor Stock Selection (Qiyang Sun)....Pages 295-300
A Summary of Deep Learning Algorithms (Mingyuan Xin, Yong Wang)....Pages 301-306
Artificial Intelligence Online Laboratory Based on Docker Cluster and Delay Queue (Bocheng Liu, Jieyu Zheng, Yidong Huang, Tian Huang, Wenyi Feng, Guoxiang Zhong)....Pages 307-312
Using 3D Virtual VR Technology to Build Rural Landscape Environment (Lingling Li, Fei Chen, Yiting Yu, Shifang Shen)....Pages 313-319
Discussion on AI-Based Interactive System of Cerebral Stroke Rehabilitation System (Zhongzhi Lu, Tiantian Qi)....Pages 320-327
The Influence of Artificial Intelligence Technology on the Development of Competitive Sports in China (Cunxing Su, Wenjun Yu)....Pages 328-333
Education Management Reform of Private Colleges and Universities Based on Artificial Intelligence (Qi Huang, Liheng Shi)....Pages 334-340
Application Research of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Landscape Architectural Art Design (Shenglan Wang)....Pages 341-348
Synchronization of Coupled Chay Neuron System Under Noise (Dicong Wang, Kaijun Wu)....Pages 349-354
Dance Training Movement Depth Information Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence (Dan Sun)....Pages 355-360
Influence of Introducing Artificial Intelligence on Autonomous Learning in Vocational Education (Zhiquan Hu)....Pages 361-366
Employee Resignation Prediction Model Based on Machine Learning (Weihuang Dai, Zijiang Zhu)....Pages 367-374
On Construction of Financial Management Ecosystem Model Based on Blockchain Technology (Yue Liu, Haiying Ma)....Pages 375-382
Blockchain Application Based Smart Power Grid System (Yan-Dong Yang, Yong-Guang Li, Qing Yang, Ze Chen, Wei-Lin Liu)....Pages 383-390
Diversity Analysis Based on BP Neural Network and NGS Algorithm (Fengfeng Luo, Yue Fu, Yongrong Qin)....Pages 391-396
Research on Drug Tracing and Prediction Based on Elman Neural Network (Kun Pang, Yunchen Zhang, Yingying Tao, Jian Tang, Xianchao Wang)....Pages 397-404
Optimization and Performance Analysis of Extreme Learning Machine by L2-Norm Regularization (Ya Wang, Qingqing Wang, Xingchen Guo, Huan Li, Lei Niu, Huiling Wang et al.)....Pages 405-413
Front Matter ....Pages 415-415
Risk Analysis and Early Warning of Food Safety Testing Based on Big Data (Guiling Li, Qiong Liu, Xiaomin Shang)....Pages 417-422
Early Warning Analysis of Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Based on Big Data Technology (Mingda Fei)....Pages 423-428
Impact of the “NCP” on the Catering Industry Through the SARS Perspective Based on the Perspective of Big Data (Songfei Li, Wanting Li, Lin Du)....Pages 429-434
The Influence of Exercise Intervention on the Level of Gross Motor Development in Chinese Children Aged 5–6 Years Old: A Meta-Analysis Based on Big Data (Zhongya Yang, Juan Zhang, Long Zhang, Ji Wang)....Pages 435-441
Innovative Application Paths of Big Data of Automobile Based on Internet of Vehicles (Xianglei Zhu, Yingzi Wang, Jue Hou)....Pages 442-447
The Path of Higher Education Management in the Era of Big Data (Wenjun Yu, Cunxing Su)....Pages 448-453
Empirical Research on Bidirectional Channel of Sports Culture Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Big Data (Kewei Yu, Chang Chen)....Pages 454-460
Dynamic Network Optimization Analysis Based on Multi-network Measurement Big Data (Zhiguo Meng, Haiyan Wang)....Pages 461-466
Construction of User Portrait Based on Alipay Big Data (Xiaodan Ma, Xiaofen Wang)....Pages 467-472
Ecological Restoration Method of Mine Geological Environment Governance Based on Spatio-Temporal Big Data (Yang Wang, Bairu Qu, Bo Liu, Hailong Song)....Pages 473-478
Web Crawler Technology Under the Background of Big Data (Li Guo)....Pages 479-484
Internet Financial Security Based on Big Data (Shuyu Hu, Ming Huang)....Pages 485-490
Smart Agricultural Big Data Preprocessing Method Based on Adaptive Compression Algorithm (Yijing Zhang, Yue Xian, Jie Zhang)....Pages 491-496
Customized Agricultural Informatization in Big Data Era (Jing Lin)....Pages 497-503
Big Data Analysis Management System Based on Cultural Tourism (ShaoShuo Cai, ShaoBo Cai)....Pages 504-508
The Elbow Criterion Based on GSA for Bad Data Identification of Power System (Wei-Lin Liu, Wen-Jing Xu, Yan-Jun Zhang, Nan Liang, Yan-Dong Yang)....Pages 509-515
Optimization of TOC Task Scheduling Based on T-Type Hybrid Preemption Priority Queueing System (Jiahui Liu, Jiale Zhang, Xianchuan Wang, Kai Song, Xianchao Wang)....Pages 516-523
Front Matter ....Pages 525-525
Big Data Technology and “Internet + Sports Health” Industry Development (Tingting Gou)....Pages 527-534
The Application of Computer Internet of Things in Modern Agricultural Planting Management (Li Ge, Jun Chen)....Pages 535-542
The Application of Computer Technology in Sports Training and Competition (Dengjun Luo)....Pages 543-549
The Application of BIM Technology in Landscape Garden Engineering Projects (Chunyan Zhu, Lu Zheng, Yang Liu, Rong Li, Zhen Zhang, Ying Xie et al.)....Pages 550-556
Net Generation, Digital Natives and Learning Commons (Yubo Huang, Liyan Wang)....Pages 557-563
Coal Power Technology Exhibition and Intelligent Power Generation (Yunlong Xing, Ying Huang, Shunwen Zhou)....Pages 564-572
Incremental Food Sample Detection Method Based on Spark Framework (Mingxiao Jin, Xiaomin Shang)....Pages 573-578
Development of the Portable Air Monitoring System Based on the Tiny6410 (Fan Wang, Lei Tian, Xufan Huang)....Pages 579-585
Authentication and Encryption System for User Information Security in Power Grid System (Ping Huang, Wei Liu, Xinlin Liu, Wei Deng, Shijing Tong, Yuan Liu et al.)....Pages 586-591
Numerical Simulations of Natural Cross-Ventilation in a Typical Building with Emphasis on the Inlet Turbulence Parameters (Yiqiong Wang, Hua Zhang)....Pages 592-597
Design of Automatic Control System for Water Level of Water Tank Based on Proteus and Keil Software (Bin Yang, Jiayu Yang, Junzhe Li)....Pages 598-605
Design of Water Level Control System for Water Tank Based on Programmable Controller (Yongcheng Huang, Xianming Wu, Zhen Xu)....Pages 606-612
The Classification of Composite Machine, Multi-functional Machine, Functional Combination of Machine and Multi-purpose Machine in the Harmonized System (Wanpu Wang, Shuang Liang)....Pages 613-618
Construction of Smart Service Platform in the Perspective of Smart City Development (Zhenxing Ge, Ying Hu)....Pages 619-624
Current School Sports Intelligence System Based on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technology (Qi Sun)....Pages 625-632
Simulation of Operating System and Hardware Stripping Based on Sandbox Technology (Zheheng Liang, Xiaolu Zhang, Daohuan Jiang, Wuqiang Shen, Hao Li)....Pages 633-638
Based on FBG Array Intelligent Sensor System (Zhichao Liu, Lijuan Li, Maosheng Hou, Xuezhu Lin, Chunhui Liu)....Pages 639-645
Automatic Measurement and Control Model of Aviation Equipment Based on Adaptive Learning Rate Strategy (Guangna Zhang)....Pages 646-651
Dynamic Prediction Model of Greenhouse Soil Moisture Driven by CPS Spatiotemporal Events (Xiaoyong Bo, You Tang)....Pages 652-659
Technology Architecture of Smart Grid Information Security Defense System (Ping Huang, Wei Liu, Xinlin Liu, Wei Deng, Shijing Tong, Yuan Liu et al.)....Pages 660-665
Performance of Chirp CSK for Integrated Wideband Communication (Ying Shang)....Pages 666-673
Ternary Optical Computer Task Dispatch Model Based on Priority Queuing System (Jiale Zhang, Jiahui Liu, Xianchuan Wang, Kai Song, Xianchao Wang)....Pages 674-682
Front Matter ....Pages 683-683
Data Stream Clustering Algorithm in Data Mining (Yue Shu)....Pages 685-690
Fusion Tracking Algorithm for High Complexity Continuous Moving Image Based on Gray Pixel Space Reconstruction (Minglei Yi)....Pages 691-697
Practice on Human Posture Based on OpenCV (Zhiming Li)....Pages 698-705
A Comparison Study of Three Types of Parameter Estimation Methods on Weibull Model (Shu Guo, Xiaofeng Wang, Yang Liu, Xiaogang Zhu, Ying Zhai)....Pages 706-711
Security Risk and Protection Mechanism of Privacy Data of the Elderly in the Smart Pension System (Ping Xia)....Pages 712-718
Research Progress on an Intelligent Production and Distribution of the Remote Sensing Products (Dezhen Kong, Jinhuan Zhao, Meng Tian, Yang Liu)....Pages 719-724
Exploring the Cultivation of Associative Thinking Under the Environment of Informatization (Bin Wang)....Pages 725-730
Segmentation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization (Xiaoxue Song, Hong Li)....Pages 731-736
Broadband EDFA Used for the Experimental Study of Sensing (Xiaobo Zhou)....Pages 737-743
Digital Design of Bronze Based on Characteristic Outline Recognition (Licheng Zong)....Pages 744-750
The Application of Computer Animation Technology in Information Education in Colleges and Universities (Xiaoyu Liu)....Pages 751-756
Design of 3D Animation Online Education (Deng Pan, Xin Guo)....Pages 757-763
3D Modeling System of Lidar Point Cloud Processing Algorithm Based on Artificial Intelligence (Wanyi Zhang, Xiuhua Fu, Wei Li)....Pages 764-770
Speech Emotion Recognition Model Based on CRNN-CTC (Zijiang Zhu, Weihuang Dai, Yi Hu, Junhua Wang, Junshan Li)....Pages 771-778
Overview of Intelligent Building Research Based on Citation Analysis (Jie Dong, Yanjun Yin)....Pages 779-784
Construction of User Information Interaction Behaviors Analysis System of Participatory Online Video Websites (Jie Dong, Xixi Liu)....Pages 785-790
Computer-Aided Recognition Method for Bronze Decoration (Licheng Zong)....Pages 791-797
Fast Relative Orientation Algorithm of Tilt Photogrammetry (Tianyu Luo, Chaosheng Tang, Jun Ye, Bo Tang)....Pages 798-805
An Intelligent Power Grid Oriented Data Mining Engine Construction Approach (Kelong Wang)....Pages 806-811
Discovering the Diverse Types of Multi-degree Valence Relations Combined with Their Context (Qianqian Zhang, Yang Sun, Weidong Liu)....Pages 812-817
Patent Semantic Community Detection Based on Game Theory (Yang Sun, Shi Liu, Weidong Liu)....Pages 818-824
Multi-degree Valence Relation Based Topical Matching Model in Patent Trading (Zenghui Kang, Yang Sun, Weidong Liu)....Pages 825-831
A Subtopic Classification Method Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model and Topic Similarity (Biao Zhang, Guangli Zhu, Shunxiang Zhang)....Pages 832-837
Micro-blog Sentiment Analysis Based on Emoticon Preferences and Emotion Commonsense (Xinyan Xu, Shunxiang Zhang)....Pages 838-844
An Analysis Method of User Group’s Emotional Tendency in Hot Topic of Microblog (Aoqiang Zhu, Shunxiang Zhang)....Pages 845-851
User Behavior Data Analysis of Taobao Online Based on Flink-Based K-Means Algorithm (Kunpeng Cai, Lijuan Ma)....Pages 852-859
Front Matter ....Pages 861-861
A Probe into the Mixed Teaching Design of College English Translation in the Era of Educational Big Data (Zhenhua Wei)....Pages 863-868
The Path of Improving the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Educational Informatization (Jieqiong Zhou)....Pages 869-874
Combination of Information Technology and College English in the Age of Media (Xiaoxue Ma, Zhonggang Li)....Pages 875-881
College Physical Education Based on Multimedia Network Teaching Platform (Yuhui Ge)....Pages 882-889
The Application of Modern Computer Information Technology in the Teaching of Customs Declaration and Inspection Course in Higher Vocational Education (Kexing Du)....Pages 890-897
The Design of Learning Management Mode of Higher Vocational Students Based on Internet Information Fusion (Cong Huang)....Pages 898-903
Teaching Mode of Hospital Information System Based on MOOC Platform During the Epidemic Period of COVID-19 (Yue Su)....Pages 904-910
Demand Analysis of New Engineering Talents and Exploration of Specialty Construction Path in Application-Oriented Universities Under Intelligent Information Environment (Caihong Li, Junjie Huang, Xinzhi Tian, Zhihui Lin)....Pages 911-916
Teaching Reform of Online Open Course of “Multimedia Technology and Application” Under the Standard of “Gold Course” (Jing Wang)....Pages 917-923
On Using Intelligent Means to Help Epidemic Prevention and Control to Realize Urban Governance Modernization (Ruoyu Li, Pengcheng Xue, Xiaoxian Qin)....Pages 924-929
Relationship Analysis Model of College Students’ Mental Health Education and Innovation Ability Based on Association Rule Analysis (Wenjuan Hao, Xiaolong He)....Pages 930-935
Research on Speech Reconstruction Algorithm for Speech Disorder Patients Based on Compressed Sensing (Chun Ma, Fangfang Li)....Pages 936-941
Front Matter ....Pages 943-943
Female University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model in the Information Age (Shan Tian)....Pages 945-949
Access Location of Distributed Generators in Power Grid (Lei Wang, Pan Dai, Zhesheng Hu, Ying Wang, Yanfang Zhou, Tao Huang)....Pages 950-954
Development of Human Capital in Indian Information Industry (Wenwu Yang, Jun Dai)....Pages 955-959
How the Internet Affects the Development of Retail Industry (Ying Chen)....Pages 960-965
Economic Thinking of Big Data Killing in the Internet Era (Jiayao Chen)....Pages 966-970
Transmission Technology Innovation and UHV Technology Under Smart Grid (Jin Li)....Pages 971-975
Application of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation in Construction of Smart Grid (Meng Wang)....Pages 976-981
Network Security Defense Model and Simulation Analysis Based on Big Data (Lu Zhao)....Pages 982-986
Stability Analysis of a Wind Turbine Tower System Based on ANSYS Workbench (Qiao Li)....Pages 987-991
The Fusion and Innovation of Human Resource Management and Big Data Technology (Dian Jia)....Pages 992-996
The Path Selection of the Development of Movie Animation in the Information Age (Wang Hao)....Pages 997-1001
Necessity and Countermeasures of Big Data Security and Privacy Protection (Yong Jiao)....Pages 1002-1006
On the Construction of Personnel Training System of “Ai + Education” (Dongmei Liang)....Pages 1007-1011
Construction of Intelligent Campus Information Under the Background of Big Data (Peilu Feng)....Pages 1012-1017
Construction of Educational Information Law Guarantee System (Aiqun Chen)....Pages 1018-1023
Analysis of Smooth Operation of Members and Cooperatives Based on Markov Chain (Xue-ying Lu, Liang-ju Wang, Li Wang)....Pages 1024-1029
Wireless Sensor Network Topology Research on Internet of Things Model (Wang Zhenling, Shulei Wu)....Pages 1030-1035
Modeling Method of Traction Motor Control System of EMU Based on TCN (Hongmei Guo, Jianjian He)....Pages 1036-1040
Low Frequency Weak Signal Detection System Based on Embedded (Hong Yaoqiu, Shulei Wu)....Pages 1041-1045
The Development and Innovation of Financial Enterprises Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm (Shanshan Feng)....Pages 1046-1051
The Construction Model of Logistics Park Information Management Platform Based on ESB (Weimin Zhong)....Pages 1052-1057
Agent Based Simulation of Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Based on DQN (Xiaolong Jiang)....Pages 1058-1063
Algorithm Analysis of Vehicle Pollutant Emission Based on Optimization (Yang Kaixi, Zhao Weihua)....Pages 1064-1069
Block Chain Algorithm Rationality on Financial Game Rules Impact Study (Li Qiang, Yin Zhang)....Pages 1070-1075
Computer Aided Design and Rapid Restoration of Cultural Relics (Zhaoli Qi)....Pages 1076-1080
Urban Road and Bridge Information Management System Based on GIS (Shufang Li, Jian Zhang)....Pages 1081-1085
Bridge Deformation Monitoring Based on High Precision Beidou Positioning (Tianyu Luo)....Pages 1086-1091
Big Data Computer Aided Drug Design and Its Application in New Pesticide Research and Development (Chen Tiantian)....Pages 1092-1096
Urban Landscape Design Optimization Based on Interactive Genetic Algorithm (Guorui Li)....Pages 1097-1102
The Security of Website Based on ASP Technology (LingXi Ma, Liufen Li, Zouyu Xie)....Pages 1103-1107
Application of Computer Aided Design Technology in Garment Structure Design (Yang Ji, Shulei Wu)....Pages 1108-1113
Secure Big Data Computing Based on Trusted Computing and Key Management (Mei Yang, Fancheng Fu)....Pages 1114-1118
3D Animation Scene Plane Design Based on Virtual Reality Technology (Zhiyuan Ying, Jun Ye, Ziteng Wang)....Pages 1119-1124
Construction of Evolutionary Relation Model Based on K-NJ Algorithm (FengFeng Luo, Shulei Wu)....Pages 1125-1129
A Scheduling Strategy of Cloud and Fog Collaborative Computing Based on Execution Time Evaluation (Kelong Wang)....Pages 1130-1134
The Service Management Supporting Centralized Analysis Decision Making and Global Service Sharing (Kelong Wang)....Pages 1135-1140
Back Matter ....Pages 1141-1144

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