100,000+ Baby Names [Updated edition.,Revised edition]

The most helpful, complete, and yearly up-to-date name book, and our list of names from around the world keeps growing!

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English Pages 571 pages ; 23 cm Year 2019

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100,000+ Baby Names [Updated edition.,Revised edition]

Table of contents :
Introduction --
How to pick a name you and your baby will love --
What's hot, what's not: the latest popularity trends --
The most popular names --
Top 100 girls' names --
Top 100 boys' names --
Changes to top 100 --
Newly popular names in the top 1000 --
The most popular names through the decades --
The most popular names around the world --
Classic names around the world --
The most popular names in each state --
The impressions names make --
Names inspired by people, places, and things --
Star kids --
The name exchange --
How to pick names for siblings or multiples --
Baby name legal guide --
Fascinating facts about names --
Girls --

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